Weekend Post : Secret Meeting キタ ..! (Another me, yasu, CD&DL でーた Interview and Miss Sarah Bunting)



Hello, hello everyone i am having my weekend btw   …..

Aaaand ….


yasu     :     what another delayed homework ….?
noi        :      well, i am afraid so
yasu     :      then what’s for today, another long movie talk  ..
noi        :      of course not …

Well,  you know what i am gonna talking about ne,

~   yeah, 「INCUBUS」 again … !!!!

CD Only

on their latest post on The Official Blog they said they were in the factory and they shared how the CD‘s processing from …

CD Board printing (Japan’s first premiere 「INCUBUS 」 CD Board)


then gathered


then put it into 『INCUBUS』 CD case


jacket also set and  the seal will be attached from the top to the end


and finally …. !!!


i’d say that’s very interesting post ne and indeed, as you read what Team_ABC posted on The Official Blog there will be a Secret Meeting


place and time already decided like this  …

Place     :   Team_ABC‘s twitter : https://twitter.com/TeamABCofficial
Time       :   Sunday, October 12th 2014 at 23:00 ~  24:00 JST

it’s on JST (Japanese Standart Time) so make sure you know what time is is on your country.  On that Secret Meeting they (read : Team_ABC) will tweet a link to their Youtube channel for something.

on CD&DL でーた interview yasu sayin

fans who already know my style must start to wonder  how is the next album concept …. ?

so in this case i’d say fans who already know yasu and his Team_ABC style will know if

the link that they will privately tweet is a link for 「INCUBUS 」 PV … !!!

short version, i suppose …

And also because they said it will be a private tweet means they will make their twitter account as private,  so you must be on twitter and be follow them …

How to do that …..?


noi        :     オモ、is that a joke ….?
yasu     :     why everything is joke for you …
noi        :      because hey, who isn’t on twitter now …?
yasu     :      there’s some, because  …

Indeed, somebody asked that question about how to join twitter and follow Team_ABC that they kindly answered it by this tweet ….


How kind and sweet eh …

they are rather kindly sweet now,  aren’t they?

so everyone, tomorrow on 23:00 ~ 24:00 JST,  make sure you all on-line and ready in front of your PC.  They will only open the link for one hour so like Cinderalla‘s ball, the Secret Meeting ended at midnight.

So  you all know what you have to do because thanks to how earth goes around the sun and created time difference for us (read : oversea fans), who knows some of us might not able to join the Secret Meeting for school or works reason.

and as always everyone …

Sharing is Caring …  >_<

and today ….


i just back fro the post office to get my るろうに剣心 poster that my friend kindly send to me.  He is from Singapore and about two weeks ago, he said to me if he won るろうに剣心 poster and kindly asked whether if i want it or not …

I said yes, i want it ….!!!

But it is always took forever to ge to get something that i really want. This time is るろうに剣心 poster, If my friend said i will get it on 10 days i think i will have it on 20 or 25 days from the day he send it. I am not gonna say Indonesian Post is slow, but maybe it is because how far is my village.

i suppose now it is the perfect time where this sassy and annoying Miss Sarah Bunting will say …


i really don’t like her at all,

even Lady Mary approved by sayin to Tom about how not keen she is for Miss Bunting even she also said she will support whatever Tom decide later.


But we have to see her a lot in this 5 Season of Downton Abbey since Tom Branson, the lovely Irish widower’s part is bigger and Miss Bunting is in it. And …

Do you know what Miss Bunting said to those Rusian refugees ….?


yasu     :     noi_chan, stop talking about your TV series …
YUKI     :     is she always like this …
yasu     :     yeah, she is one of those TV junkies
noi        :     guys, i can hear you ne …
yasu     :     then finish this post hurry, i am busy


so because how i don’t like that sassy Miss Bunting, from now on i will call every  pepople that i think annoying as Miss Bunting … !!!

next is this ….

~    CD & DLでーた 2014年 10月号 Interview : Focus 1 「 Music Production Technics 」


From a powerful rock tone to a beautiful ballad, until now yasu won hearts of the fans thanks to his various musical compositions.

So how is yasu‘s thoughts about music production technical like writing lyrics, creating song and more …?

Every song, surely need their own process and how is yasu‘s thoughts about that?

If the intro doesn’t fit, then it will not reach the hook

yasu is said to be a type of serious person when the time of music production. Is that true ?

「yes, i am not a type of person who love to keep ideas that i got on the days before because on the regular day i cannot think maximal.

Actually i only able to create music when there’s eagerness to make it. If i don’t have the Let’s Make Music … !!!, then i cannot make a music.

On the other way, when i am in the period of making music time then i will think about it over and over. Even when i am doing any other activity like playing game or watching TV. 」

DAIGO even say : yasu, why when it come to creating music time you really hard to call ?

Are you too serious to do it …?

「ha ha ha … yes (laugh) because i really could not pick up the phone. 」

yasu, do you often play musical instruments and do arrangement by yourself?

「yes, but sometimes i feel not sure enough after finished some percent, so i always ask for opinions.

Basically, i never think what they think about me because if i think about it, it will be a burden for me. But at least they will give the best right?

However i do love many musical instruments. I don’t like if somebody say a vocalist job is only to make song. 」

yasu, you really love drums aren’t you?

On Ongaku to Higetachi 2014 – Stadium Rock’n Roll August 30th in Niigata on the performance of Maximum The Hormone you seemed having fun to claps your hands on your knees as if you were playing drums.

「yes, at that time i was carried away.

I do love drums, because drum’s pattern also can produce a nice song.

When i started to create a song, i think about what kind of pattern that fans preferred. Is it a vertical or horizontal pattern. Beside that, i also set the tempo, rhythm, beat and else. 」

ー In making music composition, what is the most prioritized part?

Intro. Intro is the most important right?

I am more better in intro than hook, even people say i am good on hook but if the intro doesn’t fit then it will not reach the hook.

Song and melody also very important. With melody, intro become a music. There’s a time guitar riff is also important. I often says i want to able to do key … !! like this then tryin various keys. At that time, i always do my best.

On music production, want to started from any part each person have their own way depends on the music it self. But i think the most important is the upper tone and intro. Upper tone set, then to intro.

First, i think about what kind of melody that i will use and then i make the intro. 」

PS   :   

1.   Intro/introduction is  a unique section that comes at the beginning of the song. usually contain only music and no words.
2.   Hook is a musical idea, often a short riff, passage, or phrase, that is used in popular music to make a song appealing and catch the ear of the listener. It generally applies to popular music, especially rock music, R&B, hip hop, dance music, and pop  

ー By using mono, is there something that can be started with melodi A or B?

「 There is. I only use some trick that basically it came up from my thoughts as well. By doing trials like key changing on this and that part.」

ー have you ever make the lyrics first and then the music?

「No. Creating words, lyrics straight together with melody i suppose that’s a rare thing to happen. For example : what kind of melody for this word eh …? it is gonna be hard to remember.

But generally lyrics are take on from the tone

ー so after tone then lyrics?

Then on the phase of where you start to think about things like on this music i am gonna a scene like this or  i wanna make this from a woman’s point of view ?

