Fangirl Post : 4th Album 「L-エル-」 Special Site …. !!! (Another me, yasu and The Busy fangirl)

For the upcoming new album …

today they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) announced a special site that they call as


Acid Black Cherry 4th Album Album 「L-エル-」 Special Site …. !!!

where you can read sum of their explanation from

~   The upcoming 4th Album 「L-エル-」 release


~   Special 1  :  「Shangri-la 」 Museum


~   Special 2  :   4th Album 「L-エル-」 Pre-listening Meeting


A pre-listening meeting will be held before the release date of upcoming new Album 「L-エル-」 on February 25th, 2015.

A meeting that will allow you all to experience the world of 「L-エル-」 earlier and then you can give your opinion or what you feel about the new album via their twitter because they (read : yasu and his team) looking forward for it.

Schedule and place


Application period :  February 2nd (Mon) 13: 00 ~ February 5th, 2015 (Thu) 23:59 PM (JST)

you can apply in here :

just like Free Live 2011 and the previous Shangri-la Meeting, this 「L-エル-」 Album pre-listening Meeting is also free. Free in here means no CD buying or other requirements.

But of course you have to be in Japan eeeh …

In Japan, going to Japan means there will be airplane ticket, hotel to pay and else so for oversea fans that free is not  free at all.

That’s why i hope for the next empty  Special 4,5,6 and 7 yasu will give another free that can be really free for both Acid Black Cherry fans in Japan and oversea.

for sexample like  :

1.  another Free Live streaming just like 2011 Free Live  …???

, or

2.  Another free song to download, 



この青空の向こうに  maybe …. ???  >_<   *ask to the wind blows*

I wish Japan isn’t that far from here in and there will be some time one day i can go to Japan by bus not airplane.

Since what happened to Air Asia, my government put a new limit for Airline Companies about the lowest/economic price for their service. That means there’s no ecomonic and cheap flight to Japan again. So if i want to go to Japan, i have to pay more expensive for the flight.

means i have to choose the not fancy hotel for my stay there and that’s a BIG problem for me, who always choose a fancy hotel than a fancy flight.

I remember how Tekki was so mad to me afther her back from Japan to watch L’arc Live because i put her on a cheap hotel in Ikebukuro. A very cheap one so she had to share the room and bathroom with more than 2 strangers.

wekekekeke, poor darling tsune_chan …. (笑)

Nobunaga Concerto ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_000951316

PS   :   we’re crazy about Nobunaga Concerto now, in this case i am Saburo (Shun Oguri) and she is Tsuneoki (Mukai Osamu). So yes, recently i call her Tsune_chan and she have to call me dono

I put her on a cheap hotel because i already put her on a fancy flight of Garuda Indonesia with a triple price than my Air Asia ticket go to Japan that time.

And then she was gettin more mad and almost tell all my secret leaving to Japan to Her Majesty when she found out i stayed in a fancy hotel and back to Indonesia in an upgraded ticket bussines class of Air Asia

Now i feel i got my punishment for how i made her stayed in a room with strangers,  if i go to Japan i will have to stay in a cheap hotel, sharing room and have a roommate …?

Eh God, no …. !!!!

Ok, back to the 「L-エル-」 Album pre-listening Meeting ,

i think the idea of February 14th 2015, A Valentine Day with yasu in Tokyo sounds amazing, that’s why i am gonna try to apply this ne …. *cross all my neighbor’s fingers*

yasu      :     noi_chan , really ….?
noi         :     why can’t i …
yasu      :     you’re going to apply with what, your fake ID card …?
noi         :     オモ ヤッさん、how did you know i have a fake ID card ….
yasu      :     just go away you fangirl ..
noi         :     actually that’s a birthday gift ne, the perfect one  aaa ha ha ha  *evil laugh*

back to the special site, next you can

~   DL  4th Album 「L-エル-」 images  …

in all different HQ resolutions that  you can use it for your social networks like

1.   Twitter banner  1500 x 500 px

2.   Twitter profil pic  400 x 400 px

3.   Facebook cover photo  851 x 638 px

4.   Ameblo header 980 x 400 px

5.  Ameblo header 800 x 350 px

but i believe now most all Acid Black Cherry fans already use other yasu image as walpaper on their PCs.

I am talking about this image ne,

this mabushii, kawaii like Waikiki in Hawaii image of yasu that they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) put as background image on that 「L-エル-」 Special Site


Rise and shine everyone,  look and answer me he is so Mind Blowing isn’t he …. ??

PS     :  i always resize images on my blog post into 500 x  …. so just click on the image to get the original resolution okay …. !!!

That site, ndeed, it is a Special Site not only because it gave me some bunch of doki doki feelings with that 5 Coming soon !! they also put some other things like

~  Project 「Shangri-la 」 Trilogy Single

3 singles which made during Project 「Shangri-la」 from 「Greed Greed Greed」, 「⿊猫〜Adult Black Cat〜」 and 「君がいない、あの日から…」,

~  Concept of works of 3 previous Album

from 1st Album BLACK LIST, 2nd QED and 3rd 『2012』

I say, this 2015 is a really busy year for a fangirl

Especially for a multi fandom fangilr like me, when my idols announced something i will get busy thinking and makin so many FUBAR plans that i want to do while still waiting and hoping for another things.

Today Japan Night announced about VAMPS coming to Indonesia next April 4th


something that people said as hoax at the beginning now it became true.

Surely this is something that i am not gonna miss for The World.

Even that’s a festival where VAMPS share stage with a band called Alexandros but hey, it’s HYDE ne HYDE nobody would miss a chance to see HYDE especially when he already wants to come to your country


I am totally confused now, there’s lots of things in my mind that i have to think about. How am i gonna managed to go to Japan to see Stroberry (if i managed to get the ticket)  and maybe visit Okayama to see yasu on June.

IMG_20150109_0003 (2)

not only that,

i also think about my body. I mean am i gonna be okay to go by plane again, think about …

~  walking from plane to plane,
~  walking from terminal to terminal,
~  waiting and stayin at the freezin terminal and then following with
~  walking from and to station complete with
~  how many stairs i have to climb for my one time using train in Japan.

just imagine it i became stressed and feel tired already.

1 (10)

yasu        :   what’s wrong with you …
noi           :   told you ne, i am so changeable ..
yasu        :   where’s the Inspector
noi           :   The Inspector is off duty now there’s only Capt. Slow in me

because right now i really carefully about to use my energy as careful as i am to use that my SK-II Treatment package (i just got a trial package btw).

So i begin to choose things that i can do or i cannot do. Place that i could go and couldn’t go

I think i was so confused until today i log into Pia and hoped for me not to win the PRIMAL FOOTMARK lottery ticket. But i was so fool because they will announce it on February 6th, not today, and i think i am the only PRIMAL FOOTMARK member who thought today is the announcement day.

well don’t mind me i’ll think about it later  next is …

~    Acid Black Cherry Live Video Karaoke at DAM …


if you are in Japan and there’s DAM karaoke next to your place, now you can sing while watching Acid Black Cherry’s Live video because now they have  Acid Black Cherry “Live Karaoke”

Live Karaoke 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season~Arena tour~

the songs are

~    「君がいない、あの日から…」,
~   「Greed Greed Greed」, and
~   「⿊猫〜Adult Black Cat〜」

more details in here   :

next is …

~ This Whatsoever Update from me …

this one is for  CD&DL Data 2015年1月号


Enjoii ….. !!!

Today when i posted about that Free but still not Free for Oversea fans pre-Listening Meeting on team_yasu group on Facebook, suddenly one of my friend Hela posted a comment about swimming to go to Japan

OMG i promised her to scan The ABC Manga, i am so sorry Hela i’ll do that and send it for you tomorrow … >_<

and her comment made me remember about the new hotel in my hometown. I can’t believe there’s somebody who want to put his money to build a quite BIG Hotel here, in my hometown.

They said the swimming pool on that hotel is bigger than the public pool next to the beach. I better go and try that pool eh, maybe by stay one night there and then go back home after they give me breakfast …

but there’s one BIG problem ne …


yasu     :   what, you don’t have swimmsuit to wear …??
noi        :   no, bigger than that …
yasu     :   you are not confident wearing it …
noi        :   not really …
yasu     :    then whaaat ….. !!!!
noi        :   i …. can’t swim ne …
yasu     :   noi_chan, you …..


After Holiday Post Part 2 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

Part 2 is for ….


~   A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)


it’s the D Day, …

The Day when i finally watched yasu’s Live on Stage for 2nd time !!!

That day, i don’t wanna do anything. I didn’t event went down for breakfast even i woke up quite early that day. All i did was nothing but stayin on my bed, eat all many kind of instant noodles i bought from 7/11 near hotel and watch telly.

For me as an instant noodles lovers,

Japan never stop amazed me with so may variety of instant noodles they have on their konbinis.  So spent my last sleepless night after a lame date on a 7/11 do nothing but choose which instant noodles i am gonna eat tonight just make me happy.

That day, i  took almost one hour in the bathroom, nothing but stayin in the bathtub enjoyed this apple smell aroma-therapy that the hotel gave me.

It turned the hot water into green, but too bad it didn’t turned my skin into green as well …. >_<

They gave that aroma-therapy free at the lobby, and a package of facial cleaning stuffs when i did my check-in. Not only that,  they also give a free coffee at the lobby start from 11:00 PM.

That hotel is quite good i say, compared to the other hotel at Shibuya where i stayed last year.

and about 15 minutes later, i am ready to go …


go where …?

I went back again to Tokyo Station to get another yen. I changed most of IDR i have and got about another 55,000 yen supposed that would be enough for my last 2 days in Japan.

I also bought Shinkansen ticket to Osaka for tomorrow morning and it was about 13,250 yen for the non-reserved ticket, who knows i might woke up late.

After that, i just stayed there next to the station gate, watching peoples and train schedule there. And suddenly my eyes caught a nice scene of a man who got a red X when he wanted to go to get his train.

I dunno what happened to me, suddenly i just laughed to him. It was so funny eh, and i had no idea if he was looked at me until i finished my LOL to him. We weren’t that far, so it’s a normal if he was aware my LOL at him.

