What A Saturday Post : “Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” GOODS .. (Another me, yasu and The Devil)

What a Saturday i had yesterday ….

Saturday, isn’t it supposed to be a free day …? a day where you can be relax and enjoy time goes by sleeping, watching movies or do anything you like and even if you have to work (like me) it supposed to be a relax work day. But not my last  Saturday.

Well, Saturday eh  ….


yasu      :     eee chotto, is there gonna be a new Mr. Saturday?
noi         :     i didn’t say that …
yasu      :     who knows …
noi         :     i am not finished yet with Mr. Friday btw ..
yasu      :     or you will never finish him ne …?
noi         :     i dunno …

it was absolutely not a lovely Saturday for me. Things happened and rather than make me happy all of them was annoy me and scare me to hell. i will start with the annoying thing in the morning first

~   Paypall  …

Paypall annoyed me with their new policy. They asked for me to put my credit card number for verification. They said i was randomly selected for that. Really, eh …? random. That morning i want to check my Paypall balance because i want to buy this “Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” GOODS.  and then i read that.

I know it just a simple verification request, but still if you get it the the morning, at rush hour time where you are in the hurry, all you want to do is just pay it so you can continue with another things waiting for you to fix, yes it became very annoying .

ah ya, talking about “Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” GOODS, there you are finally they posted it on the Official Online Shop ne. So if you go to this Acid Black Cherry Online Shop, you will find this image .


See this is different than the usual ne. Usually you can see the GOODS list and price on the Acid Black Cherry Online Shop  but not this time. that image will bring you to another page to Information of selling order for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” GOODS at the Official Home Website. complete with the GOODS list and price


Item No01 Postcard A ¥500
Item No02 Postcard B ¥500
Item No03 T-Shirt (Women’s size) ¥3,500
Item No04 T-shirt (Men size M) ¥3,500
Item No05 T-shirt (Men size L) ¥3,500
Item No06 Hand towel A (Polka dot) ¥1,000
Item No07 Hand towel B (leopard) ¥1,000
Item No08 Tote Bag ¥1,000

Sales order period is from January 11 ~ January 18

This time you have to fill the order form that you can see at the bottom of the GOODS image as this link

http://www.acidblackcherry.com/livegoods .

Fill it, then pay and you have make a pre-order. It sounds dizzy ne. Especially for an overseas fan with a simple tiny little brain like me. That’s why i didn’t do this order by myself and indeed to all my orders for ABC live GOODS, someone else did that for me.

Erect LIve GOOD is the one and only ABC live GOODS that i did it by myself. I can do that because it was simple ne.  just go there and buy it there in the venue …. ahahahaha …

yasu      :      and you are so proud of that …
noi         :      yes, i am ..
yasu      :      what the …
noi         :      then i shouldn’t ? …

so yesterday i … eh no i mean my proxy finished my order and then paypall also finished to annoy me after i put my credit card numbers there with my another email address. I wonder what they asked me for another email address, one is not enough? …

the next thing annoyed/scared me me is …

~  That KOMATSU and one of my loader operator

now i am gonna talk about a bucket, but this bucket is different ne. It is not a bucket of roses or another bucket of Acid Black Cherry like what i am always write/post/talking about in here. This time is a different bucket.

This bucket is another part of a loader that we always use in the factory. you all know a bucket for a loader is like a hand for human. So it use to put some materials and then we can put that materials to another place or trucks.

yesterday is different, it was a human there inside the bucket. When the loader was down and parked near my office i thought they were some broken spare parts that have to fix, but it was not. It was one of my operator who is unconscious. There’s accident happened.

even yes i said so many time how i still able to eat while watching NCIS with Ducky’s doing his autopsy activities or some operation scene on Grey’s Anatomy with so many bloods,  after all i am still a coward ne because it is only on the movie/telly series ne no matter how good they turned it into some dramatic scenes that able to make me cryin like an idiot in front of my tell.

Everything is different on reality, i scared to hell when i saw him lyin like that. Everyone was calling him but he is still unconscious. I even didn’t dare to ask is he OK or what happened. All i did just freeze_ed at my desk, my heart beat fast and i was dizzy.

I remember the same thing happened last year when one of my operator fell from that machine, it was about 5 or 10 meters high. He was there accidentally and yes, he supposed not to be there, but somehow he was there and fell head first. When i saw him after the accident, i get shocked by myself because i saw his head as BIG as a watermelon. Where the hell is his neck?

