1st 2015 Post : A Very Late Happy New Year …!!! (another me, yasu and Sergeant Masao Kadokawa)


wah it’s already 2015 everyone ….. !!!!


2015 eh, another year to come. I am getting another 1 number added for how old i am. So from now on, whenever somebody ask me about how old i am i should give them 54 years old.

and how’s your beginning of 2015 eh, minna …

~    How is your New Year’s eve …
~    How is your お年玉 this year ….???

then  ….

~    Did you get your ticket for Acid Black Cherry 2015 tour Lーエルー …???

well, congratulation for you all who got your ticket and for another you all who didn’t managed to get it via FanClub lottery and then somehow you feel lost,

do not worry eh because as this  sweet  ベビーストロベリー say …

Sometimes you’re lost, but you will be fine, … !!!!   >_<

i mean, there’s general sales comin right and if you still failed to get it from general sales you know there’s another plan C,D, E until Z that you can choose to get it  …

yasu   :   so, you didn’t get a ticket ne noi_chan …
noi      :   no, i didn’t ….  >_<
yasu   :   then what’s all about …?
noi      :   you know …
yasu   :   あああ ~~  ….

yes, it’s  a bit bothered me when i see there’s somebody who didn’t managed to get ticket for ABC Live and then posted that kind of miserable status on her Facebook almost everyday.

Nah, because she is one of my friend ( read : ex- friend since i removed her two days ago) on Facebook it made me see all her something that i will say as a useless post.

I mean, yeah it sound miserable but it turned to be annoying and i really want me to put

that annoying Miss Bunting on the comment box because i found out later if all of her rambling status was for her mother. It was about her ask (or should i say as order ) in a rude way to her mother to do something elese to get her ticket.

and i was like

Eeeh, really ….???

then  i just removed her from one of my friend on Facebook because even i do love drama, but i hate a kind of drama that involved being rude to parents.

FYI she was not the only friend that i removed from my Facebook FriendList. There’s another guy, that i will say as a very very ALAY (means : an idiot fool who just want an attention) guy   …

Actually, this guy is very interesting ne.  …

Well, his case is about how his heart got broken after his girlfriend leaved him for another guy, and then he found out if the another guy is one of his friend.

そして、あの日 から 。。。。

His Facebook status is nothing but him talking about ..

~   how bad is his girlfriend,
~   how wrong she was for deciding to leave him for another guy,
~   how their 4 years relationship ended just like that,
~   how his heart is  broken, …. etc etc  including called her as the bitch and tagged her on his every status he posted.

then the worst part is …

when he posted a picture of his hand and next to a knife with caption sayin

So, this is what you want ? you want me to die …. ??

ah ya, he also like his own status like how an ALAY do.

A post that quite worried me before, suddenly turned into a very lame post when some of his friend add a comment askin what happen etc etc like how a good friend do and he still replied it with … xD; 🙂 and smileys sign.

and then next morning, when i open my Facebook i found his 1st status was ..

so how is it, you want me die or not …???

then i had the best LOL in the morning. I mean so that suicide threat last night is only a joke ….??  because trust me, i also kinda worried if he died or ended in hospital this morning.

But …

Eh God, what a real ALAY eh …. !!!

As i know people who really want to kill themselves didn’t post any lame status like that. They just died or ended in the bathroom full of blood or a hospital for them who failed to do it …

yasu     :    like who ….
noi        :    ah come on, it was a long time ago ….
yasu     :    really …?
noi        :    yeah, i suppose  these days you’re getting pretty aren’t you ???

and by that,

the world is more pretty as well so why would i want to die anyway . 

After all killin yourself is not easy ne, it’s hurt and it’s gettin hurt when you’re failed to do that.

Just imagine how pain and shame at the same time HIT on you, how people look at you with their look like there were sayin …

hey look who is failed to die today … !!!

etc etc complete with all regrets that will following and bully you worst than how MissTrunchbull bullied Mathilda and all her classmates.


PS     :    That movie is Mathilda (1996), you all should watch that eh, …. >_<

Now i am more want to live than die, the time when i wanted to die is over a long time ago. Even sometimes now i still wondering why did i do that silly things about killin my self.

Now i think again if i really die that time, then

~   what about my mother?
~   who is gonna take care of her and help her to run this family.
~   That time, was it really hard  …??? or
~   i was the one who not strong enough to handle be in that situation with full of anger that i couldn’t manage …???

But no matter what, Thank God i am still alive.

And now, i believe as what this amazing Sergeant Masao Kadokawa (Nakaizumi Hideo) on City Life and Death (2009) say about how …

Life is Harder than Death …. !!!

City of Life and Death (2009) is another movie set in 1937 when The Imperial Japanese Army has just captured Nanjing (Nanking), capital of the Republic of China, historically known as the Nanking Massacre.

Among all movies about Nanking Massacre i already watch, i think that City of Life and Death is the best.

and that Masao Kadokawa, a sergeant in the Japanese Army, who able to speak some English (because he attend some Catholic school) catch my eyes at the very beginning of the movie .

His love for Yuriko, how war affected on him and created another war within himself, and finally when he said …

人生は死よりも難しい ….

then commits suicide to end the war within him by shoot himself. OMG that’s is so sad and suddenly brings so many ninja cutting onions around me, made me cryin like …

yasu   :   like what …
noi      :   like i was his fiance who waiting for him to go back to Japan.
yasu   :   you what …??
noi      :   heart was totally broken when he died, ホントだ よ。。。!!! …

yasu   :   but you’re not his fiance …
noi      :   ah ya, i am not

yasu   :   まさか、 now she wants a sergeant fiance …???


back to the ALAY guy, so that time i really couldn’t keep my self not to say anything, then i wrote him a message.

I said to him …

Hey, dude …

You are a man, stop acting lame by posting so many ALAY like that. It’s not that i don’t feel sorry for you, believe me i do feel very sorry for you.

That’s why i am tellin you

Act like a man, stop whining and hiding and do whatever you are doing now. Go Talk to her, ask her for the last time. She want to back with you or not. If she sad no, then move on and go get another girlfriend …. !!

after that, i removed him from my Facebook


yasu   :      now look who is talking about moving on ….
noi      :      hey, it’s different eh, he is an adult man  …
yasu   :      so an adult man can’t have a broken heart  …
noi      :      yes, but just not like that ALAY way. No wonder his girlfriend choose another guy  …
yasu   :      noi_chan … !!!
noi      :      what …..

Maybe i am old fashioned girl who nows nothing about man and how man will do or act when their heart got broken, but i do believe an adult man will not do something fool/lame like that.

enough about that, now let’s back to Acid Black Cherry start with this ….

~     Magazine Schedule Updated …


1.  CD&DLでーた
with 18 pages of Acid Black Cherry photos and interview related to the upcoming new album.

Release :  January 14th,  2015
details    :  http://www.cddata-mag.com/news/topics/2015/01/06/16/38/04
Cover 1 :  Acid Black Cherry

So Dazzling eh …. !!!!

Cover 2     :   Nogizaka46
Pre-Order  :   AmazonEbtenHMV I CDJapan
Bonus       :   B2 Poster (Acid Black Cherry/Nogizaka46)

that will look like this ….


that one is totally better than this full of SAMPLE stamped on yasu‘s face from CD&DLでーた ‘s Official twitter and amazingly they made one of the P landed right on his nose …. xD

#Ewww, what the ….. !!!!

