Black Post : Project 『Shangri-la』 5th Season … (Another me, yasu,HYDE and HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013)


5th Season, The Finale Season of Project 『Shangri-la』  …!!!


5th Season ~ Shikoku and Kyusu – Okinawa tour~

Ehime ~ Saijo-shi General Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Tokushima ~  Naruto Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kochi ~  Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall – Orange Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain18:30

Kagawa ~ Sunport Hall Takamatsu – Main Hall
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

Oita ~ Beppu B-Con Plaza Philharmonia Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain18:30

Nagasaki ~ Nagasaki Civic Auditorium
Open 17:00 /Curtain 18:00

Saga ~ Saga-shi City Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Fukuoka ~ Fukuoka Sun Palace
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Kumamoto ~ City Center, Sojo University Hall
Open 17:30 /Curtain 18:30

Miyazaki ~  Medikit Cultural Center – Theatre Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kagoshima ~ Baoshan Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Okinawa Okinawa Convention Theater
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

By the end of April, Project 『Shangri-la』 is gonna end. What a long time project eh, and …

then what next after this project ….?

yasu       :    why should i tell you, who are you …?
noi          :    I am Inspector Himura now …
yasu       :    so this is an interrogation? …

noi          :    yes, you do answer me now ..
yasu       :     eeh chotto you’re the Inpector while me ..
noi          :    you are Officer Hayashi, see new pairing —>
Inspector Himura and Officer Hayashi …#SoSweet
yasu       :    Ok, that’s funny … *leavin*

well, i think i better stop wondering too much now. I better enjoy this Project 『Shangri-la』 , waiting for the new singles to come and a free trip to all over Japan via yasu and his team there …

Let’s talking about 『Shangri-la』, 『Shangri-la』, and 『Shangri-la』  and  now you all better look at this ne …

~  『Shangri-la』 Photobook (Cover?) Posted on CDJapan

CDJapan posted that on their pre-order site for that 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 Photobook. The release date is getting closer eh …..



I can’t wait mine to arrive, and look at that cover, that dark green color there with some blurry green image of yasu standing there on stage. I say, that’s totally awesome ne.

And as always yasu, my one and only Mind Blowing Man blown me away. This time he is blown me away to Asgard with  ….

Who else but LOKI ….?

as what my friend Levvy said to me, i watch LOKI too much recently then get LOK_ed. I can’t stop laughed when i see Tom Hiddleston on this SNL Korea video

I can’t believe he can dance like that, and say Hello my name is Tom Hiddleston and i play LOKI ….  and before he finished that, that granny scream ROKII …. !!! … ect etc and grab his nipples like that…

what a wacky granny eh … xD .

Anyway, he was in Korea to for Thor 2 …  And talking about Thor 2, i made me scream LOKIIIIII… !!! like a wacky person inside cinema when i saw this Thor 2 Trailer  ..

on the BIG screen together with Tekki. The couple sit behind me said shhttt, be quiet …!!! to me. Then i have to say sorry to them, but then i did it again when Thor 2 Trailer was on my telly screen.

it shoud be a movie marathon last Sunday.

1st is Tom Hanks‘s Captain Philips then Sandra Bullock and George Clooney‘s Gravity. But too bad because i spent too much time in the salon do something with my hair i skipped Tom Hanks so i only watch Gravity.

can’t you believe that? OMG i skipped Tom Hanks ne.

Gravity is a great lost in space movie,

i mean how they can compose a simple/not complicated story, make us stay and watch a movie with only 2 and maybe 3 person there involved, and make us happy and sad then say …

Heee, he really died …?

when Dr. Stone (Bullock) is awake from her short sleep inside the Rusian space ship after confused how to operate that ship to go back to earth.


As always, Sandy did her great job ( Sandra Bullock, I always admire her as one of my America’s Sweetheart together with Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts) as Dr. Ryan Stone a brilliant NASA specialist who choose to be up there because how quite is there.

Somehow Sandy is always perfect for a role like this. Remember how she is on SPEED as Annie with Keau Reeves?. Sure you will see some similar thing between Annie and Dr. Stone‘s character now.

a woman who is forced to do something on an SOS situation while no one around her to help. So whether she want it or not, she has to deal with her fear, sadness and panic all gather inside her …


then George Clooney, ah ….

what should i say about him but awesome and adorable. Ah yes just like how i love 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, i love grown up man … ha ha ha ..xD

eeh should i say adult here  … ?

As Lieutenant Matt Kowalski, the commander of the team. A veteran astronaut who love to tell a story about him to all people next to him no matter they want to listen it or not.

With this movie, with his character Clooney show me how brilliant is a NASA astronout should be ne. Be calm in no matter what situation and always have B,C,D, …. till Z plan just in case anything goes wrong on the mission and able to find a way to back to earth…

yasu     :     noi_chan …
noi        :     ups sorry, too movie eh …
yasu     :     then hurry finish this post
noi        :     OK, OK …

so what next, ah  …

~   「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」

that’s a flyer of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, posted by BUZZROCK Radio on their Twitter two days ago.

Looks glamorous isn’t it ..?

and finally 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 revealed all the bonuses for this single on this Official Ameblo post

1.  w/ The Original Other Jacket for Halloween Party Venue Only ..

Halloween Cover

they said it as venue only so you can only buy this at the venue of HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Then since there’s no ABC’s HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year, they only posted this hair accessory with a new image with yasu


i suppose the w/ The Original Other Jacket Edition of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」  is the HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year and i am sure that’s already up on some auctions … xD

2.  B2 Poster for nation wide CD stores bonus  ….

shop poster

CD Japan added that poster to give as a bonus on their pre_order site for 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」, so …. #yay …!!!