When i saw him lookin at me,  i was like

OMG, what did i do? this is very not polite eh, so …

i said to him        :   すみません, i am sorry, really sorry …
and he replied    :    大丈夫, and you look very happy
me                      :    me  …. ?
him                     :    はい、…

then we started to talk and laughed together,

it was quite fun eh because i remember he was tryin so hard to talk to me in his English mixed with Japanese while i also tried to replied him in my Japanese mixed with English ….


yasu      :   but, who is he …?
noi         :   dunno, he is just a stranger i meet at Tokyo Station ..
yasu      :   but you said you won’t talk to stranger
noi         :   i only laughed to him ne  ..
yasu      :   then talk …

i know i should not talk to stranger like that, but he was so funny eh. I mean, if you see his Eeeh …!!! face when the bar wont open for him, it was just so hilarious in a charming way just like the person himself.

I can’t even imagine if that kind of person is exist, especially a Japanese stranger that i just meet and LOL-ed at. Instead of mad at me he talked and even got my joke and laughed 

when i asked him  :   「Platform 9¾」 どこで ?  ….
he said                  :   それは、ひみつです. i don’t tell you ..
me                         :   ah, you won’t tell …

Eh God, i love when people got/understand my movie jokes …. xD

ah ya i should ask his name ne, or at least i ask if he is on Facebook or not eh, because that’s what people ask to other new people recently.

Instead askin a phone number, the common trending question now is ..

Do you have Facebook …?
Or twitter …?
Then what is your Facebook and twitter name? …

etc etc … because now everyone are exist on their own Social Networks. No matter with what kind of purpose they have. So just like what happened with The Jane Austen Man on my 1st flight Semarang ~ Jakarta, that day i missed my chance to know that hilarious man further.

I mean, who knows if he is also on Facebook eh …

Finished with talking and LOL-ing, i went to straight to Budokan, because it was already 15:00 PM.

Arrived there, i stopped first to McD near Budokan and had some chicken burger there. Ate my burger, sit there while watching so many Acid Black Cherry fans walking around with their many Acid Black Cherry GOODS with/on them.

And i did what i always do just exactly like what i always do when i see there’s yasu‘s photo posted on someone’s blog, Facebook or Tumblr. I said to myself where’s that image originally from.

What magazine, what pamphlet, poster or even Radio’s blog.

So that day, with a chicken burger on my hand i say to my self from what Acid Black Cherry Live/event’s are thoose GOODS i’ve seen that day.

A tote bag from Re:Birth Live, a bag from 69 Live (that bag is the best, i say … xD), keychain from Halloween Party, or

this my fave 2007 Free Live white T-Shirt


well, …

i should buy another one again because that shirt is 100% perfect with a red short pants. And believe me, i have more than 6 red pants but only one that 2007 Free Live white T-Shirt.

all Acid Black Cherry fans on the road that day, what i saw most of them was wearing Acid Black Cherry hoodie ….



Finished my late lunch i went to buy some snacks and mineral water at the nearest 7/11 where i meet 5 fans who was cosplaying complete The Otaku/Nerd.


Arrived at Budokan, ….

there’s so many people already gathered in front of the venue gate, and just like on Acid Black Cherry‘s other Live, there was also 2 boxes in front of the venue’s door where fans can put their letter, fan-mail or present for yasu or the support members there.


I put a letter for yasu there, because somebody asked me to write her a letter for yasu.

Just like my simple Japanese understanding, i wrote a simple letter in Japanese for yasu on behalf of my friend. Not sure what i wrote was correct or yasu will manage to read my double disaster handwriting in Japanese .

Actually, even i am studying Japanese with all my heart but i never study how to write nicely.

Because look at that my disaster handwriting that nobody can’t read. so i know you all can imagine how worst is if i tried to write in Japanese letter …


That’s why instead of practice to read and write with pencil and paper like what people do,

i put that Simeji App. on my phone and use it for my Japanese writing and reading practice by re-write again some of things on FC Magazine, song’s lyrics or something like this ….


from DearLovingMasa’s twitter, that’s Dear Loving‘s 4th Album cover with yasu‘s comment on it …

「おい、ディアラヴィ! いい曲いっぱい入ってるやんけ!やるぅ ♡」 by yasu

and when i posted it on my Facebook, i made some mistake by wrote that 「入」 as 「大」/「dai」. But then Yukki, as always kindly correct me …. xD

back to Budokan, ….

When i was going to enter the venue and showed my ticket to one of the staff, one of them to make sure i understand, she repeated what she already say to me in English.

She said       :    no camera, no phone camera inside ….. !!!
I said to her  :    はい、わかりました …

i entered the venue and started to confused about finding my seat.

Dunno whether is Budokan, is so BIG or i am somebody who really easy to get lost and confused about finding place?

yasu        :      is that a question …?
noi           :      yes, but the rhetorical one ..
yasu        :      didn’t you ask somebody ..
noi           :      i did, but  dunno, ….

so i walked all around at 2nd Floor Budokan to find my seat.

I finally managed to find my seat at almost top of the 2nd Floor . It was a bit scary tho,…

and next to me is a 40 year’s old woman, a mother with her daughter that non-stop lookin at me finished all snacks that i bought less because i already ran out of snacks before the Live begin.

Then finally when everything was dark, the Live begin with  …

1. Greed Greed Greed


「Greed Greed Greed」 is the 1st single released during this 「Shangri – La 」Tour as one part of Project 「Shangri – La 」 itself beside the Live and Meeting nation-wide.

When yasu started this Project 「Shangri – La 」 , i said to myself …

if i am going to watch 「Shangri – La 」 Live, i have to watch the final/last Live so i can see all the 3 latest single Live on stage.

Even i did make plan to go to 1st SEASON Live ~ Hokkaido together with Tekki but It was cancelled because my father got sick and also Tekki keep sayin no about joining me to watch yasu.

But now i think God made different plan for me so i ended going to Japan on Encore SEASON and i managed to see all 3 latest single Live on stage.

Greed Greed Greed well, it was OK


yasu      :     only OK …
noi          :    what am i supposed to say ..
yasu      :     say something else
noi          :     what …

my seat was so far behind and i lost my glasses, so i didn’t see things clearly but i know yasu was nonstop moving there and like an Energizer Bunny. I mean, he seemed like never ran out of battery …

even i know 「Greed Greed Greed」 complete lyrics, still i didn’t even understand what the hell was yasu yasu, especially on the part with an English lyrics.


yasu ….

i’d say always amused me whenever he sing a song with English lyrics because he always make me to listen it carefully to get what he was sayin no matter i already remember all the lyrics in my head, but i always ended sayin …

oh yasu, what the …. ????

That’s why, i  am not gonna say, i want yasu to learn English more so he can make a song with a full English lyrics, because he already did with JIGSAW ~ QED version that in so many ways confused me and also…

i agree with my sweet baby stroberry Taka when he said on some interview …

FM 802

Writing a song with full English lyrics doesn’t make the album/single SOLD OUT, and after all i am still a Japanese, so there’s something that i still prefer to say/write in Japanese.

so if i say yasu need to improve his English, it’s because i want him to have a better and less confusing pronunciation on some English lyrics on his songs

2. Murder License
3. Rakuen
4. Chou

this is funny eh, …..


dunno what happened, maybe he was too sexcited or nervous but he started this song earlier. Even Hiro had not finished his guitar but yasu already started sayin


and i was like

えええ〜〜〜 、yasu …???

but then as fast as how i finished sayin that えええ〜〜〜 、yasu ….??? , he (read : yasu, not taka) fixed it and everything is perfect. I even say this Chou – Live version is perfect even with a bonus of that an earlier めを ….xD

on the 1st MC, …

yasu said how grateful he is to see everyone came to his Live at Budokan that night, because that day ….

May 29th 2014 in Tokyo beside Acid Black Cherry Live at Budokan, there was also LUNA SEA Live at Yoyogi and L’arc~en~Ciel at Kokuritsu ….

but as you all know,  some of his close friends like his BBF DAIGO, Akihide, Shinpei and even ka-yu was there too

5. 1954 LOVE/HATE
6. Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~


This one,  Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  is nothing but AWESOME

I say everyone,  that was totally AWESOME and i am sure to you all Acid Black Cherry fans who ever seen this song Live on Stage agree with me. And to you all who are start to make a plan to go to Japan and see Acid Black Cherry Live,

hope you’ll be able to see this, because Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  live version is …


a perfect package of a sexy man, complete with a sexy song and voice     …

7. Kimi ga Inai, Ano hi Kara…


Live version complete with all those lightening and special effect make this song more heavenly and longing and less simple. Because this song is a simple and longing song eh, about somebody who realized now he/she isn’t here anymore …

8. Maria
9. so…Good night.


awww, ….

i really love this man and i suppose this Acid Black Cherry fever on me is  ….

いつも おわらない、よ 。。。!!!!

10. Pistol
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kami-sama no Alibi~


i am so glad finally i get a chance to see this song Live because i like this song, i mean i always adore how yasu put the idea about

~Kami-sama no Alibi~  / God’s Alibi —> an Alibi for God …

even when i listen to that song for the first time, it kinda felt weird for myself. In my whole life, until now i am somebody who never think if there’s an Alibi for God. Everyone needs an alibi, but not God

Because God is God,

the Greatest that never ever need an alibi because God never do wrong no matter how i love to blame God for whatever bad things on my life because i believe God has it own reason, that we have to figured out what is God reason for let this or that things happened to us.

So why would God need an alibi for?

that’s why  that ~Kami-sama no Alibi~ terms from yasu was a bit surprised for me.

12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri-la


14. doomsday clock (request)


that song was requested by a girl on 2nd Floor that seems like not into Acid Black Cherry that much. It was so obvious ne, because she asked Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  while that song is already played before …

i am sure she didn’t even know which song is Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~ or not
I dunno why but i think on this 「Shangri – La 」Tour there’s so many that not into Acid Black Cherry audience (read : people who went there just because asked by their friends to go along, or else …) their seat number got selected on the request song part.

