Difficult Post : Acid Black Cherry Summer Project “Shangri-La” … (Another me, yasu no Mr. Friday)

yay, it is tomorrow ne, or i should say today if i finish this post after midnight  …


the release date of 『Recreation3』 album ne, but i see so many people especially for Japanese fans already received their album, and start to post their yay post on every social networks.

Then what about me? ah me, i dunno ne. since i bought this album not via CD Japan like what i always do but i bought it on mu-mo via my proxy. so i have no idea whether she is already receive it or not and i am also too dizzy to ask her about it. I think since usually it need at least 3 days from Tokyo to Hokkaido, so i think she will receive it soon ne …

so what’s your plan for this summer? …

nah if you have no plan yet, you are in Japan or want to go to Japan, a BIG fan of Acid Black Cherry and will do anything to have a chance to watch yasu sing, smile and sure make you smile in your city, you better jump with yasu, involved yourself into this smiling summer project called “Shangri-La”


as we all know days ago at March 1st 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 posted via their official twitter about a new site called Shangri-La.com for the new “Shangri-La” project next summer with this slide YouTube video via Acid Black Channel


and of course as always, they didn’t tell all the details about this project ne, what they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) did just launch the Shangri-La.com and asked to all the fans including me to wait for another 4 days more for the details …


noi      :     ah, always love to tease, eh …
yasu   :     who …?
noi      :     you and your team ne, who else …
yasu   :     aha, but you do love to be teased ne noi_chan …
noi      :     yes, i do, i very do

but unfortunately i didn’t get too much enjoy the teasing, i mean you know the moment between the teasing post and the revealing post. I used to enjoy it by post some rubbish fangirl analysis about my nonstop wondering what is this gonna be?

why? because in the morning at March 2nd on a very lovely Sunday morning where there’s no rain falling, i got hit by a truck, eh …. or i am the one who hit that truck? i can’t remember it exactly. But what i remember is we both (me and the truck, not yasu) hit each other at the same time with a quite fast and hard ne,

It was so fast until i can’t remember anything but woke up about 5 m from the truck, can you imagine that? me like some little stone who just bounced off just like that

it hurt, yeah and it ended with my left hand a little bit broken, my head became BIG with a super massive dizzy until every time i open my eyes, everything became 2, so when i got home back to hospital, i enter my room, i  look at my poster of yasu ad HYDE, i saw 2 yasu and 2 HYDE

OMG, i am in heaven …..!!!


yasu      :    hello fangirl ….
noi         :    yes, …
yasu      :    can we back to the topic …?
noi         :    ah, sorry …

OK lets, back to the topic, “Shangri-La” project, i’ll put that how i was in heaven on the end of this post ne,

so, today is the day that all Acid Black Cherry fans are waiting for after all the analysis they made in the days between, finally all the mystery becomes clear today with this Acid Black Channel video post and how finally we all can open this Shangri-La.com



and maybe because the traffic was so high on that site, i saw some fans posted about how they can’t access the site today, well i think now everyone can access that site ne, because hello i can access it now with my super lame net connection.

This “Shangri-La” project is about the upcoming NationWide tour of Acid Black Cherry. yes, some fans said about how this project is not as what they expected before ne, i think they all expected for a Live/Tour outside Japan for the overseas fans ne, because that’s what they all waiting for ne after what yasu said on his New Year’s message with JaME


but it is not about a Live/Tour Outside Japan, ne, so all of you overseas fans including me need to wait and hope of course for Acid Black Cherry Live/Tour Outside Japan can be true.

This “Shangri-La” project is about a NationWide tour all over Japan in 47 prefectures, as what on the video said ne, it is from Shangri-La lyrics

「君が笑顔になるなら唄いたい 君の街で ──── 全国のTeam ABCの皆様一つになりましょう!」

if that song becomes your smile, then I want to sing … In your city, Let’s become one as Team ABC everyone !

so all Japanese fans can be very happy ne because there’s a possibility for them to see yasu in their own city, and they don’t have to go to certain cities like they always do for the previous Acid Black Cherry Live.

this “Shangri-La” project is a project connected with smile, in this case is smile of al people who love yasu‘s music. Not only that, this project also include this :

1.   Release of a new song
2.   This NationWide Tour is divided on 5 blocks and 5 periods all over Japan
3.   In each region provided with opportunities and contact events  ….

it started from yasu‘s dilemma, dillemma of what? to choose between me or HYDE ……?


yasu       :    not funny ne …
noi          :    demo ne, if that’s so then who will you choose?
yasu       :    of course it’s not you, never you
noi          :    heee
yasu       :    so hurry finish this post …

it’s from yasu‘s dilemma that he always have, about how he is on a long tour and also he can’t bring a new song for his fans. But this time he make a  some difference to break his dilemma by realeasing a new song during his upcoming tour all over Japan. Dates and other details are not yet clear,

source :   here and here

because it will be on all prefectures so no doubt that there is a chance to see Acid Black Cherry in Japan, and to all overseas fans who want to go to Japan and want to see Acid Black Cherry, this is your chance ne, i mean all 47 prefectures means there will be a bigger chance for you o get the ticket ne

because as we all know it is very hard to get a ticket for Acid Black Cherry Live even for Japanese fans, so it would be double hard for overseas fans to get it, but it is still possible ne because as what Eli David said to his daughter Ziva

Nothing is impossible, it just difficult

to all of you who see NCIS you must have hear this ne, Eli said this before he died. OMG that’s so sad ne. and btw i did make a plan to join this “Shangri-La” project but since what happened last sunnday, the accident thanks to how bad my driving skill is i have to cancel it ne.

i am still on my recovery now, and i also already spent some cash for my recovery so this summer i am not gonna join “Shangri-La” project in Japan but i am gonna be at Oz with James Franco ….

nah enough with “Shangri-La” project post, now here comes the boring part, so i am now on my recovery ne, and do you know why i wrote this post as a difficult post? it is because dfficult for me to type only with one hand ne, i mean only with 5 fingers ne unlike 10 fingers like usually.

so these days i am tryin my best to do anything only with one hand. and believe me, it is very difficult ne, and sure it took more than forever for me to do some simple things like change my chlotes, take a bath, to wash my hair and even to ripp some papers that i signed.

