my happy sunday

last sunday, i had a little vacation with my brother Tekki, and i am so happy ….. i think we need to do this once a month

we go to cinema watching The A Team movie, it just like a remember again on my childhood where i never miss that on television when i was child … i love this movie, i love the fact that Hannibal smith (played good by Liam Nelson) is totally awesome he is really a man with a good head on his shoulders …. BA Baracus with his scare of fly, Murdock with his madness, and Face with his charm of course, that’s all bring back my childhood memories

on saturday night i finally able to watch Acid Black Cherry _ Aitai pv … that makes me happy more, Yasu my pretty man looks sweet with his long hair, even i think it’s too long that make him looks like Sunako (Yamato Nandeshiko Sichi Henge dorama) from his back if he don’t cut it a.s.a.p ..

or he looks like Shiou Lung Lie the Little dragon girl on Return of the Condor Hero series ..? wkwkkwkw *PLAKK*

after all i am happy, and also my friend Piko is back from whereever he was hiding i dunno, … complete my happiness on that beautiful sunday ….