Finale Post : When The party is Over …. (Another me, yasu and Capt. America)

This post is for my Finale day Japan, I had so many Wonderful time in this Wonderland with so many Wonderful people …

but before that, there you are an Acid Black Cherry  interview, this one is from ZIP, you know the morning news/show.  I am so glad someone recorded  and shared it even i only able to play this when i get home. I saw this video on Youtube when i was at KL International Airport waiting for my 2nd flight back to Jakarta somehow the one hour Free Wi-Fi there refused to open a video from Youtube.

and then arrived to Jakarta, i wanted to open and play it i can’t do that either, because my laptop and my phones are out of battery and i can’t find a an electricity plug work inside the domestic boarding room. This is weird ne, because inside the international boarding room, the plug is work. I think they should do some check and maintain again.

he said  about how he heard so many fans say that they want to hear Yes, he remember it and put it on the set- list for this Erect Live. And as you all know, Yes is also number one requested song on 2012 USEN- JPOP.

Correct me if i am wrong but i catch about detergent and fabric softener, and  if there’s a sample in a store he will take it and try it? ahahaha … OMG i can’t imagine how a rock star like him still doing things like that.


i heard on 2nd day of Acid Black Cherry Live 12-13-2012 at The 1st Gymnasium National Yoyogi Stadium there was AKB48 member, Ryuji Aoki and Ryo Kitamura-kun (the cute guy on Chou PV).


and also there’s a fan who saw of Ryuji Aoki did the Arienaii things from「Bit Stupid」 very enthusiastic ….. <—– i i really wanna see that …. xD

The Set List

1.   Maria
2.   Cord name [JUSTICE]
3.   Rakuen

4.   In the Mirror
5.   Jigsaw
6.   Yasashii Uso
7.   1954 LOVE/HATE
8.   Doomsday clock
9.   Aishitenai
10. Yes
11. Bit Stupid
12. Cherry Cherry
13. Murder Licence
14. Kuroi Taiyo
15. Pistol
16. Shojo no Inori III


18.  1/3の純情な感情 [1/ 3 No junjouna kanjo] …..
19.  so…Good night
20.  Black Cherry


21.  Prologue End
22.  Shangri La

they got 1/3の純情な感情  same with everyone who watch it on the 1st day at Sun Palace, Fukuoka.

so i had my MAGIC moment with yasu, and OK, this time i am not gonna say some Bloody Hell … this time, but i am gonna say it properly like what Lady Mary always said so yes, this is Lady Noi‘s saying :

For Heavens, yasu is itsumademo brilliant  …..!!!!

and the party is over, and then nothing left but i just wanna go home. If i can go home that night, i am sure i’ll be straight to Haneda that night and back home to my mom. That’s me, whenever i go somewhere, especially far from home i am always get a homesick at the first day soon arrive there and when the party is over (read : finished what i am going to do there).

I remember how i cried like hell on my first morning at hotel alone just because i can’t find/hear my mom’s voice calling me in the morning.  Maybe i am a little bit scared because i woke up by myself, my mom is always wake me up. Even i am already open my eyes, but i will stay at my bed until she wake me up. That day i didn’t hear her calling me as always and plus how i also can’t call her with my phone. Then i just wanna go home  ….

My flight was at 23:00 PM JST before midnight, and the day before it i spent my whole day to find how to back to Haneda from my hotel in Shibuya. I should have find it before my leaving to Japan ne, but maybe the excitement to see yasu made me forget about it and i just like :

ah, i’ll find it later when i am already there. … wekekekeke ….. *smiling alone*


yasu      :   baka, … …
noi         :   baka desu yo …
yasu      :   it’s not something that you can proud to ..
noi         :   so desu yo …

ah ya that so desu yo … is something that i always say when there’s Japanese talk to me and i didn’t understand what the hell are they tryin to say to me. I just say that so desu yo …  followed with Gomenasai  … and then leave him/her so they are not talk to me again and ended with me lost in translation for the XXX time in Japan

so that day i was thinking if i don’t start to find how to back to Haneda today, i am gonna end like Harry Potter on his 1st year to enter Hogwarts with all his belonging lost in the station tryin to find where is platform 3/4 to Hogwarts. In this case what i am looking for is that bus stop number 31. The bus stop for  the limousine bus that will take me back to Haneda. i Google_ed it before and Google gave me this :

1,000 yen for Limousin Bus from Shibuya Station West Exit to Haneda, Bus Stop no. 31 last bus is on 12:08 AM

that day i enjoyed my self to stay in bed a little bit longer and have a long time do nothing inside bathtub, i feel like i was doing a porn movie there …. wekekekekeke …. *dumped to hell*. ah ya that’s what i feel ne, because i do nothing just wash my self and put a lot of soap in the bathtub then did like what the girls did on the beauty soap commercial on telly.

OK, you can say i want to do some sexy …

yasu      :    stay inside the bathtub and do nothing is sexy ?
noi         :    i think so, i see that they did on telly ..
yasu      :    yeah right …

and then wrapped my foot mith this ABC socks that i bought on the venuse, hey yes this socks made me feel much warmer ne, i think i had to put the pants also ne, because i think i know why i still get cold. That’s because i didn’t wear anything but my undies under the yukata/kimono that the hotel gave me. and keep my self under the blanket

at 14:00 PM i leave my hotel to start my journey to find a way back to Haneda. It was smooth, i found it and i also read if the bus will not pass there at Bus Stop no. 31 after 12:08 PM. The next bus after it only pass on the bus stop number 52 or 53 (ah i forgot) at 5th floor of Shibuya Mark City, Ohhh, i was there on that bus stop on my 1st night ne, and catch a taxi from there ..

then i enter Shibuya Mark City hoping to find that another bus station on the 5th floor, but again and again i can’t find it, at that time i ended somewhere and i didn’t find some sign that will show me where i am ne. So i just go back to the same door where i enter Shibuya Mark City. And then i meet another granny …

dan, why did i always meet a grannyne, this granny is the 3rd one after i lost at Shibuya station and then in front of Yoyogi Station. Maybe this is because i use that Queen Elizabeth II hat, and only attract granny instead of kawaii man to interact with …. xD

she was there alone, on her way down the escalator with so many shopping bag on her hands. I thought she is in trouble with all of that, can you imagine an old woman about 50 years old with more than 3 hopping bags on the escalator? that’s dangerous ne.

So i came near her and asked her : Daijobu ….? and then she said and asked me back  :   hai, daijobu. Where do you come from and where do you wanna go? me      :  i am from Indonesia, and i just walk around here . then i dunno why she just gave me 2 of her shopping back and ask me to follow her. i follow her and that day i ended with eating all the sample foods at Tokyu Food Show right in front of Shibuya Mark City.



i love that place, so many food there and all of them gave a sample to eat free. I follow Natsuki_san wherever she go and she gave me the food sample to me while sayin : Good, Good . and we will laugh together after i eat it and said : Hai, hai Oishii …. . She will go to another stand, get me another to try. OMG i am soo happy ne, …. xD  I also told her if i don’t eat pork.  I feel full already with all of it

i buy that fried mushroom, tako and some spicy chicken wings for my dinner tonight, some raw mushrooms for my friends. But Natsuki_san, OMG she bought so many things ne, We said bai bai in front of Shibuya Station. I told her if it would be better if she get a taxi.

after that, i go back to Shibuya 109 again, and this time i found the bookstore , Actually it is inside (or next to?) Shibuya 109, or it was only me who is so easy to get lost so i can’t find it yesterday. and found this ….


