Acid Black Cherry CRISIS Lyrics : This is Brilliant …! (Another me, yasu and Dr House)

this is Brilliant …..!!!!

you can watch the full PV here :

凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色
お願い 涙 まだ流れないで あなたがいなくなるまで

枯れ葉散る あの日は寒くて
哀しくて イヤな予感がしたんだ

凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色
凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色
お願い 涙 まだ流れないで あなたがいなくなるまで

髪を染め 化粧を覚えた

出逢いは突然で 別れも突然で
それ以上言わないで 言葉が突き刺さる
もう痛すぎて 耳を塞いだ

あぁもうダメ 涙がこぼれそう
背伸びして覚えた 化粧を落とさないで
最後くらいは キレイでいたい

壊れ焦がれ恋心は 深い涙色
今から泣くから早く行って 嘘 行かないで
凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色
お願い 涙 まだ流れないで あなたがいなくなるまで


Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Onegai namida mada nagarenaide anata ga inaku naru made

Kareha chiru ano hi wa samukute
Anata wa sukoshi itsumo to chigatte
`Nanimonai’ tte itta hohoemi ga
Kanashikute iyanayokan ga shita nda

Kon’nani chikainoni kyū ni kowaku natte
Tashikameru yō ni dakishimeta nda
Anata no kokoro no oku ni kakushita koe ni
Fureta ki ga shite mimi o fusaida

Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Dakishimeru dake de kon’nani hon’ne ga mieru nante
Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Onegai namida mada nagarenaide anata ga inaku naru made

Sukoshi demo kirei ni naritakute
Kami o some keshō o oboeta
Sarigenai yasashi-sa ni hika re
Kigatsukeba anata no soba ni ita

Deai wa totsuzen de wakare mo totsuzende
Hoka ni sukinahito ga dekita no ne
Sore ijō iwanaide kotoba ga tsukisasaru
Mō ita sugite mimi o fusaida

`Wakatta yo’ tte karuku waratte misetakedo
A~a mōdame namidagakoboresō
Senobi shite oboeta keshō o otosanaide
Saigo kurai wa kireide itai

Koware kogare koigokoro wa fukai namida-iro
Ima kara nakukara hayaku itte uso ikanaide
Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Onegai namida mada nagarenaide anata ga inaku naru made

My Heart to Heart Translation

This frozen love  is colored sad tears
Until there are no tears flowing, i still ask you

That day was cold and dead leaves fall
You are a little different from usual
You said “Nothing,” and smile
I was sad and had a bad feeling

Though I am so near, become fierce suddenly…
To make sure I hug
For the voice that I hid in the depths of your heart…
I felt like having touched you and covered my ears

This frozen love  colored sad tears
that real intention is in sight like this only by giving a tight hug
This frozen love  colored sad tears
Until there are no tears flowing, i still ask you

Want to become slightly beautiful…
I dyed hair and learned makeup…
It is attracted by casual gentleness…
There was it near you if I noticed

The encounter is sudden, and the parting is sudden, too….
A favorite person was able to do it elsewhere….
Words pierce it without saying more than it….
I had too much a pain in it and already covered my ears

[I understood it] laughed lightly….
I seem to, oh, already shed useless tears….
Don’t drop the makeup which I stretch myself and learned…
The last is painful with beauty

It breaks and is its love,   colored sad tears
Because I cry now, I go early, and it is a lie line, or there isn’t it
This frozen love  colored sad tears
Until there are no tears flowing, i still ask you




the PV is also brilliant and and my fave is this one, Yasu the Fanboy

how they also put the nerd ABC even there’s no Akihide , … but still they bring back my memories about that nerd ABC, …. i love it, and hope someday yasu is gonna make another PV with them , a very funny one like the epic 20 Century Boys …

noi      :   OMG, ya_san, what is on your mind? …
yasu   :    why? …
noi      :   this song, is brilliant and you are so damn good for this kind of song …
yasu   :   hey watch your language girl ….
noi      :   ops sorry ….  frozen love, want to be beautiful  ahh …
yasu   :   no, no noi_chan, don’t start your drama tonight …..
noi      :   but it’s just ….
yasu   :   aish, not again  ….

btw what i get from this song, i am still listening now, is …. a very sad, lots of tears  a frozen love still askin for a person, the same person, … want to be beautiful, learned to put some make up dress nicely and …. OMG it just remind me of him (read : not yasu)  …… and the question is  am i shed a useless tears for him (read : not yasu) ? ….

yasu   :    i knew it’s gonna be end to Mr. Friday …
noi      :    ya_san, how did you know …
yasu   :    well everytime you add read : not yasu note, it always him right …
noi      :    i am sorry, but yes, it is him

i talked about Mr. Friday a lot here,  there’s a slight in my mind to post his photo here, but i am to affraid to do that, i mean what if he see it i mean if he for some reason, read this blog i am 100% sure if he is gonna be totally clueless if the Mr. Friday in here is him (read : not yasu), …. but i hope he is not gonna lost here, and

God please take the internet connection from him onegaiii  …!!!!

i remember i saved his photo, only one i stole that from his Facebook when i still on his friendlist, but when i found out he is gonna marry and his Facebook profile change into not only him but with his wife, i kicked him from my friendlist, … i know that was rude, see i am the one who added him and then i also the one who un_friended him …. at  that time, what i really want to say to him was : hey, see what you did, you just lost one friend on Facebook …. !!!!  and if i have to describe him, MR. Friday is like this man :

see he is Francis Ng, he is a famous actor in Hongkong, ….  if you don’t know who he is well on  Infernal Affairs 2 he played as Tony Lung’s big brother (in this movie, the younger version of Tony Lung’s character was played by Shawn Yue) and he is dead in the end of the movie but before he died, he found out if the mole all this time is his own brother ….

