GREED Post : ABC 7th Anniversary FanProject …. (Another me yasu and LetThe GREED ON!)

so everyone,

i know i must write this on July (last month) when we decided to do this Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary : GREED FanProject, but because i was a bit busy so i just able to post this in here right now.

But i am sure some of you already see it in Tumblr or in this team_yasu group on Facebook


but it would be fine if i also post it in here as well eh ….


yasu    :    is this gonna be a long post noi_chan …?
noi       :    no,
yasu    :    hmmm …
noi       :    it won’t i promise you

OK back to the topic now.  so the topic now is this year’s Acid Black Cherry FanProject, and this year we named it as …

Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary :  GREED FanProject !

it was started when …

~  one of team_yasu group on Facebook‘s member posted some of her collections in the group.
~  Then there’s other member who posted a comment about how she wanted to see everyone’s Acid Black Cherry stuffs, and …
~  Then again, followed with dear maru_chan who said to me  it would be a good idea if we made that as our next FanProject by let everyone (All Acid Black Cherry fans) to show some of their collection of Acid Black Cherry stuffs.
~  About why we put GREED on it, it’s simply because  …


This year is Acid Black Cherry’s 7th Anniversary ne and 7 in alphabet is G and we all know what’s more G in this Acid Black Cherry fandom than that 「Greed Greed Greed」 single, so …

why didn’t we let the Greed ON this year?

that’s why everyone, let’s have some fun together again for this year’s Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary : GREED FanProject.


all you have to do is ….

~    Take a photo of your Acid Black Cherry collection you have like CD,DVD, Official Merchandise, or maybe some handmade things you made by yourself.
~    try to make as less photos possible.
~    Photos need to be at least 600px high
~    send your photos via e-mail to

#,  and/or
#, with
# Subject: ABC 7th anniversary GREED Fan Project, and
# Content: your (nick)name, country and a message if you want.

~    DEAD LINE is  Sunday, August 10th, 2014 (2014/08/09) 14:00 GMT+1
~    And if you can’t send a photo of your Acid Black Cherry collection maybe because you don’t have it or you are still in vacation, you can always send a fan-art or a fanmail message.

I’d say this FanProject is a bit different from the previous we had, because this time we can show each other (among fans) what kind of Acid Black Cherry collection we have.

And i am sure by knowing that there might be something like Q&A following, for sexample

~   OMG you have that PHOTOBOOOK, i couldn’t find it anymore,
~   Where did you find it …?
~   in auction? for how much did you bought it …?  etc etc etc

and  because as what it’s written there  …

nagashiwadesign will create a special design video and PDF file and send it to yasu and his team_ABC to let them know if yasu also did sell his stuffs oversea …

as we all know they don’t put how many single’s sold in oversea to Oricon chart, even i am sure yasu has his own staffs do search about this matter but still,  it would be nice if we show him directly …. xD

not only that,

because as what the man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) said on the latest Official Blog Post ….



There’s nothing in particular for this year’s 7th Anniversary …

well, the man is already said whis words eh, even it kinda make me say eeeh, what the hell ….. (wich i tend to say, anytime …xD) but at least they posted something there on the Official Blog Post and let us know what yasu is doing recenltly



including how he loves to wear that whatsoever toe pad is.  They (whoever they are) said yasu use the Pro ver, like that …

Actually it is a healthy device that said recommended for people who is in diet because good to loose weight and also gain a proper posture by simply walking. Price is 1,667 yen (before tax) so with tax i suppose it will be around 1,800 yen.

Now, i see lots of people (especially who is Acid Black Cherry fans) also bought it. And just like what happened to Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana (one that they said as yasu’s scent) i am sure there will be increasing selling for that Pro ver. toe pad in Japan,  thanks to yasu .

gain a proper posture by simply walking ….?

sounds good eh,

And of course i want it as well eh, but how can but that online?  maybe i should check it on for that. Anyway for me, by reading if he is still busy with song production things day by day gave me another hope for something else to waiting for,

for sexample like what i talked it with Yukiko and Mari_san on Facebook , we were kinda like eeeh …

~    a new single, or maybe …
~    the next Recreation 4 Album, or if he night think about to skip Recreation 4 album then …
~    a new album for next winter …?

i mean by only wondering what yasu is busy with right now we talked so far until new album and Recreation 4 eh? … Oh Dear God, I love my Facebook friend eh, i really do.

And also my waiting for something for Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary is over …


yasu     :    tell me, you were waiting for what?
noi        :    another free event maybe, or …
yasu    :     or what …
noi        :    another free things to DownLoad, ah ya maybe for this song

この青空の向こうに  …



or ….

yasu     :     why you always want something free …
noi        :     geez ya_san, nothing is better than a free stuffs eh he he he ….. *got another mass kick*

OK, back to the FanProject,

so why didn’t we do something by ourself as fans to celebrate as well as having fun together for this Acid Black Cherry’s 7th Anniversary ? …


but as what i already wrote on my Tumblr (because i read that un-fair comment is on Tumblr eh, …)

it surprised me and broke my hearts as well when i read about some people sayin how un-fair is this Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary GREED FanProject, especially for fans who don’t have any Acid Black Cherry Stuffs (read : CD, DVD, or other official merchandise … )

Un-fair for some fans who don’t have Acid Black Cherry stuffs? …

even  it’s written there  you can make a fanart or something else (ex : your photo maybe) for yasu to see, if you don’t have any CD/DVD or merchandise . Because i always think if fanart or other handmade Acid Black Cherry things that fans made is also Acid Black Cherry stuffs.

because i’ve seen many fans made their own beautiful handmade of Acid Black Cherry stuffs, for sexample like this amazing things that Audrey sent me …



So official stuffs or not, you still can join this project and now it is time for you to show it to yasu.

and about this project is only for the real fans?

OMG …..  i think everyone should know if in this fandom especially this Acid Black Cherry division there’s no things such things as

# real fan or non-real fan, …

omo, what am i supposed to say about this, a fake fans?


that’s ridiculous ne, i am aware about a fake boobs because yasu wear it on many occasions like that, but a fake fans?  Ah come on everyone  …

this is a fandom ne not FBI or MI6, let James Bod, the 007 do the fake and undercover things.

because what are doing is nothing but having fun by worshiping or sometimes whooring …? wekekekekeke  *dumped to hell*

and last but not least is  …

# senior or junior fans


even i did say about Acid Black Cherry gakuen, but it’s just because that LICK ME /SUCK YOU uniform eh, still it’s not a real gakuen/school where there’s such thing as senior and junior exist,

so please do read again, and don’t say things about fair and un-fair.

I know sometimes life is un-fair in someways, but for this Fan-Project we try to make everything is fair to everyone.

So no matter if you have much, less or do not have any Acid Black Cherry CD/DVD or merchandise, you still can join this project and have fun together ….

the point is we have fun together and also make yasu to look at us once in a year because i think sometimes he needs to be reminded if he also have us (read : overseas fans here)

and once in a year reminder is quite enough …. xD so everyone, …

Let’s remind him again, and remember …
DEADLINE is Sunday, August 10th, 2014 (2014/08/09) 14:00 GMT+1, so
よろしくお願いします、皆さん 。。。。。!!! *bounce*


yasu       :    once a year reminder for me, what this all about …?
noi          :    well, sometimes i do think you kinda forget   …
yasu       :    i forget who, you  … ?
noi          :    your oversea fans eh, not only me  …
yasu       :   what the  …



A Very Late Post : 「Shangri-la」Live ~ Ehime … (another me, yasu and When The Trip is Over (◕‿◕))


So beautiful,
I’ve never seen that place,
When the trip is over,
I want to go with you  …. 
( -_・)



yes, the trip is over

and now it is time for me to continue all works that still all over my messy desk at office and of course my fangirl home works that i abandoned for almost a month? i think so because when i checked on my Ameblo,

i only posted 3 entries last month and that’s not good eh …

I finished my works, so now it is time to write again because here inside me now i have lots of things ( yeah, including ramblings) that i need to get it out from my head a.s.a.p. so i can be better ….

so when the trip is over, here i am back to you luv ….





yasu     :    what’s with that lots of emoji …
noi        :    何もない。 でも ね 、や ーーちゃん do you know …
yasu     :    i don’t know ..
noi        :    this time, the trip was much better than before ..
yasu     :    really …
noi        :    i only get lost 4 times thou …
yasu     :    only  …. ?

well, let’s keep the trip post for the last because it was quite long and tired trip complete with many flights i took. I say ne, it was my first one week to be far from home.

and FYI everyone, i am someone that will never like to be far away from home and my Drama Queen mother. I just never feel save and get stressed whenever i have to leave home more than 2 days.

Now let’s talk about yasu and start with this …

~    「Shangri-la」Live  ~ Ehime


The 1st Live for 5th SEASON Project 『Shangri-la』 was held at Saijo City Cultural Center after two years ago at 2012 for TOUR 『2012』 Live at Ehime.

Not different with the previous SEASON, on this 5th SEASON 1st curtain is also for great gourmet. yasu who was informed a lot about local gourmet in Ehime Prefecture on 「Shangri-la Meeting」 looking forward very much about it.

~  Stewed Hamburger,
~  Imabari fried (
chicken, i suppose?),
~  Uwajima Jakoten (
it’s a special product it Uwajima, in Southern Ehime Prefecture made from small fish that blended into a paste and the fried) , it should be eaten with soy sauce.
~  Fried seasonal vegetables,
~  salad, and …
~  rice

aaand …

as what they thought on 「Shangri-la Meeting」, there was also this STN (Saijo Teppan Neopolitan) waiting for them …


after meal, yasu talked to other support member about what they wanted to do for SHUSE‘s birthday.

yasu          :   everyone, 17th is SHUSE‘s birthday. Shall we do something on stage?

and all support members agreed with what yasu said …

yasu          :   where? i wonder if we do it at the encore part …
members   :   sounds good. For example on encore at the 「
Black Cherry」part, instead of sayin「Black Cherry」what yasu said is 「Happy Birthday」to SHUSE …?
yasu         :    that’s good …!!!
members  :    and also at the bass solo on 「
Black Cherry」, let’s bubbling something on his ears (i suppose they talkin about the ear tools) that only him will hear.
yasu        :    Let’s do it …. (

then each support members started to secretly record their voice of sayin …


only to SHUSE‘s iyamoni (an ear monitor’s tool to hear something directly from earphones) and so did yasu


and the question selected on The Question Corner is …

Do tell us why did you choose your part (instrument) now …

and yasu‘s answer is …

when i started my band, i was as what SHUSE said …


SHUSE  :    ask her what did i say …
noi         :     え〜〜っと
yasu      :     yes, what
SHUSE said …
noi         :    well, he said …. *scroll up again*
yasu      :    you didn’t read it …?
noi         :    OK, OK i will read again …

what SHUSE said is

before i start to play a musical instrument, i seemed to hear music because i like music. But at that time i had not aware about the sounds of bass. And because there’s an acoustic guitar at home and i played it, so i didn’t think about to play bass.

so he started his 1st band as a guitarist,

then i repeat again for yasu‘s answer …

when i started my bad, i was as what SHUSE said (read  : as a guitarist). Because ka-yu, Janne bassist got a guitar from his brother then he said 「 i got my gitar, you do the vocal …!!

and i was like 「うん、分かった 」…

I was awaken to rock music from Himuro Kiyosuke‘s BOOWY. And then i discovered the sound of a bad called X (JAPAN) about one and half year after it.

