5th Post : When Kissing is Out of Fashion ….. (Another me, yasu and ONE OK ROCK)

Friday, June 14th …

so there’s still 32 days again to July 17th and less than 2 months to the beginning of 『Shangri-la』 Project Season 1 Tour , and 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 updated the Official Blog with this 刻一刻/Moment by Moment post

They said if  Acid Black Cherry now is still in the production activities, a new song for all of us and other things to do before . They also announced the support members for this tour.


then the rest of it is about the last chance to get tickets for 『Shangri-la』 1st Season ~ Hokkaido and Tohoku~ Tour via general sales is Saturday, June 15th which is tomorrow.

yasu, the support members and also staffs is very busy now ne, no wonder there’s no fun/tricky post to read what yasu wrote, etc etc recently on the Official Blog. They didn’t even put a single photo of yasu ne because as they said on that post they don’t want to disturb yasu.


The upcoming 『Shangri-la』 Tour is the longest tour in the history of Acid Black Cherry lives, so there’s so many things to prepare, see the image above? they still use that photo ne, it’s the same photos from the last Erect Live ne.

So i think they haven’t do the photo shoot for goodies ne (pamphlet, poster, etc etc) or they already did and now they are still in their way of editing? ah who knows. But hey i saw this   ….

『Shangri-la』 ウェーブ

that video is everywhere ne, twitter or Facebook. I suppose it is a plan to do a 『Shangri-la』 wave together on the venue, and since this 『Shangri-la』 project is a nation wide tour no wonder they (whoever got this brilliant idea is) already spread this message ne.

So the idea/message will delivered before 『Shangri-la』 tour it self started. This is a brilliant idea ne, i mean the idea to do a fan-act all nation-wide together.

It kinda remind me to last year’s L’arc~en~Ciel World Tour. Where every country/Street Teams posted message about doing a fan-act together such as

~     Sing the reff. of Anata song together during the break.

and somehow when it came to Jakarta‘s turn, rain was falling when we all sang  胸にいつの氷見も輝く , あなたがいるから. 涙彼果てても大切な , あなたがいるから over and over …

What a very romantic coincidence, isn’t it …?

in my country whenever there’s an event, ceremonies or wedding party outdoor, the organizer of the event must rent/hire someone as The Pawang Hujan (The Rain Handler). His/her main job is to prevent rain to fall on the D day

yasu     :    really  ….?
noi        :    yes, it is
yasu     :    then how they do that, stop the rain
noi        :    i dunno, maybe they know Thor very well
yasu     :    eeh …

and somehow that day, May 2nd 2012 at Lapangan D Senayan, when we all sing together somehow The Rain Handler failed to do his/her job because rain was falling along with us singing.

i’d say maybe at that day Thor refused their request to not use his hammer. He is still on the nonstop confusing about his brother Loki anyway, and i am sure he is more confusing now about Loki‘s new hairstyle

we’ll see that on the next Thor2 ne, let’s back to the topic ne, and ….

~     Make an X with the lighstick on XXX song

since i ran out of cash, i couldn’t do this mass fan-act. i already spent most of my cash to buy another flight ticket to Jakarta because we missed the morning flight. Can you imagine that,

an airplane, leaved me  …. !!!

yasu      :     can you be less dramatic? you’re late, that’s all …
noi         :     but bus never leave me, and i can always run after it
yasu      :     then go, try run after an airplane …
noi         :     see, this is why flight and airplane is not my division …
yasu      :     whatever …

~     Sing BLESS at the end of The Concert

You have come a long way
Everything is for today

君へと夢は今 目の前で煌めいてる
The dream for you is now sparkling before your eyes

It’s blessed by snow falling like petals

for me that’s perfect ne, because i think the main theme about L’arc finally came to Jakarta is on that song, Everything is for Today. The day when we all Indonesian Cielers finally able to watch The Rainbow


yasu     :     and you didn’t do it
noi        :     omo ya_san, how did you know that?

because soon HYDE, Banana, Ken_chan and Yuki leave the stage, i just want to go back home, a.s.a.p. i always like this ne, want to go back home after finished something. So there’s no such things like after party activities that i would like to do.

but i read on some othe fans report said that some fans managed to do that, and they also said if Jakarta knew and heard it, the voice if all of them sang Everything is for Today

then last but not least what else than the mayor mass fan-act than ..

~     Sing along together,

all the songs, from the start till the beginning, waw that felt like a mass karaoke ne, sing along together with HYDE on outdoor, with some hillarous MCs from them  <—- that’s a real GLORIOUS moment

so i hope this 『Shangri-la』 ウェーブ  plan will work smooth and every fans who will be there watch 『Shangri-la』 Tour will get the moment and reach their own 『Shangri-la』

now, since i am not busy but yasu is still very busy, i think i am gonna fill this spare time by make another plan to do. Hope this one is gonna work ne minna_san … #crossed fingers


what’s ON recently than MAN OF STEEL ne. What everyone is talking about now. Henry Cavill as the new Superman with Amy Adams as Louis Lane. I sould go and watch it this weekend, but again and again i have to skip this because this weekend i still have tons of works left at office to do.


So yes, this weekend is still the same as last weekend where i will spent my whole Sunday at office instead of watching Superman with his new suit on a big screen on 3D cinema. Superman‘s new suit, i think it’s more darker (for the blue and red) than before and hell yeah  it’s more tight and sexy … !!!

i still can watch it on DVD anyway, even i will not get the same scene_gasm as much as if i watch it on cinema because there’s always 1 D different beween 2D and 3 D ne.

So fine, i will skip this movie because sure i am not gonna skip this


ONE OK ROCK live in Jakarta, November 24th ….!!!

after L’arc, SCANDAL, Miyavi and other Japanese musicians who came to Indonesia, finally now is time for ONE OK ROCK. They will come to Indonesia ne as the part of their Europe and Asia tour this year, and …

i swear to this my bucket of Acid Black Cherry ~ 2012 and my lost Capt. America pillow, i will not skip this no matter what …. *crossed finger again*


I read about France and UK tickets are sold out, i hope i can be lucky enough about getting ticket for this ne.

Ah i’ll think about that later.  I feel pretty much sure not because next November 24th is Sunday but it also because i know how to go to the venue from the bus station by taxi. Ah ya, i haven’t tell you all ne if we will go there by bus so yes …

Another bus travelling again next November …. #yay

BElcyFlCEAIedF2.jpg large

noi       :    do you how sexcited i am now about this?
yasu    :    about what, the bus or the live …
noi       :    both ….

now the most important thing to do now is to make my British wannabe companion Dottie to listen at least one album of ONE OK ROCK ne because i will go with her along with my other friends, yeah the same people who went together with us on last year’s L’arc Live. sure this gonna be fun ne,

and i hope they will put my fave song Pierce on the list …

what a sweet and sour song ne, the lyrics and the piano made the sweet and sour became much deeper exactly like what a soy sauce did to a bowl of chicken noodle ….

i am hungry now, gotta go and there is The Avengers on my telly waiting for me to watch. Eh, how many time did i watch this movie? i may lost count btw … xD.

Last, it would be this what i am gonna say/sing to my busy Mind Blowing Man

♪ ….  Cause we can see how it’s going to end,
but I got my love for you
もしもこのまま君を忘れる事ができたら ……….


noi       :    see i got my love for you even maybe yes, i will forget you  …
yasu    :     when ?
noi       :    “When gorse is out of blossom, then kissing is out of fashion.” i might forget about you
yasu    :    calm down fangirl. it’s me, not that
Mr. What Day …?
noi       :    it’s
Friday ne, Mr. Friday .. (*´∇`*)
yasu    :    kissing is out of fashion …? what the


【Erect Scan Post】: ThePamphlet #3 Interview – Black List Tour … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and 69)

Sunday at office, it’s always nice.

