A Bit Chatty Post : The BIG Problem … (Another me, yasu , Halloween Party and 「 INCUBUS 」again )

Finally it’s October,  and everyone let’s say ….

10690227_10202905511741087_5269635782701920931_n (1)

Hello, October  …..  !!!

I am glad September is finally over because somehow last September is a very long and hard September for me.  I took too many projects and i also said so many OK to people who asked me to do this and that.

Especially to the one and only bossy Comissioner Vijay, that i never able to say no because i know he never accept NO. i can’t give him that as an answer eh …

In fact, from me he accepted only  …

OK boss, i will do my best,
yes, you’ll get my reports about that tomorrow at 09:00 AM ,

or whenever this images of yasu appeared on my phone, ….


(read   :   my boss, Comissioner Vijay call me),   or when this lovely rain deer yasu‘s image appeared


( read  :   his son, Michael call me)  means something is wrong and i always say to them …

Don’t worry, i’ll take care of that … etc etc

and many things i promised him to do or fixed.  Then, what happened next was all those OK i said to people and Comissioner Vijay ran back after me asked to be finished.

Especially the many OK i said to Comissioner Vijay and his son, they ran faster after me.  Suppose i have to learn not to reply everyone with OK ne …

so would you mind to tell me other words than OK …?


yasu      :      イエス ….?
noi         :      geez, that’s similar with OK ne ..
yasu      :      but i know you will say another OK ….
noi         :      yeah, you are right …

yeah, i use yasu‘s image for all my phone contact.

Rather that took a photo of them one by one,  i put yasu‘s image on their contact details so whenever they (people on my phone contact) call me it always yasu‘s image appeared plus yasu‘s voice singing So … Good Night chorus  …


How lovely is that eh  …… >_<

Ok, back to The NO , m next question is  ….

NO, why is so hard to say NO  ….?

I mean, whenever people come to me with their ideas, they talk about it and as always it ended with they said i need your help to make this or call and make sure Mr. Vijay understand about this matter  …. etc etc many things people asked to me …

i always say  …

OK, I will do that … !!!

Seems like NO is becoming a hard to say now and whatever next things followed it, turned into a BIG Problem to me.

The fact that now i have this sayin NO as one of my BIG Problem as BIG as how all of those SAMPLE stamped on yasu‘s photos for the next single 「INCUBUS 」 for me as a fangirl   …

i am talking about this next detail’s of Acid Black Cherry’s 19th single 「 INCUBUS  」, from this …

1.    New Header on the OHP, Cover Photo on Team_ABC’s Facebook, twitter


How beautiful  is that eh …

I mean, how they made yasu standing like that, with that look and eyes with a scene of a girl on a red dress cryin like hell in the middle of a road.

And blimey, i feel like yasu is tellin us (at least me … xD)

Look at her  … !!!

That image indeed is very sad and what how people just lookin at her, do nothing. At least somebody should do something, maybe ask her what  is happened to her or help her to find her other shoes …?

ah, i suppose we’ll find out if we get the single ne, hopefully they will add what happened to the girl next in the CD Jacket.

and next is  …

2.    New Profile Picture  …

on the Official Home Page


How Sweet is that eh ….

on twitter, Facebook that i’d say …

How sad his look ne …

I mean, the look is totally different from the other photos with mean and hypnotize look, but fo that one they captured a sad look of yasu . Suddenly i want to sing this song ….

why, why you look so SAD ….

BoW_PG0IYAABrLS.jpg large

noi       :    is that because you’re not gonna join this year’s Halloween Party …?
yasu    :    is that what your friend tell you …?
noi       :    yeah, …
yasu    :    i don’t join Halloween Party this year, so now you are happy
noi       :    well don’t worry love, …  *singing*  ..    i’ll stand by you, i’ll stand by you  …
yasu    :    noi_chan, you’re so 90’s ..
noi       :    i am and i suppose you are so 80’s ….?

And talking about this year’s Halloween Party eh, …


Actually yes,

i am also sad with the absent of Acid Black Cherry for this year’s Halloween Party ne,


because even i always be one of the overseas fans on-line audience that never go to the Halloween Party itself, but for me there’s always lot of fun and sexcitement things happen on Halloween Party,

especially with yasu.


But in the other side of me (read : my bitch side) i am also happy with the absence of Acid Black Cherry for this year’s HalloweenParty.

Not only because i know how busy he is now with the 19th single 「INCUBUS  」 to release on October 22nd, …

Okay, i know i will sound like a nanny for yasu but he is still a lot of things to do related to the new single release.

Magazine and radio interview, telly show performance (maybe and i hope so  ….xD), … etc etc and many other things that an artist will do when they are releasing a new single or album.

So yes, i don’t want yasu to get tired too much and got sick like what happened last year ….


yasu     :    then …
noi        :    what …
yasu     :    go on, tell everyone how you feel happy …
noi        :    ああ〜〜 do i have to …?

OK, i admit i am also happy because i suppose there will be no drama on Halloween Party this year.

Even there might be another drama happened it will not effect on me. Because with no yasu on Halloween Party this year, i will be nothing but a silent on-line audience.

Yes, i am talking about A Drama that happened on last year’s Halloween Party.

It started when Yama_chan asked everyone to not record, take a screen capture of Halloween Party 2013 Backstage that aired on Yama_chan‘s channel on Nico Video

and that kinda split fans into 2 different groups.

~  One. fans who was being a good fans by obey what they said to not record or take a screen capture of what they seen on Nico video, and the other

~  Two, fans who was being a good fans fellow to their other fans who might not able to see that show by took a screen capture, made gifs from what they seen on their screen then share it

Then what happened next was totally bad,

when the number one fans (who obey) started to chase and send message to fans number two who still took screen captures then share, told them to stop, erase their post on FB, tumblr and tweet photo because they afraid if they will stop broadcast the next show on Nico Video

That was totally chaos ne and i don’t like it.

I know they had a good copyright reason why the hell they do that , but still i don’t like it. Because i think there must be something they can do to avoid that kinda chase each other fans on internet like that.

And now i am still sayin the same like what i said last year about that.

rather than make some chasing between fans who obey and not obey,

i’d say it would be better if they don’t broadcast Halloween Party Backstage on streaming until they find the solution how to avoid that fans split and chase each other on internet .

now you all see why i am happy and sad at the same time.  Enough about that, next is  all these things  that drive me crazy …

3.  The Different Bonuses


It is Acid Black Cherry i am talking about now eh …

as you know, there will always be different bonus given for each different version. Yes, there’s 3 different versions for the next 「INCUBUS 」 single :  「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition, 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition and 「Special Price  」 Limited Edition with  different bonus as well  …

~   B2 Poster Size


How nice eh ….

You will get that B2 size poster if you buy/ordered 「INCUBUS 」 single  「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition and 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition at the regular stores, and yes if you did your order from CDJapan, you will get that B2 size poster ne.

~   4 Different Trading Cards


How thrilling to get that 4 complete trading cards eh ….

From the beginning when Acid Black Cherry started to do this as random bonus for 「Special Price 」 Limited Edition, i never get the complete Trading Cards.

From this


「Greed Greed Greed 」,


394 yen

「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」

or the previous single



no mater how many  「Special Price 」 single i bought. I always buy 4 singles, but for the previous 「君がいない、あの日から…」 single, i bought because that time Tekki was in Japan, so i don’t have to pay shipping cost ne …

but i never get complete.

