Sunday Post : ABC New Single 2014年10月22日 … (Another me, yasu and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge)


Expect The Unexpected Things eh ….


That’s what i am gonna say about Acid Black Cherry‘s upcoming New Single and my feelings right now.

Even i did think about yasu will release his next new things on October because how the calendar bonus from the previous single 「君がいない、あの日から 。。。」 only ended on September,


but i was thinking about a 「Shangri – La 」 Live DVD to be release soon after he finished his nation-wide 「Shangri – La 」 Tour

and after waiting, waiting and post some ramblings like a little boy who ask oneWilly Wonka Chocolate to his wacky mommy,

now we all know instead of releasing a DVD, yasu decided to released a New Single, everyone  …. !!!

ああ〜〜、びっくりましたね …. (^_^;)


yasu     :    a wrong deduction ne, Inspector
noi        :    well ….
yasu     :    somebody is getting slow now …
noi        :    i know, but at least i am still the Inspector tho  …
yasu     :     what the ..

ah ya, talking about Inspector Himura ne …

last week somehow i kinda jumped into talking on my friend from college’s status on her Facebook. Actually she is one of only 3 person of my college friend that i added on Facebook.

I told you ne, about how i don’t like to mix my fangirling things that i am doing onFacebook with my personal life.

nah because i was there added comments and involved to their quite long conversation and then one of them suggested to everyone else from my class to added me on their Facebook.

So that day i got more than 38 Friend Request on Facebook and all of them are my college friend.

I approved some of them that i think they wouldn’t mind about me spamming aboutyasu appeared on their Facebook Home Page, and said to them …

hey fellas, from now on …
in Facebook you all have to call me Inspector Himura OK …. !!!

and they all approved ne …xD

for the others,  because i am not sure about them will be OK with my spamming about yasu everyday and not only that, i also didn’t know them too much thanks to how invisible i was during my college time. So  i decided to ignored them, just like what Yukki told me.

After all i couldn’t say now and ignored some of them ne …

yasu     :     なんで 。。。?
noi        :     あたしの元彼ん だよ…
yasu     :     what the …
noi        :     so how can i ignored him?

so yeah now whenever i open my Facebook Home Page, i feel nothing but lots of nostalgic moment.

Ok, now let’s back to the topic ne, there will be Acid Black Cherry New Single 2014年10月22日 and i am so very happy  ….

But still ….

i am sure there will be a Live DVD for 「Shangri – La 」 Live and i suppose he (read : yasu) just delayed it. Or maybe …

He will put it as a bonus for the next album like how he put Acid Black Chrismast Live ~ Osaka Jo Hall on 2012 Album …?


Who knows ne, so i think i can wait and what i am gonna do and have to do is nothing but also delay my sexcitement about seeing 「Shangri – La 」 Live on DVD

And this time,

because i am still in the middle of a very happy euphoria about Acid Black Cherry New Single 2014年10月22日 and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge all over myFacebook, twitter and Tumblr i suppose this is also a perfect time to delay my working on this  ..

Whatsoever Fangirl Homework i made for myself …. xD

so everyone, now let’s talk about this ….

~   Something i say as The Un-expected things from yasu ne …


Acid Black Cherry New SINGLE

Title                :  TBA (To Be Announced)
Release Date :  October 22nd, 2014 (Wednesday)

■【CD+DVD】〈Limited Edition〉 

Item no.   :  AVCD-32238/B 1,600 yen + tax
   2 songs
music clip、OFF SHOT ((Approximately 15 minutes )

■ 【CD ONLY】〈Regular Edition〉

Item no.  :   AVCD-32239 1,000 yen +tax
          2 songs (same with AVCD-32238)
Bonus     :   Limited mini photobook

■ Special Price (1 song)

【CD ONLY】〈Limited Edition〉
Item no   :   AVCD-32240 369 yen +tax
         1 song
Bonus    :   1 ABC trading card (from all 4 complete series)

Pre-Order Period

August, 22nd (Friday)18:00〜October 10th, 2014 (Thursday) 5:00 AM (JST)

~ Janne Da Arc Official Fanclub 「Mademoiselle na anatatachi 」 members


via here   : (VIP Members Only)
CD+DVD Limited Edition : Calendar Postcard Type A
CD Regular Edition :  Calendar Postcard Type B

~ Janne Da Arc Official mobile site members

Official mobile site :
1 mini clear file

~ mu-mo shop

PC       :
mobile :

It’s Japan Only, which mean you have to use proxy/middle man inJapan to buy for you

~ mu-mo overseas sale site (where they will lead you to use

PC       :
mobile :
1 Original sticker

~    CDJapan   :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    HMV          :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    YesAsia     :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price

PS    :   From CDJapan, there will be a B4 size poster bonus for CD + DVDand  CD Only

so now everyone,

let the CHOOSE begin and if you can’t choose, why wouldn’t you let your self to be GREED this time ? …. xD

and talking about GREED,  ….


yasu さん、

there you are finally,  a little gift and reminder from your overseas fans for this year’s ABC 7th Anniversary … …♪♪
we do love you and still hoping that one day you will do Live outisde Japan …


PS : btw minute 00:51, that’s me yasu さん … (笑)

and next, let’s talk about …

~  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge …

Recently, this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is become viral everywhere.