3.  B3 Poster for FanClub Edition   ….

~  Original Clear Poster A (B3 size) for CD + DVD edition

w dvd poster

and ..

~  Original Clear Poster B (B3 size) for CD Only edition

cd only poster

4.  Mini Clear File for Mobile FanClub Edition   ….

mini clear file

5.  Sticker bonus for mu-mo edition    ….


Sticker and Mini Clear File, that’s what i am gonna get. Now here i am stuggling here to say no to that dazzing poster from FC editions there. It’s really hard and then all of those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s pretty face make it harder …

Oh God,

i can’t believe how dare they did that ne. I mean put all those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s face like that. It hurt for me as a fangirl to hee how it seems like all those SAMPLE words slapped yasu‘s pretty face …

Poor ya_san, that must be hurt eh …


yasu     :    what did you say …
noi        :    and i am sorry i can’t do any photoshop or sotoshop to erase it ..
yasu     :    then what can you do …?
noi        :    all i can do is eat the soto … (PS :
soto is a popular traditional dish from Indonesia )
yasu     :    …. *taking breath*

then after the flyer, bonuses and poster,  for all of you who share the same sexcited about this 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 song, there you are the ..

~  From Listening Lyrics of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 …
黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ Acid Black Cherry

目を細めて um チェリーにkiss

仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

あんたなんかキライ!× ∞
捨てられたって 噛み締めた
そのおかげ 私 今があるの


許しはしないけど 謝んなさい


仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

credit to : 闇Rodem@meblo

Otoko mo neon mo furikaeru
Uwasa no neko tte watashinokoto
Aitsu shikomi no kuchibiru de
Watashi wa yoru o teniireta

Nagai kami o kakiagete
Sukoshi uwamedzukai
Me o hosomete um cherī ni kiss
Madamada koe dasanaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no kasū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan machi wa
DonDon watashi o someru

Anta nanka kirai ra rai rai !
Sōitte naiteita 6-nen (roku-nen) mae
Furufurare mata sasowa re
Suterareta tte kamishimeta
Yoru no machi ga mabushikute
Mahō ga toketa mitai
Gokai shinaide
Urande nankanai
Sono okage watashi ima ga aru no

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō awarena sute neko nante yoba senai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Mite yo mabushiidesho
Nigashita sakana wa nanida kke?
Yurushi wa shinaikedo ayaman nasai
Yada bakane
Hon kinishinaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō kainarasa reta neko nanka janai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no sū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan watashi
DonDon kireininaru no

What a Splendid song, isn’t it ….?

a song that’s a bit hard for me to ignore, especially when yasu start to sing the

ウェーオ♪ウェーオ♪ ….. eh God, what should i say but ..
OKE OKE you are The Black Cat,  ….. xD

noi       :     but ya_san,  you are still Blonde ne ….
yasu    :     then what …?
noi       :    nothing ..
yasu    :     don’t start again noi_chan …
noi       :    i won’t

and …

PS :  thank you for some of team_yasu members (you all know who you are) for the corrections, and if you want some early translation you can go

here <—  to check English translation there because Shido Tennouji Nck-cm (from Acid Black Cherry Philipines) already did that … and
here <—  for French translation by Acid Black Cherry Frech Street Team

So yes,

it’s not the Official Lyrics yet but since i am over way sexcited about this song, it makes me busy until today tryin to sing it and keep my self from left away behind from yasu‘s fast and flirty way of singing this song …

next it …

~   yasu on 「夢チカ18」/「yumechika 18」

it’s a show on a local telly in Hokkaido, he looks pretty ne with that Union Jack shirt …

~    HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 – Day 2

for the 2nd day of HALLOWEEN PARTY , HYDE was cosplaying with a Mexican Costume which is make all the Mexican fans totally happy …


while DAIGO as AMA_CHAN, ..


as he posted on his Instagram , anis as The HUGE Red Riddinghood


then yasu, after show his sexy shoulder …


yasu was so pretty in that lolita costume and sure complete with the boops . Finally there was no another yasu as Dracula on HALLOWEEN PARTY again …. #haha.

and thanks to Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club i can see the video ne in here …


then on The after Live



PS   :    just click the images and it will bring you to the Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club Facebook video

and of course a very HUGE credit for all Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club staffs for the GREAT job they did because i know it is not easy to record videos from nico nico

and then the day before yesterday, anis posted this photo from his Instagram

My buddies! 楽しかったわよー。 #‎vamps‬ ‪#‎halloween‬ ‪#‎party‬ ‪#‎Yasu‬ ‪#‎Aki

OMG i never immagine if anis is that tall ne, …

now i can’t wait for her, eh i mean him (why did i always want to write anis as her ..? xD) to post a photo of him, HYDE and yasu with their costume of  the 2nd Day HALLOWEEN PARTY, a more clear version than this ..


Sure, That would be a Wacky Sisterhood Picture ….xD

now my BIG question of today :  Why the hell i am so lazy these days …. ?

it felt like i lost all my energy, everday after works i won’t do anything but sleep, like last night. I wanted to finish subbing video Erect Live MCs but i was too sleepy then fell asleep in seconds.

Because i only finished this Part 1, …

I’ll finish this as soon as i can …. *crossfingers*.