Even i always ended with getting all of it, because there’s someone who always kind to send me some of his card that i didn’t get, but i still feel incomplete  …

So this time, i try my luck again by ordered 4 「Special Price 」 version from CD Japan with the same hope that i will get the complete Trading Cards,

so God, please help me  ….. !!!


yasu     :    noi_chan,  you’re so  …
noi        :    so what  …
yasu     :    do i have to say it  …?
noi        :    say it, so Greed, so bonus minded …

~   Post Card Calendar for FanClub version from UpRise


Just like the last single 「君がいない、あの日から…」,

if you are Janne FanClub member and ordered your next 「INCUBUS 」 single from  UpRise , they will give 2 different version Calendar Postcard for 「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition and 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition …

#  Calendar Postcard Type A for 「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition


#  Calendar Postcard Type B for 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition


How Pretty postcard calendars are they  …

with the same calendar period from October, 2014 ~ March, 2015 for both Type A and B, of course with different image of yasu on it.

next is …

~   A Mini Clear File for Mobile FanClub Members …


How Sexy photo is that eh …

I started to joined the Mobile FanClub since Greed Greed Greed single. Yes, i am not in Japan, so it is not possible for me to do.

But still, nothing is impossible eh, so i ask my proxy to join (with his mobile number) so i can buy Acid Black Cherry single with a mini clear file bonus. Then when he asked  me

which version would you like to buy from mobile FanClub?

instead of sayin 「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition and 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition, i said to him   …

i want The Bonus Only, Regular Edition   …  >_<

then the last is …

~   An Original Stickr from mu-mo


How ……

Eh, how what ne …..?




yasu     :     don’t ask me, ask her  ….
noi        :     who  …
yasu     :     ask Lady Mary, you said it as what she said right  ..
noi        :    omo, how did you know …?
yasu     :     i know, i always know
noi        :     but the problem is next episode of Downton is next week …

talking about Downton Abbey ne,  i suppose we all must go to UK for a while  …


i am totally disappointed with Lady Mary and her decision to spent a whole week together with Lord Tony Gillingham. Talking and doing things together at day and have sex, lots of sex at night.

I know she is an adult woman, but still i don’t agree with her decision. No matter how she want show us how modern minded woman she is, but i don’t think that’s a good idea.


I mean remember her sling accident with Mr. Pamuk a long time ago? ah indeed, she is still the same Lady Mary, but older and mature one

There’s lots of things that i don’t like happened in Downton until this 2nd Episode of Season 5.

From what Lady Edith had to do, Thomas got stuck in a deep friend-zone with James (but thank God is over) and the new teacher Miss. Bunting who keep pursuaded Tom Branson to be back as what he was, with her wacky ideas to talk about on dinner.


How dare she said how pitty …. to His Lordship?

But thank God, Dowager Countess always able to find something in order to stop that not good conversation on dinner by sayin

Principles are like prayers. Noble of course, but awkward at a party

Nah, that’s  what we all should remember ne since sometimes we tend to forget where we are, what in occasion we are and things that we’re supposed to talk or not. Yes, people have ideas and always they can say it but still there’s line about when or where to say it.

and what Miss. Bunting did, to me it’s not good at all ….


Dowager Countess, I really love this old lady ne, she and all things she said and do always make me fond of her day by day.

back to Japan again, back to Acid Black Cherry

so everyone, that’s all things that drive me crazy recently.  I ordered all the versions and surely i will get all the different bonus. Except for the Trading Cards,  that one thing that i am not sure whether i will get it complete or not.

next is, this ….

4.   Whatsoever Update from me …

finally i got my 「Shangri – La 」 PHOTOBOOK BOX Case …. #yay !!!


and then this one is for  5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK : Kochi


Enjoii ….. !!!

and then lest talk about Team_ABC ne …

I think they (Team_ABC) are being a bit chatty these days ne. I mean for this next  「INCUBUS 」  single, they are more chatty than how they were on the previous singles.

They told us details of this 「INCUBUS 」  single one by one, from recording, revealing the jacket cover for each version, tracking down, mastering,  the arrangements complete with tellin us what is the meaning all of that literaly.

followed with a comments and reading comments post related, they tellin us how they read all the comments posted on The Official Blog and forwarded it to yasu, bla bla bla ….

and today they made 2 entries, 1st entry that made me doki doki waiting for what they will anounce on 19:00 PM JST and they want additional 15 minutes and made the doki doki bigger than tiger


but it is worthy because, the next entry is about this ….


they will put the video of a-nation Live from Fuji TV – NEXT as a bonus track for  INCUBUS single CD + DVD Limited Edition

so for all of you who haven’t order the CD + DVD Limited Edition, go buy that because with 1,600 yen + tax + EMS, Air Mail, and other shipping fee (for us, oversea fans)  we will have a-nation Live video full of sexy yasu on stage

and for all of you who already order, you don’t have to order again because yes you will get it …

so yay …. !!!!!

new way of Blog Posting eh, Team_ABC ….

by posted that kind of screen capture image of what is that? a LINE conversation between them and yasu?  make Google Translator useless? so no cheating ?  …

well done, eh Team_ABC …


yasu      :     noi_chan, don’t tell me you still use Google Translate ….
noi         :     of course not …
yasu      :     good girl …
noi         :     but i use Bing Translator sometimes …. *laugh*
yasu      :     you what ….

geez, i did download that whole 10 GB video ne, I  spent a whole day at office to download that with Torrent. But that’s fine ne at least now i know how to download with Torrent.


Actually i am not fond of downloading with Torrent or Torrent_ing in fanct i kinda avoid it. But now, because there is yasu on that video whether i want it or not i have to learn how to use it ne.

and back to Team_ABC

Yes, Team_ABC indeed they are being chatty now maybe, i say maybe ne because  ..

~   they have a new writer who is totally chatty as hell, or
~   maybe because for the previous single was together with 「Shangri – La 」 Tour, so they had to post about the Live as well as had to do many things during the Tour, or
~   they are as sexcited as us about 「INCUBUS 」

so whatever coused, the fact that Team_ABC being chatty as hell now is totally good for us. And i suppose i also have to be more chatty here, i mean update my blogs daily or at least 1,2, or maybe 3 posts a week

and yes, i am still continue to do my FanGirl Homeworks, and next post it will be 「Shangri – La 」 Live ~ Oita ne  …


1,2, or maybe 3 posts a week

i think that’s gonna be hard ne, since i am totally busy with my works and after works i am busy again with that cross stitching.  Look everyone, do you all stat to see the S? …

yay, i am starting to make the 「Shangri – La 」 …. !!!


yasu      :     you only get that ….?
noi        :     as you see ne …
yasu      :     but it is already October ne noi_chan, how will you manage to finished on January …?
noi        :     dun worry Love, i’ll think about that and now for that a-nation video as bonus for 「INCUBUS 」 single,

ありがとう と 愛してるよ, ya_さん 。。。!!!

yasu      :     stop creamin …!!!


Sunday Post : ABC New Single 2014年10月22日 … (Another me, yasu and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge)


Expect The Unexpected Things eh ….


That’s what i am gonna say about Acid Black Cherry‘s upcoming New Single and my feelings right now.

Even i did think about yasu will release his next new things on October because how the calendar bonus from the previous single 「君がいない、あの日から 。。。」 only ended on September,


but i was thinking about a 「Shangri – La 」 Live DVD to be release soon after he finished his nation-wide 「Shangri – La 」 Tour

and after waiting, waiting and post some ramblings like a little boy who ask oneWilly Wonka Chocolate to his wacky mommy,

now we all know instead of releasing a DVD, yasu decided to released a New Single, everyone  …. !!!

