Yasu, please be genki ….

while downloading BREAKERZ WISH02 live i just saw this one from Acid Black Cherry Official Website , …. they just show cover single for Shojo no Inori III …..

i just say : OMG his hair is back to black ….. yay !!!あせる but then after i look at the photo again and again …. hueee it is not black but it was dark brown … This cover is quite simple for me but it looks great, Yasu and his “wondering/thinking” face with the necklace he always wear …..

Yukki said from the tweeting boys (Junji, Shuse, and Yukki … from they we all know what he’s doing right now or about his latest news)’s tweet if they are start to shoot the PV and rehearsal for something … i dunno ….

Yasu is kinda busy this year, well he promise he is going to work harder than last year on Sixth Sense Live , , ….. i remember from his first comeback :

– Recreation2 album

– Re:Birth single

– Re:Birth Live

– Join Hyde on Vamps Halloween Party

– Stop Drunk Driving (SDD) Project

– The Sixth Sense Live

– and this one Shojo no Inori III

he is working hard now to make another list for me to wait and makes me happy, …… I am happy and there’s only one i wanted to say to him is :

nee Ya_san, …. just stay genki please ….!!!!!

because i want him to be genki, this song fits for tonight : Genki by BANDAGE _  Akanishi Jin



I am officially crazy for this guy …..

it is 4 am in the morning and i can’t sleep …..

just i read another Kiku ‘s translation for BLACK BOX …. i use my BC to read that, it is a very long post but it is so worthy to read. Thanks to her now i know him better than before.

i read that while watching Mariah Carey Christmas live even on cable, …. the ending part when she perform that song, a song that played everywhere on Christmas :


the show is over and i started to cry …. reading that, …. you are not believe it right? but that’s true i keep crying and i dunno how to stop it, the TV start to play Ave Maria …. and i cry again and again ….

i’ve cried once for my Hatsukoi who dump me for a dentist and now for crying for this guy? ….. the one who will never know about it, yes i think i am crazy …. …. btw this is not the 1st time i am did this, as i remember this is my 4rd time for crying for him …..

しょぼん i am crying when i heard about his sickness, Leena (she is the Acid Black Cherry group creator on Facebook) send a mass message …. and i just crying …. and asking is he okay? …. what if he stop singing … etc etc and many more …. and thank God it is over.

しょぼん on my last birthday April 9th i read again Kiku’s post about his comin back with Re:Birth … i cried again, but this one is a happiness cry …. he is back and he is okay …. for me that is my most awesome birthday gift for me (let’s just say from him) …

しょぼん when i watch QED live DVD …. i cried again when i watch him crying …. that is the fist time i saw him like that, the man who always funny and happy all the time now is crying …. i keep saying please don’t cry ….

…. but hey he is not a superman, he is just an ordinary man and this time he needs to cry ….
i am sure that’s hurt for crying but in silence ….

しょぼん and then now the 4th time i am crying by reading his story …..

what happen with me? ….. there’s o other explanation but this : yes i am officially crazy for this man …. and this fangirl_ism thing is success drag me until this point …..

who is he ?


ano hito namae wa Hayashi Yasunori ….. yes that’s him ….. and now what should i do? ….. i dunno …

errr …. i think i am gonna cry again if my Re:Birth dvd live is arrived ….. but i am sure it is gonna be a happy cry …. so happy until crying ….

who’s the fool ? …. (noi vs BC)

o yeah that my BC my fave things beside yasu’s stuffs, i used him for anything phone, emailing, texting, listening my fave song at work (because i dunno why i just work and think better with my headphone is on and listening to my fave music …. it’s male ne. I always call him BC for Black Cherry because :

チョキ he isn’t Blackberry, because i dunno how to used Blackberry, it’s makes me confuse … *or maybe because i am to stupid?*

メラメラ well Cherry and Berry , they still relatives ne …. *get dumped*

爆弾 what else but because of him ….


with all the ABC things all my mind now but my most wanted is this one …..

… finally i think i am gonna ask to all my friend who watch that live and ask them hey where were you that time …. i am gonna find you ne



credit to my friend prologue_end for share this beautiful pics
and yes there’s the cover : that’s Jacket A that i ordered even yes i do like the Jacket B cover more …. so can i just have the Jacket a but with the Jacket B cover please ….? 

this december is a very very long December ….. i think i am gonna say my magic spell again here :
Ya Hyde, Yasu, Yamapi … please make january come right away onegaiii …… !!!!

back to my BC again, well i have my BC for almost a year …. and guest what, i just found out how to use it more 2 days ago …. i mean use it more. i just use it to open my FB i think he only able to do that because there’s only Facebook application there … but hey this my dear BC is a smart phone ne, … btw it is not a phone, .. it is a mobile windows ne ….

