待つわ Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Tottori ( another me, yasu and The PHOTOBOOK)


omoooo ….


CD Japan updated this pre_order page for 2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK with an image cover. Look at that silhouette of yasu‘s standing like that, then with that 『Shangri-la』 globe added, that cover kinda sayin …

yasu and the whole world of 『Shangri-la』

that’s awesome ne, that purple color for 2nd Season after the  green color like Loki for 1st Season

I just can’t wait to get mine.

Now let’s back to 『Shangri-la』 but still in Tottori there you are …

~ 『Shangri-la』Meeting ~  Tottori

This Meeting was held at Aeon Mall Tottorikita, Tottori one day after Live. It was Saturday, so there were so many people also gathered there.

And in this 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~  Tottori is the first Meeting and Public Recording together with a telly program (Nihonkai Television)


the Meeting

~  Learned local dialect, fave dishes, memories of Acid Black Cherry‘s came to Tottori for the 1st time six and a half years ago and how grateful is yasu for that …

~  the latest single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 is December Ending theme for 「1ch MUSIC」program on 日本海/Nihonkai Television.

~  How is his way of writing song, yasu said he made it start from the intro while wondering if that will be a song, and   …

~  and also how he wanted the atmosphere of the song can be seen from the jacket cover by put a big band and cabaret atmosphere with pictures of support members for the 1st time.

all of that 『Shangri-la』 Meeting  and Public Recording will be OA Saturday, December 28th, 2013 in 「1chMUSIC」 program of Nihonkai Television.


Let just say for a teaser, 「1ch MUSIC」 posted that photo of yasu, the DJ and the audience who was there on their blog ..


while this one this the next part of 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK :  OS Fukushima ~ Yamagata


enjoiii ….

now I suppose this my own  待つわ Season for the 2nd Season『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK is officially started so i think i also have to start the 待つわ counting as well …

why not?

The release date is December 20th, which is tomorrow ….

OMG then add 3 days for it to reach Hokkaido, add another 14 days to reach my home then i suppose at least i am gonna get it next year on January 8th, 2014 together with my FC Magazine.

next year ….

sounds very forever ne, but since we are in December now so next year is just another days to pass and as always, i am gonna be the last person to get all my order.

Talking about FC Magazine, look what i found and read yesterday …


credit  :   @Yasuの女

They (whoever they are) said in Chiba there were 3 local student that very good damn lucky.

Can’t you imagine ne, they got chance to interview yasu for their social study. And also there is a photo of them with yasu on this latest FC Magazine.

叫び叫び叫び whhuuutttt …..? 叫び叫び叫び叫び

social study, really …?  I mean what kind of social study that required an interview with a rock star anyway …



yasu      :     ah, just say you’re envy ..
noi         :     yes, now i have this Sky Level of Envy, after all …
yasu      :     stop sayin you’re only a fangirl ne, that’s boring …
noi         :     no dear, what i am gonna say is i am also a student then why can’t i …
yasu     :      ex_student ne …

well okay …

they were totally lucky ne. And lucky (literally lucky, not the lucky Lucky Luke) is something that not everyone can get.

My mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen always say this to me ….

Wong Pinter iku Kalah karo Wong Bejo

means …

Smart person, to Lucky person they will lose

so when i was still on school and had studied hard for my exams, she told me to pray and ask to God for me to be one of the lucky people after i finished study.

me and Tekki, we share the same look, same DNA and fingerprints but actually we both quite different,

she is smarter than me. She never study and always sleep at night after all movies in out telly finished. But she always got perfect scores for her exams. While me, since i am not smart enough (read : stupid) i had to study hard every night.

you all read Garasu no Kamen by Suzue Miuchi right ….?


in that manga story i see myself as Ayumi Himekawa while she is Maya Kitajima#whoaaa

That’s why my mother told me to pray like that, for me to be one of the lucky people. Because i am not that smart like my sista. I think she also pray the same thing for me.

I better start to pray more now. I didn’t pray much recently and i have no idea why, maybe because i am giving up to pray and ask to God for every wish/fight/effort/ war … you name it that i want to have/win.

It’s not that i blame God for whatever happened to me (hell, of course not), i can blame who but myself ne? So i just been quite far from my God lately.

i think my luck stocks in whatsoever warehouse God keep it start to running out because i don’t pray and ask like before. So i better move myself closer to my God before that warehouse of my lucks is really empty.

But still, regardless for everything happened i still count myself as a quite lucky. I am lucky for who i am now even just as a simple person ne …

Simple person like Magnolia …..




noi          :     and simple things can make me happy, for example  …
yasu       :     be a fangirl …?
noi          :     that’s not simple ne. Simple is …

whenever there’s member with last name Ogawa liked my post on team_yasu,
i am gonna be sexcitedly sayin  … Kyaaaa tet_chaaan …. !!!

yasu      :     that’s not simple, that’s crazy  ….


