FUBAR Post : さよなら Blonde …. !!! (Another me, yasu, and The ULTRON )

お久しぶりね、みんな 。。。。  !!!

Things get more bussy till the end of this 2014, as you all know by the end of November ~ January (the next year) with all those Christmas and New Year celebrations is the busy time for all Inspectors in the world …

including me …

Inspector Himura ….. xD


noi          :     お久しぶりね、ダーリン  。。。。  !!!
yasu       :     is this a new joke noi_chan ….??
noi          :     what, what joke ….
yasu       :     you’re not one of them ….
noi          :     yes, of course i am. See i even put it on my Facebook like this  …


Okay, that’s a joke btw ….

But at least it will stop people to ask whether i am a real police or not.  I wonder that’s what people think about me, after read some part of this blog ne. I mean yes, there’s some part where i wrote a lot about me as ..

Inspector Himura

But i believe to those who read the whole part and also into Acid Black Cherry fandom will get if that Inspector Himura is only about how i see myself as one of yasu‘s fangirl and then …

thanks to so many Inspectors i know from my telly series (SHERLOCK, Miss Marple, POIROT, etc etc …. ) you know there’s always one Inspector complete with a Constablethere,

for example this Detective Inspector Jack Robinson and Constable Collins


then all of them ended myself with daydreamin me as

Inspector Himura

well, that’s all my explanation and hopefully it will be Quod Erat Demonstrandum enough for you all.


again and again i am just a fangirl. One among all those million fans of yasu who is still adore and feel happy by doing all things related with yasu and Acid Black Cherry

and before i start this post, allow me to say …

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone …. !!!!

noi        :   can’t believe 2014 almost over eh ヤッさん ..
yasu     :    then  …
noi        :    so, have you make your New Year’s resolution …?
yasu     :    do i have to  …?  and what about yours ..?
noi        :    people do that eh, …



yasu       :     really noi_chan …???
noi          :     ハ・ハ・ハ 、ah come on, that’s a joke eh. one of 9GAG‘s jokes

OMG what a long opening, so sorry eh.

じゃあ、ABC について話しましょう  …. !!!

from the next album 5th Album 「Lーエルー」 from cover, the Cristmas Eve‘s Secret Meeting, what yasu said and how it turned out to be a missunderstanding with lots of questions to be ask.

~  5th Album 「Lーエルー」 covers …

i know it’s a very late post, but let’s say now i am just enjoying myself to be The Capt. Slowfor this ….

1.   【CD+DVD①】  〈Project  『Shangri-la』  LIVE   ver. 〉


2.  【CD+DVD②】〈Project『Shangri-la』 Documentary ver. 〉


3.   【CD ONLY】


so, it’s a bit surprise for me how yasu didn’t put himself on the cover for his next 5th Album 「Lーエルー」. Unlike his last 4th Album  「2012」 when he put a very sexy image of him rolling2 on the floor with all those rose petals as the cover album ….


yasu     :    hey, who said i was rolling2 on the floor …
noi        :    omo, you didn’t …?
yasu     :    it was just lyin down ne …
noi        :    Oh, OK …
yasu     :    be focus noi_chan … !!!

i repeat …


Unlike his last 4th Album  「2012」 when he put a very sexy image of him lyin down the floor with all those rose petals, this time yasu choose to put an image of that little girl that he called  Lーエルー


and then all Team_ABC‘s social networks changed into this lovely yasu on that wall and another surprise for me again how he is not blond anymore.

so after about 3 years, yasu finally changed his hair color from blond to this brown or something …



Even not as drastically as how he changed his haircolor from black into red and be that Mary Jane yasu and surprised everone at 1st day of Re-Birth Live but it still surprised me because whether i want or not it’s time for me to say …

さよなら  Blonde …. !!!

noi         :    i suppose i can’t write you as The Blond my Facebook Wall anymore eh   …
yasu      :    no, you can’t  …
noi         :    and who’s wall is that you were lyin eh …???
yasu       :   surely that’s not your Facebook Wall

next is ….

~    The Christmas Eve’s Secret Meeting …

I am so glad there was no drama followed for this Secret Meeting,

after all who needs a drama on Christmas eve eh,
nobody …. !!!
Not even a Drama Queen like me …

There’s always Acid Black Christmas in this ABC Fandom, even in so many variations because the real Acid Black Christmas Live was held only once in Osaka Jo Hall

i”d say there’s always Acid Black Christmas because on the previous 2 years (2013 and 2014) , yasu always had Live on Christmas eve. 2012 Live Erect and last 2013 Shangri- La Live and whith those lucky fans who able to hear

so …  Good Night Christmas Special and Santa Claus Come to Town Live .

But this year, instead Live performance on Christmas eve, but yasu invited all of us to join hisSecret Meeting.

yasu,  he really love to do secret things eh  ….

And the Secret Meeting was started with a bit opening of so … Good Night Christmas ver. and then followed with yasu came and sit while singing Santa Claus has come to town

then say …


間違い、メリークリトリス ….. !!!  >_<

#ewwww that man, …

is still the same kawaii but also dorky and ecchi at the same time. It was a long time ago when i heard him sayin that メリークリトリス and suddenly he said it again on last Christmas eve made me almost fell off my chair ….

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000471370

then followed with him explaining all his upcoming 5th Album 「Lーエルー」 , all 3 version of it like a probie sales person.  Because i think he was a bit confused (or nervous ….???) doing it.

Especially this part, when he had some empty papers that is supposed to be the 「Lーエルー」 Storybook and The Photobook … that’s totally funny ne.

I think that must be so confusing eh and suppose he was kind a like …….

Geez, what do i have to say about these empty papers …????

and then another surprise came when yasu start to do his dorky pose and say

どうぞ …. !!!

he let us to see and listen to about 40 seconds Intro only MV of the new song  「エストエム」/「S&M」 that will be included in the New Album complete with ..

the sexy Ahh ~~~  …. !!!

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000534233

But then that 40 seconds Intro only MV from a nice Cristmas Gift turned into a cruel teaser/Major Spoiler for me when yasu suddenly stop it … !!!!

noi      :     how could you do that eh ….
yasu   :     but you said you are fine with spoiler …
noi      :     yeah, but at least you can make it longer than that …
yasu   :     ごめん ね、but Christmas is over  ….

not only that, but that Secret Meeting also leaved one BIG questions about …

~   Whether is the new song 「エストエム」 will be included in the new album or not,

i think the answer is yes

because if we look again on that intro only MV we can see they put 「エストエム」 5th Album 「Lーエルー」より on the corner that means 「エストエム」 from 5th Album 「Lーエルー」

so yeah the song will be one among the 13 songs together with 「Greed Greed Greed」, 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」「君がいない、あの日から…」and 「INCUBUS」.

then next question is …

~   Whether is the new MV of  「エストエム」 song will be included in the new album or not,


that question already answered by them via twitter and Official Blog Post

that 「S&M」 MV was produced in a hurry as a Christmas gift for us at secret meeting December 24th, 2014 and it’s only intro MV.

and because it is only intro, it is not included in the new album

but then again, that answer was followed by another question so …

Brace yourself yasu, your fans got a lots of question for you …. !!!

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000248982

noi      :    hey ….
yasu   :    hurry finish this post noi_chan …
noi      :    sorry amrâlimê, this post is still a long way to go eh …
yasu   :    what did you call me  ….

noi      :    amrâlimê ne, …

from neo-khuzdul means My Love


That’s what Kili says to Tauriel when he asked her to come with him, but then Legolas

yasu   :    stop stop noi_chan, you can write about it on your next post  ….

OK, then the next following question is …

~   there will be the Full PV of  「エストエム」 or not …..???

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000292358

when someone asked me about it, with no doubt i answer  with …

of course there will be a Full PV of 「エストエム」, because if they (yasu and his Team) really only make that intro-only MV, that would be such a waste ne, a very nice way to waste their time, money and energy.

and if they won’t inlclude it on the New Album because as i remember there’s also no new PV included on the previous 4th Album  「2012」

maybe they will only post it on their Official YouTube Channel.

But if they really do that, then what about the Offshoot … ?  How can we see the Offshoot if they will only post the full MV …?? OMG, don’t say they will make it FanClub Only by posted it only on the FanClub site …

Ehhh yasu, no

no ..

no, don’t do that …. !!!


yasu     :    hey fangirl, what make you think i am gonna do that …?
noi        :    maybe …
yasu     :    maybe what …
noi        :    aaaah, do i have to explain it ….???

see …

in this Acid Black Cherry fandom, i get use with yasu put the MV and Offshoot on their CD + DVD single version no matter how many versions he made his single into.

i thought all artist will do that,

as i remember BREAKERZ and L’arc also do that, even for L’arc they didn’t put the Offshoot. But when i bought the last One OK Rock single Mighty Long Fall, it surprised me how they don’t put the MV on the single (FYI : they only make one version single)

they only post the Official MV full on their Official Youtube and post the Offshoot/Making on their FanClub site.

Indeed it is surprised me ne because when i saw that video by log-into their FanClub Site(PRIMAL FOOTMARK) and see that video (but dunno how to DL it … xD) , i thought it will also available on their Official Youtube Channel but it’s not.

So if i didn’t join their FanClub i won’t be able to see the Offshoot PV ….

yeah, now i learned something eh

and honestly even i know i am kinda affraid if they will do things like that for full PV of new song  「エストエム」 . Not because i am affraid if i won;t managed to see it but it rather because i think that’s not a good idea ne.

This time when people love to share things on net including something that they call asFanClub Stuffs so i think i will still able to see it eventually if they want to make it that way  .. >_<

next is ….

~  This Whatsoever Update from me ….

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOOBOOK : Saga


Enjoii ….. !!!

actually this post, …..

It supposed to be a Friday Post because i started to write it on Friday, my day off btw.  Even i started a bit late, 19:45 PM when the Friday almost end ne and as always i only good to make plan but not very good (read : BAD) about to do it.

So my plan was …

I will go to sleep at 21:00 PM sharp and wake up in a very early morning and go to somewhere to get a nice breakfast, go to spa and then spend the rest of my day off with writing and pull out all things in my mind …

yasu     :   what sort of things … …. ?
noi        :   can’t tell you eh …
yasu     :   don’t tell me this is gonna be your new dorama …
noi        :   well  …
yasu     :   そして、朝ごはん …?
noi        :   Aaaah, OK OK …

Yes, i never have breakfast in all my life

and in fact i do still cry whenever people ask me to join their breakfast so i have to eat before11:00 AM because it will ruin my eat_time schedule and make me sick

my eat_time schedule is still the same like this …

Lunch     :    11:00 ~ 12:00 PM
Dinner     :     19:00  PM
Breakfast/Midninght Supper   :   11:00 PM ~ 12:00 AM (midnight)

I know it’s not normal, but thanks to how well my mother feed me and gave my snacks in add libitum way so i am perfectly fine with that.

but dunno why, recently  when see all those people gathered on town square every Sunday Morning to get some nice and yummy breakfast made think about try to do that.