As you know, this is a challenge to raise an awareness to ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which is also known as Motor Neuron Disease.

It is a fatal disease and until now, there is no cure for it .

Patients will eventually die because they can’t control their muscles. So it doesn’t mean that they are only being paralyzed. They will lose an ability to speak, eat, and breath.

And ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is …

when somebody challenged somebody else, maybe his friend to do this callenge in 24 hours.

If the next person who got nominated manage to do it within 24 hoursthey donate 10 dollars and if not or they did it over than 24 hours then they have to donate 100 dollars.

The challenge it self buy put an ice and water on a bucket and flush it on your head  is to demonstrate how the ALS patients suffer from it.

But as always, there’s also many different reaction about this  ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

some people think it’s useless and too mainstream, some of them doing and watching it for fun as an euphoria while waiting and hoping when will somebody nominated their idol to do this challenge.

But no matter how different reaction and people think about this,  I my self enjoy and love how it worked like that, like a Ghost to Ghost connection or a spider web it’s everywhere now.

Hopefully by making this viral, the challenge will continue from one to other as well as the donation because it really help.

i can’t remember all the chains, because i only remember how …

~   Adam Lavine ( Maroon 5) nominated The IRON MAN himself, Robert Downey Jr , and then
~   RDJ nominated his Avenger‘s mate from Asgard , Chris Hemsworth(THOR) and
~   THOR nominated his other Avenger‘s mate Mark Ruffalo (HULK) andChris Evans (Capt. Rogers) …

while on the other side, outside the Avenger‘s pals …


Nathan Fillion (Castle) with that sweet reason, nominated Tom Hiddleston (LOKI, The Future King Of Asgard ), and
LOKI nominated Bennedict Cumberbatch (SHERLOCK HOLMES) ….

nah this is something that everybody were waiting for, an Ice Bucket Challenge by SHERLOCK HOLMES

i’d say, that’s a very well done Ice Bucket Challenge

That’s totally fun and i am sure encourage enough as well to ask people to donate.

Ben was nominated by 3 people beside Tom Hiddleston.  Sorry i can’t remember who the other else because i only remember and watchTom‘s video.

OMG, they even chased him in the shower ….

and after shower he called Tom,

awww that’s something i call beyond sweet …!!!

this part …

it’s totally brilliant how they put the ice and water inside his helmet and this last part is the funniest …. xD

source and credit for all Gif images :    here

Poor darling Ben ….. ❤

Ben, he was doing an Ice Bucket Challenge ne, not a A Boiled Water Bucket Challenge, but look what happened to Tumblr yesterday.

That video made Tumblr ON FIRE  ….  !!!

and finally reached until Japan because i saw some boys from Jhonny also did it and yesterday this baby stroberry (read : Taka, not yasu)  did his Ice Bucket Challenge and posted the video via his Instagram

you can check the video in here

it surprised me how he didn’t nominate Takeru Sato.

Well maybe because i  read a lot about their broomance friendship between them i thought he will nominate Takeru Sato ne. But he nominated 1 person i dunno who,Hongki from FT Island and his father.

Look at how he is sayin Hongki, looks like he is sayin

you Hongki, you …. !!!!

and believe me, last night i had a terrible dream about me calling Hongki to tell him about Taka nominated him as the next person while wondering is there any person who will nominate yasu to do this …

of course me as a fangirl, blimey ….

i also waited for someone to nominate yasu to do ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a hope he will use a white shirt when he do that …. xD

noi        :   because God Bless White T-shirt
yasu     :   go find another reason
noi        :   do i have to say it here, you know what my other reason ..
yasu     :   …..

In fact i even though about how the chain is, started from …

~   someone will nominate GACKT, and then
~   GACKT will nominate HYDE, then
~   HYDE will nominate yasu, …

etc etc …

but today it surprised me how yasu finally did this today

because there’s someone nominated him, and that person is not HYDE. I suppose there’s too much fandom things inside my brain now because it started to make me think following it like an idiot  …


awww his head must be hurt ne, because i think he put too much ice on his bucket.

But well done eh darling …. xD

So there’s someone named Shigeki Maruyama ( if i am not mistaken he is a golf player ), nominated yasu to do this.