X (JAPAN) keys are really high, because there’s no way i could make out a high voice like that. High pitched voice make me shouted like crazy. Everytime i go to the studio, my voice just dead …(laugh)

and the SetList

「Shangri-la」Live 19.03.2014 ~  Saijo City General Cultural Center


01.  Re:birth
02.  Shojo no Inori
03.  Greed Greed Greed
04.  In the mirror
05.  Yubiwa Monogatari
06.  Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat~
07.  Aishitenai
08.  Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara …
09.  Cherry cherry
10.  Shangri – La
11.  I’m not a ghost
12.  Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13.  Pistol


02.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni  (request)
03.  Black Cherry (request)
04.  20+∞ Century boys

next is this …

~    Whatsoever Update from me …

i know i am so late about this update, even i already posted some part of it on my Facebook, but i suppose here in my blogs are the perfect place to put. Because not everyone is on or love to spent his/her daily on Facebook like me.


yasu     :    don’t forget how you spam there …
noi        :    me, really …?
yasu     :    yes, you do …
noi        :    well after all ya_san, i am still the same
Facebook saiyajin so yeah my Facebook friends always get more  …. *wink*

so there you are …

OS  Shimane ~ Nara


On Stage, before Live and the rest …


and about my Japan Trip, well …

i know things been changed recently, i mean on my 1st trip to Japan 2 years ago every night i wrote a post about all what i did that day. All of it so at that time i can wrote about 5 posts about my Japan trip from the beginning till the end.

But now, ha ha ha …. !!!!

i didn’t even write one post when i was there, all i did just post it (about yasu’s Live) as a comment on team_yasu. Now i feel really sorry to someone that even wrote a message to me about it, wondering and then ended with asked to me when will i write about my  「Shangri-la」 sexperience.

yasu    :    eh noi_chan, did you …
noi       :    what ….?
yasu    :    do i have to say it …?
noi       :    you mean, ah of curse not

so there you are, but i am warning you ne this is gonna be a very long post because i have so much things kept inside my brain to get out. The Live was amazing as how amazing is yasu, but the trip was sexhausting.

I dunno why but i felt more tired than 2 years ago.

I know my health now isn’t that good as 2 years ago ne, after all this year i step into a page to be a 53 years old woman. So what can you expect for a 53 years old woman can be health as?

surely not as healthy as Hercules …. xD

FYI, i haven’t watch that ne and now there’s nothing i want but to go to cinema and watch movie. Any movie will be fine. I need something to watch in a BIG screen and DOLBY surrounded sound or maybe 3D.

OMG look what i just did ne, just another rambling opening.

so back to my Japan Trip talk, let’s start this from the beginning, and i will say this as

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 1 (The Beginning) … (^ω~)

As i always say ….

i am someone that yasu will say as an INK person. Yes, i am livin in a village so it took me forever to gop to Japan. Not just simple like took a flight and then arrived there, but for me, it is always be a long way down.

Well i think everything for me is always forever to get.

For sexample ..

~    A quite long waiting for someone that sadly is IGNORED me now …

yasu     :   don’t tell me … (笑)
noi        :   no, don’t laugh like that. This isn’t a joke   …
yasu     :   but, he dumped you again? what did you do this time?
noi        :   i dunno. Ah, guys are too complicated for me …

~    A long waiting for all my stuffs sending from Japan,
~    A long way down to go to
Japan to see yasu

Oh luv, why you are so far away ne ….?


yasu    :    still no route to go to Tokyo by bus ne, noi_chan …
noi       :    yeah, …
yasu    :    so how’s Superman …?
noi       :    ah you know he hated me …
yasu    :    then Capt. America ?
noi       :   what the …

So let’s back to May 25th, 2014.

It was Sunday and i still had things to finished at office. So i went to office in the morning, hoped able to finish everything before 10:00 AM so i can have some times to rest at home before catch my bus to Semarang (the capital of Central Java) about 3 hours by bus from my hometown at 14:30 PM

But that day was disaster,

because at that damned day one of my driver hit and then got hit on the road. So he was hit a car, an SUV exactly so i had to deal with him, called him and make sure he is OK.

and then listen what the hell is happened from him. Apparently it was because he was a bit busy with his phone while driving.

Calling? text messaging?

no, not one of it but he was busy to post a comment/reply comments on his Facebook. When i heard it, i was like …

Whhhuut the helll ……!!!

After that, I wanted nothing but to get his phone and erase the Facebook app inside it followed with may bad things came out from my full of anger mouth. Yeah, i was mad that day. So mad, until i can’t even remember in what sort of rude/bad level words i said to him.

I was such a bitch that day.

I mean, because of Facebook? really? even i know everyone around me is into Facebook and BBM (Black Berry Messenger) recently but i never thought to hear it as the cause of an incident.

Deep in my heart, i was hope to hear another things as the cause. Calling his wife maybe, or got distracted by something passed, … etc etc that make drivers less concentrated in driving.

But it is also surprised me. Can you imagine that, Facebook ne Facebook finally reasonable enough as a cause of an accident  …

I’ve heard a lot about crimes, fallin in love, heart broken via Facebook


yasu    :   or got dumped for the 3rd time …?
noi       :   not funny eh …
yasu    :   what’s more funny than this noi_chan ?
noi       :   and FYI this is the 2nd time, not 3rd ..
yasu    :   …… (

Then finally i was able to finished it at 14:30 PM left everything to my friends complete with all notes that they might need to do my works. I also said to them if they still can call me via LINE or Yahoo Messenger if there’s anything they might not understand well.

At that time i was so worried if they couldn’t able to do all my works like me. Maybe this is what happened if you are too deep for your works. So whenever you want to get some days off or holiday …

you feel nothing but lots of worry about works you left ..

At 15:00 PM, arrived at home and still mad while in the hurry went to the terminal to catch my bus at 15:30 PM. One hour late from the schedule and i worried about me missed my 20:00 PM flight to Jakarta.

Yeah, even it only took 3 hours from my hometown to Semarang, but i still need at least another hour to go to the airport (The Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang) from the bus terminal by taxi, and traffic jam that might happen as well.

Finally i was able to arrived at the airport at 19:30 PM. Go to change another yens there, but that time they were ran out of yen. So i go check-in and waited at the boarding room while had some coffee from the coffee machine there …


yeah, you all know how coffee addict is i am. So i do always so excited to see if there’s a coffee machine around me.

Then i kinda start to have a nice conversation about Taxi in Jakarta (i will talk about this later …)  with a very nice young lady sit next to me who also wanted to go to Jakarta.

And apparently she is a K-POP lovers who have a dream to go to Seoul to see CN BLUE Live on Stage.

People say same thief will recognize each other, so in this case same fangirls also recognize each other, even from different fandom.

Well, fangirls are everywhere eh,

From her stories and way of talking about all CN BLUE members i know if she is a hard core fangirl. Because i say fangirl, the real one talk in different ways. I’d say more passion and you can feel their hope, dreams and optimistic from their stories.

Because that’s what people mostly don’t see about fangirls. What they see maybe just the kyaa kyaa … !!! and crazy girls creamin and drolling about their idols every time and everywhere, but i think they often missed to see their dream and hope as well …

We talked quite a lot ne, because my flight was delayed about half hour from the schedule. Then we said good bye when they called us to get in the plane. It was a nice talk ne, i mean for me who never talk a lot especially with stranger.

Too bad i didn’t ask for her Facebook or LINE ne. It should be fun if i had ask her because i also listen to CN BLUE ne …

I get in the plane, and it was a small plane as how a local flight will give you. The flight from Semarang to Jakarta only took about 1 hour. But inside that plane 1 hour felt forever for me.

Especially when i sit between 2 man,

~  one is a man who put his earphone on and his music into maximum volume because even me, who is a half deaf (yeah, sometimes my left ear didn’t work well) able to hear it , …

~  While the other one is a man from Germany who do nothing but watching me watching over that man with his MP3 sleeping.

Nah, can you imagine how awkward that moment was? that’s why 1 hour on that flight felt forever for me.

Finally he (the man from Germany, that i will call as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD) open his e-book and start to read. And me, who never see an e-book like that for the rest of my life changed my bored activity to see him with his e-book.

It was in German language and suddenly he asked me  …

Hey, you wanna read together? if you want i can change it to English

And i was like   :   OMG really? you can change it to English?
and him            :   i have the English version   …
me                   :   uuuu  …..  *
eat my pillow*

That’s a very stupid question ne, i mean why the hell i didn’t think if he might have an English version ne, because his English is very good. I was so ashamed, then i said no, thank you to him and do nothing but hugging my pillow and pretending to fall asleep.

After landing, i stayed on my seat waiting for another passenger getting their luggage. I never want to get rush for something like this, i better be the last person to get my luggage and out from the plane.

I took one suitcase, bag and pillow with me ….


Actually not because of that, but it was also because i might need help to get my luggage from the cabin crew thanks to how idle my left hand is after it broken last year. So it is impossible to me to get it only with one hand.

But suddenly, i heard someone asked me  …

Hey, is this yours …?

OMG that Jane Austen man again ne. I said yes and then with nothing to say more he just get all my luggage for me.  I said nothing but don’t worry everyone, i still able to say thank you.

I think i was amazed by him,

i mean among all people (Indonesian people) that no one asked to me about that, and i got use to feel nobody will ask to help me with my luggage so i will ask to one of the cabin crew to help me. Suddenly there was a man asked and helped me.

Then i wondered  …

Well, now i found out if there’s still a gentleman exist in this world, not only on Jane Austen‘s books.

Now you all know why i called him as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD

Ah you all, especially girls who read this surely know about Jane Austen ne. I mean who the hell is never read or see movie based on Jane Austen‘s book and sometimes think about …

What Jane Will Do?


like what Prudie (Emily Blunt on Jane Austen’s Book Club movie) read on the crossroad when she was thinkin about having an affair with one of her student.

Spoon and ice cream, that’s so brilliantly full of passion ….!!!

Bandara Soekarno Hatta

And at 21:30 PM i arrived at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport : Terminal 1 then waited for a bus shuffle to go to Terminal 3 where my next flight to Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia waited for me.

AtTerminal 3 where i will spent that night there, waited for 06:45 AM flight with Air Asia next morning.It was so cold there. My friend Buntal said maybe this is the newest Terminal at Soekarno – Hatta so the air conditioner is still good and able to freezed people who is not get use to air conditioner like me.


I couldn’t sleep that night even i already had my dinner, that very2 sexpensive and not good tasted noodle above. Can you imagine that i have to pay about 60,000 IDR only for that? and still i was sleepless that night.

Then i opened my laptop, go on line and start to bothered some of my Facebook friends again.

Then after midnight, i wonder again what else i can do now? Everyone was already sleep so none of my friend was online on FB Messenger. Talking about this FB Messenger ne, i just love how it made your Facebook friend’s profile picture who send you message will poop up like this.


