甘い 。。。Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Tokyo … (another me, yasu and The Cute Meet)


Acid Black Cherry ….

finished their 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 with the last performance in Okinawa. And yasu wrapped it up by posted ありやす via their Official mobile site and then Twitter.

so yeah 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 is over and 5 Seasons Live in all 47 Prefectures nation-wide was a very long way down to go ne, but you did it. So allow me to say …

お疲れ様でした … !!!

yasu      :    hmm you are late, again …
noi         :    then, next it would be my turn ne …
yasu      :    for what …
noi         :  
Encore Season, it’s my turn to see you …
yasu      :    not yet, you’ll be the last …
noi         :    OK …

and here’s some images and reports bout the final live …

source    :    here and here

so now i am gonna start this my first post for 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 with this …

~   「Shangri-la Meeting」~  Tokyo

「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Tokyo was held two days after Live, in Lalaport TOYOSU, one of the largest shopping mall in Tokyo.

This time, with a collaboration with Tokyo FM with a program called 「 Project『Shangri-la』への思い」「 Project 『Shangri-la』’s Thought 」and of course they had various talks about it.

First of all, from 「 Project 『Shangri-la』’s Thought 」 was ..

Go around 47 prefectures, not only for Live but also with a little interaction with everyone. Only just like that, and the distance is very close today. So close, and i am embarrassed (laugh)

aaah, he was shy …. xD


noi        :   really …?
yasu     :   what …
noi        :   i dunno if you could be a shy guy …
yasu     :   stop talking  …

OK, then next question : to come across the country, so far how did it go …?

I’d say by myself at the local area, i was treated like a star. I thought that i was used to all of you in such an event like this, but when i came a little towards a district they did the kyaa kyaa … !!! like crazy (laugh)

It may be a faulty expression to refer this, but (compared to Tokyo) it wasn’t like this. So, i thought that was the real kyaa kyaa … !!! because everybody makes noises even people who don’t know asked who is coming …?

It was great …

then question about Tokyo :   How is Tokyo for you, yasu_san …?

When i came to Tokyo for the fist time, i thought  i wonder are they doing a festival …?.   Didn’t you think so everyone, why so many people at this time ..

so my first time came to Tokyo i went to a studio in Shibaura and was going to return home via Roppongi after midnight around 03:00 AM, and there was traffic jam, The car didn’t move at all. I thought, traffic jam at 03:00 AM in the morning, why ?

somehow i got angry and thought Tokyo is Kowai … !!

That was a terrible impression, and to say more because now i got use with it now and i will surprised if i go back home with nothing happen.

then talked about Live that took place in NHK Hall 2 days before

DJ         :   The Live was really cool, your generous feeling from the first track,  It was amazing.
yasu     :    is it so, thank you .

DJ         :   aren’t  you nervous yasu_san …?
yasu     :    yes, because i am not the type that can do kyaa kyaa … !! out into public.

When it compared to reading class in Elementary School, i am the type who practice around two days (laugh). Though that i seem to do kyaa kyaa … !!! ,  but i really nervous.

I always write characters (i suppose their name?)  of people in backstage and drink before Live begins (laugh)

and then something aboutTokyo is train,

so apparently yasu also received this question  : yasu_san, do you take train …?

I have Suica,

ICOCA is Kansai, isn’t it?  I live in Tokyo, so i have Suica. Though i don’t get on train for these past several years, there’s sometimes on bus.

Bus is good, isn’t it …? Because there’s bus stop anywhere to ride from and you should go to station to get on train, and there’s so much bus stop unexpectedly. Even i wouldn’t ride on bus so much (laugh).

As for me, when i came to Tokyo i didn’t know how to ride on train. I think Tokyo is very convenient,

Anyway i like this entry ne, i mean not only because i read it when i am going to Tokyo but somehow yasu with that post kinda say to me if …

It’s OK to get confused with trains and get lost when you go to Tokyo for the 1st time … #ho ho ho


yasu     :    hey, i didn’t say OK to get lost …
noi        :    でも 。。。。
yasu     :    and this is also not your first time to go to
Tokyo ..
noi        :    but still …
yasu     :    don’t say anything …

very well, next is this …

~  Whatsoever Update from me  …

this one is for Wakayama part

Enjoiii …. !!!

it took me for ever to put it on PHOTOBUCKET, that site isn’t my fave but i still use it anyway. Even i think about to move it to another site that’s never did resized images but i am who i am ne, too lazy to do that …

Maybe one day when this all  Project 「Shangri-la 」 is over i will make something like a summary post for all of it, if you know what i am talking about. Somebody told me to do that ne, and i think that’s not a bad idea. OK then, …. *make a note*

じゃ みんな 、

noi     :   Mr. Friday についてお話しましょう  。。。 xD
yasu  :   again ..?, oh no that’s boring noi_chan …
noi     :   i am sorry, but  …
yasu  :   why don’t you talk about your plan ..
noi     :   ah, i don’t wanna talk about it ne

Because that plan is a mess plan ne. I booked the wrong hotel, they (Universal Studio Japan) will open that Harry Potter theme park on July, my phone act crazy again,   … etc etc and many other things that confused me.

Now seems like the whole world betrayed me together with Harry Potter, all of them except my instant noodle, movie and this blog writing/rambling.

Anyway, i will be fine ne.

Even the whole world turned their back to me, i still have my movie, instant noodle and yasu to adore. So i think i have to rest my brain for not thinking about that and let whatsoever will happen is happen.

So back to Friday ne, …

Today i see him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) posted something very sad on his page. I suppose he is really failed on the last election and he must be very sad ne.

I see on telly for someone to run on an election, nation-wide especially like Friday at least they have to prepared at least 500 millions ~ 1 billion IDR.

And then now he lost,  then at least he lost 500 millions?

OMG he must be very sad ne, even i think that’s not gonna affected on his live because i think he is still rich anyway. But why did he posted something miserable like that in Arabic?

Eeeh i never know if he is in to Middle East like that.

Most of his posts there are in Arabic,  so i have to use Google Translation to read it. Even though i can read Qur’an but it’s only reading and understand the meaning. Plus i also never pay attention much on my Arabic language class so yeah my Arabic is very lame …

I really want to say something ne, i mean add a comment and maybe say it’s OK everything is gonna be alright,

But i think that’s gonna be very not fair for … (you know who), so here i am now dumped myself forever again in this Limbo watching that full of Arabic letters page like an idiot over and over while wondering

Dear Friday, こころ 曇り わなぜ 。。。?

yasu   :     is that a song lyrics …?
noi      :     omo, how did you know …. ajajajaja
yasu   :     and stop beng idiot like that   …
noi      :     i am still back like this …
yasu   :     that’s because you don’t want to

Why do i have to do this anyway, do i want to be an idiot like this?

of course i don’t want to. I even ashamed to say this stupid feeling inside me on my real life. Because hello everyone, he is already TAKEN ne and this is so WRONG

and a long time ago, this movie gave me something and 2 nights ago i watched it again  …


yes, The Holiday

it is an American 2006 Christmas romantic comedy. I watched this movie so many times until i lost my count,

because indeed, it is a very sweet movie with Kate Winslet as Iris Simpkins, Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods, Jack Black as Miles and last but not least is Jude Law as Iris‘s brother Graham (eh God, what’s more sweet and British than him ..?)

This movie is about two woman from 2 different country Iris and Amanda, decided to do a home swap for their Christmas holiday. They both are broken hearted and want to go away far to forget and hope be better.

Iris a  column editor in London, with her 3 years full in and devoted in love to a man named Jesper Bloom (Rufus Sewel) and the found out if he is engaged to other woman.

While Amanda a workaholic California girl who own a movie trailers company in Los Angeles found out if his boyfriend is cheated with her 24 years old secretary.

They both meet in some site where Irish offered her quaint cottage in Surrey and then Amanda contacted her and they agree to swap house for two weeks.


Comin to Los Angeles, Iris enjoy Amanda‘s luxury home while Amanda is dissapointed about the life in Surrey. Soon it became so boring for her until Graham knocked on her door at night while drunk.


Maybe Amanda was too bored so she said to Graham if it would be nice if for them to have sex, after all they both will never meet again. So that night ended with them sleeping together.


OMG ….. !!!! *drooling*

But in the morning, everything changed because they both aware if there’s something went on between them. So they continued to see each other, had drinks together, lunch where Amanda told him about her life and divorced parents.

But she also worried if this relationship with Graham become more complicated, so she keep tryin to keep Graham at arm’s length.


Different with Amanda that is so open to tell all about her, Graham seems to keep his personal life except about his job as an editor. But then accidentally Amanda found out about it. Ah, he is a full time father for his 2 lovely daughters.

But that doesn’t change their feelings, so yeah another sex again …

While in Los Angeles, Iris meet Miles (Jack Black) with his girlfriend Maggie. She also meet an old man named Arthur Abbots who is a script writer during The Golden Age of Hollywood.

The 3 of them become close and Iris kindly help her neighbor Arthur to prepare his coming to Screenwriters’ Guild celebration.

When Miles got dumped by her girlfriend Maggie for another man, Irish stay next to him and they both ended tellin each other about the bitter love experience they had.

i always cry on the scene where she told Miles how she really know how it feels to get dumped like that.  How she explain when everything is back to her, it is all her faults the misunderstanding feeling …. etc etc,

ah that’s so me …. *Drama Queen mode on*


Jack Black is totally adorable in this movie ne, eventhough he is also funny on The School of Rock or Shallow Hall but my fave Jack Black‘s character is this Miles, a moviegoers who can talk about movie a whole day and funny as well.

I love when there’s Dustin Hoffman as cameo on when Iris and Miles went to DVD store, that’s lovely.

But my fave character in this movie is of course Iris, she is a very lovely lady. I mean from the way she talk or say anything just lovely. I wish i can be like him, polite but funny as well.

