Black Post : Project 『Shangri-la』 5th Season … (Another me, yasu,HYDE and HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013)


5th Season, The Finale Season of Project 『Shangri-la』  …!!!


5th Season ~ Shikoku and Kyusu – Okinawa tour~

Ehime ~ Saijo-shi General Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Tokushima ~  Naruto Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kochi ~  Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall – Orange Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain18:30

Kagawa ~ Sunport Hall Takamatsu – Main Hall
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

Oita ~ Beppu B-Con Plaza Philharmonia Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain18:30

Nagasaki ~ Nagasaki Civic Auditorium
Open 17:00 /Curtain 18:00

Saga ~ Saga-shi City Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Fukuoka ~ Fukuoka Sun Palace
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Kumamoto ~ City Center, Sojo University Hall
Open 17:30 /Curtain 18:30

Miyazaki ~  Medikit Cultural Center – Theatre Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kagoshima ~ Baoshan Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Okinawa Okinawa Convention Theater
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

By the end of April, Project 『Shangri-la』 is gonna end. What a long time project eh, and …

then what next after this project ….?

yasu       :    why should i tell you, who are you …?
noi          :    I am Inspector Himura now …
yasu       :    so this is an interrogation? …

noi          :    yes, you do answer me now ..
yasu       :     eeh chotto you’re the Inpector while me ..
noi          :    you are Officer Hayashi, see new pairing —>
Inspector Himura and Officer Hayashi …#SoSweet
yasu       :    Ok, that’s funny … *leavin*

well, i think i better stop wondering too much now. I better enjoy this Project 『Shangri-la』 , waiting for the new singles to come and a free trip to all over Japan via yasu and his team there …

Let’s talking about 『Shangri-la』, 『Shangri-la』, and 『Shangri-la』  and  now you all better look at this ne …

~  『Shangri-la』 Photobook (Cover?) Posted on CDJapan

CDJapan posted that on their pre-order site for that 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 Photobook. The release date is getting closer eh …..



I can’t wait mine to arrive, and look at that cover, that dark green color there with some blurry green image of yasu standing there on stage. I say, that’s totally awesome ne.

And as always yasu, my one and only Mind Blowing Man blown me away. This time he is blown me away to Asgard with  ….

Who else but LOKI ….?

as what my friend Levvy said to me, i watch LOKI too much recently then get LOK_ed. I can’t stop laughed when i see Tom Hiddleston on this SNL Korea video

I can’t believe he can dance like that, and say Hello my name is Tom Hiddleston and i play LOKI ….  and before he finished that, that granny scream ROKII …. !!! … ect etc and grab his nipples like that…

what a wacky granny eh … xD .

Anyway, he was in Korea to for Thor 2 …  And talking about Thor 2, i made me scream LOKIIIIII… !!! like a wacky person inside cinema when i saw this Thor 2 Trailer  ..

on the BIG screen together with Tekki. The couple sit behind me said shhttt, be quiet …!!! to me. Then i have to say sorry to them, but then i did it again when Thor 2 Trailer was on my telly screen.

it shoud be a movie marathon last Sunday.

1st is Tom Hanks‘s Captain Philips then Sandra Bullock and George Clooney‘s Gravity. But too bad because i spent too much time in the salon do something with my hair i skipped Tom Hanks so i only watch Gravity.

can’t you believe that? OMG i skipped Tom Hanks ne.

Gravity is a great lost in space movie,

i mean how they can compose a simple/not complicated story, make us stay and watch a movie with only 2 and maybe 3 person there involved, and make us happy and sad then say …

Heee, he really died …?

when Dr. Stone (Bullock) is awake from her short sleep inside the Rusian space ship after confused how to operate that ship to go back to earth.


As always, Sandy did her great job ( Sandra Bullock, I always admire her as one of my America’s Sweetheart together with Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts) as Dr. Ryan Stone a brilliant NASA specialist who choose to be up there because how quite is there.

Somehow Sandy is always perfect for a role like this. Remember how she is on SPEED as Annie with Keau Reeves?. Sure you will see some similar thing between Annie and Dr. Stone‘s character now.

a woman who is forced to do something on an SOS situation while no one around her to help. So whether she want it or not, she has to deal with her fear, sadness and panic all gather inside her …


then George Clooney, ah ….

what should i say about him but awesome and adorable. Ah yes just like how i love 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, i love grown up man … ha ha ha ..xD

eeh should i say adult here  … ?

As Lieutenant Matt Kowalski, the commander of the team. A veteran astronaut who love to tell a story about him to all people next to him no matter they want to listen it or not.

With this movie, with his character Clooney show me how brilliant is a NASA astronout should be ne. Be calm in no matter what situation and always have B,C,D, …. till Z plan just in case anything goes wrong on the mission and able to find a way to back to earth…

yasu     :     noi_chan …
noi        :     ups sorry, too movie eh …
yasu     :     then hurry finish this post
noi        :     OK, OK …

so what next, ah  …

~   「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」

that’s a flyer of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, posted by BUZZROCK Radio on their Twitter two days ago.

Looks glamorous isn’t it ..?

and finally 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 revealed all the bonuses for this single on this Official Ameblo post

1.  w/ The Original Other Jacket for Halloween Party Venue Only ..

Halloween Cover

they said it as venue only so you can only buy this at the venue of HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Then since there’s no ABC’s HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year, they only posted this hair accessory with a new image with yasu


i suppose the w/ The Original Other Jacket Edition of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」  is the HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year and i am sure that’s already up on some auctions … xD

2.  B2 Poster for nation wide CD stores bonus  ….

shop poster

CD Japan added that poster to give as a bonus on their pre_order site for 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」, so …. #yay …!!!

3.  B3 Poster for FanClub Edition   ….

~  Original Clear Poster A (B3 size) for CD + DVD edition

w dvd poster

and ..

~  Original Clear Poster B (B3 size) for CD Only edition

cd only poster

4.  Mini Clear File for Mobile FanClub Edition   ….

mini clear file

5.  Sticker bonus for mu-mo edition    ….


Sticker and Mini Clear File, that’s what i am gonna get. Now here i am stuggling here to say no to that dazzing poster from FC editions there. It’s really hard and then all of those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s pretty face make it harder …

Oh God,

i can’t believe how dare they did that ne. I mean put all those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s face like that. It hurt for me as a fangirl to hee how it seems like all those SAMPLE words slapped yasu‘s pretty face …

Poor ya_san, that must be hurt eh …


yasu     :    what did you say …
noi        :    and i am sorry i can’t do any photoshop or sotoshop to erase it ..
yasu     :    then what can you do …?
noi        :    all i can do is eat the soto … (PS :
soto is a popular traditional dish from Indonesia )
yasu     :    …. *taking breath*

then after the flyer, bonuses and poster,  for all of you who share the same sexcited about this 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 song, there you are the ..

