1,000 Miles Post : CD&DL でーた Interview #2 … (Another me, yasu, INCUBUS and The Sexy Imagination)

Hello everyone,  ….

Sorry i’ve been very busy recently since my works really loves me more than anything so they won’t leave me to do something else until i finish them.

At the end of this October finally i managed to finished some of them and got an excellent result after spent my whole 2 weeks with no day off to working on the finishing.

Yes, finishing is always the hardest part now i feel so tired.

It hurts all over me, from back to head. Feels like i got beaten up by a whole battalion ofPolice in Calcutta after 1,000 miles ran away from them


yasu    :    so, what did you do now ….
noi       :    i did nothing eh, ya_san 信じて くださいよ 。。。!!!
yasu   :    you didn’t steal something from them …?
noi      :    Eh God, the one and only i want to steal in my life is you eh …
yasu  :     then why did they after you …
noi     :     you go ask them, not me …. >_<

But thank God, i have this …



This is very good eh, and totally works for me because usually Vitamin C make me sick but not this one .

It contains Vitamin C and Calcium, yeah for the C and maybe also some Vitamin D for my weak and almost broken bones ( hopefully it will fix my broken heart as well …. xD)

and the R is for ..

eee vitamin R ….?


yasu   :   be serious noi_chan, vitamin R, really …?
noi      :   maybe it’s some anti-radiant …?
yasu   :   from what …
noi      :   for you of course, since you are so radiant … !!!
yasu   :   you fangirl, go away … !!

very well then, i’d say now i am like a new bunny with energizer battery behind and i am ready to do anything.

I say anything eh, …

so what happen next is, instead of get some relax time while finishing the other projects that i haven’t finish, i make another plan for another projects …

and start to write again in here,

I say I am Inspector Himura ne, but as always i ended to be the last person in this Acid Black Cherry Fandom to get my INCUBUS singles.

You may say this is my punishment for how Greed i am to wants everything but yeah people …


Even yasu said any door …..

but because until now i still don’t have INCUBUS CD single to put on my bed to call thisINCUyasu to come to my door. …


Bloody Hell, i really need Capt. Rogers to help me now ….!!!

But of course thanks to how fast is internet sharing, i am already listen to the single and the cover track as well.


this time,

i am totally obsessed with INCUBUS (say it 150%) it was like this song never let me go to really listen to the cover track CLOUDY HEARTS from BOOWY. I did listen to the cover, and i only get yeah, well done yasu ….

But for INCUBUS ….


Bloody hell,


i had no idea what will happened to me if this wacky obsession wouldn’t end soon. I mean this songs kinda gave me ear and eye_gasm ..

yes, ear and eye_gasm …


yasu   :    hey noi_chan,
noi      :    what …
yasu   :    did you …
noi      :    i say something ended with gasm, it doesn’t mean i just had sex eh …
yasu   :    you should explain it, people will think ..
noi      :    i am sorry darling, this time you have to do your research.

I did mine btw ..

so on that Secret Meeting ….


First with the opening movie with a very BIG surprise about the upcoming 4th Album called Land then the PV with a red and purple color, La vie en Rose and this dazzling and radiant yasusinging like this, with a blue devilish eyes  …

Acid Black Cherry『INCUBUS』MUSIC VIDEO.mp4_000072197

and closed very nicely with yasu‘s talking with this something i call a dorky cute  act as a bonus ….

ah ya, you all can see the whole PV in here …


About INCUBUS ….


How am i gonna say it eh ….

since i am not in a music industrial or a music analysts so i have no idea how to say it correctly.

Yes, maybe it’s something that they (whoever they are) will say as a hard-rock music but personally i say this INCUBUS is the smooth and more organized version of GREED GREED GREED ..

I say, if GREED GREED GREED is an off-road racing, then this INCUBUS is a Formula 1 racing ….


yasu     :    F 1   …
noi        :    yes, like that movie i watch recently …
yasu     :    so …
noi        :    INCUBUS is a smooth and quite fast track like a Formula 1 racing …

Then 。。。   GREED GREED GREED eh,


Dunno why, but i always think

GREED GREED GREED is a very messy song with messed lyrics as well.

Maybe i am the one who is not too complicated to understand what the hell is yasu tryin to say with GREED GREED GREED lyrics and music but  i never get what is the point ofGREED GREED GREED beside

as an official license to be GREED from yasu ….?

so when i listen to this INCUBUS on the day they (read : team_ABC) held the Secret Meeting i was like …

Yes, yasu, yes …. !!!!!

like yasu was askin me something and i had none other answer to give but yes and yes ….!!!!. See, that’s what i am talking about having an eye and ear_gasm when you are listening and watching a music PV.

Like when you are having sex,

i am sure you wouldn’t ever say so many yes and yes … !!!!  if you don’t get the orgasm.


yasu    :   but noi_chan, you said you never have sex …
noi       :   yes, that’s true …
yasu    :   then how, OMG noi_chan did you  really ….?
noi       :   don’t be surprise like that darling.

I am an Adult Fangirl, of course i do my research eh …

yasu    :   a sex research …?
noi       :   what the …

Ok, leave the eye and ear_gasm alone, now let’s back to INCUBUS, then when i listen correctly to the lyrics …

I can’t do this anymore. I can’t sleep. I can’t dream.
It’s all a nightmare.
I can’t wake up Incubus. I…

I wake up in a nightmare, I fall a sleep
Wishing I don’t have to cry all day and all the nights

インキュバス いるんでしょ?
寝ても覚めても もう悪夢ばかり
夢でもいいから あなたでもいい 愛して

I don’t want to cry in the pain.
I can’t do this anymore.
I can’t sleep. I can’t dream.
It’s all a nightmare.
I cry with me myself and I …

インキュバス 痛いじゃない
私を犯すなら 過去は見せないでよ
せめて夢くらい いい夢にして
ねぇどうせ犯すなら 壊れるくらい快楽を

あの頃 私 夢を見てたの この世界はバラ色って
何かが狂い 乱れて枯れて 悪夢が私にキスをした

いったい 私の何がいけなかったの?
いったい どうすれば良かったって言うの?
馬鹿にしないで 悔しいのよ
だって そうやって言ったじゃない! あれだってしょうがなかった!
Just on time! もうやめて!