I used to ask/say to my self

Why the  hell people love to go out on Sunday Morning, just for walking and having breakfast …?
Can’t they do that at home …???

then i found out if they all gong out every Sunday Morning like that, not only for the breakfast together, but also to have fun together with their family and friends every Sunday Morning.

Nah, that’s something that i never do.

Every Sunday Morning, there’s always 2 place that i belong to. My Office or my Bed. My Office because i still have lots of things to do or prepare for next Monday Morning and my Bedbecause i am too tired or get sick to go anywhere.

i think i will try to do that eh, try to be normal like other people is on my New Year’s Resolution


yasu    :     other than 1920 x 1080 …??
noi       :     i told you ne, it’s a joke …
yasu    :     then what else ….
noi       :     not many, but …

there you are ….

1.   Be more normal, by start to do what a normal people do …
2.   Buy a new DVD Player …

i still have that L’arc Live in  Kokuritsu and Fool Cool Rock Documentary DVD to play on my telly.

Yeah, i played them with my PC but i didn’t get the same feeling with when i watch Live DVDon my telly and also the upcoming ONE OK ROCK Album 35, there will be a DVD bonus ne  …

And i don’t have a proper DVD Player to play it.

So my DVD player was broken about last year maybe, and i keep buyin all those DVD but never think about to but a new DVD player.

maybe because i never play my DVD‘s especially Acid Black Cherry DVD. I only did once forINCUBUS single and that’s something i regret so much.

So next year for the next Acid Black Cherry New Album, i will wait patiently to download it so i don’t have to ruin my DVDs  …. #Amin

next resolution will be …

3.   Be more healthy, since i get sick often in this cruel 2014 …

Dunno what happen, this 2014 is the worst year for my health. I get sick lots than 2013. Maybe yeah, i am getting older but

it doesn’t mean by getting older i also have to get sick more right … ??

Simple things like rain and eat too much easily knocked me out. Can you imagine that?


yasu    :    aren’t you too old for that noi_chan  ….
noi       :    i know, i suppose i am the only adult who got sick because eat too much …
yasu    :    what about diet …?
noi       :    heeee ….

there’s no way i put diet as one of my new year’s resolution …

4.   make my mother happy …

as time goes by, it turned out to be so difficult to make her happy.

There’s always things that make her sad and cry. Mostly it’s all because of me and all her worries about what will happen to me if i don’t get marry soon.  …


Dear God,
Do i have to get marry just to make her happy …..???

next is ….

5.   Find another new hobby ….

i spent my time recently just watching all my telly series and managed to re-watch again allNCIS, CSI Las Vegas and Miami again. In one of the early episode of CSI Las Vegas,Grissom said about …

how people need to have a hobby for them to go to after they finished their job.

i never think this whatsoever i do in this blog and Acid Black Cherry fandom as a hobby. Rather than hobby, i kinda think about it as my obsession or works and theraphy maybe?

ah come on, people allowed to have obsession in their live right …???

so i agree with Grissom and recently found this Cross Stitching as my new hobby and

look everyone ….!!!


it’s almost done eh, now i just can’t wait to see the eyes and hair to be done, that means another 5 areas to do ne.

This is fun ne,

aah ya for all of you my friend in Instagram and Facebook must know how i love to upload my progress of making that. Actually i did that to try how my chance about joining this Cross Stich Competition next January if i my schedule not too busy …

and  ..

posted in your personal Facebook and get many likes is one of the criteria to  join,

so i am really sorry to make you all boring and annoyed with all of that e, but i also have another plan to make covers into Cross Stich like that then make it into a pillow case,

i think it would be nice to do while waiting until the album release.

So when the album release on February 2015, it would be perfect to put it together with a pillow with the same design case. If there’s some of you intersted, do tell me i will give you the pattern and floss color code  …

my last resolution will be …

6.   I want my heart to be free ….

free as free as The ULTRON with no strings attached …


i am getting tired of waiting and watching, and it’s getting worst when that day he managed to make Facebook as something that will hurt for me me to open. With all that post and ignore that really hurts me …

even i had no idea that’s gonna be hurt like that,  so this time i am gonna say as what Taurielsayin about love…

If this is love I do not want it. Take it from me Please, ….
Why does it hurt so much?

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000237704

yasu     :     no, no not again ….
noi        :     please, just say it ….
yasu     :     now i have to be Thranduil and say ” because it’s real ” …???
noi        :     only tonight, please …  *cryin*
yasu     :     but you can talk about my new album with him ..
noi        :    omo, really ya_san …..???  *stop cryin*




眠りない …. !!! Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Oita … (Another me, yasu and Charles Bronson)

ええー 。。。。

I am sayin lots of that 「ええー 。。。。」 recently, not because the disappointed feelings but i’d say it was because finally i’ve got the answer for my BIG Questions plus with those BIG Problems that will come in this season.

This forever summer season in here that make everyday hot as ever.

Things happened last week and until now we still haven’t find the solution because dealing with people who use society for their own personal issue.

and it affected to all of us, all people who live around here and do their living in here. I spent my days these week listening to all those people sayin, opinions about what we supposed to do with lots of meeting with no clear way out to deal it.

and it turned me to be chatty as hell in public recently.

As a person who do more monologue than dialogue, i always avoid to talk in public. And now when i have to do it, it turned out to be so hard to do eh because i am not sure they all understand what i was talking about, how it is supposed to be in my opinion.

Now i understand why yasu still sayin about nervous feeling he had during 「Shangri-la Meeting」.  I used to say …

eeh, really?

whenever i read about yasu felt nervous during Public Recording because i thought he is a public figure eh, so i suppose he must have dealing with all nervous feeling a long time ago …

now i give my TWO THUMBS UP to you my darling, regarded to all those talk you did on「Shangri-la Meeting」 all over Japan.

yasu      :    see what i mean now
noi         :    はい、わかりました …
yasu      :    you talked to who …?
noi         :    bunch of people. But in fact, i am not even sure they were listening to what all things i said.
yasu      :    they ignored you ?

What can i say eh,

after all,l things connected with money and people living is always not easy to handle because we are talking about bunch of people’s live and what they do for their living.

That unlike me, who still get a monthly salary they are different. As people who work using their muscle not brain they only get paid if they do their work, if they don’t then no money for them.

So what about their wife and children who’s waiting them at home? waiting for her husband, their daddy to come home with what else but money ….

yes, money it’s all about the money

I read a lot about people sayin about how money will never buy happiness. No offense eh, but for me personally that’s totally bullshit … !!!

Because people who say that, mostly are rich people children’s who don’t have to work their asses hard to make some money so they are free to talk about money that way.

Yes, money can’t buy your happiness, but  your parents credit card will do buy eh …?


yasu    :    hey noi_chan, what’s wrong with you …?
noi       :    i dunno …
yasu    :    did he dumped you again  …
noi        :   no, not really  ..
yasu     :   but he did ignore you ….

yeah, something like that …

OK, i’ll start this post with my 「Shangri-la」 Fangirl Homeworks ne. since i am so left behind. I mean  Project  「Shangri-la 」 ended months ago but thanks for how busy ( or you may say lazy ….xD) i am now i am still finishing 5th SEASON eh …

so i guess this Glamorous Sky – English ver. by HYDE is a perfect song for me tonight.

i am always left, away to go … !!!

so before i became more left away to go again, let’s begin this Whatsoever Fangirl Homework i made for and push myself to work on it.

This time is for this …

~      「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Oita

After succesfully completed Project 『Shangri-la』 in Shikoku, Acid Black Cherry landed to Kyushu. 5th Season finally entered Kyushu and the 1st is Oita Prefecture. On the 2nd day of April, 2014 「Shangri-la Meeting」 was held in Oita Prefecture. …


yasu      :     now, there’s a date …
noi         :     i suppose i have to put it
yasu      :     why …
noi         :     because it is Another Very Late Post eh, what else …

yasu      :     lazy … ?

It was the fist time for Acid Black Cherry came to Oita. And  as a matter of fact Oita was a city with connection to yasu, since his mother is from Oita.

「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Oita, a Public Recording with FM Oita started with this question from the MC

yasu_san, have you come to Oita several time?

Answer    :

no, we don’t come here much again.

Here (Oita) is my mother’s hometown, so when i was Elementary School, i often came here. This time i came here by train, but i had always came here by ferry.

So rather than Oita Station, i am more familiar with the harbour.


So as for the specialties of Oita, of course will meet Kabusu and Shiitake mushroom?

When i was child i really hate Shiitake mushroom. It often came out on grandmama’s house, but no child would have it right ?

I hated it, but now i love it (laugh)

and also mackerel, isn’t it? I also think about famous for hot springs. But as a child i always run in the mountain.

And my grandmama also kept a cow, it was a black beef cattle.

By the start of Project 『Shangri-la』 ~ Kyushu ・Okinawa district, next talk was about the impressions about all town that he already came around for this Project from 1st ~ 5th Season.

Followed by a question from the audience about how hard is to live alone and ask yasu what is he taking care by livin alone.

And his answered is by sayin how he enjoyed his first time to livin alone and the same problem that livin alone people deal is daily trash/garbage.

Then last is the specialties and dialect corner where yasu learned about Oita‘s dialect from the audience and apparently he was quite good.

next is ….

~   Acid Black Cherry表紙のCD&DLでーた2014年9-10月号

as you all know yasu is on the cover of September – October edition of CD&DL Data magazine. Not only that, they also gave a bonus poster of him (read : yasu).

OMG look at him, radiant as always eh …..

And what happened to the previous Arena Live Magazine (with yasu as the cover) happened again for this September – October edition of CD&DL Data magazine. I saw some fans didn’t managed to get it from their local bookstore or konbini like 7/11.

Then i checked on my fave (read : my common) on-line shop like CD Japan, HMV, YesAsia and even ebten it was also out of print. Even there’s still some that hey said as used but still in perfect condition on Amazon Japan for ¥ 1,989

I got that Out Of Print on my PC screen from CD Japan for my last Arena Live Magazine because something happened to my CC, so i have to buy on another store (Japan Only) which mean i couldn’t use my points and still had to use proxy and of course pay the proxy fee,

now my question is …

Why the hell CD Japan is always slow if about CD&DL Data Magazine….?

and of course this time i won’t that happened to me again so i asked my friend ( the one whom now i really enjoyed to bothered with my spam Javanese talk on twitter) to ordered it from HMV because CD Japan took forever to open their pe-order.

~    An Update from Team_ABC


yes i do wondering a lot what the hell is yasu doing right now, sp blimey …. !!!

wondering while keep waiting is what a fangirl will always do.

