Quick Post : Acid Black Cherry a-nation2014 …. (Another me and yasu, The Man with Demonic Charm)

Hello everyone, 

finally today is my day off …

and just like yasu, i love to spent my day off with stay awake until late (last night i went to bed at 02:00 PM) and wake up very late at 06:00 PM annnd then  …

say hello to this Man with Demonic Charm …. !!!! *read : watch his video again*

yes, in my Blurry Eyes, yasu is always be a Brilliant Man with a Demonic Charm.

Do you all see what i see ….?

I mean,  see how that’s a Demonic Charm that totally hard to resist eh, after had so much sexcitement watching all a-nation 2014 videos …

i spent my last night forced my IDM to workin downloading all Acid Black Cherry a-nation2014 from that YT Channel

Thank God, somebody finally put that on YouTube and God Bless the person who do that  ….. #Amin


noi        :    that was my pray before sleep last night …
yasu     :    only that …
noi        :    i also pray that somebody will change his way thinking about me ….
yasu     :    what did you do last night?
noi        :    nothing, i swear to you and all my ABC collection i did nothing wrong last night …

i am a bit confuse now,

have no idea what to say and what to do and react in that situation. It is not the first time, but it happen again. I thought it was over and he already changed his way of thinking about me from that way into a way that i want to.

Even not 100% like my wish, but at least a little bit closer is fine.

But i suppose my wish is always be a silly wish that will never come true. After all, he is still the same person, with the same way thinking about me that i am not fond of. I thought with all things we had, shared and yasu’s talks will change things

but it’s not …

Now i really don’t know what to do. I am totally clueless about man, they just totally like a grey area that i don’t have a map to guide me. Yes, i am completely lost about what to do next. All things i imagined to do together sudenly start to vanished.

It always like this, ended with me as the stupid one.

Suppose i hoped to much eh, or did i misunderstood something or we both were lost in translation last night?  dunno ….

Okay, forget about that now let’s see again this  Man with a Demonic Charm

1.   「ピストル」

2.  「黒猫」

that  「黒猫」 part is my fave eh, as i say before …

a complete sexy song and sexy man singing on stage, that  is what i will say about  「黒猫」 Live version


noi       :    if somebody ask me …
yasu    :   who  …
noi       :    yeah, who is gonna ask me anyway  …

3.   「君がいない、あの日から…」


I am sure and hope you all already DL those video.

Yes, it is LQ.

But if we look for our situation in this Acid Black Cherry fandom, things are harder to get. Even for Japanese fans, they had to pay to see that channel on their tell or smartphone. So this time that LQ stuffs turned into almost HQ for me.

That’s why i always say

Do what you have to do, everyone ….!!!


to all team_yasu members of Facebook whenever there’s some rare Acid Black Cherry stuffs especially video availabe on net to DL . Among us rather than Download it, we say it as secure it ….xD

See how lovely my team_yasu members fellows are …

Ah ya, why do i say this as a A Quick post? because my post last night it wasn’t a complete post.

I forgot about this ….

~  Whatsoever Things from me …

this is 5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK : Tokushima


Enjoii …. !!!

and back to Acid Black Cherry a-nation 2014, it will be appeared on  …

~   OUT of MUSIC Magazine vol. 13



Release date : October 1st, 2014
Acid Black Cherry ~ a-nation
CD Japan : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-1717061

then finally, i received my CD&DL Data Magazine ….

I haven’t do anything about it, only reading and reading but here’s some yasu’s on a-nation 2014 from it





and the poster …..


it replaced this my old and fave poster of long haired yasu

me and yasu 2

that’s a very long time ago yasu‘s poster eh, and yasu on that poster was the reason why i kept my hair long. Because at that time i wanna a long black hair like yasu, but instead of yasu black and long hair turned me into Sadako ….

in here, The Ring is still  a very popular horror movie.

So a black long haired woman it is Sadako, i remember there was a little girl who was sit next to me wishpered to her mother about me looked like a ghost …

of course i heard what she said, and then i was like ….

Eehh ……?  

I kinda blamed her mother to let that little girl said that rude things to me to hear .  I suppose nothings worked for me ne including this   ….

Acid Black Cherry 「Shangri – La」’s Cross Stitches

This Cross Stitches making is trending now at my office.

All my office mates (the female) have one on their desk. They do that when they have nothing to do. Unlike me, there’s a time on a day for them to have nothing to do. I wonder why i am the one who keep moving like a bunny with no Energizer’s backup behind me.

And one day some of them dare me to make yasu’s Cross Stitches, i said to them  …

why not?  i can do that ….

I was so full of confident  before i received the materials ( read :  papers, needle and else), but when i got it and see the pattern OMG i think i am in trouble. There’s so many different color in gradation.

i made it based on this ….


That image divided into 12 spot areas to make it easier.  And hopefully i can managed to finished it before January 27th, on yasu‘s birthday.


But look what just happened, i spent this 2 weeks doing it every night while watching telly. But until now i don’t even finish 1/2 from the 1st block ne.

1st week was full of mistakes.

I made a double stitches when it supposed to be only a single stitches. So i have to re do it again while collecting all my threads i wasted because i can’t buy this kind of color here in my village.

So rather that have to go to other city just to buy 1 green grey thread, i choose to open it again and it’s very hard, harder than when i made it.

That image if you make it into a Cross Stitches pattern with some computer program that i forget what the name is, it will give you colors that’s not usual, at least for me. I mean it is a bit difficult to me to see the different from this pearl gray and beaver gray or gay green and the other green ….

Eh, Gay Green …?


yasu      :      it’s grey green ne  ….
noi         :     OMG  …
yasu      :      you better use your glasses ….
noi         :      but i still can see you perfectly  ….


After Holiday Post Part 2 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

Part 2 is for ….


~   A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)


it’s the D Day, …

The Day when i finally watched yasu’s Live on Stage for 2nd time !!!

That day, i don’t wanna do anything. I didn’t event went down for breakfast even i woke up quite early that day. All i did was nothing but stayin on my bed, eat all many kind of instant noodles i bought from 7/11 near hotel and watch telly.

For me as an instant noodles lovers,

Japan never stop amazed me with so may variety of instant noodles they have on their konbinis.  So spent my last sleepless night after a lame date on a 7/11 do nothing but choose which instant noodles i am gonna eat tonight just make me happy.

That day, i  took almost one hour in the bathroom, nothing but stayin in the bathtub enjoyed this apple smell aroma-therapy that the hotel gave me.

It turned the hot water into green, but too bad it didn’t turned my skin into green as well …. >_<

They gave that aroma-therapy free at the lobby, and a package of facial cleaning stuffs when i did my check-in. Not only that,  they also give a free coffee at the lobby start from 11:00 PM.

That hotel is quite good i say, compared to the other hotel at Shibuya where i stayed last year.

and about 15 minutes later, i am ready to go …


go where …?

I went back again to Tokyo Station to get another yen. I changed most of IDR i have and got about another 55,000 yen supposed that would be enough for my last 2 days in Japan.

I also bought Shinkansen ticket to Osaka for tomorrow morning and it was about 13,250 yen for the non-reserved ticket, who knows i might woke up late.

After that, i just stayed there next to the station gate, watching peoples and train schedule there. And suddenly my eyes caught a nice scene of a man who got a red X when he wanted to go to get his train.

I dunno what happened to me, suddenly i just laughed to him. It was so funny eh, and i had no idea if he was looked at me until i finished my LOL to him. We weren’t that far, so it’s a normal if he was aware my LOL at him.

When i saw him lookin at me,  i was like

OMG, what did i do? this is very not polite eh, so …

i said to him        :   すみません, i am sorry, really sorry …
and he replied    :    大丈夫, and you look very happy
me                      :    me  …. ?
him                     :    はい、…

then we started to talk and laughed together,

it was quite fun eh because i remember he was tryin so hard to talk to me in his English mixed with Japanese while i also tried to replied him in my Japanese mixed with English ….


yasu      :   but, who is he …?
noi         :   dunno, he is just a stranger i meet at Tokyo Station ..
yasu      :   but you said you won’t talk to stranger
noi         :   i only laughed to him ne  ..
yasu      :   then talk …

i know i should not talk to stranger like that, but he was so funny eh. I mean, if you see his Eeeh …!!! face when the bar wont open for him, it was just so hilarious in a charming way just like the person himself.

I can’t even imagine if that kind of person is exist, especially a Japanese stranger that i just meet and LOL-ed at. Instead of mad at me he talked and even got my joke and laughed 

when i asked him  :   「Platform 9¾」 どこで ?  ….
he said                  :   それは、ひみつです. i don’t tell you ..
me                         :   ah, you won’t tell …

Eh God, i love when people got/understand my movie jokes …. xD

ah ya i should ask his name ne, or at least i ask if he is on Facebook or not eh, because that’s what people ask to other new people recently.

Instead askin a phone number, the common trending question now is ..

Do you have Facebook …?
Or twitter …?
Then what is your Facebook and twitter name? …

etc etc … because now everyone are exist on their own Social Networks. No matter with what kind of purpose they have. So just like what happened with The Jane Austen Man on my 1st flight Semarang ~ Jakarta, that day i missed my chance to know that hilarious man further.