2.   JSBN Press

It’s a free magazine/buletin for some broadcasting school, and there will be another interview with Acid Black Cherry

Release    :     January 14th, 2015
Details      :     http://jsbn.gr.jp/

3.   Flying Postman Press

It’s also another free magazine/paper, you can get it free from stores like TSUTAYA or HMV (in Japan, of course …xD) . This is the 2nd time Acid Black Cherry as the cover for Flying Postman Press after this last August 2013 edition

Release   :     January 20th, 2015
Details     :     http://flying-postman.com/

then this one is some preview from  Flying Postman Press Official Facebook

So this end of January is gonna be a very busy eh,

so many interview comin to read, at least for me. As somebody who is only learn from online and dorama i only understand what’s the point that yasu is sayin but i am still having trouble when i have to explain/forward it into a correct sentences that people will get.

That’s why there’s so many grammar mistakes on my translation.

And i am telling you eh, if makin grammar mistake is against the law, i might end forever in prison for so many grammar mistakes i made on my heart to heart translation about what is yasu sayin on magazine or videos .

But i do enjoy eh,

enjoy or kinda addicted to this whatsoever i am doing to try to understand what the hell is yasu sayin, and it’s not easy for me. So sometimes, when i manage to arranged into a quite understand_able phrase i will posted it as a Facebook note or just write it in here.

and if i don’t, i choose to keep it for myself.

yasu      :      soon they will  catch you noi_chan …
noi         :      who …
yasu      :      the Grammar Police …
noi         :      オモ a Grammar prison for me ?  ヤッさん、どうしよ 。。。??
yasu      :      you better start to do something ….

2015 eh, New Year and a New Year card from Janne FC …

and as you (Janne FC members) all know how we always get a New Year’s card with each of Janne members drawing and signature. This year, they did it differenly by sent a very lovely card with all Janne members with a sheep hat or something that i thought as a bunny hat.

yes, a bunny ….

that’s what i thought when i log into Janne FC site (yes, an oversea members can log into Janne FC site) in the 1st morning of 2015 and said to myself ….

OMG, they gave me a bunny yasu ….. !!!!

yasu        :      2015 is sheep noi_chan,  ….
noi           :      that ears, omo am i the only one who thought it was a bunny  ….???
yasu        :      as you said  …

maybe my eyes were blurry that morning, because

I spent my New Year‘s eve watch all my drama and telly series in my PC since i DL_ed so many of them but never have time to watch. Nah that night i didn’t sleep but stay in front of my bunny screen and hurt my eyes.

not only that,

i also had a quite long talking with my dear friend Moni about things that somehow i feel comfortable to talk only with her. And Moni is always the same Moni , she is still able to give an answer for my questions even the silly one …

and then i had a huge LOL when i open my Instagram and found this that i will say as a bit drunk but cute New Year message from ストロベリー posted on his Instagram ….

the first time on that Instagram video was a toilet paper. I suppose that video was made during his New Year‘s party inside toilet. I play that video again and laughed all by myself like an idiot..

but then

i got sick in the morning and spent my days stay in bed for almost a week. Apparently, too much sweetness and LOL  not good  for my health eh and start a New Year with being sick is totally not a good idea …

but how he (read : ストロベリー, not yasu) ended it by blowed a kiss for me ( ….. xD )

Is beyond SWEET …..   !!!!

yasu     :     it wasn’t for you only  ….
noi        :     but it’s my phone i use to open
yasu     :     so is the other fans …
noi       :      but ….

aand then last but not least , i know it’s very late …

but as someone who always believe if being late (read : very late)  is much much better than not,  so here’s another late version of New Year‘s Post that i shall start it by sayin ….

Happy New Year everyone,

Let’s embrace another year to come with a full Spirit, i wish all your wishes will come true this year,

aaand …

2015, 一緒に がんばりましょう … !!!

PS     :     since i wrote this at office so, sorry there’s no scans updated for this post ….   >_<

1,000 Miles Post : CD&DL でーた Interview #2 … (Another me, yasu, INCUBUS and The Sexy Imagination)

Hello everyone,  ….

Sorry i’ve been very busy recently since my works really loves me more than anything so they won’t leave me to do something else until i finish them.

At the end of this October finally i managed to finished some of them and got an excellent result after spent my whole 2 weeks with no day off to working on the finishing.

Yes, finishing is always the hardest part now i feel so tired.

It hurts all over me, from back to head. Feels like i got beaten up by a whole battalion ofPolice in Calcutta after 1,000 miles ran away from them


yasu    :    so, what did you do now ….
noi       :    i did nothing eh, ya_san 信じて くださいよ 。。。!!!
yasu   :    you didn’t steal something from them …?
noi      :    Eh God, the one and only i want to steal in my life is you eh …
yasu  :     then why did they after you …
noi     :     you go ask them, not me …. >_<

But thank God, i have this …



This is very good eh, and totally works for me because usually Vitamin C make me sick but not this one .

It contains Vitamin C and Calcium, yeah for the C and maybe also some Vitamin D for my weak and almost broken bones ( hopefully it will fix my broken heart as well …. xD)

and the R is for ..

eee vitamin R ….?


yasu   :   be serious noi_chan, vitamin R, really …?
noi      :   maybe it’s some anti-radiant …?
yasu   :   from what …
noi      :   for you of course, since you are so radiant … !!!
yasu   :   you fangirl, go away … !!

very well then, i’d say now i am like a new bunny with energizer battery behind and i am ready to do anything.

I say anything eh, …

so what happen next is, instead of get some relax time while finishing the other projects that i haven’t finish, i make another plan for another projects …

and start to write again in here,

I say I am Inspector Himura ne, but as always i ended to be the last person in this Acid Black Cherry Fandom to get my INCUBUS singles.

You may say this is my punishment for how Greed i am to wants everything but yeah people …


Even yasu said any door …..

but because until now i still don’t have INCUBUS CD single to put on my bed to call thisINCUyasu to come to my door. …


Bloody Hell, i really need Capt. Rogers to help me now ….!!!

But of course thanks to how fast is internet sharing, i am already listen to the single and the cover track as well.


this time,

i am totally obsessed with INCUBUS (say it 150%) it was like this song never let me go to really listen to the cover track CLOUDY HEARTS from BOOWY. I did listen to the cover, and i only get yeah, well done yasu ….

But for INCUBUS ….


Bloody hell,


i had no idea what will happened to me if this wacky obsession wouldn’t end soon. I mean this songs kinda gave me ear and eye_gasm ..

yes, ear and eye_gasm …


yasu   :    hey noi_chan,
noi      :    what …
yasu   :    did you …
noi      :    i say something ended with gasm, it doesn’t mean i just had sex eh …
yasu   :    you should explain it, people will think ..
noi      :    i am sorry darling, this time you have to do your research.

I did mine btw ..

so on that Secret Meeting ….


First with the opening movie with a very BIG surprise about the upcoming 4th Album called Land then the PV with a red and purple color, La vie en Rose and this dazzling and radiant yasusinging like this, with a blue devilish eyes  …

Acid Black Cherry『INCUBUS』MUSIC VIDEO.mp4_000072197

and closed very nicely with yasu‘s talking with this something i call a dorky cute  act as a bonus ….

ah ya, you all can see the whole PV in here …


About INCUBUS ….


How am i gonna say it eh ….

since i am not in a music industrial or a music analysts so i have no idea how to say it correctly.

Yes, maybe it’s something that they (whoever they are) will say as a hard-rock music but personally i say this INCUBUS is the smooth and more organized version of GREED GREED GREED ..