2 days ago my one of my friend on my movie community that i joined made an announcement that he is not gonna active more in Facebookj, and he said that he’s gonna mopve on twitter …. hee what the? … i dunno how to tweets as good as i am on Facebook … but then i tried to open Twitter using my BC …
then viola …! it works … i can tweet with BC …. …

the next day i found again that i can open my Mobypic using him (read : BC)

and also can open my journal …. OMG i dunno if he is so smart ne , …. i used to call him my stupid Black Cherry … now i just found out who is the baka one … yeah that’s me …. about me and my BC is ….

a smart phone for a stupid bitch ….. jiahahahaha …. *shameless*

so start from today this Noi Himura is gonna be Mobile …. just Mobile ne ….. njaa ne minna CU when I CU

The Red Haired Yasu ….

i just read this and this one is make me happy today ……


ahahahha …… that red haired Yasu, is totally awesome just like he used to be … even i always demand that he would change his hair back to black again ….

my dear friend Piko_chan said : since when Yasu turns into MJ? …. hee MJ ? this MJ is not Michael Jackson, of course not …. except he use the MJ sunglases sometime and that suit him well ….

MJ here is Mary Jane Watson ….

they had the same red hair now, well okay i said that once : if Yasu is the pretty man then i am gonna be the handsome woman, so in this case : if he is MJ Watson now then i am gonna be the Spiderwoman ….

btw …. i dunno if Spiderwoman even exist or not, ….. maybe we can add her along with Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl …. ahahahhaa ….

Yasu and Akihie …? why did he always after Akihide?, just like Daigo did on Real Love 2010 pv that shock me …. but indeed i am still buy the CD even i get The Bunny Love ….

this one is my fave ….. he always open his shirt at the end of the show that’s makes me love him more, i love to see his sixpacks ……

eventually there’s no more i can say about this Yasunori Hayashi but : Yasu Sarange …♥ ♥
again and again …

i don’t care even he isn’t black haired anymore … well he is still the same Yasu, maybe even he change his hair to green … just in case he wanted to try the Ogre haircolor  …… i am still gonna say

sarange, sarange, sarange ……..
i just can’t wait for the DVD released ……. hayaku hayaku ….!!!!

Re:Birth ….. (Furare Kibun de ROCK’N’ROLL Lyrics and translation ….)

Finally it is arrived … i am waiting for this Re:birth CD for a week, then yesterday when i was home i am so exciting find this CD on my bed with Tekki’s Tetsuya Looking For Light single. …..

what a lovely picture ……

this one is my fave, this is what i am waiting for ne, maybe Yasu heard what i said about the Recreation album cover (that nude girl that makes the Custom Board officer hold my CD because they tought that’s a porn video or something) …..

i remember ne, i said (and also all of my ABC friends) the same thing that we all wanted to see Yasu’s body than her, ….. well maybe he heard then he share his beautiful shoulders fo u, his beloved pervy fans …. he is so generous ne, that’s why i love him so much ……

than this one is totally a messy hair …

now this Pirate of The Cherrybean is turn into Yuki’s personal assistant, look at the way he massage Yuki, …. i want that to …!!!!!

the cover track, Furare Kibun de ROCK ‘N’ ROLL is a full spirit song and hard to sing ….. , well actually this is a sad song or desperate?, that tell us the feeling of being rejected. “If you’re feeling rejected, rock ‘n’ roll Turn up the volume on your headphones” ….

i did that (put earphones and turn the volume into max, my mom keeps saying that wears earphones everyday make me deaf) to not only when i feel rejected but i did that everyday just to ignore everybody or somebody that i think is anoying, this is what i did so nobody talks to me on bus. I hate i f i had to have some chit chat with stranger on bus …. even Toyotomi Hideyoshi always said : Be good with your neighbor, prepare your future

one of my fave qoutes from him, the word neighbor here not only means literally your neighbor but also everybody surround you. but i hate to be kind with others, especially stranger …. well i am a weird person i always had a negative think about stranger ….

i listen to this song at the morning on bus and believe it or not (up to you) makes my day. hey … i am ready for today …!!! when i heard the piano rhytm … hei it’s 80’s song that remain me one of opening song from western serial that i always watch when i on highschool. is it The A Team, McGyver, Moonlighting, Miami Vice …. i dunno i can’t remember what excactly …..

i like when they sing (or yell …?) together on this part …. too bad there’s no Akihide, yeah on this cover recording Yuki is the one plays guitar, Aki plays on Re:Birth …….