I mean, who knows if he is also on Facebook eh …

Finished with talking and LOL-ing, i went to straight to Budokan, because it was already 15:00 PM.

Arrived there, i stopped first to McD near Budokan and had some chicken burger there. Ate my burger, sit there while watching so many Acid Black Cherry fans walking around with their many Acid Black Cherry GOODS with/on them.

And i did what i always do just exactly like what i always do when i see there’s yasu‘s photo posted on someone’s blog, Facebook or Tumblr. I said to myself where’s that image originally from.

What magazine, what pamphlet, poster or even Radio’s blog.

So that day, with a chicken burger on my hand i say to my self from what Acid Black Cherry Live/event’s are thoose GOODS i’ve seen that day.

A tote bag from Re:Birth Live, a bag from 69 Live (that bag is the best, i say … xD), keychain from Halloween Party, or

this my fave 2007 Free Live white T-Shirt


well, …

i should buy another one again because that shirt is 100% perfect with a red short pants. And believe me, i have more than 6 red pants but only one that 2007 Free Live white T-Shirt.

all Acid Black Cherry fans on the road that day, what i saw most of them was wearing Acid Black Cherry hoodie ….



Finished my late lunch i went to buy some snacks and mineral water at the nearest 7/11 where i meet 5 fans who was cosplaying complete The Otaku/Nerd.


Arrived at Budokan, ….

there’s so many people already gathered in front of the venue gate, and just like on Acid Black Cherry‘s other Live, there was also 2 boxes in front of the venue’s door where fans can put their letter, fan-mail or present for yasu or the support members there.


I put a letter for yasu there, because somebody asked me to write her a letter for yasu.

Just like my simple Japanese understanding, i wrote a simple letter in Japanese for yasu on behalf of my friend. Not sure what i wrote was correct or yasu will manage to read my double disaster handwriting in Japanese .

Actually, even i am studying Japanese with all my heart but i never study how to write nicely.

Because look at that my disaster handwriting that nobody can’t read. so i know you all can imagine how worst is if i tried to write in Japanese letter …


That’s why instead of practice to read and write with pencil and paper like what people do,

i put that Simeji App. on my phone and use it for my Japanese writing and reading practice by re-write again some of things on FC Magazine, song’s lyrics or something like this ….


from DearLovingMasa’s twitter, that’s Dear Loving‘s 4th Album cover with yasu‘s comment on it …

「おい、ディアラヴィ! いい曲いっぱい入ってるやんけ!やるぅ ♡」 by yasu

and when i posted it on my Facebook, i made some mistake by wrote that 「入」 as 「大」/「dai」. But then Yukki, as always kindly correct me …. xD

back to Budokan, ….

When i was going to enter the venue and showed my ticket to one of the staff, one of them to make sure i understand, she repeated what she already say to me in English.

She said       :    no camera, no phone camera inside ….. !!!
I said to her  :    はい、わかりました …

i entered the venue and started to confused about finding my seat.

Dunno whether is Budokan, is so BIG or i am somebody who really easy to get lost and confused about finding place?

yasu        :      is that a question …?
noi           :      yes, but the rhetorical one ..
yasu        :      didn’t you ask somebody ..
noi           :      i did, but  dunno, ….

so i walked all around at 2nd Floor Budokan to find my seat.

I finally managed to find my seat at almost top of the 2nd Floor . It was a bit scary tho,…

and next to me is a 40 year’s old woman, a mother with her daughter that non-stop lookin at me finished all snacks that i bought less because i already ran out of snacks before the Live begin.

Then finally when everything was dark, the Live begin with  …

1. Greed Greed Greed


「Greed Greed Greed」 is the 1st single released during this 「Shangri – La 」Tour as one part of Project 「Shangri – La 」 itself beside the Live and Meeting nation-wide.

When yasu started this Project 「Shangri – La 」 , i said to myself …

if i am going to watch 「Shangri – La 」 Live, i have to watch the final/last Live so i can see all the 3 latest single Live on stage.

Even i did make plan to go to 1st SEASON Live ~ Hokkaido together with Tekki but It was cancelled because my father got sick and also Tekki keep sayin no about joining me to watch yasu.

But now i think God made different plan for me so i ended going to Japan on Encore SEASON and i managed to see all 3 latest single Live on stage.

Greed Greed Greed well, it was OK


yasu      :     only OK …
noi          :    what am i supposed to say ..
yasu      :     say something else
noi          :     what …

my seat was so far behind and i lost my glasses, so i didn’t see things clearly but i know yasu was nonstop moving there and like an Energizer Bunny. I mean, he seemed like never ran out of battery …

even i know 「Greed Greed Greed」 complete lyrics, still i didn’t even understand what the hell was yasu yasu, especially on the part with an English lyrics.


yasu ….

i’d say always amused me whenever he sing a song with English lyrics because he always make me to listen it carefully to get what he was sayin no matter i already remember all the lyrics in my head, but i always ended sayin …

oh yasu, what the …. ????

That’s why, i  am not gonna say, i want yasu to learn English more so he can make a song with a full English lyrics, because he already did with JIGSAW ~ QED version that in so many ways confused me and also…

i agree with my sweet baby stroberry Taka when he said on some interview …

FM 802

Writing a song with full English lyrics doesn’t make the album/single SOLD OUT, and after all i am still a Japanese, so there’s something that i still prefer to say/write in Japanese.

so if i say yasu need to improve his English, it’s because i want him to have a better and less confusing pronunciation on some English lyrics on his songs

2. Murder License
3. Rakuen
4. Chou

this is funny eh, …..


dunno what happened, maybe he was too sexcited or nervous but he started this song earlier. Even Hiro had not finished his guitar but yasu already started sayin


and i was like

えええ〜〜〜 、yasu …???

but then as fast as how i finished sayin that えええ〜〜〜 、yasu ….??? , he (read : yasu, not taka) fixed it and everything is perfect. I even say this Chou – Live version is perfect even with a bonus of that an earlier めを ….xD

on the 1st MC, …

yasu said how grateful he is to see everyone came to his Live at Budokan that night, because that day ….

May 29th 2014 in Tokyo beside Acid Black Cherry Live at Budokan, there was also LUNA SEA Live at Yoyogi and L’arc~en~Ciel at Kokuritsu ….

but as you all know,  some of his close friends like his BBF DAIGO, Akihide, Shinpei and even ka-yu was there too

5. 1954 LOVE/HATE
6. Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~


This one,  Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  is nothing but AWESOME

I say everyone,  that was totally AWESOME and i am sure to you all Acid Black Cherry fans who ever seen this song Live on Stage agree with me. And to you all who are start to make a plan to go to Japan and see Acid Black Cherry Live,

hope you’ll be able to see this, because Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  live version is …


a perfect package of a sexy man, complete with a sexy song and voice     …

7. Kimi ga Inai, Ano hi Kara…


Live version complete with all those lightening and special effect make this song more heavenly and longing and less simple. Because this song is a simple and longing song eh, about somebody who realized now he/she isn’t here anymore …

8. Maria
9. so…Good night.


awww, ….

i really love this man and i suppose this Acid Black Cherry fever on me is  ….

いつも おわらない、よ 。。。!!!!

10. Pistol
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kami-sama no Alibi~


i am so glad finally i get a chance to see this song Live because i like this song, i mean i always adore how yasu put the idea about

~Kami-sama no Alibi~  / God’s Alibi —> an Alibi for God …

even when i listen to that song for the first time, it kinda felt weird for myself. In my whole life, until now i am somebody who never think if there’s an Alibi for God. Everyone needs an alibi, but not God

Because God is God,

the Greatest that never ever need an alibi because God never do wrong no matter how i love to blame God for whatever bad things on my life because i believe God has it own reason, that we have to figured out what is God reason for let this or that things happened to us.

So why would God need an alibi for?

that’s why  that ~Kami-sama no Alibi~ terms from yasu was a bit surprised for me.

12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri-la


14. doomsday clock (request)


that song was requested by a girl on 2nd Floor that seems like not into Acid Black Cherry that much. It was so obvious ne, because she asked Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  while that song is already played before …

i am sure she didn’t even know which song is Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~ or not
I dunno why but i think on this 「Shangri – La 」Tour there’s so many that not into Acid Black Cherry audience (read : people who went there just because asked by their friends to go along, or else …) their seat number got selected on the request song part.

How the hell, they were so lucky like that?

yasu     :     ah not again noi_chan …
noi        :     yes, again and again i am jealous, why not?
yasu     :     so if your seat got selected, what would you say to me …
noi        :     ah ya, i gotta say something …

why i never think about this ne …

all think about was how i have to say I want nemuri hime …!! to yasu if my seat number might got selected because i remember yasu also asked some questions like …

what’s your name,
where do you come from,
and with whom do you come tonight … etc etc

then what am i gonna say eh, because i am sure have a real talk with yasu must be really hard for me especially with my very very simple Japanese understanding

15. scar (request)


While that song,

scar was requested by a woman also on 2nd Floor and she was quite close to my seat.She is a mother who is really into Acid Black Cherry, because when yasu asked her what song would you like tonight  …. ?

with confidence she answered scar

see that is what i mean with a fans who is really into Acid Black Cherry, who knows what she wants didn’t have to again and said lots of あの 。。。-ing or えっと 。。。-ing ..