OMG that scene is so sad, Francis Ng with his bloody face hug Shawn Yue and look at him with that expression …..

oke back to Mr. Friday, …. well that’s him, Mr. Friday is exactly look like him, the wide forehead, and i think now it’s more wide because he pray a lot, he is a very religious man remember, than me, with this up and down faith ….  maybe this is one of so many reasons why God didn’t make the MFEO (read : Made For Each Other) faith for me and Mr. Friday …. the other reason is :

1.   I am stupid, ….
2.   I am not from a religious family with my atheis dad, , ….
3.   I don’t wear hijab, so everybody still can see my hair …
4.   I don’t dress properly for a muslim girl …
5.   I am complicated …

and many more …. and long time a go i asked God  : Dear God, if i wear hijab would he be mine? … and as always God didn’t answer me directly but via clues and … i think God never agree if i wear hijab only for him (read : not yasu) , … it’s gonna be useless …

so if in CRISIS lyrics yasu wrote about wanna be pretty by learned how to make up and dress nicely, … in my case is wanna be more religious by wear hijab just to be with Mr. Friday, …. and in the end he didn’t belong to me is another punishment from God who always want me to be a better person and pray more …. , pray only for God, with no other ….

this year is pretty hard for me, …. a lot of things happen, … my dad being sick and now he is more like crazy , …. how drama queen is my mother now and my health is not as good as last year, …. yesterday i collapsed at office because i ate too much durian,

yasu    :    how much you eat …?
noi       :    not much, only 3
yasu    :    eeeehhh ?
noi       :    but that was the small one
yasu    :    greed …..

and then i went to see a doctor, …. and the doctor said if my blood pressure is so high, more than a normal person should be, …. he also said : If God give you 100 years to live, now you’re on the 1/4 , … but with this high blood pressure ? ….  he asked me to diet and change my food pattern, … a diet? what the, i have to diet even i am not fat  ….

see my health is the one and only i am so proud of, and now what just happend to me? … i knew it, i shouldn’t go see a doctor, see a doctor is a disease digger, …. they never say : everything is fine with you, …  and they always find something is wrong with you …. well okay. i’ll do my diet next year after i see Hyde in Bangkok , ….  i need Dr House now , ….

i am not in a good mod now, i think i better stop add a comment or something because i am gonna say something rude like this : when somebody posted :

I………………CANT…….……..DOWNLOAD………….THE CONCERT………………………….JUST…………KILL……….ME………………..

on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook, instead help him/her to find the download links, … i replied him/her with :  I am gonna eat you alive ....

yasu     :   that’s rude ne …
noi        :   i know ..
yasu     :    are you in CRISIS?.

yes, i am on CRISIS right now so i am gonna spend this night to be mellow, more mellow than a melon, with this song and yes this mellow but not a mellon drama is on …. ahahaha … *got kicked by Megatron*

yasu    :   more mellow than a melon ….?
noi       :   yes, …
yasu    :   why melon? …
noi       :   well if i saiy more mellow than a cherry sound’s wierd … because ..
yasu    :    because …
noi       :   for cherry, what i am gonna say is
i am so happy more happy than a cherry, because of Acid Black Cherry ,,,,,
yasu    :   what the ….


A New Pairing : A Werewolf and A Dyin Girl in a Rainbow Dress …. (Another me, yasu and CHASE)

i saw this on L’arc Official MySpace :

OMG i really love that image above and that’s the cover jacket for L’arc next single CHASE , …  this is what i mean with right now i feel i missed the L’arc train, …

i mean i start to missed all about them, … why? maybe this is because all this time i always count on Tekki for anything about L’arc and now Tekki is kinda busy with her effort to be more British so here i am ….

for example , when i saw that beautiful image above, i dunno if that’s for CHASE jacket until i posted that on my Facebook wall and Ely Takarai told me if that image is the jacket cover for CHASE, ….  i always think if this image below is the jacket cover for CHASE

ahahahaha …. what a bad fangirl i am ne, … me the one who always said/spam everywhere how much i love L’arc  now missed their big ship to L’arribean because i am to busy in Cherrybean with this man  ….

see this is what happen if you are in two fandoms , … yes, i am on ABC fandom, but i am also on L’arc fandom, and the truth is L’arc is my base fandom, ….  but imagine when you are standing in two boats with one leg on this boat and the other leg is on the other boat, …. that’s hard ne, i know you will be able to do that if you have a great balance but it still hard to do

nah in my case, i am the one who can’t swim and  don’t have a good balance so here i am missed a lot of things on L’arc , … when everybody already talk about one thing, i just found out recently and got surprise for that , ….

yasu      :     so what next ….
noi         :     i dunno …
yasu      :     i think i know what you should do next …
noi         :     what?
yasu      :     learn to swim ne so you can be balance …
noi         :     eeehh ….. you know i can’t do that …
yasu      :     make it as your next year bucket list …
noi         :     okay, …. nee ya_san you can ask me anything but not swimming …
yasu      :     ah, you spoil girl ..

