A Fangirl Post : Acid Black Cherry 2015 Tour L -エル- … (Another me, yasu and The Fangirl License )

The new Album hasn’t released yet,   。。。

but they already announced this upcoming tour for the new album next year and they call it as ….

                                 2015 Tour L -エル-


yes, i knew there will be another Tour for the upcoming New Album next year, but i had no idea if they will announced it by the beginning of December.

I thought they will announced it after the album release (February) or at when 2014 is over (read : The Beginning of January) so that would be great as A Surprise for New Year’s Eve on Acid Black Cherry fandom eh …

But as you know all the words already spoken, the announcement already made the i suppose it is time for us to prepare our self.

so brace yourself , as fast as Michael Fassbender …


yasu     :    really noi_chan, use Michael Fassbender again ….?
noi        :    why not, he is the young MAGNETO ne …
yasu     :    i know, but you already use it on Facebook. Go find another fast man …
noi        :    then who, FLASH ...?
yasu     :    hmmm …
noi        :    but that’s DC Comics, not Marvel and you know you are not super hero, you can not fly ne
yasu     :    still i am faster than you, Capt. Slow … *laugh*
noi        :    OK then, lemme say it again …

Brace yourself and prepare your self everyone,

because as fast as The FLASHyasu and his team now are getting fast …. !!


Yeah i am tellin you eh,

there will be a lot of things to prepare whether you (at least, me …..xD) are going to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- or not. For sexample like preparing yourself for …

1.  FanClub Ticket Lottery …


if you are Janne Da Arc FanClub Members and have a plan to go see that Incuyasu live on stage next year, prepare yourself for the FanClub lottery ticket appliction

Ticket pre-entry Period : December 10th, 2014 (Wed) 13: 00 ~ December 15th (Monday) 23:59 JST
via Uprise                   : http://upriseshop.jp/ (you have to be a VIP member to apply)

Application Result and confirmation : http://pia.jp/piajp/v/abc15fc-rslt/
Confirmation and Payment Period   : December, 22nd (Monday) 18: 00 ~ December 28th (Sunday ) 23:59 JST

Tour Schedule

March, 10th (Tuesday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 12th (Thursday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 18th (Wednesday) Fukuoka : Fukuoka Sunpalace

March, 21st (Saturday) Kagoshima : Kagoshima Baoshan Hall

March, 23rd (Monday) Shiga : Biwako Hall Great Hall

March, 25th (Wednesday) Hyogo :  Kobe International Conference Center International Hall

March, 29th (Sunday) Tokyo : Tokyo International Forum Hall A

April 1st (Wednesday) Kagawa : Alpha Anabuki Hall

April, 3rd (Friday) Osaka : Festival Hall

April 7th, (Tuesday) Fukui : Fukui Phoenix Plaza

April 9th (Thursday) Mie : Yokkaichi City Cultural Hall

April 13th (Monday) Shizuoka : Act Tower, Great Hall

April 16th (Thursday) Ishikawa : Honda Forest Hall

April 19th (Sunday) Nagano : Hokuto Cultural Hall

April, 21st (Tuesday) Aichi : Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall

May, 1st (Friday) Saitama : Omiya Sonic City, Great Hall

May, 7th (Thursday) Iwate : Morioka Civic Cultural Hall – Large Hall

May 11th (Monday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 13th (Wednesday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 15th (Friday) Fukushima : Koriyama Civic Cultural Center, Grand Hall

May, 26th (Tuesday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

May, 28th (Thursday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

June, 3rd (Wednesday) Hokkaido : Nittori Culture Hall

June, 11th (Thursday) Okayama : Kurashiki Civic Hall

June, 15th (Monday) Ehime : Matsuyama Civic Center

and for you all who don’t have that plan still, prepare yourself for …

2.    The Upcoming Tour GOODs


i am sure you all know just like the man himself,  Acid Black Cherry‘s Live GOODs are really hard to say no and last but not least, of course  …

3.    Whatever things related and will follow it

i am talking about news, sexlist, MCs and Blog Post from team_ABC on the Official Blog so i suppose …

you all can start to find another Acid Black Cherry fellows who will go to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- on Facebook, twitter, ameblo or another social media that internet offer to stalk ..

eh no i mean to add, follow ne …. >_<

i mean, surely you all want to know what will happen there ne …

~  what will yasu say on the MC,
~  will he end topless or not or …


ah, he must be ….!!!

~  what kind of game or scenario they will came up with on that 2015 Tour L -エル- 

surely they have to think about something new to make that live more live and hopefully they don’t just repeat their scenario from 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  because that’s gonna be boring eh …

Then Oh God, what about me ….



i am talking about me, Inspector Himura ne …

yasu   :   so, you are not going …
noi      :   yes, i think so …
yasu   :   nee noi_chan, remember for the last 「Shangri – La 」 Live you said ..
noi      :   omo,  …

yes, i do remember  ….


so last year,

when they (yasu and his team) announced the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour i said to my self and everyone if i will not go to Japan with so many reasons.

But you all know what happen next …

I still go to Japan with a business class flight indeed,  and like an idiot with no shame i asked 2 kawaii Highschool students to take this picture of me did this Hail to yasu (read : image of yasu on truck, precisely) at Nippon Budokan

So what should i do now ….

Let myself to think if the same thing will happen again, i mean i will go even i already said i will not go? Or should i say i will go so i am not going to see the Incuyasu Live on 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year …

But i think no matter i say i am going or not, it will end with me not going to that 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year.

Why …?

that’s because now they use different way,

unlike the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  , now they use Uprise for the Lottery Application. It means i have to log in to Uprise or use the postcard application form they sent.

the problem is the postcard is not in my hand, and also i dunno what my password to enter that VIP Members Only – Application page on Uprise because my proxy is the one who usually deal with it.

And if i asked him, means i have to pay the fee and tickets price first no matter i will get it or not because the result, confirmation and payment period is very short, only 6 days

so at least i have to pay 2 x 7,560 yen + …. etc etc  = +/- 15,000 or 17,000 yen.

Oh no, no i am not gonna do that because i still have a lots of things to buy on my list and look at my wallet,

it’s already nothing there …


So yes, this time i really gonna pass this whatsoever lottery ticket to see yasu.

but maybe, i said maybe ne and who knows if …..

~  like the previous , 「Shangri – La 」 Tour they also add the same Arena TOUR after all those Hall Tour, and maybe again …
~  at the same week additional ARENA Tour (in Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama), L’arc_en_Ciel will back and hold another Live



One OK Rock will held another Live so at the same week i can see all HYDE, yasu and ..

this stroberry …!!!


last September, when i failed on than N-whatsoever test and can’t go to Japan with my boss,

i said to myself …

Next year, if i go to Japan again i have to watch Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu) Live on stage.

i am talking about live in a BIG Stadium Live like their last Mighty Long Fall ~ Yokohama Live. I watched it for so many times i can’t remember and this part where Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu again …. xD ) sing this song

A Thousand Miles from Vanessa Carlton


that song suddenly hit me, hit on every part of me and it kinda haunt me.

At that time, because how that song hit me very hard i really want somebody to listen and understand that song so he will get how i really miss him.

So again like an idiot,

yeah love can make you like a fool and do silly thing, like me translated that song into Japanese using my Heart to Heart Translation,

so i suppose it’s totally wrong translation …


もしも 私が、

that’s why i never send it to him, Eeeh God …

I am totally Hopeless … !!!


yasu        :      so, he really dumped you noi_chan …
noi           :      i can’t believe he really did it ne, i mean hey who did dare to dump me  ….
yasu        :      he did, and that Friday also did
noi           :      no, no, no don’t say that …
yasu        :      don’t worry, i’ll get you another super glue now  ….

but about my heart , …

i suppose i have to give my heart 1,000 standing applause ne because no matter how much and hard i got hurt by them ( both of them) i still can back to love again.

OK, i am talking about how i tried to talk again and tryn to do my best to be connected again and even i failed to re-connect and got nothing but hurt i still have to thanks to my heart

and of course to God

for givin me a good, strong and healthy heart like my heart.

ah, forget about him ne and now let’s back to this Stroberry ….


yes, i do call him (read : again and again, taka baby not yasu …. xD ) with Stroberry from The Baby Stroberry Taka ne and then suddenly one day he posted this photo of him with a stroberry on his mouth …


Eh God, ….

i almost fall from my bed when i see that ne, i mean OMG that’s a very nice thing to see.  My phone was the one that fell from bed, but i was so very happy that night.