Then at 09:00 PM my boss call me to ask some stupid question, eh why can’t he leave me alone …? suddenly  thanks to this CNBLUE song ~ Monday, i got an idea, maybe i can stop being lazy if i can get a time machine,…

…♪♪ … I wanna make a time machine
So I can go anywhere I wanna go, I’ll never be lazy
I wanna make a time machine
And I do anything I wanna do, I’ll never be lazy

All the time …. …♪♪ …


noi       :    a time machine, OK …
yasu    :    why me …?
noi       :    you are the idol ne, not me …
yasu    :    and that’s not gonna work on you ne  ..


Greed Time Post : My name is Greed Greed Greed … ♪♪ ♪ (Another me, yasu and The 3G)


Greed Time Everyone …. !!!

Today is my last day to stay at home. They/everyone say it’s always better for someone who just lost their family to stay at home at least 3 days, and more days for my mother.

so that was it, i spent my 3 Days-off at home by meet a lot of peoples and families who came to our house to say their condolences, say a lot of Matur Nuwun Sanget Rawuhipun ( read :  Thank you for your comin) and Amin, pray and read Qur’an as much as i can with hope all of those prays will able to make my father feel more warm in his final rest.

It’s a bit cold these days ne, and he must feel very cold down there ne.

Thank God, everything went smooth and easy for us. Apparently, my father left a very much than our expectation. He was kinda like planted a lot of good things to other persons when he was alive. And now when he died that a lot of person are come all by their self to pay back all what my father did good to them. People says

A Tiger Dead Leaves Stripes, Human dead Leaves their Good/Bad Favors

and i say   :   Thank God, my father leaves the GOOD one. It suprised all of us even i who always know how good he was with other peoples than to his family but i never expected he was that GOOD ne.

and in the end we didn’t even had to think about paying hospital, medicines … etc etc that confused all of us while he was stayed at hospital because he left us a lot . A very Thank God, then

OK, enough with the stupid rambling, now let’s continue this Greed Time ne. So, when yasu wrote/sing/say

baby greed time now ….!!!


noi       :        OMG ya_san, i am not a baby  …..  !!!
yasu    :        the old ne …
noi       :        very old ne ….
yasu    :        so old …. *laugh*

so Greed Time? as a time to be Greed …?

Well, OK not that litterally ne but i suppose what fit for Greed Time today is a time for us (me, and you all Acid Black Cherry fans out there) tryin to get what the hell this man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) tryin to tell us via this 「Greed Greed Greed」 song …

i am sure you all already listen to that song ne and tryn to sing a long with yasu like what i do tonight, while do this something what i call as my Fangirl Sexcitedly Heart to Heart Translation Effort .

Yes, i always do that ne everytime there’s a new song from Acid Black Cherry, ..

started from :

~    Find the listening from lyrics ..
~    then find the Romanji ..
~    then do it, make a great collaboration with your heart for an effort to get/understand what the hell is yasu tryin to say …

PS    :    Fangirl Sexcitedly Heart to Heart Translation Effort is only for an N – 007 Japanese Probie like me …. xD (yes, i joined MI6 now, and my code name is N- 007)

then next until the single release day i do nothing but enjoy the effort time while waiting for Kiku to post her very nice translation, and then what happen and always happen is me put strikes on my papers while sayin a lot of

What The Hell …. ?

that’s why i am so glad when 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 only made one lyrics translation by fans as official (Shangri-la) .

Why ? i think it was kind a like ruined everything.

Because for me there’s no such thing as Official lyrics translation for JRock songs. If there is, there should be an English version of that song. Sounds selfish ne? but my point is how fans have their own way to understand/get what their idol’s tryin to say through their songs.

And that Fangirl Sexcitedly Heart to Heart Translation Effort is my way to get what yasu‘s tryin to say, at least untill i able to finish the so many N levels …



so there you are the not official yet lyrics from that Youtube Video …

Acid Black Cherry : 「Greed Greed Greed」…

I calling greed 覚醒 限界戦場time
Drack come on sex sex answer the baby greed time now
I wonder greed but crash sexさえ全部くれ
無差別にI try もっと baby (支えない)

Just let’s that this gone My name is Greed Greed Greed

ありきたりで良かったんだけどな 愛ってありそうでない
押し殺してきた思いに もうイタズラしないで
ほら溢れだしちゃった 言わせんじゃない
「欲しい」 早くそれで塞いで

I ready greed also 脳内制御不能
ひょっとして down in trip (なんの)baby 目覚めない

Just let’s that this gone My name is Greed Greed Greed

愛って砂みたいね 掴んでも指をすり抜けてく
baby baby  ほら優しくここに触れてごらん
欲しいものが分かるから Greed そんなのいらない

Just let’s that this gone My name is Greed Greed Greed

ありきたりで良かったんだけどな 愛ってありそうでない
押し殺してきた思いに もうイタズラしないで
ほら溢れだした 私はただあなたが欲しかった

baby baby  ほら優しくここに触れてごらん
欲しいものが分かるから Greed そんなのいらない


I calling greed kakusei genkai senjō time
Drack come on sex sex answer the baby greed time now
I wonder greed but crash sex sae zenbu kure
Musabetsu ni I try motto baby (sasaenai)

Just let’s that this gone My name is Greed Greed Greed
datte itsu datte omae mo sō janai no ka

Hoshikattakedo watashi ga motomete ita no wa hitotsu tatta hitotsu
Ariki taride yokatta ndakedo na ai tte ari sōdenai
Oshikoro shite kita omoi ni mō itazura shinaide
Hora afure dashi chatta iwa se n janai
Hoshī’ hayaku sore de fusaide