ARENA37℃ January 2013 and TETSUYA-ism book. I thought there will be 2 different book ne, but eventually it was the same book but there’s 3 different cover color available : red, purple and white. the i walked arround again and got this lovely bag ..

see that’s N there is for who else but NOI ne, …. #awww that’s perfect ,

Ah ya about bag ne, when i was at Harajuku, i see so many guys/boys use the same bag with girls, you know that bag should be use by girls but in Harajuku i see it was normal for boys to use that kind of bag also.

It is something new for me ne because at my country boys/man don’t use a bag like girls/woman ne, they normally only use a wallet inside their pocket or maybe an office ba, the leather office bag.

After my legs felt hurt again i dragged my self out of that full of kawaii things on 109 walk along Dogenzaka street again back to my hotel and stopped to KFC to buy another chicken for me tonight. I knew that night is gonna be a long night so i need more food to warm me

i asked Tekki and my office mates to call me tomorrow so i am not gonna late for my bus to go to Haneda. I packed my things and OMG it became more heavy than before ne, look at this ..


the next morning i woke up before all of them calling me and checked-out from my hotel at 10:00 AM and start to walk to Shibuya Mark City again with all of that. Can you imagine that, because i can’t find a taxi on that morning so i have to dragg all of that all way down from my hotel at Aobadai to Shibuya Mark City. I feel like i am one of the contestant of some idols contest who get eliminated then sent home.

13:30 PM arrived at Haneda and i spent my whole day there walking around the terminal and tryin to find all the spot that maybe on the set of Tokyo Airport dorama. I saw the brigde where Shinoda_san always walk every morning on her way to work.

after 2 times fall asleep on the terminal’s chair, have 2 cup of noodles and i can’t remember how many cup cofee that i had, they finally call me to check-in, and then i realized …

Where the hell is my pillow? OMG Capt. America ….. kyaaaaa

so i walk around again to all places that i’ve been, i think i left it at toilet or maybe at cafee next to toilet where i get one latte. When i back to toilet, there’s an old lady who clean the toilet but i dunno what to say to ask her about my pillow because i don’t think she will get what i am talking about.

So please to all of you who read this and you are at Haneda International Airport, Tokyo Japan, please please help me to find my pillow ne, it looks like this

OMG, Tekki is gonna kill me tomorrow ne, i said to her if it’s gonna be save ne, that pillow is a limited edition so i dunno where to buy it anymore, Oh God, you did gave me a MAGIC with yasu and i hope there’s some MAGIC happen again by me get my Capt. America pillow again.

when they called me to board, that time i feel so glad finally i can back home now, It is a Long Way Down to watch Acid Black Cherry Live and also it is another long way down to back to my home, 3 flights and 3 hours by bus, it’s so hard to imagine ne, then idid that ne. But again and again it worth, yasu made it worth with his MAGIC

bai bai ya_san, Thank you for the MAGIC and  楽しかった ….!!!….

noi        :   omo ya_san, see i lost Capt. America ne ….
yasu     :    really ….?
noi        :   yes, i can’t find it anymore ..
yasu     :   don’t worry noi_chan, at least you still have Prince Harry  ..
noi        :   eeh …




Friday Post : My fangirl vows …..? (Another me, yasu and Izzie)

recently i am back to be a telly junkies. i watch telly too much while did something on my PC. i spent my whole last night in front my telly and PC.

in front PC was for this :

it just a very short comment from yasu, but still it was something that i’ve been waiting ne. i did try to record it, and it was a smooth recording at the beginning but in the middle of the show my net connection just screwed itself , i dunno why because i don’t see if Tekki download something, ah ya maybe it was because of the rain ….

and it was a very good coincidence or should i call it a conspiracy ne? i mean the rain fell in the middle of the show and they (read : GOOD ROCKS TV) kept him (read : yasu) for the last  part (for me he was the last because after him i don’t watch the show again) …

yasu      :    why ….?
noi         :    because i watch it only to watch you ne , …
yasu       :   ee …
noi         :    isn’t it obvious …?

so thank to them what i got is a very bad video, i am gonna call this a skipped video, because it is like that, you know when you watch a DVD and skip it to the next chapter ? (i did that a lot), well maybe that’s the reason why what i got last night is a skipped video  … xD. and then yes, i want the magazine

i ordered that on Amazon Jp. because i can’t find it on CD Japan even it would be nice if CD Japan has it because i can use my points that CD japan gave to me before the expired date. I think the cover is amazing ne the pink font and non color photo of yasu, of course with yasu himself there it became more amazing cover in my eyes.

then i move to my telly for Grey’s Anatomy. last night episode was a very mellow episode, actually this is my fave episode, i watch this many times and i still cry at the finale. the episode where Izzie Stevens (Heighl) fight with her cancer treatment. and she try to ignore the pain by being busy as Meredith and Derek’s wedding planner.

actually i started to hate Izzie when she refused to get a treatment for her cancer. her reason was she doesn’t want people take a look at her, make fun of her while she is strugging with that. and it was so selfish ne. but that’s an opinion from a person who didn’t sick and not dealing with it everyday.

i think i understand what Izzie feel, i even got that. see i’ve been sick again start from last week and this one is worst. Thanks to my lack of Vitamin C body, i barely can’t speak because there’s something wrong with my tongue and mouth and maybe some others part of me that i never understand.

when i try to speak it gonna sound like i am talking while eat or there’s something inside my mouth and nobody can understand what i am gonna say. and believe me it hurt me, damn it is so hurt. and one of my friend think that’s funny and make it as a joke. about how i talk, etc etc. and i dunno why at that day when i hear about the joke she made for me it pissed me off.

Bloody hell i am sick and it is so hard and hurt for me to talk and i keep tryin to do that because i have something important to say to her, and she think that’s funny? …. OMG i wonder what is on her brain, … i ussually don’t get mad easily like that but this time maybe because i am in pain so i got mad just like that. and i did say something that i shouldn’t say to her and now i regret it …

so from now on, i am not gonna say anything, i want to keep my enegry and at least by sayin nothing i am not gonna feel that pain and the regret feeling if i said something that i shouldn’t say to others.

not only for talking, i have lots of trouble when i want to eat something, the pain is killing me, nah can you imagine i am the one who eat a lot now can’t eat as much i use to eat, well here i am in my own hell now, what i did is non other than drink that Rhino drink all day long, i am already drink for more than 15 cans, add another 10 cans iam sure the Rhino is gonna be  alive and kick my ass

i dunno when this pain is gonna over, but i hope next May 2nd when i watch L’arc on Jakarta i am gonnabe okay.

no, i have to be okay for L’arc, because in Jakarta live we all gonna sing BLESS ..

yes, Everything is for today, the day when i finally watch L’arc on my own country and become the part of the history

but 2 days ago i received  these :

BREAKERZ Acoustic CD as a surprise gift from [info]minlilin , thanks dear that’s really a very sweet surprise ne, I really love this Acoustic album especially Ao no Mirai and Bambino, …

and this little bear from Malaysia

see that’s cute ne, it’s a bithday gift from someone in Malaysia, actually i have no idea who is she but all i know she is Tekki’s friend and she also sent something for my birthday ne,

so hello dear,  if you read this post i just wanna say Terima Kasih,  thank you so much and i really love it

and look at this news from Natalie

Acid Black Cherry is gonna join on this tribute album  PARADE II -RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK- together with BREAKERZ, acid android, and many more …

here’s the tracklist :