my bucket list? …. ah ya i almost forget about that …

this is already the end of November and i am still like this, still the same selfish bitch and no wonder my life is still miserable like this, … i have no idea what  i have to do next, and everything is blurry for me, i feel un_sure about everything,  at this point instead of Pay It Forward, what i am doin is Pay It Backward, …

yasu      :   backward, …. why?
noi        :    i  dunno ….

but that is what i feel recently, i know i’ve been so depressed last month , and then i feel better and now that depression is back hit me over and over again today , …. i feel so stupid now, i can’t think or work fast like i used to be, …

for example, this is something simple :  i even can’t find my phone inside my bag when i was standing on my bus ride in the morning, ….  nah that’s why i really hate when someone text me or call me while i am on my morning bus riding , because i am gonna panic and keep searching my phone inside my bag while hyde keep sayin Kiss Kiss Kiss …. to me ….

ah ya i use XXX as my ring tone now, … and it feels great ne , …. and i feel somebody (read : Hyde) saduced me everyday …. wekekekeke ….

and my life is getting worst, i know it is so shamefull ne rant about how miserable i am in this blog, the blog that i dedicated to this fangirlsm of yasu and hyde. but i also made this blog as my personal pensive where i can put all the memories that i wanted to forget or all what pissed me off, and many more include how misserable i am, …

today, my dad start over again, and somehow he always do that when i am at home, today is Sunday and today is Islamic New Year, so i stayed at home and do nothing, because i always stay at home on Islamic New Year, even here in my home we didn’t celebrate this new year as much as we celebrate the regular new year …

the biggest question on me is why did he always do that, act like he is the most important person in this house and act about how sick he is, i think he is okay now but because he is to lazy (see where i get my lazyness from?) to practice or do something himself, like eating, … i know he can do that but he never want to do that but keep ask my mom to feed him, and when she made a little mstake he is gonna mad like my mom is gonna kill him by that little mistake she made …

and today he made my mom cried again , and that’s make me hate him more, all my life i always try to love him and find some hole in my heart or tryin to find some side of him that i can love to, but more i try to do that the result is more i hate him like now , …. i start to think about stop to pay his medication bills and let him sick so he can’t make all of us sick with what he always did … but can i do that? i know even i really want to do that, but in the end i am still gonna pay for his medication.

and this morning my mom said to me she is gonna leave us back to her own house ….. OMG OMG is that true? ….  that’s my biggest nightmare and she just said that ….

i hope that’s only a dream, … and what i did next i just back to sleep and pretend nothing is ever happen while prayin everything is gonna be okay when i wake up ….  and now i am already wake up and it seems like everything was fine …. or i just had a dream? … a very bad dream? … i dunno …

yasu       :    sleep, …. i think you just ran away …
noi          :    whatever you name it, sleep or ran away … for me it’s the same
yasu       :    what the
noi          :    and thanks to you ya_san, i found a way out for all of this …
yasu       :    by what?
noi          :    nemuri hime, i am gonna be a never wake up nemiri hime , … to end my miserable live, and you ya_san, please don’t kiss me to wake me up , because i will never wake up
yasu       :    baka, who is gonna kiss you anyway

Sometimes i feel so tired with all of this i feel so thin, like a butter applied in to many breads,

i really really wanna have a very long vacation for my self, have my own moment, just me and my self nobody else.  i wanna quit my job, and go to somewhere , to place where nobody know me with all my savings …  i remember i used to do this when i was on college , … whenever something happen and i feel so bad what i did is go and dissapeare …. for a week maybe two and that’s really help me , and when i came back i was like a full recharged phone

but everything is different now, …. i have responsible now, i can’t just quit my job and go dissapeare, lke that, then what about my dad, my mom, who is gonna pay for his medical bill, i know my mom can’t afford that herself with her store income …

last week i saw this show on one of my cable, in that show Lisa Ling went to North Korea to show us what is happen there, …. Lisa Ling is a famous journalist, she went everywhere (India, China, and many more) and told us about a lot of things, what is really happen in this world.

on that show, …. Lisa showed me how all people in North Korea so adore and respect for their Great Leader, … and there’s a scene where an old lady who almost blind because of cataracts. cataracts is an  eyes disease where we found some clouding on the eye lense, the treatment is so simple just by replacing the eye lense with a new plastic artificial lenses, ..

the day when Lisa was there , there’s a free eye treatment for 1,000 peoples include that old lady , the night before her operation day, Lisa asked her : What do you wanna do after you able to see ? … and the answer is : i  wanna see my Great Leader face , …. at least before i die so i can thank Him for everything he gave to me , …

see how loyal is she, i never imagine she is gonna answer with that, … and she is not the one and only who answer like that, mostly all of them who got this eye treatment said the same thing, … nobody know whether that is a real respect of just becasue they are affraid? …. but in the real respect and adore and affraid just same , …. they all adore their Great Leader …

another sory is about a guy who ran aways from North Korea to South Korea, he was a soldier when he is in North, why did he ran away? …  that’s because one night he made a mistake on his job and he knew he is gonna get a dath penalty the next morning if he stay.

so that nght he ran away with his fellow, … he made some simple conductor to move the electricity from the barbed wire to the ground for some moments at the border so he can sneak out savely, … he was able to do that but not his friend, …  then afer saw his friend died burned alive with his eyes, he spent the night by walking in the largest landmines on earth ….