「Well, i am not that kind of type.

When i take the lyrics, i do system check first. For example, on this high key i want to use a or e. I am not good with row u and the height of row i. Or i am good with ki in this key, but ki on that key i am not good enough.

That was it, i think a lot about that kind of things then i managed to decide it.

Then to make music good to be heard, i often play on words. For example it’s a high tone seems perfect eith a, because it is falsetto , maybe it will better to make it u or i. I never do tone extension for n.

yeah, just like that.

Because based on voice, there are times when the voice will be easily lost or in words there is voice that broken or sonant. Then there’s 2 syllables on one tone, example ai spoken in one voice : ai. There’s also three syllables in one tone.

That’s how i write lyrics while think about what kid of words i have to use so it can become a beautiful melody.」

ー ah, that’s why your music is so good to be heard and has its own characteristics. Not inferior to western music


ー so the first step is system check. But after that do you also make a storyline? That’s a pretty hard thing to do, isn’t it? Because you also have to adjust the character or letter to a perfect voice.

「yea, that’s the phase that need most time and cause problem.

Like prioritize the story, points of the lyrics or the beautiful voice. For that kind of meaning, it supposed to use this word, but later it will come to be less in the listener’s heart, like that. 」

ー sounds really hard eh …

「yeah, it is hard. It’s quite troublesome work to do. Well, i can only explain to that, maybe not all but actually that is the hardest part.

Because for the listener, the point and storyline of a song lyrics is important but me as the song writer must give the priority to the beautiful sounds.」

ー OK, then on the timing when you will say what if we make this melody is for another song …

「There’s no such an exact timing to say. It just flows. Creating an atmosphere or sometime write a little bit painful lyrics to non-mellow.

Of course when the melody already set, then automatically the atmosphere, color or the song’s beauty will created. 」

ー なるほど、by the way some says if a master piece usually created when you really are broken hearted rather than when you are happy or nothing happen.

What about you yasu? Is there any song created because your heart was broken?

「yeah, it was a long time ago.

But actually i am not somebody who able to create when broken heart or sad. yes, i had one. I wrote a song lyrics because i my heart was broken.

It was a long time ago, when i wrote lyrics of Janne Da Arc ‘s Kasumi Yuki Sora Se ni Shite,  i was broken hearted before.

On that lyrics, i let the words based on the scene of what i had that time. But because of that it sounds more real. so the message can delivered well to the listener.

People do have their own way of thinking, but for me when i am in my saddest time i cannot write lyrics.

Then few time later, maybe i remember it again that scene and i able to write a lyrics. And of course that sad is already my past so i can laugh and talk about it with you.」


ー 口づけて 愛し方 教えてくれたなら
忘れ方も 教えてよ …

kuchizukete aishikata oshietekureta nara
wasurekata mo oshiete yo

Since by kissing me, you taught me how to love
Teach me how to forget it, too


流した涙の数だけ 君を愛してた これだけは言えるよ間違いじゃない

nagashita namida no kazu dake kimi wo aishiteta kore dake wa ieru yo machigaijanai

With just the tears I’ve shed, I can only say I loved you, and that’s no mistake

then the listener will say this lyrics is so me, i wanna cry. But now it is not the time to be drawn in this memories

「ha ha ha , really ….?

But i think that’s good, every listener must their own memories right?

But for example if the scene on this song not really sounds good to them, at least by listening to the song they can feel what other people may feel.」

ー yes, yes music composition and and lyrics are totally connected. Just like your technics of using a little bit painful lyrics on a non-mellow song

「yeah, like that. When i was young, i thought it is not a good lyrics if it’s to easy to understand

ーFor this interview, to gathered information i was also read yasu‘s song lyrics. It turned out to be fairly typical, because it’s different with other love song’s lyrics. On yasu‘s lyrics, there’s lot of man and woman’s psychological description.

「Is that much? I don’t even realize it.

I think a love song it must be connected with the phrase オマエが好き/I love you. There’s no such words like 愛してる/I love you. So i change the point of view of 愛してる/I love you feeling.

When i write a lyrics, i always pay attention from which point of view is the storyline. 」

PS  :

オマエが好き/Omae ga suki for I love you is more often used by man rather than 愛してる.

Because 愛してる is more serious I love you with a deeper meaning about you want to spent the rest of your life with someone you say 愛してる to

ーWhen i read your lyrics it also surprised me and make me say so, it is like this when my feelings written to words . And because that lyrics also remind me to my forgotten feelings.

Not only from the perfect scene and point of view but i also able to bubbling the emotions from that feelings/experience i ever had.

I think it is brilliant.

「Really? i didn’t expect it can be that way, but i am glad to hear your opinion.

Actually lyrics is pretty hard to do. It is true if a song lyrics gonna feel more live if it’s according to our experience even maybe it will violates some policy.

But if only care about policy, so only rely on outside look or cool stuffs to sat then the message will not delivered at all. So too much to the point is not good but not less is not good as well.」

ーso the to the point sing for real it invites sympathy or lots of responds, but is it also caused haters?

「yeah, actually it is.

Lyrics is not easy. I’ve read a lyrics that the meaning is not clear  what the hell is this ?.

But otherwise, when i was young i had a wish to use cool words on lyrics. Inside a lyrics, beside there’s a good choice of words surely it also has a good meaning.

Because if the meaning is too easy to understand, then it will become a not good lyrics」


ーFurthermore yasu, in one song from 3 minutes to 5 minutes there must be a storyteller that can make a good story , just like you. And when there’s a booming song and lyrics, you always be an icon.

「Thanks for the compliment, accept anything like that was nice.

It will created an imagination for the listener. I want all the listener enjoy my song, impressed, get a new mood or carried away. I will be very happy if my music and lyrics can move the listener’s heart.

For example, somebody eat an hamburger. I will be happy that person say what is this, i never eat something like this before but it is delicious rather than it’s like a delicious hamburger that i ate before.

Another example, a person who love metal is like a person who love curry. Today is curry, tomorrow is Qeema curry (Indian curry) and next day is black curry. Then that person say waah so delicious, curry is the best … !!!.

Each person have their own specialties, but i’d prefer if that person say wah, it is really curry but what’s the ingredients huh? i never see it before.

Something like that is my goal, to find a new unexpected things. And i don’t like to say it is not good for something 」

ーBecause not good, it doesn’t mean it is a bad thing right?

「Yes, both in song or lyrics. After debut, i was somebody that so chatty about lyrics.

When somebody asked me Is your lyrics failed  ….  ? i answered there is definitely a failure.

People do have failure right.

Bad result, it can be prevented, but i always not somebody who have a confident about lyrics, so while writing a lyrics i often confused how is this ? . But because there’s a failure so i became like this. 」

ーそう、a simple type …

「really, i just know there’s such a simple type」

ーIf you think it is a positive, you also think about the negative part right?

「yes, perhaps. When i talked with other musician, i’ve said  Are you sure that’s gonna be good? but i even decided it’s better not to be published. It must be fun if it can be published well, but actually not published it also fine.

So when i think about it again, failed is sucks. 」


ーyaya, it’s like you admitting your own lyrics. I also had one, when i was young i often get my script failed to publish.