・acid android / SEXUAL×××××!
Acid Black Cherry / ROMANESQUE
・AA= / M・A・D
・cali≠gari / MISTY ZONE
・氣志團 / MACHINE
・Pay money To my Pain / love letter
・ムック / JUPITER
・MERRY / 悪の華

release on July 4th

well i am not in to BUCK – TIC thanks to the limited artist that i listen to, but as always i am 100% in to anything related to yasu, nah in this case on he is taking a part on this tribute album.

back to Grey’s Anatomy, on the D day Meredith and Derek decide to give their wedding to Izzie and Alex. the situation is just a deja vu, i mean Izzie is supposed to marry her death fiance a long time ago if he didn’t die, and now she is the one who is dying on hospital bed.

finally she get her dream, a nice wedding, walked down the aisle of her dreams with the man she love Alex Karev. The best part is when she got dizzy, George O’Malley stand up and walk beside her, OMG that’s so sweet ne …

and Alex Karev‘s wedding vows, he heard it from a girl in the ER, it was her graduation speech and he just change it for a wedding vows



~ Today’s the day my life begins. All my life I’ve been just me. Just a smart mouth kid.
~ Today I become a man.
~ Today I become a husband.
~ Today I become accountable to someone other than myself.
~ Today I become accountable to you. To our future. To all the possibilities that a marriage has to ~ offer. Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready. For anything. For everything. To take on life, to take on love. To take on possibility and responsibility.
~ Today Izzie Stevens, our life together begins. And I for one can’t wait.

that’s so beautiful ne, ah ya i am already scan my Rhythm and Drums magazine for 淳士×yasu [Acid Black Cherry]. there you are the scans

Sorry that’s not a perfect scans because i did that in the hurry, and now i am so lazy to re_scan it again ….

the handshake event for 40,000 fans submission started today April 27th, 2012  (Friday) until May 25th 12:00 (Friday).   a chance to have a handshake with yasu? ….

yasu   :     yes, with me …
noi      :    
OMG that’s too good to be true for me, …
yasu   :     why, that’s fine to be the last you are number 40,000 right noi_chan …
noi      :     no, i am nuber 40,001 ne ya_san i told you before ..
yasu   :     40,001 … @_@

few days more to 【Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』】 and there you are yasu is doing the final stage check from the audience seat .

頑張って  ya_さん ….!!!

ticket for May is already sold out. waw that’s awesome ne, Everybody want to watch this live maybe this is the reason why when i go to Yahoo auction i saw lot of this ticket 『2012』 live ticket selling and God the price is so expensive ne . plus this bat hair accessories

they didn’t put that on pre_sale and it’s only can buy on the venue, Bloody hell how am i supposed to get that? i am not gonna go to Japan and watch 『2012』. i mean maybe someday i am gonna go to Japan just to watch yasu live on stage but not this year. i am already have a plan for this year.

i am gonna find a way to get that, sure ne because there’s a will eventually there’s a way so what i have to do is just to find it, i mean find the way.  I’ll think about that later, but now i have this in my mind.  I am gonna call this as  My fangirl vows , i should have say this a long time ago, but late is always better than don’t

Dear yasu,

~ Today’s the day my fangirl life begins. All my life I’ve been just me. Just a stupid girl.
~ Today I become a fangirl.
~ Today I become a fulltime fangirl.
~ Today I become accountable to someone other fangirl than myself .
~ Today I wish i can be accountable to you (read : yasu). On this fandom world. To all the possibilities that a fangirling has to ~ offer. Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready. For anything. For everything. To take on life, to take on love. To take on possibility and responsibility.
~ Today ya_san, our life together as idol and fangirl begins. And I for one can’t wait.


yasu     :    ups sorry noi_chan, but i think you are years too late for that …
noi        :    i know
yasu     :    and that’s supposed to mean …
noi        :    i am not a brilliant fangirl ..
yasu     :    and …
noi        :    i am not gonna get BAFTA this year …
yasu     :    Oh God no, not that BAFTA again ….. *dizzy*


Friday Post : 『M』 and 『S』 , new pairing ? …. (Another me, yasu and Sadako)

look at this one …

nah what do you think when you look at that image above ….? familiar to something? ….

for me, somehow i remember hyde but i am not sure what is the something connect it to hyde  beside the idol-fanboy connection between them (read : hyde and yasu). and the when i posted the image on my tumblr , someone re_blogged  it and added a comment (ah what do we call a comment on tumblr?) with

The font is Same as Vamps Sweet Dreams Photobook!

ah ya, Vamps Sweet Dreams Photobook, how can be so hard for me to remember this ne, Tekki bought the Photobook, it’s a little book … but what inside it is more than that,

even i only saw this once when it arrived, but I like this Photobook, maybe because for me in this Photobook (at the Sweet Dreams era) hyde‘s hair is my fave from all his hairstyle, that red hair just make him more sexy and don’t forget about the song itself …



Sweet Dreams – VAMPS



次の街へと向かう いつの間にか遠くまで
心の隙間を激しい音で埋めていって 眠りに着くんだ



こんな日々を過ごして来たよ 離れても感じてる
一人になったら君を想い話しかける もう寝たかな?






Tsugi no machi e to mukau itsu no ma ni ka tooku made
Kokoro no sukima wo hageshii oto de umete itte nemuri ni tsukunda



Konna hibi wo sugoshite kitayo hanaretemo kanjiteru
Hitori ni nattara kimi wo omoi hanashikakeru mou netakana?




English Translation

So beautiful
I’ve never seen that place
When the trip is over
I want to go with you

I go on ahead to the next city, until, before I know it, you’re far away.
Continually filling the hole in my heart with violent noise, I fell asleep

Good night to you!~
I always do think of you
Even when I’m far away
Were you wonderful today?
Because surely there
Will be good tomorrows
Sweet dreams~~

So beautiful
I’ve never known this joy
When the trip is over
I want to share with you

You know, many days like this have come and gone; even though we are apart, I’m still feeling it.
Whenever I am alone, in my thoughts I talk to you…
I wonder if you’ve already gone to sleep?

Good night to you!~
I always do think of you
Even when I’m far away
Were you wonderful today?
Because surely there
Will be good tomorrows
Sweet dreams~~

Good night to you!~
I always do think of you
Even when I’m far away
Were you wonderful today?
Because surely there
Will be good tomorrows
Sweet dreams~~

When I return
I won’t let you go
Sweet dreams~~

i always say how brilliant yasu is, nah for hyde i am gonna say hyde is glorious, i mean look at him, while everybody grow older he grows younger from year to year just like that, ….

and how he wrote songs that makes you feel ah i dunno what i have to say about my feeling about hyde, i think if you also love hyde you have the same feeling that i feel.  just like Glamorous Sky, Sweet Dreams is another song that proove how genius is hyde .

everytime i hear this song i feel comfort, calm (even i don’t have to call SHERLOCK) and somehow it feels like hyde tell me that everything is gonna be okay. This song is about a man who made a promise to himself to be back to her (his beloved) and how he always miss her around and non_stop thinking about her. Wondering how her day is, wish that she always has a dream, and will be good for tomorrow ….

and …..

yasu     :   and what ….
noi        :   him, you know who …
yasu     :   again, …. nee noi_chan i get bored for your rambling about him now hyde_san? …

hyde     :    then i better get some shower than listen to your story about him, whoever he is …
noi        :    but guys, i just want to be honest ne …
yasu     :    nah that’s too honest , right hyde_san ….?