I mean what’s more perfect than to see Baby Stroberry with a Stroberry on your Instagram at midnight …???

and i can’t stop thinking he must be a good damn in kissu ….

noi       :     ねえ〜〜、ヤッさん 。。。。???
yasu    :      he is not gonna kiss you ..
noi       :     でも …
yasu    :      dream on fangirl and you better finish this post ne …

OMG, i talked too much eh …

But i think this is better than my previous post ne. I wrote a very long full of rambling post 2 days ago and i save it but i dunno why or what the hell again happened to Eljay because when i open my Eljay this morning

It’s gone, all of it …

So i think you all have to say thank you to whoever made my long rambling post gone because thanks to them you all saved from a very long boring full of rambling post from me.

and ah ya, this one is the ….

~  Whatsoever Update from me …

a bit late, but this is

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK ~  Nagasaki


Enjoiii ….. !!!!!

now, let’s talk about a Fangirl License

Today i had a very long talk on twitter with my friends, and as always they are amazing like how they always are. We talked about a lot of things started from the Over The L’arc_en_Ciel GOODs, Fangirl License and somehow

it ended with yasu

and how i open my eyes if there’s so many another yasu in Japan, not only Yasuda Shota ( eeeh, だれ だ。。。。???) and this

yasu the Blonde on My Facebook Wall


it started when one of my friend said about how she will not able to see Over The L’arc_en_Ciel in cinema next year, then suddenly i asked her …

Why can’t you go next year? is your Fangirl License got expired …???

OMG can’t believe i said something like that, i thought it was funny but now when i think about it again i feel like i was sayin something rude to my friend.

Maybe she has her own reason ne ….

So today, i got a new lesson about how i should keep my jokes (the bad and possibly hurt one) only here, not for my friends on twitter or Facebook ….  *head desk 69x*

Now last but not least is for next 2015,

which is only another 26 days and i know i will still be like me, this way as a Fangirl but i need something MAGIC to be happen.

A MAGIC that will end with …

me go to Japan not only to see yasu, but also HYDE and The Stroberry … #Amin


noi       :     please do say Amin for me …..
yasu    :     but, what if your Fangirl License is the one expired next year ..
noi       :     hello,  i am Inpector Himura ne, i do have my own stamp to renew it …
yasu    :     what the …
noi       :     fine if my Driving License expired 2 years ago, but my Fangirl License is FOREVER ….. !!!!!



Weekend Post : Secret Meeting キタ ..! (Another me, yasu, CD&DL でーた Interview and Miss Sarah Bunting)



Hello, hello everyone i am having my weekend btw   …..

Aaaand ….


yasu     :     what another delayed homework ….?
noi        :      well, i am afraid so
yasu     :      then what’s for today, another long movie talk  ..
noi        :      of course not …

Well,  you know what i am gonna talking about ne,

~   yeah, 「INCUBUS」 again … !!!!

CD Only

on their latest post on The Official Blog they said they were in the factory and they shared how the CD‘s processing from …

CD Board printing (Japan’s first premiere 「INCUBUS 」 CD Board)


then gathered


then put it into 『INCUBUS』 CD case


jacket also set and  the seal will be attached from the top to the end


and finally …. !!!


i’d say that’s very interesting post ne and indeed, as you read what Team_ABC posted on The Official Blog there will be a Secret Meeting


place and time already decided like this  …

Place     :   Team_ABC‘s twitter : https://twitter.com/TeamABCofficial
Time       :   Sunday, October 12th 2014 at 23:00 ~  24:00 JST

it’s on JST (Japanese Standart Time) so make sure you know what time is is on your country.  On that Secret Meeting they (read : Team_ABC) will tweet a link to their Youtube channel for something.

on CD&DL でーた interview yasu sayin

fans who already know my style must start to wonder  how is the next album concept …. ?

so in this case i’d say fans who already know yasu and his Team_ABC style will know if

the link that they will privately tweet is a link for 「INCUBUS 」 PV … !!!

short version, i suppose …

And also because they said it will be a private tweet means they will make their twitter account as private,  so you must be on twitter and be follow them …

How to do that …..?


noi        :     オモ、is that a joke ….?
yasu     :     why everything is joke for you …
noi        :      because hey, who isn’t on twitter now …?
yasu     :      there’s some, because  …

Indeed, somebody asked that question about how to join twitter and follow Team_ABC that they kindly answered it by this tweet ….


How kind and sweet eh …

they are rather kindly sweet now,  aren’t they?

so everyone, tomorrow on 23:00 ~ 24:00 JST,  make sure you all on-line and ready in front of your PC.  They will only open the link for one hour so like Cinderalla‘s ball, the Secret Meeting ended at midnight.

So  you all know what you have to do because thanks to how earth goes around the sun and created time difference for us (read : oversea fans), who knows some of us might not able to join the Secret Meeting for school or works reason.

and as always everyone …

Sharing is Caring …  >_<

and today ….


i just back fro the post office to get my るろうに剣心 poster that my friend kindly send to me.  He is from Singapore and about two weeks ago, he said to me if he won るろうに剣心 poster and kindly asked whether if i want it or not …

I said yes, i want it ….!!!

But it is always took forever to ge to get something that i really want. This time is るろうに剣心 poster, If my friend said i will get it on 10 days i think i will have it on 20 or 25 days from the day he send it. I am not gonna say Indonesian Post is slow, but maybe it is because how far is my village.

i suppose now it is the perfect time where this sassy and annoying Miss Sarah Bunting will say …


i really don’t like her at all,

even Lady Mary approved by sayin to Tom about how not keen she is for Miss Bunting even she also said she will support whatever Tom decide later.


But we have to see her a lot in this 5 Season of Downton Abbey since Tom Branson, the lovely Irish widower’s part is bigger and Miss Bunting is in it. And …

Do you know what Miss Bunting said to those Rusian refugees ….?


yasu     :     noi_chan, stop talking about your TV series …
YUKI     :     is she always like this …
yasu     :     yeah, she is one of those TV junkies
noi        :     guys, i can hear you ne …
yasu     :     then finish this post hurry, i am busy


so because how i don’t like that sassy Miss Bunting, from now on i will call every  pepople that i think annoying as Miss Bunting … !!!

next is this ….

~    CD & DLでーた 2014年 10月号 Interview : Focus 1 「 Music Production Technics 」


From a powerful rock tone to a beautiful ballad, until now yasu won hearts of the fans thanks to his various musical compositions.

So how is yasu‘s thoughts about music production technical like writing lyrics, creating song and more …?

Every song, surely need their own process and how is yasu‘s thoughts about that?

If the intro doesn’t fit, then it will not reach the hook

yasu is said to be a type of serious person when the time of music production. Is that true ?

「yes, i am not a type of person who love to keep ideas that i got on the days before because on the regular day i cannot think maximal.

Actually i only able to create music when there’s eagerness to make it. If i don’t have the Let’s Make Music … !!!, then i cannot make a music.

On the other way, when i am in the period of making music time then i will think about it over and over. Even when i am doing any other activity like playing game or watching TV. 」

DAIGO even say : yasu, why when it come to creating music time you really hard to call ?

Are you too serious to do it …?

「ha ha ha … yes (laugh) because i really could not pick up the phone. 」

yasu, do you often play musical instruments and do arrangement by yourself?

「yes, but sometimes i feel not sure enough after finished some percent, so i always ask for opinions.

Basically, i never think what they think about me because if i think about it, it will be a burden for me. But at least they will give the best right?

However i do love many musical instruments. I don’t like if somebody say a vocalist job is only to make song. 」

yasu, you really love drums aren’t you?

On Ongaku to Higetachi 2014 – Stadium Rock’n Roll August 30th in Niigata on the performance of Maximum The Hormone you seemed having fun to claps your hands on your knees as if you were playing drums.

「yes, at that time i was carried away.

I do love drums, because drum’s pattern also can produce a nice song.

When i started to create a song, i think about what kind of pattern that fans preferred. Is it a vertical or horizontal pattern. Beside that, i also set the tempo, rhythm, beat and else. 」

ー In making music composition, what is the most prioritized part?

Intro. Intro is the most important right?

I am more better in intro than hook, even people say i am good on hook but if the intro doesn’t fit then it will not reach the hook.

Song and melody also very important. With melody, intro become a music. There’s a time guitar riff is also important. I often says i want to able to do key … !! like this then tryin various keys. At that time, i always do my best.

On music production, want to started from any part each person have their own way depends on the music it self. But i think the most important is the upper tone and intro. Upper tone set, then to intro.

First, i think about what kind of melody that i will use and then i make the intro. 」

PS   :   

1.   Intro/introduction is  a unique section that comes at the beginning of the song. usually contain only music and no words.
2.   Hook is a musical idea, often a short riff, passage, or phrase, that is used in popular music to make a song appealing and catch the ear of the listener. It generally applies to popular music, especially rock music, R&B, hip hop, dance music, and pop  

ー By using mono, is there something that can be started with melodi A or B?