~  From Listening Lyrics of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 …
黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ Acid Black Cherry

目を細めて um チェリーにkiss

仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

あんたなんかキライ!× ∞
捨てられたって 噛み締めた
そのおかげ 私 今があるの


許しはしないけど 謝んなさい


仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

credit to : 闇Rodem@meblo

Otoko mo neon mo furikaeru
Uwasa no neko tte watashinokoto
Aitsu shikomi no kuchibiru de
Watashi wa yoru o teniireta

Nagai kami o kakiagete
Sukoshi uwamedzukai
Me o hosomete um cherī ni kiss
Madamada koe dasanaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no kasū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan machi wa
DonDon watashi o someru

Anta nanka kirai ra rai rai !
Sōitte naiteita 6-nen (roku-nen) mae
Furufurare mata sasowa re
Suterareta tte kamishimeta
Yoru no machi ga mabushikute
Mahō ga toketa mitai
Gokai shinaide
Urande nankanai
Sono okage watashi ima ga aru no

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō awarena sute neko nante yoba senai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Mite yo mabushiidesho
Nigashita sakana wa nanida kke?
Yurushi wa shinaikedo ayaman nasai
Yada bakane
Hon kinishinaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō kainarasa reta neko nanka janai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no sū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan watashi
DonDon kireininaru no

What a Splendid song, isn’t it ….?

a song that’s a bit hard for me to ignore, especially when yasu start to sing the

ウェーオ♪ウェーオ♪ ….. eh God, what should i say but ..
OKE OKE you are The Black Cat,  ….. xD

noi       :     but ya_san,  you are still Blonde ne ….
yasu    :     then what …?
noi       :    nothing ..
yasu    :     don’t start again noi_chan …
noi       :    i won’t

and …

PS :  thank you for some of team_yasu members (you all know who you are) for the corrections, and if you want some early translation you can go

here <—  to check English translation there because Shido Tennouji Nck-cm (from Acid Black Cherry Philipines) already did that … and
here <—  for French translation by Acid Black Cherry Frech Street Team

So yes,

it’s not the Official Lyrics yet but since i am over way sexcited about this song, it makes me busy until today tryin to sing it and keep my self from left away behind from yasu‘s fast and flirty way of singing this song …

next it …

~   yasu on 「夢チカ18」/「yumechika 18」

it’s a show on a local telly in Hokkaido, he looks pretty ne with that Union Jack shirt …

~    HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 – Day 2

for the 2nd day of HALLOWEEN PARTY , HYDE was cosplaying with a Mexican Costume which is make all the Mexican fans totally happy …


while DAIGO as AMA_CHAN, ..


as he posted on his Instagram , anis as The HUGE Red Riddinghood


then yasu, after show his sexy shoulder …


yasu was so pretty in that lolita costume and sure complete with the boops . Finally there was no another yasu as Dracula on HALLOWEEN PARTY again …. #haha.

and thanks to Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club i can see the video ne in here …


then on The after Live



PS   :    just click the images and it will bring you to the Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club Facebook video

and of course a very HUGE credit for all Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club staffs for the GREAT job they did because i know it is not easy to record videos from nico nico

and then the day before yesterday, anis posted this photo from his Instagram

My buddies! 楽しかったわよー。 #‎vamps‬ ‪#‎halloween‬ ‪#‎party‬ ‪#‎Yasu‬ ‪#‎Aki

OMG i never immagine if anis is that tall ne, …

now i can’t wait for her, eh i mean him (why did i always want to write anis as her ..? xD) to post a photo of him, HYDE and yasu with their costume of  the 2nd Day HALLOWEEN PARTY, a more clear version than this ..


Sure, That would be a Wacky Sisterhood Picture ….xD

now my BIG question of today :  Why the hell i am so lazy these days …. ?

it felt like i lost all my energy, everday after works i won’t do anything but sleep, like last night. I wanted to finish subbing video Erect Live MCs but i was too sleepy then fell asleep in seconds.

Because i only finished this Part 1, …

I’ll finish this as soon as i can …. *crossfingers*.

Then at 09:00 PM my boss call me to ask some stupid question, eh why can’t he leave me alone …? suddenly  thanks to this CNBLUE song ~ Monday, i got an idea, maybe i can stop being lazy if i can get a time machine,…

…♪♪ … I wanna make a time machine
So I can go anywhere I wanna go, I’ll never be lazy
I wanna make a time machine
And I do anything I wanna do, I’ll never be lazy

All the time …. …♪♪ …


noi       :    a time machine, OK …
yasu    :    why me …?
noi       :    you are the idol ne, not me …
yasu    :    and that’s not gonna work on you ne  ..


Waa .. Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting&Live ~ Yamanashi .. (another me, yasu and 黒猫 ~ Adult Black Cat ~)


Finally it’s Saturday and ….

when today is over, there you are my day_off is comin to me. Oh, i am so exhausted now, need a refreshment to recharge this whatsoever battery might be installed in me.

have i told you how much i love Saturday ..?

yasu      :     yes, you have …
noi         :     then can i tell you again …?
yasu      :     no, no no re_post …
noi         :     why …?
yasu      :     that’s boring …

time is running very slow now here at my office plus how my boss mad today because how BIG is our electricity bills for this month make it more slow that it use to be.

i just wanna go home and listen to this Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ single because today there’s somebody who already share the radio rip from Radian show last night.


watch the streaming in here or DL the MP3 in here ..

I say, Whhaaawww ….. !!!

that’s an awesomely splendid song ne, i didn’t imagine it’s gonna be splendid like this. I mean it sounds wild, catchy and flirty at the same time.

After all no matter how busy is he right now, yasu is still brilliant as he is …

I read someone say this and the 2nd version of Black Cherry , then i am with him ne. Because that’s so true. just listen again and catch the jazz … #waw

i say what a Black Cat day is today ne,

since today is the day when i finally listen to this Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ single then suddenly like a MAGIC there’s somebody far away from Japan is mad like a Black Cat to me …  #awww … *got slapped*

i better stop talking before i talk too much and as you all know, too much is never be good, so let’s start this  『Shangri-la』 Meeting & Live ~ Yamanashi post …

~    Meeting  ~   Yamanashi

the meeting was held in  Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture and 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 wrote interaction with everyone in Yamanashi as a cozy meeting.

Acid Black Cherry came to  on 2011 Free Live and now for the 1st time come again there as a national tour.

learned about Yamanashi‘s specialtys on the Public Recording like 「ほうとう」/「Hoto」 and of course grape then also memories about this Project 『Shangri-la』 and  as always 『Greed Greed Greed』 single talk …


and as what said in here —> , FM FUJI  broadcasted the Public Recording OA tonight 23:00 ~ 24:00 JST


hope someone will record it … #wish

~    Live   ~   Yamanashi

it was held in Korani Culturall Hall, Kofu_shi, Yamanashi prefecture. Kofu_shi city of Yukari and Takeda Shingen. at the venue, this Hot Meal menu already waiting


「ほうとう」/「hōtō」 :  this is a popular dish of Yamanashi prefecture, even it’s the signature dish there. It’s a flat udon noodles and vegetables stew in miso soup.
「鳥のもつ煮」/「tori no motsuni」 :  stewed chicken offal and this dish acquired the grand prix in B class gourmet grand prix of Japan.
「せいだのたまじ」/「sei dano tamaji」 :  Is a dish that was boiled in miso potatoes …

eeehh, am i in the culinary class now …?


yasu     :    cooking class, you …?
noi        :    i feel like i am in the cooking class ..
yasu     :    there’s no spot for eater there ..
noi        :    i’ll cook fist, then eat ..

i think soon this 『Shangri-la』 Project is over my knowledge about Japanese local food added as well, thanks to yasu. All this time i only know common dishes like sushi, miso, ramen, okonimoyaki and tako …. xD

reading all messages via twitter and Janne Mobile FC after meal while make up ….


then on The Question Corner, the theme is Teacher’s Day and question selected  is


「Memories of teacher」

yasu‘s answer is about how he learned to speak while lookin at  people’s eyes (people whom he is speaking to, i suppose ..) from one of his teacher

next is the SetList

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. Tsumi to batsu ~ kamisama no alibi
5. Scar
6. Greed Greed Greed
7. Nemuri Hime
8. Yes
10. Shojo no Inori III
11. Shojo no Inori
12. Cord Name 【Justice】
13. 20 Century Boys


15. re:birth
16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri – la

and Kewpie …


yes, it’s a grape …

that’s cute ne and what is on his (i believe all the QP’s are male)  head, it looks like a hair accessories ne and that’s make that little man is more cute …

and yesterday October 18th, 2013 on Chunichi Simbun evening article , there is yasu there.  ….