Oh God, He lost his neck  … !!!!  followed with me collapsed at the scene

And the worst part is how to deal his family. I went to the hospital and meet his wife. She grabbed my hands while nonstop askin me scary questions like : what if he died, what am i supposed to do if he died, i still have one son at school … etc etc and many more. At that time instead of answer her questions what i did is cryin together with her while sayin i am sorry, i am sorry over and over …

yasu    :    cryin …? yeah right ..
noi       :    baka desu yo …
yasu    :    i didn’t say that …
noi       :    fine, you can say it …

I am not good for something like this ne, But thank God this time is not as worst as the last time. He is fine. Yes, there were bloods there but it was a small injuries. It scared me but i said my never ending Alhamdulillah yesterday. When i found out what is exactly happen, i think it was a MAGIC, he is very lucky or he has a mother/father who never endless pray for his save like my mother.

They said he was stuck between the bucket  and the body of KOMATSU half of his body from abs to legs, can you imagine that? so if it ended him with some minor injuries then it was really MAGIC ne. He didn’t even had a broken legs or something.

Oh God, i know you are the one behind this MAGIC so thank you ne

i can’t imagine if things will be worst for him, I mean he is only a new operator. He is about 20 or 21 years old, started to work here as a full operator after 3 months as a helper. He still has a very long way to achieve.  That’s why i often play hard with him, never reply his jokes and always yell at him : hey, be serious OK.

being an operator for a heavy equipments like loader, excavator or crane is not an easy and simple works ne. It is very dangerous and need a lot of concentration from the operator it self and also from the other team work. There’s no room for jokes in it. When they said how cool is it to be able to sit/stand up on a bucket of loader and it would be more cool if the loader is moving (i think they watch TITANIC too much, and ignore the fact if Jack Dawson died at the end of the movie), i reply him with that is STUPID

Accident happens, yes. But there’s always things we can do to avoid it. Work save is important.  So now i know what i am gonna do to him after he recover from this accident and back to work. I am gonna play more hard to him, harder than i used to be,

It’s not that i am sayin how not serious he is, indeed he is serious at work and very diligent boy at work. He say nothing buy Yes, mam to me. But there’s a time when i think he should be more serious ne. ah ya i am gonna be mean. If that can make him more serious and the other operators fellow save so i’ll do that.

then next is ….

~   Air Mail and The New Version of Photo Bucket

i use to say there’s no different to me whether if i use EMS or Air Mail for my package sending option ne. It gonna be the same 9 days for both. Now it is different and don’t ask me why ne.Maybe now there’s some policy changing at post office in my country because it became more than 9 days. for example is this


that’s FOOLS MATE magazine January edition. Nah because it is January edition so the release date was on December, If i am not mistaken they sent it to me at the end of November. But as the one who live on top of mountain i received it last week on January. Can you imagine ne, it took a month to send that magazine from Japan to my home at Bahama 221 ne

ah ya you can see the pages with yasu in here at my PB, and yes it is password protected. Well i did my part and now it is your turn if you want to see them. If you know me, it would be so easy to find out what the password is. But if eventually you can’t figure it out, you can message me and i will tell you. But i don’t think any of you wll do that, eh ..

yes the new version of Photobucket is annoyed me in some ways. It keep failed me to post a large sized of images ne, that’s why i choose the old version. So i did change my Photobucket into the old version again and they asked me the reason why ….

~   My Almost Talking Session with The Devil

the devil …? ah i think i supposed to say i as a spirit ne. See here’s what happen, I live in a very traditional small city ne. Where as Javanese we all still believe in some MAGIC or spirit/ghost related to things. Before i talk about this i have to tell you if all of them, the other beside us is exist. I do believe it.

as you all know i have a sick father. And recently her sickness turned into a madness, and it just drive all of us crazy. I think if this condition keep happening everyday, i became ended crazy by myself. So i think i have to do something. Yes, we did all the best things for him. Doctors, medicines, herbals and all the traditional medications.

One day i talked with my office mates. I said to them about my father’s condition. And one of them said : What if all of it is a bad SPELL, maybe your dad do something, it hurt someone and that someone put some bad SPELL to him? …

i was like, eh really?  so what should i do? then they told me about some woman, actually this woman is my friend’s step mother who has a Sixth Sense …? eh no she is been followed by a spirit, and it inside her at the certain times. And when she had her inside by it people come and consult anything with her/the spirit inside her.

