Yasu, please be genki ….

while downloading BREAKERZ WISH02 live i just saw this one from Acid Black Cherry Official Website , …. they just show cover single for Shojo no Inori III …..

i just say : OMG his hair is back to black ….. yay !!!あせる but then after i look at the photo again and again …. hueee it is not black but it was dark brown … This cover is quite simple for me but it looks great, Yasu and his “wondering/thinking” face with the necklace he always wear …..

Yukki said from the tweeting boys (Junji, Shuse, and Yukki … from they we all know what he’s doing right now or about his latest news)’s tweet if they are start to shoot the PV and rehearsal for something … i dunno ….

Yasu is kinda busy this year, well he promise he is going to work harder than last year on Sixth Sense Live , , ….. i remember from his first comeback :

– Recreation2 album

– Re:Birth single

– Re:Birth Live

– Join Hyde on Vamps Halloween Party

– Stop Drunk Driving (SDD) Project

– The Sixth Sense Live

– and this one Shojo no Inori III

he is working hard now to make another list for me to wait and makes me happy, …… I am happy and there’s only one i wanted to say to him is :

nee Ya_san, …. just stay genki please ….!!!!!

because i want him to be genki, this song fits for tonight : Genki by BANDAGE _  Akanishi Jin



a lovely vacation … (noi vs sadako)

what am i doing? ….. i am on my vacation. This one i wanted to make a sexy video … with who?


who else but him ……. jiahahhahah … *get slap with frying pan*


had a very fun and happy vacation with my friends, my facebook friends. We’ve been friends for almost 2 years but last week is the first time all of us see each other. …. we watch movies, and go to karaoke together … we sing a lot of Laruku song and also another song that Yasu covering on Recreation2 album .

his one is me and my beloved Imouto Amel, with her i sing Daitokai just like Yasu and Daigo with me as Yasu and her as Daigo. …. well Yasu’s part is easier ne …


yeah we did it ….. yay, Panda ….!!!!ドキドキ

who is the most dazzling man in Japan? ….. Ya_san da ….!!!!!

and this one is my devil side photo ….

Sadako and her victim, i think she’s gonna take him to some place that nobody else but her so she can eat him alive ….. jiahahahhaha

nobody realized if that girl is me when i upload that on my FB, …… hahahha after that they always call me Sadako …. yeah right then i am gonna be Sadako on this Haloween party ….. this Yasu look hair it’s totally fit for that …..

Glee vs Like a Virgin … (still imagine Yasu on Glee)

i watch Glee again after thought that my euphoria on this series is over but not over yet. Then i watch it again and again till end. I see me on Rachel sometime. that drama queen. am i drama queen? no i am dancing queen.

this series remind me of my fave Korean movies Like a Virgin. why it’s because Kurt. Kurt is my fave character on Glee. He’s funny and classy. He is gay anyway, i always love the gay character just like i love Marc St. James on Ugly Betty and Justin of course. i knew that Betty’s beloved nephew is gonna be gay. when he finnaly find his own fairy godfather (Marc) i just like ,….. yay !!!

this is the different between Kurt and Dong Gu. Kurt has a loving and care father, he loves Kurt just the way he is even he is gay and adore Beyonce. He support him with his own way . i think he love Kurt with his own way.

Just like Hilda Suarez on Ugly Betty support Justin with her “you don’t ask i don’t tell” i like the way they mother and gay son smile each other on Hilda’s wedding ball when finally Justin goes out with his boyfriend. Yeah maybe Kurt’s father use that. U don’t ask, i don’t tell is always fit for that.

OMG she married to Eric Delco from CSI Miami …..

but poor Dong Gu, who has that drunk and scary father. a father who always desperate because his wife leave him and feel ashamed for having a gay son.  i am so sad when he baets Dong Gu but i feel hee …. ? when finally Dong Gu able to say what’s on his mind for all this time to him.

Just like Dong Gu i always cry on bathroom i dunno why but i think bathroom is the comfort place to cry. so i always run to bathroom everytime i sad and wantd to cry. i remember i go to bathroom more than 5 times a day just to cry on last January when i found out that i am a fool and somebody already break my heart successfully and i didn’t realize it for a long time.

then i cried again on my office bathroom on a friday noo because i keep remember him every friday noon, i go to bathroom again, when my boss start to gave me along speech bout this thing and how i supposed to love somebody , i run again to bathroom, then it keeps happen when i listen to ABC song A no Baka….

why coz i feel so baka, … noi no baka.

enough about this relationship between me and bathroom, this  Ryoo Deok-hwan also plays on this movie : Private Eye. this movie tells about the Korean version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. great movie to.