Today is my 1st day i go to work after the accident, and in the morning, everything seems fine, yes i became the female version of Capt. Slow because how slow i am handling my works, still i can finish it. But after lunch i dunno why that massive headache just came again, that time all i want to do is nothing but go home ne

i was affraid, i mean i saw some episodes of a dorama there’s a man who got a head injury ne, at the first time he was OK, and the suddenly he feel dizzy, wanna throw up and it ended with his died because there’s some blood inside his brain. OMG what if that happen to me? i mean what if the scan that i took was wrong, you know it can be somebody’s scan i took …

but then i start to stop thinking about that and start to ask my self to be calm, …


ahahah, i hope that BECAUSE YOU ARE NOI HIMURA is reasonable enough for me to stay calm, eh. And last but not least, here’s what i am gonna say/ask all of you is…

Is it amazing ne how at the fist day you get OnLine and you find an album that you really want to hear is available for you to DL/hear?

noi      :   *singing*  Darling i want you, Aitakutte ….. oyasumi ya_san,
yasu   :   eeehh …
noi      :   now i am gonna sleep with this whole
『Recreation3』 as my lullaby ..
yasu   :   so, there’s no some mellow post about
Mr. Friday ..
noi      :   maybe tomorrow, because tonight i am too sexcited with this album …




バレンタイン Post : Whoaa 「未来予想図Ⅱ」のPV …!!! (Another me, yasu and yasuko, again)

Valentine Day with yasuko is all over me, eh ….


still, this post is a Valentine Post, and last night on Valentine’s eve 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 gave us (me and all of you Acid Black Cherry fans all over the world) a Valentine’s present by updated the Official Ameblo with Valentine’s eve post and revealed this 「未来予想図Ⅱ」のPV that we all long for (at least me) via Acid Black Channel, so there you are


and i say :  Whoaaa …!!!! … *dumped to limbo*

not only that but they also announced a Website for 「Recreation 3 ——>  http://recreation3.com/


with a full interesting 「Recreation 3」 and the previous 「Recreation」 albums, along with the memories of a numbers of masterpieces yasu takes cover like a self liner notes? and  there’s another notes (you can see the date for each song) and feature to come on that site Oh God, this is gonna be interesting site ne

i mean they (you know who) allow us to listening and watch the PV, the new recreation3.com all of it in this Valentine euphoria what can i ask more that that ne?,

but i dunno why at the first time i watch that PV on Acid Black Channel i just know, it is gonna end like that, with a proposal scene at 「2012」 Live on 「イエス」 part.

you all know the story ne, about a man who propose his girlfriend at 「2012」 Live and he wait for the perfect timing to gave the ring to his love on the last part of 「イエス」 when yasu sing

どうかこの指輪を受け取ってくれませんか ?
[Douka kono yubiwa wo uketottekuremasenka ?]

maybe i am too much involved in this Acid Black Cherry fandom, and read things related to yasu and Acid Black Cherry a lot so i kind a missed the surprise thing that i use to get every time i watch Acid Black Cherry new PV for the first time, but this one


HIRO sensei? …..

look at him like that as a sensei, i mean with his hair like that?  he looks so cool ne, i mean i wish i had a sensei like HIRO on my high school ne,

this PV it all about Acid Black Cherry ne, i mean how they made the Acid Black Cherry 5 years discography including the goods as a story with yasu’s voice singing 「未来予想図Ⅱ」 as the Original Sound Track.

may be can i call this a the ABC dorama?

a love story between 2 ABC fans. The girl know if the new boy on her classroom is also an ABC fan as her self from the ABC pin his bag (it was the bonus if you buy DVD/CD on the venue of Erect Live),


and then she show her ABC keychain (it’s from Free LIve 2011 Goods btw), and then there you are their ABC romantism between them started with yasuko and junji as the cameo


look at them, i mean what the hell they doing there. A blow job at school hours, really  ?…. ajajajajajaja 


they talk about ABC, they listening ABC together, and we all see how they skipp a class and go to the roof to listen Black List album, when the boy got it in the morning, poor Hiro sensei ne. And then listening 20 Century Boys single together on the beach … etc etc

and hey also put this on the scene, what yasu always say to his fans :


アシッドじゃなくてABC !!! ….
not Acid, but ABC

this PV also show me how ABC high school fans (i mean in Japan) are doing, i mean what they did when they received the any news aomething new about ABC , like a new album or single. They will bring it to school like that and then listening it and talking about it with their friends, OMG it looks so fun ne.

it is very different with what i always do when i got my new ABC single/CD/DVD. Even i am not in high school anymore, but if i could turn back time and i was in my high school during whatever i am doing now in this ABC fandom, i don’t think i am gonna bring my ABC stuffs to school.

it is impossible ne, because here in my hometown there’s nobody know about Acid Black Cherry or things related to or yasu himself, maybe yes, some of my office mates now knowing about that, but this is because how i talk about yasu everyday at office to them and annoyed them with my after lunch Live singing ABC songs.

All things on that PV shows you, i can say i have it ne …


yasu      :     really, all of it …?
noi         :     ah ya, that 「2012」 Live tickets, i don’t have it
yasu      :     so …
noi         :     can you give it to me?

Yes, i do have manyABC stuffs but nobody around me know about what it is, so no matter how i am gonna wear all my ABC goods/put it on my bags,
desk … etc nobody will know about that, or at least say something bout that.

That’s why what i am gonna do and always do is posted on my Facebook and tell and annoyed everyone on my social network’s friends by sayin :

i got it. yay aha ha ha ha ha … *evil laugh*

back to the PV ne, so they finally graduated from school and still in relationship and as we all know having a relationship when you are in high school is different with after highschool, i mean after high school, there is so many things that you have to think about, not only your school exams, grades or your boy/girl friend like college, works, and of course a plan about your future, what you are going to do or who you wanna be in this world.

from that PV, i think the girl she continued to university while the boy is not, so he is working and he  want to buy a ring for her, and they start to loose whatever they always do together while they were in high school, …


and then the girl want to end it by gave this scarf back and add a note with Q.E.D …. <—– so ABC ne, i told you ne this is an ABC dorama ne. Time goes by and put all of us to the scene where the boy at the bar/karaoke and there’s yasu on the telly singing 「イエス」.

then some light was on inside his (read : the boy) brain, you know what i mean, he really want his girl back, i am sure while he watch 「イエス」 PV on that bar’s telly, he is saying this :

Something started with ABC should be ended with ABC too ne ….. xD


then he send that 「2012」 LIve ticket to hs girlfriend that he really miss and want to be back to him, … and then you all know the rest of the story, and of course again and the ending is


yasuko and junji happily ever after ….

