69 Post : <BARKS News Award>Monthly Awards 2013年1月度 (Another me, yasu and Jim from IT )

hello hello everyone, hisahiburi ne ….

it’s been a while since my last post, eh. now i am thinking about to write here in my blogs a short post but daily instead of long spaghetti post that even make me (the one who wrote it ) feels dizzy, and added with how screwed is my blog’s tags, sure that is add another level up on that dizzy feelings on me.

i just open my PC, get on line and seeing this on my Ameba Page, eh God …

<BARKS News Award> Monthly Awards January 2013


the most read news that was released in January 2013 and shining in a month. in Japanese Music article is Acid BREAKERZ Cherry and  in western music was the news of Michael Jackson.

News of Acid BREAKERZ Cherry, the article’s live report to convey how was the Special Collaboration Live Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine was carried out jointly by BREAKERZ and Acid Black Cherry to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the debut of each other. It was very charming live event, from the interaction between DAIGO and yasu,


and by special surprise too that descended hyde by no means there, at once spread over the internet, the article became a monthly award winning No.1 <BARKS News Award> Monthly Awards January 2013 for Japanese Music Articles

you can read the complete Top 10 in here :  http://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000087761&p=1

Sugoii ne …..

so short it would be better ne, you know what i mean. Like writing a short memo or ah ya like a self liner notes. Like this on Recreation3.com where yasu put his own self liner notes for each song on the upcoming 『Recreation 3』


from all 13 songs, they already put yasu‘s self liner notes on ne, I can’t wait to see what he is gonna say about  Furare Kibun de Rock’ n’ Roll

but since they ( read : [Team ABC] ) use some ah i dunno what should i call it eeehh i dunno since unlike The Sassy Gay Jim Moriarty you know Jim from IT on SHERLOCK ,  i am not that in to IT, but what i know is they posted images there on that 『Recreation 3』 special site, instead of wrote there like what they do on the Official Website … then  aha aha yes, minna

you (and of course me … xD ) can’t use Google Translation to read/understand what yasu said ne …


yasu    :   poor noi_chan … *laugh*
noi       :   then i say : whoaaa Bloody Hell ….
yasu    :   at least you don’t have to be lost in Google for that …
noi       :  but sometimes it can be nice ne, …
yasu    :  eeehh …

but, well i still know what yasu said there, even it took forever for me to figured it out. Because you know i can’t find some character/letter on my dorama dictionary ne … *wipe my head*

well, i am not gonna say how busy i am recently because thing that keep me busy recently is only my telly. And sure some of you will say how lame is to have a telly for a reason for being busy. So let just say i am on my winter sleep ne. Yes, like a bear who need a loong sleep on winter. so what i am gonna say is

Things happened while i was sleeping, eh …

have i told you how so movie is that sentence? see what i mean? i mean Sandra Bullock’s sweet movie with Bill Pullman : While You Were Sleeping ne, that’s one of my fave movie and i always love Sandy. For me she always my America’s Sweetheart together with Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan.

what kind of things? so my next post is gonna be about things that i missed while i was sleeping and ah ya about my new interest for making a video subs, it was fun ne

and now i better sleep and i hope tomorrow i can get my 69 Live Goods ne because it took forever for me to get it, it should be at the post office now. So all this day i lost between doing video subs, scan post (i still owe promises to scan 3 full magazines for 3 different people) or update my blogs.

it ended with me only write this, i hope this post is short enough, and also how i ran after YUKI‘s  talk with my ears (he is talking so fast ne) or how yasu amazingly got me lost just by him sayin …

onna onna onna, onani ….


noi        :   nice rhyme, and i don’t even remember when did the last time i use that onani word ne, …
yasu     :   really …
noi        :   i almost forget if
onani is for handjob, then i say  ..
yasu     :   what, another
Whoaaa  .. ?
noi        :   eeeh, if you say so. But actually what i am gonna say is Waaawww


yasu Day Post : 誕生日おめでとう、yasuさん…. (Another me, yasu and The BIG Apple)

well, i suppose it is already January 27th in Japan.

header wp

since i really love The BIG Apple (read : New York), there you are i made this video below , yasu all over The BIG Apple …. It would be nice ne to see him all over NY like that, even for this time it is only on a fanvideo like this  …. ahahaha


i wish all the best things happen to you this year and years after. You are brilliant, and here i am still here waiting for another brilliant songs and performances from you.