How the hell, they were so lucky like that?

yasu     :     ah not again noi_chan …
noi        :     yes, again and again i am jealous, why not?
yasu     :     so if your seat got selected, what would you say to me …
noi        :     ah ya, i gotta say something …

why i never think about this ne …

all think about was how i have to say I want nemuri hime …!! to yasu if my seat number might got selected because i remember yasu also asked some questions like …

what’s your name,
where do you come from,
and with whom do you come tonight … etc etc

then what am i gonna say eh, because i am sure have a real talk with yasu must be really hard for me especially with my very very simple Japanese understanding

15. scar (request)


While that song,

scar was requested by a woman also on 2nd Floor and she was quite close to my seat.She is a mother who is really into Acid Black Cherry, because when yasu asked her what song would you like tonight  …. ?

with confidence she answered scar

see that is what i mean with a fans who is really into Acid Black Cherry, who knows what she wants didn’t have to again and said lots of あの 。。。-ing or えっと 。。。-ing ..

17. 20+∞Century Boys


They also did some change

where yasu was on drum, Hiro on vocal, but they with changing part didn’t play anything. I mean they only kinda make fun with the instruments and Hiro‘s FUBAR screamin acting as vocalist.

and else but maybe it was a joke or something because all the audience were laughing. so f that was really a joke then i didn’t get what kind of joke was that.



then like a dream, that live suddenly over


followed with yasu shoot various color balls (with his signature on it) to the audience with that BALL GUN (?) and my fave ending is how yasu always took his shirt off and throw it to the audience.


I had so much fun, and once again ….

yasu completed me as one of his fangirl.

But i believe, this complete feeling i have after able to see 「Shangri – La 」Live soon will turned into in-complete again when yasu releasing something new (single or album). Because 2 years ago, after finished Erect Live at Yoyogi i also said …

thank you yasu, you complete me … !!!

But look what happened ne,

i still go to Japan again, so i think that’s like a never ending circle on a Fangirl Life to be forever once again will try to go to Japan again to see yasu and turned the in-complete into complete again …

What a Fangirl eh …

The Live finished and i went back to my hotel because tomorrow morning i have to go to Osaka.

Can’t believe when the Live is over nothing left but so much happiness and tired. All over my legs was hurt, i walked so slow while lookin at all those VK bandmans who was waiting out of the venue to give their band’s flyers and CD demo …

got into my train, dunno why but the mixed feelings between too happy and too tired made me cry alone there until i fell asleep and

ended in Tokyo Sky Tree Station again … #JustWhatTheHueeell!!!

so that was a hell of a long night of me back again to my hotel. All i wanted was nothing but to be on my bed …

that’s all everyone, next part it will be on my next post as A Long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 7 ~  Day  4 (Tokyo ~ Osaka)

next is this …

~ Whatsoever things from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK because i have no idea why it take me forever to finish this PHOTOBOOK, so please bear with me.

Nah this time is for …



and moving backward for yasu‘s outfit on 「Shangri-la」 Tour , that i am sure you already see it if you are team_yasu‘s group on Facebook members.

So, this time is for …


# The costume theme for 3rd SEASON is Leopard. Not only the shirt, but the tank top under it was also leopard, and …
# they (whoever they are) put a vest that actually was the same vest that HIRO was wearing during 1st SEASON Live, while
# for the accessories, sometimes they put it simple and in other day they make it less simple ..



#  theme for 2nd SEASON is zebra, a zebra pattern transparent shirt that originally made fit to yasu

and for the shirt button …

# they (whoever they are) added a mini skull as one of it. While for the pants it’s the same leather pants that yasu was wearing on the previous SEASON 1.

So i think it is quite simple but i like this 2nd SEASON‘s costume eh  ….


because that shirt is a transparent shirt, so it made the back part look more sexy,  ah, you know what i mean …. xD . And  last but not least, to close this a very2 long post,

i am gonna talk about …


yasu     :      what, another movie …..?   *going somewhere*
noi         :     no, don’t worry because my movie talk is for next post …
yasu     :      eeh …
noi        :      i am gonna talk about …

~  My Waiting for The next Recreation Album  …


ever since i read the last post on The Official Blog, i keep wondering what the hell is yasu busy with now. Maybe preparing for the upcoming a-nation Live at the end of this month or i maybe

i say maybe eh, maybe …

as what they (whoever they are, again …) sayin if he is still doing music production each day, so it’s forever OK if i guess he is preparing something new. New single or maybe a new album.

As how Acid Black Cherry‘s single and album release sequence, and just like what Yukki said to me,if it is an album then next it’s time for Recreation 4 album …

Then he must already start to choose what songs he is going to cover.

And of course it is forever OK again for me to wondering (or posted a fubar request to whoever might read read this long and boring post) if maybe he will do cover songs that i like to hear recently.
i am talking about this song …



斉藤和義 – 歌うたいのバラッド

嗚呼 唄うことは

嗚呼 目を閉じれば



嗚呼 唄うことは



ぼくらを乗せて メロディは続く…
wow wow…

雨の夜も 冬の朝もそばにいて

ハッピーエンドの ah

i really want yasu to cover that song, even i know D-Lite (BIG BANG) already do that for his 1st single in Japan and BENI did an English cover as well,

but still i wanna hear how is yasu‘s version.



At this time, i’d say D-Lite cover version is better. I mean how that he amazed me by making that song into K-Pop. I am sure yasu‘s version (if he cover this song) is gonna be good as well …

Dunno why,

these days i just wanna listen to that kinda mellow songs. Not because i ate lots of melon at night but maybe because it is approaching the end of the year, as what people say it as a longing time

then lemme say again …

愛してる …

noi       :    愛してる よ … !!!
yasu    :   how many time you’re gonna say that …?
noi       :   for you, 1,000 times over …
yasu    :   日本語で?
noi       :   あなたのため、千倍にも 。。。? (^^♪



Addicted Post : 3rd Season 「Shangri-la」Live Finale ~ Nara … (another me, yasu and Encore Season )


Today at 09:25 AM, i am already on my 3rd cup of coffee …. #yay

for me, it is really hard to say no to coffee and sure it doesn’t surprise me how high is my blood pressure and so easily to get mad recently. Even just by a very simple reason i can get mad so easy to anyone next to me like how a fire burned anything next to gasoline.

Hufff, …..

I am really sorry for everyone who was not lucky enough to be close to me and got some of my anger flare, especially that boy yesterday. He is a new excavator operator, and somehow whenever i get mad or want to be mad he is always around me and have something to ask to me.

Then what he got from me was nothing but some mean part of me.

i know i should have say sorry today when i meet him today, but instead of sayin sorry what i did was just : hey you, bla bla bla ….. talkin and asked him to do something like there was nothing happen yesterday.

What a mean me, ne …

yasu      :    did you hungry ….?
noi         :    no, i was angry ne, angry not hungry …
yasu      :    why don’t you just hungry, so you don’t have to be mean …
noi         :    nee ya_san, do you like mean girl …
yasu      :    you tell me …

finally at the end of today,

i called him to my office and tryin as good as i can to listen all what he wanted to say. Then i found out if what he wanted to say is how he wanted to borrow some money because his father call him yesterday if his uncle is sick and ask him to go home and bring some money.

OMG i was so mean ne, OK i think i need to start my Monday and Thursday fasting again,

as always that way is the most efficient way to keep my anger inside me. By eat and drink nothing form dawn to dusk, no lunch, let myself hungry at noon so i have no energy to waste for nothing important like getting mad.

And also there will be no coffee morning for me, hope my blood pressure will be less high than now.

Well now everyone, let’s start to be calm and relax tonight with this Yamanashi Part of 2nd SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK


that Yamanashi part is my fave ne, because i think yasu looks more fresh on that part than the other part especially this one …


is so UNYUUUUU …..!!!!

now i better finish the last part of 3rd Season「Shangri-la」Project, which is …

~   3rd Season「Shangri-la」 Live Finale ~ Nara

This 「Shangri-la」Project that begun last summer, pass several season and now in this winter, close to New Year‘s eve 3rd Season ~ Kansai Chugoku Tour ~ landed in the last point.

It’s Nara prefecture and Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st Live in Nara was held in Nara Centennial Hall last month 27.12.2013. Nara‘ special gourmets that already waited for yasu on the venue were …

「かしわのすき焼き」/ 「Kashiwa no Sukiyaki」/ 「Sukiyaki with chicken」

in Nara prefecture, in the mid of October there’s some like an Autumn Festival in memory of Sugaware Michizane on his death day in the end of October at the shrine in his honor.

He is known as the protector of the cattle, so instead of using beef for the dish they use chicken (kashiwa) to eat together.

There’s a lot of special gourmet in Nara, even they also have yasu‘s fave pickled. It is

「奈良漬け」/「Naradzuke」/「Picked seasoned with sake lees」

and talking about Nara, something that should not be forgotten is this


「柿の葉すし」/ 「Kaki no ha sushi」/「Persimmon Leaf Sushi」

sushi with salted mackerel, salmon or conger eel or other as topping wrapped with persimmon leaf which has anti-bacterial properties, wrapped around the rice and then they all pressed.

You’re not supposed to eat the persimmon leaf, but they said because it wrapped around and pressed like that it has more full-bodied flavor.

ah, i get that….


in here  i also love to eat rice (plus meat or noodles) wrapped with that teak (in here we call it as Jati) leaf. Somehow it added some special flavor to the dish. In Javanese culinary world especially, we use teak leaf use to wrap the rice.

Yes, we also use banana leaf to wrap for other dishes, but for me teak (jati) leaf is more flavorful.

back to the Persimmon Leaf Sushi, yasu seemed to like it so much until on the MC he was sayin  …

i eat too much persimmon leaf sushi, my throat thirsty …

and the question selected on The Question Corner is

What is your New Year‘s eve memories that you’re still remember until now, and what is your ideal New Year‘s eve …?

and yasu‘s anwer is …

talking on the phone with DAIGO while cleaning his room and when the night came he watched anime, the erotic anime … xD

erotic anime?

FYI i never watch that kind of erotic anime ne, some erotic things but as an anime? i just don’t get that, because for me something real like this …

is more …. *you fill it yourself …xD*

OMG a simple New Year‘s eve, so simple like that?, even i know and read somewhere how yasu doesn’t like to go out often and choose to stay home while playin video game or watching anime,

but still until now it’s kinda hard to believe ne.

i mean he is a rock star ne, somebody must invited him to one or two New Year‘s eve party or something. Eh maybe, i said maybe ne …

maybe nobody invited him ….. ?   #nyaaa *dumped to Lion cage*


noi        :     eeh, no no i didn’t mean to say that  …….
yasu     :     yes you did. And noi_chan, tell me do i look like you …?
noi        :     like me what …
yasu     :     a fangirl that no one invite for a fan project …
noi        :     aww that’s hurt  ….
*fallin apart*

next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 27.12.2013 ~ Nara Centennial Hall SetList

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Greed Greed Greed
04. in the Mirror
05. Yubiwa Monogatari
06. Black Cherry
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri – la
11. I’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


14. Maria (request)
15. Nemuri Hime (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~

then the kewpies



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s a シカ/Deer,

aaand look,  i have one  ..  !!!


my friend said if she got that deer on Christmas Live, nah that’s so perfect ne, a deer on Christmas eve’s Live.