I say, if GREED GREED GREED is an off-road racing, then this INCUBUS is a Formula 1 racing ….


yasu     :    F 1   …
noi        :    yes, like that movie i watch recently …
yasu     :    so …
noi        :    INCUBUS is a smooth and quite fast track like a Formula 1 racing …

Then 。。。   GREED GREED GREED eh,


Dunno why, but i always think

GREED GREED GREED is a very messy song with messed lyrics as well.

Maybe i am the one who is not too complicated to understand what the hell is yasu tryin to say with GREED GREED GREED lyrics and music but  i never get what is the point ofGREED GREED GREED beside

as an official license to be GREED from yasu ….?

so when i listen to this INCUBUS on the day they (read : team_ABC) held the Secret Meeting i was like …

Yes, yasu, yes …. !!!!!

like yasu was askin me something and i had none other answer to give but yes and yes ….!!!!. See, that’s what i am talking about having an eye and ear_gasm when you are listening and watching a music PV.

Like when you are having sex,

i am sure you wouldn’t ever say so many yes and yes … !!!!  if you don’t get the orgasm.


yasu    :   but noi_chan, you said you never have sex …
noi       :   yes, that’s true …
yasu    :   then how, OMG noi_chan did you  really ….?
noi       :   don’t be surprise like that darling.

I am an Adult Fangirl, of course i do my research eh …

yasu    :   a sex research …?
noi       :   what the …

Ok, leave the eye and ear_gasm alone, now let’s back to INCUBUS, then when i listen correctly to the lyrics …

I can’t do this anymore. I can’t sleep. I can’t dream.
It’s all a nightmare.
I can’t wake up Incubus. I…

I wake up in a nightmare, I fall a sleep
Wishing I don’t have to cry all day and all the nights

インキュバス いるんでしょ?
寝ても覚めても もう悪夢ばかり
夢でもいいから あなたでもいい 愛して

I don’t want to cry in the pain.
I can’t do this anymore.
I can’t sleep. I can’t dream.
It’s all a nightmare.
I cry with me myself and I …

インキュバス 痛いじゃない
私を犯すなら 過去は見せないでよ
せめて夢くらい いい夢にして
ねぇどうせ犯すなら 壊れるくらい快楽を

あの頃 私 夢を見てたの この世界はバラ色って
何かが狂い 乱れて枯れて 悪夢が私にキスをした

いったい 私の何がいけなかったの?
いったい どうすれば良かったって言うの?
馬鹿にしないで 悔しいのよ
だって そうやって言ったじゃない! あれだってしょうがなかった!
Just on time! もうやめて!

インキュバス 壊してよ
もうこんな世界さえ すべて壊してよ
はじけてしまえ 私の中で
溶けて交ざり合い 悪魔を宿して
お願い 愛をちょうだい

あの頃 私 夢を見てたの この世界はバラ色って
気づけば私 夢の迷い子 悪夢はまだ終わらない
色のない夢 殺される声 1つずつ奪われてく
音のない世界 感じない愛 悪夢はまだ終わらない

then i was like ….

Eeeeh, reallly yasu ….?

i thought this time yasu will make another sexy song like Black Cherry. And if Black Cherry is from the woman’s side, then this time yasu will make it the male version of Black Cherry.

From the INCUBUS side, …

where  the INCUBUS tellin us about him doing his sex crime as a sex demon ruined somebody’s life

and i never imagine this is gonna be dramatic story like this but okay, maybe i was hoping too much for this single.

So i am gonna blame what for this long eeeee …. !!!!  i said …

my dirty mind ? …


yasu    :    yeah, go blame your dirty mind …
noi       :    but i believe i don’t have a dirty mind ne …
yasu    :    then what you have ..
noi       :    i believe i do have a sexy imagination ..
yasu    :    sexy what …?
noi       :    yes, very sexy   …

enough about INCUBUS next is this

~   CD&DL でーた Interview #2

this is for Focus 2  :  Statement Collection (yasu’s)

This magazine frequently published some series interview for Acid Black Cherry.

This time we are interested to discuss what yasu said that he had from the previous archives. So we want to discuss further what it means, purpose and reason of his statements.

# from September 2009 edition, about 「黒い太陽」/「Kuroi taiyou」

ー we heard some quotes about you, yasu …

「黒い太陽」/「Kuroi taiyou」  –   in this song lyrics, yasu put his views about love


黒い太陽 is a lyrics with love at the first sight theme.

On your first meet, are you sure you will give your love only to him/her  ….?   Because that’s the most important, and if you feel i wanna know more about him/her ….!!! then it can be the beginning of love.

ーand then as you get older, is your view about love also changed …?


as you get older, the point of conversation change as well. Maybe want to know some deeper things. But the important is how their (our lover’s) attitude?

when we are young, we only see things on that time we couldn’t imagine how when we’re old later.  But when we’re get old, then we realize oh, she/he also old now

from the beginning, i always have thought if we don’t respect each other, then we cannot be together forever with person that become our girlfriend or wife

ーas a more than friend person to our lover, of course we want to able to love him/her. Then came this quote …

愛してない song is words of a high level love confession .

「It is a paradox. But i even more rarely use that 「愛してる 」 word.」

ーThen what did you say when you ask a girl to be your girlfriend …

「I don’t say 「愛してる 」 because i think 「愛してる 」 is something that we are not suppose to express with words.

I add 〜すら at the end. There are people who love to say 「愛してる」. For example sayin 「愛してるよ …. !!! 」 at the ending of phone conversation, or when you meet you ask 「愛してるよ ?/ do you love me?

but i am not that kind of type.

If in my heart i say 「いとしいな 」/「my dear 」, that means i am sayin 「愛してる 」. That’s why i don’t say it much on my daily words」

ーMen and women are different ne.

Usually  women want it to be expressed by words while man must think No need to say it, the must already know


「yeah, women are like that. Seems like it became a theory about difference between male and female.」

ーBut when it said and often repeated, that must be annoying.

yeah, i might get upset

ーOK, next  …

from the beginning, i am a kind of shy person …

yasu, are you a shy person …?


I was destined to be a shy person … !!!

and seems like there are more that kind of person (shy) than the not shy person. From all people that i know for all my life until now, the not shy person is SHUSE.

ーha ha ha

yes, he is the one.

The not very shy person. So mostly when people meet him for their 1st time, they show a friendly and a bit nervous face. But that man that i said as a not shy person said OK, just go you all ..!!!

sayin something like that at the beginning, that’s totally not good.

Kansai people are known to consider public image as important, but is there any newly acquainted people come to you and being not polite?


yes, i have …!!

I am sure that person is from Kansai (laugh). It’s said that Kansai people have a good character, but in this situation it turned out to be the contrary as what people think. Maybe this person already tired to be a nice person.

So i must be more aware where ever i am.

ーCharacter, eh …

Actually i’ve been fooled by some person. This person, why act like that to other people but like this to me.  But behind all of that, there must be many other good side.


I understand and very sorry for what happened to you. All this time, i never get fooled btw. We have no idea how far a person able to see something.

But be sure if people with that kind of character, must have a boring live than other people with more kind heart.

ーyes, that’s so true.

Then about a man’s truth and faithfulness, i am interested with what you said about

not to forgive, but when i want to give up, then I’ll give up

Is that supposed to mean that man really can’t give up and separated?


yeah, i think so. But that’s not an accurate advice anyway because i think it’s only a reason for a man to himself.

ーThen what would a man say about a woman’s truth and faithfulness?


For me, even if for a faithful woman i’d rather not to know about that. For example if we accidentally see their call history or message in their phone, it makes us suspicious or not believe in them.