ああ〜〜、びっくりましたね …. (^_^;)


yasu     :    a wrong deduction ne, Inspector
noi        :    well ….
yasu     :    somebody is getting slow now …
noi        :    i know, but at least i am still the Inspector tho  …
yasu     :     what the ..

ah ya, talking about Inspector Himura ne …

last week somehow i kinda jumped into talking on my friend from college’s status on her Facebook. Actually she is one of only 3 person of my college friend that i added on Facebook.

I told you ne, about how i don’t like to mix my fangirling things that i am doing onFacebook with my personal life.

nah because i was there added comments and involved to their quite long conversation and then one of them suggested to everyone else from my class to added me on their Facebook.

So that day i got more than 38 Friend Request on Facebook and all of them are my college friend.

I approved some of them that i think they wouldn’t mind about me spamming aboutyasu appeared on their Facebook Home Page, and said to them …

hey fellas, from now on …
in Facebook you all have to call me Inspector Himura OK …. !!!

and they all approved ne …xD

for the others,  because i am not sure about them will be OK with my spamming about yasu everyday and not only that, i also didn’t know them too much thanks to how invisible i was during my college time. So  i decided to ignored them, just like what Yukki told me.

After all i couldn’t say now and ignored some of them ne …

yasu     :     なんで 。。。?
noi        :     あたしの元彼ん だよ…
yasu     :     what the …
noi        :     so how can i ignored him?

so yeah now whenever i open my Facebook Home Page, i feel nothing but lots of nostalgic moment.

Ok, now let’s back to the topic ne, there will be Acid Black Cherry New Single 2014年10月22日 and i am so very happy  ….

But still ….

i am sure there will be a Live DVD for 「Shangri – La 」 Live and i suppose he (read : yasu) just delayed it. Or maybe …

He will put it as a bonus for the next album like how he put Acid Black Chrismast Live ~ Osaka Jo Hall on 2012 Album …?


Who knows ne, so i think i can wait and what i am gonna do and have to do is nothing but also delay my sexcitement about seeing 「Shangri – La 」 Live on DVD

And this time,

because i am still in the middle of a very happy euphoria about Acid Black Cherry New Single 2014年10月22日 and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge all over myFacebook, twitter and Tumblr i suppose this is also a perfect time to delay my working on this  ..

Whatsoever Fangirl Homework i made for myself …. xD

so everyone, now let’s talk about this ….

~   Something i say as The Un-expected things from yasu ne …


Acid Black Cherry New SINGLE

Title                :  TBA (To Be Announced)
Release Date :  October 22nd, 2014 (Wednesday)

■【CD+DVD】〈Limited Edition〉 

Item no.   :  AVCD-32238/B 1,600 yen + tax
   2 songs
music clip、OFF SHOT ((Approximately 15 minutes )

■ 【CD ONLY】〈Regular Edition〉

Item no.  :   AVCD-32239 1,000 yen +tax
          2 songs (same with AVCD-32238)
Bonus     :   Limited mini photobook

■ Special Price (1 song)

【CD ONLY】〈Limited Edition〉
Item no   :   AVCD-32240 369 yen +tax
         1 song
Bonus    :   1 ABC trading card (from all 4 complete series)

Pre-Order Period

August, 22nd (Friday)18:00〜October 10th, 2014 (Thursday) 5:00 AM (JST)

~ Janne Da Arc Official Fanclub 「Mademoiselle na anatatachi 」 members


via here   :   http://upriseshop.jp/ (VIP Members Only)
CD+DVD Limited Edition : Calendar Postcard Type A
CD Regular Edition :  Calendar Postcard Type B

~ Janne Da Arc Official mobile site members

Official mobile site : http://jannedaarc.jp/
1 mini clear file

~ mu-mo shop

PC       : http://shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1/?artist_id=ACIDB
mobile : http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1?artist_id=ACIDB

It’s Japan Only, which mean you have to use proxy/middle man inJapan to buy for you

~ mu-mo overseas sale site (where they will lead you to use Tenso.com)

PC       : http://shop.mu-mo.net/avx/sv/list1?jsiteid=MSW&categ_id=661806
mobile : http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/avx/sv/list1?jsiteid=MSW&categ_id=661806
1 Original sticker

~    CDJapan   :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    HMV          :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    YesAsia     :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price

PS    :   From CDJapan, there will be a B4 size poster bonus for CD + DVDand  CD Only

so now everyone,

let the CHOOSE begin and if you can’t choose, why wouldn’t you let your self to be GREED this time ? …. xD

and talking about GREED,  ….


yasu さん、

there you are finally,  a little gift and reminder from your overseas fans for this year’s ABC 7th Anniversary … …♪♪
we do love you and still hoping that one day you will do Live outisde Japan …


PS : btw minute 00:51, that’s me yasu さん … (笑)

and next, let’s talk about …

~  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge …

Recently, this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is become viral everywhere.

As you know, this is a challenge to raise an awareness to ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which is also known as Motor Neuron Disease.

It is a fatal disease and until now, there is no cure for it .

Patients will eventually die because they can’t control their muscles. So it doesn’t mean that they are only being paralyzed. They will lose an ability to speak, eat, and breath.

And ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is …

when somebody challenged somebody else, maybe his friend to do this callenge in 24 hours.

If the next person who got nominated manage to do it within 24 hoursthey donate 10 dollars and if not or they did it over than 24 hours then they have to donate 100 dollars.

The challenge it self buy put an ice and water on a bucket and flush it on your head  is to demonstrate how the ALS patients suffer from it.

But as always, there’s also many different reaction about this  ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

some people think it’s useless and too mainstream, some of them doing and watching it for fun as an euphoria while waiting and hoping when will somebody nominated their idol to do this challenge.

But no matter how different reaction and people think about this,  I my self enjoy and love how it worked like that, like a Ghost to Ghost connection or a spider web it’s everywhere now.

Hopefully by making this viral, the challenge will continue from one to other as well as the donation because it really help.

i can’t remember all the chains, because i only remember how …

~   Adam Lavine ( Maroon 5) nominated The IRON MAN himself, Robert Downey Jr , and then
~   RDJ nominated his Avenger‘s mate from Asgard , Chris Hemsworth(THOR) and
~   THOR nominated his other Avenger‘s mate Mark Ruffalo (HULK) andChris Evans (Capt. Rogers) …

while on the other side, outside the Avenger‘s pals …


Nathan Fillion (Castle) with that sweet reason, nominated Tom Hiddleston (LOKI, The Future King Of Asgard ), and
LOKI nominated Bennedict Cumberbatch (SHERLOCK HOLMES) ….

nah this is something that everybody were waiting for, an Ice Bucket Challenge by SHERLOCK HOLMES

i’d say, that’s a very well done Ice Bucket Challenge

That’s totally fun and i am sure encourage enough as well to ask people to donate.

Ben was nominated by 3 people beside Tom Hiddleston.  Sorry i can’t remember who the other else because i only remember and watchTom‘s video.

OMG, they even chased him in the shower ….

and after shower he called Tom,

awww that’s something i call beyond sweet …!!!

this part …

it’s totally brilliant how they put the ice and water inside his helmet and this last part is the funniest …. xD

source and credit for all Gif images :    here

Poor darling Ben ….. ❤

Ben, he was doing an Ice Bucket Challenge ne, not a A Boiled Water Bucket Challenge, but look what happened to Tumblr yesterday.

That video made Tumblr ON FIRE  ….  !!!

and finally reached until Japan because i saw some boys from Jhonny also did it and yesterday this baby stroberry (read : Taka, not yasu)  did his Ice Bucket Challenge and posted the video via his Instagram

you can check the video in here

it surprised me how he didn’t nominate Takeru Sato.