I ready greed also nōnai seigyo funō
Hyotto shite down in trip (Nan’no) baby mezamenai

Just let’s that this gone My name is Greed Greed Greed
datte itsu datte omae mo sō janai no ka

Itsu datte watashi ga shite kita koi wa subete ga uwabe de
Ai tte suna mitai ne tsukan demo yubi o surinukete ku
Baby baby hora yasashiku koko ni furete goran
Hoshīmono ga wakarukara Greed son’na no irana na na nai…

Just let’s that this gone My name is Greed Greed Greed
datte itsu datte omae mo sō janai no ka

Hoshikattakedo watashi ga motomete ita no wa hitotsu tatta hitotsu..
Ariki taride yokatta ndakedo na ai tte ari sōdenai..
Oshikoro shite kita omoi ni mō itazura shinaide..
Hora afure dashita watashi wa tada anata ga hoshikatta..

Baby baby hora yasashiku koko ni furete goran…
Hoshīmono ga wakarukara Greed son’na no irana na na nai…

i like this song, somehow the melody already catch me at the first time i listen to it.

It sounds like 20 Century Boys, then when i listen it more carefully hey i found there’s some little piece of Shojo no Inori at the beginning, and then another pieces of Kuroi Taiyo …?

OMG yasu,


he is cooking the melodies ne, eeeh,  ….

Maybe this is because Acid Black Cherry is a solo project by one man, so it’s a very normal when there’s a new song (especially when a very new song after a quite long time the artist didn’t release any) and then you able to catch the artist’s previous works/songs …

see …

that’s what a different between a group and solo project’s songs time to time. yes, you may get the same for a group but not as often as when you follow an artist who do a solo project.

this 「Greed Greed Greed」 song is a fast song that would be perfect for you to listen in the morning, on your rush hour. Imagine how you are in the hurry and worried about being late to go to office/school while yasu keep tellin you this over and over

My name is Greed Greed Greed …..#nyaaa


noi         :      stop it ya_san, your name is yasu yasu yasu
yasu      :      ah not again …
noi         :      and just in case you forget, my name is noi noi noi … xD
yasu      :      nobody ask  …

even in my ears that 「Greed Greed Greed」 he said sound like 「Great Great Great」. OMG am i deaf now? …. but  my fave part is when he sing

baby baby  ほら優しくここに触れてごらん
欲しいものが分かるから Greed そんなのいらない

And for this new song and all his previous single, i am totally agree with yasu when he said how he love/like a song from the melody/sound than from the lyrics on one of his interview.

even it’s unbelievable for someone who is raised with listen to traditional songs but not that into lyrics. Because usually people who love traditional songs are more into lyrics than melody/sound, but he seems like listening music in a western way  …

aand Especially for me with very low Japanese ability, there must be something on the melody of the song that will dragg me to goin deep and deeper, figure it out what is the meaning/point of the songs and then say

eeeehhhh, really  ….?

over and over again because i found out the whole meaning of the song is totally different with what i imagined while listening.

And last but not least, this 「Greed Greed Greed」 is perfect and it is sooo (with triple o) yasu


nah minna,

look that is a very perfecto yasu on today’s CD & DLでーた ne .

As always i saw a lot of HYDE but not yasu. Maybe because there is only 2 pages of yasu/Acid Black Cherry while 25 pages for VAMPS with a bonus of VAMPS stickers .

Now i can’t wait for DHL (i ordered it from The Jungle Amazon …xD) who is takin that magazine with yasu now. Anyway today …

this “3G” on my phone is for Greed Greed Greed …

noi         :      i never understand what the hell is that 3G anyway
yasu      :      OMG  …
noi         :      sure, it’s not for Google ne …
yasu      :      really, you ….?
noi         :      ah i want a new flip phone now   …


HJO Post, again : I Sing Too Much ♪ La La La La …HALLOWEEN PARTY ♪ (Another me, yasu and HYDE

since i watch the PV preview, then hear the radio rip of this song HJO : HALLOWEEN PARTY from Tokyo FM over and over, now that song is all over me ne.

♪ La La La La … Let’s Trick or Treat  ♪



i know posted the lyrics on my previous post after i posted it on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook  and now when i look at it again i think adding the lyrics just made my last post not looking good enough. It became too long and the composition or what should i say about this …? ah whatever, the point is it is not good, so i edited it, and move the lyrics here.

not only that, i also made some mistakes and i just realized it now. I should not type (scream) for (悲鳴) part even it means scream but i know when i read it while listening to the song and try to sing it i shoud change it with kyaa  or whoaaa or some other scream voices ne because believe me,  this song will make you scream a lot or you may sing this song while rolling2 on you bed …. ajajajaja  … *fall from bed*

so here i am now with this post i’d like to fix it and make a smooth lyrics when i read while singing …


composed by   :   HYDE
lyrics                :   HYDE


ラララ Let’s trick or treat ×2

年に一度 恐ろしいパーティー
隠れてないで お菓子くれないと
ブギーマンも(悲鳴) ドラキュラもほら(悲鳴)
タンスの中(悲鳴) ベッドの下で(悲鳴)
歯を尖らせて待ーっていた 今夜はハロウィン

ラララ Let’s trick or treat ×2

trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
no no!!
trick or treat
no no…

月明かりで よく見たらほら
ほんの少し 脅かすだけさ
悲鳴メロディー(悲鳴) 亡霊おどり(悲鳴)
狼男(悲鳴) ジャックオーランタン(悲鳴)
目を光らせて待ーっていた 今夜はハロウィン

