waa .. Post : 5th 「Shangri-la」 Project : Meeting & Live ~ Aomori (another me, yasu and The Mirror)






can’t believe how last night i have to drink water, just water ne. I went dizzy, because i am somebody who never drink water. I always have coffee, tea, chocolate milk, yogurt … etc etc anything with color.

Even if there’s none of that available, i will add something to make it with color like syrup or vitamin A,B,C … etc but not this vitamin y that will never dissolve in water …

whaaa ha ha ha …. *evil laugh*


noi       :      ah don’t give me that look, it’s a joke ne …
yasu    :      not funny …
noi       :      i’ll get another then …

how i love meat and hate vegetables, in the middle of this vegetarian way of livin euphoria these days, you may say i have this what people say as a Not Healthy Way of Eat and Drink That’s why i was so scared when my friend BCL got a kidney problem.

I thought i am gonna be next because she said :  drink water, Himura …!!!  over and over to me in a very scary way.

but i hate if i have drink only water. For me, it has to be colored, no matter there’s many people tellin me how this my way of drink it down is not a healthy way. But i think water, just water it is not complete and boring.

no water, vegetable, any kind of it  especially carrot, damn i hate it a lot.

so it’s like this …

やさい  —>   だい きらい

yasu    —>  だいすき

yasshooiii  —->    is yasu, eh ….xD

and finally i did my 1st Japanese test after 3 times leaved it because it’s never easy for me to join a formal class. I have to go to another city to did that and skip some hours from office.

But it’s worthy ne. It was yesterday and i spent a whole night to print all of it to some handy and small pieces of papers that fit inside my pocket  . …



yasu      :    you cheated ….?
noi         :    i didn’t say that
yasu      :    oh yes, you just did
noi         :    ah come on, i am too old for that ..

now i realized how a formal class is necessary, even only a basic.

I mean, i am not gonna reach the highest level but at least by do a formal class, now i get how to use this correctly and why Yukiko put that on her username and many other things that will never sexplained on my Endless Episodes of Dorama Classes .

It doesn’t matter what the result next because what important is how i had the fun feeling of doin all the sheets yesterday.

Well then enough with the Rambling, now let’s start this  「Shangri-la」 Project post …

~     High Five Meeting and Public Recording  ..

posted by 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 on The Official Blog as 本州最北端、青森での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了!

Moved by car from Sendai to Yamagata, then headed by Shinkansen to Aomori. Arrived at the venue of 「Shangri-la」 Meeting. Had some snacks, then self checking on the waiting room before the event started …



Oh guys (yeah, all of you 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 ), thank you so much for that back image of yasu ne.

By any means it’s so beautiful …!!!

The Public Recording with FM Aomori, talking about the idea of  i will come to your city and sing for you all over Japan” on this 「Shangri-la」 Project ,


and talking about new single 「Greed Greed Greed 」, the slap bass (Ikuo did in a cool way on the PV) and yasu bought an instructional DVD and practice to play bass all the way for a whole year.

i think you all already read about that previously, somewhere ….


some of  the question is

「Did you eat The ENGLISH TOAST ?」

yasu   :   yes, i ate it a little while ago in the waiting room

this raisin toast ..

Tekki should go to Aomori eat that ne, who know it might help to add up The British level on her blood.

OK so the clue for Aomori is Nebuta Apple, tuna and that ENGLISH TOAST …..

~     Live @Link Station Hall Aomori   ..


yasu‘s arrive on the venue announcement on twitter and followed with tour truck parking info, questions for MC, and my fave part is  …

The Finding yasu’s tweet


they hide him under The Light, eh. OK that’s tricky enough guys, but i can still see him  …. xD.

Next was yasu and the blurry kewpie tweet …



and posted the answer on this 1年ぶりの青森 ♡ [Aomori, for The 1st Time in a year ] post on The Official Blog. But i think they ended the previous Aomori Meeting Post with some clues, sure you all already know what exactly the kewpie is ..

yes, it’s an Apple ….


noi      :      but someone already bite it ne ..
yasu   :      hee ..
noi      :      did you …
yasu   :      don’t start it …

According to that post, once inside the venue yasu eat immediately this …



some local product, then serious meeting again with staff,


continued with checking everything from lightnings, sounds … etc, then collecting questions from twitter for MC . For this Aomori Live, the theme was childhood talk.

There was a lot of replies, so it ended as Q and A session in the dressing room with lots of LOLs between yasu and the support members.



The question for MC was : thing that was popular on your childhood and were collected desperately, while

~     Set List  is  ..

Shojo no Inori

Kuroi Taiyo
in the Mirror
Yubiwa Monogatari
Black Cherry


Fuyu no Maboroshi


Shangri la
Cherry Cherry
I’m not a ghost
Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi~

Yes (request)
Greed Greed Greed (request)
cord name 【JUSTICE】
cord name 【JUSTICE】 for closing, really ….?

Oh God,

Like a random serial killer they (yasu and his team) really make the Set List for this 「Shangri-la」 Tour totally random. So random, FUBAR because until now i  still not able get the pattern yet.

And without a pattern, this noi_himura from NYPD will never catch this serial killer ne, i wish Officer Hayashi stop dancing and start to do somethin ….


yasu      :     NYPD …?
noi         :     blimey, i watch
Blue Bloods too much ….xD
yasu      :     and stop call me with Officer Hayashi ..
noi         :     heee ….

that GIF,

haha sorry i think that’s not fast enough isn’t it? . Eventually 3 second is pretty slow for a GIF image. Maybe i’ll make another one later, but there you are the complete 「Shangri-la」 Tour Pamphlet



just click the image, enjoii and you may make some cute GIF with all of that …. xD

sure i like this pamphlet, but not much as how i love Free Live 2011 pamphlet. Yes, yasu is totally adorable, but they (whoever did the shoot and edit that) did a very good job to make him look bitchy like that.

yes, bitchy instead of sexy ….

Last but not least, is this latest post from 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】  : 裏ワザ伝授!? . No images of yasu, but it’s like sums of all their August 「Shangri-la」 Tour post  from

~    questions for MC request on twitter,
~    sum of MC’s from Fukushima to Aomori …

Fukushima  :  How did they start to play their instrument
Akita           :  Type of woman …. <—— that’s a very jolly question ne
Miyagi         :  Dream of future as a child ..
Yamagata   :  Lunch school fave menu …
Aomori        :  thing that was popular on childhood and collected desperately

~    「Shangri-la」 Yale from Janne FC mobile, and

and they will joyfully close this August by announce The 4th Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project on this Friday August 30th, 2013, so stay tune everyone …!!!

btw everyone, look at this again …


look at him, look how he laughed like that in front a Mirror. In this case, Mirror is the keyword …

so he spent too much time with Mirror ne, make up in Front of Mirror for many many times plus wrote singing In The Mirror, so i think he sould not eat much Apple ne.

Because you know what happen at the end of that story …

yabai ne …..!!!

yasu      :   what story …?
noi        :    you know with
Apple, Mirror and wicked stepmother involved …?
yasu     :    you mean i will …
noi        :    just stay away from
Apple OK …!!!


Random Post : As Always, What a Fool me …. (Another me, yasu and team_yasu)


My Holiday’s gonna end soon,




773898 whaaaaa …… *drolling on the floor*


OMG when did the last time i really enjoy do an only topless image of yasu‘s screen capturing like that? that was forever ago ne. And now doing this again feels so great ne. It brings back lots of ecchi memories i had deep inside my self.

And btw look at this …

credit  :    yasuyuki のブログ

That’s from  ARENA 37 ℃ ne, Oh My Godness, look …. !!!! look at that eyes and hair. then if he looks beautifully like that then what am i supposed to do with my hair …?

