Fangirl Post : Adios MY After Lunch LIVE …!!! (Another me, yasu and 『Recreation 3』, again)

it is still around 『Recreation 3』 euphoria ne, the before euphoria exactly,

and look i also following the 『Recreation 3』 euphoria by changed my blogs (LJ and WP but not Ameblo, because until now i dunno how to do that)’s  header with this lovely image of yasu and that cute little human (read : children) below

looks nice, eh he he he he  …


that image is from MUSIC ON TV ! info website about the upcoming Acid Black Cherry 『Recreation 3』  cover album will be release on March 6th, on that website they said

Acid Black Cherry will be on the M-ON 「SELECT」 for four consecutive weeks,

and as you can read on the website, for the 1st three weeks is pick up a few songs from the songs that have been recorded on the 『Recreation 3』  with some comments by yasu and for the last week there will be special interview/talks with yasu about what? of course not about me but it is about 『Recreation 3』  and here is the schedule

[1st week] comment on the 『Recreation 3』 

First broadcast    : March 4th at 7:30 ~ 8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     :   March 4th at 29:30~; March 5th at 18:30, March 6th at 29:30~ , March 7th at 7:30~,March 8th at 7:30~ / 18:30~ / 29:30~ JST

[2nd week] comment for 1/3の純情な感情

First broadcast   : March 11th at 7:30~8:00
Re_broadcast     : March 11th at 29:30~, March 12th at 18:30~, March 13th at 29:30~, March 14th at 07: 30~, March 15th at 7:30~/18:30~/29:30~ JST

[3rd week] comment for 「未来予想図Ⅱ」

First broadcast   : March 18th at 7:30~8:00
Re_broadcast     : March 18th at 29:30~, March 19th at 18:30~, March 20th at 29:30~, March 21th at 07: 30~, March 22th at 7:30~/18:30~/29:30~ JST

[4th week] special interview

First broadcast   : March 25th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 25th at 18:30~/29:30~ JSt

First broadcast   : March 26th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 26th at 18:30~/29:30~ JST

First broadcast   : March 27th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 27th at 18:30~/29:30~ JST

First broadcast   : March 28th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 28th at 18:30~/29:30~ JST

so to all of you who is in Japan and have MUSIC ON! TV on your telly, what next that i have to say but :

yoroshiku onegaishimasu …!!! *bows*  xD


yasu      :    noi_chan, did you just ask …
noi         :    ask what …?
yasu      :    that …
noi         :    that what …?
yasu      :    ah forget it …

now this 『Recreation 3』 euphoria is getting hot eh, as hot as yasu? indeed ne. I can’t wait for March to come ne, Because next March there will be yasu all over media : websites, magazines, telly (Japanese telly of course) and many more.

and as what 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 posted on this after finish Birthday cake post with this 2 lovely photos of the everlasting 18 man …


they said yasu was on interview with magazine and did a radio comment for this upcoming 『Recreation 3』 , oh God, i am so excited with this ne, i love this time like this ne, i mean a time when yasu releasing something whether is single, album, LIVE DVD or cover album like next month, he is gonna be everywhere.

Remember how he was regulary on magazines for his 5 consecutive singles and the 『2012』 album? waw that was amazing and very expenzing ne … wekekekekeke … *got slapped*

well then let’s talk about my after lunch LIVE ne, as you all know i do always have that everyday at office. It makes me happy, you know even my voice is disaster but somehow singing just make me happy as happy as when i see yasu on my PC everyday.

actually recently i love to sing rather than what peoples do recently with their Facebook or twitter, i mean tweet it or post a status on Facebook if somethings happen. Yes, i did that a long time ago, posted more than 20 different status on my Facebook everyday. But everything is different and it just not that fun/help me to get rid whatever i feel anymore,

thanks to how changable i am, maybe Elvis came by on me ne because now i prefer to sing. when i sad, i want to sing. i am happy i want to sing, someone pissed me off i want to sing, my heart is broken i want to sing, i want to cry, i sing while cryin <—- this is a bit confusing to do, eh he he he … *kicked by hypo*

so do see what i mean? see how Bollywood i am now?

if you love/ever watch Bollywood movies you will get what i mean. In Bollywood/Hindustan movies they all love to sing. in every situation happen to them they will sing. sad, happy, broken hearted, fall in love, anger … etc etc they always sing of course in many various songs.

that’s why i really love my after lunch LIVE at office where i am gonna sing 1 or 2 songs (mostly is Acid Black Cherry or L’arc song). But i can’t do that now, because now i can’t do it by myself i mean as a solo, why …?

it started when somebody asked me to do some subbing for Acid Black Cherry videos, i haven’t do this btw because i am still waiting for it. so while i am waiting i thought it would be better if i do some video with lyrics for practice ne, because it’s been a long time since i make things like that, so i decided to make this video

so … Good Night [2012] LIVE with Romaji lyrics

since i made it at office of course it seen by my office mates, and then they ask me to put that video on their PC, i did that. They said : OMG why
did you never tell me if yasu’s voice is so great? … i said to her i told you ne,
but maybe this is because they just never hear his voice, but they listening to my voice singing yasu‘s song almost everyday …. xD

the next day they ask me to make another videos for another songs that i always song. I did it. i made them Nemuri Hime, Yes, Aishitenai and Fuyu no Maboroshi. They love it and start to sing following the video with lyrics that i made like a karaoke.

Then i realize i should not gave/made them that videos ne, because now i can’t get my after lunch LIVE as solo, and i don’t want as a duo, trio or anything end_ed with o …

all i want is a solo ne, solo as solo as Han Solo …


yasu     :   so you are on duo now?
noi        :   no, it’s more than 2
yasu     :   trio?
noi        :   yeah, and it’s sukcs …
yasu     :   ah it’s fine and you are not gonna join some idols anyway ..