「 There is. I only use some trick that basically it came up from my thoughts as well. By doing trials like key changing on this and that part.」

ー have you ever make the lyrics first and then the music?

「No. Creating words, lyrics straight together with melody i suppose that’s a rare thing to happen. For example : what kind of melody for this word eh …? it is gonna be hard to remember.

But generally lyrics are take on from the tone

ー so after tone then lyrics?

Then on the phase of where you start to think about things like on this music i am gonna a scene like this or  i wanna make this from a woman’s point of view ?

「Well, i am not that kind of type.

When i take the lyrics, i do system check first. For example, on this high key i want to use a or e. I am not good with row u and the height of row i. Or i am good with ki in this key, but ki on that key i am not good enough.

That was it, i think a lot about that kind of things then i managed to decide it.

Then to make music good to be heard, i often play on words. For example it’s a high tone seems perfect eith a, because it is falsetto , maybe it will better to make it u or i. I never do tone extension for n.

yeah, just like that.

Because based on voice, there are times when the voice will be easily lost or in words there is voice that broken or sonant. Then there’s 2 syllables on one tone, example ai spoken in one voice : ai. There’s also three syllables in one tone.

That’s how i write lyrics while think about what kid of words i have to use so it can become a beautiful melody.」

ー ah, that’s why your music is so good to be heard and has its own characteristics. Not inferior to western music


ー so the first step is system check. But after that do you also make a storyline? That’s a pretty hard thing to do, isn’t it? Because you also have to adjust the character or letter to a perfect voice.

「yea, that’s the phase that need most time and cause problem.

Like prioritize the story, points of the lyrics or the beautiful voice. For that kind of meaning, it supposed to use this word, but later it will come to be less in the listener’s heart, like that. 」

ー sounds really hard eh …

「yeah, it is hard. It’s quite troublesome work to do. Well, i can only explain to that, maybe not all but actually that is the hardest part.

Because for the listener, the point and storyline of a song lyrics is important but me as the song writer must give the priority to the beautiful sounds.」

ー OK, then on the timing when you will say what if we make this melody is for another song …

「There’s no such an exact timing to say. It just flows. Creating an atmosphere or sometime write a little bit painful lyrics to non-mellow.

Of course when the melody already set, then automatically the atmosphere, color or the song’s beauty will created. 」

ー なるほど、by the way some says if a master piece usually created when you really are broken hearted rather than when you are happy or nothing happen.

What about you yasu? Is there any song created because your heart was broken?

「yeah, it was a long time ago.

But actually i am not somebody who able to create when broken heart or sad. yes, i had one. I wrote a song lyrics because i my heart was broken.

It was a long time ago, when i wrote lyrics of Janne Da Arc ‘s Kasumi Yuki Sora Se ni Shite,  i was broken hearted before.

On that lyrics, i let the words based on the scene of what i had that time. But because of that it sounds more real. so the message can delivered well to the listener.

People do have their own way of thinking, but for me when i am in my saddest time i cannot write lyrics.

Then few time later, maybe i remember it again that scene and i able to write a lyrics. And of course that sad is already my past so i can laugh and talk about it with you.」


ー 口づけて 愛し方 教えてくれたなら
忘れ方も 教えてよ …

kuchizukete aishikata oshietekureta nara
wasurekata mo oshiete yo

Since by kissing me, you taught me how to love
Teach me how to forget it, too


流した涙の数だけ 君を愛してた これだけは言えるよ間違いじゃない

nagashita namida no kazu dake kimi wo aishiteta kore dake wa ieru yo machigaijanai

With just the tears I’ve shed, I can only say I loved you, and that’s no mistake

then the listener will say this lyrics is so me, i wanna cry. But now it is not the time to be drawn in this memories

「ha ha ha , really ….?

But i think that’s good, every listener must their own memories right?

But for example if the scene on this song not really sounds good to them, at least by listening to the song they can feel what other people may feel.」

ー yes, yes music composition and and lyrics are totally connected. Just like your technics of using a little bit painful lyrics on a non-mellow song

「yeah, like that. When i was young, i thought it is not a good lyrics if it’s to easy to understand

ーFor this interview, to gathered information i was also read yasu‘s song lyrics. It turned out to be fairly typical, because it’s different with other love song’s lyrics. On yasu‘s lyrics, there’s lot of man and woman’s psychological description.

「Is that much? I don’t even realize it.

I think a love song it must be connected with the phrase オマエが好き/I love you. There’s no such words like 愛してる/I love you. So i change the point of view of 愛してる/I love you feeling.

When i write a lyrics, i always pay attention from which point of view is the storyline. 」

PS  :

オマエが好き/Omae ga suki for I love you is more often used by man rather than 愛してる.

Because 愛してる is more serious I love you with a deeper meaning about you want to spent the rest of your life with someone you say 愛してる to

ーWhen i read your lyrics it also surprised me and make me say so, it is like this when my feelings written to words . And because that lyrics also remind me to my forgotten feelings.

Not only from the perfect scene and point of view but i also able to bubbling the emotions from that feelings/experience i ever had.

I think it is brilliant.

「Really? i didn’t expect it can be that way, but i am glad to hear your opinion.

Actually lyrics is pretty hard to do. It is true if a song lyrics gonna feel more live if it’s according to our experience even maybe it will violates some policy.

But if only care about policy, so only rely on outside look or cool stuffs to sat then the message will not delivered at all. So too much to the point is not good but not less is not good as well.」

ーso the to the point sing for real it invites sympathy or lots of responds, but is it also caused haters?

「yeah, actually it is.

Lyrics is not easy. I’ve read a lyrics that the meaning is not clear  what the hell is this ?.

But otherwise, when i was young i had a wish to use cool words on lyrics. Inside a lyrics, beside there’s a good choice of words surely it also has a good meaning.

Because if the meaning is too easy to understand, then it will become a not good lyrics」


ーFurthermore yasu, in one song from 3 minutes to 5 minutes there must be a storyteller that can make a good story , just like you. And when there’s a booming song and lyrics, you always be an icon.

「Thanks for the compliment, accept anything like that was nice.

It will created an imagination for the listener. I want all the listener enjoy my song, impressed, get a new mood or carried away. I will be very happy if my music and lyrics can move the listener’s heart.

For example, somebody eat an hamburger. I will be happy that person say what is this, i never eat something like this before but it is delicious rather than it’s like a delicious hamburger that i ate before.

Another example, a person who love metal is like a person who love curry. Today is curry, tomorrow is Qeema curry (Indian curry) and next day is black curry. Then that person say waah so delicious, curry is the best … !!!.

Each person have their own specialties, but i’d prefer if that person say wah, it is really curry but what’s the ingredients huh? i never see it before.

Something like that is my goal, to find a new unexpected things. And i don’t like to say it is not good for something 」

ーBecause not good, it doesn’t mean it is a bad thing right?

「Yes, both in song or lyrics. After debut, i was somebody that so chatty about lyrics.

When somebody asked me Is your lyrics failed  ….  ? i answered there is definitely a failure.

People do have failure right.

Bad result, it can be prevented, but i always not somebody who have a confident about lyrics, so while writing a lyrics i often confused how is this ? . But because there’s a failure so i became like this. 」

ーそう、a simple type …

「really, i just know there’s such a simple type」

ーIf you think it is a positive, you also think about the negative part right?

「yes, perhaps. When i talked with other musician, i’ve said  Are you sure that’s gonna be good? but i even decided it’s better not to be published. It must be fun if it can be published well, but actually not published it also fine.

So when i think about it again, failed is sucks. 」


ーyaya, it’s like you admitting your own lyrics. I also had one, when i was young i often get my script failed to publish.

「Maybe it is the same feeling, but aren’t you feel tired if you keep failin? 」

ーyes, because a script is also sum of words. We can’t just decided to use what kind of word, like a lyrics.

「Writing a lyrics, maybe we can call it as a song fiction. Open one by one part that step by step it will become better than before.」

ーyeah, it’s like sharpening yourself, so it’s normal if we feel happy about getting a compliment.

「Get a compliment is like getting a recognition and think i finally recognized … !!! then feel happy.」

ーyou are a person with lots of compliments eh ..

「ha ha ha …

Compliments, that means a lot. People who often failed, they must be very tired. I can say that because i had failures too. I am thankful for that but still, failed is sucks.」

ーthen do your best not to fail

「ha ha ha, that’s right 」

ーand do your best as talented person

「Talented, who is talented ?」

ーno no no, i think you are a really talented person. You must feel why i am now able to understand a woman’s heart?That must be because you learned a lot from romance aren’t you?

「I am not that bad. We never realize if we can learn a lot from many things. I am that kind of person.」

ーBtw, the new single on October is gonna have what kind of feeling?

「A song composition that’s not like a single at all. 「Greed Greed Greed」  is not like a single song. If this single can be more than 4, then i will think about an album.

