Finale Post : When The party is Over …. (Another me, yasu and Capt. America)

This post is for my Finale day Japan, I had so many Wonderful time in this Wonderland with so many Wonderful people …

but before that, there you are an Acid Black Cherry  interview, this one is from ZIP, you know the morning news/show.  I am so glad someone recorded  and shared it even i only able to play this when i get home. I saw this video on Youtube when i was at KL International Airport waiting for my 2nd flight back to Jakarta somehow the one hour Free Wi-Fi there refused to open a video from Youtube.

and then arrived to Jakarta, i wanted to open and play it i can’t do that either, because my laptop and my phones are out of battery and i can’t find a an electricity plug work inside the domestic boarding room. This is weird ne, because inside the international boarding room, the plug is work. I think they should do some check and maintain again.

he said  about how he heard so many fans say that they want to hear Yes, he remember it and put it on the set- list for this Erect Live. And as you all know, Yes is also number one requested song on 2012 USEN- JPOP.

Correct me if i am wrong but i catch about detergent and fabric softener, and  if there’s a sample in a store he will take it and try it? ahahaha … OMG i can’t imagine how a rock star like him still doing things like that.


i heard on 2nd day of Acid Black Cherry Live 12-13-2012 at The 1st Gymnasium National Yoyogi Stadium there was AKB48 member, Ryuji Aoki and Ryo Kitamura-kun (the cute guy on Chou PV).


and also there’s a fan who saw of Ryuji Aoki did the Arienaii things from「Bit Stupid」 very enthusiastic ….. <—– i i really wanna see that …. xD

The Set List

1.   Maria
2.   Cord name [JUSTICE]
3.   Rakuen

4.   In the Mirror
5.   Jigsaw
6.   Yasashii Uso
7.   1954 LOVE/HATE
8.   Doomsday clock
9.   Aishitenai
10. Yes
11. Bit Stupid
12. Cherry Cherry
13. Murder Licence
14. Kuroi Taiyo
15. Pistol
16. Shojo no Inori III


18.  1/3の純情な感情 [1/ 3 No junjouna kanjo] …..
19.  so…Good night
20.  Black Cherry


21.  Prologue End
22.  Shangri La

they got 1/3の純情な感情  same with everyone who watch it on the 1st day at Sun Palace, Fukuoka.

so i had my MAGIC moment with yasu, and OK, this time i am not gonna say some Bloody Hell … this time, but i am gonna say it properly like what Lady Mary always said so yes, this is Lady Noi‘s saying :

For Heavens, yasu is itsumademo brilliant  …..!!!!

and the party is over, and then nothing left but i just wanna go home. If i can go home that night, i am sure i’ll be straight to Haneda that night and back home to my mom. That’s me, whenever i go somewhere, especially far from home i am always get a homesick at the first day soon arrive there and when the party is over (read : finished what i am going to do there).

I remember how i cried like hell on my first morning at hotel alone just because i can’t find/hear my mom’s voice calling me in the morning.  Maybe i am a little bit scared because i woke up by myself, my mom is always wake me up. Even i am already open my eyes, but i will stay at my bed until she wake me up. That day i didn’t hear her calling me as always and plus how i also can’t call her with my phone. Then i just wanna go home  ….

My flight was at 23:00 PM JST before midnight, and the day before it i spent my whole day to find how to back to Haneda from my hotel in Shibuya. I should have find it before my leaving to Japan ne, but maybe the excitement to see yasu made me forget about it and i just like :

ah, i’ll find it later when i am already there. … wekekekeke ….. *smiling alone*


yasu      :   baka, … …
noi         :   baka desu yo …
yasu      :   it’s not something that you can proud to ..
noi         :   so desu yo …

ah ya that so desu yo … is something that i always say when there’s Japanese talk to me and i didn’t understand what the hell are they tryin to say to me. I just say that so desu yo …  followed with Gomenasai  … and then leave him/her so they are not talk to me again and ended with me lost in translation for the XXX time in Japan

so that day i was thinking if i don’t start to find how to back to Haneda today, i am gonna end like Harry Potter on his 1st year to enter Hogwarts with all his belonging lost in the station tryin to find where is platform 3/4 to Hogwarts. In this case what i am looking for is that bus stop number 31. The bus stop for  the limousine bus that will take me back to Haneda. i Google_ed it before and Google gave me this :