I love to spent my Sunday at office than home. Finish all the un_finished works or maybe do nothing like today. Here i am do nothing but writing this post while watching what all the mechanics do with the Rail WELD packages from Beijing. They work so hard because there’s more than 500 boxes ne,

i also did clean the office toilet ne, and it feels very good ne to see how the toilet is clean now. I dunno why but i think i have to clean it first before i use it and clean it again after i use it. Maybe because it’s a public toilet where everyone use it, not only me. So it would be better if i use it after make sure it’s clean.

I am an old fashioned person, so i always have a trouble to have my shit using the modern toilet (sit model), i’d rather use the old fashioned one like what’s on Hanako‘s toilet. I think it’s more save ne because i don’t have to put my ass there. Especially in a public toilet means you will never know how many ass from all people that already there.

That’s why at my hotel bathroom in Japan, i spent about more than 10 minutes to put tissues on the toilet so there were a shield between my ass and the toilet. A hotel room’s toilet is also a public toilet ne?.

Not only that, i also spent another 10 minutes again to make sure the toilet and the bath  tube is  clean by collect all my hair that falls when i wash my hair, put all the soap, shampoo and tissue at the right place, wipe it and make it clean as clean as before i use it .

I was thinking, what the hell i am doing now. I am the guess in this hotel but i clean the bathroom by myself? i still do it again and again. Damn, i should have my own hotel ne, so i can clean it everyday ….. ahahaha ...

OK enough about the cleaning things, now let’s change the topic. Do you know what is on my mind now? it is XXX, 69 while wondering about some ero things since i watch this video of L’arc on MSSL 2012 .


It’s been a while since L’arc was everywhere with their last World Tour 2012 ne. Ken_chan looks awesome with that hat, how he play his guitar is sexy ne and Leader_sama is always Leader ne, i am smiling every time i read the translation from L’Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team)‘s photo

credit and source :    L’Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team)

Tetsuya : Well I’m like a girl inside, so I LOVE shopping…

ahahahaha ….. OMG Leader, at least now i found something about me that can be same with you ne. i also LOVE shopping and yes, i am girl both inside and oustide ….  About Yukihiro, i can’t talk much about him, somehow Yukihiro always hidden behind his drum set. It makes him like he want us to skip him. But how can we skip an android ne?

About the performance it self, it’s not the usual perfect voice of HYDE, but it’s fine and always fine for me because nobody forget about HYDE’s cough. It was epic ne. i played that video over and over and can’t stop myself to laugh to see how HYDE did the epic cough on Ready Steady Go, but on the second part he still wanna say the F word,


noi         :      is it so hard to skip the F word ne HYDE_san …?
HYDE    :      hmmm …..

when i watch again the XXX – English version, look at the lyrics and read it  i wonder am i the only one who think about making love? … OK, OK maybe because last night i saw a commercial about Twilight – The Breaking Down on my telly. Can you imagine ne there will be the blink – blink vampire Cullen on my telly …. kyaaaaa tasukete …!!!!

it shows the scene of the blink – blink vampire Cullen and Bella‘s first night after their wedding, and then i am thinking about making love when i listen carefully to this song XXX – English version and the lyrics

Step into fascination
Trap of infatuation kiss

We fit like velvet, a snake like dance
A taste of Eden X X X take me high

I get drunk with pleasure our spirits soar
A sweet addiction 1 2 3 now I dream
I need it… the kiss

Feel you inside heavenly times
Holding you tight so dizzy
Feel you’re in my heart go deeply
I forget to breathe oh oh oh

Please don’t wake me up out of this dream
Paradise lost my one wish
Please close your eyes once again
Put your lips to mine oh oh oh
Darling so it’s all over

Original Sin

I feel you inside heavenly times
Holding you tight so dizzy
Feel you’re in my heart go deeply
I forget to breathe oh oh oh

Please don’t wake me up out of this dream
Paradise lost my one wish
Please close your eyes once again
Put your lips to mine oh oh oh
Darling so this is our last kiss
Darling this would be my last kiss

read this   —–>  I feel you inside heavenly times, Holding you tight so dizzy  <—-    OMG OMG i’ll be burn in hell for what i am thinking now, and oh ho ho ho ho …. *pervy laugh*


noi       :    and now you are looking like that …. kyaaaa … *drolling*
yasu    :    like what …?
noi       :    like that … omo oh ho ho ho
I forget to breathe, help me …
yasu    :    control youreself ne noi_chan …

OK OK, i am tryin to stay cam now with what? ah ya with this one ne. Thanks to  minlilin  who posted that on her LJ before her leaving to Japan to see BREAKERZ Live together wit iceblueaya  . I hope they both have a very2 amazing BREAKERZ night together, i dunno why i am so excited about their living and can’t wait for their next post on their LJ about their Japan trip for BREAKERZ  …


that’s 5th Anniversary LIve Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69 Sixnine- ticket. Erect live is not over yet, there’s still another 2 lives at Nippon Gaishi Hall 12/24 and the last one at Osaka Jo Hall 12/30, but there you are another live at Budokan on next January.


noi       :      you are soo busy ne ya_san …
yasu    :      very busy, unlike you who act busy …
noi       :      no, i am not
yasu    :      yes, you are …

now i am tryin to get rid off this ero things inside my mind. If thinking about ero things is also consider as lust, so yes i am on The Black List now. What can i do ne that redeem my lust with this scans of Black List Tour Part from Erect Pamphlet.

enjoy and let’s get lust together …. ajajajajaja …. *dumped to hell*


yasu      :    lust or lost …..?
noi         :    both would be better …
yasu      :    both …?
noi         :    lost together inside this forever lust  …. sounds great ne …
yasu      :    whatever …


Whoaaa … Post : “Erect”_ed by The Set List … (Another me, yasu and Jim Moriarty)


1st Day of December —->  01122012 <—– look at that numbers, looks pretty ne even with the lucky 8 and magical number 9 …

and today when i start to write that 01122012  with many variations like 01-12-2012, 01/12/2012, 01 December 2012, … etc etc suddenly …

Bang …..!!!!!

i get “Erect”_ed (minus the fangirl euphoria, you can read : surprised) by Set List of yesterday’s live of Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” at Fukuoka Sun Palace November 30th, 2012 :

1.   Maria
2.   Cord name [JUSTICE]
3.   Rakuen

4.   In the Mirror
5.   Jigsaw
6.   Yasashii Uso
7.   1954 LOVE/HATE
8.   Doomsday clock
9.   Aishitenai
10. Yes
11. Bit Stupid
12. Cherry Cherry
13. Murder Licence
14. Kuroi Taiyo
15. Pistol
16. Shojo no Inori III


18.  1/3の純情な感情 [1/ 3 No junjouna kanjo] …..
19.  so…Good night
20.  Black Cherry


21.  Prologue End
22.  Shangri La

1/3の純情な感情 …..  really? a cover song for Acid Black Cherry Live, outside VAMPS Halloween Party? ….



omo ….. *sexcited on level 10*


HYDE     :    look at her, what was that …
yasu       :    ah, maybe because you looks so pretty HYDE_san …
noi          :    yes, much more pretty than me …
HYDE     :    i know ….
noi         :    ehhh ….

as i know watch VAMPS Halloween Party is the only change to see HYDE, yasu and other artist who paticipate on this HYDE‘s annually party to perform another artist song a.k.a. do a cover live. But i also read GACKT also did that, he sang HYDE‘s song on his live ….? and now this time yasu with his “Erect” live he surpirsed me (and maybe all of you and i am sure especially all the fans who was there watched 1st day of “Erect” Live at Fukuoka Sun Palace) by put that song  1/3の純情な感情 on the set list. so nothing i can say to all of them who get a chance to see it but this …

Minna, you are so …. fu***in lucky …!!!!!


and now here i am crossing all my fingers, hoping that this “Erect” set list is changeable like Jim Moriarty, maybe they will change the cover song part with another like Ai no Baka, Anata, or Julia ni Heartbreak ….?  OK,  i want that song : Julia ni Heartbreak for my turn next December 11th on Yoyogi ..

