Still, Holiday Post : ABC Cover – 輝きながら・・・ (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday … xD)


i think i am totally full of everything today.



yasu‘s comment for  「Greed Greed Greed」 (sure i haven’t receive mine yet), full of foods and hand shake i did this whole day, fooled myself anually by Mr. Friday again and full of laugh by thinking of this …..


The yasu vs yasu’s More Than a Broomance  Scene …




my heart, that’s too much for my heart .

Even i do watch that kind of thing in so many SHERLOCK fanfic all over my Tumblr dash where they show me many variations of SHERLOCK and John do things like that or tied each other … etc etc many more.


But this one is different ne, it’s yasu.  and with himself like that, what i said first when i saw that images is none other than this …

OMG yasu, he is tryin to f **ck himself  …..  #Awww again for the 4th time ..

now i wonder were there any idea to make a story about yasu do whatever with the other side of him like that on a fanfic in the fanfic division. If there’s somebody who will or already write it i wanna read it ne.

I mean not just the f *** kin idea ne but maybe by do a monolog or yasu tryin to terminate his own devil – side with no terminator …?

talking about fanfics, i am sure yasu just like every other artists is aware about all the fanfics about him.


Even i don’t see or read about him sayin that yet, just like how i’ve seen Benendict Cumberbatch said about his awareness for all fanfics about him an John in TOP GEAR in a very charming way …

then i am also full by listening to this …

Acid Black Cherry  Cover – 輝きながら・・・



Don’t Say Good-Bye


Don’t Say Good-Bye


Sugao ni MELODY yakitsukete kimi ha ima
Kagayaki nagara otona no DOOR wo akete

Hitomi wo tojite mo komorebi ga
Te wo furu kimi wo tera shiteru
Kisetsu ha itsumo owari dake iru dzukeru keredo

Kimi dake no yume wo kizamu no sa
Omoide wo tsumeta shoujo no egao no mama de

Kake dasu kimi no bamen wo mimamoru kara
Kagayaki nagara ashita no DOOR wo akete

Kirameku jikan ga bokutachi no
Itsu datte kinenbi datta
Hashaideta ano hi

Sayonara ga uta ni narunonara
Omoide no naka de futari ha meguri aeru sa

Kake dasu kimi no bamen wo mimamoru kara
Kagayaki nagara ashita no DOOR wo akete

Sugao ni MELODY yakitsukete kimi ha ima
Kagayaki nagara otona no DOOR wo akete

regardless the meaning of the song 輝きながら・・・ itself, somehow when i heard this song for tghe 1st time i feel the same feeling with when i hear yasu‘s voice on Koi ni Ochite – cover on Recreation 3 album. .

and for myself aaaa …..

i blame that site to share that song so early then i nonstop listening to that song in this Holly Molly Holiday, my annually holiday when i suppose to meet Mr. Friday once a year.

yasu    :    then you blame me now  …
noi       :    no, it just see this part 
yasu    :    what’s wrong with that part   …  .?
noi       :    change the
少女 with , ah noooo that’s too much for me, and i haven’t meet him anyway
yasu    :     hee

nah now the biggest question is :

Am i gonna meet him this year ….? or not? ….

that just make my heart beat fast ne, there’s 1/3 part or me sayin it would be better if i don’t see/meet him, but the rest 2/3 part of me sayin 会いたい in a loud and clear voices on a choir together .

yes, it made me dizzy but as a person who live in a democratic country i have to choose the majority right …?

then yeah, i wanna see you Mr. Friday …. #whaaaa 

yasu      :     what a fool …
noi         :     yes, the happy one. now please call my boyfriend to save me ..
yasu      :     but you don’t have one …
noi         :     i do have now …
yasu      :     that HULK? but he is still angry now noi_chan ..


Yashhoiii Post : Acid BREAKERZ Cherry-「Recreation 3」… (Another me, yasu ,HYDE and DAIGO)

yesterday, did i say tomorrow gonna be boring?

well, that’s wrong ne. Yes i was wrong, in fact is i think i have a lot of wrong on me this week. Well blimmey then because instead of very boring, yesterday is very fun ne. I have so much fun, and today i have to cancel to make you all boring with my rambling post about Mr. Friday.

Why fun ..? it is not only because of yasu, but together with HYDE and DAIGO, they gave me a MAGIC mood booster.