So it’s like you have a consultation but this one is not with a doctor or private detective but it is a spirit. A little girl spirit exactly. So my friend told me if her step mother was sit under a big tree a long time ago when she was a teenage young lady and she meet a little girl there. That little girl said how she wants to follow her, and there you are she is following her until now. Well maybe yes, it’s like having a companion/pet but not visible.

eeeh, sounds scary ne ….


yasu      :     then …
noi         :     no, no i am not gonna finish this too scary ..
yasu      :     what ….
noi         :     Oh God, ya_san i’ll be burn in hell for this …

Then i leaved office early to go to my friend’s step mother, to have this consultation about my father’s condition. I just want to ask, what is happen  with him, and if is is true there’s someone put some bad SPELL on him, then i wanted to know who did it, why and what should i do to erase it

I was there at 02:00 PM, and it’s already so many peoples there in line to see her. I waited and waited i sit to a couple. they came from another city. The husband is a fisherman, the rich one. They have a very BIG fishing boat and they are regular come to her before the husband go to the free ocean to catch some fish.

I asked them what they wanted to ask from her. They said they asked for a direction where the boat has to go, you know the specific ocean/location where they will get much more fish. Then they enter the chamber so i sit next to the chamber’s door. I can see what was inside. I saw my friend’s step mother, i meet her before at the hospital where she got an accident with her husband and ended with her husband died for internal bleeding.

i saw her, she is the same old woman i meet in the hospital but this time she speak with a little girl’s voice. I dunno why just listening to that voice just scared me. I scared to hell, OMG it was real, it was really something other than human there inside the chamber.

I told my friend how i was so scare, and i want to go home and i don’t want to do this. It was like someone slapped me both on my cheeks. I mean what the hell i was thinking about to do ne, I almost to one BIG as a muslim that i shouldn’t, wouldn’t do for the rest of my life. As a moslem i was told there’s one BIG sin that i should not do

It is un_forgiveable and there will be only hell for someone who did it. That BIG sin is to have a branch on your heart about God, because there should be the one and only God n your heart, and to that one only God is i supposed to ask for help/answers not to other things like that, you know what i mean,

i never feel so scare like this ne, i don’t even tell my mom about this, because i know she is gonna kill me for this. Lyin is nothing if you compare to this. It is not that i say lyin is OK to do, but sometimes we have to do it ne, remember the terms of White Lie …

geez, i am scare now. I better finish this post ne, damn i know i should not write this post at night ne. OK the next thing annoy me is …

~   That Text Message

i got two text messages, one is from someone that i shall not mention who is he and the other one is  from one of my operators who asked me to send some fuels and materials to him. He is in another city for some project btw. I relied him with OK ne but, instead of sent it to my operator fellow, i send it to him the OK to reply his message

Can we be serious this year …..?

this is totally disaster ne, see this is the punishment from God, there’s no hell for me yet now, but this one? Oh God, what should i do? i never have any intention to reply his massage ne, I mean who the hell i am to answer yes for that kind of question?

be serious? me? yeah right, it can’t be happen ne to me with all this miserable things followed me. And don’t forget about my never ending love/possession (omo did i wrote too much s?) about Mr. Friday. So how can i be serious with a man if i still not able to stop my self of being stuck in Mr. Friday.

i should do something ne, the OK message is already sent but it’s OK he is still in Taiwan btw, and he is not gonna back this 1,2 years. And who knows if that’s only a joke from him, he is not so different from me, the same joker as myself. Maybe that’s why we are so fit each other. at joke btw not for serious.

But just in case if he is serious, i still have to do something for my stuck about Mr. Friday ne. I know what i have to do, I am gonna sing ne, yes singing. It’s simple ne but i hope this one is work. What song? Acid Black Cherry song?

sorry my ABC fans fellow, it is not. this is the song …

before i got blinded by HYDE and yasu, there were someone named Brian there inside my fool teenage heart. I was there drown my self into boybands euphoria that time. remember boys bands war at 1998? i was there, can you imagine that, me at Junior High uniform on BSB side ….