now he is save and have his own free live in South Korea, but when somebody asked him about his family, he never wanna talk about that, ….  he knows with his ran away to South all his family is gonna be arrest and went to jail, all of them no matter what …

yasu    :    nee noi_chan where’s the connection …?
noi       :    ah ya let me finish this oke …

nah somehow when i saw that man story,  i salute him for how brave he was to follow his heart to get his freedom, but when i saw him never talk about his family i feel so sorry for him, …. see a family is our identity in this world, so if you can’t/don’t want to talk about your family i know your whole life is gonna be empty , ….

not only that i feel like i am in that man position, see i always wanna go away from here, but i can’t leave my mom, what is gonna happen to my mom and my sista if i leave them just to get my own live . I am gonna be so selfish ne, Tekki always said to me,  about how she would never stand be on this situation if i am not here, … so she is so greatfull that i don’t have to work out of town, so we can handle our dad together …

nah if i go i would be so selfish ne, …. just to achieve my goal, to get my long vacation, but i am sure on that long vacation i am gonna meet another people that oke they all don’t know anything about me, but i am also sure all of them is gonna ask about my family ….

then whet should i say to them? …. should i say the same thing like that man : no i don’t wanna talk about my family ….. or i should say : i leaved my family for this …. so in the end here i am still trapped here in this miserable live but with my beloved mom that i can’t leave … and i hope she never leave me, no matter how hard this misery is gonna be

I promise you mom, i am gonna stay here with you, but promise me one thing : don’t you ever leave me ….

enough about my miserable life, here’s my scans for Arena 37 December 2011 … enjoy this sexy yasu, … i love when he pose like that, with that face and look

he looks Brilliant ….!!!!

now let’s back to L’arc and CHASE cover jacket, ….

this is for Regular edition

and this one is for Limitted Edition

OMG that’s so beautiful ne, a werewolf/vampire holding a girl with a rainbow color dress (i think the girl is dying and the werewolf/half change vampire cried for her) …. OMG that’s so sad ne? …. if you watch this movie : Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale’s movie Van Helsing i am sure you are gonna feel familiar with that image above

we all know in the end Van Helsing turn into a vampire on his fight with Count Dracula, but instead of the cute vampire he became like this , this kind of wild vampire

and we also know (for all of you who don’t know you better watch this movie , because this movie is amazing, … ) if Princess Anna got stabned until death when she want to save Van Helsing from what he became , …. nah that image above  remind me when Van Helsin half change from vampire to human cried while holding Princess Anna’s dead bodie …

OMG what a coincidence ne, L’arc  CHASE cover and Van Helsing my fave movie, and i really love this kind of coincidence …. i am sure one of them ( Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya or Yukihiro) or the one who made that image as a cover for CHASE watched theat movie and love it like he/she love L’arc and viola …. there you are one amazing cover for CHASE

and for me that cover gave me an idea for another pairing of me and yasu, ….  drum roll please …. tram trarararaa …..

the new pairing is :

A Werewolf and A Dyin Girl in a Rainbow Dress ….

noi      :   ya_san, dou dou ….?
yasu   :   are you serious … i am the werewolf and you are the dyin girl?
noi      :   sure i am ,
yasu   :   but in the end you are gonna die ne,
noi      :   it’s okay, i am still gonna die anyway …
yasu   :   i don’t like it, so the answer is no …
noi      :   but you should say yes ..
yasu   :   why should i?
noi      :   because your next single is yes, remember ….
yasu   :    what the …


Tomodachi wa ….. (Sunao Club vs My Social Networks)

I just finished this dorama …. well i got this one about 4 months ago but i dunno why i just watch it yesterday, …. I wrote this note as comparison, yeah i always compare anything that i watch with my live and everything’s around me  …. i compare this one with my Geje Fams, … my friends on my social networks. one about social networks is we tend to linked to people who had the same thing with us, for example is the same school, hobby, activity …. etc. Well my social network linked me to many people with the same interest with. In this case is fandoms and j_music. Indeed i open my account on this Facebook, Twitter (i never get how to use Twitter as good as Facebook)  and many more is  because of this thing and also because President Obama use Facebook when he runs for president of USA …. ahahaha, that’s silly ne but i told you that’s totally right. ….


what about the same school factor? ahahaha …. i only put 5 or 6 of my college friends on my friend_list, some of them even ask to another “who is Noi Himura?” ….. OMG, they didn’t know me but still accept my friend request? …. nanda kore? I am always invisible for them, no wonder nobody knows me ….



i bet they gonna say who the hell is this? when they open my wall ….. **


okay back to the topic … this dorama Sunao Ni Narenakutte tells about a friendship via Twitter, there’s 5 people who get connected on Twitter. they talk each other, then be so close …. they use a user name  : Haru, Nakaji, Linda, Peach and Doctor …. they didn’t only tweets and support each other but also they help each other and yes they also worried for else who get into something just like what i feel right now.