but with that cover song, i am not sure if that’s gonna be possible to make this “Erect” to DVD, ne CD OK, but DVD? i am not sure, but who knows ne, …… ah seee, the live is not end yes, but i am already want the DVD, Let’s wait for what 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 will post about yesterday’s live on their Official Ameblo.


i’ve seen HYDE (yes, i am always connected to HYDE) sing that song on Matthew Best Hit, and i always wonder how it would be if yasu is the one who sing it maybe on telly show or live? but then i know i have to go watch VAMPS Halloween Party for that, but it’s not now, because now i can hope to see yasu sing that song on his own live …


yasu      :     Julia ni Heartbreak  …? but you said you hate Julia ne …
noi         :     yes, i did many times …
yasu      :     then why did you want that song …
noi         :     i told you ne, i am so changeable ….
yasu      :     ah, go away …!!

i write about that so many times ne about how i hate Julia thanks to my one handed clap love for Mr. Friday, but everything is different now, i became more calm than before and it reduced my hate to Julia and the Julia name itself. I remember there’s one girl who write me a message via LJ. She said she read my blogs (really, i never think someone will all of this boring things i wrote) for 1 1/2 years. The weird and i never imagine about her is she said i am sorry for me when she said her name.

Her name is Julia, i think she is from Russia. She said that because she know how i really hate Julia and the name Julia itself. What she said that time make me feel that i should think 1,000 times again before i write something, especially about hate. I have no idea if there’s someone far away there in Julia who will remember my hate to Julia and then say i am sorry to me because her name is Julia when she introduce herself …

I feel so sorry about that, and what she got about my hate about Julia. I’m a woman who tends to use her feelings than her brain, no matter how i try. Now, this time Thank God that Julia hates feelings on me already vanished a long time ago. Every things change so did i. And i am glad this change happened to me. It took forever, but finally it reached me.

ah ya, talking about Mr. Friday …


yasu      :    boring, boring and i don’t want to listen ….
noi         :    no, no, listen i dream about him last night ne
yasu      :    about what, he found your blog ….?
noi         :    no, that’s too scary ne,my dream was about ….
yasu      :    what …
noi         :    i forget …
yasu      :    see, you should stop talking abou him, now go away  …

I can’t stop talking about him yet, but i am trying to do what i can do now, less talk about him. I don’t want him to find this blog and read all what i wrote. I am gonna kill myself if he really find this blog. There’s one thing i remember about my dream about  . I can’t remember what he said or what he was doing but i do remember what i said to him. I told him

Please stop sayin I Love You in past tense to me ….

eh, what that’s supposed to mean ….? i knew it, he never feel what i feel …. *bite my pillow*. But next week i am gonna do what i always do every time i am landing to Jakarta, and call me crazy, but  that’s always make me feel better by sayin this

Hello Mr. Friday, here i am now in Jakarta. I wonder what are you doin now, see what i am doing now …? i breath the same air (Jakarta Air) with you now …. *while inhale and exhale* ….


yasu      :     then …
noi         :     i feel better …
yasu      :     just like that …
noi         :     it is not just like that, see breath the same air, ne …. MFEO ..
yasu      :     ah, stop it noi_chan ….!!!

It’s already December now, not only me who will go to Japan, Martin Freeman is gonna be in Tokyo, Japan for the premiere of The Hobbit on December 1st, and according to this Movie Star magazine twitpic Benedict Cumberbatch also gonna be in Japan on December 3rd. And last but not least me, noi The Fangirl is gonna be there on December 8th ….. ajajajaja …. *dumped to Niagara Fall*

I told you ne, this December is gonna be MAGIC, Martin Freeman, Benedict and me for this 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” will be in Japan in the same 10 day .

I know this live is gonna be awesome and yasu will be brilliant as he always be, because maybe this is my one and only chance to see him live on stage.

so if the setlist is not changeable, i hope the MAGIC of December will make it changeable. And if it is also didn’t work, i’ll try to use my own MAGIC, this spell Wingardium Leviosa maybe will work  …


yasu     :    wrong spell, you want to make me fly …?
noi        :    OMG
yasu     :    that’s why they kicked you out of Hogwards, you are not a good witch ..
noi        :    but i am a really good bitch ne …
yasu     :    whatever

i hope every things gonna be smooth, my flight, travel …. etc etc. And also ther’s nothing bad happen before my leaving, if it is supposed to be happen, please God can you delay it for a moment ..? at least after i am back from Japan and do things that i always wanna do. i am fasting now every Monday and Thursday for that.

but things still happen ne, and i know this one is unavoidable, sooner or later this is gonna be happen, Ano hito wa, my dad went crazy again. He screamed all the worst and most dirty things to my mom and us (me and my sista), i can’t control him anymore. While i was tryin to hold him, make him calm with Tekki, he started to beat and kick me. He even split on me and my sista.

i tried to not cry but that’s so hard ne, and even yeah it didn’t that hurt on me, but i hurt in my heart. He is my father ne how can he did that, beat , kick and split on me …. damn, i am really in hell. Not only that, he also said while yellin how he feel very disappointed to have me by sayin that i am nobody but a bastard’s child followed with : this is what happen if you took the child of an unknown to your home ….

he said that like he is already invested in a wrong company and now he regret it. he wanted to turn back time but he can’t, so he did what he can do, blame the company (in this case is me). see finally he said that. he is the 5th person who said that to me. 1st is my neighbor’s maid, and then my other neighbor’s maid, my mom’s older sister, her husband and now Ano hito wa, someone that i call papa ….

After that i dunno what to do but cryin, i creid all night but Tekki didn’t cry at all while me drolling like hell.  Tekki said : don’t cry, because if you cry that make him as the winner, From now on, show him who is the boss. I know i never be the boss, Tekki is the boss now in this house.

Even i said it is not that hurt when he beat and kick me, but next morning when i wake up, it was so hurt ne, i found bruises all over my hand and shoulders. I think Tekki got it worst than me because when i cried and ran away to my room, she was still there with him. so what i am ask now is is there any chance to make this terrible things stop happen while i am away from home? it is only a week ne, not more than that. i promise to you God ,,,,

OK OK enough about that, now back to the set list talk …

eeehhh, Where is Nemuri Hime? …. OMG there’s no Nemuri Hime …?  why why why? what happen, or is it because the set list is really changeable so they keep that song for another life after Fukuoka …? if it is yes, i hope the keep it for my turn …. *cross fingers, again*

ya_san, i want Nemuri Hime onegaaaaiiiii …..


yasu      :    this is not a radio show where you can request as you want …
noi         :    then give me some spoiler …
yasu      :    no, my answer is always no and go to sleep now …
noi         :    eww …


Probie Post : Your Voice, Sky is The Limit .. (Another me, yasu and The Sky)

when i wanted to DL Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 Live DVD  …

i said to my friend if i want to know which one is faster : my net connection to DL or the post office here in my city to deliver my DVD. And today i found out the answer, none of them are fast because until now i haven’t received my DVD or DL all part of it. Yes, that’s me. I am a fan who buy her idols item but also DL it because i don’t have that huge patient/dunno how to calm myself down about it.


Maybe this is because i put that DVD as one package with my Halloween Junky Orchestra single so they (read : the custom) held it again, while i am already get the 『2012』 Live CD last week. The point is i have to wait again for the DVD

yasu      :     rather than add drama, you should add more patient on your blood …
noi         :     but that is …
yasu      :     don’t tell me that’s not your division …
noi         :     eeeh, how did you know i am gonna say that …
yasu      :     because nothing is on your division …
noi         :     but you are on my division  …

I only managed to DL the offshoot and the encore part. When i wanted to continue DL the main part, i started to call Willy the dolphin by sayin this : Hueeeee ….. *very loud* just by watching all that 5 parts links. So what i am gonna say is i’ve been kicked by everythings around me. My net connection keep failed me to DL and also myself who is so easy to give up.