インキュバス 壊してよ
もうこんな世界さえ すべて壊してよ
はじけてしまえ 私の中で
溶けて交ざり合い 悪魔を宿して
お願い 愛をちょうだい

あの頃 私 夢を見てたの この世界はバラ色って
気づけば私 夢の迷い子 悪夢はまだ終わらない
色のない夢 殺される声 1つずつ奪われてく
音のない世界 感じない愛 悪夢はまだ終わらない

then i was like ….

Eeeeh, reallly yasu ….?

i thought this time yasu will make another sexy song like Black Cherry. And if Black Cherry is from the woman’s side, then this time yasu will make it the male version of Black Cherry.

From the INCUBUS side, …

where  the INCUBUS tellin us about him doing his sex crime as a sex demon ruined somebody’s life

and i never imagine this is gonna be dramatic story like this but okay, maybe i was hoping too much for this single.

So i am gonna blame what for this long eeeee …. !!!!  i said …

my dirty mind ? …


yasu    :    yeah, go blame your dirty mind …
noi       :    but i believe i don’t have a dirty mind ne …
yasu    :    then what you have ..
noi       :    i believe i do have a sexy imagination ..
yasu    :    sexy what …?
noi       :    yes, very sexy   …

enough about INCUBUS next is this

~   CD&DL でーた Interview #2

this is for Focus 2  :  Statement Collection (yasu’s)

This magazine frequently published some series interview for Acid Black Cherry.

This time we are interested to discuss what yasu said that he had from the previous archives. So we want to discuss further what it means, purpose and reason of his statements.

# from September 2009 edition, about 「黒い太陽」/「Kuroi taiyou」

ー we heard some quotes about you, yasu …

「黒い太陽」/「Kuroi taiyou」  –   in this song lyrics, yasu put his views about love


黒い太陽 is a lyrics with love at the first sight theme.

On your first meet, are you sure you will give your love only to him/her  ….?   Because that’s the most important, and if you feel i wanna know more about him/her ….!!! then it can be the beginning of love.

ーand then as you get older, is your view about love also changed …?


as you get older, the point of conversation change as well. Maybe want to know some deeper things. But the important is how their (our lover’s) attitude?

when we are young, we only see things on that time we couldn’t imagine how when we’re old later.  But when we’re get old, then we realize oh, she/he also old now

from the beginning, i always have thought if we don’t respect each other, then we cannot be together forever with person that become our girlfriend or wife

ーas a more than friend person to our lover, of course we want to able to love him/her. Then came this quote …

愛してない song is words of a high level love confession .

「It is a paradox. But i even more rarely use that 「愛してる 」 word.」

ーThen what did you say when you ask a girl to be your girlfriend …

「I don’t say 「愛してる 」 because i think 「愛してる 」 is something that we are not suppose to express with words.

I add 〜すら at the end. There are people who love to say 「愛してる」. For example sayin 「愛してるよ …. !!! 」 at the ending of phone conversation, or when you meet you ask 「愛してるよ ?/ do you love me?

but i am not that kind of type.

If in my heart i say 「いとしいな 」/「my dear 」, that means i am sayin 「愛してる 」. That’s why i don’t say it much on my daily words」

ーMen and women are different ne.

Usually  women want it to be expressed by words while man must think No need to say it, the must already know


「yeah, women are like that. Seems like it became a theory about difference between male and female.」

ーBut when it said and often repeated, that must be annoying.

yeah, i might get upset

ーOK, next  …

from the beginning, i am a kind of shy person …

yasu, are you a shy person …?


I was destined to be a shy person … !!!

and seems like there are more that kind of person (shy) than the not shy person. From all people that i know for all my life until now, the not shy person is SHUSE.

ーha ha ha

yes, he is the one.

The not very shy person. So mostly when people meet him for their 1st time, they show a friendly and a bit nervous face. But that man that i said as a not shy person said OK, just go you all ..!!!

sayin something like that at the beginning, that’s totally not good.

Kansai people are known to consider public image as important, but is there any newly acquainted people come to you and being not polite?


yes, i have …!!

I am sure that person is from Kansai (laugh). It’s said that Kansai people have a good character, but in this situation it turned out to be the contrary as what people think. Maybe this person already tired to be a nice person.

So i must be more aware where ever i am.

ーCharacter, eh …

Actually i’ve been fooled by some person. This person, why act like that to other people but like this to me.  But behind all of that, there must be many other good side.


I understand and very sorry for what happened to you. All this time, i never get fooled btw. We have no idea how far a person able to see something.

But be sure if people with that kind of character, must have a boring live than other people with more kind heart.

ーyes, that’s so true.

Then about a man’s truth and faithfulness, i am interested with what you said about

not to forgive, but when i want to give up, then I’ll give up

Is that supposed to mean that man really can’t give up and separated?


yeah, i think so. But that’s not an accurate advice anyway because i think it’s only a reason for a man to himself.

ーThen what would a man say about a woman’s truth and faithfulness?


For me, even if for a faithful woman i’d rather not to know about that. For example if we accidentally see their call history or message in their phone, it makes us suspicious or not believe in them.

So it will be more better if we don’t know right …?

Or when they send a message using icon, maybe it shows how faithful she is but what if she doesn’t use that icon? That’s why i’d rather not to look on their phone.

But man or woman, they’re certainly not going to hide his faithful towards their beloved right, because if they do it will show their insincerity that will hurt their loved one.

ーHmmm, but the feel on Bit Stupid song isn’t the female character is too be hidden …?


Really too hidden, isn’t so?

Then apparently it really end (laugh). But actually it depends to the person. An affair it can’t be forgiven. Actually i’ve been cheated once and thought about i can forgive.