Then that 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Nara closed 3rd Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project and yeah, i know it’s very late but i don’t care if they use persimmon leaf, teak leaf or banana leaf still i’d like to say …

3rd Season 「Shangri-la」 Project is a Wrapped …!!!


3 Seasons over, another 2 Seasons?

Surprise, surprise … it is still 3 Seasons to come everyone. Apparently this 「Shangri-la」  Party is still going on longer than before,  because they added this …


Project 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season ~ Arena Tour

05月13日(Tuesday)Osaka ~ Osaka Jo Hall        Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月15日(Thursday)Osaka ~ Osaka Jo Hall       Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月20日(Tuesday)Aichi ~ Nippon Gaisin Hall   Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月22日(Thursday)Aichi ~ Nippon Gaisin Hall  Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月27日(Tuesday)Tokyo ~ Nippon Budokan     Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月29日(Thursday)Tokyo ~ Nippon Budokan    Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30

OMG when i saw there’s Acid Black Cherry sign on my email inbox, i was so sexcited because i thought it was an email about the TBA new single title announcement. But it is not,  heee …

It’s about the additional season which they called as

Encore Season ~ Arena Tour

maybe because there is so many other fans who didn’t managed/lucky enough to get tickets for the previous Season 1, 2,3, and 4.

As you know and what everyone sayin and rambling about it is so hard to get Acid Black Cherry Live ticket ne. Even it doesn’t effect on me because i am not gonna go and watch it anyway but still i can feel how they all who fight to get the ticket ne.


yes, i feel all what you all feel ne …

How hard is to get that damn paper to see that Mind Blowing Man Live on Stage. All tryin from FC ticket lottery, general sales, re- seller with an upgraded price higher up in the sky and then of course as always ….

The Most Wanted to Bann and Talked about Yahoo Auction tickets.


[Entry acceptance period]   :   2014年2月14日(Friday) 13:00 ~ 2月19日(Wednesday) 23:59 JST

[Sign up URL]                      :
**  You will need 6 digits number of your FC ID number and 7 digits of your postal code

[Announcement Period]       :    2014年2月26日(Wednesday) 18:00 ~ 3月2日(Sunday) 23:59 JST

and for you all Fan Club members, as you see the battle is gonna be start on February 14th, 2014 means on Valentine Day this year ….

The Battle is ON … !!!

so tempting ne, that’s why when i read that Acid Black Cherry email  i said to my self …

OK, let’s give this a try ne.

Who knows if i managed to get one maybe 2 tickets for Tekki. Because i am not sure if my proxy will managed to get 2 tickets for L’arc Live at National Stadium next March 2014.

So  ….

~   if we managed to get L’arc Live tickets then i’ll go for this 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season,
~   if we didin’t get L’arc tickets then she’s gonna go to this 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season and ….
~   if we didn’t managed to get both L’arc or this then none of us go to Japan.

The important thing is sister mine go to Japan this year, because that’s what i promised to her 2 years ago. Promise is still a promise ne, like a debt soon there will be time to pay.

So yes, …

i will join this battle … *cross all mine and all my neighbors fingers*


yasu      :     but noi_chan, you said to him if you won’t go to Japan this year …
noi         :     blimey then, because who knows you’re gonna add this Encore Season ..
yasu      :     what if he know ….
noi         :     ah he dumped me anyway and sure he’ll never know …
yasu      :     aah is this,  … …


Haiaaa … Post : Adiós, 『Shangri-la』 ….!!! (Another me, yasu, Benni and Tony)

from a very short post on the Official Blog today


omo, that’s a really short post ne. See i even can do that ne, moving the post here  … ha ha ha … *laugh*.

So they said about the second phase information『Shangri-la』 project is scheduled for Friday, April 26 at 18:00 JST.

nah, talking about 『Shangri-la』 1st Season, i did skipp this 1st Season. Because the entry period of acceptance for 『Shangri-la』 1st Season is  2013年4月15日(月)13:00~4月21日(日)23:59 and today is 4月22日, so ….

yes,  Adiós is what i’d say to 『Shangri-la』 1st Season and my September Ceria with Tekki Perry. I knew that would happen if i make some plan, it will ended like that. Now i have no idea what i am supposed to say to Tekki, when she ask :

so Boo, when will we go to Japan …?

yasu    :   when ……?
noi       :   chotto ne, i’ll ask to the wind blows …
yasu    :   eeeh ….
noi       :   ah, the wind didn’t say anything ne ..
yasu    :   but ..

i think from now on, i am not gonna make such a detail plan again, just following whatever flowing in my life ne, just like that. At least, that will not ended with me disappointed like now with no one to blame but my self and the wrong timing.

But at least Tekki never failed to plan something, she already make plans for our weekends, This weekend …

~   is for Tony ..


The premier date for Indonesia is on April 25th, which is next Thursday, so Sunday April 28th is a perfect day to enjoy the dandy and brilliant Tony Stark and whatever he will do so yes, i can’t wait for this, what this brilliant industrialist Tony Stark will do ne, … ?

btw i watch again The Avengers last night again, and then i found this scene is very scenegasm. You know when Dr. Banner arrived last, and all they need now is him to be angry

then i get if even i do have some anger management problem, still i am not that Hulk enough ne. Because there’s a different between me and Bruce Banner. The difference is when he said I’am always angry,

i’d say i am always hungry  …..  aha aha aha ha ha ha …


yasu      :    is that make you happy?
noi         :    indeed, it is. So do you think i should join The Hunger Games?
yasu      :    no don’t, you will loose anyway ..
noi         :    really?

i also read about IRON MAN 3 in 4D. OMG can you imagine that,  in 4D, with a smoke effect … etc etc ?. When i posted how i wondering about IRON MAN 3 in 4D in Japan on my Facebook status, i got a nice and very funny reply from one of my friend on Facebook. He said

if there is an explosion, you also will explode …

nah, that’s a very nice and  funny answer ne. I dunno if i have one friend with a nice sense of humor like him on my Facebook Friend List. I don’t talk to him much ne, maybe because i don’t talk a lot about movies again there on Facebook and kicked myself out from one movies community i joined a long time ago ..


so for this RDJ i’ll make sure i am not gonna fall asleep in cinema for this. Because if i do that, i am sleeping in the cinema with Tony Stark on the screen saving the world? that’s not a good idea ne,

and then the worst part is if maybe i would sleep more than 10 minutes, you know it will end with me wake up and get nothing about the movie? Oh God, what a shame on me if that’s really happen.

ah ya, talking about sleeping and since i am Nemuri Hime, let’s have a little talk about sleeping ..


yasu     :     what about Wonder Woman …
noi        :     she is takin days off ne, and i am just following where the wind blows btw
yasu     :     OK, but don’t say i am the Prince Charming ..
noi        :     omo ya_san, how did you know i am gonna say that ?
yasu     :     i know ..

OK, i repeat, since i am Nemuri Hime, let’s have a little talk about sleeping. I did say ne, if my fave comfy place to sleep (short one, not the all night long sleep) is inside theater  while the movie’s playin and a bus moving. And then the best part of it is the after sleeping. So when you wake up and

~     if you are sleeping in theater, you still able to follow the story of the movie you watch till the end or
~     if you are sleeping inside bus, you know where you are now and not missing your stop …

nah that means your brain and your self is still on a Ready, Steady Go …!!! phase, nah see how  sugoooiii is that?

you should try that, ne go find how Ready, Steady Go …!!! are you brain and your self


~     Next month weekend is for my future brother in law, Benni

so for my darling Tekki Perry, i am gonna join Indonesian Star Trek Community to watch this movie together in IMAX theater next May 19th in Jakarta.

Tekki , who will do anything for Benni already arranged everything from bus, schedule, tickets, luncheon plan with adrio_nevralka after the party and also a costume for both of us.

they ( read : the Star Trek community, not 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) ask us to wear anything with Star Trek logo on it, because there will be some after party and cosplay after the movie.

Can you imagine that ne, me who proclaimed myself as a private fangirl and not involved too much with some gathering activity now have to do that for Benni

no only that, i also start to think about writing a letter for Benni, OMG i think Tekki Perry is already brainwashed me with him ne. see i don’t even join the Live Screening of Acid Black Cherry last month in Jakarta ne, but then eventually i will do that kind of stuffs for Benni.

Then what am i supposed to do on the after party and cosplay? because until now i still don’t get what is the point of watching cosplay festival. It is not the same thing with you watch a fashion show ne?

i’ll think about that ne, but look what The BIG Brother Mycroft tweet today ..


aha aha, OK  ….

back to 『Shangri-la』 1st Season i’d say Adiós because until the last day for acceptance, i can’t talk to my sachou about my plan this year. Somehow i feel it was like there’s no spot for me in his mind right now, maybe until at least for next 2 months.