A Bit Long Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting&Live ~ Shizuoka … (Another me, yasu and Tears in Heaven)


This 4th Live of 2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 is different ne …

i say different because they start the 『Shangri-la』 Live first and the Meeting next day. Yeah, i know it was also happened on the previous 1st Season, but i think this time is a bit confusing for me.

Because on the previous 1st Season i don’t do this delaying post like now, as i remember i posted after they updated the The Official Blog, but now i have to find it one by one via their twitter.

Scrolled up and down between all their tweets. I was like being lost jungle full of Kanji letters  …

yeah, that was confusing …

now i am tired and get sick easily just by some simple reason like go out at night and drink too much cola. I really need a day_off ne, but now it’s Thursday and still another 2 days to Sunday. …

I had my day day_off Tuesday because it was Ied Day and i didn’t go anywhere after Ied Pray in the morning.

The electricity went down that morning so there was no speech after Pray and it really disappointed for My Mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen because soon we arrived in the mosque she told me this ..

Stay here and don’t go home before the speech is over ….!!

but, the electricity went down, so there was nobody stay after pray. Ha ha ha poor Her Majesty  ne, walked back to home while askin why the electricity had to be down on Ied …..?  etc etc

Honestly i never stay until the speech is over, i always go home in the middle of the speech because it’s always forever ne. How they will start it in Arabic first, and then translated it into Indonesian language after that.

I mean why didn’t they skip the Arabic part, make it faster ….? #nyaaa *dumped to hell*

So i stayed at home on my last Ied holiday, watched my Erect Live DVD didn’t skip it like i always do while makin some GIF images of sexy yasu like this  ….

Oh God, Have a Mercy on meeee …..!!!!

and then drooling all by myself like an idiot …..

Actually that was my 1st time to watch my Erect Live DVD, since i never watch it. Maybe this is because i watch it too much on Youtube for each songs before they all got deleted.

And also because i want to make subbed videos for The MCs part because Helen already sent me her translation.

She and her friend Led translated it from Mandarin to Vietnamese then Vietnamese to English, you know there is a Mandarin subtitle for Erect Live DVD ~  Taiwan/HK version

I should finished that on my day_off, but because it was Ied,

so i was occupied by meat all that day. Waiting, counting for how much meat did we got this year (Her Majesty wanted a complete report about this, from who and how much …xD) and cooking it.

Her Majesty, before she went to Mr. Friday’s home to cut our cow told me to let our door house open all that day because she didn’t want our house get skipped by them (whoever they are who knocked my door with some bags of meat for us).

So i wait and wait then on 11:00 AM there was our 1st meat came, then i made some sweet and sour beef dish with that …

So yummy ……

yasu      :     really …
noi         :     beef steak, that’s easy ne. I can do that ..
yasu      :     but is that edible …
noi         :     sure …
yasu      :     by who …?
noi         :     by me, why …
yasu      :     OK, i am not gonna say anything then ….

too much opening …?  upps sorry, OK now 『Shangri-la』 Meeting&Live ~ Shizuoka

~   Live Shizuoka …

Acid Black Cherry had 1st Live at Shizuoka was on last year’s TOUR 『2012』.  This time, the 『Shangri-la』 Live took place in The Fuji City Shizuoka Prefecture ~ The Land of World Cultural Heritage.

There’s a legend of 「かぐや姫」/「Kaguyahime」/The Moon Princess and The Magnificent Mount Fuji which is registered as the world cultural heritage.

arrived at the venue, this one is awaited …


富士宮やきそば …!!!/ Fujinomiya Yakisoba …!!!

next to the Fuji here 「富士宮市」/「Fujinomiya」 is Shizuoka‘s most powerfull gourmet. Had a moment after meal to watch all messages from fans via Janne Mobile and twitter ..

next is the Question Corner, and the question for Shizuoka is  …


「Who is spoiled, and How to act like a spoiled child?」

eeeh, what kind of question is that ….. #what the …

well their answers are ..

SHUSE    :    not spoiled
Junji         :    want to be spoiled
HIRO       :     spoiled
YUKI        :     the most spoiled
yasu         :    i also behave like a spoiled child and how to act like a spoiled child is 「赤ちゃん言葉 」/ a babbling …. xD

and the SetList for this Shizuoka Live is

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Kuroi Taiyou
04. in the Mirror
05. Yubi wa Monogatari
06. Black Cherry
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri – La
11. i’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


15. Rakuen
16. Greed Greed Greed
what an awesome SetList, started with Re-birth and ended with DRAGON CARNIVAL, i love it and i shall let the DRAGON FLY …!!!!

last is the Kewpie


yes, that’s The Magnificent Mount Fuji …. !!!

look at the clouds and 4 layers hair and of course the belly, OMG i want to eat that but to bad that’s not a candy ….

so what should i eat now …?

my biggest problem now is how i always hungry. At midnight when people all fall asleep i wake up because i feel hungry and look for anything to eat. One day when i couldn’t find anything to eat, i ask my mother what should i eat. She replied me …

You can eat me ….

noi       :     what the  …..
yasu    :     don’t look at me and no you can’t eat me …
noi       :     i am not gonna eat you ne ..
yasu    :     who knows ..