But even i did forgive, it still sucks anyway.

To all those who’s never been cheated by someone, hey must be very happy eh (laugh) . I’ve been cheated when i was young (laugh).


But in relationship there’s some phrase of that person is totally unfaithful so are you really sure with your love?

ー Very well then what about 「恋人」/「Lover」 that written as 「愛しい人」/「Itoshii Hito」/「My Dear」 …?


i think 「恋人」/「Koibito」/「Lover」 is a some sad state/situation, because it would be better if both use 「愛しい」/「Itoshii 」/「My Dear」 for each other.

Now i watch this 「昼顔」/「Hirugao」 drama …


Then i thought there’s also something not good about having a lover. Unless we can put a limit each other, unlike the marital relationship (husband and wife).


Similar with faithful to your lover, if we can’t show it then it won’t work. So just respect each other …

That’s all, since it’s already midnight now so i will continue to my next post and this one is ….

~   Whatsoever Update from me …

this is for 5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK ~ Oita


Enjoiii … !!!!

and last but not least, now i kinda wonder …

Geeez yasu, you are a bit complicated eh …


yasu    :   and you are not …?
noi       :    of course not, like Magnolia i am a simple person.

For me it’s easy :  say it or leave it … !!!

yasu    :    ah, that’s why he dumped you noi_chan
noi       :    no, he is not. He only ignore me, that’s all
yasu    :    yeah, not yet.


Weekend Post : Secret Meeting キタ ..! (Another me, yasu, CD&DL でーた Interview and Miss Sarah Bunting)



Hello, hello everyone i am having my weekend btw   …..

Aaaand ….


yasu     :     what another delayed homework ….?
noi        :      well, i am afraid so
yasu     :      then what’s for today, another long movie talk  ..
noi        :      of course not …

Well,  you know what i am gonna talking about ne,

~   yeah, 「INCUBUS」 again … !!!!

CD Only

on their latest post on The Official Blog they said they were in the factory and they shared how the CD‘s processing from …

CD Board printing (Japan’s first premiere 「INCUBUS 」 CD Board)


then gathered


then put it into 『INCUBUS』 CD case


jacket also set and  the seal will be attached from the top to the end


and finally …. !!!


i’d say that’s very interesting post ne and indeed, as you read what Team_ABC posted on The Official Blog there will be a Secret Meeting


place and time already decided like this  …

Place     :   Team_ABC‘s twitter : https://twitter.com/TeamABCofficial
Time       :   Sunday, October 12th 2014 at 23:00 ~  24:00 JST

it’s on JST (Japanese Standart Time) so make sure you know what time is is on your country.  On that Secret Meeting they (read : Team_ABC) will tweet a link to their Youtube channel for something.

on CD&DL でーた interview yasu sayin

fans who already know my style must start to wonder  how is the next album concept …. ?

so in this case i’d say fans who already know yasu and his Team_ABC style will know if

the link that they will privately tweet is a link for 「INCUBUS 」 PV … !!!

short version, i suppose …

And also because they said it will be a private tweet means they will make their twitter account as private,  so you must be on twitter and be follow them …

How to do that …..?


noi        :     オモ、is that a joke ….?
yasu     :     why everything is joke for you …
noi        :      because hey, who isn’t on twitter now …?
yasu     :      there’s some, because  …

Indeed, somebody asked that question about how to join twitter and follow Team_ABC that they kindly answered it by this tweet ….


How kind and sweet eh …

they are rather kindly sweet now,  aren’t they?

so everyone, tomorrow on 23:00 ~ 24:00 JST,  make sure you all on-line and ready in front of your PC.  They will only open the link for one hour so like Cinderalla‘s ball, the Secret Meeting ended at midnight.

So  you all know what you have to do because thanks to how earth goes around the sun and created time difference for us (read : oversea fans), who knows some of us might not able to join the Secret Meeting for school or works reason.

and as always everyone …

Sharing is Caring …  >_<

and today ….


i just back fro the post office to get my るろうに剣心 poster that my friend kindly send to me.  He is from Singapore and about two weeks ago, he said to me if he won るろうに剣心 poster and kindly asked whether if i want it or not …

I said yes, i want it ….!!!

But it is always took forever to ge to get something that i really want. This time is るろうに剣心 poster, If my friend said i will get it on 10 days i think i will have it on 20 or 25 days from the day he send it. I am not gonna say Indonesian Post is slow, but maybe it is because how far is my village.

i suppose now it is the perfect time where this sassy and annoying Miss Sarah Bunting will say …


i really don’t like her at all,

even Lady Mary approved by sayin to Tom about how not keen she is for Miss Bunting even she also said she will support whatever Tom decide later.


But we have to see her a lot in this 5 Season of Downton Abbey since Tom Branson, the lovely Irish widower’s part is bigger and Miss Bunting is in it. And …

Do you know what Miss Bunting said to those Rusian refugees ….?


yasu     :     noi_chan, stop talking about your TV series …
YUKI     :     is she always like this …
yasu     :     yeah, she is one of those TV junkies
noi        :     guys, i can hear you ne …
yasu     :     then finish this post hurry, i am busy


so because how i don’t like that sassy Miss Bunting, from now on i will call every  pepople that i think annoying as Miss Bunting … !!!

next is this ….

~    CD & DLでーた 2014年 10月号 Interview : Focus 1 「 Music Production Technics 」


From a powerful rock tone to a beautiful ballad, until now yasu won hearts of the fans thanks to his various musical compositions.

So how is yasu‘s thoughts about music production technical like writing lyrics, creating song and more …?

Every song, surely need their own process and how is yasu‘s thoughts about that?

If the intro doesn’t fit, then it will not reach the hook

yasu is said to be a type of serious person when the time of music production. Is that true ?

「yes, i am not a type of person who love to keep ideas that i got on the days before because on the regular day i cannot think maximal.

Actually i only able to create music when there’s eagerness to make it. If i don’t have the Let’s Make Music … !!!, then i cannot make a music.

