09月 Post : 『Shangri-la』 4th Season ~ Kanto Tour ~ (Another me, yasu and When September is Over)


Tokyo is on the Kanto List next February, 2014 …


With all email flight promo from Air Asia, i was so tempted to get a threesome in Tokyo. And now

add this  『Shangri-la』 4th Season ~ Kanto Tour ~

February 03 (Mon)
Saitama, Omiya Sonic City Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

Feb 10 (Mon)
Tochigi, Utsunomiya City Cultural Center, Main Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

Feb 13 (Thu)
Kanagawa, Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

Feb 17 (Mon)
Chiba, Ichikawa City Cultural Center, Main Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

February 20 (Thursday)
Gunma, Beishia Cultural Hall, Main Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

Feb 24 (Mon)
Ibaraki, Ibaraki Prefectural Cultural Center, Main Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

February 27 (Thursday)
Tokyo, NHK Hall
Doors Open :  17:30 / Curtain 18:30 PM

and as always, there’s but for all my wish this year, plus how i hear Her Majesty sayin this sentence every day ..

Save money, Boo

she said that every day, the morning i stepped out my foot out of house to go to office and then when i came back in the evening, over and over.

Sure if her lips can tweet or she is on twitter (thank God, she is not) she will tweet that and put this # sign and make trending on her timeline.


The Hard August passed, and there you are today is already September 1st, 2013.  Here i am now having my own office. That one quite big chamber for myself. Nobody else but me, all my stuffs and my cat. But yeah some things got changed.

Now, there’s no coffee morning while do some gossip together and some silly talks and ramblings from my office_mates to listen.

It’s not that i don’t want to listen ne, because for me who always can’t do something to help their problem what else i can do but listening  ?

But if it is the same story and domestic problem you hear is the same every day, it become boring and annoying. It was like i have to be Forrest Gump who had to listen to Bubba’s Shrimp Story everyday during his service at Vietnam.

And sure i am not Forrest Gump, so i am pretty glad with this new chamber of my own and now i have lots of time for my own,

~  do my works seconds faster (it never get minutes or hours faster when i work while doin that …xD),


~  Kick my Cat Harder than David Beckham

because he did steal my fish head ne,

and talking about eating fish, people usually eating fish and left the head and bone for their cat. But not me, i eat all of it including the head and left only the clean, very clean bone.  I think the most delicious part of fish is on the head ne, maybe because there’s brain inside the head.


Remember how Hannibal Lecter with his brain supper, straight from a livin man’s head on Silence of The Lamb?

That’s my fave scene ne. I watch that movie for the 1st time when i was kid, so it surprised me how a man still alive with an open head like that. Then  when i know it’s possible because Hannibal Lecter is totally genius, i like that scene even more .

Don’t worry i am not a cannibal like Hannibal btw, so i only love to eat fish head and rather than give it to my cat i buy him another fish for himself or let him eat nothing like today. Because there’s only one fish left, but he did steal it, then ate it ne.

Damn, that cat now is totally ..

Cat of A Bicth ….!!!


yasu    :    who cat is that  …
noi       :    mine ..
yasu    :    so …
noi       :    hee, i am the bicth …?


~   put some make up on my face and did my hair before home.

My mom always say how my afternoon look like someone who just lost at gambling. That’s how i look like on her eyes when i get home everyday   …

So i lost everyday ne. Hee, really …?


yasu    :   what a fool ..
noi       :   ya_san, who did that to you? Anyway, who would dare to chain you like that
yasu    :   you’d dare …
noi       :   omo whaaa ha ha  OK i’ll get a love chain then …  *sexcited*

Usually, i never do that make up after work, because i was busy to listen all of them and try my best to answer their questions, maybe give some nice and make sense opinion to them.

And i am not good to do that, i am just some awkward person who can do nothing but mad, mad and mad like Mad Hatter. So talking with other, and make it for a long conversation is very hard for me, especially when i am on my bad mood.

That’s why i am giving my 4 thumbs up for yasu with his 『Shangri-la』 Meeting all over Japan. The 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 Meeting and this upcoming …

~  2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~


September 28 (Saturday)   ~  Aichi
October 05     (Saturday)   ~  Mie
Oct 06            (Sunday)     ~  Gifu
October 12     (Saturday)   ~  Shizuoka
October 13     (Sunday)     ~  Yamanashi
October 27     (Sunday)     ~  Fukui
November 02 (Saturday)   ~  Nagano
November 03 (Sunday)     ~  Niigata
November 09 (Saturday)   ~  Ishikawa
November 10 (Sunday )    ~  Toyama

Details each venue, time, how to join and contact information will be announced at a later date at this

『Shangri-la』 Special Site —->  http://www.acidblackcherry.com/shangri-la/

『Shangri-la』 Meeting mean he is doing  Meet and 「Greed」, answering questions from many fans of him all over Japan. That’s must be hard ne, to put that smiling face like that and … etc etc many other that a public figure have to do and act.