~   Meeting Shizuoka …

this 4th Meeting on the 2nd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Project was held on the 1st Floor of Aeon Mall Hamamatsushitoro Central Court next day after live performance.

they missed one n on the 『Shangri-la Meeting』  btw ….xD


cr :   たかぴ @Ameblo

Public Recording with K-MIX talked about memories on this 『Shangri-la』 Tour Project, 「Greed Greed Greed」 single and ….

in addition there also talk about the upcoming new single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 on November 20th, 2013 such as the song title 「黒猫」/「 Black Cat」.

after Public Recording with K-MIX there’s Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」 where yasu learned dialect and specialities in Shizuoka prefecture like

「つけナポリタン」/「tsukenaporitan」 this is some kind of noodle, and ..

「うなぎパイ」/「Unagi/Eel Pie」 … #heee


all the 『Shangri-la Meeting』 and Public Recording with K-MIX will be aired on October 17th, 2013 in Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」.h, hope somebody will record this ne even not HQ it doesn’t matter …

enough about radio, now let’s move to yasu on telly and this one is …

yasu’s comment on @Mie TV 「tottemo wakudoki」 Show.






It’s not HQ because the one who record it said it was recorded with an Ipod (eeeh or Ipad …? ah i can’t remember but i only remember it was started with I …) but still it doesn’t matter and 1,000 galeon thank you because thanks to you i can see it ..

and today is …

100th day since my father died, and like a fool i am askin the same question like him in this song

Tears in Heaven ~ Eric Clapton



Eric Clapton wrote that ballad song about his pain after the death of his four-year-old son, Conor who fell from a window of the 53rd-floor New York apartment of his mother’s friend.

that song was everywhere that time, and i remeber when i watched Eric Clapton performed that song on MTV Unplugged i wanted to cry. he is really sad ne and at that time i said to myself while watching him singing that song …

he must be very sad, until he wrote that song with a sad lyrics like that even i am sure he already know the answer for all the questions he wrote.

~   sure he would not know his name if he meet him in heaven ..

because i remember in Chinese story isn’t it there’s a bridge where death people will cross to go to after death and before they cross the brige they will meet an old lady who will give them tea to drink and make them forget bout all their life time …?

and he might not hold his hand because he is already forget …

~   then of course it would not be the same again

but yesterday …

when i listen to this song while writing my last post, i realized i was sayin all that above because i didn’t feel what he felt when he wrote that song. A feeling after loosing a son and then miss him.

Maybe yesterday i missed my pappi, and i had a very bad dream about him that make me asked a lot of things like is he okay there? … etc etc …

i wish he is still alive and stay warm lyin in his room, even if he mad and act like crazy again that would be fine. So i asked the same question like that song …

Would you know my name, If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same, If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong and carry on …

‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in heaven


yasu        :     didn’t you say you already in heaven …
noi           :     fangirl heaven yea, thanks to you  …
yasu        :     at least …
noi           :     i think i am gonna pray and sleep now  ….




9th Post : Waaaaa #Chefyasu …. !!! (Another me, yasu and Mr. Gordon Ramsey)


i think i typed this #Chefyasu pretty much yesterday when i saw this ….



then add it with this Waaaaaaaaa …… as the additional hyperbolic online sexcitement of me, it turned out to be …

Waaaaaa ….. #Chefyasu ….!!!!!

ah i don’t have to tell you ne, because it was already everywhere, but maybe there’s some of you still have no clue yet where is that super kawaii image of #Chefyasu is from, then i’d say :

that’s from the latest Janne FanClub Magazine vol. 55

so, i’ve been wondering what they (The Janne FanClub Magazine writer/editor) will put on yasu‘s page on this FanClub Magazine vol. 55. What they will give us ne …?

i thought they will give yasu did preparation for the next 『Shangri-la』 Project /Tour ne, or it was too early? like for the new single 「Greed Greed Greed」 related activity like :  photo shoot, recording or PV making with fans (which i think they haven’t even start it yet).

But, OK i’ll say again ….. but minna_san, look

They gave us #Chefyasu !! …….. #waaaaaa …..

so, not only on the recording studio, he was also been busy on the kitchen ne, Did that Thai Food dishes. Waw, that’s awesome ne. so Look look Chef Ramsey …. !!!