On the other way, when i am in the period of making music time then i will think about it over and over. Even when i am doing any other activity like playing game or watching TV. 」

DAIGO even say : yasu, why when it come to creating music time you really hard to call ?

Are you too serious to do it …?

「ha ha ha … yes (laugh) because i really could not pick up the phone. 」

yasu, do you often play musical instruments and do arrangement by yourself?

「yes, but sometimes i feel not sure enough after finished some percent, so i always ask for opinions.

Basically, i never think what they think about me because if i think about it, it will be a burden for me. But at least they will give the best right?

However i do love many musical instruments. I don’t like if somebody say a vocalist job is only to make song. 」

yasu, you really love drums aren’t you?

On Ongaku to Higetachi 2014 – Stadium Rock’n Roll August 30th in Niigata on the performance of Maximum The Hormone you seemed having fun to claps your hands on your knees as if you were playing drums.

「yes, at that time i was carried away.

I do love drums, because drum’s pattern also can produce a nice song.

When i started to create a song, i think about what kind of pattern that fans preferred. Is it a vertical or horizontal pattern. Beside that, i also set the tempo, rhythm, beat and else. 」

ー In making music composition, what is the most prioritized part?

Intro. Intro is the most important right?

I am more better in intro than hook, even people say i am good on hook but if the intro doesn’t fit then it will not reach the hook.

Song and melody also very important. With melody, intro become a music. There’s a time guitar riff is also important. I often says i want to able to do key … !! like this then tryin various keys. At that time, i always do my best.

On music production, want to started from any part each person have their own way depends on the music it self. But i think the most important is the upper tone and intro. Upper tone set, then to intro.

First, i think about what kind of melody that i will use and then i make the intro. 」

PS   :   

1.   Intro/introduction is  a unique section that comes at the beginning of the song. usually contain only music and no words.
2.   Hook is a musical idea, often a short riff, passage, or phrase, that is used in popular music to make a song appealing and catch the ear of the listener. It generally applies to popular music, especially rock music, R&B, hip hop, dance music, and pop  

ー By using mono, is there something that can be started with melodi A or B?

「 There is. I only use some trick that basically it came up from my thoughts as well. By doing trials like key changing on this and that part.」

ー have you ever make the lyrics first and then the music?

「No. Creating words, lyrics straight together with melody i suppose that’s a rare thing to happen. For example : what kind of melody for this word eh …? it is gonna be hard to remember.

But generally lyrics are take on from the tone

ー so after tone then lyrics?

Then on the phase of where you start to think about things like on this music i am gonna a scene like this or  i wanna make this from a woman’s point of view ?

「Well, i am not that kind of type.

When i take the lyrics, i do system check first. For example, on this high key i want to use a or e. I am not good with row u and the height of row i. Or i am good with ki in this key, but ki on that key i am not good enough.

That was it, i think a lot about that kind of things then i managed to decide it.

Then to make music good to be heard, i often play on words. For example it’s a high tone seems perfect eith a, because it is falsetto , maybe it will better to make it u or i. I never do tone extension for n.

yeah, just like that.

Because based on voice, there are times when the voice will be easily lost or in words there is voice that broken or sonant. Then there’s 2 syllables on one tone, example ai spoken in one voice : ai. There’s also three syllables in one tone.

That’s how i write lyrics while think about what kid of words i have to use so it can become a beautiful melody.」

ー ah, that’s why your music is so good to be heard and has its own characteristics. Not inferior to western music


ー so the first step is system check. But after that do you also make a storyline? That’s a pretty hard thing to do, isn’t it? Because you also have to adjust the character or letter to a perfect voice.

「yea, that’s the phase that need most time and cause problem.

Like prioritize the story, points of the lyrics or the beautiful voice. For that kind of meaning, it supposed to use this word, but later it will come to be less in the listener’s heart, like that. 」

ー sounds really hard eh …

「yeah, it is hard. It’s quite troublesome work to do. Well, i can only explain to that, maybe not all but actually that is the hardest part.

Because for the listener, the point and storyline of a song lyrics is important but me as the song writer must give the priority to the beautiful sounds.」

ー OK, then on the timing when you will say what if we make this melody is for another song …

「There’s no such an exact timing to say. It just flows. Creating an atmosphere or sometime write a little bit painful lyrics to non-mellow.

Of course when the melody already set, then automatically the atmosphere, color or the song’s beauty will created. 」

ー なるほど、by the way some says if a master piece usually created when you really are broken hearted rather than when you are happy or nothing happen.

What about you yasu? Is there any song created because your heart was broken?

「yeah, it was a long time ago.

But actually i am not somebody who able to create when broken heart or sad. yes, i had one. I wrote a song lyrics because i my heart was broken.

It was a long time ago, when i wrote lyrics of Janne Da Arc ‘s Kasumi Yuki Sora Se ni Shite,  i was broken hearted before.

On that lyrics, i let the words based on the scene of what i had that time. But because of that it sounds more real. so the message can delivered well to the listener.

People do have their own way of thinking, but for me when i am in my saddest time i cannot write lyrics.

Then few time later, maybe i remember it again that scene and i able to write a lyrics. And of course that sad is already my past so i can laugh and talk about it with you.」


ー 口づけて 愛し方 教えてくれたなら
忘れ方も 教えてよ …

kuchizukete aishikata oshietekureta nara
wasurekata mo oshiete yo

Since by kissing me, you taught me how to love
Teach me how to forget it, too


流した涙の数だけ 君を愛してた これだけは言えるよ間違いじゃない

nagashita namida no kazu dake kimi wo aishiteta kore dake wa ieru yo machigaijanai

With just the tears I’ve shed, I can only say I loved you, and that’s no mistake

then the listener will say this lyrics is so me, i wanna cry. But now it is not the time to be drawn in this memories

「ha ha ha , really ….?

But i think that’s good, every listener must their own memories right?