こちらいらして こわくないくない
私黒猫 悲鳴はキャット

ラララ Let’s trick or treat ×2

trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
no no!!
trick or treat
no no…

ラララ Let’s trick or treat  ….. ×6


La La La La La La …..  Let’s Trick or Treat …. 2x

HYDE   :    Welcome to the night ….. <—- i am not sure about this, but i think that’s it … 
Welcome to HALLOWEEN PARTY …!!!!

nen ni ichido osoroshī party
Warera ga sugata o mi ̄ seru yoru
Kakure tenaide okashi kurenaito 
     <—- this is yasu’s part …
Itazura morenaku shi ̄ chau ze          <—- yasu and DAIGO …?
Bogeyman mo (aww …) dracula mo hora (whooow …)
Mōfu kara deta ashi ga ̄ kōbutsu
Tansu no naka
(aww …) beddo no shita de (whooow …)
Ha o togara sete machi ̄ tte ita kon’ya wa HALLOWEEN ..

La La La La La La …..  Let’s Trick or Treat …. 2x

Trick or treat  …!!!
Candy, cookies, donuts dōzo …
Trick or treat  …!!!
Choco, jellybeans , pai ..
Trick or treat  …!!!
Cola, lemonade, mō nai …
Trick or treat  …!!!
Matte …
Trick or treat  …!!!
No no! !
Trick or treat  …!!!
No no… …  (kyaaaa …)

Tsukiakari de yoku mitara hora
Kage ga hitotsu ōku ̄ nai kai?
Hon’nosukoshi odokasu dake sa
Shampoo de me o tojita ̄ shunkan
Himei merodī
(aww …) bōrei odori (whooow …)
Kimi wa kyōfu ni furue teru
Ōkami otoko
(aww …) Jack O-Lantern (whooow …)
Me o hikara sete machi ̄ tte ita kon’ya wa HALLOWEEN ..

Kochira ira shite kowakunai kunai
Watashi kuro neko himei wa kyatto

La La La La La La …..  Let’s Trick or Treat …. 2x

Trick or treat  …!!!
Candy, cookies, donuts dōzo …
Trick or treat  …!!!
Choco, jellybeans , pai ..
Trick or treat  …!!!
Cola, lemonade, mō nai …
Trick or treat  …!!!
Matte …
Trick or treat  …!!!
No no! !
Trick or treat  …!!!
No no… …  (kyaaaa …)

La La La La La La …..  Let’s Trick or Treat …. 6x

So here i am again and again sing or repeat that words even there will be no HALLOWEEN PARTY, and such things like Trick or Treat here in my hometown i live up on the mountain btw so i think that would be too far for HALLOWEEN monsuta to come by no matter how much candy, choco, donut and jellybeans i have on my secret storage …


noi       :     so ya_san, you better not forget to knock on my door on Halloween night, OK …
yasu    :     what if i forget  …
noi       :     then i’ll eat that candy, choco, donut and jellybeans by myself …
yasu    :     Oh God ….
noi       :     i am a professional eater btw, and someday i will get pay just for eat something  …
yasu    :     aahh whatever  …

HYDE planned this song as 「みんなで歌える曲を」, a song that everyone can sing. There’s no boundary for who can sing and enjoy this song. and yes as always he did it. The song, the lyrics everyone can sing it all of us, child, teenager or even old man/woman.


I told you ne, no matter what HYDE is genius. And now he is on his very2 best time of his life as a musician. He is on top now. My King HYDE now is The Boss Monsuta for this HALLOWEEN,  a success World Tour spread the rainbow all over the world with L’arc_en_Ciel  and also his solo project VAMPS, and now this HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA. It seems like didn’t work kinda love to skip him.

Halloween not start yet, but the euphoria is already killing me with so many things in my mind especially for the full version PV ne. But don’t worry, we all can see it soon because 「JAPAN COUNTDOWN」 updated their Official Site about they will broadcast HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA/「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 Full PV on 2012/10/7, I am sure there will be lot’s of people gonna share it ne, …

Because things related to HYDE/VAMPS/L’arc_en_Ciel is alwasy updated fast, it’s different with Acid Black Cherry ne, like now i am still waiting for someone who will be so kind to share Acid Black Cherry Re:Birth and イエス part from Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 DVD from SSTV yesterday. but what i get is just something from camera phone … #ewww


noi        :      nee ya_san, tell me something …
yasu     :      what…
noi        :      did you buy that HALLOWEEN costume with that cute face as a bonus …?
yasu     :      not funny, and i think this post should be end now noi_chan …


Acid Black Cherry 「イエス」PV : Yes Ya_san, One Million Yes from me …. (Another me, yasu and Hyde)

Acid Black Cherry 「イエス」 you can see the full video here :

雨に打たれ 君を探して
愛してる 愛してるよ
降りしきる雨 声はかき消された

「愛してる 愛してるよ」
たった一言 簡単な言葉なのに

外は雨 あの日と同じ夜の雨
じゃれる君 あしらう僕 滑る君


ごまかす僕 いたずらに笑う君が好きだったんだ

些細なことで 君を泣かせた
もういい もういいよ
涙浮かべ 笑ってみせた
涙声で「バイバイ バイバイ・・」



ねえ今なら 今ならまだ間に合うのかな?
ポケットの中 誓いしまい込み

雨に打たれ 君を抱きしめ
愛してる 愛してるよ

涙声で「愛してる 愛してるよ」



Ame ni uta re kimi wo sagashite sakende ita
aishiteru aishiteru yo
Furishikiru ame no oto ni koe wa kakikesareta
Todoki wa shinai demo kamawanai
Harisakete mo
aishiteru aishiteru yo
Tatta hitokoto kantan na kotobananoni
Naze boku wa kimi ni itte agenakatta~n darou