I’ve got my own #Chefyasu, and sure he will take me out of Hell’s Kitchen …

that is only an image taken by a camera phone btw and as you all know i don’t have any Photoshop skill at all so, sorry ooo it turned like that when i want to make it bigger. But even blurry and …

the Dishes look less delicious but yasu, still he looks kawaii, ne?

I’ve seen and read about his loving for Thai Food. Remember him on one of MUJACK telly show with the silly horny girl cooking Thai Food?.

I think that’s one and only episode of MUJACK with yasu that i less like among the others …


See i always love any telly show with yasu, but that one episode with a horny girl acted like that? From the play ground, then did a blowjob to a cone ice cream, then the wacky cooking show itself .  i really wanted to say   :

Ah, Come on, get a room …. !!!

i remember how all my male office_mates said when i played that video at office. They all said the same thing : play it again and skip the yasu’s part …!!! … eeeh what the hell? i download this show to see yasu ne, not that horny girl. …

see, wherever the place is and no matter how old they are , Boys will be Boys. They always love football and girls being horny while do silly things on telly/video

Talking about  Thai Food, i do love (read : to eat, not to cook btw) Thai Food. At the first time i only love to eat Tom Yam, but then i also like the other dishes than Tom Yam.

I think it started after my trip to Thailand last year, they hotel where i stayed in was next to a restaurant and open 24 hours ne. So i went there after midnight to enjoy all the dishes there. Because we only stayed there 2 night so i did my best to have more than 3 dishes a night … xD.

and one plus point from Thai Food is the rice. The rice tasted more delicious … (eeeh should i say more tasty?) than the rice i eat everyday at home. I can say nothing but  ..

All the dishes were very delicious ne,

Big TIme TV

yasu     :     only that …?
noi        :     yes, i only have 2 words for food :
delicious and very delicious ...
yasu     :     and ..
noi        :     i eat all of it ..
yasu     :     i didn’t ask about that …

here i am now still in this euphoria of #Chefyasu, and talking about chef now i remember how my mom asked me one day after she watched Master Chef Indonesia on telly.

Normally she always say : Hey Boo, i can do that, i can cook that. Do you want me to cook it for you? … etc etc in many various way like the recipes on every episodes.

then one day her question changed into : Boo, what is Chef? and i can cook like them but still nobody call me Chef …  and because i never in the good mood to explain her, i didn’t explain what is the different between a Chef and a regular Cook to her,  and it’s impossible for me to told her to ask Google so i just answer her with

then i am the one who will call you Chef, OK Chef Dora ….

and she never ask again ne. Now i think her question would be fit on this #Chefyasu euphoria ne.

Now this euphoria close to the end, then i will wait for the next post from 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 . What else than next details for next single, such as

~   the cover album,
~   then as you know they will change the profile image of yasu on the Official Website or Home Page with a new photo,
~   the benefits (bonus) for FC both mobile and non mobile editions or from other shops,
~   eeerr …. maybe they will add it with a magazine schedule …?

they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 , not me) have a long post to do ne. OK next is ….

ah ya, yesterday one of my office_mate Mrs. ZB delivered her baby and it’s avery cute and quite BIG size baby girl. It supposed to be a happy moment ne, for a family to get a new baby born. But what i’ve seen yesterday at her house when i see her, there was no happy on her face

All of her not happy face is because it’s a baby girl, not a baby boy. Hey, what’s wrong with a baby girl ne? after all no matter what the baby’ sex is they should be happy right? happy and greatfull because it’s a healthy baby, with a healthy mother … etc etc and other many things that they should be happy and say Alhamdulillah

so what happened yesterday was make me bit sad, not for my friend who said this : ah, it’s another baby girl via phone when we called us in the morning, but i am very sad and sorry for the baby herself. How she was born in the condition where both of her parents wanted a baby boy instead of baby girl.

Hey i don’t even live in India ne, i read a lot about this kinda hate/not happy/greatful feelings about having a baby girl in India, but i had no idea i will see it in here, in this small city and my friend who will say that  ….

who was really sure if she is gonna get a baby boy. She even refused to get an USG check. That’s why it surprised me how sure she and her husband was about getting a baby boy. They also did many research how to get a baby boy via internet, people’s sexperiment, or some silly traditions people usually do to get a baby boy.