I’ll think about my hair later, now i only have 2 days left to be lazy. I enjoyed my every lazy moment, but too bad it’s gonna end soon ne.

Today i had my breakfast at almost 03:00 PM. Can you imagine that? I was totally hungry today and when i asked my mom when did i am gonna get my meal …? she answered me with : later Boo, that’s for the guests today.

so i waited until all the guests back home today and then i got my brunch (my very late breakfast and lunch). Somehow i feel like i am the maid today ne, a mad who finally get her lunch after her masters finished.

That’s what normally happen here how maid gets the last meal, even we never do that to our one only maid, The Iron Lady. For her my mother always separate a different part for her, meals of tea in the morning on the kitchen table.

The Iron Lady, our maid is a bit eccentric old woman, this year she asked for me to change the orange and melon taste syrup on her Ied Bucket with a big JUMBO COLA just because with cola, she doesn’t have to add water first …

i should go outside to get something to eat, but because i am still on my Lazy Wholly Holiday so i don’t go anywhere. I’d rather hungry than go outside. I avoid sunlight and put lots of sunscreen all over me on this Wholly Holiday.

because who know by the end of this Wholly Holiday i am gonna be more white than before Holiday ne. So next week on my 1st day at office i can be …

more blink blink and mabushii desu yo ….


yasu      :      yeah right …
noi         :      ah come on, do make me happy ne ya_san ..
yasu      :      for what …?
noi         :      if i can be mabushii you can be happy, isn’t it?
yasu      :      i can be what …?

I even ran out of my instant coffee (with a vanilla latte taste)  so now i have to drink the original coffee (black coffee) and it make me dizzy ne. Just like Yukawa Sensei,

i only drink instant coffee  …

nah finally there’s somebody agree with my love/tend to instant coffee than black original coffee. I remember i had this coffee conversation my my friend on facebook. He who is a coffee mania like me, beat me he posted how good is black coffee rather than instant coffee.

at that time I feel like a looser ne, just because i love instant coffee. But now see who loves instant coffee

He is The Scientific Charming Yukawa Sensei …

That man Yukawa manabu, he can’t be real ne. I can’t imagine how somebody like him can be exist. Ah ya, i just finished this GALILEO 2 dorama and totally in love with that sensei.

I love how his way of thinking about cute and beautiful for a woman and how he describe it … so lovely.

In this 2nd season, this drama i say is more better than the previous one. Plus how the chemistry between him and the new sidekick Kishitani-kun with her love forever to Nakajima-kun (she is adorable isn’t it?) is quite interesting.

So i am not the only one who get fooled by 1st love ne …

How Yukawa Sensei look at her as the illogical cute girl while Kishitani-kun do anything to make him happy and get some attention from him. What happento her it was something like a girl who keep thinking what is wrong with me, is there anything i can do to make him totally look at me? she’s a bit jealous to Utsumi_san ne …

in this 2nd season, they also showed how Kishitani-kun is the one who always have to clean all the stuffs that marked by all complicated things that Yukawa Sensei wrote. they never tell this on the 1st season ne,

who is the one has to clean up all those mess …?

that’s my biggest question after i finished the 1st part, and then they so amazing put the answer in this 2nd season. Anyway, after disappointed by Last Cinderella,  this dorama GALILEO 2 is a very nice cure for me.  It’s a brilliant work, as well as Masaharu Fukuyama did his best as Yukawa Sensei.

OMG, sorry i want to talk about what happened to team_yasu and how fool iam, but look i talk too much and so far from it ne. I better stop before i start another talk about Jacky Chan and The New Police Story because i just watched it again for so many times i can’t remember again.

Ok, this is what happened last night on team_yasu.

it was very late, about 02:00 AM here in Bahama, and i was still awake. Thank’s to the fool i am,  i was busy to edit all my posts to change all the TSUYATA in to TSUTAYA. I dunno why i read it that way TSUYATA instead of TSUTAYA .

then suddenly somebody posted this. I know there’s only few of member who saw that post. It was pretty late ne and i erased that post imidietly because i don’t want there’s other member will add a comment with @_@ or LOL … etc etc.

the post was like this

1st.   Any member, then followed with ..
2nd   is there any of you who wants to trade acid, sulfur …. etc etc with many chemical stuffs followed.

the point of her post is she wanted to find a partner to trade all the chemical things. Nah because that team_yasu name is Acid Black Cherry group, she posted it there after requested to join.

When i read that post i was like ….

eeeh, what happened? am i in the wrong group?


yasu       :    what have you done …?
noi          :    i didn’t do anything ya_san …
yasu       :    then why …
noi          :    i dunno, i swear to you i dunno …
yasu       :    then you don’t do your job ne

i think it was because she doesn’t know about Acid Black Cherry and all she get is just the Acid part, so it was a normal if she think that group is a trading group for some chemical stuffs like Acid,

like yasu the Acid seller  …. xD

and in this case i am also guilty as charged ne, how i don’t give a clear description about that group like purpose, rules, etc etc … I am not a good admin ne, all i do is nothing but

~   approve membership,
~   make a lots of fubar plan to beat team_Edward and
~   say a lot of : go go o team_yasu …. !!

So i spent this morning to do something with that group description. Hope that will be enough to sexplain about that group and there will be no such things like that again …

And  i am not gonna make another plan to beat team_Edward again … *raise a white Flag*

noi       :     i swear to all my 『Shangri-la』 GOODS
yasu    :     you don’t have 『Shangri-la』 GOODS,
noi       :     not yet, but i am gonna get it ..


バレンタイン Post : Whoaa 「未来予想図Ⅱ」のPV …!!! (Another me, yasu and yasuko, again)

Valentine Day with yasuko is all over me, eh ….


still, this post is a Valentine Post, and last night on Valentine’s eve 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 gave us (me and all of you Acid Black Cherry fans all over the world) a Valentine’s present by updated the Official Ameblo with Valentine’s eve post and revealed this 「未来予想図Ⅱ」のPV that we all long for (at least me) via Acid Black Channel, so there you are


and i say :  Whoaaa …!!!! … *dumped to limbo*

not only that but they also announced a Website for 「Recreation 3 ——>  http://recreation3.com/


with a full interesting 「Recreation 3」 and the previous 「Recreation」 albums, along with the memories of a numbers of masterpieces yasu takes cover like a self liner notes? and  there’s another notes (you can see the date for each song) and feature to come on that site Oh God, this is gonna be interesting site ne

i mean they (you know who) allow us to listening and watch the PV, the new recreation3.com all of it in this Valentine euphoria what can i ask more that that ne?,

but i dunno why at the first time i watch that PV on Acid Black Channel i just know, it is gonna end like that, with a proposal scene at 「2012」 Live on 「イエス」 part.

you all know the story ne, about a man who propose his girlfriend at 「2012」 Live and he wait for the perfect timing to gave the ring to his love on the last part of 「イエス」 when yasu sing

どうかこの指輪を受け取ってくれませんか ?
[Douka kono yubiwa wo uketottekuremasenka ?]

maybe i am too much involved in this Acid Black Cherry fandom, and read things related to yasu and Acid Black Cherry a lot so i kind a missed the surprise thing that i use to get every time i watch Acid Black Cherry new PV for the first time, but this one


HIRO sensei? …..

look at him like that as a sensei, i mean with his hair like that?  he looks so cool ne, i mean i wish i had a sensei like HIRO on my high school ne,

this PV it all about Acid Black Cherry ne, i mean how they made the Acid Black Cherry 5 years discography including the goods as a story with yasu’s voice singing 「未来予想図Ⅱ」 as the Original Sound Track.