And most of my Facebook friend’s profile picture are yasu so can you imagine how happy i am when i see lots of yasu suddenly poop off like that on my phone? …

絶対 に おもしろい な。。。

until 02:00 AM, still couldn’t sleep because it was too cold and i didn’t bring any jacket or sweater with me because i thought it will be a summer trip.

Most of my clothes are summer outfit.

And it was disaster ne, i mean i really can’t stand on cold situation. I can handle how HOT summer will give to me, but not cold. Then suddenly a nun came sit next to me. She said she is one of the missionary and they all will go to Lombok for their next mission.

I always love to talk with nun/sisters ne, they have something on their way of speaking that make you calm somehow. Dunno why i feel this way, but i suppose because i was raised by nuns in a Chatholic Institution until i was 3 years old and they allowed my pappi and mommy to take me home with them.

They said it was quite complicated adoption process they had to get us.

I spent my whole night that time on Terminal 3 –  Soekarno – Hatta listen to all her stories, including her reason why she took this path (read : to be a nun). It’s very interesting for me when she told me how she finally find the light to devoted only to her God.

Until 05:00 AM in the morning when they (read : Air Asia) opened their check- in counter. We said good bye and i did a self check- in using their machine available there and went up to the boarding room.

Waiting again for my 2nd flight that will bring me to Kuala Lumpur.

I was curious about Kuala Lumpur, because this time we wil landing to the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport. And according my friend it is so big and everything was available there.

She said like a mall inside an airport.

Well, indeed the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport is very amazing and i will tell you again on my next post for 2nd Part : Jakarta ~  KL.

So yeah, you all have to wait ne …. wekekekekeke  *who is gonna wait anyway?*

next is this …


and you can read it in other languages as well, because these amazing fans also did it in here  ..

~  French by ABC French Street Team

~  Spanish by ABC Spanish Street Team, and 

~  Mandarin by Erica Lai

Recently i don’t listen to Acid Black Cherry songs much, not because i get bored with it. I maybe someone who will bored everyone around me with things i said, but here’s no way Acid Black Cherry songs will bored me.

It just because now i kinda busy with my new research about this non Visual Kei band (you know what band i am talking about) for my self. I mean, somehow their songs are similar to what i feel, had and happened with me and all these things i feel about him (read : not yasu, not Mr. Friday, then who …. xD)

now i listen to their songs everyday on my way to office, yeah now my driving skill upgraded very well so i can drive while listen to my MP3 on one ear of course. Then followed with watching all their Live DVDs one by one.

so now if you see me posted lots of their songs lyrics, actually it is just this personal feelings that i want to get rid off. I did everything, but i still ended back there like a fool.



noi        :    and now he put his back right to me …
yasu     :    can you be less dramatic about it ..?
noi        :    i can’t, because it drives me crazy
yasu     :    stop it  …. *walked away*

but still …

i enjoyed a lot for listening and reading all what yasu said and  his way of thinking. Even though after reading it make me confused sometimes because of course there is always parts that i don’t wanna know but it always ended me smiled even laughed like an idiot

because yasu is somehow always have an answer that will surprise you (read : at least me) on every interviews he had or MCs on his Live performances.

So for me now, i’d say …

reading and listening what yasu’s said or will say is like a box of chocolate. You will never know what you are gonna get,

but don’t worry  because it is always amusing …xD

noi       :    いつもありがとう ね、 や〜〜さん
yasu    :    did you just watch
Forrest Gump …?
noi       :    omo, how did you know …
yasu    :    boring noi_chan, boring, no wonder he dumped you again …
noi       :    but i never talk about movie with him ne ..


4th Season, Finale Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tokyo … (Another me, yasu, mine and your Tiger)


OMG, finally here i am …

reaching this finale post for 4th Season 『Shangri-la』 Live while they (read : yasu and his team) are on their way to finish The 5th Season

Waaah, that’s awesome eh …


yasu       :      don’t you think that’s too late …?
noi          :      nobody’s waiting anyway  ….
yasu       :      that’s not awesome
noi          :      じゃー、  行きましょう, やーちゃん … xD
yasu       :      what is wrong with you …

~     『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tokyo


Project  『Shangri-la』 moved from Ibaraki to Tokyo and this 4th Season ~  Live Performance finale was held at NHK Hall, Tokyo.

As we all know Acid Black Cherry has made one-man Live in Tokyo at the end of 2012 with Erect Live.

It was a large venue/arena class Live so far, but this finale Live at NHK Hall it was a Live with a very close distance with the audience. It was the first concert hall in Tokyo for Acid Black Cherry.

started with this Local Gormet Introduction Corner

With various ingredients from all over Japan, Tokyo gourmet that waited for yasu on the venue were these …


i suppose Green Salad is always on the menu.

ah ya talking about salad ne,

any salad from green, red, yellow of blue (if there’s blue version of salad …xD) actually i am not into it at all.

If i have to put myself into animal class i’d rather put myself on carnivore class with lions and tigers than into herbivore with lambs and cows.

That’s why i also never have any interesting for vegetarian life style that is becoming a trend.

I do support green peace or stop global warming, etc etc  like what Leo Di Caprio do but still that vegetarian style is something impossible for me. I remember when i saw how my friend opened her lunch box at collage and there was only raw vegetables and rice i was like …

Oh dear, what on earth is that  ….?

It still surprised me until know whenever i see people eat salad and the say yummy, oishii, delicious or good … etc etc.

I mean, what’s good about salad ne, sure it’s good for your health, but tasted delicious? really? i suppose they whoever they are sayin that, must have a very different meaning of delicious with me.

Maybe because on my childhood times when i was able eat meat or chicken in a month can be counted with my half hand. Maybe 2 times a month or max is 3 times.

Then it kinda make me love meat more than anybody. Now i eat meat everyday, it’s good and make me happy even my doctor said it’s not good for my health.

See this is why i say there’s no such thing as fair on my life, for example : how God arranged this condition of me have to eat less meat everyday now when i finally able to eat it 3 times a day.

eh God, give me a Mercy …  uupss no God, i mean Jaguar ne  …


yasu   :    are we taking about cars now …?
noi      :    冗談 だ よ 。。。。
yasu   :    not funny ….
noi      :    ah, you should know that, see i put the
M with capital … xD

back to the topic the …

so after meal, in the dressing room they all seemed to have a music discussion between yasu and support members


Member    :     yasu, right now how is your top key come out right now
yasu         :      i wonder how is it now ..
Member    :     How was the old days? Higher key so much from the beginning?

yasu         :     No, i was lower in the old days. I did desperately in order to get the high key

etc etc  all musician’s talking ,  then question selected on the Question Corner is …

Please tell us something you were in-charged on school …

and yasu‘s answer is …

On Elementary School, i was a Student Council President. Though i’d like to have an excuse one, but i was not a child that active in such an event.


noi        :      おも、やーさん 。。。
yasu     :      what …
noi        :      i never think if you …
yasu     :      it surprised you …?
noi        :      yeah it is …

yasu always surprised me in so many ways he did or things he said.

yes, i do posted, wrote things about yasu and i even did it not only on my Social Networks or blogs like this but i also make everyone around me on my real life bored with all my talks about yasu,

yasu this, yasu that, yasu said this, that … etc etc,

but i dunno much about him, or do i have to say i don’t wanna know ….? so now it made this knowing about him more just turned into one of my Guilty Pleasure, that surely i wanna know and so curious about him but on the other side i also like to keep me to know nothing about him, his personal life, thoughts  … etc etc you name it.

Let’s just say there’s something that i’d call it as My EgoBitch (my Ego as A Bitch) to avoid myself to know more about yasu and keep everything about him i know is only about his music, his opinions and of course his dirty way of thinking.

so, I’d say

if people say there’s only a very Tiny LINE between love and hate then in my case there should be a BIG Great Wall of China between me (as the fangirl) and yasu (as the artist) …

but as always it make me so curiously wanna know if i read something juicy about yasu and his personal life matters  and no matter hard i tried to ignored it, i still click on the link and read it ….


Geeeez, who’s gonna able to ignore someone like him anyway  …

and recently i kinda jumped into this some site i accidentally jumped in to when i tried to find something on Google.

You all must know about this from what he said on last 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Miyazaki MC about Cherry Cherry song,

he gave his statement for rumor that spread on twitter about Cherry Cherry song was written based on his thought about 「さくりな」—> Sakurai Rina (a model, you can see lots of her on Ageha magazine).

and yasu said that’s not true because that song Cherry Cherry was wrote before he (read yasu) meet her (さくりな). Not only that yasu added if he is not gonna tell lie …

ass you all know she 「さくりな」 on 2009 posted a photo of her with yasu on her blog about her shopping together in Osaka and then people kinda said it as The Osaka date ? …


and then 2 years later on 2011 they both had a shoot together for Ageha Magazine and she posted 3 images of her on a fancy kimono with yasu on this blog post.




She also wrote about there was some misunderstanding related to her previous post with yasu.

Ah i think i kinda like her way of writing on her blog  … xD

Eh God, i supposed this all getting more juicy ne, because not only her, i also read about yasu with a woman named 「ミレイ」—> Miray also rumored to be dating.  It was around 2010 ~ 2012 when this 「ミレイ」 were floated all around.

then who is this 「ミレイ」 …?

there was a talk about that 「ミレイ」 is for 桐谷美玲さん , and actress and model ( heee, model again ….?)  .

There was a rumor said they both shopping together plus and somebody witnessed them (yasu and 「ミレイ」) were shopping together at goa (a fashion brand shop in Shibuya 109) .

At that day, yasu actually visited goa Shibuya 109 man’s .


and there was photo of yasu on a guy named Yuki Aoi‘s blog.

nah, that is weird ne, because i do remember i could open that blog post and now it became a member entry post?, eeh what happened ….?

omo, is it ….  ah やーさん , do tell me 。。。

yasu    :    what …
noi       :    if one day i might meet you and asked to take a photo with you, then if i want to post it on my blog, do i have to make it as a member entry?
yasu   :     what, a picture with me? dream on, you fangirl …
noi      :    well, sure i will because  …

i am a Day Dreamer ne, so i still able to dream with my eyes OPEN … !!!

yasu   :     what the ….

But however there was no such post in 「ミレイ」‘s blog. So society, society and rumors inside it  … .

でも ね、a model eh …

i suppose that’s would be a normal when a JRock Star dating a model or actress/idol ne, i’d say it kinda how that’s supposed to be, for sexample like ….