You know the funny but the polite version and …


of course i also hope i can be like Iris who suddenly lost all her miserable love for Jesper and said ENOUGH to him and kicked him out from the house. That’s what i want to get on my next holiday, where i will be far away from home and hopefully this heart can be far away from all crazy thinkin about Friday stuffs.

and i’d be OK if God also add a Cute Meet as a bonus …

Cute Meet eh, nah it is something what Arthur use to described his lovely meeting with his late wife. So

Cute Meet is when a man and woman go to a store to buy pijama. They both come to the seller and say …

Man         :    i only need the BOTTOM
Woman    :    i only need the TOP

then they both look each other and smiling, ….

nah that’s what CUTE MEET is and i surely want that …

yasu       :    but Christmas is over ne …
noi          :    ほしい や~さん、ほしい 。。。。
yasu       :    great,
Friday talk then ended with movie …
noi          :   sorry, but let me tell you about me and movie ne …

So when i was 10 years old, i was in love with movie for the 1rst time and i knew it is gonna be a LONG Affair

yasu       :    as you say then …


4th Season, Finale Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tokyo … (Another me, yasu, mine and your Tiger)


OMG, finally here i am …

reaching this finale post for 4th Season 『Shangri-la』 Live while they (read : yasu and his team) are on their way to finish The 5th Season

Waaah, that’s awesome eh …


yasu       :      don’t you think that’s too late …?
noi          :      nobody’s waiting anyway  ….
yasu       :      that’s not awesome
noi          :      じゃー、  行きましょう, やーちゃん … xD
yasu       :      what is wrong with you …

~     『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tokyo


Project  『Shangri-la』 moved from Ibaraki to Tokyo and this 4th Season ~  Live Performance finale was held at NHK Hall, Tokyo.

As we all know Acid Black Cherry has made one-man Live in Tokyo at the end of 2012 with Erect Live.

It was a large venue/arena class Live so far, but this finale Live at NHK Hall it was a Live with a very close distance with the audience. It was the first concert hall in Tokyo for Acid Black Cherry.

started with this Local Gormet Introduction Corner

With various ingredients from all over Japan, Tokyo gourmet that waited for yasu on the venue were these …


i suppose Green Salad is always on the menu.

ah ya talking about salad ne,

any salad from green, red, yellow of blue (if there’s blue version of salad …xD) actually i am not into it at all.

If i have to put myself into animal class i’d rather put myself on carnivore class with lions and tigers than into herbivore with lambs and cows.

That’s why i also never have any interesting for vegetarian life style that is becoming a trend.

I do support green peace or stop global warming, etc etc  like what Leo Di Caprio do but still that vegetarian style is something impossible for me. I remember when i saw how my friend opened her lunch box at collage and there was only raw vegetables and rice i was like …

Oh dear, what on earth is that  ….?

It still surprised me until know whenever i see people eat salad and the say yummy, oishii, delicious or good … etc etc.

I mean, what’s good about salad ne, sure it’s good for your health, but tasted delicious? really? i suppose they whoever they are sayin that, must have a very different meaning of delicious with me.

Maybe because on my childhood times when i was able eat meat or chicken in a month can be counted with my half hand. Maybe 2 times a month or max is 3 times.

Then it kinda make me love meat more than anybody. Now i eat meat everyday, it’s good and make me happy even my doctor said it’s not good for my health.

See this is why i say there’s no such thing as fair on my life, for example : how God arranged this condition of me have to eat less meat everyday now when i finally able to eat it 3 times a day.

eh God, give me a Mercy …  uupss no God, i mean Jaguar ne  …


yasu   :    are we taking about cars now …?
noi      :    冗談 だ よ 。。。。
yasu   :    not funny ….
noi      :    ah, you should know that, see i put the
M with capital … xD

back to the topic the …

so after meal, in the dressing room they all seemed to have a music discussion between yasu and support members


Member    :     yasu, right now how is your top key come out right now
yasu         :      i wonder how is it now ..
Member    :     How was the old days? Higher key so much from the beginning?

yasu         :     No, i was lower in the old days. I did desperately in order to get the high key

etc etc  all musician’s talking ,  then question selected on the Question Corner is …

Please tell us something you were in-charged on school …

and yasu‘s answer is …

On Elementary School, i was a Student Council President. Though i’d like to have an excuse one, but i was not a child that active in such an event.


noi        :      おも、やーさん 。。。
yasu     :      what …
noi        :      i never think if you …
yasu     :      it surprised you …?
noi        :      yeah it is …

yasu always surprised me in so many ways he did or things he said.

yes, i do posted, wrote things about yasu and i even did it not only on my Social Networks or blogs like this but i also make everyone around me on my real life bored with all my talks about yasu,

yasu this, yasu that, yasu said this, that … etc etc,

but i dunno much about him, or do i have to say i don’t wanna know ….? so now it made this knowing about him more just turned into one of my Guilty Pleasure, that surely i wanna know and so curious about him but on the other side i also like to keep me to know nothing about him, his personal life, thoughts  … etc etc you name it.

Let’s just say there’s something that i’d call it as My EgoBitch (my Ego as A Bitch) to avoid myself to know more about yasu and keep everything about him i know is only about his music, his opinions and of course his dirty way of thinking.

so, I’d say

if people say there’s only a very Tiny LINE between love and hate then in my case there should be a BIG Great Wall of China between me (as the fangirl) and yasu (as the artist) …

but as always it make me so curiously wanna know if i read something juicy about yasu and his personal life matters  and no matter hard i tried to ignored it, i still click on the link and read it ….


Geeeez, who’s gonna able to ignore someone like him anyway  …

and recently i kinda jumped into this some site i accidentally jumped in to when i tried to find something on Google.

You all must know about this from what he said on last 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Miyazaki MC about Cherry Cherry song,

he gave his statement for rumor that spread on twitter about Cherry Cherry song was written based on his thought about 「さくりな」—> Sakurai Rina (a model, you can see lots of her on Ageha magazine).

and yasu said that’s not true because that song Cherry Cherry was wrote before he (read yasu) meet her (さくりな). Not only that yasu added if he is not gonna tell lie …

ass you all know she 「さくりな」 on 2009 posted a photo of her with yasu on her blog about her shopping together in Osaka and then people kinda said it as The Osaka date ? …


and then 2 years later on 2011 they both had a shoot together for Ageha Magazine and she posted 3 images of her on a fancy kimono with yasu on this blog post.




She also wrote about there was some misunderstanding related to her previous post with yasu.

Ah i think i kinda like her way of writing on her blog  … xD

Eh God, i supposed this all getting more juicy ne, because not only her, i also read about yasu with a woman named 「ミレイ」—> Miray also rumored to be dating.  It was around 2010 ~ 2012 when this 「ミレイ」 were floated all around.

then who is this 「ミレイ」 …?

there was a talk about that 「ミレイ」 is for 桐谷美玲さん , and actress and model ( heee, model again ….?)  .

There was a rumor said they both shopping together plus and somebody witnessed them (yasu and 「ミレイ」) were shopping together at goa (a fashion brand shop in Shibuya 109) .

At that day, yasu actually visited goa Shibuya 109 man’s .


and there was photo of yasu on a guy named Yuki Aoi‘s blog.

nah, that is weird ne, because i do remember i could open that blog post and now it became a member entry post?, eeh what happened ….?

omo, is it ….  ah やーさん , do tell me 。。。

yasu    :    what …
noi       :    if one day i might meet you and asked to take a photo with you, then if i want to post it on my blog, do i have to make it as a member entry?
yasu   :     what, a picture with me? dream on, you fangirl …
noi      :    well, sure i will because  …

i am a Day Dreamer ne, so i still able to dream with my eyes OPEN … !!!

yasu   :     what the ….

But however there was no such post in 「ミレイ」‘s blog. So society, society and rumors inside it  … .

でも ね、a model eh …

i suppose that’s would be a normal when a JRock Star dating a model or actress/idol ne, i’d say it kinda how that’s supposed to be, for sexample like ….

#  a doctor usually date with a nurse or one of his patient,
#  a movie star with a director or singer,
#  a restaurant owner with chef … etc etc , so i suppose it also might happen between
#  a fangirl with fanboy …..? ho ho ho

because they all livin in the same world, same activity and that bring them into same interest and passion.

omo i should get a Fanboy Boyfriend ne  … wekekekeke *make a note*

yasu      :    what this all about noi _chan, rumors about me post  …?
noi         :    ah come on, this is too good to ignored …
yasu      :    what happened to
Inspector Himura don’t do rumors  …
noi         :  
Inspector Himura is OFF now …
yasu      :    why …
noi         :  
Mr. Friday need her

OK, enough with the rumors talk, now back to 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tokyo  next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 27.02.2014 NHK Hall


01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Black Cherry
07. Maria
08. so…Good night.
09. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
10. Pistol11. Shojo no Inori III
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. Shangri – la


14. 20+∞Century Boys (request)
15. Kono aozora no Mukou ni (request)

and then as always, next is this lovely dovey kewpie  …

credit to   :   @Yasuの女

that’s a  提灯!/ Lantern  …

what a cute red baby ne, aand he is perfectly red. Too bad, i didn’t get it.

~  Whatsoever Updated from me …

this one is for Kyoto ~  Day 2

Enjoii ….. !!!

aand by the way bus way everyone,

last night i deactivated my Facebook again so yeah all the links i posted before this entries are DEAD … xD. So sorry ooo for the inconvenient but i have to do this because Friday need me

yeah, i think so.

he need me ne, because last night i saw something happened on his page and even i dunno what the hell is that but that’s a sign when i have to start to focus on following him ….

yasu     :     you mean stalk him …
noi        :     no, no follow ne, follow just like i follow you on twitter ..
yasu     :     yeah, what ever
noi        :     what happen eh …
yasu     :     don’t ask me

And the only one way to do it is by kill that Inspector Himura FB acc. So if maybe some of you haven’t save the previous part before that Kyoto Day 2 above please do tell me and i will give you another link ..

then let’s move to another juicy is this …

~   Q&A on the latest JUNON Magazine

this latest JUNON edition is kinda surprised me,

because i though it will be only one page with yasu like the previous edition with yasu in it. But this time is different ne, i’ve seen there’s at least 4 pages with so many yasu in it. And of course the Q&A part that gave me a very HUGE LOL and sexcitement last night.

especially this part,

Q :   What would you like to challenge for 2014 ?
A :   i guess, a collaboration

wah, collaboration? with who? surely it won’t be with Dr. Who ne,  ….

then with who ….?

HYDE    :     hey fangirl, why am i here now …
noi         :     to tell me who …
HYDE    :     who, who is who …
noi         :     is that you …
HYDE    :     what this all about …? *leaving*

OMG i hope if that would be came true it will be a collaboration with HYDE no matter HYDE with VAMPS, L’arc or even just HYDE. And i guess that’s must be the most awesome collaboration ever ne …

and then more juicy is …

Q : If you could make a wish to God, what would you ask ..?
A : make
Japan to allow polygamy

when i read it, i was like …

nyaaaa ….. !!!!

What the hell is that? OMG he must be drunk or his head must got HIT by something very hard … etc etc while falling dawn together with London Bridge. But then when i see the other fans comment about that especially fangirl i think i know why yasu said that.

