A Fangirl Post : Acid Black Cherry 2015 Tour L -エル- … (Another me, yasu and The Fangirl License )

The new Album hasn’t released yet,   。。。

but they already announced this upcoming tour for the new album next year and they call it as ….

                                 2015 Tour L -エル-


yes, i knew there will be another Tour for the upcoming New Album next year, but i had no idea if they will announced it by the beginning of December.

I thought they will announced it after the album release (February) or at when 2014 is over (read : The Beginning of January) so that would be great as A Surprise for New Year’s Eve on Acid Black Cherry fandom eh …

But as you know all the words already spoken, the announcement already made the i suppose it is time for us to prepare our self.

so brace yourself , as fast as Michael Fassbender …


yasu     :    really noi_chan, use Michael Fassbender again ….?
noi        :    why not, he is the young MAGNETO ne …
yasu     :    i know, but you already use it on Facebook. Go find another fast man …
noi        :    then who, FLASH ...?
yasu     :    hmmm …
noi        :    but that’s DC Comics, not Marvel and you know you are not super hero, you can not fly ne
yasu     :    still i am faster than you, Capt. Slow … *laugh*
noi        :    OK then, lemme say it again …

Brace yourself and prepare your self everyone,

because as fast as The FLASHyasu and his team now are getting fast …. !!


Yeah i am tellin you eh,

there will be a lot of things to prepare whether you (at least, me …..xD) are going to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- or not. For sexample like preparing yourself for …

1.  FanClub Ticket Lottery …


if you are Janne Da Arc FanClub Members and have a plan to go see that Incuyasu live on stage next year, prepare yourself for the FanClub lottery ticket appliction

Ticket pre-entry Period : December 10th, 2014 (Wed) 13: 00 ~ December 15th (Monday) 23:59 JST
via Uprise                   : http://upriseshop.jp/ (you have to be a VIP member to apply)

Application Result and confirmation : http://pia.jp/piajp/v/abc15fc-rslt/
Confirmation and Payment Period   : December, 22nd (Monday) 18: 00 ~ December 28th (Sunday ) 23:59 JST

Tour Schedule

March, 10th (Tuesday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 12th (Thursday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 18th (Wednesday) Fukuoka : Fukuoka Sunpalace

March, 21st (Saturday) Kagoshima : Kagoshima Baoshan Hall

March, 23rd (Monday) Shiga : Biwako Hall Great Hall

March, 25th (Wednesday) Hyogo :  Kobe International Conference Center International Hall

March, 29th (Sunday) Tokyo : Tokyo International Forum Hall A

April 1st (Wednesday) Kagawa : Alpha Anabuki Hall

April, 3rd (Friday) Osaka : Festival Hall

April 7th, (Tuesday) Fukui : Fukui Phoenix Plaza

April 9th (Thursday) Mie : Yokkaichi City Cultural Hall

April 13th (Monday) Shizuoka : Act Tower, Great Hall

April 16th (Thursday) Ishikawa : Honda Forest Hall

April 19th (Sunday) Nagano : Hokuto Cultural Hall

April, 21st (Tuesday) Aichi : Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall

May, 1st (Friday) Saitama : Omiya Sonic City, Great Hall

May, 7th (Thursday) Iwate : Morioka Civic Cultural Hall – Large Hall

May 11th (Monday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 13th (Wednesday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 15th (Friday) Fukushima : Koriyama Civic Cultural Center, Grand Hall

May, 26th (Tuesday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

May, 28th (Thursday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

June, 3rd (Wednesday) Hokkaido : Nittori Culture Hall

June, 11th (Thursday) Okayama : Kurashiki Civic Hall

June, 15th (Monday) Ehime : Matsuyama Civic Center

and for you all who don’t have that plan still, prepare yourself for …

2.    The Upcoming Tour GOODs


i am sure you all know just like the man himself,  Acid Black Cherry‘s Live GOODs are really hard to say no and last but not least, of course  …

3.    Whatever things related and will follow it

i am talking about news, sexlist, MCs and Blog Post from team_ABC on the Official Blog so i suppose …

you all can start to find another Acid Black Cherry fellows who will go to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- on Facebook, twitter, ameblo or another social media that internet offer to stalk ..

eh no i mean to add, follow ne …. >_<

i mean, surely you all want to know what will happen there ne …

~  what will yasu say on the MC,
~  will he end topless or not or …


ah, he must be ….!!!

~  what kind of game or scenario they will came up with on that 2015 Tour L -エル- 

surely they have to think about something new to make that live more live and hopefully they don’t just repeat their scenario from 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  because that’s gonna be boring eh …

Then Oh God, what about me ….



i am talking about me, Inspector Himura ne …

yasu   :   so, you are not going …
noi      :   yes, i think so …
yasu   :   nee noi_chan, remember for the last 「Shangri – La 」 Live you said ..
noi      :   omo,  …

yes, i do remember  ….


so last year,

when they (yasu and his team) announced the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour i said to my self and everyone if i will not go to Japan with so many reasons.

But you all know what happen next …

I still go to Japan with a business class flight indeed,  and like an idiot with no shame i asked 2 kawaii Highschool students to take this picture of me did this Hail to yasu (read : image of yasu on truck, precisely) at Nippon Budokan

So what should i do now ….

Let myself to think if the same thing will happen again, i mean i will go even i already said i will not go? Or should i say i will go so i am not going to see the Incuyasu Live on 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year …

But i think no matter i say i am going or not, it will end with me not going to that 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year.

Why …?

that’s because now they use different way,

unlike the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  , now they use Uprise for the Lottery Application. It means i have to log in to Uprise or use the postcard application form they sent.

the problem is the postcard is not in my hand, and also i dunno what my password to enter that VIP Members Only – Application page on Uprise because my proxy is the one who usually deal with it.

And if i asked him, means i have to pay the fee and tickets price first no matter i will get it or not because the result, confirmation and payment period is very short, only 6 days

so at least i have to pay 2 x 7,560 yen + …. etc etc  = +/- 15,000 or 17,000 yen.

Oh no, no i am not gonna do that because i still have a lots of things to buy on my list and look at my wallet,

it’s already nothing there …


So yes, this time i really gonna pass this whatsoever lottery ticket to see yasu.

but maybe, i said maybe ne and who knows if …..

~  like the previous , 「Shangri – La 」 Tour they also add the same Arena TOUR after all those Hall Tour, and maybe again …
~  at the same week additional ARENA Tour (in Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama), L’arc_en_Ciel will back and hold another Live



One OK Rock will held another Live so at the same week i can see all HYDE, yasu and ..

this stroberry …!!!


last September, when i failed on than N-whatsoever test and can’t go to Japan with my boss,

i said to myself …

Next year, if i go to Japan again i have to watch Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu) Live on stage.

i am talking about live in a BIG Stadium Live like their last Mighty Long Fall ~ Yokohama Live. I watched it for so many times i can’t remember and this part where Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu again …. xD ) sing this song

A Thousand Miles from Vanessa Carlton


that song suddenly hit me, hit on every part of me and it kinda haunt me.

At that time, because how that song hit me very hard i really want somebody to listen and understand that song so he will get how i really miss him.

So again like an idiot,

yeah love can make you like a fool and do silly thing, like me translated that song into Japanese using my Heart to Heart Translation,

so i suppose it’s totally wrong translation …


もしも 私が、

that’s why i never send it to him, Eeeh God …

I am totally Hopeless … !!!


yasu        :      so, he really dumped you noi_chan …
noi           :      i can’t believe he really did it ne, i mean hey who did dare to dump me  ….
yasu        :      he did, and that Friday also did
noi           :      no, no, no don’t say that …
yasu        :      don’t worry, i’ll get you another super glue now  ….

but about my heart , …

i suppose i have to give my heart 1,000 standing applause ne because no matter how much and hard i got hurt by them ( both of them) i still can back to love again.

OK, i am talking about how i tried to talk again and tryn to do my best to be connected again and even i failed to re-connect and got nothing but hurt i still have to thanks to my heart

and of course to God

for givin me a good, strong and healthy heart like my heart.

ah, forget about him ne and now let’s back to this Stroberry ….


yes, i do call him (read : again and again, taka baby not yasu …. xD ) with Stroberry from The Baby Stroberry Taka ne and then suddenly one day he posted this photo of him with a stroberry on his mouth …


Eh God, ….

i almost fall from my bed when i see that ne, i mean OMG that’s a very nice thing to see.  My phone was the one that fell from bed, but i was so very happy that night.

