Calm Post : 7th 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Nitori Bunka Hall, Sapporo … (Another me, yasu and 心の友)

I say this as a Calm Post, because i am calm today ….

i mean,


i am keeping my self calm by listening to Acid Black Cherry 

Many people make that kind of CALM meme using that phone application ne. I see, dead,hear the CALM word everywhere, but still it’s not easy to do especially for a person with a very bad temperament like me.

But, the Monday and Thursday Fasting is workin on me now. It can avoid me for being rude, say bad things to other people next to me and stay CALM even bad things happen like today

There’s one boy got accident while he is doin his work. He is a crusher machine operator, about 24 years old and today he’s slipped and put one of his hand inside the machine, crushed by it some part …

the skin is no longer on his hand and there’s only few flesh so we can even see his bones that’s what the Head of the Mechanics told me. That’s so terrible,  and i don’t even dare to see his hand.

I only see blood all over his shirt. … #ewww

Now he is still at hospital and i really don’t want go there.  I use to follow the victim (let’s say i am Noi Reagan from NYPD) but not these days, because hospital is a place that i avoid since my father died there. That place became too scary for me to go.

but they made me to go there using some responsibility reason of me as the person in charged. When i was there, the doctor told me, the Head of the Mechanics and him (the boy) if it would be better for him to let them cut his finger (i think it’s his middle finger). But he said ..

NO …!!!

in a very loud way, and i totally understand why he ignored all the doctor’s sayin to him about all the eventualities ended with infections, because who wants to loose part of his/her body anyway? nobody, even it’s only a middle finger.

Ah middle finger ne, if they cut it so he will never able to make a F**K sign again …

OMG, what a scary drama ne  and thank God it’s over …


yasu      :     is this from one of drama you watched …?
noi         :     no this is real ya_san, it happened today ..
yasu      :     then what did you say ..
noi         :     i say nothing, i mean what should i say , should i say …

I am really bad as a person in charged ne, hope he is gonna be fine anyway. And  …

now let’s continue this 「Shangri-la 」 Post before they (read :  【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 posted another post related to 「Shangri-la 」 Project after this 約束から絆へ!札幌公演!![From a Promise to Bonds ! Sapporo Performence !] Post

Acid Black Cherry is in the middle of Hokkaido Tour now, and they already like a local now during their stayin there. For this 7th 「Shangri-la 」 Post was held at Nitori Bunka Hall, Sapporo

and this was how they (whoever wrote that post) welcomed yasu when he arrived the venue ..

Sapporo 1

with this ザンギ —> 「Zangi 」 (it refers to a type of fried chicken —> Karaage in Japanese,  but the word 「Zangi 」 is used exclusively in Hokkaido), pure white corn and yakisoba bento  …

Sapporo 2

ready for rehearsal ….

Sapporo 3

then do checking, not only Is not only sound, but the vanity of stage lighting was also checked properly with all the staff.

nah i think that image of yasu talking with 2 staffs above  is the close up version of The Finding yasu image posted on twitter, see what i mean …?

Sapporo 7

finished checking yasu back to the dressing room and check the question sent via twitter for Live that day, Oh God, that’s what i say as a Sweet Smile

Sapporo 4

with that sweet smile, he headed to the stage, …

I believe last Live at live at Nittori Bunka Hall was totally great by how they wrote it as The Best Excitement and Enthusiasm mixed. Had bang storm from all the audiences.

On the last 5th Anniversary Erect, at the same venue Nittori Bunka Hall, this Hokkaido Province Tour was promised and they (yasu and his team) achieved it. The question picked for this live is


「Memories of Summer Vacation」

and everyone pick Black Cherry and SPELL MAGIC as request songs for Nittori Bunka Hall Live, so there you are

~   the setlist

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. Tsumi to batsu ~ kamisama no Alibi
5. scar
6. Fallin’ Angel


7. Nemuri Hime
8. Yes


10.Shojo no Inori III
11.Shojo no Inori
12.Cord name 【JUSTICE】
13.20+∞Century Boys

14.Black Cherry
16.Greed Greed Greed
17.Shangri – la

then with continued with

~   the Kewpie photo

Sapporo 5
Sapporo 6

it’s a bear, a brown bear like Winnie, you know that Winnie The Pooh who act like crazy whenever see honey. Like me   ….

Whenever i see you honey …..


yasu     :     honey …?
noi        :     and i am the bear …
yasu     :     But noi_chan, Winnie … isn’t he yellow …
noi        :     hee, then who is brown …?

there only 2 versions of Obitsu Kewpie for Hokkaido Live even though there are 5 Live Performances there, so for the collaboration plan for Janne Da Arc Official Mobile, they prepare for the 3rd Obitsu Kewpie for Hokkaido Live and they asked us to wait until the next Asahikawa performance …

Yes everyone, Hokkaido will get 3 series of Obitsu Kewpie … !!!

Regarding to all those 「Shangri-la 」 Obitsu Kewpies, do you now what site i am avoiding now? It’s Yahoo Auctions. I didn’t even dare to just a flach click there because i know i will get crazy by want all Kewpies sellin posted there …

What happening now is i am tryin to do some cuts and hope this whatever named scissor i use to cut, is good enough to cut all this feeling of wanting everything, and help me to get some priority together with other things i did like

~   block/erase any auction sites that i bookmarked on my PC  …


even i am not sure i can keep on that way for how long, because loot at all that kewpies, aren’t they so adorable?  ….

~   stop this monthly bag and shoes buying…

shoes and bag are things that i always hard to say no, Be in a place surrounded with shoes and bag is totally heaven for me. And what i do there is nothing than waiting for one, maybe 2 from all those cute things callin me .

somehow i feel like i am as a candidate of foster parent who go to an orphanage to find a baby boy/girl to love, take care and take home with.

it feels just amazing ne …

how all those shoes and bag makes me powerless there …

~   Buy Only HYDE and yasu’s stuffs


i don’t buy the last DEAD END Tribute.

Yeah just like accident, things also happen. I who always buy any tribute albums as long as there’s some HYDE and yasu related to now skipped this album.

Now i am tellin you ne, it’s really hard for me to skip this and just download it.


HYDE     :    don’t tell me …
noi          :    as you say guys, i am guilty as charged, and do you know  …
HYDE     :    no, i don’t wanna know …
noi          :    ya_san …
yasu       :    me too …. *leaving*

unlike this man who is already hold the CD on his hands and so sexcitedly honored to get participated on that album and looking seriously for the artists (total 50 artists participated, each instrument) who participated as well as him.


as what they wrote on this DEAD ENDトリビュート!!/DEAD END Tribute post yesterday, …

yasu as a man who influenced by DEAD END, produce the music properly, like what DEAD END‘s lead vocal MORRIE sayin on some magazine interview .

「yasuは面白いね。ただ ”好き” ってわけじゃなくて、ちゃんと音楽を分析してくれてる。全体像を把握しながら、なおかつ唄い手として」

「yasu is interesting, It is not because a simply reason as  ” love”, with music is analyzed perfectly. Moreover, grasping the whole picture of the song and sing」.