All we know just how sweet his smille is, but who knows what inside him ne. Maybe he is tired, on a bad mood or have something that took over his mind …?

Because after all he is just a human being like all of us ne. What make him different from us is just the fact of him as yasu, the Center of this Acid Black Cherry fandom.

This September, last year i was busy to prepare my trip to Japan. While now i am busy to prepare her Majesty‘s trip to Mecca this December. She will go there alone because thanks to that #SaveMoneyBoo hashtag on her twitter, she’s not and never allow me or my sister as her companion.

Now we are preparing the papers (she doesn’t have pasport yet …), all of this just brings all my memories back. When i start to deal with all getting documents papers … etc etc  and of course the payment. When i got the payment invoice for her trip to Mecca, it surprised me how it only 1/2 from all cash that i spent for my Japan trip last year …

Suddenly all of it kinda make me feel guilty with all the should’a could’a would’a things attack on me. How i started to think i wish i didn’t go there ne and use the money to send both of my parents to Mecca. But it always impossible to turn back time ne, and when someone asked me how i feel about this ..

I dunno …

and why the hell they asked me that kind of useless question anyway?. See this is how i hate people ne, how they carelessly asked some stupid question like that. I know not all people like that, but at least people around me are that kind of people.

OK, before this post got FUBAR let me show you all what i finished all this time  ….

1.   do/get this 「Greed  Greed Greed」 Trading Cards

i got 2 for that last one ne, so now i need for someone who may got yasu and the skull double and want to trade it with me.  Or maybe if there’s no one want i might try another shoot for that … *cross fingers*

2.   Finish subb this 「Greed  Greed Greed」 Offshoot


there’s some missing spot there and there, but i love to do this ne. Learning while having fun to see and listen to yasu‘s talking and laughed at my self. What happen is always this ne

when i got what he said wrongly, that’s because i am deaf_ed by how sexy he is, not because he said it not clear   … !!!

and blimey,  because the 02:47 ~ 02:52 is my fave part, the sexy part …. #whaaaa ha ha ha ….

3.   ARENA37℃ 2013年9月


Enjoiii …

because they said that’s the last edition of ARENA37℃ … too bad, eh. Even that magazine is quite hard to scan but i like it. It’s one of my fave JMagazine other than Songs

4.   Reading while Wondering and Waiting for this …



there are many artists who love and influenced by DEAD END participate on this album, do the cover for DEAD END masterpieces old and new album to commemorates 25th years Anniversary of  DEAD END major debut.

release date   :   September 4th, 2013 (Wednesday)
Price               :   3,000 yen ( – tax) / 3,150 yen (tax included)
Label              :   motorod / avex group
Item Number   :    AVCD-38651


1.『 Embryo Burning』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album“shámbara”(1988)
Vocal    : HYDE (L’Arc~en~Ciel/VAMPS)
Guitar  : HIRO (La’cryma Christi)
Bass    : Hajime Okano
Drums : Shinya (DIR EN GREY)

2.『 I Can Hear The Rain』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “shámbara”(1988)
Guitar  : Sakihito (NIGHTMARE)
Bass    : SHUSE (†яi¢к/La’cryma Christi)
Drums : shuji (Janne Da Arc)

3. 『The Godsend』
(Words Music:MORRIE)
From The Album “GHOST OF ROMANCE”(1987)

4. 『Night Song』
From The Album “shámbara”(1988)
Vocal    : Eiki (SIAM SHADE)
Guitar   : ShinMurohime
Bass:    : tetsuya (L’Arc~en~Ciel/TETSUYA)
Drums  : Kei Yamazaki (Venomstrip)

5. 『Serafine』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “ZERO”(1989)
Vocal   :  Arika Takarano (ALI PROJECT)
Bass    :  TOKIE (unkie/LOSALIOS)
Drums  :  Sasabuchi Hiroshi (Tokyo sake 吐座 / Creature Creature)

6. 『So Sweet So Lonely』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU, Hajime Okano)
From The Album “ZERO”(1989)
Vocal    : yasu (Janne Da Arc/Acid Black Cherry)
Guitar  : Shinobu (Creature Creature/The LEGENDARY SIX NINE)
Bass    : 人時
Drums  : Shinya (LUNA SEA)