I mean what’s more perfect than to see Baby Stroberry with a Stroberry on your Instagram at midnight …???

and i can’t stop thinking he must be a good damn in kissu ….

noi       :     ねえ〜〜、ヤッさん 。。。。???
yasu    :      he is not gonna kiss you ..
noi       :     でも …
yasu    :      dream on fangirl and you better finish this post ne …

OMG, i talked too much eh …

But i think this is better than my previous post ne. I wrote a very long full of rambling post 2 days ago and i save it but i dunno why or what the hell again happened to Eljay because when i open my Eljay this morning

It’s gone, all of it …

So i think you all have to say thank you to whoever made my long rambling post gone because thanks to them you all saved from a very long boring full of rambling post from me.

and ah ya, this one is the ….

~  Whatsoever Update from me …

a bit late, but this is

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK ~  Nagasaki


Enjoiii ….. !!!!!

now, let’s talk about a Fangirl License

Today i had a very long talk on twitter with my friends, and as always they are amazing like how they always are. We talked about a lot of things started from the Over The L’arc_en_Ciel GOODs, Fangirl License and somehow

it ended with yasu

and how i open my eyes if there’s so many another yasu in Japan, not only Yasuda Shota ( eeeh, だれ だ。。。。???) and this

yasu the Blonde on My Facebook Wall


it started when one of my friend said about how she will not able to see Over The L’arc_en_Ciel in cinema next year, then suddenly i asked her …

Why can’t you go next year? is your Fangirl License got expired …???

OMG can’t believe i said something like that, i thought it was funny but now when i think about it again i feel like i was sayin something rude to my friend.

Maybe she has her own reason ne ….

So today, i got a new lesson about how i should keep my jokes (the bad and possibly hurt one) only here, not for my friends on twitter or Facebook ….  *head desk 69x*

Now last but not least is for next 2015,

which is only another 26 days and i know i will still be like me, this way as a Fangirl but i need something MAGIC to be happen.

A MAGIC that will end with …

me go to Japan not only to see yasu, but also HYDE and The Stroberry … #Amin


noi       :     please do say Amin for me …..
yasu    :     but, what if your Fangirl License is the one expired next year ..
noi       :     hello,  i am Inpector Himura ne, i do have my own stamp to renew it …
yasu    :     what the …
noi       :     fine if my Driving License expired 2 years ago, but my Fangirl License is FOREVER ….. !!!!!



A Boring Rambling Post : 「Shangri-la Museum」 … (Another me, yasu, Tony and Capt. Rogers)

Well everyone ….


after the ABC Displays, INCUBUS Costume Exhibition at Tower Records in Ikebukuro and Shinjuku now they have this what they call as …

Acid Black Cherry 「Shangri-la Museum」



Started from Nagoya on November 22nd (Saturday) until February 08th, 2015 in Osaka.

Admission  : Free
Time           : 11:00 to 19:00 (last admission 18:30)

This  「Shangri-la Museum」 is all about the previous nation-wide Project 『Shangri-la 』 that mobilized 180,000 fans with SOLD OUT ticket in all prefectures venue, so in that Acid Black Cherry ~  「Shangri-la Museum」

there will be …

1. Six costumes that actually worn by yasu during Project 『Shangri-la』 Live performances from these …..

1st ~  5th Season Costumes


they were displyaed on the Final Season‘s venue complete with the yasu‘s scent that apparently is  Dolce and Gabbana ~ Light Blue and also …

Encore and Final costume


They (read : yasu and his team) never display this one btw, i suppose they kinda save the best for the last.

For that Encore and Final costume that i personally love to say as The Prince Charming costume, actually has it own theme. And the theme is …



「「白」/ 「Shiroi/White」, in this case for yasu is a Prince charming in a White Outfit …xD.

from 2007 Free Live until the last 5th Season 「Shangri-la 」Live, that Encore and Finale Season was the 1st time for yasu with a  white outfit




yasu    :   only that noi_chan, i think there’s another more they wrote about that costume
noi       :   yeah, but there’s some Kanji that i dunno ..
yasu    :   do tell me, until now how many Kanji you know …?
noi       :   i suppose too many eh …
yasu    :   うそ 。。。!!
noi       :   yeah, too many until i can’t remember all …
yasu    :   OK, i better leave you now ..


back to the topic,


so beside that Encore and Final costume, they also will display very sexy and transparent costume from ..

2014 a-nation Live stadium fes.0829




ok, next ….

2. Costumes from all 3 singles that released during Project 『Shangri-la』 :

「Greed Greed Greed」,


「Kuroneko〜Adult Black Cat〜」


「Kimi ga Inai, ano hi kara …」,


and then …

3. Costume from the latest single INCUBUS,


As you know

4. Live photograph panel of all prefecture live, other patterns of interaction events 「Shangri-la Meeting 」,

where you’ll see live photographs panel of Encore and Final Season which are not released as a Documentary PHOTOBOOK.

5. A mini stage corner with some equipment that is actually used in the stage set on corner was actually used in 「Shangri-la 」,

It’s gonna be a gorgeous museum …

so if you are in Japan or have plan to go to Japan someday between end of November  ~  February 08th, 2015 make sure you put this going to see Acid Black Cherry ~  「Shangri-la Museum」 on your schedule  …

more info in here  :   http://acidblackcherry.net/special/shangri-la/

i think started from last summer yasu was very generous, not only gave that 2014 a-nation Live stadium fes.0829 as a bonus on his previous single INCUBUS DVD, but before that he also allowed all of us to see that *****

ah you all know what i mean … *wink*

now i wonder, whether if …

Acid Black Cherry『INCUBUS』MUSIC VIDEO.mp4_000127919

yasu loves his fans so much or all these they (he and his Team_ABC) did, do and will do are all about promotion activities for that upcoming 3rd Album, but   ….


i think i will say,

yasu do love his fans and now he is kinda enjoy himself spoiling all his fans with all of that. Ah ya, of course i am talking about fans who are in Japan,

they all who get all that access opened for them …


yasu    :    now what noi_chan ….
noi       :    what …
yasu    :    don’t start again, i know you’re just mad about that mini clear file  …
noi       :    i am just sayin eh …

because that’s the fact,

in this fandom you need to be in Japan to get all access to all they offered to us.

For example like mobile FanClub,  with many rare photos of yasu to see, items to buy, birthday message to get from yasu and yasu sayin ariyasu as ringtone to listen. but you must use a Japanese mobile number to access that mobile site

And that’s mean you have to be in Japan.

FYI everyone,

i am not talking about Japanese and overseas (or what they said as gaijin fans …??) eh, because i believe there’s many gaijin ABC fans in Japan that for them i always give my two thumbs UP for what they did to go and got job/school and do their livin alone there.

In this case i am talking about fans who are in Japan and aren’t, with a lots of differents between them. It surprised me a lot when somebody send a message to me, ask this question


why do people keep sayin Japanese and overseas fans are different? It has to be no difference right since we all love and support yasu …. etc etc

When i read her message that until now i haven’t reply, since i was a bit confused about how to answer and give a nice sexplanation to her without ruining her ABC dreams, like what i always do whenever i reply to them about how  …

~  i never see and talk in person with yasu or,
yasu doesn’t speak English and many more …

now here i am tryin to answer that question …

i say there’s a BIG differences between fans who are in Japan (both Japanese and non-Japanese fans) and fans who aren’t in Japan (overseas fans).

not only about all that things that they can access to but also about both have principle, way of thinking, how to see and understand things differently as how different is the sky above them.


yasu     :     how is it ….
noi        :     what …
yasu     :     your sky …
noi        :     it’s a very HOT sky, as HOT as me …
yasu     :     ewww ….

Ok, for example,

fans who are in Japan (both Japanese and non-Japanese fans) with all rules and law like strings attached to them.

While overseas fans with their careless and don’t wanna know because they are livin outside Japan so it kinda feel there are no strings attched to them.

FYI again everyone,

i am not sayin all oversea fans are careless and don’t wanna know like me …

How am i gonna explain it eh, i think i am not good in explaining since the more i explaining something, all i said just become far from what i want to say.

So let me make it short, and again and again  … >_<


noi      :     i will explain it with a movie  …
yasu   :     no, not again …
noi      :     i am so sorry, but what can i do …
yasu   :     there’s so many things other than movie …
noi      :     i am jus so movie だから、。。。


Well, i am sure you all watch The Avengers right …

and surely you know they both (Tony and Steve) are very different person, and they even has some conflict at the beginning of the movie.