「Maybe it is the same feeling, but aren’t you feel tired if you keep failin? 」

ーyes, because a script is also sum of words. We can’t just decided to use what kind of word, like a lyrics.

「Writing a lyrics, maybe we can call it as a song fiction. Open one by one part that step by step it will become better than before.」

ーyeah, it’s like sharpening yourself, so it’s normal if we feel happy about getting a compliment.

「Get a compliment is like getting a recognition and think i finally recognized … !!! then feel happy.」

ーyou are a person with lots of compliments eh ..

「ha ha ha …

Compliments, that means a lot. People who often failed, they must be very tired. I can say that because i had failures too. I am thankful for that but still, failed is sucks.」

ーthen do your best not to fail

「ha ha ha, that’s right 」

ーand do your best as talented person

「Talented, who is talented ?」

ーno no no, i think you are a really talented person. You must feel why i am now able to understand a woman’s heart?That must be because you learned a lot from romance aren’t you?

「I am not that bad. We never realize if we can learn a lot from many things. I am that kind of person.」

ーBtw, the new single on October is gonna have what kind of feeling?

「A song composition that’s not like a single at all. 「Greed Greed Greed」  is not like a single song. If this single can be more than 4, then i will think about an album.

Fans who already know my style must start to wonder how is the next album concept …? . I am really happy to hear it. So i hope you all to wait. 」

that’s all for today ….

i a will continue the next part maybe Focus 2  :  Statement Collection (yasu’s)  tomorrow while waiting for the Secret Meeting to come, because i am gonna spent this day to continue this …

Do you see the Shangri – La …..?

first area is almost finish, 11 area left to finish aaandd

next area will be more difficult than the previous because it is the middle area means there’s no blocking job (read : not changing color a lot, but only use the same color for a larger area) .

Changing color a lot  is a bit difficult to me since i only have one needle and i keep lost it and forget where the hell i put it.

So yeah i will need more coffee for that …

i am a coffee addict, so yes i do love and need coffee ….

Last night it was a little bit hell of a night since there’s no coffee left in the kitchen and i don’t like to go out again after after work if nothing important. I went to bed with no coffee last night.

after listening to this song many times and let the un_healed wound of my broken heart open again …


僕の考えは間違いと 自分隠した 正しさが何かもわからずに
流した涙の数だけ 君を愛してた これだけは言えるよ間違いじゃない



Whuuut the,  my intentions were misguided ……???


yasu       :      eh, really noi_chan ….
noi          :      i do have a crush on him ya_san, それは、間違いじゃないよ 。。。。!!!
yasu       :      but he is still ignore you, how many days already until now?
noi          :      a week ….
yasu       :      i’ll find a super glue for your heart then
noi         :       oh, how nice    ….



Sunday Post : ABC New Single 2014年10月22日 … (Another me, yasu and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge)


Expect The Unexpected Things eh ….


That’s what i am gonna say about Acid Black Cherry‘s upcoming New Single and my feelings right now.

Even i did think about yasu will release his next new things on October because how the calendar bonus from the previous single 「君がいない、あの日から 。。。」 only ended on September,


but i was thinking about a 「Shangri – La 」 Live DVD to be release soon after he finished his nation-wide 「Shangri – La 」 Tour

and after waiting, waiting and post some ramblings like a little boy who ask oneWilly Wonka Chocolate to his wacky mommy,

now we all know instead of releasing a DVD, yasu decided to released a New Single, everyone  …. !!!

ああ〜〜、びっくりましたね …. (^_^;)


yasu     :    a wrong deduction ne, Inspector
noi        :    well ….
yasu     :    somebody is getting slow now …
noi        :    i know, but at least i am still the Inspector tho  …
yasu     :     what the ..

ah ya, talking about Inspector Himura ne …

last week somehow i kinda jumped into talking on my friend from college’s status on her Facebook. Actually she is one of only 3 person of my college friend that i added on Facebook.

I told you ne, about how i don’t like to mix my fangirling things that i am doing onFacebook with my personal life.

nah because i was there added comments and involved to their quite long conversation and then one of them suggested to everyone else from my class to added me on their Facebook.

So that day i got more than 38 Friend Request on Facebook and all of them are my college friend.

I approved some of them that i think they wouldn’t mind about me spamming aboutyasu appeared on their Facebook Home Page, and said to them …

hey fellas, from now on …
in Facebook you all have to call me Inspector Himura OK …. !!!

and they all approved ne …xD

for the others,  because i am not sure about them will be OK with my spamming about yasu everyday and not only that, i also didn’t know them too much thanks to how invisible i was during my college time. So  i decided to ignored them, just like what Yukki told me.

After all i couldn’t say now and ignored some of them ne …

yasu     :     なんで 。。。?
noi        :     あたしの元彼ん だよ…
yasu     :     what the …
noi        :     so how can i ignored him?

so yeah now whenever i open my Facebook Home Page, i feel nothing but lots of nostalgic moment.

Ok, now let’s back to the topic ne, there will be Acid Black Cherry New Single 2014年10月22日 and i am so very happy  ….

But still ….

i am sure there will be a Live DVD for 「Shangri – La 」 Live and i suppose he (read : yasu) just delayed it. Or maybe …

He will put it as a bonus for the next album like how he put Acid Black Chrismast Live ~ Osaka Jo Hall on 2012 Album …?


Who knows ne, so i think i can wait and what i am gonna do and have to do is nothing but also delay my sexcitement about seeing 「Shangri – La 」 Live on DVD

And this time,

because i am still in the middle of a very happy euphoria about Acid Black Cherry New Single 2014年10月22日 and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge all over myFacebook, twitter and Tumblr i suppose this is also a perfect time to delay my working on this  ..

Whatsoever Fangirl Homework i made for myself …. xD

so everyone, now let’s talk about this ….

~   Something i say as The Un-expected things from yasu ne …


Acid Black Cherry New SINGLE

Title                :  TBA (To Be Announced)
Release Date :  October 22nd, 2014 (Wednesday)

■【CD+DVD】〈Limited Edition〉 

Item no.   :  AVCD-32238/B 1,600 yen + tax
   2 songs
music clip、OFF SHOT ((Approximately 15 minutes )

■ 【CD ONLY】〈Regular Edition〉

Item no.  :   AVCD-32239 1,000 yen +tax
          2 songs (same with AVCD-32238)
Bonus     :   Limited mini photobook

■ Special Price (1 song)

【CD ONLY】〈Limited Edition〉
Item no   :   AVCD-32240 369 yen +tax
         1 song
Bonus    :   1 ABC trading card (from all 4 complete series)

Pre-Order Period

August, 22nd (Friday)18:00〜October 10th, 2014 (Thursday) 5:00 AM (JST)

~ Janne Da Arc Official Fanclub 「Mademoiselle na anatatachi 」 members


via here   :   http://upriseshop.jp/ (VIP Members Only)
CD+DVD Limited Edition : Calendar Postcard Type A
CD Regular Edition :  Calendar Postcard Type B