But then again and again we are just human after all ne, As a player on stage and God is the director who give less spoiler for both the audience or the actors/actresses their self. so this sentence is so damn true

Humans can only make plans, but God is the one who determines

and me, maybe because my sister have 2 rascals baby boys who always nonstop askin me to watch them killin all zombies via their Play Station, i think  i’d like a baby girl for myself. A baby girl so i can dress her in a cute way, put a lot of things on her hair, full of pink, orange or soft blue ..?

waw that would be my cute baby girl ne.  …

OK let’s wrap this post up. But before i wrap it, look what trending on twitter yesterday ….


kiss, kissu ne …

優しいKiss 明日もKiss  ….. #nyuuuu

noi       :      waaaa ….  もう一度, もう一度 !!!
yasu    :      go away ….
noi       :     then  ….   
もう一回, もう一回 !!!
yasu    :     that’s a copy paste  ….
noi       :     Waaaaa   …. にひひ


I am Soo Healthy Post : Okay, I’ll Find a Way to Live Without You .. ( another me,yasu and Him)

yasu    :    him? …. who?
noi       :    ah you’ll find out later ..

so here i am, me this Miss. Noi Himura is officially a vampire, a vegetarian vampire who hates the blink2 vampire Cullen so much, and don’t care about Breaking Down etc etc.

so this vampire just woke up from her 3 hours sleep and got shocked when she open her Ameba and saw this ….

i was like :   OMG they look cute together …..etc etc …..

but then i scroll down

going down




Whoaaaa ….. what the hell is he doin? …. kyaaaaa …….. *Jump to Niagara Fall*



did i get amnesia or something? because i don’t see this on the PV scenes, zettai ni, …. or should i watch the PV again? ….  Oh nooo …… that’s more than Broomance …  somehow tonight just feel hot, i don’t need my jacket or blanket now …..

enough about the more than broomance, right now i have one thing in my mind , and it is bother me since yesterday, i know i can handle that, but still there’s part of me who keep say to my self : you are idiot noi, you should say no ….

this is about me and one of my client, …. Something happen and the client , she asked me to give her the money that she already gave it to me for a payment, she sais she really need it and because i still have the money then i gave her, ….

but last Saturday night when we went to ATM together to get the money i told her to give it back to me on Monday, she said okay , and now something that i scare so much is happen, she did gave me back the money, but not at all form 25 millions, she only gave me back 15 millions and the rest she is gonna give it on Thursday, …..




bloody hell i can’t believe she did that, see this is what happen if you trust someone so much and you are a person who is never able to say no, …. i should’ve say no to her? see this is happen again MR. Regrets come late again and hit me with all the guilty feelin on me, …

i mean what if he (read : my boss, not yasu) found out about this? … he is gonna kill me, i hope nobody know about this include all the mole in my offfice, somehow recently everybody change into a blower, you know what i mean , someone who is gonna blow all what you did to your superior/boss just to get a credit for  them self, and this kind of person is everywhere include my office . …

Oh God help me, make sure everything is okay tomorrow please ….*pray*

today i went to a wedding with Tekki, … but because of some miss_understanding se were there earlier, half hour early even the bride and groom hadn’t come yet, this is because the invitation is at 12:30 pm and we already there at 12:00 …. @_@ …

.. so i was waiting for half hour and my legs hurt because of standing with this red shoes …  can u imagine me who always wear black outfit everywhere now i have to wear red just because of this wedding, i am not often go to a wedding party,  i don’t like it , why? that’s because there’s always be a question for you at a wedding party when you are single

When did you’re gonna marry? ….

this is why i’d rather go to a funeral than a wedding party , because  like what i always say : if you go to a funeral nobody is gonna ask you this question whether you are single or not :

When did you’re gonna die?….

yasu       :    baka, who is gonna ask about that ne ….
noi          :    ahahahaha ….. *laugh with the single Hypo*
yasu       :    that’s not funny ne noi_chan ….
noi          :    i know ya_san, but still …..

and not only that today this red shoes is killin me, my legs hurts , see this is a 5 cm heels and i know i am only 155 cm height so if i use that shoes, i am gonna be look 5 cm taller than before, but i can’t stand with the pain, …. maybe this is right ne : lookin good is hurt

why did i buy this shoes? …. well here’s the answer, if you already watch The Wizzard of Oz, you will undrstand me, … everybody who watched that movie , the epic movie, … have their own fave things, something that they fall in love to from that movie ….

and i was in love to those red shoes, so here i am having a pair of red shoes that’s not comfort at all when i use it, i remember i only use this red shoes once, … and i promise to my slef i am not gonna wear that red shoes anymore, i am gonna keep it save in the closet forevaaaa, …. well maybe i am gonna use it when i watch The Wizzard of Oz again while singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow

yasu      :     whooo red shoes ne …..
noi         :     well, yeah , …. let me sing for you ….
yasu      :      eeeh …
noi         :     *start to sing* … somewhere over the rainbow , blue birds fly ….
yasu      :     a mermaid don’t sing, remember ….
noi         :     birds fly over the rainbows, oh why then, why can’t I …
yasu      :     that’s because you have no wings ne …
noi         :     i know that ..
yasu      :     then stop singing ….