Fans who already know my style must start to wonder how is the next album concept …? . I am really happy to hear it. So i hope you all to wait. 」

that’s all for today ….

i a will continue the next part maybe Focus 2  :  Statement Collection (yasu’s)  tomorrow while waiting for the Secret Meeting to come, because i am gonna spent this day to continue this …

Do you see the Shangri – La …..?

first area is almost finish, 11 area left to finish aaandd

next area will be more difficult than the previous because it is the middle area means there’s no blocking job (read : not changing color a lot, but only use the same color for a larger area) .

Changing color a lot  is a bit difficult to me since i only have one needle and i keep lost it and forget where the hell i put it.

So yeah i will need more coffee for that …

i am a coffee addict, so yes i do love and need coffee ….

Last night it was a little bit hell of a night since there’s no coffee left in the kitchen and i don’t like to go out again after after work if nothing important. I went to bed with no coffee last night.

after listening to this song many times and let the un_healed wound of my broken heart open again …


僕の考えは間違いと 自分隠した 正しさが何かもわからずに
流した涙の数だけ 君を愛してた これだけは言えるよ間違いじゃない



Whuuut the,  my intentions were misguided ……???


yasu       :      eh, really noi_chan ….
noi          :      i do have a crush on him ya_san, それは、間違いじゃないよ 。。。。!!!
yasu       :      but he is still ignore you, how many days already until now?
noi          :      a week ….
yasu       :      i’ll find a super glue for your heart then
noi         :       oh, how nice    ….



熱い 。。。Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」~ Gunma … (another me, yasu and The Earlier Summer in ABC Fandom)


今日は暑いですね 。。。

it’s very hot in here these days. I don’t have thermometer, but my Yahoo Home Page said today is about 35 or 36°C so i do nothing but lock my self at office and turn on the Air Conditioner into 16°C while check in on my twitter TimeLine

and found this what Mr. James May a.k.a Capt. Slow tweet_ed …..


nah, that’s what a brilliant joke and …

btw what the hell is happen with weather ne, it became so changeable like me ( ha ha ….xD ). I mean two days ago rain was fallin and today sun just shining more bright and want to burn everything down here including me.

So everything turned out to be HOT ….

especially when this Mind Blowing Man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) somehow able to made some HOT Conspiracy with The Sun to make summer come earlier this year in ABC Fandom by what else but …

Looking so HOT more HOT than Mumbay in May like this …


ohhh ho ho ho noooooooo  …. *falling down again from London Bridge*

yasu    :     why, it is already May ne …
noi       :     indeed it is a very
HOT May and thanks to you, i …
yasu    :     don’t start again …
noi       :     what …
yasu    :     i know what you are gonna say …

Anyway highway,

Recently i just love my twitter, especially since Robert Downey Junior (RDJ) you know the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark a.k.a IRON MAN finally joined twitter with his first tweet  ..


and then what happened next is my Twitter Time Line is full of excitement to watch after all them who play my fave Super Heroes and villain start to talk each other on twitter from …

~    Mark Ruffalo  (The HULK/Bruce Banner)


said his welcome to twitter to his forever Science Bros pal, and not enough with that, Mark also tweet_ed him asked RDJ to post their Science Bros selfie.

I was so excited about it ne, i waited and waited, then about one hour later, via his Tumblr and Instagram acc. Mark really posted this, him and RDJ‘s Science Bros selfie photo and made a BOOM on internet.


OMG that was awesome, ne.

I always love their Science Bros thing between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, remember the after credit scene on IRON MAN? that’s my fave scene between them ne. And then with them twitter just surprised me everyday,

for example when Mark suddenly tweet_ed to Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and say  …


i was like what the hell is happen today ne,

suddenly HULK and Loki talk each other on twitter? and that i do miss him! and Tom where are you mate? really? that’s just beyond all my imagination ne.

I mean HULK, did he really missed that someone he called as Puny God …? xD

and it didn’t stop there, when instead of sayin

like how is Loki inside my brain, but it was like this something that i said as an impossible sweet reply from Loki to HULK ….


Look, he even call HULK with buddy ….?

OMG i suppose i had to fell again from London bridge, ah ya i think i’ve been thinking too much with my love Super Heroes brain ne, and OK, that was the Real Madness happeing inside me.

Indeed, i love Super Heroes movies, all of it.

Eh not all of it anyway, maybe except this new version of Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garldfield.

I dunno why i am just not that sexcited about this movie ne even i do like Emma Stone, but i still prefer the previous version with Tobey Mcguire, Kristen Dunts and James Franco as Harry Osborne

and  i am also so sexcited when i see there’s some love sparkle start to happen between Black Widow (Natasha Romanov) and Capt. Rogers on Capt. America and The Winter Soldier . Even i know they both will get marry but still it just so lovely for me to wonder what will happen between them  …

of course i also followed

~  Chris Evans (Capt. Rogers)


apparently now i am one from all his 1.02 M followers on twitter. I got more fun to see him tweet_ed this excitement of him about release Capt. America and The Winter Soldier at the same day with RDJ‘s birthday.


and sure if you are on Facebook and liked RDJ‘s Facebook Page, you must know if RDJ held his 49th birthday party this year in Marvel way by invited over than 50 kids to watch Capt. America and The Winter Soldier together at his home.

BkgXHAfIUAISuzX.jpg medium

A private screening at home ne, that’s so cool. I mean plus with the approval from The Captain himself.

Yeah,  i always think RDJ is cool ne. Who is more cool than RDJ? i say nobody. He, him self is also genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist just like Tony Stark, the character he play.

even he (read : Chris Evans/Capt. Rogers) didn’t say welcome to twitter to RDJ, and that’s good, because i know it will kinda weird for me to see it, because on the movie you know how weird is things going on between Tony Stark and Capt. Rogers ne.


some kind of rivalry i think,

so it doesn’t surprised me when Capt. Rogers didn’t even bother asked for help from Tony Stark when  all things went wrong for in inside SHIELD and The Winter Soldier, Bucky


ah, my dear Bucky …

Talking aboutThe Winter Soldier, Bucky ne, the 2nd Capt. America and The Winter Soldier added one on my Broomance List after yasu and DAIGO, so now my Broomance List is …

1.    SHERLOCK Holmes and John Watson


Ah come on, what’s more Broomance than SHERLOCK and John?

2.   yasu and DAIGO  …


OK, not gonna say anything about it …xD, aaand last but not least is …

3.  Capt. America and The Winter Soldier …

remember what Capt. Rogers said to The Winter Soldier, Bucky when he beat/punch him over and over on his face (eh, God not the face please … !!) ? The very same line with what young Bucky said to young Steve Rogers after his parents funeral …

I will stay with you until the end of the line …

That’s so sweet and heart breakin at the same time ne, i mean how Capt. Rogers just take all Bucky‘s punches all over his face like that, OMG see the true friendship bonding between them?

That’s why for you my dear,  to add some sweet in this whatsoever i do for you in this fandom world,  allow me to say the same Line with Capt. Rogers , .from now on, …..

I will stay with you until the end of the line …

noi         :     i mean it eh ,  i really do …
yasu      :     now, it is friendship between us …
noi         :     i think so …
yasu      :     well, OK so now can you back to the topic …

OK enough with the Super Hero talk, back to 「Shangri-la 」

i did say on my previous post about me started post for 5th Season  Project 「Shangri-la 」 after the  「Shangri-la Live」 ~ Tokyo post ne,

but then when i look again their (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) post list, i see  there’s still 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Tokyo and this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Gunma

omo what a fool me …..

That’s why everyone, let’s finish this something that i hope will be my last post for 4th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」, with  …

~   「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma

「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma which has been postponed due to heavy snow finally was held at LABI1 Takasaki, it was such a large venue. Together with FM Gunma, 「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma started with talked about ..

#  「Shangri-la  Live 」  ~ Gunma that was held weeks ago, thoughts an impression about it …

Simply, Live performance i have, it’s always in the major cities and i think i have to visit all of you. This time (Project  『Shangri-la』),  is to go as close as possible. Comes into an interaction as much as possible and becomes fun.

It is a simple Project (laugh)

then next question is …

#   The Local gourmet that you want to eat again while you were travelling around the whole country for this Project 『Shangri-la』 …

Thinking about this tour so far, i was an (off) type which doesn’t come out at all, but i think about to go out a little this time.

It wasn’t all around country, but to Ise Jingu and Izumo Taisha shrine because it was the year of Sengu, so i was allowed to go there. I am not such a spiritual type so much, since it was only once in 20 and 60 years so i was happy to go.