So just like how different is Steve Rogers (Capt. America) and Tony Stark (IRON MAN), i think that’s how the different between fans who are in Japan (both Japanese and non-Japanese fans) and fans who aren’t in Japan (overseas fans).

And hopefully …

no matter how different we are in so many ways,

we still can go along, have fun and support yasu together just like how they (read : Capt. and Tony) work along together to beat Loki and his army on The Avengers movie  …


enough with the movie and question’s answering, next is  …

~   Whatsoever Things from me …

this one is the very late of CD & DLでーた


enjoii  ….  !!!!

and about the  「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK eh,

suppose i haven’t finish the 5th SEASON right. OMG i am totally forget about that PHOTOBOOK. If not because one of my friend asked me to find some PHOTOBOOK related stuffs maybe i will forget it.

In fact, now i just found out if i lost my  「2012」 PHOTOBOOK, i just couldn’t find it and of course i also couldn’t remember where the hell i put that. Hey, thatPHOTOBOOK is  4 years ago,

then it’s almost  forever ago eh.

right now added with that loosing PHOTOBOOK, there’s many things bothered me and it’s really hard for me to not think about it.

Sometimes, i just sit and do nothing but sayin to my self …

So what am i gonna do now ….????


yasu    :    what bother you now …
noi       :    a lot of things in my mind now
yasu    :    your TV series …?
noi       :    and others, so would you listen to me …
yasu    :    go talk to your Facebook friends …
noi       :    just tonight please,  …

yes, i can’t stop thinkin about …
~   what will happen to Captain Rogers and what did Tony do, and how i have to wait until May 2015 to see it.



See what i mean, i am dying in waiting to see that right now, especially when Idris Elba said if there will be him and Tom Hiddleston there  …

~     Just like Lady Mary, i don’t want to say goodbye to Tom Branson,


he said about move to Boston with Sybie after Christmas.

Oh no … !!!!

and especially this one,

I think i need to release some of them, and somebody that will say what i did is right.

so about last week, there’s one of my friend call me and said if there’s a man who wants me. Want me in here mean he wants to marry me. My friend said that man kinda really want to marry soon.

next year he said.

Dunno where, when did and what part of me he saw that make him decided that desire of him to marry me.

I said no to him, since i don’t want marry somebody that i dunno anything about it. Even yeah, here in my country we don’t do date like what some of you do, but we do date with a man that we are married to,

after the wedding.

but still, i think i need to know him more before i say any agreement to tied myself into someone, because if i marry to him, then that person is someone that i will spent the rest of my life with.

In sort, i just say to my friend like that

then the next bad thing is he told my mother about this, so that afternoon my mother made another drama again. She was cryin like hell while keep askin me why i said no to that person that my friend say as a very good man and i will be very lucky if i choose him.

I said to her, about how i want to know him more and don’t want to decide to marry in the hurry.

Eh God, double hell she was cryin again.

I really hate to made her cry like that, but i think i said what i want and if he didn’t want what i want, then what can i do …?

I don’t wanna be selfish but after all this is my life eh, so the decision is on me not my mother.

It really bother me, i wanna cry but i don’t want my mom hear me cryin about this my BIG regret about me disappointed her again.

and of course i don’t want to pick someone whom i will spent the rest of my life just like picking a cat from inside box.

I mean, fine and Thank God if he is nice, good as they said but

what if he is ….

yasu      :       what, a serial killer ….?
noi         :       well …
yasu      :       now tell me, what did you say to him …?
noi         :       i said sorry, and then no …
yasu      :       no how …
noi         :       stop askin and just tell me i did right eh ya_san …. *wanna cry*



Moanday Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Tochigi … (another me, yasu and The Earth Goes Around The Sun)

Tochigi  …..

is the 2nd prefecture for this 4th Season Project 『Shangri-la』 around Kanto.

『Shangri-la』  Live Performance in Tochigi was held in Utsunomiya City Cultural Center last February 10th, 2014. It was six years ago when Acid Black Cherry had 2008 BLACK LIST Tour in Tochigi.

And yasu, who enjoys local gourmet in each place  and this time in Tochigi this gourmet called 「これぞ栃木 」/「Tochigi Korezo」 has greeted yasu.


Speaking about Tochigi, after all it’s also speak about gyoza/dumplings. UtsunomiyaTochigi prefecture is dumpling consumption city in Japan. With many dumpling shops in the town, a city of delicious dumplings.

This very delicious dumpling that already introduced in 「Shangri-la 」  Meeting previous day.

had a delicious meal, and then followed with the talk in the dressing room. And yasu were talking about a shampoo he use recently ..


「this is really good … 」

and about him pursued health with a healthy goods and bought some goods called 「Healing Body Distortion」 by mail order. Then the talks spread from there to what movie you want to see recently … etc etc while they entered the venue.

aand help Junji_san to put his contact lens just before the live started.


then question selected on on The Question Corner is …

Something that you’d think as troublesome and you would just skip …?

yasu‘s answer is …

now i will speak about video games. I was the type that like video games so much and play one game thoroughly since i was a little boy.

But it becomes rare for me to do it recently, even i haven’t cleared the last Monster Hunter. I am a 3流 Hunter now (laugh).

I buy a new game even now, but it was not longer to finish till the end. Is this ” become an adult ” thing ? (laugh).

I was devoted so much of doing that until now and sad when i think about doing these and become an adult.

ah when it came about Monster Hunter, he is still forever a boy ne …

aand talking about Monster Hunter ne, i have no idea why CD Japan put that Monster Hunter on my fave list. So last week i got 3 same emails about that Monster Hunter release information like this …


then i was like,

Really, did i put that Monster Hunter on my fave List ….?

noi       :    because i am an Alien Hunter, not Monster Hunter
yasu    :    still do the same hunting …
noi       :    but Monster is something that i will not hunt.

Because when i am mad, with all bad words i say to other people near me, i become a Monster.  So why would i hunt a Monster anyway …  ..

yasu    :    so now i have to hunt you  …?
noi       :    Yes please  … *wink*

now let’s see The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 10.02.2014 Utsunomiya City Cultural Center

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Prologue End (request)
15. Kono Aozora no Mukou Ni (request)
16. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ

and The Kewpie is …



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s the delicious 餃子/Gyoza/Dumpling …

So cute, ne and the head it looks like a Roman soldier’s helmet or a Lama‘s hat in Tibet? …

and then

~    next chapter of  2nd SEASON ..

this time is for Nagano part,

i just love this part especially the Meeting which the called as The Dark Meeting but of course there was no Darth Vader there … xD


so enjoii again …

Today is Monday, i say …

Huff … What a Moanday …

As always Monday is a very fast day. A day when everyone, especially my boss want everything fast. Send your report fast, send the money fast, call the electric engineer … etc etc. I the best i can to be fast, but still i am not that fast enough.

And i have no idea why those machines and digital weighbridge choose to failed to start on Monday. OMG didn’t they have other day to choose? Why didn’t they choose Friday ne? I really hate went things went wrong on Monday.

so no activities today but to fix that.

Nothing to do and no money’s comin but lots of money came out. It should be both ne, i mean there is money came in and came out so i can do my job. Do you know what’s keep moving beside earth that goes around the sun …?

It’s money …

money’s keep movin everyday, and of course it’s not literally moving but you all know what kind of moving i am talking about.

Then by that move of money human see a possibility to make a profit and that’s something i say as a trading, and then eventually there will be a market.

and that market is everywhere,

including in this 「Shangri-la 」Season,

you know the ticket selling and buying thing. From the Fan Club Lottery, general seller, re – seller and of course the most wanted to ban auction seller.

With this as they say, how very hard to get tickets for Acid Black Cherry Live is plus so many Acid Black Cherry Fans out there who really want to have see yasu live on stage but they couldn’t get.

I say it created a market ne

let’s just say they didn’t win the Fan Club Lottery and general sales, went to re-seller but they didn’t find a closer to the stage seat that they want. Then last option, they checked into an auction’s site and found it of course with higher price that still they will buy/bid …

Even we all know how Acid Black Cherry banned some seats on every Live, but that site is still on ne. Why? that’s because the market still exist and about high up in the sky price than the original price (7,500 yen) …

i say that is The Collateral Damage.