Yes, i surrender, I gave up to DL it again for the 3rd times, so i think i am gonna wait for my DVD to watch it on my telly no matter how hard i really want to see so … Good Night part. But then thank God someone put that part on Youtube …

i watched it and then the Hueeeee ….. *very loud*   to call Willy the dolphin just turned into

wow  wow  wow ….. whoaaaaaa ….. ahahahahahaha …. *get crazy*

now i am complete ne, after hear this song so many times from 『2012』 Live CD while wondering what things did he do during this song and so many more in my brain that nonstop givin me lots of maybe : maybe he did this, that … etc etc. Now my wondering session is over soon after i watched that video above. From all maybe that my brain gave me at least there’s one thing is true, he did this …


omo ….

i always love when he did that, even for me the dance that he did on so … Good Night part it’s a bit weird but still cute (well you can imagine yourself now how weird can be so cute, and only yasu can do that) remember the dance he also did on Bit Stupid part from Free Live 2011? where he said Arienai while moved his body just like that following Junji’s drum? …. nah that’s what i mean by weird but still cute ne, and no matter how weird he is gonna move i think eventually it will be cute …

i’ll talk about that 『2012』 Live DVD again later when i am more complete after i received my DVD and watch it from my big telly, not from PC or youtube video like this, now i am tryin to add some patient to my blood among all the drama things inside of me. Why drama …? well this is because how addict i am to my telly, and all of what it gave to me. especially all those dramas ne, i watch it and it just all inside me, so i am a little bit dramatic, yes, but not a drama queen, my mom is Her Majesty The Drama Queen who is stupidly choose to marry the Evil man,

Btw DAIGO just posted this photo tonight on his Official Blog . This is why i always love DAIGO ne, how he is so kind to post/share his photo with his big brother yasu on his blog. I remember how i kinda a waited for him to post a photo of him with yasu not so long time ago when there’s no Team Acid Black Cherry on Facebook, twitter, ameblo like now.

so yes DAIGO, DAIGO, DAIGO ありやす …

look at them, they did having fun on their last day 1 and 2 Halloween Party this year ne. Even me who wasn’t there, watch that live also dragged to the fun/happy time just by reading all the live report/tweets from fans who was so lucky to be there watch that live. I remember how confused was my twitter time line last week ne, when all of them tweet their fun times of Halloween Party.

Oh God, they tweet_ed so fast ne, i wonder what make them can do that, is it because they are using the smartphone, IPhone or anything else ended with phone? … so when i haven’t finished one tweet live report, the another one, two, three, etc etc just come all over ….. xD, damn i should send my phone to school ne so it can be smart like their phones.

so on the 1st day, like we all can see from Excite News. com‘s report they all use the same costume like on the HJO : Halloween Party‘s PV outfit


this is what i read for the 1st and 2nd Halloween Party on Kobe World Memorial Hall on 20 and 21 October 2012

~     HYDE, yasu and DAIGO performed Nemuri Hime together again like what they did on last year’s Halloween Party 2011,

OMG i hope some TV station will put that part on their morning news like last year. Even just a small part, but it still make shivering all over me hearing HYDE sing Nemuri Hime, …


noi         :      so HYDE_san, you do love Nemuri Hime
HYDE     :      what, you as the
Nemuri Hime? please don’t do that. you will ruin the story ..
noi         :      no, i mean the song …
HYDE     :      why …
noi          :     i love it to ….

and also how yasu and HYDE said itsumo …. (from Nemuri Hime’s lyrics) each other,  Oh God, this is my fave part, God Bless for you who tweet_ed it, and God, your brain is amazing ne for remember all of what they said exactly and how kind you are to wrote it on twitter shared it with me and yay make me happy …

~    The Fake twitter account


there’s one twitter account pretending to be yasu, that’s not true because yasu himself doesn’t have a personal twitter account. This one remind me to someone who also made a twitter account as HYDE, nah at that time only for days he/she (i forgot whether that person is male or female) got lots of followers,

nah in this case someone did the same thing but as yasu, for what? just to reach more than 80,000 followers like 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 …? Oh come on, don’t tell me that person is also gonna charge 1 yen for each follower he/she will get to pay rent ….?


noi       :      nee ya_san, if that kinda way is work i’ll do that ..
yasu    :      for what …
noi       :      to pay my trip to Japan next December ….

yasu    :      eeehh ….
noi       :     i didn’t get ticket from DVD lottery btw so now i have to realy on for next general sales ….
yasu    :      why did you tell me that …
noi       :     i dunno

and then ….

~    The LINE talk

now all fans know if HYDE, yasu and DAIGO are friends/follow each other (what should i call it ?) on LINE . this is on LINE not on-line like all of you and me via this amazing social networks. Then everyone (and me) want to get that damn LINE …. xD, see this is how a fandom world’s ability to drag the fans ne, found out their idols using LINE now they want the same LINE  even if their phone is not smart enough to get a LINE


yasu         :      so how smart is your phone noi_chan …?
noi            :      well it is not smart enough …
yasu         :      then forget about that LINE things …
noi            :      but, ya_san it is smarter than me
yasu         :      what?

~    Anis got a kiss from HYDE

on the 2nd day, there was Anis there joined the party and God, i knew it, that guy Anis is still all over HYDE since i read about him around VAMPS Live 2008, and that night he is the lucky fanboy who got a kiss from HYDE dressed on a gothic female costume, DAIGO as my far2 away cousin Kenshin Himura, yasu as Cloud again like what he did on a-nation and they did some African Drum game or something.

and also there’s part when HYDE together with Kiyo D’ERLANGER did La Vien En Rose, OMG i want to hear that, ne i mean that song the epic song and HYDE performed that? …  I read about yasu is so close to HYDE when he sang Black Cherry but he didn’t get that? and it was Anis instead of yasu …. awwww , that’s too bad ne, so



noi         :      do your best for tomorrow  ….
yasu      :      for what ….?
noi         :      for everything, and yes, you have my back on this …
yasu      :      @_@ …

enough about that Halloween Party now i am gonna talk about my 1,000,000 steps to be close to yasu … let’s just say from all 1,000,000 steps this trip to Jakarta by bus is the 100,000 steps i took. It is not easy ne ..

yasu        :      i told you ne nothing is easy …
noi           :      yeah, you are right …
yasu        :      so …
noi           :      don’t worry i am not gonna give up for this …

so yesterday i went to Jakarta to get my visa with Tekki. I wanted to go alone but then Tekki said it’s not safe to go alone there because this time we use bus than plane. I have no plan to go to Jakarta on that day, i only decided it after seeing my friend BCL is already OK so i can leave her only with my other friend to deal everything while i am away.

even before i go i have to explained to them about everything 3 times from A to Z so there will be no mistake and they will not calling me nonstop like what they did when i was away to Bangkok last March and added more zeroes on my phone bill’s numbers.

because it was by bus, we have to go one day before at 15:00 PM we already stand by at the bus station, I was so excited about this bus trip to Jakarta, imagine for me as a bus lover to be on bus all night long and spent my night on bus it was amazing ne, and because how excited i was i almost got in the wrong bus. On my ticket, it was the N bus (you may say it as Noi for N)

on the bus station i ran when i saw a big and shinny black bus, and showed my ticket to the officer, but he didn’t allow me to get it, while me keep tellin him : this is my ticket, why didn’t you let me in to my bus … (yes, i said it my bus like i am the one who own it), and the he said : No, this is not the N bus, this is the H bus, while lookin at me with his look, his eyes like sayin : poor her, she must never be on the bus…xD


bloody hell that’s the wrong bus ne and then when my bus arrived, eh it was purple not black, hee that one looks better than this purple. So that night i spent all night long inside that purple bus, OMG i was so happy ne. Imagine while i am tryin to get some sleep in this bus, the driver still have to do his job to take me and all the other passenger savely to Jakarta. What a hard job to do and need full concentration to do it, that’s why we should not talk to the bus driver ne because it will ruined his concentration, and when a bus driver loose his concentration for driving, it’s gonna be bad, so bad …


While listening to 『2012』 Live CD over and over and nonstop laughing on Cherry Cherry part where yasu asked YUKI to sing the next part by sayin : YUKI_chan, and how YUKI sing kite kite part, aw that’s sounds adrable ne … I didn’t dream about anything that night, because i keep wake up everytime the bus stop moving, somehow that day because there’s so many roadwork all over the main road, the bus stop many times.