too bad they (yasuko, junji and the other members) only showed as a cameo and there’s no part where yasu as himself not as yasuko sing this romantic song. I wonder maybe there will be an edit version of this PV ne,  like on Aitaii PV where we can see yasu sing Aitaii himself not the girl who is sing it while doing whatever she was doing ne.

but since in this 「Recreation 3」 album there will be 2 PV, my question is is there any possibility for me to see the edit version of this 「未来予想図Ⅱ」のPV? . <—— you can ignore this question btw

because for me this 「未来予想図Ⅱ」のPV it didn’t surprise me but it amazed me ne,  and



on this Valentine day instead of A.B.C. murder what yasu gave me is an A.B.C. Dorama ? …


noi        :    すごー ー ー ー ー い ya_san …
yasu     :      so …
noi        :    ハッピーバレンタイン ♥ and let mee see you more and more, then save a BIG image of you in my heart …
yasu     :     that sound mellow, eeh what happen you don’t get any chocolate today …?
noi        :     i got one ..
yasu     :     only one? …. *laugh*



Sunday Post : Holiday is Over …. (Another me, yasu and 「a-nation stadium fes.」 20120826)

Today’s Acid Black Cherry 「a-nation stadium fes.」 20120826

Set list :

– Black Cherry
– Pistol
– イエス、

– Shangri La

credit to : @aamiichan ..

they changed Cherry Cherry with SPELL MAGIC, and there’s also the song lyrics on the screen, so the audience, include the non ABC fans audience can sing together. From all the fan reports that i read via twitter, most of them said today’s performance is great plus yasu’s ero MC as always. not only that but i also read something about  BIGBANG band member came out to watch Acid Black Cherry earlier

but i am still wondering why there’s no tweet/twitpic from TEAM ABCOfficial on Twitter for today’s event ne, are they took some tweet’s day off or something? ah maybe they save it for later’s blog update.  But Sugi-chan updated his Ameblo with photos of him with artists on today’s 「a-nation stadium fes.」 include yasu

omo look at his hair ne, hey is that another Final Fantasy hair like last year’s Free Live? but then somehow i remember about some anime that i watch when i was a little girl. It is Saint Seiya, imagine if we (at least me) add something on his hair and shoulders ?


today’s outfit is perfect ne, i mean even still a black outfit (it is Acid Black Cherry, we all talking about ne) but at least they didn’t give him a long sleeves, and plus that black sunglasses on stage, …


noi      :    yes, ya_san, you are rock today ….
yasu   :    but you were not there …
noi      :    but i know …
yasu   :    really …?
noi      :    sure …

and for the live viewing it self, i am glad if the fans who went to cinema still able to see yasu in a big screen, They changed the Acid Black Cherry part with Free Live and Acid Black Christmas live

Free Live

     *Black Cherry
Acid Black Chrstmas Live
     *20+∞Century Boys

even yeah it’s not today’s live performance but still yasu on a big screen and a cinema’s stereo speakers? i think they still had something fun. Just like what my friend Lin-En Huang and Yuri who went to today’s liveviewing in Taiwan said :

イエス, we always have fun see him (read : yasu) sing no matter we’ve seen it before or not:)))))


yasu    :    hey you don’t have to add that (read : yasu)
noi       :   but i just wanna make it clear ne …
yasu    :    nobody wrote a rambling post about that Mr. Friday but you ..
noi       :   OK, OK

i start my day at office today …

So at 05:30 Sunday Morning where i supposed to be still rolling2 on my bed i was driving to office. This Sunday Morning is very cool ne. I think my city just turned into a desert ne, no rain fall for almost half year and very very hot at day and then very cold at night/morning. Geez, i should find a camel to ride …


actually i still want to have another one last Sunday at home, but when i think about what my boss said about 200,000 IDR penalty, i was like … OK, OK i wake up now. if that penalty is only 50,000 IDR i’ll take that, but 200,000 IDR ? hell no …


yasu      :    why …?
noi         :    because 200,000 x 10 = 2,000,000 OMG …
yasu      :    eh ….
noi         :    do you know how many mochi i can buy with that?
yasu      :    go get some mochi ….


Family Post : Acid Black Cherry Cover – ROMANESQUE …. ( Another me, yasu and My Cousin Kenshin)

omo …

today is July 10th it’s freenacold‘s birthday.

As i always write here, Freena is one of My Cherry Sista. Ah ya this is the 3rd time i say Happy Birthday to her. so it’s mean she’s been my friend along with my other Cherry Sista for 3 years. can you imagine that for 3 years, well if you add 7 years again it will be a decade …. #whoaa ….

Time goes very fast ne, it feels like it was yesterday i meet her via Vale_chan on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook  went crazy together talk about yasu, The Mind Blowing Man. There you are my 3rd Birthday wish for her, this is the same with what i wrote on my Facebook status, i hope i did it right  :

Feliz cumpleaños a usted, mi querido amigo Freena Cold Valcoft mi deseo es todas las mejores cosas vendrá a ti y te quedas sano. as always , here’s one million Saranghae for you hermanita ….. ♥♥ 

and this one ..

Acid Black Cherry Cover – ROMANESQUE   <—–  download there … and let’s celebrate your birthday by listening to yasu’s cover …. yay ….!!! *trow a confetti*

i’ve been waiting for this, i mean i’ve been searched it on my day off, but there’s no leak yet and today thanks to minlilin who is so kind to mention me on twitter about this and here i am now litening to this yasu’s cover for this song



いつも Last playing please give me 言うけど
今度ばかりは いつもと違う言葉をさがしてる
いつも Last playing please give me 言いわけで
指をすべらせただけじゃ とてもすまされないはずさ

Just one minute Just one minute
Oh no stop with me romanesque
Just one minute Just one minute

Last playing please give me ごまかして
一足おくれ 本気は今宵めずらしさで終わる
見あきた顔に 仮り初めおぼえ
Last please give me ごまかされ
ひねくれはじめた心 今じゃ受話器でからまわり

どうにもならない ROMANESQUE HEART の神経さかなでる
どうにもならない ROMANESQUE HEART の神経さかなでる


Aiso o tsukasu koro niwa itsu mo
Last playing please give me yuukedo
Kondo bakari wa itsu mo to chigau kotoba wo sagashiteru
Kudaketa gurasu no you ni itsu mo
Last playing please give me iuwakete
Yubi wo suberaseta dake ja totemo sumasarenai hazusa

Just a one minute
Just a one minute
Oh no stop with me romanesque
Just a one minute
Just a one minute mae ga mienakute