Well, don’t take serious ne, this is just my fangirl deduction ne …

So, i suppose he really know how crazy his fans are about him (fangirls, especially) so it’s kinda joke or something from him so we all can have him … wekekekekeke …. *dumped to hell*

Next Saturday April 26th, will be the last Live for 5th Season 『Shangri-la』 Live,

and then Encore Season will started and they (whoever they are) already make all of us want to have ll the Encore and Final Season GOODS by posted this photo of their Official Model with the Pink Muffle Towel

even with all that SAMPLE posted there, still i can see that I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME CUM and then it became an euphoria where everybody, especially fangirls (yeah, it always girls ne … ) share it and added something like this

*  It’s OK yasu, i’ll do that …
*  sure ..
*  fine, i will … etc etc

and many other various way posting, and it was VERY FUNNY ne untill i saw on my Facebook Home Page there’s 2 girls who posted that and one of them is only 14 while the other is 15 years old said if it is fine and OK to make yasu CUM

then suddenly that CUM jokes turned to be NOT FUNNY anymore, sure it is FUNNY when it was said by an adult. But when 2 minors/under 18 said/wrote it on their Facebook like that,

what can i say but following Loki of Asgard sayin

geeez …. #ItIsMadness

I think they don’t even understand what the hell is the meaning of CUM or they get it without understand the whole idea about orgasm things after searching it on Google.

They just posted it and i wonder how is their friend, parents if they found out about this even i am sure they will not allow their parents to look at their Facebook account like what my nephew did when he kicked his mother and me out from his Friend on Facebook.

14 years old is the same age with my nephew KEMOD who is so Social on Internet with his Facebook and Twitter ne. When i look at him i always think that’s what gadget and technology effect on him.

Ah ya, talking about Social Networks ne, ast but not least, let’s talk about this woman named …

~    Dinda and her TIGER

So recently this woman, named Dinda a career woman who is currently living in Jakarta were all over internet thanks to her shocking post on her personal Path.

And that might something be simple and nothing (but her way to let/throw away her anger by posting it on her Path) at the first time turned into something BIG and ended with lots of internet bullying to her from everyone all over Indonesia. It even posted on national newspaper in here.

It started on a day when Dinda posted this her anger post to pregnant woman on train via her Path, like this …


it’s in Indonesian if i may translated it into English like this …

I really hate to pregnant woman who suddenly came and ask for a seat (on a train). Yes, i know you are pregnant, but please came early or go to farther station so you can get a seat. I have to go early in the morning to get a seat. You don’t want to try hard but bother other people.

If you don’t want try hard to get a seat, then don’t go to work, just stay at home. Just because you are a pregnant woman, you want everyone to understand you but you don’t want to try do anything …

and then continued with hastag #notetomyselfdontbotherpeople

and then too bad for Path one of her follower/friend maybe captured that and imported it to another Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter … etc etc then it became some trending. People talked and bullied her everywhere, especially woman.

i also mad when i read her post even i am not pregnant woman, but i just can’t believe it that kind of rude, very rude way of sayin an anger was sayin by a woman. I am sure she is single and never pregnant, but has she ever think if her mother also was a pregnant woman who carried her on her belly for nine month?

i know Jakarta is a hard city to livin in,  whenever i go to  Jakarta, it made me dizzy.

That’s too hard for me who get use to live in a village. All of it start from the hot weather, traffic jam, and people that seems more careless to other. But i suppose every people/woman who live in Jakarta also feel the same way in the morning on their way to work.

But why she had to say something like that? Did she skipped all the Social Subjects on her school? , because surely there is lot of parts that keep tellin us to give out seat on bus/train to older people than you or pregnant woman ne …

and then Dinda didn’t stop just like that, because

seeing the effect of her path post became nationally like that, she post another statement about the reason why she said that from her legs became limp because so many time standing on train everyday, her home that far away from her office … etc etc and all her miserable life as one of commuter in Jakarta.

and it made the internet bullying to her much bigger than before also see there’s some people even posted her perosonal data like her full name, address and work place followed with many internet bullying like this …

Good Morning Dinda, did you get a seat on train this morning?,
This train is woman only, except Dinda … etc etc many more

I feel sorry for Dinda,

i mean i can imagine she must be feel un_secure to go everywhere now, even she finally made an apology post.

But i think that’s something that she has to learn that in this world we are livin with many other people other than us, and how we have to be careful about what we’re gonna post/tweet/ on our Social Networks.

yes, true it’s our account and we free to post anything on it, but remember ne if there’s something called as Social Punishment. See what happen to Dinda, that’s an example when Social Punishment did their job to punish people.

I remember there’s an Indonesian phrase like this

Mulutmu, Harimaumu
Your mouth is your Tiger

nah in this Dinda case, with her gadget i suppose it became

Akun Sosialmu, Harimaumu
Your Social Networks are your Tiger

so beware everyone, think again at least 10 times if you want to put some part of your anger into your social networks. Think again and look at what happened to Dinda, surely you don’t want a whole nation to bully you on internet right …

That case also make me think what the hell is happen with this world, i mean people start to be careless about everything and others? Is that what all gadgets, internet and technology gave us, a modern classy people but careless and mean to other?

Suddenly, this song Where’s The Love by The Black Eyed Pease really fit on this situation …

What’s wrong with the world mamma,
Poeple livin like they ain’t got no mama
I think the whole world addicted to drama,
only attractive to things that’ll brings to trauma …

People killin’, people dyin’
Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
Can you practise what you preach
And would you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above’
Cause people got me, got me questionin’
Where is the love (Love)

complete lyrics in here

Me as one of former MTV Junkies (when you do nothing a whole day but watching MTV) ,

sure know The Black Eyed Pease, and  for me they are genius, with their rap lyrics always able to put something to us to listen and then look arround and think. I listened to that song forever ago on my childhood and then now i finally understand what is Will I Am wanted to show me with that song.

And to all of you who want to learn English and add your vocab and some slang words, i suppose you should listen more into rap songs like The Black Eyed Peace, Linkin Park, Jay-Z or Kanye West.

Now surely something is wrong with the world, nah the question is …

Where’s the Love, and …

what i am gonna do when the world addicted to drama ….

yasu      :    i know what you are gonna do …
noi         :    really, then do tell me …
yasu      :    what else than you will make another drama …..
noi         :    heee ….




Kagerou Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Gunma …. (Another me, yasu and Fridayさん, 私の心 の社長 )


I should make this post as Friday Post ne …

not because i start to write this post on Friday, but also because i think a lot about Mr. Friday on a Friday like that day. Can you imagine that, on a very long and sexhausting day i am still thinking about him.

About what …?

About anything ne, for example like ah he must be very busy now because April 9th, tomorrow is The Election Day. I heard some rumors about him and money for this election, then suddenly i realized how rich he is now.

Yes, as a gold digger of course i am already know if he is rich,

but with this election now i know if he is rich more than how rich he is on my imagination. Here in my country, you have to be a very rich person to go as one of the candidates on election because there’s always something called money politics happen.


yasu     :   money, Friday? what this all about noi_chan …?
noi        :   it is about the distance eh ya_san,
yasu     :   you and him …
noi        :   yes, it became more wide now ..
yasu     :   i told you ne, get over ..

get over? what the hell is that ….

i wish to do that can be so easy like sayin, but it is not. I can’t an still not able to for get, get over … bla bla bla or any other terms you might say for this situation. Even though, now i am already thinkin about to do that forget and get over about Mr. Friday seriously.

Because tomorrow is The Election Day please just for this time let me say …

Dear Friday,

I wish you all the best for tomorrow, and even if it will ended with you failed i hope you are gonna be fine because until now you are still The President of My Heart, so yes …

Fridayさん, あなたは 私の心 の社長


yasu      :     what is that …
noi         :      eeh, did i wrote it wrong?
yasu      :      but you are my fangirl  …
noi         :      well, you can be
The Vice President ne …
yasu      :      number 2, really?
noi         :     honey i am sorry, but Love Division is so confusing eh ..

so confusing …

especially when it start to reach about that forget and get over about Mr. Friday. Seriously ne, apprently i sterted to think about all Her Majesty long drama talks

Think about start find somebody and maybe start my own family that i never think about when my father still alive. At that time, even it was a miserable life but i feel secured. Secured because i still have my father, mother, our house and the belonging feeling of a family.

But now everything is changed,

Because i know it’s always impossible to turn back time, so now i want to do something to have a secure life and maybe the happy one in the future. Have a family, my own family to pass this blood inside of me. The idea to have a cute little daughter suddenly is on me. …

dunno why …

I look at all my friend, i mean my college friend. I remember how i spent my whole night like a wacky indian police to watch over their Facebook account one by one.

All of them mostly have a similar kind of Facebook, complain about how their body is not sexy anymore, how tired but happy they are taking care of their children … etc etc …

suddenly …


noi        :     well i …
YUKI     :     she’s envy …
yasu     :     hmmm …. *still playin*
noi        :     guys, please ….
YUKI     :     we’re busy right now …
yasu     :     talk later OK …

maybe yes, i am envy and i want the same thing for me. But then, the next bigger question is  …..

if i don’t have Friday, then with whom i am gonna have all of that happiness like my friends?

Surely you all already watch Bridget Jones Diary right?

and you all know how finally Bridget found and know if she really love Darcy even Darcy had to get some bitter experience of his wife cheated on him with his friend ne. So now let me ask you all who read this post ne, …..

Do tell me, Am i wrong if i want to wait a little bit longer for Mr. Friday …?

Of course i don’t want Friday, yes my Friday to have the same situation like Darcy on that movie but i just wanna wait a little bit longer ne.

Ah, forget about that and let’s change the topic. So, when i posted my previous post before this days ago, i found out if for last March i only posted 2 entries.

OMG can you imagine that?

no wonder last month felt like crazy for me ne. Because i only wrote 2 entries and spent my whole nights on March mostly to acted like an idiot. What the hell i did ne, i am just too old to acted like that.

So from now on, i promise to myself to write more to make myself better and stop being an idiot on internet. Now let’s back to  『Shangri-la』 and continue the unfinished home work.

Tonight is …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Gunma ..

From Chiba, 『Shangri-la』 Project move to Gunma and same as what happened in Chiba because of heavy snow that fell in the Kanto Region they had to postponed 『Shangri-la』 Meeting in Gunma.

And on the Live Day because of the snow was still fell quite a lot, they also discussed about postponing The Live as well, but then because the weather was calm then live can be done as it planned before.

Live in Gunma after about six years ago on BLACK LIST Tour on 2008. Even it was a clod day, but Live in Gunma it was a HOT Live. Then as always, started with …

~   the Annual Local Gourmet Introdution Corner …

aand this gourmet appetizing was waiting for yasu at the venue …


Rihei_san no Tori meshi / Rihei_san’s chicken rice …

Every members with their instrument while talking, then flew into a jam session in the dressing room.