hyde     :    yup …

having somebody who always think about you no matter how far he is, is a bless ne. at that time, when i hear this songfor the first time i wish he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) is gonna/would thinking of me like that. and even just one time i really wanna hear him or read a text message from him saying Good night and have a Sweet Dreams . I dunno and never know whether if that time he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) already in realtionship with his Julia (now you all know why i hate a name with Julia) or not, but still i never get the message or hear him sayin that …

yasu     :   so you hate Julia because Mr. Friday choose another girl named Julia than you …?
noi        :   yes, …
yasu     :   well that’s pathetic …
noi        :   i know and that’s fine ne, because …
yasu     :   because of what, you didn’t win BAFTA?
noi        :   omo ya_san, how did you know that?
yasu     :    weird …

yes, i hate Julia, i mean i just hate that name, and i remember when there’s a girl wrote a message to me, sayin if she already read my blog (this one on LJ) for almost 1,5 years.  and i remember she said i am sorry before she told me what her name is, …. why? just because her name is Julia, ah ya she is from Russia btw. …



oke blame me for how many time i spam here  posted how i hate Julia name just because Mr. Friday married to a woman named Julia, so i feel that hate to Julia name. I dunno anything about her and honestly i don’t wanna know, so i hope for next year i am not gonna see them both at Ied day. But how can i skip Ied, see i am a muslim and Ied is our winning day after a month fasty, so how can i skip that,

I never like the Ied tradition in my family such as gathering etc etc, but more than that is i never imagine how i am gonna feel if on the next Ied (this year is gonna be on September if i am not mistake) i have to meet him and his family, see he is a father now, ….

Oh Dear God, please don’t let that happen and can you make me not at home for a week on Ied?  …

oke enough the talking about Julia, and back to this the image of yasu on 「GOOD ROCKS!」 vol 27 cover and Vamps Photobook connection.  see the same thing? ….




actually the image is from @hirosukerocks tweet, ….  he also the one who tweeted about yasu on Good Rocks TV, ah ya i think  he is the DJ ne, and he tweeted like this  ….

【RT希望】次号「GOOD ROCKS!」の表紙はAcid Black Cherryです!20ページの大特集!4月27日発売です〜!

and when i RT it with this

Oh Dear God , … RT @hirosukerocks 【RT希望】次号「GOOD ROCKS!」の表紙はAcid Black Cherryです!20ページの大特集!4月27日発売です〜!

he replied me with

@NoiHimura ありがとうございます!

see see that, now i know if somebody that i don’t follow (i better follow him ne) reply my tweet, ahahahahaha … OMG why nobody tell me about it a long time ago when i started to use twitter ne, …. so yes, this is a moving forward for me on my twitter life, ….

ah ya thanks to [info]minlilin for tellin me about this video, yasu message for fans in Taiwan related to 3rd Album 『2012』 Taiwan press release



he said he would like to do a performance in Taiwan if there’s a chance and he also mentioned about some internet message , ah the fanproject video, see i told you ne he saw that video … yay , his fave single is Chou and he is straight …. xD   ….  even if he is gay it doesn’t matter ne, i still love him no matter what …

actually i always think he is straight, and for his endless love for hyde, i think this is because of hyde and his ability to turn a straight guy into gay. … and somehow him as hyde’s number one fanboy just make me happy and i am so proud of him ne, i mean he is the role model of a fanboy who can be with his idol . that’s awesome ne….

So if there’s a question how can i be a good hyde’s fangirl/boy? the answer is look at yasu .




he always be the same hyde , the one and only. nobody would say no to him, and if you listen how he said a message to all the S’Pore fans, …. you will know what i mean



and Ken_chan, OMG what he is doing ne, ….. keep doing that, …. xD, ….

today is the day for the BUTTERFLY Premium Night at Ebisu Liquid Room, and because i don’t have the limitted pass code on the BUTTERFLY album, so i didn’t watch it, but yeah as always , i did RT on twitter ….

and OMG hyde with no braids?

credit : to all of you who tweet it on twitter, … sorry i don’t remember because i just save so many screen caps, and for the quick live report you can read it here : my fave is when he  jumped and dive into the audience and had to be saved like this …

that’s epic ….. and when i go to Japan, i better go there to Ebisu Liquid room, even just standing infront of it …. *make a note*

i listen to SID new single 『S』 yesterday, this one is from video ripped, and then somehow i remember this

noi         :   OMG ya_san what’s that ….
yasu      :   what is on your mind about this …?
noi         :   oke that’s M enough ne, but come on, Pink? ….
yasu      :   what about Pink ….?

this is the first time i saw him with something pink like that, and i am the one who always get use to see him on black or white and recently with red, grey and brown now saw him on Pink like that is so beyon of my imagination ne. Oke said a lot about how M he is but stil,

PINK? ….

talking about M, you know what kind of M that i am talking abou, not James Bond big boss M, but this M is, ah you know what it is, … isaw one show on my telly, it called 1,000 way to die. is there any of you saw this show? and form all 1,000 ways to die one of it was being M

on that episode told about a man who is M and he always want to go to some place to get a pleasure. He saved his money to go there. The place he was going to provide various kind of service, so whether you are M, S, they gonna make you satisfied.

nah because he is M he get a room with a girl (became the S)  in a black leather costume (ah ya just like a cat woman) with a stick to beat him. before the game is on, the girl ask him to change his cloth into the same black leather costume so they can have a hot and long lasting game. he did that and he lyin on a table while the girl hand_cuffed him and pust something on his mouth so he can do/say anything ….

but then when the girl start the game by start to beat him with her stick of course with a very sensual style (she is pro btw) suddenly he feel something is wrong with him, he can’t breath, he wanted to scream but he can’t do that, and because the loud music as backgound and how the girl is too excited get involved  as the S on their game for two that night, she didn’t notice if there’s something wrong with her client the M.

finally he died because of breathless just 15 minutes after the game start. And then the ME who did the autopsy said if he had a serious alergy to leather. so when he was on that suit you will never imagine how hurt it was for him, and yeah, maybe it’s already written on his destiny book if he is gonna die for his M ….

so this  『M』 and  『S』 as the new piring? oke we can skip that, … and yasu is right like he always do the one and only S that i can be is Sadako, i mean i can you imagine me, myself do something sadistic to him (read : yasu) Bloody hell no … talking about Sadako, look what Piko tweeted on his twitter …

he said : my wive in 3D, waw that’s scary ne ….