Mo tsureta ashi wa dansu de hitoyo
Last playing please give me gomakashite
Hitoashi okure honki wa koyoi mezurashisa de owaru
Miakita kao ni kari some oboe
Last playing please give me gomakasare
Hinekure hajimeta kokoro ima ja juwaki de karamawari

Just a one minute
Just a one minute
Oh no stop with me romanesque
Just a one minute
Just a one minute mae ga mienakute

Dou ni mo naranai romanesque
Heart no shinkei sakanaderu
Dou ni mo naranai romanesque
Heart no shinkei sakanaderu

Just a one minute
Just a one minute
Oh no stop with me romanesque
Just a one minute
Just a one minute mae ga mienakute

English translation

When I give up on formalities
I always say “Last playing please give me”
Just now, I’m searching for different words than usual
Like a broken glass
Always with the excuse of “Last playing please give me”
Just by sliding your fingers over me, it should be very unclear

Just one minute
Just one minute
Oh non stop with me Romanesque
Just one minute
Just one minute
I can’t see ahead

Our tangled legs in a one-night dance
Last playing please give me, deceive me
Give me one step—truly, tonight ends in rarity
I remember transience in that face I’m tired of looking at
Last playing please give me, be deceived
My heart begins to rebel, and now at the phone receiver I make a futile effort

Just one minute
Just one minute
Oh non stop with me Romanesque
Just one minute
Just one minute
I can’t see ahead

Romanesque will never be, it rubs my heart’s nerves the wrong way
Romanesque will never be, it rubs my heart’s nerves the wrong way

Just one minute
Just one minute
Oh non stop with me Romanesque
Just one minute
Just one minute
I can’t see ahead

Romanesque will never be, it rubs my heart’s nerves the wrong way
Romanesque will never be, it rubs my heart’s nerves the wrong way

source : here

in this cover yasu’s voice sound fresh and sexy. hell yeah i love this, I am not into Buck Tick and honestly this is the first song i hear from them. for me yasu also give me another thing by covering song from another artist/bands. He gave me another band to listen or at least try to listen.

i don’t have many bands/singer that i listen to, my fave list is only limited, like related to HYDE or been workin with him together, Ken, Tetsuya, Yukihiro, song that i hear from Dorama OST and many accidentaly things ended with i listen to that song. so yasu is make my Japanese musical view more wide than before with his cover albums,

see he gave me a lot ne, that’s why he is brilliant …!!!!

even still my fave cover from yasu is still Furare Kibun De Rock n Roll from Re:Birth single. It doesn’t change untill now. I remember there’s one man, his name is Dylan posted on Acid Black Cherry Group about what next from yasu, in this case is the 3rd Recreation Album. and he asked what song do you want for yasu to cover .

well okey let’s just say we can ask him to cover the songs and there was various answer from the other members on the post. And my answer is still the same. I want yasu to cover Flower from L’arc_en_Ciel. My personal heart breaker song. nah Hyde‘s already break my heart over and over with this song

HYDE  :  when, i don’t remember that …
noi       :  a long time a go HYDE_san ….
HYDE  :  so who’s next …?

nah, now i think this is time for yasu to break my heart with this song Flower, I heard his cover of this song on Youtube or Nico Video? … but that’s only in karaoke, i want to hear the clear and more heart breaking version from you (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday)  ….

Go, ya_san, go put this song on your next 3rd Recreation album and break my heart, just break it into one million pieces onegai ..!!!

yasu   :  one million, that’s so many pieces to collect ne …
noi      :  fine, i know how busy you are, i’ll collect and fix it again …
yasu   :  with ..
noi      :  a super glue
yasu   :  but we don’t have another super glue ne …
noi      :  eeee there’s no stock …. ? @_@

enough about heart breaking thing, see this what MayJ posted on her Ameblog  :

she just finished the recording interview with  HYDE and KAZ for next JMelo.

yes, VAMPS is gonna be on J-Melo …. I dunno when it gonna be aired, but i think it gonna be next month like the last time yasu was there. The show aired about one month after MayJ tweet_ed about it. and she also wrote on her blog if this is the 3rd interview with HYDE and she still nervous with him. well who is not gonna nervouse next to HYDE btw …?

that VAMPS on J-Melo is another thing to add on my Matsu wa list, while the other is :

~  LE-CIEL Extra Number magazine

i don’t buy this myself, but Tekki is the one who buy it from CDJapan. the pre_order links if you also want to buy this via CDJapan is here

~  My Halloween Party Outfit

if my health, my schedule and everything is okay and i am gonna go watch this year Halloween Party, that’s gonna be my outfit for Halloween Party. i ask my sailor, eeehh Popeye? no i mean my tailor to make that red Hood for me. i saw that when i search Halloween costume on Google

yes ya_san, i am gonna be The Little Red Ridding Hood …

noi      :   and do you know if she is a werewolf …?
yasu   :   yes, you told me that …
noi      :   actually the red hood is to protect her from moonlight so she can’t turn into a worf, and  ..
yasu   :   hey noi_chan, how many language do you speak …?
noi      :   include the love language i speak in 4 language
yasu   :   how many time i told you if you’re watch TV too much,
noi      :   well then maybe you should try to use
the love language ..
yasu   :   not funny  …

~   Rurouni Kenshin the movie

Takeru Sato as Kenshin Himura, i never imagine he is gonna be that outstanding and great as Kenshin, where did he get that looks, i mean those eyes, that’s Batosai eyes ne. and he showed me all the Kenshin character plus the red hair and the hakama. I love this anime, because Rurouni Kenshin is my fave anime beside Doraemon.

when i saw the trailer on Youtube and hear someone call him (read : Kenshin Himura, not yasu) with Batosai Himura ….!!! i really want to reply him with : yes …. ? answer the question for him, …

my far far away cousin Kenshin Himura,

yasu     :   your cousin,  ….
noi        :   see my last name, i am Himura so Kenshin is my far far away cousin …
yasu     :   how far ….?
noi        :   far enough so the camera didn’t even catch me …
yasu     :  
oh come on noi_chan 
noi       :   there’s no me on that movie ne ..


Fangirl Post : The Red Apple and my Fail, again … ( Another me, yasu and 『2012』 )

or this post the keyword is apple, why apple ? ….