Wondering about when did he will give us at least a little clue about how’s the new single is gonna sounds like, how’s the cover … etc etc and many more.

finally yesterday Team_ABC updated The Official Blog and told us …

1.  what yasu was doing these days.  ….




as the man say ….

Recording the single again, today
so please wait


and they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) also told about the small earthquake happened in Kanto area and informed if our man (read : yasu) is okay.

When the small earthquake happened, he was inside elevator but  nothing happened to the elevator so he can go to the floor that he was going to ….

yasu is fine, よかったね ….


yasu     :     noi_chan, tell me.
noi        :     what …
yasu     :     you don’t even know if there’s small earthquake happened right …?
noi        :     omo ya_san, how did you know …

yes, i had no idea if there was small earthquake happened in Kanto area and now i knew it thanks to 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 post on The Official Blog.
But whether if i (or maybe some of you) know about it or not, the important thing is yasu is fine now and still doing recording for the new single.

aaah, there’s some orchestra involved eh …… *start to play Shangri – La*

2.  08.29.2014 a-nation Stadium fes.

a-nation 2014 stadium fes.0829
チャンネル  :  フジテレビNEXT
放送日時    :  2014年9月27日(土)19:00~21:00

informed that a-nation stadium fes 08.29 will be aired on Fuji TV – NEXT, Sunday, September 29th 2014 at 19:00 ~ 21:00 JST.

They also show about how to watch it, but as always, i think it is Japan Only.

I  also not sure if we can watch it on KeyHole TV ne, because even there’s Fuji TV channel there (mine channel 18) but that’s Fuji TV only right, not the Fuji TV – NEXT.


even though there’s some streaming media for Fuji TV – NEXT, but it’s OFFLINE and again i am not sure it will be ONLINE again especially now we are talking about Acid Black Cherry that somehow it’s always a little bit hard to get if we compared to other fandom.

Remember when they cut Acid Black Cherry part for a- nation’s Live Viewing? ….


noi        :     please don’t say that words, not tonight
yasu     :     what words …
noi        :     not tonight
yasu     :     poor noi_chan .. !!
noi        :    now you said it, i am talking about that words

Now, the only option left for a lazy fangirl with a slow as Capt. Slow internet connection like me is nothing but hoping somebody will record and share it somewhere …

and you, if some of you have a plan to do that, please do tell me OK and i will owe you forever just like how Jim Moriarty owe SHERLOCK HOLMES …. !!!


yasu     :    then what, gonna watch it together?
noi        :    and have some tea ne, you know SHERLOCK and Jim also had tea together …
yasu     :    what the   …
noi        :    that would be lovely 

3.   JSBN WEB –   Cover Interview “Acid Black Cherry”


image (1)

you can read it in here :   http://jsbn.gr.jp/2014/09/08/cover-interview-acid-black-cherry/

next  is ….

~    This Whatsoever Update from Me …

this time is for …

The rest of 4th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK


and the beginning of  5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』PHOTOBOOK is



Enjoii ….!!

and next is …

this something that i think i have to post it in here along time ago, not by replying some private messages  …

For all of you who read my blogs, i am sure you all know how my way of writing here. Yes i am talking about how i put some dialogue between yasu and noi_chan that actually it is a monologue from the crazy woman who wrote it.

I know by writing that thing that supposed to be something that You Don’t Ask, I Don’t Tell, but You Have to Know Just by Reading, will ruin a fantasy for some of you.

I know it happen to some of you who read my blogs because some of you were send me messages and asked about it. And when i told the truth, i know i just ruined their 2 almost 3 years fantasies just by the way they wrote me back.

I am really sorry for that ….

So i suppose it is better for me to say it here, the 3 main fact about this blog that you have to aware …

1.   All those dialogue, actually is a monologue, because
2.   I never and will never talk or have some chit chat with yasu, and last but not least is ..
3.   yasu, he doesn’t speak English.


Actually this is kinda bit funny for me to think about eh, somehow it remind me to Khaleed Hosseini’s book : The Kite Runner which is one of my fave book.


If you already read that book, surely you know how they both love Charles Bronson thanks to how many times they watch him on The Magnificent Seven.

And when Amir‘s father went to Iran, Amir and Hassan asked him to take them along because they want to meet Charles Bronson


Apparently, they thought Charles Bronson is an Iranian thanks to The Magnificent Seven movie that they always watch in the cinema is dubbed in Iranian language.

FYI this movie The Magnificent Seven is an old American movie,1960 exactly. And this movie is a re-make (or an American version …? ) of Akira Kurosawa‘s 1954 Seven Samurai.

Aaand don’t say you are a fans of cowboy movie if you haven’t see this movie. Because for me this movie as what the title say is magnificent just like the original version.

Hello everyone, we are talking about Charles Bronson and how perfect he was with the axe  …. !!!


Ah ya, back to The Kite Runner book I’d say that’s my fave part ne, and now there’s some of my readers


yasu       :    your what ….
noi          :    readers eh, not leader …
yasu       :    yeah, right …
noi          :    since i am the writer eh …

i repeat …

I’d say the part when Amir and Hassan thought if is Charles Bronson is an Iranian because he is speaking Iranian in the movie is my fave part ne, and now there’s some of my readers who really think yasu is talking in English just because i wrote this blog in English

Trust me, i really want to wrote that dialogue in Japanese but since my Japanese isn’t that good i am afraid it will change what i was really mean.

So everyone, yes yasu doesn’t speak in English, and …

even at sometime later he finally able to speak English fluently, i am sure he will not talk that too much telly influence way of talking like to noi_chan in here.

Then last but not least this is something that really bother me until today …


I know i often wrote something like that because it’s funny eh. Some situation that lead noi_chan to talk about movie and then yasu will say how boring is that …. etc etc.

Yeah, i think that was funny and it is true.

I am a movie freaks with nothing to be happy but watching movies and eat instant noodles on holidays.

But not funny when that dialogue/monologue came to happen in my real life. So during a must have been lovely conversation with somebody, i suddenly talk too much about movie and i got this reply ….

noi_chan, もういい よ …. !!!

same reply with what i wrote on my blog how yasu will say if noi_chan talk too much about movie.

Again, that’s not funny anymore, because …

it hurt me somehow …


yasu     :     which part of you get hurt ….?
noi        :      ここに, 僕の心, …
yasu     :      僕 …?
noi        :      eh no, i mean 私の心 … .
yasu     :      i told you ne, don’t talk movie with him
noi        :     then, do tell me, what should i do now

~ owari ~

FUBAR Post : 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Ibaraki … (Another me, yasu, The Visual and non Visual Kei)


Now, let me tell you about Michael 

of course this Michael is not Michael Corleone from The Godfather, sure you all already see that movie ne and if you haven’t then watch it and you have to.


yasu     :     why ….
noi        :     ah come on, who the hell haven’t seen 
The Godfather …
yasu     :     not everyone crazy about movie like you
noi        :     but still, it’s 
The Godfather eh, Don VitoMichael …
yasu     :     noi_chan, もういいね 。。。

very well, back to Michael ne and I’d say if i have to put myself on The Godfathermovie i think i am gonna be Tom Hagen.


as you know he was an orphanage child who spent his entire winter in New York‘s street, and then he meet Sonny who brought him home with him.

Don Vito took him in the family even he is still use Hagen as his last name, and the we all know him as Don Vito‘s consigliere.

 The epic scene i remember about him of course is when Don Vito sent him toHollywoodCalifornia to convince a movie studio-head named Jack Woltz to giveJohnny Fontane a lead role on his new movie. And it ended with a horse head complete with blood on Jack Woltz‘s clean sheet with him only able to say

Who you were with? I didn’t know who you were with …

yes, that’s how my situation is now. Worked for the father and then for the son. Not Like father like son, this Michael with his way of driving me crazy to figure out how his way of thinking exactly is. What he wants, what did i do wrong while everything i do seems wrong for him.

sometimes when things get hard i always ended cryin in the bathroom, or post some this childish post of I HATE YOU MICHAEL on my Facebook status or twitter. But yesterday he did something that i never imagine. He did all the talks in our last meeting, i mean it feels like a bless for me especially in this time where i couldn’t speak well.

Now think he is not that bad/evil at all, there’s some good things about him in my eyes now. I also found out if he is kinda wise in some way, unlike me who always mad and couldn’t control myself to say bad things to others when i mad.

For example,

days ago when i totally forgot if i was logged out from my Facebook account then using my other account i open one of my friend’s Facebook and shocked when i see i am not one of his friends.

Then i was like

Whuut, did he un_friend me? … bla bla bla …

and then with not bother to think again, i sent him message with my messy Japanese and then deleted a long conversation we had there. I can’t even remember what did i wrote to him, but i am sure that must be really rude in some way.

Then after that, i was like …

omo what did i do ….?


yasu       :      what did you say …
noi          :      can’t remember ne, omo now what am i gonna do now  …
yasu       :      don’t ask me
noi          :       Eh god, he asked me 
what is wrong with you …? now i asked to myself  ….

What is wrong with me …?

yasu      :      why did you do that  …?
noi         :      i dunno. I don’t even dare to turn on my FB chat now. 

I just feel so bad, i suppose everything is wrong with me now and i think i better lock myself inside Limbo forever.

that’s why Michael is ways more better than me.

Even If he acted like an evil to me, that’s because he had to do that as part of his part time job as an evil. So from now on, just like i how i promise i wont call Scarlet Johansson with ScarJo again,


As Black Widow (Agent Natasha Romanov) she is totally awesome, isn’t she?

Recently in an interview with Glamours magazine, she said she can’t stand about how everyone call her ScarJo because for her it sounds tacky, lazy and there some insulting on it.

Then i also promise i won’t say anything bad about Michael again, even maybe i will still cry in the bathroom if he screwed my day.

OK, enough about that, and now let’s continue this fangirl homework first  …

~    「Shangri-la」 Live ~  Ibaraki …

「Shangri-la」Project in Ibaraki started with 「Shangri-la」 Meeting and the followed with Live after 8 years since BLACK LIST TOUR in 2008.

The Live, it was held in Ibaraki Prefectural Center Main Hall.

as for yasu, he also thought about how from all venues for Kanto Tour, Ibaraki venueis the smallest but somehow the voices of the audience sounded really big.

as always, started with this …

~   Local Gourmet Introduction Corner 

Ibarakii’s gourmets that greeted yasu with 「おかえり♡」 for his comin to  Ibaraki after 8 years ago are Salmon cheese grilled and vegetables, green salad, Mito special ramen, potato miso soup and speaking of Ibaraki,

not forget also this yasu‘s favourite …


「水戸納豆」/「Mito Natto」

the previous day on  「Shangri-la」 Meeting yasu was told by the audience to eat that. Some says Kansai people not into natto, but in fact yasu loves natto, he eat it almost everyday.