Soto wa ame ano hito onaji yoru no ame
Jikan ga wasure saseru no wa usorashii
Jareru kimi ashirau boku suneru kimi
Kigatsukeba kimi toita hibi omoi dashite
Watashi no koto aishiteru?
Ga kimi no kuchiguse
Gomakasu boku itazura ni warau kimi ga suki datta~n da

Sasainakoto de kimi o naka shita
Ame ni uta re
Mou ii mou ii yo
Naniyori mo daiji na kimi no te o boku wa hanashita~n da

Namidau ka be waratte miseta namida koe de
Bai bai bai bai
Daisuki datta kimi no egao ga setsunakute
Itoshikute kanashikute mata sora ga naki dashita

Hajimari wa itsudakke oboetenai kedo
Kimi ni suki tte kotoba sae itta koto nakatta ne
Nee imanara imanara mada maniau no ka na
Poketto no naka chikai o shinai koi
Kimi ni ai ni iku yo

Ame ni uta re kimi o dakishime sakende ite
Aishiteru aishiteru yo
Yawaraka na egao no mama shizuka ni me o tojita

Sono ko no te wa mō hanasanai
Namida koe de
Aishiteru aishiteru yo
Tatta hitokoto kantan na kotobananoni
Naze mottohayaku itte agenakatta no ka na
Dou ka kono yubi wa o uketotte kuremasen ka

My Heart To Heart Translation

struck in the rain looking for you
were shouting
I love you I love you
and pouring rain have been deafened the voice

it does not reach
and  makes no difference
Even if it breaks
“I love you.” “I love you”
one word, a simple word
I wouldn’t say to you, why?

The rain outside, the rain that day and the same night …
time could forget that, it’s a lie
your joke, sulk,
i realized and remember the days with you.
“do you love me?”   your fave phrase
deceive myself, laugh unnecessarily  … I love you

Over trifles  which made you cry.
struck by the rain
It’s enough’s enough
your hand, that i love than anything i had to let go
Showed smiling tears
In a tearful voice, “Bye Bye”

You face that i love, your smile is painful
Love, sorrows, The sky also have been moved to sad, tears

When was it started?
I don’t remember even i can’t say the word “i love you”

Now if it still time we can meet?
on this pocket An oath will not be carried out as our love
i am coming  to see you.

Stucked by the rain, i hold you
i shouted i love you i love you
with gentle smile i close my eyes
Those hands, i won’t let it go anymore
although it was an easy word, only 1 word,
why didn’t it say earlier?

can you accept this ring, please?

Finally that is the 15th single , the last of Acid Black Cherry 5 consecutive singles and yes, yasu ended it beautifully with such a brilliant love song, a love song that flattered all girls in this universe including me the alien fangirl of him (read : yasu)

especially the last part, ……   for God sake, is this a proposal song, okay let me get this straight, i mean did he already find someone? ….. *so exciting* …. oh boy eh no girl, if this is really a proposal song and he (read : yasu) really find somebody finally come on, just say yes oke ….

noi       :   so ….
yasu    :   so what ….
noi       :   is this true …?
yasu    :   hush hush himitsu ne noi_chan, go continue start your own deduction, fangirl analysis or whatever you name it …
noi       :   some clue please …
yasu    :   @_@ no …

oke here’s my fangirl analysis, so if he is in love (Omay Goooooo), that’s gonna be awesome ne, i mean the fact (i mean the possibility) he wrote this song to propose a girl just like how hyde wrote Anemone for his wife Megumi …. well yes, he is still hyde’s number one fanboy and yes again he is a very talented and romantic man and musician who wrote a song to someone he is in love with …

that’s soooo sweet ….

yasu    :    that’s all, your fangirl analysis …?
noi       :    no no no i am not finished yet ..
yasu    :    so boring ….

and if this is right, i am sure there so many fangirl out there who will be broken hearted, and what about me? …. i dunno what i have to say about this but i think i am gonna be so happy if this is really happen ne, i mean if yasu really finally found someone, loved and in love with somebody, be happily ever after …. because as i always say he deserved that 100% …

yasu    :   you are gonna be happy yes, but okay? really …?
noi       :   why not …
yasu    :   you such a liar ..
noi       :   eeehhh me….?
yasu    :   yes, and not the good one …

well okay enough with the song and let’s talk about the PV …. when i saw the preview PV as i said before it remind me of City of Angels, … and there you are oh God, this is so amazing, i mean the scenario, whoever wrote it he/she must have seen the movie, City of Angles one of my fave movie.