Mr. Friday know how much i adored this band. He even saw me singing their songs every time he come to my home, then he is gonna laugh for how crazy i was. That’s why i think he will never find this blog ne, he know nothing about HYDE and yasu. yes, he will never find this blog, or whatsoever i write about my feelings to Mr Friday. And now in order to forget him, i will sing this song for you ….

Yes My Dear Mr Friday, Quit Playin Game with My heart ….


yasu      :     is it gonna work, only by singing …
noi         :     i hope so …
yasu      :     and if it didn’t work …
noi         :     i’ll sing it until it worked
yasu      :     yeah whatever, and i think you should do that on a rainy day  ..

noi         :    eh, really ….?


【Scan 】Post : Without Any Prejudices …. (Another me, yasu and HYDE)

here i am now at 00:25 AM and i just woke up two hours ago, enjoyed my hot water bath and now just stay here inf front of my PC and still tryin to deal with Photobucket that keep me failed to upload my scans.

But thank God, Facebook is back to normal again and not refuse to upload my big sized scans, so there you are Acid Black Cherry on FOOLS MATE Vol. 372 October 2012 Scans



enjoy ne and

with these scans i just want to make all of you can’t wait longer for the DVD …. ahahahaha … *evil laugh*




yasu       :     what kind of laugh is that …?
noi         :     i’lll show you my other lauh …

khikhikhikhi ….   *granny laugh*
fufufufufufufufu …. *pervy laugh

yasu       :      not funny ne …

ah ya when my friend minlilin tweet_ed me about the image of yasu and DAIGO sleepy together from Vamps Time vol. 14 i remember she also asked me : Guess who sit next to them …? i have no idea to answer her be, who would be …? their manager or who else, and now i know who he is …

HYDE …..!!!!!





how can i never think about it, ne i should’ve know that must be him, HYDE. Who else but him ne, I am such an example of a baka fangirl ne, who said many times how she love her idol but … ahahaha … *speechless*.




Talking about HYDE, i dunno what is on his mind ne, but for me HYDE is someone that can say something that always make sense. He just can make it right, and every time i wonder about something or i have some doubt inside me, i always accidentally read/found about his words, like this :


try something new without any prejudices? waw that’s far2 away from me ne, i am someone who have so many prejudices and always use it everytime i want to do something or knowing somebody. Remember Pride and Prejudice, a novel by Jane Austen ..? you can say i am like Miss. Elizabeth Bennet there and hell yeah i love this character on that book and of course the lovely Mr. Darcy.

today i was thinking about my job, as usual i did that everytime i feel so tired and with so many things i haven’t finished yet. Is this what i really want to do? and then it continued with what is my real talent, i mean something that i can do other than this.

in my live i always feel that i don’t have something that i am good at and i can be proud from it. I am not good at art, my voice just a disaster, note_blinded, i can’t draw anything else but a scenery with two mountains and sunrise between them, i hate/can’t do any sports but running (thanks to my neighbor’s dog) …

what else i can do best ne, i remember i want to be a writer. Like a script writer or a book writer. But i had many times rejected by some publisher when i sent them my stuffs with so many reason. Most of them is because i can’t write the end of my story. My ending is not like what they all wanted. The ending, that’s my biggest problem of writing, i wrote long opening and the main part but then when it came to the end, i just can’t make a great ending.

that’s why i never write again even i have ideas here inside my head but i choose to keep it for later, maybe when things that make me want to write again come, and thanks to HYDE i get it now, erased my prejudice about how i can’t make a great ending (because i am not gonna get Mr. Darcy anyway… ahahaha … *got slapped*) I’ll do that again, writing maybe this is another thing i can do beside my related numbers related and counting job.




HYDE     :    Mr. Darcy ….?
noi         :     ignore that HYDE_san, .
HYDE     :    hmm OK
noi         :    
again and again, thank you  .  ..

I better go to sleep now or tomorrow i will walk like a zombie in the morning. This not normal sleeping pattern is the one who turned me into a zombie. Now i am on my 3rd glass of iced Vanilla Latte. I am addicted to coffee, so i am a coffee addict ne. Everyone have something  they are addicted to. Instead of smoking or alcohol, i choose to be addicted to coffee and yeah you all know who ….


yasu     :  who, me ….?
noi        :  yes, it always you …
yasu     :  so now i am something like coffee ..
noi        :  ups, sorry boss i mean you are somebody …