So it will be more better if we don’t know right …?

Or when they send a message using icon, maybe it shows how faithful she is but what if she doesn’t use that icon? That’s why i’d rather not to look on their phone.

But man or woman, they’re certainly not going to hide his faithful towards their beloved right, because if they do it will show their insincerity that will hurt their loved one.

ーHmmm, but the feel on Bit Stupid song isn’t the female character is too be hidden …?


Really too hidden, isn’t so?

Then apparently it really end (laugh). But actually it depends to the person. An affair it can’t be forgiven. Actually i’ve been cheated once and thought about i can forgive.

But even i did forgive, it still sucks anyway.

To all those who’s never been cheated by someone, hey must be very happy eh (laugh) . I’ve been cheated when i was young (laugh).


But in relationship there’s some phrase of that person is totally unfaithful so are you really sure with your love?

ー Very well then what about 「恋人」/「Lover」 that written as 「愛しい人」/「Itoshii Hito」/「My Dear」 …?


i think 「恋人」/「Koibito」/「Lover」 is a some sad state/situation, because it would be better if both use 「愛しい」/「Itoshii 」/「My Dear」 for each other.

Now i watch this 「昼顔」/「Hirugao」 drama …


Then i thought there’s also something not good about having a lover. Unless we can put a limit each other, unlike the marital relationship (husband and wife).


Similar with faithful to your lover, if we can’t show it then it won’t work. So just respect each other …

That’s all, since it’s already midnight now so i will continue to my next post and this one is ….

~   Whatsoever Update from me …

this is for 5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK ~ Oita


Enjoiii … !!!!

and last but not least, now i kinda wonder …

Geeez yasu, you are a bit complicated eh …


yasu    :   and you are not …?
noi       :    of course not, like Magnolia i am a simple person.

For me it’s easy :  say it or leave it … !!!

yasu    :    ah, that’s why he dumped you noi_chan
noi       :    no, he is not. He only ignore me, that’s all
yasu    :    yeah, not yet.


眠りない …. !!! Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Oita … (Another me, yasu and Charles Bronson)

ええー 。。。。

I am sayin lots of that 「ええー 。。。。」 recently, not because the disappointed feelings but i’d say it was because finally i’ve got the answer for my BIG Questions plus with those BIG Problems that will come in this season.

This forever summer season in here that make everyday hot as ever.

Things happened last week and until now we still haven’t find the solution because dealing with people who use society for their own personal issue.

and it affected to all of us, all people who live around here and do their living in here. I spent my days these week listening to all those people sayin, opinions about what we supposed to do with lots of meeting with no clear way out to deal it.

and it turned me to be chatty as hell in public recently.

As a person who do more monologue than dialogue, i always avoid to talk in public. And now when i have to do it, it turned out to be so hard to do eh because i am not sure they all understand what i was talking about, how it is supposed to be in my opinion.

Now i understand why yasu still sayin about nervous feeling he had during 「Shangri-la Meeting」.  I used to say …

eeh, really?

whenever i read about yasu felt nervous during Public Recording because i thought he is a public figure eh, so i suppose he must have dealing with all nervous feeling a long time ago …

now i give my TWO THUMBS UP to you my darling, regarded to all those talk you did on「Shangri-la Meeting」 all over Japan.

yasu      :    see what i mean now
noi         :    はい、わかりました …
yasu      :    you talked to who …?
noi         :    bunch of people. But in fact, i am not even sure they were listening to what all things i said.
yasu      :    they ignored you ?

What can i say eh,

after all,l things connected with money and people living is always not easy to handle because we are talking about bunch of people’s live and what they do for their living.

That unlike me, who still get a monthly salary they are different. As people who work using their muscle not brain they only get paid if they do their work, if they don’t then no money for them.

So what about their wife and children who’s waiting them at home? waiting for her husband, their daddy to come home with what else but money ….

yes, money it’s all about the money

I read a lot about people sayin about how money will never buy happiness. No offense eh, but for me personally that’s totally bullshit … !!!

Because people who say that, mostly are rich people children’s who don’t have to work their asses hard to make some money so they are free to talk about money that way.

Yes, money can’t buy your happiness, but  your parents credit card will do buy eh …?


yasu    :    hey noi_chan, what’s wrong with you …?
noi       :    i dunno …
yasu    :    did he dumped you again  …
noi        :   no, not really  ..
yasu     :   but he did ignore you ….

yeah, something like that …

OK, i’ll start this post with my 「Shangri-la」 Fangirl Homeworks ne. since i am so left behind. I mean  Project  「Shangri-la 」 ended months ago but thanks for how busy ( or you may say lazy ….xD) i am now i am still finishing 5th SEASON eh …

so i guess this Glamorous Sky – English ver. by HYDE is a perfect song for me tonight.

i am always left, away to go … !!!

so before i became more left away to go again, let’s begin this Whatsoever Fangirl Homework i made for and push myself to work on it.

This time is for this …

~      「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Oita

After succesfully completed Project 『Shangri-la』 in Shikoku, Acid Black Cherry landed to Kyushu. 5th Season finally entered Kyushu and the 1st is Oita Prefecture. On the 2nd day of April, 2014 「Shangri-la Meeting」 was held in Oita Prefecture. …


yasu      :     now, there’s a date …
noi         :     i suppose i have to put it
yasu      :     why …
noi         :     because it is Another Very Late Post eh, what else …

yasu      :     lazy … ?

It was the fist time for Acid Black Cherry came to Oita. And  as a matter of fact Oita was a city with connection to yasu, since his mother is from Oita.

「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Oita, a Public Recording with FM Oita started with this question from the MC

yasu_san, have you come to Oita several time?

Answer    :

no, we don’t come here much again.

Here (Oita) is my mother’s hometown, so when i was Elementary School, i often came here. This time i came here by train, but i had always came here by ferry.

So rather than Oita Station, i am more familiar with the harbour.


So as for the specialties of Oita, of course will meet Kabusu and Shiitake mushroom?

When i was child i really hate Shiitake mushroom. It often came out on grandmama’s house, but no child would have it right ?

I hated it, but now i love it (laugh)

and also mackerel, isn’t it? I also think about famous for hot springs. But as a child i always run in the mountain.

And my grandmama also kept a cow, it was a black beef cattle.

By the start of Project 『Shangri-la』 ~ Kyushu ・Okinawa district, next talk was about the impressions about all town that he already came around for this Project from 1st ~ 5th Season.

Followed by a question from the audience about how hard is to live alone and ask yasu what is he taking care by livin alone.

And his answered is by sayin how he enjoyed his first time to livin alone and the same problem that livin alone people deal is daily trash/garbage.

Then last is the specialties and dialect corner where yasu learned about Oita‘s dialect from the audience and apparently he was quite good.

next is ….

~   Acid Black Cherry表紙のCD&DLでーた2014年9-10月号

as you all know yasu is on the cover of September – October edition of CD&DL Data magazine. Not only that, they also gave a bonus poster of him (read : yasu).

OMG look at him, radiant as always eh …..

And what happened to the previous Arena Live Magazine (with yasu as the cover) happened again for this September – October edition of CD&DL Data magazine. I saw some fans didn’t managed to get it from their local bookstore or konbini like 7/11.