Then in the dressing room after meal, it was became a Tropical talk because it was still winter like i want to do banana boat or snorkling and then it turned out to be winter sport talk and Ozaki Yutaka somehow.


and then,

~   question selected on the Question Corner is

Members, do you have car? and what was your first car …?

yasu‘s answer is …

though i also wanted the same cars as SHUSE on my younger time, but unfortunately it takes money which i wasn’t able to have.

so in my case i came out after in Tokyo i have got into a car. I bought a used red wine color 「Fairlady Z」 that i longed for that time. It was pretty tattered because it’s used (laugh). I got in the swing, and i also custom plenty too. When i entered gas station i didn’t go diagonally, i rubbed it)

there’s such a memory when i picked up SHUSE and drove in high speed, somehow i felt fun and young.

next is

~   The SetList 

『Shangri-la』 Live 24.02.2014 ~ Ibaraki Cultural Center Hall 

Set List

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Murder Licence (request)
15. Aishitenai (request)
16. cord name 【JUSTICE】
17. 20+∞Century Boys

and surely is my fave part …

~   The Kewpie


ibaraki QP

credit  :  @Yasuの女

just like what they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry) wrote as yasu‘s fave food, so yes it is a

納豆/Natto …

aand, fu fu fu everyone because i have it …


that’s so adorable baby, isn’t it?

Talking about natto ne, i heard and read a lot about it but still i never eat natto in my whole life so maybe on my next Japan trip this time i am gonna try it ….

next is for the …

~    Whatsoever Update ..

these two images below are for Kyoto Live part, and as you know there’s 2 part Live(Day 1 and Day 2) so here is

Day 1


while this one is not for Day 2, but this is for

B-PASS May, 2014 


Enjoii …. !!! 

and next is …

~  yasu on Radio, Telly and web ..

as i always say i am a fangirl, and i love being a fangirl.

Especially on this kind of Season like this 「Shangri-la」  Season where i can see and listen to yasu all over radio and telly in Japan that of course i wouldn’t never able to do that if there’s no very kind person like

闇Rodem さん with her lovely blog.

I actually kinda follow her blog even i never add comment, because my Japaneseisn’t that good. And also she is not Yukki who often talk to me and always get what i said even i wrote it wrongly.

So i was afraid if maybe said it wrongly and i don’t want that to be happen. But finally i added a comment to one of her post and it was only a simple おめでとう …but she replied me nicely and in English.

That is just make me so happy ne ….

I always love to read people’s blog ne, especially now when i started to learnJapanese seriously (for who ….?) . Not only 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】’s Official Blog, but also Yukki‘s blog or even other people’s blog that’s not ABC related to.

So i when i have nothing to do at office i start to read people’ that i follow in Ameba while tryin to understand what they actually wanted to say and share. Sometimes, i got stuck on one person’s blog for long time because i didn’t get what he/she said.

and when i finally get it, i laughed like idiot alone …

Well, back to radio and telly as we know how everyone is on internet with their various social networks or blogs, nah for me that’s the interesting part. Where i searching on the radio web for the DJ or staff’s blog while hoping they will put some photo of yasu there.

Here some of it  …

1.  from FM Fukuoka’s BLOG 


i love how they wrote …


2.  From TOS TV ~ Oita’s BLOG 


Tomohiko Tanabe, the host of that Spark Wave Show who wrote that said about how he was so excited to interviewed yasu since he is already listen to yasu‘s songs since he was in high school.

3.  「Shangri-la」 Meeting in Saga report 



source   :   http://www.saga-s.co.jp/news/saga.0.2663876.article.html

aaand let’s talk about this  …

~     my next Japan Trip that i am so sexcited about.

This time, my sexcitement is bigger than the previous trip not only because i i made lots of plans to do there but also finally i decided to visit Osaka.

So drum roll please, because  …..

Osaka, I am coming …. !!!

Actually this Osaka visit is 100% coincidence thanks to Air Asia. When i booked my flight, the price for Jakarta ~ HanedaHaneda ~ Jakarta was more expensive thanJakarta ~ Kansai KIXKansai KIX ~ Jakarta.

Then i also think about tryin for a ride on Shinkansen, and because the price forJakarta ~ Haneda and Jakarta ~ Kansai KIX‘s ticket price on May 26th my leaving is the same so i decided to make my flight like this …

BlBWcujCAAAjoQa.jpg large

without bother to see again for the boarding time.

I thought it was May 30th11:00 PM not 11:00 AM. But maybe because i don’t want anybody know about that fool mistake i made,  i still think hard how to make me arrive to Kansai KIX at 11:00 AM from Tokyo.

Google_ed and asked and then it ended with it’s impossible to me to do that no matter how fast and earlier Shinkansen (from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka Station) andLimited Express Haruka (from Shin-Osaka Station to Kansai KIX)  i took.

Not only that,

don’t forget about how i always be the Idiot Abroad, surely it will took me forever to find where is my platform, train both in Tokyo Grand and Shin-Osaka Station and ended with me missed my flight and acted like this …


then what am i supposed to do if that’s really happen ….?

i can do nothing but buy another ticket back to home and that is not gonna cheap surely . But rather than do that, i finally changed my flight schedule into this …


now i’ll try to make a simple itinerary for my next visa application that i haven’t prepare at all. My last visit to Japan fo the itinerary i only copy and change some parts from my friend because 2 years ago i didn’t want to do anything but to seeyasu.

I even got lost when i wanted to go to Tokyo Tower, what i did was back to my hotel and on my way to my hotel i went to some food bazaar in front of Shibuya Crossand ate all food sample there then spent my last eve in Japan watch a movie inToho Cinema.

It was James Bond movie with Japanese subtitle of course

but thank god it wasn’t dubbed to Japanese so i still able to enjoy the movie. In fact i was kinda bother people who sat next to me because i said almost Mr. Bond‘s line like i was at home and nobody but me watch that movie.

Then i stopped talking following Mr. Bond when a girl next to me say something iJapanese that i didn’t get the whole meaning but it was her polite way to say SHUT UP … !!! to me.

let’s start  …

1.  Day One (Tokyo) 

Arrived at hotel, get some rest. I will just hang around Tokyo while start to do my search how to go to Budokan from Ginza. Yes, i am gonna stay in hotel aroundGinza and don’t ask me why

because i dunno why the hell i choose that hotel …


yasu     :     stop sayin that i dunno …
noi        :     but i really dunno eh …
yasu     :     then …
noi        :     i dunno ..

then because May 27th is the 1st Day of 「Shangri-la」 Live at Budokan, so i suppose when i finally got there i can buy the GOODS as well eh, so on May 29th i don’t have to go on line to buy GOODS again. And after that maybe i will only sit there listening to sounds from inside …

Talking about 「Shangri-la」 Encore and Final GOODS ne, …

Actually i never think if there will be this 「Shangri-la」 Encore and Final GOODS. I thought even they call it as 「Shangri-la」 Encore and Final Live but there will be no new GOODS to buy again.

So i made some stuffs list to buy (non ABC stuffs) like Sailor Moon T-ShirtDVDs;Akihide’s new Album and of course L’arc~en~Ciel new single 「Everlasting」.

But then when i see all of that, i am just who i am ne, the same greed and want everything.

And also because this time i am gonna go there so i think i will do this thing that i always do. Hopefully this upcoming 「Shangri-la」 Live at Budokan May 29th is gonna be my Dream Come True ABC Live i ever see because everything is OK from …

~   i go alone,
~   there’s kewpie on the 
GOODS list and i hope
~   there will be 
Nemuri Hime on the Set List …

nah if that happen then my Dream Live of Acid Black Cherry will came true and i’ll be completed again by yasu.

2. Day 2 (Tokyo) 

The 2nd day, May 28th i think i will find again Tokyo Tower because i didn’t find the correct way to go there and i was too tired that time, and then go to cinema to see this

i asked for two tickets btw so i am gonna ask my friend to join me.

Actually it’s been almost a week i watch all ONE OK ROCK Live DVDs and then now i know for sure why people say Acid Black Cherry or L’arc~en~Ciel as Visual-Keiband no matter what. I remember i read about HYDE sayin how L’arc~en~Ciel is still considered as Visual-Kei band because they use some outfit and make up on stage.

Watching ONE OK ROCK Live DVD surprised me for the first time, all this time i only listen to them without bother to watch their DVD or Live Performance even i have their last Live in Yokohama Arena as MP3 file.

Then on my fist time got ONE OK ROCK visually i was like

heee, they will only like that ….?

i mean with only simple jeans and shirt with no special outfit or Visual-Kei make up. That’s kinda new for me with my limited band/artist to watch Live on Stage.

compared to that Acid Black Cherry who even had a Visual-Kei secret make talk up on Erect Live MC. That’s so way far differently.

But again Visual-Kei or not, it is still the same Acid Black Cherry for me.

because my 1st time found out about Acid Black Cherry was not by DVD or Live Performances btw (i am not talking about Janne’s Live DVD ne). It was also from only sounds first because i didn’t have much access to internet to get

yasu      :     get ….
noi         :     get the access ne …
yasu      :     in other way is ..
noi        :      Okay, DL … 

and then when i start to searched and finally able to watch Acid Black Cherryvisually i love yasu more and i’d say the visual was some additional (but THE BIG one) bonus for me.

The important is still the music.

Now, when i see people/fans who doesn’t like about seeing Acid Black Cherry called as Visual Kei band i just hope they will let it go because it is still Visual Kei anyway no matter how less are the fanservis on Acid Black Cherry Live recently. …

Back to ONE OK ROCK ne,

when i watch their Live DVD i was busy to see the drummer Tomoya who is very busy with all his stuffs and sometimes kinda bothered by his hair but then when he lookUP and smilin, i was like  ….

きゃー ….. !!!  *falling down with London Brigde*

And also i love how the vocalist Taka move his hand when he is singing like this …

back to the itinerary next is …

3.  Day 3 (Tokyo) 

May 29th, is the Live Day so i will be in Budokan.

But because i already bought the GOODS on May 27th so i suppose i am not gonna be there in the morning like the previous Erect Live i went to Yoyogi at 08:00 AMwhile the Live started at 18:00 PM 

not this time,

I will go around Shinjuku in the morning,

to find  the scene where Jacky Chan did his 1st murder in the movie on Shinjuku Incident. Dun worry i did some research about that and wish me luck to go be able go back to Budokan straight from Shinjuku …

Ah ya, i have to find out the route go to Budokan from that Jacky scene in Shinjukune …. *noted*

yasu     :     not again noi_chan,
noi        :     what …
yasu     :     you said you already forgive him
noi        :     yes, i forgive but not forget …

then Day 4 i suppose this is my last day in Tokyo and then move to Osaka. I’ll think about this again and write it on the next post.

