D minus 30 Post : 3rd Album 『2012』 cover is The Sleeping yasu …. (Another me, yasu in Dreamland)

look at this ….

The Sleeping yasu ….

that is the cover album for Acid Black Cherry’s next 3rd Album 『2012』, Bloody Hell i am so excited about this album  you know why ….. xD




i can’t wait for mine arrive next March,  yeah i am gonna get that, all of that after my L’arc Trip to Bangkok. Thank God ne, see at least he is not release the album a week before i go to Bangkok, I don’t want if my stuffs arrive when i am not home,  ….

i really love that cover album, i mean look at that, yasu just lie down like that, in the red bed, omo is that a bed of roses with him (read : yasu) in his white and black outfit …. waw, brilliant …..

yasu      :    so if i am the Sleeping yasu, then what about you ….?
noi         :    i’ll be the Princess Charming, i’ll wake you ne …
yasu      :    eeehhh ….
noi         :    just enjoy yor sleep ne, …
yasu      :    nee noi_chan, are we lost in a screwed fairytale ….
noi        :     maybe ….

nah the question is why i called that cover as The Sleeping yasu ? ….  the answer is because when i opened my Facebook Homepage and saw all of that  Nemuri Hime, my fave song is what is on my mind right now ….

Nemuri Hime, this is my fave song, and this song is also the one and only song from Acid Black Cherry that i can sing perfectly, just sing ….  i  always said how i really want to be Nemuri Hime, the never awake Nemuri Hime to deal with my miserable life, so i am gonna sleep, sleep and never awake forever .

noi          :    so let me remind you something ya_san, …
yasu       :    what, we don’t have appoinment right?
noi          :     no, just want to remind you , don’t bother to XXX me to wake me if one day i become Nemuri Hime oke ….
yasu       :    XXX you …? what the …
noi          :   ah you know what i mean, so just remember that …

On this Nemuri Hime i think the hardest part is to be the Prince Charming, the  one who wait and wait , waiting for what? the un_sure Matsu wa while keep wondering when she is gonna wake up ….? nah that’s so hard ne plus like i always say for one million times waiting is so boring …

on the contrary the Nemuri Hime is the easy part, see if you are the Nemuri Hime, you don’t have to do anything but sleep and enjoy your trip/adventure to the Dreamland, that’s it.  And while you are having fun there (in the Dreamland) then you gonna get a kissu from a prince charming, in the end of yor long sleeping…

then viola,you wake up ….!!!!

nah that’s  one of so many reason why i want to be Nemuri Hime, but for me what i am gonna be is The Never Awake Nemuri Hime, so i am gonna be sleep, and sleep forever while say bai bai to my misery life ….

But , because yasu is aready lyin down there sleep and take my Nemuri Part, so okey i’ll cancel my plan, ….  but i am gonna say just like Jim Moriarty said on the pool scene of SHERLOCK Season2 : A Scandal Of Belgravia ….

Wrong Year To Die ……!!!!

now i have to find another year to die, because this year i am so busy with yasu and hyde, and their upcoming album on February (CD Japan mailed me if they shipped my Butterfly album today, so yay yay yay ….!!! ) and March, the chance to see L’arc live, waw this year is a bless for me.

Last but not Least Acid Black Cherry’s next 3rd Album 『2012』 ….

noi       :    nee, ya_san, i am not gonna miss your 3rd Album 『2012』 ….
yasu    :    really …..?
noi       :    i am not gonna miss it for the world ….
yasu    :    for the world …?
noi       :    yes, because …
yasu    :    ah just don’t tell me because you are Power Ranger now ….
noi       :    Omooo ya_san, how di you know that ….?
yasu    :    weird ….


Vamps Halloween Party 2011 : Hyde’s Nemuri Hime ….. (Another me, yasu and Hyde)

oke i decide to post again here and here’s my blog just something about me yasu and hyde ….  i am a fangirl so this blog is gonna be a lot lot of fangirlism … and  this is my new CV, a fangirl CV ….

Name         :   noi himura
Address    :   Bahama 221B
Phone number  : +6285 555 6666
fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry and L’arc en Ciel  


now i am start it with this

my dear Giorgia Gorner shock me this morning by posted this Youtube link on my Facebook Page …


Hyde sang Nemuri Hime …..  and as always he did it great , .he is brilliant ……..



when i read so many report for Vamps Halloween Party 2011 fan report i asked to my self : i wish i can see Hyde sing Nemuri Hime, what that’s gonna look like, sounds like  …..  and now i can’t believe this is the first thing i saw this morning, and it is brilliant …. saw yasu and hyde in one stage performing my fave song ….

so this morning i am gonna sing …. well yasu still sleeping btw , he is not gonna hear me .

kimi ga kureta egao de sukoshi tsuyoku nareta
nando datte te wo totte ai shiteru ai shiteru ai shiteru yo tte
mou ichido waratte misete

I love You Hyde, itsumademo  ……….

yasu      :   OMG this is too early ne, ….
noi         :   ups sorry ….
yasu      :   i told you ne, don’t sing …..
noi         :   Good Morning Ya_san, …. and I love you to , … zutto …
yasu      :   just go away , …..
noi         :   ok ok i gotta work now …..