Then i checked on my fave (read : my common) on-line shop like CD Japan, HMV, YesAsia and even ebten it was also out of print. Even there’s still some that hey said as used but still in perfect condition on Amazon Japan for ¥ 1,989

I got that Out Of Print on my PC screen from CD Japan for my last Arena Live Magazine because something happened to my CC, so i have to buy on another store (Japan Only) which mean i couldn’t use my points and still had to use proxy and of course pay the proxy fee,

now my question is …

Why the hell CD Japan is always slow if about CD&DL Data Magazine….?

and of course this time i won’t that happened to me again so i asked my friend ( the one whom now i really enjoyed to bothered with my spam Javanese talk on twitter) to ordered it from HMV because CD Japan took forever to open their pe-order.

~    An Update from Team_ABC


yes i do wondering a lot what the hell is yasu doing right now, sp blimey …. !!!

wondering while keep waiting is what a fangirl will always do.

Wondering about when did he will give us at least a little clue about how’s the new single is gonna sounds like, how’s the cover … etc etc and many more.

finally yesterday Team_ABC updated The Official Blog and told us …

1.  what yasu was doing these days.  ….




as the man say ….

Recording the single again, today
so please wait


and they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) also told about the small earthquake happened in Kanto area and informed if our man (read : yasu) is okay.

When the small earthquake happened, he was inside elevator but  nothing happened to the elevator so he can go to the floor that he was going to ….

yasu is fine, よかったね ….


yasu     :     noi_chan, tell me.
noi        :     what …
yasu     :     you don’t even know if there’s small earthquake happened right …?
noi        :     omo ya_san, how did you know …

yes, i had no idea if there was small earthquake happened in Kanto area and now i knew it thanks to 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 post on The Official Blog.
But whether if i (or maybe some of you) know about it or not, the important thing is yasu is fine now and still doing recording for the new single.

aaah, there’s some orchestra involved eh …… *start to play Shangri – La*

2.  08.29.2014 a-nation Stadium fes.

a-nation 2014 stadium fes.0829
チャンネル  :  フジテレビNEXT
放送日時    :  2014年9月27日(土)19:00~21:00

informed that a-nation stadium fes 08.29 will be aired on Fuji TV – NEXT, Sunday, September 29th 2014 at 19:00 ~ 21:00 JST.

They also show about how to watch it, but as always, i think it is Japan Only.

I  also not sure if we can watch it on KeyHole TV ne, because even there’s Fuji TV channel there (mine channel 18) but that’s Fuji TV only right, not the Fuji TV – NEXT.


even though there’s some streaming media for Fuji TV – NEXT, but it’s OFFLINE and again i am not sure it will be ONLINE again especially now we are talking about Acid Black Cherry that somehow it’s always a little bit hard to get if we compared to other fandom.

Remember when they cut Acid Black Cherry part for a- nation’s Live Viewing? ….


noi        :     please don’t say that words, not tonight
yasu     :     what words …
noi        :     not tonight
yasu     :     poor noi_chan .. !!
noi        :    now you said it, i am talking about that words

Now, the only option left for a lazy fangirl with a slow as Capt. Slow internet connection like me is nothing but hoping somebody will record and share it somewhere …

and you, if some of you have a plan to do that, please do tell me OK and i will owe you forever just like how Jim Moriarty owe SHERLOCK HOLMES …. !!!


yasu     :    then what, gonna watch it together?
noi        :    and have some tea ne, you know SHERLOCK and Jim also had tea together …
yasu     :    what the   …
noi        :    that would be lovely 

3.   JSBN WEB –   Cover Interview “Acid Black Cherry”


image (1)

you can read it in here :   http://jsbn.gr.jp/2014/09/08/cover-interview-acid-black-cherry/

next  is ….

~    This Whatsoever Update from Me …

this time is for …

The rest of 4th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK


and the beginning of  5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』PHOTOBOOK is



Enjoii ….!!

and next is …

this something that i think i have to post it in here along time ago, not by replying some private messages  …

For all of you who read my blogs, i am sure you all know how my way of writing here. Yes i am talking about how i put some dialogue between yasu and noi_chan that actually it is a monologue from the crazy woman who wrote it.

I know by writing that thing that supposed to be something that You Don’t Ask, I Don’t Tell, but You Have to Know Just by Reading, will ruin a fantasy for some of you.

I know it happen to some of you who read my blogs because some of you were send me messages and asked about it. And when i told the truth, i know i just ruined their 2 almost 3 years fantasies just by the way they wrote me back.

I am really sorry for that ….

So i suppose it is better for me to say it here, the 3 main fact about this blog that you have to aware …

1.   All those dialogue, actually is a monologue, because
2.   I never and will never talk or have some chit chat with yasu, and last but not least is ..
3.   yasu, he doesn’t speak English.


Actually this is kinda bit funny for me to think about eh, somehow it remind me to Khaleed Hosseini’s book : The Kite Runner which is one of my fave book.


If you already read that book, surely you know how they both love Charles Bronson thanks to how many times they watch him on The Magnificent Seven.

And when Amir‘s father went to Iran, Amir and Hassan asked him to take them along because they want to meet Charles Bronson


Apparently, they thought Charles Bronson is an Iranian thanks to The Magnificent Seven movie that they always watch in the cinema is dubbed in Iranian language.

FYI this movie The Magnificent Seven is an old American movie,1960 exactly. And this movie is a re-make (or an American version …? ) of Akira Kurosawa‘s 1954 Seven Samurai.

Aaand don’t say you are a fans of cowboy movie if you haven’t see this movie. Because for me this movie as what the title say is magnificent just like the original version.

Hello everyone, we are talking about Charles Bronson and how perfect he was with the axe  …. !!!


Ah ya, back to The Kite Runner book I’d say that’s my fave part ne, and now there’s some of my readers


yasu       :    your what ….
noi          :    readers eh, not leader …
yasu       :    yeah, right …
noi          :    since i am the writer eh …

i repeat …

I’d say the part when Amir and Hassan thought if is Charles Bronson is an Iranian because he is speaking Iranian in the movie is my fave part ne, and now there’s some of my readers who really think yasu is talking in English just because i wrote this blog in English

Trust me, i really want to wrote that dialogue in Japanese but since my Japanese isn’t that good i am afraid it will change what i was really mean.

So everyone, yes yasu doesn’t speak in English, and …

even at sometime later he finally able to speak English fluently, i am sure he will not talk that too much telly influence way of talking like to noi_chan in here.

Then last but not least this is something that really bother me until today …


I know i often wrote something like that because it’s funny eh. Some situation that lead noi_chan to talk about movie and then yasu will say how boring is that …. etc etc.

Yeah, i think that was funny and it is true.

I am a movie freaks with nothing to be happy but watching movies and eat instant noodles on holidays.

But not funny when that dialogue/monologue came to happen in my real life. So during a must have been lovely conversation with somebody, i suddenly talk too much about movie and i got this reply ….

noi_chan, もういい よ …. !!!

same reply with what i wrote on my blog how yasu will say if noi_chan talk too much about movie.

Again, that’s not funny anymore, because …

it hurt me somehow …


yasu     :     which part of you get hurt ….?
noi        :      ここに, 僕の心, …
yasu     :      僕 …?
noi        :      eh no, i mean 私の心 … .
yasu     :      i told you ne, don’t talk movie with him
noi        :     then, do tell me, what should i do now

~ owari ~

Sunday Post : ABC New Single 2014年10月22日 … (Another me, yasu and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge)


Expect The Unexpected Things eh ….


That’s what i am gonna say about Acid Black Cherry‘s upcoming New Single and my feelings right now.

