@Office Post : Let The L~エル~ Tour Begin …. !!!! (Another me, yasu and My Love?)


I am writing this post now, at office

so there will be no scans included since i dunno how to make screencaps using this laptop. At09:37 AM i have nothing to do now, one person cancel our meeting today so here i am now alone in front of my laptop while wondering what i am gonna do now.

With only 6,000,000 IDR left inside my wallet suddenly i feel stupid.

I mean what can i do with all those bills i need to pay. I better start to call some people and that some people better start to pay me a.s.a.p. Now it’s time to be a Debt Collector.

Actuall a Debt Collector isn’t an easy job ne, …

If you love to see HK movie, especially about the Chinese secret society called as triad,  you must know how all triad members started their career as a Debt Collector for their boss that they usually call as brother.

and My best HK triad movie is still John Woo‘s A Better Tomorrow (1986) and my fave Big Brother  is …



who ellse but Chow Yun-fat … !!!

and now when i have to be one of the Debt Collector, the probie one  i feel that  never understand people ne, especially people with he ability to speak so smooth and gently when they need money and then act very busy when the time to pay is comin.

Geez, people ….

OK, enough with the Debt Collector talk, let’s move to the main topic The L~エル~ Tour .

Today is March 10th, 2015 that is The L~エル~ Tour will start today in Hiroshima then suppose it’s the perfect time to say …

Let The L~エル~ Tour Begin …. !!!!

aand talking about Acid Black Cherry Live Tour, of course we have to talk about …

~  the Tour GOODs

so they (read : team ABC )  finally allow us to see the how the venue – only look like …




Whenever yasu‘s holding a Tour and release GOODs, pamphlet is my fave among all the GOODs. That’s why this L~エル~ Tour, the very 1st time yasu broke my heart by put my fave item ( read : pamphlet) into the venue-only items

#uuu yasu, how dare you …. !!!



yasu    :    do you have to do that again …
noi       :    that’s because you did dare to …
yasu    :    to what …
noi       :    you broke my heart, and that was HURT ne …





there’s 5 of them …

OPQ set

b13 (1)

Jumping Child Hand Wireless Massager …???
What the hell is that?
so that child is gonna jumping – jumping on my hand or what …??

what kind of naughty set they have this time eh. And maybe i am too Greed or i read that OPQwrongly as QPQ set and thought it was a set of QPs, i just asked my friend to buy me that for me.

well then, this is gonna be the very 1st time of me to buy yasu‘s naughty set. I never did that anyway and also  what am i gonna do with that? after all …

i don’t need any vibrator because i already have my personal and  with no battery to change … !!!!



noi        :   eeeh, what am i talking about eh ….
yasu     :   hey noi_chan, are you …
noi       :    what, lie again ?   no i am not
yasu    :    i didn’t say that …


Incubus-kun figure



there’s 8 types all

i actually wanted to change that OPQ sex into one or maybe two Incubus-kun, but then when i posted it on team_yasu‘s group on Facebook i cancel it because all my friends there gave me a good reason why i should buy that …

At least, i can show them how that naughty set looks and works like …

These days, with the new album comin i feel how Acid Black Cherry fandom more alive than before. And i really love to be in this fandom, all the fans are great and we do share things more than before now.

For me, at this moment Acid Black Cherry fandom is the best.



yasu    :    why … ???
noi      :     allow me to tell you why …

Why Acid Black Cherry fandom is the best …??

because only in Acid Black Cherry fandom you can find something like this UNBOXING DVD+CD video like this  …



that’s a very nice fan-video from Maria Evi, FYI she is the admin of Acid Black Cherry Puerto Rico.

If you follow her YouTube, you will find another video of her UNBOXING Acid Black Cherry‘s single, album, and even PHOTOBOOK. At the 1st time i’ve seen that video i was like …


that’s awesome idea,  and also how instead of using Opening, she choose to use UNBOXING.I never think about making a  video of me UNBOXING all my Acid Black Cherry stuffs like what she did  … !!!

next is

~     L~エル~ Album with other jacket offering to order on the venue …


Like what they did for 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ single where they offered 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ single with a special other jacket to buy on the venue of VAMPS HALLOWEEN Party Live 2013, there will be a special offer for those who buy the new album at the venue.

L-エル-  album with a special Other Jacket like this …



Oh no yasu, noooo  …. !!!!


noi        :    those SAMPLEs hurting my eyes …!!!
yasu     :    don’t tell me you also want that …
noi        :   no, i don’t …. *cross my fingers*
yasu     :    really …??

OK, before i want that again, let’s move to …

~   The L~エル~  Truck

This is how The L~エル~  Truck looks like


cr : @junkokoko317 and @yakumo_cubic

well like Magnolia, actually i am a very simple woman eh, so yes simple thing like able to see that L~エル~  Truck on my twitter TimeLine already make me happy.

Two thumbs up to that 2 tweeps who tweet_ed that and share it with me. If the go to L~エル~  Tour, i hope they got a nice seat and maybe an opportunity to touch yasu or get something from yasu (towel, shirt, guitar pic or else).

And now this song if for all of you Acid Black Cherry fans who will go to L~エル~  Tour



if you already watch a Korean movie called Miss Granny, i am sure you must know this song. A song about a woman who really want to go to LA together with her beloved, but too bad she couldn’t.

Go to LA

.. ♪ Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
Tell me if the sky is blue
Tell me that you’re happy

Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
A letter full of love

Tell me how you are
when you get to L.A.
Tell me if the sky is blue
Tell me that you’re happy

Think of me on happy days
and on lonesome days
Think of the time
you and I were together

I wish you were here with me
We would look great together
anywhere we go

Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
I’m sorry I can’t come with you
I really am sorry

Tell me how you are
when you get to L.A.
Bye, my love

Bye, my love …..

in this case because you all will go to L~エル~ Tour, let’s change the lyrics into this …

.. ♪ Write me a nice Live report after you get to see L~エル~ Live
Tell me  how yasu is
Tell me  how happy you are

Write me me a nice Live report after you get to.see L~エル~ Live
A Live report full of ABC
Tell me how you feel  when you get  to see L~エル~ Live
Tell me how yasu looks like
Tell me that you’re happy

Think of me on your happy time watching  L~エル~ Live
Think of the time you and I were together
I wish i can be there with you
We would look great together anywhere  L~エル~ Live we go

Write me me a nice Live report after you get to see L~エル~ Live
I’m sorry I can’t come with you
I really am sorry
Tell me how you feel after you get to see L~エル~ Live

Bye Bye, my love
Bye Bye, my love …..



yasu    :     that song, is it for the fanboy?
noi       :     no, of course not …
yasu    :     then what  …
noi      :      let’s just say this post is

a post  from a fan who couldn’t go to see you Live on stage to the other fans who will go to see you Live …. !!!

yasu    :    and that bye my love is for …


Heartache Post : 2015 tour 「L-エル-」 Goods and more … !!! (Another me, yasu and Mr. THORsday)


I suppose ….

coming soon …!!! is become a fave words for yasu and his team these days eh. After wrote that damn coming soon on their 「L-エル-」 Special Site ,  now they also put it for this2015 tour  「L-エル-」 Goods page on UpRise….


i mean,

when i was so f***in happy about them finally announced the Official Goods for 2015 tour  「L-エル-」 suddenly my happy nyappy fangirl moment opening UpRise shop full of Goods that i want, got a masive HIT by this  ..


#ewwww whuuut theee ….. !!!!


seems like now coming soon …!!! also became another annoying words to see on Acid Black Cherry division in this fandom world beside these SAMPLE posted on yasu‘s poster sample.

even i know  ….


yasu    :    you know what ….
noi       :    i know they put that BIG SAMPLE for a reason …
yasu    :    so you know …
noi       :    hey, i am not a Fulltime John Smith eh, sometimes i do know something …
yasu    :    stop whining then  …. !!!!

very well then, let’s start this post and as always friendly reminder for you all who read, i think this is gonna be ….

another long and full of boring rambling of a fangirl for being lost in her fandom world …. !!!

first, or course it has to be about …

~   2015 tour  「L-エル-」 Goods

Pre-order period  :   February 9th (Monday) 15:00 ~ February 16th, 2015 (Monday)23:59 JST
via                     :   Official Shop ~  UpRise 
Scheduled to be delivered on March 4th, 2015 (Wednesday)

# The pre-sale Items

that you can buy online  ….


1. T-shirt (woman, man M and L size) : 3,500 yen
2. Sticker (canned) : 1,000 yen
3. Bath Towel : 3,500 yen
4. Muffler towel (both FC and non-FC ver.) : 2,000 yen
5. Key ring : 1,500 yen
6. iPhone 5 and 6 case (both A and B type) : 2,500 yen
7. Notebook type mobile case : 3,000 yen
8. Socks (Both man and woman) : 1,000 yen
9. Tote BAG : 3,000 yen

# The venue-only Items


1. Pamphlet : 3,000 yen
2. Postcard : 500 yen
3. QPset : 4,000 yen
4. Incubus-kun figure (all 8) : 1.000 yen

A venue-only items means, you (yes, i am talking to you, all oversea fans … !!!) cannot buy it via online. If you want to buy it, you have to go or ask somebody to go to the venue to buy it for you or you have to wait until the Tour is over and they will allowed us to buy those venue-only items via on-line

and the worst part is …

they put the pamphlet and postcards on the venue-only items, really  … ???  >_<

from all Acid Black Cherry goods, pamphlet and postcard are my fave items ne, even according to this blog post about 5 Popular Acid Black Cherry Items and the reason why ….

from number 5 ~ 1

5. Tour Pamphlet

4. Original T-Shirt


There are many fans who attend live bought and wear it immediately on the venue. Sense of unity can be born by wearing the same T-shirt and the live became more and more liven up.

and also Acid Black Cherry T-shirt so easy to wear even at the venue ,,

3. Stickers

because it’s not expensive so students can buy it and put it on their mirror, bags and have fun by make their room full of Acid Black Cherry

2. Muffler Towel


1. Headband …

both the red classic devil or the back bat, Acid Black Cherry‘s headband is something that fans must have. Not only to use to watch Live but you can also use it when you are going to karaoke

but on mylist, pamphlet and postcarrd still number 1 and 2.