17. 20+∞Century Boys


They also did some change

where yasu was on drum, Hiro on vocal, but they with changing part didn’t play anything. I mean they only kinda make fun with the instruments and Hiro‘s FUBAR screamin acting as vocalist.

and else but maybe it was a joke or something because all the audience were laughing. so f that was really a joke then i didn’t get what kind of joke was that.



then like a dream, that live suddenly over


followed with yasu shoot various color balls (with his signature on it) to the audience with that BALL GUN (?) and my fave ending is how yasu always took his shirt off and throw it to the audience.


I had so much fun, and once again ….

yasu completed me as one of his fangirl.

But i believe, this complete feeling i have after able to see 「Shangri – La 」Live soon will turned into in-complete again when yasu releasing something new (single or album). Because 2 years ago, after finished Erect Live at Yoyogi i also said …

thank you yasu, you complete me … !!!

But look what happened ne,

i still go to Japan again, so i think that’s like a never ending circle on a Fangirl Life to be forever once again will try to go to Japan again to see yasu and turned the in-complete into complete again …

What a Fangirl eh …

The Live finished and i went back to my hotel because tomorrow morning i have to go to Osaka.

Can’t believe when the Live is over nothing left but so much happiness and tired. All over my legs was hurt, i walked so slow while lookin at all those VK bandmans who was waiting out of the venue to give their band’s flyers and CD demo …

got into my train, dunno why but the mixed feelings between too happy and too tired made me cry alone there until i fell asleep and

ended in Tokyo Sky Tree Station again … #JustWhatTheHueeell!!!

so that was a hell of a long night of me back again to my hotel. All i wanted was nothing but to be on my bed …

that’s all everyone, next part it will be on my next post as A Long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 7 ~  Day  4 (Tokyo ~ Osaka)

next is this …

~ Whatsoever things from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK because i have no idea why it take me forever to finish this PHOTOBOOK, so please bear with me.

Nah this time is for …



and moving backward for yasu‘s outfit on 「Shangri-la」 Tour , that i am sure you already see it if you are team_yasu‘s group on Facebook members.

So, this time is for …


# The costume theme for 3rd SEASON is Leopard. Not only the shirt, but the tank top under it was also leopard, and …
# they (whoever they are) put a vest that actually was the same vest that HIRO was wearing during 1st SEASON Live, while
# for the accessories, sometimes they put it simple and in other day they make it less simple ..



#  theme for 2nd SEASON is zebra, a zebra pattern transparent shirt that originally made fit to yasu

and for the shirt button …

# they (whoever they are) added a mini skull as one of it. While for the pants it’s the same leather pants that yasu was wearing on the previous SEASON 1.

So i think it is quite simple but i like this 2nd SEASON‘s costume eh  ….


because that shirt is a transparent shirt, so it made the back part look more sexy,  ah, you know what i mean …. xD . And  last but not least, to close this a very2 long post,

i am gonna talk about …


yasu     :      what, another movie …..?   *going somewhere*
noi         :     no, don’t worry because my movie talk is for next post …
yasu     :      eeh …
noi        :      i am gonna talk about …

~  My Waiting for The next Recreation Album  …


ever since i read the last post on The Official Blog, i keep wondering what the hell is yasu busy with now. Maybe preparing for the upcoming a-nation Live at the end of this month or i maybe

i say maybe eh, maybe …

as what they (whoever they are, again …) sayin if he is still doing music production each day, so it’s forever OK if i guess he is preparing something new. New single or maybe a new album.

As how Acid Black Cherry‘s single and album release sequence, and just like what Yukki said to me,if it is an album then next it’s time for Recreation 4 album …

Then he must already start to choose what songs he is going to cover.

And of course it is forever OK again for me to wondering (or posted a fubar request to whoever might read read this long and boring post) if maybe he will do cover songs that i like to hear recently.
i am talking about this song …



斉藤和義 – 歌うたいのバラッド

嗚呼 唄うことは

嗚呼 目を閉じれば



嗚呼 唄うことは



ぼくらを乗せて メロディは続く…
wow wow…

雨の夜も 冬の朝もそばにいて

ハッピーエンドの ah

i really want yasu to cover that song, even i know D-Lite (BIG BANG) already do that for his 1st single in Japan and BENI did an English cover as well,

but still i wanna hear how is yasu‘s version.



At this time, i’d say D-Lite cover version is better. I mean how that he amazed me by making that song into K-Pop. I am sure yasu‘s version (if he cover this song) is gonna be good as well …

Dunno why,

these days i just wanna listen to that kinda mellow songs. Not because i ate lots of melon at night but maybe because it is approaching the end of the year, as what people say it as a longing time

then lemme say again …

愛してる …

noi       :    愛してる よ … !!!
yasu    :   how many time you’re gonna say that …?
noi       :   for you, 1,000 times over …
yasu    :   日本語で?
noi       :   あなたのため、千倍にも 。。。? (^^♪



Friday Post : 『 Shangri-la 』 Live ~ Kanagawa … (another me, yasu and 1hyde …xD)


Look how messy is my Winamp Play List …

as messed up as what i feel now …


it was forever ago since i fix it. I should fix it again make some proper PlayList ne, maybe that’s because i am listening to song depends on my mood so i don’t have any particular PlayList arranged well both on my PC or mobile phone MP3 Player.

And since yesterday after watching some local telly show that my mom always watch every night, suddenly i listen to this song a lot. It’s some local Indonesian band that i never listen to, but suddenly after that show last night i can’t stop listening to it …

Well see how changable i am …?

enough about that, now let’s back to 『 Shangri-la 』 ne, i suppose i have to finish the 4th Season ne because The 5th Season is already ON … !!!

so there you are …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa  …

Two days after the interaction event  『Shangri-la』 Meeting, the Live was held at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa after two years ago’s TOUR 『2012』.

and as always, they started the blog post with Local Gourmet corner.

This time, Kanagawa‘s local gourmet that welcomed yasu in the venue was 「カツの卵とじ」/「Katsu no Tamagotoji」/「Flip egg cutlet 」; green salad, some fish cake and deep fried tofu.

and this …


Shiumai of Kiyoken ….

in this special gourmet, this 「シュウマイ」/「shūmai」/pork dumpling is referred as 「シウマイ」/「Siumai」. What a nice word changing ne, and with that notation, that must be very delicious (ウマイ), as a traditional taste that begun to sell since 1928.


Then the question selected on the Question Corner was …

Because it’s Valentine tomorrow, please tell your Valentine legend episode from the begining band acitivity …

and yasu said

he received his first chocolate on his 5th Grade on Elementary School.

well, he must be popular boy at school ne.

Talking about Valentine and chocolate ne,  maybe because in my country (especially my village) there’s no such things as Valentine to celebrate.

Even of course when i was on high school, there was some of my friends who got into that Valentine euphoria and did that sending chocolate for boys they have a crush on to, but somehow i always got skipped by that Valentine euphoria every year

so in my whole life i never give or receive any chocolate …

yasu      :     poor noi_chan …
noi         :     i suppose Love and Valentine are not my division since a long time ago ne …
yasu      :     don’t say now you want a chocolate …
noi         :     yes, i want one most delicious Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar
yasu      :    you’re late, Valentine is over …

ha ha ha yeah, this is a very late post ne aaand …

ah ya, on last Valentine i read about this something that i call as The Modern SPELL MAGIC. How girls in cook chocolate that they will give to someone that they in love to and insanely they put their hair or menstruation blood to the chocolate, and the worst part is …

it became a trend … ?  @_@  #JustWhuutTheHell …

OMG so that kind of thing also happened to a modern world ne, and on a Valentine Day euphoria? I thought that’s only happen here in my village.

But the different is in here they don’t put it on the chocolate they made but in to a coffee.

It’s a common things that a woman (the wicked/bitch/u_appropiate woman) do, mostly they are some mistress or a whore who is in love to a married man, and she already did everything to make that man leave his family to be with her but nothing’s worked.

Then she choose the last option to use what God gave her every month as powerfull SPELL MAGIC.

As what i heard, it’s always worked because one of my best friend told me how her father leave her mother and her for another woman after that woman that she often called as Sundal (bicth) did that to her father.

so i know that’s a very powerful SPELL MAGIC to get a man, but of course i am not gonna do that to Mr. Friday ne. I mean how am i gonna do that and also it’s an action followed with very BIG SIN and sure i don’t wont another Kick to Hell because of that.

OK, back to the topic, now is  The Set List ..