But for example if the scene on this song not really sounds good to them, at least by listening to the song they can feel what other people may feel.」

ー yes, yes music composition and and lyrics are totally connected. Just like your technics of using a little bit painful lyrics on a non-mellow song

「yeah, like that. When i was young, i thought it is not a good lyrics if it’s to easy to understand

ーFor this interview, to gathered information i was also read yasu‘s song lyrics. It turned out to be fairly typical, because it’s different with other love song’s lyrics. On yasu‘s lyrics, there’s lot of man and woman’s psychological description.

「Is that much? I don’t even realize it.

I think a love song it must be connected with the phrase オマエが好き/I love you. There’s no such words like 愛してる/I love you. So i change the point of view of 愛してる/I love you feeling.

When i write a lyrics, i always pay attention from which point of view is the storyline. 」

PS  :

オマエが好き/Omae ga suki for I love you is more often used by man rather than 愛してる.

Because 愛してる is more serious I love you with a deeper meaning about you want to spent the rest of your life with someone you say 愛してる to

ーWhen i read your lyrics it also surprised me and make me say so, it is like this when my feelings written to words . And because that lyrics also remind me to my forgotten feelings.

Not only from the perfect scene and point of view but i also able to bubbling the emotions from that feelings/experience i ever had.

I think it is brilliant.

「Really? i didn’t expect it can be that way, but i am glad to hear your opinion.

Actually lyrics is pretty hard to do. It is true if a song lyrics gonna feel more live if it’s according to our experience even maybe it will violates some policy.

But if only care about policy, so only rely on outside look or cool stuffs to sat then the message will not delivered at all. So too much to the point is not good but not less is not good as well.」

ーso the to the point sing for real it invites sympathy or lots of responds, but is it also caused haters?

「yeah, actually it is.

Lyrics is not easy. I’ve read a lyrics that the meaning is not clear  what the hell is this ?.

But otherwise, when i was young i had a wish to use cool words on lyrics. Inside a lyrics, beside there’s a good choice of words surely it also has a good meaning.

Because if the meaning is too easy to understand, then it will become a not good lyrics」


ーFurthermore yasu, in one song from 3 minutes to 5 minutes there must be a storyteller that can make a good story , just like you. And when there’s a booming song and lyrics, you always be an icon.

「Thanks for the compliment, accept anything like that was nice.

It will created an imagination for the listener. I want all the listener enjoy my song, impressed, get a new mood or carried away. I will be very happy if my music and lyrics can move the listener’s heart.

For example, somebody eat an hamburger. I will be happy that person say what is this, i never eat something like this before but it is delicious rather than it’s like a delicious hamburger that i ate before.

Another example, a person who love metal is like a person who love curry. Today is curry, tomorrow is Qeema curry (Indian curry) and next day is black curry. Then that person say waah so delicious, curry is the best … !!!.

Each person have their own specialties, but i’d prefer if that person say wah, it is really curry but what’s the ingredients huh? i never see it before.

Something like that is my goal, to find a new unexpected things. And i don’t like to say it is not good for something 」

ーBecause not good, it doesn’t mean it is a bad thing right?

「Yes, both in song or lyrics. After debut, i was somebody that so chatty about lyrics.

When somebody asked me Is your lyrics failed  ….  ? i answered there is definitely a failure.

People do have failure right.

Bad result, it can be prevented, but i always not somebody who have a confident about lyrics, so while writing a lyrics i often confused how is this ? . But because there’s a failure so i became like this. 」

ーそう、a simple type …

「really, i just know there’s such a simple type」

ーIf you think it is a positive, you also think about the negative part right?

「yes, perhaps. When i talked with other musician, i’ve said  Are you sure that’s gonna be good? but i even decided it’s better not to be published. It must be fun if it can be published well, but actually not published it also fine.

So when i think about it again, failed is sucks. 」


ーyaya, it’s like you admitting your own lyrics. I also had one, when i was young i often get my script failed to publish.

「Maybe it is the same feeling, but aren’t you feel tired if you keep failin? 」

ーyes, because a script is also sum of words. We can’t just decided to use what kind of word, like a lyrics.

「Writing a lyrics, maybe we can call it as a song fiction. Open one by one part that step by step it will become better than before.」

ーyeah, it’s like sharpening yourself, so it’s normal if we feel happy about getting a compliment.

「Get a compliment is like getting a recognition and think i finally recognized … !!! then feel happy.」

ーyou are a person with lots of compliments eh ..

「ha ha ha …

Compliments, that means a lot. People who often failed, they must be very tired. I can say that because i had failures too. I am thankful for that but still, failed is sucks.」

ーthen do your best not to fail

「ha ha ha, that’s right 」

ーand do your best as talented person

「Talented, who is talented ?」

ーno no no, i think you are a really talented person. You must feel why i am now able to understand a woman’s heart?That must be because you learned a lot from romance aren’t you?

「I am not that bad. We never realize if we can learn a lot from many things. I am that kind of person.」

ーBtw, the new single on October is gonna have what kind of feeling?

「A song composition that’s not like a single at all. 「Greed Greed Greed」  is not like a single song. If this single can be more than 4, then i will think about an album.

Fans who already know my style must start to wonder how is the next album concept …? . I am really happy to hear it. So i hope you all to wait. 」

that’s all for today ….

i a will continue the next part maybe Focus 2  :  Statement Collection (yasu’s)  tomorrow while waiting for the Secret Meeting to come, because i am gonna spent this day to continue this …

Do you see the Shangri – La …..?

first area is almost finish, 11 area left to finish aaandd

next area will be more difficult than the previous because it is the middle area means there’s no blocking job (read : not changing color a lot, but only use the same color for a larger area) .

Changing color a lot  is a bit difficult to me since i only have one needle and i keep lost it and forget where the hell i put it.

So yeah i will need more coffee for that …

i am a coffee addict, so yes i do love and need coffee ….

