yasu Day Post : 誕生日おめでとう、yasuさん…. (Another me, yasu and The BIG Apple)

well, i suppose it is already January 27th in Japan.

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since i really love The BIG Apple (read : New York), there you are i made this video below , yasu all over The BIG Apple …. It would be nice ne to see him all over NY like that, even for this time it is only on a fanvideo like this  …. ahahaha


i wish all the best things happen to you this year and years after. You are brilliant, and here i am still here waiting for another brilliant songs and performances from you.

Go ya_さん, go write another songs and blow my mind worldwide because me and my mind are always READY …!!!


let’s just say that video above as my way of hoping his plans about having a live performances outside Japan (Asia, America and Europe) are coming true. If it’s not this year, then it would be year after and after …

so i spent this day at office doing that, you know making that video. After a little bit lost on Google for searching the right program (should i say software or an application for something like this?) i was gracefully dumped there on some site where i finally manage to do that. Blimey, Google was lke a wide and wild rain forest for me today ne ….. *fuuuuiiihhh …

As you all know i am not that good with computer stuffs, so me able to do something like this is already make say Whoaaaa ….. continued with ahahahahaha (read : laughed a lot with my desk) all this day while edit the video and figured out what song to put it there.

While i was busy by getting lost with Google my dear friend Karen kindly informed me things related to Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69- SixNine Liv ne, and of course with so many lovely images of both Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ.

~   from Only Star Magazine


just enjoy and ignore the blank spot btw … wwww
~    from EMTG MUSIC 



Have i told you how devoted she is as BREAKERZ fangirl ? indeed she is, and i am nothing to compare to her. That’s why i said Notes and Words are all i have to give, What do i have anyway? don’t much but

how i spent many evenings stay in front of my laptop watching lots of video of yasu without understand anything he said there

BBiwPATCAAIlLY0.jpg large

yasu     :   you don’t understand, really?
noi        :   yeah sometimes. I get use to it, so it is OK for me,
yasu     :   OK? it is not OK ne, you said  …
noi        :   my Japanese class? yes, i am still on the way …
yasu     :   what the ..

after that, i get home and spent my another time after work with my telly. Have i told you if now i am on this end_less movie marathon with my telly. At least until the day when my cable operator will end this month promo. Let’s see who is the winner of this end_less movie marathon ne, me or my telly and DVDs,

Never mind about that, because it is already yasu_day, so you all better :

~  Have Fun, lots of funs,
~  Say/Wrote/Post/Tweet Happy Birthday to yasu on your Social Networks,
~  Listen to Acid Black Cherry Songs, Say A lot of 愛してる愛してるよ yasu …..!!!

and last but not least ….

Free Black Apple for everyone here in Bahama 221 …. yay,!!

PS   :    if you can find that address btw ……. ahahahaha ….


yasu      :     that’s a fake address, nobody can find it …
noi         :     there you are the birthday boy
愛してる愛してるよ  …!!!
yasu      :     stop it ….!!!
noi         :     eventually ya_san, i am still drawn at you ….
yasu      :     how deep …?
noi         :     very deep and i can’t swim …