『Shangri-la』 Live 13.02.2014 : Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall ~ Kanagawa SetList

01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kmisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. CRISIS (request)
15. Pistol (request)
16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri – la

and the kewpies

OMG this one is my fave



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s a Marine chan …. !!!

that’s so adorable eh, i think that’s the most adorable kewpie from all and i luv it. I hope i am gonna get that ne. Because i asked to somebody who went to the previous 『Shangri-la』 Live  in NHK Hall.

then next is this …

~ Whatsoever Update …

this time is for Toyama, …


and  Live Digest & Offshoot nagano ~ Toyama


i can’t believe i have to do that twice since i did that last week but i couldn’t find the files in my PC. I dunno why, maybe it was erased accidentally ne because i left my files in one PC the to other PC like a whore  …

Just enjoiiii it anyway …

and finally this …

~    Secret Live and Free Live Interview from Erect Pamphlet


just click on the image and it will bring you to my Facebook Note

and then,

look finally they revealed the B2 Regular Poster bonus for the upcoming New Single 君がいない、あの日から・・・

eh God, what am i suppose to say about this ne. Now i have nothing left to say about that yasu looks like that. I suppose now i need another new phrase of Kawaii for him because when he looks like that,

That’s beyond Kawaiii ….. @_@

talking about poster ne, …

Today, the 6th day of March ne and it’s still a long way from the election day on April 9th 2014 but the euphoria is already ON … !!! since the beginning of February, aaand ….

Friday, Friday, Mr. Friday is everywhere ….!!!

Campaigns are everyday, and posters from different candidates are posted everywhere, including Mr. Friday. And 3 days ago my mother gave me a poster sticker of Mr. Friday. She said it was given by his mother so we can put it on our wall.

OMG can you all imagine ne …

Now i have a sticker poster of Mr. Friday …. #Whaaaa


yasu        :      really noi_chan, a new single from Friday …?
noi           :      no, this is a campaign poster because Mr. Friday, he runs for election this year …
yasu        :      for what, a president …?
noi           :      yes, as the President of My Heart …
yasu        :      go away …

Her Majesty is the only one in our home who is so excited about this upcoming election, she told me if there’s a money offer from some candidate if we want to choose him.

Normally they will give 30,000 ~  50,000 IDR for each vote depend on how rich/how much money the candidates have. In our home, Her Majesty could only sell 2 votes (mine and her) since my sister is a government officer.

Then let just say they will buy for 50,000 IDR she will get …

2 vote x 3 times voting (regional, province and national) x 50,000 = 300,000

OMG no wonder she talks a lot about election recently,

Don’t be surprised everyone, this kind of selling vote is normal in my country. I don’t say to all the candidates but i see most of them are doing the same thing, but i haven’t heard anything about money offering from Mr. Friday. Ah, maybe not yet ….

enough about Mr. Friday, now let’s continue to this

King HYDE‘s first tweet on twitter …

from this  http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/

i wonder why poeple there sayin how being on twitter and post something there will turned HYDE into BAKA HYDE? and how twitter will only give bad effect on him. I wish they would see it in other point of view.

After all that’s VAMPS account ne not HYDE‘s personal account.

What if these recent time HYDE want to bemore close to his fans, and make them possible to say maybe a simple HelloHYDE, I Love You HYDE or Good Night HYDE without them have to log in to HYDE’s Room?

As you all know to be able to log in to HYDE’s Room then you can type something to HYDE we have join FanClubs (VampsAddict or Le-Ciel) and that’s not free …

But the most interesting part of that blog post is about this …


1hyde = 156

that’s not for how tall is HYDE (since i heard about him sayin he is 160 or something on The HYDE Book) but that’s a new standart of counting/measurement since 156 is probihited to say, then they (who ever they are) changed it into 1hyde .

So if 1hyde = 156, then i should be ….

1hyde minus 1 or 0,993 hyde …?

yasu    :   minus 1 …?
noi       :   ah just 0,007 hyde less ne, nobody is gonna put that on HISTORY ..
yasu    :   you don’t even erach 1hyde …?
noi       :   OK yes, i am short ..
yasu    :   eeh, i didn’t say that …

and then the best part (or the worst part … xD) of this blog is …

~   My Rambling …

so this March started with ….

#  Me, being broken_heart_ed because there’s no Oscar for Leo again this year …


Yes, i am sad and broken heart_ed and dramatic about this , so what ….?

my heart was broken than night just by looking at this Leo came after and hug Matthew Mac.

I dunno why, maybe because every year, i always wait and hope there will be at least one Oscar for Leo. just like how i use to waited for an Oscar for Sandy (Sandra Bullock) and when she got it in 2010, i was never so happy watching Oscar.

Leo. ne, you  all know he nominated often but always came back home with nothing.

Yeah, that was sad ne but i still hope maybe next year the time when Leo will hold Oscar on his hand will finally come. Because he is a brilliant actor ne, and he deserve that.

#  Me, couldn’t control my anger to other,

so started this March, there was a merger in this company so now i have to handle 2 factories. And the first week was like hell, everyone did nothing but complain to me, They want me to approve everything fast, while on the other hand my boss want details for everything.

It’s very far than my imagination when i said OK to do this .

yes, of course 1 is will be forever different from 2, but the problem in here is the people. Some new people to handle and talk to that i don’t know much about most of them.

They also know nothing about me. so there’s some miss understanding happen between us when i want it with my way they want it with they way …

and me, as always i was mad and said some bad things to them without bother to ask before. Eeeh, what is wrong with me? i know all this changing are stressed me but it was never be a reason to justified my badmouthing for them …

what a very bad Noi i was …


noi         :    nee ya_san, let me ask you again ….
yasu     :     what …?
noi         :     do you like mean girl …
yasu      :    stop ask the same question, the answer is still the same …
noi         :     ahh …

not only end with that, my boss suddenly turned into a very evil one, he check and check everything in details. My phone nonstrop rang yesterday because of him calling and tell about so many wrongs in my reports.

I had to make it all over again.

He said he trust me to handle 2 factories now, so i have to give him my best and tryin to get along with his way of thinking. Somehow i feel like there’s someone put something very huge on my shoulders.

I feel like  i am the foolish person in this universe. I really wanna cry, but i can’t because the clock is ticking and i’d be ran out of time if if cried …

and tomorrow is Friday, ah Mr. Friday come all over me again then suddenly i feel …

人生、大変ですね ….


yasu      :     hmm since he never see you …
noi         :     what …?
yasu      :     that’s not gonna go anywhere ne …
noi         :     ah, そうだね …


4th Season Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Saitama … (Another me, yasu ,The yasu便り and Jim The IT )

4th Season, Finally …. #yay

1st, 2nd and 3rd Season is done ne and it is still a long way down to the end of 『Shangri-la』 Season.

Ah ya even i say (read : wrote like crazy and nobody read)  everywhere about me as The Queen of The World to avoid The Confusing Love Division that still hates me, but i think i am still a simple person ne.

A simple person that can be happy or easily just by a simple reason.

And i think by being a fangirl (hope they, whoever they are  put me in the devoted one …xD) help me to be more simple and less complicated but still dramatic about my life.

By how?

Don’t you all see ne, i mean with my up and down mood like the ocean wave behind my home it helped me though.

For example ….

グッド! just by how rain suddenly stop to fall since 3 days ago. Recently before going to office every morning i said a little pray :

Dear God, please do not allow rain to fall today, because I am on my new shoes and …


it’s pink like TETSUYA …. !!!!!

yasu     :    is there no other color than Pink?
noi        :    hey, it has to be pink ne, because it’s February ..!!! …
yasu     :    and then …
noi        :    i am happy ne, happy …

チョキ…  when finally yasu reached the 4th Season of his 『Shangri-la』 Project like now, the very long time project ne and then make me confusingly happy when he decided to add The Encore ~ Arena Season.

ホンマにね ….

i am just so fuckin happy with all the past, present and upcoming Season of 『Shangri-la』 Project that i didn’t, don’t and can’t join …

so, shall we begin this 4th Season post ne, first with this …

~   『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Saitama …

meeting saitama

This 4th Season 『Shangri-la』 project, started on this February with the 1st 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Saitama on February 2nd, 2014.

The venue was an open space in a huge shopping mall (Aeon Lake Town 「kaze」 ~ Hikari no Hiroba). It was held on a Saturday morning, and because it was a huge open space venue so they can do this Meet and Greet with a lot of fans from 1st to 4th floor.


cr : @にょいち

While being watched by a lot of people,  『Shangri-la』 Meeting started with The Public Recording together with NACK5.

cr :  @Yasuの女

First of all in the beginning of this 4th Season, they start with talking about impression and thought about the previous 1st, 2nd and 3rd Season of  『Shangri-la』 Project.

yasu said …

This project started when he thought about to do Live Performance all over Japan a long time ago.

And if he had a nation wide Live Tour with so much efforts, then it can’t be just to do Live Performance. He wanted to to a meet and greet with the local people and fans around the country.

1st it was slightly nervous about both the place and the audience because it was the 1st Season. But i feel familiar as soon as it started. In the 2nd Season, i went to Ise-jingu Grand Shrine and went to Izumo Taisha Shrine on the 3rd Season.

It was a spiritual feeling somehow and i am blessed with this opportunity

and also about Saitama, he said …

About Saitama, i have to say whenever i come here i feel like it’s very similar to Hirakata, Osaka my hometown.

then talkin about the 1st and 2nd single released during this 「Shangri – la 」 Project : 「Greed Greed Greed」 and 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」.