Butterflied Post : Next December is Gonna be MAGIC … (Another me, yasu and My Matsu Wa List)

i really can’t wait for December to come, how many days again to Dec 8th ….?

whoaaaa ……. *dancing with the Moon*

OK, you all know why, huuiiii  …. *still smiling*, so it’s only about another week, and my journey to Wonderland (read : Tokyo) is gonna start. You all better get ready to call me Alice. My friend Cristine and Steffie already there, and now it is my turn to go there and beat all the things that scare me about what may happen on my journey to accomplish this 1,000,000 steps closer to this man …


yasu      :     i know it, you scare …
noi         :     yes, a little bit because who knows ne ya_san, someone will kidnap me on my way to see you, you know like what happen to
Lady Guinevere  omo, that’s scary …. ….
yasu      :      ah another movie, but if that’s happen i am not gonna help you btw ..
noi         :      OK, you are busy, very busy …
yasu      :      nah, you know that

Next December my Matsuwa List is gonna reach the top, the top of my live as a fangirl to watch my idol live on stage for the first time and also for yasu to complete me. I am still incomplete btw even HYDE already did that when he came to Jakarta last Mei 2012 and now it’s time for yasu to complete me. So there you are on my updated Matsuwa List :

L’Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 LIVE at Madison Square Garden


Hercule Poirot Complete Series


and do a marathon to watch it, and i have a nice preparation to keep my eyes open ne. As you all may know i am a coffe addict, and nothing can’t stop me on my coffee time except ran out of coffee. That’s why i always only buy 1 box with 5 sachets inside. But this time is different ne, i bought this


so nothing can’t stop me now, i am gonna kill myself with that 50 sachets inside of that coffee bag. waw that’s gonna be all night long awake ne …. *drolling* ….

~   Can’t wait to work with the new Komatsu WA450

Ah, OK ignore this one, because this one is not fangirl related ….. xD

~   Lay may hands on this FOOL’S MATE January 2013 issue


from this FOOL’s MATE Official Website in this January 2013 edition released today, Acid Black Cherry as the cover and opening feature, OMG there will be a lot of yasu. A complete interview with yasu :  starting with the latest from Acid Black Cherry,  solo works, visual of his works and the video what had been stuck, unforgettable memory, and even lead to life-style and the philosophy of love, the staff, hairstyle, and also the supporting members …

omo look at him, a new necklace or he just add some new stuffs on it ? and that hair it’s more blonde than before or there’s something wrong with my eyes, and it seems like i am not the only one who think it loos like a wig. or that’s because there’s too much gel on his hair so it became Erect_ted like that …?

So i think it would be better if there’s someone grab his hair (of course gently) so we all know and sure if that’s not a wig while i am changing into Snow White’s Wicked Stepmother asking this

Blonde blonde on my Facebook wall, where do you hide your lovely black hair? ….. ajajajajaja …. *dumped to limbo*

FM (2)

noi       :    don’t get me wrong, you are the mirror btw not Snow White
yasu    :    that’s not funny, Facebook Wall  …?
noi       :    yes, Facebook. but you don’t have to answer that btw   …

after see it again with my non blurry eyes and another amazing images, sure that’s not a wig, but it keep tellin us to think that can be a wig ….


cc : nekoyamato @meba

while i still have to wait another 9 days to get it from CD Japan. So 9 days, that’s mean i am not gonna be at home when it arrives ne, omo damn, i should buy this when i am already in Japan ne, with less shipping cost. OMG i didn’t think about that, Yukiko who run fast to a bookstore today and get this FOOL’S MATE January 2013 edition, updated her blog that i always love and make my heart beat fast for that ….

OMG, that’s a nice joke, And it also make me realized that i have to upgrade my Japanese reading and understanding, see i even got it wrong ne and get lost again in my own translation.


yasu     :     you didn’t get it ….?
noi        :     yes, but for you ya_san, i’d lost forever ne …
yasu     :     then get lost and i will never find you …
noi        :     so i am the one who gotta find you? OK boss …..

~    The Hobbit


i am gonna watch this movie in Japan, i am not gonna missed the chance to join this Bilbo Watson on his adventures. Peter Jackson really want Martin Freeman to play as Bilbo, he even want to wait until Mr. Freeman finished his shoot for SHERLOCK2 BBC. so this is gonna be awesome ne ….

and last but not least is …..

~    The upcoming 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”


now it’s already November 30th. so the first live at Fukuoka is gonna start very soon and sure the “Erect” euphoria is bigger now especially for everyone who going to see the Fukuoka live. According to 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】‘s lattest tweet, this trucks already arrive in Fukuoka


everyone can’t wait for their date to see this live coming, including me, and i think they already send my tickets ne, because they already post he complete “Erect” Official GOODs ….


for Goodies that we only can buy at the venue : i love the TOTE bag, the case, socks, an ABC pants and eh is that a wrist band ….? last but not least is the JKL set with rope inside, they posted with a very M pose of yasu


and said if this rope is different from the last one. Well i am not sure about this JKL set because if i buy that for what? i don’t have someone or at least a horse to tied btw, …


not only GOODs that we can buy at the venue this time they also allow us to buy LIVE DVD, CD and Blu-ray 「Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』」with a bonus poster, and if you buy more than 5,000 yen, you will get one of this button …


they already send the GOODs for who bought it on line, it seems like the pamphlet is still not as big as the pamphet of 2012 live, but it contains 80 pages with interviews of yasu and also i saw his other’s lives, not only Erect, where he did some pose like this …


OK, that’s amazing but this one ….. ? OMG ….


What the hell is that? …..