And yasu did it today, he donated but didn’t nominate anyone to be the next person who had to do this challenge because he said he won’t forced anyone to do it.

Well, Okay …..

Since yasu didn’t nominate anybody, now i wonder who will dare to nominate HYDEto do this.

だれかな 。。。 *thinking hard*

enough about Ice Bucket Challenge , now let’s continue with this ….

~   Whatsoever things from me ….

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri – La 」 PHOTOBOOK ,  this one is for …



aaand …

i suppose this is a good news for all of you on Acid Black Cherry fandom, because finally there’s somebody who will translate Erect PHOTOBOOK Interview.  BecauseAriyasu on Tumblr will do that via her blog :

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.    …

and here’s the translation for …

Black List Part


She did a great job,

and i am sure there will be no such things as skipped parts like what i always do because i didn’t understand that part. So all of you who is on and active on Tumblryou can start to follow her blog ….!!!

because as she said next  is for QED Live part  … (^^♪

Suddenly now  Acid Black Cherry fandom is more beautiful these days ne, and  btw …

last week that SCawaii magazine finally came together with Mighty Long Fallsingle. It surprised me because i bought that two differently but they came at the same day. I f i know they will came together like that, i’d order them as one order ne not separately like that   ….

while this one came today …

actually i just went to Post Office today to get it because i almost forgot about thatArena Live magazine and 7Pia that my proxy kindly sent me 3 copies ….xD

When i arrived at Post Office and said to one of the female officer if i want to get my package from Japan, suddenly she call his office mate in a very loud voice …

Hey, Noi Himura is here …. !!!

and then everyone else there turned their head and lookin at me like i am some weird person. Then that officer, i think he is a new one because Mr. Ardiyanto who used to deal with from overseas packages already got transfered to branch office inManado.

It took some times, because he asked too much about me …

What do i do for livin, why almost every week there’s always a package for me fromJapan, …. etc etc until where is my home. It’s weird ne, i mean he is working at Post Office and i am sure he knows my address well.

So why did he asked me again? …

yasu     :    did you …
noi        :    no, of course not … !!!
yasu     :    hey, i haven’t say anything ne
noi        :    then don’t say anything …

And then finally he gave me a pen and asked me to sign the receipt and get my package. On my way out, i fell from my bike and it was funny because not long time ago, there’s a boy who fell from his motorbike and what i did was nothing but laughed at him while sayin …

ha ha ha poor darling  …. !!!

and then God sent me an a.s.a.p punishment with somewhat reason i just fell from my bike in front of Post Office today. That was hurt ne, and i remember how the old man who helped me said :

next time, don’t say that bad things when you see someone else fall … #ewww

Eh God, that’s a very fast ne, and OK i got my lesson today .

aand there you are …

the scans


and this something that they called as

a scanlation? ….


my fave part is about his daily activities,

that even i did read about him talking about that, but how simple is his daily activities for a big star like him always amazed me. I mean stay doing that half-length bath while listening music or watching DVD.

That sounds impossible for a very busy man like him and then next  is …

yasu, do tell me ….

when man doing that half-length bath/ 半身浴 are they naked or not …..?

yasu    :     why don’t you ask him, your   …
noi       :     him, my what  …? ah ya,  but i have one problem …
yasu    :     what, what now noi_chan, did you …
noi       :     no, we’re okay now and my problem is  …

that question eh、日本語 で なん と いいます かな … (T_T)

yasu     :    what the, you don’t know  … ?


Drama Queen Post : この世界の片隅に ….. (Another me, yasu In A Corner of this Fandom World)

i’ll start with this first , …..

look at him (read : yasu, not the DJ), …. i love when he looks like that, see with glasses and that yasashi lookin eyes, he is brilliant,

and the DJ? … somehow i can’t remember what his name is but in my mind he is the TAMIYA DJ from All Night Nippon Show, …. why? that’s because he kept doing that thing, last night and show his TAMIYA shirt, ….

then i found out he is one member of The Golden Bomber, even i dunno which one is he, …  they all look the same for me except the  one who always use mask or something covering his face …

Today, my boss was comin. and he stayed for a while at my new office. ask me how it’s goin. he add something like how my skin is gonna be more white if i stay at this new office more than outside. and when i told him how i can’t stand in cold, he just laughed and said for him in this temperature he still feel hot, … while i am already freeze, …

he also gave me some credit for how creative i was in my last project (i got high because this is the first time he said that, and he said that in front of everybody) but next he complain for how i always late for giving him daily report, …. so today he just fly me up and crash me down at the same time, …

well  …..?