1,000 yen for Limousin Bus from Shibuya Station West Exit to Haneda, Bus Stop no. 31 last bus is on 12:08 AM

that day i enjoyed my self to stay in bed a little bit longer and have a long time do nothing inside bathtub, i feel like i was doing a porn movie there …. wekekekekeke …. *dumped to hell*. ah ya that’s what i feel ne, because i do nothing just wash my self and put a lot of soap in the bathtub then did like what the girls did on the beauty soap commercial on telly.

OK, you can say i want to do some sexy …

yasu      :    stay inside the bathtub and do nothing is sexy ?
noi         :    i think so, i see that they did on telly ..
yasu      :    yeah right …

and then wrapped my foot mith this ABC socks that i bought on the venuse, hey yes this socks made me feel much warmer ne, i think i had to put the pants also ne, because i think i know why i still get cold. That’s because i didn’t wear anything but my undies under the yukata/kimono that the hotel gave me. and keep my self under the blanket

at 14:00 PM i leave my hotel to start my journey to find a way back to Haneda. It was smooth, i found it and i also read if the bus will not pass there at Bus Stop no. 31 after 12:08 PM. The next bus after it only pass on the bus stop number 52 or 53 (ah i forgot) at 5th floor of Shibuya Mark City, Ohhh, i was there on that bus stop on my 1st night ne, and catch a taxi from there ..

then i enter Shibuya Mark City hoping to find that another bus station on the 5th floor, but again and again i can’t find it, at that time i ended somewhere and i didn’t find some sign that will show me where i am ne. So i just go back to the same door where i enter Shibuya Mark City. And then i meet another granny …

dan, why did i always meet a grannyne, this granny is the 3rd one after i lost at Shibuya station and then in front of Yoyogi Station. Maybe this is because i use that Queen Elizabeth II hat, and only attract granny instead of kawaii man to interact with …. xD

she was there alone, on her way down the escalator with so many shopping bag on her hands. I thought she is in trouble with all of that, can you imagine an old woman about 50 years old with more than 3 hopping bags on the escalator? that’s dangerous ne.

So i came near her and asked her : Daijobu ….? and then she said and asked me back  :   hai, daijobu. Where do you come from and where do you wanna go? me      :  i am from Indonesia, and i just walk around here . then i dunno why she just gave me 2 of her shopping back and ask me to follow her. i follow her and that day i ended with eating all the sample foods at Tokyu Food Show right in front of Shibuya Mark City.



i love that place, so many food there and all of them gave a sample to eat free. I follow Natsuki_san wherever she go and she gave me the food sample to me while sayin : Good, Good . and we will laugh together after i eat it and said : Hai, hai Oishii …. . She will go to another stand, get me another to try. OMG i am soo happy ne, …. xD  I also told her if i don’t eat pork.  I feel full already with all of it

i buy that fried mushroom, tako and some spicy chicken wings for my dinner tonight, some raw mushrooms for my friends. But Natsuki_san, OMG she bought so many things ne, We said bai bai in front of Shibuya Station. I told her if it would be better if she get a taxi.

after that, i go back to Shibuya 109 again, and this time i found the bookstore , Actually it is inside (or next to?) Shibuya 109, or it was only me who is so easy to get lost so i can’t find it yesterday. and found this ….