may be can i call this a the ABC dorama?

a love story between 2 ABC fans. The girl know if the new boy on her classroom is also an ABC fan as her self from the ABC pin his bag (it was the bonus if you buy DVD/CD on the venue of Erect Live),


and then she show her ABC keychain (it’s from Free LIve 2011 Goods btw), and then there you are their ABC romantism between them started with yasuko and junji as the cameo


look at them, i mean what the hell they doing there. A blow job at school hours, really  ?…. ajajajajajaja 


they talk about ABC, they listening ABC together, and we all see how they skipp a class and go to the roof to listen Black List album, when the boy got it in the morning, poor Hiro sensei ne. And then listening 20 Century Boys single together on the beach … etc etc

and hey also put this on the scene, what yasu always say to his fans :


アシッドじゃなくてABC !!! ….
not Acid, but ABC

this PV also show me how ABC high school fans (i mean in Japan) are doing, i mean what they did when they received the any news aomething new about ABC , like a new album or single. They will bring it to school like that and then listening it and talking about it with their friends, OMG it looks so fun ne.

it is very different with what i always do when i got my new ABC single/CD/DVD. Even i am not in high school anymore, but if i could turn back time and i was in my high school during whatever i am doing now in this ABC fandom, i don’t think i am gonna bring my ABC stuffs to school.

it is impossible ne, because here in my hometown there’s nobody know about Acid Black Cherry or things related to or yasu himself, maybe yes, some of my office mates now knowing about that, but this is because how i talk about yasu everyday at office to them and annoyed them with my after lunch Live singing ABC songs.

All things on that PV shows you, i can say i have it ne …


yasu      :     really, all of it …?
noi         :     ah ya, that 「2012」 Live tickets, i don’t have it
yasu      :     so …
noi         :     can you give it to me?

Yes, i do have manyABC stuffs but nobody around me know about what it is, so no matter how i am gonna wear all my ABC goods/put it on my bags,
desk … etc nobody will know about that, or at least say something bout that.

That’s why what i am gonna do and always do is posted on my Facebook and tell and annoyed everyone on my social network’s friends by sayin :

i got it. yay aha ha ha ha ha … *evil laugh*

back to the PV ne, so they finally graduated from school and still in relationship and as we all know having a relationship when you are in high school is different with after highschool, i mean after high school, there is so many things that you have to think about, not only your school exams, grades or your boy/girl friend like college, works, and of course a plan about your future, what you are going to do or who you wanna be in this world.

from that PV, i think the girl she continued to university while the boy is not, so he is working and he  want to buy a ring for her, and they start to loose whatever they always do together while they were in high school, …


and then the girl want to end it by gave this scarf back and add a note with Q.E.D …. <—– so ABC ne, i told you ne this is an ABC dorama ne. Time goes by and put all of us to the scene where the boy at the bar/karaoke and there’s yasu on the telly singing 「イエス」.

then some light was on inside his (read : the boy) brain, you know what i mean, he really want his girl back, i am sure while he watch 「イエス」 PV on that bar’s telly, he is saying this :

Something started with ABC should be ended with ABC too ne ….. xD


then he send that 「2012」 LIve ticket to hs girlfriend that he really miss and want to be back to him, … and then you all know the rest of the story, and of course again and the ending is


yasuko and junji happily ever after ….

too bad they (yasuko, junji and the other members) only showed as a cameo and there’s no part where yasu as himself not as yasuko sing this romantic song. I wonder maybe there will be an edit version of this PV ne,  like on Aitaii PV where we can see yasu sing Aitaii himself not the girl who is sing it while doing whatever she was doing ne.

but since in this 「Recreation 3」 album there will be 2 PV, my question is is there any possibility for me to see the edit version of this 「未来予想図Ⅱ」のPV? . <—— you can ignore this question btw

because for me this 「未来予想図Ⅱ」のPV it didn’t surprise me but it amazed me ne,  and



on this Valentine day instead of A.B.C. murder what yasu gave me is an A.B.C. Dorama ? …


noi        :    すごー ー ー ー ー い ya_san …
yasu     :      so …
noi        :    ハッピーバレンタイン ♥ and let mee see you more and more, then save a BIG image of you in my heart …
yasu     :     that sound mellow, eeh what happen you don’t get any chocolate today …?
noi        :     i got one ..
yasu     :     only one? …. *laugh*



Yesterday Post : Keep The Cherry for The Last, eh .. (Another me, yasu, Cake & The Donut Prince)

People said We Better Keep The Best for The Last ne,

that’s why i always do the same thing to my meals, especially my fave one. like how i always keep the biggest meatball on my meatball soup, keep the chocolate part on my mixed vanilla-chocolate ice cream, and keep the cherry on top of  my chocolate cake or tiramisu to eat at the end. Yes, it feels much way better than if you eat it all that best things on the beginning

i think that’s what [Team ABC] did, yesterday by posted this kawaii/oishii video of yasu and his Birthday cake via this  Vine : Acid Black Cherry Birthday♬ after the party …



so they keep the Cherry for the last eh, well done guys ….!!!!

i keep watching that video, and looking at yasu (indeed, he is very2 kawaii) but OMG the chocolate cake looks so oishii ne, Is that tiramisu or just an ordinary chocolate cake?


even there’s no cherry on top of it because instead of cherry the put cherry (or i am the only one who didn’t see it, well blame my blurry eyes ne). But it’s still the same fruit ended with y ne, not only that look at how yasu eat it and how his eyes like that?

OMG, again ….


noi            :      that cake must be so soft ne HYDE_san, so it must be tiramisu   …
HYDE        :     look at that, she interested more to the cake than you yasu_kun …
DAIGO      :     i think so …
yasu         :     really noi_chan …?
noi            :     of course not, but still that cake  …
yasu         :     yes, you are  …
HYDE       :     i told you ne, we should find another fangirl …

enough about the cake talkng because it makes me feel hungry now here this time at my office, do nothing but writing this post. Actually i wanted to take some siesta but it’s too cold ne, there must be something wrong with the air conditioner. now we better talk about another thing than a cake ne,

Since it’s already February so let’s flip the ABC Erect calendar and tadaaaaa ……

ahahahahahahahahaha …….. *fubar laugh*

i ate a lot of lambs recently. 2 days ago my friend BCL bring all of us a special curry and grilled lambs for all of us to celebrate her new car arrives. Then yesterday at the beginning of February when we got nothing to do on that rainy day, we decided to bought another grilled lambs to eat together, and it didn’t stop there because when i got home my mom also gave me another grilled lamb for dinner ….

lamb, lamb, lamb all over me. 