~ Janne Da Arc Official mobile site members

Official mobile site : http://jannedaarc.jp/
1 mini clear file

~ mu-mo shop

PC       : http://shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1/?artist_id=ACIDB
mobile : http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1?artist_id=ACIDB

It’s Japan Only, which mean you have to use proxy/middle man inJapan to buy for you

~ mu-mo overseas sale site (where they will lead you to use Tenso.com)

PC       : http://shop.mu-mo.net/avx/sv/list1?jsiteid=MSW&categ_id=661806
mobile : http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/avx/sv/list1?jsiteid=MSW&categ_id=661806
1 Original sticker

~    CDJapan   :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    HMV          :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    YesAsia     :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price

PS    :   From CDJapan, there will be a B4 size poster bonus for CD + DVDand  CD Only

so now everyone,

let the CHOOSE begin and if you can’t choose, why wouldn’t you let your self to be GREED this time ? …. xD

and talking about GREED,  ….


yasu さん、

there you are finally,  a little gift and reminder from your overseas fans for this year’s ABC 7th Anniversary … …♪♪
we do love you and still hoping that one day you will do Live outisde Japan …


PS : btw minute 00:51, that’s me yasu さん … (笑)

and next, let’s talk about …

~  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge …

Recently, this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is become viral everywhere.

As you know, this is a challenge to raise an awareness to ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which is also known as Motor Neuron Disease.

It is a fatal disease and until now, there is no cure for it .

Patients will eventually die because they can’t control their muscles. So it doesn’t mean that they are only being paralyzed. They will lose an ability to speak, eat, and breath.

And ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is …

when somebody challenged somebody else, maybe his friend to do this callenge in 24 hours.

If the next person who got nominated manage to do it within 24 hoursthey donate 10 dollars and if not or they did it over than 24 hours then they have to donate 100 dollars.

The challenge it self buy put an ice and water on a bucket and flush it on your head  is to demonstrate how the ALS patients suffer from it.

But as always, there’s also many different reaction about this  ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

some people think it’s useless and too mainstream, some of them doing and watching it for fun as an euphoria while waiting and hoping when will somebody nominated their idol to do this challenge.

But no matter how different reaction and people think about this,  I my self enjoy and love how it worked like that, like a Ghost to Ghost connection or a spider web it’s everywhere now.

Hopefully by making this viral, the challenge will continue from one to other as well as the donation because it really help.

i can’t remember all the chains, because i only remember how …

~   Adam Lavine ( Maroon 5) nominated The IRON MAN himself, Robert Downey Jr , and then
~   RDJ nominated his Avenger‘s mate from Asgard , Chris Hemsworth(THOR) and
~   THOR nominated his other Avenger‘s mate Mark Ruffalo (HULK) andChris Evans (Capt. Rogers) …

while on the other side, outside the Avenger‘s pals …


Nathan Fillion (Castle) with that sweet reason, nominated Tom Hiddleston (LOKI, The Future King Of Asgard ), and
LOKI nominated Bennedict Cumberbatch (SHERLOCK HOLMES) ….

nah this is something that everybody were waiting for, an Ice Bucket Challenge by SHERLOCK HOLMES

i’d say, that’s a very well done Ice Bucket Challenge

That’s totally fun and i am sure encourage enough as well to ask people to donate.

Ben was nominated by 3 people beside Tom Hiddleston.  Sorry i can’t remember who the other else because i only remember and watchTom‘s video.

OMG, they even chased him in the shower ….

and after shower he called Tom,

awww that’s something i call beyond sweet …!!!

this part …

it’s totally brilliant how they put the ice and water inside his helmet and this last part is the funniest …. xD

source and credit for all Gif images :    here

Poor darling Ben ….. ❤

Ben, he was doing an Ice Bucket Challenge ne, not a A Boiled Water Bucket Challenge, but look what happened to Tumblr yesterday.

That video made Tumblr ON FIRE  ….  !!!

and finally reached until Japan because i saw some boys from Jhonny also did it and yesterday this baby stroberry (read : Taka, not yasu)  did his Ice Bucket Challenge and posted the video via his Instagram

you can check the video in here

it surprised me how he didn’t nominate Takeru Sato.

Well maybe because i  read a lot about their broomance friendship between them i thought he will nominate Takeru Sato ne. But he nominated 1 person i dunno who,Hongki from FT Island and his father.

Look at how he is sayin Hongki, looks like he is sayin

you Hongki, you …. !!!!

and believe me, last night i had a terrible dream about me calling Hongki to tell him about Taka nominated him as the next person while wondering is there any person who will nominate yasu to do this …

of course me as a fangirl, blimey ….

i also waited for someone to nominate yasu to do ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a hope he will use a white shirt when he do that …. xD

noi        :   because God Bless White T-shirt
yasu     :   go find another reason
noi        :   do i have to say it here, you know what my other reason ..
yasu     :   …..

In fact i even though about how the chain is, started from …

~   someone will nominate GACKT, and then
~   GACKT will nominate HYDE, then
~   HYDE will nominate yasu, …

etc etc …

but today it surprised me how yasu finally did this today

because there’s someone nominated him, and that person is not HYDE. I suppose there’s too much fandom things inside my brain now because it started to make me think following it like an idiot  …


awww his head must be hurt ne, because i think he put too much ice on his bucket.

But well done eh darling …. xD

So there’s someone named Shigeki Maruyama ( if i am not mistaken he is a golf player ), nominated yasu to do this.

And yasu did it today, he donated but didn’t nominate anyone to be the next person who had to do this challenge because he said he won’t forced anyone to do it.

Well, Okay …..

Since yasu didn’t nominate anybody, now i wonder who will dare to nominate HYDEto do this.

だれかな 。。。 *thinking hard*

enough about Ice Bucket Challenge , now let’s continue with this ….

~   Whatsoever things from me ….

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri – La 」 PHOTOBOOK ,  this one is for …



aaand …

i suppose this is a good news for all of you on Acid Black Cherry fandom, because finally there’s somebody who will translate Erect PHOTOBOOK Interview.  BecauseAriyasu on Tumblr will do that via her blog :

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.    …

and here’s the translation for …

Black List Part


She did a great job,

and i am sure there will be no such things as skipped parts like what i always do because i didn’t understand that part. So all of you who is on and active on Tumblryou can start to follow her blog ….!!!

because as she said next  is for QED Live part  … (^^♪

Suddenly now  Acid Black Cherry fandom is more beautiful these days ne, and  btw …

last week that SCawaii magazine finally came together with Mighty Long Fallsingle. It surprised me because i bought that two differently but they came at the same day. I f i know they will came together like that, i’d order them as one order ne not separately like that   ….

while this one came today …

actually i just went to Post Office today to get it because i almost forgot about thatArena Live magazine and 7Pia that my proxy kindly sent me 3 copies ….xD

When i arrived at Post Office and said to one of the female officer if i want to get my package from Japan, suddenly she call his office mate in a very loud voice …

Hey, Noi Himura is here …. !!!

and then everyone else there turned their head and lookin at me like i am some weird person. Then that officer, i think he is a new one because Mr. Ardiyanto who used to deal with from overseas packages already got transfered to branch office inManado.