Even i do love T-shirt, but the problem is here where i am livin now (out of Limbo), nobody understand and i cannot share (read : show -off …. xD ) about all my Acid Black Cherry stuffs, no body will envy or at least say …

ワウ、すごい ノイちゃん 。。。!!!

everytime i use my T-shirt, towel, tote bag, even this thermos like HYDE  >_<

But different for pamphlet and postcard ne, at least i can posted on my Facebook andInstagram then share with my lovely Acid Black Cherry fans fellows that recently i call asCinderella

yes from now on, in here i will call all my team_yasu‘s mates asCinderella … !!!


yasu     :    なんで?
noi        :   because these days, somebody call me Cinderella
yasu     :   ah, he must be drunk ….
noi        :   say as you want, but that makes me happy ….
yasu     :   she is daydreaming again …

ah ya, that blog i am talking about is this

Visual Mania : http://ticketcamp.net/visual-blog/

it’s quite interesting since they do post lots about Acid Black Cherry. About the goods, fans blog, lyrics, the benefit of being a FanClub member and even yasu’s hairstyle that too bad on that post they missed my fave

Red Haired/Mary Jane yasu ….


and now …..

they (read : yasu and his team) really put the pamphlet and postcards on the venue-only items, bloody heeeeell ….. !!!!  *start to bleed in and out*




OMG, how dare you yasu …. !!!!


yasu   :      poor darling, noi_chan … *laugh*
noi      :     ヤッさん、 なんで 〜〜え ?
yasu   :     you tell me why ….
noi      :     do i have to say it here ..
yasu   :     yes, you have to …

well maybe, i say maybe eh ….

Remember how yasu said about how a bandman is also a businessman …?

it’s business ne, and they also wrote on the Official Blog about how wrong is to sell a self-made/with no permission iPhone case with Acid Black Cherry before we all finally know they made the Official iPhone case as one of this next tour  「L-エル-」 Goods ….

see, it’s all about business and of course including sales number …

Then i suppose for the previous 「Shangri-la 」 Tour Goods, the number sellin of booklet and postcard wasn’t that good because the scans already all over internet maybe before the Touris over.

blame who ….????

yasu     :     blame who …. ????
noi        :     who ….. ???
yasu     :     don’t ask me ….
noi        :     ah come on, that’was very long tour ne, who could wait until it over anyway ….
yasu     :     surely not you  …

that’s why this time, they put the pamphlet and postcard on the venue-only items, so there will be no scans up on internet at least until the end of the Tour.

I wish i can say

Do not worry everyone, i will go to Japan see yasu live on stage and buy all those damn venue-only Goods … !!!

but i am not …


seems like my luck is only worked for things related to Acid Black Cherry not for others (read : ONE OK ROCK) I didn’t get a ticket from PRIMAL FOOTMARK lottery and it’s so pissed me off …

It ruined all this plan i arranged.


A stupid plan (read : dream) about to see yasu and that Stoberry (read : taka ) at the same time i am going to Japan on June, when my schedule will allow me to disappeared for some days.

See i am tryin to do this

「一石二鳥 」 / 「isseki ni chou 」 / 「killing two birds with one stone 」

so i failed, maybe my stone wasn’t BIG enough to kill two birds at the same time. And that day, when i was so pissed off and just canceled my L Tour ticket for Emihe, suddenly out of the blue he told me about how happy he was about going to 4 L Tour and i was like …

Whuut theee ….. ????

PS : after i wrote my last post about going to Japan on June, somebody kindly offered me one of his Ehime ticket.

then i said  to him  :   Please don’t talk about yasu‘s live ticket to me ….
he ask                   :   why ….??

after that i didn’t know what to answer why i didn’t want him to talk about yasu‘s live ticket to me. There’s no way i answered him

because I ENVY YOU   … !!!

yasu      :    why not, you are envy him right …
noi         :    yes, i am but …
yasu      :    btw who is he noi_chan …?
noi         :    ah 秘密ね, i won’t tell you …
yasu      :    so can we call him as who? Mr. Thursday maybe …?
noi         :    no you can’t! He is not from Asgard eh, he is from Japan
yasu      :    hey, i said Thursday ne, not THORSday. What’s is wrong with you …

i guess everything is wrong with me that time,

It was a Total Heartache moment for me, the feeling being failed came together with a BIGenvy and jealous at the same time. Yes, i am a jealous person, i jealous and envy to everyone who got something that i failed to get.

it’s been almost 3 months i didn’t talk to him and i’d say that’s a very good progress for me about become an ULTRON by tryin to let go these whatsoever strings about him attached to me

You all will never understand how i really want to talk and show him everytime i received another Acid Black Cherry stuffs from Japan. Rather than posted it on my Instagram orFacebook, actually i only want to show it to him and say

Hey,  look what’s arrived today … !!!


yasu    :    日本語で …?
noi       :    これを 見て ….
yasu    :    then what …
noi       :    ah …. *thinkin hard*

Now i realized maybe what i feel about him it wasn’t crush or something, but it’s all about me envy him.

Me as oversea fangirl envy to him a Japanese fanboy who can go to see allyasu‘s live easily.

That’s not good eh, and i feel so bad about it because no matter how bad i am to him, he is still kind to me. And i never know why.

Geez …  what am i gonna do now eh,

but then as how changeable i am, suddenly i feel better, said sorry to hime and forget aboutnot able to get ticket and go to Japan when this one arrive  …. !!!


yay, my ABC umbrella arrived … !!!!

yeah, a fangirl can be so complicated sometimes, feelin up and down even for some stupid reasons .

Very well then,  back to  「L-エル-」 Goods

I did ask somebody to buy all of it for me on the venue, but the Tour schedule in Sapporo is onJune 3rd, 2015 ( 6月3日 that i wrongly read it as March 6th … >_< and finally i bought some via on-line.

Maybe this time, i will have to wait longer to get that pamphlet and postcards together with the socks.

i didn’t get the socks since they said it was already SOLD OUT but when i checked it again, it’s not SOLD OUT yet. Hmm, that’s weird eh. I read about how things happened with UpRise, that day since so many fans wrote about it on their blog.

So rather than ask my proxy to make another new order for that socks means i have to pay another fee, i think i am gonna buy it on the venue next June or at lease until i find somebody else who want to buy it for me before June.

after all, faster is always much better eh …

Hmmm, next is ….

~    Magazine Schedule Update

1.   「B-PASS」 April Issue

Release Date   :   February, 27th 2015
pre-Order         :   CDJapan

and today, i was wrongly bought 「B-PASS」 March Issue using all my CDJapan points.  Shit really does really happen ne … *cryin*

2.   「tower +」 28

It’s another free paper, and this one is from tower so you can get it for free at any tower records shop in Japan of course.

Release Date    :   February, 10th 2015
you can read the interview in here : http://tower.jp/article/interview/2015/02/09/tower28-1

~    yasu on Telly

1.    「INCUBUS」as  『MUSIC B.B.』’s  Opening Theme for February

Acid Black Cherry‘s 「INCUBUS 」 selected to be the opening theme for national music information TV 「Music B.B」 for this February . More info about this telly, you can go to

「Music B.B」’s HP in here  :  http://www.music-bb.com/index.php

2.   yasu @ namaiki TV

here’s the video …



that’s a total sweet wake up call in the morning, and it surprised me when i see yasu‘s long and brown hair again that everyone will agree if i say that as A Throwback Picture look a like

yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000041007
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000057957
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000070637
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000074307
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000154587

and this one is from namaiki TV‘s twitter

that’s so Janne era look right …?

i love it and i hope he will heep that hair long at least untill L Tour is over so i will see him all over on-line live reports with that long brown hair. Now i suppose no one will buy me if i said he is a 40 years old man eh, i mean how can a a 40 years old man can be so young and pretty like that …???

Now i wonder is he still using SALA to wash his hair …??

i am sure you all do you search right, read from there and there about what yasu like, dislike and use. For example if i am not mistaken, he use SALA (it’s a Japanese brand shampoo) to wash his hair and his perfume is DOLCE & GABBANA Light Blue which i believe some of you (fanboys especially) start to use it now.

But there is one things/info that really makes me happy until know, It was when yasu himself said he is NOT GAY on his comment video with avex Taiwan long time ago.

3.  Music Japan TV  「【MJSpecial】 Acid Black Cherry~「L-エル-」


First Broadcast  :   from February 4th, 2015 (Wednesday)
more info          :   http://www.mjtv.jp/lineup/AcidBlackCherry/index.html

and if you are in Indonesia and you have Waku Waku Japan on your telly cable, i think you might able to see it.

Because they also broadcast some shows from MJTV with a Japanese girl who speak inIndonesian language complete with her cute Japanese accent as the host. She said, she was born in Surabaya and lived there during his childhood.

Yeah, Indonesian language with Japanese accent where they always put h between with s andi or change sih into shi sounds always cute ….  >_<

4.   K-MIX 「みんなの19HR」

Broadcast plan   :  February, 16th 2015 (Monday)
more info            :   http://www.k-mix.co.jp/19hr/

yeah, you can bookmark that site, who knows they will put some photo’s of yasu after, before or during the show on their blog.

next is ….

~   avex Official Facebook Award 2014

from avex group’s Official page  :   https://www.facebook.com/avex.official

avex official Facebook Award 2014 announced by the end of last year ( December 25th, 2014) from all 421 posts posted there up to December 2014 into 3 divisions/categories : how many likes 「いいね!」, comment 「コメント」 received and got shared 「シェア

and the results are

1.  as Like of The Year  is May J
2.  as Comment of the Year is EXO,

aand ….

3.  as Share of The year is our Acid Black Cherry

yay omedetou yasu …. !!!!

next is another ….

~  Whatsoever Update from me …

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK, this time is for Kumamoto

Enjoii …. !!!!

and to close this post, is this …

~ Whatsoever Drama from me ….. xD   *got a massive SLAP*

let’s talk about iPhone


i didn’t buy that because iPhone case even i think that iPhone6 case A is totally cute, but i don’t play iPhone.

I did think about to buy iPhone so i can also play and buy song on iTunes, but i remember that time tsune_chan said something about how useless is to play iPhone when you are livin in village with not so many wi-fi signal area available.

So by that, will made the works harder to find signal and it make it broken, and me just like how i always do just say そうですね、tsune_chan ….!!! then decided not to buy iPhone  after all ..

i am not fond about iPhone, iPad, iTunes … etc etc and all things started with i , well  つまり …

yasu     :     you don’t like because it’s more smart than you …?
noi        :     omo, how did you know  …
yasu     :     yes, i know  …

but know i started to regret why i was so fool about not to buy iPhone just because of whattsune_chan told me. Start again the should’a would’a could’a things again …

It’s been a very long time since i was still one of the MTV Junkies who keep following western bands. And now thanks to Stoberry for his featuring on that song now i start to listening to that band, Against The Current.