Because there’s always be a Collateral Damage in every aspect of our live. And that Acid Black Cherry doing by ban all those ticket seats reported  sell in auctions,  i suppose that’s  their way to minimize The Collateral Damage so people wont buy or bid from auction’s site.

i’ve see some people posted about how they already make report about that

And it make me wonder why did people/fans especially make that kind of report, that’s something that i don’t get/understand until now.

It remind me to the last year’s Halloween Party Drama. Same things happened, someone reported about HYDE and other’s screen caps posted on Tumblr to yama_chan via twitter

i say, that’s ridiculous …

Because for myself, me even i know a person who sell his/her ticket to auction and the seat number,  i am not gonna report it. I mean what’s the point of that? Is there any particular price given by Team ABC for that report?

even there is, still i am not gonna do that because mind about other people’s shit is not my division,moreover  …

Ruined someone’s BIG dream? Heee, why would I …?

Because i  put myself as the person who bought that very expensive ticket. Let’s say 35,000 yen like that, it’s not a small amount of money ne. Sure that person worked very hard to get it.

Maybe he/she saved it for months.

by gave up his/her 35,000 yen for ABC Live ticket, that person must really love yasu, dyin about see him live on stage. He/she surely have a dream and that’s not a crime. Nah, if he/she ended up not able to enter the venue because the ticket is banned,

Aww ….  that must be really hard and heart_breakin ne.

Loosing 35,000 yen + shipping fee and other fees followed and also the dream of watching yasu‘s Live vanished at the same time. That’s why now by i’d say …

i am not gonna say “don’t buy” or “do buy” auction tickets …

because with or without sayin it, the market will still going on as the earth around the sun. In this case for  Acid Black Cherry fandom


yasu is the sun and fans are the earth that will goes around it. Some of them might do anything to be around the sun (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday).


yasu      :     boring noi_chan, boring …
noi         :     but i am not finish yet …
yasu      :     then finish it hurry …
noi         :     OK …

related with that ticket rambling, now let’s talk about the Fan Club Lottery ne ….


I said before ne, i will join this lottery for 「Shangri-la 」 Encore Season ~ Arena Tour. For 2 year’s ago Erect Live ticket, i didn’t do it by myself, my proxy was the one who applied for me.

Nah, i asked the same thing for the last 4th Season 「Shangri-la 」 ~Kanto Tour ~. But it surprised me how my proxy asked me to the ticket price (7,500 yen) first only to apply.

I was like,

eeeh i have to pay first? it still not clear whether if i won the ticket or not.

Even i know for sure she will send my money back if i didn’t win, but still 7,500 yen is not a small amount of money to let go ne and also at that time i still have lots of things to pay.


Surely, it’s something #eeehh … for me ne,

because as i remember she didn’t asked that for Erect Live ticket. Maybe now there’s some new rules on my proxy ne. That’s why for this 「Shangri-la 」 Encore Season ~ Arena Tour i decided to do the application by myself,

I wanted to apply on the 1st day, February 14th. But that day i was so busy, works won’t leave me alone, my boss came that day and sit next to me the whole day. So i didn’t open any site than Yahoo Mail and Messenger on my browser.

I finally managed to apply last night, aand …

ha ha yeah, it took forever for me to finish it ne …

yasu     :     why …
noi        :      because i put my name wrongly ne …
yasu     :     eeh, you don’t know ?  …
noi        :     that’s why i asked  Kenshin

but i learned a lot by that, so now let me tell you the story of me being lost in that confusing Pia.jp site that kept giving me lots of 。。。。 ください in red tellin me that i made some mistake and have to go back and check it again.

Nah tonight i made this entry because i think maybe some of you might try this since the application period is from February 14th ~ February 19th. So it’s still 2 days left.

and FYI  everyone,

i use a proxy (middle person in Japan) for my FC membership,

so not only 6 digit FC ID number, i also have 7 digits Japan postal code (as my address in Japan, Hokkaido precisely) which is required if you want to join Fan Club ticket lottery or buy all those VIP stuffs on UpRise Official Shop.

so let’s start this step by step OK …

1.   Click on this  http://pia.jp/v/abc14fc/ 

and then click to that sign that will bring you …

2.  to the next step, where they inform …

~   1 application for each member,
~   when there’s several times application, the last application will becomes effective.
~   It is possible to add up to 6 performance for one application ..


click that sign so you can …

3.    start your application.

~   put your 6 digits of your FanClub ID number, followed with
~   7 digits of your Japan postal code, then

click that sign to …

4.   continue to the next step to put your name, phone number and e-mail  …

do find or ask your proxy how they put your name on your Fan Club membership.

For example me,

even they always put this Noi Himura (in romanji) on the FanClub magazine envelopes that i always receive, but it failed when i put it there like that.

Then i had to ask my cousin Kenshin (since we shared the same last name Himura) how to write Himura on Kanji.

Ah my dear cousin Kenshin, かっこいい な 。。。。 !!!

yasu     :     your cousin? yeah right
noi        :     that last name Himura on me, it’s not for nothing ne …
yasu     :     but he is too far for you ne fangirl ..
noi        :     that’s why i call him my far far away cousin Kenshin Himura
yasu     :     yeah, whatever

so he (Kenshin, not yasu) told me and then voilà, there’s how i supposed to write Noi Himura

then click to that sign so …

5.  you can choose which live performance that you want, then click that  same orange sign on the bottom then you will get this …

you may start it over again if you want to add another live performance, or if you feel that would be enough …

5.  you can continue to the payment part …

and don’t forget ask your proxy first which way of payment that they prefer to do ..

~   via Seven Eleven (the 1st) or
~   ATM payment (2nd one).

Then click on the same orange sign on the bottom …

6.  and you will get this

just fill the numbers on the box and there you are, your application is complete. Then go check your email, when you got this kind of email from Pia

then your application is 100% complete and all you have to do next is just waiting until 2014年02月26日(Wedbesday)18:00 (JST) to find out whether you won the tickets or not,

via this URL  —>  http://pia.jp/v/abc14fc/ 

and remember like the 1st one, that URL is also required your FC ID number and postal code.

so everyone, i hope that maybe useful for you, aand

if there’s some part that you don’t understand feel free to ask me because i think i missed to put details on some part. And i will glad to help you.

And now it’s time for me to say ….

Would you mind to cross your fingers for me …?

yasu     :    me too?
noi        :    why not …
yasu     :    my fingers are busy right now, see how many posters i have to sign ….
noi        :    but …
yasu     :    go get your neighbor’s finger to cross …


After Party Post : Halloween Party 2013 .. (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Dorothy)


Who is Dorothy …?


this time i am  taking about that Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. That pretty girl that i envy for the whole of my life because her cute and sparkle red shoes, Over The Rainbow‘s song and her travel to Oz.

The Wizard of Oz is an epic movie that i am sure everyone know and already watched it then madly in love with the red shoes (for girls like me … xD),

amazed by The Tin Man or scared by Wicked Witch of The West‘s spell no matter they watch it in so many different versions (cartoon, Broadway, … etc etc) beside the original version with Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale.

Even i already got the message from that epic movie how your home is the best place to be in this world, …

but what can i do, i am still Dorothy ne …


noi        :    don’t tell me you don’t know Dorothy …
yasu     :    you think i don’t know Dorothy ..?
noi        :    i didn’t say that ..
yasu     :    ah, now you want a new shoes …
noi        :    awww ya_san, you know, but not only that, also …

I want to travel somewhere over the rainbow no matter how many times i got scared by that telly show called Banged up Abroad on Nat Geo Adventure channel  ..

i am sure some of you know that telly show ne, a show about people’s experience of being caught abroad because they did smuggling with their own so many reasons why.

But mostly their reason/cause was because they were so greed.  After they succeed once instead of stop, they want more and more until they get caught like that. Of course there were also other people who got caught because framed by their new travel mate that was so kind and adorable to them when they were there.

They just blindly believe them, no double check before leaving and shocked like dumped to hell when they couldn’t go back to their country because the custom find some illegal stuffs inside their bags/luggage.