If i keep eat grilled lamb iike this i will end by getting stroke like my dad. It’s not good for my blood pressure ne. i start to feel the effect today. I dunno why i just wanna get mad to somebody, i don’t care who it will be. So now i am waiting maybe there’s somebody who will make some trouble or mistake with me that i can mad to. But nothing happen, everything is normal and under control now

i remember last month, i went to office with a very awfull feelings all over me. My dad went crazy last night, my mom cry like a river so did i and Tekki keep tellin me : Don’t cry Boo, don’t you dare to cry ….. . !!!  then i came to office and find out there’s one boy who make mistake and sayin a lot of annoying things that make me mad, mad and mad .

then i was like : Ah, there you are ….

then in one minute what i did next is call him, mad at him and sayin a lot of bad things that i should’ve not say to him by phone. I know it was wrong but somehow it made me feels better. That day i feel like a boxer who find a sandsack in the morning to beat.

that’s terrible isn’t it. But i did that ne, i always do. When i am very mad or there’s something happen and make me mad, i tend to take it at my works and somehow it became me who find a reason to get mad and say many bad things to someone else. After all this phrase of  It’s not personal, it’s bussiness kinda hard to do ne ….

but if i get mad everyday, sooner or later …..


noi        :      i will become Mad Hatter, move to Wonderland  …
yasu     :      then you want this hat …
noi        :      yes, you better give me that hat, or ….
yasu     :      or what
noi        :      or i will join Halloween Party 2013 …
yasu     :      not funny ne …

i am hungry now, so i am talk about related things to the cake’s half brother (read : donut), i mean this Prince Donut … xD


Remember about the other KING than King HYDE that i wanted to tell you, ne. Nah he is that KING. so yes, i am now talking about this Korean Drama : The King 2 Hearts

i got the DVD on my last vacation, with 20 episodes of it and i can finish it only on 3 day ne, What a marathon …!!!!

Everyday at 19:30 until after midnight i stayed in front of my telly for this drama, and i really love it ne, especially i love how Lee Seung-Gi ( you may know his as the boy on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) transformed from a spoiled second child of a royal family into a very reposible king for his country, the woman he love and his people.

Ha Ji-Won also did great as Kim Hang-Ah a North Korean Special Unit ForcesOfficer who falls in love to South Korean Prince on her training camp, How he apeak with North Korean Accent, deal the annoying spoiled prince and how she has to manage his heart when everyone ask him to choose her love to that man or her love to her country

why do i call him Prince Donut? that’s because in this drama the prince Lee Jae-Ha (Lee Seung-Gi) really love to eat donuts, he eat donuts everywhere, he even stil eating donut on his training in North Korea. I remember how i can’t sop laughing just by lookin at him with his mouth full of sugar from the donut he eat and talking to his Hyung (big brother), …. xD

The story is set in a fictional present day where South Korea is a government under a constitutional monarchy. The story begin when King of South Korean Lee Jae-Kang want to have a reconciliation between South and Noth Korea by sending officers from both South and Noth Korea as one team on WCO an international military turnament for officers from many countries.

He sent his beloved brother Lee Jae-Ha who just finished his military service. As a spoiled prince, Jae-Ha don’t want to do that, but then his brother can make him to do that, while making another plan to get a bride for him from North Korea. He is tryin to find a perfect North Korean woman for his brother.

Then North Korea represented by Kim Hang-Ah (Ha Ji-Won) because one of the team member who should go there got injured and his arm broken. So Hang-Ah as the best instructur on the special unit there has to go there. She is actually don’t want to go there. because she just decided to be more woman than she is now.

As a instructure of special unit, she is trained very well. So yes, she is a little bit raugh for a woman. She is already 30 but she don’t have any special person to be with while all her friends already married and start a family. So she want to change. With help from her friends she attend many blind date but none of it worked for her.

Then her boss who know how desperately she is to find a husband promised her to find a perfect husband for her if she agree to join this tournament. Then she agreed. i like how she said to her boss when she said she don’t want to join the tournament. She said :

i don’t want to be like this, because after all i am a traditional woman. Like Magnolia, i am gentle and need love

with the other 2 team members, as Team Leader she went to South Korea to meet the other team member from South Korea and of course meet the prince. And then the fun and full of silly things also start to happen on their training. How they both fall in love, peoples around them, the princess and many more.

I must say bravo to the script writer and also to all the cast ne,because it is really make me up and down ne, i mean i laughed then cried, laughed again the cried over and over. Not only that, for me this drama kind a like sum of all the movies that i ever watch. All of them complete in here.

1.  Of course Cinderella

a story of an ordinary girl who love and loved by a prince? what else than Cinderella ne, but this Cinderella from North Korea and as Special Forces Unit Officer she is very2 tough one ne.

2.  First Knight …

remember Richard Gere‘s First Knight with Sean Conerey? nah you can see something like that in this drama, but don’t worry ne there’s no love triangle between The King, The Knight and The Queen because in this drama, The Knight (or you may say it as The Bodyguard) Eun Shi-Kyung falls in love with The King‘s younger sister, The Princess.

Eun Shi-Kyung really have faith on his King, no matter what other people say and giving up on the King including his father. At the beginning The King is a little bit jealous because he think Kim Hang-Ah falls in love with his bodyguard not him. That’s why he always did a silly things to him as what a spoiled boy always do and make sure Eun Shi-Kyung stay by his side and give him a lot of troubles.

But then as time goes by, The King find him as his one and only friend he ever had, that’s why when Eun Shi-Kyung want to go cross the enemy line, The King said no, and make him stay. My fave part is when Eun Shi-Kyung call his The King by his name Lee Jae-Ha instead of Your Highness ignored all the fact/rules to make him said OK for him to go cross the enemy line.

When Eun Shi-Kyung dies i cried together with Jae-Ha, especially When Jae-Ha hold him while sayin : Stay alive Eun Shi-Kyung, this is an order …!!! that’s so sad, OMG why did the have to make him died like that ne …? i told you ne, that’s what Korean drama always do the always put some sour at the sweet ending. I wish they didn’t make him died ne, ….

3. Sabrina

yes, Sabrina. An old movie of Audrey Hepburn, if you seen this movie you do remember ne Linus Larrabee‘s younger brother David? how that 2nd son of Larrabee family start to do his job at office when the BIG brother Linus has to go to France for his love Sabrina Fairchild, the daughter of their chauffeur.

i always love that movie and the other version of this movie with Harrison Ford as Linus i also love it, beacause ahaha yes, he is one of my fave actor ne, i mean who can forget his as Han Solo on Star Wars …?

but in this drama, we have Lee Jae-Ha a spoiled and careless prince from royal family. His fee live as a young and rich prince changed 180 degrees when his brother The King died, Automatically he has to accept the crown and becoming The King . Even i know as royal family he is well educated, can speak English, France and Japanese fluently, military trained but i am not sure he can be a good King . But he surprised me how he really able to do his job as The King

I am not gonna tell you ne, because you have to watch this drama by yourself and trust me after you see this you will love donuts, cry, want to slap Lee Jae-Ha at the beginning then enchanted  by him at the end.

So all i can say is i really enjoy this drama and this song as OST is also lovely ..

Miss You Like Crazy – SNSD Tae Yeon

Don’t you know me? The reason I’m here is because of you
But my eyes tingle with the cold so I can’t say anything
I just look toward you by myself

Even if the tip of my heart hurts like this
Even if the tip of my hands tremble like this
I can only think of you

The person I miss like crazy
The words I want to hear from you like crazy
I love you, I love you – where are you?
The person I long for, who is deeply stuck in my heart

I want to cherish you forever
What do I do? You were so cold to me
But I still miss you

Even if the tip of my heart hurts like this
Even if the tip of my hands tremble like this
I still can’t forget you

The person I miss like crazy
The words I want to hear from you like crazy
I love you, I love you – where are you?
The person I long for, who is deeply stuck in my heart

Please tell me that you cherish me
Please don’t blankly erase me
Because you’re my everything

The person I miss like crazy
The words I want to hear from you like crazy
I love you, I love you – where are you?
The person I long for, who is deeply stuck in my heart

I want to cherish you forever
I love you, I love you

ah i talked too much ne, i better go now. ah ya look what arrived today, it is My Gryffindor sweater ….!!!!!

so yes, this year is time for me to Back to School, Back To Hogwarts, Back to Gryffindor and Bacstreet Boys? ….. ajajajaja. well, now let the drama begin. my eyes are blurry, forget him is never easy and my heart went crazy nonstop sayin  …

to The person I long for, who is deeply stuck in my heart, I want to cherish you forever.