Sadako, Sadako, remind me to my Sadako hair, i cut it before i cut my head because with that hair, many people who saw me think how scary i am, even there’s a little boy who saw me on the meatball shop and he said : ma ma, she looks like Gumiho, what the hell …

then because yasu cut his hair and became a bob blonde like that,  so i decided to follow him and cut my hair, i want a the same hairstyle like him, but eventually the hairstylist failed to make my hair look like yasu and it became like Dora the Exploler, ….  both Sadako or Dora hairstyle that i have now needs some treatment. My hair is not 100% straight, so yes my haif has some part of it gay (read : curly) so i need Iron Man to iron it so it can be 100% straight like this ….

but last month he (read : Iron Man, not yasu) texted me if he can’t iron my hair again because he is sobusy to save the world, He said : The world need me more than you need me noi_chan, … so what can i do if he already say that, i can’t be mad at him, i mean mad to Iron Man? that’s impoosible ne.

he said he is not gonna be available for me at least until next year. so he told me to not eat too much instant noodles, and i did that, can you imagine i am the one who always loe instant noodles stop to eat that? yes, i have to dod that because i don’t want my hair turn into gay (read : curly) and also i decide to change my hairstyle from this Dora The Exploler stye

to this whatever style …

ah no that’s not a whatever style ne actually that’s because i am so lazy to do something with my hair recently and this style the ponytail one is perfect match for my lazyness …. *laugh with panda*

and good news, finally they gonna send my Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 tour GOODS, at the first time they (the proxy i use) said if the don’t get any notification about my order, and they wanted to return my money and i was like what the hell again? i mean i was not lucky with The Acid Black Christmas GOODS and now this one?

but thank God the next day they told me if they receive a notofication from the Official shop if they already send the stuffs, …. so yes, this time i am fine ne because i am gonna get this

hell yeah, i am sooo *triple o* happy …..

noi      :     nee ya_san, let me be your greatest admirer …
yasu   :     by what …?
noi      :    i’ll be  the 
『S』 if you are the   『M』, but tell me something …
yasu   :     what …
noi      :     tell me you don’t have alergic to leather like that man right? ..
yasu   :     eeh, what the…. nee noi_chan i don’t want you to be my
『S』, because i am sure the one and only 『S』 you can be is Sadako …. no, i pass
noi      :     fuihh thank God then, ….



D day Post : Happy Birtday To you Daigo ….. ( Another me, yasu and Ben)

i am gonna call today as D_day, for  what ?



what ….. < —- this is how he usually wrote on his blog ….  xD

D is for Daigo, let say ….

Happy Birthday to you, Daigo.  i wish you all the best …..

i can’t believe he is already 34 years old, but still for 34 years old man he is awesome ne, i mean for me Daigo is someone who can make you laugh and then feel happy for whatever reason, even just looking at what he do, what he post and what he wear like this

see see only Daigo can do that. He also a very2 good blogger, he update his almost everyday and waw for somebody like him, i mean he is so busy right but still he make some time to update his blog so his fans all over the world know what his activity, what is on his mind, etc etc many more …

since when i started to listen to BREAKERZ? i forgot it, maybe after i hear Ao no Mirai, nah after that, i just follow them until now, … this band BREAKERZ is different from another band , for me i always think they tend to pop i mean  they did have rock side on them but the sweet one ….

Not only that, he also posted his beloved aniki (read : yasu) on his blog post, nah a long time before yasu is everywhere all over the internet and social networks like now, i used to sneak out on his blog, maybe he post something about yasu. because sometimes he did …

yasu      :    what, you only open his blog to find me?
noi         :    yes, but …
yasu      :    i am gonna tell Daigo about this,
noi         :    eeeh, no no ya_san, don’t …
yasu      :    hey, hey Daigo …. look noi_chan …
noi         :    stop it and let me finish this ….
Daigo     :    nani ….?
yasu      :    she …
noi         :    nothing ….

and somehow i still doing it until now and it became like a habit to me for click/open Daigo’s blog when i am on Ameba. so every time i saw a notification if there’s a new post fro Daigo on my Ameba wall (or whatever they name this) and then while clicking the link i wonder what Daigo gonna told us today, what story, new event, new glasses maybe or etc etc many more,…..

i always say if yasu and Daigo are my number two broomance after SHERLOCK HOLMES and John Watson, and i love how they both keep talking about each other. On every interview in telly or radio yasu never forget to talk about hyde (after all he is hyde’s number one fanboy) and his bestfriend Daigo and Daigo did the same way.

see how sweet that ne, i mean their friendship like that for me is awesome, both of them are vocalist of a rock band, famous, and their friendship also connect their fans,  you know all Acid Black Cherry/Janne fans usually get along well or be friend with BREAKERZ fans, for example is me with [info]minlilin, [info]seiret, Joanna, and Alyssa. see that’s one of the magic in this fandom world. There’s always divisions but each division connect well with a fans_friendship following the friendship of yasu and Daigo ….

A Fellowship of Friendsip? waw that’s brilliant ……!!!!!

their friendship sometimes make me envy, for me who have no friends or someone that i can call with my best friend, yeah sometimes i feel that envy feeling when i saw them both get along like that, talk about each other, and i dunno why their friendship remind me to one of Michael Jackson‘s song.

i grew up with Michael Jackson songs, and i remember when i was on elementary school, everybody in my class have their own dairy book where they gonna ask all their classmate with their bio like what’s your name, address, hobby, fave singer, etc etc . And at that time on fave singer question Michael Jackson is everbody’s answer.

Ben, this song is a forever friendship song, i love this song and God Bless Michael Jackson. On the day he die i cried while listening to this song …. because the world just lost one of the most talented man.



Michael jackson

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I’ll never be alone
And you my friend will see
You’ve got a friendin me
(You’ve got a friend in me)

Ben, you’re always running here and there
(Here and there)
You feel you’re not wanted anywhere
If you ever look behind
And don’t like what you find
There’s something you should know
You’ve got a place to go
(You’ve got a place to go)

I used to say “I” and “me”
Now it’s “us”, now it’s “we”
I used to say “I” and “me”
Now it’s “us”, now it’s “we”

Ben, most people would turn you away
I don’t listen to a word they say
They don’t see you as I do
I wish they would try to
I’m sure they’d think again
If they had a friend like Ben
(A friend)
Like Ben
(Like Ben)
Like Ben

A friend to call with our own, so we never be alone, too bad thanks to how weird i am i don’t have it in my real life. I f i have a friend where i can go to tell him/her what i feel, what just happen i think i don’t have to cry like an idiot in front of burger shop like the last time whan i lost my mom. nah because i don’t have it so there you are i cried and cried there

noi       :   nee ya_san, that’s not gonna happen if you give me your number …
yasu    :   oh no, don’t start again ….
noi       :   i can call you ne …
yasu    :   i told you ne, that’s impossible, i am not gonna give you my number …
noi       :   who knows ….
yasu    :   hey you did posted on your blog, that’s enough ..
noi       :   but still it not the same …
yasu    :   ah there you are the spoil fangirl ….

well at least i have a blog ne and that’s what a blog use for, at least for me. but in this case in this fandom world i think i have it. friends, i dunno whether they think the same way as i think abot them as my friend but i really think they are my friend. having friend from the same or another division in this fandom world  is another thing that i have to thank to yasu, …. Oh dear God this I Owe yasu list is getting longer ne, …. and i dunno if i have any chance to say all on that list to him (read : yasu) or not ….

yesterday i had my day off, and today i work and finally today the meatball man finally show up again after lunch after almost 2 weeks he is not comin. I asked him why and he said that’s because he joined his neigbour to arrage sound system for weddings. This is April and in my country this month according to Javanesse calendar is good to hold something, for example wedding

he said he can get about 200,000 IDR (about 20 USD) for one wedding, nah the last two weeks he got 5 weddings, so he got 1,000,000 IDR ( about 100 USD) total. that’s not happen everyday ne, …. and while listen to that story from a man who his daily job is selling a meatball soup and only get about 50,000 IDR a day, i wonder maybe this is the way God remind me to not stop be grateful for everything i have now and told me to give more.