Because apple connect us (read : me, hyde and yasu). this year 『2012』 i see the connection between me, hyde_san and ya_san in this endless yasu_noi_haido Bahama Love Triangle from apple,

red apple

i love apple, all many kinds of it but because i can’t find the black and the golden apple like yasu and hyde so oke i am gonna eat that red apple. where can i find the black and gold apple anyway ? …..

golden apple

hyde on the XXX PV was bite the golden apple, and yeah, you all already watch the PV and see how he treat that apple with that sexy way , …..

just like that …. and now still connected with apple, now the larger than live band L’arc_en_Ciel is already in the Big Apple. yay The Big Apple, New York City for their next live on Madison Square Garden. And L’arc_en_Ciel is gonna be the first Japanese rock band who perform there, can you imagine that, Madison Square Garden in NY ….

New York is my fave city from all the world famous big city in the world.I saw so many movies related to New York City like You’ve Got Mail with my dream on_line friend NY152 a.k.a Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), Breakfast at Tiffany, An Affair to Remember (OMG this movie is so sad ne…), Serendipity, plus all the NYPD related serial TV like Blue Blood (i can’t wait to see the next season 2 in FOX), CSI NY with my fave Det. Mac Tyler, Ugly Betty  and many more  wish i can go there ….

noi        :   ya_san, let’s go to New York City  ….
yasu     :   for what, don’t say to have a breakfast at Tiffany …
noi        :   of course not ….
yasu     :   or join NYPD …..?
noi        :   no, let’s join hyde  ….

hyde        :     .join me ..?
noi           :     yeah , so …*waiting*
hyde        :     no, go join NYPD  …..

noi           :     eeeehhh ….

credit to : Umibe @tumblr

and the live is tomorrow, yay congratulation to all of you NY cielers who is gonna watch them live today especially to Kirstie, Oh dear God, this girl is the luckiest cielers, she meet L’arc on JFK and got a handshake from ken himself, not only that she also have a picture of her and hyde on 2009 and she use it as her profile picture in her twitter and Facebook , …

i dunno why but when i saw the video that she uploaded when she after L’arc in JFK i cried for happiness, i was like OMG OMG dear Kirstie you can do that, congratulation ne, what i mean is L’arc is a Japanese band and not easy to meet them like that personally and get a handshake !!!!! …. omooooo …. *run to JFK*



look at him, see how he looks like Johnny Depp, ….. and in here, you can read the  interview with MTV and the video especially  on this photo from FuseTV twitpic with tetsuya, ……

and Alison there

hyde is soo Depp, why? is that because he is in NY now? so he just let his Deep side of him out like that. if you look at him closely and you are watch so many Johnny Depp‘s movie just like me (ya he is my fave actor), i am sure you will remember Sleepy Hallow or Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory ….

and Leader_sama, with that orange shirt and the scarf, i dunno what to say about tet_chan, for me tet_chan is the one and only man (my idol) who is so fit in yellow and pink, only him who look georgeous with those colors, especially pink. so that’s why i always use my one and only pink shirt on his birthday, yeah i only have one pink shirt and i dunno why i bought it.

but what i shocked me is this : VAMPS World Tour 2012 , and that day i know L’arc is gonna have another hiatus on June 2012. i know i’ve been acted crazy in twitter by post why hyde, why ....? but i told you ne not only me who shocked , but there’s also many more out there. I know what i did was wrong and that show how selsifh i am. as a fangirl i shouldn’t be selfish because in this fandom world everything is depend on the idol (in this case hyde) not me the fangirl, see how selfish i am is one (number 2) from all 5 things why i am not a good fangirl, the fulltime one  :

1.      I am stupid
2.      I am selfish
3.      I can’t make a live report
4.      I always miss the train (wheter to get my stuffs or some info)
5.      I failed on my first fangirl test (in this case is Acid Black Cherry) because an apple ….

what is the point of fangirlism? the point of fangirlism is to support your idol for whatever they do no matter what , even you not love it and prefer they are gonna do the other way that you love. ah ya another point of fangirlism,  is to be happy ne,  a fangirl should be happy because un_happy fangirl is not fun at all. oke as a human we all have some trouble, problem, sad, and many unhappy things, but for me this fangirling is always make me happy, it became a place where i can run from all my miserable life .

not only that, i also have so many care and lovely friends here  in this fandom, i feel so sorry when i kinda make them worry about me wen i posted about how my mom was gone at twitter, i should not do that and make my lovely friends worried about me, …. this is because i am only human, not perfect, even i always want to be strong, be powerful. i did ask master Yoda about this

me                    :   Master, i wanna be as powerful as you …
Master Yoda      :   yes my dear, you will

see ……. ahahahaha yay ! *happy*

again and again, as a human we tend to find and then get the shining side of what happen among all the darkness (eeehhh ….?) but when i think about it (L’arc hiatus, hyde, VAMPS, etc) that i feel that day ——> at least i am already watch them live once in my life time, Maybe all of them (hyde, ken, tetsuya and yukihiro) have their own plan to do or some target that they want to achieve this year on their solo project,

yasu         :    what, you can’t make a live report?
noi            :    i am sorry, but yes i can’t  …  but tell me what should i do for this ne ya_san ….
yasu         :    it’s easy, you better start to listen VAMPS, what else you can do …
noi            :    well then, i will

Oke back to the apple, now it’s time for the  …..

black apple

yasu on his  『2012』 album booklet, poster, postcard etc use the black apple, why? of course because yasu is Acid Black Cherry so the apple should be black. and this apple join me to this fall,

my fall as a fangirl, the fulltime one  ….. kyaaaaaaa …… *call 911*

yasu     :    then what, you are gonna jump like that?
noi        :    no, i don’t want you …
yasu     :    you don’t want me what ….
noi        :    i don’t want you go to see a doctor and said : my fangirl, Noi Himura is dead and then sad …
yasu     :    what the,
you watch SHERLOCK too much

New York is The Big Apple, and Tokyo is the Big Orange (see how yasu and his 『2012』 just all over the city with that big truck)

in one episode of NCIS, there’s one scene where Abby Scuito, the forensic girl feel unsure about what she do and did, because at that time Abby’s result proof DiNozzo is guilty (someone trapped him) and what Abby said was :  This job just testing me (she really love  her job as a forensic science at NCIS, just like how i love my job as the fulltime fangirl on this Acid Black Cherry fandom) ..

nah in my case, last night this fandom, Acid Black Cherry fandom also tested me by held quizz at 20:15 JST on twitter, so what happened is they (TEAM_ABCD) tweet some question and we all have to answer all the question using the hashtag #acidblackcherry. and OMG thanks to that #acidblackcherry was trending on twitter that time …

i haven’t receive my copy, and even i am already download the album and listen it everyday since the first day this album release until now, yeah i am writing this while listening to this album, but i don’t get 100% all the point of this album yet, i mean there’s a lot of things that i still missed about this album, i mean the message  from all song or what feeling that i get from the songs ….