Even i did think about yasu will release his next new things on October because how the calendar bonus from the previous single 「君がいない、あの日から 。。。」 only ended on September,


but i was thinking about a 「Shangri – La 」 Live DVD to be release soon after he finished his nation-wide 「Shangri – La 」 Tour

and after waiting, waiting and post some ramblings like a little boy who ask oneWilly Wonka Chocolate to his wacky mommy,

now we all know instead of releasing a DVD, yasu decided to released a New Single, everyone  …. !!!

ああ〜〜、びっくりましたね …. (^_^;)


yasu     :    a wrong deduction ne, Inspector
noi        :    well ….
yasu     :    somebody is getting slow now …
noi        :    i know, but at least i am still the Inspector tho  …
yasu     :     what the ..

ah ya, talking about Inspector Himura ne …

last week somehow i kinda jumped into talking on my friend from college’s status on her Facebook. Actually she is one of only 3 person of my college friend that i added on Facebook.

I told you ne, about how i don’t like to mix my fangirling things that i am doing onFacebook with my personal life.

nah because i was there added comments and involved to their quite long conversation and then one of them suggested to everyone else from my class to added me on their Facebook.

So that day i got more than 38 Friend Request on Facebook and all of them are my college friend.

I approved some of them that i think they wouldn’t mind about me spamming aboutyasu appeared on their Facebook Home Page, and said to them …

hey fellas, from now on …
in Facebook you all have to call me Inspector Himura OK …. !!!

and they all approved ne …xD

for the others,  because i am not sure about them will be OK with my spamming about yasu everyday and not only that, i also didn’t know them too much thanks to how invisible i was during my college time. So  i decided to ignored them, just like what Yukki told me.

After all i couldn’t say now and ignored some of them ne …

yasu     :     なんで 。。。?
noi        :     あたしの元彼ん だよ…
yasu     :     what the …
noi        :     so how can i ignored him?

so yeah now whenever i open my Facebook Home Page, i feel nothing but lots of nostalgic moment.

Ok, now let’s back to the topic ne, there will be Acid Black Cherry New Single 2014年10月22日 and i am so very happy  ….

But still ….

i am sure there will be a Live DVD for 「Shangri – La 」 Live and i suppose he (read : yasu) just delayed it. Or maybe …

He will put it as a bonus for the next album like how he put Acid Black Chrismast Live ~ Osaka Jo Hall on 2012 Album …?


Who knows ne, so i think i can wait and what i am gonna do and have to do is nothing but also delay my sexcitement about seeing 「Shangri – La 」 Live on DVD

And this time,

because i am still in the middle of a very happy euphoria about Acid Black Cherry New Single 2014年10月22日 and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge all over myFacebook, twitter and Tumblr i suppose this is also a perfect time to delay my working on this  ..

Whatsoever Fangirl Homework i made for myself …. xD

so everyone, now let’s talk about this ….

~   Something i say as The Un-expected things from yasu ne …


Acid Black Cherry New SINGLE

Title                :  TBA (To Be Announced)
Release Date :  October 22nd, 2014 (Wednesday)

■【CD+DVD】〈Limited Edition〉 

Item no.   :  AVCD-32238/B 1,600 yen + tax
   2 songs
music clip、OFF SHOT ((Approximately 15 minutes )

■ 【CD ONLY】〈Regular Edition〉

Item no.  :   AVCD-32239 1,000 yen +tax
          2 songs (same with AVCD-32238)
Bonus     :   Limited mini photobook

■ Special Price (1 song)

【CD ONLY】〈Limited Edition〉
Item no   :   AVCD-32240 369 yen +tax
         1 song
Bonus    :   1 ABC trading card (from all 4 complete series)

Pre-Order Period

August, 22nd (Friday)18:00〜October 10th, 2014 (Thursday) 5:00 AM (JST)

~ Janne Da Arc Official Fanclub 「Mademoiselle na anatatachi 」 members


via here   :   http://upriseshop.jp/ (VIP Members Only)
CD+DVD Limited Edition : Calendar Postcard Type A
CD Regular Edition :  Calendar Postcard Type B

~ Janne Da Arc Official mobile site members

Official mobile site : http://jannedaarc.jp/
1 mini clear file

~ mu-mo shop

PC       : http://shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1/?artist_id=ACIDB
mobile : http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1?artist_id=ACIDB

It’s Japan Only, which mean you have to use proxy/middle man inJapan to buy for you

~ mu-mo overseas sale site (where they will lead you to use Tenso.com)

PC       : http://shop.mu-mo.net/avx/sv/list1?jsiteid=MSW&categ_id=661806
mobile : http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/avx/sv/list1?jsiteid=MSW&categ_id=661806
1 Original sticker

~    CDJapan   :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    HMV          :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    YesAsia     :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price

PS    :   From CDJapan, there will be a B4 size poster bonus for CD + DVDand  CD Only

so now everyone,

let the CHOOSE begin and if you can’t choose, why wouldn’t you let your self to be GREED this time ? …. xD

and talking about GREED,  ….


yasu さん、

there you are finally,  a little gift and reminder from your overseas fans for this year’s ABC 7th Anniversary … …♪♪
we do love you and still hoping that one day you will do Live outisde Japan …


PS : btw minute 00:51, that’s me yasu さん … (笑)

and next, let’s talk about …

~  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge …

Recently, this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is become viral everywhere.

As you know, this is a challenge to raise an awareness to ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which is also known as Motor Neuron Disease.

It is a fatal disease and until now, there is no cure for it .

Patients will eventually die because they can’t control their muscles. So it doesn’t mean that they are only being paralyzed. They will lose an ability to speak, eat, and breath.

And ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is …

when somebody challenged somebody else, maybe his friend to do this callenge in 24 hours.

If the next person who got nominated manage to do it within 24 hoursthey donate 10 dollars and if not or they did it over than 24 hours then they have to donate 100 dollars.

The challenge it self buy put an ice and water on a bucket and flush it on your head  is to demonstrate how the ALS patients suffer from it.

But as always, there’s also many different reaction about this  ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

some people think it’s useless and too mainstream, some of them doing and watching it for fun as an euphoria while waiting and hoping when will somebody nominated their idol to do this challenge.

But no matter how different reaction and people think about this,  I my self enjoy and love how it worked like that, like a Ghost to Ghost connection or a spider web it’s everywhere now.

Hopefully by making this viral, the challenge will continue from one to other as well as the donation because it really help.

i can’t remember all the chains, because i only remember how …

~   Adam Lavine ( Maroon 5) nominated The IRON MAN himself, Robert Downey Jr , and then
~   RDJ nominated his Avenger‘s mate from Asgard , Chris Hemsworth(THOR) and
~   THOR nominated his other Avenger‘s mate Mark Ruffalo (HULK) andChris Evans (Capt. Rogers) …

while on the other side, outside the Avenger‘s pals …


Nathan Fillion (Castle) with that sweet reason, nominated Tom Hiddleston (LOKI, The Future King Of Asgard ), and
LOKI nominated Bennedict Cumberbatch (SHERLOCK HOLMES) ….

nah this is something that everybody were waiting for, an Ice Bucket Challenge by SHERLOCK HOLMES

i’d say, that’s a very well done Ice Bucket Challenge

That’s totally fun and i am sure encourage enough as well to ask people to donate.

Ben was nominated by 3 people beside Tom Hiddleston.  Sorry i can’t remember who the other else because i only remember and watchTom‘s video.