Go ya_さん, go write another songs and blow my mind worldwide because me and my mind are always READY …!!!


let’s just say that video above as my way of hoping his plans about having a live performances outside Japan (Asia, America and Europe) are coming true. If it’s not this year, then it would be year after and after …

so i spent this day at office doing that, you know making that video. After a little bit lost on Google for searching the right program (should i say software or an application for something like this?) i was gracefully dumped there on some site where i finally manage to do that. Blimey, Google was lke a wide and wild rain forest for me today ne ….. *fuuuuiiihhh …

As you all know i am not that good with computer stuffs, so me able to do something like this is already make say Whoaaaa ….. continued with ahahahahaha (read : laughed a lot with my desk) all this day while edit the video and figured out what song to put it there.

While i was busy by getting lost with Google my dear friend Karen kindly informed me things related to Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69- SixNine Liv ne, and of course with so many lovely images of both Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ.

~   from Only Star Magazine


just enjoy and ignore the blank spot btw … wwww
~    from EMTG MUSIC 



Have i told you how devoted she is as BREAKERZ fangirl ? indeed she is, and i am nothing to compare to her. That’s why i said Notes and Words are all i have to give, What do i have anyway? don’t much but

how i spent many evenings stay in front of my laptop watching lots of video of yasu without understand anything he said there

BBiwPATCAAIlLY0.jpg large

yasu     :   you don’t understand, really?
noi        :   yeah sometimes. I get use to it, so it is OK for me,
yasu     :   OK? it is not OK ne, you said  …
noi        :   my Japanese class? yes, i am still on the way …
yasu     :   what the ..

after that, i get home and spent my another time after work with my telly. Have i told you if now i am on this end_less movie marathon with my telly. At least until the day when my cable operator will end this month promo. Let’s see who is the winner of this end_less movie marathon ne, me or my telly and DVDs,

Never mind about that, because it is already yasu_day, so you all better :

~  Have Fun, lots of funs,
~  Say/Wrote/Post/Tweet Happy Birthday to yasu on your Social Networks,
~  Listen to Acid Black Cherry Songs, Say A lot of 愛してる愛してるよ yasu …..!!!

and last but not least ….

Free Black Apple for everyone here in Bahama 221 …. yay,!!

PS   :    if you can find that address btw ……. ahahahaha ….


yasu      :     that’s a fake address, nobody can find it …
noi         :     there you are the birthday boy
愛してる愛してるよ  …!!!
yasu      :     stop it ….!!!
noi         :     eventually ya_san, i am still drawn at you ….
yasu      :     how deep …?
noi         :     very deep and i can’t swim …




Yashhoiii Post : Acid BREAKERZ Cherry-「Recreation 3」… (Another me, yasu ,HYDE and DAIGO)

yesterday, did i say tomorrow gonna be boring?

well, that’s wrong ne. Yes i was wrong, in fact is i think i have a lot of wrong on me this week. Well blimmey then because instead of very boring, yesterday is very fun ne. I have so much fun, and today i have to cancel to make you all boring with my rambling post about Mr. Friday.

Why fun ..? it is not only because of yasu, but together with HYDE and DAIGO, they gave me a MAGIC mood booster.


Everyone talking about them, they are everywhere in internet and social networks. I think yesterday they just became the most wanted threesome (i am not gonna say broomance ne, because it’s only for two person) related to 69 Live.


so yesterday Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ held their 5th Anniversary Live together as Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live at Budokan. I knew this 69 Live is gonna be special, because it was 2 amazing bands join in one Live and it only held on a one day.

This also make me do another should’a would’a could’a thing again when this BIG envy attack me again , how i

~  should go to watch this 69 Live than Erect
~  because if i were there i would able to see HYDE sang Black Cherry together with DAIGO and yasu
~  and then i would be more BIG head_ed than now because how i am gonna tell everybody :  hey, i watch Acid BREAKERZ Cherry together with HYDE ne …

but ah, that should’a would’a could’a thing is useless ne, so now rather than doing that here i am writing this post during my empty time at office.