I get that ne, because i know his mind full with the upcoming baby next few weeks and his dearest Osaka son’s graduation day

that’s fine, because i’ll catch the next season then, or at least the season with Tokyo on it. And i better forget about Hokkaido and Masumi Hayami. i’ll just wait for my turn to come and there’s some spot for me on his mind (read : my sachou, not yasu)  …

so what do i missed ne,

~   Re-Birth  as CM song for SUZUKI SWIFT Taiwan

~ then  another 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 post, this yasu便り アンコール便 (日帰り) post?

yasu便り アンコール便 (日帰り)
「yasu’s letter encore service (day trip)」


「Medicine from everyone」


「It came as suddenness」


「It is different」


元気でた ♥ yasu
「and i am fine ♥ yasu」

i love this yasu便り アンコール便 (日帰り) post btw, i mean for me it is always thrilling to find out what the hell is yasu‘s wrote ne, and i feel they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) kinda put that last image with half yasu‘s smiling face as a bonus for me to get what yasu wrote there.

nah, that’s a nice bonus ne 【Team Acid Black Cherry】

this midnight  is the last night for me to be on line ne, because i forgot to pay my net and my cable bills. Nah i think they will disconnect me tomorrow maybe so i better finish this post in a hurry with this


i just finished the 1st MC and you can see it here :

there’s 3 videos part ne, and too bad what i have for the last video is not the good one. There is delay between the video and sounds. The sound is about half minute faster than the video. Maybe that’s because i did something wrong with that video file ne, so it became like that. So now i think i will find another place to download it

and the funny thing is when i upload that on my YouTube, it blocked world wide ne. and it feels like i am join Loki to destroy the universe, then The Avengers catch me and i can’t say anything but a long …


Haiaaaaa …….. **

I was like OMG, really? i mean it was fine when i uploaded [2012] live MC, but not fine for this Free Live 2011? Well OK then, i still can put that on my Facebook anyway …

i think i started to love doing this ne, and find things that i don’t get on my early days as a fangirl, and more things he say. But then one of my friend said if what i do now is useless.

He said this whatever i do with all my videos with yasu‘s talking will never improve my Japanese. It would like me who is tryin to fill a bottle with water using a bucket. It’s impossible, that’s what he said ..

then you all know what i said to him?

i said nothing is impossible, it is hard to do yes, but not impossible. OK if you said i am tryin to fill a bottle with water using a bucket, but at least among all waters that spilled around the bottle, some of them may fall inside the bottle ne.

Nah that’s sure possible, and then suddenly  …

my fangirl – idol relationship with yasu feels like a bucket full of water with an empty bottle and whatever they may do 


yasu     :     i am what, a bottle?  …
noi        :     no, i am the bottle, you are the bucket
yasu     :     full of water  ..?
noi        :     yes …
yasu     :     ah, what this all about ?






Sunday Post : I Say, Keep The Cherry for The Last … (Another me, yasu and September Ceria …?)

Sunday morning, rain is fallin when i let myself lost  …

all over Yahoo Auctions after seeing these photos,


ups sorry i know i shouldn’t post things about auction stuffs a lot ne. This time is the 1st time because it is different, if you know what i mean …xD

And about those photos of stunning yasu above,  trust me ne it would get more blurry if you click on each photo, because i have no idea what just i did with those … whoa aha .. haha … *wicked laugh*


yasu      :     new version of laugh …?
noi         :     yes, go find a stepdaughter for me, and i’ll be the wicked stepmother …
yasu      :     but who is the father ..
noi         :     i am a single mother btw ..

talking about the 1st time, today is also the 1st time i use a speaker on my PC to listen a song instead of using an earphone. yes, this earphone below as my compannion everyday by helping me to isolate myself from the world everyday and also make me almost deaf.


I think the last time i use a speaker was 5 years ago. It was the time before we entered the silent era of my home. after that we never put anything on max volume, not even when we watch some show/drama on telly.

So my home is a bit scary home ne with all the silent things we do inside it (read : eat, pray, watch telly … etc), not murder related things btw. Just in case some of you are crazy enough like me who never miss one day without thinking about murder.

It started when i bought my PC, it was a complete set. So they added a speaker wich i never use or try. For what, eh? …  i mean in this silent era why would i need a speaker anyway. But today is different ne, today he (read : my dad) is on a little bit of jolly heart feeling, so i think today is perfect for me to try my new speaker.

to play this song while asking to myself  …

omo Jae Min, is he dead ….?

over and over and i blame Tekki Perry for this, because yesterday she finished this Korama, the last episode, and i watched it a little bit.

I know i should not do that ne because here i am now still questioning whether if they made Jae Min, OMG my Jae Min died or not at the end of the story. And btw take a look at this …


that’s Jae Min hand, see what i see anyone? i suppose that’s a hand of a man who did his military service and this drama is Jae Min‘s 1st drama after he finished his military service.

I remember Tekki also had that hand after she came back from her school. Tekki and i were not at the same university even we spent 12 years together at the same school from elementary until high school, but we took the different path after high school.

i went to a university to be a great veterinary (it didn’t work btw because i hate animals except the wild one) while Tekki went to a some semi military school complete with a military training of course. That’s why she had that kind of hand like Jae Min‘s hand. That kind of hand with some bruishes gotten from a long time sit up, push up, jump up?  …  or anything else ended with up ..

I am not gonna tell her about this ne, because i am sure if i tell her she is gonna, … ah you know what i mean, she’s gonna win one point of Jae Min from me … so Bloody Hell no, I am not gonna tell her about this  …

OK back to Jae Min, then what if they really make him dead …?


OMG  …..

yasu     :    your Jae Min …? nee noi_chan, he is not yours
noi        :    OMG, stay calm ya_san, it’s only 8 episodes left from 16 episodes ne ..
yasu     :    what the, i am the one supposed to say that to you right?
noi        :    ah ya you are right, sorry …

that’s a wrong dialogue, you can ignore that ,,,, !!!! …

ewww … what the hell is happen with me anyway …

well this morning i should  go to the market with my mom this morning for breakfast. Market (i mean the traditional market, not the supermarket at mall) on Sunday Morning is always fun and amazing ne. I mean i love to be there on Sunday Morning , for having a breakfast, find some of my childhood foods/snacks and of course with me sit on the corner of a block waiting for my mom while watching peoples.

But thanks to the rain, that plan failed … #eww

I think i better stop to make a plan. Plan for everything, because most of them didn’t work anyway. That’s why when i read my friend’s journal about his complete 2 weeks Japan trip, somehow it amazed me. I would never able to do that ne, i mean make such a detail plans like that.

And even i did manage to make it, i am not sure i am gonna able to do it. After all things always went out from the schedule for me ne. And talking about schedule, look at this update from 『Shangri-la』 Special Website


from that site, they told us if they will send a DM for Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club about the ticket pre-order of 『Shangri-la』1st Season on April 6th with

【Entry Period for Acceptance】
2013年4月15日(月)13:00~4月21日(日)23:59 … and

【Transfer and Confirmation Period】
2013年4月26日(金)13:00~ 5月5日(日・祝)23:59

as i said before i am not gonna join this 『Shangri-la』 Live but, now everything seems have to change ne. I mean yes, i am so changeable but if this thing is the one supposed to change i believe it will be a BIG plan changing for me.

yes, it is BIG ne, because if i go to Japan this year, i am not gonna go alone. I am gonna be with Tekki Perry. I promise her that, and also did think about to visit Hokkaido.

Then i dunno why last night i Goolgle_d about VAMPS Live 2013 schedule and it took me in this Universal Music Site with this awesome photo of HYDE and KAZ


and stucked on theLive 2013 schedule part , then …


i clicked on Acid Black Cherry Live schedule on the Official Website,  …


then again Voilà …!!!

HYDE, yasu, Masumi Hayashi, Hokkaido and Hakodate just all over me ..

yasu    :   eh, me  ..?
noi       :   ups sorry, i mean
yasu Hayashi then Masumi Hayami
yasu    :   calm and focus noi_chan, focus …
noi       :   i can’t, this is so hard to be calm with ne ..

Masumi Hayami, the awesome male character on Garasu no Kamen manga by Suzue Miuchi. I read that manga since i was a little girl together with Aoyama Gosho‘s Meitantei Conan.

well then  ….


HYDE, yasu, Masumi Hayami, … beautiful man with a beautiful soul,

then add Hakodate, Hokkaido as the setting, that would be perfect for my next September ne and then yes,

September Ceria (from an old Indonesian song means : A Cheerful September) is comin for me and Tekki Perry … !!!

but this plan is not gonna be easy ne, i mean Acid Black Cherry Live on September 13th, and then VAMPS Live on September 22nd, there will be 8 or 7 days between it ne, waw it’s one week? OMG what i am supposed to do there ne, one week in Japan. I am sure i’ll be death for my bizzare homesick.

and not only that, i also have to take a day off at least 2 weeks from office ne, nah that’s the hard part. I have no idea if they will allow me to do that. So yes, it is not gonna be easy so let’s just wait and see ne ..

am i gonna say Hola or Bai Bai to September Ceria …

next is let’s go to The Official Blog . because again and again, this time they did it different ne. Btw how many time i said that this time and different words btw? do i have to change the title of this post as Different Post? …

What is the different on The Official Blog, i am sure you all know. There is yasu便り with 【yasu便り】 instead of 【Team Acid Black Cherryより】 like how they usually post  Even with some simple post like this so there’s no way for me to use Google translation?

I say, Whoaaa   that’s brilliant idea …  .


「Komento Arigato」 … and then


「Chanto yon deru yo」,
I have read properly … and then this

【TEAM ABCの皆さんにお会いしたらどんなことをしたいですか?】 … post

… eeh, that’s confusing ne, what that H, but i am sure that’s not HIJ, …xD

What kind of thing would you like to do when you meet TEAM ABC? …  kind of thing that i want to do? i say nothing but singing …

then i wonder when did the last time i add a comment on The Official Blog because now what i do is only read it properly (yes i did that ne, not just look at yasu’s photo there like how i use to do) then click the Facebook Like button. Even without him post that 2 photos above i always think he is reading all or maybe some comments posted there.

Recently my time on Ameblo is only for update my blog, read The Official Blog then Yukiko’s Blog, yes it always fun to read, make me happy and added some terms on my Dorama Dictionary of course.

maybe yes, i am a bad fangirl who don’t add a comment or even give a peta for them …  wekekekeke …


noi        :     ask me why ya_san …
yasu     :     then why …?
noi        :     i am just being ..
yasu     :     lazy …?
noi        :     OMG waaa …

yesterday, Mr. Ardiyanto from The Post Office sent me a text message tellin me if there’s a package for me from Japan. I wonder that must be my L’arc DVD or maybe my FanClub magazine. I’ll get that tomorrow …

i am so curious about the FanClub magazine ne you know because of the Acid Black Cherry Story manga with it. As i always say ne, i am the last FanClub member who received that magazine. My friends who already received their FanClub magazine said it’s quite different from the last one with 8 pages of Acid Black Cherry Story.

I also read if the manga started with the hiatus of Janne and then followed with the idea of made a solo band Acid Black Cherry, then not only that, i also i find this on Google btw, some little piece of the manga.

with some comment of yasu sayin : I think had drawn as cartoon is more easy to understand” .