The thing that i want to eat, is Tarekatsu because i ate everyday in Niigata.  タレカツは美味しいですよ!

next is

#  The BOØWY talk

Eh God, let’s skip this …


yasu   :    what the ….
noi      :    it’s the same question and answer …
yasu   :    what about your same rambling drama, you should skip that too ..
noi      :    of course not, i won’t skip any drama in my life ..
yasu   :    hee  …

then they also received some worried message about what happened on 「Shangri-la Live」~  Gunma, February 20th

At the end of Live in Beishia Hall February 20th you got hit on your knee, was it OK after that?

At the end of The Live, …

I was think about to fly/jump on a stand when i wanted to say hello to everyone, and unexpectedly there wasn’t flyin distance. It was too low and i got hit on my knee and ended up in pain (laugh).

It was a hit with a nice momentum, but i was completely OK.

next question is

When i go out to play or go to work, i go by car mostly. I like car, so yasu_san, what kind of car do you like?

I also like to go by car, but a long time ago i wanted a convoy head (he is talking about a semi trailer truck, usually it is more similar to a caravan than a military convoy),

Convoy, an old Convoy i am talking about, do you understand it… ?

I say as the part of the head of traction truck of Transformers, nah do you get it? I wanted that, and also Sylvester Stallone‘s movie 「Over The Top」, it was an arm wrestling movie . The grand price (an expensive new custom semi-truck), i thought it was so cool

FYI   :     he is talkin about Sly (Sylvester Stallone)’s old movie on 1987. Sly as Lincoln Hawk a truck driver who want to rebuild his llfe again after the death of his wife and build his own truck company.

I am not that into this movie ne, because for me there’s so many wrong and fails on it and i always ended mad to Sly whenever i watch again that movie.

After all, Rocky from  the 1st Rocky (1976), Rocky II ~ Rocky V and the last Rocky Balboa (2006) are still my best Sly movies …xD

So, he loves trucks eh, i wonder …..


noi          :      i wonder have you ever drive those ABC trucks …
yasu       :      eh, what kind of question is that
noi          :      or, don’t tell me you don’t have a licence …?
yasu       :      eeeh ….
noi          :     大丈夫ですよ やーさん,  at least you have your
Murder Licence  ne …. *laugh*
yasu       :     not funny …

talking about driving eh, …

me, i say i am a very bad driver with no driving licence as well.

But i always drive fast, as fast as i can. You know how is gonna end when a bad driver is driving fast ne, it ended with me couldn’t control the wheel and then hit something, someone or got arrested by the police because i drive with no driving licence.

Can you imagine that, they did dare to arrest me Inspector Himura …?

that must be a joke ne, a real funny joke. So what happen next is ….   Well, remember what Jet Li‘s villain character on Lethal Weapon 3?

A high-ranked triad negotiator named Wah Sing Ku. I always love Jet Li ne, and on that movie my fave scene is when Wah Sing Ku say …


Law was made by human, so it can be fixed with money …

That was awesome ne, and that’s exactly what happened here in my country everything can be fixed by money. So i still driving with no driving licence until now.

After all i am Inspector Himura ne, why would i need a Driving License anyway, ha ha  #nyaaaa …. *dumped to Limbo forever*

I started to drive again to office since 3 months ago and say good bye  to my lovely riding bus in the morning. Yes, i got more tired than before but in the other way i arrive more earlier at office.

next is this …

~   Whatsoever Update from Me …

This one is for Shiga Part …

Enjoii … !!!

aand my 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK is already on my proxy’s home in Hokkaido and he will send it to me this weekend. Let’s take a look for the cover ne …

–   Regular

–   Fan Club ver.

i say, i am different now,

1 or 2 years ago maybe you will see me posting some mad or can’t wait rambling about 4th SEASON「Shangri-la 」PHOTOBOOK  from how i can’t wait, or  i am on fire because i’ve seen it everywhere …. etc etc while nonstop bothered my proxy with lost of questioning emails …

but not now …

now i think i became more calm about it, it’s not because i am not sexcited about it anymore because if you know how freak i am, believe me i am sexcited about it more than anybody but in a different way. So what happen now is i am still waiting in calm for it.

aand what next, ah ya look what finally came to my proxy home in Hokkaido, yeah it is always Hokkaido … xD


my ticket for FOOL COOL ROCK Documentary movie,

finally i got it, i was worried if i couldn’t get it and when i got it i still have to feel another worry because there’s something that i have to do if i want to watch that movie.

Apparently i have to come to the cinema about two days before the show day to change to tickets with another tickets from the cinema with a number seat. So there’s no number seat yet on that ticket.

I really confused about that because that tickets are for May 28th show, and two days before May 28th is May 26th ne and that’s the day i will arrive in Haneda at 11:00 PM.

So how am i suppose to change my tickets.

Nah that was something that stressed me out at the beginning of this week, But thank God, because my friend who is in Tokyo will do that for me …

Now i’d say if this Fandom World is a sailing ship and surely i am one of the passenger while yasu is The Captain. Again and again i feel myself as a lucky person this year.

From  …

~   got that FC lottery ticket,
~   a proxy who never say no to whatever i asked him (
yeah, i say my proxy is good ne, i mean compared to the previous one in Tokyo that i use this one i much better), and
~   a very nice friend in
Tokyo who gladly help me this time …

and tonight i suppose this song 風になりたい from The Boom is perfect to close this quite long post …




大きな帆を立てて あなたの手を引いて
荒れ狂う波にもまれ 今すぐ風になりたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい

何ひとついいこと なかったこの町に
沈みゆく太陽 追い越してみたい

生まれてきたことを 幸せに感じる
かっこ悪くたっていい あなたと風になりたい

何ひとついいこと なかったこの町に
涙降らす雲を つきぬけてみたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたの手のぬくもりを 感じて風になりたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい


ooki na ho o tatete anata no te o hiite
are kuruu nami ni mo mare ima sugu kaze ni naritai

tengoku jya nakute mo rakuen jya nakute mo
anata ni aeta shiawase kanjite kaze ni naritai

nani hitotsu ii koto nakatta kono machi ni
shizumiyuku taiyo oi koushite mitai

umarete kita koto o shiawase ni kanjiru
kakko warukutatte ii anata to kase ni naritai

nani hitotsu ii koto nakkata kono machi ni
namida furasu kumo o tsukinukete mitai

tengoku janakutemo rakuen janakutemo
anata no te no nukumori o kanjite kaze ni naritai

tengoku janakutemo rakuen janakutemo
anata ni aeta shiawase kanjite kaze ni naritai

English Translation

I’ll host a big sail
and take your hand
As we’re thrown to and fro by the raging waves
I want to become the wind right now

It may not be heaven
It may not be paradise
I’m glad that I’ve met you
And I want to become the wind

I’d like to overtake the setting sun
I’m glad that I was given life
I don’t care if I look uncool
but I’d like to become the wind with you

Nothing good ever happens in this town
Wanting to break through the cloud that sends tears

It may not be heaven,
it may not be paradise,
I’m glad that I’ve met you
And I want to become the wind

that’s exactly what i feel now.

My whole life isn’t perfect at all, still hard as always with there’s so many things that make me sad and wanna cry but somehow i feel so lucky with all i have now.

My family, a mother who always nonstop praying for me, a sister that i can always count on for, friends who always make me happy with their own different way and of course this fandom where i do this whatsoever do to make myself better,  i am grateful …

One more time i say …

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい …

noi         :     thanks, Capt …
yasu      :     another new drama ….
noi         :     omo, how did you know that, but this one is very good ne, ….
yasu      :     ah nothing is not good for you  …
noi         :     eh, what the  …

~ owari~


Waaa, yasu …!! Post : New Single 君がいない、あの日から … (another me, yasu and this Mad/Crazy Woman)


Finally everyone, after all this time ….

Acid Black Cherry‘s New Single title and some of the covers announced … #yay

…..   君がいない、あの日から …




                                  …. Kimi ga Inai, ano hi kara …
You’re not here anymore, since that day

that is the new single title. Aaand this really pale yasu posted on the Official Home Page yesterday  …

pale yasu

then today they posted this frustatedly HOT of yasu that frustated me as well on some certain way that i will never understand   …


I think they  kinda playin some teasing game to us for this new single ne …

like a stingy stepmoter to more than 1,000,000 curious stepchildrens that her new husband gave her to take care of ….

share the details step by step, one by one from 

~    The Release Date,


~    then The Single Title


and  …

~    Cover for w/ DVD Limited Edition


~    Cover for The Special Price edition …


~    Cover for CD Only,


~    The 4 trading cards to hunt …


~    The various bonus from different versions …

Poster Calendar for FC version 


A for w/ DVD Limited Edition


B for CD Only Edition

Mini Clear File for Mobile FC version


Sticker if you buy from mu-mo


when i made my order for this new single, i said to my proxy  …

i don’t wanna know how, but i want all 4 differerent bonuses おねがい 。。。。!!!!

i suppose it is time for the Greed inside me to be ON ne, and i did my Greed part since i wasn’t able or never able to choose not to have one or maybe two of them.