January it usually like this, there’s not much thing to do so i can finish all my works before lunch and after lunch i don’t have anything else to do. This is good ne, because i have my personal time to write now, there’s only me, my laptop and all things in my mind that can’t wait to to be out of my head, and …

A_lc-ZmCUAAODoI.jpg large
yasu      :    and ….
noi         :    they still pay my salary ne …. ahahaha
yasu      :    what the ……
noi         :    yes, fangirl also need a prime job ne …

yasu      :    so, you are not the fulltime one,
noi         :    well let just say i am 3/4 fulltime

so let’s talk about yesterday’s 69 live, with the set list. Yes, set list is something that people always looking for from a Live performances. And for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live 09.01.2013 at Nippon Budokan,

the set list is :

1.  Muder Liecence
2.  Rakuen
3.  Tsumi to Batsu
4.  Shojo no Inori III
5.  Pistol
6.  Yes
7.  Cherry Cherry
8.  Re:birth


9.   Nemuri Hime
10. BlackCherry(vo.HYDE)
11. DragonCarnival

source : setlist-live.com/acid-black-cherry/2147.html

look at that, see i am glad they put Nemuri Hime on this 69 Live se list after they didn’t put Nemuri Hime on the last Erect Live. but hey look at the set list again ne. that number 10. Black Cherry (vo. HYDE)? …



OMG …. HYDE was there ….!!!!


i never imagine HYDE is really gonna be there, even i know he also went to the last Erect Live on Hikkaido and sent those flowers for yesterday’s live. But HYDE was there ne, among all the audience at Nippon Budokan to watch Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live and sang Black Cherry together with yasu and DAIGO. I’ve seen HYDE sang Nemuri Hime even only less than a minutes on some Youtube video

but Black Cherry ….. ….  ? kyaaaa  i wanna see it …..

Then Thank God, this morning on my way to work, at bus i open my twitter using my phone, …. voila, i saw these YouTube video o ZIP for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live , Yukiko also very kind sending me this YouTube link via message on Facebook.

It made my morning busy with me download all the videos, play it over and and over while nostop sayin …


and let myself to be drawning again in this everlasting love of me for Mr. Friday


HYDE     :      eeh, i am not Friday …
noi          :     ups sorry, my mistake …
HYDE     :      noi_chan, concentrate OK
noi          :     OK boss, HYDE not Friday …

look at him, HYDE he is still do that sexy moove ne while singing the most erotic song from Acid Black Cherry. Maybe not all of you know how i adore HYDE especially to all of you who just know me recently. But i do adore HYDE, My KIng HYDE, that’s why i always think my self

as another HYDE‘s fangirl who’s accidentally in love to HYDE‘s number one fanboy named yasu.

it started when DAIGO use his phone to capture/record all the audience that night. Then he found HYDE there among all the audience. Accidentally? hmm i don’t think so. I think he use his phone to find HYDE. then there you are, that’s HYDE there with his winter outfit that made him look more s***rt … ahahaha …. *got slapped*

Then what happen next is yasu invited his Kami to join him and DAIGO to the stage and did Black Cherry together ….

and i can’t stop laugh how HYDE‘s put the mic to DAIGO‘s chest again and again, Oh God he do really love to tease his fanboy ne. I think there’s something missing about  yasu and DAIGO perform BAMBINO together, but i dunno what is that, maybe this is because i don’t see the full performance, so that’s fine. Not good enough but fine.

here’s some beautiful photos for Live reports of 69 live from many sites


source :  1, 2, 3, 4 plus DAIGO‘s Twitter

Damn, now i want this 69 live on DVD, …. can you i magine that, see i just said how i want Erect Live on DVD and now when there’s no official announcement yet about Erect Live DVD i am already want this 69 live on DVD? eeh is this how a fangirl supposed to be?

having a never ending  wish list on their mind? ..ooh i am sorry dear wally …

let’s put the Erect Live or 69 Live on  DVD wish aside first ne, because now it is time for Acid Black Cherry-「Recreation 3」album. They announced on last night streaming live via ABCD broadcast station.

Nah if you missed it last night or you have a lamme net connection like mine who choose to follow Capt Slow a.k.a. James May to London you can watch it the recorded one here again


so there will be a new cover album . Acid Black Cherry-「Recreation 3」album on March 6th with this lovely cover, Where yasu is gonna take all of his fans for his own version of Recreation with some beautiful songs.

I love his idea about Recreation albums, because i love the way he share songs that he knows/love but maybe for some fans do not know anything about it because of generation gap or else.

and for this 「Recreation 3」album time is a the cover is litterally Recreation. He just sit there with his guitar, in a sunny day, around the lilltle human being a.k.a children there. Sugoi ne, eh isn’t it …..