Everyone talking about them, they are everywhere in internet and social networks. I think yesterday they just became the most wanted threesome (i am not gonna say broomance ne, because it’s only for two person) related to 69 Live.


so yesterday Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ held their 5th Anniversary Live together as Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live at Budokan. I knew this 69 Live is gonna be special, because it was 2 amazing bands join in one Live and it only held on a one day.

This also make me do another should’a would’a could’a thing again when this BIG envy attack me again , how i

~  should go to watch this 69 Live than Erect
~  because if i were there i would able to see HYDE sang Black Cherry together with DAIGO and yasu
~  and then i would be more BIG head_ed than now because how i am gonna tell everybody :  hey, i watch Acid BREAKERZ Cherry together with HYDE ne …

but ah, that should’a would’a could’a thing is useless ne, so now rather than doing that here i am writing this post during my empty time at office.

January it usually like this, there’s not much thing to do so i can finish all my works before lunch and after lunch i don’t have anything else to do. This is good ne, because i have my personal time to write now, there’s only me, my laptop and all things in my mind that can’t wait to to be out of my head, and …

A_lc-ZmCUAAODoI.jpg large
yasu      :    and ….
noi         :    they still pay my salary ne …. ahahaha
yasu      :    what the ……
noi         :    yes, fangirl also need a prime job ne …

yasu      :    so, you are not the fulltime one,
noi         :    well let just say i am 3/4 fulltime

so let’s talk about yesterday’s 69 live, with the set list. Yes, set list is something that people always looking for from a Live performances. And for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live 09.01.2013 at Nippon Budokan,

the set list is :

1.  Muder Liecence
2.  Rakuen
3.  Tsumi to Batsu
4.  Shojo no Inori III
5.  Pistol
6.  Yes
7.  Cherry Cherry
8.  Re:birth


9.   Nemuri Hime
10. BlackCherry(vo.HYDE)
11. DragonCarnival

source :

look at that, see i am glad they put Nemuri Hime on this 69 Live se list after they didn’t put Nemuri Hime on the last Erect Live. but hey look at the set list again ne. that number 10. Black Cherry (vo. HYDE)? …



OMG …. HYDE was there ….!!!!


i never imagine HYDE is really gonna be there, even i know he also went to the last Erect Live on Hikkaido and sent those flowers for yesterday’s live. But HYDE was there ne, among all the audience at Nippon Budokan to watch Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live and sang Black Cherry together with yasu and DAIGO. I’ve seen HYDE sang Nemuri Hime even only less than a minutes on some Youtube video

but Black Cherry ….. ….  ? kyaaaa  i wanna see it …..

Then Thank God, this morning on my way to work, at bus i open my twitter using my phone, …. voila, i saw these YouTube video o ZIP for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live , Yukiko also very kind sending me this YouTube link via message on Facebook.

It made my morning busy with me download all the videos, play it over and and over while nostop sayin …


and let myself to be drawning again in this everlasting love of me for Mr. Friday


HYDE     :      eeh, i am not Friday …
noi          :     ups sorry, my mistake …
HYDE     :      noi_chan, concentrate OK
noi          :     OK boss, HYDE not Friday …

look at him, HYDE he is still do that sexy moove ne while singing the most erotic song from Acid Black Cherry. Maybe not all of you know how i adore HYDE especially to all of you who just know me recently. But i do adore HYDE, My KIng HYDE, that’s why i always think my self

as another HYDE‘s fangirl who’s accidentally in love to HYDE‘s number one fanboy named yasu.

it started when DAIGO use his phone to capture/record all the audience that night. Then he found HYDE there among all the audience. Accidentally? hmm i don’t think so. I think he use his phone to find HYDE. then there you are, that’s HYDE there with his winter outfit that made him look more s***rt … ahahaha …. *got slapped*

Then what happen next is yasu invited his Kami to join him and DAIGO to the stage and did Black Cherry together ….

and i can’t stop laugh how HYDE‘s put the mic to DAIGO‘s chest again and again, Oh God he do really love to tease his fanboy ne. I think there’s something missing about  yasu and DAIGO perform BAMBINO together, but i dunno what is that, maybe this is because i don’t see the full performance, so that’s fine. Not good enough but fine.

here’s some beautiful photos for Live reports of 69 live from many sites


source :  1, 2, 3, 4 plus DAIGO‘s Twitter

Damn, now i want this 69 live on DVD, …. can you i magine that, see i just said how i want Erect Live on DVD and now when there’s no official announcement yet about Erect Live DVD i am already want this 69 live on DVD? eeh is this how a fangirl supposed to be?

having a never ending  wish list on their mind? ..ooh i am sorry dear wally …

let’s put the Erect Live or 69 Live on  DVD wish aside first ne, because now it is time for Acid Black Cherry-「Recreation 3」album. They announced on last night streaming live via ABCD broadcast station.