I am just another John Smith about that band so I KNOW NOTHING …. !!!

all i know the vocalist and Stoberry are following each other on Instagram. Both their fans even hope that there will be some romance things happen between them.

and they will release the album next February 17th via iTunes …. !!!!

and my should’a would’a could’a started with me wondering about if i just ignore tsune_chanand still buy that damn iPhone, i am not gonna worry about how am i gonna buy/get this song. Even i know there will be someone will share it on internet, but still i want to get it differently this song that recently haunting on me.

Yes, i am talking about this   ….


Dreaming Alone ~   Against The Current feat Stoberry

The story starts laying in the dark with someone new
I’m feeling tired from all the time I spent on you
But I know I’m strong from all the trouble I’ve been through
The story starts where the story falls apart with you

Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?
Cause I know it’s you I dream about every night
Giving me a feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with another
Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see?
Tell me I’m not dreaming alone

The story starts lying in the dark broken and bruised
I count the scars left in my heart from losing you
And I was wrong but let’s be honest you were too
I miss the part where I was falling hard for you

So don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?
Cause I know it’s you I dream about every night
Giving me this feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with another
Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see?
Tell me I’m not dreaming alone

I can’t take back the things I said
And I won’t say that I regret
Any day that I was yours

Don’t lie, bright eyes
I know it’s me that you see when you fall asleep
And you know it’s you I dream about every night
Giving me this feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with any other
Don’t lie, bright eyes
It’ll always be you and me, so why are we dreaming alone?
It’ll always be you and me, so why are we dreaming alone?

PS   :  that’s only a listening lyrics, so not official yet

I like how they change the you with bright eyes, just like what Stoberry did change you withpieces of me . Somehow, for me it just beyond sweet when …

somebody gave a personal nick-name for you and you know it’s only him that will call you with it …

omo, i am sorry if  this post ended like this ne. Well bear with me everyone, maybe this is because tomoroow is Valentine’s Day and here i am still counting scars left in my heart about me dreaming alone since i know he   …

noi         :      ah, never mind
yasu      :      what, who you’re talking about  …??
noi         :      you know who …
yasu      :      ah, that THORSday
noi         :      you know i am 53 this year so it’s time for me to get serious
yasu      :      ah you, lie again noi_chan …. *leaving*
noi         :      well, you call me bright eyes and won’t lie !!!  … >_<


After Holiday Post Part 1 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

After Holiday Post Part 1 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

I really miss, Sunday to arrive …
can’t imagine how i really waited for Sunday to come because this weeks, is very hard week for me. 1st week at office after holiday and lots of things to do.

The worst part is when everyone want everything to be fast after holiday by sayin …

GPL ya … !!!  (Ga Pake Lama, means a.s.a.p or as soon as possible)

why the hell they want fast, don’t they know if it is normal when people becoming more slow after holiday like me …


yasu    :    it’s not normal
noi       :   but it happened to me, and i still slow eh .. …
yasu    :   only you, btw now he is callin you what …
noi       :   who …?
yasu    :   your collage Boy BF, ポタト 。。。?
noi       :  omo, how did you know …

now i think there’s a reason why people say to not date a person who is younger than you. Because see what happen to me, only one week after holiday my weight gained about 5 kgs.

It’s only 5 kgs. eh, and he is already call me potato …?


i know it was a joke but boy, hey you boy don’t you know if  it is forever not polite and not funny to make a joke about body shape and weight to a woman, especially if that woman is a bit dramatic 53 years old woman.

That’s why i’d say,  I hate you now ….

i hate you just like i hate carrot and Skype video call   …


yasu       :   hey calm down, it’s a joke ne …
noi          :   i know but still …
YUKI       :   so what you’re gonna do ..
yasu       :   yes, what next noi_chan …
noi          :   dunno, i’ll think about that later …

because now i have to finish this first  ….

~    「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~  Kagawa

kagawa meeting

Project 「Shangri-la 」Shikoku finally arrived in Kagawa prefecture.

It was Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st came back to Kagawa after 2 years ago with TOUR  『2012』. And earlier, in Takamatsu-shi, Kawaramachi Station Square Underground 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 was held.

The venue for 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kagawa, it was a little bit special because Kawaramachi Station Square Underground is a basement of a station but it also a wide space there.

And they started it with a Public Recording with FM Kagawa.


first is how yasu very happy with the amazing increasing number of male fans when the DJ told him if there was lots of male fans there …

and then followed with yasu‘s impression of Kagawa that he visited many times in the past, he said if his impression about Kagawa is udon.

He knew it from watching a movie called 「UDON 」 … xD


It is a 2006 Japanese drama comedy movie about Kosuke,

a comedian who spent six years trying to become an English stand-up comedian in New York, but failed and he decided to back to his hometown Sanuki, Kagawa prefecture that famous as 「Udon Country 」 because there’s many udon shop there.

Including his family’s

Back to his hometown he work on a local magazine and started to write about udon shops in Sanuki after visit them one by one. He succed with that, the magazine become famouse and the sellin increase.

But even he visited almost all shop in town but he never visit his father’s shop. There is something going on between him and his father. But when his father got a heart attack, he finally realize what is the real meaning of udon for his family.

He started to learn how to make udon and it’s not easy ….

i’d say, this movie is good not because i am a noodle lover but how they vividly put the confilct between Kosuke his father among all things about udon matter is amazing.

I mean, i enjoyed the udon making, eating, story telling and writing but it doesn’t make me less interested to what happened and will hapen to Kosuke and his father.

OMG, again and again,

thanks to yasu i watched that movie streaming at office eh. Now it seems like not only givin me lots of 80’s Japanese songs to listen via Recreation albums, yasu also start to give me a recommendation about a movie to watch  … ?


noi      :    that’s AWESOME … !!!
yasu   :    it’s not a recommendation  …
noi      :    but you make me want to watch it eh …
yasu   :    ….

back to 「Shangri-la Meeting 」,

next is the story talk about this Project  「Shangri-la 」 from 1st ~ 5th  SEASON and also how Kagawa prefecture is not only about udon, but also there’s many things other like islands of Seto Inland Sea (Seto Naikai), olive, wines, good ones  …

in Kagawa prefecture, there’s a town named Shodoshima小豆島 」 with speciality olive because the olive tree imported from Europe growing perfectly only in Shodoshima.


yasu also tried to eat bread with olive oli and salt since DAIGO told him how delicious it is and he also took a picture of  a beautiful sakura bloom (Yoko Sakura variety?) when he was out .

yasu, he loves to take a picture of things so i suppose …


yasu    :    what ….
noi       :    you should make a personal account on Instagram eh …
yasu   :    why, because you have Instagram now?
noi      :     well, i didn’t say that ..
yasu   :    but i know you are gonna say that …

Okay, enough with 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kagawa, next …

~   Let’s talk about Hana …

recently i heard a lot of people talking about this woman, Hana.

Not only from Her Majesty ~ The Drama Queen, but also because most of my office – mate especially the womans keeps talking about her (read : Hana, not Inspector Himura … xD) .

Start from  ..

~  what happen to her,
~  why she is so sad,
~  how fool is her husband to let her go and last but not least is,
~  what kind of hijabveil 」she use last night,
~  is it already available on the shop next our office or not …

Finally i found out who the hell is Hana thanks to how on my last Ied Holiday i spent most of my night with my mother and her one and only friend ( read : her telly).

次に Hana, 誰で?


see that’s Hana,

actually she is the lead character on an Indonesian dramain here we called it as sinetron, from Sinema Elektronik (Electronic Cinema) 」. The title is Catatan Hati Seorang Istri ( means : A Wive’s heart notes) and Her Majesty following it.

She won’t leave her telly before that drama end.

And last Ied Holiday, she was a bit confused because for almost a week Hana, is gone from that drama, and they (whoever who wrote the drama’s script) didn’t tell where the hell is she but only sayin if Hana is going somewhere.

And Her Majesty asked the same question everyday …

Where is Hana? When did she’ll be back … etc etc

And when Ied Holiday is over, Hana finally came back on the drama. She said she went to Mecca for umrah and find a peace for herself. And my mother, called me that night just to tell me  …

Boo, Hana is back …!!!

see what a drama did to a Drama Queen like my mother? and it is not over there because next morning arrived at office the fist thing i heard is nothing but …

Hey Inspector, finally Hana is back … !!!

what the hell is happen with people, i never understand why they all so attched to that drama.

I personally hate when my mom, Her Majesty too atteched to a drama, because with no drama involved she is a Drama Queen already.

Especially when there’s so many over sad nonsense drama like Ied Holiday.

I dunno why during last Ied Holiday, there’s so many drama about a mother who adopted a girl, raised that girl like her own daughter and then suddenly that girl leave and forget her mother.

I saw how my mother stupidly cryin a river on the part when the mother nonstop calling and begging to her adopted daughet not to leave her

and my mother,

I know just by the look on her face and how she cryin like that, there must be a little bit of scare on her about me leaving her alone to find my real father (they said he is still alive btw).

because i remember when i was child she often ask this question

if you were adopted like that, and found out if your real parents are very rich, what would you do …?

whenever she watch that kind of adoption family drama. So before she started to ask me another stupid question, exactly like what Capt. Rogers said to Bucky,

i said to her  …

Don’t worry mommy …

then everything’s fine …

now you all see how great is Capt. Rogers eh, so next is  …

~   A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)


it’s the D Day, …

The Day when i finally watched yasu’s Live on Stage for 2nd time !!!
~   to be continued to Part2 ~ ….. xD

GREED Post : ABC 7th Anniversary FanProject …. (Another me yasu and LetThe GREED ON!)

so everyone,

i know i must write this on July (last month) when we decided to do this Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary : GREED FanProject, but because i was a bit busy so i just able to post this in here right now.

But i am sure some of you already see it in Tumblr or in this team_yasu group on Facebook


but it would be fine if i also post it in here as well eh ….


yasu    :    is this gonna be a long post noi_chan …?
noi       :    no,
yasu    :    hmmm …
noi       :    it won’t i promise you

OK back to the topic now.  so the topic now is this year’s Acid Black Cherry FanProject, and this year we named it as …

Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary :  GREED FanProject !

it was started when …

~  one of team_yasu group on Facebook‘s member posted some of her collections in the group.
~  Then there’s other member who posted a comment about how she wanted to see everyone’s Acid Black Cherry stuffs, and …
~  Then again, followed with dear maru_chan who said to me  it would be a good idea if we made that as our next FanProject by let everyone (All Acid Black Cherry fans) to show some of their collection of Acid Black Cherry stuffs.
~  About why we put GREED on it, it’s simply because  …


This year is Acid Black Cherry’s 7th Anniversary ne and 7 in alphabet is G and we all know what’s more G in this Acid Black Cherry fandom than that 「Greed Greed Greed」 single, so …

why didn’t we let the Greed ON this year?

that’s why everyone, let’s have some fun together again for this year’s Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary : GREED FanProject.


all you have to do is ….