yasu as the angel, one of God’s angel who sent to earth , ah no in this case this angel (read : yasu) was doing nothing and the setting was in somewhere between heaven and earth God know where is it, maybe busy with his own mind or take a nap until this little girl in red come, ah ya he’s the lazy angel ….. ahahahaha …. *got slap*

ahahahaha ….. i am so sorry ya_san, this is why i said maybe he is take a nap , this is so funny ne, and then when he wake up and realize there’s a little girl who get lost there, he start to talk, ask and play with her a little while …

and take a walk, while talking maybe, or he just wanna take her back to home? …. eh no the setting is somewhere between world and heaven ne so he is not gonna take her home, well okay i’ll take he just gonna take a walk with her, but then

but then there you are another angel is comin and i think this one is on duty, and his duty is to pick her, because she doesn’t belong to be here. she can’t do anything but go with him and she said bai bai

and as we all know the girl change her dress into white but then yasu the lazy angel think and think, try to remember who is she? and how she can be here? come on, think, think ……

and then he realize something. the girl is not supposed to go through that door, this is not the time yet, so he shouted at her

and she just run to him. ooo i love this scene, when he hug that little girl, it looks so warm ne don’t you think so? next is he take the little girl to a door where she supposed to go, …. but ah ya he forgot the red ribbon,

because nobody can open that big door (a door to go back to her live) without the red ribbon, well maybe this is also why the other angel almost took her because she didn’t use the red ribbon, so she was counted to go to another door insted a door where she supposed to go

in the end the girl wake up from her coma, the angel smiling with a perfect smile (what a brilliant smile ne ..?) because he is already do his job with no mistake, and everybody is happy ….

this is the first time i write a review about a PV and a complete one, i use to write a review but only for a movie, and it used to be my fave movie. But because this PV is so brilliant just like yasu himself well i just can’t help my self if i don’t write something about this PV

nah last question is what do i get from this PV? well maybe what i get and what you get is different but let me tell you what i got after watch this PV over and over , it’s a very important lesson btw . and the lesson is If you’re in a coma and suddenly you are wake up in somewhere you have no idea about that, here’s what you have to do

~  don’t just follow some angel because there’s so many angels out there
~  stay away from doors, any doors because you have no idea wich one is for you
~  stay calm and wait for the perfect angel who is gonna show you where to go … and last is

don’t worry because yasu is gonna find you and save you by give you  a red ribbon  …… xD

yasu    :   hey noi_chan, stop it ….
noi       :   nani …?
yasu    :   come here and answer me , do i look like a red ribbon sales …?
noi       :   no , …
yasu    :   so …
noi       :   you don’t sale it ne you just give it for free ….
yasu    :   what the ….. *dizzy*


Acid Black Cherry CRISIS Lyrics : This is Brilliant …! (Another me, yasu and Dr House)

this is Brilliant …..!!!!

you can watch the full PV here :

凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色
お願い 涙 まだ流れないで あなたがいなくなるまで

枯れ葉散る あの日は寒くて
哀しくて イヤな予感がしたんだ

凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色
凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色
お願い 涙 まだ流れないで あなたがいなくなるまで

髪を染め 化粧を覚えた

出逢いは突然で 別れも突然で
それ以上言わないで 言葉が突き刺さる
もう痛すぎて 耳を塞いだ

あぁもうダメ 涙がこぼれそう
背伸びして覚えた 化粧を落とさないで
最後くらいは キレイでいたい

壊れ焦がれ恋心は 深い涙色
今から泣くから早く行って 嘘 行かないで
凍えたこの恋心は 悲しい涙色
お願い 涙 まだ流れないで あなたがいなくなるまで


Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Onegai namida mada nagarenaide anata ga inaku naru made

Kareha chiru ano hi wa samukute
Anata wa sukoshi itsumo to chigatte
`Nanimonai’ tte itta hohoemi ga
Kanashikute iyanayokan ga shita nda

Kon’nani chikainoni kyū ni kowaku natte
Tashikameru yō ni dakishimeta nda
Anata no kokoro no oku ni kakushita koe ni
Fureta ki ga shite mimi o fusaida

Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Dakishimeru dake de kon’nani hon’ne ga mieru nante
Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Onegai namida mada nagarenaide anata ga inaku naru made

Sukoshi demo kirei ni naritakute
Kami o some keshō o oboeta
Sarigenai yasashi-sa ni hika re
Kigatsukeba anata no soba ni ita

Deai wa totsuzen de wakare mo totsuzende
Hoka ni sukinahito ga dekita no ne
Sore ijō iwanaide kotoba ga tsukisasaru
Mō ita sugite mimi o fusaida

`Wakatta yo’ tte karuku waratte misetakedo
A~a mōdame namidagakoboresō
Senobi shite oboeta keshō o otosanaide
Saigo kurai wa kireide itai

Koware kogare koigokoro wa fukai namida-iro
Ima kara nakukara hayaku itte uso ikanaide
Kogoeta kono koigokoro wa kanashī namida-iro
Onegai namida mada nagarenaide anata ga inaku naru made

My Heart to Heart Translation

This frozen love  is colored sad tears
Until there are no tears flowing, i still ask you

That day was cold and dead leaves fall
You are a little different from usual
You said “Nothing,” and smile
I was sad and had a bad feeling

Though I am so near, become fierce suddenly…
To make sure I hug
For the voice that I hid in the depths of your heart…
I felt like having touched you and covered my ears

This frozen love  colored sad tears
that real intention is in sight like this only by giving a tight hug
This frozen love  colored sad tears
Until there are no tears flowing, i still ask you

Want to become slightly beautiful…
I dyed hair and learned makeup…
It is attracted by casual gentleness…
There was it near you if I noticed

The encounter is sudden, and the parting is sudden, too….
A favorite person was able to do it elsewhere….
Words pierce it without saying more than it….
I had too much a pain in it and already covered my ears

[I understood it] laughed lightly….
I seem to, oh, already shed useless tears….
Don’t drop the makeup which I stretch myself and learned…
The last is painful with beauty