This telly show scared me so much last year when i was going to Japan. It almost made me cancel it, but thank God i finally went there even with so many what if (what if they found something … etc etc) all over my mind.

yasu       :      noi_chan, why this Dorothy talk …?
noi          :      because this is Halloween ne ..
yasu       :      but it’s over ..
noi          :      that’s why i wrote When The Party is Over ne .

yes, this year’s Vamps Halloween Party is over

and honestly i am glad it’s over. For me, this year’s Halloween Party is supposed to be fun, more open than last year’s but somehow the fun just ended in the middle of the party, turned into full of …

~  worries (especially for ABC fans)

because how yasu got sick and had to cancel his performance on the 3rd day. I think everyone got this worry feeling. Even i couldn’t open the Official Home Page because it crashed soon after 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 announced it via their Official Twitter.


see yasu was trending on twitter that day … xD

with his throat problem he had years ago worried his fans, plus how he is very busy with his 『Shangri-la』 Project related like all over Japan Tour, upcoming new single next month and all the promo activity following it.

but thank God, the next day 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 via this post, announced that yasu will perform on Halloween Party 2013 as scheduled before added this message from yasu


I apologize for the worries.
Thank you for so many encouraging comments from everyone.
I will do my very best today!


complete with a photo of yasu HOOD like this … xD


良かった, he is fine now … #yay …!!!

next is how the fun of this year’s Halloween Party euphoria turned into ..

~    A Hide and Seek …

eeeh, should i say chasing game? like the I am Chasing on L’arc_en_Ciel’s Chase ..? because a Hide and Seek is supposed to be fun, but not this one. What i mean with a Hide and Seek is how …

eh, how should i say this ne …

as you know, there was streaming for before and after Party on the backstage that i am so terrificly happy for this ne. I was like …



even a little bit finally they make it Halloween Party a bit Open, at least for overseas fans like me. Then as always the lazy me, i didn’t watch the streaming for 1st and 2nd day because i waited for other fans/Street Team to share it via Youtube or Facebook video.

so yeah, i was fine, but then on the 3rd day, the Chasing is started.

Yama_chan, the event MC who held the streaming show asked the fans for not do any screen capture, recording or sharing the video with some copyrights reason from artist management .. etc etc like you all can see on the channel.

that prohibition somehow kinda divided fans into two side :

*   1 side is for fans who obey the request, while the
*   other side is for fans who actually wanted to obey the request,

but  …


couldn’t hold their desire to share the suff when they seen this beautiful man/woman on their PC screen. Eh God, i mean who can keep that beautiful Oiran HYDE for themself … ?

i can’t …

and on the 3rd day whenYama_chan said that prohibition again plus how he will not do the streaming show again if fans still not care, there you are the Hide and Seek started.

There was a message sending among fans, one fan asked to other fan to erase their screen caps posted on their twitter and Tumblr. Some even report how the screen caps as already all over Tumblr to Yama_chan. I was like …

Eeeh, really?

that’s totally pissed me off because i have to join something secret to see the streaming recorded video.  I lost the fun and euphoria. I didn’t even care about the last day. That’s why i said i am glad Halloween Party 2013 is finally over.

I hope there will be no more things like this on next year’s Halloween Party.

Maybe it would be better if they let The Party close like last year, and fans who can’t be there still can see their idol’s cosplaying as from sites like BARKS, or stalk their idol’s social networks like twitter, Facebook, or that Cameran app … #EndOfStory

But regardless of how pissed off and dramatic fangirl worried i was for what happened, i still think this year’s Halloween Party as an awesome moment even for me who wasn’t there.

Nice outfit from everyone for me of course especially yasu and HYDE.

ah ya, yasu‘s cosplay ….

~    Cute Lolita Girl w/ a big Boops …


there’s some jokes said how he got sick because that BIG Boops make him tired …xD

~   The Adult Black Cat on Nightmare’s Hitsugi tweet


October’s end soon and The Cat, The Adult Black Cat is on eh ….xD

Still i had my own fun from this Halloween Party just by reading all Live Reports, one of them is this Live Report by Secret Sign, you can read it in —-> here on her facebook note.

i read so many great fan reports ne, how on the 4th day HYDE got punished but instead doin the punishment, he sang Joujoushi amazingly (aww i wanna see it ….xD).

Oh God, look at HYDE ne …




especially the last one,

OMG HYDE, really ……?  *wipe my face*

HYDE is always like that.

Every year on Halloween Party HYDE succeed to make all his fans (especially girls) to accept the fact that the idol that they all adore is more beautiful than them.

Even among all those girls, he is still pretty …


source  :   Yumi Wakatsuki’s blog

HYDE did cosplay as Alive, The Sweet Bob Blonde Lolita .. and many others beautifully. I hope HYDE will think about cosplaying as Dorothy when i go to Japan to see Halloween Party.

I mean ….

i want to see HYDE walk and sing Over The Rainbow with a read shoes … xD


yasu      :     isn’t that too much to ask …?
noi         :     you think so
yasu      :     yes, …
noi         :     well then, i’ll ask Santa next Christmas …



Calm Post : 7th 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Nitori Bunka Hall, Sapporo … (Another me, yasu and 心の友)

I say this as a Calm Post, because i am calm today ….

i mean,


i am keeping my self calm by listening to Acid Black Cherry 

Many people make that kind of CALM meme using that phone application ne. I see, dead,hear the CALM word everywhere, but still it’s not easy to do especially for a person with a very bad temperament like me.

But, the Monday and Thursday Fasting is workin on me now. It can avoid me for being rude, say bad things to other people next to me and stay CALM even bad things happen like today

There’s one boy got accident while he is doin his work. He is a crusher machine operator, about 24 years old and today he’s slipped and put one of his hand inside the machine, crushed by it some part …

the skin is no longer on his hand and there’s only few flesh so we can even see his bones that’s what the Head of the Mechanics told me. That’s so terrible,  and i don’t even dare to see his hand.

I only see blood all over his shirt. … #ewww

Now he is still at hospital and i really don’t want go there.  I use to follow the victim (let’s say i am Noi Reagan from NYPD) but not these days, because hospital is a place that i avoid since my father died there. That place became too scary for me to go.

but they made me to go there using some responsibility reason of me as the person in charged. When i was there, the doctor told me, the Head of the Mechanics and him (the boy) if it would be better for him to let them cut his finger (i think it’s his middle finger). But he said ..

NO …!!!

in a very loud way, and i totally understand why he ignored all the doctor’s sayin to him about all the eventualities ended with infections, because who wants to loose part of his/her body anyway? nobody, even it’s only a middle finger.

Ah middle finger ne, if they cut it so he will never able to make a F**K sign again …

OMG, what a scary drama ne  and thank God it’s over …


yasu      :     is this from one of drama you watched …?
noi         :     no this is real ya_san, it happened today ..
yasu      :     then what did you say ..
noi         :     i say nothing, i mean what should i say , should i say …

I am really bad as a person in charged ne, hope he is gonna be fine anyway. And  …

now let’s continue this 「Shangri-la 」 Post before they (read :  【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 posted another post related to 「Shangri-la 」 Project after this 約束から絆へ!札幌公演!![From a Promise to Bonds ! Sapporo Performence !] Post

Acid Black Cherry is in the middle of Hokkaido Tour now, and they already like a local now during their stayin there. For this 7th 「Shangri-la 」 Post was held at Nitori Bunka Hall, Sapporo

and this was how they (whoever wrote that post) welcomed yasu when he arrived the venue ..

Sapporo 1

with this ザンギ —> 「Zangi 」 (it refers to a type of fried chicken —> Karaage in Japanese,  but the word 「Zangi 」 is used exclusively in Hokkaido), pure white corn and yakisoba bento  …

Sapporo 2

ready for rehearsal ….

Sapporo 3

then do checking, not only Is not only sound, but the vanity of stage lighting was also checked properly with all the staff.

nah i think that image of yasu talking with 2 staffs above  is the close up version of The Finding yasu image posted on twitter, see what i mean …?

Sapporo 7

finished checking yasu back to the dressing room and check the question sent via twitter for Live that day, Oh God, that’s what i say as a Sweet Smile

Sapporo 4

with that sweet smile, he headed to the stage, …

I believe last Live at live at Nittori Bunka Hall was totally great by how they wrote it as The Best Excitement and Enthusiasm mixed. Had bang storm from all the audiences.

On the last 5th Anniversary Erect, at the same venue Nittori Bunka Hall, this Hokkaido Province Tour was promised and they (yasu and his team) achieved it. The question picked for this live is


「Memories of Summer Vacation」

and everyone pick Black Cherry and SPELL MAGIC as request songs for Nittori Bunka Hall Live, so there you are

~   the setlist

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. Tsumi to batsu ~ kamisama no Alibi
5. scar
6. Fallin’ Angel


7. Nemuri Hime
8. Yes


10.Shojo no Inori III
11.Shojo no Inori
12.Cord name 【JUSTICE】
13.20+∞Century Boys

14.Black Cherry
16.Greed Greed Greed
17.Shangri – la

then with continued with

~   the Kewpie photo

Sapporo 5
Sapporo 6

it’s a bear, a brown bear like Winnie, you know that Winnie The Pooh who act like crazy whenever see honey. Like me   ….