He also said somethin else about 2 page then 4 pages that i don’t even understand. but look at that cartoon ne, that hairstyle, hat and the glasses is really brings memories back, but i can’t remember when/where did i can find him with those outfit like that …

yes, i forget, and if i am starting to type i forget, forgot over and over, that means i have to close this post ne, But before i close this Sunday Post (waw, sounds like a newspaper ne …xD)  let’s watch this

an ABC lessons from yasu sensei …..

i think this MC 3 is the most hillarious part form all the MCs on this [2012] Live DVD ne, that’s why when someone asked me why did you put this MC 3 on as the last video on your YouTube? instead of tell them what the reason is, i told them my reason is

I want to keep the cherry for the last ne ….

The Cherry, yes The Cherry for yasu‘s lessons about the essence of ABC itself ne with a great advice for the twenties to use condoms when making love with a very make sense reason.

Eh God, this man is really brilliant ne.

I mean i never think to put a line between using condoms with greet each other. That’s brilliant thoughts, isn’t it? but i think i failed in this ABC lesson after this part …

reall?  he doesn’t like one who tell lies? while here i am the liar. even not the pretty little one, but i always tell a lie to my mom about a lot of things … OMG OMG

so i think that’s make me officially failed from that ABC lessons with sensei yasu. I think i am gonna back to Hogwarts next semester ne, But if Hogwarts also doesn’t like one who tell lies …

then what about me, where should i go  …..?

yasu    :    nobody like lies ne, I am sorry you’re failed …
noi       :    but, my lies are gentle ne …
yasu    :    it still a lie ne …
noi       :    then what should i do …?
yasu    :    go back again next year ..
noi       :    eeehh …


Finale Post : When The party is Over …. (Another me, yasu and Capt. America)

This post is for my Finale day Japan, I had so many Wonderful time in this Wonderland with so many Wonderful people …

but before that, there you are an Acid Black Cherry  interview, this one is from ZIP, you know the morning news/show.  I am so glad someone recorded  and shared it even i only able to play this when i get home. I saw this video on Youtube when i was at KL International Airport waiting for my 2nd flight back to Jakarta somehow the one hour Free Wi-Fi there refused to open a video from Youtube.

and then arrived to Jakarta, i wanted to open and play it i can’t do that either, because my laptop and my phones are out of battery and i can’t find a an electricity plug work inside the domestic boarding room. This is weird ne, because inside the international boarding room, the plug is work. I think they should do some check and maintain again.

he said  about how he heard so many fans say that they want to hear Yes, he remember it and put it on the set- list for this Erect Live. And as you all know, Yes is also number one requested song on 2012 USEN- JPOP.

Correct me if i am wrong but i catch about detergent and fabric softener, and  if there’s a sample in a store he will take it and try it? ahahaha … OMG i can’t imagine how a rock star like him still doing things like that.


i heard on 2nd day of Acid Black Cherry Live 12-13-2012 at The 1st Gymnasium National Yoyogi Stadium there was AKB48 member, Ryuji Aoki and Ryo Kitamura-kun (the cute guy on Chou PV).


and also there’s a fan who saw of Ryuji Aoki did the Arienaii things from「Bit Stupid」 very enthusiastic ….. <—– i i really wanna see that …. xD

The Set List

1.   Maria
2.   Cord name [JUSTICE]
3.   Rakuen

4.   In the Mirror
5.   Jigsaw
6.   Yasashii Uso
7.   1954 LOVE/HATE
8.   Doomsday clock
9.   Aishitenai
10. Yes
11. Bit Stupid
12. Cherry Cherry
13. Murder Licence
14. Kuroi Taiyo
15. Pistol
16. Shojo no Inori III


18.  1/3の純情な感情 [1/ 3 No junjouna kanjo] …..
19.  so…Good night
20.  Black Cherry


21.  Prologue End
22.  Shangri La

they got 1/3の純情な感情  same with everyone who watch it on the 1st day at Sun Palace, Fukuoka.

so i had my MAGIC moment with yasu, and OK, this time i am not gonna say some Bloody Hell … this time, but i am gonna say it properly like what Lady Mary always said so yes, this is Lady Noi‘s saying :

For Heavens, yasu is itsumademo brilliant  …..!!!!

and the party is over, and then nothing left but i just wanna go home. If i can go home that night, i am sure i’ll be straight to Haneda that night and back home to my mom. That’s me, whenever i go somewhere, especially far from home i am always get a homesick at the first day soon arrive there and when the party is over (read : finished what i am going to do there).

I remember how i cried like hell on my first morning at hotel alone just because i can’t find/hear my mom’s voice calling me in the morning.  Maybe i am a little bit scared because i woke up by myself, my mom is always wake me up. Even i am already open my eyes, but i will stay at my bed until she wake me up. That day i didn’t hear her calling me as always and plus how i also can’t call her with my phone. Then i just wanna go home  ….

My flight was at 23:00 PM JST before midnight, and the day before it i spent my whole day to find how to back to Haneda from my hotel in Shibuya. I should have find it before my leaving to Japan ne, but maybe the excitement to see yasu made me forget about it and i just like :

ah, i’ll find it later when i am already there. … wekekekeke ….. *smiling alone*


yasu      :   baka, … …
noi         :   baka desu yo …
yasu      :   it’s not something that you can proud to ..
noi         :   so desu yo …

ah ya that so desu yo … is something that i always say when there’s Japanese talk to me and i didn’t understand what the hell are they tryin to say to me. I just say that so desu yo …  followed with Gomenasai  … and then leave him/her so they are not talk to me again and ended with me lost in translation for the XXX time in Japan

so that day i was thinking if i don’t start to find how to back to Haneda today, i am gonna end like Harry Potter on his 1st year to enter Hogwarts with all his belonging lost in the station tryin to find where is platform 3/4 to Hogwarts. In this case what i am looking for is that bus stop number 31. The bus stop for  the limousine bus that will take me back to Haneda. i Google_ed it before and Google gave me this :

1,000 yen for Limousin Bus from Shibuya Station West Exit to Haneda, Bus Stop no. 31 last bus is on 12:08 AM

that day i enjoyed my self to stay in bed a little bit longer and have a long time do nothing inside bathtub, i feel like i was doing a porn movie there …. wekekekekeke …. *dumped to hell*. ah ya that’s what i feel ne, because i do nothing just wash my self and put a lot of soap in the bathtub then did like what the girls did on the beauty soap commercial on telly.

OK, you can say i want to do some sexy …

yasu      :    stay inside the bathtub and do nothing is sexy ?
noi         :    i think so, i see that they did on telly ..
yasu      :    yeah right …

and then wrapped my foot mith this ABC socks that i bought on the venuse, hey yes this socks made me feel much warmer ne, i think i had to put the pants also ne, because i think i know why i still get cold. That’s because i didn’t wear anything but my undies under the yukata/kimono that the hotel gave me. and keep my self under the blanket

at 14:00 PM i leave my hotel to start my journey to find a way back to Haneda. It was smooth, i found it and i also read if the bus will not pass there at Bus Stop no. 31 after 12:08 PM. The next bus after it only pass on the bus stop number 52 or 53 (ah i forgot) at 5th floor of Shibuya Mark City, Ohhh, i was there on that bus stop on my 1st night ne, and catch a taxi from there ..

then i enter Shibuya Mark City hoping to find that another bus station on the 5th floor, but again and again i can’t find it, at that time i ended somewhere and i didn’t find some sign that will show me where i am ne. So i just go back to the same door where i enter Shibuya Mark City. And then i meet another granny …

dan, why did i always meet a grannyne, this granny is the 3rd one after i lost at Shibuya station and then in front of Yoyogi Station. Maybe this is because i use that Queen Elizabeth II hat, and only attract granny instead of kawaii man to interact with …. xD

she was there alone, on her way down the escalator with so many shopping bag on her hands. I thought she is in trouble with all of that, can you imagine an old woman about 50 years old with more than 3 hopping bags on the escalator? that’s dangerous ne.

So i came near her and asked her : Daijobu ….? and then she said and asked me back  :   hai, daijobu. Where do you come from and where do you wanna go? me      :  i am from Indonesia, and i just walk around here . then i dunno why she just gave me 2 of her shopping back and ask me to follow her. i follow her and that day i ended with eating all the sample foods at Tokyu Food Show right in front of Shibuya Mark City.



i love that place, so many food there and all of them gave a sample to eat free. I follow Natsuki_san wherever she go and she gave me the food sample to me while sayin : Good, Good . and we will laugh together after i eat it and said : Hai, hai Oishii …. . She will go to another stand, get me another to try. OMG i am soo happy ne, …. xD  I also told her if i don’t eat pork.  I feel full already with all of it

i buy that fried mushroom, tako and some spicy chicken wings for my dinner tonight, some raw mushrooms for my friends. But Natsuki_san, OMG she bought so many things ne, We said bai bai in front of Shibuya Station. I told her if it would be better if she get a taxi.

after that, i go back to Shibuya 109 again, and this time i found the bookstore , Actually it is inside (or next to?) Shibuya 109, or it was only me who is so easy to get lost so i can’t find it yesterday. and found this ….


ARENA37℃ January 2013 and TETSUYA-ism book. I thought there will be 2 different book ne, but eventually it was the same book but there’s 3 different cover color available : red, purple and white. the i walked arround again and got this lovely bag ..

see that’s N there is for who else but NOI ne, …. #awww that’s perfect ,

Ah ya about bag ne, when i was at Harajuku, i see so many guys/boys use the same bag with girls, you know that bag should be use by girls but in Harajuku i see it was normal for boys to use that kind of bag also.

It is something new for me ne because at my country boys/man don’t use a bag like girls/woman ne, they normally only use a wallet inside their pocket or maybe an office ba, the leather office bag.

After my legs felt hurt again i dragged my self out of that full of kawaii things on 109 walk along Dogenzaka street again back to my hotel and stopped to KFC to buy another chicken for me tonight. I knew that night is gonna be a long night so i need more food to warm me

i asked Tekki and my office mates to call me tomorrow so i am not gonna late for my bus to go to Haneda. I packed my things and OMG it became more heavy than before ne, look at this ..


the next morning i woke up before all of them calling me and checked-out from my hotel at 10:00 AM and start to walk to Shibuya Mark City again with all of that. Can you imagine that, because i can’t find a taxi on that morning so i have to dragg all of that all way down from my hotel at Aobadai to Shibuya Mark City. I feel like i am one of the contestant of some idols contest who get eliminated then sent home.