ARENA37℃ January 2013 and TETSUYA-ism book. I thought there will be 2 different book ne, but eventually it was the same book but there’s 3 different cover color available : red, purple and white. the i walked arround again and got this lovely bag ..

see that’s N there is for who else but NOI ne, …. #awww that’s perfect ,

Ah ya about bag ne, when i was at Harajuku, i see so many guys/boys use the same bag with girls, you know that bag should be use by girls but in Harajuku i see it was normal for boys to use that kind of bag also.

It is something new for me ne because at my country boys/man don’t use a bag like girls/woman ne, they normally only use a wallet inside their pocket or maybe an office ba, the leather office bag.

After my legs felt hurt again i dragged my self out of that full of kawaii things on 109 walk along Dogenzaka street again back to my hotel and stopped to KFC to buy another chicken for me tonight. I knew that night is gonna be a long night so i need more food to warm me

i asked Tekki and my office mates to call me tomorrow so i am not gonna late for my bus to go to Haneda. I packed my things and OMG it became more heavy than before ne, look at this ..


the next morning i woke up before all of them calling me and checked-out from my hotel at 10:00 AM and start to walk to Shibuya Mark City again with all of that. Can you imagine that, because i can’t find a taxi on that morning so i have to dragg all of that all way down from my hotel at Aobadai to Shibuya Mark City. I feel like i am one of the contestant of some idols contest who get eliminated then sent home.

13:30 PM arrived at Haneda and i spent my whole day there walking around the terminal and tryin to find all the spot that maybe on the set of Tokyo Airport dorama. I saw the brigde where Shinoda_san always walk every morning on her way to work.

after 2 times fall asleep on the terminal’s chair, have 2 cup of noodles and i can’t remember how many cup cofee that i had, they finally call me to check-in, and then i realized …

Where the hell is my pillow? OMG Capt. America ….. kyaaaaa

so i walk around again to all places that i’ve been, i think i left it at toilet or maybe at cafee next to toilet where i get one latte. When i back to toilet, there’s an old lady who clean the toilet but i dunno what to say to ask her about my pillow because i don’t think she will get what i am talking about.

So please to all of you who read this and you are at Haneda International Airport, Tokyo Japan, please please help me to find my pillow ne, it looks like this

OMG, Tekki is gonna kill me tomorrow ne, i said to her if it’s gonna be save ne, that pillow is a limited edition so i dunno where to buy it anymore, Oh God, you did gave me a MAGIC with yasu and i hope there’s some MAGIC happen again by me get my Capt. America pillow again.

when they called me to board, that time i feel so glad finally i can back home now, It is a Long Way Down to watch Acid Black Cherry Live and also it is another long way down to back to my home, 3 flights and 3 hours by bus, it’s so hard to imagine ne, then idid that ne. But again and again it worth, yasu made it worth with his MAGIC

bai bai ya_san, Thank you for the MAGIC and  楽しかった ….!!!….

noi        :   omo ya_san, see i lost Capt. America ne ….
yasu     :    really ….?
noi        :   yes, i can’t find it anymore ..
yasu     :   don’t worry noi_chan, at least you still have Prince Harry  ..
noi        :   eeh …




Midnight Post : I Forgive, but not Forget …. (Another me, yasu and The Mirror)

Thanks to Misaki again on Acid Black Cherry group on Facebook, i found out finally somebody upload this Acid Black Cherry on DAI安吉, i’ve been looking for this one but i dunno why what i got is a file for IPhone? ….

eeehhh that’s weird ….



well let’s just enjoy this video and have fun with my 2nd broomance in this world : yasu and Daigo …..



yasu     :    number 2?
noi        :    i am sorry, but yes …
yasu     :    then who is the number one?
noi        :    who else but Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, but don’t worry ya_san, you are still number one in my heart … ima ma demo, itsumademo ….
yasu     :    whatever ….

ah ya, not only that,  but today is also the day when they (you know who, but not Lord Voldermorth) open the pre_sale order for  Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』GOODS. and soon they open it there you are i start to eat my credit card, …..