OK OK, i am calm now and yes, now i get that “Erect” terms …….. *get a brainwashed*

now i am still curious for what kind of “Erect” that yasu will give to all of his fans for this 5th Anniversary Live. Even there’s a clue from his video message for Taiwan fans related to 「Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 DVD – Taiwan version .



he said this Erect live in order to erase the distance feeling (because of how bigger now is ABC tours) will focus on the interaction between artist and audience, and sing some songs that the fans will love/favourite rather than making some special stage effects. that’s why yasu tweet_ed this question


maybe that day when he tweet_ed that he and his team start to make a set list for this live, I hope they put Nemuri Hime ne, because i really want to watch yasu perform this song live and sing along together ….

i can’t wait for the set list, so i can prepare myself because i only remember and able to sing well about 4 songs of Acid Black Cherry, well i am a very terrible fans ne. I am not a butterfly, even i did say how i used to be a butterfly before Mr. Friday broke my wings, so eventually i am not a butterfly, But now what i feel is

Thanks to you ya_san, I am soo Butterflied now ….


noi        :     let’s fly together ….
yasu     :     but you are not a butterfly …
noi        :     a half butterly maybe …
yasu     :     what
noi        :     you know an animagus,  …
yasu     :     but can’t fly, that’s weird


Busy Post : The next 300,000 Steps .!!! (Another me, yasu in Somewhere Between Tokyo and JKT)

yes, yes and yes finally i got it …. ♥ ♥


something that was on my mind over and over, my visa. I got it on last Tuesday, Even some people said if it is not that hard to get a visa to Japan, yes, if you live in Jakarta (i am in Indonesia btw) so it is more easy for you to get it. but for me who live so far from Jakarta , it is still something that was very hard to do ne.

Not only because how far that i have to travel to get it but also there’s always something happened to me start from when i went to applied it last week and then the day when i just have to do simple things as the finale : Go There, pay and take it  ….

I dunno why but Jakarta was never easy on me ne. It was like Jakarta  just made some brilliant conspiracy with the rain, the flight, the taxi drivers and everythings. Start from my last trip to Jakarta to apply my visa, as i told you ne, i went by bus and on my way go back home, i got fooled by some bad guys in a bus terminal who forced me to pay more and more expensive for my bus tickets with their scary face of course even i don’t wanted to i had to pay it, …


yasu      :   why ….?
noi         :   they scared me ne, and also they all of them have tattoo on his arms …
yasu      :   a tattoo ….? HYDE_san also have it, and he is not scray at all ne ..
noi         :   but they are not HYDE_san ne …


look at him OMG HYDE, look at your shoulders ne. I remember i was thinking about how small he was when i saw him on stage singing my fave song :  The 4th Avenue Cafe while keep asked all the audience to jump and jump  … and now with that image above, ah now i know he is still a man with a muscle ne and soo gorgeous.

btw that image above is from photobook LIVE2 & LIFE2 and i can’t wait to see all of it when it cama to my home, i dunno when because Tekki ordered it from Japan Discovery and i know that i have to wait longer …

see if all those men was surrounded me and Tekki that time was like him, a dazzling man with tattoo, sure i am not gonna scrae but they are different, you know the type of man that we all see in the triad/gangster movies ne kind a like a trouble maker type who will do anything for money.

and now on my 2nd trip to Jakarta i was to early to arrived at airport, and then when i put my foot out of the taxy in front of Japan Embassy, suddenly rain just fall, it was a heavy rain ne, see it was like a sign from God, and then i said to myself : OK this trip is not gonna end in an easy way ne. and it came true  …

so this post is gonna be about  My Next Steps to be Close to yasu, and because it was a not an easy trip so i will do a triple count this trip and it is my 300,000 steps to be close to yasu ….

i never say/tell anything to my mom, because i know how drama queen she is, but because my flight was on 06:20 AM and  i still need to go by bus about 3 hours from my home to the local airport so i have to be on a bus at least on 03:00 AM. So i told my mom to wake me up at 02:00 AM but she woke me up at : 01:30 AM while at that night i was sleep at 12:30 AM. She said she don’t want me to get late and how so many road wok these days.

then whith my eyes half closed, already on my bus to airport at 02:00 AM, But there’s no traffic jam that night and thanks to how fast was the bus driver to drive his bus until i got hit on my head to the window for three times …. damn, that was hurt ne, finally arrived on bus terminal at 04:15 AM. don’t want to be late make me get too earlier there. yes, i was there on that bus terminal at 04:15 AM, it still dark and the moon was so shy that night, i think i know why


noi        :     nee ya_san, the moon still want to keep my love for you ne …
yasu     :     for what …
noi        :     so you will never find it ne, but don’t worry ne next time i’ll hide it behind the star …
yasu     :     the moon and now the star …?
noi        :     because star is smaller ne so it will be more easy to you to find my love for you …
yasu     :     weird ..

it kinda confused me, ne being there alone at 04:30 AM at the bus terminal, and even i know this bus terminal very well because i used to be here when i was on collage but it was a long time ago ne, everything change. nah my next question is how to find a taxi from there to airport?. I stayed there waiting for time to goes by, and put my earphone on, play my MP3 player so i can’t hear anything.

in my country, if you are standing alone in such a crowd place like bus terminal, or else and you look like someone who is lost and have no idea where to go, sure there will be 1 or 2 man who will ask you : where do you come from, where do you want to go … etc etc. Nah i never talk to them, it is more save if i just say one or max 5 words to them.

It is not that i am gonna say all of man who is in the bus terminal is a bad guy, but who knows ne, you will never know if someone is a bad guy or not, and for that my condition of being alone there in a very early morning, i’d rather think all of them are bad, don’t talk to them and you will be save.

next to me is a man who also wanted to go to the airport, he want to go to Sampit, while i am going to Jakarta, but good for him because his flight was on 10:00 Am so he still have plenty of times to wait while me, i have to go find a taxi a.s.a.p. if i don’t wanna miss my flight. Finally at 05:00 AM i found a taxi, yes Thank God, i was lucky ne and at 05:45 AM i was already at  Ahmad Yani : Semarang International Airport.