7. 『Spider In The Brain』
From The Album “DEAD LINE”(1986)

Vocal     :  Tetsu Takano (ZIGZO)
Guitar    :   you (Janne Da Arc)
Bass      :  FIRE (the Badasses)

8. Dress Burning
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “METAMORPHOSIS”(2009)
Vocal   : Makoto (†яi¢к/Λucifer)
Guitar  : HIZAKI (Jupiter)
Bass    : yo (Mantenrou Opera)
Drums  : HIROKI (D)

9. Perfume Of Violence
From The Album “DEAD LINE”(1986)
Guitar  : Marty Friedman
Bass    : Luna  (Eins:Vier/RaFF-CuSS/R2Y+J リリィ・ジョーカー)
Drums : YUKI (Jupiter)
Keyboard  : Keichii Miyako (SOPHIA/Rayflower)

10.『Blind Boy Project』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “shámbara”(1988)

11.『Sacrifice Of The Vision』
From The Album “DEAD LINE”(1986)
Vocal  : aki (ex Laputa)
Guitar : Chisato (PENICILLIN)
Bass   : IKUO (BULL ZEICHEN 88/Rayflower)
Drums : LEVIN (La’crima Christi)
Keyboard : kiyo (Janne Da Arc)

12. 『冥合』
(Words:MORRIE Music:YOU)
From The Album “METAMORPHOSIS”(2009)

source   :   http://dead-end.jp

Pre- order   :   CDJapan

i was hoping if maybe HYDE will do the same song with tet_chan., but they are not ne. Because all this time i kinda miss leader, i didn’t see him a lot ne while i see  the other L’arc members is doin (HYDE with VAMPS, Ken_chan with his RagBaby and on twitter and Yukihiro with Acid Android …) but not tet_chan.

is he busy with banana harvest season ….?


and  finally now there you are we will listening something from tet_chan ne even he is not gonna sing …

4.   Finished Blue Bloods ~ Season 3 Marathon  …


this series is totally awesome, i mean how they valued a family in this modern era.

For me, this is the Blue version of The Godfather, a family with the father a Police Commissioner as the center (Francis), and then there’s a bit anger management problem with son (Danny), then the strong and  independent daughter (Erin) and the youngest son (Jamie) a Harvard Law School graduate who used to say no to be a police officer ..

see what i mean ..

Francis Reagan   —->    Don Vito Corleone
Danny Reagan   —->  Sonny Corleone
Erin Reagan  —–>   Vonny Corleone
Jamie Reagan —>   Michael Corleone

remember how Michael even join the World War, in this Blue Bloods they cover it as Jamie who used to choose to be a lawyer than join NYPD like me …. xD


i myself, who grown up by watching McGyver, The A-Team, Knight Rider and MAGNUM PI of course forever in love with Tom Selleck. Look at him as NYPD Police Comissioner like that ne. For me he is still awesome as the younger version him on MAGNUM PI.

even yeah now he is on that formal suit, not on the MAGNUM PI ~ Hawaii shirt and i totally can’t wait for the 4th season this September 24th, 2013

5.   Avoiding  to watch 1D at cinema ..


Tekki keep askin me to join her to watch 1D movie ~ This Is Us on cinema.

Oh God,

that’s impossible ne because i am not gonna betray Backstreet Boys ever. I’ve been on that boyband fandom war between Backstreet Boys vs NSync and forever blinded by ignoring how HOT is Justin Timberlake

now i have to betray then just for a new boiband that i don’t even know 1 song from them? …

Arienaii …!!!


noi     :    so don’t worry ya_san, i am not gonna betray you ..
yasu  :    hmm …
noi     :    because believe me 私は …  #eh how to say i am for ever for you in Japanese ..?
yasu  :    oh, you must be failed again …
noi    :     that test …?

i dunno yet, but today i passed this Facebook test …


#WTF ne ..

see for someone who often say herself as a Facebook Saiyajin, that 64,67 % is shamefull ne. Sure there must be some conspiracy to make me ended with D on this Facebook exam …

09月, September,

just like the last August, i think the next September is gonna be hard for me. I did reach my goals and target for August and now suddenly i am not sure whether i will able to reach this September target or not. A target that i made myself for this 16 months plan till the end of 2014.