yes, i should give more because 2  days ago i just got 100 USD, ahahahahahaha, finally this fangirl is lucky enough ne, … i am not gonna tell you where the hell is that 100 USD come from, but hey God, you never forget me ne, finally there’s something good came to me. btw i spent my day off for this :



that’s my own Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 lyrics book, i made that my self for me and of course for my friends for what, of course to help me more easy to dig this album deeper and i don’t have to open my netbook if i want to listen this album and understand more. I put kanji, romaji, and English translation for each song in this album. and of course with this image

as header, actually i wanna put it also as footer. but too bad when i did that all the page just screwed and i dunno how to fix it. so okay i play save and erase the messy footer and there you are just like that. Now this book is in my hand everyday and today i tried it on my bus riding this moring and somehow my bus riding feel faster.

i also scann the Photobook from 『2012』 CD Only version, i did that slowly because i don’t wanna make any damage to the booklet, i don’t care if any damage i made to my magazines but this photobook is different ne, it need a special treatment because the man who is inside it is so special, there you are enjoy

ah ya i almost forget, today i just decide if i am going to Japan this October, for this year Halloween Party, to watch hyde and yasu in one stage. Because this is my first trip to Japan, i am not gonna go there alone, i am gonna be together with my friend and we gonna stay there for one week,




so Yukiko, would you meet me next October? ….

yasu       :    hey noi_chan, hurry where’s the meal, you make me wait ….
noi          :    eh, meal? you know i can’t cook. i failed on my last fettuccini class remember …
yasu       :    Good, first you can’t swimm and now you can’t cook …?
noi          :    ups, sorry but wait i’ll make you some spaghetti …
yasu       :    spaghetti again, that’s boring. you fangirl, you better do something …. *leaving*
noi          :    heee ….


Omo Post : Leader_sama, your hair? ….. (Another me, yasu and Tet_chan)

tet_chan …..  叫び

what he did to his hair? a mohawk Leader_sama now? ….




noi      :    ya_san, tell me
yasu   :    eh ….?
noi      :    you don’t have a plane to do something like that right?
yasu   :    we’ll see
noi      :    omo omo …
yasu   :    nee noi_chan, how many time i have to tell you stop sayin that omo omo things ….
noi      :    aaaaaa leader ….

L’arc_en_Ciel just finished their live in Taipei, and now they back to Japan?, …. i am not sure about this but i heart something about leader_sama Tetsuya is gonna perform on some live to celebrate something in March before their live in Madison Square Garden, NY

in one of interviews in Bangkok , the question is : How much have all members changed during the past two decades?

Ken: I have more of a beard.

Tetsuya: My name.

he changed his stage name from Tetsu to Tetsuya but somehow in i kinda keep call him (if i have a chance to call him) the same way i always call him with tet_chan. tet_chan, tet_chan …. just like that, i know he is a 42 years old man and kinda weird to call someone in his age with _chan … but still in my heart no matter what his stage name for me he is still the same tet_chan for me. The sweet and amazing banana tet_chan ….

Hyde: My hair is shorter.

not only that, but he also look more fresh, add some weight and those cheeks, a healthy cheeks  OMG i have no idea what kinda flawless cream he use but this man just turn younger when everybody in this world turn older each year .

Yukihiro: I finally became a member of this band.

what did he said? did he feel it now, on their 20 anniversary ? ….  but still he is my number one drummer, i hope he is gonna be say something in Jakarta next May 2nd. a little bit of hi or hello maybe from Yukihiro ? that would be great ..

Today is Sunday ,  or should i say Zenday ? …. xD

yeah that was what Shah Rukh Khan post on his Google + account, He said :

I think our week should be named thus & for choose the day we want to lead. Funday for fun, Runday for errands, Someday for dreaming, Oneday for targets, Noneday for nothings, Zenday for meditating, Doneday for Dilligaf.

if you have a Google plus account you should follow him, ah no i should say add him on your circle ne. I like to read what he posted there, how he talk about what he did, and his family. He often post about his children,  how proud he is to his daughter and son, what they did together and many  more . He is a good father anyway.

Zenday for meditating, oke if i don’t have to work on Sunday, i will do that. Try to do some meditation to make me feel better, feel calm, refresh all of me from my body, soul and maybe my brain. I should do that ne. I remember i used to do some yoga meditation when i was on college.

not by join the yoga class, because class like that is too expensive for me. I did that by my self by watch some video at my room, alone just with my yoga carpet. One thing about yoga is you never expect what you are gonna get by doing it. The move looks simple, like you do nothing, but all of you who often do yoga know if the point of yoga is breath.

Because i did that by myself so i only did the simple move, not the hard one like what i always watch in telly where group of girls join a yoga class. Ah ya i remember in one episode of  The Kardashian, there was a part when Courtney and Kim joined  a yoga class/invite the yoga teacher to their apartment in NY. and that yoga they want to do is the naked Yoga, …

so they all have to be naked in that yoga class. even Kim didn’t start to naked when everybody naked, she only laugh.  But then somehow Kris (Kim’s 50 days husband) came home and see everything. he just pissed off. I understand how he reacted like that. I mean every man in this world is gonna act like Kris because that’s what a man would react if they come home and found out there’s a naked man in their living room like that. No matter what they do, yoga class or something else .

What i get from doing yoga is i feel fresh and i can breath well, i feel calm that time and somehow i feel happy no matter how tired i am that whole day for non stop dong something from early morning till night. Maybe i should do yoga again. to be calm and happy …

yasu    :   what you are gonna do a naked yoga?
noi       :   no, not the naked one …
yasu    :   hmm yoga, i know what kind of yoga you are gonna do …
noi       :   what ….?
yasu    :   sleeping
noi       :   ahahaha  oke yeah you’re right ….

see just like what he just said, so for now  i am gonna do the sleeping yoga, oke it’s no yoga but still sleeping is what i need now, a very long sleeping. no one can disturb me, i wanna wake up when i want to, maybe because my biological clock like i feel hungry.

this is because in one month i only have 4 days off, nah because i already took all my day off to go to Bangkok to chase the rainbow now i don’t have any day off again. At least until next month i am gonna be like this work everyday even on Sunday like a slave,

So there is no Zenday for me this month but so many One Day (for targeting) with so many target/dead line that keep after me. but still because i am a fangirl, the full time one for this brilliant man the days in my whole week is gonna be :

Funday for fun in this fandom world, Runday for errands, Someday for dreaming about my idols, Oneday for targets when i am gonna watch them live, Noneday for nothings/feel boring, Zenday for meditating/sleeping  and yday for yasuday because it’s all about  yasu ….

yay yay yay ……

noi       :   nee ya_san, those deadline, they supposed to be dead ringht?
yasu    :   ah ya DEAD …
noi       :   then why did they keep after me every day?
yasu    :   err chotto, who after you …
noi       :   the deadline …
yasu    :   hey fangirl, see what in my hand now? this is DEAD END not your deadline, so go think about your deadline yourself  …


D Minus 2 Post : World Tour again Part 2 …. (Another me, yasu and a Jet Plane)

this is the first time i made this post in two part, so here’s the next …

So kiss me and smile for me

Then everybody found out if she is 2 months pregnant.  one of their relative feel sorry about her, he tried to find the merchant, perhaps he can change his mind, if he know about her pregnancy maybe there’s a chance for him to back to see her and maybe decide to marry her. But then he found out if the merchant is already married with 2 childs and he just played her. Damn,  what an asshole he is ….

yasu    :  hey girl, watch your language ….
noi       :  ups sorry  ….