the movie, the song is epic, i always love that song, …. and if you watch The Bachelor you must have know if the last season’s Bachelor , …. they use this song Over The Rainbow as their wedding song, …. ad the musisian sang this song with ukulele and yeah it sounds romantic , … when the bride walking in the ale to the man she love and they are gonna be together in a bound to have family with. …

noi     :   nee ya_san, don’t you wanna know my wedding song?
yasu  :   eehh
noi     :   i’ll tell you
yasu  :   but i don’t ask
noi     :   that’s fine  ne …
yasu  :   what is wrong with you tonight?
noi    :    nothing it just sentimentally me ..

my wedding song? …. i always want L’arc _en _Ciel song Anata as my wedding song, so imagine , ah no i am the one who always imagine this moment : when i walk in the ale , …. i am walking to the man who is there waiting for me and lookin at me (with those lovely eyes, i hope) with Hyde sing Anata just for me on my special day ….

Mure ni itsu hi ni mo kagayaku
Anata ga iru kara
Namida kare hatete mo taisetsu na
Anata ga iru kara

noi      :    that would be lovely ne, …….
yasu   :    yes, but who is the man? …
noi      :    it should be Mr. Friday …
yasu   :     no, not again …
noi      :    but it was not him …. then who?
yasu   :    don’t say that is me …
noi      :    no, … of course not, i am your fangirl ne , not like that the way i love you …
yasu   :    really …?
noi      :    sure …

ah ya btw today i just scanned my magazine, so there you are enjoy this wet Yasu on Fools Mate December 2011 issue , …. ah i forgot the volume is

i also scan others and my tissue box because i remember someone asked me to scan it on Tumblr, and i answered with : hey that’s a box ne,  how can i scan a box ? i’ll scan it after i found a box scanner  ….  OMG see how rude i am, i feel so bad about that and i think i better say nothing on tumblr, Facebook group or wherever because i tend to say saomething like that, my point that was a joke, but sometimes people dot get our jokes as a jokes you know what i mean ….

so i better keep in  Silenciooo …..

last i am gonna tell you is i am already found out the answer for my biggest question of me and Mr. Friday . …. i found out this one on my bus riding on Saturday morning,

Question          :    How do i live without you?
the answer is   :    You’ll find a way to live without me

it just came into my mind and i am so glad , because sooner or later i am gonna find that way . what i feel is my heart revealed from something ….. a spider’s web maybe? remember my story about the butter fly and the spider? where i was the butterfly and he was the spider? …. nah there you are this butter fly is free now …..

and just like what yasu said : Be ware to the spider’s web …!!! okay i am gonna stay away from spiders and their web …. but not Spiderman …

yasu     :     so Him is still the same man ne …
noi        :     OMG ya_san, what are you doin there …. you scare me …
yasu     :     it’s already dark ne noi_chan go to sleep now
noi        :     okay, oyasumi …


I am officially crazy for this guy …..

it is 4 am in the morning and i can’t sleep …..

just i read another Kiku ‘s translation for BLACK BOX …. i use my BC to read that, it is a very long post but it is so worthy to read. Thanks to her now i know him better than before.

i read that while watching Mariah Carey Christmas live even on cable, …. the ending part when she perform that song, a song that played everywhere on Christmas :


the show is over and i started to cry …. reading that, …. you are not believe it right? but that’s true i keep crying and i dunno how to stop it, the TV start to play Ave Maria …. and i cry again and again ….

i’ve cried once for my Hatsukoi who dump me for a dentist and now for crying for this guy? ….. the one who will never know about it, yes i think i am crazy …. …. btw this is not the 1st time i am did this, as i remember this is my 4rd time for crying for him …..

しょぼん i am crying when i heard about his sickness, Leena (she is the Acid Black Cherry group creator on Facebook) send a mass message …. and i just crying …. and asking is he okay? …. what if he stop singing … etc etc and many more …. and thank God it is over.

しょぼん on my last birthday April 9th i read again Kiku’s post about his comin back with Re:Birth … i cried again, but this one is a happiness cry …. he is back and he is okay …. for me that is my most awesome birthday gift for me (let’s just say from him) …

しょぼん when i watch QED live DVD …. i cried again when i watch him crying …. that is the fist time i saw him like that, the man who always funny and happy all the time now is crying …. i keep saying please don’t cry ….

…. but hey he is not a superman, he is just an ordinary man and this time he needs to cry ….
i am sure that’s hurt for crying but in silence ….