after fixed my hair and everythings on toilet as usual i took a photo of me infront of the toilet’s mirror ne, and aha yeah it is something that i always do because i believe by doing it it will bring a good luck for me,

believe it or not it is up to you as long as you don’t do it in the midnight, because you will see a ghost beside you ne, Ghost is also have a feeling to show themselve ne, after all they all a former human, so maybe he missed to get a photo of him and show himself,

what i did next is just sit and waiting for my plane to come while had a cup of coffee in this boarding room. The coffee is good ne. Have i told you how much i am so excited whenever i see and find a coffee machine in a public space. Okay okay this is because i never see it at my hometown ne, see this is what happen if you live in a top of a mountain, so everytime i took a step down to the city, it is so easy for me to get excited even for a coffee machine,

my plane came, and it was a nice flight for the pilot and the other passenger for me, but it never be a nice flight fo me. I don’t like to be on a jet plane so no matter how good the plane and the pilot is , it will never be a nice flight for me, again and again i had that headache, my ears hurted, damn i am gonna be deaf again …

arrived at Soekarno Hatta (Jakarta International Airport) at 07:50 AM damn, i was so hungry ne, and aha aha aha there’s so many place to eat there at Terminal 1A, and somehow when i saw a man with a trolly, i remember Viktor (Tom Hanks) on The Terminal,


as we all know to buy some food on his forever stay at JFK he earns money by collect all trolly that he found, and he use his first money he got from it to buy a burger, so finally after eat biscuit and cheese for days, now he got a burger, and damn the burger is very big ne, i love the way he listen to the voice of the coins came out of that machine and of course how he eat that big burger ne, that’s my fave part of this movie …

oke back to my story, i found a spot on a restaurant and have my meal, it just 3 chiken wings, rice and one chicken soup. Finished my meal, i open my laptop, go online, put my phone in to a speaker and then i start to work, ahaha yeah at that time i did my works at terminal, did all my reports and i think my boss not even realized if i took a day off that time,

i just don’t want my friend made another mistakes like what they did when i was away last week and next day i spent my whole day to edit teir reports. Editing, i don’t like it ne because i think that editing job is endless, it will never over ne, …

on my way to the embassy, my friend told me if the Japan Embassy just call them, OMG, i never imagine if they really will call my office ne, and my friend said if they talked to my superior. It kinda scared me ne, i mean i can’t stop wondering what did they asked and what did my superior answer them with. and then it became what if they didn’t give me a visa ….?

so that one our from airport to Japan Embassy at Thamrin is the longest one hour for me, i was worry and plus how my boss keep cally me, and the never ending talk about number with him, then i was thinking maybe that day was the wrong day to me to go to Jakarta.

arrived at Japan Embassy on 13:00 PM and i had to wait for another half hour, my number was 33, and when they call my number and gave my visa while sayin : don’t get overstay ….

i was like …. OMG finally, i got it ne, it was so unbelievable because i believed if they are not gonna give me a visa after my friend told me about them calling my office to get some information about me, What they asked is some common question like : how long i’ve been working there, my position as what and other things.

after i got is it is my time to share my experiene to get a visa to enter Japan, but because i am Indonesian, maybe the specitifation that i will write on the below line is for Indonesian, you can see the deails in here : Make sure you complete all the list for your application.

and don’t foreget to make sure there is an enough balance on your bank account, because they also ask for bank statement about that. Before i do this application i hear some people say if about the balance in your bank account must be over 50,000,000 IDR to get a visa to enter Japan, and no that’s ot true ne, they ask for the bank statement about it, i think they just wanna make sure if you do have a mnthly salary. on my application, my balance was only 29,000,000 IDR but they gave me a visa ne ….

got my visa, then i am on a taxi again back to airport, but this time the taxi is the yellow one, so yes,i got a yellow cab even wasn’t at The Big Apple (NY),  this yellow cab always remind me to a game on Top Gear where they all race to find yellow cab on street, … that’s funny ne, i do always love to see this show. James, Jeremy and Richard with their jokes and car talks always interesting to see


my flight back home is delayed for 4 hours  ne, so i spent that 4 hours at the boarding room woth nothing but holding my 4 boxes donuts that i bought for my office_mate and Tekki, listening to my MP3. Listening for what? of course listening to Acid Black Cherry 2012 Live CD while imagined how that yasu doll’s face look like …


noi      :     i don’t think they put eyes on it face ne, don’t you think so …?
yasu   :     go figure it out by yourself ..
noi      :     nee ya_san, see i got my visa, so you better get ready  ..
yasu   :     for what …?
noi      :     of course for me …
yasu   :     @_@ ..

after delayed 4 hours, and with a protest from all the passengers there, finally they gave us our plane ne. and it was already 21:00 PM, 5 hours late from the schedule at 16:20 PM, and plus 3 hours by bus, i arrived at home at 01:00 AM, God, that’s so tired ne, i can’t feel my legs, it hurted all over me, …

then before go to bed i was thinking, dear Jakarta why did you so mean to me ne, my last trip by bus was awfull and this trip rain fall when i arrived at Japan Embassy, there’s one restaurant that i went to buy some chicken noodles, the boys and girl who work there are not nice at all, oh come on, is that how a seller behave and talk to their consument? they don’t even gave me a spoon. for me someone who always think the consument is the king, that kinda attitude and living money detector face just not acceptable

my flight got delayed, i spent 3 hours on bus next to a man who keep talking to me and asked so many things that i don’t even understand. i was so tired and sleepy so all he said that night only enter my left ear and go out through my right ear, like a wind blows ….

see that’s not avery nice trip ne, but still the result make me happy, i got my visa now, and from now on, all this November i am gonna concentrate to my wokrs both as a gold digger and a fangirl, i still have 3 magazines to scan and now the The Official Website already put the new magazine scedule :

11/10「Arena 37℃」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/14「WHAT’s IN?」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/14「CD&DLでーた」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/20「MusicUP’S」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/24「Men’s SPIDER」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/27「B-PASS」(HALLOWEEN PARTY Live Report)
11/29「FOOL’S MATE」
12/10「Arena 37℃」

