1st 2015 Post : A Very Late Happy New Year …!!! (another me, yasu and Sergeant Masao Kadokawa)


wah it’s already 2015 everyone ….. !!!!


2015 eh, another year to come. I am getting another 1 number added for how old i am. So from now on, whenever somebody ask me about how old i am i should give them 54 years old.

and how’s your beginning of 2015 eh, minna …

~    How is your New Year’s eve …
~    How is your お年玉 this year ….???

then  ….

~    Did you get your ticket for Acid Black Cherry 2015 tour Lーエルー …???

well, congratulation for you all who got your ticket and for another you all who didn’t managed to get it via FanClub lottery and then somehow you feel lost,

do not worry eh because as this  sweet  ベビーストロベリー say …

Sometimes you’re lost, but you will be fine, … !!!!   >_<

i mean, there’s general sales comin right and if you still failed to get it from general sales you know there’s another plan C,D, E until Z that you can choose to get it  …

yasu   :   so, you didn’t get a ticket ne noi_chan …
noi      :   no, i didn’t ….  >_<
yasu   :   then what’s all about …?
noi      :   you know …
yasu   :   あああ ~~  ….

yes, it’s  a bit bothered me when i see there’s somebody who didn’t managed to get ticket for ABC Live and then posted that kind of miserable status on her Facebook almost everyday.

Nah, because she is one of my friend ( read : ex- friend since i removed her two days ago) on Facebook it made me see all her something that i will say as a useless post.

I mean, yeah it sound miserable but it turned to be annoying and i really want me to put

that annoying Miss Bunting on the comment box because i found out later if all of her rambling status was for her mother. It was about her ask (or should i say as order ) in a rude way to her mother to do something elese to get her ticket.

and i was like

Eeeh, really ….???

then  i just removed her from one of my friend on Facebook because even i do love drama, but i hate a kind of drama that involved being rude to parents.

FYI she was not the only friend that i removed from my Facebook FriendList. There’s another guy, that i will say as a very very ALAY (means : an idiot fool who just want an attention) guy   …

Actually, this guy is very interesting ne.  …

Well, his case is about how his heart got broken after his girlfriend leaved him for another guy, and then he found out if the another guy is one of his friend.

そして、あの日 から 。。。。

His Facebook status is nothing but him talking about ..

~   how bad is his girlfriend,
~   how wrong she was for deciding to leave him for another guy,
~   how their 4 years relationship ended just like that,
~   how his heart is  broken, …. etc etc  including called her as the bitch and tagged her on his every status he posted.

then the worst part is …

when he posted a picture of his hand and next to a knife with caption sayin

So, this is what you want ? you want me to die …. ??

ah ya, he also like his own status like how an ALAY do.

A post that quite worried me before, suddenly turned into a very lame post when some of his friend add a comment askin what happen etc etc like how a good friend do and he still replied it with … xD; 🙂 and smileys sign.

and then next morning, when i open my Facebook i found his 1st status was ..

so how is it, you want me die or not …???

then i had the best LOL in the morning. I mean so that suicide threat last night is only a joke ….??  because trust me, i also kinda worried if he died or ended in hospital this morning.

But …

Eh God, what a real ALAY eh …. !!!

As i know people who really want to kill themselves didn’t post any lame status like that. They just died or ended in the bathroom full of blood or a hospital for them who failed to do it …

yasu     :    like who ….
noi        :    ah come on, it was a long time ago ….
yasu     :    really …?
noi        :    yeah, i suppose  these days you’re getting pretty aren’t you ???

and by that,

the world is more pretty as well so why would i want to die anyway . 

After all killin yourself is not easy ne, it’s hurt and it’s gettin hurt when you’re failed to do that.

Just imagine how pain and shame at the same time HIT on you, how people look at you with their look like there were sayin …

hey look who is failed to die today … !!!

etc etc complete with all regrets that will following and bully you worst than how MissTrunchbull bullied Mathilda and all her classmates.


PS     :    That movie is Mathilda (1996), you all should watch that eh, …. >_<

Now i am more want to live than die, the time when i wanted to die is over a long time ago. Even sometimes now i still wondering why did i do that silly things about killin my self.

Now i think again if i really die that time, then

~   what about my mother?
~   who is gonna take care of her and help her to run this family.
~   That time, was it really hard  …??? or
~   i was the one who not strong enough to handle be in that situation with full of anger that i couldn’t manage …???

But no matter what, Thank God i am still alive.

And now, i believe as what this amazing Sergeant Masao Kadokawa (Nakaizumi Hideo) on City Life and Death (2009) say about how …

Life is Harder than Death …. !!!

City of Life and Death (2009) is another movie set in 1937 when The Imperial Japanese Army has just captured Nanjing (Nanking), capital of the Republic of China, historically known as the Nanking Massacre.

Among all movies about Nanking Massacre i already watch, i think that City of Life and Death is the best.

and that Masao Kadokawa, a sergeant in the Japanese Army, who able to speak some English (because he attend some Catholic school) catch my eyes at the very beginning of the movie .

His love for Yuriko, how war affected on him and created another war within himself, and finally when he said …

人生は死よりも難しい ….

then commits suicide to end the war within him by shoot himself. OMG that’s is so sad and suddenly brings so many ninja cutting onions around me, made me cryin like …

yasu   :   like what …
noi      :   like i was his fiance who waiting for him to go back to Japan.
yasu   :   you what …??
noi      :   heart was totally broken when he died, ホントだ よ。。。!!! …

yasu   :   but you’re not his fiance …
noi      :   ah ya, i am not

yasu   :   まさか、 now she wants a sergeant fiance …???


back to the ALAY guy, so that time i really couldn’t keep my self not to say anything, then i wrote him a message.