Last night it was a little bit hell of a night since there’s no coffee left in the kitchen and i don’t like to go out again after after work if nothing important. I went to bed with no coffee last night.

after listening to this song many times and let the un_healed wound of my broken heart open again …


僕の考えは間違いと 自分隠した 正しさが何かもわからずに
流した涙の数だけ 君を愛してた これだけは言えるよ間違いじゃない



Whuuut the,  my intentions were misguided ……???


yasu       :      eh, really noi_chan ….
noi          :      i do have a crush on him ya_san, それは、間違いじゃないよ 。。。。!!!
yasu       :      but he is still ignore you, how many days already until now?
noi          :      a week ….
yasu       :      i’ll find a super glue for your heart then
noi         :       oh, how nice    ….



愛してる Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Oita …. (Another me, yasu, Niki and James )

Do you know how  many i am sorry i said today ….?

I have no idea, but surely it was a lot of sorry for one today.

But thank God, i still able to finished this week whole long Moanday and his other mean brothers Tuesday and Wednesday, even i had to be the stupid one who missed to see one zero behind on that price tag.

The correct price is USD 33,000 but in my eyes it was  USD 3,300.

Damn, i must be blinded eh …


yasu    :    go buy a new glasses …
noi       :    i have one …
yasu    :    then use it …
noi       :    do you know what i said when they said Are you blind .. ? to me …
yasu    :    what …
noi        :    i said  ….

yes, i must be blind …

to missed that one zero behind from 33,000 to only 3,300. What a shame on me.

I know i have a pair of blurry eyes, and just like how i refused to use a hearing-aid for one of my ear because i believe it will make me look stupid, i also never forced myself to use my glasses everyday

and that’s why i never mind about HQ or LQ for video or mp3 because to me, they are the same

so in this case, i don’t blame my eyes

I blamed myself and this blown away mind to somewhere that i myself have no idea where. I dunno what was on my mind at that time, but surely not 100% on that matter we were talk about on my meeting today.

It was a total chaos and indeed it will make me loose some of my points in Comissioner Vijay‘s eyes.

yes, points eh …

I know i used to say how careless i am bout any points given on my works daily since the one and only points i care about was only points that CDJapan gave me. But now i changed.

yes again, i am so CHANGEABLE … !!!

Let’s just say from now on i do care about all points that i’ve earned and just like how Niki counting how many ponts did his rival James took point on tournaments during his time in hospital, now i do count my points.

And i don’t care if people may think me as a point bitch now, it’s fine as long as it is still on the LINE,  i will do that. I still know where is the LINE, my limit and time where i have to stop tho.

This Niki and James i am talking about is The Legendary F1 World Champion Niki Lauda and James Blunt


yeah, recently i just re-watch Ron Howard’s Rush (2013), a brilliant movie about them again.

i re-watched it again about 6 times aand on the 7th time, rather than watching,  i became more listening to that movie and start to talk following what the character say.

Ha ha, yeah that’s what happen when i watch one movie too much. Maybe some of you have the same thing with me, when you tend to talk to the telly as what the movie character said and then laughed to yourself like an idiot.

Me to movie is always like a dry spons to a bucket full of water.

What i am sayin is when i watch a movie for the 1st time, i tend to be annoying. You know that kind of annoying audience on cinema ne, the one who keep talking during the movie including calling the character name or sayin

oh noooo …. !!!

complete with an idiot act when there’s something that i think totally wrong or doesn’t make any sense,

but on my 2nd time watching, i usually be a silent audience and start to change myself into a dry spons ready to take, try to find and remember everything i see and listening.

and of course i don’t do that to all movies i watch ne.

that kind of act is only for movies that really2 good and captured my eyes and heart at the first time i watch it. For sexample Saving Private Ryan, The Avengers, Pride and Prejudice …. and this movie Rush (2013)


If you know Ron Howard‘s movies,  you must know how this movie will be.

So this movie is about  ….


yasu     :     hey, can you do your homework first …?
noi        :     ah ya, but this movie is all over my mind now  ….
yasu     :     keep the movie talk later
noi        :     as you say then …

next is for ….

~    「Shangri-la 」 Live ~  Oita

Project 『Shangri-la 』 landed on Kyushu district, and this time is Oita Prefecture.  After the 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 on the previous day, 「Shangri-la 」Live was held at Beacon Plaza Philharmonia Hall, Beppu City ~ Oita on April 2nd, 2014.

Geez, it was 6 month ago ….  !!!


yasu     :     it’s too late, noi_chan
noi        :     it is a very late post ですよ …!!
yasu     :     why you are so slow ..
noi        :     because i am Capt. Slow now …

and also talking about 「Shangri-la Meeting」, we already know if yasu‘s mother is from Oita. So they were also visiting some relatives, and somehow before live yasu was pretty nervous than usual.

#  The Local Gourmet corner

These local gourmet of Oita that familiar to yasu were waiting on the venue such a nice line-up ..

~   Fried shrimp,
~  Green salad,
~   Rice,
~  Tai meshi/Sea Bream rice,

A very healthy and easy dish to make, a cleaned fish with scales removed and simmered in a pot with rice, ginger and dashi stock. Well, even they say it is  a simple and easy dish to make,

still i am not gonna try to make it.

because i am sure it is not that simple as they say on internet or cooking show on telly. Yes, i do love to see cooking show on telly, but not to try it.

I even remember when my telly cable open all their channel free for a whole month for their whatsoever promo, Asian Food Channel risen up my apetite to the highest level.

Thank God that promo is over ne.

So try to make a dish based on internet?  why would i ….


yasu     :    because you can’t make it …
noi        :    だれ、  僕  。。。。 ?
yasu     :    stop sayin 「僕」  !
noi        :    but it’s fun to say ne, and   …..
yasu     :    you are not a boy, aren’t you …
noi        :    but most people who only know me by name think i am a boy …
yasu     :    ええ、本当に?

Well, It is not that i can’t cook, of course i can.