yasu      :    eat your credit card …? for what,
noi         :    well, who knows if i eat it …
yasu      :    don’t say after you eat it, you gonna get you some cash …
noi         :    omo … how did you know that, is it work? …
yasu      :    you, …. weird …

i am already made a mistake, ah no i didn’t make a mistake, but maybe i just unlucky dealing with my Acid Black Christmas goodies, Actually i don’t wanna talk about it or post it on my blogs, because i don’t wanna say some bad things after he said to me if he still wanted to continue his bussiness on his last email to me last February.  but  i’ve been waiting so long and he (you know who, not yasu) just gone and leave me like this, he never reply my so many mails , and the worst is, i can’t have/buy this :

i bought again the other stuffs like sticker, postcards and bag from another seller, but still i can’t find this one, the Photobook, i really want this and he just screwed everything. If he can’t buy that for me at least he should say something like i am sorry or something else what people should say in this circumstances, but he didn’t ….

and also he never say something about all my money that i am already sent to him. How much did i sent him? it almost 9,000 Yen (for the goodies and the shipping cost), One day i did think about to let it go,  i mean forget about it, but bloody hell, ……  who can forget about that 9,000 Yen …? one number nine with 3 zero behind it is memorable like hell (if you’ve been in hell like Hellboy)…. the answer is no one, except you got hit on your head, there’s something mess with your brain or you got amnesia ….

I forgive, yes but not Forget …..!!!

noi      :      nee ya_san, how many burger do you think i can get with 9,000 Yen …?
yasu   :       they gonna bury you with it
noi      :      really …?
yasu   :      then count it ….
noi      :      eee …..

but then i start to think again, maybe i lost that 9,000 Yen for a reason, you know maybe there’s something that i forgot to do, some donations, or i how many times i forgot to pay my bus ride in the morning ….. xD  ah ya i forgot about it many times, this is why i often pay my bus weekly or at least every 3 days.

But when i was on college, if i didn’t have to pay my bus fee one day because the driver assistant (the man who collect the money) forgot or didn’t see me even i didn’t hide.  i am gonna be soo happy and said so many Alhamdulillah ya Allah  while nonstop smiling like an idiot . yeah i was lucky at least i can save this for lunch …. ahahaha yeah that’s a very bad example, for only that less amount of money.

but at that time i was really poor, i have to work as a waiter on some restaurant near my college, be a private teacher,   be office girl and many other side jobs i did to get some cash, waw it was a very hard time, so something simple like i didn’t pay my buss ride in the morning it felt like a bless from God to me, see how God knows everything, God knows if that day i didn’t have money so God gave me a free bus ride in the morning.

and that time, even hard for me but i did it, and be who i am now even how miserable my live is now, but i am stil grateful to God everyday for what God gave me all this time, there’s a phrase that say : you are gonna feel tired if you keep look upside, so sometimes try to look at the downside .

the point of that phrase is oke if there’s some days in your live you feel so unlucky, miserable (like what i always feel) if you compare to another person maybe your friend who have a better live, and everything more than you, … nah if you keep look at them who is so lucky (upside) you’re gonna feel nothing but more negative feelings and unhappy, …

nah what if you try to look at the opposite of it, try to look at the other person who is more unlucky than you, nah i am sure what you feel is gonna be different, you gonna feel lucky and say lots of at least ….  ex : at least i don’t have to walk that far to sell something (this is what i feel when i saw a salesman/woman), at least i can go to  college ( this is what i feel if i see someone who can’t go to university because they have no money) … etc etc

so the point is Up and Down, over and over just like what your personal trainer said on your fitness or yoga class, … oke enough about the Up and Down things,  now the hunt is on now, the hunt for Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』GOODS

~   Phamflet …

3,000 円

オールカラー 36P
B4サイズ 約36.4cm×25.7cm

i am not gonna miss this, yes this is on my list  …..

~   2 Version Posters

1,000 円

B2サイズ 約51.5cm×72.8cm

i’ll skip this one ….