Nah if you missed it last night or you have a lamme net connection like mine who choose to follow Capt Slow a.k.a. James May to London you can watch it the recorded one here again


so there will be a new cover album . Acid Black Cherry-「Recreation 3」album on March 6th with this lovely cover, Where yasu is gonna take all of his fans for his own version of Recreation with some beautiful songs.

I love his idea about Recreation albums, because i love the way he share songs that he knows/love but maybe for some fans do not know anything about it because of generation gap or else.

and for this 「Recreation 3」album time is a the cover is litterally Recreation. He just sit there with his guitar, in a sunny day, around the lilltle human being a.k.a children there. Sugoi ne, eh isn’t it …..

~   w/ DVD

【Price】¥3,000(tax in)


01. Koi ni Ochite – Fall in Love/Kobayashi Akiko
02. 1/ 3 No junjōna kanjō/SHIAM SADE
03. Tokyo Monogatari/ sha ran Q
04. Kanashimi ga Tomaranai/ Anri
05. Toki No Nagare Ni Mi Wo Makase” (I Only Care About You)/ Teresa Teng
06. Stop it Love/ yasu himself
07. Believe/ Watanabe Misato
08. Ai wokataru yorikuchidzukewo kawasō/ WANDS
09. Saigo no ame/ Nakanishi Yasushi
10. Fura re kibun de Rock’ n’ Roll/ TOM CAT
11. `Otoko’ / Kuhō Ruriko
12. Shōnen jidai/Iinoue yōsui
13. Miraiyosozu II/ DREAMS COME TRUE


01. Miraiyosozu II [Music Clip]
02. 1/ 3 No junjōna kanjō [Music Clip]

Pre – Order  :  CD Japan I HMV

~   CD Only

【Price】¥2,500(tax in)
with the same track as w/ DVD version

Pre – Order : CD Japan I HMV

last night i am so happy when i open my Facebook home page and saw most of my friends (ABC fans)  there chenge their Facebook cover with the cover of this 「Recreation 3」album, edited or photoshoped and they also added

I can’t wait for this, i want this …. etc etc …

Sugoi ne, and  my Facebook Home Page never looks so beautiful and shinny like last night. Of course i also did that ne, and thank God there is two version of this 「Recreation 3」 album cover ne,

one for my Facebook cover

and the other one for that Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook

so i don’t have to use the same cover for my Facebook cover and the group cover ne? …  and the today [Team Acid Black Cherry] make my Facebook Home Page more beautiful. They change their Official Facebook Page cover with this …

whoaaaa …… that’s sugoi + sugoi + sugoi = triple sugoi ne,

eh no there’s another one sugoi thing left ne, Why ? because i keep the best part for the last. They also upload this 1 / 3 No junjōna kanjō’ PV via their Official Youtube Channel

now i can’t wait for the upcoming March 6th. And with me who always can’t wait longer i am sure the next February is gonna be VERY BORING ne.

Because Waiting is Boring ne and if i get boring everyday in a whole February ..

yasu      :      you will jump again …?
noi         :      no, i will end talking like Borat ….
yasu      :      but there’s Valentine on February ne
noi         :      eeh, Valentine? that’s not my division
yasu      :      then go find a division for yourself …!!!


D day Post : Happy Birtday To you Daigo ….. ( Another me, yasu and Ben)

i am gonna call today as D_day, for  what ?



what ….. < —- this is how he usually wrote on his blog ….  xD

D is for Daigo, let say ….

Happy Birthday to you, Daigo.  i wish you all the best …..

i can’t believe he is already 34 years old, but still for 34 years old man he is awesome ne, i mean for me Daigo is someone who can make you laugh and then feel happy for whatever reason, even just looking at what he do, what he post and what he wear like this

see see only Daigo can do that. He also a very2 good blogger, he update his almost everyday and waw for somebody like him, i mean he is so busy right but still he make some time to update his blog so his fans all over the world know what his activity, what is on his mind, etc etc many more …

since when i started to listen to BREAKERZ? i forgot it, maybe after i hear Ao no Mirai, nah after that, i just follow them until now, … this band BREAKERZ is different from another band , for me i always think they tend to pop i mean  they did have rock side on them but the sweet one ….