Kooru asufaruto kyuuna saka iki mo tsukazu omoikiri kakeagaru

Marude ima ni mokuzure ochisouna LONELINESS

Furare kibun nara ROCK’N’ROLL beddofon no VOLUME wo agete

Yoreteikarete kata de kaze kitte MIDNIGHT

Nannimo iranai ne yoru ha shita taka da ne namida mo uso mo detekiyashinai


Ikina nanbaa kikasete motto



Tsuatsuatsua tsuaira rizumu ni awasete bakageta koi wo warau no

Hisomu youni hohoendara watashi ha dainamaito

Hodou no sumi ni yokotawaru tokete ikenai kanashii yukitachi

Mijime ni yogorete konya saigo no LONELINESS

Futekusareteta tazumeba atama no naka wake no wakaranai

Kotoba ya BEAT  ga narippanashi no MIDNIGHT

Douzo shiawase ni natte hoshii nante shiorashii onna janai wa


Hadena nanbaa narashite zutto



Tsuatsuatsua tsuaira kakato wo narashite mikaesu tsumori yo itsuka

Hisomu youni iki wo tomeru watashi ha dainamaito

Saigo no saigo made tsuranuitemisete anata ga eranda ai naraba


Ikina nanbaa kikasete motto



Tsuatsuatsua tsuaira konya ha asa made koi wo dakishimeteitai

Hisomu youni kagayaiteiru kokoro ha dainamaito


(When You Feel Rejected, Rock ‘N’ Roll)

A steep hill of freezing asphalt

I walk up boldly without a single breath

Even now, it feels like it could crush me This loneliness If you’re feeling rejected, rock ‘n’ roll

Turn up the volume on your headphones

And strut along in a twisted, crazy way,


I don’t need anything, the night is tough

There aren’t even any tears or lies

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Keep playing those top numbers

It’s all about rock ‘n’ roll

But it’s rock ‘n’ roll

Move to the rhythm and laugh at that stupid love

When I give a twisted smile, I’m dynamite

Sad snowflakes lie on the corner of the footpath,

unable to melt

Pathetically dirty, tonight is the last

Of my loneliness

When I hang around sullenly

I don’t know why, but in my head

Words and beats begin to play at midnight

“Please be happy, I want you to be happy”

What a sweet girl

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Keep playing those flashy numbers

It’s all about rock ‘n’ roll

But it’s rock ‘n’ roll I stomp my feet, someday I’ll look back

When I hold my breath in a twsted way, I’m dynamite

Keep the love you’ve chosen going

Until the very end

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Don’t stop

Don’t stop the music

Keep playing those top numbers

It’s all about rock ‘n’ roll

But it’s rock ‘n’ roll

Tonight I want to hold onto this love until

the morning comes

My twisted, shining heart is dynamite 

err … chotto, after being a pirate i think after this he wanted to go to Hogwarts to learn something to be a good wizzard with Prof. Severus Snape, … poor Ya_san i bet he is gonna get a lot of detension from him …. jiahahahha …. *get slap*

Yasu is Hyde’s numero uno fanboy, i knew it …!!!!!

OMG …. !!! that’s all i can say, on Acid Black Cherry Re:birth preview ….

see with that bandana he just like Hyde on Vamps PV Angel Tripp (the Christina Aguilerra looks) …

the fact that Yasu is Hyde’s number one fanboy is the reason why i love Yasu, because the chain reaction like i always said :

i love Hyde —-> Yasu love Hyde —–> Yasu love me —–> i love Yasu …. jiahahha *get kicked to Bahama ocean*

i just can’t wait until August 18th for my CD’s arrived from CD Japan … yosh …!!!!!!!!!

translation …. (i can’t find the romanji)

I hate the silent nights where anxiety strikes me
I can’t go to sleep
Crying might make me feel better
But then I’d only end up with having a thirst
You know, to be honest I’m still quivering
Something in me is gonna be broken apart
Could you stop telling me it’s gonna be OK so lightly
‘Cause I’m not as strong as you think

The words and feelings that I bottled up
They lost control and started acting up in my mind
Will you knock it off
‘Cause I know it already
Hey don’t glare at me like that
Please leave me alone for a while

[Second verse]
Now I don’t want to do the things I used to love
Can’t help but want to die ’cause I’m afraid of tomorrows
I guess it’s easy to run away
But then I’d be angry with myself and would still want to die
That’s enough
I can’t walk anymore
I know I’ve made this far after all these setbacks

The words and feelings that I bottled up
They lost control and started acting up in my mind
I’ve got a lot of things that I need to say
How can I get them across to you
I’m here, I’m screaming nearby you

yasu said that he composed this song last year an their last tour QED when he get that throat problem, ha said i am sorry if this song sounds weird. this song sounds dark, deep and sad just like the ocean blue … the re: birth title i think Yasu is gonna start his new life with the new vision maybe after the surgery … . New life i mean a healthy live, he stops smoking now ….

i don’t wanna see him like that again even he looks good when he smokes but that’s totally bad for his health and the important things is for his voice. His last year’s sickness is a very valuable experience, he learn something ……

well i am glad he is okay now, his voice is okay and he still the same Yasu that i know, and he prove it on last Recreation cover album when i hear his voice on Daitokai with Daigo … i said … yay. he is Genki …

Otsukarisamadess Ya_san …!!!!!

credit to : Jpopasia