#  a doctor usually date with a nurse or one of his patient,
#  a movie star with a director or singer,
#  a restaurant owner with chef … etc etc , so i suppose it also might happen between
#  a fangirl with fanboy …..? ho ho ho

because they all livin in the same world, same activity and that bring them into same interest and passion.

omo i should get a Fanboy Boyfriend ne  … wekekekeke *make a note*

yasu      :    what this all about noi _chan, rumors about me post  …?
noi         :    ah come on, this is too good to ignored …
yasu      :    what happened to
Inspector Himura don’t do rumors  …
noi         :  
Inspector Himura is OFF now …
yasu      :    why …
noi         :  
Mr. Friday need her

OK, enough with the rumors talk, now back to 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tokyo  next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 27.02.2014 NHK Hall


01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Black Cherry
07. Maria
08. so…Good night.
09. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
10. Pistol11. Shojo no Inori III
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. Shangri – la


14. 20+∞Century Boys (request)
15. Kono aozora no Mukou ni (request)

and then as always, next is this lovely dovey kewpie  …

credit to   :   @Yasuの女

that’s a  提灯!/ Lantern  …

what a cute red baby ne, aand he is perfectly red. Too bad, i didn’t get it.

~  Whatsoever Updated from me …

this one is for Kyoto ~  Day 2

Enjoii ….. !!!

aand by the way bus way everyone,

last night i deactivated my Facebook again so yeah all the links i posted before this entries are DEAD … xD. So sorry ooo for the inconvenient but i have to do this because Friday need me

yeah, i think so.

he need me ne, because last night i saw something happened on his page and even i dunno what the hell is that but that’s a sign when i have to start to focus on following him ….

yasu     :     you mean stalk him …
noi        :     no, no follow ne, follow just like i follow you on twitter ..
yasu     :     yeah, what ever
noi        :     what happen eh …
yasu     :     don’t ask me

And the only one way to do it is by kill that Inspector Himura FB acc. So if maybe some of you haven’t save the previous part before that Kyoto Day 2 above please do tell me and i will give you another link ..

then let’s move to another juicy is this …

~   Q&A on the latest JUNON Magazine

this latest JUNON edition is kinda surprised me,

because i though it will be only one page with yasu like the previous edition with yasu in it. But this time is different ne, i’ve seen there’s at least 4 pages with so many yasu in it. And of course the Q&A part that gave me a very HUGE LOL and sexcitement last night.

especially this part,

Q :   What would you like to challenge for 2014 ?
A :   i guess, a collaboration

wah, collaboration? with who? surely it won’t be with Dr. Who ne,  ….

then with who ….?

HYDE    :     hey fangirl, why am i here now …
noi         :     to tell me who …
HYDE    :     who, who is who …
noi         :     is that you …
HYDE    :     what this all about …? *leaving*

OMG i hope if that would be came true it will be a collaboration with HYDE no matter HYDE with VAMPS, L’arc or even just HYDE. And i guess that’s must be the most awesome collaboration ever ne …

and then more juicy is …

Q : If you could make a wish to God, what would you ask ..?
A : make
Japan to allow polygamy

when i read it, i was like …

nyaaaa ….. !!!!

What the hell is that? OMG he must be drunk or his head must got HIT by something very hard … etc etc while falling dawn together with London Bridge. But then when i see the other fans comment about that especially fangirl i think i know why yasu said that.

Well, don’t take serious ne, this is just my fangirl deduction ne …

So, i suppose he really know how crazy his fans are about him (fangirls, especially) so it’s kinda joke or something from him so we all can have him … wekekekekeke …. *dumped to hell*

Next Saturday April 26th, will be the last Live for 5th Season 『Shangri-la』 Live,

and then Encore Season will started and they (whoever they are) already make all of us want to have ll the Encore and Final Season GOODS by posted this photo of their Official Model with the Pink Muffle Towel

even with all that SAMPLE posted there, still i can see that I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME CUM and then it became an euphoria where everybody, especially fangirls (yeah, it always girls ne … ) share it and added something like this

*  It’s OK yasu, i’ll do that …
*  sure ..
*  fine, i will … etc etc

and many other various way posting, and it was VERY FUNNY ne untill i saw on my Facebook Home Page there’s 2 girls who posted that and one of them is only 14 while the other is 15 years old said if it is fine and OK to make yasu CUM

then suddenly that CUM jokes turned to be NOT FUNNY anymore, sure it is FUNNY when it was said by an adult. But when 2 minors/under 18 said/wrote it on their Facebook like that,

what can i say but following Loki of Asgard sayin

geeez …. #ItIsMadness

I think they don’t even understand what the hell is the meaning of CUM or they get it without understand the whole idea about orgasm things after searching it on Google.

They just posted it and i wonder how is their friend, parents if they found out about this even i am sure they will not allow their parents to look at their Facebook account like what my nephew did when he kicked his mother and me out from his Friend on Facebook.

14 years old is the same age with my nephew KEMOD who is so Social on Internet with his Facebook and Twitter ne. When i look at him i always think that’s what gadget and technology effect on him.

Ah ya, talking about Social Networks ne, ast but not least, let’s talk about this woman named …

~    Dinda and her TIGER

So recently this woman, named Dinda a career woman who is currently living in Jakarta were all over internet thanks to her shocking post on her personal Path.

And that might something be simple and nothing (but her way to let/throw away her anger by posting it on her Path) at the first time turned into something BIG and ended with lots of internet bullying to her from everyone all over Indonesia. It even posted on national newspaper in here.

It started on a day when Dinda posted this her anger post to pregnant woman on train via her Path, like this …


it’s in Indonesian if i may translated it into English like this …

I really hate to pregnant woman who suddenly came and ask for a seat (on a train). Yes, i know you are pregnant, but please came early or go to farther station so you can get a seat. I have to go early in the morning to get a seat. You don’t want to try hard but bother other people.

If you don’t want try hard to get a seat, then don’t go to work, just stay at home. Just because you are a pregnant woman, you want everyone to understand you but you don’t want to try do anything …

and then continued with hastag #notetomyselfdontbotherpeople

and then too bad for Path one of her follower/friend maybe captured that and imported it to another Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter … etc etc then it became some trending. People talked and bullied her everywhere, especially woman.

i also mad when i read her post even i am not pregnant woman, but i just can’t believe it that kind of rude, very rude way of sayin an anger was sayin by a woman. I am sure she is single and never pregnant, but has she ever think if her mother also was a pregnant woman who carried her on her belly for nine month?

i know Jakarta is a hard city to livin in,  whenever i go to  Jakarta, it made me dizzy.

That’s too hard for me who get use to live in a village. All of it start from the hot weather, traffic jam, and people that seems more careless to other. But i suppose every people/woman who live in Jakarta also feel the same way in the morning on their way to work.

But why she had to say something like that? Did she skipped all the Social Subjects on her school? , because surely there is lot of parts that keep tellin us to give out seat on bus/train to older people than you or pregnant woman ne …

and then Dinda didn’t stop just like that, because

seeing the effect of her path post became nationally like that, she post another statement about the reason why she said that from her legs became limp because so many time standing on train everyday, her home that far away from her office … etc etc and all her miserable life as one of commuter in Jakarta.

and it made the internet bullying to her much bigger than before also see there’s some people even posted her perosonal data like her full name, address and work place followed with many internet bullying like this …

Good Morning Dinda, did you get a seat on train this morning?,
This train is woman only, except Dinda … etc etc many more

I feel sorry for Dinda,

i mean i can imagine she must be feel un_secure to go everywhere now, even she finally made an apology post.

But i think that’s something that she has to learn that in this world we are livin with many other people other than us, and how we have to be careful about what we’re gonna post/tweet/ on our Social Networks.

yes, true it’s our account and we free to post anything on it, but remember ne if there’s something called as Social Punishment. See what happen to Dinda, that’s an example when Social Punishment did their job to punish people.

I remember there’s an Indonesian phrase like this

Mulutmu, Harimaumu
Your mouth is your Tiger

nah in this Dinda case, with her gadget i suppose it became

Akun Sosialmu, Harimaumu
Your Social Networks are your Tiger

so beware everyone, think again at least 10 times if you want to put some part of your anger into your social networks. Think again and look at what happened to Dinda, surely you don’t want a whole nation to bully you on internet right …

That case also make me think what the hell is happen with this world, i mean people start to be careless about everything and others? Is that what all gadgets, internet and technology gave us, a modern classy people but careless and mean to other?

Suddenly, this song Where’s The Love by The Black Eyed Pease really fit on this situation …

What’s wrong with the world mamma,
Poeple livin like they ain’t got no mama
I think the whole world addicted to drama,
only attractive to things that’ll brings to trauma …

People killin’, people dyin’
Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
Can you practise what you preach
And would you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above’
Cause people got me, got me questionin’
Where is the love (Love)

complete lyrics in here

Me as one of former MTV Junkies (when you do nothing a whole day but watching MTV) ,

sure know The Black Eyed Pease, and  for me they are genius, with their rap lyrics always able to put something to us to listen and then look arround and think. I listened to that song forever ago on my childhood and then now i finally understand what is Will I Am wanted to show me with that song.

And to all of you who want to learn English and add your vocab and some slang words, i suppose you should listen more into rap songs like The Black Eyed Peace, Linkin Park, Jay-Z or Kanye West.

Now surely something is wrong with the world, nah the question is …

Where’s the Love, and …

what i am gonna do when the world addicted to drama ….

yasu      :    i know what you are gonna do …
noi         :    really, then do tell me …
yasu      :    what else than you will make another drama …..
noi         :    heee ….




Kagerou Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Gunma …. (Another me, yasu and Fridayさん, 私の心 の社長 )


I should make this post as Friday Post ne …

not because i start to write this post on Friday, but also because i think a lot about Mr. Friday on a Friday like that day. Can you imagine that, on a very long and sexhausting day i am still thinking about him.

About what …?

About anything ne, for example like ah he must be very busy now because April 9th, tomorrow is The Election Day. I heard some rumors about him and money for this election, then suddenly i realized how rich he is now.

Yes, as a gold digger of course i am already know if he is rich,

but with this election now i know if he is rich more than how rich he is on my imagination. Here in my country, you have to be a very rich person to go as one of the candidates on election because there’s always something called money politics happen.


yasu     :   money, Friday? what this all about noi_chan …?
noi        :   it is about the distance eh ya_san,
yasu     :   you and him …
noi        :   yes, it became more wide now ..
yasu     :   i told you ne, get over ..

get over? what the hell is that ….

i wish to do that can be so easy like sayin, but it is not. I can’t an still not able to for get, get over … bla bla bla or any other terms you might say for this situation. Even though, now i am already thinkin about to do that forget and get over about Mr. Friday seriously.

Because tomorrow is The Election Day please just for this time let me say …

Dear Friday,

I wish you all the best for tomorrow, and even if it will ended with you failed i hope you are gonna be fine because until now you are still The President of My Heart, so yes …

Fridayさん, あなたは 私の心 の社長


yasu      :     what is that …
noi         :      eeh, did i wrote it wrong?
yasu      :      but you are my fangirl  …
noi         :      well, you can be
The Vice President ne …
yasu      :      number 2, really?
noi         :     honey i am sorry, but Love Division is so confusing eh ..

so confusing …

especially when it start to reach about that forget and get over about Mr. Friday. Seriously ne, apprently i sterted to think about all Her Majesty long drama talks

Think about start find somebody and maybe start my own family that i never think about when my father still alive. At that time, even it was a miserable life but i feel secured. Secured because i still have my father, mother, our house and the belonging feeling of a family.