Not only that, he also posted his beloved aniki (read : yasu) on his blog post, nah a long time before yasu is everywhere all over the internet and social networks like now, i used to sneak out on his blog, maybe he post something about yasu. because sometimes he did …

yasu      :    what, you only open his blog to find me?
noi         :    yes, but …
yasu      :    i am gonna tell Daigo about this,
noi         :    eeeh, no no ya_san, don’t …
yasu      :    hey, hey Daigo …. look noi_chan …
noi         :    stop it and let me finish this ….
Daigo     :    nani ….?
yasu      :    she …
noi         :    nothing ….

and somehow i still doing it until now and it became like a habit to me for click/open Daigo’s blog when i am on Ameba. so every time i saw a notification if there’s a new post fro Daigo on my Ameba wall (or whatever they name this) and then while clicking the link i wonder what Daigo gonna told us today, what story, new event, new glasses maybe or etc etc many more,…..

i always say if yasu and Daigo are my number two broomance after SHERLOCK HOLMES and John Watson, and i love how they both keep talking about each other. On every interview in telly or radio yasu never forget to talk about hyde (after all he is hyde’s number one fanboy) and his bestfriend Daigo and Daigo did the same way.

see how sweet that ne, i mean their friendship like that for me is awesome, both of them are vocalist of a rock band, famous, and their friendship also connect their fans,  you know all Acid Black Cherry/Janne fans usually get along well or be friend with BREAKERZ fans, for example is me with [info]minlilin, [info]seiret, Joanna, and Alyssa. see that’s one of the magic in this fandom world. There’s always divisions but each division connect well with a fans_friendship following the friendship of yasu and Daigo ….

A Fellowship of Friendsip? waw that’s brilliant ……!!!!!

their friendship sometimes make me envy, for me who have no friends or someone that i can call with my best friend, yeah sometimes i feel that envy feeling when i saw them both get along like that, talk about each other, and i dunno why their friendship remind me to one of Michael Jackson‘s song.

i grew up with Michael Jackson songs, and i remember when i was on elementary school, everybody in my class have their own dairy book where they gonna ask all their classmate with their bio like what’s your name, address, hobby, fave singer, etc etc . And at that time on fave singer question Michael Jackson is everbody’s answer.

Ben, this song is a forever friendship song, i love this song and God Bless Michael Jackson. On the day he die i cried while listening to this song …. because the world just lost one of the most talented man.



Michael jackson

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I’ll never be alone
And you my friend will see
You’ve got a friendin me
(You’ve got a friend in me)

Ben, you’re always running here and there
(Here and there)
You feel you’re not wanted anywhere
If you ever look behind
And don’t like what you find
There’s something you should know
You’ve got a place to go
(You’ve got a place to go)

I used to say “I” and “me”
Now it’s “us”, now it’s “we”
I used to say “I” and “me”
Now it’s “us”, now it’s “we”

Ben, most people would turn you away
I don’t listen to a word they say
They don’t see you as I do
I wish they would try to
I’m sure they’d think again
If they had a friend like Ben
(A friend)
Like Ben
(Like Ben)
Like Ben

A friend to call with our own, so we never be alone, too bad thanks to how weird i am i don’t have it in my real life. I f i have a friend where i can go to tell him/her what i feel, what just happen i think i don’t have to cry like an idiot in front of burger shop like the last time whan i lost my mom. nah because i don’t have it so there you are i cried and cried there

noi       :   nee ya_san, that’s not gonna happen if you give me your number …
yasu    :   oh no, don’t start again ….
noi       :   i can call you ne …
yasu    :   i told you ne, that’s impossible, i am not gonna give you my number …
noi       :   who knows ….
yasu    :   hey you did posted on your blog, that’s enough ..
noi       :   but still it not the same …
yasu    :   ah there you are the spoil fangirl ….

well at least i have a blog ne and that’s what a blog use for, at least for me. but in this case in this fandom world i think i have it. friends, i dunno whether they think the same way as i think abot them as my friend but i really think they are my friend. having friend from the same or another division in this fandom world  is another thing that i have to thank to yasu, …. Oh dear God this I Owe yasu list is getting longer ne, …. and i dunno if i have any chance to say all on that list to him (read : yasu) or not ….