There’s a scene where one of the character (Peach or Linda, i forgot …. damn i am always forget anything recently, should i upgrade my brain memory maybe they just lack of empties space?) … she/he said : why did we join this social networks and get involved on very deep? … because nobody wants to be lonely. I remember one of song lyrics that says “Sadness is beautifull, loneliness is tragical”  …. ah ya that’s from The Backstreet Boys song called The shape of My Heart .. everybody wanted somebody out there who always be there for them, even it just on virtual … i mean even they never see each other. …..



the 5 members on Sunao Club live in the same city, …. so they can meet each other on their fave cafe ….When all of them meet for the first time, …. i just can feel the sensation, how does it feels want to meet somebody that you feel so close to,  the curiosity and can’t stop ask in your heart : how does he/she looks like?, what if they don’t like me, what if we cannot talk just like the way we talk on internet? … and many more


i still remember feel all of that last October when fist time  i meet my online friends (in this case is My Geje Fams) , because they already come from their city to my city just to meet me? …. OMG than that questions is all over my brain …. this is the different between the Sunao club and my geje fams is the distance …. my friend Piko, Bunta and Mumu must take a night travel on train and Amel takes about 8 hours on bus just to meet me and tekki …. i was so flattered by that …



But thank God everything is okay … hey we did the same way on the internet : talks, made some silly jokes and laugh together and did a lot of fun together include karaoke and bus riding … i feel so happy that time, …


I get a lot of thing from this dorama, i mean from all the 5 characters … each of them ….:


– from Haru, i learn not to let go my dreams and be less selfish …



I think Haru (Juri Ueno looks so sweet here plus with her outfits) is the center from 5 of them with her Ganbarre thing that always make the other feels okay … (in this case Nakaji is) … she also be honest to all that even on twitter she is a sensei, the real is she only a temporal sensei because she fail at the exam to be a full time sensei. and then all of them also start to be honest about who they are : peach, she isn’t a stewardess, Doctor isn’t doctor, and Nakaji isn’t professional fotografer, he only assist the real pro one.


i think i am also want to be honest here, … see i always said that i am a vampire, a lady vampire from trasylvania ,… etc etc and many more but minna …. i am gonna be honest to all of you now that for real i am not a vampire , …..



actually this Noi Himura is a Wonder Woman …… !!!!! jiahahhaha ….. *get kicked by everyone*


if Haru’s dream is for being a teacher, well my dreams isn’t too far from her … my dreams is to make my mom happy and stop worrying about me …. by what ? … being a government officer and learn again for my next year exam  … i get bored on this test because i am already fail for the 3 times, can you imagine that? ….. but after i see how Haru still go to her exam again after failed, … yeah think i am gonna do just like him …. there’s a chance for me even a little bit ….


my friend, i mean my social networks friends (i don’t have many friends on my real live it just my office mate, my schoolmate? i don’t have it because me is a type of student that nobody will see, … in another words is invicible) say ganbarre to me when i go to my last exam …. and when i failed again they still say it is okay you can try again next year … at that time i feel so stupid and useless ….


be less selfish, where Haru decided to be a good friend for Nakaji after she realized that Nakaji doesn’t feel the same with her. she said that be his side and always be there every time he needs her is more than enough …..


– from Nakaji i learn his kind an affections …



Nakaji is a typical man who always be the happy one, he cheer up every body and so easy to feel guilty about something happen. he regrets a lot about what happen to Linda …. I like how he reacts when he found out that Linda is a gay and in love with him, …. when Linda ask him : are you disgust me now? … mostly peoples tend to stay away from their gay friend, and they just stay away more if they found out that their gay friend is had a crush on them.



But Nakaji did great with Linda …. still beside him as a friend, made him promise not to die  and even cry for him when Linda is dying ….


– from Linda i learn that giving is better than asking …



Linda is like their personal uncle long legs ….Linda always be there and help all of them … he goes to hospital with Peach, helps Doctor with his salesman points, and helps nakaji with all his photo (even he gets molested by his sacchou because of that, … can you imagine he is a gay but he must sleep with her?)  What he feels about Nakaji and how he really wanted to be near with him, how he feels sad when he saw Nakaji and Haru together. at the hospital he even told Haru that he loves Nakaji … and Haru just say : shou …. … i just love that scene ….


– from Doctor, i learn how to let go something …..



he loves Haru but he knows that Haru doesn’t love him even Haru say yes when he ask her to join him to go to Korea to meet his parents … but he finally understand that his love is a selfish love ….


-from Peach, i learn how to be a good listener



she is a god listener, she is the one who found out that Linda is a gay because at their first meeting they go to love hotel and Linda just can’t do that ….. she also listen to what Haru feels about Nakaji that she wanted to be with Nakaji even just as a friend …


for me this dorama is awesome, so minna to all of you who hasn’t watch this you better watch ne … you’ll find a lot of things and the important things is you will found out that you are not alone …. yes right this social networks made me feel not alone because i have so many friends out there …


i made this not isn’t only for my geje fams but also to all my friends that always keep connect with me and share anything with me movies, books, music and share …. and many more you know who you are …

my Black Cherry sista, ahahahhaha ….. who always make me wanted to rolling2 to Mexico and Osaka, to all whom i share my craziness about this man ….



so minna i am gonna say this one just like Haru said : atashi no tameni itsumo arigatou gozaimassu ….. sarange  ♥♥

The Naked Kitchen … (i Only have Yasu now ..)

At the first time i saw this movie, i see Joo Ji-hoon then i think ahhh this one must be Yaoi. but hell no, this one is not the yaoi one even i am right there’s the triangle love story between the three character but this one is the ordinary love triangle ne 2 man fall in love with the same girl …..

this movie is nice, interesting and a little bit funny. not  like all Korean and Japan movie that make us waiting for something …. this movie makes me say heee at the first 15 minutes, …..

why? because at the beginning i see that standing sex location between Ahn Mo-Rae (played by Shin Min-Ah, My Gilrfiend is a Gumiho, Devil, The Beast and The Beauty) and Park Du-Re (Ju Ji- Hoon) at the gallery. whaaa they are so good show how both of them interest each other at the first sight, and had no reason why they did that. … we should have a reason ne to have a sex with someone? ….

okay  let’s back to the beginning ….

this movie started with a young woman named Ahn Mo-Rae (played by Shin Min-Ah) wake up in the morning and feel so happy because today is their first wedding anniversary. She prepare breakfast for his husband Sang In (played by Kim Tae-Woo), kiss him gentle and make a plan for a romantic dinner tonight. Mo-Rae is an umbrella artist, she open a shop that sell many things connected with umbrella, and Sang In is a stock broker. That day Sang In decide to quit from his job to open a restaurant just like what he always dream oo, and he thinks that today at his wedding anniversary is the best time.