~   w/ DVD

【Price】¥3,000(tax in)


01. Koi ni Ochite – Fall in Love/Kobayashi Akiko
02. 1/ 3 No junjōna kanjō/SHIAM SADE
03. Tokyo Monogatari/ sha ran Q
04. Kanashimi ga Tomaranai/ Anri
05. Toki No Nagare Ni Mi Wo Makase” (I Only Care About You)/ Teresa Teng
06. Stop it Love/ yasu himself
07. Believe/ Watanabe Misato
08. Ai wokataru yorikuchidzukewo kawasō/ WANDS
09. Saigo no ame/ Nakanishi Yasushi
10. Fura re kibun de Rock’ n’ Roll/ TOM CAT
11. `Otoko’ / Kuhō Ruriko
12. Shōnen jidai/Iinoue yōsui
13. Miraiyosozu II/ DREAMS COME TRUE


01. Miraiyosozu II [Music Clip]
02. 1/ 3 No junjōna kanjō [Music Clip]

Pre – Order  :  CD Japan I HMV

~   CD Only

【Price】¥2,500(tax in)
with the same track as w/ DVD version

Pre – Order : CD Japan I HMV

last night i am so happy when i open my Facebook home page and saw most of my friends (ABC fans)  there chenge their Facebook cover with the cover of this 「Recreation 3」album, edited or photoshoped and they also added

I can’t wait for this, i want this …. etc etc …

Sugoi ne, and  my Facebook Home Page never looks so beautiful and shinny like last night. Of course i also did that ne, and thank God there is two version of this 「Recreation 3」 album cover ne,

one for my Facebook cover

and the other one for that Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook

so i don’t have to use the same cover for my Facebook cover and the group cover ne? …  and the today [Team Acid Black Cherry] make my Facebook Home Page more beautiful. They change their Official Facebook Page cover with this …

whoaaaa …… that’s sugoi + sugoi + sugoi = triple sugoi ne,

eh no there’s another one sugoi thing left ne, Why ? because i keep the best part for the last. They also upload this 1 / 3 No junjōna kanjō’ PV via their Official Youtube Channel

now i can’t wait for the upcoming March 6th. And with me who always can’t wait longer i am sure the next February is gonna be VERY BORING ne.

Because Waiting is Boring ne and if i get boring everyday in a whole February ..

yasu      :      you will jump again …?
noi         :      no, i will end talking like Borat ….
yasu      :      but there’s Valentine on February ne
noi         :      eeh, Valentine? that’s not my division
yasu      :      then go find a division for yourself …!!!


The Red Haired Yasu ….

i just read this and this one is make me happy today ……


ahahahha …… that red haired Yasu, is totally awesome just like he used to be … even i always demand that he would change his hair back to black again ….

my dear friend Piko_chan said : since when Yasu turns into MJ? …. hee MJ ? this MJ is not Michael Jackson, of course not …. except he use the MJ sunglases sometime and that suit him well ….

MJ here is Mary Jane Watson ….

they had the same red hair now, well okay i said that once : if Yasu is the pretty man then i am gonna be the handsome woman, so in this case : if he is MJ Watson now then i am gonna be the Spiderwoman ….

btw …. i dunno if Spiderwoman even exist or not, ….. maybe we can add her along with Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl …. ahahahhaa ….

Yasu and Akihie …? why did he always after Akihide?, just like Daigo did on Real Love 2010 pv that shock me …. but indeed i am still buy the CD even i get The Bunny Love ….

this one is my fave ….. he always open his shirt at the end of the show that’s makes me love him more, i love to see his sixpacks ……

eventually there’s no more i can say about this Yasunori Hayashi but : Yasu Sarange …♥ ♥
again and again …

i don’t care even he isn’t black haired anymore … well he is still the same Yasu, maybe even he change his hair to green … just in case he wanted to try the Ogre haircolor  …… i am still gonna say

sarange, sarange, sarange ……..
i just can’t wait for the DVD released ……. hayaku hayaku ….!!!!

Me and Yasu …..♥♥♥♥

i wanted to take a picture of me with that pose the same as him …… but what the, that’s to hard ….


i call this my Yasu look hair. i think i better use my glasses, but i haven’t buy the new one . it is not healthy as it look, my hair always fall when i brush it, so i only brush it once a day in the morning. plus i put some tonic, that’s make my head smell ginseng all day long. ….. you better think twice before u change… your hair color, see my hair keeps fallin because i change color many times ……
it used to be brown, and i turn it to black just like him and now he is red …… aaaaahhh that’s make me mad , *bite Yasu*

they looks like couple ne …., what the hell is Yasu’s doing? he doesn’t look kawaii …. *bite yasu*. my hair is better than him anyway ,,,, wkwkwkkw …. he looks like a barbie doll with that blue eyes …

nee minna should i change my hair color to red just like him? ….if i dye it to red, it’s gonna drive my mom crazy ne …. she’s already mad at me when i use the black gay shirt (the same black gay shirt that he use on Aishitenai song on QED live) …. …she never allow me to go out with that

i really love to see him with that black shirt, because it shows his beautiful shoulders ne, i always love his shoulders ….. so smooth and sexy then i buy the same one,…
but i only wear it on my room, i i go out i put some jacket or sweater on it. if i go out only with that i think she’s gonna sell me to Saudi Arabia …