Seems like everything just gets harder to do ne.  I wish i can do nothing but sleep for whole this September , be the Nemuri Hime : September Edition.

and you my darling …

Do wake me up when September is Over ….


yasu     :    but it’s summer …
noi        :    then why ..
yasu     :    nobody is sleeping during summer …
noi        :    i am  …


Isolated Post : Listen/Watch this … ! (Another me, yasu, Furare Kibun and 『Recreation 3』)

i am waiting for my ARENA37℃ 2013年3月now to see this epic Bambino Dance between yasu and DAIGO


if the last January’s Acid BREAKERZ Cherry ~69 SixNine~ Live really gonna be on DVD version like what i and all Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ fans are hoping, i think that Bambino part is gonna be the epic part of that live beside the w/ HYDE part performed Black Cherry together wih yasu and DAIGO

CD Japan sent it (read : the magazine, not yasu … xD) to me on ….


yasu      :     not funny noi_chan …
noi         :     really …?
yasu      :     you better find another joke, and do i look like a parcel to you?
noi         :     no, but indeed you are sweet as a Valentine parcel …
yasu      :     which you never get
noi         :     ah ….

now, i forget when did they shipped that magazine to me ne, but i only remember it should arrive today ne since i use EMS for that magazine. Talking about EMS, now i decided to use EMS to all my stuffs.

Yes, i did say there’s no different to me for using EMS or Air Mail for my stuffs. But then i think about it again and of course there is a different ne, they will give me a tracking code for me to find where is the current position of my stuffs.

I almost lost one of my magazine because it took more than a month for me to receive it and while i waited for it i can’t do anything but waiting and nonstop calling The Post Office (it is number 6 on fast dial on my phone btw) with one man who will say :

no, there’s no package for you from Japan, Miss Himura …!!

before i even ask the question,  that’s annoying ne, so something annoying like that has to be stop ne, with what? with EMS of course …

well OK enough this shipping stuffs talking ne let’s talk again about what else than 『Recreation 3』, since we are still in this 『Recreation 3』 euphoria. now let’s watch (eh or listen?) to this 8 songs for the upcoming 『Recreation 3』 album on March 6th on this Vimeo Videos here

1.  Otoko/Kuhō Ruriko

2.  Stop it Love/ yasu himself

3    Furare kibun de Rock’ n’ Roll/ TOM CAT

4.   Kanashimi ga Tomaranai/ Anri

5.   Jogyo Monogatari/ sha ran Q

6.   Believe/ Watanabe Misato

7.   Ai wokataru yorikuchidzukewo kawasō/ WANDS

8.   1/ 3 No junjōna kanjō/SHIAM SADE

i am gonna say again if my fave part is always the Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll. at the first time i listened to yasu‘s cover of that song i just love it. I love how this song is very Rock and clueless, the way yasu sing it with fast and perfectly like that ne. and this song also show how to put your headphone and turn the volume to maximal and yes, you are a dynamite …!!

not only that, somehow when i listen to that song i always imagine of snow on the asphalt in a winter, that will slipp you then make you fall, you know things like that ne, i did watch that on movies ne, because you all know i live in a tropical country so in my whole live i never see the real snow but Snow White ..

yasu      :      where …..?
noi         :      on my telly of course …
yasu      :      then you never see the real Snow White ..
noi         :      heee

so is that reasonable enough for my reason to love Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll that other songs? i hope it is ne. That’s why i was so freakin happy when i was able to see yasu performed this song live on stage at Yoyogi last December


i told you ne how i am very OK with spoiler, so when i was sit there alone waiting for my friends to come while listening to all of them did the rehearsal, sound check or whatever else, after that i heard they start to play the fist part of Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll then what i did next is tellin everyone next to me (they were Japanese fans) this

OMG, OMG, did you hear that, we will get Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll …!!! #nyaaaa

of course nobody answered me that time because who will answer an over sexcited overseas fangirl who speaks in English? nobody ne …  but that moment it was feel like i just got a lottery ne, and the price was yasu put Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll on that night’s Erect Live set list at Yoyogi ..

know you all already listen to all of that 8 songs on the coupling tracks from Acid Black Cherry singles ne, but still it is something that we (at least me) can say Whoaa …!!!! ne, the same Whoaa …!!!! that i will say when i received my copies of 『Recreation 3』 next March 6th ne …

so yes, let me remind you all again the album release is next March 6th just in case some of you forgot like how i forgot why did i put a circle red mark on February 17th on my calendar …

what was happen on February 17th? i don’t remember anything but why did i put that? did i missed something? what i remember was at that day i did nothing but sleeping all day long after the previous day i went to Surabaya for my boss’s son’s engagement gala dinner at Surabaya.

maybe something happened while i was sleeping  <—– so movie ne …. xD

ah ya that gala dinner, Even not all of us got the invitation. it caused some jelous maybe from some of my friends who didn’t get it. Then what happen is they kind a like isolated me. I know they started to do that after the invitation’s arrived on my desk and not on their.