HYDE       :    she is talking about you right, or me …?
yasu           :    none of us ne, nee noi_chan are you finished  …?
noi            :    this is never end ne ya_san, because after all i am a traditional woman, like magnolia. so  forget it’s really hard to do ne …
yasu           :    now Magnolia, you …?
HYDE       :    ….. *laugh*



寒い‥!! …. Post : So .. The Fangirl is in Tokyo now …. (Another me, yasu and The BIG Orange)


nah nah nah, finally i am in Tokyo now .


ups sorry, this time i have to put my photo at the top of the post instead of yasu like what i always do ne …. wekekekeke …  *laugh like godzilla*



yasu      :     aaaaaaaaaaahhh ….. *falling down*
noi         :     OMG ya_san, what happen …
yasu      :     you know what happen …
noi         :     OK, OK sorry, only this time, OK next time it will be you on TOP ..
yasu      :     ……   *still falling down*
noi         :     stop it please, see i made it smaller ne  ….

but before that, i spent almost 5 hours waiting in Kuala Lumpur International Airport where i have to change my plane to Tokyo. Arrived in Malaysia at 09:25 AM and i think i am the only transit passanger from Jakarta ne so that’s why there’s only me who was there on the transit room. I almost missed the transit room because i only focused to follow the other passanger who walk in front of me. But then i saw one female airport officer and asked her, omo i’m totally a probie about this travelling thing ne ….

nah a long time before my leaving i changed 50 USD to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and they gave me 150 MYR. so  i only have 150 MYR in 5 hours.  I dunno what happen suddenly that 150 MYR that i have to use for 2 times my transit time in Malaysia and to pay my meals on the airplane (they only accept MYR btw) now i only have 33 MYR … what the hell, that’s not good ne, i should saved more, but aha … okay this is my fault ne ,

nah Because i also bring my Ipad look alike calculator, so let’s do some countings now. Actually this counting after buying things/speny cash is my other my guilty pleasure beside watching yasu like this …


then make sure that six pack is still on his abs but can’t touch it, omoooo ….  *rolling2 on the futton*

OK back to the counting. Yes, counting, Why? i love to do that ne, remember about what i bought, eat and did but  it also give me another shock found out the total cash that i spent ….

so sumimasen, this post s gonna be more boring with money talks and my shoulda woulda coulda things. OK let’s start the 1st counting in Malaysia.

~      Tom Yam noodles, 2 iced Milo and snacks (i can’t remember all of it)  :     25 MYR

i didn’t eat anything since midnight so yes, i am so empty …. xD

~     after full of things on my belly, then i walked arround the terminal and saw chair like this …


it is an electric massage chair,  you can find it alot in airports. I saw Shinoda_san (Kyoko Fukada’s character on Tokyo Airport Dorama) also had a massage on that, so i put 20 MYR on that chair and it gave me about 30 minutes massage ne. God that was feel so Good ne. I feel all over my body released from hurt and pain by this chair, and it also make me feel sleepy. After the 1st 30 minutes, i put anoter 20 MYR there and fall asleep while holding my bag and suitcase.

Thank God, when i wake up after the 30 minutes message over, i still have my bag and suitcase on my hold. and don’t tell my mom about this ne, because sure she as  Her Majesty The Drama Queen will be mad and start all over her dramas from the first episode ne and FYI she has more than 200 episodes  …

and i am hungry again ….

~     3 slices cake : tiramisu and chocolate                                                  :     24 MYR

it tasted so good ne, that’s why after i eat one my greeding side of me told me to buy another one, try the other chocolate with cherry on TOP … OMG it’s so dangerousy good ne, it sweet and hell yes so many calories there. So i buy the 3rd one. i can eat it on the plane. Of course i hide it inside my bag, because i remember they don’t allow people to bring food on the plane. ah i am not gonna buy meals on the plane, this 3 slice cake is enough for me  … <—– you will found out if that’s just another crap of me … xD

then they start to call all the passangers to Haneda to be on the Boarding room. I spent about half hours there. At that time, i looked around, i think i am the only person here who travel alone. All of them are with someone or in a group. There’s families from Malaysia, Taiwan and couples from Singapore. And then suddenly one woman, a Japanese woman talk to me.

Her home is on Shinjuku, Tokyo and she was there after follow her husband’s bussiness trip from Singapore. She had to back to Japan alone  because her husband isn’t finished yet. I think that’s what she told me, She speak in English mixed with Japanese btw. She told me about her trip to Singapore, go to Marina Bay and watch the botanical garden near MBS.

she also show me the pictures she took with her phone, yes it’s beautiful ne, I saw all of that plant all over the buildings. It was like covering the buildings ne like a curtain, but this one is the green and alive curtain. She said i have to see this botanical garden if i go to Singapore. She forgot what the name is after saiyin 3 times eh chotto matte like what i see a lot in dorama while tryin to remember then failed …. xD

The she start to asked me  :   What are you gonna do in Tokyo …?
i said                                   :   i want to watch a live concert.
the she asked                     :   what concert?
i said                                   :   a rock music concert, Acid Black Cherry ….
she asked again                 :   who, sorry i don’t know that …
me                                      :   really, ano hito …. *while showing her this image from my phone …*


she said       :      waw sugoii ne ….
me                :      yes, he is very2 sugoi, so now you know him …..?


i also kinda explained to her about yasu as the vocalist of Janne Da Arc and how yasu now start his own solo with Acid Black Cherry, maybe because there’s a generation gap between me and her like how i dunno about the ABC, A is for kiss, B is for Hmm Hmm Hmm, and C is …  things that yasu always teach to all his fans. i think she might know even a little about Janne but after that still

she said        :     sorry, i don’t know ..
me                :      then what about HYDE_san …
she  said      :      
HYDE_san, i now him, sugoii ne  ….
me                :      hai hai …. *exciting*

so we both finally talk about HYDE until our they call us again because or plane is ready. i also asked her about the bus route from Haneda to Shibuya station, and she was so kind ne because she cheked from her mobile the bus schedule. and it is OK, because the last bus is on 23:35 PM so i am not gonna be late. but still i wanna make sure if it is OK by

asked her again   :   honto ni OK ….?   <—— this is also from a movie btw, … ahahaha …
she answer          :    daijobu, daijobu …. *while holding my hands*


and for all of you who read this post and know from what movie i that hontoni OK and who said that and on what scene, i am gonna give that Erect Poster as a bonus, i’ll buy that for you who can answer that. message me via LJ, twitter, Facebook, tumblr. Closing date is tomorrow December 10th 2012 at 00:00 JST

And i am not sure someone will answer that right, thanks to how random is that, whoever who know that must be a movie freak, not only love to watch movie but also pay attention and remember scene and dialogue from the movies. …


yasu       :      are you sure ….?
noi          :      maybe …
yasu       :      don’t be like that ne, you know there’s another sky after that above sky …
noi          :     ah ya, you are right, you always do ..

back to my journey, so now it’s time for me to be on the plane. Damn, this flight is soo boring ne, i sit between one Japanese man who didn’t say anything but keep watching me no matter what i did. I think he is a journalist or a writer for traveling magazine or something, because he did only watch me and then write on his book. Not only that, i saw his book, he wrote in steno.

and the other is a woman from Malaysia who always sleep and i keep bother her by always go to the toilet thanks to how cold was the plane. I should sit next to the window ne. Nah when the flight attenddant start to sell the meal. Suddenly i forgot if i still have one slice chcolate cake on my bag and i asked for one Thailand Green Curry and one iced Lemon tea for 28 MYR

When they started to sell the Air Asia goodies, i can’t buy anything because i only have that 28 MYR, damn i really want that pink pasport case for my next meal on the plane go back to Malaysia again. And this one is true ne, i am not gonna buy or eat anything on my next transit ne, because i am gonna buy with what? i don’t have another MYR

We arrived at Haneda at 22:00 PM, 55 minutes earlier than the schedule. I guess i am lucky this time. Maybe this is because how my mom nonstop praying for me at home, and i think she still pray for me until now. she will not stop praying until i am back to home save.