~    Take a photo of your Acid Black Cherry collection you have like CD,DVD, Official Merchandise, or maybe some handmade things you made by yourself.
~    try to make as less photos possible.
~    Photos need to be at least 600px high
~    send your photos via e-mail to

# bringabctoeurope@hotmail.com,  and/or
# nagashiwadesign@gmail.com, with
# Subject: ABC 7th anniversary GREED Fan Project, and
# Content: your (nick)name, country and a message if you want.

~    DEAD LINE is  Sunday, August 10th, 2014 (2014/08/09) 14:00 GMT+1
~    And if you can’t send a photo of your Acid Black Cherry collection maybe because you don’t have it or you are still in vacation, you can always send a fan-art or a fanmail message.

I’d say this FanProject is a bit different from the previous we had, because this time we can show each other (among fans) what kind of Acid Black Cherry collection we have.

And i am sure by knowing that there might be something like Q&A following, for sexample

~   OMG you have that PHOTOBOOOK, i couldn’t find it anymore,
~   Where did you find it …?
~   in auction? for how much did you bought it …?  etc etc etc

and  because as what it’s written there  …

nagashiwadesign will create a special design video and PDF file and send it to yasu and his team_ABC to let them know if yasu also did sell his stuffs oversea …

as we all know they don’t put how many single’s sold in oversea to Oricon chart, even i am sure yasu has his own staffs do search about this matter but still,  it would be nice if we show him directly …. xD

not only that,

because as what the man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) said on the latest Official Blog Post ….



There’s nothing in particular for this year’s 7th Anniversary …

well, the man is already said whis words eh, even it kinda make me say eeeh, what the hell ….. (wich i tend to say, anytime …xD) but at least they posted something there on the Official Blog Post and let us know what yasu is doing recenltly



including how he loves to wear that whatsoever toe pad is.  They (whoever they are) said yasu use the Pro ver, like that …

Actually it is a healthy device that said recommended for people who is in diet because good to loose weight and also gain a proper posture by simply walking. Price is 1,667 yen (before tax) so with tax i suppose it will be around 1,800 yen.

Now, i see lots of people (especially who is Acid Black Cherry fans) also bought it. And just like what happened to Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana (one that they said as yasu’s scent) i am sure there will be increasing selling for that Pro ver. toe pad in Japan,  thanks to yasu .

gain a proper posture by simply walking ….?

sounds good eh,

And of course i want it as well eh, but how can but that online?  maybe i should check it on Amazon.jp for that. Anyway for me, by reading if he is still busy with song production things day by day gave me another hope for something else to waiting for,

for sexample like what i talked it with Yukiko and Mari_san on Facebook , we were kinda like eeeh …

~    a new single, or maybe …
~    the next Recreation 4 Album, or if he night think about to skip Recreation 4 album then …
~    a new album for next winter …?

i mean by only wondering what yasu is busy with right now we talked so far until new album and Recreation 4 eh? … Oh Dear God, I love my Facebook friend eh, i really do.

And also my waiting for something for Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary is over …


yasu     :    tell me, you were waiting for what?
noi        :    another free event maybe, or …
yasu    :     or what …
noi        :    another free things to DownLoad, ah ya maybe for this song

この青空の向こうに  …



or ….

yasu     :     why you always want something free …
noi        :     geez ya_san, nothing is better than a free stuffs eh he he he ….. *got another mass kick*

OK, back to the FanProject,

so why didn’t we do something by ourself as fans to celebrate as well as having fun together for this Acid Black Cherry’s 7th Anniversary ? …


but as what i already wrote on my Tumblr (because i read that un-fair comment is on Tumblr eh, …)

it surprised me and broke my hearts as well when i read about some people sayin how un-fair is this Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary GREED FanProject, especially for fans who don’t have any Acid Black Cherry Stuffs (read : CD, DVD, or other official merchandise … )

Un-fair for some fans who don’t have Acid Black Cherry stuffs? …

even  it’s written there  you can make a fanart or something else (ex : your photo maybe) for yasu to see, if you don’t have any CD/DVD or merchandise . Because i always think if fanart or other handmade Acid Black Cherry things that fans made is also Acid Black Cherry stuffs.

because i’ve seen many fans made their own beautiful handmade of Acid Black Cherry stuffs, for sexample like this amazing things that Audrey sent me …



So official stuffs or not, you still can join this project and now it is time for you to show it to yasu.

and about this project is only for the real fans?

OMG …..  i think everyone should know if in this fandom especially this Acid Black Cherry division there’s no things such things as

# real fan or non-real fan, …

omo, what am i supposed to say about this, a fake fans?


that’s ridiculous ne, i am aware about a fake boobs because yasu wear it on many occasions like that, but a fake fans?  Ah come on everyone  …

this is a fandom ne not FBI or MI6, let James Bod, the 007 do the fake and undercover things.

because what are doing is nothing but having fun by worshiping or sometimes whooring …? wekekekekeke  *dumped to hell*

and last but not least is  …

# senior or junior fans


even i did say about Acid Black Cherry gakuen, but it’s just because that LICK ME /SUCK YOU uniform eh, still it’s not a real gakuen/school where there’s such thing as senior and junior exist,

so please do read again, and don’t say things about fair and un-fair.

I know sometimes life is un-fair in someways, but for this Fan-Project we try to make everything is fair to everyone.

So no matter if you have much, less or do not have any Acid Black Cherry CD/DVD or merchandise, you still can join this project and have fun together ….

the point is we have fun together and also make yasu to look at us once in a year because i think sometimes he needs to be reminded if he also have us (read : overseas fans here)

and once in a year reminder is quite enough …. xD so everyone, …

Let’s remind him again, and remember …
DEADLINE is Sunday, August 10th, 2014 (2014/08/09) 14:00 GMT+1, so
よろしくお願いします、皆さん 。。。。。!!! *bounce*


yasu       :    once a year reminder for me, what this all about …?
noi          :    well, sometimes i do think you kinda forget   …
yasu       :    i forget who, you  … ?
noi          :    your oversea fans eh, not only me  …
yasu       :   what the  …



Busy Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi … (another me, yasu and The Mighty Long Fall)


Recently my dear brother Kenshin (yes, The Batosai Himura)  is all over my Facebook timeline …



The 2nd movie るろうに剣心 京都大火編 will hit cinemas in Japan on August 1st, 2014.

10 days more to see Takeru Sato‘s well done job as The Batosai Himura in cinemas. This is something that everyone (especially me … xD) waiting for. The2nd movie where there will ne an epic battle between my dear brother Kenshin (Sato) with the livin evil Makoto Shishio ( Fujiwara Tatsuya).

I dunno why, but i always think (or compare …?) the battle of Kenshin Himura VS Makoto Shishio with the great battle of Miyamoto Mushashi VS Sasaki Kojiro. I am sure some of you already read about it.

Actually Miyamoto Mushashi VS Sasaki Kojiro is my fave samurai duel.

Even i’ve seen it live in some movie or doramas but none of them are close to what i have in my mind about that battle because the only one close to it was Kenshin Himura VS Makoto Shishio anime version, you know a fast and cruel battle with the wind blows as the background.

so dramatic eh …

I just love it and wondered it must be great if they made this battle as live version. And now time when i will able to see it live will come soon …


as what Encore Cinema posted on their Facebook Page, the movie will hit Indonesiaon September 10th, 2014 in Blitzmegaplex cinemas.  ..

Ehhh Blitzmegaplex , what the hell is that ….?



yasu     :    not available in your village ..?
noi        :   you know we don’t even have cinema here ..
yasu     :    poor noi_chan … !!! *laugh*
noi        :   お兄ちゃん、見たい な …
yasu     :   お兄ちゃん ….?
noi        :   剣心 …
yasu     :   heee 剣心?,  お兄ちゃん じゃないよ … 


I will think about it later eh, now back to my dear brother Kenshin



As we all know ONE OK ROCK‘s new single Mighty Long Fall is the soundtrack for るろうに剣心 京都大火編 and we also know if my dear brother Kenshin (Sato) and Baby Stroberry (Taka) are best friend so it doesn’t surprise me when there’s a a joined interview from them in magazine ( CUTE magazine)  with Boys Talk as the theme.


On the day when Mighty Long Fall single was released on iTunesTaka on his Instagram posted a video of him singing a little bit of Mighty Long Fall and about a day later he posted a photo of him with his BBF Sato who is still on his outfit as Kenshin Himura.



and i was like …




OMG わあぁぁ、お兄ちゃんと タカ baby 。。。♪♪


because that day Taka, My Sweet Baby Stroberry with his Instagram post just complete me …



yasu   :    ちょっと ね、noiちゃん ..
noi      :    ん 。。。
yasu   :    なんでストロベリー 。。。?
noi      :   it’s the rhyme ne, from baby –> to stroberry ne ..
yasu   :   …  @_@

and about the song Mighty Long Fall itself, …



i think this song is less emo than their others song, but i like it because when i listen to the beginning of the song i got the Kyoto Inferno feelings on me especially on this part ….

get up get up get up
time to make a mess for what you’ve done
get up get up get up
running with demons in your hands ..

even i am not sure you will get the same feeling as me. You know what i mean, inferno (hell), chaos and then followed with the Mighty Long Fall. A mighty and a long fall, that must be hurt eh.

Indeed it’s hurt because now i am still my own Mighty Long Fall …

This fall is different with the forever fall that i have for yasu, but it’s the real fall. Not that i say my forever fall to yasu isn’t real, but this fall hurts me, my heart and soul litteraly.

me as a mommy girl,

someone who always depend on my mother to do it for me now have to do it all by myself since my mom got sick. Actually i never do anything at home, i even never clean my own room, because my mom is the one who did it for me. Clean my room, arrange and keep my stuffs.

My mom, is the super woman who run this house. Now she is sick and my Mighty Long Fall is comin where i have to do everything by myself including takin care of her.

Our home like a ship with no captain, so it’s mess now,

Today i took a day off because Tekki has to go out of town, and i feel like i am lost inside my own home. I dunno what to do because so many things to do. My housemaid came at 09:00 AM, that’s very late ne and still there’s no rice in the rice cooker and in the kitchen all those dirty plates and glasses nonstop callin

hey, wash me hurry … !!! 