Mo-Rae go to a chinesse gallery to find some antique for her husband, she enter the gallery even it was closed… at that time there is he, a cute namja Park Du-Re with his instant camera take a picture of her. Instead of say no Mo-Rae just smiling and make a pose with her umbrella (she always use umbrella anywhere). then they heard someone is comin. both of them hide at the corner next to each other. Being so close with stranger makes her feel uncomfort. she decide to open her umbrella to surprise and shock of that stranger which turn to amusement for him.

but before she did something they are more close and close … then he start to kiss her forehead as they both took a scent of each other he kiss her slowly from her lips and she enjoy it, … they just locked into passionate kiss and embrace continue with her clothes off and ..

ahhh you better watch it by your self ne ….

like nothing happen they split. Mo-Rae go to the restaurant where her husband is waiting for her. Mo-Rae is a very naif woman she feels very guilty for what just happen then she decide to tell her husband about this. Her husband Sang In, very mad but he decide to not talking about this anymore and ask her to put this behind because they are gonna started a new live as a restaurant owner.

Sang In started to tell her about his plan with his new restaurant. He said that his best friend Park Du-Re who is a chef from France is gonna help them and he ask Mo-rae to meet him after dinner, he said that his friend is gonna live together with them. When Sang-In introduce  them …. OMG that’s the guy at the gallery …… now they have to live together?

she is very confused with what happen, so what do i have to do? …. but Du-Re is kinda weird namja, he act like nothing happen and say hello to her and treat her gentle as his friend’s wife but his eyes tell the different way ….he always look at Mo-Rae with love … Sang-In who never know what happen between them keeps tellin his wife to go with Du-Re to the market and everywhere he wanted to go.

they started to go together … and Du-Re start to say that he is in love with her. he ask her : do you love Sang In? when she said : yes because i always follow him anywhere since i was a child (she even call his husband with Hyung /big brother, not oppa just like everybody), Du-Re said it wasn’t love, it just lucky. because if i were next to you since i was a child you are gonna marry me, not him. that’s unfair …

he even sing for her at the supermarket park area with a loudspeaker in France (this one remind me on 10 Things I Hate About You, when Heath Ledger sing Can’t Take My eyes of You for Julia) ,and Joo Ji-hoon sings very well ….

Sang-In saw it. Now he realized who is that man that his wife told him on their last first anniversary dinner. he is my best friend. for all this time he always feel save that his wife is adore him so much so he never worried that there’s gonna be another man between them. When he ask Du-Re why, he got mad because Du-re is totally in love with Mo-Rae. they even had something that he didn’t know …

When Mo-Rae got pregnant, Sang In feels nothing …. maybe he is wondering is that my baby? but he never ask this question …

What about Mo_Rae? what’s she feel, …. she said i don’t know because all my live i only know Sang-In, i dunno if this one is called love or just because we get used each other. but with Du-Re i feel something new. I think i love him to, … I am in love for two man, is that okay? if it is not okay i can’t do nothing because i already did. i can’t let go one of them …

This movie ends with no answer who is the one, it just ends with Mo-Rae cook for them, they have breakfast together and she said that she love both of them … then she just go ….  she didn’t wanted to be someone between her husband and his best friend. …..

ahh i wish i could be just like her, in love for two man …. all my life i only love one man and he is not available anymore for me …. the bad news is when i am in love with him i am already love him totally you know what i mean i only think about him, there’s no other … so when everything is over i have nobody but me and my stupid feelings ….. i should not love him in that way … love that drive me crazy, i should act just like Mo-Rae … loving somebody with nice and easy ….

if you ask me who i love now? …. well i only have Yasu to love, well maybe one day … (but i hope this day never comin) … because when i feel very2 sad for this my stupid unconditionally love i listen to his song many times and cry cry cry again …. then i love him, so here i am as you can see on my FB there’s only Yasu … i think i owe him  for this, i dunno why by loving Yasu makes my heart lighter and i feel okay to let him go … (i have to let him go ne) … but i never gonna say Omedeto, …. what the …. i am not that stupid …

Hountou ni Arigatou ne Ya_san and Sarange …..♥

Re:Birth ….. (Furare Kibun de ROCK’N’ROLL Lyrics and translation ….)