nah everyday i listen to this album even i only able to sing one song, so … Good Night, because this song catched my heart at the first time, why? maybe because when i hear this song album for the first time i was in a bad mood, sad, confused, etc etc … nah this song kinda cheer me up with the song, the lyrics and of course with his voice …

and for me who was down, at that time on my sleepless night i feel like he was sayin to me : oyasumi, close your eyes to look nice tomorrow, even in the end i can’t close my eyes and look horrible the next morning at office because i cried again like idiot,but still i got something that day, in my sleepless night i realized if

loving you (read : yasu) makes me happy everyday …..

yasu     :   smile  ….?
noi        :   ah ya smile, somehow i feel that song when i listen to so … Good Night, and not only that at the first part i feel a little bit of 【イエス】 there, btw what are you doing ya_san …
yasu     :   nothing ….
noi        :  eeettooo, are you checking me, don’t bother ne because i do nothing but re_tweet ….
yasu      :  ah say whatever you want because i am not gonna tell you …

but still i am listening again and again wondering what is on his mind when he wrote all songs of this album, you know like when you are going to have some exam, but hey the exam was last night, I dunno anything about the booklet, but one girl take a picture of her booklet copy with a camera phone and share it on ABC group on Facebook plus all the blog post that i read related to this.

i dunno if this Acid Black Cherry fangirl test is gonna be held so soon like this, if this is a school subject so i think i am the lazy student who have no idea about this and didn’t study last night and yeah i missed the train again.   they should wait for another fans who live far far away (like me) who haven’t get their copy yet.

This remind me when i bought my copy of XXX single, and inside it there’s a serial number to enter the Streaming for L’arc on studio and a chance to hear the songs from the new album BUTTERFLY, nah when the streaming is on, i still not have my single, exactly like what i deal now, ….

TEAM_ABCD asked this questions, you also can read it on ABC Dream Cup Official Blog at Ameba , they already posted it and plus 2 images of yasu …

1.     How many time a girl with a red ribbon, came out on the 40 pages booklet for 『2012』  CD only ….?

i dunno about that, because what that girl shared on ABC group, i didn’t see that girl with red ribbon, all i see was the apple, the black and red one. so, yes i cheated by saw it on my time line and choose the most typed number there, 5 … but still i was wrong …

because the answer is 6, …..  but thank God this is not like my university exam when you failed they gonna give you minus one, ….

2.      the Live DVD : Acid Black Christmas, how many song did yasu made a mistake in the  lyrics ?


Bloody hell, that’s not an easy question especially for me who haven’t watch the DVD, i only have that YouTube video for the opening, …. Omaigooooo …… *rolling2 on the floor* ….

credit to : @misumy

see that’s DAIGO there, watching this live and caught on the camera, …. xD

but i remember somebody posted on her blog about this, she said something about yasu made a mistake in Shangri-La on the reffrain part at the end of the song but only that , … so i answered it with 「シャングリラ」 and 「20+∞Century Boys」・ of course for the second answer i copied from all the answer on my twitter TL … ahahaha  *cheated* but for this question my cheat answer is true it is 「シャングリラ」 and 「20+∞Century Boys」

3.    In the ピストル PV how many place did the nerd came out ?

omooooo this another hard question, but i remember i saw that image above and another image when all of them (the nerd yasu and his fellow) lyin down on the floor , …. so last night for this question i answer it with i am not sure about this because hey i haven’t watch it okay ….

and the answer is 2, yay i was lucky , then i start to feel this fangirl test/quizz held by TEAM_ABCD on twitter like a gambling, i mean all of you know about it right how a test or exam change into a gambling when you haven’t prepare anything for the test, i use to do that by counting my button shirt for the multiple answer questions, …. and for me, it worked ne sometimes because  depend on how lucky you are that time ….

4.     How many red apple came out on the 40 pages booklet for 『2012』  CD only ….?

at the first time i saw the リンゴ (apple) word on their tweet, i was glad because yeah they did aks about apple, but then i realize i missed the 赤い (red) word ….

yasu     :    how can you miss that?
noi        :    ya_san i am sorry …
yasu     :    hufff …..
noi        :    no, no ya_san, don’t leave me ….. kyaaaaa …..    



red apple ….? they asked about the red apple while i only keep watching the black apple and the wine bottle? … why did they ask the red apple question they should ask about the black apple or cherry, because there’s also cherries there ..


and then yeah i cheat again and choose the most tweet_ted number on my TimeLine —->  17, and i, eh no i mean they was ringht ne because the answer is 17 ….. yay ….!!!

5.     Until That day has become the key of the album 『2012』 , it has been hidden in the album, the question is where you can find it ?

ah i can answer this, because i listen to this album and i know the song list , nah if you watch the song list i am sure you can answer this question even you haven’t get the all the message of all the songs in this album, because it was there in the track list :

01. ~ until ~
02. Fallin’ Angel
03. in the Mirror
04. ピストル
05. 少女の祈りIII ~『2012』ver. ~
06. Re:birth
07. 指輪物語 『Yubiwa Monogatari』
09. ~ the day ~
10. その日が来るまで 『Sonohi ga kuru made/ Untill The day Comes』
11. so…Good night.
12. doomsday clock
13. 蝶
14. イエス
15. シャングリラ
16. ~ comes ~

track number 1 + number 9 + number 16  —-> ~until~ the day~ comes ~ その日が来るまで  『Sonohi ga kuru made/ Untill The day Comes』 ….  and i was right yay …..!!!