I might read it wrongly as always …. xD,  but is that form their Fools Mate magazine interview together? …

talking about interview related to this DEAD END Tribute album, here’s nice interview of MORRIE and HYDE from natalie


the complete part along with MORRIE and Kiyoharu interview, but for HYDE‘s part is started on part 5 here

full of HYDE and MORRIE‘s BIG and lovely images …


read some interesting from HYDE about do a cover song things …

HYDE うん  :  やっぱりうれしいですよ。そこはカバーするアーティストに対する、ミュージシャンの純粋な愛情表現というか、そういう感覚に近いんじゃないですかね。僕の場合で言うと、Acid Black Cherryのyasuくんが僕の曲を歌ってくれたりすると、そういうことを感じます。

「I am glad after all. It is a musician’s pure love expression to the artist who covers there, Isn’t it close to such feeling? If it says in my case and yasu ( #AcidBlackCherry) will sing my music, … then such a thing will be felt. .」

Whooo ……



see ya_san, that’s HYDE already asked you to do another cover for his song. So what are you waiting for …. ?


yasu      :     not you …
noi         :     i know it never be me …
yasu      :     i think you don’t want me to do that ..
noi         :     did i …?
yasu      :     yes you did …
noi         :     then do ignore me …!!!

i hope, there will be another part for MORRIE and yasu interview ne. But is that possible?  i hope so, aaand question for today is …

Have you do your order for SHANGRI – LA PHOTOBOOK …?


because it is already September ne, and let me remind all of you if the pre- order closed on September 27th, 2013. So hurry everyone, contact your proxy so you will not miss this PHOTOBOOK.

i did my order last week, and yesterday i did my order for the upcoming HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA ~ HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Now i can close my paypall account joyfully happy, because i am save now everyone …

ah ya, remember on the last [2012] Tour Post on the Official Blog, there were always one or two picture of yasu with some scenery of a place … etc etc but i don’t see much like that on this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour post.


the answer, i think it because they will put all of it on the upcoming 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK that will release on October 25th, 2013. And if you might ask why there’s no pre_order UP yet at online Shop like CD Japan, i also asked that btw

Nah today i asked them (CD Japan) via email and they give a fast respond if they are still  in contact with several publishing companies in order to know the availability of that book. They need more few days for that.

I think the prorder on for the usual/common OnLine Shopping that use to send stuffs to outside Japan is gonna open after the closing day for TSUTAYA and The Official Online Shop ~ Uprise pre-order,

so i say maybe somewhere between …

after September 27th, 2013 ~ before October 25th, 2013 …


yasu     :    look who is talking now …
noi        :    that’s not just a talking ne ..
yasu     :    then what ..
noi        :    that’s one of my fangirl analysis and FYI my darling, i am on NYPD now
yasu     :    yeah, dream on …

Finally today’s at office ended.

Not a perfect day but my score is pretty good ne and on my bus riding home, i meet a man that’s so annoying. I can’t believe that kind of man is really exist and survived livin in this world.

Remember there’s a scene on Last Cinderella when the Cinderella (what is her name, Sakura?) on the bus with Hiroto (Haruma Miura) …

isn’t he juicy adorable ….?

on that scene there were a boy who sit nicely when at that time there was a woman who is standing and really need to sit. I thought that kind of thing only happen on dramas but it was also happen and i saw it today

that man, still sit while there’s an old woman who standing next to me in hurt (she said her knees aren’t so well recently). I wanted to say something to him like asked him politely. But before i do that someone already did it. and what happen is he said …

Why should i? i also pay for this ride …

to the woman who asked him nicely. What the hell is happen to him anyway, is he never graduated from Elementary School ? because as i remember when i was on Elementary School there’s a Moral Subject called PMP (Pendidikan Moral Pancasila) on my schedule

and on that Subject, there’s one multiple choice question that always be on every test semester. This simple qeustion like this

There’s an old woman on the bus, she is standing while you are sit. In this situation what you should do?

A.   Do nothing …
B.   Stand up and give my sit to her
C.   Act like i don’t see that woman

he must be failed to answer that question ne, I read that question so many time ne, and  don’t get me wrong even i do posted this silly multiple choice question of

What Would U Do if U See yasu Like This


on team_yasu and had a full of LOL night together with all of them. So thank you guys, you all totally amazing for sharing this pervy things inside me …

But for that kind of bacis Moral Subject question i always choose the right answer. Nah because i choose the right answer i think i should practice it on my daily time ne .

but too bad in The World Like this, i can’t think everyone will think the same as i think. Even they live in the same country, go and graduate from the same Elementary School with the same basic curriculum like me

When i was a little child, I believed there’s some spons inside our brain with a duty to get/absorbs all water pouring given by this universe to understand. So maybe

The spon inside that man’s brain just absorbed a different water …

Today’s bus riding is not fun like always,

but thank God in the middle of my way back home there’s 2 street artists (man and woman) joined us. This street artists, is common here in my country. They will ride on a bus, then sing 1, 2 maybe 3 songs for you depend on how far is the next bus station.

And after that they will handed you a plastic bag or a small box for you to give them some money after listening to them singing.

You don’t have to give them anyway because that is a semi-free performances so it’s up to you to give them money or not.

For me, it depend to how they performed their songs. If it was a good and i love the song, i give them some of my coins. But if not i just wave to them, and they’ll know if i pass give coins for them. Today i didn’t pass it because they give me a very nice song.

Started with some local song, i dunno what’s the title of the song but i do remember there’s some lyrics like this ..

Bob Marley masih bernyanyi, Don’t Worry Be Happy ..
Bob Marley still singing, Don’t Worry Be Happy ..

then followed with this song

心の友  by Mayumi Itsuwa

this is a classic song that’s so popular here in my country. Delon, the runner up of 1st Indonesian Idol even did a single of him duet with Mayumi Itsuwa for this song.

they (2 street artists) covered that song into with a Bob Marley style, and i like it. It make me finally enjoyed this afternoon bus ride. So did the other passanger i think. They all ignored that wacky weird man and enjoyed the song together.

Eventually, today isn’t that bad ne and now here i am joyfully singing  …

愛はいつもララバイ ….. 旅に疲れた時。

ただ心の友と ……  私を呼んで。


yasu    :    so are we friends now …?
noi       :    yes, if you call me …
yasu    :    then go find another man to be friend with, because this is not work for me …
noi       :    heee, it didn’t work again …


AHEAD Post : Eventually My Loyal Follower is Always .. (Another me, yasu and who else but HYDE?)

2 days ago, yesterday and until now, these videos are everywhere ..

start with this …

then The Making …

followed with the fast and amazing translation of mini interview on that making video from VAMPS UK Street Team on Facebook, you can read it here, but i am sure all of you already read that right? …

then today we all can hear the song itself , the full one. Because they said we can buy it from i-Tunes, even i hear it only available in Japan, but ….

~  thanks to how fast internet nowadays,
~  how BIG is the feeling to share among fans are …
~  and also because hey, it’s VAMPS we are talking about ne, i am sure you can find it by askin (read : type AHEAD) to Google


and yay,  we can enjoii this song together ….. !!!

Nee nee listen how they start it with that guitar intro, and when i am listening to this song, i can feel how the feeling of HYDE and KAZ about their plan to make a full English album, and this song is a very well start …


wen i watch the 1st short video,  i had to reply it about 3 times to realized if the man with glasses who was sit behind that girl with her adorable Sexperia is HYDE ….?


OMG … what the hell is happen to me …?


HYDE      :    you didn’t notice me …
noi           :    i am sorry …
HYDE      :    then what did you see, the phone?
noi           :    no, maybe i see the other you …

enough about HYDE and VAMPS even now i am still listening to that song while tryin to sing it, now the next question is

Where the hell is yasu ….?

yes, without the blog post from his team on the Official Blog since their last post about Mother’s Day,  i know he must be very busy now, maybe he is …

~   busy to prepare his next all over Japan Tour “Shangri-La” which i will skip all of it  #eww ..
~   maybe, i said maybe ne he is on his way of writing a new song for the next new single?
~   or he already wrote it, and now he just on the finishing part?
~   and many other things he may be busy with …

but still, i am sorry i have to do this …

yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu ….. i am calling you yasu ….. #uuuuuu

yasu     :    stop it noi_chan, that’s annoying …
noi        :    i am sorry, but …
yasu     :    hey, you said that sorry twice …
noi        :    did i? well i just wanna tell you if i am still here, waiting for whatever you will give me  …
yasu      :   good,

Btw, not only me who is change_able, but the things around me also. Everything like my works, feelings, and how i write recently. ah ya, i didn’t write a lot recently ne.

But the truth is i am still writing daily like i used to be, but instead of posted it what i did mostly is just save it as draft, then read it the next afternoon before i write again then erase it because i thought it was not quite good/save to be publish everywhere. I erased about 10 of my very long rambling post, why?