They start to talk annoying things to me which i think i should be sayin by an immature persons. I mean what did i do wrong? nothing i just got an invitation and then i went there and had a lot of fun, In this situation what can i do ne? i do nothing i just let them to do whatever they want to do including them leaving their posts and their duties at the D day and leaving me to take care everything only with one person to help me,

i didn’t say anything about that, i just swallowed all of it and ran like an iron from my office to their office where the weighing indicator placed and do what i can do. It was OK for me, i mean i know they only pissed off and tryin to do something to get attention like a child who is sulking. what is the best thing you do but let the child do whatever he want to do until feel tired? ..

if by leaving their duties/skip like that make them satisfied and somehow can erase the pissed off inside their heart, it is fine to me. I just don’t want they act like this to me, how it ended they isolated me. Oh come on, really they did that to me?

the gala dinner it self, it was fun ne, because heaven yes, i love things related to dinner like this, I went there together with all my office mates. since i never go to Surabaya so i was so excited about this trip.

We lost on our way from the head office to the restaurant where the gala dinner held. It took forever to us to find out where the restaurant is because Surabaya is a very BIG and confusing city for me …

When we got there peoples already sit but thank God the show had not start yet. on this dinner like this, where started with the couple cut the cake, then cheers together with all the guest, some relative from both couple’s speech (it was in Mandarin, so i didn’t kow what they said) then the dinner is begin

i did what i always do when i am on dinner like this, wondering what’s on the menu next. There was 8 menus so i wish i can forward the speech straight to the next menu. but hey, it is not a DVD ne so there’s no forward button to push ,

The dinner finished at almost midnight, where my boss ask all of us to take a photo together.  While waiting for my turn, i got photo of my self with my one and only adopted sista Tekki Perry

Today i still feel this isolation on me, but ewwww  i don’t care anymore, they can do whatever they want to me or think about me, because why should i care ne, i am sure next week they will stop this whatever pathetic drama to me

I had a dream last night about my mom asked me to but a new phone for her, OMG i forgot if i did make a promise to her ne. a new phone for my mom. How can i forget , Ah i better buy that this week end and go to cinema, and visit some relatives that i really hate to do. I don’t like them.him ne but my mom keep tellin me to do this .

yes, this post ends here with this ….

My BIG question : what happened on February 17th …?

noi        :     what, what ya_san, tell me ..
yasu     :     don’t ask me …
noi        :     then i better ask
The Blonde on My Facebook Wall ne …
yasu     :     eeeh, that’s me …
noi        :     yes, since i don’t have mirror to ask …



Ame Post : Welcome Rain To My Life …. (Another me, yasu and HYDE again)

Great, LJ eat my saved post again, eh

there’s one thing that i am still confusing about LJ is how to find your draft post when you can’t find it on the update page. Usually when you wrote something and you haven’t published it and the next day you continue your post, you will see the Restore Draft option on the corner, but today i can’t find it, so i have to write again?

really LJ, are you so hungry nowadays? ….. ajajajaja … *kicked out from LJ*


OK, well since it is an Ame post, so let’s talk about rain ne, but hey this is not the famous RAIN from Korea who recently is dating the same fellow artist Kim Tae Hee, ah i always think he will be waiting for Song Hye Gyoo ne, maybe this is because i watch Full House too much ne (until there’s so many strech on the DVD) and bedazzled by their funny chemistry there.


nah what i am talking about is rain the literally rain ne. see that’s an image taken from Bundaran HI in Jakarta from above . Yes, Jakarta is drowning, rain falls everyday and it ended like that. I know there’s always flood annually in Jakarta during this season, even it is the main issue of the capital city of Indonesia, but i think this year is worst.

i saw some #PrayForJakarta hashtag on twitter, and even i got a message from miss_rain via Facebook, ask : Noi, is everything OK? i answered her : yes, there’s flood in Jakarta, but everything is OK here at my hometown even rain is also falls everyday.

and then i realize this is really BIG eh, not the regular flood that Jakarta always get from their next door city Bogor. and then somehow i read about HYDE talking about environment. yes, HYDE is talking about it. Is this a coincidence? if it is, so it’s a really nice coincidence ne.