~    2 version of Stickers

1,000 円
A5サイズ 2枚セット 約14.8cm×21cm

~     3 version Postcards A, B and C (5 each)

500 円
A6サイズ 5枚セット 約10.5cm×14.8cm … checked

~   T Shirt A and B version (for woman and man)

3,500 円
レディース_着丈:約77cm 身幅:約45cm 袖丈:
メンズ_着丈:約71cm 身幅:約50cm 袖
丈:約19cm  ………

everybody wants this, thanks to this on Acid Black Cherry Official Blog

~   Bath Towel

2,500 円
ジャガード織 約21.5×110cm

~    2 Versions Towel ..

2,500 円
ジャガード織 約21.5×110cm

~  Mirror Slide

1,500 円
材質:UPR(Unsaturated Polyester Resin)・ガラス・合金

~     サーモマグ

2,500 円
本体:ステンレス 蓋、飲み口_ポリプロピレン パッキン_シリコン 20cm×φ5.5mm(容量:300ml)

source :

i am not sure what that thing is, but see the 300 ml, i think that is a bottle, or maybe like a coffee glass, but with a cover you know what i mean ….  nah i am already ordered that, i have to finish this list before May, because i have another things to plan, what plan …? what else but L’arc live in Jakarta , i better make some plan A, B and C because something just happen and more than one plans always better.

and if you missed yasu’s radio show with Yuki Rin (i just found out if she is one of the AKB48) … ahahaha oke blame me, this is because i only know 2 girls from all the 48 girls on AKB48, they are Takamina and Atsuko Maeda (this one is already graduate) and btw  i never understand about this graduation things on AKB48 and the others girls band with 48, are they in boarding school or something ….?

ah ya you can hear the show again in here :



last night i had a dream, this one is not a wet dream, i wish this one is , but this dream that i had last night was dry, because it was not related to sea, pool, or water, but it was on the post office , see how this my waiting start to effect me and then suddenly i had this weird dream.

on my dream last night, the scene is post office, the cast is me and my office mate BCL, and the story is about me and BCL went to post office to protest the post office why they didn’t give me my 『2012』 until now.on my dream BCL didn’t say something to help me with the protest and when i said : hey L, say something, she just leave me …. hueeee, what the hell is that supposed to mean ….

see how weird this dream ne, while everybody in my country now doing some protest to the government about the plan to increase gas and fuel price next month (day after tomorrow), and i had a dream  about protest but to the post office? …. OMG i think my brain messed all the news that i watch on telly related to the protest and songs in  『2012』  albums that i listen everyday ….

yes, i asked master Yoda about this one  ….

when i asked him   :    why Master, why ….?
and then he said    :    because it already written, the point of your life is waiting, so My Dear, you better wait …

me                       :    as you say Master, i will obey you ….

i am gonna be wait with patient, as time goes by and i wait longer i am gonna be more patient than before, …. or what, i should mad? but to who? …… to the wind blows, for blow my skirt when i was on my bike? …. i can’t think about this anymore, yes i said on twitter if i don’t care about my 『2012』 because i am already see all of it,

but hey what about the 40 pages photobook? … how can i find the 17 red apples and the girl with the red ribbon there, nobody gonna scan it for me, and even there’s somebody scan it i am not gonna satisfied because i want the big scan, like what i always did, 600 dpi, 4891 x 6511, because if the scan is a big size scan, you can have a good quality image even you cut the image.

ah ya here’s the  ARENA 37°C April 2011 scans, i am gonna call this with yasu and the mirror, or yasu in the mirror?

i hope he didn’t do that mirror mirror hanging on the wall talks …  but if he did, i am sure the mirror is gonna answer him with : who else but you when he asked :

Mirror mirror hanging on the wall, who is the brilliant man for my fangirl Noi Himura? …..

ahahahahaha ,  ….  kyaaaaa … *dumped into Limbo forever*

yasu     :   hey i am not gonna ask something like that,
noi        :   i said that if …  ne
yasu     :   btw what make you think the mirror is gonna answer it like  that ….?
noi        :   nah that’s because i am the mirror …
yasu     :   Oh God, i should know you are gonna say that ….
noi        :   kyaaa ya_san, help me  ….
yasu     :    bai bai noi_chan, enjoy your time on Limbo….