Then that day, it was a DEAD END session where yasu participated as the drum player while doing make up and then tried YUKI‘s guitar after make up …


and then the question selected on …

~   The Question Corner  is …

Speaking of Maebashi, Bicycle Race is famous and talking about gambling everyone, are you do it? and what is your fist gambling …?

and yasu‘s answer is …

I like it very much, and in old days i even lived only for it.  Hey, really i was not that dumb-ass (laugh).

and followed with some Pachinko‘s talking

~   The SetList  …

『Shangri-la』 Live 20.02.2014 Beishia Cultural Hall ~ Gunma


01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi ~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. cord name【JUSTICE】
11. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. Shojo no Inori
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Aishitenai (request)
15. so…Good night (request)
16. Pistol
17. Shangri – La

then my fave part is …

~   The Kewpie  …



credit   :   @Yasuの女

It’s a だるま/ Daruma Doll

also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artist.

i had one, but now i suppose it is on it way to Columbia, since i sent it there as a present for one of my dearest friend there. I said to her i dunno how long it will take to send stuff from Indonesia to Columbia but she said she will wait …

Very well , i adore people with patient though …

next is …

~    This Whatsoever Update from me …


~   Postcard Calendar


~   CD Only


3rd Season Shangri – la PHOTOBOOK

this time is for …

~  Tottori



~  Shimane



then, let’s talk about …

~  team_yasu …


yes, i am talking about that team_yasu group on Facebook.

I said i wont say anything more than i already said there but since i still got some messages i think i have to say something.

That group is still the same fun and cheerful groups as it use to be, and we are finally reach 2,500 members ne. Of course that’s make me so happy because soon we will beat team _Edward.

But one night i got a message, which is a simple message only say :

Hello Noi_san, i see something started to happen on ABC group, don’t you noticed it? If you do i hope you can do something.

then i wondered what the hell was happening? i thought everything is OK and everyone is happy. And then the following night i got another same message with quite similar content. Then that night i started to see and really watch what is really happen.

Then finally i figured it out, OMG i am so sorry ne, i was so fool because i didn’t even realized that.

What happened was there’s something that i will call as a grouping started to happen. Where certain member (who speaks/understand Japanese ) only add comment to certain post by certain same members.

It reminded me to what also happened to that group a long time ago, where members who speak/understand French, Mandarin, Italy, Spanish or even Indonesian only talked to members speak/understand the same language,

For me it was like there’s a group inside a group, that’s not good eh …

And in this case i also see how it followed with member who i know exactly he/she understand English choose to post in Japanese. OK, add a comment was fine but when it became like that i suppose that’s not fair for other members who don’t understand Japanese.

now after i put my self into their (who send me message and i am very grateful for) glasses, look at that group with their glasses i understand why did they ask me to do something. On that group description, yes i wrote that  …

Sukoshi no eigo to basuketo ..
A little bit English and Basketball …

as you know, that’s from Acid Black Cherry‘s cover song lyrics Aitai ne


I really love that cover ne even i have to hold this massive hate inside me every time i see that damn PV with yasu on a bed with a women.

But at that time, when i put that sentence as one of the group rules i had no idea if that little is gonna grow like that and followed with that tend to grouping like that.

I know i can’t force all member to add a comment to all post because there’s so many cause to make people decided to add a comment to a post in Facebook, post a comment in a blog or reply somebody’s tweet on twitter.

For sexample …

~   that post is great …
~   that post is very funny,
~   there’s something on that post that we had to answer no matter what, or
~   you like or at least have a crush to person who posted that, so you want to get her/his attention with anything including by add comment to all her/his post ….

ha ha ha yeah, blimey i’ve been so long on Facebook, twitter and blogging so i know that kind of pattern eh.

There was also a suggestion about translate it into English to make everyone understand. But still i am not sure that’s gonna stop that group inside group lead to. And also if you translate all post plus with the comments on it surely it will feel like a stalking ne …

And hello i am Inspector Himura eh, i do investigate, i don’t  stalk …


yasu    :   but noi_chan, you also do stalk ..
noi       :   you mean on my sister’s twitter, that’s watching, eh not stalking …
yasu    :   no, i didn’t talk about twitter …
noi       :   ah, that
Mr. Friday’s Facebook, ssstt ya_san that’s different … *wink*

so Mr. Friday’s Facebook eh …

Well, i have 2 Facebook account ne and i prefer to keep the other one (that sometimes i use) for my self to watch over Mr. Friday. That’s why i only have about 25 friends there and have no intention to add more. Because i don’t wanna miss Mr. Friday‘s update eh.

So if there’s some of you added me there and still no answer i am really sorry while for some of you who listed as my friend on my both Facebook account, i’d say …

~ you’re adorable,
~ i like you so much,
~ i am curious about you, or
~ i am stalking you …. !!!!

it’s nice when i don’t have to scroll down to see some more post,

so it was like when i open my Facebook Home and there you are i see Friday. Actually this watching Friday becomin my guilty pleasure. I love to do that because it make me happy but at the same time there’s always something called guilty followed,

hit me  and then put a big BITCH sign on my face …

noi       :   well, that’s hurt …
yasu    :   then stop …
noi       :   do i have to …
yasu    :   you know you have to ..

eeeh look what i am talkin about now, open my stalk activity to public?. Before i talk too much i better back to team_yasu talk eh, so …

That’s why i decided to allow English Only both for post and comment on that group and will let my MAGIC Eraser to erase automatically all non English post and comment.

Since my Japanese isn’t that good i even had to asked my friend to translate what i said into Japanese because i believe she can make it as polite as possible like how polite she is.

Thanks again, dear …xD

After all from the beginning that group is an International Group so it’s better if we use English Only. And i am really sorry if i offended some of you, but i have to do this and trust me there’s nothing personal on this matter. I just do my job to make sure everyone get the same thing.

i’d say,

even there’s only a Thin Line between Love and Hate but for this matter i’d say there’s always a Great Wall of China lining between Business and Personal

now everyone,

let’s continue to have fun, sharing, learn for each other, be a fool and happy at the same time, and support yasu together, because i believe one day we will beat that team_Edward.

Go, Go, team_yasu …. !!!!


and for you (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) ….

How am i gonna say about this eh, i mean recently things just get hard.

I know life is hard, and my life is already hard but now i feel it is harder than before. Now at the beginning of April i already sick again, even it’s not the same sick or bleeding like 2 months ago but i just feel something is not right with me.

Maybe it’s just because how weather’s changing recently but i feel lots of pain and hurts on me. My head dizzy, i throat’s hurt to swallow, my back’s hurt every night and also my heart beat fast, too fast.

It’s been 2 days i managed myself to avoid 6 cups of coffee. I only have one cup coffee for a day and it drives me crazy.

But regardless for what i feel now i am glad there’s still something that can make me happy and how i finally found yasu again inside my brain.

I even cut my long hair and asked the stylist to make it look like yasu, look  …


i think it’s kinda worked eh, even yeah i am not blond as yasu but the important thing is nobody call me Dora The Explorer with No Monkey this time. So i guess it worked, and then when 【TEAM ABC】 updated the Official Blog and posted this yasu eat some BIG Burger


what happen next is i smiled like an idiot in front of my PC … #WhatAFangirl

it took me forever to make the stylish do this after her rambling saying, don’t you feel sorry to cut it? your hair it’s a quite long hair; what if we only cut it 5 cm? …. bla bla bla many more.

Then i said to her,

stop talking and just cut it … !!

Even i say to everyone how i want to cut my hair like yasu, but the real is by cut my head off i kinda like wanted to let go all this feelings inside me no. All those feelings like scare, fool, un_secure and also the kinda silly things that i feel now, i don’t like all of it.

That’s why i cut my hair and somehow it worked eh.

Now feel much better. I start to write again like now and yeah fangirl is a quite simple but still complicated in some way. That’s why i will say for everything that you might not aware you already gave to me ya_san,

thank you so much and I will stay with you until the end of the line …


yasu      :     OK, then …
noi         :     not gonna say anything more …
yasu      :     why,
Google didn’t work …?
noi         :     sorry, it’s
Captain’s order
yasu      :     oh not movie again noi_chan, that’s boring
noi         :     OMG ya_san,
Steve Rogers he is soo ….  bla bla bla … *film talking*


Friday Post : 『 Shangri-la 』 Live ~ Kanagawa … (another me, yasu and 1hyde …xD)


Look how messy is my Winamp Play List …

as messed up as what i feel now …


it was forever ago since i fix it. I should fix it again make some proper PlayList ne, maybe that’s because i am listening to song depends on my mood so i don’t have any particular PlayList arranged well both on my PC or mobile phone MP3 Player.

And since yesterday after watching some local telly show that my mom always watch every night, suddenly i listen to this song a lot. It’s some local Indonesian band that i never listen to, but suddenly after that show last night i can’t stop listening to it …

Well see how changable i am …?

enough about that, now let’s back to 『 Shangri-la 』 ne, i suppose i have to finish the 4th Season ne because The 5th Season is already ON … !!!

so there you are …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa  …

Two days after the interaction event  『Shangri-la』 Meeting, the Live was held at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa after two years ago’s TOUR 『2012』.

and as always, they started the blog post with Local Gourmet corner.

This time, Kanagawa‘s local gourmet that welcomed yasu in the venue was 「カツの卵とじ」/「Katsu no Tamagotoji」/「Flip egg cutlet 」; green salad, some fish cake and deep fried tofu.

and this …


Shiumai of Kiyoken ….

in this special gourmet, this 「シュウマイ」/「shūmai」/pork dumpling is referred as 「シウマイ」/「Siumai」. What a nice word changing ne, and with that notation, that must be very delicious (ウマイ), as a traditional taste that begun to sell since 1928.


Then the question selected on the Question Corner was …

Because it’s Valentine tomorrow, please tell your Valentine legend episode from the begining band acitivity …

and yasu said

he received his first chocolate on his 5th Grade on Elementary School.

well, he must be popular boy at school ne.

Talking about Valentine and chocolate ne,  maybe because in my country (especially my village) there’s no such things as Valentine to celebrate.

Even of course when i was on high school, there was some of my friends who got into that Valentine euphoria and did that sending chocolate for boys they have a crush on to, but somehow i always got skipped by that Valentine euphoria every year

so in my whole life i never give or receive any chocolate …

yasu      :     poor noi_chan …
noi         :     i suppose Love and Valentine are not my division since a long time ago ne …
yasu      :     don’t say now you want a chocolate …
noi         :     yes, i want one most delicious Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar
yasu      :    you’re late, Valentine is over …

ha ha ha yeah, this is a very late post ne aaand …

ah ya, on last Valentine i read about this something that i call as The Modern SPELL MAGIC. How girls in cook chocolate that they will give to someone that they in love to and insanely they put their hair or menstruation blood to the chocolate, and the worst part is …

it became a trend … ?  @_@  #JustWhuutTheHell …

OMG so that kind of thing also happened to a modern world ne, and on a Valentine Day euphoria? I thought that’s only happen here in my village.