He said

“It scares me that people don’t have a sense of danger about our situation. I just feel like why are people (and even countries) feeling so complacent? This is like the situation where you don’t go to the hospital unless you’re really sick. Until the symptoms actually appear . . like you don’t know you have a cavity until your teeth start hurting . . but you can fix a cavity, and environmental devastation can’t be rolled back once it happens.”

source and credit : L’Arc-en-Ciel‘s status on Facebook

see what i mean or the connection to what i am talking about?, nah if you haven’t see it, or the connection is still blurry on you then read again and try to find the connection just like you all able to find the connection between these

Acid Black Cherry – A.B.C. Murders – Murder License – yasu – Noi Himura …. @_@

yasu          :       there’s no connection ne …
noi             :       really, try again …
yasu          :       don’t you see i am busy now
noi             :       but i can see it ne ya_san
yasu          :       ah you …
noi             :       and know i remember very well who did the
A.B.C. Murders, it wasn’t you
yasu          :       of course not, i told you ne i only wrote
Murder Licence

i never think HYDE will say something about that, well of course he is thinking about that, but say it on some interview like that and how i read it this time when flood is in the capital city of my country, wow that’s sugoi ne. He is kinda like tellin me to do everything before too late like

~  do a medical check-up before i get sick,
~  go to dentist before i get a cavity on my teeth … <—– this is very hard, eh
~  and put the garbage in the place and keep your surround clean and avoid an environmental devastation.

so it’s kinda like i finally see the green side of HYDE from him as one of the man who can make stadiums rocks without him has to change himself into HULK and tear off all his cloths like what Dr. Bruce Banner always do, and

That’s brilliant ….!!!

HYDE     :    me, HULK what the, see this isn’t HULK ne yasu_kun
yasu      :    no, you are not HYDE_san …
HYDE    :    so why did she …
yasu      :    never mind, she watch too much movies
noi         :    but HYDE_san you can be HULK on This year’s HALOOWEEN PARTY ne …
HYDE    :    ah, and you will be ….
noi         :    i’ll tell you later guys

so i made a promise with my friend to watch this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY ne, but now she is moving to another place which is very very far from her place, it make me wonder really, can we do that? Now my Ameba’s home (or whatever you name it) like empty with no post from my friend. But i hope we still can do it ne, because October is still a very long long way to go …..

talking about HYDE, of course i am gonna talk about L’arc_en_Ciel ne,  and look what arrived yesterday ….

Whoaaaa ….

finally My L’arc MSG DVD arrived eh. They (read : Cd Japan, not yasu) sent it on December 25th. Yes at Christmas and it arrived here at January 17th OMG i waited for a long time ne,  ehe he he he he …

together with that ARENA37℃ 2013年2月 , as what @arena37cofficial replied to my yasu … tweet


there’s 3 pages of December 13th Erect Live report at Yoyogi. You all can see it all in here at my PB again and still with the same password.

so i spent my last night moving from NY to London watching that L’arc MSG DVD and listen carefully of what HYDE said n English, ah My dear King HYDE‘s English is improved now, he speaks better than before ne, well done HYDE_san, now i can’t wait for him to make his plan about full album in English to be true

not only that, i also notice at Driver’s High part there’s a couple who was there. I think they are husband and wife ne, and somehow at the middle of the song the man suddenly kiss his wife. Oh heavens,  what a sweet momentooo ….

I hope there will be a chance for me and my beloved (whoever he is going to be) to watch L’arc_en_Ciel live together ne

and continue my unfinished POIROT marathon that i started it on new years eve. Actually i don’t want to finish it, ne because i just wanna keep it like that watching it step by step and enjoy the France moment with Mr. Poirot and Capt. Hastings.

【Team Acid Black Cherry】 also updated their official blog at Ameba with their own 1/9 Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” live at Nippon Budokan post with some amazing photos of both  Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ a.k.a. Acid BREAKERZ Cherry


they said about the sliding stage so all of them can see all the audience 360 degrees and how yasu said if he wanted to make it like a TV program.

Today is January 19th ne, yesterday was the latest day where you can make an order for “Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” GOODS, so my question is you make your order, didn’t you?

BAk5mCBCAAAq59v.jpg large

They said they will start to send the items at the beginning of February. I can’t wait for mine to arrives ne. Well eventually with this“Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-”GOODS to wait next February is not gonna be boring. I mean look at that yasu doing DAIGO’s WISH pose …. kyaaaa …. *drolling*

Not only that, the Official Website also updated with the upcoming magazine, i think this is for another live report. This time is for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine live report.

01/25発売「Ori ☆ suta」(Live Report)

02/07発売「POTATO」(Live Report)※series in corner

02/10発売「ARENA37℃」(Live Report)

02/14発売「WHAT’S IN?」(Live Report)

02/15発売「SONGS」(LIfe Report)

i think what i am gonna get is that POTATO and ARENA37℃. now let’s talk about rain again ne.