A quite hard number and a jazzy upper tune number, 2 different songs like a slightly different hair color, i realized it was a total hard work.



That 2 singles were released, the base is with IKUO the music (performance) technique is difficult.




「Greed Greed Greed 」is a song that made by using great technique playing in particular, and it needed help as “some touch” in the phrase of the base line which i made. And it was something that IKUO upgraded.

When i heard the recording (even it is my own song), i thought “oh, Sugoi …!!

there’s also something about secret story and also answering questions from everyone.

This one was  aired 2月7日 (Friday) on NACK5 「BEAT SHUFFLE」, aaand now thanks to this lovely lady you all can listen to the recording here …

next is this …

~   2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK Update …

this one is for Fukui

enjoii …. !!!

and then look what i finally i know how to change  and get a ….

~    New Banner on my Ameblo ….

これ を 見て 。。。!!!


the last time i changed my Ameblo theme it was for ever go ne,

i  kept use the same theme until tonight, when somehow i just want to erased that boring couch and 2 pillows from my Ameblo. And somehow tonight i accidentally found out how to change the banner ne …

i say …


yay … !!!

yasu     :      you don’t know how to do that …
noi        :      well, i don’t …
yasu     :      really noi_chan …?
noi        :      i told you ne i am noi, not Jim The IT
yasu     :     but you don’t have to be that Jim just for that, why didn’t you ask someone …

well actually i did asked someone, but unfortunately that someone i asked to didn’t answer my question.

So that question just floating somewhere on this internet sky not answered just like my previous question about how to put a Youtube video on Ameblo that i finally found out by accidentally as well

accidentally this, accidentally that ?

seems like everything just love to come to me with accidentally ne, just like how i jumped in to this ABC fandom, thanks to this man who accidentally  came  ….


again, yay …. !!!

Anyway, me being not answered like that, somehow eeeh how am i suppose to say ne ….

it doesn’t make me hate or ill feel to that person who didn’t answer my question but it became some kind of notes or warning for me so i don’t ask again.

In short like when you knocked on someone’s door and the door still closed after your 3rd knock, you better go home and stop that knockin,

except if …

you are knockin on heaven’s door ne, indeed for this heaven’s door you have to knock it over and over …

then let’s move to this very late post of this …

~   yasu便り on The Official Blog …

as what they wrote on The Official Blog, this yasu便り (yasu News) was something that they wrote on January, where there’s no Live or Meeting.

But i think this is something like a story of the 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK it self from yasu.

and this one is the 1st part, means for for that 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK , and it would be better if you open and take a look again your PHOTOBOOK while reading this …



PS   :   as always, this isn’t the perfect translation, sure there must be some mistakes somewhere … *wink*

ーーyasuさん、Happy New Year ! Well then, please do say a New Year greeting for everyone who read this

yasu     :     Happy New Year ! everyone, thank you for all your support for this year in advance

ーーAkemashita ne yasuさん、 Project 『Shangri-la』 started in 2013. It was a year where you able to meet with everyone in many various places. And it has been variously tell in this blog, but i also want to tell the story of  yasu as well as the story of  『Shangri-la』.

yasu    :     うんうん …

ーーwe also haven’t tell about everything happened in that various cities. So let’s back to 1st Season.

yasu     :     そうしよかー。

ーーProject 『Shangri-la』 1st Season, the season that time was summer ! It was still short sleeves

yasu    :     (while looking at 「Documentary ーPHOTOBOOK 1st Season」) it is …



ーー『Shangri-la』 Meeting in Fukushima, where the project begun, you really meet with so many people and gone to many places

yasu     :     Indeed, that lots of audience came to us, i am really thankful

ーーGreat success in any city thankfully …

yasu     :     I am glad, in Aomori, which was doubled (recruitment). The live itself, has raised into a good feeling. Then children and mother, father generation has become more diverse insanely in this tour. happy, b ut there was also place which was hard to do (laugh).

ーーThe thing with children is, their excitement was also big

yasu    :     yeah … (laugh)

ーーIn this project, it’s all around prefectures to visit and also enjoyed some sighseeing in various places. Went to Tohoku Safari Park in Fukushima, the 1st prefecture . It was a bit surprising when yasuさん told “there seems to be a Safari Park



yasu     :     “there seems to be a Safari Park“, it was recommended by a friend (laugh). I didn’t intent to go to a Safari Park, but it was fun after a while. It was smaller than i thought (laugh). And summer, so it’s not odd with the lack motivation of the animals (laugh).


ーーThey didn’t move and didn’t even look at here (laugh). And also, in this blog we’re often introduced lot of delicious food we eat in each place. In Miyagi Live Performance, we brought you grilled beef tongue outside the dressing room.

yasu     :     Right, and there’s one thing understood. beef tongue isn’t a “thing” but it became about “arms/skill“. I fully understood that all layed in the grilling skills. But i am delighted.

ーーand in the 1st Season, you achieved the promised tour to Hokkaido.

yasu     :      I wanted to do the Hokkaido Tour, although there were many difficultied and it’s also something that other artists don’t do oftenly.

At this time, even if i don’t know if The Hokkaido Tour would ne possible again after this, i had a valuable experience. That it is not so difficult to be around Hokkaido.

ーーThe Live excitement was extraordinary, feel like everyone were eagerly awaited. It was wonderful.

yasu     :     yeah, it was a really great experience. But this time i did only about a quarter of Hokkaido. Because i don’t go to the West part yet. I want to perform in the place that i can’t go to someday.

ーーAnd speaking about highlight in Hokkaido, yappari there’s something? yasuさん, tehre you are we’re still talking about it …

yasu     :     aah … (wry smile) I guess this is the Butadon (laugh)

ーーYou spent some times to find a Butadon restaurant, and arrived at the restaurant … it was the closing day. Then you saw “Butadon” was written to the ramen restaurant nearby, and out of  spite, you walked in to the restaurant.

yasu     :     but you know, i ate lots of various Butadon, but the Butadon in the restaurant that i had no choice to come in is delicious. The best (laugh)

ーーEee, really? It wasn’t because you already walked a long way down there …?

yasu     :     no, that restaurant was completely delicious ! Oh, it was good to get a good restaurant tough that was a situation that i hesitated to see map. It was a good learning.

I wonder if because of this tour now i am keenly aware if Hokkaido is really BIG (laugh).


aah, he must be hungry ne ….

ーーIn Hokkaido afterward, you bought crap by going to the morning market in Hakodate. Then  went to Goryokaku port and boat paddling with YUKI

yasu    :     we did it. That’s it ! (pointing to 「Documentary ーPHOTOBOOK 1st Season」). This just looks like a summer vacation memories (laugh).

ーーIt is (laugh) … and the crab, that’s  BIG

yasu     :     yes, and then i was told if one of the seller’s brother is a fan, i was so surprised (laugh). To remember this meeting, i decided to buy a crap (laugh).

ーーit was fun, isn’t it? The from Hokkaido move to Honsu. Moved to the last city of 1st Season, Iwate. Once arrived, you went to buy Monster Hunter

yasu     :      ah, that’s true. And the truth is the day we arrived to Iwate, it was the release date of Monster Hunter.



Indeed, i was thinking about to try Monster Hunter soon after the 1st Season ended. But when i heard it was the release date, i couldn’t stand not to have it (laugh).

ーーYou haven’t forgotten your child soul (laugh). Then on the return Live event in Iwate ended with smile.

yasu    :     there was a thypoon, and the Shinkansen arrival was delayed.

ーーyes, there are many topics to talk about, but we have only lillte time to talk (laugh)

yasu    :     that’s true (laugh). It was fun everywhere and i was happy with a lot of people comin there. I don’t know the feed back yet for the 1st Season.

I think it was good to start this Project  『Shangri-la』 from Fukushima. Because it was important, i think.

ーーSo we stop here for now. And last, do you have message for everyone in the 1St Season ~ Hokkaido . Tohoku ~ …?

yasu     :     to all of you who came in the last 1st Season, thank you very much. I’ll see you again by all means.


i’ll continued with the next yasu便り 2 and yasu便り 3 tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow (read : not sure …xD )

so somebody was lost ne, poor ya_chan …. @_@

noi        :    why didn’t you call me …?
yasu     :    for what …
noi        :    so i can join you, i am a very good traveling compannion ne …
yasu     :    to get lost? no thank you ….


Rainy Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Hyogo … (Another me, yasu and Feliz Cumpleaños King HYDE xD)


Again and again, ….

this is just another 1 or 2 days late birthday post for King HYDE, but still …

Happy Birthday To You King HYDE ..

I wish you all the best, may all your dreams and wish for become true. I promise i will be more loyal (than how loyal i am now) to you,
anndd …

With this vow, forever has just begun …. ~♪♪♪



HYDE    :    you are late again this year, fangirl  …
noi         :    so last year i was also late? OMG OMG … *covering her face*
HYDE    :    you said loyal?
noi         :    お待たせしました HYDE さん, and if you need anything, anything at all  you can have me …
HYDE    :    @_@ … *went away*

ha ha OK, I should have posted it yesterday on January 29th,

but i did nothing but sleeping after work that day. Ah what a messy sleeping schedule i have now. It started after last Sunday, it was my day off which i spent all day long with nothing but sleeping.