~   believe me, that was a very long and boring post
~   i wrote a lot terrible things about peoples that i really hate,

the point of that post was about how i really hate them, and how i just want them to be vanished from this universe plus a lot of my inappropriate thoughts about them complete with inappropriate language i used. It feels like i was writing a death note for them

~  i put too much details about Mr. Friday on some of them,

so i think i will be in a very danger situation if i click the post entry button and you all know how open my blogs are. Everyone can be free to read it, so there will be a bigger chance of him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) to find my blogs and read it ….

nah, that’s a total disaster for me …

yasu     :    what would you do, if that really happen?
noi        :   
Mr. Friday find this blog?
yasu     :    yeah …
noi        :    what else than kill one of these 2  :    this blog or myself
yasu     :    so 1st option hmm  ..

but then i think again ne, i did write a lot about Mr. Friday and all those boring 1,000,000 reasons why i am still not good enough to be with him and i wrote it over and over again. I think what i did make him less real. I mean soon he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) just becoming another fiction character in this blog.

Yes, he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) is real and exist, but only me who know the real Mr. Friday.

brilliant isn’t it …?

yasu     :    brilliant ? from where?
noi        :    see i give you ya_san, that character of
Mr. Friday
yasu     :    then next is my turn to be fiction?
noi        :    no, you are reall and after all FanFiction is not my division, indeed it never be
yasu     :    you are not in any division ne …
noi        :    だから, 心配しない ..  OK …

what can i say about my final of Mr. Friday is

no matter how hard i try to make my self worthy so i can be with him, i am still lack of everything.

So this way of turning him into a fictional character in this blog and make everyone think if he is not real but just a fictional character is my final way to deal with him and also make me feel much better.

my brain didn’t work very well recently, i made a lot of wrong calculations even my boss tellin me to get a new calculator. I also forgot a lot, i forgot how i already promised to somebody to scan Re-Birth pamphlet so when i said tomorrow on my Facebook message reply to her, it turned to be one week later …. ..

what a messy brain i have now. Ah ya, maybe there’s some of you also want to see this Re-Birth pamphlet, there you are …


PS   :   just click the image, and it will bring you to my Facebook album

i don’t use Photobucket again, because i don’t like the new version or am i the only one who is to fool to use it?

because the last time i use it and put a password on it suddenly when i tried to open it after a logged out from my account, the password didn’t work …

noi        :     do you think they can change the password ..
yasu     :     who?
noi        :     you know who …
yasu     :     ah, don’t ask me

well it just too complicated to use unlike the old one. So i give up to use it and from now on i will only upload to my Facebook. But don’t worry since i make it public you don’t have to add me to see it …

have i told you how i always get something to connect to everything happen to me from what HYDE did/said/wrote?.

maybe some of you will say ah, it just another my fangirl dramatic euphoria. But i told you again ne, whatever HYDE said/did/wrote things always touch me …

this time is with his new song that i listen over and over while i did my nonstop paperworks this afternoon  ….


Give way to just another day,
I start over again.
No way so hai ni naru made
It’s driving me insane.

World’s end sozo ukabete saki o uranae
I ask myself, What then can I do?

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.

Kimi ga ireba i
By my side I need just you stay.

Just stay the hell outta my way,
No time to be restrained.
I pray shinjiruga mama
I hope this path ain’t stained.

World’s end saigo no kodo de honshitsu ga mieru
I ask myself, what then can I do?

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.

Kuinaki jinsei e
By my side I need just you stay.

At world’s end hold to no regrets (×3)…
The light ahead.

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.
Sonohi ni nattara kimihadare to sugosu? Yeah

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.
Kimi ga ireba i
By my side I need just you stay.

source and credit in here

on my way home, it made me think a lot. This song lyrics just kinda like describe how my situations are now.

Give way to just another day,
I start over again.
No way so hai ni naru made
It’s driving me insane.

me, who start to work in a longer working hour than before and i feel like i just give away my another day and have to start over again this whatever i should have ended it a long time ago.

Those works are following me everywhere. And with this recent gadgets make it more easy to follow me, so eventually my works is my loyal followers …

like how now i follow yasu, it follows me everywhere ….

yasu       :    but you’re not following me …
noi          :    hello, i do follow you on twitter …
yasu       :    but not everywhere …
noi          :    i can do that if you want me to
yasu       :    really?
noi          :    i told you ne i am a wonder woman ..
yasu       :    yeah right …

Yes giving away my another day to pass very fast,  it is drivin me crazy and i wonder can i survive from this whatsoever scare me?

World’s end saigo no kodo de honshitsu ga mieru
I ask myself, what then can I do?

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.
その日になったら君は誰と過ごす [Sonohi ni nattara kimihadare to sugosu] ?

if the day comes, you will pass with whom?, ah if this miserable life i am now end/reach the final chapter which i hope soon, i think i am not gonna be with anyone, but untill i reach the final chapter i will pass it by stay by Her Majesty‘s side ..

my mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen is not unwell. Her health and her ridiculous emotion just not good recently. Yesterday she said she was sick so she went to her doctor (her doctor is very old ne, older than her). it scared me to hell just by imagine if there’s something wrong with her health.

eventually not only me who was worried about her health, because Her Majesty herself also scared about it. After her visit to her doctor and found out if she only bit stressed and need rest, she said to me how she affraid if she also get sick like my father.

The imaginations about how much money that we have to pay for her treatment and of course we have to hire at least one nurse to take care of her and her husband (ah ya, my dad) scared her a lot plus how i supposed to eat more and be healthy … etc etc and many more. She ended her scared rambling with :

I’ll get my medicine and go to sleep now Boo …

see how ridiculously dramatic she is, i mean i am really worry about her health while she worried about how much money we will pay? what the hell is that? Not only that, last week  i went home and found her cried alone in the kitchen …

i asked her               :   what happened, he did something to you again? ..
she answer me with  :   the water pump, it won’t work, we need to buy a new one …

eeeh, i thought so many bad things may happen to her ne but when i found out if she cried just for a broken water pump and how she said she don’t wanna bother me by ask another cash to buy a new one, ah  it just made me wanna cry.

oh come on, it just a water pump ne. It’s not a new car or a new house that i can’t afford to buy. Why she always like that, don’t wanna bother me? that’s nonsense. Now i don’t have a child yet so all this time i work for who? it always for myself and my family right? and she is one of it

i think i really have enough for her drama, not that kind of pathetic drama anymore. All i want is nothing but her health, and happy if it’s possible because i know she is not happy at all recently.  …

that’s why with not happy and not really healthy of Her Majesty i decided i will skip all the Shangri-La seasons, include the upcoming ones.

I am not gonna go anywhere far and leave her home alone deal a sick and bit crazy husband alone at least till next year, i will stay home and be on her side.

Because who knows maybe

next  2014 i will reach the Final Chapter of this Miserable Life …. *cross all mine and all my neighbor’s fingers*

noi       :    nee ya_san …
yasu    :    what, you also want my finger crossed?
noi       :    that would be great …
yasu    :    i think you already have enough, and i am not your neighbor …


Sunday Post : I Say, Keep The Cherry for The Last … (Another me, yasu and September Ceria …?)

Sunday morning, rain is fallin when i let myself lost  …

all over Yahoo Auctions after seeing these photos,


ups sorry i know i shouldn’t post things about auction stuffs a lot ne. This time is the 1st time because it is different, if you know what i mean …xD

And about those photos of stunning yasu above,  trust me ne it would get more blurry if you click on each photo, because i have no idea what just i did with those … whoa aha .. haha … *wicked laugh*


yasu      :     new version of laugh …?
noi         :     yes, go find a stepdaughter for me, and i’ll be the wicked stepmother …
yasu      :     but who is the father ..
noi         :     i am a single mother btw ..

talking about the 1st time, today is also the 1st time i use a speaker on my PC to listen a song instead of using an earphone. yes, this earphone below as my compannion everyday by helping me to isolate myself from the world everyday and also make me almost deaf.