And and also i didn’t win BAFTA (FYI there was no Bennedict on this year’s BAFTA ne ) no matter how dramatic i am, so it’s not a crime anyway for me being Greed. So what can i say next but this hooray … !!! and



noi          :     very well, i am CALM anyway ….
yasu       :     really …

noi          :     indeed i am …

~     The Recreation Track …

it will be this Forget me Not by Yutaka Ozaki

and that Forget me Not actually is the name of a flower. Not only yasu, Hongkong moviestar and singer Nicholas Tse also covered that song on 2006.

Thoose lovely images covers, i say that’s such a gloomy cover ne, and for me that cover for w/ DVD Limited Edition cover, it was like a secret box full of lot of things un_discovered if you don’t look at it closely over and over.

for example, me …

my 1st look at that gloomy cover was from my twitter Time Line, lots of nice and kind people i followed on twitter posted and RT_ed it. Aaand as you all know how wacky twitter is now about showing not the whole part image posted, i didn’t see (read : don’t wanna see)  that reflection of yasu and ….

because it was only look like this on my twitter Time Line


then when i click on The Official Home Page and see the whole image, i was like ….

Eh God, i didn’t see that girl ….


yasu        :      うそ , you didn’t say that …
noi           :      omo ya_san, how did you know …
yasu        :      go tell everyone what did you say …
noi           :      OK, actually i said  …

Thank God, i didn’t see it first ….. *heavenly happy*

yasu       :      ah, still the same you …
noi          :      blimey ….

all that things i see for my 2nd, 3rd, 4th … etc etc time i lookin at that cover image closely with blurry eyes, i believe i’ve seen some children there beside yasu and that whatsoever girl there.

that’s why i say …

What a Gloomy  cover ne …

and yasu were sit like that, lookin at some point on the water with that face that i’d say as a longing (surely it’s not a bored) face like that plus how they will released it on March 11th

aand the title is ..

君がいない、あの日から …..

i say that would be a longing song and yes a ballad maybe a song about a feeling of longing somebody (lover, family, friends … etc etc). wanna see them but they can’t because

君がいない、あの日から …..

you’re not here anymore, since that day …

That day is March 11th, the same day when earthquake happened. Suppose that’s the feelings of people who left behind, the one who survived from that disaster of mother nature. Ah, now i can’t wait to hear how this song is gonna be like and the lyrics surely …

Anyway, talking about left behind ne,

if i have to choose to be the left behind or the leaving one, i’d rather be the leaving one. Because ones who already leave, they don’t have to do anything. But ones who left behind (families, friends or lovers) have lots of things to handle.

dealing with the after situation, dwelling or other things that surely different with before. I feel this now, almost a year since my father died i start to miss him. I dunno how to explain this feeling i have now but i just want him back to live. Even with the same hard and full angry situation that would be fine.

In short, i just want him back.

I talked about this with my Islamic teacher. He is my teacher since i was a little girl, until now i still talk and ask about things that bothered me or i confused about especially for religion matters.

He said rather than dwelling about something that is 100% impossible, it would be better if i send my prays to my father everyday after my 5 times daily prays.

yeah, i do that …

because i do believe as long as that trumpet hasn’t blown by one of God‘s angel, i still able to send prays on behalf of my father. They said died peoples in after life world, all of them in some conditions based on what they did when they were livin.

Some of them may in a breathless like they are drowning or something. All they need is some air to breath and that is prays that their still livin child, husband, wife send from this mortal world. And when the end of the world comin, everything would be different. It will be his something like

Yours is yours and Mine is Mine, sharing and giving will not work.

That’s why as long as we are still alive in this mortal world i believe it would be better for us to pray on behalf of our beloved families, friend and others that leavin us behind and we do care about.  ….


yasu     :      look who is talking …
noi        :      omo, that’s too long eh, so sorry ooo
yasu     :      what is wrong with you …
noi        :      nothing, it’s just … ah i dunno what to say, but

i am in the phase where i need to do my 5 times a day pray,

unlike before where i only pray 5 times a day just because there’s this phrase of  “5 times a day praying is something mandatory and i’ll be burn in hell if i don’t do it” . Now it’s different ne, somehow i feel there’s something feels not right or missing if i haven’t mo my daily pray.

i am not gonna say i am more religious now, because i think my faith is still in the same level. But i will say if now i am in the phase of me act as a spoiled girl to my God.

I ask this, ask that … etc etc in short, i have so many things to say/ask.

perhaps i feel guilty now, since i was such a really bad bad daughter for him.  I wish i could turn back time, i would do things differently even i know that would be very hard for me to not to be mad and turned myself into a very bad daughter that a father can have.

It started on my last vacation in Singapore, Universal Studio precisely. When i was on the line to enter Transformers Ride i saw there’s a family next to me.

A father, mother and their 2 daughters.

One of the girl talked to her father about she wanted him to buy something for her, while her father kinda tease her by sayin ..

OK, l’ii buy you … as long as you ….

i didn’t get it clearly but i suppose you all  know that kind of parent way do to tease their children, and that girl (she is about 16 years old) said ..

aaah, daddy i hate you …  bla bla bla

while start to hit his father with her 2 bare hands and his father just laughed and continued to tease her like. It looks so fun ne. Then suddenly i feel envy to that girl, just like how i envy to all little girls who went to a cinema with their father.

See i am a moviegoers, love movies so much and so was my father.

The only happy moment i can remember with my father was when we all sit in front our telly watching movies or serial telly. I watched 1st Transformers movie and the 2nd with him. It was a fully jolly moment for us and when there was commercial for Universal Studio’s Transformer Ride i said …

One day, i will go there …

So last January, i was there and in front of that gate of Sci-Fi city i said to myself …


here i am now, and let’s see if i can handle MEGATRON ….

since i kept sayin how he is only a robot, so he is nothing. But the real is, that time i was beaten by him (read : MEGATRON, not yasu)  no matter how many times i say …

no, no MEGATRON i am so sorry ….


he still beat me, made me up and then smacked me down like hell. I know it was some 3D vision and shakes combination ride, but still it was extremely frightening, especially for me the one who always say bad about MEGATRON and use him to threaten others. …

for example when i UP_ed the English translated Acid Black Cherry Manga, not enough just by put a password to un_SHERLOCK_ed the file, i also put some threat on the PDF File like this …

This is  …  material,

so yes it’s only for you and if you dare to share it with others without my knowledge,  i will ask MEGATRON to kick your ass …

yeah something like that, sounds rude eh. Now the karma returned to me, because finally MEGATRON kicked my ass back that day when i was inside that full of sex ….


yasu       :      eeeh cotto ….
noi          :      eh sorry,  no i mean shakes ne
yasu       :      hei, what’s wrong with you ….
noi          :      sorry seems like my brain and fingers are a bit disconnected …

OK, i mean when i was inside of that full of shakes ride. It felt like forever for me and it won’t stop even i insanely sreamin called everybody

Pappii, mommy, Tekki …. !!!


bit embarrassing moment to tell, but yeah i called my mother, father, sister and hope all of will end soon, But it didn’t worked, so now i realized that must be the karma came to me after all those threats i posted to everyone who DL my stuffs …

i am really sorry ne,

and from now on i promise i will not do that kind of threats using MEGATRON again, so you can do whatever you want to my stuffs. Share it to your friends, … etc etc it’s fine as long as you don’t make it public for some stuffs.


So, even yeah i had so much fun there at Universal Studio but it was kinda like empty and the result is now i became hate to be in a crowded place more than i hate it before. Because now when i am in a crowded place, i feel more lonely ….

ah sorry to make you all bored with my rambling again ne, so next is this …




i won the lottery tickets for  Larc~en~Ciel Live at Tokyo National Stadium next month … !!!


I won 2 tickets for 1st and 2nd day performances. It seems like yesterday was my very lucky day because Tekki also won 2 tickets ne, so we both won 4 tickets to see L’arc on March.

That’s so confusing ne, because i had to choose between HYDE or yasu that night, it’s really hard, harder than

~   when i have to choose which one is i like more that new Benedict’s SHERLOCK or Jeremy Bratt’s SHERLOCK.


I say i like the new version even Jeremy Bratt’s SHERLOCK also full of surprise in a wonderful way because Jeremy Bratt, i think he is the real vampire ne …

~  or when i have to not being mad to people who said it’s OK to say/wrote L’Arc~en~ Ciel as LEC.


I was a bit mad, when Tekki show me that posted on our L’arc group on Facebook. Tekki had to write a long comment just to make them see what and error is to say/write L’Arc~en~ Ciel as LEC.