This November is never be easy month ne, too much pressure on me, as you all know my boss, he is never easy on me, and all his employers, And there’s a moment when i really hate my job and want to quit this job and find another ne.  But then i change my mind again for so many times than i can’t even remember. If i quit my job, that means i am gonna give up again , no no no i am not gonna give up, not that easy ne …

Tide is high but i am holding on, I am gonna be your number one, I am not a type of girl who give up just like that  ….. xD


yasu     :    number one? that’s so high ne noi_chan …
noi        :    but if you erase that 4 and 3 zeroes on 40,001, it will be only 1 ne …
yasu     :    ah, no that’s cheat …
noi        :    but Dream Cup is over ne …

and Thank God, there’s so many Halloween Party 2012 Live Reports on net from Excite, Natalie or Barks, they all updated their site with Halloween Party 2012 live reports plus so many lovely pictures to collect …

i really love to see that image above ne, i mean look at HYDE ne, it seems like he rally enjoyed that fanboys talk/acte or whatever they did at that time while sit like that like the King, … and DAIGO Himura is gorgeous, see his hair? ….

and as usual thanks to VAMPS UK Street Team on Facebook for the lovely translation. the good news is JAPAN COUNTDOWN will be broadcasting the last day of Halloween Party 2012 at Makuhari on this Sunday November 4th 2012 at 09:30 AM Japan Time. Because it is VAMPS, i am sure there will be someone who will share it ….

and last but not least is【Team Acid Black Cherry】 updated their Official Blog with on Halloween with this  lovely HAPPY HALLOWEEN !! post say Happy Halloween, TRICK or Cherr …. ups TRICK or TREAT and let all of us to see yasu‘s costume for this year’s Halloween Party 2012

my fave is of course the half skeleton face, ok the hair is messy but still look sexy ne, and his look like that, Oh, God yasu really now how to get that look ne, kinda ignoring look but it blows everyone’s mind who see him with that look .

I spent my halloween night by watch a Hongkong horror movie, and some indie movie, this movie is about a book, a magic book. This book is about how to kill yorself, and it involved one old lady who keep after anybody to read that book and then told them to kill theirself while tellin them how miserable is their life and by kill theirself at least they will be free from it …

ah i better go to sleep now because tomorrow is November 3rd where they will start to open the general sales for Acid Black Cherry 5 Anniversary Live Erect … i still need one ticket for my friend .

3 horror movies on Halloween night with a box of donnuts, nah can you imagine how many calories on me that night? too many ne, plus after Ied recently so my mom have much more meat on her referigerator ne she even gave me fried beef for my snack ….xD.

But thank God, laugh also  burns some calories ne, …


yasu      :   really, who said  that ….?
noi         :   tonight, i said that …
yasu      :   you …?
noi        :    yes, me. so laugh ya_san, do a lot of LOL …


The Last HJO Post : Halloween Party 2012 is Over …(Another me, yasu and The King of The World)

finally, the party is over …..!!!

with yesterday’s live on Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, they closed this year’s biggest party (yeah, it is BIG) and a party that every fans waiting for, no matter if they can’t go watch it live, but just by dragged theirself into this Halloween Party euphoria (like me …xD). But every year i did this and it is still fun until now,

so now  wonder if maybe next year there’s a chance for me to go there and watch that live with my own eyes, ah ya that’s something that i allowed to think and dream about ne, I think if i finally able to watch this Halloween Party Live, i can say this to all my moviegoers friend who get surprised when i told them if i haven’t watch Avatar.

yasu       :     what you haven’t watch it ….?
HYDE     :     but you said you are a moviegoers right …
noi         :     yes, i am … so, if i did watch
Halloween Party Live, when someone said to me OMG you haven’t watch Avatar? like that i can say : well, at least i watch Halloween Party Live ….. ahahahahaha ….
DAIGO   :    just like that …?
noi          :    yes, see how brilliant i am …..?
yasu       :    ah , that’s not brilliant, …
HYDE     :    not at all …
DAIGO    :   no …
noi         :     come on guys …

my wondering things about what HYDE‘s costumes answered, and he was absolutely stunning and the costumes are very well prepared

skip day 1 and go to day 2 : Anis, the one who got a kissu from HYDE tweet_ed this one :


Oh God, look both of them. I am sure if there’s some muggle who really have no clue or ah ya i should say out of the Japanese Rock division see that photo, i am sure he/she will think that 2 persons above is a female, the very pretty one. HYDE with that red wig and his adorable dorky lips like that just complete the awesomeness of him, somehow he (read : HYDE) remind me to Abby, one of my fave character on NCIS and i have no idea why …

day 3 and day 4 is from this site : , the same site woke me up on one morning months ago by  posted yasu‘s photo on a-nation

look at what is back, see the braid was back. He put that braid on Halloween Party, and those make up on him, is perfect ne. and the long haired blonde girl is so cute ne. OMG is that how he dressed while singing that ジャングルだ  song, that he wrote as the jungle version of yasu’s Shangri La? … waw ….

and for the last day, they all (read : The Halloween Junky Orchestra members)  put their costumes that they wear on the Halloween Party PV back to close the party. you can see it from this video below. Someone put from the ZIP and Mezameshi TV on Youtube,  but from all of it, this one is longer


i really love how the mummy DAIGO just came out from that … is that a grave of coffin? well because DAIGO was the mummy, i think it was a coffin ne, there’s no such thing in the horror world as a mummy come out from a grave, it’s a mummy ne, not a zombie …

and i read someone is very jealous to Tommy on the last day Halloween Party Live. whenHYDE said how cute is Tommy-chan even when she was mad, …. awwww , that’s so cute ne. and a also read if yasu flapped his hair/head toHYDE for many times so i think this is why his hair look like a mess like this photo that MAKOTO posted on his blog

what a messed hair ne, or they (his stylish) made his hair like that for some reason? maybe to add some mess look on him …. ajajajajaja *ignore this* because it is the same one on what DAIGO posted  photo on his twitter  ….