But the different is in here they don’t put it on the chocolate they made but in to a coffee.

It’s a common things that a woman (the wicked/bitch/u_appropiate woman) do, mostly they are some mistress or a whore who is in love to a married man, and she already did everything to make that man leave his family to be with her but nothing’s worked.

Then she choose the last option to use what God gave her every month as powerfull SPELL MAGIC.

As what i heard, it’s always worked because one of my best friend told me how her father leave her mother and her for another woman after that woman that she often called as Sundal (bicth) did that to her father.

so i know that’s a very powerful SPELL MAGIC to get a man, but of course i am not gonna do that to Mr. Friday ne. I mean how am i gonna do that and also it’s an action followed with very BIG SIN and sure i don’t wont another Kick to Hell because of that.

OK, back to the topic, now is  The Set List ..

『Shangri-la』 Live 13.02.2014 : Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall ~ Kanagawa SetList

01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kmisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. CRISIS (request)
15. Pistol (request)
16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri – la

and the kewpies

OMG this one is my fave



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s a Marine chan …. !!!

that’s so adorable eh, i think that’s the most adorable kewpie from all and i luv it. I hope i am gonna get that ne. Because i asked to somebody who went to the previous 『Shangri-la』 Live  in NHK Hall.

then next is this …

~ Whatsoever Update …

this time is for Toyama, …


and  Live Digest & Offshoot nagano ~ Toyama


i can’t believe i have to do that twice since i did that last week but i couldn’t find the files in my PC. I dunno why, maybe it was erased accidentally ne because i left my files in one PC the to other PC like a whore  …

Just enjoiiii it anyway …

and finally this …

~    Secret Live and Free Live Interview from Erect Pamphlet


just click on the image and it will bring you to my Facebook Note

and then,

look finally they revealed the B2 Regular Poster bonus for the upcoming New Single 君がいない、あの日から・・・

eh God, what am i suppose to say about this ne. Now i have nothing left to say about that yasu looks like that. I suppose now i need another new phrase of Kawaii for him because when he looks like that,

That’s beyond Kawaiii ….. @_@

talking about poster ne, …

Today, the 6th day of March ne and it’s still a long way from the election day on April 9th 2014 but the euphoria is already ON … !!! since the beginning of February, aaand ….

Friday, Friday, Mr. Friday is everywhere ….!!!

Campaigns are everyday, and posters from different candidates are posted everywhere, including Mr. Friday. And 3 days ago my mother gave me a poster sticker of Mr. Friday. She said it was given by his mother so we can put it on our wall.

OMG can you all imagine ne …

Now i have a sticker poster of Mr. Friday …. #Whaaaa


yasu        :      really noi_chan, a new single from Friday …?
noi           :      no, this is a campaign poster because Mr. Friday, he runs for election this year …
yasu        :      for what, a president …?
noi           :      yes, as the President of My Heart …
yasu        :      go away …

Her Majesty is the only one in our home who is so excited about this upcoming election, she told me if there’s a money offer from some candidate if we want to choose him.

Normally they will give 30,000 ~  50,000 IDR for each vote depend on how rich/how much money the candidates have. In our home, Her Majesty could only sell 2 votes (mine and her) since my sister is a government officer.

Then let just say they will buy for 50,000 IDR she will get …

2 vote x 3 times voting (regional, province and national) x 50,000 = 300,000

OMG no wonder she talks a lot about election recently,

Don’t be surprised everyone, this kind of selling vote is normal in my country. I don’t say to all the candidates but i see most of them are doing the same thing, but i haven’t heard anything about money offering from Mr. Friday. Ah, maybe not yet ….

enough about Mr. Friday, now let’s continue to this

King HYDE‘s first tweet on twitter …

from this  http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/

i wonder why poeple there sayin how being on twitter and post something there will turned HYDE into BAKA HYDE? and how twitter will only give bad effect on him. I wish they would see it in other point of view.

After all that’s VAMPS account ne not HYDE‘s personal account.

What if these recent time HYDE want to bemore close to his fans, and make them possible to say maybe a simple HelloHYDE, I Love You HYDE or Good Night HYDE without them have to log in to HYDE’s Room?

As you all know to be able to log in to HYDE’s Room then you can type something to HYDE we have join FanClubs (VampsAddict or Le-Ciel) and that’s not free …

But the most interesting part of that blog post is about this …


1hyde = 156

that’s not for how tall is HYDE (since i heard about him sayin he is 160 or something on The HYDE Book) but that’s a new standart of counting/measurement since 156 is probihited to say, then they (who ever they are) changed it into 1hyde .

So if 1hyde = 156, then i should be ….

1hyde minus 1 or 0,993 hyde …?

yasu    :   minus 1 …?
noi       :   ah just 0,007 hyde less ne, nobody is gonna put that on HISTORY ..
yasu    :   you don’t even erach 1hyde …?
noi       :   OK yes, i am short ..
yasu    :   eeh, i didn’t say that …

and then the best part (or the worst part … xD) of this blog is …

~   My Rambling …

so this March started with ….

#  Me, being broken_heart_ed because there’s no Oscar for Leo again this year …


Yes, i am sad and broken heart_ed and dramatic about this , so what ….?

my heart was broken than night just by looking at this Leo came after and hug Matthew Mac.

I dunno why, maybe because every year, i always wait and hope there will be at least one Oscar for Leo. just like how i use to waited for an Oscar for Sandy (Sandra Bullock) and when she got it in 2010, i was never so happy watching Oscar.

Leo. ne, you  all know he nominated often but always came back home with nothing.

Yeah, that was sad ne but i still hope maybe next year the time when Leo will hold Oscar on his hand will finally come. Because he is a brilliant actor ne, and he deserve that.

#  Me, couldn’t control my anger to other,

so started this March, there was a merger in this company so now i have to handle 2 factories. And the first week was like hell, everyone did nothing but complain to me, They want me to approve everything fast, while on the other hand my boss want details for everything.

It’s very far than my imagination when i said OK to do this .

yes, of course 1 is will be forever different from 2, but the problem in here is the people. Some new people to handle and talk to that i don’t know much about most of them.

They also know nothing about me. so there’s some miss understanding happen between us when i want it with my way they want it with they way …

and me, as always i was mad and said some bad things to them without bother to ask before. Eeeh, what is wrong with me? i know all this changing are stressed me but it was never be a reason to justified my badmouthing for them …

what a very bad Noi i was …


noi         :    nee ya_san, let me ask you again ….
yasu     :     what …?
noi         :     do you like mean girl …
yasu      :    stop ask the same question, the answer is still the same …
noi         :     ahh …

not only end with that, my boss suddenly turned into a very evil one, he check and check everything in details. My phone nonstrop rang yesterday because of him calling and tell about so many wrongs in my reports.

I had to make it all over again.

He said he trust me to handle 2 factories now, so i have to give him my best and tryin to get along with his way of thinking. Somehow i feel like there’s someone put something very huge on my shoulders.

I feel like  i am the foolish person in this universe. I really wanna cry, but i can’t because the clock is ticking and i’d be ran out of time if if cried …

and tomorrow is Friday, ah Mr. Friday come all over me again then suddenly i feel …

人生、大変ですね ….


yasu      :     hmm since he never see you …
noi         :     what …?
yasu      :     that’s not gonna go anywhere ne …
noi         :     ah, そうだね …


Sunday Post : 「Shangri-la」 Meeting Finale ~ Nara … (another me, yasu, Jane and Henry …?)


Now it’s  still so cold here …

after more than 2 hours rolling2 on my bed but my eyes still openly wide like this, i think it would be better for me if i continue workin on this my fangirl homework 「Shangri-la」 again ne.

See they already start to post the 4th Season entry ne, while me still in the 3rd Season so i better finish this hurry .

Just another 2 post left to read and write here to make me feel better, both are the Nara Prefecture part. The Live and this ….

~   「Shangri-la」  Meeting ~  Nara

ah ya, of course i am talking about this post on the Official Blog ne. So finally 「Shangri-la 」 Project has arrived to the final point, it is Nara Prefecture.


that image above is from this blog,

i suppose that’s the MC for「Shangri-la」 Meeting in Nara‘s blog. His name is Hideki Kobayakawa and yes, he is also on twitter btw, as how  everyone is on twitter now … xD.

So when i checked to his twitter, i saw he tweet_ed one photo that day and it was RT_ed by many of people that i follow on twitter but then it was deleted? …

nah, that’s weird ne … xD

so this  「Shangri-la 」 Meeting and Public Recording with 「Music Japan TV」 was held on December 26th in Aeon Mall Kashihara 1 F .

It was Acid Black Cherry‘s fist come to Nara, and unfortunately it was rainy.

The Meeting started with memories about Nara, the last prefecture on this 3rd Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project. And yasu said about his memories of visiting Nara when he was Elementary School?

He is 39 now, so … eh God, it was forever ago then … xD


yasu     :      so …
noi        :      nothing …
yasu     :      go on, say it
noi        :      i wont …

i think he also said about that previously ne, on the previous city’s live MC the question selected was about school trip or something like that.  Then continued with this question …

「犬派?猫派?」/「Dog Group ?Cat Group ?」

eh, what kind of question is that?

yasu‘s answer is he feels he wants to be in a cat group  but he’s still in a dog group somehow.

and then next question is about 「Shangri-la」Project itself and the next day Live, which is the last Live of this 3rd Season 「Shangri-la」  Project.

he said …

Live this time, including such event like this Meeting and High Five Touch with all fans including the local fans. Just really simple. Because it is a Rock Band Live, he wanted to let everyone to look at the cool Live of ABC and think it was fun after watching it.


and 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 closed that post as they close this 3rd Season of 「Shangri-la」 Meeting with this めっちゃくちゃ美味しい looks cake …


so cute with all the kewpies all around the cake suppose that must be a forêt noire (Black Forest cake),


yasu      :     really ….
noi         :     everyone choose forêt noire now and ABC? well …
yasu      :     don’t you see it’s white like that
noi         :     Black Forest, it doesn’t has to be black colored.