The Chunichi Shimbun (中日新聞/ Chūnichi Shinbun) is a Japanese daily broadsheet newspaper published in mostly Aichi Prefecture and neighboring regions by Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd .. etc etc ~ Wikipedia ~

Tonight is the 1st day of HALLOWEEN PARTY, and today’s Kobe World Memorial Hall ~ Live is over, and for this year yama_chan allowed us to see/follow him on the backstage/after live together with HYDE, yasu, DAIGO and others via his nicovideo channel ..

i am glad finally someone share it because my net connection Capt. Slow is forever will fail for streaming site, so to all of you who can’t watch streaming like me you can watch it

here ——>>  via  Secret Signs ‘s Facebook video


aaand still about HALLOWEEN PARTY, there you are …



and the PV‘s Offshoot because i can’t embed the video you can watch it in here —->

now, i can’t wait for my HYDOLL to arrive because finally i meet someone who will buy it for me and she went to tonight’s live in Kobe World Memorial Hall.


so yes everyone, i am gonna get that  ….. xD

what a lovely Saturday is today. My fandom is so alive, HALLOWEEN PARTY is a bit open than last year thanks to yama_chan, and tomorrow is my day off. Finally after 3 weeks nonstop workin i got my day off this week ne.

Here’s what i am gonna do tomorrow …

~   go to cinema to watch Tom Hanks‘s Captain Philips because hello, this is Tom Hanks we are talking about ne ..
~   do something with my hair before there’s other person beside my mother say how i look like a person who just lost gambling because of how messy my hair is …
~   eat that broccoli and mushroom dimsum, egg rolls on that food court next to cinema, eat the new menu on Pizza Hut, eat tom yam, and some Belgian Chocolate ice cream for desert …
~   get some new shoes, bags, books, DVDs, glasses  …

aaannnddd …

yasu        :     a new brain …?
noi           :     a new boyfriend …?
yasu        :     you don’t even have an old one ..
noi           :    well let me tell you something and say
#Amin for me  ..

~  one day i am gonna be the boss for my own bussiness
so i can have day off as much as i want
and will never hate rain to fall in the morning …  #Amin  ~

yasu        :     hmmm ….


2nd Season Post : Meeting and Live ~ Aichi … (Another me, yasu and The Up & Comin November)


ただいま 。。。。!!!

ha ha OK, now i suppose i have a lot of home works to do ne, because again and again i left away from them. I think now i am about 4 post left behind the schedule  …

Schedule eh, ….

yasu    :    what schedule  …?
noi       :    this is a fangirl schedule eh, …
yasu    :    secret ..?
noi       :    yes, fangirl only …

so this is gonna be a fast and short post, hope there will be no any additional rambling at the end of this post. Actually i always want to make a short and fast post ne, i mean a post where i don’t have to use LJ Cut.

Even that LJ Cut is very convenient, but i never like it, i even had some trouble using it and it ended with me had to re-write again from the beginning. Of course i’ll never blame LJ because for me LJ is the best space to write and as always i am the fool one who is so fool until bothered by some simple things like LJ Cut.

~  Aichi Meeting

The Meeting was held at Nagoya Airport Walk , a very wide open space there and the Public Recording together with FM Aichi. They talked about 「Greed Greed Greed」 single and the upcoming single Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ released on November 20th, 2013

ah the new single, i wonder when they will let us to see the cover eh …


have i told you how i really love to see yasu with glasses like that …?

i believe i said that so many times ne, more than all fingers i have. Thank God, nobody asked me to do a counting of how many time i said how i love yasu with glasses, because sure i have to borrow again my neighbor’s fingers to do the counting.

The Public Recording w/ FM Aichi will be broadcasted on Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian F Limited」 on October 20th, meanwhile you can see yasu eat Pocky via yama_chan’s nico channel ...


and you can hear yasu‘s talking on FM Aichi A-1 COUNTDOWN here …



hooo ….

i love how he said that ~ Adult Black Cat ~ sounds much way better than how he is sayin 「Greed Greed Greed」 ….xD

while here is the recording of Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian F Limited」 10/04/2013, 『Shangri-la』 Meeting w/ FM Aichi 09/28 Public Recording at Nagoya Airport Walk



Radio, radio, radio …

these time, radio just getting more interesting with yasu in it eh, …

Now i missed my KeyHole, it was forever ago when i used to listen to yama_chan‘s radio show via KeyHole. even i had no idea what the hell he was talking about. It was just fun to listen ne. Too bad now i can’t find Tokyo FM again on my KeyHole

maybe i have to update the channels ne …


noi      :     then do some searching, you know …
yasu   :     search for …
noi      :     Tokyo FM, then yasu FM ….!!!
yasu   :     not funny …
noi      :     well, i’ll get you another joke  …

now, let’s move to the …

~  Aichi Live …

second season of 『Shangri-la』 started with Aichi ~ Live as the opening after hold a 『Shangri-la』 Meeting one day before live started.

Held at Nagoya Century Hall. yasu was back on the same place after 4 years since QED Live on 2009.

Entering the venue, there was this chicken wings were ready ..

nagoya live1

then another Monster Hunter after meal …

nagoya live2

had a Hunting moment together with Hiro ….

see this is what people say with Boys Will Be Boys ne, no matter how old they are they will still love games and soccer, …  even Backstreet Boys also have one song called Boys Will Be Boys, i think that song was on their 1st or 2nd album …?

ah, i can’t remember it

so to all of you monsters out there, beware ne because yasu and his gangs will hunt you all this whole season of 『Shangri-la』

Then the question for the Question Corner is …


「A part time job that you’ve had until now」

yasu‘s answer :

he worked on a construction site after graduated high school and because he often talk about this, he talked about his part time job a convenience store when he was in high school. Because he had a long hair, people asked whether if he is male or female …. ?

well can’t blame who asked that question, but yasu with a long hair and smiling sweet, for example like this, ….


who wouldn’t ask anyway …? xD

Because yeah, sometimes yasu looks pretty like that, and if he is on that pretty phase, i’d rather say to myself, ah, now is time for me to say ..

yasu is The Pretty Man and I am The Handsome Woman …

because he is 100% more pretty than me … #eww. I can’t imagine how he had to answer that kind of question ne, that must be an awkward situation  for him.

btw you can read the Official Blog Translation for Aichi ~ Live by Jin in here ..


look, the costume is different ne from Season 1. On the 1st Season, the outfit is black outfit, added with a black vest with some fur on the shoulders like this ..


well, i the season’s change and autumn is comin, no more shoulder_less again. Then there you are