A whole day sleeping from 02:00 PM at night until about 11:30 PM the next day and sleep again from 15:00 PM until almost midnight then wake up again, had my usual midnight dinner and stayed awake until almost 03:00 AM, woke up the next morning at 05:00 AM, like a zombie walked to bus station to work …

and it continued until today, i gotta do something to deal this not good sleeping pattern. I’ll do that later ne, meanwhile look at this …


L’arc all over Shibuya …

and then what DAIGO gave to all of us makes me sexcited more than ever , on yasu‘s birthday he posted these broomance set of his picture with yasu


especially the last one, this ….


awww, if he wrote a song called so … Good Night, then that image above is just so … Broomance … !!!!

not enough with that, on HYDE‘s birthday DAIGO posted another very2 cutie Fanboys with Their Kami_sama again …

with this lovely message from DAIGO

今日は HYDE さんのバースデー(≧∇≦)♥️♥️
ゴッドフェス!!\(//∇//)\ 一生、忠誠を誓います!
笑 ということで、大好きな3人ショット! リツイート祭りや!

Today is HYDE‘s Birthday (≧∇≦)♥️♥️
Congratulation ! God Festival !! \(//∇//)\
I swear i will always be loyal to HYDE !!
So let see the lovely 3 people shoot
Welcome to retweet ~~

source and credit : Daigo’s twipple and  here for the translation

Now it seems like from 3 of them, DAIGO is the PR now to share this and that on a special occasion … xD. But also he is a very lovely PR because he also reminded to all of us (especially me, the easily to be un_loyal fangirl) to be loyal to HYDE, nah that’s brilliant ne …

and the last one is also my fave ….

totally adorable ….

Before we all Melting Alive with all those 3 cute guys up there, let’s back to 『Shangri-la』  again, this time is for this …

~   『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Hyogo

This 『Shangri-la』 Meeting, i think it’s kinda special because it was held on Christmas so i think (again , i am thinking a lot this time ne …xD) if yasu was there as a Santa or at least wearing a Santa thing like this …


it would became a Christmas Meeting with yasu and maybe they will allow some very lucky audience to sit next to that Santa yasu then ask anything? then maybe ….

OMG OMG forgive me dear, but i just ….. *laughed all by herself*

yasu       :      don’t tell me you want to sit on my lap like on the movie ….
noi          :      i didn’t say that …
yasu       :      nah, you don’t have to …
noi          :      don’t worry i’ll start my diet this year so i wont be heavy for you  …
yasu      :       but the problem is you are 50 years late  to ask that …

Well then enough about that, back to the topic 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~  Hyogo ne …

so this Meeting  started with Public Recording with FM Kobe was held on Christmas in an open space venue (Himeji Underground Shopping Center, Grand Fiesta) directly linked from Himeji Station.

Lots of people gathered there.

yasu who arrived at the venue, standby to go to the stage immediately and it was pretty close to everyone there who was waited in a cold weather.

Worriedly waiting to the show to begin he said about how cold is the weather, amazing are everyone who would wait and wondered if everyone are OK.

The venue staff, one of them also said if there’s no one who have done an event there in Grand Fiesta yet and Acid Black Cherry is the first one to yasu who was kind of bit nervous.

they have story about Christmas and the previous day’s  『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Hyogo how it was a Live on a Christmas’s eve and they put a Christmas Song in the hurry and the MC …?

so the Question Selected on The MC was ..

Christmas Present, what is the delightful thing to have/get …

and you all know what his answer was …..xD,  then he got another question

In reverse supposing it (the gift) is for a girl, what do you do …

and he said …. #eehh …

yasu      :    so what did i say ….
noi         :    that you don’t give a present for girl recently and ha ha ha …
yasu      :    and  …
noi         :    ah, i better stop reading that blog every day  …. *wipe her forehead*

after The Public Recording over, continued with a collaboration with Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」 where yasu learned a about Hyogo‘s dialect and special gourmet.

i said this 「Shangri – La 」 Meeting ~ Hyogo is special ne, not only because it was held on Christmas but for me, a fangirl who wasn’t … (ehh, should i say will never be …?) able to be there is special …

because this only in this 「Shangri – La」 Meeting when i  posted on that team_yasu group on Facebook i got a Yes answer when i asked this a must question to everyone who said they went to 「Shangri – La」 Meeting.

So Let me remind you all what the question is …..

did you touch yasu ….?

and one of them (ah ya his name is Daichi and FYI everyone, he is cute …. ha ha ha) answered it with …

Yes … !!!


OMG OMG he’s a very lucky boy ne, to get that High Five with yasu …. !!!

next is this what they (whoever they are) called as …

~ 「Shangri – La」 Collection

refers to yasu‘s outfit during this 「Shangri – La」 Live Season 1 and 2. Personally, me like the 1st Season outfit. I mean look at that fur thing all over yasu‘s neck, so it was something like a vest or hoody ? …

Season 1


Season 2



they also put that little skull there, that’s a very nice touch but too bad i didn’t noticed that on 2nd Season 「Shangri – La」PHOTOBOOK no matter how many times i watch it over and over, blame my blurry eyes then,

the HairDo …


next is the ….

~    The Whatever Update from me (You Know What I Mean)

this time is for Live Digest and Off Shoot Aichi ~ Gifu


no password requirements this time, so enjoii …. !!!!

Today is January 31st, it’s The Lunar New Year so …

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you who celebrate it
and as the year of the horse begins i wish you all good luck and good fortune ~ Gong Xi Fa Cai ….  ♥

then last but not least is ….

~  Thank God January is over.

As i said before, January is a quite busy time for a tangled fangirl like me with this forever on fire Bahama Love Triangle. But January this year isn’t that good for me. Not that good means by how

rain just fallin everyday and there’s flood everywhere and it kinda make me isolated here in my hometown.

I can’t go anywhere since the floods disconnected some city and highway that connected. Still i am so lucky because here in my hometown we are fine, no flood here even mud are everywhere.

I heard and read what happened to cities next here, they all drown at least 1 meter high.

And on my friend’s aunt home it got worse when there’s a local resident who said if he lost 2 of his crocodiles during this flood. OMG can you imagine that, there was 2 crocodiles out there in the middle of flood.

So it started when that man came to the police station sayin how he lost his 2 pets and he worried about them. When the police asked him …

what’s your pet? is it cat, dog or …?

he couldn’t answered it. Finally after several another questions further he said what he mean with pet was his 2 crocodiles ..

He must be crazy ne, from all animals in this world he choose to have crocodile as his pet and just put them on a pond in his backyard. None of his neighbors know about that.

Suppose he is very rich ne, with a BIG house with high fence surrounded so nobody knows what happen or what they have inside it,

like my rich next door ne.

They all (including my Her Majesty who keep sayin us and them as The Rich and The Poor) said if they have a swimming pool in their backyard but i never see it because i never go there. But i remember they did say to me if i can go there to learn how to swim.

Damn, how did they know i can’t swim …?


yasu      :    what, don’t look at me like that …
noi         :     OMG, don’t tell me you …
yasu      :    i didn’t say anything …
noi         :    OK, OK i know …

Back to the crocodile and flood story,

so that man was arrested not only because it was against the law to have 2 wild animals as pet with no special license but the police also think it would be more save for him to stay in the police station than around all his angry and scared neighbors that of course wanted to eat him alive.

Of course they were angry ne,

i imagined myself on their position busy to clean all the flood mess suddenly there is a crocodile hiding inside my home, well that’s disaster ne.

No matter how he said if all his crocodiles are not the bad one (is there any good one …? ) but stil they are wild animals ne, there’s a reason why we all put crocodile inside the wild animals category …

Eh God, a crocodile really? why didn’t he pick cows or buffalos ne …

somenone asked that to him and he said  …

because having crocodile is more easy than cows or buffalos. All you gotta do is just go to the market, but some chickens, that’s all, you don’t have to get some grass or other inconvenient things you gotta do for other animals.

Did he mean about the water system? because sure you don’t have to put an add libitum water system if you decided to have crocodile instead of cows or buffaloes. See i think he is a bit crazy ne.

Then 2 days ago i heard the police already catch one of them and shoot the other one. At least now all of them can sleep quite well with no scared feeling about 2 crocodiles out there around them again

With that Crocodile Drama is over, hope this rainy season with flood additional will stop when January is over. I am bored now, i have this lots of movies to watch in cinema and ….

God, i need a new shoes ….. !!!!

yasu     :    and if rain still fallin on February
noi        :    then i am gonna sleep ..
yasu     :    again …?
noi        :    yes, When The Rain is Over, do wake me please …

~ owari ~

寒い … Post : 「Shangri-la 」Meeting ~ Shiga … (Another me, yasu, The New Single and TBA … xD)

The Game is ON everyone …. !!!




this kind of Whatsoever Game that i joined a long time ago when i threw myself into Acid Black Cherry fandom as The Devoted Fangirl (hope i am devoted enough … xD).

and thankfully somehow until this time i managed to survived in this game.