They both (Kurt and Dong-Gu) have many similarities :

1. They freak

they freakwith their own way and they join to the “freak club”. Kurt join Glee ang Dong Du joins the underdog wresling club. but they happy coz they feel they found their place finnaly.

2. They love to sing.

Kurt adore Beyonce and Dong Gu adore Madonna, see how funny kurt dancing Beyonce’s Single Lady on the footbal match

and how Dong Gu decide to dance like Boa when the other team warming up for practice, he finnally able to sing his fave Madonna’s Song Like a virgin

haha that’s my fave ….

3. They totally in love to somebody

Kurt can’t help faliing in love to Finn (i always think Finn is stupid, well he’s hot but yeah …). see how’s Kurt look at hm, how he’s so happy when his father and Finn’s mother in relationship makes him and Finn a roommate … (OMG i always wanted a gay roommate, but the real one not the pretending one just like Lee Min Hoo on Personal Taste). Kurt work so hard to decorate his room to make Finn happy , but what the hell he only heras the F words from him.

there you are again i imagine Yasu sing Tenshi no winku on that scene. that scene fit with the lyrics :
“I love you I love you kuchibiru ga tereteru I don’t know I don’t know namida ga tomaranai no wa naze?”
hahahhahha …… it just like this : after all this time why didn’t see me ..?

same thing with Dong Ho he adore his sensei so much but what … he feel that way to …
well if i were rachel , i’ll date Kurt than Finn, but hey since i a not her so i am gonna date Yasu my Pretty man on Bahama …

How I Support Yasu … (it’s arrived finnaly yay … !!!)

just like every other day, today is still another busy day for me. that deadline and other things that i promise to my boss and my client keep after me. i dunno why i always love to say “tomorrow at 2pm” every time i make an appointments. damn …!!!! and i always forget it so every 1:30 pm i will say … ” hee … i have to do all of this?” … damn i should change this 2.00 pm habit. What do u feel at 2:00 pm but sleepy? i am always sleepy at that time i really wanna take a nap just for 5 minutes but hell no, they just come after me …. and they keep after me.

i think i start get used to after by those things (deadlines, appointments, etc). if they didn’t after me i am gonna feel there’s something wrong with my day. it feels incomplete … well i will face anythings after me but dogs coz i hate dogs ….

and today i feel so tired, my legs hurts it feels like all the indian police in Calcutta beat me just like what they always did in indian movies that i watch, …. i watch to much indian movies when was child. but i love some of them

enough about indian movies and police …. let’s go back to Japan ….

When i get home, there it is … my CD is arrived finally, i am waiting for this Recreation album for almost two weeks ne, it usually take only a week for my other CD or DVD but this one is different …
everybody know that’s because of it cover, Yasu choose this nude girl as his cover album. and makes me into trouble (not me, but my friend Miku actually) … Thanks to Miku, she handle everything just like she always did.

even i buy this but i have already download it anyway, gomen Yasu you may blame me who do not want to wait for two weeks but i really can’t wait to listen this album, can’t wait for your version of Glamorous Sky and many other song. but i do support you ne Ya_san i really do, coz i love you … *what the* ….. so here i am download and buy the CD at te same times. ….

Like i said before this album is awesome make me hear Yasu’s voice clearly. don’t care about the song i just enjoy his voice with a variety tones. just like the title ” Recreation” this albums really takes me to another place (in my mind) …

for example :

when i listen to Haashi …

it takes me to Glee series, you would not believe this. i mean what is the connection between Yasu and Glee …? this is true when i listen to Haashi from the beginning when the piano start it takes me to William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio… then i remember to another rehearsal of Glee. and damn i imagine Yasu sing this song for audition to join Glee club in front of Will Schuester.

Love is Over

takes me to another night jazz club, i imagine me with my broken heart by someone coz he left me for another woman or man …. (hee ..?) then stopped by to this club to enjoy a glass of vanilla latte while listening to this song. I believe my heart who already broken into pieces will be lighter. because Yasu sang this song with relax. it was like he said the love was already over but it’s okay because everything will be fine …. oh no ….. that’s so sweet ne

Last Dance

this song takes me to Saigon, Vietnam … i imagine this song as a memory song for an old man, a former American soldier who was stationed in Vietnam, Rambo or Forrest Gump’s friends maybe. he remembers the good times he had in Vietnam. his memory with his Vietnam girl who worked at restaurant or a tailor shop (just like one of The Corrs pv : The Hardest thing)