Damn, i am so tired today i wonder how my mom managed to do everything alone ne while me at 11:00 AM i already knocked out by all nonstop house works to do.

I wish i can only say Accio rice !!! and there’s rice on my rice cooker or Accio food !!!then food just jumped out from the fryin pan, but that Accio …… !!! spell didn’t work ne …



yasu   :   look who is fall now …
noi      :   eh, what are you doin …
yasu   :   don’t you see, i am shaving ..
noi      :   omo, i never imagine if you also do shaving ne …
yasu   :    what the …

yeah, trust me i imagined lots of things that yasu do including biking even i never see a photo of him biking, but shaving is the only one thing that i never imagine him doing something manly like that.

Yes, i know even in many times he looks pretty still he is a man and man do need shaving.

OMG, what the hell is happen to me .

now it’s time for me to continue this Whatsoever Fangirl Homework.  This time is for …

~   「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi




Project 『Shangri-la』 landed to Shikoku.

Finished Live in TokushimaAcid Black Cherry moved to Kochi prefecture. Started with  「Shangri-la Meeting 」 at Kochi-eki-mae Kochi Tabi Hiroba, it’s a wide and open space in front of Kochi Station.

Just like on Tokushima, that was also the 1st time for Acid Black Cherry to come toKochi.

「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi prefecture with a public recording together with FM Kochi, started with talking about the impression of the nation-wide Project 『Shangri-la』 from 1st ~ 5th Season

and then it became a talk about photograph.



DJ       :  i become nervous when i look at your pictures yasu_san

yasu :   yappari, in the photo i look so quiet, but when you are facing the camera you do only glares isn’t it?

I’ve gotten not much with smiling take, so i guess the cold images surely became such an impression.

but in many various places,

people often surprised and say 「actually, he is friendly」 and about facing camera, someone softly said 「 when you are facing camera, it’s not only glares ne *laugh* 」 to yasu …

and followed with him (read : yasu, not Taka) talked about his enthusiasm for Acid Black Cherry 1st Live Performance in Kochi and how yasu wanted to make the distance between him and the audience/fans to be closer.

After that, is about listen the story about Kochi from everyone, like at the meeting venue Kochi-eki-mae Kochi Tabi Hiroba welcomed by 3 patriots image.

They are

~  Nakaoka Shintaro,
~  Sakamoto Ryoma and
~  Takechi Hanpeita

these people are Tosa‘s born who formed Tosa Kin’no party in Edo. And not only that, the place were they allowed to use as stage, actually it was part of set ofRyomaden dorama.


Ryomaden, it’s 49th NHK Taiga drama aired start from January 28th, 2010 with a story about the life of 19th century Japanese historical figures Sakamoto Ryoma(Masaharu Fukuyama) and Iwasaki Yataro (Teruyuki Kagawa).

Takeru Sato and Ryoko Hirosue was also in this drama.


This drama also made a huge impact called as Ryoma Fever in Japan. In fact it was reported there was some tourism increase in Kochi prefecture as the birthplace ofRyoma.


Talking about Ryomaden, it remind me about last month there’s an interesting discussion in team_yasu group on Facebook (you know which group is i am talking about) when someone posted a photo of Ryoko Hirosue (who also played as Hirai KaoRyoma‘s 1st love in Ryomaden)


and mistook her as Yuka Mori, the girl on yasu‘s Kuroneko PV. If you don’t really pay attention they both look a like ne, because i was also think if Ryoko Hirosue is the one who is on Kuroneko PV.

so i kinda like …

OMG is that the girl in Ryomaden? she is on yasu‘s new PV, really?

but it’s not her because at the time when yasu released Kuroneko ~ Adult Black CatPV i heard rumors about her (Ryoko Hirosue) going out with Takeru Sato.

So there’s no way she is on Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat PV because i suppose she must be busy with Sato eh,  he he he  ……. #WhatALameDeduction

Oh great, now dear brother is dating ….. #uuu


yasu    :   someone is jealous now …
noi       :   of course not …
yasu    :   so noi_chan, what if i am the one who is dating …
noi       :   YOU WHAAAATTT ….!!!!
yasu    :   hey calm down, i say what if ne …
noi       :   well that’s easy ne, i’d say …

I don’t Ask, you Don’t Tell …

yasu    :  are you sure you are not gonna ask ..
noi       :  sure, i won’t ask but i will investigate ..

OK, back to 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi again, OMG this is gonna be another long post ne …


After talking about 3 patriots of Tosa, they also introduced yasu to Kochi‘s local juice called 「 リーブル」/ 「 riburu」 and 「 あくん馬路村」/「a-kun majimura」. Continued with yasu learned about dialect and specialties in Kochi prefecture


learned a lot about Tosa-ben (Tosa dialect) that he didn’t know before so it was a fun meeting, at the meeting everyone happy.  Enough with 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kochi, next is ..

~   This Whatsoever Update from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la  」 PHOTOBOOK , this is for …

Live Digest Saitama ~ Tochigi




while this one is from 「Shangri-la  」 ARENA LIVE Pamphlet ~ 5th SEASON Part 


as they (whoever they are) theme for this 5th SEASON costume is 「事」/ 「koto」.


they ( you know who, not me) also said if this 5th SEASON costume is about to dare to added/combined the costume with a little blue color on it.

They combined a sleeveless vest, a long arm three 7 (kind a hand warmer) and a boot-cut pants.

and FYI everyone ..

~  the blue things on the waist was attached to the tank top
~  and that look like a tatto on yasu‘s back is some lace part of the tank top ..

so it created a nice and refreshing silhouette like that.

The fun part is when i posted that on team_yasu group on Facebook, one of them said a joke about the next release from Acid Black Cherry is a fashion magazine.

That’s so amusing and geez i love my team_yasu friends,

and i laughed more about that brilliant comment because until now when there’s no official tweet or blog post about what’s for this year’s 7th Anniversary …

do tell me  ….. !!!


yasu    :    still i am not gonna tell you ..
noi       :    heeeh …
yasu    :    go to sleep now ..
noi       :    …

and next is this …

Erect Live :  so … Good Night + MC English Subbed 


actually, i still have 2 videos to subbed but with how live is getting busy recently i can’t do it on time again like usually. And also my sexcitement to do video sub just a little bit low recently so let’s continue my Japan Trip report ne ….

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 4 (still, Tokyo ~ Day 1 …. xD)

hope i am still remember everything eh ….

so finished Acid Black Cherry shopping in Budokan i decided to go back to my hotel, because it’s already close to check – in time. I  also felt a bit tired, need a hot water bath, another complete meal and lay on bed for a while.

I need to land my back need to soft and comfy things like bed after had 3 night sleep on chair.

Walked back to Kudanshita station while lookin all people there started to get a line to enter the venue. I am happy because the day after tomorrow is my turn ne,

my turn to see yasu Live on Stage again.


It was like a dream ne, how me able to be back again to Japan to see yasu for the2nd time. I know for all of you  who go to see more than 5 times, it is something easy for you, especially when you are in Japan. But trust me, it is really hard for me, because i barely couldn’t get a week day off from office to see yasu.

So, i’d say i was lucky enough …


according to that map, my route back to my hotel near Suitengumae Station is …

Kudanshita —> Jimbocho —-> Otemachi  —>  Mitsukoshimae —> Suitengumae (final)

but, maybe because i was a bit tired that day so i fell asleep on my way back to hotel. I woke up because the train stop, everyone is out and no one was left. I just followed everyone walking out of station with bag full of Acid Black Cherry stuffs.

I am pretty sure i was look like hell that day.

Out of station, i walked and walked but i don’t see the same scenery when i left my hotel. I said to my self omo, am i lost again? and where the hell is this. Unlike inside station where i can find sign in Hiragana to read, outside station everything is inKanji or Katanaka.

I am not good reading Katanaka ne, because the all like a bump of hays together and make fun of me because i can’t read them. I walked again for a while and finally decided to find a station.

Found station and read the sign, it was …

Oshiage (SKY TREE) …. ???


yasu    :   you did sleep until the last station …?
noi       :   i think so ..
yasu    :   how could you ..
noi       :   i was tired eh ya_san …

Arrived at my hotel, gave my passport to check – in but suddenly the hotel staff asked me are you waiting for somebody else? hee, of course not, i said to her i am alone then she gave me key to my room.

Room number 99 on 9th floor.


Great ne, now i have to take elevator or i will broke this my feels almost broken legs if i insisted to take stairs to go to 9th floor.

I don’t like to be inside elevator, in fact i don’t like to be inside a small and closed place like elevator or a public toilet especially an airplane toilet.

Remember what happened to Prof. Langdon when he had to use elevator in Musée du Louvre, France to go the crime scene where the curator who was also the Priory of Sion Grand Master Jacques Saunière killed by Silas on The Da Vinci Code?

remember how scared he is …

nah same thing also happened to me.  So maybe if i go to a psychiatrist about my condition i am sure he/she will say i have something called Claustrophobia   …

That’s also another reason why i am happy and grateful to live in my village because even there’s no cinema her, at least there’s no buildings with elevator as well. So in one year, i can count how many time i use elevator with my hands.

When i was inside elevator, it felt like forever ne. I can breath well when the door open in 9th floor. I open my room and then i knew why the hotel staff asked me if i am waiting for someone or not.

because my room was a double and smoking room … !!!


OMG i must be drunk when i made my hotel reservation ne, surely it’s not the hotel’s fault but it’s my fault. So there’s 2 pajamas, 2 slippers, ashtray and a razor blade in the bathroom, but at least the bed is bigger ne so i won’t fall from bed at night. …


took some times to watch telly while eat the left over onigiri inside my bag with thatYOSHIKO cola. I want to sleep but i can’t, i came a long way down from Indonesia to Japan not for sleep eh, so i think i need some hot water bath before going somewhere else tonight.

i open the bathroom and ….


i see the same bathroom with the previous hotel i stayed on my 2012 Japan Trip.

With a bathtub and a toilet next to it, this is something wacky ne. At my home, we use a traditional bathroom where the bathroom and toilet are separated. And seeing a toilet next to the bathtub made me had to clean that bathroom again before i use. yeah, i always do clean whenever i use public or hotel’s bathroom.

Don’t ask me why, because sometimes when i feel sad and desperate at office, i go to the bathroom and clean it to make me feel better of course while cryin eh …

there’s 2 type of a modern bathroom that a hotel have. One is with a bathtub like that while the other is no bathtub but only shower. And both of it (bathtub or shower) give me different sensation ne.