Finally it is arrived … i am waiting for this Re:birth CD for a week, then yesterday when i was home i am so exciting find this CD on my bed with Tekki’s Tetsuya Looking For Light single. …..

what a lovely picture ……

this one is my fave, this is what i am waiting for ne, maybe Yasu heard what i said about the Recreation album cover (that nude girl that makes the Custom Board officer hold my CD because they tought that’s a porn video or something) …..

i remember ne, i said (and also all of my ABC friends) the same thing that we all wanted to see Yasu’s body than her, ….. well maybe he heard then he share his beautiful shoulders fo u, his beloved pervy fans …. he is so generous ne, that’s why i love him so much ……

than this one is totally a messy hair …

now this Pirate of The Cherrybean is turn into Yuki’s personal assistant, look at the way he massage Yuki, …. i want that to …!!!!!

the cover track, Furare Kibun de ROCK ‘N’ ROLL is a full spirit song and hard to sing ….. , well actually this is a sad song or desperate?, that tell us the feeling of being rejected. “If you’re feeling rejected, rock ‘n’ roll Turn up the volume on your headphones” ….

i did that (put earphones and turn the volume into max, my mom keeps saying that wears earphones everyday make me deaf) to not only when i feel rejected but i did that everyday just to ignore everybody or somebody that i think is anoying, this is what i did so nobody talks to me on bus. I hate i f i had to have some chit chat with stranger on bus …. even Toyotomi Hideyoshi always said : Be good with your neighbor, prepare your future

one of my fave qoutes from him, the word neighbor here not only means literally your neighbor but also everybody surround you. but i hate to be kind with others, especially stranger …. well i am a weird person i always had a negative think about stranger ….

i listen to this song at the morning on bus and believe it or not (up to you) makes my day. hey … i am ready for today …!!! when i heard the piano rhytm … hei it’s 80’s song that remain me one of opening song from western serial that i always watch when i on highschool. is it The A Team, McGyver, Moonlighting, Miami Vice …. i dunno i can’t remember what excactly …..

i like when they sing (or yell …?) together on this part …. too bad there’s no Akihide, yeah on this cover recording Yuki is the one plays guitar, Aki plays on Re:Birth …….



Kooru asufaruto kyuuna saka iki mo tsukazu omoikiri kakeagaru

Marude ima ni mokuzure ochisouna LONELINESS

Furare kibun nara ROCK’N’ROLL beddofon no VOLUME wo agete

Yoreteikarete kata de kaze kitte MIDNIGHT

Nannimo iranai ne yoru ha shita taka da ne namida mo uso mo detekiyashinai


Ikina nanbaa kikasete motto



Tsuatsuatsua tsuaira rizumu ni awasete bakageta koi wo warau no

Hisomu youni hohoendara watashi ha dainamaito

Hodou no sumi ni yokotawaru tokete ikenai kanashii yukitachi

Mijime ni yogorete konya saigo no LONELINESS

Futekusareteta tazumeba atama no naka wake no wakaranai

Kotoba ya BEAT  ga narippanashi no MIDNIGHT

Douzo shiawase ni natte hoshii nante shiorashii onna janai wa


Hadena nanbaa narashite zutto



Tsuatsuatsua tsuaira kakato wo narashite mikaesu tsumori yo itsuka

Hisomu youni iki wo tomeru watashi ha dainamaito

Saigo no saigo made tsuranuitemisete anata ga eranda ai naraba


Ikina nanbaa kikasete motto



Tsuatsuatsua tsuaira konya ha asa made koi wo dakishimeteitai

Hisomu youni kagayaiteiru kokoro ha dainamaito


(When You Feel Rejected, Rock ‘N’ Roll)

A steep hill of freezing asphalt

I walk up boldly without a single breath

Even now, it feels like it could crush me This loneliness If you’re feeling rejected, rock ‘n’ roll

Turn up the volume on your headphones

And strut along in a twisted, crazy way,


I don’t need anything, the night is tough

There aren’t even any tears or lies

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Keep playing those top numbers

It’s all about rock ‘n’ roll

But it’s rock ‘n’ roll

Move to the rhythm and laugh at that stupid love

When I give a twisted smile, I’m dynamite

Sad snowflakes lie on the corner of the footpath,

unable to melt

Pathetically dirty, tonight is the last

Of my loneliness

When I hang around sullenly

I don’t know why, but in my head

Words and beats begin to play at midnight

“Please be happy, I want you to be happy”

What a sweet girl

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Keep playing those flashy numbers

It’s all about rock ‘n’ roll

But it’s rock ‘n’ roll I stomp my feet, someday I’ll look back

When I hold my breath in a twsted way, I’m dynamite

Keep the love you’ve chosen going

Until the very end

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Keep playing those top numbers

It’s all about rock ‘n’ roll

But it’s rock ‘n’ roll

Tonight I want to hold onto this love until

the morning comes

My twisted, shining heart is dynamite 

err … chotto, after being a pirate i think after this he wanted to go to Hogwarts to learn something to be a good wizzard with Prof. Severus Snape, … poor Ya_san i bet he is gonna get a lot of detension from him …. jiahahahha …. *get slap*

Another bus story, Annoying passenger

1. Dirty Passenger

Dirty disini bukan berarti kotor dan perlu disapu ato dipel, but dirty disini means penumpang yang jorok n bikin kotor. kenapa saia tulis dirty passenger? yah kek mana lagi klo bukan karena saia gag tau igirisunya jorok, welll ….. *buka kamus*

Penumpang seperti ini biasanya meludah sembarangan, just like seorang nenek tua yang meludah di bis karena diya mengunyah dauh sirih . memang meludah adalah reaksi yang umum pada nenek2 yang makan daun sirih (nginang : in jawa) bahkan klo di rumah2 biyasanya disediakan tempolong buat wadahnya.
so kenapa mbah nginangnya ndak di rumah saja? …….