i was like, OMG yasu, what the hell is happen with your hair ne, eee sorry maybe there’s something wrong with my eyes, but tell me is that yellow or is just the same blonde as he is but maybe  i drink too much lemmonade so it looks like a yellow for me ….@_@ …

by following this all Halloween Party Live for me it is not only a live performance, but the artist who joined it also had a lot of fun, for example yasu, i am sure he had so much fun ne with his Kami like that and it is anually, but for this year i wonder why did yasu asked to all his fans about what costume should he wear on Halloween Party when in the end he is only use costumes that he already wear? …


noi        :     so ….
yasu     :     i am not gonna answer that ne …
noi        :     ah i think i know the reason why …
yasu     :     why ….
noi        :     you didn’t find the perfect answer ne …
yasu     :     whatever …

i know it is not easy to decide ne, even for me , but now i realized what a perfect costume for yasu, Because he is blonde now, i think it would be perfect if he cosplayed as Jack Dawson from Titanic, and when stand like this he will screamin :


I am The King of The World …..!!!!!

that would be awesome ne, and i am sure he will drag all the audience to drown into his song and whatever he will do,


noi         :     i’ll be Rose if you want …
yasu      :     no no no noi_chan, remember …
noi         :     okay, stay save ne only fangirl and idol things between us …
yasu      :     good …
noi         :     but can we add some drama?
yasu      :     no, no drama ….

so now the party is over, and what leaft behind is thisHalloween Party 2012 booklet for  7,160 yens, i haven’t decided where i am gonna buy this, because sure i want to use all the points that i got from CD Japan when they open the pre order for this item, but my sista told me about there will be a T- Shirt bonus from Japan Discovery.

ah i’ll think about this later now i gotta sleep because tomorrow i have to catch my morning flight to Jakarta, yes i am changing my bus to a plane now, can you believe that? before i close this post there you are …



finally today i received all that i’ve been waiting for, Halloween Junky Orchestra single and my Acid Black Cherry Live 『2012』 DVD, btw about that Captain America pillow, well i think you will see that pillow a lot on my blogs when i post some of my stuffs …. xD and now i am so proudly to write here and tellin all of you if ,  ta ra ra  …

yes, my Bucket of Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 is complete now , … yay …


noi         :    i am gonna watch this tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, and try to learn some ABC things  from sensei Hayashi …. xD …
yasu      :    hmmm, why tomorrw  …?
noi         :    i am busy ya_san, so does my telly …
yasu      :    your TV is busy, ?
noi         :    so many things to play ne …



aha aha … Post : ♪♪ ジャングルだ ♪♪ ….. (Another me, yasu and The Jungle)

again and again, this one come to my mind ….

damn, i should’ve been there and watch that Halloween Party with her ….!!!

hell yeah it always like this every time i read all the live reports or live tweets, it make me feel, what should i say about this ne, a regret? maybe but it’s not that far so i can call it as regret, but ah whatever ne, The important things is now i am so excited until now just by reading every things connected to tonight Halloween Party Live, so here i am now write this entry while waiting for my friend Yukki to go back to her hotel and then update her blog …


i always love to read her blog btw even sometimes i didn’t get all what she wrote, but i just love reading it, how she wrote it from someone who is also love both HYDE and yasu, while i used to read live reports from each side of view : as HYDE‘s fan and as yasu,’s fan. But she is different ne, …

oke, so where do we have to start ne? ah ya from the set list, Acid Black Cherry set list for tonight is :

1.1954 LOVE/HATE
2.少女の祈り…Good night.

source : here

while for the costumes, as we all know yasu on day1 cosplayed as

day2 as Cloud from Final Fantasy like what he did on the last a-nation live, day3 as X Japan (Oh God, 3 times as X Japan ne … ) and tonight live as Cloud again ….?


noi       :     so ….
yasu     :    what ….?
noi        :    ah, never mind, but can you tell me what is your costume for tomorrow?
yasu     :    no  …

i do always love Kenshin Himura, not because he is my far far away cousin (don’t ask me how far is it), see i have the same last name Himuraajajajajaja … *crazy* but i dunno why i just feel this connection with that one manga samurai character, talking about my last name, today i found out if someone just change my name, the one they put on my card, when they gave me the new one they put my last name there. as i remember i never ask them to put my last name there, it always only 3 letters N O and I ,

but now the added my last name, and you know what did my friend say to me about that? they said : hey noi, eventually you still considers him as your father, by put your last name. same as your dad. Bloody hell what’s on their mind ne, of course he is my dad no matter how i hate him sometimes and beg to God to send some professional sniper (like Jackson on Saving Private Ryan) to shoot me from far so i don’t have to kill myself and leave this hell i am livin on, but he is my dad, and it doesn’t matter whether if i put my last name or not on my card.


noi      :     i think they eat too much crap ne ya_san, don’t you think so?
yasu   :     really, but you do also love to eat
noi      :    no, no not that literally crap ne …
yasu   :    ah, but hey just finish this post hurry OK ..

back to my far far away cousin Kenshin Himurai do hope someday i am gonna able to see yasu or HYDE will cosplaying as him on Halloween Party Live, but then instead of yasu or HYDE, DAIGO is the one who did it, …

he cosplaed as Kenshin Himura on day2 after as a mummy on day1 waw, look at that, OMG DAIGO he really looks awesome ne, as Kenshin. even i do think he is too tall to be Kenshin  but, still he is gorgeous. BREAKERZ did great on this year’s Halloween Party costumes, after how brilliant they were as BRZ48 on Halloween Party Live 2010  , tonight they cosplayed as Momoiro Clovers ? ..

ajajajajajaja …… look at Shinpei …. xD, that sunglasses make his outfit as the yellow clover is perfect, ….

and now let’s talk about HYDE, ah ya his costume. Because he is the host of this annually amazing party so his outfit is something that everyone is wait for, and until now there is no some official photo of  HYDE‘s Halloween Party costume after day1 …


all i know is on day2 he cosplayed in some ghothic Lolita when he gave Anis a kiss while skipped yasu for that, day2 he use a very sexy pants and show his abs like this Oh God, and i am not sure about tonight, ….

but i do know/think sure tonight is the best from all of the previous live. Because of what, of course this is because of HYDE‘s Jungle version of Shangrilla —–> ♪  ジャングルだ ♪ …. xD.  .