Summer Party – BREAKERZ …. (one of the Daigoism)

after watching this song on live, i listen to this song over and over …. and i love this song, once again Daigo surprise me with this song when i read the translation. i never see the translation lyrics if i don’t like the song ….. but this one is lovely ….

i can’t imagine that Digo go to UK just because  a girl say “that would be as awesome summer if you also come there” …. and when he asked her to go out he gets rejected by her. Poor Daigo, the funny Daigo. I love this song better than Winter Party.  i can’t imagine Aki or Shinpei go to UK for that reason. yeah the funny reason only fits with the funny man like Daigo a.k.a. mr. Binyong ahahha

i like the part : “Let’s not talk age, there’s no time limit when it comes love” … OMG he is in love with someone older than him, …. this song remain me one of Korean drama The Woman who still want to get married, that’s a long title ne. Played by the Korean sweet namja, Kim Bum. it is about a boy (Kim Bum) a college student and also a guitarist who fall in love deeply to an older woman. she is 10 years older than him.

The woman who feels that she is older than her boyfriend often imagine  if only time could stop. She wanted  stop her time and fell asleep for 10 years, so when she woke up 10 years from now they gonna meet each other at the same age ….. but the boys still love her and keep after her, he even coloring his hair into gray so he can be as her age … what a fool ne …..

this song fit with that, …. well i am gonna sing this song on my boring noon at office than take a nap ……

Words: DAIGO

Music: DAIGO

tashika ni taiyou ga boku wo niranderu

machi ni minami kaze ga fukinukeru

kokoro odoridasu yo azayakana aozora to

kono natsu wa kimi ga iru kara

mou nidoto koi nante shinai to chikatta IGIRISU no yoru

sono ketsui kowashite kureru hito wo zutto sagashite

kimi ni meguri aeta


kono natsu wa subete kimi to no omoide ni kaeta

itsutaetai mou ichido

afuredashisouna kono MY HEART

motto tashika ni kimi tokete itai

mou ii toshi nanoni nante iwanaide ne

koisuru koto ni kigen wa nai sa

nando mo kizutsuite namida wo nagashite maji BURUU demo

tachiagare kantan ni furimuite moraenakutemo

akiramecha DAME sa


kono natsu wa subete kimi dake wo mitsumeitei itai

tsutaetai mou ichido

kimi ni sasowareta nara

sore wa iku deshou kimi ni kurete itai

zetsubou ga futatabi osotte mo kurayami ni kono mi tsutsumaretemo

IKIageru kimi dakara nando demo ATTACK shichauze!!

kimi dake wo dakishimete

sukoshi tayorinai kedo ichizuna ai wo yakusoku suru yo


sono natsu wa subete kimi to no omoide ni kaetai

tsutaetai mou ichido

afuredashisouna kono MY HEARTmotto tashika ni kimi ni toketeitai

tashika ni kimi wo motomete

tashika ni kimi wo aishiteru


Indeed, the sun is glaring at me

And the summer breeze is blowing through the city

My heart is starting to dance,

Because the sky is vivid blue

And you’re here this summer

That night in England, I swore I’d never fall in love again

But I was always looking for that someone who could break it

And then I chanced to meet you


I wanna fill this summer with our memories

I wanna tell you (once more)With this heart that’s about to spillIndeed,

I want to melt more in you

Let’s not talk age

There’s no time limit when it comes love

I’ve shed tears, been hurt, and been pretty blue countless times,

But I stand up againIt’s not easy to face the other way ’round

But giving up is no good!


I wanna spend this summer gazing only at all of you

I wanna tell you (once more)

That if you ask meI’ll say yes, indeed, I wanna touch you.

Even if despair hunts me again

Even if darkness envelops meI’ll go for it,

It’s you after all,

So I’ll attack nonstop!

I will hold only you

I’m a little bit unreliable,

but,I promise you a wholehearted love


I wanna fill this summer with our memories

I wanna tell you (once more)With this heart that’s about to spill

Indeed, I want to melt more in you

Indeed, it’s you I’m looking for

Indeed, I love you

credit to : BRZFANZ