しょぼん and then now the 4th time i am crying by reading his story …..

what happen with me? ….. there’s o other explanation but this : yes i am officially crazy for this man …. and this fangirl_ism thing is success drag me until this point …..

who is he ?


ano hito namae wa Hayashi Yasunori ….. yes that’s him ….. and now what should i do? ….. i dunno …

errr …. i think i am gonna cry again if my Re:Birth dvd live is arrived ….. but i am sure it is gonna be a happy cry …. so happy until crying ….

DOLLS, Janne D arc … (Noi Himura as the new smart type of Air Doll?)

i listen to this song over and over for almost 3 days until today, …. i like how Yasu’s voice here. just before i read the translation i knew it would be a sad song … just like Aishitenai , how hard to let go of somebody that we love so much … but hey something is gotta go, and you not always get what you wanna get… ….

i like the way he say :

Wasurenai kimi wo dakishimetara, sasayaka na ai wo kanjita

KISS no toki [TERE]te warau kara, tsuyoku mou ichido dakishimeta …… kyaaaa  *i wanna call somebody then*


don’t forget the way he say Dolls … it just like dddooolllllssss ….. ahahahha …. *get kissed*



Lyrics & Music by yasu


Lost a day. Lost a love…


Koishikute omoide tadoru you ni

hitorikiri tatazumu hamabe

sabishikute namida ga afurete

namioto dake sawaideta

hitoshizuku umi ni toketa namida

setsunakute kimi wo omou yo

tasogare to yawarakana nami ga

ano hi no kimi wo tsuretekuru


“Watashi ja [DAME] na no?”

“mou suki janai no?”

tsuyoi kimi ga furueteta “nido to aenai no?”

“nani mo iwanai no?”

kimi wa namida


“doko mo ikanai de…”

“hitori ni shinai de…

” shigamitsuite kimi ga naita

kimi wo mirenakute iki mo dekinakute taisetsuna

[MONO] kizukazu ni…


Wasurenai kimi wo dakishimetara

sasayaka na ai wo kanjita

KISS no toki [TERE]te warau kara

tsuyoku mou ichido dakishimeta


“Watashi ja [DAME] na no?”

“mou suki janai no?” tsuyoi kimi ga furueteta

“nido to aenai no?”

“nani mo iwanai no?” kimi wa namida

koraenagara “doko mo ikanai de…”

“hitori ni shinai de…” shigamitsuite kimi ga naita

kimi wo mirenakute


iki mo dekinakute hajimete kanashii KISS wo shita

“tachidomaranai de…”

“furikaeranai de…” nakinagara kimi ga waratta

sunahama ni kaita

futari no namae wa shizuka ni nami ni



Ugokenai mama koe ni naranai yo…

soshite boku ni wa ima nani ga dekiru no darou…


Lost a day. Lost a love… 




Translate :


Beloved on the path of memory

Left alone, you stayed on the desolate shore

Your tears flowing to only the sound of the waves

Those tears equaling an ocean

Painfully, you suffer

With the twilight and the soft waves

On that day, you make me follow you


“Am I not right for you?”

“Don’t you care for me anymore?”

You were trembling so much

“So we won’t meet again?”

“Can’t you say anything?” As you couldn’t stop crying

“Don’t go anywhere…”

“I can’t be alone…” You clung to me as you wept

I can’t see you anymore

I can’t breathe anymore,

since I’m always

worrying about the one important to me…


I can’t forget when you held me,

when I felt your simple love

The times we kissed, when we laughed on the phone

That time when I held you with all my strength


“Am I not right for you?”

“Don’t you care for me anymore?”

You were trembling so much

“So we won’t meet again?”

“Can’t you say anything?” As you couldn’t stop crying

“Don’t go anywhere…”

“I can’t be alone…” You clung to me as you wept

I can’t see you anymore

I can’t breathe anymore,

since I began to kiss you sadly

“Don’t look back…”

“Don’t make it seem like you’ll come back to me…” you laughed while crying

You wrote in the sand

Our names can be heard quietly in the waves…


Being like this, my voice can’t help but waver

So, as for me, what do you think I can do…


Lost a day. Lost a love…



this song remain me of one movie : Air Doll ….

this movie, for me is good … even not many of my friend say that it is good they said that too much sex scene between the doll and the owner or the doll with her beloved Junichi …. but for me hell yeah this movie is so cool …. it was like another version of Bicentennial Man or  Pinocchio but with 17+ grade. The same point when some thing (un-living creature) suddenly  develops human feelings one day. Without her owner knowing, the air doll decides to walk around town. She then falls in love with Junichi, whom she spots while walking the aisles of a video rental store. She then starts to date Junichi and eventually works at the video shop. Everything seems to be going perfect for the air doll until something unexpected happens to her.