That’s why we didn’t manage to get to Jakarta at 05:00 AM like what’s on the schedule, but it was already 08:00 AM when we enter Jakarta. OMG i am gonna late ne, the Japan embassy open visa application only from 08:00 Am to 12:00 AM and now at 08:00 we’re still around the highway to enter Jakarta. Do i have to go back to Jakarta again just because too late today? …

finally Tekki said if we should get a taxi so it can be faster, than follow the bus to the bus station and then go to japan embassy from there. Eventually no matter how many times i go to Jakarta i am not a gonna able to get myself to ride busway. Taxi, it always taxi ne, so by taxi we go to Japan Embassy and thanks to how crowded Jakarta is we arrived there at 11:00 AM, thank God.

at that time there was so many police in front of Japan Embassy, i thought they were close for some reason, but they didn’t ne, It’s like that, we can’t see anything on Japan Embassy. everything is behind the wall, they said it is very closed. After checked my ID and get my bag screened by the security i entered the visa applicant room,

There was only me, Tekki, one man from Malaysia and one girl who was there for her student visa. I saw her very2 busy writing something on the table, so i prepare my ballpoint just in case if they also asked me to do like her, but a am not, The officer only gave me 2 papers white and yellow to me so i can write my name, passport number and phone number and asked me to back there on Tuesday to get my visa (if they approved it) or get my passport (if they decided not to give me a visa).

after that we went to Gandaria City Mall to watch a movie in IMAX theater, we watch Fankenwinie , and OMG again, this is the first time for me to watch a move in IMAX theater like this, the theater is so wide, so does the screen and it is 3D, that’s a real 3D ne, before the movie started, they show me The Hobbit preview, nah because it was a 3D, so when the dwarf (or Gandalf?) throw that rocks to them (i have no idea who) it feels like the rocks are on me, i was like …. eeeee mama ……  and call my mom …. xD

and as always soon after i ran out of snack to eat i fall asleep, so i have no idea what happen, suddenly Scrappy (Victor’s dog) is dead and then when i wake up he is back to live again? … but this movie is good ne, good enough to watch on Halloween night even not that scary, and if you familiar with Tim Burton‘s work you will see some of The Sleepy Hallows in this movie, yeah i am talking about  fire scene on the windmill … remember?

eeeh what time is it? i better close this post before i talk too much, but before that hey come on, meet this new Hobbit …


look how short i am ne, OMG it is because of the pants or i am the one who get shorter? i better scaled my self again ne, as i remember i am still 155 cm, shorter than HYDE, or maybe this is because i watch/read too much about Hobbit from all The Lord of The Rings trilogy ne. so i think i am gonna join Martin Freeman to Shire and start my new live as hobbit ….

an my way home from Jakarta, it was very rude ne, it scared me, and then all the fun things about traveling by bus it not fun anymore when i was on that Kp. Rambutan bus station. What a scary place, ne full of scary people and i know they are not a good people, They fooled me to pay my bus ticket to back home double than it used to be, and then the bus just dropped me on some city which is still another 3 hours to my home.

but at least they dropped us in a place where i know so i can find out how to go home. and as what people said experience is expensive, from what i had yesterday now i know which one is better and how to deal with it,

and for my next trip to Jakarta i am gonna play save i’ll take the plane not by bus anymore. i better go to sleep now, because tomorrow is Ied, we will cut some cows for this year Ied, so i’d like to say Ied Mubarak  to all my muslim friend

and not only that, tomorrow also the 3rd day of Halloween Party where my dear friend Yukiko‘s gonna go , nee Yukki, i can’t wait to see your  Halloween costume …. xD, and for you ya_san …

          Happy Halloween ..
Blood is read, death bodies are blue.
I am not dead yet, but I Love You, ….


yasu       :      i am not dead yet but i love you ….. ? really ?
noi          :      this is Halloween ne and i am full by listening
『2012』 Live CD
yasu       :      so …
noi          :      no matter what people said for me your voice, sky is the limit
yasu       :      hmmm ,
noi          :      and i am gonna watch Skyfall soon ..
yasu       :      what the …


Friday 13th Post : 愛してる愛してるよ…!!! (Another me, yasu and 『the mini y』)

Friday 13th ..

The duo Freddy and Jason own the day, so watch your back ne ….

Actually even if i am a moviegoers but i am not that freak in to horror movies. Yes, i do love horror movies, but sometimes i get disappointed horror movies especially when they let the ghost/devil/monster win or make a fubar ending and let us wonder what the hell is happen with them …

i started to like horror movies/telly series when i was little by telly series called The Friday The 13th.

the story is about an antiques dealer named Lewis Vendredi who made a deal with The Devil to sell cursed antiques out of his shop, Vendredi’s Antiques, in exchange for wealth, magic powers, and immortality. but then he eventually rebelled against The Devil and broke the deal. The Devil came and claimed the soul of Vendredi (Friday in French) for breaking the deal because nobody can break it.

After his death, his shop was inherited by his niece, Micki Foster  and her cousin Ryan Dallion  They sold off many of the cursed antiques before being stopped by Jack Marshak (Lewis’ friend), a retired world-traveller and occultist who originally collected many of the antiques for Vendredi before they became cursed.

this series is about Micki and Ryan‘s adventure to collect all their uncle’s antique and cursed collection back or they both gonna get the curse them self. The antique stuffs are various, start from lamp, doll, playhouse, rocking chair, knife  and many more. But my fave and the most scary episode is The Play House. Hell, that was scary ne, along with all the dolls inside the playhouse and a girl who stuck inside it …

i wonder if there’s the DVD for this old telly series, but if you can’t find it or this telly series are too way old for you, you can see the more modern version on Warehouse 13. I think the storyline is the same about collecting some cursed old antique stuffs but with one different. Micki and Ryan works/their adventures are for them self, but on Warehouse 13 is officially for the government, i mean a Federal Agents like Mulder and Scully on The X Files who still looking for the truth out there.

and if you read Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and get he connection between the Friday the 13th superstition and the Knights Templar, what Philip IV and Clement V did on On Friday, 13 October 1307 where hundreds of the Knights Templar were arrested in France, an action apparently motivated financially and undertaken by the efficient royal bureaucracy to increase the prestige of the crown. I don’t have to say the detail because i am sure all of you already read the book and if there’s one of you haven’t then go read it …

On Friday 13th is a very bad day, i have that superstition beside you all know how i really don’t like Friday (thanks to Mr. Friday, not yasu), so i tend to do nothing on Friday. Yes, i am still working but i don’t do anything important like driving, travelling, sign some agreement or something else matter.

not only that, but it also because i was born on Friday. As a Javanesse i do believe about the D Day calculation (it’s some old Javanese stuffs) that said your death is gonna come at the day you were born, 2 days after or before you were born. I remember my mom was talking about this. So if i was born on Friday so my death is gonna come on Wednesday (2 days before), Friday (the day i was born) or Sunday (2 days after).

i do believe that, because this is really happened to my aunt. She was born on Friday like me, and when she was sick then she never wake up again after one week on coma, my mom start to count about her death. She said to me if i gotta be ready on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday.

what i remember mostly about her is when she asked me to get a priest 3 days before she was on coma. I asked her why, she answered me if she wanted to have her last confession. Then i ran into the hospital chapel. I went there almost everyday with her during my stay in hospital with her. at 05:00 AM in the morning and 16:00 PM i am gonna walk with her to the chapel while talking about anything and sometimes we are gonna stop by the fending machine to get some coffee.

nah if you asked me what i was doing there on the chapel, i do nothing. all i do was sit there next to my aunt, help her stand when it was time to stand, get her some drink if maybe she’s thristy or something. Just like that, but i told you ne the priest is sooo *triple o* handsome …. fufufufufufufu …. *evil grin*

yasu    :   a priest, come on noi_chan …
noi       :   but he is really handsome ne ..
yasu    :   no no no, go find another guy ..
noi       :   OK, i got you …
yasu    :   what ….

oke, i am gonna say this again ne, he is handsome like guys on telenovela. with latino’s face and deep voice.  At the first time i saw him, i thought he was one of my aunt’s doctors. That’s why when he said : i am the priest i was like …. Maji de ….?. Why do i still remember him even it was a long time ago? that’s because with him i had my first time watch and listen to a confession.