Aaand by the way busway everyone …

blimey, maybe i watch too much ONE OK ROCK DVD then suddenly 3 days ago i wanna hair like Taka ne. Like this one on This is My Budokan Live  

I suppose if i don’t brush my hair about a week i think my hair is gonna look like that, but Yukki said that’s not a good idea. She said …

Hair like Yasunori is good but like Taka is not a good idea. Ah i always love whenYukki wrote yasu complete as Yasunori … xD

でも ね、, Taka he is kinda cute  …. ha ha ha 

yasu     :    every guy is cute in your eyes now …
noi        :    hee of course not …
yasu     :    so why don’t you have a hair like your 
Captain he is also cute
noi        :   heee like 
Captain Rogers ? ,,, 

~  owari~

Friday Post : 『 Shangri-la 』 Live ~ Kanagawa … (another me, yasu and 1hyde …xD)


Look how messy is my Winamp Play List …

as messed up as what i feel now …


it was forever ago since i fix it. I should fix it again make some proper PlayList ne, maybe that’s because i am listening to song depends on my mood so i don’t have any particular PlayList arranged well both on my PC or mobile phone MP3 Player.

And since yesterday after watching some local telly show that my mom always watch every night, suddenly i listen to this song a lot. It’s some local Indonesian band that i never listen to, but suddenly after that show last night i can’t stop listening to it …

Well see how changable i am …?

enough about that, now let’s back to 『 Shangri-la 』 ne, i suppose i have to finish the 4th Season ne because The 5th Season is already ON … !!!

so there you are …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa  …

Two days after the interaction event  『Shangri-la』 Meeting, the Live was held at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa after two years ago’s TOUR 『2012』.

and as always, they started the blog post with Local Gourmet corner.

This time, Kanagawa‘s local gourmet that welcomed yasu in the venue was 「カツの卵とじ」/「Katsu no Tamagotoji」/「Flip egg cutlet 」; green salad, some fish cake and deep fried tofu.

and this …


Shiumai of Kiyoken ….

in this special gourmet, this 「シュウマイ」/「shūmai」/pork dumpling is referred as 「シウマイ」/「Siumai」. What a nice word changing ne, and with that notation, that must be very delicious (ウマイ), as a traditional taste that begun to sell since 1928.


Then the question selected on the Question Corner was …

Because it’s Valentine tomorrow, please tell your Valentine legend episode from the begining band acitivity …

and yasu said

he received his first chocolate on his 5th Grade on Elementary School.

well, he must be popular boy at school ne.

Talking about Valentine and chocolate ne,  maybe because in my country (especially my village) there’s no such things as Valentine to celebrate.

Even of course when i was on high school, there was some of my friends who got into that Valentine euphoria and did that sending chocolate for boys they have a crush on to, but somehow i always got skipped by that Valentine euphoria every year

so in my whole life i never give or receive any chocolate …

yasu      :     poor noi_chan …
noi         :     i suppose Love and Valentine are not my division since a long time ago ne …
yasu      :     don’t say now you want a chocolate …
noi         :     yes, i want one most delicious Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar
yasu      :    you’re late, Valentine is over …

ha ha ha yeah, this is a very late post ne aaand …

ah ya, on last Valentine i read about this something that i call as The Modern SPELL MAGIC. How girls in cook chocolate that they will give to someone that they in love to and insanely they put their hair or menstruation blood to the chocolate, and the worst part is …

it became a trend … ?  @_@  #JustWhuutTheHell …

OMG so that kind of thing also happened to a modern world ne, and on a Valentine Day euphoria? I thought that’s only happen here in my village.

But the different is in here they don’t put it on the chocolate they made but in to a coffee.

It’s a common things that a woman (the wicked/bitch/u_appropiate woman) do, mostly they are some mistress or a whore who is in love to a married man, and she already did everything to make that man leave his family to be with her but nothing’s worked.

Then she choose the last option to use what God gave her every month as powerfull SPELL MAGIC.

As what i heard, it’s always worked because one of my best friend told me how her father leave her mother and her for another woman after that woman that she often called as Sundal (bicth) did that to her father.

so i know that’s a very powerful SPELL MAGIC to get a man, but of course i am not gonna do that to Mr. Friday ne. I mean how am i gonna do that and also it’s an action followed with very BIG SIN and sure i don’t wont another Kick to Hell because of that.

OK, back to the topic, now is  The Set List ..

『Shangri-la』 Live 13.02.2014 : Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall ~ Kanagawa SetList

01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kmisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. CRISIS (request)
15. Pistol (request)
16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri – la

and the kewpies

OMG this one is my fave



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s a Marine chan …. !!!

that’s so adorable eh, i think that’s the most adorable kewpie from all and i luv it. I hope i am gonna get that ne. Because i asked to somebody who went to the previous 『Shangri-la』 Live  in NHK Hall.

then next is this …

~ Whatsoever Update …

this time is for Toyama, …


and  Live Digest & Offshoot nagano ~ Toyama


i can’t believe i have to do that twice since i did that last week but i couldn’t find the files in my PC. I dunno why, maybe it was erased accidentally ne because i left my files in one PC the to other PC like a whore  …

Just enjoiiii it anyway …

and finally this …

~    Secret Live and Free Live Interview from Erect Pamphlet


just click on the image and it will bring you to my Facebook Note

and then,

look finally they revealed the B2 Regular Poster bonus for the upcoming New Single 君がいない、あの日から・・・

eh God, what am i suppose to say about this ne. Now i have nothing left to say about that yasu looks like that. I suppose now i need another new phrase of Kawaii for him because when he looks like that,

That’s beyond Kawaiii ….. @_@

talking about poster ne, …

Today, the 6th day of March ne and it’s still a long way from the election day on April 9th 2014 but the euphoria is already ON … !!! since the beginning of February, aaand ….

Friday, Friday, Mr. Friday is everywhere ….!!!

Campaigns are everyday, and posters from different candidates are posted everywhere, including Mr. Friday. And 3 days ago my mother gave me a poster sticker of Mr. Friday. She said it was given by his mother so we can put it on our wall.

OMG can you all imagine ne …

Now i have a sticker poster of Mr. Friday …. #Whaaaa


yasu        :      really noi_chan, a new single from Friday …?
noi           :      no, this is a campaign poster because Mr. Friday, he runs for election this year …
yasu        :      for what, a president …?
noi           :      yes, as the President of My Heart …
yasu        :      go away …

Her Majesty is the only one in our home who is so excited about this upcoming election, she told me if there’s a money offer from some candidate if we want to choose him.

Normally they will give 30,000 ~  50,000 IDR for each vote depend on how rich/how much money the candidates have. In our home, Her Majesty could only sell 2 votes (mine and her) since my sister is a government officer.

Then let just say they will buy for 50,000 IDR she will get …

2 vote x 3 times voting (regional, province and national) x 50,000 = 300,000

OMG no wonder she talks a lot about election recently,

Don’t be surprised everyone, this kind of selling vote is normal in my country. I don’t say to all the candidates but i see most of them are doing the same thing, but i haven’t heard anything about money offering from Mr. Friday. Ah, maybe not yet ….

enough about Mr. Friday, now let’s continue to this

King HYDE‘s first tweet on twitter …

from this  http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/

i wonder why poeple there sayin how being on twitter and post something there will turned HYDE into BAKA HYDE? and how twitter will only give bad effect on him. I wish they would see it in other point of view.

After all that’s VAMPS account ne not HYDE‘s personal account.

What if these recent time HYDE want to bemore close to his fans, and make them possible to say maybe a simple HelloHYDE, I Love You HYDE or Good Night HYDE without them have to log in to HYDE’s Room?

As you all know to be able to log in to HYDE’s Room then you can type something to HYDE we have join FanClubs (VampsAddict or Le-Ciel) and that’s not free …

But the most interesting part of that blog post is about this …


1hyde = 156

that’s not for how tall is HYDE (since i heard about him sayin he is 160 or something on The HYDE Book) but that’s a new standart of counting/measurement since 156 is probihited to say, then they (who ever they are) changed it into 1hyde .

So if 1hyde = 156, then i should be ….

1hyde minus 1 or 0,993 hyde …?

yasu    :   minus 1 …?
noi       :   ah just 0,007 hyde less ne, nobody is gonna put that on HISTORY ..
yasu    :   you don’t even erach 1hyde …?
noi       :   OK yes, i am short ..
yasu    :   eeh, i didn’t say that …

and then the best part (or the worst part … xD) of this blog is …

~   My Rambling …

so this March started with ….

#  Me, being broken_heart_ed because there’s no Oscar for Leo again this year …


Yes, i am sad and broken heart_ed and dramatic about this , so what ….?

my heart was broken than night just by looking at this Leo came after and hug Matthew Mac.

I dunno why, maybe because every year, i always wait and hope there will be at least one Oscar for Leo. just like how i use to waited for an Oscar for Sandy (Sandra Bullock) and when she got it in 2010, i was never so happy watching Oscar.

Leo. ne, you  all know he nominated often but always came back home with nothing.

Yeah, that was sad ne but i still hope maybe next year the time when Leo will hold Oscar on his hand will finally come. Because he is a brilliant actor ne, and he deserve that.

#  Me, couldn’t control my anger to other,

so started this March, there was a merger in this company so now i have to handle 2 factories. And the first week was like hell, everyone did nothing but complain to me, They want me to approve everything fast, while on the other hand my boss want details for everything.

It’s very far than my imagination when i said OK to do this .

yes, of course 1 is will be forever different from 2, but the problem in here is the people. Some new people to handle and talk to that i don’t know much about most of them.

They also know nothing about me. so there’s some miss understanding happen between us when i want it with my way they want it with they way …

and me, as always i was mad and said some bad things to them without bother to ask before. Eeeh, what is wrong with me? i know all this changing are stressed me but it was never be a reason to justified my badmouthing for them …

what a very bad Noi i was …


noi         :    nee ya_san, let me ask you again ….
yasu     :     what …?
noi         :     do you like mean girl …
yasu      :    stop ask the same question, the answer is still the same …
noi         :     ahh …

not only end with that, my boss suddenly turned into a very evil one, he check and check everything in details. My phone nonstrop rang yesterday because of him calling and tell about so many wrongs in my reports.

I had to make it all over again.

He said he trust me to handle 2 factories now, so i have to give him my best and tryin to get along with his way of thinking. Somehow i feel like there’s someone put something very huge on my shoulders.

I feel like  i am the foolish person in this universe. I really wanna cry, but i can’t because the clock is ticking and i’d be ran out of time if if cried …

and tomorrow is Friday, ah Mr. Friday come all over me again then suddenly i feel …

人生、大変ですね ….


yasu      :     hmm since he never see you …
noi         :     what …?
yasu      :     that’s not gonna go anywhere ne …
noi         :     ah, そうだね …


FUBAR Post : Shangri-la 」Meeting ~ Kanagawa .. (another me, yasu and The Following Division xD)


i open my Facebook (read : the new one … xD) and get whoaaa …. !!!!_ed by this ….

team abc fb

They (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) changed their Facebook cover like that days ago,

and i think they also did the same thing to the The Official Blog header but they changed it back into Kuroneko cover even they already changed Ameba profile picture same as profile picture from Official  Home Page and Website ….



i suppose they decided to wait until the Release Day ne ..