OMG, they even chased him in the shower ….

and after shower he called Tom,

awww that’s something i call beyond sweet …!!!

this part …

it’s totally brilliant how they put the ice and water inside his helmet and this last part is the funniest …. xD

source and credit for all Gif images :    here

Poor darling Ben ….. ❤

Ben, he was doing an Ice Bucket Challenge ne, not a A Boiled Water Bucket Challenge, but look what happened to Tumblr yesterday.

That video made Tumblr ON FIRE  ….  !!!

and finally reached until Japan because i saw some boys from Jhonny also did it and yesterday this baby stroberry (read : Taka, not yasu)  did his Ice Bucket Challenge and posted the video via his Instagram

you can check the video in here

it surprised me how he didn’t nominate Takeru Sato.

Well maybe because i  read a lot about their broomance friendship between them i thought he will nominate Takeru Sato ne. But he nominated 1 person i dunno who,Hongki from FT Island and his father.

Look at how he is sayin Hongki, looks like he is sayin

you Hongki, you …. !!!!

and believe me, last night i had a terrible dream about me calling Hongki to tell him about Taka nominated him as the next person while wondering is there any person who will nominate yasu to do this …

of course me as a fangirl, blimey ….

i also waited for someone to nominate yasu to do ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a hope he will use a white shirt when he do that …. xD

noi        :   because God Bless White T-shirt
yasu     :   go find another reason
noi        :   do i have to say it here, you know what my other reason ..
yasu     :   …..

In fact i even though about how the chain is, started from …

~   someone will nominate GACKT, and then
~   GACKT will nominate HYDE, then
~   HYDE will nominate yasu, …

etc etc …

but today it surprised me how yasu finally did this today

because there’s someone nominated him, and that person is not HYDE. I suppose there’s too much fandom things inside my brain now because it started to make me think following it like an idiot  …


awww his head must be hurt ne, because i think he put too much ice on his bucket.

But well done eh darling …. xD

So there’s someone named Shigeki Maruyama ( if i am not mistaken he is a golf player ), nominated yasu to do this.

And yasu did it today, he donated but didn’t nominate anyone to be the next person who had to do this challenge because he said he won’t forced anyone to do it.

Well, Okay …..

Since yasu didn’t nominate anybody, now i wonder who will dare to nominate HYDEto do this.

だれかな 。。。 *thinking hard*

enough about Ice Bucket Challenge , now let’s continue with this ….

~   Whatsoever things from me ….

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri – La 」 PHOTOBOOK ,  this one is for …



aaand …

i suppose this is a good news for all of you on Acid Black Cherry fandom, because finally there’s somebody who will translate Erect PHOTOBOOK Interview.  BecauseAriyasu on Tumblr will do that via her blog :

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.    …

and here’s the translation for …

Black List Part


She did a great job,

and i am sure there will be no such things as skipped parts like what i always do because i didn’t understand that part. So all of you who is on and active on Tumblryou can start to follow her blog ….!!!

because as she said next  is for QED Live part  … (^^♪

Suddenly now  Acid Black Cherry fandom is more beautiful these days ne, and  btw …

last week that SCawaii magazine finally came together with Mighty Long Fallsingle. It surprised me because i bought that two differently but they came at the same day. I f i know they will came together like that, i’d order them as one order ne not separately like that   ….

while this one came today …

actually i just went to Post Office today to get it because i almost forgot about thatArena Live magazine and 7Pia that my proxy kindly sent me 3 copies ….xD

When i arrived at Post Office and said to one of the female officer if i want to get my package from Japan, suddenly she call his office mate in a very loud voice …

Hey, Noi Himura is here …. !!!

and then everyone else there turned their head and lookin at me like i am some weird person. Then that officer, i think he is a new one because Mr. Ardiyanto who used to deal with from overseas packages already got transfered to branch office inManado.

It took some times, because he asked too much about me …

What do i do for livin, why almost every week there’s always a package for me fromJapan, …. etc etc until where is my home. It’s weird ne, i mean he is working at Post Office and i am sure he knows my address well.

So why did he asked me again? …

yasu     :    did you …
noi        :    no, of course not … !!!
yasu     :    hey, i haven’t say anything ne
noi        :    then don’t say anything …

And then finally he gave me a pen and asked me to sign the receipt and get my package. On my way out, i fell from my bike and it was funny because not long time ago, there’s a boy who fell from his motorbike and what i did was nothing but laughed at him while sayin …

ha ha ha poor darling  …. !!!

and then God sent me an a.s.a.p punishment with somewhat reason i just fell from my bike in front of Post Office today. That was hurt ne, and i remember how the old man who helped me said :

next time, don’t say that bad things when you see someone else fall … #ewww

Eh God, that’s a very fast ne, and OK i got my lesson today .

aand there you are …

the scans


and this something that they called as

a scanlation? ….


my fave part is about his daily activities,

that even i did read about him talking about that, but how simple is his daily activities for a big star like him always amazed me. I mean stay doing that half-length bath while listening music or watching DVD.

That sounds impossible for a very busy man like him and then next  is …

yasu, do tell me ….

when man doing that half-length bath/ 半身浴 are they naked or not …..?

yasu    :     why don’t you ask him, your   …
noi       :     him, my what  …? ah ya,  but i have one problem …
yasu    :     what, what now noi_chan, did you …
noi       :     no, we’re okay now and my problem is  …

that question eh、日本語 で なん と いいます かな … (T_T)

yasu     :    what the, you don’t know  … ?


ドキドキ Post : In A World Like This … (Another me yasu, The Zombie and Pandora Box)

Look what happened to my Facebook this morning ….!!!


As they said :

Introducing a fresh new look for your News Feed ..

just like that, they don’t give me any other option for not use/accept that Fresh New Look to my Facebook, and then i like it or not i have to click that Take a Look button there and there you are this morning my Facebook became like this ….


what the hell is that? … it’s not that i don’t like it, but i just don’t love it like how i love yasu, indeed as time goes by i will get use by that new look of Facebook, but still …

it’s a bit annoying for me who is always not comfortable with some new specific stuffs. I love and enjoy new shoes, food, clothes and sure all Acid Black Cherry’s new GOODS, single also album, but if the new one is stuffs like software, applications and of course Facebook …..?

that’s annoying ne ….


yasu      :     so now you hate Facebook…?
noi         :    no, of course not. i said i just get a bit annoyed ne …
yasu      :    why ….
noi         :    because i am not
Jim from IT..
yasu      :    but you don’t have to be
Jim just to use Facebook, and btw who is Jim …?
noi         :    i say, he is from
IT ne ..

ah talking about Facebook, last night i had another happy fangirling (and there was also boys there ….xD) time on that team_yasu‘s group on Facebook. … together with some other ABC fans who are regularly went crazy with me there ..

ahaha, yeah all of you i am talking about you all now  …. xD

it was because yesterday August 3rd, 2013 all Acid Black Cherry fans fans all over Japan started to receive their 『Shangri-la』 GOODS. Because the Uprise Official Online Shop started to send all 『Shangri-la』 GOODS day before yesterday, August 2nd, 2013.

and then yeah as always, It was everywhere, all over my Social Networks are full of 『Shangri-la』 GOODS . Then what can i do then but to let myself to be attacked by the beautifully artistic of yasu‘s image there on the pamphlet, postcards … etc etc

all the images of yasu on 『Shangri-la』 GOODS are totally killin me … *Too dramatic isn’t it …?xD*

but if you look all of these, sure you will understand why i became too dramatic ne  …

see what i mean? and yes,

as you may say i am guilty as charged because now i totally forget where the hell i get all those image, so i can’t put a credit for the images above.