My aunt’s last confession before her death. It supposed to be personal ne only you and your priest when you wanna do a confession, but because my aunt said if she is very affraid to do that but she have to do that, she asked me to stay with her during her confession even i am a moslem. i remember i said : Father, i am a moslem. but still my aunt wanted me to stay there join her confession.

My family is a mixed family half moslem and half Catholic. So i get use with all the differences in fact i get twice present every year : on Ied and Christmas, well that’s a bonus that you get if you are like me … xD. Her confession took about 3 hours. and she talk a lot with her priest. I don’t even remember what she said now. But i remember she was cryin, and then after that she said if she’s ready whenever her God call her. And i just cried. Then one week later on Sunday she passed away.

My Dear Aunt Maria Immachulatta Endang Irawati Soerjanto Soerjoatmodjo, May You Rest in Peace.

see the calculation was right. You may call me idiot for trust something like this, because everything is on God, not by some calculation.  but for this i do, i really do. so this is why i try to not do anything on Friday, especially today, Friday The 3th. Started not good.

~  i leaved my phone at home.

but at bus, i said to myself in English (this is my new habbit ne, talking to myself/have a monolog in English), if that would be fine because i still have another phone inside my bag. But then at office when i open my bag, i can’t fint it. I wish i can call my missing phone because that’s what i always do if i can’t find my phone. Call it, and then follow the ringtone. But hey, how can i call my phone if i don’t remember my own number (the 2nd number).

yasu      :    Thank God i never give you my number …
noi         :    why ….
yasu      :    you will forget it …
noi         :    but i do remember McGyver’s phone number …
yasu      :    McGyver’s phone number? for what …

well yes, then i lost my phone, my second phone. but Thank God i didn’t lost my 1st, primary phone, My BlackCherry. i mean OK today i can’t work normally without my BlackCherry but at least it save at home. but then …

~   I made a massive miss_calculation

i save most of all my works on my BlackCherry   without that, i can’t work normally. But because today i have to do it make one calculation for one client, this man is a little bit annoying with his bossy act. The way he talk to me is always like : hey i pay for this so you have to do this, this as i want … etc etc and many more annoying things.

i should’ve say no, and cancel it tomorrow but all i say to hime was OK, give me 3 hours and you will get it. I finished it and gave it to him, that’s a very hurry work so i didn’t do the double check. And then i found out if there’s a mistake  on my calculation. So it won’t work. He just call me and said a lot of protess with so many why, how come, and then why, ….

what can i do but sayin if i am gonna fix it tomorrow plus some apologies, ah i hate if have to edit things even it is my own work. i’d rather make another new one that have to edit it. and i have to do it on Saturday? Great this is a real Friday The 13th ..

i went home with nonstop blaming myself and didn’t pay attention for today’s NCIS, but Thank God today the Cherry Philosophy stlll work even on Friday The 13th. First i saw this on my Tumblr dashboard …

HYDE’s version of Friday the 13th …




from VAMPS LIVE 2012 @ZEPP TOKYO Friday 13th, Oh My God, he is soo bloody sexy. on that photo it was like HYDE said : This is the real Friday 13th  (read : follow the arrow) to ……   *fill the pink dots yourself* ahahahaha …

and the Cherry Philosophy still continue to flip out my Friday The 13th with Team ABC_Official updated the Offical Blog with yasu and 『the mini y』 photos. Well i think before i continue with yasu and 『the mini y』 talks/rambling i have to post the serial post and of course the lattest Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE , number 19 with a new haircolor,

so there you are the serial post for Acid Black Cherry TOUR  『2012』 July 8th at Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka

1. Photos of the venue and crowd, city view and some local food :

that’s very2 hot day ne, ah ya it’s summer there …

2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.

3.  A final check by yasu himself plus sleeping or whatever he did on the audience seat and he showed the seat number

when i saw the twitpic, i didn’t relly see the hair color change he did, but then i see many other fans reply the tweet with the same silver hair thing and then aha,ya_san, you changed your hair color. But it still blurry because he use that cap cover almost all his hair and let us see only a small part …

noi        :  nee, ya_san is that the way you gave a spolier?
yasu     :  spoiler for what …?
noi        :  your new hair color, by using that cap …
yasu     :  this isn’t a movie ne, so there’s no such thing as spoiler …
noi        :  heee …

after that i really can’t wait to see what is the next Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #19 is gonna be look like, is he gonna look like Kamenashi Kazuya on one of his dorama?

or what, but yatta …!!! finally they (read : Team ABC Official) revealed it, there you are what we all waiting for,   Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #19 the Silver Shining yasu …. #Whoaaa ….

eventually it’s not all silver, i mean we can still see some blonde hide among all the silver hair. And this hairstyle, i can’t say nothing but the stylish put much more hair jell on his hair, or the new hair color make it look like that? …

noi     :    Thank God, ya_san there’s still some blode on you …
yasu  :     why, you don’t like it …
noi     :    i like it, but is that silver or bronze …?
yasu  :    well let me ask you something, you said HYDE_san is number one right …? and me is
noi     :    number two …
yasu  :    ok, so …
noi     :    yeah, it’s silver ….

then the the Cherry Philosophy continued with another dazzling Official Blog post with yasu and 『the mini y』 . Oke blame my moviegoers soul, but you do watch Austin Powers right, nah in that movie there’s the mini me character so ahahaha ye, i call that Kewpies with  『the mini y』. this time Team ABC_Official succeed to get the model, the brilliant model …

Oh God, i want all of them but that kinda a hard ne because that 『the mini y』 only available on the venue so you can’t buy that on The Official Online Shop. But still there’s always 1,000 ways to Rome so there will be 1,000 ways to yasu (read :to get these) …#crossfinger

well i will only have 2 of that 『the mini y』 one is from Levy, she is very kind ne to let me have that. I mean during her trip to Osaka  she still have me on her mind when she have one extra of this …

again and again, ありやす ne Levy …

and the other one i still don’t know which one i am gonna get because i asked somebody to buy me but he just message me if he hasn’t open it because he wanted it to be a surprise for me, A surprise on Friday The 13th? well this Friday The 13th ended 2 hours ago and

my Friday The 13th that started with lost my phone, made a massive miss_calculation but then ended with HYDE’s HOT Friday 13th, yasu and upcoming surprise 「the mini y」  just make it not that bad .  …

noi      :    not bad at all right ya_san …?
yasu   :    what …
noi      :    My Friday The 13th …
yasu   :    hey noi_chan, are you talking to me or posting your Facebook status ….?
noi      :    both, just in case you didn’t read my Facebook status, now let me sing for you ne so you know how i feel  ..

雨に打たれ君を探して叫んでいた.  愛してる愛してるよ …!!!!

yasu   :    i know, just stop singing  …!!