OMG , #nyaaaa  ….. *droooling like never drool before*

i think yasu and his 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 shouldn’t make me drooling so many times in a day like this ne, i am afraid if drool like an idiot in more than 3 days then what happen to me is …

I will end as The Queen of Troll instead of The Queen of The World ….


noi         :    Troll eh, やばい な。。
yasu      :    but still as the queen …
noi         :    that’s impossible, because when i took my Middle Earth test, i got Elf
yasu     :     you?, no way …
noi         :    yes way, that’s why Legolas is MINE …. aha ha ha ha …

i am proudly sayin how i’m totally fine with the other covers (read : w/ DVD and Special Price) but not to that CD Only cover ne, i told you all how that frustrate me in some way that i couldn’t understand before? now thanks to Christine, i get it why and what the hell i am having this now.

This over sexciting of fangirlism inside me ….

that is sooo not right ne …


yasu     :    that cover is totally fine …
noi        :    not the cover, but me having this over sexciting  …
yasu     :    what’s not right?
noi        :    i am too old for that, eh …
yasu     :    you are too old for everything then … *laugh*

heee ….

ah ya, talking about  【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ne, look at this …


It was posted on team_yasu group on Facebook by one of the member named Konata Yumiko. I didn’t realized that but she did, good job eh.

So finally after years on twitter 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 followed 1 twitter account. It was a twipple for Android or something. But then about 2 days latter until now, it becomin back like this again …


they just back not following anybody. So what the hell was happen?

Is that a mistake or they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) are just so changeable like me and Jim Moriarty ? ….xD.

Ah who knows ne, but one thing i know for sure about 【Team Acid Black Cherry】

Following is not Their Division …

because look at this so many people with yasu who fans or yasu himself often call it as staff_san or something like that …


surely all of them are from many different divisions on 【Team Acid Black Cherry】/yasu‘s team like stylist, lightning, make up, catering and accounting … etc etc, but i am sure there’s no Following Division there  … xD

or maybe there’s this Fans Only sign on The Following Division?.

OK let’s think about that later, because now i think i better back to 「Shangri-la 」 and finish this whatsoever homework i made for myself.

This time is …

~    「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~   Kanagawa

after finished Live Performance in Tochigi (that i mistakenly wrote it as Togichi, blimey …xD) they moved to the next prefecture. It is Kanagawa prefecture, started it with 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting .

Held at noon and that day was a public holiday where lots of people gathered in the venue to meet and greet with yasu. the venue Queen Square Yokohama, a venue of a complete shopping mall, Queen Tower, hotel and office buildings.

The Meeting started with Public Recording with FM Yokohama, talked about various things like the previous Live in Tochigi and Project 「Shangri-la 」 it self.

he also said about how different is the previous 3rd Season around Kansai with this around Kanto area. He said how Kansai has a unique power and atmosphere while Kanto area is more style feeling …

it’s simply because yasu is from Osaka, he is a Kansai man himself and style feeling? i suppose that’s what a Metropolitan area should give us ne  …. xD

then he also tried to hear a recommended spot in Kanagawa to come from the audience in the venue.

They gave Enoshima, i suppose that’s an island eh …


and the story of this 「Shangri-la 」  Meeting will be OA March 11th (Tuesday) on FM Yokohama.

next is this ….

~   Whatsoever next Episode from me …

this is for Ishikawa Part


Enjoiii …. !!

Talking about Facebook, ah how am i supposed to say this eh,

So i had no idea if by de_activated my Facebook will make all the links that i posted here ended with everyone who clicked on it get this blue thumb with a bandage image like this.


until somebody told me about that, but  today i re_activated that again ne, so i suppose it will be available anymore. For the whatsoever inconveniet about finding a wacky blue thumb on your PC,

i am so sorry ooo ….  *bounce*

and then …

~   This yasu as cover for March Live DAM Express  …

dam express

details in here :  http://www.clubdam.com/dam

i hope there will be some message video from yasu on DAM Channel like when he did for Shojo no Inori III single there. That would be lovely as this …

~   MJTV 「Shangri-la 」  Meeting in Nara

that finally UP …


just click on the image and it will bring you to the Dailymotion video. OMG that’s so lovely yasu ne, then it’s …

~   My 1st Hello to Weekend …..

lemme say ….

Hello Weekend …!!!!

finally ne, after all this time in my whole career working in this company for almost 8 years i never feel about having a regular weekend.  I started to work in this company where i am working now about one year after my graduation.

I spent about a year at home to babysit my nephew Ipank since he was 3 months old until more than a year. So yeah, i am a very professional babysitter as well as a governess for his older brother.

I suppose you all know what is the different between a babysitter and a governess ne. If you don’t then let me en_light you all

a baby sitter job is only to take care a baby, while a governess if for children. Usually a very rich family like Capt. Von Trapp‘s family hired a governess to help their children study at home.  Ah ya, you know like Maria Rainer on The Sounds of Music nah i think she is the most famous governess.

sound of music3

God, i love this movie so much ne …

In marine terms you may say i am a career soldier who earn his/her position by joining wars. I started to work from down, as the probie (one that do anythings, go there and there nonstop) because until now i am the youngest among all my office_mates.

I am glad with where i am now, in this position i think i have achieved my career dream.


Like that lovely miss Phryne Fisher who livin her dream as a Lady Detective, i am also livin my dream as whatsoever i am doing now for livin.


yasu       :      as what …?
noi          :      as a Police Inspector, don’t you remember i am Inspector Himura ne …
yasu       :      but you said she is retired
noi          :      of course not. I can’t be Sailor Moon but as Inspector Himura i will do my best to protect you …

I remember when i was still on collage because we had not enough money, my father sent me to live at my cousin’s home.

everyday i saw how my cousin as a career woman who went to office at 07:00 AM and back to home at midnight. She was a very busy woman with a great and shinny career in accounting division of some quite famous company here.

Then i said to my self that’s how i supposed to be after i graduate and even i spent 4 years studied and graduated as veterinary, i still said …

Accounting, that’s my division …

See from animal care to accounting, yeah that’s pretty long jump i had those days, even i have to wait for a year as a babysitter but i finally made it.

Apparently what i saw on my teenage collage time it wasn’t the whole package because i didn’t see the stress and whole bunch of papers and reports are always waiting to do.


It’s not easy, even it’s very hard even until now i work hard,  as hard as  that Tom Hardy on Warrior movie that i am sure you all already watch.

All weekends that i had was just maybe once in two months where i can stay a whole day at home or our annual Ied Holiday.

but Thank God, now everything’s different ne,

because there’s this new policy that give me 4 days off in one month, started next moth. OMG i am already so freakin happy just by imagine it ne. Now i have lots of time to do any other things that work ne.

Let me think about it …


yasu       :      don’t be silly ne, it’s just a weekend …
noi          :      have you forget how simple i am
yasu       :      ah not again  ..
noi          :      i am a simple woman, as simple as Magnolia simple things make me sooo freakin happy …

so with that whole lots of weekends comin, i can …

~    finish all games installed on my PC
~    read and re_arrange again my personal library since there’s so many books are not in their right place.

when my father was live, there was 2 siblings next to our home who came to read my mangas every afternoon. My father was very fond of them, he often call them as his lost grandchildren that he finally found.

I never spoke to them, not because i don’t want to but it was because never have any idea about what i am supposed to say to 8 and 7 years old children who came and be the regular reader of my private library.

Yeah, i did nothing but bought more mangas, put it there and then waiting until they found out if there’s some new mangas available and when i heard them sayin : Look, this is the new edition of Conan, …. (or other manga that i added) each other,

i feel happy.

Maybe because both of my nephews are not in to reading, no matter how many books i bough for them they never read it.

They was just like : yeah, whatever … about book but they always Whoaaa ….. !!! about games and gadgets.

now since my father gone, they never come to my home to read, but they do still come, take and kiss my hand whenever they see me. I think their parents teach them very well how to respect other, especially ones that is older by take and kiss their hand as a respect …

i suppose now i have to arrange my library again ne, who knows they might come again to read. It’s too bad if nobody read those lots of mangas i have there.

~    start again a formal Japanese class …
~    go to market in the morning with her majesty, and …
~    then spent the whole afternoon at spa ….
~    come to Post Office and handle all my shipping, receiving stuffs by myself,

usually Tekki as my companion is the one who handle it. She is a very good Lady companion ne, even too good until she is talking with some British accent everyday and changed my coffee with milk tea …

Geez, i hate Milk Tea ….

and that British Wannabe Lady Companion make me work harder because this year she want a trip to Japan to see L’arc

some people asked me why do i have to do that and it surprised me how they asked that to me. I mean don’t they know the reason? it’s because that’s what a family do to each other and i believe one day she will do the same thing to me.

~    watch lots of movies in cinema …. #yay
~    finish this 132 (or 133 …?) episodes of this drama  …


yes that’s my new Korean Drama, it’s a daily drama with 133 episodes.

I love and start to follow this drama because this drama allowed me to know in The World Like This (read : wicked, mean … etc etc you name it) there’s still a very kind person like Gong Jun Su (the main character)

With his very miserable life Jun Su make me feel so lucky with everything i have now. Not much, but enough i suppose that’s perfect.

Gong Jun Su, he is a person who tryin so hard to make other people around him to be happy and feel happy about anything happen in his life, even it was only a simple one …

Like me …. aha ha ha ha ….


yasu       :     why everything is about you?
noi          :      because i am The Queen of The World?
yasu       :      ah, stop it …
noi          :      @_@ …

ah, i should start from the beginning  …

That drama is tellin about the life of Gong Jun Su, start from his childhood when he had to live alone because his father is in prison. He stayed with his friend’s father and make his livin by sellin some traditional herbs in the village market.


One day, on the day when his father came out from prison he meet a very lovely lady that his father introduced to him as his new mother.

For Jun Su who never know the feeling of having mother, that day is the most beautiful day. His new mother is a nurse, she is very kind, and he couldn’t believe if that such a very beautiful woman like her choose his father as husband and asked him to call her mother.

because he was afraid if all this will gone, he refused to call her as mother. But indeed, he love her new mother very much. After the wedding, he meet her mother’s daughter and son.

Both of them are younger than him so it made his as the elder son in the family now. Jun Su is so happy because now he isn’t not only get a new mother but also a younger sister and brother.

Unfortunately his new sister and brother, they don’t like him. They both refused to call him as Hyung/Oppa (older brother) and call him as Oii …!!. Being called like that didn’t make Jun Su mad, but it make his love to them bigger and he wanted to do anything to make them happy.