Well maybe because i  read a lot about their broomance friendship between them i thought he will nominate Takeru Sato ne. But he nominated 1 person i dunno who,Hongki from FT Island and his father.

Look at how he is sayin Hongki, looks like he is sayin

you Hongki, you …. !!!!

and believe me, last night i had a terrible dream about me calling Hongki to tell him about Taka nominated him as the next person while wondering is there any person who will nominate yasu to do this …

of course me as a fangirl, blimey ….

i also waited for someone to nominate yasu to do ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a hope he will use a white shirt when he do that …. xD

noi        :   because God Bless White T-shirt
yasu     :   go find another reason
noi        :   do i have to say it here, you know what my other reason ..
yasu     :   …..

In fact i even though about how the chain is, started from …

~   someone will nominate GACKT, and then
~   GACKT will nominate HYDE, then
~   HYDE will nominate yasu, …

etc etc …

but today it surprised me how yasu finally did this today

because there’s someone nominated him, and that person is not HYDE. I suppose there’s too much fandom things inside my brain now because it started to make me think following it like an idiot  …


awww his head must be hurt ne, because i think he put too much ice on his bucket.

But well done eh darling …. xD

So there’s someone named Shigeki Maruyama ( if i am not mistaken he is a golf player ), nominated yasu to do this.

And yasu did it today, he donated but didn’t nominate anyone to be the next person who had to do this challenge because he said he won’t forced anyone to do it.

Well, Okay …..

Since yasu didn’t nominate anybody, now i wonder who will dare to nominate HYDEto do this.

だれかな 。。。 *thinking hard*

enough about Ice Bucket Challenge , now let’s continue with this ….

~   Whatsoever things from me ….

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri – La 」 PHOTOBOOK ,  this one is for …



aaand …

i suppose this is a good news for all of you on Acid Black Cherry fandom, because finally there’s somebody who will translate Erect PHOTOBOOK Interview.  BecauseAriyasu on Tumblr will do that via her blog :

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.    …

and here’s the translation for …

Black List Part


She did a great job,

and i am sure there will be no such things as skipped parts like what i always do because i didn’t understand that part. So all of you who is on and active on Tumblryou can start to follow her blog ….!!!

because as she said next  is for QED Live part  … (^^♪

Suddenly now  Acid Black Cherry fandom is more beautiful these days ne, and  btw …

last week that SCawaii magazine finally came together with Mighty Long Fallsingle. It surprised me because i bought that two differently but they came at the same day. I f i know they will came together like that, i’d order them as one order ne not separately like that   ….

while this one came today …

actually i just went to Post Office today to get it because i almost forgot about thatArena Live magazine and 7Pia that my proxy kindly sent me 3 copies ….xD

When i arrived at Post Office and said to one of the female officer if i want to get my package from Japan, suddenly she call his office mate in a very loud voice …

Hey, Noi Himura is here …. !!!

and then everyone else there turned their head and lookin at me like i am some weird person. Then that officer, i think he is a new one because Mr. Ardiyanto who used to deal with from overseas packages already got transfered to branch office inManado.

It took some times, because he asked too much about me …

What do i do for livin, why almost every week there’s always a package for me fromJapan, …. etc etc until where is my home. It’s weird ne, i mean he is working at Post Office and i am sure he knows my address well.

So why did he asked me again? …

yasu     :    did you …
noi        :    no, of course not … !!!
yasu     :    hey, i haven’t say anything ne
noi        :    then don’t say anything …

And then finally he gave me a pen and asked me to sign the receipt and get my package. On my way out, i fell from my bike and it was funny because not long time ago, there’s a boy who fell from his motorbike and what i did was nothing but laughed at him while sayin …

ha ha ha poor darling  …. !!!

and then God sent me an a.s.a.p punishment with somewhat reason i just fell from my bike in front of Post Office today. That was hurt ne, and i remember how the old man who helped me said :

next time, don’t say that bad things when you see someone else fall … #ewww

Eh God, that’s a very fast ne, and OK i got my lesson today .

aand there you are …

the scans


and this something that they called as

a scanlation? ….


my fave part is about his daily activities,

that even i did read about him talking about that, but how simple is his daily activities for a big star like him always amazed me. I mean stay doing that half-length bath while listening music or watching DVD.

That sounds impossible for a very busy man like him and then next  is …

yasu, do tell me ….

when man doing that half-length bath/ 半身浴 are they naked or not …..?

yasu    :     why don’t you ask him, your   …
noi       :     him, my what  …? ah ya,  but i have one problem …
yasu    :     what, what now noi_chan, did you …
noi       :     no, we’re okay now and my problem is  …

that question eh、日本語 で なん と いいます かな … (T_T)

yasu     :    what the, you don’t know  … ?


熱い 。。。Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」~ Gunma … (another me, yasu and The Earlier Summer in ABC Fandom)


今日は暑いですね 。。。

it’s very hot in here these days. I don’t have thermometer, but my Yahoo Home Page said today is about 35 or 36°C so i do nothing but lock my self at office and turn on the Air Conditioner into 16°C while check in on my twitter TimeLine

and found this what Mr. James May a.k.a Capt. Slow tweet_ed …..


nah, that’s what a brilliant joke and …

btw what the hell is happen with weather ne, it became so changeable like me ( ha ha ….xD ). I mean two days ago rain was fallin and today sun just shining more bright and want to burn everything down here including me.

So everything turned out to be HOT ….

especially when this Mind Blowing Man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) somehow able to made some HOT Conspiracy with The Sun to make summer come earlier this year in ABC Fandom by what else but …

Looking so HOT more HOT than Mumbay in May like this …


ohhh ho ho ho noooooooo  …. *falling down again from London Bridge*

yasu    :     why, it is already May ne …
noi       :     indeed it is a very
HOT May and thanks to you, i …
yasu    :     don’t start again …
noi       :     what …
yasu    :     i know what you are gonna say …

Anyway highway,

Recently i just love my twitter, especially since Robert Downey Junior (RDJ) you know the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark a.k.a IRON MAN finally joined twitter with his first tweet  ..


and then what happened next is my Twitter Time Line is full of excitement to watch after all them who play my fave Super Heroes and villain start to talk each other on twitter from …

~    Mark Ruffalo  (The HULK/Bruce Banner)


said his welcome to twitter to his forever Science Bros pal, and not enough with that, Mark also tweet_ed him asked RDJ to post their Science Bros selfie.

I was so excited about it ne, i waited and waited, then about one hour later, via his Tumblr and Instagram acc. Mark really posted this, him and RDJ‘s Science Bros selfie photo and made a BOOM on internet.


OMG that was awesome, ne.

I always love their Science Bros thing between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, remember the after credit scene on IRON MAN? that’s my fave scene between them ne. And then with them twitter just surprised me everyday,

for example when Mark suddenly tweet_ed to Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and say  …


i was like what the hell is happen today ne,

suddenly HULK and Loki talk each other on twitter? and that i do miss him! and Tom where are you mate? really? that’s just beyond all my imagination ne.

I mean HULK, did he really missed that someone he called as Puny God …? xD

and it didn’t stop there, when instead of sayin

like how is Loki inside my brain, but it was like this something that i said as an impossible sweet reply from Loki to HULK ….


Look, he even call HULK with buddy ….?

OMG i suppose i had to fell again from London bridge, ah ya i think i’ve been thinking too much with my love Super Heroes brain ne, and OK, that was the Real Madness happeing inside me.