D day Post : Happy Birtday To you Daigo ….. ( Another me, yasu and Ben)

i am gonna call today as D_day, for  what ?



what ….. < —- this is how he usually wrote on his blog ….  xD

D is for Daigo, let say ….

Happy Birthday to you, Daigo.  i wish you all the best …..

i can’t believe he is already 34 years old, but still for 34 years old man he is awesome ne, i mean for me Daigo is someone who can make you laugh and then feel happy for whatever reason, even just looking at what he do, what he post and what he wear like this

see see only Daigo can do that. He also a very2 good blogger, he update his almost everyday and waw for somebody like him, i mean he is so busy right but still he make some time to update his blog so his fans all over the world know what his activity, what is on his mind, etc etc many more …

since when i started to listen to BREAKERZ? i forgot it, maybe after i hear Ao no Mirai, nah after that, i just follow them until now, … this band BREAKERZ is different from another band , for me i always think they tend to pop i mean  they did have rock side on them but the sweet one ….

Not only that, he also posted his beloved aniki (read : yasu) on his blog post, nah a long time before yasu is everywhere all over the internet and social networks like now, i used to sneak out on his blog, maybe he post something about yasu. because sometimes he did …

yasu      :    what, you only open his blog to find me?
noi         :    yes, but …
yasu      :    i am gonna tell Daigo about this,
noi         :    eeeh, no no ya_san, don’t …
yasu      :    hey, hey Daigo …. look noi_chan …
noi         :    stop it and let me finish this ….
Daigo     :    nani ….?
yasu      :    she …
noi         :    nothing ….

and somehow i still doing it until now and it became like a habit to me for click/open Daigo’s blog when i am on Ameba. so every time i saw a notification if there’s a new post fro Daigo on my Ameba wall (or whatever they name this) and then while clicking the link i wonder what Daigo gonna told us today, what story, new event, new glasses maybe or etc etc many more,…..

i always say if yasu and Daigo are my number two broomance after SHERLOCK HOLMES and John Watson, and i love how they both keep talking about each other. On every interview in telly or radio yasu never forget to talk about hyde (after all he is hyde’s number one fanboy) and his bestfriend Daigo and Daigo did the same way.

see how sweet that ne, i mean their friendship like that for me is awesome, both of them are vocalist of a rock band, famous, and their friendship also connect their fans,  you know all Acid Black Cherry/Janne fans usually get along well or be friend with BREAKERZ fans, for example is me with [info]minlilin, [info]seiret, Joanna, and Alyssa. see that’s one of the magic in this fandom world. There’s always divisions but each division connect well with a fans_friendship following the friendship of yasu and Daigo ….

A Fellowship of Friendsip? waw that’s brilliant ……!!!!!

their friendship sometimes make me envy, for me who have no friends or someone that i can call with my best friend, yeah sometimes i feel that envy feeling when i saw them both get along like that, talk about each other, and i dunno why their friendship remind me to one of Michael Jackson‘s song.

i grew up with Michael Jackson songs, and i remember when i was on elementary school, everybody in my class have their own dairy book where they gonna ask all their classmate with their bio like what’s your name, address, hobby, fave singer, etc etc . And at that time on fave singer question Michael Jackson is everbody’s answer.

Ben, this song is a forever friendship song, i love this song and God Bless Michael Jackson. On the day he die i cried while listening to this song …. because the world just lost one of the most talented man.



Michael jackson

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I’ll never be alone
And you my friend will see
You’ve got a friendin me
(You’ve got a friend in me)

Ben, you’re always running here and there
(Here and there)
You feel you’re not wanted anywhere
If you ever look behind
And don’t like what you find
There’s something you should know
You’ve got a place to go
(You’ve got a place to go)

I used to say “I” and “me”
Now it’s “us”, now it’s “we”
I used to say “I” and “me”
Now it’s “us”, now it’s “we”

Ben, most people would turn you away
I don’t listen to a word they say
They don’t see you as I do
I wish they would try to
I’m sure they’d think again
If they had a friend like Ben
(A friend)
Like Ben
(Like Ben)
Like Ben

A friend to call with our own, so we never be alone, too bad thanks to how weird i am i don’t have it in my real life. I f i have a friend where i can go to tell him/her what i feel, what just happen i think i don’t have to cry like an idiot in front of burger shop like the last time whan i lost my mom. nah because i don’t have it so there you are i cried and cried there

noi       :   nee ya_san, that’s not gonna happen if you give me your number …
yasu    :   oh no, don’t start again ….
noi       :   i can call you ne …
yasu    :   i told you ne, that’s impossible, i am not gonna give you my number …
noi       :   who knows ….
yasu    :   hey you did posted on your blog, that’s enough ..
noi       :   but still it not the same …
yasu    :   ah there you are the spoil fangirl ….

well at least i have a blog ne and that’s what a blog use for, at least for me. but in this case in this fandom world i think i have it. friends, i dunno whether they think the same way as i think abot them as my friend but i really think they are my friend. having friend from the same or another division in this fandom world  is another thing that i have to thank to yasu, …. Oh dear God this I Owe yasu list is getting longer ne, …. and i dunno if i have any chance to say all on that list to him (read : yasu) or not ….

yesterday i had my day off, and today i work and finally today the meatball man finally show up again after lunch after almost 2 weeks he is not comin. I asked him why and he said that’s because he joined his neigbour to arrage sound system for weddings. This is April and in my country this month according to Javanesse calendar is good to hold something, for example wedding

he said he can get about 200,000 IDR (about 20 USD) for one wedding, nah the last two weeks he got 5 weddings, so he got 1,000,000 IDR ( about 100 USD) total. that’s not happen everyday ne, …. and while listen to that story from a man who his daily job is selling a meatball soup and only get about 50,000 IDR a day, i wonder maybe this is the way God remind me to not stop be grateful for everything i have now and told me to give more.

yes, i should give more because 2  days ago i just got 100 USD, ahahahahahaha, finally this fangirl is lucky enough ne, … i am not gonna tell you where the hell is that 100 USD come from, but hey God, you never forget me ne, finally there’s something good came to me. btw i spent my day off for this :



that’s my own Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 lyrics book, i made that my self for me and of course for my friends for what, of course to help me more easy to dig this album deeper and i don’t have to open my netbook if i want to listen this album and understand more. I put kanji, romaji, and English translation for each song in this album. and of course with this image

as header, actually i wanna put it also as footer. but too bad when i did that all the page just screwed and i dunno how to fix it. so okay i play save and erase the messy footer and there you are just like that. Now this book is in my hand everyday and today i tried it on my bus riding this moring and somehow my bus riding feel faster.

i also scann the Photobook from 『2012』 CD Only version, i did that slowly because i don’t wanna make any damage to the booklet, i don’t care if any damage i made to my magazines but this photobook is different ne, it need a special treatment because the man who is inside it is so special, there you are enjoy

ah ya i almost forget, today i just decide if i am going to Japan this October, for this year Halloween Party, to watch hyde and yasu in one stage. Because this is my first trip to Japan, i am not gonna go there alone, i am gonna be together with my friend and we gonna stay there for one week,




so Yukiko, would you meet me next October? ….

yasu       :    hey noi_chan, hurry where’s the meal, you make me wait ….
noi          :    eh, meal? you know i can’t cook. i failed on my last fettuccini class remember …
yasu       :    Good, first you can’t swimm and now you can’t cook …?
noi          :    ups, sorry but wait i’ll make you some spaghetti …
yasu       :    spaghetti again, that’s boring. you fangirl, you better do something …. *leaving*
noi          :    heee ….