It took some times, because he asked too much about me …

What do i do for livin, why almost every week there’s always a package for me fromJapan, …. etc etc until where is my home. It’s weird ne, i mean he is working at Post Office and i am sure he knows my address well.

So why did he asked me again? …

yasu     :    did you …
noi        :    no, of course not … !!!
yasu     :    hey, i haven’t say anything ne
noi        :    then don’t say anything …

And then finally he gave me a pen and asked me to sign the receipt and get my package. On my way out, i fell from my bike and it was funny because not long time ago, there’s a boy who fell from his motorbike and what i did was nothing but laughed at him while sayin …

ha ha ha poor darling  …. !!!

and then God sent me an a.s.a.p punishment with somewhat reason i just fell from my bike in front of Post Office today. That was hurt ne, and i remember how the old man who helped me said :

next time, don’t say that bad things when you see someone else fall … #ewww

Eh God, that’s a very fast ne, and OK i got my lesson today .

aand there you are …

the scans


and this something that they called as

a scanlation? ….


my fave part is about his daily activities,

that even i did read about him talking about that, but how simple is his daily activities for a big star like him always amazed me. I mean stay doing that half-length bath while listening music or watching DVD.

That sounds impossible for a very busy man like him and then next  is …

yasu, do tell me ….

when man doing that half-length bath/ 半身浴 are they naked or not …..?

yasu    :     why don’t you ask him, your   …
noi       :     him, my what  …? ah ya,  but i have one problem …
yasu    :     what, what now noi_chan, did you …
noi       :     no, we’re okay now and my problem is  …

that question eh、日本語 で なん と いいます かな … (T_T)

yasu     :    what the, you don’t know  … ?


800th Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Tochigi … (Another me, yasu and This Very Late V-Day Post)

still in  「Shangri-la 」for this 800th post, it is Togichi Prefecture this time …

and as what they (who else but 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) wrote on this post on The Official Blog, this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Tochigi was held in a heavy snow.

Must be very cold ne …

I read about all those storm snow happened in Tokyo and  areas in Japan recently, and all those delayed flights and re-book again … etc etc and many other things followed.

then i remember about my dear friend Christine ne …

because today is her leaving to Japan, Tokyo precisely. A long way to Japan from German. She will work there in Tokyo, start on this March.

Two years ago in 2012, when the 3 of us (me, Christine and Steffie) visited the Meiji Shrine next to Yoyogi Stadium ..

i remember i saw her prayed really hard for this dream of her livin in Japan.

yasu        :       what about you …
noi           :       me, i did nothing but watch her prayin
yasu        :       why …
noi           :       well if  i did pray, my pray surely is nothing but  : I want yasu, i want yasu onegaiii …!!!

それはとてもありえない ね 。。。

yasu       :        eeh, that’s you having delusion ne not praying  …
noi          :        yeah, i know …

and now 2 years later her dream came to be true ne. Of course it is not an easy dream ne to have a live in Japan and get a job there. But my dear Christine worked so hard and she made her dream came true.

Nah, i’ll say again no matter how much and hurt people say how impossible your dreams are, just ignore them because eventually …

Nothing is Impossible  …

Look at Christine, she had a dream, worked hard for it and in the end it came to be true. I think now it is a very perfect time to listen to this very inspiring song.

my fave line is this part …


More than not having dreams at all
It’s much better to cry and be hurt for the sake of dreaming…
that’s what I think for sure
even if I were to die, the world wouldn’t change at all
But, you see…
by continuing to live, I’ll change the future for sureyasu surely pointed how it’s forever OK for having dreams, no matter what and also continue living rather than choose to die.  Now i feel there’s a BIG sign of …SHAME on YOU … !!!

hit me since i had my times when all i want is nothing wanna die. But that time, it was a very hard and full of stress for me ne.

And i admit versus all of that miserable things happened i was lost.

Then as always, me whenever bad or terrible things happen i will do nothing but run or wanted to die and kill myself.

Eh God, i was too coward until i failed twice killing myself with 2 different methods. I told you ne, it’s really hard to kill yourself and don’t forget there’s so much pain followed after.

Especially when you failed,  it will hurt more than anything and i remember how all those bloods all over me, that’s was very scary especially for a coward like me.

But thank God, it changed somehow. Now i don’t wanna die anymore, not because i am already dying but now i prefer to quoted from what yasu wrote on 20+∞ Century Boys lyrics ..

僕が死んでも世界は変わりはしない …

noi         :     then i shall continue to live …
yasu      :     and also kill your Facebook is not gonna bring him back again …
noi         :     どういう こと 。。。?
yasu      :     i guess he doesn’t even know  …
noi         :     awww, that’s hurt …

rather than hurt by thinking about that i think i better continue this 「Shangri-la 」 post, this time is …

~   「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~  Tochigi

It was heavy snow nationwide including in Tochigi prefecture,  they still held this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting  with a lot of people gathered.

The Meeting was held in 1st Floor  of Carillon Plaza, Bell Mall, Tochigi. They say it’s a modern super mall ne, now i wonder how modern is a super mall can be …


As they say the venue of this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~  Togichi  is 「ベルモール」/「Bell Mall」 and it’s just not a name ne, because there is that BIG Bells tree on that mall and make it as wonderful place where you can hear bell’s sound every hour.

So 「ベルモール」/「Bell Mall」 ne, it’s so funny because at first i read it as  …..

「Beer Mall」, then sayin OMG did they sellin beer there ? aha ha ha  … awww  *slapped by MEGATRON*

Because i mistook  this 「ベル 」 for 「Bell 」 with this 「ビール 」 for 「Beer」 …. #eww .  I suppose reading Katanaka, that full of straws letter  is not my division anyway …


yasu       :   stop it noi_chan …
noi          :   stop what …?
yasu       :   make an excuse for your mistake ..
noi          :   but it really not my division  …
yasu      :    because nothing is your division …

This 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Tochigi started with Public Recording with Radio BERRY along with their program called 「yasu & ●●」 that they have planned. They had various talks …

First is 「yasu & Radio」

In Project 「Shangri-la 」 i do this collaboration with radios around the country.   I have taken care by the Radio stations,  the DJs and the staffs many oft hem sayin “I was fan all the way from the old days

I was glad and also embarrased. Thank you, or i rather say i am sorry … (laugh)

next is  「yasu & song writing 」

I do various way to write a song, in this case i also write a song from me, from this intro inside my head. But mostly, i swell or tend to make one scene and then wonder what kind of song along with it and then make it.

I can write during the day, but  i tend to make it at night overwhelmingly. Various things became open to human at night, isn’t it? so, if time is placed  you take a look at (the lyrics that i wrote at night), there are plenty “fu fu …

then it’s like “what this guy sayin” (laugh)

It’s not only by me sayin OK, but in my case i also have staffs to look at this something i made. As for 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』, that i was making while thinking all the way wondering whether if this song can be good as shuffle song.

This song is completely different from what i thought. About the title, the temporary title was 「Black Cat」. Then it came out as 『 Adult Black Cat 』 because it was an easy to remember Adult after the temporary title 「Black Cat」.

in addition,

there was also  「yasu & The Audience 」

as what the title called, that’s when yasu answered some questions from the audience who came to the venue.