Then everything changed when his mother pregnant, and it make her had to stay at home because she was not too health during her pregnancy. She leaved her job as a nurse leave only his father as the only one who work in their household.

Jun Ju (the younger sister) had to stop her ballet class and Han Seok (the younger brother) had to stop his English private class.

with a baby comin and a stay home wife make his father to find job other than what he is doin now, sellin coffee in the market.

One of his friend contacted him and offered one job with much money to him and he said OK without knowing if that job is against the law. Actually Jun Su‘s father is a very kind man, but the fool one. So he had no idea why when the police came to arrest him, being confused he ran away and got hit by a truck and died.

With their father died as a felony, they lost their home and move to a small apartment. His mother was very sad, and there’s lots of things in her mind about raising 3 children and a baby alone stressed her and make her sick. In that condition, both Jun Ju and Han Seok blamed all happened to them to Jun Su.

They said, it was because of his father, they all ended like this … etc etc and many more that hurt Jun Su. Feelin so guilty, Jun Su decided to leave the house. He left a letter to his mother tellin how much he really love her and his many thank you for her to take him as her son.

Knowing one of her son leaving home, it breaks the mother’s heart. Everyday she did nothing but tryin to find her eldest son a very not good condition of her.  While Jun Su, start his new life sellin herbs again while nonstop missing his mother and younger siblings at home. He also send money to his mother.

When his mother finally found him, she asked Jun Su to back home but on their way back to home she died while they still on the bus.

OMG that scene just so sad ne, i cried like i will lost my telly and never able to meatball soup for the reast of my life.

With their mother’s death, his younger siblings hate him more than before, especially his sister. She even didn’t allow Jun Su to come inside their home and throw all his stuffs out. Understand about his sister lost, Jun Su waited in a pouring rain while cryin and say i am sorry again and again.

Finally his brother asked him to come inside house and in the morning, Jun Su said if he will raise his younger siblings so they don’t have to go to an orphanage. Start form that day, Jun Su start his life as 14 years old boy who have to raise 2 children and a baby.



He will do anything to earn money. He sell milk, newspaper, lemon juice and cleaning public bath while carrying his baby sister on his back. It all on and on until 6 years when he grown as 20 years old young man who work in construction site at day and karaoke hall at night.


Everything was fine until one day Han Seok accidentally killed his classmate. Jun Su who love his brother so much and don’t want this murder thing to ruin his bright future decided to take it as his crime. Because of that, he had to stay in prison for 10 years.

Then after that ….


yasu    :    what, i am listening …
noi       :    i dunno, because i am still on 20th episode now …
yasu    :    is that what you call as a review ..
noi       :     no, of course not but they said this one is gonna end very well …

This is a very long drama ne, and i DL it 1 maybe 2 episodes a day.

Everything is fine until when i want to get the 23rd episode, the links is broken. I always take the LQ one, for it smaller size about 150 MB per episode. But now from 23rd episode i have to take the MQ video because most of the links for LQ video are dead.

so here i am now, lst’s say i have to choose all MQ videos then i still have this

110 episodes x 250 MB each = 27,500 MB

OMG can you imagine that? that’s only for one drama ne and i still have others drama and telly series that i also follow.

Eh God, i think my internet bill this month is gonna fly UP High To The Moon and Back to kill me …

ah i’ll think about that later, now last but not least is …

Remember when i said how i am gonna say ah, yasu lah if i didn’t manage to get ticket for 『Shangri-la』 Encore Season 〜 Arena tour 〜 in Budokan? Well, apparently insted of sayin …

ah, yasu lah …

now i have to say ..

ah, mari lah kita ke Jepang .. !!!

ah, let’s go to Japan … !!!

日本に行きましょう … !!!

because, look ..

lottery 3

I won a ticket to see 『Shangri-la』 Encore Season 〜 Arena tour 〜 in Budokan … !!!

and it’s for the last day. Last day eh, OMG i am so fuckin happy now.  i just can’t believe how good is my luck during all these lottery season i am following. First was L’arc Live tickets and now Acid Black Cherry Live


and today i finally managed to contact my proxy and she said she will pay for my ticket tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

I was worried a bit, i thought she is still out of town for some bussiness trip that she always do, but he gets cold, the bad one or something like flu. I even re_activated my Facebook today just to send her a message on Facebook.

Thank God, the frustrating part (read : payment with deadline) of ticket lottery is over and i hope my proxy will get well soon … # Amin

Eh God, this is heaven and my dear …

I am coming to Japan to see you,  ….


yasu    :   then what …
noi       :   don’t forget to put
Nemuri Hime on Last Days SexList
yasu    :   eee …
noi       :   aand … ah ya, where the hell is Budokan?
yasu    :   you better start to do your search now  …


Addicted Post : 3rd Season 「Shangri-la」Live Finale ~ Nara … (another me, yasu and Encore Season )


Today at 09:25 AM, i am already on my 3rd cup of coffee …. #yay

for me, it is really hard to say no to coffee and sure it doesn’t surprise me how high is my blood pressure and so easily to get mad recently. Even just by a very simple reason i can get mad so easy to anyone next to me like how a fire burned anything next to gasoline.

Hufff, …..

I am really sorry for everyone who was not lucky enough to be close to me and got some of my anger flare, especially that boy yesterday. He is a new excavator operator, and somehow whenever i get mad or want to be mad he is always around me and have something to ask to me.

Then what he got from me was nothing but some mean part of me.

i know i should have say sorry today when i meet him today, but instead of sayin sorry what i did was just : hey you, bla bla bla ….. talkin and asked him to do something like there was nothing happen yesterday.

What a mean me, ne …

yasu      :    did you hungry ….?
noi         :    no, i was angry ne, angry not hungry …
yasu      :    why don’t you just hungry, so you don’t have to be mean …
noi         :    nee ya_san, do you like mean girl …
yasu      :    you tell me …

finally at the end of today,

i called him to my office and tryin as good as i can to listen all what he wanted to say. Then i found out if what he wanted to say is how he wanted to borrow some money because his father call him yesterday if his uncle is sick and ask him to go home and bring some money.

OMG i was so mean ne, OK i think i need to start my Monday and Thursday fasting again,

as always that way is the most efficient way to keep my anger inside me. By eat and drink nothing form dawn to dusk, no lunch, let myself hungry at noon so i have no energy to waste for nothing important like getting mad.

And also there will be no coffee morning for me, hope my blood pressure will be less high than now.

Well now everyone, let’s start to be calm and relax tonight with this Yamanashi Part of 2nd SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK


that Yamanashi part is my fave ne, because i think yasu looks more fresh on that part than the other part especially this one …


is so UNYUUUUU …..!!!!

now i better finish the last part of 3rd Season「Shangri-la」Project, which is …

~   3rd Season「Shangri-la」 Live Finale ~ Nara

This 「Shangri-la」Project that begun last summer, pass several season and now in this winter, close to New Year‘s eve 3rd Season ~ Kansai Chugoku Tour ~ landed in the last point.

It’s Nara prefecture and Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st Live in Nara was held in Nara Centennial Hall last month 27.12.2013. Nara‘ special gourmets that already waited for yasu on the venue were …

「かしわのすき焼き」/ 「Kashiwa no Sukiyaki」/ 「Sukiyaki with chicken」

in Nara prefecture, in the mid of October there’s some like an Autumn Festival in memory of Sugaware Michizane on his death day in the end of October at the shrine in his honor.

He is known as the protector of the cattle, so instead of using beef for the dish they use chicken (kashiwa) to eat together.

There’s a lot of special gourmet in Nara, even they also have yasu‘s fave pickled. It is

「奈良漬け」/「Naradzuke」/「Picked seasoned with sake lees」

and talking about Nara, something that should not be forgotten is this


「柿の葉すし」/ 「Kaki no ha sushi」/「Persimmon Leaf Sushi」

sushi with salted mackerel, salmon or conger eel or other as topping wrapped with persimmon leaf which has anti-bacterial properties, wrapped around the rice and then they all pressed.

You’re not supposed to eat the persimmon leaf, but they said because it wrapped around and pressed like that it has more full-bodied flavor.

ah, i get that….


in here  i also love to eat rice (plus meat or noodles) wrapped with that teak (in here we call it as Jati) leaf. Somehow it added some special flavor to the dish. In Javanese culinary world especially, we use teak leaf use to wrap the rice.

Yes, we also use banana leaf to wrap for other dishes, but for me teak (jati) leaf is more flavorful.

back to the Persimmon Leaf Sushi, yasu seemed to like it so much until on the MC he was sayin  …

i eat too much persimmon leaf sushi, my throat thirsty …

and the question selected on The Question Corner is

What is your New Year‘s eve memories that you’re still remember until now, and what is your ideal New Year‘s eve …?

and yasu‘s anwer is …

talking on the phone with DAIGO while cleaning his room and when the night came he watched anime, the erotic anime … xD

erotic anime?

FYI i never watch that kind of erotic anime ne, some erotic things but as an anime? i just don’t get that, because for me something real like this …

is more …. *you fill it yourself …xD*

OMG a simple New Year‘s eve, so simple like that?, even i know and read somewhere how yasu doesn’t like to go out often and choose to stay home while playin video game or watching anime,

but still until now it’s kinda hard to believe ne.

i mean he is a rock star ne, somebody must invited him to one or two New Year‘s eve party or something. Eh maybe, i said maybe ne …

maybe nobody invited him ….. ?   #nyaaa *dumped to Lion cage*


noi        :     eeh, no no i didn’t mean to say that  …….
yasu     :     yes you did. And noi_chan, tell me do i look like you …?
noi        :     like me what …
yasu     :     a fangirl that no one invite for a fan project …
noi        :     aww that’s hurt  ….
*fallin apart*

next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 27.12.2013 ~ Nara Centennial Hall SetList

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Greed Greed Greed
04. in the Mirror
05. Yubiwa Monogatari
06. Black Cherry
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri – la
11. I’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


14. Maria (request)
15. Nemuri Hime (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~

then the kewpies



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s a シカ/Deer,

aaand look,  i have one  ..  !!!


my friend said if she got that deer on Christmas Live, nah that’s so perfect ne, a deer on Christmas eve’s Live.

Then that 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Nara closed 3rd Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project and yeah, i know it’s very late but i don’t care if they use persimmon leaf, teak leaf or banana leaf still i’d like to say …

3rd Season 「Shangri-la」 Project is a Wrapped …!!!