Ah ya, talking about Black Forest i remember when Koyurugi Sota (Matsu Jun) he made a Black Forest as a bundle of his passion for his forever love Saeko_san (Satomi Ishihara),

you know this Jun_chan’s new dorama …


失恋ショコラティエ/ Heartbroken Chocolatier

Love and Chocolate yes, Valentine is comin everyone ….

and that drama is perfect for this February. I started to watch that drama yesterday and today watch the 2nd episode with no English Subtitle. Damn, that’s so confusing ne …

confused between all that めっちゃくちゃ美味しい chocolates there, how cute is Jun_chan now and what the hell is he sayin? i only get about 50 % of all he said.

One thing about Jun_chan is on my first time seeing  him on a dorama, my impression about him is …


ah, if that somebody will put that wild boy Teppei Uesugi on Boy Action manga into a live action movie, Jun_chan is perfect as Teppei. Just take a look at his eyes, then you will get what i mean.


After played as an apprentice chef in Italian restaurant on his forever ago dorama Bambino which is my fave dorama ne, because i love spaghetti and Jun_chan as the chef make it more yummy …xD.

If i have to choose between pizza and spaghetti i choose spaghetti, yeah for A Professional Eater like me (…. @_@) that’s a bit hard choice ne even not as hard as if i have to choose between yasu or HYDE … xD


noi        :     please HYDE_san, don’t ask me to choose …
HYDE   :     what are you doing ….?
noi        :     that’s gonna be very hard for my heart …
yasu     :    ignore her, she is hungry now  ….

now Jun_chan’s new character is Koyurugi Sota,

a young man who traveled to Paris and stayed 6 years there to be a Chocolatier after being broken_hearted by someone that he thought as his girlfriend but too bad, that someone never think about him as her boyfriend.

When he came back from Paris and decided to open his own chocolate store, his heart that apparently still in love to Saeko_san gets hurt  again, badly this time  after he found out if she is gonna marry to another man. not enough with that, Saeko_san also asked him to make her wedding cake.

Unable to bear another hurt to see Saeko_san on her wedding day with another man, he didn’t go to her wedding. He fell asleep after stayin all night long to finish her wedding cake. On his tired sleep he had a dream, on his dream he is giving speech on the wedding, said all he think about her and then suddenly …

he said ….

the cake that everyone is eating right now, this cake called forêt noire is the ashes of my love for Saeko-san.

What this pure white whipped cream is hiding is, dark bittersweet biscuit chocolate. Nestled inside that is ruby colored griotte cherries, the crystallization of my tender feelings.

That’s right. In other words, this cake is, a bundle of my passion for Saeko-san.


even that scene is only exist on Sota‘s dream, but i think he is a full passionate young man ne.

Went to Paris for 6 years to be a Chocolatier alone even with a silly but reasonable reason like that is awesome ne. Now let see how is this dorama is gonna turn into a dorama that good at the beginning and then ended flat like Last Cinderella or sweet and full of tears like Rich Man Poor Woman ?

who knows, OK next is this …

~   Whatsoever Update

     PHOTOBUCKET  is a bit of pain in the arse tonight, but there you are and this time is for Shizuoka


and …

~     ABC French Street Team Project Update …

      remember about this project? well if you don’t let me remind you all ne.

so about a while ago, this Acid Black Cherry French Street Team announced their project, about sending a booklet with everyone’s photo or others stuffs to yasu. And i thought it was a great idea of this year’s project are gathered in France,

because this year 2014 will be Acid Black Cherry‘s 6th Anniversary.

on the previous 5th Anniversary, E (5th alphabet, E) is for Erect, then this year’s 6th Anniversary, French Street Team took the 6th alphabet as French.


yasu      :      what about you …?
noi         :      i took the F word
yasu      :     which word
noi         :      yeah, that F word …

maybe, i say maybe ne for the next 7th Anniversary is German Street Team‘s turn and then 8th Anniversary is Indonesia Street Team‘s turn … ?  everything is in alphabetic line just like this  Agatha Christie‘s ABC Murders case …

abc murders



Well OK, you can ignore that anyway because finally the video is up to show all of us how is the booklet looks like, there you are everyone, for all of you who already sent your stuffs go find youself there because i did find myself ne  ….

OMG that’s me on the 1st Page of International Fans …!!!  #waaaa *so fuckin happy*


here    :    Vidéo de présentation de la brochure du projet ABC France !

that’s a very nice video ne and the booklet itself is very detailed and of course Audrey (she is the admin, so pretty isn’t she?)’s sweet French accent just lovely to listen.

Aaand ah ya especially that Marco Polo Resident (Audrey’s home) what can i say but …

touché …. !!!!

Hope someone will show that booklet to Hiro The Marco Polo …xD


anyway, ….

yesterday was totally a very cold Sunday, even 11:30 PM it just very cold and there was no sun last Sunday morning when i went to office at 06:30 AM. It was a bit dark ne, and there was no one but me driving on the street on a very early Sunday morning.

I asked to myself ….

Where the hell is everyone ….?

suppose they all choose to stay at home this morning and who is gonna choose to go out in a very cold Sunday Morning like this anyway ….

And for work?

i guess nobody. Nah if something like this happen, i always feel i am the only one who still have to work everyday no matter sunny or rainy day is the day.

I know some of you maybe think i am a bit over mellodramatic about this because i know there’s also so many people out there who go to work on Sunday and any other holidays like me.

But here in my neighborhood most of the people are teacher, housewives or a government officer like Tekki, so nobody is go to work on Sunday. Sometimes i can hear some of them sayin to other talking about me whenever i am going to office at Sunday

Ah, she must have a lot of money right? by working everyday like that … etc etc

and then continued to another some personal matter about me, for example how i am still not married, why did i say no to Mr. R‘s oldest son and how my mother think about that a lot.

That’s annoying ne, because i didn’t say no. I didn’t even know if at that time he had other purpose than be my friend …

OK, maybe i am the one who is not aware, but how am i supposed to to do? no one told me that, not even him. See this is why now i really hate everyone because everyone just never ending hates me.

But whatever happened it’s already happen ne, so what can i say but

Society, society, ah yasu lah ….  xD

see this is what happen if you livin in a village like me. What everyone doing is nothing but talking, talking about anybody they see, they hate, they envy to … etc etc.

Just like what Jane said to Henry, I wish i can say to them …

The reason why i am still single is because all the good man out there are fictions … ?

yasu      :   but noi_chan, Friday he is real …
noi         :   i am not talking about Friday ne and please do stop talking about him
yasu      :   then who …
noi         :   i am talking about all these man in my mind, mostly they all just fiction
yasu      :   hold on fangirl, i am real OK …
noi         :   but honey, you are still my fantasy …

~ owari~

PS   :

~       Henry is another British gentleman with a very cute accent.
~       He is a History Professor (awww, i love History … ❤) that i just found on a very charming and sweet movie 2 days ago anyway, aaand …
~       Don’t worry girls,i’ll share about this Henry Nobley later ne ….. *wink*

WTH Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Mr. Friday, really … ? )

Wakayama, Wakayama, ….

I dunno exactly where it is with no Google Map and i never go there, but i put  that Wakayama prefecture very well in my mind because it is special ne. So what makes Wakayama special?

because this King HYDE was born there …. !!!



noi        :    HYDEさん, stop being cute like that …
HYDE   :    can’t hear you ….
noi        :    awww ….

and also there was another fan proposal on stage then how HYDE sent a flower for yasu on 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Wakayama  make me so fuckin happy ne.

I mean i love how HYDE‘s giving attention for his fanboys, not only yasu but for others too like Mao, DAIGO, Aki … etc etc.

Aaaand this some boy named Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS just arisen …




everyone talks about that boy. I’ve seen that boy on some dorama ne …

My twitter TimeLine full of how this boy be friend_ed with HYDE (or in this case i’d rather say he is been taken by HYDE?) and he said ..

Recently I ate together with L’arc~en~Ciel‘s hyde. We have a rule of taking turns in deciding restaurant, and this time hyde took me to a restaurant with food boiled in water. So, next time I will decide.

To me, hyde is like a big brother. Last year we went snowboarding together

source  : here

so while you were busy doing your  『Shangri-la』 Tour, look he found another new fanboy eh …


yasu       :      now what, is that a …
noi          :      no, you’re not Loki and i am not Thor …  of course it’s not a mockery ..
yasu       :      then what …
noi          :      nothing, just sayin …

OK, enough about that, now i better back to  『Shangri-la』 ne, this time is …

~     『Shangri-la』Live  ~    Wakayama

『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama , it was the Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st Live  in Wakayama.

Held in Wakayama Shimin Kaikan Hall, [TEAM Acid Black Cherry] wrote it as an ultra-over-super crazy live …. xD

On every Live there’s always some local gourmet waiting for yasu in the venue.  This time in Wakayama, one of them were waiting was this …



「梅干し」/「Umeboshi」/「pickled – plum」

Umeboshi also is yasu‘s most favourite food, then continued with reading all messaged sent from fans and had some times playin instrument …



This time is YUKI‘s guitar, he is been practiced much last year. Apparently yasu‘s often play other support member’s instrument. A musician, after all figure toward instruments seriously.

on the opening MC,

he was sayin about how this is the 1st time for Acid Black Cherry to have Live in Wakayama and also as personal this is also his (read : yasu) 1st time came to Wakayama. It’s not a 1st Live in a Live House, but suddenly it’s a Hall Live.

Live in the land of God ( HYDE さん) was born.


Live in Wakayama today, i will do my best … !!

sent that message to HYDE and moreover he got a flower from HYDE




he said, that was frustating for him,

since it was placed at the entrance of the venue so everyone who watch that 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama that day seen that flower before him …

poor darling, ha ha ha …..




yasu      :     nah, that another one …
noi         :     another what …
yasu      :     so you happy now ….?
noi         :     ha ha ha …

The Question selected on The Question Corner is …

Is there any memories in a department store .. ?

and yasu answered it by tellin a story about his teeny-weeny memories ..

about him and his brother went to a department store with their mother and passed along in front of a toy shop, after that they will slipped from their mother who was still on shopping back to the toy shop and lookin at the toy sayin this is what i want

But at the end he was cryin because he didn’t get to buy it.

ah, so there’s that kind of memories on yasu ne.

I thought i was the only one who have that creepy childhood memories of toy shop. Because we were poor and livin in a small village so on my childhood we didn’t go to a department store often. just 1, 2 or 3 times in a year.

next is The SetList

Shangri-la』 Live 20.12.2013 Wakayama SetList
01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Pistol
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys
14. Black Cherry (request)
15. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. Shangri-laOMG


i love when they put Nemuri Hime on The SetList, somehow it always make me feel …

ahh, they still put Nemuri Hime on The SetList so there’s still a chance for me to see yasu performing Nemuri Hime Live on Stage.

then, the Kewpie is …




credit  : @Yasuの女


yasuさんの大・大・大好物の「梅干し」/ yasu’s most fave 「plum」!

looks like a Red Ninja eh …. xD

so what next ….? ah ya, the PHOTOBOOK update ne.