ジャングルだーゾウやキリンさんと一緒 空高く舞え小鳥さん

cc : @A_aconite

Janguruda yomigaere dōbutsu-tachi no yūtopiā!

Janguruda ̄zou ya kirinsanto issho sora takaku mae kotori-san
Ima koso 1tsu ni naru toki kaze ni matte chōcho-san ningen-tachi dake no mon janai kimi to te o toriaeba
Ima koko ga jangurudā ni naru! …

HYDE said he’s been thinking about this and he want to make it perfect for this year, wrote the lyrics, he surprised yasu with the PV, I love whenever HYDE do something like this for his number one fanboy, not every fanboy get that kind of treat from his idol ne.

The jungle is the utopia for all animals, yes, sure HYDE_san and that would be awesome if he will put that as the 2nd single for Halloween Junky Orchestra, and then next year The Halloween Party is gonna be on the jungle ….


i told you ne, this man HYDE is genius, he know how to make something really good and also make people wondering again and again because they didn’t go to see tonight Halloween Party … and damn tonight this Bahama Love Triangle is on again, it is always on and on btw ….

And sure i really want to see how is the PV and how’s the sound of HYDE sang that Janguruda, i wonder if there will be some telly station will put that video on their morning news, you know which morning news/show that i mean …


noi       :      that would be great ne ya_san ….
yasu    :      for you? sure it is …
noi       :      and it would be more great if they put that live on DVD ….
yasu    :      dream on, fangirl ….
noi       :      aaahhhh ….


HJO Post : HALLOWEEN PARTY PV Preview, MP3 …. etc, (Another me yasu and The Monsuta Big Boss)

HALLOWEEN PARTY PV Preview and Backstage Interview  from Mezameshi TV

la la la la la …. Halloween Party

la la la la la …. Let’s Trick or Treat …



look at that, waw i love this PV already. The dinner part, waw look at all of them, even it remind me son some part of  Backstreet Boys PV : Backstreet” Back. you know the part when AJ have his bloody dinner with all girls in a red dress. But in this PV HYDE the Monsuta Big Boss (with XIII on his chest) held a dinner (even not the bloody one) for all his fellow monsuta …


and HYDE, OMG is stunning as always ne, I love how he just stand on chair and sing (or should we say he is giving a speech? …) like the boss of all the monsters who joined that Halloween dinner.


After dinner on Halloween Night all the lovely monsuta walk on the street, knocking on each door and say Trick or Treat …!!! …

from the backstage interview my fave part is gotta be this :

yasu                                          :   meccha monsuta ….
and the HYDE replied him with     :   i don’t wanna say that to you ….

i didn’t realized this if Yukiko didn’t tell me,look at his face ne, what a sweet fanboy …. xD

by started VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY annually, HYDE also start some euphoria among everyone, not only his fans but also to all other artist’s fans who will join HYDE‘s VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY. This year he added this HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, omo HYDE you are forever genius for never run out of something to make ne, …

well then because today is the first day of October, so that means we still have another 16 days to, it still more than 2 weeks, but i can’t wait to see and listening the full and complete of this song, first the cover just blown me away.

~  Regular Edition Jacket


~  Limitted Edition Jacket


CD Tracklist


you can Download the Radio Ripp from Tokyo FM in ——> here  and it sounded like Hurry XMass but the horror version … xD  

    2. Penalty Waltz

DVD Tracklist

1. HALLOWEEN PARTY MV (Directed by Ken Nikai)

source :

i think i ordered the Limitted Edition, … or the Regular one? … *checking her email*

~  Group Photo shoot …


~  Solo Photo shoot …

HYDE The Boss Monsuta


there you are The Boss Monsuta, with that XIII  sing on his chest, he show us if he is The Boss, on HALLOWEEN PARTY

DAIGO The Mummy


SCANDAL RINA The Bunny Girl …


look at her skirt,  …. so lovely ne and she is cute, but that skirt just make her looks more cute  ..



noi      :     but without the Sickle of Death like that, omo ya_san you look like a …
yasu   :     like what …
noi      :     like a land lord …. *laugh*
yasu   :     a land lord, what the …
noi      :     well then because the theme is
HALLOWEEN so let’s just say you are the Lord of Horror Land ….

KAZ The Ghost/Zombie Soldier …


D’ERLANGER’s kyoThe Commander  …


Tommy february6 / Tommy heavenly6The Twin …..?




Ana Tsuchiya ….


MUCC TatsuroThe Psyco


Actually Tatsuro_san‘s costume is my fave ne, i mean look at him, with his long hair like that, it just make him looks more miserable. It seems like he is desperately need help, especially when he tweet_ed this photo on his twitter …. xD


OMG look at him, he just remind me to The 13th Ghost, you all seen that movie right, and from all the 13 ghosts trapped on that cursed house, one of it is a pshyco and he is really danger ne, i remember they put him in a place where it was designed to the most dangerous ghost so nobody can release him easily. Oh God, Tatsuro_san i thought you will be Sadako on this HALLOWEEN PARTY PV, but you are not. and yes, you’re surprised me ne….