Aichi ~  Live 09.30.2013

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. Tsumi to Batsu ~ kamisama no alibi
5. scar
6. Greed Greed Greed
7. Nemuri Hime
8. yes
10. Shojo no Inori III
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys


01. Aishitenai
02. Cherry cherry
03. Black Cherry
04. Shangri – La

next is the Kewpie

nagoya live3

it’s a Sachihoko Fry, it’s a shrimp ne ….

i can’t say that’s cute, eh no. Because instead cute that kewpie looks weird and i think whoever made the design for that Aichi Kewpie must he/she left the cute effect somewhere behind … xD

Okay, now Let’s talk about next November ….





i say what’s more November than this November Rain by GnR …?



so i spent my morning on the bus by listening to this song, an epic song with an apic PV as well. I was thinking about what i am gonna do next November sure after think again why the hell that girl on November Rain had to die on her happy wedding party?

and how SLASH guitar solo made me say

Who will need a vocalist when a guitarist can make his guitar sing like that …?

again and again, ha ha yeah i always say/think like that whenever i am listening to SLASH guitar, he’s with SLASH or his solo, …

Back to November, November is gonna be a very expensively busy month for all JRock fans in Indonesia, because this November, ONE OK ROCK will come and then at the end of November,

VAMPS will come to Indonesia …. !!!


Hyper Wave festival day 2 ~ Vamps

Friday, November 29th 2013 ~  20.00 – 21.30 PM (Western Indonesian Time)

Ticket Price
VIP         :     900.000  IDR
Regular  :     450.000  IDR

Ticket sellin start this Saturday October 12th, 2013 ~  07:00 AM  (Western Indonesian Time) in

so now i gotta do something ne with my bank account, because today i spent almost 2 hours at bank to open an account for Internet Banking and when i got home, tryin to log-in i forgot my user ID and password 3 times then the bank deleted my account …

now who is the fool one?


yasu    :   not me …
noi       :   what can i do ne, i totally forgot ..
yasu    :   that easy …
noi       :   bear with me ya_chan, granny’s gets old and the CS is too cute
yasu    :   hee …

now what can i do for next Saturday ….?  sure there wil be a BIG Battle to get the tickets. I have to get the VIP because look at this


see what i mean, it’s impossible for me to be on the Regular SPOT because i am too SHOOORT to be there.

I am sure there will be lots of boys there rather than a girls. That’s kinda weird ne, because i see many fangirls are active on Social Networks , blogs or anywhere on net, but the fact when i came to Live boys are all over there …

still this Saturday, The Battle is ON …!!!

yasu     :    good luck then …
noi        :    me,…?  oh no i am not the one will fight to get ticket, miss Tekki is …
yasu     :    why not you …
noi        :    hello dear, don’t you know i am a Lady’s Companion now, but i wish i can kiss HYDE’s hand … #yay ..
yasu     :    that’s not gonna happen for a lazy girl like you ..
noi        :    ah, come on ya_san ..

HYDE, my King HYDE


look at his hair, awesome ne. …

HYDE kept his promise last year when he said

Kami akan datang lagi ke Indonesia (We Will Come again to Indonesia)

even the Kami (We) in here changed from w/ L’arc into w/ VAMPS, that’s fine ne the important thing is HYDE kept his promise …


and that’s a great cure for me, after failed to get this HYDOLL

I got sick for a whole week after that night, i dunno why and what was wrong with me but what happened was i spent the whole week stay on my bed. My body even refused any food, so i didn’t eat any solid food for a week. Yesterday was my 1st day started to eat solid foon not just a milk or the other liquid food ..

Maybe it was became a shock to me. While my heart, my fangirl heart couldn’t handle that plus my habbit love to drink too much coffee everyday just make it worst. So silly ne, but what can i say that’s the true.

What a Fangirl eh, …

noi       :    poor noi_chan eh, …
yasu    :    fool noi_chan …
noi       :    haiaaaa …
yasu    :    yes, that’s you
noi       :    well, at least i am going to see HYDE next month, so hurray … !!!


Calm Post : 7th 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Nitori Bunka Hall, Sapporo … (Another me, yasu and 心の友)

I say this as a Calm Post, because i am calm today ….

i mean,


i am keeping my self calm by listening to Acid Black Cherry 

Many people make that kind of CALM meme using that phone application ne. I see, dead,hear the CALM word everywhere, but still it’s not easy to do especially for a person with a very bad temperament like me.

But, the Monday and Thursday Fasting is workin on me now. It can avoid me for being rude, say bad things to other people next to me and stay CALM even bad things happen like today

There’s one boy got accident while he is doin his work. He is a crusher machine operator, about 24 years old and today he’s slipped and put one of his hand inside the machine, crushed by it some part …

the skin is no longer on his hand and there’s only few flesh so we can even see his bones that’s what the Head of the Mechanics told me. That’s so terrible,  and i don’t even dare to see his hand.

I only see blood all over his shirt. … #ewww

Now he is still at hospital and i really don’t want go there.  I use to follow the victim (let’s say i am Noi Reagan from NYPD) but not these days, because hospital is a place that i avoid since my father died there. That place became too scary for me to go.

but they made me to go there using some responsibility reason of me as the person in charged. When i was there, the doctor told me, the Head of the Mechanics and him (the boy) if it would be better for him to let them cut his finger (i think it’s his middle finger). But he said ..

NO …!!!

in a very loud way, and i totally understand why he ignored all the doctor’s sayin to him about all the eventualities ended with infections, because who wants to loose part of his/her body anyway? nobody, even it’s only a middle finger.

Ah middle finger ne, if they cut it so he will never able to make a F**K sign again …

OMG, what a scary drama ne  and thank God it’s over …


yasu      :     is this from one of drama you watched …?
noi         :     no this is real ya_san, it happened today ..
yasu      :     then what did you say ..
noi         :     i say nothing, i mean what should i say , should i say …

I am really bad as a person in charged ne, hope he is gonna be fine anyway. And  …

now let’s continue this 「Shangri-la 」 Post before they (read :  【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 posted another post related to 「Shangri-la 」 Project after this 約束から絆へ!札幌公演!![From a Promise to Bonds ! Sapporo Performence !] Post

Acid Black Cherry is in the middle of Hokkaido Tour now, and they already like a local now during their stayin there. For this 7th 「Shangri-la 」 Post was held at Nitori Bunka Hall, Sapporo

and this was how they (whoever wrote that post) welcomed yasu when he arrived the venue ..

Sapporo 1

with this ザンギ —> 「Zangi 」 (it refers to a type of fried chicken —> Karaage in Japanese,  but the word 「Zangi 」 is used exclusively in Hokkaido), pure white corn and yakisoba bento  …

Sapporo 2

ready for rehearsal ….

Sapporo 3

then do checking, not only Is not only sound, but the vanity of stage lighting was also checked properly with all the staff.

nah i think that image of yasu talking with 2 staffs above  is the close up version of The Finding yasu image posted on twitter, see what i mean …?

Sapporo 7

finished checking yasu back to the dressing room and check the question sent via twitter for Live that day, Oh God, that’s what i say as a Sweet Smile

Sapporo 4

with that sweet smile, he headed to the stage, …

I believe last Live at live at Nittori Bunka Hall was totally great by how they wrote it as The Best Excitement and Enthusiasm mixed. Had bang storm from all the audiences.