Indeed, i love Super Heroes movies, all of it.

Eh not all of it anyway, maybe except this new version of Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garldfield.

I dunno why i am just not that sexcited about this movie ne even i do like Emma Stone, but i still prefer the previous version with Tobey Mcguire, Kristen Dunts and James Franco as Harry Osborne

and  i am also so sexcited when i see there’s some love sparkle start to happen between Black Widow (Natasha Romanov) and Capt. Rogers on Capt. America and The Winter Soldier . Even i know they both will get marry but still it just so lovely for me to wonder what will happen between them  …

of course i also followed

~  Chris Evans (Capt. Rogers)


apparently now i am one from all his 1.02 M followers on twitter. I got more fun to see him tweet_ed this excitement of him about release Capt. America and The Winter Soldier at the same day with RDJ‘s birthday.


and sure if you are on Facebook and liked RDJ‘s Facebook Page, you must know if RDJ held his 49th birthday party this year in Marvel way by invited over than 50 kids to watch Capt. America and The Winter Soldier together at his home.

BkgXHAfIUAISuzX.jpg medium

A private screening at home ne, that’s so cool. I mean plus with the approval from The Captain himself.

Yeah,  i always think RDJ is cool ne. Who is more cool than RDJ? i say nobody. He, him self is also genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist just like Tony Stark, the character he play.

even he (read : Chris Evans/Capt. Rogers) didn’t say welcome to twitter to RDJ, and that’s good, because i know it will kinda weird for me to see it, because on the movie you know how weird is things going on between Tony Stark and Capt. Rogers ne.


some kind of rivalry i think,

so it doesn’t surprised me when Capt. Rogers didn’t even bother asked for help from Tony Stark when  all things went wrong for in inside SHIELD and The Winter Soldier, Bucky


ah, my dear Bucky …

Talking aboutThe Winter Soldier, Bucky ne, the 2nd Capt. America and The Winter Soldier added one on my Broomance List after yasu and DAIGO, so now my Broomance List is …

1.    SHERLOCK Holmes and John Watson


Ah come on, what’s more Broomance than SHERLOCK and John?

2.   yasu and DAIGO  …


OK, not gonna say anything about it …xD, aaand last but not least is …

3.  Capt. America and The Winter Soldier …

remember what Capt. Rogers said to The Winter Soldier, Bucky when he beat/punch him over and over on his face (eh, God not the face please … !!) ? The very same line with what young Bucky said to young Steve Rogers after his parents funeral …

I will stay with you until the end of the line …

That’s so sweet and heart breakin at the same time ne, i mean how Capt. Rogers just take all Bucky‘s punches all over his face like that, OMG see the true friendship bonding between them?

That’s why for you my dear,  to add some sweet in this whatsoever i do for you in this fandom world,  allow me to say the same Line with Capt. Rogers , .from now on, …..

I will stay with you until the end of the line …

noi         :     i mean it eh ,  i really do …
yasu      :     now, it is friendship between us …
noi         :     i think so …
yasu      :     well, OK so now can you back to the topic …

OK enough with the Super Hero talk, back to 「Shangri-la 」

i did say on my previous post about me started post for 5th Season  Project 「Shangri-la 」 after the  「Shangri-la Live」 ~ Tokyo post ne,

but then when i look again their (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) post list, i see  there’s still 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Tokyo and this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Gunma

omo what a fool me …..

That’s why everyone, let’s finish this something that i hope will be my last post for 4th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」, with  …

~   「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma

「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma which has been postponed due to heavy snow finally was held at LABI1 Takasaki, it was such a large venue. Together with FM Gunma, 「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma started with talked about ..

#  「Shangri-la  Live 」  ~ Gunma that was held weeks ago, thoughts an impression about it …

Simply, Live performance i have, it’s always in the major cities and i think i have to visit all of you. This time (Project  『Shangri-la』),  is to go as close as possible. Comes into an interaction as much as possible and becomes fun.

It is a simple Project (laugh)

then next question is …

#   The Local gourmet that you want to eat again while you were travelling around the whole country for this Project 『Shangri-la』 …

Thinking about this tour so far, i was an (off) type which doesn’t come out at all, but i think about to go out a little this time.

It wasn’t all around country, but to Ise Jingu and Izumo Taisha shrine because it was the year of Sengu, so i was allowed to go there. I am not such a spiritual type so much, since it was only once in 20 and 60 years so i was happy to go.

The thing that i want to eat, is Tarekatsu because i ate everyday in Niigata.  タレカツは美味しいですよ!

next is

#  The BOØWY talk

Eh God, let’s skip this …


yasu   :    what the ….
noi      :    it’s the same question and answer …
yasu   :    what about your same rambling drama, you should skip that too ..
noi      :    of course not, i won’t skip any drama in my life ..
yasu   :    hee  …

then they also received some worried message about what happened on 「Shangri-la Live」~  Gunma, February 20th

At the end of Live in Beishia Hall February 20th you got hit on your knee, was it OK after that?

At the end of The Live, …

I was think about to fly/jump on a stand when i wanted to say hello to everyone, and unexpectedly there wasn’t flyin distance. It was too low and i got hit on my knee and ended up in pain (laugh).

It was a hit with a nice momentum, but i was completely OK.

next question is

When i go out to play or go to work, i go by car mostly. I like car, so yasu_san, what kind of car do you like?

I also like to go by car, but a long time ago i wanted a convoy head (he is talking about a semi trailer truck, usually it is more similar to a caravan than a military convoy),

Convoy, an old Convoy i am talking about, do you understand it… ?

I say as the part of the head of traction truck of Transformers, nah do you get it? I wanted that, and also Sylvester Stallone‘s movie 「Over The Top」, it was an arm wrestling movie . The grand price (an expensive new custom semi-truck), i thought it was so cool

FYI   :     he is talkin about Sly (Sylvester Stallone)’s old movie on 1987. Sly as Lincoln Hawk a truck driver who want to rebuild his llfe again after the death of his wife and build his own truck company.

I am not that into this movie ne, because for me there’s so many wrong and fails on it and i always ended mad to Sly whenever i watch again that movie.

After all, Rocky from  the 1st Rocky (1976), Rocky II ~ Rocky V and the last Rocky Balboa (2006) are still my best Sly movies …xD

So, he loves trucks eh, i wonder …..


noi          :      i wonder have you ever drive those ABC trucks …
yasu       :      eh, what kind of question is that
noi          :      or, don’t tell me you don’t have a licence …?
yasu       :      eeeh ….
noi          :     大丈夫ですよ やーさん,  at least you have your
Murder Licence  ne …. *laugh*
yasu       :     not funny …

talking about driving eh, …

me, i say i am a very bad driver with no driving licence as well.

But i always drive fast, as fast as i can. You know how is gonna end when a bad driver is driving fast ne, it ended with me couldn’t control the wheel and then hit something, someone or got arrested by the police because i drive with no driving licence.

Can you imagine that, they did dare to arrest me Inspector Himura …?

that must be a joke ne, a real funny joke. So what happen next is ….   Well, remember what Jet Li‘s villain character on Lethal Weapon 3?

A high-ranked triad negotiator named Wah Sing Ku. I always love Jet Li ne, and on that movie my fave scene is when Wah Sing Ku say …


Law was made by human, so it can be fixed with money …

That was awesome ne, and that’s exactly what happened here in my country everything can be fixed by money. So i still driving with no driving licence until now.