I think the last time i use a speaker was 5 years ago. It was the time before we entered the silent era of my home. after that we never put anything on max volume, not even when we watch some show/drama on telly.

So my home is a bit scary home ne with all the silent things we do inside it (read : eat, pray, watch telly … etc), not murder related things btw. Just in case some of you are crazy enough like me who never miss one day without thinking about murder.

It started when i bought my PC, it was a complete set. So they added a speaker wich i never use or try. For what, eh? …  i mean in this silent era why would i need a speaker anyway. But today is different ne, today he (read : my dad) is on a little bit of jolly heart feeling, so i think today is perfect for me to try my new speaker.

to play this song while asking to myself  …

omo Jae Min, is he dead ….?

over and over and i blame Tekki Perry for this, because yesterday she finished this Korama, the last episode, and i watched it a little bit.

I know i should not do that ne because here i am now still questioning whether if they made Jae Min, OMG my Jae Min died or not at the end of the story. And btw take a look at this …


that’s Jae Min hand, see what i see anyone? i suppose that’s a hand of a man who did his military service and this drama is Jae Min‘s 1st drama after he finished his military service.

I remember Tekki also had that hand after she came back from her school. Tekki and i were not at the same university even we spent 12 years together at the same school from elementary until high school, but we took the different path after high school.

i went to a university to be a great veterinary (it didn’t work btw because i hate animals except the wild one) while Tekki went to a some semi military school complete with a military training of course. That’s why she had that kind of hand like Jae Min‘s hand. That kind of hand with some bruishes gotten from a long time sit up, push up, jump up?  …  or anything else ended with up ..

I am not gonna tell her about this ne, because i am sure if i tell her she is gonna, … ah you know what i mean, she’s gonna win one point of Jae Min from me … so Bloody Hell no, I am not gonna tell her about this  …

OK back to Jae Min, then what if they really make him dead …?


OMG  …..

yasu     :    your Jae Min …? nee noi_chan, he is not yours
noi        :    OMG, stay calm ya_san, it’s only 8 episodes left from 16 episodes ne ..
yasu     :    what the, i am the one supposed to say that to you right?
noi        :    ah ya you are right, sorry …

that’s a wrong dialogue, you can ignore that ,,,, !!!! …

ewww … what the hell is happen with me anyway …

well this morning i should  go to the market with my mom this morning for breakfast. Market (i mean the traditional market, not the supermarket at mall) on Sunday Morning is always fun and amazing ne. I mean i love to be there on Sunday Morning , for having a breakfast, find some of my childhood foods/snacks and of course with me sit on the corner of a block waiting for my mom while watching peoples.

But thanks to the rain, that plan failed … #eww

I think i better stop to make a plan. Plan for everything, because most of them didn’t work anyway. That’s why when i read my friend’s journal about his complete 2 weeks Japan trip, somehow it amazed me. I would never able to do that ne, i mean make such a detail plans like that.

And even i did manage to make it, i am not sure i am gonna able to do it. After all things always went out from the schedule for me ne. And talking about schedule, look at this update from 『Shangri-la』 Special Website


from that site, they told us if they will send a DM for Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club about the ticket pre-order of 『Shangri-la』1st Season on April 6th with

【Entry Period for Acceptance】
2013年4月15日(月)13:00~4月21日(日)23:59 … and

【Transfer and Confirmation Period】
2013年4月26日(金)13:00~ 5月5日(日・祝)23:59

as i said before i am not gonna join this 『Shangri-la』 Live but, now everything seems have to change ne. I mean yes, i am so changeable but if this thing is the one supposed to change i believe it will be a BIG plan changing for me.

yes, it is BIG ne, because if i go to Japan this year, i am not gonna go alone. I am gonna be with Tekki Perry. I promise her that, and also did think about to visit Hokkaido.

Then i dunno why last night i Goolgle_d about VAMPS Live 2013 schedule and it took me in this Universal Music Site with this awesome photo of HYDE and KAZ


and stucked on theLive 2013 schedule part , then …


i clicked on Acid Black Cherry Live schedule on the Official Website,  …


then again Voilà …!!!

HYDE, yasu, Masumi Hayashi, Hokkaido and Hakodate just all over me ..

yasu    :   eh, me  ..?
noi       :   ups sorry, i mean
yasu Hayashi then Masumi Hayami
yasu    :   calm and focus noi_chan, focus …
noi       :   i can’t, this is so hard to be calm with ne ..

Masumi Hayami, the awesome male character on Garasu no Kamen manga by Suzue Miuchi. I read that manga since i was a little girl together with Aoyama Gosho‘s Meitantei Conan.

well then  ….


HYDE, yasu, Masumi Hayami, … beautiful man with a beautiful soul,

then add Hakodate, Hokkaido as the setting, that would be perfect for my next September ne and then yes,

September Ceria (from an old Indonesian song means : A Cheerful September) is comin for me and Tekki Perry … !!!

but this plan is not gonna be easy ne, i mean Acid Black Cherry Live on September 13th, and then VAMPS Live on September 22nd, there will be 8 or 7 days between it ne, waw it’s one week? OMG what i am supposed to do there ne, one week in Japan. I am sure i’ll be death for my bizzare homesick.

and not only that, i also have to take a day off at least 2 weeks from office ne, nah that’s the hard part. I have no idea if they will allow me to do that. So yes, it is not gonna be easy so let’s just wait and see ne ..

am i gonna say Hola or Bai Bai to September Ceria …

next is let’s go to The Official Blog . because again and again, this time they did it different ne. Btw how many time i said that this time and different words btw? do i have to change the title of this post as Different Post? …

What is the different on The Official Blog, i am sure you all know. There is yasu便り with 【yasu便り】 instead of 【Team Acid Black Cherryより】 like how they usually post  Even with some simple post like this so there’s no way for me to use Google translation?

I say, Whoaaa   that’s brilliant idea …  .


「Komento Arigato」 … and then


「Chanto yon deru yo」,
I have read properly … and then this

【TEAM ABCの皆さんにお会いしたらどんなことをしたいですか?】 … post

… eeh, that’s confusing ne, what that H, but i am sure that’s not HIJ, …xD

What kind of thing would you like to do when you meet TEAM ABC? …  kind of thing that i want to do? i say nothing but singing …

then i wonder when did the last time i add a comment on The Official Blog because now what i do is only read it properly (yes i did that ne, not just look at yasu’s photo there like how i use to do) then click the Facebook Like button. Even without him post that 2 photos above i always think he is reading all or maybe some comments posted there.

Recently my time on Ameblo is only for update my blog, read The Official Blog then Yukiko’s Blog, yes it always fun to read, make me happy and added some terms on my Dorama Dictionary of course.

maybe yes, i am a bad fangirl who don’t add a comment or even give a peta for them …  wekekekeke …


noi        :     ask me why ya_san …
yasu     :     then why …?
noi        :     i am just being ..
yasu     :     lazy …?
noi        :     OMG waaa …

yesterday, Mr. Ardiyanto from The Post Office sent me a text message tellin me if there’s a package for me from Japan. I wonder that must be my L’arc DVD or maybe my FanClub magazine. I’ll get that tomorrow …

i am so curious about the FanClub magazine ne you know because of the Acid Black Cherry Story manga with it. As i always say ne, i am the last FanClub member who received that magazine. My friends who already received their FanClub magazine said it’s quite different from the last one with 8 pages of Acid Black Cherry Story.

I also read if the manga started with the hiatus of Janne and then followed with the idea of made a solo band Acid Black Cherry, then not only that, i also i find this on Google btw, some little piece of the manga.

with some comment of yasu sayin : I think had drawn as cartoon is more easy to understand” .