buang sampah sembarangan n sampahnya ga berupa plastik permen ato kertas kecil gt yang masi isa dimaklumi becoz i do that too, …. yang paling parah adalah yang buang puntung rokok sembarangan apalgi masi dalam keadaan menyala tuh rokoknya. bayangkan kek mana klo kena orang … auchhh …

2. Home Sweet Home Passenger

This kind passenger begitu nyamannya sehingga even diya sudah naek bis but masi kerasa kek dirumah. Biasanya mereka begitu duduk langsung mengangkat kakinya di kursi ala racoon. mungkin diya kira kursi bis kek kursi di rumahnya sambil membayangkan minum kopi susu.
ada juga yang tiyap pagi sarapan di bis just like yang dilakukan oleh seorang ibu guru yang tiyap hari bareng saia. ibu guru ini begitu duduk langsung membuka bungkusan makan paginya entah itu nasi uduk, rames, ato pecel. 2, selalu dua bungkus (she said musti 2 klo 1 ga kenyang , … woh just like me, i always eat everything two…) plus sendok dan sebotol aqua buat minum n cuci tangan.

biasanya sebelum mulai acara her mobile breakfast diya akan berbasa basi dulu ke penumpang de sebelahnya ” mari dhek, saia sarapan dulu ya….. yah gini dhek klo sarapan di rumah bisa telat saia, etc, etc…”
herannya diya makan selalu lahap ga perduli kondisi jalan halus ato pas berbatu yang bikin bisnya berguncang2 ga karuan.
one day diya duduk di belakang sebelah saia sambil sarapan, di tengah acara makannya tiba2 bis nya bergoncang gara2 jalanan berlubang abis perbaikan, well selanjutnya yang saia thu ada nasi uduk plus sambel goreng kentang di pangkuan saia …. ternyata makannya jatoh berserakan …
kasian bu guru itu pasti ntar bakalan lemes ngajarnya karena ga sarapan. aish jadi laper liyat sambel gorengnya …. hadol celana item saia jadi bau semua …. damn … but that’s funny ne ,….
susah banget nahan ga ketawa ….

4. Pretty n cool Passenger

Penumpang kek gini biasanya anak smu ato smp n mereka cenderung milih bis yang bagus n musti dapet tempat duduk … well in this rush hour masi milih2 nah lo biasanya mereka bakalan telat.
kalopun mereka mau naek mereka bakalan ribut yah klo ada 5 anak smu ce biasanya 5 mulut ngomong smua … n i hate that … *sambil inget2 jaman smu dolo yang jauh lebih parah*

5. Rush Hour Passenger

klo yang ini ga bakalan mau duduk even ada banyak tempat duduk kosong dengan alasan sudah telat. diya ga bakalan berhenti liyat jam tangan ato hapenya …. well time is running out …

” pak isa cepet ga? saia telat ni ” …… what a selfish siapa seh yang ga telat? klo mau ga telat berangkat dong yang lebih pagi …

dulu saia just like this but i regret that a lot. saia ni selfish banget jika bis ini melaju hanya membawa sedikit penumpang so bagemana isa dapet uang setoran, bahkan buat uang solar.
sekarang ini untuk mendapatkan uang setoran they said susah banget ga seperti dolo. sekarang ini banyak sekali sepeda motor. everybody has their own motorcycle. nah itu yang bikin tambah susah cari duit setoran.
klo dulu jumlah bis dan penumpangnya lebih banyak penumpangnya sekarang kebalikannya bis nya lebih banyak sedangkan penumpangnya berkul\rang karena mereka lebi memilih naek motosikal lebih praktis, hemat, n faster of course .

6. Friendly Passenger

Ramah, wanna have some chit chat with others, even with the driver walopun suda baca tulisan gede
they started with : jam berapa dhik, dari mana, rumahnya mana? sekolah dimana?
jiah ….. diya buta apa saia kek gini dikira sekolah smu …. even ada yang bilang karena saia hampir tiyap hari pk celana, rompi hitam n hem putih diya kira saia anak smu yang magang n PKL di PLTU
hadoh ….. kek gini anak smu? susah2 ke kantor pk kosplay yasu ….
entah kenapa saia selalu ngira orang kek gini biyasanya punya udang di balik batu … bad guy, penjahat, preman, pencopet, ctc

yasuu …… save me ne ….. !!!!

7. Whatever Passenger

penumpang tipikal ini tipe acuh tak acuh dengan apa yang dilakukan another in bus , entah mau jungkir balik kek mana just stay away from me they said …. even diya juga kasi perhatian.
biasanya diya bakalan duduk dibelakang, pojok sambil memutup telinganya dengan earphone listening her mp3 ato sibuk dengan ponselnya.
jika bus berhenti n penumpang laen marah2 protes karena kelamaan, diya malah melamun, bengong ato malah ketiduran dan parahnya suka lupa bayar klo turun.
jika ditanya kenapa? diya bilang karena kaget bangun tidur n turun jauuh banget dari tujuannya.

contoh penumpang geje poin ini adalah saia …….
sk melamun, tidur dan bangun langsung lari then upa bayar. that’s the reason why saia klo bayar ongkos bis sk dobel , sekalian kemaren ato besok…
well banyakan sekaliyan kemaren lah ….. jiahahahhahaha

every morning in bus there’s only me, n my mp3 player listening to my fave song some times go online with my blackcherry , stupid blackcherry always make a double post … but i enjoy this moment before i go to my office n dealing with some bussiness …. at least this lonely moment every morning in bus refresh me every day …..