13:30 PM arrived at Haneda and i spent my whole day there walking around the terminal and tryin to find all the spot that maybe on the set of Tokyo Airport dorama. I saw the brigde where Shinoda_san always walk every morning on her way to work.

after 2 times fall asleep on the terminal’s chair, have 2 cup of noodles and i can’t remember how many cup cofee that i had, they finally call me to check-in, and then i realized …

Where the hell is my pillow? OMG Capt. America ….. kyaaaaa

so i walk around again to all places that i’ve been, i think i left it at toilet or maybe at cafee next to toilet where i get one latte. When i back to toilet, there’s an old lady who clean the toilet but i dunno what to say to ask her about my pillow because i don’t think she will get what i am talking about.

So please to all of you who read this and you are at Haneda International Airport, Tokyo Japan, please please help me to find my pillow ne, it looks like this

OMG, Tekki is gonna kill me tomorrow ne, i said to her if it’s gonna be save ne, that pillow is a limited edition so i dunno where to buy it anymore, Oh God, you did gave me a MAGIC with yasu and i hope there’s some MAGIC happen again by me get my Capt. America pillow again.

when they called me to board, that time i feel so glad finally i can back home now, It is a Long Way Down to watch Acid Black Cherry Live and also it is another long way down to back to my home, 3 flights and 3 hours by bus, it’s so hard to imagine ne, then idid that ne. But again and again it worth, yasu made it worth with his MAGIC

bai bai ya_san, Thank you for the MAGIC and  楽しかった ….!!!….

noi        :   omo ya_san, see i lost Capt. America ne ….
yasu     :    really ….?
noi        :   yes, i can’t find it anymore ..
yasu     :   don’t worry noi_chan, at least you still have Prince Harry  ..
noi        :   eeh …




Complete Post : Thank You Acid Black Cherry, You Complete Me … ( Another me, yasu and Oprah)

complete? yes, i am now.

complete and i feel this GLAMOROUS feeling for my live as a fangirl in this fandom division of Acid Black Cherry. Finally, after all this … years (you name it, because i forgot) i wait and wonder when will i am gonna have a chance to make my dream of seeing yasu, the man who always blow my mind everywhere and put it here in this blog came true.

Now it came true, yesterday i had a very amazing, wonderful time in Wonderland (read : Tokyo) together with all Acid Black Cherry fans who was there in Yoyogi. That moment i said to my self :

yes dear noi_himura, finally you are in the right division now.

And yasu did complete me yesterday with his absolutely stunning performances. So again and again i am gona say just like what Tom Cruise said on Jerry Maguire to Renée Zellweger,

Thank you Acid Black Cherry, you Complete Me …..


noi        :     do you think i should do jump on the Oprah‘s couch …?
yasu     :     for what …?
noi        :     to make it more dramatic like in that movie ne, ah ya you should watch it, because that’s one of the epic dialogue and …,  ..
yasu     :     Hello fangirl, can you please stop your movie talk this time ? and btw
Oprah is not gonna invite you ne
noi        :     Ah ya, OK OK boss

i leave my hotel to Shibuya Station at 09:30 AM and finally i able to go to Harajuku Station smoothly. But still i went to the wrong exit. There’s only 2 stairs to go up and i think i choose the wrong one. I ended at an exit but when i put my train ticket in the machine, the door wont open and it keep make a noisy sound and gave me X sign.

So i tried it again to all the exit machines and they all gave me the same X, can you believe this all of them followed HYDE to give me XXX ….. xD OMG that’s confusing ne, and then i asked to the officer there : Is it OK if i go out from here? while showing him my train tricket. He said : Hai Hai … I gave him my ticket and

finally i can make myself out from Harajuku Station …. !!!!  #whoaaaaa ……

ah ya i should ask my train ticket for souvenir to him ne, and i remember the number was eneded with 8, see that’s a lucky number. I saw Tsukiko_chan do that ne on Toshi Densetu no Onna, asked to have her ticket back to the officer because it was a lucky numbered one.

But ah i don’t think i am not gonna get it ne, Because today i catch some cold again, so i am not gonna go far. it will be around Shibuya and shop till i drop (read : drop my wallet). I did some shopping yesterday at Harajuku and got bags for my office mate. And today i have to complete all the shop list. It is impossible for me to back to office with nothing, that’s rude.

Walk for a minute, croos the bridge and there you are, they all already there, and damn it is not in the forbidden area anymore, OMG kyaaaa …. yasuuuuu . i ran like Forrest Gump with nobody yell at me to run, Be closer to the truck and said :

Hello truck, now you are not forbidden anymore, you are mine …… ajajajajajaja … *while nonstop use my camera phone*

i think for the next Live, maybe for 6th Anniversay …. eh chotto matte as yasu said on his MC of 2012 LIVE (you  can see it from the DVD) the alphabetic from 4th Anniversay is D for Dream Cup, 6th Anniversay is E for Erect, and for next 6th Anniversay isF for what …?  please tell me not the F word …… kyaaa *dumped to limbo*

so maybe they should make a truck miniature as one of the LIVE GOODS, for 6th Anniversay it’s gonna be good for the fans who cant go to LIve and able to take a picture of the truck. They can take a picture of themself with the truck miniature with yasu‘s image on it. you know toy for the boy and girl … xD


In here now it is not only Acid Black Cherry who did the promotion using truck all over main road in Tokyo, because i alsa see FLUMPOOL and EXILE truck all around Shibuya. I saw EXILE once but FLUMPOOL i saw i almost everyday because today is the release day for their new album. And when i went to TSUYATA i saw a big SOLD OUT sign on the cashier .

ah ya back to Erect ne, so the staff said if they will open the GOODS sale at 12:00 AM, while it was only 11:00 AM but i saw there’s already so many people there made a line to the GOODS sale. Thank God, i am already here ne. It always be better to be earlier than late. I put my self in the line, i think i there’s more than 200 people infront of me. yes, it’s already long ne.

i wait while watching all of them, waw i am soo happy ne, just by watching all the other fans come here together and all of them bring at least 1 ABC GOODS LIVE and call me crazy but i think that day yasu just turned Yoyogi National Gymnasium into a school, his private school to teach ABC. and the uniform is this Acid Black Cherry Parker & Sarouel Original Set

I saw almost everyone wear that, both boys and girl, or they only wear the top as a jacket but OMG they all looks great and official ne. In my eyes, it was like all of then got the official stamp by using that cid Black Cherry Parker & Sarouel Original Set. and because i didn’t get that, so i think i am gonna consider myself as an exchange student from Hogwarts to join one class of ABC from yasu sensei

noi         :    so .. onegai sensei …
yasu      :    say another word noi_chan, …
noi         :    OK, OK in here i only remember to say this without open my book
: Bunta niku wa dame desu …..
yasu      :    eeeh bunta …?
noi         :    no, no i mean buta. My friend told me about that btw so i am save ….
yasu      :    only that? now i know why they kicked you out from Hogwarts ….
noi         :    ah, don’t tell anybody ne, that’s a secret

i don’t eat in any place btw, because i am scare if maybe i accidentally eat pork. For me, as a muslim who don’t and not allowed to eat pork,  I have to make sure it is really beef and not pork or there’s an ingredients with pork.

that day the sun was pretty shinny but the wind still cold ne, so it’s kinda make me think OMG i should put my sunblock on this morning ne, I didn’t do that btw. This is because since i am here, i don’t see much sun ne, so i never put anything on my face but a compact powder and lipgloss.

At 12:00 AM they open the GOODS sale and yes, i got it all …

I didn’t buy the JKL SET btw because i don’t see anything i can do with that SET. To all of you who asked me to buy this Erect LIVE GOODS, don’t worry i got all your list inside of that bag.

and i will send it soon i back to my home, ah i hope my flight way back home is not gonna boring. I made a mistake for my own list. Maybe this is because i am too nervous when the girl who serves me keep talking to me nonstop so instead of buying a T-Shirt for myself i bought a towel, the BIG Towel. I also had a problem to make her understand when i said i want 3 Tote BAG to her, i dunno why but she keep giving me a BIG Towel while talking,   …. #hueee

so i ended with no T-Shirt,  but at least i got that case, In here that case box is very useful ne, i put out the boxes part insde of it and there you are i can use it to keep my coins. I am having trouble with my coins now, because i always pay with 1,000 yen for anything i buy so now i have so many coins on my pocket.

finished dealing with the GOODS and put all of it on my bag, then i walk around the stadium and stop next to the staff who work to put something. I wait and wait and then i know what they did, they put this board

yes, the same one that Team Acid Black Cherry(チーム アシッドブラックチェリー) posted on their Facebook page . They also put all his singles and albums from 2007 – 2012 now.

waw, look at that ne. All the Official poster of yasu’s works ne, but eh i don’t have that CRISIS poster btw. Then i hear  someone talk about DVD and Blu-ray … etc etc, then i remember ah ya, they also sell the DVD, CD singles and album on the venue.

i went there and see all the singles and album there, they sell it. The price is more cheap than when i buy it from on line shop, of course ne, because in here there’s no shipping cost. As we all know for me as the outside Japan fan, the shipping cost is often killing me by make the CD cost double. But now it is free shipping cost for me so i bought again this

yup Black List DVD and QED album, plus that pin as a bonus because it cost than 5,000 yen. That 2 DVD (Black List and Live at Ebisu Liquid room) plus QED are ABC DVD that i play a lot, rest of it i never play it on my telly. So you can say all my DVD is still in the perfect condition, like a new one.