yesterday i had my day off, and today i work and finally today the meatball man finally show up again after lunch after almost 2 weeks he is not comin. I asked him why and he said that’s because he joined his neigbour to arrage sound system for weddings. This is April and in my country this month according to Javanesse calendar is good to hold something, for example wedding

he said he can get about 200,000 IDR (about 20 USD) for one wedding, nah the last two weeks he got 5 weddings, so he got 1,000,000 IDR ( about 100 USD) total. that’s not happen everyday ne, …. and while listen to that story from a man who his daily job is selling a meatball soup and only get about 50,000 IDR a day, i wonder maybe this is the way God remind me to not stop be grateful for everything i have now and told me to give more.

yes, i should give more because 2  days ago i just got 100 USD, ahahahahahaha, finally this fangirl is lucky enough ne, … i am not gonna tell you where the hell is that 100 USD come from, but hey God, you never forget me ne, finally there’s something good came to me. btw i spent my day off for this :



that’s my own Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 lyrics book, i made that my self for me and of course for my friends for what, of course to help me more easy to dig this album deeper and i don’t have to open my netbook if i want to listen this album and understand more. I put kanji, romaji, and English translation for each song in this album. and of course with this image

as header, actually i wanna put it also as footer. but too bad when i did that all the page just screwed and i dunno how to fix it. so okay i play save and erase the messy footer and there you are just like that. Now this book is in my hand everyday and today i tried it on my bus riding this moring and somehow my bus riding feel faster.

i also scann the Photobook from 『2012』 CD Only version, i did that slowly because i don’t wanna make any damage to the booklet, i don’t care if any damage i made to my magazines but this photobook is different ne, it need a special treatment because the man who is inside it is so special, there you are enjoy

ah ya i almost forget, today i just decide if i am going to Japan this October, for this year Halloween Party, to watch hyde and yasu in one stage. Because this is my first trip to Japan, i am not gonna go there alone, i am gonna be together with my friend and we gonna stay there for one week,




so Yukiko, would you meet me next October? ….

yasu       :    hey noi_chan, hurry where’s the meal, you make me wait ….
noi          :    eh, meal? you know i can’t cook. i failed on my last fettuccini class remember …
yasu       :    Good, first you can’t swimm and now you can’t cook …?
noi          :    ups, sorry but wait i’ll make you some spaghetti …
yasu       :    spaghetti again, that’s boring. you fangirl, you better do something …. *leaving*
noi          :    heee ….


Finally, After All this time : Chou PV? well, I am Fine Ya_san (Another me, yasu on a Cherry Day)

oke  i saw this on Tumblr,
this is also my fave scene on SHERLOCK and whoever made this gift is genius  …

well what i am gonna say is :

Help me SHERLOCK go find yasu  and tell him i love him ….. xD

yasu   :   eeeh, just like that? ….
noi      :   then what should i say ?
yasu   :   nee nee noi_chan …
noi      :   nani ….?
yasu   :   you know what i mean …
noi      :   aaah ….  Chou PV …

well i kind a busy recently because i have tons of papers waiting for me and all of them wanted to be fixed a.s.a. p. just like they are dyin or something, they are dead ne?  so why did they keep ask me to fix them? okay tonight i am gonna talk about this brilliant PV  (indeed, all Acid Black Cherry PV is brilliant to me) ….

and i remember Last Sunday when TEAM_ABCD start to posted many things about big surprise that they gonna gave to us , …. and the post on their Official Facebook Page made me start to counting hours, nah if Hyde and yasu ask me to Counting Days on Glamorous Sky, what TEAM_ABCD did last Monday is asked me to counting hours , …. they made me ignore my goat and cow meat, i ate less meat that what i used to eat every year’s Ied , ….

and what i did is nothing but stay in front of my PC while ate ice cream like i am gonna join a marathon for eating ice cream, …. did you know how much time do i need to eat all ice cream above? …. less than 10 minutes  ….. yay baby, i can do that,  i should join Adam on Man vs Food ne  wekekekeke ……

but bad thing happen, when they tweeted the 7th advices (they tweeted 9 advices before tweeted the YT link for the video) my stomach hurt and i have to go to bathroom, … damn it … i was like kyaaa ….. for me that night i feel yasu was screaming on me : run noi, run ….!!!!  , so yes that night i am Noi Gump, of course the smart version of Forrest Gump

this is my fave scene of Chou PV , sooo beautiful ne …..