Happy Birthday ya_san : My Heart still Draws Another Dreams … (Another me, yasu and L’arc)

Today is January 27th,  ….

and 「イエス」 today is officially a yasu day, because this brilliant man was born today 37 years ago,

my present for you ya_san is a pray, another pray for you

Happy Birthday, i wish you all the best, stay brilliant, genki and sexy as you are now and my pray is : May You have a thousand splendid happiness, because you deserve that and yes again you must be happy ….

yasu    :   a pray ..?
noi       :   yes, a little pray …
yasu    :   hmmm

actually i made that video about 3 months ago, and it takes a whole day of my office time to do that, this is because i am not good with a video edit or something related to, nah that day i dunno why i just finished that, video and when my netbook went crazy and i have to install it again , i  didn’t forget to save that video even i lost all my image file of yasu …

nah when i upload that video on Facebook because i want to tag Acid Black Cherry DreamCup, i dunno why Facebook just deleted it, because a copyright things, but when i uploaded it on Youtube, it was fine ne.

not only that, Facebook also deleted 「イエス」  PV  that i posted last month. i surprised by that, because Facebook never do that before . i think they already find me, you know who and because this ACTA things now , maybe Facebook choose to be more careful. so 2 days ago i made another Facebook, yeah just in case Facebook delete my account or make a video disable to my account .

and not only pray but i also sent something, i hope it can reach him, i posted it via FanClub. today, he is 37. and yes again he is on his way to reach his Golden moment. he worked hard as we know with his 5 consecutive single from Pistol to 「イエス」 . he did great so i am sure he is gonna reach his golden moment before 40.

credit to :  alt_A_

last night i got some blast on my mind for another pairing for me and yasu, on our fangirl (me) and idol (yasu) relationship between us. As all my office mate said often to me, how i am mentally in love to somebody who don’t know me and will never know about me, …. and hello, i am talking about this man ne , who else but him. the birthday boy today

so our new pairing is Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper, yes, yasu is SH and me as Molly. why do i have this on my mind …? if you watch SHERLOCK HOLMES season two  and finished all the 3 episodes,  esp.  The Reichenbach Fall episode  i am sure you know what i mean , ..

Molly Hooper, the one whom SHERLOCK asked to in his final problem with Jim Moriarty, and how she able to see if SHERLOCK is not okay. how Molly is just be there for SHERLOCK, admire him and his brilliant brain, …

noi       :  so that’s what i am gonna do, i am gonna be Molly Hooper for you
yasu     :  and i am SHERLOCK ...?
noi       :   yes, just like Molly, admire  you even you never know, kind a secret admirer  ….
yasu    :   secretly? …. noi_chan this blog is not secret ne, everybody know …
noi       :   well okay not a secret …

btw recently  i have this laziness to write something here, and the condition just supported me to be lazy to write something. i know that is not good ne because i need to write something, at least with writing something here i can reduce what is on my mind, what bother me, etc.

not only that i also missed a lot of things like : i missed to watch Acid Black Cherry on Happy Music because i am too busy play some new video game that i got last week, i also missed the Coming Soon show because i thought the show is on 11:50 AM, but when i found out it was PM, ….



the sky and rain made a very genius conspiracy to drive my net connection crazy, so it went crazy and i can’t watch it. but thank God there’s so many people record and there you are, you can watch it here : :

and you can watch the whole show in here . Maybe some of you noticed how his voice sounded a bit different ne, but i think i hear his sound like this in one of the live show , on Re:Birth maybe? ah i forgot.