The interesting part of being a fangirl is of course you are automatically being dramatic even you don’t want to be.

For example like me, actually i don’t want to be dramatic ne …




yasu      :     you don’t want to …?
noi          :    はい、そうです
yasu      :     look who is talking now …
noi         :     because you make jump into this whatsoever drama i am in ..
yasu      :     i say blimey now …?

especially when it started to deal with money, ah what is more drama than money eh. So like i’ve seen and did myself for a fangirl whenever their idol start to releasing something in many various things and they just can’t stop their self for being Greed.

Then they as always as surely as fungus which comes in a rainy season here will say/post/tweet this kind of things like these    ….

~   OMG OMG my money, yasu really?, or …
~   new single, next Season PHOTOBOOK comin, ah yasu please give me a mercy …
~   money, money, where the hell is my money … etc etc

many others thing you will read and see all around your Social Networks (Facebook, twitter and else). I know that’s annoying for some of you who is less dramatic but hey please bare with them because after all they just a fangirl ne and …

being dramatic is just another normal side effect of being a fangirl …




and just like SHERLOCK HOLMES after the epic and heart breakin jump off the roof on The Reichenbach Fall, fangirls no mater how annoying are their rambling post, status or tweet about their finding money misery is,

at the end of THE GAME miraculously they all will ended  Stayin Alive …. !!!


Ah, ah, ah Stayin Alive …. !!!!



yasu      :     hey noi_chan …
noi         :     what  …
yasu      :     stop using that way …
noi         :     ah ya, OK …


OK, i better stop using this 2nd person’s way of tellin about how this Greed in also still ON in me ne, so i repeat …

i just can’t stop my self of being Greed again and want all of the various kind of whatsoever yasu will offer me with the upcoming new single next March 11th

Let’s talk about the upcoming March new single, and how i had a very LOL time with that 3 letters of TBA later. Let’s say i am gonna keep that for the last of this post, because now we are move into 「Shangri-la 」 again.

and this time is for …

~   「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Shiga


meeting Shiga


The Meeting was held on e-radio studio 77 (Otsu Parco, 1 F) a privileged location, next to Lake Biwa. But it was still in the winter season so all of the audience who had waited in line, they were waiting in the cold.

Talking about yasu‘s thoughts about the last 「Shangri-la 」 Live in Shiga as well as how this 「Shangri-la 」 Project is so far. Then, the talkin moved to the latest single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』



and he said if …

This song is about a story of a girl after got dumped by a man and then she was facing it and became more beautiful. I hope that song becomes a good woman’s rooters/cheers song (laugh).

well ….


yasu      :    what,  …
noi         :    no, nothing …
yasu      :    it is not nothing …
noi         :    yeaaa it didn’t worked for me ..
yasu      :     poor noi_chan ..

furthermore, this program was aired on FM Shiga‘s 「charge!」 program by the end of 2013 added with this they named as

「Acid Black Cherry的!2013年の重大事件簿!」/「Acid Black Cherry 2013 Serious Case Files」

and they (【Team Acid Black Cherry】) only wrote 1 (really ..?) of them on this Official Blog post …

「LIVE後のお酒」/「Alcohol after Live」

Among the rock musicians  seems like a normal thing to have a drink (alcohol) after Live, but yasu is one of the musician who is not really enjoy drinking even he is also drinking a little bit recently.

even the staffs also surprised about this and here’s the video …

and FM Shiga also posted the DJ (who looks like Q on James Bond’s Sky Fall) ‘s photo with yasu and the all audience as the background on their post on e-radio charge!   Blog


so lovely, isn’t it  …. ?

Then after The Public Recording with FM Shiga , they continued with a collaboration with Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」 where yasu learned dialect and specialties of Shiga from everyone.

At the High Five Meeting after Public Recording, all affections from everyone who have been waiting had transmitted well, but the hands of everyone was very cold and ..

yasu noted about this, even inside car after the Meeting he said

Hands of everyone (who got The High Five with yasu) are cold, i wonder if everyone’s okay? for waiting for me in the cold like that i really appreciate it …

he noted it ne, i’d say,

Whaaaaw my hands also cold now ya_san … !!!

yasu      :    then what …
noi         :    but it’s raining out there …
yasu      :    stay focus, and finish this post  noi_chan …
noi         :    aaahhh ….

that’s another awesomeness of him ne, pay attention for his fans. It remind me back to the 1st 「Shangri-la 」Meeting in Fukushima.

Where the venue was quite small indoor venue and yasu was kind of worried if the audience who was at the back row couldn’t see anything, so he suggested that it would be better if the ones who was in front row to sit (…?)

so everyone got the same view to the stage …

What a 優しい yasu さん ね 。。。


next is …

~      2nd SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK update

this time is for Mie


it’s not a good ones eh, so sorry ne  but can i say enjoiii ….. ?

and then …

~     Upcoming New Single …


The single title is still TBA (To be Announced) because when 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 announced that on this post on The Official Blog post, they only put these info ..

■【CD+DVD】〈Limited Edition〉
Item Number :AVCD-32234/B ¥1,600+tax
2 songs
music clip、OFF SHOT Recording(Approximately 15 minutes)
■【CD ONLY】〈Regular Edition〉
Item Number :AVCD-32235 ¥1,000+tax
2 songs, (same contents with AVCD-32234/B’s CD)
【Privilege inclusion (only for AVCD-32235 )】 :  Mini Photobook
■Special Price Edition (1song)
【CD ONLY】〈Limited Edition〉
Item NUmber :AVCD-32236 ¥375+tax
1 song
【Privilage Inclusion】 :  1 ABC Trading Cards(from all 4 series)Pre – Order Period   :  2014年1月23日 (Thursday) 12:00 〜 2014年3月20日 (Thursday) 5:00 (JST)

aaanddd …….


noi         :      go on ….
yasu      :      me, you want me to continue it   …
noi         :      you are the artist honey, not me …
yasu      :      …. *start to talk*


There will be 4 different bonuses again this time …

~  Regular Stores/Online Stores   : B2-size poster
~  mu-mo  : 1 Original sticker (Height 105mm × Side 160mm)
~  FC version : Postcards Calendar A and B version … ‪
~  Mobile FC version : mini clear file …

…..  you aren’t a devoted fangirl, do you hear me   …?

noi        :        ha ha ha ….

PS     :    CD Japan confirmed about that B2 – sized Poster bonus

i say #whaaa …..

for this new Upcoming Single ne, because see, they don’t even let us know what the single title is but still they announced it. Nah, that’s  totally a nice way to add another level of doki doki for all Acid Black Cherry fans ne …

surely fans are wondering ne, not only for what is the sigle title but also for why the hell is the single title is TBA …?

Ah ya, talking about TBA ….

i had some funny moment with one of ABC fan who asked me what the new upcoming single title is. At that time because i was still at office i just answered him/her with …

The New Single Title is TBA …

and at the afternoon after i was at home, suddenly i saw her/him posted on his/her social network’s status/tweet like this ….

Acid Black Cherry’s New Single Title is TBA … !!!
Released on March 11th …

then i was like

Whuut The Hell ….. ?

so when i said the new single title is TBA to her/him, apparently she/he got only that 3 letters T,B and A as the single title not literally the To Be Announced (TBA). so that night like crazy i sent her/him message full of no no no with sexplanation of what the hell TBA is.

my mistake ne,

because i should wrote to her/him The New Single is still TBA, not only The New Single is TBA. So yes, yes it’s always my mistake

back to the wondering fans like me who is still askin why is still TBA?

well, maybe …

~   yasu or one of them who made that announcement was drunk?  …  Awww *got slapped*, or ….
~   yasu is still in the middle of nowhere to decide because he has more than one or two option for this new single title and he ended with TBA? … oh nooo *dumped to Limbo forever*  …
~    then what …. ?   *ask to the blue sky*

well then even the single title is still TBA, but our Regular OnLine Stores already open their pre-order for this still TBA upcoming New Single of Acid Black Cherry here ….

CD Japan I HVM  I mu-mo I UpRise VIP Members Only (read : FC) I Yes Asia (w/DVD I CD Only I Special Price)

nah see what i mean? that’s awesome ne …

next is …

~      3rd SEASON 「Shangri-la 」PHOTOBOOK  cover


so it’s Red for 3rd Season ne, and but still green dominan for FC Version additional cover and here’s an updated for 3rd Season 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK pre-order

CD Japan I HMV

and look at this lovely TSUTAYA version additional cover …. !!!


TSUTAYA‘s covers are lovely ne ….

~     4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK pre- order opening …


Pre – Order Period  :   2014年1月31日 (Mr. Friday) 13:00 ~ 2014年3月14日 (Mr. Friday) 23:59 (JST)

finally everyone, we are reaching for the 4th SEASON (to buy) ne, and just another 1 PHOTOBOOK left (the last 5th SEASON) them we all gonna get the complete 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK series. And then another chapter of getting the Special BOX Set to join, ah i can’t wait to see how is the looks for FC version Special BOX Set .

last but not least, let’s talk about Facebook ….