and that is totally kick my lazy ass, see this is the time where i have to do my work faster, and as a probie in this new position i have lots of things to learn, and i can do that if i still my old pattern to work, and until now i still in the middle of finding the right and faster pattern to work, ….  now i still have one more thing to be fixed before tomorrow, …

and with him (read : my boss, not yasu) around all day, just exhausted me, see i can’t be relax in working while he keep watching me and ask something to me, and i feel  some part of his question is a test  for me? …. did he test me? …. and he also talked about our next project,and many things i can’t remember. ..

i missed my afternoon pray because i was so busy (God never buy this reason ne?) , … i mean, can you believe me, being busy and nervous at the same time made me forget what i have to do ? …. OMG i am gonna burn in hell because of this, …

God, please for give me …

so today i went home at 18;00 pm and i was so tired, at 19:00 i was sleeping until one hour ago while everybody going to bed, i had a weird dream , somehow it connected with a lot of numbers, from my calculation and i just lost inside them , ….

and damn i missed yasu @On8 tonight , …. i should put my alarm on , … i wake  up and have some hot water bath, wash my hair, this is the reason why i am so glad when yasu cut his hair so i can cut
my hair and say bye bye to my long yasu lok hair because i don’t have time to take care a long hair like that any more … being out side often made me have to wash my hair everyday, and sometimes i did that twice a day, ….

yasu     :    twice …?
noi        :   yes, …
yasu     :   well i think you should do that three times …
noi        :   no ya_san,  we have to save water ne …
yasu     :    eeeh …

yes, we, not only me and yasu but also all of you who read this should save some water, because if we keep spent much water more than we needed, the water is gonna gone then what about our next generation ?  the point is :

Go Green, Save some Water and sing ShangRi La with this Green Yasu  ….. xD

because this Green Yasu is more better than if we have to sing with HULK or SHREK ….  btw talking abaut HULK  …

here’s some random question : Why did everytime Bruce Banner turn into this giant green HULK he ripped off all his cloths but never ripp off his pants? …. well the answer is : is he also ripp off his pants we all gonna see his ***** ……. you know what i mean ….. ahahaha

kyaaaa ……  *got slaped by HULK*

oke oke ignore that and lets back to the topic, ah ya tonight i also had some coffee, i think my addiction is more and more, yes, i am a coffee addict now i am so hungry there’s only banana in the refrigerator , ….  here i am i start my night live again , became a vampire again ….

and this vampire also a drama queen vampire who cried like a idiot while watching this drama :  Kono Sekai No Katasumi Ni

this drama is about live of Urano Suzu (Kitagawa Keiko) who married to Hojo Shusaku (Koide Keisuke) whom she meet once when she was a child and move to his family as the new daughter in law, ….  and while she started to adopt the new environment, she end up having friend named Shiraki Rin who is Shusaku’s ex girlfriend, …

knowing how nice and pretty is Rin_san, Suzu start to feel if she was only a subtitle for Rin inside of her husband heart, and she also feel that she never able to be as perfect as Rin, … and then she start to work harder at home and be a perfect wife for Sushaku, ….

but when she lost her right arm because of the bom, she start to feel she is nobody and she got no one who love her and no home to go, …  because withaout her right hand, the hand which she use to embrace his husband, draw for Rin and Tetsu, cook for her mothe, father and sister in law, … she got nothing, and nobody want him anymore ….

she felt so lonely and decide to go home to Hiroshima to find her parents, but too bad her parent also died because of Hiroshima bom , … but when she feel hopeless Shusaku came and take her other hand while sayin : i am gonna be your home, ….

the funny thing is she never remember if Shusaku is the litle boy whom she meet when she was a child, … she always tought it was a child kidnaper carriage, but the truth is that is Shusaku’s uncle carriage who found her lost in the city and take her home. So after all this time Rin is not the first love of Shusaku, but She is the one he loves. and Shusaku fnd her and ask her to marry her, ….

No matter how many time you will be lost i am gonna find you …. that what is Shusaku said to Suzu, and OMG i was cried at this scene, because this is so sad and so happy ne, …. can u imagine when you are so lonely and got nowhere to go, there’s someone who find you and take your hand? ….  so dramatic ne?,  in the end Suzu said : Shusaku_san, arigato. Kono sekai no katasumini mitsukette kureta

nah in this case because i am a fangirl who live in this weird and lonely fandom world and how greatful i am all this time because of him, what i am gonna say to yasu_san is :

Yasu_san Arigato, Kono sekai no katasumini mitsukette kureta, thank you so much to find me in a corner of this fandom world , ….

yasu    :   nee noi_chan, i think you missed something …
noi       :   what?
yasu    :   you should say that “Fandom World” in Japanese to
noi       :    but i dunno how …
yasu    :    eeehhh?