Anyway, before i continue with the 2nd season PHOTOBOOK i think it would be better if i finished the 1st Season because i did share it partly each live in every prefecture.

yeah, there’s some parts that i skipped like the opening and cover, After Live on stage, w/ members before Live and in front of the most wanted to see and take a picture with  『Shangri-la』 Truck, now there you are …




and as a bonus, there you are with HYDE images, …


well that one is my fave ne,

because i remember how all of us (especially me) in team_yasu’s Group on Facebook talked about how we all wanted to touch that yasu‘s fake boops ne. Now i am so glad because HYDE is already did that (let’s just say for us …. xD) ne, i mean look that image above,

it was like HYDE‘s testing it, was it good enough or what ….. xD

and then say hello to this …



Wacky Sisterhood ….!!!

HYDE amazed me as La Calavera Catrina a famous image of Death in Mexico, that’s why all Mexican fans was very happy when they see HYDE as Catrina.

They said HYDE is The Best Catrina ever.

For me, i mean i am not Mexican so the only Catrina i ever see is on a cartoon or animation on telly. Then suddenly on last year’s Halloween Party, HYDE came up as Catrina …?

i’d also say HYDE is The Best Catrina i even seen ….

PS    :    don’t ask me where all of them came from, but i am sure you all already know …

now, let’s begin this my S’Pore trip memories ne. I think i better start to write it here before i forget much than before. The fact is, i started to forget a lot again recently.

What’s wrong with me …?



yasu         :     you are just getting old ne granny …
noi            :      what old? 52 is not that old ne ya_chan ..
yasu         :     then what, you need a new brain? …
noi            :     at least, that’s sounds better …

talking about old and age,

i remember there was some funny moment when i was on Universal Studio. That time me and my companion Ayu, we were still in line to wait for our turn to get that Dinosaurs Ride in the Jurassic Park.





There was a group of teacher from Tamil, India and one of them talked to us. Her name is Gita Laksmi, she is a Tamil language teacher in Tamil.

Tamil, litterally The Land of Tamils or Tamil Country is one of 28 states of India. It lies in the southernmost part of Indian Peninsula. It official language is Tamil, which holds a status of being a classical language.

We talked about lots of things, she explained to us where is Tamil, in which part of India Tamil is, their school, students, teacher fellows and Tamil language it self, … etc etc and then …

she asked    :    how old you are, Noi …?
me                :    i am 52 …
she               :    reallky? i thought you were only 19 or at least 22 years old ..
me                :    OMG OMG …. *couldn’t stop laughing*

then i was like  ….

OMG this cream that i put on my face is so good or it’s time for her to change/upgrade her eyeglasses?

i mean 19, 20 … 22 really ….?



yasu           :      uso, there’s no way she is gonna say that …
noi              :      but she did ya_san, trust me …
yasu           :      then something is wrong with the eyeglasses …
noi              :      yeah, whatever but It was a very nice talks btw,

i mean she is a teacher ne,

so you all imagine yourself how was it to talk to a teacher, even she is not my teacher still i feel the same feeling that i always have when i am talking to my teacher. so yeah, i keep my language and choose words that i am gonna say carefully …

eeeh, i should back to the beginning ne, OK, let’s move back and there you are …


~     My S’Pore Trip Report ~  Part 1


It started on January 10th, i just accidentally joined it on some travelling blog i found on internet.

my mom was still in Mecca.

I don’t understand very well what happened, but she is the one who supposed to be at home on January 2nd but she said she will stay there longer  and will be back on January 11th. So i just sent her a text message

Ma, I am going to Singapore tomorrow with my friends. Bye …

Somehow it seemed so wrong at the beginning and now it feels so right, because she didn’t say anything to make me cancel my trip with 1,000,000 reason in her mind?

that’s AWESOME …!!!

I ran away from office at 13:00 PM and start my journey with a bus to Semarang at 15:00 PM to catch my night flight to Jakarta at 20:40 PM.

Arrived at Semarang bus terminal at 17:30 PM and went to airport with a taxi.

There was a very bad traffic jam that day. So it change the regular 15 minutes ride with taxi from bus terminal to airport became 1 hour and 10 minutes ride. What a very long and expensive ne, because i paid almost 100,000 IDR (10 USD) for my taxi.

At the airport,

looked for money changer to change money first. That day I got 9,850 IDR for 1 SGD, so for 300 SGD i paid about 3,005,000 IDR to the seller.

That’s was such a pain in my wallet ass ne …

Checked – in, got my boarding pass and again and again i have to wait another 1 and a half hour for my flight to Jakarta, because they (the woman who announced it) said that they had to delay my flight for some bad weather reason.

On the waiting room,

i waited in some cafe and ordered some snacks because i was hungry that time, ah ya i always hungry ne and especially when i had to wait like that time situation i feel more hungry than how i use to feel hungry.

Ordered some snacks,




and then suddenly there was a little girl about 3 or 4 years old with a hair like Dora The Explorer suddenly hug me and nonstop callin me auntie, auntie.

I was like  …

eeh, what the hell is happen, who are you and where is your mother …?

she didn’t listen to my question and still hugging me while open her mouth and said

look auntie, i eat chicken nugget …. !!!

ewww that’s not good ne, i really want to say to her …

hello child, don’t you see i am eating now? stop doing that ….

but suddenly she ran away to her babysitter and then 1 minute later came back to me, hug me and open her mouth again while sayin

look auntie, i eat sausage …. !!!

she did that about 4 times, so can you imagine that i have to watch her open her mouth and see all she had for dinner that day from chicken, tofu, sausage and spinach …  #ewww .

Then i looked around to find where the hell is her mother, i see a woman who call Nay, Nay, come here but still nonstop do whatever she did with her Blackberry while in the other direction i see her babysitter was busy with her dinner pack

What just happened here?

i mean why did they just let a little child running away there and there like that in a public place like an airport waiting room? don’t they scare if they might lost their child , and also …

that child just annoyed me ne.

What am i supposed to say to a 3 or 4 years old little girl who suddenly gave me a hug and show me all her dinner inside her mouth, all i can say was nothing but …

Good child, Good  …

and smiling like she was something that will stick on me and i will never able to make her go away from me. See i am not good with children, the fact is i dunno what do i have to do with children.

I love baby, yes baby is adorable but children …..?

Finally they called me to boarding because my plane is ready to take me to Jakarta. I’d say saved by the announcement eh, i said bye bye to her but she kept askin me

auntie, where do you want to go? stay with me … etc etc

she said another more that i can’t understand. I feel sorry for her, because she looked like she wanted to cry, so i came near her and said to her …

Good bye child, do come to me when you are over 10 years old OK ….. !!!

then i can’t believe how she smiled after i said that and say

bye auntieeee …..

in a very loud voice. Ah, there must be some vitamins or special formulas on her dinner or milk ne because she is a very energetic little girl that i ever meet …

One hour flight, then i arrived in Jakarta International Airport ~  Soekarno Hatta, and as always i had to spent one night here in this terminal building because my flight to S’Pore was scheduled in the next 07:00 AM in the morning.

The team leader for this trip, Boma he was kind worried about me being alone and have to spent a whole night inside the terminal building. He offered to wait together.

But when i told him  i am OK like this, because spent a whole night in the terminal before leaving abroad is a must for me, he leaved me and go to Terminal 3 where his flight is gonna be

Apparently i am the only one person from all 8 peoples in this tour who had to be in the different flight. All of them were in Terminal 3 while me in The Terminal 2.

What the hell is that …?

A whole night in Terminal 2 was hell, i couldn’t even get some short sleep ne. There is no comfort seat like in Terminal 3 where i can sleep quite well. I bring my pillow, but that was useless ….




At 05:00 AM in the morning they finally open the gate to go to the waiting room. Walked like a zombie to the waiting room,

yes, that’s me The Zombie …. !!!

i can’t even open my eyes ne it feels like there’s someone put a super glue there. All i want just go inside the plane and get some sleep until arrive in Singapore.

Got inside the plane, i put on my pillow and then fell asleep. I woke up about 10 minutes before landing ne, then i loved how it was so fast process. Smooth boarding, weather, me sleeping on a jet plane and then a very smooth landing.

This pilot from TigerAir must be very good ne …

Arrived in Changi Airport, Singapore, got my self on  a line of immigration check then i realized that there was something different of me with other people around me. I saw them with a white paper with Welcome to Singapore written there …

OMG that’s the Immigration Paper … !!!

I didn’t have that, nobody gave me on the airplane. Eh, or is that because i was sleeping for the whole flight from Jakarta – Singapore so i missed the time when they gave an immigration paper to all the passenger …?

I almost reach my turn, then i slipped out from the line to find an immigration paper for myself. Why the hell i was sleeping ne, i mean all that 1 hour and 20 minutes flight i did nothing but sleeping …?

waw, that’s a record ne …. #yay …!!!!

finally i got my self an immigration paper then smoothly checked by a not sweet and kind immigration officer. I suppose they have to be that way right.

I mean as what Dr. Lightman (you know on Lie to Me , the telly series) it’s a normal people who works in custom immigration … etc etc to act like that since that’s how a livin Lie Detector is …

Then done with immigration checking,

i waited and couldn’t wait to see who and how are my travelling companions. I had to wait until Boma came to find me because me and them were landing in the same Terminal 2 but different immigration check point. …

i waited and waited, then finally i meet them all, there they are …




two of them are from Palu, then one from Bengkulu and there’s also a nice and sweet couple from Jakarta plus me the Alien from Mars, i think that’s a quite nice combination for a Group Travelling.

We introduced our self each other  and go to the Sky Train station than will bring us to Terminal 3 ~ Changi Airport because we were going to get some meal time together on a food court there.

Then after that continued with all of us bought an Ez Link card like this …



that will help us to be more mobile … xD

that card is the same as Suica card in Japan, which you can use it to pay whenever you go with train, bus or even pay your meal or snack in 7/11.

Boma, also teach how to top up the card to all tour member because …

Actually the main purpose of this tour is to teach all the member that taveling aboard is not that scary, and we can have some fun, even yeah there’s a change for us to get lost but the important thing is how to make the tour member know how to survive traveling alone and able to be a guide for their own family/friend if they might want to come to Singapore again.


Finished with that,

we all went to MRT station , learning how to read Singapore MRT System map and find a way to our hotel in Geylang Avenue. According to the map, this is the route that we had to take.