6.    The last question is from yasu :  Everybody, how is 『2012』?

my answer is for me, 『2012』 is a brilliant album from a brilliant man (read : yasu), yes ya_san, that man is you ne, and イエス again you are brilliant …..

nah there you all, now you all know how fail i am as a fangirl and my failed on last night AcidBlackCherry fangirl test/quiz or whatever they name it,

eventually i’m still fail as a good fangirl, the fulltime one and イエス,  Noi Himura is officially failed   …..

yasu      :     just like that, you failed? ….
noi         :     i am sorry yes, but i gave you the reasons ….
yasu      :     that reasons, i am not gonna buy that …
noi         :     so is there any chance for me to do the same Acid Black Cherry fangirl test/quizz on twitter again?
yasu      :     no, noi_chan the answer is no …..
noi         :     what the, so i am gonna be like this  …
yasu      :     i think so …
noi         :     kyaaaaaaaa ……
yasu      :     ah whatever, you are not gonna jump anyway …



待つわPost : Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album 『2012』 .. (another me, yasu and today)

Email from CD Japan this morning : we Shipped your order today and this Acid Black Cherry / 0th シングル 「君がいるから」 Video


then i was fall like this :

so the counting game for Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album 『2012 is on now ….

look at the pocket watch beside him (read : yasu) nah that pocket watch its start to counting now,  tik tok tik tok until the day comes, the day when i get my copies of 『2012』 …..

recently i have this feeling, the feel of loosing on my own days counting, well okay as The Matsu Wa Fangirl, the full time one that aways waiting and counting days, i start to get lost in my own counting days. 2 days ago, it was Saturday. but somehow i thought it was Sunday where i don’t have to come to office early, so i ignored hyde’s voice when he woke me by singing Bye Bye for me at 04:30 AM in the morning over and over …. and add another half hour back to bed .

hyde     :   what, i sing for you in the morning?
noi        :   well not directly …
hyde    :   then ….
noi       :   okay hyde_san, that’s your voice in my alarm tone …
hyde   :   nah ….

but it wasn’t Sunday, it still one day before Sunday,Saturday …. OMG i was late almost 1 hour because i have to get line in the ATM to get some cash because there’s no bank open in Saturday this is why i hate those two days (Saturday and Sunday) where bank is close …

yasu     :       i think you hate all days in one week. You hate Friday because remind you of that Mr. Friday, and now you hate Saturday and Sunday because there’s no bank open so what next?
noi       :       i hate Saturday and Friday not only for that ne …
yasu    :       eh, another reason?
noi       :      yes, don’t you know it’s on Glamorous Sky lyrics : Friday, Saturday, i feel lonely everyday ….
yasu    :     ah ya the English version, but lonely ?
noi      :      i am lonely because you are so busy everyday ….
yasu : ah stop it ….!!!

and last night is worst, see this Acid Black Cherry Radio Schedule from their Official Home Page

3/19 ニッポン放送「ミュ~コミプラス」



i stayed on 1242 AM ニッポン放送 waiting for the show, but i wait and wait until time passed 24:53 Japan Time but i didn’t hear yasu, … then i was wondering if they cancel the radio show, but why there’s no notification from the ABC staffs about this? ….

then this morning i found out if last night was March 18th not 19th yet, and i was like eeh today is March 19th? what the ….? then last night i waited all night long like an idiot who wait a train at the airport? … see this is what happen if you live far far away in Mars like me, and get lost my own counting days …. i should make some note or something for this ABC radio n telly schedule so something like this is not gonna happen.


and because the radio show is tonight so you better stay tune on 1242 AM ニッポン放送 , maybe there will be a streaming live like the last time yasu on ANN, i am not sure about the streaming channel is gonna be in

here  or here

i get use to wait, especially for this man (read : yasu). Just like what he wrote in Kimi Ga Iru kara (again, i dunno why this song is my recent everyday OST)


Kimi ga warau nara… boku wa utau yo
Kimi ga nozomu nara… boku wa soba ni iyou

If you smile… I will sing.
If you wish… I will be by your side.


nah because when he sing he always make me smile and happy no matter what happen or how bad my day is so for today related to this Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album 『2012』 euphoria what i am gonna say to him is : ya_san, if you want me to wait, then i will be wait, 私待つわ いつまでも待つわ ….. because


それが君なんだよ …

noi       :   dou ….?
yasu    :   yes, be a good girl and wait …
noi       :   oke then 待つわ いつまでも待つわ
yasu    :   good ….



Fangirl Post : Failed ….. (Another me, yasu in this Fandom World)

Sherlock Holmes in the court bathroom scene (Season2 Episode3 : The Reichenbach Fall) with Kitty The Journalist said if there’s 2 type of fan :

1.    A catch me before i kill again fan
2.    Your bedroom is just a taxi ride away fan ….  nah the question is …

What type of fangirl i am? ….

noi       :    nee ya_san, what do you think? ….
yasu    :    okay because you are so busy …. *laugh* i think you are number 2 …..
noi       :    i don’t think so
yasu    :    why ….?

well that’s because number two is for a stalker , at least that’s what i got from the phrase Your bedroom is just a taxi ride away . A fan who will go and follow his/her idol everywhere and became a stalker.   ….  that’s not me ne, because

hey, i am a fangirl, not a stalker ….

yasu     :    then what about the gardener thing?
noi        :    ah that’s over ne ya_san, you already had those 600 roses for your album cover …
yasu     :    not from you …
noi        :    ahahahah , how did you know that?

when i watch this last episode of SHERLOCK BBC , i wonder what type of fangirl i am, oke not number two, then what about number one, A catch me before i kill again , not this one either, because for this type what i get is a type of fan who would do anything and go wherever for his/her idol. nah that’s not me either even for the division things FYI i am still gonna jump to any division for yasu, just jump ne, what is the hard things of jumping anyway ? …. xD

oke maybe 4 years ago when i was still on college, have nothing to worried etc i had that kind a thing. I am gonna go anywhere and do anything for my idol. but now everything is different. maybe oke i can go on every city where L’arc_en_Ciel is gonna perform. but that’s not simple like that, now i have a responsibility to my job, my superior, my boss and of course for the company that i work for plus how lack my health is now.

Life is always a choice, so you can’t have everything you want, for example when i was on college where i have plenty time to do anything and go everywhere i want, i have no money to do all of that. And now at the contrary when i have the money i don’t have the time. It’s unfair right? but yeah , life is always unfair like this.

i am not both number 1 or 2 type of fangirl, but i know what type of fangirl i am, I am gonna say that i am the Matsu Wa type fangirl , the full time one, because i do nothing but waiting for this man (read : yasu) and many more that i have to wait. my whole life point is waiting  … not only that but also the failed one ….

the biggest fail as a fangirl is when you already go far away to watch them live but you haven’t make a single live report … 

nah the fangirl is me and them is the idol, in this case is L’arc_en_Ciel,  …. i dunno what happen, it’s been 3 night i did nothing but stare at my PC monitor , play some restaurant dash game while tweet something, i want to wrote something but i forgot everything that i want to write , that’s weird ne?

i only have this to say about my Chasing The Rainbow trip to Thailand : I am already fulfill my dreams all my dreams about L’arc_en_Ciel live that i always imagine a long time ago. Here they are :

1.    I want to be one of them who sing this


on Anata, i did that. I was so amazed, i feel a lot of things and i can’t describe it. I always call this song Anata as my wedding song, i want walk in the ale to someone who is gonna spent his life with me and love me (even he is complicated) , can you magine that, with hyde’s voice say  あなたがいるから over and over ….