This is because after my dad got sick you all can say i enter the era of silence at my home. Play something like a DVD/music with loud sound is not allowed. Actually nobody say it is not allowed, but i prefer not to do that If i do that, but if i do that, my dad is gonna be crazy and OMG i don’t want that happen ne, the last time when he beat and hit both of us like that is enough. I don’t wanna get hurt anymore.  so it is more save for me to ripp it and then turned it into MP4 and play it on my phone of on my laptop at office.

so that’s why when ever i hear someone said to me how she/he envy to me and my life i really want to say this to her/him : Don’t envy with me OK, because trust me that’s not that good ne. and You want my live? OK you can have it. I live in hell btw. Nah, now you want that?  <——- you can ignore this btw  …. kyaaaa ….. *got slapped by Megatron*

Fangirling and things like this is make me happy and give me some times to forget if i am live in hell. ups sorry i was out of the topic again, The Live itself will start at 19:00 and the gate will open at 18:00, and when i saw my phone it is still 03:00 PM and i am soo hungry ne, so i think i am gonna go back to the cafe where i go with Steffie and Christine yesterday to have my own early dinner at Harajuku.

not only me who also here, because i see so many other fans who choose to spent their waiting time to go around Harajuku. Waching so many girls and boys with ABC accessories walk together and listen how they al talk about yasu, Acid Black Cherry and Erect  just make me happy ne, Everything is beautiful in Harajuku. People dress well and very fashionable. OMG They even have this AKB48 Official Store here …

i have my meal while watching that and said i wish that is the ABC Official Store ne, if that’s can be true, that would be amazing ne. Sit at the same table where i sit day earlier with Steffie and Christine and have the same kawaii man served me politely, Oh i am sorry dear Steffie and Christine i didn’t take a picture of him ne. I only took a picture of myself instead of him ….. xD ,

but you both agree if he (ignore me and read : yasu and the man who served our dinner together) is so kawaii ne. I order this for my dinner. This one below is a yakiniku beef steak. It is so BIG and very2 oishii

now i know how it is so hard for Adam Richman to do his show ne, to eat all the giant food with much more big than my meal that they always ask him to eat. So on my last bite to finish it, i feel like i was on my own Girl VS Food ne but of course with no one say : Go noi, Go noi …!!!  But still i finish it, i think if i leave that meat unfinished, it will hurt the chef ne because he is already gave all his efforts to cook that.

after my dinner, i went back to the stadium next to the entry to wait for Steffie and Christine. I have to wait there because i want them to find me easily. They have to go inside with me especially Christine because there’s my FC number on her ticket. I was affraid if they will check and ask for FC member card. They even put my name on my ticket btw. Waw that’s surprised me ne.

Finally Steffie and Christine came and we all go on in the line with the other fans get ready to enter the stadium. They open the gate and eventually they didn’t ask me to show my FC card member. I only show my ticket to the officer and he said :  Hai dozo … and i am in, in the stadium to see yasu, Oh God, i was so excited ne,

Because Steffie‘s seat is different with us so we have to go separately, me and Christine are at the south part while Steffie at the north part. Ah ya, i also saw the flowers for yasu that night. I saw from BREAKERZ, HYDE and GACKT. too bad they didn’t let us to take a picture of that ne, i wish i hadn’t turn off my phone ne so i can do that fast and then run to my seat. But i turned on again and took this photo

My seat was on the 1st floor D block, 8 rows, number 1.  it’s pretty close to the stage ne. And i am so glad that they made the stage at the center like that. remember Acid Black Christmas’s at Osaka Jo Hall? nah it was like that. i worried if they made it on the front then i am gonna be so far to see yasu ne and that’s not good for my blurry eyes because i leave my glasses at hotel. Another less than 1 hour before the show start and my heart beat fast.

I really can’t believe if i am already inside the stadium and all things that i am scared of just blown away. I think this time because i was there, yasu choose to blown all my fears far from me instead of blown me away. While waiting i made this photo with Christine.

and then everything is dark and they play a video of his work from Free Live 2007 until 2012 LIve, it is the clip from the documentary DVDs. ended with a Pistol with bullet out of it? ah i am not sure about it, and then there you are i saw him, nothing i can say but follow everyone there nonstop calling  ….

yasu, yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasuyasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu  …….!!!!!!!


that’s him, and OMG he is real …… uwaaaaaa, OMG OMG me, my self who always refuse to think if yasu is a real person because i think he is too good to be true now have to give up and surender to the fact that he is real, in complete 5 dimension. So if the 2 dimension of yasu on the DVD is brilliant so …

that 5 dimension of yasu is triple brilliant …!!!!

so the live just begin and i was in somewhere between earth and heaven enjoy the complete 5 dimension of yasu, Where is that? ah that place is random ne, but that night it was at The 1st Gymnasium National Yoyogi Stadium, Tokyo. ….

set list :


cord name【JUSTICE】
楽園 【Rakuen】
in the Mirror
ジグソー 【Jigsaw】
優しい嘘 【Ysashii Uso】
doomsday clock
愛してない 【Aishitenai】
イエス 【yes】
Bit stupid
チェリーチェリー 【Cherry Cherry】

Murder License
黒い太陽 【Kuroi Taiyou】
ピストル 【Pistol】
少女の祈りⅢ 【Shojo no Inori III】

Furare Kibun de Rock n Roll
So・・・Good night.
Black Cherry

Prologue End
シャングリラ 【Shangri La】

yes, he gave me Furare Kibun de Rock n Roll …. yay !!!!  yes, he gave me Furare Kibun de Rock n Roll by TOM CAT, the coupling for Re:Birth single …. yay !!!! after sayin something about tonight it is Rock n Roll time and how he heard that song first when he was on Junior High School … etc etc i didn’t understand the rest but i did enjoy to reply him on the part Taka ga Rock n Roll :  Rock ‘n Roll ……..!!!!! , Saredo Rock’n Roll : Rock ‘n Roll …!!! and when he sang this part

Tsuatsuatsua tsuaira rizumu ni awasete bakageta koi wo warau no
Hisomu youni hohoendara watashi ha dainamaito

Oh God, it was fast and he did it perfect ne, and i was like : yay baby, i am a dinamite ready to explode now and go get me a bomb squad. Now i realized, that song was so perfect for that night, on the cold night where i freez waiting outside the hall and afraid for maybe there’s a snow fall, but there’s something that we can do on that situation : put your headphone and turn it on the max volume and get a Rock ‘n Roll ..


i can’t understand the whole MC ne, but i only catch a little bit of what he said, He said about the stage and they make it like that because they want to be closer to the audience, yasu also said : What is Erect? Erect is hard ….. xD.

He said a lot about SEX on the JKL set MC, and this weird ne, because i sit next to a family : a mother, father with 2 children boy and girl. They are about 5 or 6 years old. And what surprised me was they both also scream and calling yasu over and over like me.  And when yasu start to talk about SEX, i saw the mother kinda dunno what to do. So she only sit while hold his son.

And when i see both of the child face, OMG they had the same expression with me ne. I think they didn’t understand what it all about yasu’s talking about : SEX, kissu, rope, M ….? I am sure the mother was thinking about how to explain everything after live ne ….? while me didn’t understand well because of how lazy i am to update my Nihon Go and choose to stay here in this forever class.

on soo … God Night part, yasu said chotto matte , and then followed with sayin wait a second (or wait a minute …?) it sounds funny but make me happy ….. xD because he want to take the tambourine first. I really enjoy this part, enjoy to clap together and move my body together with him, It also happen on Cherry Cherry part when they made the stadium full of this ….

finally i can move my head together with everyone folling yasu ne. Oh God, i always want to do that ne and it was amazing, jumping together and di the fuwaa fuwaa things . But i didn’t do that head bang ne, no no my head is already full of things and i am a little bit dizzy so i choose not to do that. I am afraid if i do that, i am not gonna able to remember how to back to my hotel.

The party is over, i said good bye to Steffie and Christine in front of Harajuku Station, I really thankful to be together with them, not alone ne. On my  way back to Shibuya i almost took the wrong train, It was on the Line 1, but i almost took the Line 2 to Shinjuku. Oh God, why did i never read the sign correctly ne, just run like an elephant on their migration time in Africa  …?

Arrived at Shibuya Station, i dunno why i didn’t find Hachiko ne, OMG where’s that dog anyway, this is the first time in my life i really want to see a dog, even a statue named Hachiko. I hate dogs all kind of it. That’s why in here i always run when i meet people who walk with their dogs even they didn’t bark on me. and in here there’s so many people do that every morning.

I can’t find Hachiko because i ended at the other exit, I saw that bus stop number 17 for the bus to go to my hotel. But that night i was too tired ne it feels like …. eeettooo, let me think first,  ah no, not a batalion of teraccota again ne because they already beat me 2 days ago, ah ya this time is all the police in Calcutta beat me with their lathi …

yasu        :     what did you do this time …?
noi           :     i dunno ..
yasu        :     there must be something you do ne …
noi           :     i didn’t do anything ya_san, i swear to you ne. If i did something, my life will end with …. me married to Prince Harry …
yasu        :     what the …
noi           :    and be kawaii, then you can be happy … that’s perfect

i don’t want to take that bus even i really want to do that. I don’t want to get lost again, i don’t have another enegry left to be lost ne, so i took a taxi to my hotel. I love taxi ne, it is simple : you pay and the driver will  take you directly to the place that you want. Taxi in Japan is very comfy ne. The driver is so polite and there’s no living money detector here, complete with GPS, and they always give you a receipt after pay. Not only that, i don’t even have to open the door ne, unlike in my country. So yes, that’s surprised me … xD


What i can say about my 1st sexperience to watch Acid Black Cherry Live and get Erect_ed by yasu is nothing but MAGIC. yasu did his MAGIC and Erect_ed me . Maybe for all other Japanese fans it is nothing because they can go and watchAcid Black Cherry Live as they want but for me this is a very MAGIC moment.

I took a flight with a plane that i hate so much because Superman said a BIG NO when i asked him to take me to Tokyo for free. He said i am too annoying to be his flight companion. …? #eeehhh

Not only that, Tokyo also not to gentle to me wit it cold wheather that freezed me, but everything is worthy, and yasu made is more than worthy . so nothing is impossible ne, see even me who is a probie traveler can do it, that’s why you also can do this. as i always say if there’s 1,000 ways to rome so believe me there’s also 1,000 ways to see yasu,

what you have to do is to pay attention and keep looking for that ways, and work hard, save your money and one day you will go to Japan and see yasu. I am sure there is a chance to see yasu live on stage for every foreign/outside Japan fans.

He is brilliant so you will not regret it at all. I know it is not  easy, but it is worthy ne.

noi         :     i think i talked to the wrong Superman ne …
yasu      :     for free? nothing is free ne
noi         :     but he is Superman ne, not a bus
yasu      :     ah, he is right you are annoying sometimes  …

noi         :     eeehh , really?