yasu    :   so you didn’t watch me live on your …. what did you call it…?
noi       :   my telly …?
yasu    :   ah ya your telly …
noi       :   sorry ya_san, but just blame the rain for that …
yasu    :   what the …

but for me he still brilliant and this is the greatest present from him to all of his fans out there who already dyin to see him on Telly, and in this case me, this is the first time i watch him live on Telly and look at him ….

that is brilliant …..!!!!

maybe i am already in a stage where i don’t care how my idol is on stage whether his voice is not like usually, but somehow i always have a reason to make the fact that he sounded not usually is okay, like maybe he is a little bit unwell and so many reason in my mind.

and here’s the Offshoot for 「イエス」

when i posted that Facebook video on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook, many of them said they can’t watch the video, i dunno what the hell is happen, because when i cliked it, for me it’s worked and i signed out and watched it again with my another Facebook it also worked. so i decided to upload it on MF, nah if you can’t watch the video above you can dowload it here

not only that i also have no idea if yasu is gonna be on the Men’s Spider magazine , until i saw that on one of my friend ameblo, and OMG is this a fashion magazine …? but for a Jrockers, male ? … because as i know Men’s Spider is You Ayoukawa’s band.

OMG look at him, and yeah you right this is not a scan yet , because i haven’t receive my magazine, and i still have 3 magazine to scan.  but look at him ….

this one is my fave ….. ahahahaha …

so yasu is in fashion now plus his collaboration with 109 MEN’s Fashion, …. OMG saw him on an outfit with various color like that make me feel like when Sunako meet Kyouhei at the fisrt time, i can’t say anything but one word : Mabushiiiii …… ahahahaha …. *dumped to black hole*. ah ya i almost forgot lot of things just arrived ne

i am soo bloody happy ne , and yasu on Arena 37 is sooo brilliant, i mean the outfit, the hair, the make up and of course yasu himself is mabushiiii ……  yes, i am already scan  it and there you are the scans …

i’ll scan the rest of the magazine and another artist this Sunday, and i have no idea why Photobucket just testing me recently, it just get slow for upload just one image, i know i scan it in a big size but i don’t think that’s too big, see, about 36 MB is not big ne …

so yes, this Photobucket testing on me, my patient just make me dizzy just like how one girl on L’arc en Ciel (Cielers Indonesia) group on Facebook who also tested my patient with her silly and spoil post. God, i hate that kind a post and i wanna erase it, yeah i can do that because i am the admin on that group with Tekki of course. but that’s not good ne …

btw about L’arc en Ciel, finally they comin to my country, even yes i am gonna see them in Bangkok but hey i can’t just skip the chance to see them live in my country. I am gonna see them live more than once, and for me this is a BLESS for me and all of Indonesian Cielers out there, ….

L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 Jakarta Ticket Info Announcement!

Thanks very much for registering for Special Ticket Information about the L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012.

We’d like to send information about Jakarta ticket presale to everyone who registered.
It’s been 20 years since the band formed, and now the legend is taking a new stage!
Tickets are definitely going to be hard to come by, so please check the presales out.

*Tickets are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Presale tickets will go quickly – thanks for your understanding!

[Ticket Presale Schedule]




Presale Start From

Ticket Link

May 2nd,
2012 (Wed)

Lapangan D Senayan

Jakarta, Indonesia

Fri – Jan 27, 2012
10:00AM WIT


*We’ll provide information about tickets to other shows as inf ormation becomes available.
hey we made it ne, they finally come, i got the ticket, even in Jakarta there’s no seat all of it is standing but because considering how short i am i bought the VIP one, because there’s an early enter and also the merchandise.

so here i am chasing them in Bangkok, then they are chasing me back to my country. that’s wonderful dream ne, and this dream just being true one month again

i am gonna close this entry with this song, this is one of my fave song from L’arc

夢を描いてくよ どこまでも高く

自由に舞うのさ My Heart Draws A DREAM

noi      :   and it still drawing another dream ….
yasu   :   what dream ,….
noi      :   my brilliant dream to see you ya_san live on stage …
yasu   :   demo ne noi_chan, you can’t draw right …
noi      :   OMG you knew it, well i am not good in draw something … but
yasu   :   but what
noi      :   my heart is really good in drawing, draws a brilliant dream about you, so wait for me okay … *start to sing* この胸は, この胸は,この胸は

yasu   :   whatever, just don’t sing  …..