He also said somethin else about 2 page then 4 pages that i don’t even understand. but look at that cartoon ne, that hairstyle, hat and the glasses is really brings memories back, but i can’t remember when/where did i can find him with those outfit like that …

yes, i forget, and if i am starting to type i forget, forgot over and over, that means i have to close this post ne, But before i close this Sunday Post (waw, sounds like a newspaper ne …xD)  let’s watch this

an ABC lessons from yasu sensei …..

i think this MC 3 is the most hillarious part form all the MCs on this [2012] Live DVD ne, that’s why when someone asked me why did you put this MC 3 on as the last video on your YouTube? instead of tell them what the reason is, i told them my reason is

I want to keep the cherry for the last ne ….

The Cherry, yes The Cherry for yasu‘s lessons about the essence of ABC itself ne with a great advice for the twenties to use condoms when making love with a very make sense reason.

Eh God, this man is really brilliant ne.

I mean i never think to put a line between using condoms with greet each other. That’s brilliant thoughts, isn’t it? but i think i failed in this ABC lesson after this part …

reall?  he doesn’t like one who tell lies? while here i am the liar. even not the pretty little one, but i always tell a lie to my mom about a lot of things … OMG OMG

so i think that’s make me officially failed from that ABC lessons with sensei yasu. I think i am gonna back to Hogwarts next semester ne, But if Hogwarts also doesn’t like one who tell lies …

then what about me, where should i go  …..?

yasu    :    nobody like lies ne, I am sorry you’re failed …
noi       :    but, my lies are gentle ne …
yasu    :    it still a lie ne …
noi       :    then what should i do …?
yasu    :    go back again next year ..
noi       :    eeehh …


Fool_ed Post : What A Long Fool’s Monday, eh …. (Another me, yasu and Jae Min)

It’s APRIL Already, Waaaa  …..  !!!

and i spent April 1st night with sleeping instead of spread a silly jokes to all my geje friends on Facebook. It’s been a long time i didn’t do that silly things we did on Facebook together. And somehow when i listen to this song :

Link from L’Arc_en_Ciel

I always say this song is our song ne, and thanks to that song suddenly i miss all of them ne, Then i tagged them on my Facebook status. Even there were not many comments like how we used to be, at least it bring memories back and make me happy indeed

Actually i didn’t tag all of them actually because i missed some persons and i couldn’t find my dear imoto mei_ru on Facebook again. The last time i spoke to her was after i got back from Japan. OMG that’s a long time ne, and maybe she is already deactivated her Facebook or she just not around the social networks much?.

But still, i missed her and all my geje friend ne.

April 1st, April Fool’s Day on Monday ….? suddenly i got a text message sayin that they were from my bank and tellin me that i won 7,000,000 IDR. What a fantastic joke in a Fool’s Day morning ne, can you imagine that 7 with 6 zeros behind it ? … #whoaaa ha ha ha

too bad that’s only a joke ne, and the best one for a gold digger like me. I mean what kind of jokes suit for a gold digger that a money joke btw.

and unlike me, they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) didn’t want to missed the April Fool’s Day euphoria to post an ABC Jokes on their latest post on Official Blog by sayin :

they are not gonna post another latest photo of yasu because of many anxious comments they got like “i can’t breath” … etc etc, thanks to how Mind Blowing yasu is make them breathless like that …

Really? just because of that?

nah now i think it would be better for all of you to take a deep breath before you open the Official Blog and look at yasu‘s photo ne  … #whueee eh eh …


yasu     :    they got you ne ….
noi        :    yes, they did. But just a little bit ….
yasu     :    ah come one, just say you got fool_ed ..
noi        :    @_@


before i scrolled down the page after that bucket of yasu‘s photos above, i was like,

~  eeeh why?
~  what happened?
~  is this because of that copyrights things?
~  but they already added that watermarks on the photos ne, then why …?

then i scrolled down and it was a joke? …  what should i say but :

Bloody Hell and well done guys … !!!

then that Fool’s Day get longer and my sachou made me feel like i am the foolish person that day. Everything i did was wrong to him. I wonder what the hell is happen to him ne?

I thought i already did text him right but eventually that was not right enough for him. He is really not an easy man, indeed he never be.

and that was a very long Fool’s Day for me eh, so i went home and after 18:00 PM i fell asleep until midnight. I woke up at midnight, i was hungry because i missed last night’s dinner and 3 calls from my office mate Zarri Bano.

Because i couldn’t find anything to eat but a guava to eat, i spent my sleepless night in front of my telly in hungry while wondering what the hell is happen while i was sleeping ne.


I remember how my hand felt hurt again. Yes, maybe Tekki was right. Lord Voldermorth is calling me, and btw i wonder if i am really one of the Death Eater and i reply him with  :

Stop callin me My Lord, i am on my day off and aren’t you supposed to be death ne?, Harry did kill you … !!!

What will happen to me? i am sure i am gonna get a free treat of Avada Kedavra … xD, then i think i heard my father got mad again and yellin at my mother again . Or it was only on my dreams? …

if it was really a dream, OMG my life is really miserable indeed ne, i mean i even dream about that. People say a dream is the flower on our sleeping time, and for me, the flower of my sleeping time is something amusing like that.  …

what did i do wrong btw, i stop to ask/wish anything BIG or near to impossible to be true ne. See even stop to ask for yasu or a chance for me to join him lyin on the Floor full of Roses like this for Christmas ….

because i know that’s impossible and there’s no Santa in this world that crazy enough to give me that. So now here i am as a simple woman who’s  simple as Magnolia,

all i want is nothing but some peace in my life …


noi        :     nee ya_san, is that too much to ask?
yasu     :     and … go on, i am listening ..
noi        :     well if you say so … and
a boyfriend like Jae Min ….  ha ha ha
yasu     :     i know you can’t be that simple, and
Magnolia? forget it  ..
noi        :     ah ya let me tell you about
Jae Min ne

jae min

actually his real name is Jo In Sung, and if you are one of the Korean Drama Lover you must know if Jae Min, from Jung Jae Min is a character he played in a drama called Memories of Bali in 2004.

memories of bali buku sinopsis

i really love that drama, and of course the Jae Min character. A spoiled man from a very rich family who don’t even have to join military service,  who is in love to a girl and somehow endend him on a really heart_breaking Love Triangle,

a Love Triangle is always sad ne ..

Then after that, i kinda follow him. You know by watching his movies and dramas and start to call him as my own Jae Min Oppa, Sarangeee ..!!! instead of his real name Jo In Sung.  For me he is an actor with a real talent, not only a good looking one (indeed he is charmingly adorable).

~  I enjoyed watcing him happily smiling in love in The Classic,

he wasn’t the lead actor, but the running together to go to library on a rainy day between him and the female characte is so sweet ….

~ can’t help myself to cry for him on Dirty Carnival and …

this movie is my first movie with Korean gangster war/fight scene, it is quite different with the whole Hongkong Triad movie that i watch. i noticed on the gang fighting or war they (Korean gangster) use a baseball stick (i think it was because only the boss who had a gun or blade) instead of a blade or a butcher knife like on Hongkong Triad movie.

But the war, indeed still have the same thrilling effect. I can’t believe how they beat Jae Min like that, and on his face …? #omoooo ..

~ how he put me in that some guilty pleasure feeling of me watching him did many sex scenes on A Frozen Flower.

again and again, sad ending for him. eeeh … is he gonna be like Andy Lau? you know howAndy Lau always ended die or heartbroken in most of his movies. I hope not, and now on this drama called That Winter, The Wind Blows.

jae min2

This is the first drama of him after he finished his military service, Not only him, there also Song Hye Gyo and Kim Bum on that drama ne, so this drama became some sort of a treat of sweets in a cup.


Why? because the three of them are really sweet, arent they?…

this drama is about a man, a conman named Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) who pretend to be a very rich girl’s lost brother names Oh Young (Song Hye Gyo) with a help from his fellow conman (Kim Bum) to get her money so he can pay his debts. His 7,8 million dollars debt.