the song, the video is brilliant just like yasu himself  ….  really, i love the song and yasu did a great job to show how is to be feel if you are in the middle of forbidden love like this , …. well  from now on i am not gonna say something like this gay, but i am gonna change it into a broomance moment just like i change yasu is amazing into yasu is brilliant  …  why? well i have my own reason to not say gay in my blog …. and let the reason be mine, just only me …

yasu made the scene look beautiful, i saw many broomance movie and i don’t like if the movie is western broomance movie, why? i dunno but somehow i didn’t see the  beautiful of broomance there, except one : Heath Ledger and Jack Gylenhall’s Brookeback Mountain ….   and may you rest in peace there Mr. Ledger … and this man on Antique Bakery is my fave …

Jae Wook oppa, sarangeeeee …..!!!!!!

yasu       :    hey hey noi_chan, how could you say that ….
noi          :    uuppps ….
yasu       :    i knew it, it must be because of the PV ….
noi          :    what? …. i am jealous? ….
yasu       :    no, you are mad because the boy just defeat you for me …
noi          :    ah no ya_san, see  i’d rather defeated by 1,000 boys than one girl …
yasu       :    don’t start again ne ….
noi          :     just promise me oke ….
yasu       :     we’ll see ….

and then my fujoshi brain start to travelling, digging up all the  memories of all many broomance movies, mangas that i ever watched, ….

~  i imagine that scene is their last night together and when they lyin on bed together yasu was like sayin his careless whisper to the boy   :   Yesterday is yesterday, tomorrow is tomorrow the important thing is tonight so let just enjoy this night … and the boy can’t say anything but ok  while sayin Loving you is the finest moment, leaving you is the hardest day of my life

~  in this scene my mind went to a story about a boy who keep deny what is on his heart, he keep sayin no this is not right, i am already with my girlfriend and she is perfect , ….. but yasu just keep lookin at him with that look, the look that only yasu can do that  …. and make the boy lost in the middle of nowhere ….

nah for this one my mind travel again into my memories when i read Banana Fish , …. come on, i am sure one of you read that manga, i love it, the mangan is about a hustler (a manwhore) …. and when some part of this PV remind me of it, see the boy as the hustler and yasu as the man who hired him ….

see the boy is waiting for his client on the lux chamber ….. …..enaugh about this because i have hell lot of broomance story to told you just because of this brilliant PV , and i think  i talk too much about this, , God forgive me and can You please fix my brain …? wekekekeke …… *dumped to highway to hell*

and today is Tuesday, and this day is what i call a cherry day  because today is a mix of sour and sweet moment for me, sour because i have a lot of things to do today, all of them seem like to after me, everybody want me to do it fast and faster , while my hands only two …. i am so tired for this long and boring meeting, my boss endless speech and many more , but guess what i got today? ……




i got a promotion …..!!!!



After all this time ….  i am gonna say it with Severus Snape tone …..

i should believe to my brain more, see i am the one who think i am the foolish person in earth now is a chief in administration dept? ….. OMG i just like a dream, well yes my heart draws a dream but not this big , …. and i am the younger one at office got that position? ….  after all what i did, see i didn’t sleep for 2 night for prepare something and maybe tonight i am not gonna sleep again because tomorrow is the deadline ….

i think my boss is kind a like teasing me, he keep kick my lazy ass to work harder for this, this is totally out of my imagination , i never imagine about this , …. so start next week, me with a new office, and i am the one in charge there with 4 person who is gonna help me ….

waw this is a briliiant moment in my life as a fangirl of a brilliant man named yasu hayashi, but i still have doubt in my mind …. can i do this? ….

noi      :    dou ya_san, am i good enough for this?
yasu   :    the answer is on you ne noi_chan, not me ….
noi      :    ah ya ….  oh God i am so happy ne ya_san  …. kyaaa …. *run to yasu*
yasu   :    don’t don’t, stop it …!!!!

well not only that,  guess again what i got next ….. yay …. finally my Shangri La single is arrived, and this time the regular from HMV and Fan Club edition came together with my Halloween Party Good…..

and i was like ……  whoaaaaaa ….. *with six a*

see i have  two tissue box and post card and this post card i am gonna gave it to the one who is lucky to win my last pay it forwards post, and i am gonna announce it when i receive my Chou single  ….  nah because for me today is a Cherry Day and i just goy my Cherry Powaaaa …  so what i am gonna say is :

Life is like a bowl of cherries.  You will never now what you are gonna get, sometime it’s sour and sometime it’s sweet  ….  but when you get the Amakutte Suppai Cherry moment , it feels great ….