January, hujan sehari – hari

That’s what people usually say at January. From Indonesian language means : January, rain falls everyday. Yes, rain falls everyday. It started about 4 days after new years with only rain at afternoon. And now it turned into a whole day, also in the morning.

it make me feel very hard to get my ass off from bed and get ready to work. In such a clod morning with rain fall as the OST i’d rather pull up my blanket all over my body and be lazy. But then my mom’s start yellin at me : Boo wake up, you have to work …. etc etc many more. Ah ya i have to work ne.

Have i told you about how rain in the morning if only for rich peoples? where they can stay at home and don’t have to work, do their work from home, or even if they still have to go out that morning, they have  a car to avoid the rain. While me i still have to walk to my bus station. Somehow on a rainy day it became far far away as far as my relationship with my far away cousin Kenshin Himura.

damn, i wish i don’t have to work ne


yasu      :   somebody is envy ne ….
noi         :   eh hemm ….
yasu      :   and still selfish ..
noi         :   maybe

and rain fall in the morning make me unable to do my move like HYDE. Let me tell you how to move like HYDE. . Remember how HYDE.’s walking? i think i got a move like HYDE. ne, see here’s what you have to do

1. Use a long coat like SHERLOCK and a pair of highheels (for girls)
2. Put your earphone, isolate your self from others around you play BLESS and put it on the max. volume
3. Start to walk following the song …

there you are you will have amove like HYDE., ah ya it must be in the morning ne

HYDE    :     move like me …?
noi        :     sure, like you
HYDE    :     yeah, right ..
noi        :     well even if nobody will notice it, at least you can feel it. You can try it ne HYDE_san …. ahahaha

HYDE    :     what the  ..

At this rainy January, i also realized if not only flight can get a delay but also a sickness, in this case is my sickness. As i remember i always get sick between Ocktober ~ December. But last October ~ December i was fine, perfectly healthy. I thought that must because how sexcited i was about seeing yasu live on stage and then ah i can skip my sickness part at 2012.

but i was wrong ne, i didn’t skip it because it only delayed to this January and rain make it worst. It just come again, my weird condition where i am perfectly OK at night and then barely can do anything at day. I always call this as my vampire sickness.

Have i told you if i am a vampire, the vegetarian one? so yes, i don’t drink blood but i drink a lot and addicted to coffee especially Vanilla Latte.


yasu     :    a vegetarian vampire?
noi        :    me me …. *raise my hands*
yasu     :    that’s impossible
noi        :    HYDE_san did bite me, nee HYDE_san, oboete iru ?
HYDE    :   hmmm oboetenai ….

Thank God, it is January ne, and there’s not much project/work that i have to do. and now i am in the part of my life where i don’t want to go anywhere. All i want to do is satyin at home and enjoy my own time with my DVD and books

Maybe i’ll start to get out again when the rain is over because i hate to get wet, i hate to walk all over the mud and make my heels stuck in the mud. i am not a mud blood ne, so why do i have to get mud all over my shoes?

i hate rain, i hate wet, i hate mud, i hate my telly’s off …. etc etc


yasu       :     you hate everything ne …
noi          :     but i don’t hate you, i never do because for me you are
someone that people (like me) will say amazing ….!!!! to in any languages
yasu       :     where did you get it from, a movie?
noi          :     no, of course not …


【Scan Post】: ARENA37℃ January 2013 Vol. 364



Artists : Acid Black Cherry, DAMIJAW, EXILE, J Soul Brothers, UVERworld, SUG, SPYAIR, VIVID, ν[NEU], SOPHIA, THE KIDDIE, ダウト, SCREW(ルイ×ジン), インザーギ(メガマソ)


Download HQ scans in here

you can do anything you want to these scans but as always a credit would make me happy ….

【Scan Post】: Merry Acid Black Christmas’s eve … (Another me, yasu and ARENA37℃)

let’s take a break from 【Erect Scan Post】 and go with this regular 【Scan Post】 of Acid Black Cherry – ARENA37℃ January 2013


this is because i screwed my Erect Pamphlet scan files ne. I dunno what happen suddenly all of them are not in the right order. I lost some pages, maybe i accidentally erased it. OH come on, it’s only 5 Lives (QED, Re:Birth, Free Live 2011, Acid Black Christmas and 2012) left ne. But don’t worry i’ll finish all of it before 2012 ends.

my computer went crazy a lot recently together with my net connection who doesn’t like rain. But my Firefox updated it self became the 17.1 version and it never crash again like when i use the very old 10.1 version. I never update programs on my computer btw. For me if i still can use it, then it is fine. I think it was happen when i am in Japan. My hotel put a free WiFi on every room and damn their net connection is so fast ne.

and i managed to download all the dorama that i follow, all of it. I did whoaaaaa things all by myself there in my hotel room. It only need 10 minutes to download 1 episode drama while at home at least i need 1 hour to do that. So now with this 17.1 version of Mozilla Firefox it’s time for me to say bai bai to the Gorilla Firefox ….