They said it’s OK because it’s the same thing as how we say/write ABC for Acid Black Cherry, RHCP for Red Hot Chilli Perrers, SID for Superman is Dead (this is a punk Indonesian band).



i suppose they didn’t do their search very well, because L’Arc~en~ Ciel it is one word ne, a French word that means rainbow. Even they use ~ or to separated it, it’s still one word, that you cannot make  an abbreviation from. Why didn’t they say/write L’Arc or Laruku like how Japanese fans often say.

Geez, i am so #L’Arc_ed now …

i think i need a new word of Endless for this Bahama Love Triangle


yasu      :    but noi_chan, you said
noi         :    i am so changeable ne, remember…?
yasu      :    ah ya …
noi          :   ….

at the beginning i already said my sister is the one who is going to Japan to see La’rc but that time i never imagine if we both will won 4 tickets ne.

I thought it will be only 1 or 2 tickets.

Thank God, last night my friend helped me to made up my mind, so i choose to wait for the result for Shangri – la Encore Season even it will end with i don’t get tickets, i will say …

Ah yasu lah …. XD ..

next is, ah ya …

~     The Next Part for 2nd Season PHOTOBOOK …

this one is for Niigata Part …


Enjoii …..

and talking about PHOTOBOOK, i mean the 3rd Season. Look at these cover for …

Fan Club version


TSUTAYA version ….


OMG that’s yasu on suit for TSUTAYA version …. #waaa  ほしい 。。。!

all the TSUTAYA version covers are so beautiful ne, don’t you think so?  and when i look at it,  i always say : omo, i wish i had my order for TSUTAYA version … bla bla bla then ended with lots of

#Huueee ….

damn, it’s really hard to be CALM for this man eh,

even for me as an adult fangirl that supposed to be calm on every situation. But it’s so hard to do or think about especially when he looks so HOT and allow you not to go to India on May when you want to feel some HOT Summer by lookin him like this …

HOT as HOT Mumbay on May …. *still on fire*


noi       :      熱い な 。。。。 …
yasu    :      oh not again noi_chan, もういい ね 。。。
noi       :      omo, did you just call me Moi ….
yasu    :      she is crazy again … .

Crazy Fangirl ne, talking about that ne,

today at office i start to Google_ing about finding a nice, comfy and not sexpensive hotel for my sister to say next to Tokyo National Stadium, how to reach the hotel from Haneda by bus, train … etc etc and others things to prepare. Then suddenly i saw that post, it’ was something like social network site but i never see it.

I saw my Calling for yasu In The Sky with no Diamond‘s photo posted there,

and there was some comments and because it was not in English, Japanese or Indonesian, so i have to use Google Translate to read it. And you all know how Google Translate is very good about make people lost in translation it gave me 2 options.

what they said about me as ….

~   Crazy Woman, or
~   Mad Woman …

OMG is that what they thought about me? i knew i should stop writing all these silly  things here. But if don’t write, i can’t feel better because this blog is my personal therapy, it’s free and make me happy ne

Actually  i don’t really care about that, but still i say …

Mad/crazy Woman, really ….?


yasu      :    so are you Mad now …?
noi         :    no, why would i? …
yasu      :    then crazy …?
noi         :    omo, when you are looking like that, how can i’m not crazy …?


HBD Post : 『Shangri-la』 Christmas Live ~ Hyogo … (Another me, yasu and This Miss Barbie … ?)


here i am now …

writing this post while enjoying myself click all w/ #yasu聖誕前夜祭 hashtag on twitter.

As always on a special occasion (read : yasuさんの誕生日) like this, it is the time where you can get/see lots of yasu‘s images posted on twitter. And it’s easy because all you have to do just follow and click the hashtag.

Feels like i just want to add, eh no i man follow all of them, even yes i did follow some of them like crazy …xD and i love all the excitement their shared on my twitter TimeLine and followed the euphoria and by posting with the same hashtag …


and then after waiting finally yasu posted a photo of his fingers like this …


心から ありやぁす❤
そんな私はロンリーバースデー yasu

that i think it’s the same one like last year and he just re-upload it again ….? or not? ha ha blimey then if it’s not … xD

tellin that how thankful he is for all the Birthday Wish, then also a video from DAIGO singing a Happy Bithday withh all his audience arrived and mentioned himself as The Lonely Birthday yasu

poor darling …..

so everyone, keep posting birthday wish for him until January 27th is over ne, hopefully will make him less lonely ne.

and OMG this year, he is already 39 ne, another year to 40 then. Talking about 40 years old ne, 2 days ago Leo (yes, it’s for Leonardo Di Caprio) sayin about his almost 40th Birthday and he is feelin great about it he wouldn’t mind taking a little break by sayin  ..

“To me, right now it’s about getting a little breather — getting some time off. Not a permanent break or not an indefinite period, but you know, just a few months off to do some other things.”


yasu     :     so you want me to take a little break …?
noi        :     of course not,  落ち着いて ya さん ..
yasu     :     and Leo, again …
noi        :     well because look …. !!!


just WHAT THE HELL …. !!!!

My left ear doesn’t work again, so now i am listening with only one ear and it made this Savage Garden‘s song ~ To The Moon and Back sounds not balance because i can’t hear some part of the instruments.



too bad eh,

because that’s a very epic song and somehow that song kind a hit me quite hard recently by thinkin if the miserable girl on that song who keep waiting for some kind of pilot to come is me and prepare myself to say this

I would fly to the moon and back
if you’ll be my baby ..
got a ticket for a world were we belong
so would you be my baby ….

to him when he finally com, even i don’t have that kind of ticket because i have no idea what kind of world i am belong to so how the hell i am supposed to know what kind of world for someone to belong?

aandd …

If love was red then she was color-blind ….


noi       :     WTH, after half deaf now i am color-blind ..?
yasu    :     eeeh ….
noi       :     but i know you are still blonde ne …
yasu    :     everyone knows …
noi       :     enough about that ….

because it still confused me until now.

Now at this end of January, is a quite busy end of the month for a tangled in love fangirl like me. yasu‘s birthday on 1/27 and then this blushy sexy King HYDE‘s on 1/29


anyway he is still busy now, so  we’ll talk about HYDE on 1/29 OK, so where do we go now? ah ya we are going to Hyogo for this …

~    『Shangri-la 』 Christmas Live ~ Hyogo

if on 2012 Erect Live was held in Nagoya (if i am not mistaken …xD) and then last 2013 Holy Night and Christmas Live was held in Kobe International Hall, Hyogo.

Christmas and New Year‘s Live are always special ne, because they (all the lucky audience who was there) got some special treats like so .. Good Night ~ Cristmas ver.

as you all see some of it on Erect Live DVD Off Shoot Part ..


like that …. (^_−)−☆

from this post by 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 on the Official Blog, sayin how this local specialty gourmet introduction has become usual in The Official Blog. So for this time in Hyogo Perefecture, the 「うまいもん」/「Umaimon」/「delicious food」

Note for Myself     :   「うまいもん」   from うまい (umai means yummy) + もん (mon/mono means things)

this …


「牛すじ温玉丼」 anndd …



OMG they had many KFC posted on there ne with bucket or v\box like that , as i remember if yasu eating some franchise restaurant’s fried chicken, it always KFC ne.

Well the catering man must love Coloner Sanders so much  …

But also i read somewhere about how everyone in Japan had their Christmas dinner (for couple) in KFC, so KFC is quite famous there unlike here. For example in Semarang (the capital city of Central Java, about 3 hours by bus from my hometown) people tend to go to McD than KFC

and then in the dressing room, suddenly …



then all the support members and yasu begin to practise a Cristmas Song in the hurry, and the song was this children’s Cristmas song …


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town

He’s making a list,
Checking it twice;
Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake


nah, that Santa yasu was comin to Hyogo and start said  ….

神戸の皆さん!メリークリ ….!!!!  ajajajajaja ….

OK, that’s funny , because in romanji that メリークリ is become Merikuri ne, nah last Cristmas when ….


noi         :   i gave him my heart
yasu      :   and the very next day he sayin he’s gay …?
noi         :   no he is not, he gave it away ne …
yasu      :   yeah, whatever …

so last Cristmas when someone wrote me that メリークリ (Merikuri), i thought he was talking about Sailor Moon, and i remember how i told him how i want to be Sailor Mercury (Ami)


so that time i thought he was callin me with Merkuri and …

Blown me away to The Moon and Back …. !!!

OMG what an embarassing moment ne, now i said to myself what i fool i was ne. No wonder if he gave me away on the next day … xD

then The Question Selected on The Question Corner was …

Cristmas Present, what is the delightful thing to get …

and yasu‘s answer is …

Since i often say how i love pickles so i happen to got a lot from everyone. But there’s an expiration date there and it’s quite difficult so i was thingking and talking between members and i had the good one.