Halloween is already over but  here in Mars it just started , why? because this alien just got her  cute Orange Devil today, …. and tonight meet The Devil in Pink : Noi Himura ….

Long Live The Devil …….!!!!!

yasu       :    hoooo …. pink?
noi          :    yes, pink
yasu       :    hey it’s halloween ne not valentine …
noi          :    eeeeh ……?



Finally Here’s The Boy …. : OMG he is Cute … (Another me, yasu and The Boy Part 2)

so here’s the boy, …. 

the boy who just jump in to yasu’s side ….  and yesterday i keep posted silly things  about him, calling him with The Boy ….

a huge thank you for Yukiko for this  ,  …….. he is a model, and his name is Ryo Kitamura, and from his Ameblo Post … that’s the day he did the PV shoot with yasu …. he said it was a secret shooting …. whooo …

and he was born in 1991? …. OMG he is so young ne, a Japanese version of Justin Beiber? …. but bloody hell he is cute and … ah i dunno what i am gonna say about him (read : the boy, not yasu) but webley whobly penny money  like what Dr. Who always said if he can’t describe something   …… xD

thanks to you Yukki, now the Big Question in me : Who The Hell is That Boy  ?  ….  is gone for evaaa  …. and the important thing is he is not alien …..  wekekekeke ….  *kicked by King Kong*

noi      :    ya_san, why didn’t you tell me  if he is so cute ….
yasu   :    hey noi_chan, he’s younger than you ne ….
noi      :    i know i know …. but he is cute …
yasu   :    what the …. are you my fangirl …?
noi      :    yes i am …
yasu   :    then why?
noi      :    i dunno …
yasu   :    what the ….


『蝶』 – Acid Black Cherry : Broomance is Officially in The Air .. (Another me, yasu and The New Boy)

Omaigoooo To basuketooooo ……. *blown away to Alaska*


finally Avex upload this Acid Black Cherry – 『蝶』, …. i thought this PV is gonna upload on Acid Black Channel but it is on Avex YouTube Channel, …. OMG i was stay on Acid Black Channel waiting …. but ahahaha
and this song is brilliant , ….   again and again yasu wrote another brilliant song  for meh …. (and all of you ABC fans) ….

So minna, meet this man, Mr. Yasu Hayashi , and tonight he is The Brilliant Man With a Demonic Charm , and with this brilliant song ….

『蝶』 – Acid Black Cherry
not a full lyrics




命陽炎(かげろう) 泡沫(うたかた)の恋

なんて言えない…まま また今夜も

Me o tojita mama sotto
Kuchibiru chikazukete
Fure-sōna kyori no mama
Kimi o tabete shimaitai
Kireina koe o motto
Kika sete kurenai ka
Doku hari wa ito o hiki
Doko ni sashite hoshii ka itte

Ai no wana ni kakatta watashi wa chō
Musuku no kaori ga tsuyokute iyana kanji
Karamitsuku yasashi-sa ga kumo no ito mitai
Ai janaikedo naze ka anata ni
Ichido idaka rete mitakatta…

Ai no wana ni kakatta watashi wa chō
Kurutta chō ni `chotto mada’ nante zurui wa
Don’na chō datte hana ni wa tomaru janai
Ai janaikedo naze ka anata o
Uso de mo shinjite mitakatta

Inochi kagerō utakata no koi
Imasara ushinau mono nado nai
Ikenai tte wakatte inagara
Ito o ayatsuri

Mata mujaki ni waraikakete
Watashi o muda ni yorokoba senaide
Nante ienai… mama mata kon’ya mo
Anata ni idaka reta
Ashita mo mata a sa te mo
Anata ni idaka rete ita

My Heart to Heart Translation

Eyes gently closed
close lips
As the distance that seem to remains
I want to eat you
more sweet voice
Will you tell it?
The sting pulls a thread
Say whether you want you to prick wherever

I who was caught in the trap of love, I am the butterfly …
A strong, unpleasant feeling
Gentleness to climb all over seems to be a spider line
though it is not love for you … why?
I wanted to be held once.