Thanks to the almost 4 years i spent stayed in my relative’s house during my college time. I spent every morning and night do nothing but cooking, cleaning, teaching and many other domestic things.

so yeah, there’s a time in my life when i was so domestic …

I am talking about the time when i only worried about what is happen at home, spent my time at class wondering is everything OK at home? is rain gonna fall today, since i left my laundry outside, are the boys OK at school,  and what’s for dinner tonight ….

And now, i never do that anymore because i don’t have to. I have a control freak and drama queen mother who never let me to do anything, but working at day and then dine together at night.

back to the topic, next line-up is …

~  yasu’s fave no. 1  :   pikcles
~  yasu’s fave no. 2  :   natto …

aaand …

Speaking of Oita,


Fried Chicken ….. !!!

everyone’s fave dish and yasu‘s ne, since i read a lot about how he loves Fried Chicken

After meal,

continued with a relaxed and full of smile talks and reading manga and they ( read :  【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) also gave us a rare scene to see in the dressing room.

Yes, i am talking about this yasu shaving scene …


Indeed, it is a rarely scene eh, …

Because i found it is very hard to imagine yasu‘ shaving before seeing that picture above. Even i know the fact if he is a man and no matter how pretty and kawaii they look, a man do shaving ne.

People do say my imagination is wide, but imagine yasu‘ shaving is …

totally beyond all my fangirl imaginations … !!!


yasu     :     you already posted about it,  noi_chan ….
noi        :      eeh, did i …?
yasu     :     don’t you check ..
noi        :     hello, i am the Inspector ne, so i do not checking …
yasu     :     yeah right ….

And then

in the dressing room a staff gave a summary booklet of Kyushu‘s each prefecture from homemade delicacies, tourist destinations, dialect, else and then

ready to go Live  … !!!!


next is ….

#   The question selected on The Question Corner …

is …

The episode when you first made your own song …

and yasu”s answer is …

me too, it’s when i was in high school. I think it was on my 1st year of high school.

At that time there was MTR, a multiple recording device. Put the cassette, in four superimposed-record, it was possible, but i couldn’t do the instrument, i only put the main vocal.

I was think about put the song first, and then put the chorus after that (laugh).

Usually i put what i want, it takes the rhythm together and put the song at the end. I put the song first, so it will fit, the selfish (laugh). Somehow i was managed to composed on my own.

But i was worn out. I thought it was a difficult recording.

I say i made my first song, and it is the first but i guess if there were electronic organ in the house at the time of my elementary school, i had to play around with it.

then, let’s continue with …

#   The SetList

「Shangri-la 」Live 02.02. 2014.~  Philharmonia Hall

Set List

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. Yes
08. Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara…
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Kimi ga Iru kara (request)
15. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
16. Kuroi Taiyou

then ….

#  The Kewpie …



「温泉」/「Onsen」/「Hot Spring」

yeah, they called that almost naked (with only a towel) kewpie as Onsen. It’s because it fits with the style when you are going to enter a hot spring.

Annnd ….

やった 。。。!!!

it’s done, now le’t back to the movie again OK …. *totally sexcited*

~   RUSH (2013)


This movie is a biographical drama of 2 race car drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, their friendship and rivalry between them during 1976 Formula 1 motor racing season way to be a world champion.

Directed by Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind)  with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as Hunt and Daniel Bruhl (Good Bye Lenin) as Lauda.

In this movie, by leaving his hammer savely in Asgard and changed it into a Formula 1 car, Chris Hemsworth prove his ability to be another character other than what people know him as Thor and indeed, he did a good job

James Hunt and Niki Lauda started their rivalry from 1970 Formula 3 race in England when both their cars spint out and ended with Hunt as the winner. They both are a very different man.

On 1975, Niki Lauda joins Ferrari and wins his 1st championship, while James Hunt managed to join McLaren after assured them if he will do all they say to him including with sponsors.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 2.49.09 PM

James Hunt , an English youngman that even tend to vomitt before every race, but he is the real daredevil. For him, that’s the point of sport. He married to a supermodel but ended with divorced.


While Niki Lauda is a cool Austrian, with a genius calculating technical  who relies on precision and perfectionist as well. He meet Marlene, a socialite and date her.

This is my fave scene when Niki Lauda meet Marlene



something was wrong with their car, and then Marlene stopped a car of two man who is so excited to meet Niki Lauda. It’s a pleasure for them to give them a ride with one condition,

Niki is the one who drive

Inside car, the car owner is so happy about the  Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda drives his car. But Marlene who have no idea if Niki is a famous Formula 1 driver even ask who is Niki and next dialouge is so lovely ….

the car owner   :   no one will believe if Niki Lauda is driving my car now
his friend          :    Niki lauda, Niki Lauda …. !!!
Marlene             :   can someone explain to me what is happeing here, who are you, should i know you?
the car owner   :   you don’t know him …?
Marlene             :   no  …
the car owner   :   he is Niki Lauda, Formula 1 driver and he just assigned with Ferrari
Marlene             :   him? impossible
the car owner   :   why …
Marlene             :   well, Formula 1 drivers, they have a long hair, sexy … anyway, look how they way he is driving like an old man
Niki                    :   there’s no need to drive fast, we’re not in the hurry and i am not being paid, so why would i drive fast?
Marlene             :   because i am asking you to
Niki                    :   and you always get what you want
Marlene             :   usually …

and what happened is Niki drive fast like a hell ….

OMG that’s so sweet, isn’t it …?


noi       :     nee, ya_san ….
yasu    :     Great, after a Fanboy now she wants  F1 Driver boyfriend …
noi       :     i didn’t say that …
yasu    :     you don’t have to …
noi       :     then go find me one ….

so Niki Lauda and Marlene,

they finally married in a private wedding and then he started to worries about the effect of his marriage for his racing career because for him

Happiness is your biggest enemy. It weakens you. Puts doubts in your mind. Suddenly you have something to lose …

As a perfectionist, Niki always sure there’s always 20% chance for him to dead in a race so if he is not gonna join a race if that chance is more than 20%.