They both meet in a certain condition where Oh Soo somehow have the same name as Oh Young‘s lost brother whom she is looking for. The story begin how Oh Soo make Oh Young believe if he is really her lost brother, and get her trust. But then the situation became dramatically blurry when slowly Oh Soo fall in love to his “sister”.

My fave scene is absolutely this one  …

the scene where they both eat that cotton candy together, OMG i think this is the moment where Oh Soo started to fallin in love to his “sister”, and he start to doubt about all what he is gonna do about her, and then confused himself with that 7,8 million dollars debts.

i haven’t finish this drama because my cable only air it every Wednesday and Thursday at 08:00 PM. So i only watch untill 8th episode. Yes, there so many streaming site and download for this drama,

but i think i am gonna wait to watch it on my telly and step by step on each episodes i enjoy how the chemistry between Jae Min and Song Hye Gyo while my heart can’t stop melting everytime i hear this so winter song …

Winter Love – The One

I know you, I feel you
even if you don’t speak
You’re a hurt person,
who resembles me a lot
I know that I never learned of love
so I don’t really know about it
But I feel that you are
a person who is my destiny

My person is soft like the white snowflakes
That person is hurting me
The wind blows and it seems
like it’ll take you far away
So I am protecting you by your side again today

I beg so that my prayers can reach the heavens
I hope for this cruel love
that I can’t stop anymore
Even if my life is broken to pieces,
There’s just one person,
just one person for me

A love like destiny that I cannot reject
That person is making me sad
Even if the cold winter comes
and freezes my entire body
I will always be by your side

I love you, I will hold you
I will always protect you by your side

Oppa …..  #nyaaaa  …!!!

and btw Jae Min, with 186 cm height, yes indeed he is a very tall man, therefore Song Hye Gyo had to use a very high heels so they can look perfect together ne …

yasu      :    OMG, now she really want a boyfriend …
noi         :    i am sorry ya_san. But yes, i am affraid so ..
yasu      :    eee … can we skipp this boyfriend talking and you finnish this post?
noi         :    OMG, sure …

what the hell is happen with me, where’s my manner btw. OK Enough about Jae Min now let’s close this silly post with this …


so finally i able to finish this 『Recreation3』 – Offshoot btw. Somebody help me on this.

and maybe some of you who have Facebook or Tumblr already saw this video ne because i uploaded it there on my Facebook and then you know, the shared button works like a MAGIC,

but maybe again, some of you haven’t see this, you can see it in here

As i wrote on that video details, this is not a perfect translations. So yes, there are mistakes somewhere, and if you want to translate it into another language, maybe to put it on your Street Team, page or blogs, feel free to contact me and i will give you the srt file so you just translate it to your own language, OK

maybe ( the 3rd maybe btw …xD) some of you wondering why i didn’t upload that on YouTube? well that’s because there’s the songs on 『Recreation3』 Album played as the background sound while yasu‘s talking. And i knew if i put that video on YouTube, they (you know who) will block or even delete it.

i am already got one penalty from YouTube and they sent me to that copyrights lessons class with the cartoon characters, so i only have 2 spot for mistaken uploading then after that they will erase my YouTube account, like what they did to my 1st YouTube account.

make another new account? that’s impossible for me, i even ask my friend to make this new account btw. And he is also the one who picked the username there. It used to be noiloveyasu, and then somehow YouTube suggested me to change it. Then there you are i got my YouTube account with username noihimura again. ..

so i am gonna keep this account save, after all i kinda confused about what kind of username that i am gonna use if i have to make another new YouTube account ne, let say i am gonna use  noiloveyasu,noilovehyde, noiloveyasuandhyde, noiloveeveryday ..

etc etc i am affraid that will ended with me on YouTube as

noilovemrfriday ….

noi        :    sounds weird ne, then tell me one  …
yasu     :    what if …
noi        :    no, no don’t tell me now, save your answer. i gotta go  now …
yasu     :    where …
noi        :    The Wind Blows ya_san, i gotta protect somebody , bai bai … *run*

yasu     :    eeeh, what the …


Probie Post : Your Voice, Sky is The Limit .. (Another me, yasu and The Sky)

when i wanted to DL Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 Live DVD  …

i said to my friend if i want to know which one is faster : my net connection to DL or the post office here in my city to deliver my DVD. And today i found out the answer, none of them are fast because until now i haven’t received my DVD or DL all part of it. Yes, that’s me. I am a fan who buy her idols item but also DL it because i don’t have that huge patient/dunno how to calm myself down about it.


Maybe this is because i put that DVD as one package with my Halloween Junky Orchestra single so they (read : the custom) held it again, while i am already get the 『2012』 Live CD last week. The point is i have to wait again for the DVD

yasu      :     rather than add drama, you should add more patient on your blood …
noi         :     but that is …
yasu      :     don’t tell me that’s not your division …
noi         :     eeeh, how did you know i am gonna say that …
yasu      :     because nothing is on your division …
noi         :     but you are on my division  …

I only managed to DL the offshoot and the encore part. When i wanted to continue DL the main part, i started to call Willy the dolphin by sayin this : Hueeeee ….. *very loud* just by watching all that 5 parts links. So what i am gonna say is i’ve been kicked by everythings around me. My net connection keep failed me to DL and also myself who is so easy to give up.

Yes, i surrender, I gave up to DL it again for the 3rd times, so i think i am gonna wait for my DVD to watch it on my telly no matter how hard i really want to see so … Good Night part. But then thank God someone put that part on Youtube …

i watched it and then the Hueeeee ….. *very loud*   to call Willy the dolphin just turned into

wow  wow  wow ….. whoaaaaaa ….. ahahahahahaha …. *get crazy*

now i am complete ne, after hear this song so many times from 『2012』 Live CD while wondering what things did he do during this song and so many more in my brain that nonstop givin me lots of maybe : maybe he did this, that … etc etc. Now my wondering session is over soon after i watched that video above. From all maybe that my brain gave me at least there’s one thing is true, he did this …


omo ….

i always love when he did that, even for me the dance that he did on so … Good Night part it’s a bit weird but still cute (well you can imagine yourself now how weird can be so cute, and only yasu can do that) remember the dance he also did on Bit Stupid part from Free Live 2011? where he said Arienai while moved his body just like that following Junji’s drum? …. nah that’s what i mean by weird but still cute ne, and no matter how weird he is gonna move i think eventually it will be cute …

i’ll talk about that 『2012』 Live DVD again later when i am more complete after i received my DVD and watch it from my big telly, not from PC or youtube video like this, now i am tryin to add some patient to my blood among all the drama things inside of me. Why drama …? well this is because how addict i am to my telly, and all of what it gave to me. especially all those dramas ne, i watch it and it just all inside me, so i am a little bit dramatic, yes, but not a drama queen, my mom is Her Majesty The Drama Queen who is stupidly choose to marry the Evil man,

Btw DAIGO just posted this photo tonight on his Official Blog . This is why i always love DAIGO ne, how he is so kind to post/share his photo with his big brother yasu on his blog. I remember how i kinda a waited for him to post a photo of him with yasu not so long time ago when there’s no Team Acid Black Cherry on Facebook, twitter, ameblo like now.

so yes DAIGO, DAIGO, DAIGO ありやす …

look at them, they did having fun on their last day 1 and 2 Halloween Party this year ne. Even me who wasn’t there, watch that live also dragged to the fun/happy time just by reading all the live report/tweets from fans who was so lucky to be there watch that live. I remember how confused was my twitter time line last week ne, when all of them tweet their fun times of Halloween Party.