I who was caught in the trap of love I am a butterfly.
the mad butterfly, still a bit tricky ..
Any butterflies stop at a flower.
Though it wasn’t love,
even a lie wanted to believe you for some reason

The love of the life heat waves
ephemeral thing
There is nothing that is lost now.
While it turns out  bad
I handle a thread

Moreover, smile innocently…
and pleases me vainly.
… As for  tonight when I can’t say how…
I was embraced by you…
Tomorrow again also  the day after tomorrow…
I embrace by you

close lips, i want to eat you …..

OMG he is totally saducing someone , …..  with those eyes, the way he look at … that boy …. ahahahaha …..  see at the first time i thought he was lokin at the girl, …  and i was like, no no no ya_san, not again ….  Aitai and Koi Hito Yo PV is already enough for me and i am not ready for another one yet, ya_san ….

whoooaaa ….. watching this, yasu, he is topless with a boy, …  OMG look at him, his sexy gesture , ….  nah the this is also weird, before i know the secret love between him and meh …. ah no i mean the boy , …  that scene confused me , … eehh he is with who? … that’s not the girl because the girl is black haired, …. and i think that’s yasu with himself you know maybe this is a scene of him having a lucid dream or something ….

but then viola

whoooaaaaaa …….. … 

and double whoooaaaa for that …..

nee, nee what is on you mind when you see this PV especially for that scene? …. nah what’s on my mind and it still in my mind and i won’t go away, …. i think i need a brain wash, but i can’t find Dr. House  ….

This PV is describe about a Forbidden Love, … yes, the yaoi one , … OMG It just bring back my fujoshi soul from the grave , …. and yasu you choose the perfect time : After Halloween to raise my Fujoshi soul from the grave ….

A Forbidden Love, or a backstreet love …. see the scene is a hart to heart + eyes language for yasu to say : hey, i am waiting for you tonight … oke dear ….  and OMG i have to watch the full version of this PV but okay  here’s my fujoshi analysis about this PV ….

Photo credit to :  yasu(^∇^)hiさん

i think the main character on this PV is the boy, the new boy ….. why? because see his face when yasu look at him and when yasu hold his hand , …  from his face he was like having a doubt inside of him whether he is gonna continue this forbidden love with yasu ….

noi     :   yes boy, you better end it now  … or i am gonna …

yasu    :    hey noi_chan go on, finish your analysis ….
noi       :    chotto ne i have to handle this boy first  …
yasu    :    no, … go finish it  or i’ll …
noi       :    what, …? bite me … do it baby ……
yasu    :    eeeehh who is gonna bite you anyway ….

from his face (read : that boy) …. there’s a doubt whether he is gonna continue it or end it, …. but i have no idea if this is what is gonna show on the full PV or not , … but i catch a feeling of a Guilty Pleasure , ….   you know ….  a pleasure, happy feeling mixed with a guilty as one ….   end it or not ….

OMG OMG i think i talked too much before i watch the full PV , …. blame my fujoshi soul for this, and why did Avex upload Short version PV instead of full, … and make me waiting for the full version, start to counting days again : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday , …etc etc …  with him

noi      :    nee hyde_san ….?
hyde   :    ups sorry, but the answer is no, …. and go find yasu ….
noi      :     aaaaaa …..

and now the biggest question is : Who The Hell is That Boy? ….. and just like my twitter talks with [info]minlilin i am gonna blame Daigo for this, see this is because he is all over Akihide so yasu gotta find another boy , ….

Daigo      :      eeehhh ya_san …
yasu        :      ah just ignore her …
Daigo      :      is she always like this …?
yasu        :      mostly ……

Okay i am gonna talk to the new boy …..

hey boy, who are you, and where do you come from? …. you are not an alien right? …. it’s impossible if you just fall down from sky and then jump into yasu’s PV and with this scenario ……  well boy, i don’t care who you are, where you’re from and don’t care what you did , … (wekekeke, yes this is from Backstreet Boys song : As Long As You Love me  …) but in this case it turns to be  :

as long as you end the forbidden love onegaii …..

yasu     :   oh no …. see this is the reason why you have to wait longer …
noi        :   heh? …
yasu     :   yes, you should wait until the full PV is out …
noi        :   can’t you just spoil me?
yasu     :   no, … and now go finish your works …