as time goes by,  he is still gone she gave birth a lovely baby girl,  Now 15 years later the baby girl is her, the girl who sit next to her mother while cryin ask her mother (the crazy girl 15 years ago)  to stop being insane …

when i saw her cryin like that, i dunno why but i saw my self on her at that moment. I remember when my dad went crazy about 2 months ago and how he wanted to kill my mother, i did just what she did, cried and cried because i don’t know anything else i can do to fix my dad.

he is not crazy, he also doesn’t have alzheimer, but i know he has a big anger management problem. A long time before he got sick like this he is already like that, mad mad and mad everytime me, tekki or my mom made a mistake. He never satisfied for everything i did, no matter how hard i try, mo matter how good was my grades in school, for him i always still the same stupid for him .

now what i feel to him is fubar, i don’t hate him, because after all he is my father, but i don’t love him either . So i never tak to him. if he say something i reply him, but i try to make it less happen because i know if i talk to him much i know it gonna turn into an argument and i am gonna hate him . So tjis way is more save to me being fubar not hate and not love him.

oke let’s back to my chasing the rainbow trip. i bought a bag yesterday, because the last bag that i bought last month, it won’t last longer. I hope this one last longer than before. and i also realized if i don’t have L’arc goodies, there’s only photobooks, poster and calendar, so in Thailand i am gonna use.  this Re-Birth live towel and the orange devil from last year Halloween Party

i also scanned my passport just in case something happen. this is what i read on some website about traveling. and i am not only scann my passport but ..

that one arrived yesterday, i waited quite long for that, it almost a month because something happened to him and i don’t wanna bother him or rush him. I said to him take your time and he did take his time and sent this yesterday with this poster from mu_mo

they use a very big box, bigger than CD Japan to send these items, I really love this poster than the CD Japan version. There you are the scans

and now it’s time for pay it forward ….!!!

this time i am gonna give 2 CD’s of Acid Black Cherry イエス . The with DVD plus poster from CD Japan and the CD Only version for 2 lucky persons who can answer this question, I am gonna give it for free so you don’t have to pay anything because i am gonna send this to your home. The question is simple, all you have to do is …

tell me where does the image come from, ….

you can answer this question by message me via LJ, Facebook, twitter, tumblr or Ameba. The closing date is March 10th after i back from my l’arc trip. ….  Ah ya about magazine, The Acid Black Cherry OHP updated the magazine list, …

3/07発売「Wink up」    ——> i am not gonna buy this
3/07発売「POTATO」    ——> i am not gonna buy this
3/09発売「オリスタ」(Book in Book)    ——>  done

i add this on my magazine list because it’s a package Acid Black Cherry and L’Arc_en_Ciel, …. and also if i am not mistake this magazine is the one who had the ABC Qestionnaire, ….

3/10発売「アリーナ37℃」(表紙)      ——>  done
3/14発売「CD&DLでーた」(裏表紙)     ——>  done
3/15発売「Songs」     ——>  done
3/19発売「ベースマガジン」   ——> i am not gonna buy this
03/28発売「FOOL’S MATE」

nah two more left ne, ….. btw if you read the  [Exclusive] JpopAsia’s Interview With Acid Black Cherry for his next album 『2012』  this part kinda shock me …

JPA: Do you have a message for all your international fans?

ABC: Although I don’t feel much sense of reality about whether I really have overseas fans since it’s not like I’m selling CDs overseas if I’ve never done lives overseas; but I think it’d be great if I can have a world tour soon, so if you have even a bit of interest, please listen to Acid Black Cherry.

he doesn’t feel much, or he is not sure ? if he has a lot of overseas fans, But i think with all the social networks and he fact that Acid Black Cherry is all over the net now, he should feel much, much more about the overseas fans (include me) …

i think we should do something, something to make him feel much more than what he feels now about us, i personally called this as Make yasu Feel Project. Do something for example by post on your Facebook status and tag Acid Black Cherry Dreamcup to make him feel much about us as his overseas fans outside Japan. Lets use internet and the magic of social networks.  who knows if he feel much about us then he will think about a World Tour.

dear yasu,

you do have lot of overseas fans and we all waiting for you to think about a World Tour, everything is possible so i think i am gonna wait again until the day comes, the day of Acid Black Cherry World Tour …. #matsu wa itsumademo matsu wa


omo, i talked too much ne this is the reason why LJ make me post this as 2 parts, i better offline now and start to pack my bags, then have some early sleep, because tomorrow is gonna be along day for me , …..

because the day after tomorrow i am gonna leave,

Leaving on a Jet Plane

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go
I’m standin’ here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But the dawn is breakin’, it’s early morn
The taxi’s waitin’, he’s blowin’ his horn
Already I’m so lonesome I could die

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go

‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane
I don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go

I’m …

There’s so many times I’ve let you down
So many times I’ve played around
I’ll tell you now, they don’t mean a thing

Every place I go, I think of you
Every song I sing, I sing for you
When I come back I’ll wear your wedding ring

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go

‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane
I don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time, oh, let me kiss you
And close your eyes and I’ll be on my way

Dream about the days to come
When I won’t have to leave alone
About the times that I won’t have to say …

Oh, kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go

‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane
I don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go

yasu     :   you hate to go, really? …
noi        :   ahahaha no, i am so exciting to gooo ….
yasu     :   smile for you, oke i am smiling now but kiss you ? nah that’s no …
noi        :    why ….?
yasu     :   because you know you are gonna be back again ….
noi        :   nee ya_san, if there’s something/anything happen to me and i can’t be back i want you to know one thing for sure .
yasu     :    what …?
noi        :   I love you. i bloody love you ….
yasu     :   oke ….
noi        :   so now XXX …?
yasu     :    no, you better start to pack now


D Minus 2 Post : World Tour again Part 1 ….. ( Another me, yasu and L’arc)

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go …..

yasu     :    go where …..?
noi        :    i told you ne, …. *continue singing*

I’m standin’ here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye …

yasu     :   sorry i don’t remember …
noi        :   ah you never remember me  ,….

I am Going to CHASE them, L’Arc_en_Ciel …..

the 1st World Tour live in Hongkong finished last night, and i am dizzy tonight because i was so curious about the setlist for Hongkong, so i stayed on my twitter timeline, refresh it over and over again waiting for someone to tweet about the setlist for Hongkong live last night ….

everything is ready, the concert ticket, plane ticket, hotel, passport, boarding pass etc etc . I prepared one of my office mate to handle everything while i am away. I told her everything all the sheets, the calculations, projects, and ah ya i haven’t give her my ATM plus the PIN  … *make a note*.

this last 2 days in gonna be the longest two days for me. Tomorrow is gonna be longer because tomorrow my bos is gonna come to check our new machine that came yesterday. Oh God  he is coming and tomorrow i am gonna leave? …..

I have to come early again before him, i don’t want he catch me again like the last time he caught me arrive 45 minutes late. I don’t want he mad for any reasons, i want everything perffect, i don’t want when i am on my way to chase L’arc i still have to think about some work stuffs, ….

God bless all of you Cielers who watch L’arc_en_Ciel live last night in Hongkong and whoever who tweeted the setlist , ….