~   Bathtub make me feel i am doing a porn movie shoot myself ne.

I mean me, alone there lyin inside that tube do nothing but cleaning my self only with water soap and the worst part is i can see my whole body clearly while lyin down there.

Sometimes i also think what if there’s a hidden camera in the bathroom, and when you wake up in the morning your bath scene alone already all over RedTube …?

on the other way …

~   A shower scared me,

and think about what if there’s somebody suddenly come in, open the curtain and stab me in my back while i was on my shower like that horror movie Pshyco …

きゃあああ 〜〜〜〜   !!!!


yasu    :    what this all about noi_chan …?
noi       :    a hidden camera ne …
yasu    :    are you hungry now,
noi       :    but it is possible to be happen ne …
yasu    :    just go away …
noi       :    OK, i’ll finish my post ..

had a bath, washed my hair and while blow dry it i was wondering where should i go tonight.  My plan is go to Shinjuku to find Wald 9 cinema where i will go to see ONE OK ROCK’s Documentary movie : FOOL COOL ROCK.

Finished with the blow dry, i look at the mirror and surprised how my hair looked more shinny than before, i went back to the bathroom just to see what kind of shampoo they gave me.

it was SISHEIDO ..

Talking about SISHEIDO ne, actually i had no idea if SISHEIDO is a brand for cosmetics/shampoo. I thought it was some Japanese martial arts like Kendo, Judo or Aikido. So when my friend told me about one of her Japanese friend gave her SISHEIDO for her birthday present …

i said to her   :   omo, he gave you a free SISHEIDO lesson ….
my friend       :   no noi_chan, it’s a cosmetic set

at that time i think i was the only one in this Japan Lover/fangirl who think SISHEIDOas one of Japanese martial arts not cosmetic brand.

Why nobody tell me eh.

wah that shampoo must be expensive ne, because it can make my hair looks flawless. So i was ready to go, and because it was almost 18:00 PM i need to put my glasses on so i can see anything more clear. But i couldn’t find it

Apparently yeah, after my Queen Elizabeth hat i also lost glasses …

so that night i went to Shinjuku with no glasses. It’s not that i can’t see anything with no glasses, i still can see but it a blurry mode. So whenever i need to read a sign or something, i have to look at it closer.

And it get worst at night.

Walking again to Suitengumae Station, this time my route is with Hanzomon Line toOtemachi then changed to Marunouchi Line to Shinjuku Shachome Station, as the nearest station to Wald 9 cinema.

But still, even they said it as the nearest station it still confused me to find the cinema among all the buildings in Shinjuku at night. Completed with their neon lights they all kind a ask and make fun of me

Hey, what the hell are you doin here …

I am tryin to find a cinema eh, why is so hard ne maybe i took the wrong exit or something. I walked following people that mostly are young and stylish people hang out there.

I wanted to ask but to who?

then finally i saw a girl who was busy tweeting with her phone looked at me and smile. We talked a little bit before the light turned into green and she kindly showed me where Wald 9 cinema is.

She said   ..

Look, that’s Wald 9 cinema …!!!


i must be really blind not to see that green neon up in that building. I walked over that buildings twice ne. I read on the cinema site and know if it’s inside a building but what building is confused to find it.


Wald 9 cinema is on 9th floor of a mall, went up to 9th floor and finally i was on the right place, yeah this is the place i found it so tomorrow i don’t have to be go around to find it again ne.

I spent that night shopping in the mall down, buy things for my office_mates and hope to find the same hat like my lost Queen Elizabeth hat at UNIQLO.


But because it was summer, so instead of Queen Elizabeth hat, what i found was thisHYDE like hat. i know it’s not exactly same like what HYDE wear, because HYDE‘s hat is more wide and of course it’s better than this,


but i like it so i bought it for Tekki with a hope she will not mad when i told her if i lost Queen Elizabeth hat.

Mostly what people (especially rich people) say about shopping is SHOP TILL YOU DROP, but because i am not one of that rich people there so i stop shopping after my wallet drop (read there’s only 5,000 yen left inside it).

so it is is bad eh,

because it was only 1st day and i already dropped my wallet ran out of cash. So on my way back to hotel at 09:00 PM walking alone in Shinjuku i was thinking what am i gonna do tomorrow. I haven’t buy Shinkansen ticket to OsakaUSJ ticket, haven’t go to Shibuya, and of course where can i find money exchange here.

This is my first time to go travel alone and ran out of money on the 1st day and it make me feel more lonely than before even i was there among all lots of people inShinjuku, ….

Walked walked suddenly i entered some place. I thought it was a cafe because i need to sit.and think but it wasn’t a cafe (you know the cute girly caffee) but it was a bar, with people play billiards and there was a band performing on a little stage.

OMG i landed in the wrong place again …!!

i wanted to get out of there, but everyone there looked at me and the bartender say welcome or something and i took a seat and ask him to give me a glass of cola and spent about one hour there listen to the band performing while Google-ing to find a place to change yen.

with only 2,000 yen left in my wallet i left that place and back to my hotel. Only a sandwich and cola cost 3,000 yen,  ah really …?

arrived at hotel i was like a Probie Gambler who went home after lost in a game withThe God of Gambler and have nothing. I dunno what to do, so i went to bed while watch telly and eat another onigiri i bought from FamiMart next to my hotel.

That night i fell asleep after said to myself not to worry because the hotel will give me breakfast tomorrow ne, so i’ll think about money after breakfast.

That’s all for this part everyone, i will continue the next part as A long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 5 (Tokyo Day 2)

why there’s no break on me when it’s about shopping? …


yasu   :    i dunno ..
noi      :    ooh no, i wanna …
yasu   :    no, no don’t cry nobody is cutting onions now ..
noi      :    omo, have you talk to the ninja …?
yasu   :    what is wrong with you and ninja … 



Kagerou Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Gunma …. (Another me, yasu and Fridayさん, 私の心 の社長 )


I should make this post as Friday Post ne …

not because i start to write this post on Friday, but also because i think a lot about Mr. Friday on a Friday like that day. Can you imagine that, on a very long and sexhausting day i am still thinking about him.

About what …?

About anything ne, for example like ah he must be very busy now because April 9th, tomorrow is The Election Day. I heard some rumors about him and money for this election, then suddenly i realized how rich he is now.

Yes, as a gold digger of course i am already know if he is rich,

but with this election now i know if he is rich more than how rich he is on my imagination. Here in my country, you have to be a very rich person to go as one of the candidates on election because there’s always something called money politics happen.


yasu     :   money, Friday? what this all about noi_chan …?
noi        :   it is about the distance eh ya_san,
yasu     :   you and him …
noi        :   yes, it became more wide now ..
yasu     :   i told you ne, get over ..

get over? what the hell is that ….

i wish to do that can be so easy like sayin, but it is not. I can’t an still not able to for get, get over … bla bla bla or any other terms you might say for this situation. Even though, now i am already thinkin about to do that forget and get over about Mr. Friday seriously.

Because tomorrow is The Election Day please just for this time let me say …

Dear Friday,

I wish you all the best for tomorrow, and even if it will ended with you failed i hope you are gonna be fine because until now you are still The President of My Heart, so yes …

Fridayさん, あなたは 私の心 の社長


yasu      :     what is that …
noi         :      eeh, did i wrote it wrong?
yasu      :      but you are my fangirl  …
noi         :      well, you can be
The Vice President ne …
yasu      :      number 2, really?
noi         :     honey i am sorry, but Love Division is so confusing eh ..

so confusing …

especially when it start to reach about that forget and get over about Mr. Friday. Seriously ne, apprently i sterted to think about all Her Majesty long drama talks

Think about start find somebody and maybe start my own family that i never think about when my father still alive. At that time, even it was a miserable life but i feel secured. Secured because i still have my father, mother, our house and the belonging feeling of a family.

But now everything is changed,

Because i know it’s always impossible to turn back time, so now i want to do something to have a secure life and maybe the happy one in the future. Have a family, my own family to pass this blood inside of me. The idea to have a cute little daughter suddenly is on me. …

dunno why …

I look at all my friend, i mean my college friend. I remember how i spent my whole night like a wacky indian police to watch over their Facebook account one by one.

All of them mostly have a similar kind of Facebook, complain about how their body is not sexy anymore, how tired but happy they are taking care of their children … etc etc …

suddenly …


noi        :     well i …
YUKI     :     she’s envy …
yasu     :     hmmm …. *still playin*
noi        :     guys, please ….
YUKI     :     we’re busy right now …
yasu     :     talk later OK …

maybe yes, i am envy and i want the same thing for me. But then, the next bigger question is  …..

if i don’t have Friday, then with whom i am gonna have all of that happiness like my friends?

Surely you all already watch Bridget Jones Diary right?

and you all know how finally Bridget found and know if she really love Darcy even Darcy had to get some bitter experience of his wife cheated on him with his friend ne. So now let me ask you all who read this post ne, …..

Do tell me, Am i wrong if i want to wait a little bit longer for Mr. Friday …?

Of course i don’t want Friday, yes my Friday to have the same situation like Darcy on that movie but i just wanna wait a little bit longer ne.

Ah, forget about that and let’s change the topic. So, when i posted my previous post before this days ago, i found out if for last March i only posted 2 entries.

OMG can you imagine that?

no wonder last month felt like crazy for me ne. Because i only wrote 2 entries and spent my whole nights on March mostly to acted like an idiot. What the hell i did ne, i am just too old to acted like that.

So from now on, i promise to myself to write more to make myself better and stop being an idiot on internet. Now let’s back to  『Shangri-la』 and continue the unfinished home work.

Tonight is …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Gunma ..

From Chiba, 『Shangri-la』 Project move to Gunma and same as what happened in Chiba because of heavy snow that fell in the Kanto Region they had to postponed 『Shangri-la』 Meeting in Gunma.

And on the Live Day because of the snow was still fell quite a lot, they also discussed about postponing The Live as well, but then because the weather was calm then live can be done as it planned before.

Live in Gunma after about six years ago on BLACK LIST Tour on 2008. Even it was a clod day, but Live in Gunma it was a HOT Live. Then as always, started with …

~   the Annual Local Gourmet Introdution Corner …

aand this gourmet appetizing was waiting for yasu at the venue …


Rihei_san no Tori meshi / Rihei_san’s chicken rice …

Every members with their instrument while talking, then flew into a jam session in the dressing room.