Shakespeare : What’s in a name? …. (Another me, yasu and A Bucket of Roses

et’s talk about love tonight, especially a first love …

What’s Montague? It is nor hand nor foot
Nor arm nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O be some other name!
What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet

and yasu with a bucket of roses is Yassshhoiiii ……!!!!!

that’s is one of the famous dialogue from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, …. Juliet said that when she found out Romeo’s last name is Montague and she is a Capulet ,  and there’s a big war between both Montague and Capulet for a long time, ….

i watched many versions of Romeo and Juliet, but my fave is still Gwyneth Paltrow’s Shakespeare’s In Love, …. i just love that movie, how William Shakespeare involved in a love affair at the time he wrote the play of Romeo and Juliet see how beautiful and naif Viola De Lesseps as a rich merchant’s daughter who has a passion to act and always disguised herself as a man to joint act because at that time no woman play on stage , …..  and then the story begin with their love affair etc etc

and btw i just received a very lovely early Christmas gift from [info]minlilin and it was an 2012 organizer, ….  i think this is what i really need, for my tiny little boring brain who always forget about anything details this i really need this, …. and this is fit for all my yasu postcard …

a fangirl also need an organiser, see i wrote all ABC’s TV and radio schedule there just in case i forget and miss the show, my to do list and the rest is full with foods that i want to eat on my next vacation, … so again and again i am gonnna say o huge ariyasu  to  you [info]minlilin for this lovely yellow book, ….  i really want to reply your tweets but today twitter just hate me more than yesterday, …. i can’t open my twitter today, ….  but i am gonna reply your tweets tomorrow when twitter doesn’t hate me again …

okay back to yasu ….

When i saw yasu on Arena 37 January 2012 edition, i dunno why i just remember Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet , …   i use airmail for this magazine so i am gonna get my magazine longer than i used to be. why? well that’s because i ordered this magazine together with my Yes single for FanClub edition and the dollars in my Paypal balance wasn’t enough for me to use EMS.

But yasu in this magazine looks so brilliant, i wonder why they put a bucket of roses with him, i mean with the pilot/aviator outfit? it didn’t fit with roses, but somehow that’s fine this time, …. so enjoy this nice teaser until i get my magazine and scan it …

credit to : Sixth Sense @meba

let’s back to the topic first love, everybody must have their own first love, even Romeo before he is so deeply in love with Juliet he was in love with Josephine and for me, before i am so in love with Mr. Friday, i was in love with :  Kotaro Minami ….. !!!!

yasu    :    what ….?
noi       :    ahaha ye, Kotaro Minami …
yasu    :    then what about now? ….
noi       :    you shouldn’t ask it ne we know it is you …
yasu     :    we …? you maybe but not me
noi       :    eeeh ….?

for me at that time Kotaro Minami is so cool, see with his hair like that, his white jacket and how he always won dealing with all the monster who wants to take the world , ….. on John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale’s movie Serendipity, … there’s a scene where Jonathan’s friend asked him what is the meaning of first love? …. and he answered him with :

First Love is like your basic feeling, just like when you watch a movie. for example which one is better The Godfather 1 or 2, my answer is The Godfather 2. But be able to choose The Godfather 2 is better, i have to be love the 1st one, …. nah that’s a first love …

For you and I are past our dancing days

yasu    :   you and me? so, Mr. Friday …
noi       :   is yesterday ……
yasu    :   then ….?
noi       :   you are today, indeed you are Mr. everyday for me at this time …
yasu    :   tomorrow? …
noi      :    i dunno …