Last night i deactivated my Facebook,

yes from now on until when i am still not sure there will be no that Noi Himura on Facebook. Even yeah i have another Facebook account but let’s just say that one with Noi Himura name is the prime one.

i think i spent too much time of mine there on Facebook

with that account and did what ever things i did there, and what i did recently on Facebook is nothing than annoyed some people there. Yes, that’s what i am, an annoying wacky person.

someone told me about how wacky i am as a person, and that’s true ne.

I am so wacky until i have this time where i hate everyone and everything and then like a MAGIC everything and everyone hate me back.

see how wakcy i am now and in fact, recently everything stressed me out and make me so tired like this nonstop rain fallin everyday complete with how totally cold everywhere for me now …


So from now on i will be on Facebook as my other Facebook account, and don’t worry i am still manage that team_yasu group on Facebook, will do share things like i always do there and contact you Helen …. xD.

so nobody have to add that account OK (who is gonna add it anyway … xD). With only 10 friends i have somehow i feel more fresh than ever  ….


while tryin to finish that 2014 Resolution for a Bad Girl like me from King HYDE and enjoy myself being locked inside this Limbo as The Queen of The World with this …


King of The World Leo Di Caprio …. !!!

Oh God, i really want to see The Wolf of The Wallstreet now, and so many movies are on my list waiting for me to watch in cinema. But what can i do floods are everywhere and i can’t go anywhere …

so Stayin Alive in Limbo is the best option now …


yasu        :      until when …
noi           :      maybe until the election is over …
yasu        :      でも noiちゃん、i heard that King of The world is dating someone now ..
noi           :      no way ….
yasu        :      yes way, i’ll get another super glue for your heart   …

~ owari ~

Late Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Wakayama …(Another me, yasu and The King of The World)

This is a very late post eh, ha ha  …

Then i shall start to do this something that i personally call as my own fangirl home works ne.

Actually i have lots of things to write here (yeah, most of them are my very boring rambling, as always …. xD) that i think i have to put/write all of them in here so i can feel better and let my self to be blown away again by this Mind Blowing Man

さんによろしく yasu さん、The One and Only Mind Blowing Man …. ドキドキ

yasu       :    ah, again …?
noi          :    so sorry eh …
yasu       :    ……
noi          :    でも、心配しないで 。。。。

because first, let’s talk again about this ..

~ 『Shangri-la』 Meeting _ Wakayama …

After the 2nd Day Live Performance in Kyoto, Project 『Shangri-la』  headed to Wakayama prefecture which is Acid Black Cherry‘s first landing there.

The 「Shangri-la Meeting」 this time was held on a live house so only the winner who won the invitation joined the Meeting. It was raining all over the country also in Wakayama prefecture. So everyone was there waiting in cold until the doors are open.

yasu is from Osaka, and it was his 1st comin to Wakayama. About this 1st time comin, he said …

There was no chance to come to Wakayama until now and hear that could come this time i was looking forward to it .

and he was also very happy came to Wakayama at last. In the Public Recording with WBS, Wakayamahoso talked about the latest single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 ..


there was also a story about a song’s lyrics for the previous single 「Greed Greed Greed」 released last August 2013

It is the very last step/process to write the lyrics. it also happen how lyrics were not easily begun unless the song is done.

When writing the lyrics or plot (story)  if a plot already written, unexpectedly lyrics can relieve what kind of person is the main character in the lyrics.

then a further question from the MC

(after you have decided the plot), fine words … etc,  is there any kind of words will be use …?

yasu‘s answer is  …

how he also happen to never being aware of words so much,  he focused to the content of the lyrics that fits in (for songs and the lyrics).

then also the story of the Selection of Musicians, yasu said …

if say it simply as getting a various writers/various singers to sing one person’s song. Such as phrase of the drums that you have made, such as a bassline, such as a guitar riffs and then like i think it would be better to have this person to play


enough with that  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Wakayama, now let’s move to this …

~  Look What Finally Arrived …. !!!


All of them came after being held by custom for almost a week, and it came when i was still in Singapore. So as always, Tekki was the one who went to Post Office and got it …

My dear friend Levy is very kind ne,

she gave me that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bag and flyer added to my package of kewpies. Since she is one of the 「Shangri-la 」 Travelers (you know that’s how i call people who went to more than 2 「Shangri-la 」 Live in this 「Shangri-la 」 season ) so she have lots of that and….

gave one of her to me that’s AWESOME ne …

because i’ve seen people put that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bags and flyers on Yahoo Auctions to sell. So yeah i’d say i am very lucky to have her as my kindest friend of me  …  he he he

aand these kewpies just so cute on my bag like this …


The 2nd Season 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK is awesome, too much cuteness inside that one book. I suppose if that book is a human it will be a diabetic soon, thanks to this person …

yasu     :    me ….?
noi        :    yes, who else but you …
yasu     :    it’s not a crime to be cute …
noi        :    oohh …..

then continued with this …

~   Some Magazine Update …. xD

This one is from Mnavi12月号 ~  Acid Black Cherry Interview …. 叫び叫び




you can read the e-book and DL it in here :  http://mnavi.jp/ebook/

and this

~  Acid Black Cherry Special on MJTV …


~  The boring parts …

i should write about my last trip to S’pore this time because one of my dearest friends want to read it in here. I’ll write that trip later ne …

and not only that i also got a lot of things from that trip.

That was my 1st trip as a group, i mean a real traveling group. Not the regular watching Live Concert companion that i always have. So for me this trip is kinda make me excited ne.


I mean my excitements of ..

~    Whom i will be going together, who are they and where they all come from…
~    How i will be interact with them and of course
~    Can i be a good traveling companion for them … etc etc

if i go somewhere far from home, i use to be alone because i think i am a really bad traveling companion.

Me, as always gonna be a weird person who wander all around city i came to alone and do whatever things i wanted to do (ex : eat lots of Street Foods and do lots of selfie with my phone … etc etc) with no worries about what other people will say or think about me

nah what i wanted to change ne, at least even just for a small parts i want to change ne. After this trip i learned how to me a better traveling companion such

~  as always listen to your team_leader, anything he/she say it’s always important to listen to ..
~  got the point of a group traveling is not only about you, but also about your other companion wanted and …

meet my one of my traveling companion and my room_mate Ayu.


She is from Bengkulu btw (OMG the same island with Zoni …. 目) and she is a very kind and funny person. We had so much fun and LOL girls talk every night ..

~  i think now i am not that selfish as i use to be …

yasu      :     really …. ?
noi         :     i think so …
yasu      :     well let’s see …
noi         :     don’t you trust me, …?

and last but not least is how that trip officially changed me from Inspector Himura to The Queen of The World and who is The King of The World ….?

Who else but Leo Di Caprio …. !!!  *kicked to Limbo*

so everyone, you all can say Bai Bai to Inspector Himura for a moment,  all the police investigation talks (that i never write …xD) and Inspector Himura と Officer Hayashi pairing because …

これからも 。。。。


I’m The Queen of The World …. !!! ….. *dumped to Marina Bay*

i have enough being Inspector Himura and somehow had to involved again into that Love Division that totally is not my division. I always get hurt in that division, i suppose that division hates me …?

so as The Queen of The World i don’t have to deal with that love division since i already have this

King of The World …!!!

i hate to have this feeling again, i mean the same hurt feeling that i had from Mr. Friday. I am just such a fool think that it’s gonna be OK and he is gonna be back to me again. But the real is  how here i am alone and ignored like an idiot …

plus how i can’t stop listening this song …

My god I thought you were someone to rely on.
Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on,
Now I know what a fool I’ve been

that part of  lyrics kinda slap me on my face for what a fool i am.

It started on Last year’s Christmas and ended after this New Year. I mean all this one year recently  i am learning Japanese so hard for who …?

IMG_20140115_0001 (2)
yasu        :      me ….?
noi           :      i am sorry but not you …
yasu        :      eeeh, …
noi           :      look how screwed i am now ..

i thought having some trip would make be better and forget, but it’s not i think now i am starting over again this phase of my heart being broken again.

Moni was right when she said how fragile i am and surely i am not a Wonder Woman because i do cry for something like this . and yesterday it got worst when i read this Astology Online said …

Aries  :

This is a very emotional time for many of you and what isn’t helping is that those closest to you are difficult to understand today.

The lack of emotional bond you have been looking for is causing you to compensate in other ways, ways that are not quite constructive. You need to be nurtured and cared for during this time so if there is someone who has experienced this type of void before and can give you the support you need, seek this person out.

If you are attached, it is likely that this person will not be sweetheart but you want it to be. You are not sure how to talk about this with them and it may just be a better idea to not attempt to right now. You may not get the reaction you hope for.

Find that friend to help you through.

i do have friends who is always kind to me,

how they are stayin with me with their different but not judging me opinion. But still i am not feelin better yet. And look what happened to me now and i have no idea what should i do now ….

All i want is just a move on ne  …….

yasu      :     move on yes noi_chan 次第だよ, but not with some   ….
noi         :     some what  ….?
yasu      :     but you still have that super glue ne …
noi         :     for what …
yasu      :     for your heart …
noi         :     what the …