But now everything is changed,

Because i know it’s always impossible to turn back time, so now i want to do something to have a secure life and maybe the happy one in the future. Have a family, my own family to pass this blood inside of me. The idea to have a cute little daughter suddenly is on me. …

dunno why …

I look at all my friend, i mean my college friend. I remember how i spent my whole night like a wacky indian police to watch over their Facebook account one by one.

All of them mostly have a similar kind of Facebook, complain about how their body is not sexy anymore, how tired but happy they are taking care of their children … etc etc …

suddenly …


noi        :     well i …
YUKI     :     she’s envy …
yasu     :     hmmm …. *still playin*
noi        :     guys, please ….
YUKI     :     we’re busy right now …
yasu     :     talk later OK …

maybe yes, i am envy and i want the same thing for me. But then, the next bigger question is  …..

if i don’t have Friday, then with whom i am gonna have all of that happiness like my friends?

Surely you all already watch Bridget Jones Diary right?

and you all know how finally Bridget found and know if she really love Darcy even Darcy had to get some bitter experience of his wife cheated on him with his friend ne. So now let me ask you all who read this post ne, …..

Do tell me, Am i wrong if i want to wait a little bit longer for Mr. Friday …?

Of course i don’t want Friday, yes my Friday to have the same situation like Darcy on that movie but i just wanna wait a little bit longer ne.

Ah, forget about that and let’s change the topic. So, when i posted my previous post before this days ago, i found out if for last March i only posted 2 entries.

OMG can you imagine that?

no wonder last month felt like crazy for me ne. Because i only wrote 2 entries and spent my whole nights on March mostly to acted like an idiot. What the hell i did ne, i am just too old to acted like that.

So from now on, i promise to myself to write more to make myself better and stop being an idiot on internet. Now let’s back to  『Shangri-la』 and continue the unfinished home work.

Tonight is …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Gunma ..

From Chiba, 『Shangri-la』 Project move to Gunma and same as what happened in Chiba because of heavy snow that fell in the Kanto Region they had to postponed 『Shangri-la』 Meeting in Gunma.

And on the Live Day because of the snow was still fell quite a lot, they also discussed about postponing The Live as well, but then because the weather was calm then live can be done as it planned before.

Live in Gunma after about six years ago on BLACK LIST Tour on 2008. Even it was a clod day, but Live in Gunma it was a HOT Live. Then as always, started with …

~   the Annual Local Gourmet Introdution Corner …

aand this gourmet appetizing was waiting for yasu at the venue …


Rihei_san no Tori meshi / Rihei_san’s chicken rice …

Every members with their instrument while talking, then flew into a jam session in the dressing room.

Then that day, it was a DEAD END session where yasu participated as the drum player while doing make up and then tried YUKI‘s guitar after make up …


and then the question selected on …

~   The Question Corner  is …

Speaking of Maebashi, Bicycle Race is famous and talking about gambling everyone, are you do it? and what is your fist gambling …?

and yasu‘s answer is …

I like it very much, and in old days i even lived only for it.  Hey, really i was not that dumb-ass (laugh).

and followed with some Pachinko‘s talking

~   The SetList  …

『Shangri-la』 Live 20.02.2014 Beishia Cultural Hall ~ Gunma


01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi ~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. cord name【JUSTICE】
11. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. Shojo no Inori
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Aishitenai (request)
15. so…Good night (request)
16. Pistol
17. Shangri – La

then my fave part is …

~   The Kewpie  …



credit   :   @Yasuの女

It’s a だるま/ Daruma Doll

also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artist.

i had one, but now i suppose it is on it way to Columbia, since i sent it there as a present for one of my dearest friend there. I said to her i dunno how long it will take to send stuff from Indonesia to Columbia but she said she will wait …

Very well , i adore people with patient though …

next is …

~    This Whatsoever Update from me …


~   Postcard Calendar


~   CD Only


3rd Season Shangri – la PHOTOBOOK

this time is for …

~  Tottori



~  Shimane



then, let’s talk about …

~  team_yasu …


yes, i am talking about that team_yasu group on Facebook.

I said i wont say anything more than i already said there but since i still got some messages i think i have to say something.

That group is still the same fun and cheerful groups as it use to be, and we are finally reach 2,500 members ne. Of course that’s make me so happy because soon we will beat team _Edward.

But one night i got a message, which is a simple message only say :

Hello Noi_san, i see something started to happen on ABC group, don’t you noticed it? If you do i hope you can do something.

then i wondered what the hell was happening? i thought everything is OK and everyone is happy. And then the following night i got another same message with quite similar content. Then that night i started to see and really watch what is really happen.

Then finally i figured it out, OMG i am so sorry ne, i was so fool because i didn’t even realized that.

What happened was there’s something that i will call as a grouping started to happen. Where certain member (who speaks/understand Japanese ) only add comment to certain post by certain same members.

It reminded me to what also happened to that group a long time ago, where members who speak/understand French, Mandarin, Italy, Spanish or even Indonesian only talked to members speak/understand the same language,

For me it was like there’s a group inside a group, that’s not good eh …

And in this case i also see how it followed with member who i know exactly he/she understand English choose to post in Japanese. OK, add a comment was fine but when it became like that i suppose that’s not fair for other members who don’t understand Japanese.

now after i put my self into their (who send me message and i am very grateful for) glasses, look at that group with their glasses i understand why did they ask me to do something. On that group description, yes i wrote that  …

Sukoshi no eigo to basuketo ..
A little bit English and Basketball …

as you know, that’s from Acid Black Cherry‘s cover song lyrics Aitai ne


I really love that cover ne even i have to hold this massive hate inside me every time i see that damn PV with yasu on a bed with a women.

But at that time, when i put that sentence as one of the group rules i had no idea if that little is gonna grow like that and followed with that tend to grouping like that.

I know i can’t force all member to add a comment to all post because there’s so many cause to make people decided to add a comment to a post in Facebook, post a comment in a blog or reply somebody’s tweet on twitter.

For sexample …

~   that post is great …
~   that post is very funny,
~   there’s something on that post that we had to answer no matter what, or
~   you like or at least have a crush to person who posted that, so you want to get her/his attention with anything including by add comment to all her/his post ….

ha ha ha yeah, blimey i’ve been so long on Facebook, twitter and blogging so i know that kind of pattern eh.

There was also a suggestion about translate it into English to make everyone understand. But still i am not sure that’s gonna stop that group inside group lead to. And also if you translate all post plus with the comments on it surely it will feel like a stalking ne …

And hello i am Inspector Himura eh, i do investigate, i don’t  stalk …


yasu    :   but noi_chan, you also do stalk ..
noi       :   you mean on my sister’s twitter, that’s watching, eh not stalking …
yasu    :   no, i didn’t talk about twitter …
noi       :   ah, that
Mr. Friday’s Facebook, ssstt ya_san that’s different … *wink*

so Mr. Friday’s Facebook eh …

Well, i have 2 Facebook account ne and i prefer to keep the other one (that sometimes i use) for my self to watch over Mr. Friday. That’s why i only have about 25 friends there and have no intention to add more. Because i don’t wanna miss Mr. Friday‘s update eh.

So if there’s some of you added me there and still no answer i am really sorry while for some of you who listed as my friend on my both Facebook account, i’d say …

~ you’re adorable,
~ i like you so much,
~ i am curious about you, or
~ i am stalking you …. !!!!

it’s nice when i don’t have to scroll down to see some more post,

so it was like when i open my Facebook Home and there you are i see Friday. Actually this watching Friday becomin my guilty pleasure. I love to do that because it make me happy but at the same time there’s always something called guilty followed,

hit me  and then put a big BITCH sign on my face …

noi       :   well, that’s hurt …
yasu    :   then stop …
noi       :   do i have to …
yasu    :   you know you have to ..

eeeh look what i am talkin about now, open my stalk activity to public?. Before i talk too much i better back to team_yasu talk eh, so …

That’s why i decided to allow English Only both for post and comment on that group and will let my MAGIC Eraser to erase automatically all non English post and comment.

Since my Japanese isn’t that good i even had to asked my friend to translate what i said into Japanese because i believe she can make it as polite as possible like how polite she is.

Thanks again, dear …xD

After all from the beginning that group is an International Group so it’s better if we use English Only. And i am really sorry if i offended some of you, but i have to do this and trust me there’s nothing personal on this matter. I just do my job to make sure everyone get the same thing.

i’d say,

even there’s only a Thin Line between Love and Hate but for this matter i’d say there’s always a Great Wall of China lining between Business and Personal

now everyone,

let’s continue to have fun, sharing, learn for each other, be a fool and happy at the same time, and support yasu together, because i believe one day we will beat that team_Edward.

Go, Go, team_yasu …. !!!!


and for you (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) ….

How am i gonna say about this eh, i mean recently things just get hard.

I know life is hard, and my life is already hard but now i feel it is harder than before. Now at the beginning of April i already sick again, even it’s not the same sick or bleeding like 2 months ago but i just feel something is not right with me.

Maybe it’s just because how weather’s changing recently but i feel lots of pain and hurts on me. My head dizzy, i throat’s hurt to swallow, my back’s hurt every night and also my heart beat fast, too fast.

It’s been 2 days i managed myself to avoid 6 cups of coffee. I only have one cup coffee for a day and it drives me crazy.

But regardless for what i feel now i am glad there’s still something that can make me happy and how i finally found yasu again inside my brain.

I even cut my long hair and asked the stylist to make it look like yasu, look  …


i think it’s kinda worked eh, even yeah i am not blond as yasu but the important thing is nobody call me Dora The Explorer with No Monkey this time. So i guess it worked, and then when 【TEAM ABC】 updated the Official Blog and posted this yasu eat some BIG Burger


what happen next is i smiled like an idiot in front of my PC … #WhatAFangirl

it took me forever to make the stylish do this after her rambling saying, don’t you feel sorry to cut it? your hair it’s a quite long hair; what if we only cut it 5 cm? …. bla bla bla many more.

Then i said to her,

stop talking and just cut it … !!

Even i say to everyone how i want to cut my hair like yasu, but the real is by cut my head off i kinda like wanted to let go all this feelings inside me no. All those feelings like scare, fool, un_secure and also the kinda silly things that i feel now, i don’t like all of it.

That’s why i cut my hair and somehow it worked eh.

Now feel much better. I start to write again like now and yeah fangirl is a quite simple but still complicated in some way. That’s why i will say for everything that you might not aware you already gave to me ya_san,

thank you so much and I will stay with you until the end of the line …


yasu      :     OK, then …
noi         :     not gonna say anything more …
yasu      :     why,
Google didn’t work …?
noi         :     sorry, it’s
Captain’s order
yasu      :     oh not movie again noi_chan, that’s boring
noi         :     OMG ya_san,
Steve Rogers he is soo ….  bla bla bla … *film talking*


Moanday Post : ABC New Single : 「君がいない、あの日から・・・」 …. (another me, yasu and This Madness …!!! )


So after had 6 cups of coffee last night,

i woke up this morning and feel how fast is my heartbeat,  faster than it use to be and with some trembling in my both hand. OMG what the hell is happen to me? Surely i have to stop this coffee addiction. I’ve tried everything, like changed it with chocolate, tea … but didn’t work, all of it.