It breaks and is its love,   colored sad tears
Because I cry now, I go early, and it is a lie line, or there isn’t it
This frozen love  colored sad tears
Until there are no tears flowing, i still ask you




the PV is also brilliant and and my fave is this one, Yasu the Fanboy

how they also put the nerd ABC even there’s no Akihide , … but still they bring back my memories about that nerd ABC, …. i love it, and hope someday yasu is gonna make another PV with them , a very funny one like the epic 20 Century Boys …

noi      :   OMG, ya_san, what is on your mind? …
yasu   :    why? …
noi      :   this song, is brilliant and you are so damn good for this kind of song …
yasu   :   hey watch your language girl ….
noi      :   ops sorry ….  frozen love, want to be beautiful  ahh …
yasu   :   no, no noi_chan, don’t start your drama tonight …..
noi      :   but it’s just ….
yasu   :   aish, not again  ….

btw what i get from this song, i am still listening now, is …. a very sad, lots of tears  a frozen love still askin for a person, the same person, … want to be beautiful, learned to put some make up dress nicely and …. OMG it just remind me of him (read : not yasu)  …… and the question is  am i shed a useless tears for him (read : not yasu) ? ….

yasu   :    i knew it’s gonna be end to Mr. Friday …
noi      :    ya_san, how did you know …
yasu   :    well everytime you add read : not yasu note, it always him right …
noi      :    i am sorry, but yes, it is him

i talked about Mr. Friday a lot here,  there’s a slight in my mind to post his photo here, but i am to affraid to do that, i mean what if he see it i mean if he for some reason, read this blog i am 100% sure if he is gonna be totally clueless if the Mr. Friday in here is him (read : not yasu), …. but i hope he is not gonna lost here, and

God please take the internet connection from him onegaiii  …!!!!

i remember i saved his photo, only one i stole that from his Facebook when i still on his friendlist, but when i found out he is gonna marry and his Facebook profile change into not only him but with his wife, i kicked him from my friendlist, … i know that was rude, see i am the one who added him and then i also the one who un_friended him …. at  that time, what i really want to say to him was : hey, see what you did, you just lost one friend on Facebook …. !!!!  and if i have to describe him, MR. Friday is like this man :

see he is Francis Ng, he is a famous actor in Hongkong, ….  if you don’t know who he is well on  Infernal Affairs 2 he played as Tony Lung’s big brother (in this movie, the younger version of Tony Lung’s character was played by Shawn Yue) and he is dead in the end of the movie but before he died, he found out if the mole all this time is his own brother ….

OMG that scene is so sad, Francis Ng with his bloody face hug Shawn Yue and look at him with that expression …..

oke back to Mr. Friday, …. well that’s him, Mr. Friday is exactly look like him, the wide forehead, and i think now it’s more wide because he pray a lot, he is a very religious man remember, than me, with this up and down faith ….  maybe this is one of so many reasons why God didn’t make the MFEO (read : Made For Each Other) faith for me and Mr. Friday …. the other reason is :

1.   I am stupid, ….
2.   I am not from a religious family with my atheis dad, , ….
3.   I don’t wear hijab, so everybody still can see my hair …
4.   I don’t dress properly for a muslim girl …
5.   I am complicated …

and many more …. and long time a go i asked God  : Dear God, if i wear hijab would he be mine? … and as always God didn’t answer me directly but via clues and … i think God never agree if i wear hijab only for him (read : not yasu) , … it’s gonna be useless …

so if in CRISIS lyrics yasu wrote about wanna be pretty by learned how to make up and dress nicely, … in my case is wanna be more religious by wear hijab just to be with Mr. Friday, …. and in the end he didn’t belong to me is another punishment from God who always want me to be a better person and pray more …. , pray only for God, with no other ….

this year is pretty hard for me, …. a lot of things happen, … my dad being sick and now he is more like crazy , …. how drama queen is my mother now and my health is not as good as last year, …. yesterday i collapsed at office because i ate too much durian,

yasu    :    how much you eat …?
noi       :    not much, only 3
yasu    :    eeeehhh ?
noi       :    but that was the small one
yasu    :    greed …..

and then i went to see a doctor, …. and the doctor said if my blood pressure is so high, more than a normal person should be, …. he also said : If God give you 100 years to live, now you’re on the 1/4 , … but with this high blood pressure ? ….  he asked me to diet and change my food pattern, … a diet? what the, i have to diet even i am not fat  ….

see my health is the one and only i am so proud of, and now what just happend to me? … i knew it, i shouldn’t go see a doctor, see a doctor is a disease digger, …. they never say : everything is fine with you, …  and they always find something is wrong with you …. well okay. i’ll do my diet next year after i see Hyde in Bangkok , ….  i need Dr House now , ….

i am not in a good mod now, i think i better stop add a comment or something because i am gonna say something rude like this : when somebody posted :

I………………CANT…….……..DOWNLOAD………….THE CONCERT………………………….JUST…………KILL……….ME………………..

on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook, instead help him/her to find the download links, … i replied him/her with :  I am gonna eat you alive ....

yasu     :   that’s rude ne …
noi        :   i know ..
yasu     :    are you in CRISIS?.

yes, i am on CRISIS right now so i am gonna spend this night to be mellow, more mellow than a melon, with this song and yes this mellow but not a mellon drama is on …. ahahaha … *got kicked by Megatron*

yasu    :   more mellow than a melon ….?
noi       :   yes, …
yasu    :   why melon? …
noi       :   well if i saiy more mellow than a cherry sound’s wierd … because ..
yasu    :    because …
noi       :   for cherry, what i am gonna say is
i am so happy more happy than a cherry, because of Acid Black Cherry ,,,,,
yasu    :   what the ….