On the last 5th Anniversary Erect, at the same venue Nittori Bunka Hall, this Hokkaido Province Tour was promised and they (yasu and his team) achieved it. The question picked for this live is


「Memories of Summer Vacation」

and everyone pick Black Cherry and SPELL MAGIC as request songs for Nittori Bunka Hall Live, so there you are

~   the setlist

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. Tsumi to batsu ~ kamisama no Alibi
5. scar
6. Fallin’ Angel


7. Nemuri Hime
8. Yes


10.Shojo no Inori III
11.Shojo no Inori
12.Cord name 【JUSTICE】
13.20+∞Century Boys

14.Black Cherry
16.Greed Greed Greed
17.Shangri – la

then with continued with

~   the Kewpie photo

Sapporo 5
Sapporo 6

it’s a bear, a brown bear like Winnie, you know that Winnie The Pooh who act like crazy whenever see honey. Like me   ….

Whenever i see you honey …..


yasu     :     honey …?
noi        :     and i am the bear …
yasu     :     But noi_chan, Winnie … isn’t he yellow …
noi        :     hee, then who is brown …?

there only 2 versions of Obitsu Kewpie for Hokkaido Live even though there are 5 Live Performances there, so for the collaboration plan for Janne Da Arc Official Mobile, they prepare for the 3rd Obitsu Kewpie for Hokkaido Live and they asked us to wait until the next Asahikawa performance …

Yes everyone, Hokkaido will get 3 series of Obitsu Kewpie … !!!

Regarding to all those 「Shangri-la 」 Obitsu Kewpies, do you now what site i am avoiding now? It’s Yahoo Auctions. I didn’t even dare to just a flach click there because i know i will get crazy by want all Kewpies sellin posted there …

What happening now is i am tryin to do some cuts and hope this whatever named scissor i use to cut, is good enough to cut all this feeling of wanting everything, and help me to get some priority together with other things i did like

~   block/erase any auction sites that i bookmarked on my PC  …


even i am not sure i can keep on that way for how long, because loot at all that kewpies, aren’t they so adorable?  ….

~   stop this monthly bag and shoes buying…

shoes and bag are things that i always hard to say no, Be in a place surrounded with shoes and bag is totally heaven for me. And what i do there is nothing than waiting for one, maybe 2 from all those cute things callin me .

somehow i feel like i am as a candidate of foster parent who go to an orphanage to find a baby boy/girl to love, take care and take home with.

it feels just amazing ne …

how all those shoes and bag makes me powerless there …

~   Buy Only HYDE and yasu’s stuffs


i don’t buy the last DEAD END Tribute.

Yeah just like accident, things also happen. I who always buy any tribute albums as long as there’s some HYDE and yasu related to now skipped this album.

Now i am tellin you ne, it’s really hard for me to skip this and just download it.


HYDE     :    don’t tell me …
noi          :    as you say guys, i am guilty as charged, and do you know  …
HYDE     :    no, i don’t wanna know …
noi          :    ya_san …
yasu       :    me too …. *leaving*

unlike this man who is already hold the CD on his hands and so sexcitedly honored to get participated on that album and looking seriously for the artists (total 50 artists participated, each instrument) who participated as well as him.


as what they wrote on this DEAD ENDトリビュート!!/DEAD END Tribute post yesterday, …

yasu as a man who influenced by DEAD END, produce the music properly, like what DEAD END‘s lead vocal MORRIE sayin on some magazine interview .

「yasuは面白いね。ただ ”好き” ってわけじゃなくて、ちゃんと音楽を分析してくれてる。全体像を把握しながら、なおかつ唄い手として」

「yasu is interesting, It is not because a simply reason as  ” love”, with music is analyzed perfectly. Moreover, grasping the whole picture of the song and sing」.

I might read it wrongly as always …. xD,  but is that form their Fools Mate magazine interview together? …

talking about interview related to this DEAD END Tribute album, here’s nice interview of MORRIE and HYDE from natalie


the complete part along with MORRIE and Kiyoharu interview, but for HYDE‘s part is started on part 5 here

full of HYDE and MORRIE‘s BIG and lovely images …


read some interesting from HYDE about do a cover song things …

HYDE うん  :  やっぱりうれしいですよ。そこはカバーするアーティストに対する、ミュージシャンの純粋な愛情表現というか、そういう感覚に近いんじゃないですかね。僕の場合で言うと、Acid Black Cherryのyasuくんが僕の曲を歌ってくれたりすると、そういうことを感じます。

「I am glad after all. It is a musician’s pure love expression to the artist who covers there, Isn’t it close to such feeling? If it says in my case and yasu ( #AcidBlackCherry) will sing my music, … then such a thing will be felt. .」

Whooo ……



see ya_san, that’s HYDE already asked you to do another cover for his song. So what are you waiting for …. ?


yasu      :     not you …
noi         :     i know it never be me …
yasu      :     i think you don’t want me to do that ..
noi         :     did i …?
yasu      :     yes you did …
noi         :     then do ignore me …!!!

i hope, there will be another part for MORRIE and yasu interview ne. But is that possible?  i hope so, aaand question for today is …

Have you do your order for SHANGRI – LA PHOTOBOOK …?


because it is already September ne, and let me remind all of you if the pre- order closed on September 27th, 2013. So hurry everyone, contact your proxy so you will not miss this PHOTOBOOK.

i did my order last week, and yesterday i did my order for the upcoming HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA ~ HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Now i can close my paypall account joyfully happy, because i am save now everyone …

ah ya, remember on the last [2012] Tour Post on the Official Blog, there were always one or two picture of yasu with some scenery of a place … etc etc but i don’t see much like that on this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour post.


the answer, i think it because they will put all of it on the upcoming 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK that will release on October 25th, 2013. And if you might ask why there’s no pre_order UP yet at online Shop like CD Japan, i also asked that btw

Nah today i asked them (CD Japan) via email and they give a fast respond if they are still  in contact with several publishing companies in order to know the availability of that book. They need more few days for that.

I think the prorder on for the usual/common OnLine Shopping that use to send stuffs to outside Japan is gonna open after the closing day for TSUTAYA and The Official Online Shop ~ Uprise pre-order,

so i say maybe somewhere between …

after September 27th, 2013 ~ before October 25th, 2013 …


yasu     :    look who is talking now …
noi        :    that’s not just a talking ne ..
yasu     :    then what ..
noi        :    that’s one of my fangirl analysis and FYI my darling, i am on NYPD now
yasu     :    yeah, dream on …

Finally today’s at office ended.

Not a perfect day but my score is pretty good ne and on my bus riding home, i meet a man that’s so annoying. I can’t believe that kind of man is really exist and survived livin in this world.

Remember there’s a scene on Last Cinderella when the Cinderella (what is her name, Sakura?) on the bus with Hiroto (Haruma Miura) …

isn’t he juicy adorable ….?

on that scene there were a boy who sit nicely when at that time there was a woman who is standing and really need to sit. I thought that kind of thing only happen on dramas but it was also happen and i saw it today

that man, still sit while there’s an old woman who standing next to me in hurt (she said her knees aren’t so well recently). I wanted to say something to him like asked him politely. But before i do that someone already did it. and what happen is he said …

Why should i? i also pay for this ride …

to the woman who asked him nicely. What the hell is happen to him anyway, is he never graduated from Elementary School ? because as i remember when i was on Elementary School there’s a Moral Subject called PMP (Pendidikan Moral Pancasila) on my schedule

and on that Subject, there’s one multiple choice question that always be on every test semester. This simple qeustion like this

There’s an old woman on the bus, she is standing while you are sit. In this situation what you should do?