And it will be broad cast at Radio BERRY on 2月23日 (Sunday) night 06:00 PM (JST).


then the 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Tochigi continued with collaboration with Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limitted F」 where yasu learned about dialect and specialties of Tochigi.

First, it’s dumplings of course and then they introduced what’s recently popular in Tochigi

「レモン牛乳」/「Lemon Milk」

the yellow colored with a scent of lemon milk, and FYI there’s raw and non fat for this lemon milk.

Lemon Milk ne, i suppose here in hometown we also have that. One man with a bike sell that every morning, but still i prefer Chocolate Milk than fruit flavored milk or raw.

i always hate the taste raw milk anyway, maybe because my real mother (not Her Majesty) already died before breast feeding me. They said it was because of some internal bleeding

you know like Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan)’s wife Tina (Rani Mukerjhee) on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Somethings Happen) .

It’s a Bollywood movie ne.

I remember on that movie, Tina (Rani Mukerjhee) died after gave a birth for their daughter because of a serious internal bleeding, and before she died she named her daughter Anjeli,

the same name as her husband’s love and best friend on collage (Kajol) then she left her 6 letters to be read every year on her birthday  …


That’s a very sweet and sour movie ne, i cried when Tina died and then laughed seeing how Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) acted when he see his longtime best friend Anjeli (Kajol) again after many years they didn’t meet each other,

and then ah yeah love is everywhere.

Do you know why every woman love Shah Rukh Khan ? i believe  that’s because he knows how to treat a woman very well and make them feel special.

Anyway, you all should watch that movie because that’s the most sweet and epic Bollywood movies i ever seen. I watched many Bollywood movie, but nothing like this Karan Johar‘s 1998 ~ Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

OK next, it will be this …

~  yasu便り 2 from The Official Blog

if the last yasu便り is for The 1st SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK, then this yasu便り 2 is for The 2nd 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK

行きましょう, 皆さん … !!!

ーーSo yasuさん, now we will continue with the story we had done previously

yasu   :   2nd Season ne

ーーThat’s right,  the very beginning  of 2nd Season. Let’s start with what everyday you did during your 12 consecutive nights in Nagoya (laugh)

yasu   :   ha ha ha … it was amazing, seriously (laugh). I was quite detail in Aichi prefecture (laugh).

ーーThe hotel, it already feel like home. From Mie, you went to Gifu then came to Nagoya i think.

yasu :   i did so. I also went to Ise Shrine from Nagoya (laugh)

ーーWent to Ise Shrine, it was nice to be able to go there in that timing


yasu   :   yes, it was the day before the big ceremony of Shikinen Sengu. Since the timing was good, i just couldn’t stand not to go. I am really glad.

ーーAnd then in Ishikawa prefecture, you also stayed long in Kanazawa. 7 days.

yasu :   Rain in Kanazawa.  it was difficult to stay in a long period of time. But it was fresh

ーー That’s right, if you stayin for a long time in one place with one short of feeling it becomes not easily to walk around the area.

yasu   :   That’s right, but for the event i came, everyone welcomed me very well and it felt very great.

ーーIt was amazing all over, but in Toyama prefecture the audience in particular was an enormous.

yasu   :   ne (laugh). I had kindly welcomed (laugh)

ーーThere are lot of memories of the place and there are lot of memoris of the food too. Sosu-Katsudon in Fukui and Tare- Katsudon in Niigata

yasu   :   i really ate Tare-Katsudon everyday. Whenever I ate, Tare-Katsu

ーーso that specialty in Niigata about to changed much yasuさん,  I ate the messed Tare-katsu of Niigata (laugh)

yasu   :   usually, it was only hegi soba, from now on it’s Tare-Katsu

ーーI looked back to 2nd Season quickly, but for the Live Performance aspect, what was changed or something unussual/different from 1st Season?

yasu   :   for Live, not to mention the audience,  everywhere the atmosphere was good.

Things eventually accumulated. With all members and staff were I accustomed to, I feel like I reach a degree of perfection.The events as in the PHOTOBOOK shows,  the atmosphere in the venue.

It was fun everywhere.

ーーWas there some impressive thing afterward?

yasu :   Caught a cold and waited? I was sorry to have caused everyone at that point. To have overcome cold and do till the end, I am glad.

ーーAnd last, a word for everyone please …

yasu   :   to everyone who attended to 2nd Season ~ Hokuri. Toshin. Tokai ~ thank you very much. see you again


i’ll post the next yasu便り 3 after i received my 3rd SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK because now it’s still in Hokkaido anyway and if my proxy send it tomorrow then i shall get it about 2 weeks again.

But take a look at the cover ne …

that’s so cool ne, i just love how that silhouette back of yasu like that, and how i saw some of Japanese fans received it today is, eh no i mean yesterday on a Valentine Day it’s just so sweet.

For me, what can i do than do things that i always do ne but waiting, and updated this …

~   Whatsoever Updated from me

this one is for Shizuoka ~ Fukui Live Digest and Off Shoot

enjoiii … !!!

it’s already February 15th ne as you all see how Tumblr put that red heart beating next to it. For you all who have an account on Tumblr i believe you have seen how that red heart beat next to Tumblr sign on Valentine Day.

I think that just so cute ne …

aand believe it or not (sure you are not …xD), my heart also beat fast because it’s a very very  late to post this


PS     :    Sorry, but you have to Click on the image and it will bring you to my Animoto video, because too bad when i upload it on Youtube, they erased the sound and it became a muted video  … #eww

and let me say

Happy Valentine Everyone, and for you my dear …

noi      :    I knew i love you before i meet you, uuuu …
yasu   :    but noi_chan, you did see me on your TV and PC  …
noi      :    still i didn’t go to  「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ne …
yasu   :    just find another song OK
noi      :    but why …


Boring Post : Love, Man and Woman Talks with yasu … (Another me, yasu and Mr Friday)


Look who is comin to Japan now ….






Benny ….

So yesterday i spent my time look at my Tumblr dash, watch any videos about Benny‘s comin to Narita … etc etc. I never imagine if Benny is so BIG in Japan ne, he was there last December and now he is there again? …


Photos credit to : Masatoshi Okauchi @ sherlock_series

OMG look at him, he looks very BIG and his hair ….? xD  anyway, i love how he handle his fans, he is kinda make them calm and more in order? …

Then i am thinking exactly like what was on Tekki‘s mind this whole afternoon ne. Thinking about how to go to Narita Airport from Haneda because if we both go to Japan, sure we will go with Air Asia, and landed on Haneda, nah Benny‘s landing is in Narita

so from now on, i think i better start to think about rute to take from Haneda to Narita ne, because who knows if one day there will be a chance for us (read : me and my British wannabe sista Tekki) to welcome Benny in Narita while we are in Japan to watch Acid Black Cherry/VAMPS/Larc live.

see my point?

i can see yasu maybe HYDE also and Tekki will able to welcome Benny ..


yasu     :    that’s is too much to ask ne …
noi        :    i know that’s too good to be true  …
yasu     :    sure, it is …
noi        :   but, it is still possible ne ….