Then that day, it was a DEAD END session where yasu participated as the drum player while doing make up and then tried YUKI‘s guitar after make up …


and then the question selected on …

~   The Question Corner  is …

Speaking of Maebashi, Bicycle Race is famous and talking about gambling everyone, are you do it? and what is your fist gambling …?

and yasu‘s answer is …

I like it very much, and in old days i even lived only for it.  Hey, really i was not that dumb-ass (laugh).

and followed with some Pachinko‘s talking

~   The SetList  …

『Shangri-la』 Live 20.02.2014 Beishia Cultural Hall ~ Gunma


01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi ~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. cord name【JUSTICE】
11. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. Shojo no Inori
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Aishitenai (request)
15. so…Good night (request)
16. Pistol
17. Shangri – La

then my fave part is …

~   The Kewpie  …



credit   :   @Yasuの女

It’s a だるま/ Daruma Doll

also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artist.

i had one, but now i suppose it is on it way to Columbia, since i sent it there as a present for one of my dearest friend there. I said to her i dunno how long it will take to send stuff from Indonesia to Columbia but she said she will wait …

Very well , i adore people with patient though …

next is …

~    This Whatsoever Update from me …


~   Postcard Calendar


~   CD Only


3rd Season Shangri – la PHOTOBOOK

this time is for …

~  Tottori



~  Shimane



then, let’s talk about …

~  team_yasu …


yes, i am talking about that team_yasu group on Facebook.

I said i wont say anything more than i already said there but since i still got some messages i think i have to say something.

That group is still the same fun and cheerful groups as it use to be, and we are finally reach 2,500 members ne. Of course that’s make me so happy because soon we will beat team _Edward.

But one night i got a message, which is a simple message only say :

Hello Noi_san, i see something started to happen on ABC group, don’t you noticed it? If you do i hope you can do something.

then i wondered what the hell was happening? i thought everything is OK and everyone is happy. And then the following night i got another same message with quite similar content. Then that night i started to see and really watch what is really happen.

Then finally i figured it out, OMG i am so sorry ne, i was so fool because i didn’t even realized that.

What happened was there’s something that i will call as a grouping started to happen. Where certain member (who speaks/understand Japanese ) only add comment to certain post by certain same members.

It reminded me to what also happened to that group a long time ago, where members who speak/understand French, Mandarin, Italy, Spanish or even Indonesian only talked to members speak/understand the same language,

For me it was like there’s a group inside a group, that’s not good eh …

And in this case i also see how it followed with member who i know exactly he/she understand English choose to post in Japanese. OK, add a comment was fine but when it became like that i suppose that’s not fair for other members who don’t understand Japanese.

now after i put my self into their (who send me message and i am very grateful for) glasses, look at that group with their glasses i understand why did they ask me to do something. On that group description, yes i wrote that  …

Sukoshi no eigo to basuketo ..
A little bit English and Basketball …

as you know, that’s from Acid Black Cherry‘s cover song lyrics Aitai ne


I really love that cover ne even i have to hold this massive hate inside me every time i see that damn PV with yasu on a bed with a women.

But at that time, when i put that sentence as one of the group rules i had no idea if that little is gonna grow like that and followed with that tend to grouping like that.

I know i can’t force all member to add a comment to all post because there’s so many cause to make people decided to add a comment to a post in Facebook, post a comment in a blog or reply somebody’s tweet on twitter.

For sexample …

~   that post is great …
~   that post is very funny,
~   there’s something on that post that we had to answer no matter what, or
~   you like or at least have a crush to person who posted that, so you want to get her/his attention with anything including by add comment to all her/his post ….

ha ha ha yeah, blimey i’ve been so long on Facebook, twitter and blogging so i know that kind of pattern eh.

There was also a suggestion about translate it into English to make everyone understand. But still i am not sure that’s gonna stop that group inside group lead to. And also if you translate all post plus with the comments on it surely it will feel like a stalking ne …

And hello i am Inspector Himura eh, i do investigate, i don’t  stalk …


yasu    :   but noi_chan, you also do stalk ..
noi       :   you mean on my sister’s twitter, that’s watching, eh not stalking …
yasu    :   no, i didn’t talk about twitter …
noi       :   ah, that
Mr. Friday’s Facebook, ssstt ya_san that’s different … *wink*

so Mr. Friday’s Facebook eh …

Well, i have 2 Facebook account ne and i prefer to keep the other one (that sometimes i use) for my self to watch over Mr. Friday. That’s why i only have about 25 friends there and have no intention to add more. Because i don’t wanna miss Mr. Friday‘s update eh.

So if there’s some of you added me there and still no answer i am really sorry while for some of you who listed as my friend on my both Facebook account, i’d say …

~ you’re adorable,
~ i like you so much,
~ i am curious about you, or
~ i am stalking you …. !!!!

it’s nice when i don’t have to scroll down to see some more post,

so it was like when i open my Facebook Home and there you are i see Friday. Actually this watching Friday becomin my guilty pleasure. I love to do that because it make me happy but at the same time there’s always something called guilty followed,

hit me  and then put a big BITCH sign on my face …

noi       :   well, that’s hurt …
yasu    :   then stop …
noi       :   do i have to …
yasu    :   you know you have to ..

eeeh look what i am talkin about now, open my stalk activity to public?. Before i talk too much i better back to team_yasu talk eh, so …

That’s why i decided to allow English Only both for post and comment on that group and will let my MAGIC Eraser to erase automatically all non English post and comment.

Since my Japanese isn’t that good i even had to asked my friend to translate what i said into Japanese because i believe she can make it as polite as possible like how polite she is.

Thanks again, dear …xD

After all from the beginning that group is an International Group so it’s better if we use English Only. And i am really sorry if i offended some of you, but i have to do this and trust me there’s nothing personal on this matter. I just do my job to make sure everyone get the same thing.

i’d say,

even there’s only a Thin Line between Love and Hate but for this matter i’d say there’s always a Great Wall of China lining between Business and Personal

now everyone,

let’s continue to have fun, sharing, learn for each other, be a fool and happy at the same time, and support yasu together, because i believe one day we will beat that team_Edward.

Go, Go, team_yasu …. !!!!


and for you (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) ….

How am i gonna say about this eh, i mean recently things just get hard.

I know life is hard, and my life is already hard but now i feel it is harder than before. Now at the beginning of April i already sick again, even it’s not the same sick or bleeding like 2 months ago but i just feel something is not right with me.

Maybe it’s just because how weather’s changing recently but i feel lots of pain and hurts on me. My head dizzy, i throat’s hurt to swallow, my back’s hurt every night and also my heart beat fast, too fast.

It’s been 2 days i managed myself to avoid 6 cups of coffee. I only have one cup coffee for a day and it drives me crazy.

But regardless for what i feel now i am glad there’s still something that can make me happy and how i finally found yasu again inside my brain.

I even cut my long hair and asked the stylist to make it look like yasu, look  …


i think it’s kinda worked eh, even yeah i am not blond as yasu but the important thing is nobody call me Dora The Explorer with No Monkey this time. So i guess it worked, and then when 【TEAM ABC】 updated the Official Blog and posted this yasu eat some BIG Burger


what happen next is i smiled like an idiot in front of my PC … #WhatAFangirl

it took me forever to make the stylish do this after her rambling saying, don’t you feel sorry to cut it? your hair it’s a quite long hair; what if we only cut it 5 cm? …. bla bla bla many more.

Then i said to her,

stop talking and just cut it … !!

Even i say to everyone how i want to cut my hair like yasu, but the real is by cut my head off i kinda like wanted to let go all this feelings inside me no. All those feelings like scare, fool, un_secure and also the kinda silly things that i feel now, i don’t like all of it.

That’s why i cut my hair and somehow it worked eh.

Now feel much better. I start to write again like now and yeah fangirl is a quite simple but still complicated in some way. That’s why i will say for everything that you might not aware you already gave to me ya_san,

thank you so much and I will stay with you until the end of the line …


yasu      :     OK, then …
noi         :     not gonna say anything more …
yasu      :     why,
Google didn’t work …?
noi         :     sorry, it’s
Captain’s order
yasu      :     oh not movie again noi_chan, that’s boring
noi         :     OMG ya_san,
Steve Rogers he is soo ….  bla bla bla … *film talking*


Bloody Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live & Meeting ~ Ishikawa … (Another me, yasu, 3rd Seasons and HYDE)


At this bloody moment, I just don’t wanna go anywhere …

so today while everyone goes out of town, here i am now at home alone on Sunday writing this post. It’s all about 3rd Season (PHOTOBOOK and Meeting) update, yasu on Magazines, Live and Meeting ~  Ishikawa aand ha ha ha ….  *wink*

~  『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Ishikawa

They said it as a hot and full of enthusiasm Live as what written in this 実はとても深い思い出がある石川県! post on The Official Blog.

After had Live in Niigata, yasu headed to Ishikawa the next day to appeared on a radio show called HELLO FIVE with FM Ishikawa. In the radio show he said ..

I want to make Live in Ishikawa a good live together with fans

and the DJ, Chiaki Miura posted a photo of her with yasu on her blog


which i can’t read because it turned into some fubar letters on my PC …

For Acid Black Cherry, it was 3rd time to had Live in Ishikawa after BLACK LIST and Secret Tour 5 years ago. In fact at theSecret Live there was a memorable event happened there.

and this specialties of Ishikawa was waiting for yasu on the venue ..


a Grilled Yellowtail …

continued with talks with others while did the hair and make up. A musician’s talks like demos, composer and composition methods …


while reading messages and questions received from fans, and then on the stage yasu‘s talking about what memorable about Ishikawa

Everyone in Ishikawa , Long time no see ! Ishikawa, a lot of rain, isn’t it ? It is raining today , but i came back for the first time in five years !

Last time I was a live house called Kanazawa AZ !