I still want nothing but coffee ….

there was someone asked me : why there is no update on your blog again? are you gonna stop write there? …. etc etc i answered it with i dunno about why but i know for sure i am not gonna stop writing.

Well let’s just say i am just a bit busy recently.


yasu     :    i know who you are busy with now …
noi        :    who …?
yasu     :    do i have to say it ..?
noi        :    no, no, don’t …

I always say how writing anything here makes me feel better ne …

but recently i don’t write a lot, and surely it didn’t turned my worst into better as always after i finish my whatsoever post. Because these days there’s no yasu feelin in my brain.

I dunno what the hell is happen to me and i better find where the hell is he now. I believe he is hiding somewhere inside my brain, because with no yasu in my brain came up, i can’t write and i will never feel better.

As you all know the new single  君がいない、あの日から・・・ released, and surely i said ….

Horaaay …. !!!

and got sexcited with all members of team_yasu group on Facebook. I love how that group alive again recently, not only a group full of sales, spamm and random post by any fubar wacky and empty Facebook account.

Maybe, no one see it but i used to erased lots of that kind of post and the memorable one is the acid seller post, すごくびっくりした …!!!

aand about this new single …



i’ll say this new single is like a candy.

first it surprise you with the sweet maybe mixed with sour things but then after you lick it over and over it dissapeare from your mouth soon. Nah that’s what i feel with this new single. Yes, when i heard it for the first time i was like …

#Whoaaa ….. !!!

like as always for yasu‘s new single release, but this time there’s nothing after that whoaa …!!!. Unlike the previous 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~」 or ah ya the same ballad イエス single, that gave me some kind of insatiable feelings so more i listen to the song, more i want to listen it again and again …

Surely there’s nothing wrong with the single, it’s still a brilliant masterpiece from yasu. Maybe the problem is in me. With this too much things inside my brain that i have to let out some of it. I suppose my brain, mind and soul couldn’t get the same insatiable feelings for this song …

Suddenly all around me kinda won’t let me go alone.

My works especially, this is already a month me on this new stuffs. Still in the same division but now i handle 2 factories, and as always the fact reality isn’t not like what i imagined before.

Yeah, you might thing it’s a promotion for me, just like my boss who told me how he trust me to handle 2 of his factories than anybody else. But it’s really hard for me. All those deadlines that supposed to be dead now they are back to live again and no mercy keep after me nonstop everyday.

They all just like my neighbor’s dead hungry bulldog who always after me whenever i pass.

Still the same, but in a bigger scale. But it’s not simple like that, because a bigger scale also mean lot of another people to handle and talk to. So my first month was full of people complained to me, complain this, that, they talked longer than people that i usually talk to … etc etc and my phone nonstop ringing.

Now inside my brain, there’s nothing but all my works with all that numbers that wouldn’t never let me go.

What happened was everyday i kept looking at my phone and wondering what next? what they all gonna complain to me again this time. The worst part is i can’t stop checkin to my phone. Even it doesn’t ring, i hope it to ring. On my driving back from office, or night i had dream if that damn phone is ringing …


noi        :    ya_san, do something …
yasu     :    go find
Friday … …
noi        :    but he is busy now, so help me …. *
wanna cry*
yasu     :    you know i also busy …

I just feel like a whole world kinda against me in a fast and cruel way and make me feel like i was back into a probie again. A probie who had to run fast there then there and i am not that fast ne, no matter how much i adore Michael Fassbender ….

i am still forever Capt. Slow ne,

and going fast is not my division at all. I want to cry, but i am just too tired to cry. So here i am now, writing this tryin to me myslef better as how i use to feel better.

By do what i love to do ne. I’lll skip the Shangri – La works tonight and go to this whatsoever update …

~    Shangri – La PHOTOBOOK

2nd Season ~  on stage, before live … etc

3rd Season ~ Osaka

3rd Season ~ Okayama (it’s Yukki’s home btw …xD)

3rd Season ~ Yamaguchi


~    Oricon Interview ~ English Translation



source  :   here

the more and more i read about yasu, i became more sure how brilliant he is.

And as a brilliant man with his way of thinking surely he is not a simple man. I’d say he must be quite complicated man. And that will be so hard for me as a simple person if i might have a chance to have some talk with him i will skip that because i am sure it will end with me sayin …

Ah, whatever ….  !!! #nyaaa  …  *got an instant kick*


yasu     :    say it again …
noi        :    say what …?
yasu     :    that after what …
noi        :    @)_@ ..
yasu     :    what kind of fangirl you are, eh noi_chan …?

I know how bad is my Japanese,

so i think this kind of one way talking (mad and crazy woman rambling/monologue or whatever you name it) like this is more easy for me and it makes me feel better.

Because i want to feel better ne, even not on everything, but be able to feel better at least for one certain thing is always better than nothing eh, for example, after been worried and dramatically bored rambling Facebook status i feel better because now …

L’arc finally came up with an upcoming new single …


as you all know, HYDE posted some haiku via VAMPS official twitter and it scared me to hell about what if after their Live at Kokuritsu there will be an announcement about disband … etc etc …





i can’t imagine how i am gonna be broken_hearted if my fear became true. I mean …

i am a L’arc basen fangirl ne, what am i gonna do without L’arc … ? 

I don’t mind if they will be on hiatus again, i’ll let them take hiatus as long as they want and i will always waiting but please don’t think dissband. But then like a MAGIC now there will be a new single ne, so yay   … !!!

~  and my sister finally on her way back from Japan …

i was worried about her, on her leaving i was like an idiot stayin all night long watching her twitter and hope there will be some tweets from her.

As i said i am on twitter just to stalk my sister. To know where she go, what she will/already buy and also ask her to do this and that like a boss.

After all …


i am Miss Fisher and she is Dottie eh, so i am the boss and Inspector Jack Robinson is mine …. xD

And when there was a fire on Shibuya, it was frightening for me, because i asked to go there to get me something. If something happened to her how am i gonna say to Her Majesty ne …

She is not get use to walk everywhere, and i can imagine how it’s gonna be hard for her to be in Japan where you have to walk for some distance to train station if you wanna go somewhere.

That surely is a hell for her.

When she posted something on her twitter, i will call Her Majesty and we will read/watch it together because she wants to know where and how is her beloved daughter now.

Her Majesty, my  mother always worried so much whenever my sister going somewhere. I think she is not that worried if i am the one who is going…


yasu      :     look who is jealous now …
noi         :     no, i am not. Jealous is not my division
yasu      :     can you just stop talk about division thing …?
noi         :     but, i tell you ne, now i have to jump on this …

Golf Divison ….

Eh God, what i am supposed to say about golf?

Nothing because i know nothing about golf. But it’s already 3 weeks, i spent my whole Sunday Morning talking with someone who is really love and into golf division. I should say him as a golf addict because he talked nothing but about golf to me ..

Actually he is one of people that we are workin together in this thing we joined this year.  He came yesterday and i was told to be a good host and do the talk with him.

Talking, can you imagine that? me someone who don’t do talk now had to do that kind of talks because this is an order …


yasu      :    i didn’t ask you that …
noi         :    not you …
yasu      :    then who …?
noi         :    ひみつ ね 。。。。

Talk about this and that and then ended with me stuck listening one guy’s talk about golf. And then suddenly after finished his long Golf Talk, he asked me …

So, what do you think about Golf …?

i was thinking for a while, then i answer him for me golf is a very expensive sport, the stick, bag, shoes, shirt … etc all of them are expensive. I mean you can’t just use your regular shirt to go to to a golf tournament or just following someone who is playing golf while order you to do this and that …

Golf is only for rich people and honestly for me personally i never think golf as a sport because sport for me is more like tennis, judo, karate, soccer or basketball.

But i was told if there’s lots of info you can get in the golf course, so i suppose that whole Sunday Morning walking and talking in a golf course is worthy …

But, even it’s worthy ….


noi        :    i don’t wanna do that anymore ne,  ….
yasu     :    why …
noi        :    that’s disaster, because the caddy looks more stylish than me …
yasu     :    poor noi_chan


FUBAR Post : Shangri-la 」Meeting ~ Kanagawa .. (another me, yasu and The Following Division xD)


i open my Facebook (read : the new one … xD) and get whoaaa …. !!!!_ed by this ….

team abc fb

They (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) changed their Facebook cover like that days ago,

and i think they also did the same thing to the The Official Blog header but they changed it back into Kuroneko cover even they already changed Ameba profile picture same as profile picture from Official  Home Page and Website ….



i suppose they decided to wait until the Release Day ne ..



OMG , #nyaaaa  ….. *droooling like never drool before*

i think yasu and his 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 shouldn’t make me drooling so many times in a day like this ne, i am afraid if drool like an idiot in more than 3 days then what happen to me is …

I will end as The Queen of Troll instead of The Queen of The World ….


noi         :    Troll eh, やばい な。。
yasu      :    but still as the queen …
noi         :    that’s impossible, because when i took my Middle Earth test, i got Elf
yasu     :     you?, no way …
noi         :    yes way, that’s why Legolas is MINE …. aha ha ha ha …

i am proudly sayin how i’m totally fine with the other covers (read : w/ DVD and Special Price) but not to that CD Only cover ne, i told you all how that frustrate me in some way that i couldn’t understand before? now thanks to Christine, i get it why and what the hell i am having this now.

This over sexciting of fangirlism inside me ….

that is sooo not right ne …


yasu     :    that cover is totally fine …
noi        :    not the cover, but me having this over sexciting  …
yasu     :    what’s not right?
noi        :    i am too old for that, eh …
yasu     :    you are too old for everything then … *laugh*

heee ….

ah ya, talking about  【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ne, look at this …


It was posted on team_yasu group on Facebook by one of the member named Konata Yumiko. I didn’t realized that but she did, good job eh.

So finally after years on twitter 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 followed 1 twitter account. It was a twipple for Android or something. But then about 2 days latter until now, it becomin back like this again …


they just back not following anybody. So what the hell was happen?

Is that a mistake or they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) are just so changeable like me and Jim Moriarty ? ….xD.

Ah who knows ne, but one thing i know for sure about 【Team Acid Black Cherry】

Following is not Their Division …

because look at this so many people with yasu who fans or yasu himself often call it as staff_san or something like that …


surely all of them are from many different divisions on 【Team Acid Black Cherry】/yasu‘s team like stylist, lightning, make up, catering and accounting … etc etc, but i am sure there’s no Following Division there  … xD

or maybe there’s this Fans Only sign on The Following Division?.

OK let’s think about that later, because now i think i better back to 「Shangri-la 」 and finish this whatsoever homework i made for myself.

This time is …

~    「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~   Kanagawa

after finished Live Performance in Tochigi (that i mistakenly wrote it as Togichi, blimey …xD) they moved to the next prefecture. It is Kanagawa prefecture, started it with 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting .

Held at noon and that day was a public holiday where lots of people gathered in the venue to meet and greet with yasu. the venue Queen Square Yokohama, a venue of a complete shopping mall, Queen Tower, hotel and office buildings.