Then at the German Grand Prix, Niki Lauda convinced the F1 comitee to cancel the race during the heavy rain and storm in Nürburgring, the longest and most dangerous racetrack in the world .

They voted, but no one voted to cancel the race because Hunt convinced the other if that’s just another reason from Niki to make an excuse to avoid a racing without loosing.

So he still join the race and as what he worried before, bad things happened.

On the half part of 3rd lap, a suspesion arm in Niki ‘s Ferrari breaks and sent brust the car into flame. Ended with Niki stuck about 2 minutes on 800 F degrees flame before they finally able to get him out of his car.

They took him to hospital with third-degrees burn to his face, head and some dangerous internal burns in his lungs.

He spent his recovering days in hospital while watching his rival James Hunt took all points in the tournament that he missed.

How many times i watch this movie, i still can’t stop myself to cry on the after surgery scene when he try to put a helmet on his injured head. He is totally in pain, even his wife asked him to stop.

But he said to his wife …

If you love me, then don’t say anything ….

Followed with another full of pain treatment to get what the burns left inside his lung, he also has to do a suction treatment where the doctor put a long pipe through his mouth into his lung and pump out the dirt left inside his lungs out.

It was the most painful treatment and he did that while watching Hunt racing on television and somehow it helped him a lot.

And against  all his doctors, Niki Lauda back to race after at the Italian Grand Prix only 49 days in hospital with his new face.

From all other racers there only James Hunt who said hello to Niki . Not only that, even during the press-con there’s a journalist who asked Niki about what his wife sayin when she look at his new face ..

Niki  was tryin to be nice,

by answering       :   sweetie, you don’t need a face to race. All you need is only your leg
but the journalist  :   i am serious now
Niki                      :   i am also serious and F**K you …!!!

Hunt, who feel responsible for what happened to him, say nothing but gave that journalist a lesson that he supposed to to forget.

On that race, Niki finished as fourth while Hunt fails to finish the race and all the audience were running to his car after the race is over.

They kinda celebrate the coming back of their hero .

The final season of 1976, a rain soaked Japanese Grand Prix. With Lauda‘s absence pulled Hunt into three points of him. But learning from his last accident in German, Niki Lauda return to the pits on the second lap and when his mechanics ask him

Is there something wrong with the car Niki?

he said …

No, nothing is wrong with the car. I quit …

He decided to stay with his wife Marlene rather than risk his life again on the track. Hunt finished the race and win the championship.

After that race, Hunt spent his life as a new World Champion with lots of party, fame, sex and drugs. While Lauda started to learn to flyin a private plane. He think it is good to help him more focus.

They meet again at a private airfield in Bologna where Hunt wants to go to his friend’s wedding party. Lauda suggested him to be more focus for the next season.

and this ending scene is the best scene of this movie, when he said  …


Stop thinking of it as a curse to have given an enemy in life, it can be a blessing too.

A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends.

and from that scene we can see how different they are, but at the same time they support each other in their own way. For Niki Lauda, James Hunt is one of few people in he respect.

James Hunt  is kinda person who feel enough with one world champion, nothing further to prove. He retired on 1979 and became a sport comentator on TV and died on 1993 at age 45.

I’d say, this movie is how a race movie should be. No offense to all you fanboys, but i’d say

rather than Fast and The Furious or any other race movie, RUSH a way more better movie to watch and learn about race.

And …

Daniel Bruhl did steal my attention at the beginning with his brilliant performance as Niki Lauda. He also on The Fifth Element with Benny ne,

i have that DVD but i haven’t watch it ….. !!! #BIGProblem


yasu      :     what ….
noi         :     do you think l i have to  re-watch again his movies  ….?
yasu      :     hee   …
noi         :      aah, you think so,   …
yasu      :     hey, i didn’t say anything  …

ah ya next is this …..

~ Whatsoever Update from me ….

this one is

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』PHOTOBOOK : Kagawa


Enjoii …. !!!!

aaand ….

recently i also busy with this CD & DL Data Interview ne …..


indeed, yasu talk about a lot there. So yeah there’s so many interesting there.

As what they said there, at the beginning the interview is supposed to be about the upcoming  new single 「INCUBUS」, but because it is still in the recording process so they changed the interview theme into 4 parts.

Focus 1  :  Music Production Technic


Focus 2  :  Statement Collection (yasu’s)


Focus 3  :  What you feel


Focus 4  :  Summer 2014 Review …


i am still doing this, and if maybe some of you wanna read it please bear with me because  unlike the girly2 magazines,

it’s a long interview from CD&DL Data ne ….

But there’s some of my fave part and i remember i read yasu also said his opinion about this on other magazine. It’s about the different between man and woman about sayin 「I love you」 .

He said …

i rarely use 「I love you」 because I think 「I love you」 is not supposed to be expressed in words …..

ああ〜〜 なるほどね、やっさん 。。。

But as what he said man tend to think we don’t have to say it, they will find out. But on the other way, woman still think if sayin 「I Love you」 is very important.

I suppose woman need something to say ne ….


yasu    :   only something to say …
noi       :   well ….
yasu    :   really, especially you who wants anything….?
noi       :   of course followed with another thing to prove ne

Especially for a bit clueless and wants anything person like me,

i do need somebody to say that 「I love You」 if he is into me.

Yes, if you ask about this 5 or 6 years ago, i will say i’d rather see your act than hear you say 「I love You」to me, but not now.  Maybe because i am just too old to do some love guessing game like a teenage do and also i don’t have time to do it.

i am practically a direct person about this kind a thing now, so say it or leave it … !!!

And since i am one of the anti N.A.T.O (No Action Talk Only) person, of course it will followed with me demand another things to prove.  Yeah boys, girls are complicated ne. Even i hate to say it but sometimes ….

i am also complicated …


noi         :     yes, very complicated ….
yasu      :     a complicated Inspector, that’s not good noi_chan …
noi         :     ah ya, talking about Inspector Himura, do you know if some people do  think i am really a police
yasu      :    after that Charles Bronson post, マジで   …?