1. いばらの涙 (Ibara No Namida)
2. Chase
4. Honey
5. DID
6. Revelation
7. 瞳の住人  (Hitomi no Jyuunin)
8. XXX
9 . Forbidden Lover

ken’s MC

11. 7th Heaven
12. Driver’s High
13. Stay away
14. RSG

yukihiro drum solo


15. Anata
16. Winter Fall
17. 4th Avenue Cafe
18. Link

Hyde MC

19 . niji

number 7, 10,15, 17, 18, and 19 … great. I Hope they add Bye Bye on the next live in Bangkok, .. i am super excited tonight, Hyde, the braids is still there, that’s good because i really want to see him live with that braids.

you can see the report video here :
and when i saw the goodies

the pamhlet …… * i have to buy this one *  ….

and this super duper 7,000 yen hooded towel …

credit to : [info]aleen_chan via [info]larcenciel

and this  World’s best selection CD


  •  1. X X X (English Version)

you can see the lyrics here : L’Anemone FC (L’Arc-en-Ciel Database)

  •  2. Hitomi No Juunin
  •  3. My Heart Draws A Dream
  •  4. Blurry Eyes
  •  5. Niji (Album Version)
  •  6. Jojoushi
  •  7. Flower
  •  8. The Fourth Avenue Café
  •  9. Stay Away
  •  10. Honey
  •  11. Ready Steady Go
  •  12. Anata
  •  13. Driver’s High
  •  14. Good Luck My Way
  •  15. New World
  •  16. Chase (English Version)

you can see the lyrics here :  L’Anemone FC (L’Arc-en-Ciel Database)

i want it, i want it ….

oh no 

i have to save some cash ne because i only have 5,000 Baht Thailand. i am gonna buy that hooded towel, but ot now, maybe in Jakarta next May 2nd or after it i dunno. So i am gonna use it wisely …. xD,

and if in the end i am not wise enough and ended with i have no money after the show, that’s fine at least i still have a back up plan. The back up plan is i am gonna do nothing, just stay at hotel, take a nap or maybe if there’s a pool i am gonna do just like what hyde did above. Stay there like that waiting, maybe just by that something comin and when i am back i can swim ….

Oh Dear God, let that happen …... *pray*

yasu    :   no, that’s not gonna happen …..
noi       :   ooowww come on, don’t do that …
yasu    :   you better take a nap at hotel than doing that  ….

i am gonna stay at the Tango Hotel in Bangkok, together with all my friends. and i am sure i am gonna have so much fun there …. and i wonder if hyde is gonna continue to name the audience just like what he did on their last live in Japan, so the question is he is gonna name me (and all the Bangkok audience) with what? ….

and how Ken MC with the Angry Birds? ….  i know i am not gonna understand what he said but i know for sure i am still gonna laugh together when the other audience laugh, that’s easy ne just follow the wind blow …..

they performed 瞳の住人 while sitting like that, relax just like what they did when they performed Sell My Soul on their last L’7 Trans Asia Via Paris, …. and how hyde surprised when there’s a sound of airplane and he said he think there’s an earthquake …. xD


and look at hyde’s outfit, i mean the shirt. somehow the shirt remind me with yasu’s outfit when he joined Jealkb on their last May 2011  Live House ….

of course minus the hat and the braided hair,  and here’s the report from Natalie ….

ナタリー – L’Arc-en-Ciel世界ツアー、初日香港で1万人が熱狂

soon, my time’s arrive soon. 2 days more  …

Change does happen, whether you want it or not. I also changed and i didn’t know that. How my self changing became who and how i am now. I feel how different i am now, how easly i am to be sick and cry a lot for some simple reasons.

Yesterday on my way home, i fell asleep on my bus ride. I missed my bus station and when i woke up i have to take another bus back. Why this always happen, why can’t i wake up automatically when the bus gonna reach my stop …? it should be work right? i mean everybody have their own natural alarm right? and why mine doesn’t work? …..

yasu       :    you don’t know why …?
noi          :    no, i dunno …
yasu       :    well let me tell you why. The reason is because the natural alrm doesn’t work for a lazy girl like yasu   …..
noi          :    eeeehh really? i dunno it the natural alarm choose .
yasu       :     the other natural alarms (you know which one that i mean) doesn’t choose, but not this wake up ….
noi         :     ah ya i know what you mean ….
yasu       :     good ….
noi         :     hungry right?  …
yasu       :     what the  …. i am gonna leave you now …

ah he is leaving me again, …..

i think about it  last night, why i so easy to fall asleep everywhere? in the bus, my desk at office, even in the bath tub sauna. but my fave spot to fall asleep is in the cinema. Why? …. just  imagine ne sleeping inside the cinema where instead you are the one who is watching the movie but the movie is the one who watch you sleeping ,,,,,

waw, that’s brilliant ne, but no, that’s not brilliant enough because inside the cinema is so cold ne, i wonder if there’s a cinema with no air conditioner, nah that would be brilliant ….

oke let’s continue with my bus story, i am talking about my bus ride right?. Nah on my waiting time for the next bus that gonna take me back home, i saw something tragic.  i watched and i cried. That’s so sad.

i saw a girl with her mother. Her mother according to peoples around there, she is crazy. That day at 17:30 PM because some man on the bus station who make joke about her, the mother cried loud while rolling2 on the street in front of everybody while cryin and yellin to everybody next to her. I don’t get 100% what she said because she said it so fast and her cry made what she said fubar to my ears ….

the girl (her daughter) tried anything she can do to make her mother stop act like that, and she just can’t handle it anymore. So the last thing she can do is just sit on the street next to her mother and start to cry while sayin : Mom, please stop it and let’s go home …..  over and over again. It’s her duty to find her mother if she don’t back to home after 17:00 PM before Maghrib time. Her mother because if her insanity keep push her away ….

i just cried when i see that scene, It’s not a drama scene but it’s real. I see the mother often in this bus station because how often i fell asleep like that day, and i also heard a story about her. People talk about this story over and over every time there’s a person who don’t know about her, see her and ask about her . And i use to be one of them (the one who ask)

it started 15 years ago when she (the mother) was young. She was born that way, i mean there’s something wrong with her and yeah people called her crazy girl because how she act. Her home just around the bus station. In that bus station 15 years ago there’s a motel, a cheap motel.

Nah one day there’s a merchant come to this city and stayed at that motel. He stayed there for a long time. and everyday he talk to the crazy girl and tread her like she is a normal girl, not crazy. Everybody know if that man is not genuine to her. But to bad her parents kind a ignore it. They just don’t care about whatever is gonna happen to their one and only and not normal daughter.

she went everywhere with him (the merchant) and he bought her everything she want, dress, food, shoes, and at that time she was so happy and somehow she look like a normal girl not crazy. Maybe right if there’s a phrase Love Is Blind. Everybody can be fall in love even for a crazy person. Nad then all people who use to think  negative about the merchat change their opinion about him. They start to think if he is really in love with her.

But of course this is not in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre  story where the byronic Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester still devoted to his crazy wife Bertha Antoinetta Mason even he is badly in love with his governess Jane. This one is reality, he only stayed for about 6 months and suddenly one day he just gone. Nobody know where he is.

The girl keep waiting for him in front of his motel room and because how long she is been waiting, screwed her, . … she don’t dress properly, walk arround there and there, keep telling everybody about her love story. …. so she back to be crazy again.



noi       :    ya_san, ya_san, …..
yasu    :    what now ,…?
noi       :    don’t you see that ….?
yasu    :    see what , …. you in the moon?, noo
noi       :    forget about the moon, you’ll not gonna see me or my love there anyway … just promise me do’t make me wait longer. I don’t wanna be crazy like her …
yasu    :    nee noi_chan, she is already crazy before , but you are not right ? …. or ?
noi       :    no, i am not crazy, but yes i am crazy about you ….
yasu    :    i know that …

~ to be continued~