After all i am Inspector Himura ne, why would i need a Driving License anyway, ha ha  #nyaaaa …. *dumped to Limbo forever*

I started to drive again to office since 3 months ago and say good bye  to my lovely riding bus in the morning. Yes, i got more tired than before but in the other way i arrive more earlier at office.

next is this …

~   Whatsoever Update from Me …

This one is for Shiga Part …

Enjoii … !!!

aand my 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK is already on my proxy’s home in Hokkaido and he will send it to me this weekend. Let’s take a look for the cover ne …

–   Regular

–   Fan Club ver.

i say, i am different now,

1 or 2 years ago maybe you will see me posting some mad or can’t wait rambling about 4th SEASON「Shangri-la 」PHOTOBOOK  from how i can’t wait, or  i am on fire because i’ve seen it everywhere …. etc etc while nonstop bothered my proxy with lost of questioning emails …

but not now …

now i think i became more calm about it, it’s not because i am not sexcited about it anymore because if you know how freak i am, believe me i am sexcited about it more than anybody but in a different way. So what happen now is i am still waiting in calm for it.

aand what next, ah ya look what finally came to my proxy home in Hokkaido, yeah it is always Hokkaido … xD


my ticket for FOOL COOL ROCK Documentary movie,

finally i got it, i was worried if i couldn’t get it and when i got it i still have to feel another worry because there’s something that i have to do if i want to watch that movie.

Apparently i have to come to the cinema about two days before the show day to change to tickets with another tickets from the cinema with a number seat. So there’s no number seat yet on that ticket.

I really confused about that because that tickets are for May 28th show, and two days before May 28th is May 26th ne and that’s the day i will arrive in Haneda at 11:00 PM.

So how am i suppose to change my tickets.

Nah that was something that stressed me out at the beginning of this week, But thank God, because my friend who is in Tokyo will do that for me …

Now i’d say if this Fandom World is a sailing ship and surely i am one of the passenger while yasu is The Captain. Again and again i feel myself as a lucky person this year.

From  …

~   got that FC lottery ticket,
~   a proxy who never say no to whatever i asked him (
yeah, i say my proxy is good ne, i mean compared to the previous one in Tokyo that i use this one i much better), and
~   a very nice friend in
Tokyo who gladly help me this time …

and tonight i suppose this song 風になりたい from The Boom is perfect to close this quite long post …




大きな帆を立てて あなたの手を引いて
荒れ狂う波にもまれ 今すぐ風になりたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい

何ひとついいこと なかったこの町に
沈みゆく太陽 追い越してみたい

生まれてきたことを 幸せに感じる
かっこ悪くたっていい あなたと風になりたい

何ひとついいこと なかったこの町に
涙降らす雲を つきぬけてみたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたの手のぬくもりを 感じて風になりたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい


ooki na ho o tatete anata no te o hiite
are kuruu nami ni mo mare ima sugu kaze ni naritai

tengoku jya nakute mo rakuen jya nakute mo
anata ni aeta shiawase kanjite kaze ni naritai

nani hitotsu ii koto nakatta kono machi ni
shizumiyuku taiyo oi koushite mitai

umarete kita koto o shiawase ni kanjiru
kakko warukutatte ii anata to kase ni naritai

nani hitotsu ii koto nakkata kono machi ni
namida furasu kumo o tsukinukete mitai

tengoku janakutemo rakuen janakutemo
anata no te no nukumori o kanjite kaze ni naritai

tengoku janakutemo rakuen janakutemo
anata ni aeta shiawase kanjite kaze ni naritai

English Translation

I’ll host a big sail
and take your hand
As we’re thrown to and fro by the raging waves
I want to become the wind right now

It may not be heaven
It may not be paradise
I’m glad that I’ve met you
And I want to become the wind

I’d like to overtake the setting sun
I’m glad that I was given life
I don’t care if I look uncool
but I’d like to become the wind with you

Nothing good ever happens in this town
Wanting to break through the cloud that sends tears

It may not be heaven,
it may not be paradise,
I’m glad that I’ve met you
And I want to become the wind

that’s exactly what i feel now.

My whole life isn’t perfect at all, still hard as always with there’s so many things that make me sad and wanna cry but somehow i feel so lucky with all i have now.

My family, a mother who always nonstop praying for me, a sister that i can always count on for, friends who always make me happy with their own different way and of course this fandom where i do this whatsoever do to make myself better,  i am grateful …

One more time i say …

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい …

noi         :     thanks, Capt …
yasu      :     another new drama ….
noi         :     omo, how did you know that, but this one is very good ne, ….
yasu      :     ah nothing is not good for you  …
noi         :     eh, what the  …

~ owari~


Holiday Post : Bye Numbers ….. ♪ (Another me, yasu and The Complete Karaoke History of yasu)

Finally, here i am on my Holiday ….


Bye numbers, and

Hello you, My Mind Blowing man ……

i do my living with numbers,

by making some calculation and based to the trust from people have on me with their cash and tryin to make a good profit for them.

So being able to say bye bye ….  ♪  to numbers for a week it’s a relieve for me. but still …

i did nothing on my 1st Holiday but sit in front of my PC and then took a long nap, here i am now be the Sleepless at Bahama 221B again everyday. Tryin to write something here and hope it will able to released everything that bother me now …

Today is the last day of Ramadhan ne, and i am worry about lot of things. My Holiday is just started, but Ramadhan is almost over so does the Holiday for all angels and saints who are in charge in the after death world. I suppose not everyone believe about an after death live/world ne ,

but i do believe. that’s why i am worry now because soon after Ramadhan‘s end, all of them will do their job ne, start to ask the questions and do things to my pappi. I wonder if he already get enough from us. And things that we already done in the name of him,

are they enough to make him save on his boarding time to the other immortal world beyond this mortal one …?

Suddenly it’s almost one month since he is gone, and i feel it was like yesterday when me and my sister went to hospital on 02:00 AM to ask for an ambulance to get him into hospital. And then …. it just like a slide show in my head, suddenly he is already gone. With nothing to say to us as the final words leave his wife and children.

like my mother, i am still in this a period of adjustment, adjustment in this many things to get use went along with.

My mother with her own adjustment from a married woman to be a newly widow. She can’t go anywhere for about 4 months and 10 days during her Iddah time.

Iddah time is a time for a woman who lost her husband (because of die or divorce) before she can re-married again. But i am sure she is not gonna re-married again ne …

絶対 ありえない …. !!!!


yasu       :      why ….?
noi          :     well it’s because i am too old for a new daddy ne …
yasu       :     ah ya, you are too old for everything then …
noi          :     but honey, i am not too old for you ne …
yasu       :     52? that’s too old ne, even for me …
noi          :     then don’t worry, i’ll find a time capsule to make me 25 or 15 for you ..

she has more time now with no sick husband to take care of. She clean everything’s double, including my room. Now she’s becoming a better news collector for me.

She know everything happened on this neighborhood like how much is Mrs. M debts that make her cryin like hell when her husband find out about it or in what university is Mrs. W‘s  daughter accepted and what object she will study there …. etc etc many more


i think now she’s become like the small town version of  Miss Pole (Imelda Staunton), the town’s leading gossip in Cranford .

Have you watch this BBC series?