Oh God, they tweet_ed so fast ne, i wonder what make them can do that, is it because they are using the smartphone, IPhone or anything else ended with phone? … so when i haven’t finished one tweet live report, the another one, two, three, etc etc just come all over ….. xD, damn i should send my phone to school ne so it can be smart like their phones.

so on the 1st day, like we all can see from Excite News. com‘s report they all use the same costume like on the HJO : Halloween Party‘s PV outfit


this is what i read for the 1st and 2nd Halloween Party on Kobe World Memorial Hall on 20 and 21 October 2012

~     HYDE, yasu and DAIGO performed Nemuri Hime together again like what they did on last year’s Halloween Party 2011,

OMG i hope some TV station will put that part on their morning news like last year. Even just a small part, but it still make shivering all over me hearing HYDE sing Nemuri Hime, …


noi         :      so HYDE_san, you do love Nemuri Hime
HYDE     :      what, you as the
Nemuri Hime? please don’t do that. you will ruin the story ..
noi         :      no, i mean the song …
HYDE     :      why …
noi          :     i love it to ….

and also how yasu and HYDE said itsumo …. (from Nemuri Hime’s lyrics) each other,  Oh God, this is my fave part, God Bless for you who tweet_ed it, and God, your brain is amazing ne for remember all of what they said exactly and how kind you are to wrote it on twitter shared it with me and yay make me happy …

~    The Fake twitter account


there’s one twitter account pretending to be yasu, that’s not true because yasu himself doesn’t have a personal twitter account. This one remind me to someone who also made a twitter account as HYDE, nah at that time only for days he/she (i forgot whether that person is male or female) got lots of followers,

nah in this case someone did the same thing but as yasu, for what? just to reach more than 80,000 followers like 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 …? Oh come on, don’t tell me that person is also gonna charge 1 yen for each follower he/she will get to pay rent ….?


noi       :      nee ya_san, if that kinda way is work i’ll do that ..
yasu    :      for what …
noi       :      to pay my trip to Japan next December ….

yasu    :      eeehh ….
noi       :     i didn’t get ticket from DVD lottery btw so now i have to realy on for next general sales ….
yasu    :      why did you tell me that …
noi       :     i dunno

and then ….

~    The LINE talk

now all fans know if HYDE, yasu and DAIGO are friends/follow each other (what should i call it ?) on LINE . this is on LINE not on-line like all of you and me via this amazing social networks. Then everyone (and me) want to get that damn LINE …. xD, see this is how a fandom world’s ability to drag the fans ne, found out their idols using LINE now they want the same LINE  even if their phone is not smart enough to get a LINE


yasu         :      so how smart is your phone noi_chan …?
noi            :      well it is not smart enough …
yasu         :      then forget about that LINE things …
noi            :      but, ya_san it is smarter than me
yasu         :      what?

~    Anis got a kiss from HYDE

on the 2nd day, there was Anis there joined the party and God, i knew it, that guy Anis is still all over HYDE since i read about him around VAMPS Live 2008, and that night he is the lucky fanboy who got a kiss from HYDE dressed on a gothic female costume, DAIGO as my far2 away cousin Kenshin Himura, yasu as Cloud again like what he did on a-nation and they did some African Drum game or something.

and also there’s part when HYDE together with Kiyo D’ERLANGER did La Vien En Rose, OMG i want to hear that, ne i mean that song the epic song and HYDE performed that? …  I read about yasu is so close to HYDE when he sang Black Cherry but he didn’t get that? and it was Anis instead of yasu …. awwww , that’s too bad ne, so



noi         :      do your best for tomorrow  ….
yasu      :      for what ….?
noi         :      for everything, and yes, you have my back on this …
yasu      :      @_@ …

enough about that Halloween Party now i am gonna talk about my 1,000,000 steps to be close to yasu … let’s just say from all 1,000,000 steps this trip to Jakarta by bus is the 100,000 steps i took. It is not easy ne ..

yasu        :      i told you ne nothing is easy …
noi           :      yeah, you are right …
yasu        :      so …
noi           :      don’t worry i am not gonna give up for this …

so yesterday i went to Jakarta to get my visa with Tekki. I wanted to go alone but then Tekki said it’s not safe to go alone there because this time we use bus than plane. I have no plan to go to Jakarta on that day, i only decided it after seeing my friend BCL is already OK so i can leave her only with my other friend to deal everything while i am away.

even before i go i have to explained to them about everything 3 times from A to Z so there will be no mistake and they will not calling me nonstop like what they did when i was away to Bangkok last March and added more zeroes on my phone bill’s numbers.

because it was by bus, we have to go one day before at 15:00 PM we already stand by at the bus station, I was so excited about this bus trip to Jakarta, imagine for me as a bus lover to be on bus all night long and spent my night on bus it was amazing ne, and because how excited i was i almost got in the wrong bus. On my ticket, it was the N bus (you may say it as Noi for N)

on the bus station i ran when i saw a big and shinny black bus, and showed my ticket to the officer, but he didn’t allow me to get it, while me keep tellin him : this is my ticket, why didn’t you let me in to my bus … (yes, i said it my bus like i am the one who own it), and the he said : No, this is not the N bus, this is the H bus, while lookin at me with his look, his eyes like sayin : poor her, she must never be on the bus…xD


bloody hell that’s the wrong bus ne and then when my bus arrived, eh it was purple not black, hee that one looks better than this purple. So that night i spent all night long inside that purple bus, OMG i was so happy ne. Imagine while i am tryin to get some sleep in this bus, the driver still have to do his job to take me and all the other passenger savely to Jakarta. What a hard job to do and need full concentration to do it, that’s why we should not talk to the bus driver ne because it will ruined his concentration, and when a bus driver loose his concentration for driving, it’s gonna be bad, so bad …


While listening to 『2012』 Live CD over and over and nonstop laughing on Cherry Cherry part where yasu asked YUKI to sing the next part by sayin : YUKI_chan, and how YUKI sing kite kite part, aw that’s sounds adrable ne … I didn’t dream about anything that night, because i keep wake up everytime the bus stop moving, somehow that day because there’s so many roadwork all over the main road, the bus stop many times.

That’s why we didn’t manage to get to Jakarta at 05:00 AM like what’s on the schedule, but it was already 08:00 AM when we enter Jakarta. OMG i am gonna late ne, the Japan embassy open visa application only from 08:00 Am to 12:00 AM and now at 08:00 we’re still around the highway to enter Jakarta. Do i have to go back to Jakarta again just because too late today? …

finally Tekki said if we should get a taxi so it can be faster, than follow the bus to the bus station and then go to japan embassy from there. Eventually no matter how many times i go to Jakarta i am not a gonna able to get myself to ride busway. Taxi, it always taxi ne, so by taxi we go to Japan Embassy and thanks to how crowded Jakarta is we arrived there at 11:00 AM, thank God.

at that time there was so many police in front of Japan Embassy, i thought they were close for some reason, but they didn’t ne, It’s like that, we can’t see anything on Japan Embassy. everything is behind the wall, they said it is very closed. After checked my ID and get my bag screened by the security i entered the visa applicant room,

There was only me, Tekki, one man from Malaysia and one girl who was there for her student visa. I saw her very2 busy writing something on the table, so i prepare my ballpoint just in case if they also asked me to do like her, but a am not, The officer only gave me 2 papers white and yellow to me so i can write my name, passport number and phone number and asked me to back there on Tuesday to get my visa (if they approved it) or get my passport (if they decided not to give me a visa).

after that we went to Gandaria City Mall to watch a movie in IMAX theater, we watch Fankenwinie , and OMG again, this is the first time for me to watch a move in IMAX theater like this, the theater is so wide, so does the screen and it is 3D, that’s a real 3D ne, before the movie started, they show me The Hobbit preview, nah because it was a 3D, so when the dwarf (or Gandalf?) throw that rocks to them (i have no idea who) it feels like the rocks are on me, i was like …. eeeee mama ……  and call my mom …. xD

and as always soon after i ran out of snack to eat i fall asleep, so i have no idea what happen, suddenly Scrappy (Victor’s dog) is dead and then when i wake up he is back to live again? … but this movie is good ne, good enough to watch on Halloween night even not that scary, and if you familiar with Tim Burton‘s work you will see some of The Sleepy Hallows in this movie, yeah i am talking about  fire scene on the windmill … remember?