I said to him …

Hey, dude …

You are a man, stop acting lame by posting so many ALAY like that. It’s not that i don’t feel sorry for you, believe me i do feel very sorry for you.

That’s why i am tellin you

Act like a man, stop whining and hiding and do whatever you are doing now. Go Talk to her, ask her for the last time. She want to back with you or not. If she sad no, then move on and go get another girlfriend …. !!

after that, i removed him from my Facebook


yasu   :      now look who is talking about moving on ….
noi      :      hey, it’s different eh, he is an adult man  …
yasu   :      so an adult man can’t have a broken heart  …
noi      :      yes, but just not like that ALAY way. No wonder his girlfriend choose another guy  …
yasu   :      noi_chan … !!!
noi      :      what …..

Maybe i am old fashioned girl who nows nothing about man and how man will do or act when their heart got broken, but i do believe an adult man will not do something fool/lame like that.

enough about that, now let’s back to Acid Black Cherry start with this ….

~     Magazine Schedule Updated …


1.  CD&DLでーた
with 18 pages of Acid Black Cherry photos and interview related to the upcoming new album.

Release :  January 14th,  2015
details    :  http://www.cddata-mag.com/news/topics/2015/01/06/16/38/04
Cover 1 :  Acid Black Cherry

So Dazzling eh …. !!!!

Cover 2     :   Nogizaka46
Pre-Order  :   AmazonEbtenHMV I CDJapan
Bonus       :   B2 Poster (Acid Black Cherry/Nogizaka46)

that will look like this ….


that one is totally better than this full of SAMPLE stamped on yasu‘s face from CD&DLでーた ‘s Official twitter and amazingly they made one of the P landed right on his nose …. xD

#Ewww, what the ….. !!!!

2.   JSBN Press

It’s a free magazine/buletin for some broadcasting school, and there will be another interview with Acid Black Cherry

Release    :     January 14th, 2015
Details      :     http://jsbn.gr.jp/

3.   Flying Postman Press

It’s also another free magazine/paper, you can get it free from stores like TSUTAYA or HMV (in Japan, of course …xD) . This is the 2nd time Acid Black Cherry as the cover for Flying Postman Press after this last August 2013 edition

Release   :     January 20th, 2015
Details     :     http://flying-postman.com/

then this one is some preview from  Flying Postman Press Official Facebook

So this end of January is gonna be a very busy eh,

so many interview comin to read, at least for me. As somebody who is only learn from online and dorama i only understand what’s the point that yasu is sayin but i am still having trouble when i have to explain/forward it into a correct sentences that people will get.

That’s why there’s so many grammar mistakes on my translation.

And i am telling you eh, if makin grammar mistake is against the law, i might end forever in prison for so many grammar mistakes i made on my heart to heart translation about what is yasu sayin on magazine or videos .

But i do enjoy eh,

enjoy or kinda addicted to this whatsoever i am doing to try to understand what the hell is yasu sayin, and it’s not easy for me. So sometimes, when i manage to arranged into a quite understand_able phrase i will posted it as a Facebook note or just write it in here.

and if i don’t, i choose to keep it for myself.

yasu      :      soon they will  catch you noi_chan …
noi         :      who …
yasu      :      the Grammar Police …
noi         :      オモ a Grammar prison for me ?  ヤッさん、どうしよ 。。。??
yasu      :      you better start to do something ….

2015 eh, New Year and a New Year card from Janne FC …

and as you (Janne FC members) all know how we always get a New Year’s card with each of Janne members drawing and signature. This year, they did it differenly by sent a very lovely card with all Janne members with a sheep hat or something that i thought as a bunny hat.

yes, a bunny ….

that’s what i thought when i log into Janne FC site (yes, an oversea members can log into Janne FC site) in the 1st morning of 2015 and said to myself ….

OMG, they gave me a bunny yasu ….. !!!!

yasu        :      2015 is sheep noi_chan,  ….
noi           :      that ears, omo am i the only one who thought it was a bunny  ….???
yasu        :      as you said  …

maybe my eyes were blurry that morning, because

I spent my New Year‘s eve watch all my drama and telly series in my PC since i DL_ed so many of them but never have time to watch. Nah that night i didn’t sleep but stay in front of my bunny screen and hurt my eyes.

not only that,

i also had a quite long talking with my dear friend Moni about things that somehow i feel comfortable to talk only with her. And Moni is always the same Moni , she is still able to give an answer for my questions even the silly one …

and then i had a huge LOL when i open my Instagram and found this that i will say as a bit drunk but cute New Year message from ストロベリー posted on his Instagram ….

the first time on that Instagram video was a toilet paper. I suppose that video was made during his New Year‘s party inside toilet. I play that video again and laughed all by myself like an idiot..

but then

i got sick in the morning and spent my days stay in bed for almost a week. Apparently, too much sweetness and LOL  not good  for my health eh and start a New Year with being sick is totally not a good idea …

but how he (read : ストロベリー, not yasu) ended it by blowed a kiss for me ( ….. xD )

Is beyond SWEET …..   !!!!

yasu     :     it wasn’t for you only  ….
noi        :     but it’s my phone i use to open
yasu     :     so is the other fans …
noi       :      but ….

aand then last but not least , i know it’s very late …

but as someone who always believe if being late (read : very late)  is much much better than not,  so here’s another late version of New Year‘s Post that i shall start it by sayin ….

Happy New Year everyone,

Let’s embrace another year to come with a full Spirit, i wish all your wishes will come true this year,

aaand …

2015, 一緒に がんばりましょう … !!!

PS     :     since i wrote this at office so, sorry there’s no scans updated for this post ….   >_<