This is a very great series ne and sure you all have to watch it if you wanna see how Judi Dench (James Bon’s late boss, M) as the lovely Miss Matty who is endless in love to Thomas Holbrook (Michael Gambon), her former admirer that’s also Miss Pole‘s cousin …


nah of you are Harry Poter mania like me, you must be laughed a lot if you watch this drama just by imagine how The Pink Prof. Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) as The Head master of Hogwarts, The Mighty Albus Dumbledore‘s cousin …

Dumbledore has Dolores Umbridge as his cousin and also fall in love with The Boss of MI6, really …… ajajaja xD

and don’t forget about Tom Hiddleston with the Lovely Lady Mary on the Christmas Special. I love how Tom Hiddleston‘s way to call Miss Matty. He said  Miss Matty, Miss Matty …. sounds so gentle.

anyway,  that’s my mother’s adjustment as a newly widow while me….

i have this adjustment from somebody’s child into nobody’s child. Of course i am worry about it ne, and about lots of things followed from the fact of me as an adopted daughter not biologic one. Even yes, it’s a legal but still we are livin in this very traditional community/village where

that things like who you are, where you’re from and what you did are really matter …

people will ignore what Backstreet Boys say, and they still do care about that. I feel that kind of statement even when my pappi was still alive. Some wicked relatives asked me who i really am, am i belong to this family … etc etc until how they tellin me to ask to my mother about who really i am …

and now with this family house buying also confused me.  i am worry about a chance there will be one of them will not allow us (me and my sister) to buy this family house or even they will allow us to buy it, they will give us a high price, higher than what my pappi said to them on the previous family meeting just because i am an adopted child.

i think a lot about that, and i didn’t even go anywhere this month, and use how i want to spent my time with my mother during her Iddah time.  Actually i don’t wanna go anywhere.

I don’t even buy a new cloth for Ied ne.


but at least i got that.

yes new moneys in different variation. I almost didn’t manage to get it, because now not only Acid Black Cherry‘s single, album or DVD has a pre-order time, but there is also a pre-order for a new cash on bank before Ied, so you have to order to the bank officer to get it.

That’s my most item to get on Ied. There will be some childrens come to my house and because i already work it’s my time to be the one to give. On my childhood, i remmebre how happy i was when i get that envelope with new cash inside on Ied. Then at the end of Holiday i will count it while make a list to buy later


All those things bother/worried me make me forget a bit about all my awaited Acid Black Cherry stuffs, as you all know, yesterday they (Japanese Fans) already received their copies of 「Greed Greed Greed」 single.


Plus how they put this lovely image of the 「Greed」 yasu bite his own sigle on their フライング「Greed Greed Greed」 post, they kinda tellin us to get ready for the 「Greed」 day’s comin ne …


and about that TSUTAYA‘s Limited cover Jacket,

i am so glad and relieved after watch some images from fans who bought from TSUTAYA ne. It’s like an additional jacket ne just like the last sleeve case for 「Recreation 3」 album FC bonus version.

But the different is you have to put this additional jacket inside the CD rather than outside the CD

ha ha ha then i’ll be fine to skip that ne …

my proxy sent me an email about 3 days ago tellin me if she/he (now i am not sure about my proxy is female or male even i always think how she is a female) already received my 「Shangri – La 」 GOODS. Normally i will ask her/him how much i have to pay you, then pay it.

But because now is a Holiday season here in my country, so i am not in that hurry. I asked her/him to wait until he/she get all my stuffs including this 「Greed Greed Greed」 stuffs.

And today i got an email tellin me that my proxy already got all my stuffs plus how she/he kindly get one 7Pia magazine for me.

ya, ya, ya now i’ve got a lot stuffs to wait after Holiday ne ….

1.   still my Erect DVD,


source and credit  :  Tamagoyakikimi

i dunno where is it now, but look at that image. See so many images of yasu gathered together became one image cover of Erect Live DVD/Blu-ray cover.

Totally sugoi ne ….

there’s somebody on team_yasu already make a plan for subbing that DVD. She is waiting for her Erect Live DVD Taiwan version to come.

As you know there’s Mandarin subtitle there and then she will translate it to English and i dunno if she or maybe other fans who will do the subbing. Let’s wait then

actually i am soo fuckin happy about their idea to get a sub team you know work together like that. How lovely amazing, isn’t it  …

that’s why i decided to sub yasu‘s interview on M ON! TV based to the video shared by Rinkumilove. But what happen today is i can’t see the Youtube video anymore, they even terminated her Youtube account.

Because i don’t have the video, i asked Emilie for it. Then i wonder what about next ne, it’s still another 3 part isn’t it …

they also sent me to that Youtube‘s copyright class related to 2 videos of 2012 Live MC that i posted on my Youtube. Add another wrong/ilegal video sure they will terminated my Youtube account too. It took me about 4 time repeating answering all the multiple coice’s questions before i can get back log in to my account ….

It’s summer, but that’s not a very funny Summer Class


noi         :   i hate that class …
yasu      :   you hate everything …
noi         :   i’d rather Summer Nude with Yamapi. Nee ya_san, do you know if   …
yasu      :   ….no, no i don’t wanna know …
noi        :   eee, but we …

i think i will add this working my yasu‘s homework on my list to do in this Holiday ne. and next is

2.   My 「Greed 」 Bucket from Acid Black Cherry

Look at that browny and shinny like a brownies yasu ne, somehow he looks sexy. and it’s still in Jakarta now,

3.   My other 394 yen 「Greed  Greed Greed 」 version together with the upcoming ARENA37℃ and WHAT’s IN Magazine …


Since i ordered it together with that 2 magazines, so it still in Japan ne and they will send it to me as one package soon after ARENA37℃ released. Yes, it’s another long day to wait ne.

And here’s the pre-order if you want to buy this magazine

~   WHAT’s IN      :   http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=NEOBK-1398343

~   ARENA37℃    :   http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=NEOBK-1401205

So now i only have few items left to get like Songs Magazine, and 2 other 「Shangri – La 」 GOODS the tote bags and the venue only kewpies (that my friend so kindly will help me to get it )  then i am gonna end this being 「Greed」 behavior on me.

I spent too much cash recently eh …

yasu      :     but you already 「Greed」 long time before this single ne ..
noi         :     am i ….?
yasu      :     yeah, you are
noi         :    
ah that was because i didn’t win BAFTA ne ..
yasu      :     what the

and when all those package start to come sure Theodora, Her Majesty The Drama Queen will start her new drama episode called

My 「Greed」 daughter named Boo.

That’s gonna be a long boring episode that i have to watch and listen. well then, there you are a Special Interview from EMTG plus a video message from yasu ….

in here  :   http://music.emtg.jp/special/201308024740bf727


Acid Black Cherry new Single is a Heavy Number Featuring a Slap Bass

on that interview yeah, yasu is talking about his new single 「Greed Greed Greed」 and the upcoming 「Shangri – La」project.  How he said 「Greed Greed Greed」 was song that he had from a bass line.

And yes, in order to make a song, he practiced a bass for around one year before. he bought an instructional DVD … i say #wow for this …

see, as always practice do make better. Even a rock star and a good song writer like yasu also need a practice ne. Dakara somehow reading this interview make me more sexcited to me as the forever probie on my Japanese class to practice more and more.

and then the funny part is this part …

EMTG    :   なるほど。これまでも、シングルのカップリングではカバーを入れてきてますが、これ、完全にyasuのカラオケヒストリーですよね(笑)。
yasu      :   そうです、そうです(苦笑)。

i say a long  eeeeeh …. on how the interviewer describe all the cover songs on the coupling singles of yasu as …

a complete karaoke history of yasu …. ?

noi       :    OMG it was something that never crossed my mind ne …
yasu    :
   you don’t ..
noi       :    that’st totally beyond my imagination
yasu    :    then what’s on your imagination then …
noi       :    ah you know …


13th Post : やっぱり ….!!! (Another me, yasu and I Want It That Way)


i am still busy, busy, busy syyy ….

in this middle of Ramadhan i am so busy. Stat my work at 07:00 AM and on and on nonstop like an Energizer Bunny (the one who hate carrot) but that paper works still continue come to my desk.

aaah, that endless paper works come again to me.I didn’t even call them ne, i am the one who always call for yen to come to my wally and then i get all those paper works while my wally is still empty … ….?

i can’t even sell them and get money ….


yasu    :    you still can sell other thing else …
noi       :    other thing, you mean my soul ….?
yasu    :    eeeh, i didn’t say that  ….
noi       :    ah don’t give me that look ne, you know i am already gave my soul to HYDE. But hey, i can sell my cat on e-Bay. I feed him perfectly ne …

yasu    :    just go away please   … !!!

but apparently i am not only busy dealing with all my works stuffs but my personal life is also getting busy. I did say about how i wanted an ending for my miserable life this year but don’t want this kind of ending. I know i know we can’t get everything we want, but i wish it didn’t end like this.way.