I imagine the scene of an American soldier navy maybe who was waiting for his girl finished working on the sidewalk. then they will walk together to their favorite restaurant for dinner. and they would dance to spent the night together because tomorrow is the last day he was in Saigon because of his term ends.

it was their last dance. now the man who became an old man come to Saigon remembering his last dance with his beloved girl from Vietnam, while wondering where is she now ….?

after this Recreation 2, now i am waiting for my Re:Birth CD on August …. no problem with this single coz Yasu finally choose his own picture as cover . Yasu always gave me another list to wait ..

so let’s read the magic spell ….. : Ya_Hyde, Yasu, Yamapi … please make August come right away onegaii ….!!!!


it’s kinda weird read the translation then watch the video … from the lyrics translation : “In desks next to each other In a classroom we could see buildings from We learn a little English And basketball”

it’s all talking about memories on high school love, so far away if i compare to the video that only talks about boyfriend died, there’s no school related scene, but hey there’s cooking scene ? ….

err chotto Yasu as high school boy? with gakuran? i can’t imagine that, i think Toshi is perfect as high school boy … jiahahhah


Biru ga mieru kyoushitsu de
Futari wa tsukue, narabete
Onaji tsukihi wo sugoshita
Sukoshi no eigo to
Basuketto, soshite
Watashi wa anata wo koi wo oboeta

Sotsugyou shitemo watashi wo
Kodomo atsukai shita yo ne
“Tooku e iku na yo” to
Hanbun waratte, hanbun magao de

Hikui kumo wo hirogeta fuyu no yoru
Anata yume no you ni
Shinde shimatta no

Kotoshi mo umi e iku tte
Ippai eiga mo miru tte
Yakusoku shita ja nai
Anata yakusoku shita ja nai

Namiuchigiwa susunde wa
Fui ni akiramete modoru
Umibe wo tada hitori
Okoritai no ka, nakitai no ka
Wakarazu ni aruiteru

Koe wo kakeru hito wo tsui mitsumeru
Kare ga anata dattara
Anata datta nara

Tsuyogaru kata wo tsukande
Baka da na tte shikatte
Yasashiku kiss wo shite
Uso da yo tte dakishimete ite

Tooku e iku na to itte
Onegai hitori ni shinaide
Tsuyoku dakishimete
Watashi no soba de ikite ite

Kotoshi mo umi e iku tte
Ippai eiga mo miru tte
Yakusoku shita ja nai
Anata yakusoku shita ja nai


We spent days and months together
In desks next to each other
In a classroom we could see buildings from
We learn a little English
And basketball
And I learned about love from you

Even once we graduated
You treated me like a child
“Don’t go too far away”, you said
Half smiling, half straight-faced
As you held me

On a winter night when low clouds spread out across the sky
Like a dream
You died

Didn’t you promise me
We’d go to the beach again
And watch lots of movies again this year?
Didn’t you promise me that?
I miss you…

Walking along the beach, right by the waves
I suddenly give up and head back
Walking alone on the beach
Not knowing
Whether to get mad or cry

When someone calls out, I turn to look without thinking
If that was you
If only it was you

You’d grab my shoulders as I pretend to be strong
And scold me for being stupid
You’d kiss me gently
And hold me, saying it’s a lie
I miss you…

Tell me not to go too far away
Please don’t leave me all alone
Hold me tight
Live by my side

Didn’t you promise me
We’d go to the beach again
And watch lots of movies again this year?
Didn’t you promise me that?
I miss you…

Jully come right away onegaii ….!!!!

there’s so much thing and fun that i wait on Jully … i never feel this way, this feeling that time is so slow just like a turtle’s race …

in jully  i am gonna meet with my cyber friends on Facebook that i love so much, well as u know i don’t  have much friends in my real world … my geje family finally we’re gonna meet  … yay !!!

i wait for my Acid Black Cherry Recreation 2 album, … i can’t wait for that, just like my friend Valeria says that is gonna be a hard wait …

there’s the preview …. oh no listening to that voice …. the voice that i really miss so much ….

Yasu’s version of Glamours Sky is sughoii nee, even it just a preview but his voice sound yasashi, i think he is one or half tone higher that Hyde’s version, but still the same tone with Mika Nakashima’s version

this one is really funny … this video made me realize now how he always do … on shows or elsewhere …  he is a kissu monsuta too ….

so if  Yasu have his own Spell Magic, … i do have my own magic spell …. here it is …

“Ya_Hyde, Yasu, Yamapi ….i want Jully come right away onegaii …….” …. jiahahha … *get slap*