Whenever i see you honey …..


yasu     :     honey …?
noi        :     and i am the bear …
yasu     :     But noi_chan, Winnie … isn’t he yellow …
noi        :     hee, then who is brown …?

there only 2 versions of Obitsu Kewpie for Hokkaido Live even though there are 5 Live Performances there, so for the collaboration plan for Janne Da Arc Official Mobile, they prepare for the 3rd Obitsu Kewpie for Hokkaido Live and they asked us to wait until the next Asahikawa performance …

Yes everyone, Hokkaido will get 3 series of Obitsu Kewpie … !!!

Regarding to all those 「Shangri-la 」 Obitsu Kewpies, do you now what site i am avoiding now? It’s Yahoo Auctions. I didn’t even dare to just a flach click there because i know i will get crazy by want all Kewpies sellin posted there …

What happening now is i am tryin to do some cuts and hope this whatever named scissor i use to cut, is good enough to cut all this feeling of wanting everything, and help me to get some priority together with other things i did like

~   block/erase any auction sites that i bookmarked on my PC  …


even i am not sure i can keep on that way for how long, because loot at all that kewpies, aren’t they so adorable?  ….

~   stop this monthly bag and shoes buying…

shoes and bag are things that i always hard to say no, Be in a place surrounded with shoes and bag is totally heaven for me. And what i do there is nothing than waiting for one, maybe 2 from all those cute things callin me .

somehow i feel like i am as a candidate of foster parent who go to an orphanage to find a baby boy/girl to love, take care and take home with.

it feels just amazing ne …

how all those shoes and bag makes me powerless there …

~   Buy Only HYDE and yasu’s stuffs


i don’t buy the last DEAD END Tribute.

Yeah just like accident, things also happen. I who always buy any tribute albums as long as there’s some HYDE and yasu related to now skipped this album.

Now i am tellin you ne, it’s really hard for me to skip this and just download it.


HYDE     :    don’t tell me …
noi          :    as you say guys, i am guilty as charged, and do you know  …
HYDE     :    no, i don’t wanna know …
noi          :    ya_san …
yasu       :    me too …. *leaving*

unlike this man who is already hold the CD on his hands and so sexcitedly honored to get participated on that album and looking seriously for the artists (total 50 artists participated, each instrument) who participated as well as him.


as what they wrote on this DEAD ENDトリビュート!!/DEAD END Tribute post yesterday, …

yasu as a man who influenced by DEAD END, produce the music properly, like what DEAD END‘s lead vocal MORRIE sayin on some magazine interview .

「yasuは面白いね。ただ ”好き” ってわけじゃなくて、ちゃんと音楽を分析してくれてる。全体像を把握しながら、なおかつ唄い手として」

「yasu is interesting, It is not because a simply reason as  ” love”, with music is analyzed perfectly. Moreover, grasping the whole picture of the song and sing」.

I might read it wrongly as always …. xD,  but is that form their Fools Mate magazine interview together? …

talking about interview related to this DEAD END Tribute album, here’s nice interview of MORRIE and HYDE from natalie


the complete part along with MORRIE and Kiyoharu interview, but for HYDE‘s part is started on part 5 here


full of HYDE and MORRIE‘s BIG and lovely images …


read some interesting from HYDE about do a cover song things …

HYDE うん  :  やっぱりうれしいですよ。そこはカバーするアーティストに対する、ミュージシャンの純粋な愛情表現というか、そういう感覚に近いんじゃないですかね。僕の場合で言うと、Acid Black Cherryのyasuくんが僕の曲を歌ってくれたりすると、そういうことを感じます。

「I am glad after all. It is a musician’s pure love expression to the artist who covers there, Isn’t it close to such feeling? If it says in my case and yasu ( #AcidBlackCherry) will sing my music, … then such a thing will be felt. .」

Whooo ……



see ya_san, that’s HYDE already asked you to do another cover for his song. So what are you waiting for …. ?


yasu      :     not you …
noi         :     i know it never be me …
yasu      :     i think you don’t want me to do that ..
noi         :     did i …?
yasu      :     yes you did …
noi         :     then do ignore me …!!!

i hope, there will be another part for MORRIE and yasu interview ne. But is that possible?  i hope so, aaand question for today is …

Have you do your order for SHANGRI – LA PHOTOBOOK …?


because it is already September ne, and let me remind all of you if the pre- order closed on September 27th, 2013. So hurry everyone, contact your proxy so you will not miss this PHOTOBOOK.

i did my order last week, and yesterday i did my order for the upcoming HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA ~ HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Now i can close my paypall account joyfully happy, because i am save now everyone …

ah ya, remember on the last [2012] Tour Post on the Official Blog, there were always one or two picture of yasu with some scenery of a place … etc etc but i don’t see much like that on this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour post.


the answer, i think it because they will put all of it on the upcoming 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK that will release on October 25th, 2013. And if you might ask why there’s no pre_order UP yet at online Shop like CD Japan, i also asked that btw

Nah today i asked them (CD Japan) via email and they give a fast respond if they are still  in contact with several publishing companies in order to know the availability of that book. They need more few days for that.

I think the prorder on for the usual/common OnLine Shopping that use to send stuffs to outside Japan is gonna open after the closing day for TSUTAYA and The Official Online Shop ~ Uprise pre-order,

so i say maybe somewhere between …

after September 27th, 2013 ~ before October 25th, 2013 …


yasu     :    look who is talking now …
noi        :    that’s not just a talking ne ..
yasu     :    then what ..
noi        :    that’s one of my fangirl analysis and FYI my darling, i am on NYPD now
yasu     :    yeah, dream on …

Finally today’s at office ended.

Not a perfect day but my score is pretty good ne and on my bus riding home, i meet a man that’s so annoying. I can’t believe that kind of man is really exist and survived livin in this world.

Remember there’s a scene on Last Cinderella when the Cinderella (what is her name, Sakura?) on the bus with Hiroto (Haruma Miura) …

isn’t he juicy adorable ….?

on that scene there were a boy who sit nicely when at that time there was a woman who is standing and really need to sit. I thought that kind of thing only happen on dramas but it was also happen and i saw it today

that man, still sit while there’s an old woman who standing next to me in hurt (she said her knees aren’t so well recently). I wanted to say something to him like asked him politely. But before i do that someone already did it. and what happen is he said …

Why should i? i also pay for this ride …

to the woman who asked him nicely. What the hell is happen to him anyway, is he never graduated from Elementary School ? because as i remember when i was on Elementary School there’s a Moral Subject called PMP (Pendidikan Moral Pancasila) on my schedule

and on that Subject, there’s one multiple choice question that always be on every test semester. This simple qeustion like this

There’s an old woman on the bus, she is standing while you are sit. In this situation what you should do?

A.   Do nothing …
B.   Stand up and give my sit to her
C.   Act like i don’t see that woman

he must be failed to answer that question ne, I read that question so many time ne, and  don’t get me wrong even i do posted this silly multiple choice question of

What Would U Do if U See yasu Like This


on team_yasu and had a full of LOL night together with all of them. So thank you guys, you all totally amazing for sharing this pervy things inside me …

But for that kind of bacis Moral Subject question i always choose the right answer. Nah because i choose the right answer i think i should practice it on my daily time ne .

but too bad in The World Like this, i can’t think everyone will think the same as i think. Even they live in the same country, go and graduate from the same Elementary School with the same basic curriculum like me

When i was a little child, I believed there’s some spons inside our brain with a duty to get/absorbs all water pouring given by this universe to understand. So maybe

The spon inside that man’s brain just absorbed a different water …

Today’s bus riding is not fun like always,

but thank God in the middle of my way back home there’s 2 street artists (man and woman) joined us. This street artists, is common here in my country. They will ride on a bus, then sing 1, 2 maybe 3 songs for you depend on how far is the next bus station.

And after that they will handed you a plastic bag or a small box for you to give them some money after listening to them singing.

You don’t have to give them anyway because that is a semi-free performances so it’s up to you to give them money or not.