She always like that ne, just like when i was on my final University exam, my mom pray for me since i enter the exam room until i finished and call her, told her if i passed the exam and got my degree …  That’s my mom, who keep pray and pray everyday, That’s make her so close to God, while me just too far from God.

After checked by imigration, i go to buy the bus ticket. The limousine bus to Shibuya. My stop Shibuya is the last stop, so i am not gonna lost ne. Arived to Shibuya, i get a taxi to my Hotel. Tokyo is so damn cold ne, it’s more cold that i imagine before, even my jacket is still can’t cover me well. I can’t speak well to the taxi driver to explain my hotel address, i was freezing.

I only showed him my hotel voucher, and he check it using the GPS on the taxi, and Thank God, i arrived to my hotel savely. Because i arrived after midnight about 12:45 AM, the hotel is already close. They close the front door after midnight. But they already give me the passcode to open the front door via email so it’s not a problem.

This is a small, nice and clean hotel, the front staff is an old man who is so polite and speak English fluently. my room is a single Japanese style room. It’s clean and comfy. with an air conditioner, TV, and free internet connection in every room. That’s the important thing to me ne, because i have to to my works. ah ya i still have one day reports to do ne, i have to finish that before they all on line tomorrow …


The bathroom is small but with a big bath tub. It’s kinda trouble for me, because i don’t get to use a bath tube, even i dunno what do i have to do inside the bathtube. So after had a fubar hot water bath i go to sleep, I feel so tired but also very happy because finally i can find my hotel. In the morning, i checked-in and he gave me my package from Kairai_san, and there you are ..

i got my tickets ne, finally can touch one of Acid Black Cherry tickets ne, i always want to touch it everytime i watch so many people who go to watch Acid Black Cherry live concert and posted their tickets on their blogs or twitter after the got it. OMG this tckets is bigger than what i always imagine. I am gonna save that, and maybe use it as a book page holder.

After go online and say hello to my office mate via Yahoo Messenger, i start to do my works, even not all of it, then send it to my friend so they can print it. leave my hotel and then i saw this :

a vending machine, OMG it’s everywhere ne, ….. #uwaaa.

so i spent times in front of it and put 1,000 yen then and choose one 120 yen drink, then i hear something great and make me happy, the coins change for me  …. cring cring cring, the i put another 1,000 yen repeat it and smiling like an idiot when i hear that cring cring cring sounds again,

Bloddy hell i am totally a gold digger now …. #whoaaaa ….

i did that again and again and stop when a man lookin at me, at that time i got 6 different drinks hot and cold, i’ll do that again tomorrow ne. now is time for me to start my 1st day journey to Shibuya. My hotel is so close to Shibuya ne, i only walk about 15 minutes and there you are i saw this


yasu was there btw, on top of that building ne, OMG i told you ne he is awesome, there’s no a non awesome people can be on top of that building. So i went to 109 and hell, everythings in there calling me ne,



i went to 109, and start to loose my control to open my wally  thanks to all the kawaii things that nonstop calling me, But thank God by remember yasu and the upcoming Erect goods that i have to buy, stopped me to spent another more,

~    so i only buy this coat for 9,990 yen,

~    the kawaii shoes for 7,245 yen

i gotta find the black version of the shoes for Tekki …

~    the Orange Queen Elizabeth II hat for Tekki 1,290 yen

at the first time i watch that hat, i knew Tekki is gonna love that, see how British she is now. nah that hat is gonna add her British level on her blood 0,0000005 %

then i decided to get myself out of this full of kawaii things and people after took a photo in the toilet for my luck . That one is gonna be my number one photo in toilet for luck, Why? because i took that in Japan ne inside 109 building along with all kawaii peoples around me, put a make up on their face while i have no time to put anything on my face but busy to take that picture …

i want to go out from the building but i can’t find the same way i enter this building so i dunno what happen suddenly i was underground i saw a train? OMG where the hell i am …? i went up again, and then i found a book store, i went round and round. i didn’t see any police to ask and everyone there were walking so fast ne,

they all walk like there’s a dead line after them, and that’s impossible for me with my messy nihon go to stop and ask how to back to 109 again and find a way to my hotel. Then suddenly i found a door and then ta ra ra …

i am already on Shibuya crossroad, OMG this is weird ne, so many people on that crossroad, because  still confused and tryin to find a way to back to my hotel, i just cross the famous crossroad together with all of them 3 times over and over. Waw this is fun ne, it feels like i joined a marching band minus music and the traffic light as the conductor

the i saw the Toho Cinema board, omo that’s the way to my hotel ….. kyaaa i ran and ran to go there. I get dizzy again so i think tonight is enough ne, i went out at 13:30 and back to hotel at 19:00, that’s so short ne, Maybe that lost just exhausted me so i choose to back to hotel and take a rest.

i dunno why my friends who will go with me to watch yasu didn’t reply my message on facebook, i am gonna call their hotel tomorrow. I have cold and fever now, i can’t sleep. Do nothing but stay in front of my laptop writing this with this  on my forehead

i know that’s for babies, but it works on me ne. while i am screaming with my wally, suddenly i realized something. As a silent watcher and listener, i don’t talk to many people here only to my hotel manager, and the cashier on Family Mart next to my hotel because he help me to find the right yen from my wall, OMG this yen from 10,000, 5,000 and 1,000 still look the same to me.

so here’s what i am gonna say about Shibuya ..

Shibuya is a place where you can find so many kawaii things (bags, cloths,shoes, and the cross road) and also complete with the kawaii peoples there.

everyone i saw in Shibuya is kawaii ne, OMG, i feel like hey, this is really a Wonderland ne, a land full of kawaii peoples. No wonder yasu is so kawaii ne, he even had his photo on top of 109 building,

so Maybe if i stay here, let just say i keep/save myself here in Shibuya maybe one year, i can be kawaii like them ….  kyaaaaaa  *sexcited*


yasu       :    keep yourself here and then you can be kawaii in one year?
noi          :    who knows that will work on me ne …
yasu       :    forget it …
noi          :    if i can be kawaii, you can be happy ne …
yasu       :    OMG, Shibuya just make her crazy …


[Scan Post] : Acid Black Cherry Free Live 2011 パンフレット… (Another me, yasu and this “Erect” Euphoria

I did scan this pamphlet almost 2 weeks ago …

but i dunno why it took me forever to put all of these scans here. And tonight finally i managed to kick my lazy ass to post it here and of course with some random things followed after, so there you are  ….


Ejoii this Hawaii, Waikiki, and Kawaii yasu …..

that pamphlet Free Live 2011 with the red haired yasu is my fave one. It is not that i don’t like how yasu’s blond hair now because no matter what color his hair is i still gonna like it, and also that look, that sexpression of yasu ….

yasu      :    the what of me ….
noi         :    the
sexpression of you ne ….
yasu      :    nee noi_chan, stop following your friend to put
s on e and x
noi         :    listen to me first, sexpression is from sexy expression of you ne …
yasu      :    eeee ….

