Amazing Yasu, … again (and Tetsuya)

last night i watch again Tetsuya live DVD …. and look who i found …. who is he? the cute guys next to Leader_sama ….? …..

then i found out that he is Yoshi Nakamura, he is the red hair guitarist on The Juicy Banana, …. err i can’t remember his last name is it Nakamura or Hamamura …. but he is cute ne ….

why did i never notice him? …. the reason is so simple … because Leader_sama is to mabushiiii …..

アップアップ see see he is wassshooooiiii …. btw what is the meaning of washoi anyway, … i dunno but he said that a lot on live and it sounds good … so i just follow him saying that

wasshhoooiii …..

just like Hyde, i think Tetsuya already reach everything, i mean he got his golden moment … his band and his solo project worked and success …. and also he already found his beloved (he is married) … i get shocked when he gets married to Ayana ….

but i am glad eventually he found her and he looks happy ……

yesterday i just read again another interview translation from Kiku, yeah Kiku is so kind for sharing translation about Yasu …. …. i like how he describe love : ,

“Man, just thinking of that person makes me happy~ (sincere look)”. It’s like when you think, “Oh, man, I’m so tired today~ When I get home I’ll just pass out~” but the second you get home, you get a call from that person you like, all like “Wanna go out to dinner?” and you’re so happy you go, “I’ll be right there! I’m not tired at all!” Isn’t that what love does?

Reading that and thinking what a good person he is, it really makes me hope that someday if he wants to, when he’s ready and has time, he finds someone perfect for him. He is so deserve every happiness he can get. ♥

because he is amazing ne? …. even he said he haven’t felt that way to anyone lately, ….. too bad, i think Yasu should be in love …..

and yeah tomorrow is holiday, so today i work late …. i don’t want leave any desk job when i go on vacation tomorrow. i wanna have some fun …. even i am not celebrating Christmas …. but i just love the atmosphere …….. and then i found this on my bed …

yay, it is arrived ….. ahahaha ….. what a complete vacation ….. last but not least i am gonna say Merry Christmas and happy holiday minna, …….恋の矢