Somehow recently i wanna cry when i listen to Backstreet Boys song  I Want It That Way



God already said I Want It That Way, but i still  i don’t want it that way,  …

I lost my father, that i hated so much. And now here i am regret all, everything i ever said/did to him, including how i loved to ignore him, not talking to him if he didn’t ask while he was always never bored to asked me anything tryin to start talk with me. And then me, the evil me hated him more because of that….

i wish i could turn back time ne, because i still can’t believe how he is already gone now. I thought i still have at least 2 years more to take care of him (or ignore him …. ?). But not, and now what happened 3 days ago really made my regrets BIG and BIGGER ..

it started when there’s a holy man. I say him as a holy man because he is so religious and he do wudhu (cleaning/washing before praying) almost every time. The point is he never not clean, and he always in the clean  condition to pray. My mom and brother say he read Al Fatikhah (the opening letter on Qur’an) more than 1,000 times everyday, not including the other letters.

That’s why i called him as The Holy Man.

he, The Holy Man came to my brother office in Jakarta from his home in Bali. He said it is very important because he got a message form my father, ah i mean my father’s spirit. I do believe what he said ne because

~  as i heard before 40 days the soul of dead people is still in this world.
~  Not only that, i think it  (his boarding into next stage after death) also get delayed because my father died on the 1st day of Ramadhan, and now it’s still in the 15th days of it.
~  Only people with a thick/bold faith like That Holy Man can see dead people and hear what they said …

My father said to him, asked his for a help to delivered his message for my brother. He is my cousin anyway, unlike the far far away Kenshin Himura, he is the close one and just like Mr. Friday, my brother is also a very religious man,

he go to Mecca over and over like it was something simple like going to toilet after you eat something wrong, and my father always proud of him. He was kinda make my brother as the measurement of everything on me and my sister. Be clever as, took a science class … etc etc like him.

that’s why That Holy Man also said how my father stayin alive until the 1st day of Ramadhan because of waiting for my brother.  He is the only person that my father can trust, so he send him messages, and his messages are

~     Take care of my children
~     Pray for me, and
~     Make my Islam perfect …

when i hear that from my mother, i get shocked. How my father that i don’t like and ignore when he was alive now even he is already died he still think about me, and tell someone that he can really trust to take care of me.

now i believe there’s guarantee for a spot for me in hell.

with all the bad things i did and said on our fights, i already open The Pandora Box and make all the bad things inside it out and make me bad as well. So now what can i do but waiting along with the tiny little thing on the bottom of Pandora Box called hope. My hope that everything ca be better, and i can be better as well ..

so here i am now busy to help my father to make his Islam perfect, so when this Ramadhan over he can come to the boarding room with things that he can show to angel, saint or whatever who may check him before his leaving.

This is our new project, how we as a family have our own assignment. My mother and sister visit orphanages and do good things, while me now finding if there’s a mosque building so i can donate some materials in the name of my father. I do believe when the mosque finish, people who pray there un_directly will also pray for my father …

so Ganbarreee ….. !!!

enough about my boring rambling, now look at this  ,,…



look that’s the Opening from Erect Live DVD/Blu-Ray.

My Goodness, i still can’t believe how they finally released that Erect Live into a DVD/Blu-Ray. yes, that’s sure brings back lots of fun memories i had when i watch that live. The memories of …

~  me at the 1st time was on the correct ship together with all Acid Black Cherry fans there at Yoyogi
~  my 1st time feeling of surrounded  by all about Acid Black Cherry ..
~  my 1st time interaction with other Acid Black Cherry fans from German who were very kind and fun …
~  and of course my 1st time to watch yasu in real, you know The 5 Dimensions of yasu ne. Not the usual 2 Dimensions that i always watch on my Live DVDs

and i feel blessed now, even i have no idea whether i am gonna able to watch yasu live on stage again because i already decided to change my ticket JakartaTokyoJakarta into JakartaMeccaJakarta.

Yes, i think i am gonna join my mother go to Mecca for a religious trip next.

at least, i had my chance to see you live on stage ne ya_san …


yasu        :     so what about your DVD …
noi           :     omo, can i have other question ..?
yasu        :     no, you can’t. This is a Random Question
noi           :     Random, really …?   i’ll answer that later then…

now let’s talk about 『Shangri-la』 GOODS , see i am already did my order, pay for it and now all i have to do just waiting for the stuffs arrive, not soon i am sure.

Then i started my July 20th morning by look at this 欲しがるアナタに♡ post by 【Team Acid Black Cherry】. They posted 『Shangri-la』 GOODS complete with the model,

yasu himself ….. !!!!


it was fine for the Bath Towel, i skipped it not because i don’t want it of course i want all of it. But it’s because i don’t even use my Erect Live – Bath Towel ne, so i think it would be better if i skip that Bath Towel

i think that would be very perfect if yasu doing that pose minus the Bath Towel like this …..


Whaaaa …. ha ha ha ha … *giant laugh*

but then when i see yasu with The Tote BAG, OMG what the hell on earth made me skip that, now i want that BAG ne, and with only two days left for pre_order i hope i can manage to do that …. *cross fingers*


well then, my Erect Live DVD is …..

i dunno where is it now. Maybe it is already on my proxy’s home but she said about working on some charity or something so she couldn’t do any shipment. And if she might received that this week so she will send it this weekend and thanks to how far my Bahama 221B is from Japan, i will receive it next weekend …

or next weekend after the next week ….?

sounds so complicated eh, and now here i am doin what i always do on my waiting for any Acid Black Cherry DVD to come. Wondering which one is faster me downloading the DVD or my DVD itself come to my home.

Download, it suppose to be faster ne, but that’s not exactly true. Maybe yes, it was faster than my DVD comin for the last [2012] live DVD but not this time ..

my internet, my computer and the electricity at my office went crazy at the same time. Maybe all of them just want to make this race between IDM and both my Proxy and The Post Office staffs more live and sexciting.

And as time goes by, i feel fine now to be person who wait longer than other and as the last person who will receive that DVD

~     i wait forever for Mr. Friday ..
~     i wait everyday for my bus …
~     i wait every midnight to come for my midnight supper, then  ..
~     Don’t forget how i am full sexperience enough about waiting for Acid Black Cherry stuffs, i think

wait longer than everyone is not a problem for me, because ….

I know better than everyone how to wait ….

yasu     :    really ….
noi        :    indeed, and i will feel sorry if there’s somebody who is not good enough in waiting is wait longer than me. and see here i am now in this station …
yasu     :    for what …?
noi        :    waiting for you to come …
yasu     :    a train station? but i am leaving on the jet plane ne …
noi        :    eeeh …..