2.    I want to be one of them who reply hyde with Crush and Yeah after hyde sing I am in the coolest driver’s high part on Driver’s High while jumping and moove like hyde ….

3.    I want to reply  Yes hyde, i am fuckin Ready ….. !!!!! when hyde ask Are You Fuckin Ready …? on Ready Steady Go .

4.    I want to draw a dream, more than one dreams together with hyde, ken, tetsuya and yukihiro by sing together My Heart Draws A Dream  live and loud ….

i did that, at that time my heart draws another dreams, watch  Acid Black Cherry that’s my next dream and also maybe there’s a chance for me to watch L’arc_en_Ciel 25th, the Silver Anniversary 5 years again in Japan, …. #amin

5.   Buy some stuffs on the venue …

i bought that bag, lightstick and some stickers damn i want the hoody towel but because i only have very limited Baht so i am gonna buy it in Jakarta,  here’s what happen that 5,000 Baht only left 200 Baht in my last day in Bangkok, and that 200 Baht is for both of us ( me and Tekki) ,

Oh God i remember how hungry i was at the airport and i want that pizza while the 200 Baht not enough to buy even for one slice and how i can’t stop looking at the man sit next to me and his wife who eat one big size pizza, Oh God no….  , Food and beverage at airport always expensive ne . so what we did next is tryin to find something we can buy with 200 Baht, we got some chicken strip on Burger King …

maybe this is because i bought too much stuffs in MBK, so i only have 200 Baht left. See the cute pink hakama girl up there? that’s my new umbrella, ela ela ela .… xD , i saw that on MBK and i just buy that without think to bargain the price , the seller can’t speak English so i just gave her my money and i got my new umbrealla ela ela ela

not only that, because i am a moviegoers i also  went to cinema at MBK, we (me and Tekki) watch a movie there, the movie was John Carter, i don’t get the movie 100% because i only watch it one hour.But i found out in Thailand they always start everything with some time to standing and listen a song (i think this is the national anthem) and respect to The King, not only in  the cinema before the movie started , but on L’arc live also like that. before the concert started all the audience standing and listening the song to respect The King, … waw for me that’s amazing ne, it’s totally a new experience for me.

enaugh about my trip. btw yesterday i listen to radio/mp3 for the first time after my trip. Finally i can use my ear well after the painful ear pain, thanks to the jet plane, at the first time my ear hurt everytime i try to listen something, …. OMG i feel like i am gonna deaf, what if i deaf, i haven’t think about another career beside this Fulltime Fangirl of Acid Black Cherry

nah that day i tried to listen to Acid Black Cherry on FM Aichi live streaming, and hear nothing, …. i was so affraid ne but Thank God there’s nothing wrong with my ears, the problem is on my stupid net connection so what i got is the muted video,  i hope somebody recorded it and upload it somewhere, on Nico video maybe? ….

4 days again we all gonna listen to Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album 2012, OMG i can’t wait for this one ne, …. and yasu is so busy just like me ….. xD




you can heare the recording in here

and tonight he was on this CBC Radio

somehow i enjoy listening Japanese Radio even it’s kinda hard for me to understand what yasu or the DJ was sayin, so this is the reason why i always find the recording to listen it again and again until i understand what he and the DJ actually said also because i am a little bit deaf. When i got that part that’s was amazing ne , kinda feeling when you already finished your school project, …. xD

even he is so busy he still managed to say the White Day Message to all his fans include me  even i have no ide what is a White Day means. Tamarines are in the mountain and salt in the sea, so every country have a different culture. In my country there’s no White Day Celebration or something, and i dunno what the white day is all about, maybe just like what yasu said White Day conected with the end of the winter, snow —> white ,

if you look at the black shirt he use in all the radio show, come on, is there any of you remember anything? …. that black shirt he use is the same shirt he use on FOOL’S MAGAZINE January 2012 edition ……

noi      :    omo omo ya_san ….
yasu   :    what …
noi      :    listen i think i found another career if i deaf …
yasu   :    ehhh ….
noi      :    i can be your personal dry cleaner ne … what a brilliant idea ne …
yasu   :    what the,  ….

he also held A White Day event related to the upcoming 3rd album 2012 at Namba Parks in Osaka on March 14th, a talkshow infront of 1,000 fans. OMG i wish i can be there but still there’s wide and deep blue sea between me and him (read : yasu)  .

see how busy he is, just like what he (read : yasu) wrote on his 0th single Kimi Ga Iru Kara :

Kimi Ga Iru Kara, Boku Ga Iru Nda yo —->  because you here, i am here

nah in this case 合格合格 ya_san, because you are busy, i am busy too hahahahaha ……

パンチ! kyaaaa …. *dumped into lion cage*

look what happen to me now, this endless yasu_noi_haido Bahama Love Triangle made me like that, a light cyber just tear me like that, half part of me is for hyde and the other part is for yasu,



noi      :   ya_san, you gotta do something, ….
yasu   :   Oh God, not again …
noi      :   help me with this cyberlight  ….
yasu   :   not funny ne, that’s you inside elevator …
noi      :   ah, you ruin this game  …
yasu   :   then don’t play this whatever game ..

i found something on twitter, this girl is so talented. her idea to change what Acid Black Cherry staff want in their last announcement about the upcoming tour 2012 into this amazing anime

credit to : @alt_A_

~  don’t follow/stalk,
~  don’t pick/ gather at the airport,
~  don’t camp outside the building and
~  don’t use your camera phone to take a photograph of yasu ….

see this is what i call a brilliant message to all of you who wants to watch Acid Black Cherry Live 2012, if you all follow what the ABC staff said i am sure everything is gonna be okay, nothing’s wrong gonna happen, i believe that’s for everyone ‘s good and also for yasu himself.

yasuの為に …

yasu    :    no stalking, or take a photo of me, really …?
noi       :    no i am not gonna do that, …
yasu    :    why?
noi       :    i told you ne, i am a fangirl not a stalker
yasu    :    no, not because of that …
noi       :    then what?
yasu    :    because you’re so afraid to fly to Japan so that’s why you are not gonna do that …
noi       :    ahahahaha ….. omo you know? …