But my fave about this pamphlet is how the stylist did his long red hair look shorter like that and i remember at that time i thought he did cut his hair …. aha aha nice job ne, …


Less than a month, finally that 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” that i’ve been waiting for is gonna start, But the euphoria was on me a long time ago since i got the lottery tickets, booked my flight and hotels … etc etc etc ….  Here’s the symptoms of this “Erect” euphoria …

when you  read “electronic” as “erect_tronic” and “Sony Ericson” became “Sony Erect_tion” then omedeto my dear, “Erect” tour euphoria is already on your mind, and you should say yay  … !!

and then it got deeper when Team Acid Black Cherry(Official) posted this “Erect” logo on their Facebook Page … xD


Bloddy hell what was that? a pistol? it look like an old colt pistol, remember the colt pistol on Supernatural series …? in that series they said the pistol is the legendary pistol from Samuel Colt and that’s the one and only pistol that could kill the all devils/monsters include the yellow eyed demons that keep after Sam or the pistol that Antonio Banderas use in Once Upon A Time in Mexico ,

and if you watch City Hunter (of course the anime one not the Korean drama with Lee Min Hoo) you will see that kind of pistol … or not? see that pistol with one bullet jumped off like that, i think yasu will open this upcoming “Erect” live and get everyone Erect_ed with Pistol and then sure he will out of bullet after all of this live from Hokkaido to Osaka .


talking about bullet, look what i just got. See that’s not an ordinary bullet ne, it is a James Bond‘s bullet. Even of course it can’t kill demons or werewolf because it isn’t silver but sure it can kill other dangerous/harmful things ne …


noi         :     don’t worry ya_san, you have the pistol, i have the bullet. i’ll send this next January so everything is gonna be fine ..
yasu      :     January ….
noi         :     yes, January 27th, for your birthday …
yasu      :     a bullet for my birthday, really noi_chan ..
noi         :     yes, why not? see this isn’t an ordinary one ne …
yasu      :     whatever …

Today now is November 16th, means 21 days again is my leaving to The Big Orange, Tokyo. Everything is ready. Flight, hotel, and yens i’ll change it tomorrow even there’s still lot of things in my mind you know that kind of what if things : what if this, what if that … etc etc make me dizzy. I just want December come right away and all of this things are over and i’m back home fast …

Actually there’s one thing i am really scare now, this is about the flight ne, i am gonna be on the jet plane for more than 5 hours ne, and Bloody hell yeah that’s scare me ne. I always scare everytime i have to go by plane, and now this is the first time i will be on the plane up so high there in a very long hours flight. I have no idea about that. Can i handle that? am i gonna be OK, and is that flight is gonna be save and alright? what if something happen  …?


So this time i am still lost in the middle of this me, my self who really scare to be on the jet plane and my very BIG wish/dream to see yasu‘s live on stage and perform all of his songs that i’ve been listening to all this time. There’s one moment where i really want to cancel this trip and suddenly all of this trip sounds scary to me but ….

again and again, my dear cherry sista did the amazing thing like what they always do to me to make me feel much better. Remember what i said about my cherry sista and our cherry talks at Facebook? Yesterday Monika start again our lovely cherry talks. I dunno why i never be the person who start this cherry talks ne, it always Monika.

And i am so glad she is still want to do that, with all her busy time for school, etc she post/write somethings start with Cherry Talks ..!! on my Facebook wall and tagged Freena and Vale_chan but this time we add Julian. Julian is one of us, and yes he is the one and only fanboy in our cherry talks. Yesterday Freena write this ….


see what she wrote? Oh God, they always know what to say and make me feel better about somethings. Unlike me, who sometimes get blank and dunno what to say to cheer up somebody else, then what happen and what always happen next is i say/reply nothing but just listening/reading and click like. so just like what Freena said …


because i am gonna see one of the greatest man in the Universe (read : yasu) so yes, i am gonna be fine ….

in this 21 days counting before my leaving i spent most of my time to download doramas, not watching it all but only dowload it, all of the episodes until finale then watch it marathon in one night. I only follow some doramas that i interested to for different reasons like :

Priceless : this is because Takuya Kimura

~ Tokyo Airport : because of the story and the setting is on Airport, Haneda Airport where i am gonna be …

Airport for me is a magical place, a port where all planes from arround the world (the international one) landing and take off, where we can see various people there everyday. And the Air Traffic Controller is the one who control all the activities on it. I only watch the 1st episode of this dorama. Kyoko Fukada did her best here as a probie on Air Traffic Controller. She used to be gound staff and now she move up as ATC officer.

~ Koukou Nyuushi :  this one because there’s Masami_chan here

~ Monsters :  you know why, because no one should missed this dorama, so neither do i, and last but not least is …

~ Akumu_chan : this one because there’s Gackt and Keiko here …

I watched this one until episode 3 and i can’t remember how many time i watch the 3rd episode over and over until there’s one night i have  a dream got back home from office and then i saw Gackt was standing in front of my door , waiting for me …..

Oh God, instead of yasu i saw Gackt on my silly dream?

yasu    :     see you watch too much dorama ….
noi       :     it is not the dorama ne, but my question is where the hell are you ….? it should be you ne ..
yasu    :     i am busy, see i have “Erect” live to do …
noi       :     ah ya, you are. well you can come anytime btw ….
yasu    :     then dream on …!!


Random Post : Wait, again … (Another me, yasu and This Overflowing Feelings and Love)


Team Acid Black Cherry (Official) Facebook Page updated their cover photo with this …


that image above just made this fangirl timers inside of My Matsu wa no Heya awake and start ticking …

tick tock

tick tock

waiting for the day 2012.10.17 which is stil another 27 days more, Geezz what a very2 long September ne. And yeah time is always do it unfair things again and again everytime we (at least me) have something to wait. But hey i got my FOOL’S MATE and i have no idea why but this time they (Mr. Postman) sent it earlier than they used to be.

I thought i am gonna get it on September 19th, 9 days after CD Japan send it on September 10th, but i got it on September 16th, so it is 3 days earlier, omo i hope they gonna do the same thing to my upcoming LIve 2012 CD/DVD and also HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA. and yesterday my Twitter timeline was full with this twitpic


from Kyoko Hikami’s twitter status and that image is from 「non-no」 magazine, it is kinda fashion magazine and she is a model, a gravure model? and there’s an article with her together with yasu with his CLOUD look from the last a-nation  event.

If you read her Official Ameblo you willl found out how she also another fangirl of yasu, like how excited she was like all of us when The Acid Black Cherry official blog started and her Happy Birthday Post on January 27th. She did what all yasu’s fangirl did on her blog/twitter.


in the end model/celebrities are also human, well they also have their own idol and did the same thing like what a fans do normally about their idol. That model Kyoko Hikami to yasu, and yasu himself to Hyde with all the fanboy things he did for his Kami_sama Hyde. They all just like us ne but of course with some privilege to get close with their idols …

i don’t go on line much recently because 2 days ago someone just dropped one glass of iced tea to my laptop, so now my laptop is kinda screwed. even It still work as usual but the battery is the one who won’t work. It keep tellin me if i should consider to replace my battery with the new one.

But i’ll do that next year ne. i think rather than replace the battery it would be better if i get a new laptop. I know some gadget like this when one part is broken or replaced with new one, it is not the same thing like when you bought it at the first time, soon another things will be broken eventually. It’s kinda like waiting for a time bomb to explode.

and it’s not only my laptop that screwed/broken but my left ear also broken. I can’t hear anything with my left ear again. So now i only listen with the right one. At the first time i thought the one that broken is my earphone, but it’s not, the earphone is OK, the one is not OK is my left ear.