I am really really sorry for this ne …. *bounce*

i mean how i supposed to remember ne, because last night i was so busy became a zombie ne, …  yeah like a zombie because how all the images on 『Shangri-la』 GOODS killed me, then back to live again just to be killed again by the other images i see ….

over and over again all night long, how can i rest in peace? i can’t.

I down_graded myself from a Lady Vampire to be a zombie, the lowest class of scary creatures in this universe. You know that ne how zombie as the lowest class among all of them ( vampire, werewolf, grim, ghost … etc etc).

Dracula, the pure blood one is the master for vampires and then vampire are the master for zombies. Vampires can control zombies. see zombie is on the bottom like how they always underground and eat worms …. #ewwww

Imagine how HYDE will feel about me as a zombie ne …


yasu      :     he is not gonna feel anything ….
noi         :     but, he is the one who bite me, so he is my Master ne …
yasu      :     he didn’t even know …
noi         :     eeeh really …..?  *broken-hearted*

then before i finished down_graded myself to be a zombie, somebody did a brilliant job related to the 『Shangri-la』 GOODS that night by posted this  ….


credit and source :  @kyo_yasu_abc

that image was perfectly edited with that many yasu just came up out of the box is a great way to show what was all Acid Black Cherry fans all over Japan received yesterday.

A box full of yasu on 『Shangri-la』 GOODS like that. and damn, i am so very envy now and of course i asked to The Blonde on My Facebook Wall this question …

Where The Hell is My Box now ….?

yasu     :    don’t ask me, because i don’t know …
noi        :    then i have to ask who …?
yasu     :    come on, don’t start again …. *leaving*
noi        :    don’t leave me …

and don’t you ever ask me what about my 『Shangri-la』 GOODS, because i don’t wanna make this post longer with my boring rambling again ne. so what i am gonna say now is ….

♪ …. In a world like this where people fall apart
In a time like this when nothing comes from the heart
In a world like this ….

i’ll change my Pandora box into that  full of ‪#‎yasu‬ /‪#‎AcidBlackCherry‬ box ….

hahahaha,  yeah i am listening to this Backstreet Boys song now ….

“In A World Like This”

You’ve got me wide open, wide open
Now I’m yours
You found me heartbroken, heartbroken
On the floor
Became my salvation, salvation
Through the war, yeah
You got me wide open, wide open
Now I’m sure

In a world like this where some back down
I, I, know we’re gonna make it
In a time like this where love comes ’round
I, I, know we gotta take it
In a world like this where people fall apart
In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart
In a world like this, I’ve got you

And now I’m free falling, free falling
In your eyes
You got me still calling, still calling
No surprise
I never knew I could love ’til the
End of time, yeah
And now I’m free falling, free falling
By your side

In a world like this where some back down
I, I, know we’re gonna make it
In a time like this where love comes ’round
I, I, know we gotta take it
In a world like this where people fall apart
In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart
In a world like this, I’ve got you

Ah, yeah
Ah, In a world like this

You got me wide open, wide open, yeah
And now I’m free falling, free falling
Hey, yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
In a world like, in a world like
‘Cause I got you in a world like this

In a world like this where some back down
I, I, know we’re gonna make it
In a time like this where love comes ’round
I, I, know we gotta take it
In a world like this where people fall apart
In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart
In a world like this, I’ve got you

i told you ne, i am soo 90’s and it’s a common for a 90’s teenagers era to got deep into Backstreet Boys like me.

and do you know what is the different between 90’s and 80’s? The different is easy ne 90’s have Backstreet’s Back dance move on their mind while 80’s have Michael Jackson’s Thriller’s dance .

Btw you know what i am doing recently on twitter?


Thanks to their new album In a World Like This, i found out and then followed all of them on twitter. It is surprised me how all of them (Brian, Kevin, Howie, A.J and Nick) have their own personal twitter

and of course make me happy how everyday i read their tweets on my twitter Time Line without thinking and wondering what the hell are they all sayin, because it’s all in English ne …

see this is what happen to a fan like me who use to follow non English speaking artis (read : yasu), so i get use to think harder to find out what they hell is he sayin/tweet thanks to my very bad Japanese language ability.

And now reading all the Backstreet Boys member’s tweets is like a holiday for me ne just reading with no thinking hard to get what it means ….  What a Holy Molly Hollyday ne …

aand ah ya  …


ABC manga ~ part 2

as i said before, this part is when yasu dyed his hair back to black, about his idea to do a Secret Live and his reasons about it. And my fave part of this chapter 2 manga is how the mangaka Kohei draw this part in a very good way …


his shoes, it looks perfectly like what i always see on every live DVD. That same style shoes, i see he use it most on his live performances, even on each magazine shoot he often use a Christian Louboutin shoes.


yasu      :     what are you doin …?
noi         :     nothing, i just wanna see the bottom, aah that’s red  …
yasu      :     why …
noi         :     see i am one of the  Fashion Police now …

you know that shoes with red botom that you will never see if you don’t look closely at the bottom, just like Carrie Bradshaw‘s fave shoes. That’s why there’s a red botom euphoria of Louboutin among celebrities these days ne .

and i think he often do this rolling2 on the sofa while thinking ne ….

come one ya_san, think, think …. think again and again …. !!!

so when someone tell me how i am  so wacky  …

Well, maybe i am,  because i am livin in this quite wacky world like this, but at least

In a world like this, I’ve got you … hu huuu


yasu       :     no you don’t ….
noi          :     but i will got you …
yasu       :     no way …
noi          :     i …  i …. i … know i am gonna make it ….



Amazing Yasu, … again (and Tetsuya)

last night i watch again Tetsuya live DVD …. and look who i found …. who is he? the cute guys next to Leader_sama ….? …..

then i found out that he is Yoshi Nakamura, he is the red hair guitarist on The Juicy Banana, …. err i can’t remember his last name is it Nakamura or Hamamura …. but he is cute ne ….

why did i never notice him? …. the reason is so simple … because Leader_sama is to mabushiiii …..

アップアップ see see he is wassshooooiiii …. btw what is the meaning of washoi anyway, … i dunno but he said that a lot on live and it sounds good … so i just follow him saying that

wasshhoooiii …..

just like Hyde, i think Tetsuya already reach everything, i mean he got his golden moment … his band and his solo project worked and success …. and also he already found his beloved (he is married) … i get shocked when he gets married to Ayana ….

but i am glad eventually he found her and he looks happy ……

yesterday i just read again another interview translation from Kiku, yeah Kiku is so kind for sharing translation about Yasu …. …. i like how he describe love : ,

“Man, just thinking of that person makes me happy~ (sincere look)”. It’s like when you think, “Oh, man, I’m so tired today~ When I get home I’ll just pass out~” but the second you get home, you get a call from that person you like, all like “Wanna go out to dinner?” and you’re so happy you go, “I’ll be right there! I’m not tired at all!” Isn’t that what love does?

Reading that and thinking what a good person he is, it really makes me hope that someday if he wants to, when he’s ready and has time, he finds someone perfect for him. He is so deserve every happiness he can get. ♥

because he is amazing ne? …. even he said he haven’t felt that way to anyone lately, ….. too bad, i think Yasu should be in love …..

and yeah tomorrow is holiday, so today i work late …. i don’t want leave any desk job when i go on vacation tomorrow. i wanna have some fun …. even i am not celebrating Christmas …. but i just love the atmosphere …….. and then i found this on my bed …

yay, it is arrived ….. ahahaha ….. what a complete vacation ….. last but not least i am gonna say Merry Christmas and happy holiday minna, …….恋の矢