3 Seasons over, another 2 Seasons?

Surprise, surprise … it is still 3 Seasons to come everyone. Apparently this 「Shangri-la」  Party is still going on longer than before,  because they added this …


Project 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season ~ Arena Tour

05月13日(Tuesday)Osaka ~ Osaka Jo Hall        Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月15日(Thursday)Osaka ~ Osaka Jo Hall       Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月20日(Tuesday)Aichi ~ Nippon Gaisin Hall   Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月22日(Thursday)Aichi ~ Nippon Gaisin Hall  Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月27日(Tuesday)Tokyo ~ Nippon Budokan     Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月29日(Thursday)Tokyo ~ Nippon Budokan    Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30

OMG when i saw there’s Acid Black Cherry sign on my email inbox, i was so sexcited because i thought it was an email about the TBA new single title announcement. But it is not,  heee …

It’s about the additional season which they called as

Encore Season ~ Arena Tour

maybe because there is so many other fans who didn’t managed/lucky enough to get tickets for the previous Season 1, 2,3, and 4.

As you know and what everyone sayin and rambling about it is so hard to get Acid Black Cherry Live ticket ne. Even it doesn’t effect on me because i am not gonna go and watch it anyway but still i can feel how they all who fight to get the ticket ne.


yes, i feel all what you all feel ne …

How hard is to get that damn paper to see that Mind Blowing Man Live on Stage. All tryin from FC ticket lottery, general sales, re- seller with an upgraded price higher up in the sky and then of course as always ….

The Most Wanted to Bann and Talked about Yahoo Auction tickets.


[Entry acceptance period]   :   2014年2月14日(Friday) 13:00 ~ 2月19日(Wednesday) 23:59 JST

[Sign up URL]                      :    http://pia.jp/v/abc14fc/
**  You will need 6 digits number of your FC ID number and 7 digits of your postal code

[Announcement Period]       :    2014年2月26日(Wednesday) 18:00 ~ 3月2日(Sunday) 23:59 JST

and for you all Fan Club members, as you see the battle is gonna be start on February 14th, 2014 means on Valentine Day this year ….

The Battle is ON … !!!

so tempting ne, that’s why when i read that Acid Black Cherry email  i said to my self …

OK, let’s give this a try ne.

Who knows if i managed to get one maybe 2 tickets for Tekki. Because i am not sure if my proxy will managed to get 2 tickets for L’arc Live at National Stadium next March 2014.

So  ….

~   if we managed to get L’arc Live tickets then i’ll go for this 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season,
~   if we didin’t get L’arc tickets then she’s gonna go to this 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season and ….
~   if we didn’t managed to get both L’arc or this then none of us go to Japan.

The important thing is sister mine go to Japan this year, because that’s what i promised to her 2 years ago. Promise is still a promise ne, like a debt soon there will be time to pay.

So yes, …

i will join this battle … *cross all mine and all my neighbors fingers*


yasu      :     but noi_chan, you said to him if you won’t go to Japan this year …
noi         :     blimey then, because who knows you’re gonna add this Encore Season ..
yasu      :     what if he know ….
noi         :     ah he dumped me anyway and sure he’ll never know …
yasu      :     aah is this,  … …


A Bit Long Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting&Live ~ Shizuoka … (Another me, yasu and Tears in Heaven)


This 4th Live of 2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 is different ne …

i say different because they start the 『Shangri-la』 Live first and the Meeting next day. Yeah, i know it was also happened on the previous 1st Season, but i think this time is a bit confusing for me.

Because on the previous 1st Season i don’t do this delaying post like now, as i remember i posted after they updated the The Official Blog, but now i have to find it one by one via their twitter.

Scrolled up and down between all their tweets. I was like being lost jungle full of Kanji letters  …

yeah, that was confusing …

now i am tired and get sick easily just by some simple reason like go out at night and drink too much cola. I really need a day_off ne, but now it’s Thursday and still another 2 days to Sunday. …

I had my day day_off Tuesday because it was Ied Day and i didn’t go anywhere after Ied Pray in the morning.

The electricity went down that morning so there was no speech after Pray and it really disappointed for My Mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen because soon we arrived in the mosque she told me this ..

Stay here and don’t go home before the speech is over ….!!

but, the electricity went down, so there was nobody stay after pray. Ha ha ha poor Her Majesty  ne, walked back to home while askin why the electricity had to be down on Ied …..?  etc etc

Honestly i never stay until the speech is over, i always go home in the middle of the speech because it’s always forever ne. How they will start it in Arabic first, and then translated it into Indonesian language after that.

I mean why didn’t they skip the Arabic part, make it faster ….? #nyaaa *dumped to hell*

So i stayed at home on my last Ied holiday, watched my Erect Live DVD didn’t skip it like i always do while makin some GIF images of sexy yasu like this  ….

Oh God, Have a Mercy on meeee …..!!!!

and then drooling all by myself like an idiot …..

Actually that was my 1st time to watch my Erect Live DVD, since i never watch it. Maybe this is because i watch it too much on Youtube for each songs before they all got deleted.

And also because i want to make subbed videos for The MCs part because Helen already sent me her translation.

She and her friend Led translated it from Mandarin to Vietnamese then Vietnamese to English, you know there is a Mandarin subtitle for Erect Live DVD ~  Taiwan/HK version

I should finished that on my day_off, but because it was Ied,

so i was occupied by meat all that day. Waiting, counting for how much meat did we got this year (Her Majesty wanted a complete report about this, from who and how much …xD) and cooking it.

Her Majesty, before she went to Mr. Friday’s home to cut our cow told me to let our door house open all that day because she didn’t want our house get skipped by them (whoever they are who knocked my door with some bags of meat for us).

So i wait and wait then on 11:00 AM there was our 1st meat came, then i made some sweet and sour beef dish with that …

So yummy ……

yasu      :     really …
noi         :     beef steak, that’s easy ne. I can do that ..
yasu      :     but is that edible …
noi         :     sure …
yasu      :     by who …?
noi         :     by me, why …
yasu      :     OK, i am not gonna say anything then ….

too much opening …?  upps sorry, OK now 『Shangri-la』 Meeting&Live ~ Shizuoka

~   Live Shizuoka …

Acid Black Cherry had 1st Live at Shizuoka was on last year’s TOUR 『2012』.  This time, the 『Shangri-la』 Live took place in The Fuji City Shizuoka Prefecture ~ The Land of World Cultural Heritage.

There’s a legend of 「かぐや姫」/「Kaguyahime」/The Moon Princess and The Magnificent Mount Fuji which is registered as the world cultural heritage.

arrived at the venue, this one is awaited …


富士宮やきそば …!!!/ Fujinomiya Yakisoba …!!!

next to the Fuji here 「富士宮市」/「Fujinomiya」 is Shizuoka‘s most powerfull gourmet. Had a moment after meal to watch all messages from fans via Janne Mobile and twitter ..

next is the Question Corner, and the question for Shizuoka is  …


「Who is spoiled, and How to act like a spoiled child?」

eeeh, what kind of question is that ….. #what the …

well their answers are ..

SHUSE    :    not spoiled
Junji         :    want to be spoiled
HIRO       :     spoiled
YUKI        :     the most spoiled
yasu         :    i also behave like a spoiled child and how to act like a spoiled child is 「赤ちゃん言葉 」/ a babbling …. xD

and the SetList for this Shizuoka Live is

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Kuroi Taiyou
04. in the Mirror
05. Yubi wa Monogatari
06. Black Cherry
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri – La
11. i’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


15. Rakuen
16. Greed Greed Greed
what an awesome SetList, started with Re-birth and ended with DRAGON CARNIVAL, i love it and i shall let the DRAGON FLY …!!!!

last is the Kewpie


yes, that’s The Magnificent Mount Fuji …. !!!

look at the clouds and 4 layers hair and of course the belly, OMG i want to eat that but to bad that’s not a candy ….

so what should i eat now …?

my biggest problem now is how i always hungry. At midnight when people all fall asleep i wake up because i feel hungry and look for anything to eat. One day when i couldn’t find anything to eat, i ask my mother what should i eat. She replied me …

You can eat me ….

noi       :     what the  …..
yasu    :     don’t look at me and no you can’t eat me …
noi       :     i am not gonna eat you ne ..
yasu    :     who knows ..

~   Meeting Shizuoka …

this 4th Meeting on the 2nd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Project was held on the 1st Floor of Aeon Mall Hamamatsushitoro Central Court next day after live performance.

they missed one n on the 『Shangri-la Meeting』  btw ….xD


cr :   たかぴ @Ameblo

Public Recording with K-MIX talked about memories on this 『Shangri-la』 Tour Project, 「Greed Greed Greed」 single and ….

in addition there also talk about the upcoming new single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 on November 20th, 2013 such as the song title 「黒猫」/「 Black Cat」.

after Public Recording with K-MIX there’s Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」 where yasu learned dialect and specialities in Shizuoka prefecture like

「つけナポリタン」/「tsukenaporitan」 this is some kind of noodle, and ..

「うなぎパイ」/「Unagi/Eel Pie」 … #heee


all the 『Shangri-la Meeting』 and Public Recording with K-MIX will be aired on October 17th, 2013 in Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」.h, hope somebody will record this ne even not HQ it doesn’t matter …

enough about radio, now let’s move to yasu on telly and this one is …

yasu’s comment on @Mie TV 「tottemo wakudoki」 Show.






It’s not HQ because the one who record it said it was recorded with an Ipod (eeeh or Ipad …? ah i can’t remember but i only remember it was started with I …) but still it doesn’t matter and 1,000 galeon thank you because thanks to you i can see it ..

and today is …

100th day since my father died, and like a fool i am askin the same question like him in this song

Tears in Heaven ~ Eric Clapton



Eric Clapton wrote that ballad song about his pain after the death of his four-year-old son, Conor who fell from a window of the 53rd-floor New York apartment of his mother’s friend.

that song was everywhere that time, and i remeber when i watched Eric Clapton performed that song on MTV Unplugged i wanted to cry. he is really sad ne and at that time i said to myself while watching him singing that song …

he must be very sad, until he wrote that song with a sad lyrics like that even i am sure he already know the answer for all the questions he wrote.

~   sure he would not know his name if he meet him in heaven ..

because i remember in Chinese story isn’t it there’s a bridge where death people will cross to go to after death and before they cross the brige they will meet an old lady who will give them tea to drink and make them forget bout all their life time …?

and he might not hold his hand because he is already forget …

~   then of course it would not be the same again

but yesterday …

when i listen to this song while writing my last post, i realized i was sayin all that above because i didn’t feel what he felt when he wrote that song. A feeling after loosing a son and then miss him.

Maybe yesterday i missed my pappi, and i had a very bad dream about him that make me asked a lot of things like is he okay there? … etc etc …

i wish he is still alive and stay warm lyin in his room, even if he mad and act like crazy again that would be fine. So i asked the same question like that song …

Would you know my name, If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same, If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong and carry on …

‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in heaven


yasu        :     didn’t you say you already in heaven …
noi           :     fangirl heaven yea, thanks to you  …
yasu        :     at least …
noi           :     i think i am gonna pray and sleep now  ….