Why Sadako …? well that’s because of his ong hair. I remember the first time i saw and know about him was when he joined HYDE on Jack In The BOX performance, the performed Nocturne , then i was like , hey who is that man …? and i thought his hair is not real so what i was sayin at that time : ah he must be use some wig. But he is not ne …. *laugh*

Kanon Wakeshima – The Little Red Ridding Hood


Nightmare’s Hitsugi


Aoki Ryuji


Somehow it make me feel want to stay at HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA on HALLOWEEN night ne …


yasu      :    Hotel Transylvania,or what ..?
noi         :    to spent my
yasu      :    but we are not gonna stay on that hotel ne …


HYDE     :     boys, just don’t tell her which hotel we are going to stay …
DAIGO    :     sure …
noi          :     HYDE_san, why …
HYDE     :     i think you are just turned in to a stalker, don’t you think so yasu_kun ..?
yasu       :     yeah, i think so …
noi          :    no, no ya_san, i am not ….

even this is HJO post but let’s talk about this amazing song that yasu gave us. The song that i mean is none other than 「イエス」. how yasu end that song with
the proposal line and make all of us (esp. me ….. xD) say nothing but 「イエス」 (read : yes, one million yes) to him, even he will never hear it. So this is a story about 「イエス」

Thanks to Jin Mrdervoice who so kind to explain about than muted video above. so what yasu said is when he sang this song and reach the ending then suddenly there’s a guy who was at the front took out a ring and gave it to his girlfriend, propose her on that day and it was surprised the girl and also yasu
himself …

waw that’s a brilliant idea to propose someone ne, OMG i think this is the most romantic way to propose that i even heard after how Wong Fei Hung (Jet Lee) propose his 13th aunt (Rosamund Kwan) by saying this :  A,B,C, ….. K,L,M,N,O … O do you want some O ? while giving her a ring …


yasu      :      don’t go too far noi_chan, i don’t have any O for you ….
noi         :      i know , you only have ABC …
yasu      :      good …

because i can’t goo far with the O thing so i better make my dream in the Horror Land tonight, while wodering what i am gonna do to spent my Halloween night this year, i mean what movie that i am gonna watch. I think i am gonna wacth again The Sleepy Hallow or Bram Stoker’s Dracula, or stay at HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA,
and wait for yasu to knock my door for Trick or Treat ….

noi         :     ya_san, don’t forget my room is number 221, the same hotel …
yasu      :     ups sorry, we are full this year, so i think we will skip your room …
noi        :      but i’ll give you lot’s of candy …
yasu     :      aha candy …? yeah right …


Hot & Sunny Post : ABC HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 GOODS Update … (Another me, yasu, HYDE in Horror Land)

today is hot, as hot as yasu in the bathtub

not because today is Monday, where everything is getting hot on the 1st day of the week, the day you are back to your daily activities at office after had a Sunday off at home, But today is really2 hot. The sun just burn all over me. And on this hot and sunny day i have 3 places to go and two of them are outdoor.

This is all my fault, all because of me. Why do i have to say the same day and time whenever someone ask when did they can have a meeting with me, or i promise to meet someone (work related to) i always tell them the same

~   Come to me on Monday at 2:00 PM
~   I’ll meet you next Monday at 2:00 PM
~   Set the meeting on Monday at 02:00 PM

i mean what is wrong with me, why it always Monday at 02:00 PM …? i should stop that habit ne, because it always make me out on a very sunny day like today, it would be better if i make an early appointment, ah ya in the morning … *make a note*

It is already more than 1/2 year there’s no rain fall in my hometown. They said this hot and dry season will continue until end of 2012. Two weeks ago suddenly rain just fell at night but it was a very short rain, it was like just passed by to my hometown and then go to another town.

My mom nonstop tellin me to save water because our well almost run out of water. So from now on i only have limited water to use. Wash my hair only once not twice like usual. Because i spent most of my time outdoor with dust  all over my hair, I always wash my hair everyday and i do it twice. I need much more water for that,

but now i can’t do it anymore in this long dry season at home, but i still can do that at office. Unlike my home well, my office well still have much water inside. And so today after finish my out on sunny day activity, i took a shower, back to my desk and then

i can open The Official Online Shop  for HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 GOODS ..

T-shirt half sleeve (white print) : ¥ 3,800

T-shirt half sleeve (pink print) : ¥ 3,800

i  like it the white print one. I mean the Halloween Party white print it just look perfect on the black shirt.

Muffler Towel (× Pink Black) : ¥ 2,500

Tote Bag : ¥ 1,200 …. ♥

i think i am gonna buy the tote bag ne, use it once maybe two and then keep it so it would be save. and if there’s some of you want to buy that HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 GOODS, just make sure to make your order before October 1st 2012.

and then i saw something and it just dumped me back to my HALLOWEEN PARTY euphoria again. i’ll write about it tomorrow maybe. That something i saw today is this, what else but this …

that’s so sweet ne, how HYDE and yasu‘s talking to that little girl. and that little girl, well everyone ask who is that little girl …? i have no idea ne, but i am sure we all gonna see that girl on the upcoming HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA’s HALLOWEEN PARTY PV .

see something about it? …. i mean a little girl among all the scary creatures (JOKER, 1/2 Man 1/2 skeleton, mummy), tell what did you get on your mind …? well what i get is for the upcoming PV’s theme is

~    Alice on Wonder Land

but maybe because this is Halloween theme, and you all know Halloween time where you will see ghost everywhere, the fake one (man with costume) or maybe among all of them there is one or maybe two real ghost there, joining the crowd. …xD, so it would be better if the title is Alice in Horror Land instead of Wonder Land …. xD

~    The Wizard of Oz

i wish i can see the little girl shoes, ….

actually when i clicked the post icon on my LJ to post something, i want to post my review after i watch this movie last night : James Franco’s The Rise of Planet of The Apes because last night i was cryin like hell for Will and Caesar. Well i’ll do that tomorrow because

there will always be tomorrow …

yasu    :  ah you just don’t wanna do it ne …
noi       :  of course i want to do it but not today, because ya_san update/post something on a blog ..

it just like sayin I Love You, if you can’t say it today, you can say it tomorrow,
and if you still can’t say it don’t worry, there is always be the day after tomorrow ..

愛してる愛してるよ  ….!!

yasu   :  whatever  ….