For me, it depend to how they performed their songs. If it was a good and i love the song, i give them some of my coins. But if not i just wave to them, and they’ll know if i pass give coins for them. Today i didn’t pass it because they give me a very nice song.

Started with some local song, i dunno what’s the title of the song but i do remember there’s some lyrics like this ..

Bob Marley masih bernyanyi, Don’t Worry Be Happy ..
Bob Marley still singing, Don’t Worry Be Happy ..

then followed with this song

心の友  by Mayumi Itsuwa

this is a classic song that’s so popular here in my country. Delon, the runner up of 1st Indonesian Idol even did a single of him duet with Mayumi Itsuwa for this song.

they (2 street artists) covered that song into with a Bob Marley style, and i like it. It make me finally enjoyed this afternoon bus ride. So did the other passanger i think. They all ignored that wacky weird man and enjoyed the song together.

Eventually, today isn’t that bad ne and now here i am joyfully singing  …

愛はいつもララバイ ….. 旅に疲れた時。

ただ心の友と ……  私を呼んで。


yasu    :    so are we friends now …?
noi       :    yes, if you call me …
yasu    :    then go find another man to be friend with, because this is not work for me …
noi       :    heee, it didn’t work again …


Midnight Post : yasu on Telly, But not My Telly … (Another me, yasu and The Crystal Skull)


But, before we  start this midnight post let’s take a look at this ne …

ほら ……!

that’s yasu on today (eh, or yesterday ….xD)’s B-PASS Magazine ne ….

and that look on his eyes, OMG and that red light spot behind them somehow it gave me a way of thinking about 「Greed 」 ne. I mean that’s how a should be like.

whoever got the idea for this B-PASS Magazine shoot is brilliant ne, they knows how to show me what is a 「Greed 」 Look is look like. I wonder if yasu himself also aware of that 「Greed 」 Look on him like that …

and i as always have to wait longer for my B-PASS Magazine to arrive because instead use EMS, i use Air Mail this time and i don’t like it. Even they both EMS and Air Mail will reach my home exactly the same 14 days from Japan, still Air Mail give me another bonus of worry about there’s a chance for my package to be lost and i don’t have anything to track it.

Plus how now Ied is coming closer and sure there will be a huge delivery traffic comin, sure it’s gonna be more than 14 days. But i think it is gonna be OK and i am gonna be fine ne because as i said before …

I know better than everyone how to wait ….


yasu     :     by what ….
noi        :     eeeh ….
yasu     :     writing a rambling like this …
noi        :     well, if you said so
yasu     :     hufff …..

yes, this is gonna be a lot of talk about telly, a bit of rambling again and of course yasu on telly. But sure,  it’s not on my telly ne, because the telly station that i am gonna talk about is non other than Music Japan TV and M-ON ! TV .

so  1st is ….

~    Music Japan TV

look at how he kissed that blink blink skull ….!!!


Music Japan TV「Acid Black Cherry SPECIAL」

First Run : 8月11日(Sunday)  21:30~22:00 PM  ….


and you can see the next run for a whole next August like that image above on the Music Japan TV site in here :  http://www.mjtv.jp/lineup/AcidBlackCherry/index.html . And then according to this,  start from July 27th ~ August 2nd, 2013 there will air

#   Greed Greed Greed/Acid Black Cherry
#   シャングリラ from 「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live”Erect”」

~    MUSIC ON ! TV

as the 1st step of 『Shangri-la』 Project, Acid Black Cherry release a new single 「Greed Greed Greed」 on August 7th, 2013. It will appeare in 4 consecutive weeks on popular program 「SELECT」

They will started it 1st with an interview about 『Shangri-la』 Project and new single 「Greed Greed Greed」 and then for the last week there will be a Special Interview to talk about himself …

<Bradcast Date >

Monday ~ Friday,  Every Week  6:30~7:00/12:00~12:30/26:30~27:00

【Contents of 1st Week (8/5~8/9)】 : Publish the whole content of 『Shangri-la』 Project

【Contents of 2nd Week (8/12~8/16)】  :  Pick Up the visual Jacket of New Single 「Greed Greed Greed」

【Contents of 3rd Week (8/19~8/23)】 :  Pick Up Music Video of New Single 「Greed Greed Greed」

【Contents of 3rd Week (8/26~8/29)】 this period of 「MONTHLY」 will be different from day to day because you will get a special interview ….
waw that’s interesting ne

again and again, that’s not gonna be on my telly ne, so just let it be because i am already see it anyway. But still it’s totally different ne, i mean a feelin g of able to see yasu on my own telly …?

that’s just only happened one time when yasu was on J Melo interview together with DEAD END and then performing Yes last year on NHK. Now, i don’t even have NHK on my telly anymore, i cut it off from my telly. I never watch it anyway ne. Maybe i am too tired to wait yasu to come up on my telly again.

But for the M-ON ! TV interview, i think i am count on to somebody now. Yes, you know who you are and again and again as always ….

よろしくおねがい …!!! *bounce*


ah ya have you all see how he kissed that blink – blink skull? ….

I said blink – blink because that’s not the Crystal Skull like the one that Indiana Jones and his young apprentice (his son) look for on the last Indiana Jones movie :

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull


i love that movie, in fact i am a fan of Indiana Jones since the 1st series when Harrison Ford is still young and wild Indy. I never forget how they both accidentally meet Hitler and then asked him for a signature, because that’s an epic scene


My fave is how his father Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Conery) always call him with Junior because his real name is Henry Walton Jones Jr. The name Indiana was taken from their family dog nickname.


i found out about it when i see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where they also shwo us about his adventure as The Young Indiana Jones by River Phoenix.  I love how the relationship between father and son here, you know Indy and his father, they both connected by archeology.

While me …

i think movie, especially an old war and action movies (ex : Rambo, World War, Vietnam, Blood Sport, Bruce Lee movies … etc etc you name it we all saw it xD ) are the one that connected me with my father.

So if yasu is totally in love with old songs, here in my case i am always totally in love with old movies, the epic and legendary onld movies that you will never find it on today’s movies …

OK, back to the topic, i say …

Thank God, that skull it’s not The Crystal Skull because i dont that Soviet agents leader Irina Spalko after him because of that. It’s already enough i let Indy chased by her ne, but not yasu.

At the 1st time, i didn’t realized if he is kissing a skull, i think i was too focus about the Black Side of yasu and how they will kiss each other …. xD. Now i knew it’s a skull, i only feel and wondering …

how to replace that skull with my head, but that’s head only  …


yasu      :      yes, sorry head only  ….
noi         :      ah ya  …
yasu      :      and i am sure you head is not blink enough like that
noi         :      of course not, i am not bold yet …



Sunday Post : I Say, Keep The Cherry for The Last … (Another me, yasu and September Ceria …?)

Sunday morning, rain is fallin when i let myself lost  …

all over Yahoo Auctions after seeing these photos,


ups sorry i know i shouldn’t post things about auction stuffs a lot ne. This time is the 1st time because it is different, if you know what i mean …xD

And about those photos of stunning yasu above,  trust me ne it would get more blurry if you click on each photo, because i have no idea what just i did with those … whoa aha .. haha … *wicked laugh*


yasu      :     new version of laugh …?
noi         :     yes, go find a stepdaughter for me, and i’ll be the wicked stepmother …
yasu      :     but who is the father ..
noi         :     i am a single mother btw ..

talking about the 1st time, today is also the 1st time i use a speaker on my PC to listen a song instead of using an earphone. yes, this earphone below as my compannion everyday by helping me to isolate myself from the world everyday and also make me almost deaf.


I think the last time i use a speaker was 5 years ago. It was the time before we entered the silent era of my home. after that we never put anything on max volume, not even when we watch some show/drama on telly.

So my home is a bit scary home ne with all the silent things we do inside it (read : eat, pray, watch telly … etc), not murder related things btw. Just in case some of you are crazy enough like me who never miss one day without thinking about murder.

It started when i bought my PC, it was a complete set. So they added a speaker wich i never use or try. For what, eh? …  i mean in this silent era why would i need a speaker anyway. But today is different ne, today he (read : my dad) is on a little bit of jolly heart feeling, so i think today is perfect for me to try my new speaker.

to play this song while asking to myself  …

omo Jae Min, is he dead ….?

over and over and i blame Tekki Perry for this, because yesterday she finished this Korama, the last episode, and i watched it a little bit.