btw yesterday something is change on Facebook, it just different from the previous one. It’s surprise me because it wasn’t like that when i am still at office, but when i get home and open my Facebook, it became like this ..


see that notification, messages and friend request place …? they moved it to the right (eeh, is it left or right ..?)

and then there’s a number next to Home sign  show you how many updates on your Facebook Home Page (remind me to Tumblr) and they also make the name of the Facebook owner shorter. It used to be complete Noi Himura, now look it’s only Noi

well of course it’s not a problem, maybe it only me who is not use with the new Facebook yet, but how they make my name shorter it’s a bit bother me. I mean what if one day there’s someone ask me this question …

Noi who …?
who you were with ….?
I don’t know who you were with …




then what should i say …?


yasu    :   nobody is gonna ask you that
noi       :   maybe …
yasu    :   because that’s from the movie, The Godfather isn’t it?
noi       :  oh, no you ruin this game …

yasu    :  then stop the silly game …

now i am confused with my own blog, i mean this blog is a very messy blog. look at those tags ne, that tags are mean less because i just put that like that with no real specifications. I know i should do something ne but too bad i am too lazy to do that.

So i myself sometimes kinda lost in my own blog whenever i want to find something, scans or some photo of yasu

OK, i should finish the TSUYATA interview ne, but because i read something and then it made other thing happened to me, i didn’t manage to finish it untill the last part.


yasu     :    what happened …?
noi        :    i was hungry ne ..
yasu     :    but what happen to Eat less and Pray more …?
noi        :    don’t ask me, i dunno ….

So now this is only the translation for page 4 and 5, and i’ll do the rest later and i am gonna call this as  …


~  yasu’s Love Talks ~

Q    :   That was it …  (laugh). So the conclusion,  what makes you attracted to the song “Kanashimi ga Tomaranai / I Can’t Stop The Sadness“?

A    :  I love that song sincerely. I love the melody, and recently I often listen to that song’s lyrics a lot, and I feel strange how that song turn into a sad song by meanings.

The melody, it’s not a minor because it has a happy image at the opening, while in the beginning there was the impression of feeling like “Towards Twilight in a Veranda Café”.

The lyrics of this song, I feel  like it’s a delight song, but when I listen to the song completely, it turn out there’s some part of the lyrics mentioned about how her/his love was taken by her/his own friend.  It feels to make us shed tears.

Q   :  Hmmm …. Teresa Teng’s song called “Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase/Leaving Myself to The Flow of Time is also a great song, but this song tells about an affair. If this were really happen, surely makes us shed some tears.

However, Teresa Teng’s voice that sings the song with her not smooth Japanese language , that’s so great.

So if there’s someone, with that kind of voice tellin us “dakara onegai sobani oite ne /please let me stay next to you“, sure we can melt. Do you also think like that?

A   :   I didn’t understand. This song was HIT on 1986 and I was still a little that time. So I didn’t understand if that song has such a deep meaning like that. And id it horrible if there’s a little kid who listen to that song and understand the meaning well …? (laugh).

So I just listened to the melody of that song and I think it’s a good song. Songs that  became HIT among the society mostly, they were like that right? Because musical show when we were little were much more than now.

So I think songs became something that very close with our lives. Unlike today’s songs that often change, right …?

Q    :   yes, if we’re able to understand the meaning of that song, then it means we already understand the meaning of love … (laugh).

So, what do you think about girl who is crazy about song lyrics ..?

A  :   Hmm … I think the song lyrics are great, but if there is really a girl like that, that must be really  tough  (laugh).

That’s so scary how “I devoted all to your heart, as long as it can be wonderful, I don’t need this life” lyrics make me shivering, imagine … she doesn’t need her life … that’s horrible. Isn’t it?

Q  :  It also mean she really love him. Then what about you yasu_kun ?

A  :   me …? I am always powerful. Love is always powerful ..

Q   : What do you think about people who say “I don’t cheat, because I am too serious“…..?

A   :  Hmm I don’t like to say something nonsense like that .. (laugh). No way I am gonna say that. For man, cheating is like buying snacks outside.

Q    :   ………………………..

A    :   I know you will respon me by sayin “Haaaaaah … ? “…(laugh). And sure you will also say : “what the hell you are sayin“…..? (laugh). Sorry sorry … (laugh).

But I think that’s a man. Because he feels there’s a place for him to go home, he feels cozy. Men are a brash creature.

Q   :   yes, yes, …. Now I remember to the lyrics of Kubo Ruriko’s song called Otoko/Man. This part of lyrics sayin “most mens are actually spoiled, they always want to win, that’s make me madreally described a man right … ?

That also means woman in this world make the man down with their bare hands and not love with a bigger feeling/love?

A   :   yes, yes most man are like that … sorry (laugh). But even we are like that, please do understand us …. (laugh)

Q   :    ha ha ha … you are being so honest …

A   :   mens are a weak creature, they are falling in love.

Even there’s also among them who think “ devoted all to your heart, as long as it can be wonderful, I don’t need this life or maybe I get used by you, I am ready to throw away this onetime life of mine just for you
” ..
listening to something like that, It makes me …. Aaahhh how is it …. (laugh)

Q   :    ah, come on do tell us ..

A   :    ahahaha … can I tell a story like that, OK then.

Just imagine how we can love somebody like that, everyday … If there’s someone who love somebody like that, then not loving anyone but the one he/she love untill forever, actually it’s alright.

usually people will think like that, but when after 1 month breakin up, and then he/she is already with somebody else and then tellin the same thing to the new person he/she in love with next.

Don’t you think you will say “Haaaaaah … ?

So I think that kind of words, it’s better if we say it to someone that really meant to be with us. If a person haven’t find that someone really meant to be, he/she should keep that words inside his/herself.

If I really love somebody, I must think and feel very happy be able to be with her, but I will never say that I don’t need this life or I will throw away my onetime life.

But maybe all of that is because I haven’t meet love that make me say that words. Maybe when we are already married to person that we are really love, we may able to say that.

Because like/crush on to someone, it can turned into love. I agree when we love someone, then separated, everything just turned to be more beautiful. But I don’t think we should throw away our one time life.

For me the song lyrics from Nakanishi Yasushi called Saigo no Ame/The Last Rain that said “If you really want to forget him/her, do not love her/him with a feeling that makes you want to cry.. that’s a song that really fit with me.

Q    :    Hmm it’s like that, now I get it

A    :    but the feeling of “I’d rather crush/shatter you with my tight embrace/arms that let someone take you away” … it is not in me. Because we should not crush/shatter others right?

Yes, I get it if that kind of feeling is also on a man, but if the woman that we love choose the other man and leave us, we cannot stop her by crush/shatter her.
Even yes, it says “taken by someone else” but it would be better if there’s nobody took her away ..?

Q    :    hmm what do you mean by that …

A    :    What I mean is how we should think about replacing the words of “taken by someone else with “she is bored with us

If we able to use that words, it can make us feel about what happen now it is not because of somebody else or our beloved. But it’s because of The Boring Ourself

Q   :    yasu_kun, if you are breakin up, can you giving up and loose with that kind  way of thinking? Can you get over it fast …?