And if you  allowed me to carry out a short story suddenly here, the story 「Greed Greed Greed」 PV, released last August is just the episode of The Secret Live in Kanazawa.

still made debut as ABC, I appeared for an opening act of a local band, Is said in a glance in various ways very much from the top towards the local band (smile)

I was talking to SHUSE after listeing to YUKI‘s gutar on the rehearsal …

that episode became a basic story of 「Greed Greed Greed」 PV.  So if there is no Secret Live in Ishikawa, that PV that could not be done. It was a very memorable episode! But I would want to return by make more memories today!

then on The Question Corner, question selected was …

「The Feeling of Futton and pajamas of all of you …?」

yasu‘s answer  is …

I am basic pajamas.  I have made ABC pajamas and wear it … etc etc

then he also use a T-shirt under pajama and how he doesn’t use pillow recently …

weird question eh …


yasu      :    no, it’s not …
noi         :    i still think it is …
yasu      :    that’s because you read it wrongry …
noi         :    did i …?

next is The Set List for Ishikawa ~ Live

1.    Shangri-la
2.    Jigsaw
3.    Doomsday   clock
4.    CRISIS
5.    in the Mirror
6.    Re:birth
7.    Yes
8.    Mother
9.    Bit Stupid
10.  Cherry Cherry
11.  Black Cherry
12.  Pistol


14.  Aishitenai (request)
15.  I’m not a ghost (request)


16.  Greed Greed Greed

and my fave part is The Kewpie ..


it’s a lantern (灯籠 /tourou)

what a poor grey little darling eh, i mean why did they made all of them have to carry things on their head like that …?

ah, just ignore this question anyway because next is …

~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Ishikawa

The Meeting was held at Korinbo Yamato, an open space as well.  Even it was said on the Live yesterday how Ishikawa Prefecture have lots of rain, but the weather was fine on the Meeting day


on the Public Recording, the talking was about Project 『Shangri-la』 of course then how yasu‘s feel similarity of Kanazawa and his hometown Hirakata, some episodes of Secret Live in Kanazawa and the new upcoming single 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 with question from fans abou PV shoot ..

and talking about the upcoming single 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 look at this …


that’s the complete set of Trading Cards for 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 single, the Special Price 394 yen editions. Ok, let see if i managed to get all the complete set ne.

The last 『Greed Greed Greed』 single, i didn’t get 1 card,


the White yasu w/ skull

but then somebody sent me his/her double white yasu w/ skull card to me, just like that, no further tellin me what should i return her/him with what. I can’t write her/him a reply because there was no address attached on the letter sent to me.

and now, with hope he /she read this …

i’d like to say 1,000,000 galeon thank you, very much thank you dear. Don’t worry i didn’t scan it ne  and next time can you be less anonymous …?   xD


yasu     :       he/she’s not gonna send you again ne …
noi        :       yeah, whatever but now i realy feel the essence of Sharing is Caring ne  .. ..
yasu     :       really  ..
noi        :      
and i do care about you ne …

OK next is they already updated ….

~  3rd Season  『Shangri-la』 Meeting …


11月19日(Tuesday) 19:00 starts   ~   Abeno Q’s Mall, Osaka (FM OSAKA Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

11 月22日(Friday) 19:00 starts ~ Okayama City, the Meeting place hasn’t decided yet, (Radio Momo Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

11月27日(Wednesday)18:15 starts ~  Sea Mall Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi (FM Yamaguchi Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月01日(Sunday)15 : 00 starts ~ Motomachi Credo Pasela, Hiroshima (Hiroshima FM Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月07日(Saturday)13 : 00 starts ~ Aeon Mall Tottori Kita – 1F Central Court, Tottori (Nihonkai TV Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月08日(Sunday)15 : 30 starts ~ Shimane Civic Central Hall – side central lobby special stage, Shimane (FM Sanin Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月14日(Saturday) Start time TBA ~ Kyoto

12 月18日(Wednesday) 19:00 starts ~ Wakayama City, the Meeting place hasn’t decided yet (Wakayamahoso Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月23日(Monday) Start time TBA ~ Shiga

12月25日(Wednesday) Start time TBA ~ Hyogo

12月26日(Thursday)17: 00 starts ~ Aeon Mall Kashihara – Suth Mall 1F Sunshine Court, Nara (Music Japan TV Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

see there some Public Recording and will be held by telly stations so they will aired it right? nah i suppose now it’s time for me to hope for someone to record it and share for aaauulll of us   …. *wish*

aaand when they said it as Public Recording and High Five Meeting it means if you get the invitation to be inside The Invitation Area, you will get a High Five with yasu after the Meeting ….


see,  a real High Five ne ….!!!

so if maybe there’s some of you who still want to try your luck to get an invitation, all you gotta do is still the same,

~   you go to this m.abc-entry.jp to apply …
~   you have to live in the 3rd Meeting area or be there then  ..
~   tell them how helpless is your love to Acid Black Cherry and don’t forget ..
~   the event application period is 2013 11月15日(Friday)17:00 〜 2013 11月22日(Friday)17:00 (JST)

PS   :   They already close the application for 11/19 Osaka, 11/22 Okayama and 11/27 Yamaguchi Meeting, so if you still interested you may choose after 11/27 Yamaguchi Meeting.

and ….

~  3rd Season  『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK

3rd Season 『Shangri-la』 Documentary PHOTOBOOK

Pre-order Period : November 21st, 2013 13:00 ~ January 15th, 2014 23:59 (JST)

via Uprise (FC members) : http://upriseshop.jp/
TSUTAYA : http://tsutaya.jp/ABC/

and don’t worry there will be another per_order opening from your fave shop like CD Japan or HMV just calm down and wait OK . Even i will say i do agree when my dear Cherryl Hall posted this ..


on team_yasu, and i totally totally agree how CALM is very hard to do for fangirls especially when something like this ..

~  Lot’s of Maggazines Preview with yasu …

came out, started with this …

*  from WHAT’s IN? Magazine

source  :    http://www.whatsin.jp/magazine

while the others from

* Gekkan Songs Magazine

source   :    http://www.songsnet.jp/acid201312.html

made the is more hard to do because they added some sneak peak interview there and delightly ended it with please see Gekkan Songs, December  to continue … after this By the way yasu_san, for you what’s a “good woman” …?   question ..

Eh God, what the hell is that and where the hell is my magazines …?

i did my order for all those magazines with yasu in it together as one order. And it shocked me when i saw how sexpensive is i have to pay only for shipping.

For 3 magazines (B_PASS; Songs and WHAT’s IN) because i ordered the CD&DL Data from HMV ,  i have to pay about 5,000 yen for EMS and 3,500 yen for Air Mail.



that’s lots way more sexpensive than the magazine price itself ne. It’s gonna be more sexpensive if you do it in a separated order, means you have to pay the shipping cost differently for each magazine.

I used to do that way because i couldn’t wait any longer until there is a pre_order link available for the last scheduled magazine. But not now, ha ha ha because now i am changed ne and this is a good way of changing …

this time i have to wait longer ne,

for my magazines and 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 Special Price single from CD Japan to come because i use Air Mail shipping for all of them because i can’t pay for another EMS shipping because there’s another 3rd Season 『Shangri-la』 DOCUMENTARY PHOTOBOOK comin ..

What the hell is happen too me, this time i think i was too Greed for order by let my fingers did this and that order and ended me with 2 FC version (w/DVD and CD Only); 1 Mobile FC, 1 mu-mo version, CDJ (4 Special Price).

There was another BIG Hole on my wally, and too bad that BIG Hole that instead turned into a Key Hole that BIG Hole turned into a Black Hole and swallowed me with lots of should’a could’a would’a over and over again.

Even yeah i feel guilty to my wally but what can i do ne after all i am just a fangirl, with this idol that’s so hard to say no to  …


this recent weeks i’d say as a Bloody Week for me. Because suddenly i am bleeding for almost 3 weeks till today. At the first time i thought it was a normal hormonal confuse because my period started one week early than it usually.

but then i keep bleeding and it’s a lot of blood came out of me, and it scare me whenever i go to bathroom and see bloods still drops out of me like that. I even can smell bloods all over me.

OMG, am i having a miscarriage …?


yasu     :    don’t tell me, are you pregnant noi_chan ..?
noi        :    eh me, with who …?
yasu     :    don’t ask me back ..
noi        :    of course not, i swear to you ya_san, i never do things like that ..
yasu     :    really …?

I didn’t want to go to doctor, especially for this kind of problem. I know for you all who live in a BIG City you will never have this problem i have. I live in a small city and in here there’s only one obstetrician to go. The doctor, nurse know me, know my mom, dad, and entire family then sure there will be a talk ne ..

remember what happen in Miss Marple’s village St. Mary Mead?

what people in a village do? They do talk ne. The same thing will happen to me ne, in here people do talk and news spreading faster than if you posted on Facebook or twitter.  What a single and un_married woman like me do when seeng an obstetrician ? What’s wrong with her? Did she  … etc etc ..

not only that, but because the doctor is a male and i can’t even i magine how i will have to let him check my …. that no one i allow no one to see it and i make me dreadfully scare.

But finally i went to see the doctor, and the good news is he didn’t check my …. #ThankGod.

He only said how i am too tired and had stress too much then make the hormons inside me didn’t worked very well. He gave me some hormon pills to eat, it’s quite sexpensive pills ne. And …

Did you know i paid him 175,000 IDR just for 15 minutes talk …?

i magine ne, let’s say on 1 day he has 10 patients to talk x 175,000 = 1,750,000 then x  30 days = …. eh, how much? then …  x 12 months = … etc etc ..

OMG i should go to medical school eh, that’s a lot of money ne ..

But now i realized all the doctors that i avoid to comin to weren’t go to medical school for nothing. They knows lots of things ne, including this things happened to me because this morning when i went to bathroom and checked i see the blood is not as much as yesterday again and those sexpensive pills worked  …

anyway that above is totally a Girls Talk  … ne,

but if there’s some boys/man read this just remember don’t stress your girl, mom, older sister, younger sister OK because now you see ..

What a Stress can do to girls

Now i am really glad ne, because i am not gonna bleed out to death while my King HYDE just tellin me how thirsty he is now …

saya HYDE dari Vamps, saya haus darah …
I am HYDE from Vamps and i am thirsty for blood …

i  couldn’t stop my self to laughed a lot, especially when he said that “saya haus darah”, in my ear it sounds like saya haus dala … so because the day is comin closer, i better prepare something …

but ah ya, there you are you can see the 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ~ OS and Live Fukushima ..


PS   :

~     just click on the image and it will bring you to my Photobucket album and
~     yeah it’s password protected that i am sure all of you already know what is the password is, but …
~     if you don’t you can ask others who knows, Master Yoda or Inspector Himura, or  …
~     if you are one of my friends on Facebook you might not need any password … *wink*

i did my scan for this  one by one, each prefecture because i don’t want to ruin the whatsoever party is happening now. So please bear with me. This is so hard to keep it for my self ne, trust me ..

Now i know the reason why all the girls who had a pleasure one night stand with yasu and many other JRock artist couldn’t stand to write that things like what i read on that damn Tanuki‘s Blog.

because you my dear, your’e just too GOOD to be true and Keeping you for myself, indeed it’s very hard to do …


noi       :    bye ya_san, o … yasu .. mi
yasu    :    at this time ..
noi       :    i have to prepare myself and my neck ne ..
yasu    :    for what …
noi       :    King HYDE, don’t you see he is thirsty for blood who knows he might want to bite me …
yasu    :    yeah, right …