I know i should not do that ne because here i am now still questioning whether if they made Jae Min, OMG my Jae Min died or not at the end of the story. And btw take a look at this …


that’s Jae Min hand, see what i see anyone? i suppose that’s a hand of a man who did his military service and this drama is Jae Min‘s 1st drama after he finished his military service.

I remember Tekki also had that hand after she came back from her school. Tekki and i were not at the same university even we spent 12 years together at the same school from elementary until high school, but we took the different path after high school.

i went to a university to be a great veterinary (it didn’t work btw because i hate animals except the wild one) while Tekki went to a some semi military school complete with a military training of course. That’s why she had that kind of hand like Jae Min‘s hand. That kind of hand with some bruishes gotten from a long time sit up, push up, jump up?  …  or anything else ended with up ..

I am not gonna tell her about this ne, because i am sure if i tell her she is gonna, … ah you know what i mean, she’s gonna win one point of Jae Min from me … so Bloody Hell no, I am not gonna tell her about this  …

OK back to Jae Min, then what if they really make him dead …?


OMG  …..

yasu     :    your Jae Min …? nee noi_chan, he is not yours
noi        :    OMG, stay calm ya_san, it’s only 8 episodes left from 16 episodes ne ..
yasu     :    what the, i am the one supposed to say that to you right?
noi        :    ah ya you are right, sorry …

that’s a wrong dialogue, you can ignore that ,,,, !!!! …

ewww … what the hell is happen with me anyway …

well this morning i should  go to the market with my mom this morning for breakfast. Market (i mean the traditional market, not the supermarket at mall) on Sunday Morning is always fun and amazing ne. I mean i love to be there on Sunday Morning , for having a breakfast, find some of my childhood foods/snacks and of course with me sit on the corner of a block waiting for my mom while watching peoples.

But thanks to the rain, that plan failed … #eww

I think i better stop to make a plan. Plan for everything, because most of them didn’t work anyway. That’s why when i read my friend’s journal about his complete 2 weeks Japan trip, somehow it amazed me. I would never able to do that ne, i mean make such a detail plans like that.

And even i did manage to make it, i am not sure i am gonna able to do it. After all things always went out from the schedule for me ne. And talking about schedule, look at this update from 『Shangri-la』 Special Website


from that site, they told us if they will send a DM for Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club about the ticket pre-order of 『Shangri-la』1st Season on April 6th with

【Entry Period for Acceptance】
2013年4月15日(月)13:00~4月21日(日)23:59 … and

【Transfer and Confirmation Period】
2013年4月26日(金)13:00~ 5月5日(日・祝)23:59

as i said before i am not gonna join this 『Shangri-la』 Live but, now everything seems have to change ne. I mean yes, i am so changeable but if this thing is the one supposed to change i believe it will be a BIG plan changing for me.

yes, it is BIG ne, because if i go to Japan this year, i am not gonna go alone. I am gonna be with Tekki Perry. I promise her that, and also did think about to visit Hokkaido.

Then i dunno why last night i Goolgle_d about VAMPS Live 2013 schedule and it took me in this Universal Music Site with this awesome photo of HYDE and KAZ


and stucked on theLive 2013 schedule part , then …


i clicked on Acid Black Cherry Live schedule on the Official Website,  …


then again Voilà …!!!

HYDE, yasu, Masumi Hayashi, Hokkaido and Hakodate just all over me ..

yasu    :   eh, me  ..?
noi       :   ups sorry, i mean
yasu Hayashi then Masumi Hayami
yasu    :   calm and focus noi_chan, focus …
noi       :   i can’t, this is so hard to be calm with ne ..

Masumi Hayami, the awesome male character on Garasu no Kamen manga by Suzue Miuchi. I read that manga since i was a little girl together with Aoyama Gosho‘s Meitantei Conan.

well then  ….


HYDE, yasu, Masumi Hayami, … beautiful man with a beautiful soul,

then add Hakodate, Hokkaido as the setting, that would be perfect for my next September ne and then yes,

September Ceria (from an old Indonesian song means : A Cheerful September) is comin for me and Tekki Perry … !!!

but this plan is not gonna be easy ne, i mean Acid Black Cherry Live on September 13th, and then VAMPS Live on September 22nd, there will be 8 or 7 days between it ne, waw it’s one week? OMG what i am supposed to do there ne, one week in Japan. I am sure i’ll be death for my bizzare homesick.

and not only that, i also have to take a day off at least 2 weeks from office ne, nah that’s the hard part. I have no idea if they will allow me to do that. So yes, it is not gonna be easy so let’s just wait and see ne ..

am i gonna say Hola or Bai Bai to September Ceria …

next is let’s go to The Official Blog . because again and again, this time they did it different ne. Btw how many time i said that this time and different words btw? do i have to change the title of this post as Different Post? …

What is the different on The Official Blog, i am sure you all know. There is yasu便り with 【yasu便り】 instead of 【Team Acid Black Cherryより】 like how they usually post  Even with some simple post like this so there’s no way for me to use Google translation?

I say, Whoaaa   that’s brilliant idea …  .


「Komento Arigato」 … and then


「Chanto yon deru yo」,
I have read properly … and then this

【TEAM ABCの皆さんにお会いしたらどんなことをしたいですか?】 … post

… eeh, that’s confusing ne, what that H, but i am sure that’s not HIJ, …xD

What kind of thing would you like to do when you meet TEAM ABC? …  kind of thing that i want to do? i say nothing but singing …

then i wonder when did the last time i add a comment on The Official Blog because now what i do is only read it properly (yes i did that ne, not just look at yasu’s photo there like how i use to do) then click the Facebook Like button. Even without him post that 2 photos above i always think he is reading all or maybe some comments posted there.

Recently my time on Ameblo is only for update my blog, read The Official Blog then Yukiko’s Blog, yes it always fun to read, make me happy and added some terms on my Dorama Dictionary of course.

maybe yes, i am a bad fangirl who don’t add a comment or even give a peta for them …  wekekekeke …


noi        :     ask me why ya_san …
yasu     :     then why …?
noi        :     i am just being ..
yasu     :     lazy …?
noi        :     OMG waaa …

yesterday, Mr. Ardiyanto from The Post Office sent me a text message tellin me if there’s a package for me from Japan. I wonder that must be my L’arc DVD or maybe my FanClub magazine. I’ll get that tomorrow …

i am so curious about the FanClub magazine ne you know because of the Acid Black Cherry Story manga with it. As i always say ne, i am the last FanClub member who received that magazine. My friends who already received their FanClub magazine said it’s quite different from the last one with 8 pages of Acid Black Cherry Story.

I also read if the manga started with the hiatus of Janne and then followed with the idea of made a solo band Acid Black Cherry, then not only that, i also i find this on Google btw, some little piece of the manga.

with some comment of yasu sayin : I think had drawn as cartoon is more easy to understand” .

He also said somethin else about 2 page then 4 pages that i don’t even understand. but look at that cartoon ne, that hairstyle, hat and the glasses is really brings memories back, but i can’t remember when/where did i can find him with those outfit like that …

yes, i forget, and if i am starting to type i forget, forgot over and over, that means i have to close this post ne, But before i close this Sunday Post (waw, sounds like a newspaper ne …xD)  let’s watch this

an ABC lessons from yasu sensei …..

i think this MC 3 is the most hillarious part form all the MCs on this [2012] Live DVD ne, that’s why when someone asked me why did you put this MC 3 on as the last video on your YouTube? instead of tell them what the reason is, i told them my reason is

I want to keep the cherry for the last ne ….

The Cherry, yes The Cherry for yasu‘s lessons about the essence of ABC itself ne with a great advice for the twenties to use condoms when making love with a very make sense reason.

Eh God, this man is really brilliant ne.

I mean i never think to put a line between using condoms with greet each other. That’s brilliant thoughts, isn’t it? but i think i failed in this ABC lesson after this part …

reall?  he doesn’t like one who tell lies? while here i am the liar. even not the pretty little one, but i always tell a lie to my mom about a lot of things … OMG OMG

so i think that’s make me officially failed from that ABC lessons with sensei yasu. I think i am gonna back to Hogwarts next semester ne, But if Hogwarts also doesn’t like one who tell lies …

then what about me, where should i go  …..?

yasu    :    nobody like lies ne, I am sorry you’re failed …
noi       :    but, my lies are gentle ne …
yasu    :    it still a lie ne …
noi       :    then what should i do …?
yasu    :    go back again next year ..
noi       :    eeehh …