A.   Do nothing …
B.   Stand up and give my sit to her
C.   Act like i don’t see that woman

he must be failed to answer that question ne, I read that question so many time ne, and  don’t get me wrong even i do posted this silly multiple choice question of

What Would U Do if U See yasu Like This


on team_yasu and had a full of LOL night together with all of them. So thank you guys, you all totally amazing for sharing this pervy things inside me …

But for that kind of bacis Moral Subject question i always choose the right answer. Nah because i choose the right answer i think i should practice it on my daily time ne .

but too bad in The World Like this, i can’t think everyone will think the same as i think. Even they live in the same country, go and graduate from the same Elementary School with the same basic curriculum like me

When i was a little child, I believed there’s some spons inside our brain with a duty to get/absorbs all water pouring given by this universe to understand. So maybe

The spon inside that man’s brain just absorbed a different water …

Today’s bus riding is not fun like always,

but thank God in the middle of my way back home there’s 2 street artists (man and woman) joined us. This street artists, is common here in my country. They will ride on a bus, then sing 1, 2 maybe 3 songs for you depend on how far is the next bus station.

And after that they will handed you a plastic bag or a small box for you to give them some money after listening to them singing.

You don’t have to give them anyway because that is a semi-free performances so it’s up to you to give them money or not.

For me, it depend to how they performed their songs. If it was a good and i love the song, i give them some of my coins. But if not i just wave to them, and they’ll know if i pass give coins for them. Today i didn’t pass it because they give me a very nice song.

Started with some local song, i dunno what’s the title of the song but i do remember there’s some lyrics like this ..

Bob Marley masih bernyanyi, Don’t Worry Be Happy ..
Bob Marley still singing, Don’t Worry Be Happy ..

then followed with this song

心の友  by Mayumi Itsuwa

this is a classic song that’s so popular here in my country. Delon, the runner up of 1st Indonesian Idol even did a single of him duet with Mayumi Itsuwa for this song.

they (2 street artists) covered that song into with a Bob Marley style, and i like it. It make me finally enjoyed this afternoon bus ride. So did the other passanger i think. They all ignored that wacky weird man and enjoyed the song together.

Eventually, today isn’t that bad ne and now here i am joyfully singing  …

愛はいつもララバイ ….. 旅に疲れた時。

ただ心の友と ……  私を呼んで。


yasu    :    so are we friends now …?
noi       :    yes, if you call me …
yasu    :    then go find another man to be friend with, because this is not work for me …
noi       :    heee, it didn’t work again …


暑い Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Hokkaido … (Another me, The So Sweet So Lonely and yasu xD )


As HOT as yasu, today is very hot ….


While HYDE burning an embryo with Hiro on DEAD END tribute album, the sun it seems like want to burn anything under the sky. On a HOT day like today, older people (like my late grandmother) use to say .

only sun in this world is already burning HOT like this, imagine how HOT is in hell …

while i am now imagine how HOT is hell, then waiting for 16:00 PM to come i stayed inside my chamber, turn on the air conditioner, put my earphone on and ignored and cut myself from all people around me ….

It feels bit weird for me to read 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 recent  「Shangri-la 」 post from Live Report 1st, then Meeting after that, even i know they wrote it like the schedule after Aomori Live then Otaru Live, no Meeting between that 2 Lives.

Let’s start this post ne …

They wrote it as 約束の地、北海道での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了!,

yasu who finished Otaru Live, now start to visiting Radio and Telly stations in Hokkaido start from August 30th, 2013. He apparently didn’t sleep well on the previous day but wake up at 04:30 AM in the morning


then eat, move to the venue ..

ABC ファクトリー 公開録音 風景 cr pichiのブログ

Photo credit  :   pichiのブログ

SAPPORO Factory Atrium. It’s a mall ne, so look everyone on 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor can see yasu even not close like people inside the invited area , then eat there before the Meeting started (eeeh ….xD)

then stretching after meal,


since he traveling to many cities all around japan and eat many various special food each city i wish i would see him gained some weight after this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour end  ….

is it possible?

because he also work hard ne, so i am not sure about it but still i he is not gonna get more skinny like the last 「2012 」 Tour. I think that tour exhausted him  …


In public recording of AIR-G ‘s ,  talk  about 「Greed Greed Greed 」 released last August,  the story of this 「Shangri-la 」 Project , the Hokkaido Tour promise that come true and also talk about 「Greed Greed Greed 」 lyrics …

I want to continue this post with Shangri – La Live 2013.09.02 @Nittori Bunka Hall Live, but this one just came to me so i’ll do that tomorrow.

And now let’s talk about this album, not the whole because i listened for part with the man i adore (HYDE, Leader and yasu) first ne … …


PS  :  click the image for the album

this album release is tomorrow but as you know how internet is so fast now with it MAGIC (i’d rather to call it as MAGIC) so it’s already up there before the release day ..

~  HYDE and Hiro’s part ~ Embryo Burning,

and i got whoaaaa _ed by that.



As always, HYDE did a very great job with his SEXY VOICE even for a cover. I am shivering on the part HYDE scream

Embryo Burning, ya ya ya ya ya …!!!! and how he ended it with the last ya ….

Sounds like he is running out of ya ne …. xD

who’s embryo he’s burning now with Hiro anyway ? and about Hiro, i can say anything but awesome especially the 1st intro …..

ha ha ha OK now i get why yasu said him as Hiro, The Hero …!!!

they should make a live concert for this tribute album ne, just like the last Buck Tick Tribute, remember there was a live held for it. Now i really wanna see HYDE and Hiro live on stage together perform that song.

Sure that will be awesome isn’t it …

~  tetsuya’s part ~ Night Song


until now, tet_chan is the best bassist i ever know,

so yes i prefer to see/listen for him play his bass rather than singing. It’s not that i don’t like his solo sure i love it but i love him more if he is in L’arc as the Leader, write an epic song for HYDE to sing …

that kind of song like Hitomi no Jyuunin, i always believe if this song was created by Leader_sama only for his vocalist HYDE. No one should cover this song for any reason, even for a tribute.

they can choose any song from L’arc to cover and i will say awesome, but not that song. Not even yasu, i don’t even imagine how it is gonna be like if  he might decided to cover that song one day .

I believe i am not gonna say Whoaaa or awesome, maybe i will only say  ..

ehhhh  …….  


noi      :     then continued with in silence for 10 or maybe 20 minutes ..
yasu   :     for what …
noi      :     thinking, because i have no idea to say to you if you do cover that song
yasu   :     then don’t say anything ..

just like what yasu said about there’s some part that you feel it belong to you on a song, i do have parts on Hitomi no Jyuunin as mine, that i feel no one will sing it perfect as HYDE .

so …  #ehmm  … 

since i dunno what to say, i better say nothing and continue to the next song on that album i listen to is …

~   yasu’s part ~ So Sweet So Lonely …

i like this song and i never think if there’s some gentle song like this on DEAD END. In my mind there’s only hard songs on DEAD END. Yes, DEAD END is totally beyond my musical listen to list band.

even this cover didn’t make me say Whoaaa at the 1st time i listen to like what he did with Otoko cover, but it gives me some feeling of calm. Maybe because i am lonely these days, so tonight i will listen to this DEAD END full album in a calm way as calm as ..