The Meeting started with Public Recording with FM Yokohama, talked about various things like the previous Live in Tochigi and Project 「Shangri-la 」 it self.

he also said about how different is the previous 3rd Season around Kansai with this around Kanto area. He said how Kansai has a unique power and atmosphere while Kanto area is more style feeling …

it’s simply because yasu is from Osaka, he is a Kansai man himself and style feeling? i suppose that’s what a Metropolitan area should give us ne  …. xD

then he also tried to hear a recommended spot in Kanagawa to come from the audience in the venue.

They gave Enoshima, i suppose that’s an island eh …


and the story of this 「Shangri-la 」  Meeting will be OA March 11th (Tuesday) on FM Yokohama.

next is this ….

~   Whatsoever next Episode from me …

this is for Ishikawa Part


Enjoiii …. !!

Talking about Facebook, ah how am i supposed to say this eh,

So i had no idea if by de_activated my Facebook will make all the links that i posted here ended with everyone who clicked on it get this blue thumb with a bandage image like this.


until somebody told me about that, but  today i re_activated that again ne, so i suppose it will be available anymore. For the whatsoever inconveniet about finding a wacky blue thumb on your PC,

i am so sorry ooo ….  *bounce*

and then …

~   This yasu as cover for March Live DAM Express  …

dam express

details in here :

i hope there will be some message video from yasu on DAM Channel like when he did for Shojo no Inori III single there. That would be lovely as this …

~   MJTV 「Shangri-la 」  Meeting in Nara

that finally UP …


just click on the image and it will bring you to the Dailymotion video. OMG that’s so lovely yasu ne, then it’s …

~   My 1st Hello to Weekend …..

lemme say ….

Hello Weekend …!!!!

finally ne, after all this time in my whole career working in this company for almost 8 years i never feel about having a regular weekend.  I started to work in this company where i am working now about one year after my graduation.

I spent about a year at home to babysit my nephew Ipank since he was 3 months old until more than a year. So yeah, i am a very professional babysitter as well as a governess for his older brother.

I suppose you all know what is the different between a babysitter and a governess ne. If you don’t then let me en_light you all

a baby sitter job is only to take care a baby, while a governess if for children. Usually a very rich family like Capt. Von Trapp‘s family hired a governess to help their children study at home.  Ah ya, you know like Maria Rainer on The Sounds of Music nah i think she is the most famous governess.

sound of music3

God, i love this movie so much ne …

In marine terms you may say i am a career soldier who earn his/her position by joining wars. I started to work from down, as the probie (one that do anythings, go there and there nonstop) because until now i am the youngest among all my office_mates.

I am glad with where i am now, in this position i think i have achieved my career dream.


Like that lovely miss Phryne Fisher who livin her dream as a Lady Detective, i am also livin my dream as whatsoever i am doing now for livin.


yasu       :      as what …?
noi          :      as a Police Inspector, don’t you remember i am Inspector Himura ne …
yasu       :      but you said she is retired
noi          :      of course not. I can’t be Sailor Moon but as Inspector Himura i will do my best to protect you …

I remember when i was still on collage because we had not enough money, my father sent me to live at my cousin’s home.

everyday i saw how my cousin as a career woman who went to office at 07:00 AM and back to home at midnight. She was a very busy woman with a great and shinny career in accounting division of some quite famous company here.

Then i said to my self that’s how i supposed to be after i graduate and even i spent 4 years studied and graduated as veterinary, i still said …

Accounting, that’s my division …

See from animal care to accounting, yeah that’s pretty long jump i had those days, even i have to wait for a year as a babysitter but i finally made it.

Apparently what i saw on my teenage collage time it wasn’t the whole package because i didn’t see the stress and whole bunch of papers and reports are always waiting to do.


It’s not easy, even it’s very hard even until now i work hard,  as hard as  that Tom Hardy on Warrior movie that i am sure you all already watch.

All weekends that i had was just maybe once in two months where i can stay a whole day at home or our annual Ied Holiday.

but Thank God, now everything’s different ne,

because there’s this new policy that give me 4 days off in one month, started next moth. OMG i am already so freakin happy just by imagine it ne. Now i have lots of time to do any other things that work ne.

Let me think about it …


yasu       :      don’t be silly ne, it’s just a weekend …
noi          :      have you forget how simple i am
yasu       :      ah not again  ..
noi          :      i am a simple woman, as simple as Magnolia simple things make me sooo freakin happy …

so with that whole lots of weekends comin, i can …

~    finish all games installed on my PC
~    read and re_arrange again my personal library since there’s so many books are not in their right place.

when my father was live, there was 2 siblings next to our home who came to read my mangas every afternoon. My father was very fond of them, he often call them as his lost grandchildren that he finally found.

I never spoke to them, not because i don’t want to but it was because never have any idea about what i am supposed to say to 8 and 7 years old children who came and be the regular reader of my private library.

Yeah, i did nothing but bought more mangas, put it there and then waiting until they found out if there’s some new mangas available and when i heard them sayin : Look, this is the new edition of Conan, …. (or other manga that i added) each other,

i feel happy.

Maybe because both of my nephews are not in to reading, no matter how many books i bough for them they never read it.

They was just like : yeah, whatever … about book but they always Whoaaa ….. !!! about games and gadgets.

now since my father gone, they never come to my home to read, but they do still come, take and kiss my hand whenever they see me. I think their parents teach them very well how to respect other, especially ones that is older by take and kiss their hand as a respect …

i suppose now i have to arrange my library again ne, who knows they might come again to read. It’s too bad if nobody read those lots of mangas i have there.

~    start again a formal Japanese class …
~    go to market in the morning with her majesty, and …
~    then spent the whole afternoon at spa ….
~    come to Post Office and handle all my shipping, receiving stuffs by myself,

usually Tekki as my companion is the one who handle it. She is a very good Lady companion ne, even too good until she is talking with some British accent everyday and changed my coffee with milk tea …

Geez, i hate Milk Tea ….

and that British Wannabe Lady Companion make me work harder because this year she want a trip to Japan to see L’arc

some people asked me why do i have to do that and it surprised me how they asked that to me. I mean don’t they know the reason? it’s because that’s what a family do to each other and i believe one day she will do the same thing to me.

~    watch lots of movies in cinema …. #yay
~    finish this 132 (or 133 …?) episodes of this drama  …


yes that’s my new Korean Drama, it’s a daily drama with 133 episodes.

I love and start to follow this drama because this drama allowed me to know in The World Like This (read : wicked, mean … etc etc you name it) there’s still a very kind person like Gong Jun Su (the main character)

With his very miserable life Jun Su make me feel so lucky with everything i have now. Not much, but enough i suppose that’s perfect.

Gong Jun Su, he is a person who tryin so hard to make other people around him to be happy and feel happy about anything happen in his life, even it was only a simple one …

Like me …. aha ha ha ha ….


yasu       :     why everything is about you?
noi          :      because i am The Queen of The World?
yasu       :      ah, stop it …
noi          :      @_@ …

ah, i should start from the beginning  …

That drama is tellin about the life of Gong Jun Su, start from his childhood when he had to live alone because his father is in prison. He stayed with his friend’s father and make his livin by sellin some traditional herbs in the village market.


One day, on the day when his father came out from prison he meet a very lovely lady that his father introduced to him as his new mother.

For Jun Su who never know the feeling of having mother, that day is the most beautiful day. His new mother is a nurse, she is very kind, and he couldn’t believe if that such a very beautiful woman like her choose his father as husband and asked him to call her mother.

because he was afraid if all this will gone, he refused to call her as mother. But indeed, he love her new mother very much. After the wedding, he meet her mother’s daughter and son.

Both of them are younger than him so it made his as the elder son in the family now. Jun Su is so happy because now he isn’t not only get a new mother but also a younger sister and brother.

Unfortunately his new sister and brother, they don’t like him. They both refused to call him as Hyung/Oppa (older brother) and call him as Oii …!!. Being called like that didn’t make Jun Su mad, but it make his love to them bigger and he wanted to do anything to make them happy.

Then everything changed when his mother pregnant, and it make her had to stay at home because she was not too health during her pregnancy. She leaved her job as a nurse leave only his father as the only one who work in their household.

Jun Ju (the younger sister) had to stop her ballet class and Han Seok (the younger brother) had to stop his English private class.

with a baby comin and a stay home wife make his father to find job other than what he is doin now, sellin coffee in the market.

One of his friend contacted him and offered one job with much money to him and he said OK without knowing if that job is against the law. Actually Jun Su‘s father is a very kind man, but the fool one. So he had no idea why when the police came to arrest him, being confused he ran away and got hit by a truck and died.

With their father died as a felony, they lost their home and move to a small apartment. His mother was very sad, and there’s lots of things in her mind about raising 3 children and a baby alone stressed her and make her sick. In that condition, both Jun Ju and Han Seok blamed all happened to them to Jun Su.

They said, it was because of his father, they all ended like this … etc etc and many more that hurt Jun Su. Feelin so guilty, Jun Su decided to leave the house. He left a letter to his mother tellin how much he really love her and his many thank you for her to take him as her son.

Knowing one of her son leaving home, it breaks the mother’s heart. Everyday she did nothing but tryin to find her eldest son a very not good condition of her.  While Jun Su, start his new life sellin herbs again while nonstop missing his mother and younger siblings at home. He also send money to his mother.

When his mother finally found him, she asked Jun Su to back home but on their way back to home she died while they still on the bus.

OMG that scene just so sad ne, i cried like i will lost my telly and never able to meatball soup for the reast of my life.

With their mother’s death, his younger siblings hate him more than before, especially his sister. She even didn’t allow Jun Su to come inside their home and throw all his stuffs out. Understand about his sister lost, Jun Su waited in a pouring rain while cryin and say i am sorry again and again.

Finally his brother asked him to come inside house and in the morning, Jun Su said if he will raise his younger siblings so they don’t have to go to an orphanage. Start form that day, Jun Su start his life as 14 years old boy who have to raise 2 children and a baby.



He will do anything to earn money. He sell milk, newspaper, lemon juice and cleaning public bath while carrying his baby sister on his back. It all on and on until 6 years when he grown as 20 years old young man who work in construction site at day and karaoke hall at night.


Everything was fine until one day Han Seok accidentally killed his classmate. Jun Su who love his brother so much and don’t want this murder thing to ruin his bright future decided to take it as his crime. Because of that, he had to stay in prison for 10 years.

Then after that ….


yasu    :    what, i am listening …
noi       :    i dunno, because i am still on 20th episode now …
yasu    :    is that what you call as a review ..
noi       :     no, of course not but they said this one is gonna end very well …

This is a very long drama ne, and i DL it 1 maybe 2 episodes a day.

Everything is fine until when i want to get the 23rd episode, the links is broken. I always take the LQ one, for it smaller size about 150 MB per episode. But now from 23rd episode i have to take the MQ video because most of the links for LQ video are dead.

so here i am now, lst’s say i have to choose all MQ videos then i still have this

110 episodes x 250 MB each = 27,500 MB

OMG can you imagine that? that’s only for one drama ne and i still have others drama and telly series that i also follow.