A    :   of course it is very hard to get over it soon, but crush/shatter you …. is that too much?

Yes, I understand the pain, but I never think about crush/shatter an ex. I will think that’s because of The Boring Me

But it is a very hard matter, because there’s a very thin different between love and revenge.  And love can turned into hate/revenge so easily ..

My Goodness, so Mr. Friday did leave me because I am Boring …..?

yasu    :    i didn’t say that, but maybe yes  …
noi       :    no ya_san, nooooo ….. *fall from my bed*
yasu    :    hey, stop it and do wake up ne. He wasn’t your boyfriend and he never leave you …
noi       :    but still …


yay Post : Female Rock Squad – Entrevista Exclusiva Acid Black Cherry (Another me, yasu and Umbrella

I had such a lovely morning today,

arrived at office at 07:15 AM means i am only 15 minutes late and somehow things just went perfectly today. Now i know why my boss keep mad at me when if i come at office late. Morning means fresh and smooth. I turned on my PC and internet connected, open my mailbox and then tararara

You’ve Got Mail …!!!!!

ah no, just kidding ne. For all of you who watched Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks‘s movie : You’ve got Mail, must know that’s the opening scene of that movie. I just love that movie, see how the world change so fast right now ne, Now everybody started their days on net instead of open the morning newspaper. Turn on their PC/Iphone and other mobile devices, get connected, check their inbox/notifications/twitter’s mention to find out what’s going on today.

Offshoot complete.avi_000392892

yasu      :    sound like some movie …
noi         :    omo, how did you know …
yasu      :    is this gonna be a movie post ?
noi         :    no, not today …

and that’s what i do to start my office day. I open my Facebook and i saw this article all over my Facebook Home Page —->

Female Rock Squad : Entrevista Exclusive (Exclusive Interview) Acid Black Cherry.

I got a message from my friend about this Female Rock Squad a long time ago, if i am not mistake is a community in Latin America (as you can see it is on Spanish and English) who arranged an interview with Acid Black Cherry. They also tryin to do/arleady did interview with L’arc_En_Ciel in Paris.

at that time she ask me whether if i have some question to as for yasu, and one of my question is about the next Recreation 3, and some silly questions …… xD. I’ve been waiting when did they gonna do the interview because it was a long time ago since i gave my questions to her, and there you are finally today i read the interview and Recreation 3 is on the question list …


well then, OK ya_san, next year maybe …..? just let me know when it fixed. As always i am gonna wait for that. I always love how yasu add the Recreation track on his sigles, because as he said on the Recreation track question …


see what i mean, indirectly he share songs he cover to peoples who didn’t know it perhaps for the younger people who didn’t know about that song because at the time when that song released they weren’t born yet or for someone like me with a very limitted music/songs to hear. Thaks to him, I know many Japanese not related to L’arc songs  now. And what he said about downloading and how packaging is important aspect in creating album ….


see how brilliant is he ….?

the point i get is instead of busy ask people not to download songs/album materials it would be better to think about creating album package that make people want to buy and for people who already buy it to feel glad by open and read the package. Because ask people not to download is gonna be as hard as when you ask me to not post things about yasu/Acid Black Cherry. I think dowloading is like a mold in a rainy days. Once you get rid one or two then suddenly it grows another 10 so you better find another way.

I bought ABC singles and albums even i don’t  read the lyrics 100 % from the cover. I usualy  read it from internet and then try to figure out what is he wanted to say on that song. I also never play the CD because i don’t have a CD player (how can i have a CD player if i don’t even have a radio?) , so what i did and always do is dowload the songs from internet, put it to my MP3 player and when i received my stuffs i just enjoy watch the covers or yeah you can see watch his photos there, scan it and then put my singles like this, watch it everyday while smiling … xD

seeing that umbrella, now i remember something about umbrella, this is the real umbrella, like Rihanna‘s song Umbrella, ella ella not the Umbrella Crop the zombie factory. Last night i did my search again and it was on Yahoo auction. And then i just can’t stop thinking about this umbrella …


that’s VAMPS SUNSHIDE UMBRELLA, look at that  and imagine ne if i go to office on a rainy day with that umbrella i am gonna have my own Gothic look ne, Gothic it would be perfect for this October because it HALLOWEEN is coming. I just want a Gothic look like Abby on NCIS. A Gothic look for me this HALLOWEEN ne …


yasu       :      hmmm, i don’t think so …
noi          :      really, well if you say so i better think about another theme …
yasu       :      for what …?
noi          :      for my Halloween Fanphoto. I told you ne, remember?
yasu       :      sorry, i don’t

There’s one episode where they all went to Kate’s funeral and Abby look soo Gothic sweet with her black dress and umbrella. I wonder where i can find that kind of umbrella and then i saw that SUNSHIDE UMBRELLA.  Oh God i really want that. But the bad news is it is one of FanClub stuffs so you only can buy it via HYDEIST or VAMPADDICT. That’s why the price on Yahoo auction is very2 expensive ne : 12,000 yens while the original price for FC members to buy is only 3,000 yens. OMG can you imagine that? from 3,000 yens to 12,000 yens. There’s  …


noi          :    eh chotto ne how much is from 3,000 to 12,000 … *find a calculator*
yasu       :    you bring that home …?
noi         :    what this calculator, yes i do this one is big ne as big as your Ipad …
yasu      :    OMG noi_chan i know how much you want an Ipad, but calculator it is still not and never be the same as an Ipad …
noi        :    but i can count with this …

so there’s 9,000 yens difference ne, i wish i can ask someone who is a member of VAMPADDICT or HYDEIST to buy that umbrella for me, it doesn’t matter if eventually i have to pay 5,000 yens or at least 7,000 yens as long as not 12,000 yens. Because if i buy that from auctions i know that 12,000 yens is still gonna be change. Until the day they close the auction it will gonna be 13,000 yens, 14,000 maybe 15,000 yens and plus the bank transfer fee … etc etc i am sure that umbrella price is gonna reach to 20,000 yens ….


noi         :    nee ya_san, do you know how much ..
yasu      :    see this number
234…? yes you can buy more than 234 mochi with20,000 yens .
noi         :    OMG how did you know i am gonna ask that …?
yasu      :    what else you are gonna ask but that  …
noi         :    waw that’s awesome ne  ….

enough about the umbrella things and now lets back to the Entrevista Exclusive with yasu, now last but not least is this part ….


you can read the full interview in here —–>  Entrevista Exclusiva: Acid Black Cherry

he said It’s also my dream to play lives overseas, i think it’d be great if i can go . Read that ne, play lives overseas is also one of his dreams, so now what can i do now but wait while keep support him so he can make his dream to play lives overseas come true. If he make it, that’s mean he also make my dream to watch him live overseas (in this case for me is in my country or at least countries near to it) come true …

so run, ya_san, run after your dream, make it true


noi       :   run ya_san, or fly over here and get your dream, You’re the King of The World and ill be right here waiting for you ….
yasu    :   eeh, are we in
TITANIC now …..?
noi       :   maybe, but you can swim right ? ….
yasu    :   what the …