there’s an accident makes her loose all her air, you know she is in trouble …. at that time Junichi think fast he just take a tape and put that on the teared part, but she already loose some air inside her. then Junichi said (ah this one is my fave scene and the last one) … both of them said the same question

where’s your plug? ….. she is very shame for answer, then she just point her belly … then without askin, Junichi start to ripp her skirt and find the plug …. he blows her …. ahahahha ….

what happen that day makes them close each other more. she is totally in love to Junichi because Junichi makes her feels as human he even gave her a birthday party. that’s a totally  different with her master that only take her as his personal sex toy ( that’s the main reason he bought her right?) …. ….


here’s one thing that she never understand and Junichi never explain to her : that however she is still a doll even she is so lucky because Kami_sama gave her that gift to walks  until feel in love but it never change that she is a doll.


them she start to think that Junichi is the same as her, she try to figure out where’s Junichi’s plug … she wanted to do the same thing that he did to her .. blow her … ahahah OMG she wanted to blow him … WTF … at that night after they make love (yeah there’s a lot of bed scene here) … she decide to looking for Junichi’s plug ….


she grabs a knife then tear him on his abbs … deep enough to get him bleed to death … while he is dying, she don’t know what to do but keep asking : where’s you plug? (the same question that Junichi ask her) ….. OMG i love this scene … the mixing of Junichi’s pain and the dolls that keep asking ….


Ba Do Na plays good as an Air Doll , when the last scene she ask is that wrong if a doll get a feeling, compassion to live and love? ….. while lying on the street and she is totally regret her search for Junichi’s plug ….


aaahhhh finally my wish just come true, he wears kimono ne …. what a sexy red haired samurai ,write this note makes my brain think that should a could a would a thing with who else but him.  i am glad to be his personal air doll …

me as the air doll and yasu as Junichi … but shinpai janai ne Ya_san this new type of air doll is smart she never say that stupid question …. “where’s your plug?” …


jiajajajjaja  …… *start to ask Merlin to curse me to be an air doll*



Tsuki no Koibito … (I always love Kimutaku)

i finish this dorama finally.  I  watch this one of course because there’s Takuya Kimura. Kimutaku is my fave actor, since Hidetoshi Sena on Long Vacation (first dorama that i watched) i keep searching for his dorama. I still can believe when he played Tsukumo_san on Mr. Brain, it keeps me asking is that Kimutaku? well he plays good there plus Mizushima Hiro who looks funny just like Det. Takagi on Meitantei Conan.

Tsuki no Koibito (Moon Lovers) tells about Hazuki Rensuke (Takuya Kimura),  a hansome, rich and independent bachelor. He is the president of Regolith a house furnishing bussines company. His live walks normal until he meets one Shanghai girl named Liu Shiu Mei (Lin Chi Ling). He just in love with this girl.  Rensuke who always gets what he want then ask that girl to be Regolith new brand images.

Rensuke is in love, but there’s 2 another woman arround and love him to with their own way. Ninomiya Maemi (Shinohara Ryoko), Rensuke’s long time  friend, she always beside him and knows everything about him. She loves Rensuke so much but she never able to say that. All she can do is be next to him every time he needs her. She also work as his interior designer ….

she dared herself to say what she feel all this time to rensuke,  i should have been like her. Dare to say something that silence forever.

” nee Rensuke, i love you and i always will, but you always running in front of me. can you believe that a just keep after you. All i can see is your back” …. just go after her, and please don’t look back again.

OMG … that scene is a deja vu for me,  … i also always look for his back, the “ai no baka man” yeah my friends say that. well ai no baka man, it sounds weird but hell yeah he makes me baka until now …. oh no why did i keep talking about him again and again? did i promise to myself not to talk about him again? ….. damn …!!!!

the other girl is Yuuzu (Kitagawa Keiko), she loves Rensuke so much. She is kinda girl who wanted to do anything to get atention from the man that she is in love to, in this case Rensuke. I like when she finally understand that Rensuke never love her back (he can only love her as a sister) , she said to him :  i don’t care who is gonna be with you as long as she makes you happy, and remember that i always be here for you.

Both of them decide to let go the man that they loved so much, they get that love is not always made for each other, but it’s more able to see someone that you love is happy even with others. well that’s easy to say but damn it is really hard to do … trust me ….

what i get from this dorama is if there is someone who is always beside you and love you sincerely, why you need to find someone who is far away?

i love the ending when Rensuke get that, even actually i get upset when Rensuke go to airport to meet Xiau Mei. i think that he is gonna after her, ask her to not to leave or proposed her, but hey …. he said good bye eventually … i get surprised …  but yay …!!!!

then he go to Maemi’s house and told her : ” from now on, can you just walk beside me so you can see my face instead of my back and i can see your face …? Maemi i think i am in love with you and thanks everything …

then they get married …..