Eh God, i think my internet bill this month is gonna fly UP High To The Moon and Back to kill me …

ah i’ll think about that later, now last but not least is …

Remember when i said how i am gonna say ah, yasu lah if i didn’t manage to get ticket for 『Shangri-la』 Encore Season 〜 Arena tour 〜 in Budokan? Well, apparently insted of sayin …

ah, yasu lah …

now i have to say ..

ah, mari lah kita ke Jepang .. !!!

ah, let’s go to Japan … !!!

日本に行きましょう … !!!

because, look ..

lottery 3

I won a ticket to see 『Shangri-la』 Encore Season 〜 Arena tour 〜 in Budokan … !!!

and it’s for the last day. Last day eh, OMG i am so fuckin happy now.  i just can’t believe how good is my luck during all these lottery season i am following. First was L’arc Live tickets and now Acid Black Cherry Live


and today i finally managed to contact my proxy and she said she will pay for my ticket tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

I was worried a bit, i thought she is still out of town for some bussiness trip that she always do, but he gets cold, the bad one or something like flu. I even re_activated my Facebook today just to send her a message on Facebook.

Thank God, the frustrating part (read : payment with deadline) of ticket lottery is over and i hope my proxy will get well soon … # Amin

Eh God, this is heaven and my dear …

I am coming to Japan to see you,  ….


yasu    :   then what …
noi       :   don’t forget to put
Nemuri Hime on Last Days SexList
yasu    :   eee …
noi       :   aand … ah ya, where the hell is Budokan?
yasu    :   you better start to do your search now  …


Sunday Post : 「Shangri-la」 Meeting Finale ~ Nara … (another me, yasu, Jane and Henry …?)


Now it’s  still so cold here …

after more than 2 hours rolling2 on my bed but my eyes still openly wide like this, i think it would be better for me if i continue workin on this my fangirl homework 「Shangri-la」 again ne.

See they already start to post the 4th Season entry ne, while me still in the 3rd Season so i better finish this hurry .

Just another 2 post left to read and write here to make me feel better, both are the Nara Prefecture part. The Live and this ….

~   「Shangri-la」  Meeting ~  Nara

ah ya, of course i am talking about this post on the Official Blog ne. So finally 「Shangri-la 」 Project has arrived to the final point, it is Nara Prefecture.


that image above is from this blog,

i suppose that’s the MC for「Shangri-la」 Meeting in Nara‘s blog. His name is Hideki Kobayakawa and yes, he is also on twitter btw, as how  everyone is on twitter now … xD.

So when i checked to his twitter, i saw he tweet_ed one photo that day and it was RT_ed by many of people that i follow on twitter but then it was deleted? …

nah, that’s weird ne … xD

so this  「Shangri-la 」 Meeting and Public Recording with 「Music Japan TV」 was held on December 26th in Aeon Mall Kashihara 1 F .

It was Acid Black Cherry‘s fist come to Nara, and unfortunately it was rainy.

The Meeting started with memories about Nara, the last prefecture on this 3rd Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project. And yasu said about his memories of visiting Nara when he was Elementary School?

He is 39 now, so … eh God, it was forever ago then … xD


yasu     :      so …
noi        :      nothing …
yasu     :      go on, say it
noi        :      i wont …

i think he also said about that previously ne, on the previous city’s live MC the question selected was about school trip or something like that.  Then continued with this question …

「犬派?猫派?」/「Dog Group ?Cat Group ?」

eh, what kind of question is that?

yasu‘s answer is he feels he wants to be in a cat group  but he’s still in a dog group somehow.

and then next question is about 「Shangri-la」Project itself and the next day Live, which is the last Live of this 3rd Season 「Shangri-la」  Project.

he said …

Live this time, including such event like this Meeting and High Five Touch with all fans including the local fans. Just really simple. Because it is a Rock Band Live, he wanted to let everyone to look at the cool Live of ABC and think it was fun after watching it.


and 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 closed that post as they close this 3rd Season of 「Shangri-la」 Meeting with this めっちゃくちゃ美味しい looks cake …


so cute with all the kewpies all around the cake suppose that must be a forêt noire (Black Forest cake),


yasu      :     really ….
noi         :     everyone choose forêt noire now and ABC? well …
yasu      :     don’t you see it’s white like that
noi         :     Black Forest, it doesn’t has to be black colored.

Ah ya, talking about Black Forest i remember when Koyurugi Sota (Matsu Jun) he made a Black Forest as a bundle of his passion for his forever love Saeko_san (Satomi Ishihara),

you know this Jun_chan’s new dorama …


失恋ショコラティエ/ Heartbroken Chocolatier

Love and Chocolate yes, Valentine is comin everyone ….

and that drama is perfect for this February. I started to watch that drama yesterday and today watch the 2nd episode with no English Subtitle. Damn, that’s so confusing ne …

confused between all that めっちゃくちゃ美味しい chocolates there, how cute is Jun_chan now and what the hell is he sayin? i only get about 50 % of all he said.

One thing about Jun_chan is on my first time seeing  him on a dorama, my impression about him is …


ah, if that somebody will put that wild boy Teppei Uesugi on Boy Action manga into a live action movie, Jun_chan is perfect as Teppei. Just take a look at his eyes, then you will get what i mean.


After played as an apprentice chef in Italian restaurant on his forever ago dorama Bambino which is my fave dorama ne, because i love spaghetti and Jun_chan as the chef make it more yummy …xD.

If i have to choose between pizza and spaghetti i choose spaghetti, yeah for A Professional Eater like me (…. @_@) that’s a bit hard choice ne even not as hard as if i have to choose between yasu or HYDE … xD


noi        :     please HYDE_san, don’t ask me to choose …
HYDE   :     what are you doing ….?
noi        :     that’s gonna be very hard for my heart …
yasu     :    ignore her, she is hungry now  ….

now Jun_chan’s new character is Koyurugi Sota,

a young man who traveled to Paris and stayed 6 years there to be a Chocolatier after being broken_hearted by someone that he thought as his girlfriend but too bad, that someone never think about him as her boyfriend.

When he came back from Paris and decided to open his own chocolate store, his heart that apparently still in love to Saeko_san gets hurt  again, badly this time  after he found out if she is gonna marry to another man. not enough with that, Saeko_san also asked him to make her wedding cake.

Unable to bear another hurt to see Saeko_san on her wedding day with another man, he didn’t go to her wedding. He fell asleep after stayin all night long to finish her wedding cake. On his tired sleep he had a dream, on his dream he is giving speech on the wedding, said all he think about her and then suddenly …

he said ….

the cake that everyone is eating right now, this cake called forêt noire is the ashes of my love for Saeko-san.

What this pure white whipped cream is hiding is, dark bittersweet biscuit chocolate. Nestled inside that is ruby colored griotte cherries, the crystallization of my tender feelings.

That’s right. In other words, this cake is, a bundle of my passion for Saeko-san.


even that scene is only exist on Sota‘s dream, but i think he is a full passionate young man ne.

Went to Paris for 6 years to be a Chocolatier alone even with a silly but reasonable reason like that is awesome ne. Now let see how is this dorama is gonna turn into a dorama that good at the beginning and then ended flat like Last Cinderella or sweet and full of tears like Rich Man Poor Woman ?

who knows, OK next is this …

~   Whatsoever Update

     PHOTOBUCKET  is a bit of pain in the arse tonight, but there you are and this time is for Shizuoka


and …

~     ABC French Street Team Project Update …

      remember about this project? well if you don’t let me remind you all ne.

so about a while ago, this Acid Black Cherry French Street Team announced their project, about sending a booklet with everyone’s photo or others stuffs to yasu. And i thought it was a great idea of this year’s project are gathered in France,

because this year 2014 will be Acid Black Cherry‘s 6th Anniversary.

on the previous 5th Anniversary, E (5th alphabet, E) is for Erect, then this year’s 6th Anniversary, French Street Team took the 6th alphabet as French.


yasu      :      what about you …?
noi         :      i took the F word
yasu      :     which word
noi         :      yeah, that F word …

maybe, i say maybe ne for the next 7th Anniversary is German Street Team‘s turn and then 8th Anniversary is Indonesia Street Team‘s turn … ?  everything is in alphabetic line just like this  Agatha Christie‘s ABC Murders case …

abc murders



Well OK, you can ignore that anyway because finally the video is up to show all of us how is the booklet looks like, there you are everyone, for all of you who already sent your stuffs go find youself there because i did find myself ne  ….

OMG that’s me on the 1st Page of International Fans …!!!  #waaaa *so fuckin happy*


here    :    Vidéo de présentation de la brochure du projet ABC France !

that’s a very nice video ne and the booklet itself is very detailed and of course Audrey (she is the admin, so pretty isn’t she?)’s sweet French accent just lovely to listen.

Aaand ah ya especially that Marco Polo Resident (Audrey’s home) what can i say but …

touché …. !!!!

Hope someone will show that booklet to Hiro The Marco Polo …xD


anyway, ….

yesterday was totally a very cold Sunday, even 11:30 PM it just very cold and there was no sun last Sunday morning when i went to office at 06:30 AM. It was a bit dark ne, and there was no one but me driving on the street on a very early Sunday morning.

I asked to myself ….

Where the hell is everyone ….?

suppose they all choose to stay at home this morning and who is gonna choose to go out in a very cold Sunday Morning like this anyway ….

And for work?

i guess nobody. Nah if something like this happen, i always feel i am the only one who still have to work everyday no matter sunny or rainy day is the day.

I know some of you maybe think i am a bit over mellodramatic about this because i know there’s also so many people out there who go to work on Sunday and any other holidays like me.

But here in my neighborhood most of the people are teacher, housewives or a government officer like Tekki, so nobody is go to work on Sunday. Sometimes i can hear some of them sayin to other talking about me whenever i am going to office at Sunday

Ah, she must have a lot of money right? by working everyday like that … etc etc

and then continued to another some personal matter about me, for example how i am still not married, why did i say no to Mr. R‘s oldest son and how my mother think about that a lot.

That’s annoying ne, because i didn’t say no. I didn’t even know if at that time he had other purpose than be my friend …

OK, maybe i am the one who is not aware, but how am i supposed to to do? no one told me that, not even him. See this is why now i really hate everyone because everyone just never ending hates me.

But whatever happened it’s already happen ne, so what can i say but

Society, society, ah yasu lah ….  xD

see this is what happen if you livin in a village like me. What everyone doing is nothing but talking, talking about anybody they see, they hate, they envy to … etc etc.

Just like what Jane said to Henry, I wish i can say to them …

The reason why i am still single is because all the good man out there are fictions … ?

yasu      :   but noi_chan, Friday he is real …
noi         :   i am not talking about Friday ne and please do stop talking about him
yasu      :   then who …
noi         :   i am talking about all these man in my mind, mostly they all just fiction
yasu      :   hold on fangirl, i am real OK …
noi         :   but honey, you are still my fantasy …

~ owari~

PS   :

~       Henry is another British gentleman with a very cute accent.
~       He is a History Professor (awww, i love History … ❤) that i just found on a very charming and sweet movie 2 days ago anyway, aaand …
~       Don’t worry girls,i’ll share about this Henry Nobley later ne ….. *wink*