Follow the green line from  …

Changi Airport —> Expo —> Tanah Merah (change train there) continued to  —>  Bedok —> Kembangan —> Paya Lebar —> Aljuneid (we stop here)

and continued it by walking almost 4 bloks from station to the hotel.

Eh God, that’s quite a long walking eh, my legs hurt so bad and all i want to do is nothing but jump of to my bed and get some sleep. It was a really long and tiresome trip ne, but finally we’re all arrived in Singapore

well, i’ll continue with the 2nd part on the next post ne …

These day, seems like everyone around me bought something new. For example  …

~    Teki with her new phone, that keeps her busy dealing with LINE, BBM and other things inside it that i don’t even get what that all for, …
~    One of my office_mate with her new tractor for her land. She is the land_lady btw, so yeah this year she upgraded her 2 cows with one brand new tractor, …
~    My boss with his new cars and phone and 2 days ago, for me  it was like  …

him      :    look, that’s our new car …
me       :    shit …
him      :    hey, new phone …
me       :    bloody hell …

sorry about my language,

but hey that phone is the same Samsung GALAXY Note that Diego Bunuel (from Don’t Tell My Mother on Nat Geo Adventure) use ne, you know they put the ad. on telly and i want that.

But then i said to him …




Look, my new photo with HYDE …. !!!!

then nothing but silence, ha ha i love when i made them in silence like that.

Helen helped me with that. She is good, isn’t she?

As you know i know nothing about Photoshop, Sotoshop or any other things ended with … shop (but i know shopping and and i am really good at shopping ne … xD).

yeah, it is fake but it makes me so fuckin happy ne.


because i do have lots of photo of HYDE, but photo of me? i don’t have it a lot because i am not that good in the camera.  That’s why i feel weird when there was someone who wanted to see more photos of me …


yasu      :     no way, that’s impossible …
noi         :     but that’s true ne ya_san, somebody did …
yasu      :     the one who dumped you and made you cried like a river  …
noi         :     no, it wasn’t like that
yasu      :     as you say then …

Then whenever i made or have a quite nice and photo of me that i can do (read : ask someone to do) with it, then i will start to find any photo of HYDE that will match to put next to me, like that. So yeah …

I am So fuckin happy ….. !!!

but something happened yesterday, it seems like not only Jim Moriarty who announced his came back at the end of SHERLOCK Season 3, Eps 3 but look who is suddenly came back here and hit me again …

It’s Mr. Friday, he runs for member of House of Representatives this year …. !!!

can you imagine that, now there is a poster with his photo everywhere in here. Every morning i will see 4 poster of him on every crossing i pass on my walking in the morning to the bus terminal.

What the hell is this, why nobody tell me about this?

I really dunno anything about him, i never thought that he is in politics like this, but look now he runs for House of Representatives members this year with some campaign for his run? The election will be held on April 9th, OMG that’s my birthday and his poster will be everywhere from now on ….

What should i do now …..




yasu       :      hey, that’s not the perfect question ne …
noi          :      what …
yasu       :      you should ask :  Will you vote for him or not …?
noi          :      ah ya, i’ll think about that later. Nee ya_san do tell me why i am so miserable like this …?

教えてください …. !!!

yasu      :       i don’t know …


Late Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Wakayama …(Another me, yasu and The King of The World)

This is a very late post eh, ha ha  …

Then i shall start to do this something that i personally call as my own fangirl home works ne.

Actually i have lots of things to write here (yeah, most of them are my very boring rambling, as always …. xD) that i think i have to put/write all of them in here so i can feel better and let my self to be blown away again by this Mind Blowing Man

さんによろしく yasu さん、The One and Only Mind Blowing Man …. ドキドキ

yasu       :    ah, again …?
noi          :    so sorry eh …
yasu       :    ……
noi          :    でも、心配しないで 。。。。

because first, let’s talk again about this ..

~ 『Shangri-la』 Meeting _ Wakayama …

After the 2nd Day Live Performance in Kyoto, Project 『Shangri-la』  headed to Wakayama prefecture which is Acid Black Cherry‘s first landing there.

The 「Shangri-la Meeting」 this time was held on a live house so only the winner who won the invitation joined the Meeting. It was raining all over the country also in Wakayama prefecture. So everyone was there waiting in cold until the doors are open.

yasu is from Osaka, and it was his 1st comin to Wakayama. About this 1st time comin, he said …

There was no chance to come to Wakayama until now and hear that could come this time i was looking forward to it .

and he was also very happy came to Wakayama at last. In the Public Recording with WBS, Wakayamahoso talked about the latest single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 ..


there was also a story about a song’s lyrics for the previous single 「Greed Greed Greed」 released last August 2013

It is the very last step/process to write the lyrics. it also happen how lyrics were not easily begun unless the song is done.

When writing the lyrics or plot (story)  if a plot already written, unexpectedly lyrics can relieve what kind of person is the main character in the lyrics.

then a further question from the MC

(after you have decided the plot), fine words … etc,  is there any kind of words will be use …?

yasu‘s answer is  …

how he also happen to never being aware of words so much,  he focused to the content of the lyrics that fits in (for songs and the lyrics).

then also the story of the Selection of Musicians, yasu said …

if say it simply as getting a various writers/various singers to sing one person’s song. Such as phrase of the drums that you have made, such as a bassline, such as a guitar riffs and then like i think it would be better to have this person to play


enough with that  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Wakayama, now let’s move to this …

~  Look What Finally Arrived …. !!!


All of them came after being held by custom for almost a week, and it came when i was still in Singapore. So as always, Tekki was the one who went to Post Office and got it …

My dear friend Levy is very kind ne,

she gave me that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bag and flyer added to my package of kewpies. Since she is one of the 「Shangri-la 」 Travelers (you know that’s how i call people who went to more than 2 「Shangri-la 」 Live in this 「Shangri-la 」 season ) so she have lots of that and….

gave one of her to me that’s AWESOME ne …

because i’ve seen people put that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bags and flyers on Yahoo Auctions to sell. So yeah i’d say i am very lucky to have her as my kindest friend of me  …  he he he

aand these kewpies just so cute on my bag like this …


The 2nd Season 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK is awesome, too much cuteness inside that one book. I suppose if that book is a human it will be a diabetic soon, thanks to this person …

yasu     :    me ….?
noi        :    yes, who else but you …
yasu     :    it’s not a crime to be cute …
noi        :    oohh …..

then continued with this …

~   Some Magazine Update …. xD

This one is from Mnavi12月号 ~  Acid Black Cherry Interview …. 叫び叫び




you can read the e-book and DL it in here :  http://mnavi.jp/ebook/

and this

~  Acid Black Cherry Special on MJTV …


~  The boring parts …

i should write about my last trip to S’pore this time because one of my dearest friends want to read it in here. I’ll write that trip later ne …

and not only that i also got a lot of things from that trip.

That was my 1st trip as a group, i mean a real traveling group. Not the regular watching Live Concert companion that i always have. So for me this trip is kinda make me excited ne.


I mean my excitements of ..

~    Whom i will be going together, who are they and where they all come from…
~    How i will be interact with them and of course
~    Can i be a good traveling companion for them … etc etc

if i go somewhere far from home, i use to be alone because i think i am a really bad traveling companion.

Me, as always gonna be a weird person who wander all around city i came to alone and do whatever things i wanted to do (ex : eat lots of Street Foods and do lots of selfie with my phone … etc etc) with no worries about what other people will say or think about me

nah what i wanted to change ne, at least even just for a small parts i want to change ne. After this trip i learned how to me a better traveling companion such

~  as always listen to your team_leader, anything he/she say it’s always important to listen to ..
~  got the point of a group traveling is not only about you, but also about your other companion wanted and …

meet my one of my traveling companion and my room_mate Ayu.


She is from Bengkulu btw (OMG the same island with Zoni …. 目) and she is a very kind and funny person. We had so much fun and LOL girls talk every night ..

~  i think now i am not that selfish as i use to be …

yasu      :     really …. ?
noi         :     i think so …
yasu      :     well let’s see …
noi         :     don’t you trust me, …?

and last but not least is how that trip officially changed me from Inspector Himura to The Queen of The World and who is The King of The World ….?

Who else but Leo Di Caprio …. !!!  *kicked to Limbo*

so everyone, you all can say Bai Bai to Inspector Himura for a moment,  all the police investigation talks (that i never write …xD) and Inspector Himura と Officer Hayashi pairing because …

これからも 。。。。


I’m The Queen of The World …. !!! ….. *dumped to Marina Bay*

i have enough being Inspector Himura and somehow had to involved again into that Love Division that totally is not my division. I always get hurt in that division, i suppose that division hates me …?

so as The Queen of The World i don’t have to deal with that love division since i already have this

King of The World …!!!

i hate to have this feeling again, i mean the same hurt feeling that i had from Mr. Friday. I am just such a fool think that it’s gonna be OK and he is gonna be back to me again. But the real is  how here i am alone and ignored like an idiot …

plus how i can’t stop listening this song …

My god I thought you were someone to rely on.
Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on,
Now I know what a fool I’ve been

that part of  lyrics kinda slap me on my face for what a fool i am.

It started on Last year’s Christmas and ended after this New Year. I mean all this one year recently  i am learning Japanese so hard for who …?

IMG_20140115_0001 (2)
yasu        :      me ….?
noi           :      i am sorry but not you …
yasu        :      eeeh, …
noi           :      look how screwed i am now ..

i thought having some trip would make be better and forget, but it’s not i think now i am starting over again this phase of my heart being broken again.

Moni was right when she said how fragile i am and surely i am not a Wonder Woman because i do cry for something like this . and yesterday it got worst when i read this Astology Online said …

Aries  :

This is a very emotional time for many of you and what isn’t helping is that those closest to you are difficult to understand today.

The lack of emotional bond you have been looking for is causing you to compensate in other ways, ways that are not quite constructive. You need to be nurtured and cared for during this time so if there is someone who has experienced this type of void before and can give you the support you need, seek this person out.

If you are attached, it is likely that this person will not be sweetheart but you want it to be. You are not sure how to talk about this with them and it may just be a better idea to not attempt to right now. You may not get the reaction you hope for.

Find that friend to help you through.

i do have friends who is always kind to me,

how they are stayin with me with their different but not judging me opinion. But still i am not feelin better yet. And look what happened to me now and i have no idea what should i do now ….

All i want is just a move on ne  …….

yasu      :     move on yes noi_chan 次第だよ, but not with some   ….
noi         :     some what  ….?
yasu      :     but you still have that super glue ne …
noi         :     for what …
yasu      :     for your heart …
noi         :     what the …