The Magnolia, that’s so Sweet So Lonely …

yasu      :     Is this LOL Show …?
noi         :     no, but i am bit lonely now …
yasu      :     maybe lonely, but sweet, you  …?
noi         :     i’ll add sugar if you want …
yasu      :     hee …

~ owari~

H Post : HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA 「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 … (Another me, yasu and Who else but HYDE?)

Look who is back to for this year’s HALLOWEEN …?

it’s H,

yes H,

H not for Horatio Caine ,but H is for who else but HYDE, my King HYDE with this year’s


HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, a  HALLOWEEN Special Band formed by HYDE in the fall of 2011 with a HALLOWEEN Song called  「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 born in the greatest HALLOWEEN Live Event in Japan, with super luxurious artists participating there such as

HYDE/Acid Black Cherry/DAIGO (BREAKERZ)/
Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6/逹瑯(tatsurou)(MUCC)/
土屋アンナ(tsuchiya anna)/青木隆治(aoki ryuuji)/K.A.Z (VAMPS)/
柩(hitsugi) (NIGHTMARE)/明希(aki) (シド(SID))/
RINA (SCANDAL)/分島花音(wakeshima kanon)301

This year, in addition to the release of the last 「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 which recorded sales more than 100,000 copies in in 2012,  a new 2013 version’s will be released on October 16th, 2013

HYDE added  the newly 「-feat. HYDEs – version 」 which covered all the vocal tracks, and also carried out additional inclusion of the special music video with an original character dances.

Furthermore, the making video of the music video of 「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 2012 also will be included.

Release Date  :   October 16th, 2013
Price               :    1,500 yen (tax incl.)

[CD track list]

02.Penalty Waltz

[DVD track list]


Pre – order  :   HMV  /CD Japan /YesAsia

and the 「HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013」 Official Site also start to open today, August 29th, 2013. So you all may start this year’s 「HALLOWEEN PARTY 」 euphoria by do some checking in …

here   —->

Source  :   Barks, Natalie

and according to that Official Site, there will be 「HYDE Figure」 set sale on mu-mo shops. That 「HYDE Figure」 is also determined as 「HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013」 limited venue only stuffs.

there will be detail’s announcement later ..


noi      :    oh, come on did i read it wrongly ..?
yasu   :    again …?
noi      :    see that … limited and then venue only …
yasu   :    then what …?
noi      :    ohh
HYDEEE ….. *moaning for HYDE*

when i say HYDE is totally good in selling thing, then i mean it.

I mean it just like how i really mean it, when  i say no spamm and English post only in the team_yasu group on Facebook . See what he is doing right now, leave me in this corner of nowhere and leave no other exit way from this I want that a.s.a.p fangirl symphtom but order/buy it.

by adding that newly 「-feat. HYDEs – version 」, the PV and PV making, Eh God,  …

how can i skip this ne.  I surely can’t . How genius is HYDE give me a very easy way by do the order and i will get my ass out of that I want that a.s.a.p」 seasonally fangirl symphtom.

The problem is i get out my ass but sure it leave another hole on my wally’s ass. So i am now in the middle of this 2 options ..

saving my own ass or my wally’s ass …?


yasu   :     i don’t have to answer it right …?
noi      :     ah ya, i think i am gonna save my own ass ne …
yasu   :      the reason is ..
noi      :     sure because my ass is more sexy than my wally’s
yasu   :     what ..

talking about team_yasu,

take a look at this amazing things/fan-art by Charlie Filmore (she is one of Acid Black Cherry fans from Vietnam). Look closely and see what yasu did  with his 「Shangri-la 」 Pamphlet to The Blue Monsuta ..


Photo Credit :  Charlie Filmore, originally posted in here

that’s so awseomelly funny ne, i mean she totally got the point of a perfect description of 「Shangri-la 」 Pamphlet with lots of sexy/bitchy yasu inside to the The Blue Monsuta.

I told you ne, ABC fandom is awesome full with many amazing fangirls and fanboys and step by step sure it will be brilliant like SHERLOCK fandom.

That Blue Monsuta, who is sure doesn’t follow yasu on twitter or like The Official Facebook Page became like that. Imagine how’s a fangirl reaction …?

Well mine is more than that ne. Add another drolling all over my bed, i think The Blue Monsuta is more behaved than me. Yeah, recently in this 「Shangri-la 」 Season, behave and bee a good and polite girl is a bit hard to do ne …

especially when i didn’t answered correctly today’s 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】‘s Finding yasu tweet …


me who was busy to find yasu (read : bob and blonde man description) on top while sayin :

Oh, come on yasu, where the hell are you …?

then suddenly  he was down there?  and  plus how i get another lost in translation in the middle of a conversation that should be fun and charming, but because how fool i am, i didn’t get what the hell he was tryin to say …

Oh no, Am i gonna be single forever , really …. ?


yasu      :     maybe  …
noi         :     ah, come one ya_san  …
yasu      :     what should i say  …?
noi         :     you can say something about fish and the wide ocean ne


AHEAD Post : Eventually My Loyal Follower is Always .. (Another me, yasu and who else but HYDE?)

2 days ago, yesterday and until now, these videos are everywhere ..

start with this …

then The Making …

followed with the fast and amazing translation of mini interview on that making video from VAMPS UK Street Team on Facebook, you can read it here, but i am sure all of you already read that right? …

then today we all can hear the song itself , the full one. Because they said we can buy it from i-Tunes, even i hear it only available in Japan, but ….

~  thanks to how fast internet nowadays,
~  how BIG is the feeling to share among fans are …
~  and also because hey, it’s VAMPS we are talking about ne, i am sure you can find it by askin (read : type AHEAD) to Google


and yay,  we can enjoii this song together ….. !!!

Nee nee listen how they start it with that guitar intro, and when i am listening to this song, i can feel how the feeling of HYDE and KAZ about their plan to make a full English album, and this song is a very well start …


wen i watch the 1st short video,  i had to reply it about 3 times to realized if the man with glasses who was sit behind that girl with her adorable Sexperia is HYDE ….?


OMG … what the hell is happen to me …?


HYDE      :    you didn’t notice me …
noi           :    i am sorry …
HYDE      :    then what did you see, the phone?
noi           :    no, maybe i see the other you …

enough about HYDE and VAMPS even now i am still listening to that song while tryin to sing it, now the next question is

Where the hell is yasu ….?

yes, without the blog post from his team on the Official Blog since their last post about Mother’s Day,  i know he must be very busy now, maybe he is …

~   busy to prepare his next all over Japan Tour “Shangri-La” which i will skip all of it  #eww ..
~   maybe, i said maybe ne he is on his way of writing a new song for the next new single?
~   or he already wrote it, and now he just on the finishing part?
~   and many other things he may be busy with …

but still, i am sorry i have to do this …

yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu ….. i am calling you yasu ….. #uuuuuu

yasu     :    stop it noi_chan, that’s annoying …
noi        :    i am sorry, but …
yasu     :    hey, you said that sorry twice …
noi        :    did i? well i just wanna tell you if i am still here, waiting for whatever you will give me  …
yasu      :   good,

Btw, not only me who is change_able, but the things around me also. Everything like my works, feelings, and how i write recently. ah ya, i didn’t write a lot recently ne.