Today is 24 December, it’s Christmas eve. While everyone else enjoy their holiday at home with their families (even for who don’t celebrate Christmas) here i am still at my office. For what? what else than work. Suddenly i feel this BIG ENVY inside of me just turned into a GIANT ENVY to everyone else who can stay at home and enjoy holiday.

But then i realizes if not only me who has to work at Christmas eve like this ne. yasu also still working ne. Today is for Erect Live at Nagoya. 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 tweet_ed this via their Official twiiter

Merri ABC

Merry Acid Black Christmas eve …..

eventually this December ABC is still for Acid Black Christmas even there’s no Christmas Live from Acid Black Cherry like last year’s Acid Black Christmas at Osaka Jo Hall, but this year they have that Acid Black Christmas’s eve Live in Nagoya. Ah ya, my dear Facebook friend Kaho_san already there and get ready to have Acid Black Christmas’s eve.

and they also posted this via their Official Facebook Page

i wonder if all of them who is outside the hall can hear the rehearsal. Because i can hear it clear on my more than 6 hours waiting for yasu. That’s why i already know what Recreation track yasu‘s gonna give me that time. Then i was like …

noi       :     OMG ya_san, what a nice spoiler ne …
yasu    :      then ,,,,
noi       :     Thank you, and i can’t wait for the set list  …..

so while we waitng for someone to tweet or post today’s Acid Black Cherry’s Erect Live at Nagoya on blogs or social networks …. (God, i love internet, don’t you?), let’s enjoy this scan first ne ….

and this what i always love to do ne, croop one big size image of yasu (in this case is the Polaroid Day part) to be images of yasu. Even the result is blurry sometimes but that’s fine ne. I wonder if there’s any of you who love to do this too. Then get Whoaaaa again when you get result ….

enjoii the scans, i gotta go now. I may edit this post btw. What time is it now ….? ah The Live it almost start. maybe they already play the video opening? …  …

Do Rock and Good Luck ya_san ….

yasu     :     do rock …?
noi        :     yes, you are a JRocker ne. That’s what you do , Ganbarre and Bai bai …
yasu     :     eeh, just like that …
noi        :     i told you ne, i am busy


Scan Post : >1,700 Members …. yay ♥ … (Another me, yasu and Team_yasu xD)

i didn’t think about this counting …..

what counting? OK this may be silly things to count but somehow it started 2 months ago. When i have nothing to do and all i did just open my Facebook and clikc_ed the notification and one of it must be a group join approval, so there you are i started to count it while wondering is it possible for this group to have 1,700 members before 2012 ends? …

yasu     :   why 2012 …?
noi        :   because your 3rd album is
2012 ne, what else …
yasu     :   oh …

i know this group, i am talking about this Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook btw, maybe one of you are know about that group. and yesterday i found out it’s already 1,700 members there ….



yay , huray ….

i didn’t do much things there beside be the group keeper there with my main duty is to approove the membership request, and erase all the non_English post or comments because i think it would be better if everyone post in the same language so everyone can join each posts and maybe have some chit chat there.

but i love read all the posts and comments there, and even sometimes i kinda post random things like it was my personal Facebook account but, i promise i am not gonna do that again. Ah ya before i forget there you are my

ARENA 37°C September 2012 Scans

Download HQ scans : here

i have no idea what happen with Facebook today, it refused me to upload all my scans, maybe it is too big because when i re_sized it to 75% smaller than the original size i scanned it worked. Facebook usually have no problem with big sized images ne, and it will re_size the image automatically. But that’s fine ne you can DL the HQ scans on that link above. I’ll scan the rest of this magazine this weekend  …

and back to the more than 1,700 members, what can i say but another yay horay and

Go, Go, Team_yasu, Let’s beat Team_Edward …. nyaaaaaa …*dumped into vampire’s nest*

yasu      :      what, Team_yasu ….?, stop it or …
noi         :     or what, that’s a joke btw …
yasu      :      noi_chan, the vampires will after you …
noi         :     don’t worry ya_san, remember vampires will never able to enter your home with no invitation,
yasu      :     well then …