eeeh what time is it? i better close this post before i talk too much, but before that hey come on, meet this new Hobbit …


look how short i am ne, OMG it is because of the pants or i am the one who get shorter? i better scaled my self again ne, as i remember i am still 155 cm, shorter than HYDE, or maybe this is because i watch/read too much about Hobbit from all The Lord of The Rings trilogy ne. so i think i am gonna join Martin Freeman to Shire and start my new live as hobbit ….

an my way home from Jakarta, it was very rude ne, it scared me, and then all the fun things about traveling by bus it not fun anymore when i was on that Kp. Rambutan bus station. What a scary place, ne full of scary people and i know they are not a good people, They fooled me to pay my bus ticket to back home double than it used to be, and then the bus just dropped me on some city which is still another 3 hours to my home.

but at least they dropped us in a place where i know so i can find out how to go home. and as what people said experience is expensive, from what i had yesterday now i know which one is better and how to deal with it,

and for my next trip to Jakarta i am gonna play save i’ll take the plane not by bus anymore. i better go to sleep now, because tomorrow is Ied, we will cut some cows for this year Ied, so i’d like to say Ied Mubarak  to all my muslim friend

and not only that, tomorrow also the 3rd day of Halloween Party where my dear friend Yukiko‘s gonna go , nee Yukki, i can’t wait to see your  Halloween costume …. xD, and for you ya_san …

          Happy Halloween ..
Blood is read, death bodies are blue.
I am not dead yet, but I Love You, ….


yasu       :      i am not dead yet but i love you ….. ? really ?
noi          :      this is Halloween ne and i am full by listening
『2012』 Live CD
yasu       :      so …
noi          :      no matter what people said for me your voice, sky is the limit
yasu       :      hmmm ,
noi          :      and i am gonna watch Skyfall soon ..
yasu       :      what the …


Friday Post : I Didin’t do This, but Twitter did … xD (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Twitter)

yeah it’s Friday ne,

and i am full now. I think i eat too much for my lunch with a lamb sure this is not gonna be good for my blood pressure and my anger that always having a trouble with management problem, so after this i am not gonna do anything but silence, as Hannibal Lecter did on Silence of The Lambs and continue posting this Friday Post

Last night yasu asked to all his fans via twitter about his Halloween costume for this upcoming VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012. I almost missed this but thank God my friend marchlavender notified me about it, Thanks dear …

He also have some funny tweets with Kiyo, i have no idea if they can be so funny like that … xD


and of course i replied him, and my reply was :

Halloween costume ya_san? just don’t be a Dracula or Vampire again ne, because this year is the year for Zombie. Zombie is everywhere.

They are everywhere ne. Actually i never mind he is gonna be anything/anyone on this year VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012. Anything/anyone but Dracula and Vampire related costume …

noi       :    no Dracula, no Vampire OK
yasu    :    why ….
noi       :    you already did it twice ne, and that’s boring ..
yasu    :    i am not boring ne, you are …
noi       :    OK, i am boring so don’t follow me ..

i got an email from twitter told me if from now on i can use a banner on my Twitter Page (or should i call this a Twitter profil?) and not ony that, this morning i saw my dear brother Tekki posted this lovely image of HYDE, yasu, DAIGO on HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA PV Shoot from VAMPS Times vol.14


and i am not sure who is the girl, But i think she is RINA from Scandal, or …? ….  Then i put that image above as my twitter Header image, i swear i didn’t do anything ne …. and it just became like this Never Ending Bahama Love Triangle : HYDE_noi_yasu ..yay …


HYDE    :     OMG yasu_kun, this is the wrong girl …
yasu      :     eeeh, noi_chan what are you doing here ….?
noi         :     i am here to see you and HYDE_san …
HYDE    :     hey, fangirl what have you done …
noi         :     don’t ask me. I  i swear didn’t do this, ne Twitter did this, but this is great ne …. ahahahaha *laugh*


Moonlight Post : If There Are Stars Above The Lake …. (Another me, yasu and yen)

recently yen just all over my mind, yes yen for this, yen for that



yen,  and then suddenly it became …Yen, yen, yen, yen  Ing Tawang Ana Lintang

Yen Ing Tawang Ana Lintang from Javanese (not Japanese)  language means If There Are Stars Above The Lake, in Javanese language yen means if of course with a different pronunciation. Actually it’s a song title, a traditional Javanese song, and this song is very popular from generation to generation. From my grandfather/mother, my mom/dad and then me.

I usually hear this song played in radio every the morning after the morning news from my neighbor’s radio. In my house we don’t have a radio, CD or cassette player so how i listen to radio every morning is from my neighbor. My neighbor is very generous with his radio so every morning all of us in 5 buildings from his house can hear his radio in the morning.

Yes, i love it but sometimes it can be annoying especially when i have my day off where i still want to sleep till noon, but thanks to his live and loud morning radio show i can’t do that, nah if something like that happen what i do next is just sit in my backyard listening it with a cup of hot vanilla latte in my hand.

and they always play that song : Yen Ing Tawang Ana Lintang (If There Are Stars Above The Lake), a love song about a man who really miss his girlfriend and how he keep waiting for her comin in the lake with stars above. my mom always say this song is the most romantic song for her because the lyrics is so deep and beautiful :

Yen ing tawang ana lintang, cah ayu
[If There Are Stars Above The Lake, hey beautiful girl]
aku ngenteni tekamu
[i am waiting for you to come]
marang mega ing angkasa
[to cloud in the sky]
ingsun takokke pawartamu
[i am asking how are you]
Janji-janji aku eling, cah ayu
[all the promises we made, i still remember all of it, girl]
sumedhot rasane ati
[i feel my heart just broken]

lintang-lintang ngiwi-iwi, nimas
[the stars are teasing me, dear]
tresnaku sundhul wiyati
[my unlimitted love, is so high as the sky]
Dhek semana janjiku disekseni mega kartika
[cloud and stars as the witness of my promise to you]
kairing rasa tresna asih
[with my deep and true love]

Yen ing tawang ana lintang, cah ayu
[If There Are Stars Above The Lake, , hey beautiful girl]
rungokna tangising ati
[please listen to this, my heart cryn]
binarung swarane ratri, nimas
[and feel it at night]
ngenteni mbulan ndadari
[waiting for a moonlight]

is it beautiful ne, so If There Are Stars Above The Lake, hey you my mind blowing man, i am waiting for you to come  ...


yasu    :   you mean me …?
noi       :   yes, you who else blow my mind but you ne …
yasu    :   waiting for a moonlight …? then who is the werewolf …
noi       :   a werewolf …?
yasu    :   we are gonna talk about The Red Ridding Hood right, you said she is a werewolf ..
noi       :   no no no ….

ah ya The Red Ridding Hood it remind me about something, this plan changing. I said if i want to go to Japan to watch yasu and Hyde one stage on Halloween Party ne, but i just realized something 2 days ago. I saw the calendar and found out if this year Halloween is next to Ied.

not this upcoming Ied, but this what i am talking about is the other Ied, it is still the same Islamic Holly day. i don’t wanna go anywhere on Ied so there should be a plan changing. And i change it with this ..


Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversay Live “Erect”. yes, i want to join yasu’s“Erect” on December. The pre_sale ticket for Fan Club  is already open today and i did apply (read : ask my proxy to apply for me) for Dec 11 and 13th in Yoyogi so i don’t have to go far away to Japan on Ied.

ごめんね Yukiko, i know i made a promise with you about going to watch this year Halloween Party together, and  i am really sorry about this change …  but, there’s always but ne. If i can’t get the ticket i will back to the main plan to watch Halloween Party. demo ne, I hope i can get the tickets  because ….

i want this  1 Maybe 2 Steps Closer to you, ya_san … accomplished .


noi        :    and step into fascination trap of infratuation KISS ….
yasu     :    erase the KISS noi_chan … so no werewolf talk tonight …?
noi        :    no, why …?
yasu     :    good, because i am a vampire ne. what do you say now  …
noi        :    meet somebody in the moon?
yasu     :    no, no enough with that moon talking ….