But the truth is i am still writing daily like i used to be, but instead of posted it what i did mostly is just save it as draft, then read it the next afternoon before i write again then erase it because i thought it was not quite good/save to be publish everywhere. I erased about 10 of my very long rambling post, why?

~   believe me, that was a very long and boring post
~   i wrote a lot terrible things about peoples that i really hate,

the point of that post was about how i really hate them, and how i just want them to be vanished from this universe plus a lot of my inappropriate thoughts about them complete with inappropriate language i used. It feels like i was writing a death note for them

~  i put too much details about Mr. Friday on some of them,

so i think i will be in a very danger situation if i click the post entry button and you all know how open my blogs are. Everyone can be free to read it, so there will be a bigger chance of him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) to find my blogs and read it ….

nah, that’s a total disaster for me …

yasu     :    what would you do, if that really happen?
noi        :   
Mr. Friday find this blog?
yasu     :    yeah …
noi        :    what else than kill one of these 2  :    this blog or myself
yasu     :    so 1st option hmm  ..

but then i think again ne, i did write a lot about Mr. Friday and all those boring 1,000,000 reasons why i am still not good enough to be with him and i wrote it over and over again. I think what i did make him less real. I mean soon he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) just becoming another fiction character in this blog.

Yes, he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) is real and exist, but only me who know the real Mr. Friday.

brilliant isn’t it …?

yasu     :    brilliant ? from where?
noi        :    see i give you ya_san, that character of
Mr. Friday
yasu     :    then next is my turn to be fiction?
noi        :    no, you are reall and after all FanFiction is not my division, indeed it never be
yasu     :    you are not in any division ne …
noi        :    だから, 心配しない ..  OK …

what can i say about my final of Mr. Friday is

no matter how hard i try to make my self worthy so i can be with him, i am still lack of everything.

So this way of turning him into a fictional character in this blog and make everyone think if he is not real but just a fictional character is my final way to deal with him and also make me feel much better.

my brain didn’t work very well recently, i made a lot of wrong calculations even my boss tellin me to get a new calculator. I also forgot a lot, i forgot how i already promised to somebody to scan Re-Birth pamphlet so when i said tomorrow on my Facebook message reply to her, it turned to be one week later …. ..

what a messy brain i have now. Ah ya, maybe there’s some of you also want to see this Re-Birth pamphlet, there you are …


PS   :   just click the image, and it will bring you to my Facebook album

i don’t use Photobucket again, because i don’t like the new version or am i the only one who is to fool to use it?

because the last time i use it and put a password on it suddenly when i tried to open it after a logged out from my account, the password didn’t work …

noi        :     do you think they can change the password ..
yasu     :     who?
noi        :     you know who …
yasu     :     ah, don’t ask me

well it just too complicated to use unlike the old one. So i give up to use it and from now on i will only upload to my Facebook. But don’t worry since i make it public you don’t have to add me to see it …

have i told you how i always get something to connect to everything happen to me from what HYDE did/said/wrote?.

maybe some of you will say ah, it just another my fangirl dramatic euphoria. But i told you again ne, whatever HYDE said/did/wrote things always touch me …

this time is with his new song that i listen over and over while i did my nonstop paperworks this afternoon  ….


Give way to just another day,
I start over again.
No way so hai ni naru made
It’s driving me insane.

World’s end sozo ukabete saki o uranae
I ask myself, What then can I do?

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.

Kimi ga ireba i
By my side I need just you stay.

Just stay the hell outta my way,
No time to be restrained.
I pray shinjiruga mama
I hope this path ain’t stained.

World’s end saigo no kodo de honshitsu ga mieru
I ask myself, what then can I do?

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.

Kuinaki jinsei e
By my side I need just you stay.

At world’s end hold to no regrets (×3)…
The light ahead.

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.
Sonohi ni nattara kimihadare to sugosu? Yeah

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.
Kimi ga ireba i
By my side I need just you stay.

source and credit in here

on my way home, it made me think a lot. This song lyrics just kinda like describe how my situations are now.

Give way to just another day,
I start over again.
No way so hai ni naru made
It’s driving me insane.

me, who start to work in a longer working hour than before and i feel like i just give away my another day and have to start over again this whatever i should have ended it a long time ago.

Those works are following me everywhere. And with this recent gadgets make it more easy to follow me, so eventually my works is my loyal followers …

like how now i follow yasu, it follows me everywhere ….

yasu       :    but you’re not following me …
noi          :    hello, i do follow you on twitter …
yasu       :    but not everywhere …
noi          :    i can do that if you want me to
yasu       :    really?
noi          :    i told you ne i am a wonder woman ..
yasu       :    yeah right …

Yes giving away my another day to pass very fast,  it is drivin me crazy and i wonder can i survive from this whatsoever scare me?

World’s end saigo no kodo de honshitsu ga mieru
I ask myself, what then can I do?

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.
その日になったら君は誰と過ごす [Sonohi ni nattara kimihadare to sugosu] ?

if the day comes, you will pass with whom?, ah if this miserable life i am now end/reach the final chapter which i hope soon, i think i am not gonna be with anyone, but untill i reach the final chapter i will pass it by stay by Her Majesty‘s side ..

my mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen is not unwell. Her health and her ridiculous emotion just not good recently. Yesterday she said she was sick so she went to her doctor (her doctor is very old ne, older than her). it scared me to hell just by imagine if there’s something wrong with her health.

eventually not only me who was worried about her health, because Her Majesty herself also scared about it. After her visit to her doctor and found out if she only bit stressed and need rest, she said to me how she affraid if she also get sick like my father.

The imaginations about how much money that we have to pay for her treatment and of course we have to hire at least one nurse to take care of her and her husband (ah ya, my dad) scared her a lot plus how i supposed to eat more and be healthy … etc etc and many more. She ended her scared rambling with :

I’ll get my medicine and go to sleep now Boo …

see how ridiculously dramatic she is, i mean i am really worry about her health while she worried about how much money we will pay? what the hell is that? Not only that, last week  i went home and found her cried alone in the kitchen …

i asked her               :   what happened, he did something to you again? ..
she answer me with  :   the water pump, it won’t work, we need to buy a new one …

eeeh, i thought so many bad things may happen to her ne but when i found out if she cried just for a broken water pump and how she said she don’t wanna bother me by ask another cash to buy a new one, ah  it just made me wanna cry.

oh come on, it just a water pump ne. It’s not a new car or a new house that i can’t afford to buy. Why she always like that, don’t wanna bother me? that’s nonsense. Now i don’t have a child yet so all this time i work for who? it always for myself and my family right? and she is one of it

i think i really have enough for her drama, not that kind of pathetic drama anymore. All i want is nothing but her health, and happy if it’s possible because i know she is not happy at all recently.  …

that’s why with not happy and not really healthy of Her Majesty i decided i will skip all the Shangri-La seasons, include the upcoming ones.

I am not gonna go anywhere far and leave her home alone deal a sick and bit crazy husband alone at least till next year, i will stay home and be on her side.

Because who knows maybe

next  2014 i will reach the Final Chapter of this Miserable Life …. *cross all mine and all my neighbor’s fingers*

noi       :    nee ya_san …
yasu    :    what, you also want my finger crossed?
noi       :    that would be great …
yasu    :    i think you already have enough, and i am not your neighbor …