Random Post : Re_Tweet day …. ( Another me, yasu in The Big Apple)

thanks to my dear Ipan, i clicked this application on Facebook and look at the result ….

aye aye …..

but then i found out if Ipan also got the same result, eh so this application just hit all names meaning like that? …. Everyone loves you ? …. what the hell …. but this kind application is always fun to click, it just for fun, not only the application above btw, i also followed Ipan to click this one , and the result is :

bloody hell, what was that? i am gonna marry 5 years again in Hirakata-shi, Japan and my marriage is going to be the arrange married (i think this one is my mom)  and 5 years again? , err chotto ne how many years did they give me ….? i kinda forget, as i remember 5 years last year so after my birthday next month all those 5 years minus one is gonna be 4 years left, so i am sorry but i think i am not gonna be on my own wedding and honeymoon ….. ahahahaha ….. *crazy at dawn*

last but not least, i am gonna go to Australia for honeymoon? so what i am gonna do there, running with Kangoroo? i mean race with them at desert? like on the Kangoroo Jack movie? ….

yasu       :    running with Kangoroo, ah you are not gonna win and  even you say that bloody hell things, i bet you also say another word …
noi          :    eh, what word? …
yasu       :    the usual yay yay yay ….
noi          :    omo ya_san, how did you know that, but do you also now where is my dream place to honeymoon …. ?
yasu       :    no, i dunno …
noi          :    don’t worry, i’ll tell you …
yasu       :     what if i don’t wanna know?
noi          :    i am still gonna tell you ne  ….

my dream place to honeymoon hmmm, 5 years ago i am gonna say London, Paris or NYC, but now is different. I start to think about Tibet or Bhutan for honeymoon if i am gonna marry someday to get lost there. Enjoy the best moment in my life at the last Shangri-La on earth.

i wonder how it gonna be if i get lost there, i mean no phone, no net connection and all what people said with technology recently, just me, my beloved and the great blue sky, join some nomad family maybe, ah i know it sounds weird for me to say something like this, me as a fangirl who can’t live without my telly, PC and internet connection.

but hey, that’s true i really wanna feel that. you all know what i mean if you already read that book above : Sky Burial, an Epic Love Story of Tibet by XINRAN. That book tell us about the story of a woman named Shu Wen who join the Chinese militia to find her husband. The government said if her husband is already die in his duty in Tibet but still she want to proof it herself about that. So she went to Tibet.

this book content is 2 days conversation between XINRAN and Shu Wen about her 30 years in Tibet, how her effort to manage all the trouble she get at the first time she started to live with the Tibetans. She learn a lot of things, like how the Sky Burrial held and how the wild bird is gonna eat all the dead body, she found a true freindship when she really feel lonely ,  and what interesting on this book is the fact that in her story Shu Wen fund out about how a woman can be married into two man at the same time and how they live happy as a family, …

this is surprised me even i know that things called poliandri is real even it was on The Mahabhrat epic where one woman Panchaali, as the wife of the legendary five Pandava brothers. not only that, this book also gave me a lovely ending how 30 years in Tibet change Shu Wen look like a real Tibetans and when she back to China everybody need to be assure if she is chinesse. and how after 30 years in Tibet she didn’t know if His Holiness is not at the Pottala temple anymore

even i am not gonna be there soon because what happened , and of course i don’t wanna be there for 30 years to find a man that i love (because he is in Japan, not in Tibet) at least i wanna know how does it feel to be under that blue sky and all the green meadows, yes, for 1 maybe 2 weeks i am okay to get lost there …

yasu     :     1 or 2 weeks lost in Tibet, you …
noi        :     yeah, who knows …
yasu     :     come on noi_chan, everybody knows you can’t handle a single day without your telly and internet …
noi        :     but that’s because of my job as your fangirl, the fulltime one …
yasu     :     so you are gonna leave this job?
noi        :     maybe one day if i   …
yasu     :     if you what …
noi        :     if i join NYPD
yasu     :      what NYPD, you …..?

NYPD and look at that, that’s The Empire State Buildings and L’arc_en_Ciel,  so oke let’s back to The New York City, L’arc_en_Ciel and their live on Madison Square Garden. Last Monday was the live and i was so excited when i get on line and found this #larencielmsg all over my timeline and not only that, soon somebody upload one video on twitter , The Blurry Eyes part, OMG how can nobody tell me if we can upload a video on twitter? ….



so that day is officially a Re_Tweet day for me, because i do nothing at that day but re_tweet all the tweet with  #larcencielmsg, the day where L’arc was live on MSG stage, and guess who was there to watch them …? Mika Nakashima was at MSG to watch them live ….



i wish i can be there ….

at the first time i was worrued about this Live at MSG thanks to the rumours all over the social networks whether it’s about the ticket sales, the casting audience etc etc , … i don’t care about that, i just don’t want something happen for this, eventually this L’arc live in NY was amazing, how Ken gave Yukihiro set of A Nightmare Before Chistmast Monopoly, tetsuya gave banana and lolipop? (only NY? or he is also gonna give it again on their next country?)and of course don’t forget Ken_chan’s MC also  what hyde said :

it took us twenty years to get here- will we meet again! …. Oh My hyde, don’t you know, for me it took 10 years to watch you live on stage and it was a bless for me. and what makes me happy is even there was the casting audition, at least they like it and some articles said L’Arc’s songs are catchy as hell, hyde as The Japanese version of Axl Rose ? ah ya he is ….



and the interview above? … hohohohoh i was soo happy just reading and watch all of those  … so now the big show in NY is over now mt time for me to watch them live at Jakarta is closer, i better make some plan about this, i have to. i mean i can’t take another 3 day off like when i was chase them in Bangkok, this time when they (read : L’arc) chase me back to Jakarta my day off is shorter, just 1 or 2 days ….

yesterday the post officer sent me a text message, they said : Dear Ms. Noi Himura, we have one package for you from Mr. Toshi Makiya Japan … then i was like jump off my chair because i thought finally after the dissapointed me one day earlier, maybe this day my 2012 is arrive , but it wasn’t. They only have my Arena 37 Degrees, …..

i’ll scan this today, i don’t like to scan this magazine because this magazine is kinda hard to scan, see the size and the paper, unlike the other magazine like CD&DL Data, Songs or Fools Mate for this magazine i have to push it harder to the scanner if i want the best result. but look at this, someone did scan this Bass Magazine, there you are Shuse, yasu and Ikuo together ….

credit to : [info]hildekitten

and today is March 29th, i can’t sleep and woke up at 03:00 AM then write this random and annoying post, i am not gonna work today because i have to finish my tax payment. This time i have to do this alone, you know all by myself with all many things i have to do at bank today. I don’t like this bank activity where i have to sign lot’s of paper.

And sometimes when my signature is not same between one and another paper they told me to do that again from the start, nah that’s the time when this banking activity gets boring, but it never boring when the time i receive the money because money never sleep and never bored  …. xD …. and today also the release date of Fools Mate Magazine April 2012 edition and look who is on the cover ….

plus another page of him with Morrie DEAD_END? …..

well i can’t wait for this, ….

and btw do you remember about the Acid Black Cherry fan project related to what yasu said on his last interview with JPop Asia that i tell you last time? nah they already finished the video and they also made one account on tumblr for that, now i just wait the time when they put my African face there with one word next to it : Indonesia

ah ya here’s the video  —–> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k4zY5EOjbVusDl2V0um

and yesterday what yasu post on the last Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup Official Blog on Ameba ありがとうございます。 , he said about receive many message from abroad, …. well okay he saw the video above yay …..  and somehow it makes me think about something else, i better keep this for my self ….. fufufufufufu …


OMG   .

last but not least what i am gonna say to this man is :

Dear yasu_san,

see how you mean to all of us, and how your music change not only my life but also so many life there. so yes you have us your international fans, and we all love you and support you always …. so ya_san, I love you. i bloody love you ne ……

Your Fulltime fangirl

yasu    :     for you …?
noi       :     yes, who else …
yasu    :     do i have to answer it again …?
noi       :    愛してる 愛してるよ  ….?
yasu    :    no, the answer is 愛していない, i think you listen 【イエス】 too much …
noi       :    heeee …… *brokenhearted again*