I have no idea why, and i went to see doctor about this, and he said this is because my habit to put my earphone on max volume nonstop everyday so my left ear it kinda stress, overloaded or something i don’t understand …


yasu      :     you don’t understand ….?
noi         :     he use some medical terms
yasu      :     and …
noi         :     it is more difficult to remember than
Hippopotamus amphibius
yasu      :     ehh …

He also tell me to not use an earphone to listen music at least for one week and then he will check it again. So i have to back there to see him next week. And then somebody asked me : don’t you scare about this? …. I didn’t answer her, of course and i don’t have to.

That’s kinda question is a question that only a moron will ask. I mean hell yeah of course i am scare about this . no matter how long i sleep to make me stop thinking about this, it still stuck in my head and scare me out of hell. What if i am gonna end deaf?


noi          :    can you imagine ya_san ….
yasu       :    imagine what …?
noi          :    a deaf fangirl, is it OK  …? ah noooo it is not OK, never be OK …
yasu       :    then …
noi         :    aaaaaaaaaaaa ….. *random screamin*

then  i should wait until next week while hoping everything is gonna be fine. This is not the first time happened like this. But this one is different ne. Usually when something like this happen and it ended with i can’t hear things on one of my ear, i just slap my face once or two times but not for this time. No matter how hard i slap my face it still not OK.

and now let’s get a little bit dramatic with this dorama talks …


Remember i told you about this drama, Shun Oguri‘s drama : Rich Man Poor Woman ..? i watched it until 10th episode. And they aired the finale on last September 17th. I can’t wait to see the last episode. I love this dorama, and i love it more when things went bad for Hyuga Toru (Shun Oguri) and Natsui_san (Ishihara Satomi) is the one who decided to stay by his side.

That part when Hyuga Toru find her on lab, he said to her if he already meet her mother even he didn’t tell her who is he and actually what he wanted to say to Natsui_san is now he has someone that he looking for, and that person is Natsui_san. But before he say that, Natsui_san already reply him with : The person you are looking for now is Asahina_san right …?

and then what Hyuga said is just make it right, Oh God, why didn’t he tell her about his feeling ne? Both of them Hyuga Toru and Natsui_san are in this miss_understanding about each other. Natsui_san know and sure about the love that she feel about Hyuga but she never sure about Hyuga’s feel about her. Is he feel the same ….?

nah that doubt is the one that make the love inside her heart for Hyuga Toru turned to be someting hurt. then when things get settled again somehow she get the feeling if Hyuga Toru, the man that he love and adore so much just became too amazing for her to be with.

And the things on her heart that is love turned into something hurt just to be next to him. So she decided to stay away from him and get her own dream as a research lab tech. that part just so sad ne, and makes me cry.

that’s so beautiful ne, I can’t wait for the finale. And i saw the preview there’s some scene at the airport. OMG i love airport scene ending, remember how Lee Yong Jae (Rain) run all over airport to find Han Ji En (Song Hye Gyo) on Full House? … and now Hyuga Toru is the one who will run around the terminal to find Natsui_san

And this song Hikari e by miwa just perfect for that …



Hikari e

(What do you want to do?)
(What is the meaning of life?)

理想現実ワンクリック 光の速度に変わっても
地球の裏より遠い距離 アダムとイヴにはなれない

溢れる想い 愛は君を照らす光になれる
たとえ描く未来 そこに私がいないとしても


遠慮配慮言葉の最後 感情記号化されても
心の奥まで伝わらない ホントの声を聞かせて

溢れる想い 愛は胸を焦がす痛みに変わる


溢れる想い 愛は君を照らす光になれる
切ないほどに (人は悲しみを知るために…)
たとえ描く未来 そこに私がいないとしても
いまはそっと抱きしめてあげる (人は人は人は永遠永遠…)



(What do you want to do?)
(What is the meaning of life?)

Risou genjitsu WAN KURIKKU (One Click)
Hikari no sokudo ni kawatte mo
Chikyuu no ura yori tooi kyori
ADAMU to IBU (Adam to Eve) ni wa narenai

Kanashimi no umareta basho tadotte
Sono kizu yasashiku furete iyaseta nara

Afureru omoi
Ai wa kimi wo terasu hikari ni nareru
Setsunai hodo ni
Tatoe egaku mirai
Soko ni atashi ga inai to shite mo
Ima wa sotto dakishimete ageru

Unmei datte hikiyosete
Kagayaki tsuzuketai yo
Kiseki datte okoseru tte shinjitai

Enryo hairyo kotoba no saigo
Kanjou kigouka sarete mo
Kokoro no oku made tsutawaranai
Honto no koe wo kikasete

Subete no koto ni owari ga aru nara
Kurushimi sae itsuka kieru hazu dakara

Afureru omoi
Ai wa mune wo kogasu itami ni kawaru
Itoshii hodo ni
Tatoe sekai chuu no koe
Nakigoe ni semerareta to shite mo
Atashi ga zenbu uketomete ageru

Hito wa kanashimi wo shiru tame ni umarete kita no
Sonna koto nai motto ai wo shiritai
Kodoku no nukumori wo shiru tame ni aru no nara
Shiawase wa itsu datte soko ni aru no ni

Afureru omoi
Ai wa kimi wo terasu hikari ni nareru
Setsunai hodo ni (Hito wa kanashimi wo shiru tame ni…)
Tatoe egaku mirai
Soko ni atashi ga inai to shite mo
Ima wa sotto dakishimete ageru (Hito wa hito wa hito wa eien eien…)

Unmei datte hikiyosete
Kagayaki tsuzuketai yo
Kiseki datte okoseru tte shinjitai

English Translation

Even in just one click we could switch dream and reality
Or go the distance farther between two sides of the earth
With the speed of light
We cannot become Adam and Eve

If only I could tenderly heal
Your wound that following from birthplace of sorrow

Overflowing feelings and love
Shines on you and become the light
As you feel painful
Even if I won’t be there
In the future you draw
I’m gonna hold you gently now

Draw the destiny towards you
I want you to keep shining
I want to believe that miracle can be happened
I want to believe it

Even your emotions are symbolized
By restraint or concern at the end of the words
Tell me the true voice in your heart
That unable to be conveyed

If everything has an end
Someday sufferings should be vanished

Overflowing feelings and love
Burn your heart and hurts it
As you feel beloved
Although around the world are
Condemning our crying voice
I will accept everything for you

There’s nothing like
A human was born to feel the sadness
We want to understand more love
If there’s such thing to feel warmth of loneliness
Happiness will always be there

Overflowing feelings and love
Shines on you and become the light
As you feel painful (To feel the sadness…)
Even if I won’t be there
In the future you draw
I’m gonna hold you gently now (Human is eternally…)

Draw the destiny towards you
I want you to keep shining
I want to believe that miracle can be happened
I want to believe it

source and credit to : lanfix @ miwaddicts

this dorama make me love this song ne, even i often watch miwa on telly but i just find out how she has a different voice, her voice like …. ah i dunno how to say it, but it is just sound fresh and catchy especially on the high note, like flyin or floating …? and my fave part of that song is this :

Even if I won’t be there in the future you draw, I’m gonna hold you gently now ….

ABC Dream CUP第4弾<comment> - YouTube.flv_snapshot_00.47_[2012.02.28_23.42.51]

yasu         :      can we skip that hold/hug part, you want to keep this fangirl and idol things right …
noi            :      yes, i do and listen ya_san, if it ended with i can’t hear you again, but …
yasu         :      but what ….
noi            :      ah i dunno i am out of words now ….