Something that i can continue to use it all the time and there’s no expiration date on it

You know this …

テンガ /Tenga

PS   :   Tenga (テンガ)  is is a Japanese brand of masturbation aids a.k.a a sex toy, the complete set one ..

Well then he might want that for his birthday  …. xD

now it’s time for The SexList

『Shangri-la』 Live 24.12.2013 ~ Kobe International Hall

01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Black Cherry
07. yes
08. Maria
09. so…Good night (X’mas ver.)
10. doomsday clock
11. Shojo no Inori III
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. Shangri- la


14. SPELL MAGIC (request)
15. Prologue End (request)
16. Santa Claus in Comin to Town (English ver.)
17. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
18. Pistol

and the kewpie



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s a 神戸牛 / Kobe Beef

and then a special yasu in a Christmas suit like this  …


that’s a very nice way to say メリークリスマス while ending a blog post at the same time ne.

Then next is …

~    This Whatsoever Update …

yes, it’s yasu‘s birthday so it’s a special day …

and i did something that i called special by flooding my friend’s twitter TimeLine with all my re-Tweets about yasu‘s birthday tonight which i never do that anyway. So when she told me that, i was so happy ne because hey finally i did that aaanndd …

someone is noticed … xD

and that’s why i also do something special here by put a password on these 2nd SEASON 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK sharing, there you are …

this one is for Gifu


PS   :

~   just click at the image, it will bring you to my Photobucket, and …
~   yes, it is password protection, so
~   do ask me or whoever know the password is to un_SHERLOCK_ed the album, then …
~   enjoiii …..

and last but not least is there you are me and this Miss Barbie would like to say …

Selamat Ulang Tahun,

Happy Birthday to you My one and Only Mind Blowing Mind yasu_san

Stay calm, genki, sexy and everything ended with i and y because i wish you all the best things that this Universe can offer,  may happen to you …


i am gonna sleep now, it’s after midnight now even my eyes still open this wide because i spent all this Sunday sleeping at home and juts woke up when i feel hungry . But tomorrow is Monday eh, a Cruel Monday after Holiday ….

おやすみ then …


yasu    :    but that’s not Barbie ne …
noi       :    really? because i didn’t ask her name ..
yasu    :    and just like that …
noi       :    hello i was flyin on a jet plane to get that ne ..
yasu    :    you mean for a holiday …




Rainy Day Post : 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Shimane .. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday )

I couldn’t sleep yesterday …

so yeah i went online, went crazy with my friends on my twitter aaand my friends on twitter are hilarious.


I mean how they catch all my jokes and replied it with theirs perfectly and then arranged it as a long pink lined tree tweet history (you all know how twitter is now) with a dirty scenario of fangirling to read.

it was fun ne and somehow last night is the 1st time for me when twitter is became more fun than Facebook.

I love Facebook ne, i even consider myself as a Facebook Saiyajin. Everyone know how much i love Facebook but not last night.

I am not sure what happened, but thank God it’s over and here i am now, this morning my love for Facebook come back again to me, let me say this for all of you …

Hello everyone, have you vote for Acid Black Cherry …?

i am talking about this vote for

~ JpopAsia Music Award 2013 …


i am sure you all already voted, but if you haven’t then go to this link ….


and vote, vote as much as you can, use your Facebook and twitter because i see this is already The final Vote.

let’s make Acid Black Cherry arise this year, so in the future we all can say this to yasu

Your name has arisen, dear yasu ….

yasu    :    that’s from what …?
noi       :    what …?
yasu    :    you must seen it on your TV …
noi        :   well okay, that’s from SHERLOCK HOLMES ne, because …
yasu     :   no, no stop don’t tell me …
noi        :   but i have to …

because …

i am so sexcited about the next Sherlock Season 3 …!!!!!

sexcited to know how did SHERLOCK survived from that fall and many other things followed by that since i’ve been waiting for this long enough



Plus that lovely photo of John Watson and Marry‘s wedding and SHERLOCK as the best men just upgraded my sexcitement into a higher level. They said SHERLOCK played a song with his violin for John and Marry

it must be very beautiful eh …..


and the sweet fact is how Martin Freeman (John Watson) is married to his love Amanda Abbington (Marry) in the movie even in their real life they aren’t married yet ..

Enough with The SHERLOCK sexcitement, because now it is time for me to finish my homework, my fangirl homework.

Again and again I am left away to go, so better start to do it again. Since the previous post is 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Shimane then next it should be  …

~  『Shangri-la』Live ~ Shimane …

from this とにかく最高♡ABC初となる島根県ライブ!post on by on The Official Blog

this  is the 1st Live of Acid Black Cherry in Shimane, The Kingdom of God . it was held in Izumo Shimin Kaikan Hall, Shimane.  One day before Shimane ~ Live begin they all visited Izumo Shrine to pray ..

and as always, there was a local gourmet that waited for yasu in the venue. In Shimane, the local gourmet is …

しじみ汁 / Shijimijiru / Miso with corbula clams

a freshwater clam, from Shinji Lake over Matsue and Izumo is number 1 in the country with a good effect for our liver function.

And yasu who just had a bit liquor recently was so happy to have this …


「出雲そば」/「Izumo Soba」

surrounded with the best soba, and all Shimane gourmet, it became the best lunch in the dressing room while watching video from a smart phone app (「ロードムービーズ」/「RoadMovie」 that’s popular among members recently.

Look back on memories of Shimane tourism.


and also read questions sent by everyone, and the question selected on The Question Corner was …

On what kind of edge are you, support members, engaged in ABC?

Junji :     he started to joined ABC since the 1st time ABC started with The Secret Live. Also the chief manager of Acid Black Cherry knows Junji‘s manager and yasu who love SIAM SHADE and Junji‘s drumming ask Junji to help him on the recording …


YUKI   :     it started on a birthday party of a writer where yasu, Shuse and YUKI was attended. Drinking and eat together for a while and then yasu start to asked YUKI and he said …

I will do it if the shedule suited.

And it was surpised then how the connection came perfectly since their talkin was with an alcohol (he was a bit drunk …?)

Hiro    :     it started from YUKI, when he was overlapped with another tour so he couldn’t join ABC (suppose it was Re-Birth Live?) so yasu had to find another guitarist.

He like Hiro‘s guitar playin and he also like La’cryma Cristi


Shuse :   with Shuse it was already about 15 years, with an aquintance to a same person and when the person was sent to hospital, yasu visited and Shuse was there. That’s their first meeting …

then when he was starting ABC he remembered Shuse and invited him via Monster Hunter Chat ….?

yasu        :   i am doing solo this time
SHUSE    :   really ..?
yasu       :   will you help me
SHUSE    :   yaru yaru …

ok, next is ….

the SetList

01. Jigsaw
02. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. sins
06. Kuroi Taiyou
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri – la
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry Cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Kimiga iru kara (request)
15. cord name 【JUSTICE】 (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~

then the Kewpie ….



cr   :   @Yasuの女

It is   出雲の神様/Izumo no Kamisama ..

Eh God, that’s totally cute, especially the hair rolling like that and the moustache …. xD

ah ya, i should continue this 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ne, the previous post is Aomori so the next one is

~   Hokkaido (Otaru)


~   Hokkaido (Nitori)


i’ll finish all of it tomorrow, hope i will able to finish it before 2013 is over. But i dunno why i am just not in a full me now.

Let’s just say i am not good in anything now. I got sick again yesterday, the bleeding came out again after it stopped for only a week. Plus how i am alone now at home, only with my housemaid that i don’t talk much with.

She didn’t see me a lot just like i didn’t see her a lot since i am not often at home.

The first time i meet her on one afternoon she mistaken me as a guest who would come to see my mother, at that time my father was still alive and he is the one who told her who i am while laughed. Then i was like

Eee, pappa what was that ….? 

so now even i am with my housemaid it’s still i am alone.

My mom, she is still in Mecca (or Madina? not sure about it). I don’t want to call her everyday because i don’t want her to get panic by her phone ringing while she is still on praying.

I heard handphone was not allowed inside mosque there, especially in Madina the police is more strict.

They will check all the bag and elsewhere to make sure there is no un_allowed things such as camera, foods, drinks and handphone inside mosque. After all they are there to pray ne so why should they have to bring all of that …?

While tekki, she is in Bali now for New Year with all his office_mates. And why the hell on earth she let her phone off? i can’t call her since this  morning. with no phone sure will never reply my tweet …

everyone leaving me now, just me here now listening my mp3 put it on the max volume and then rain is fall again, so perfect eh …

雨が 。。。。 だいきらい

I don’t like rain, i dislike rain, …. etc etc i just hate rain.

Rain was fallin for days until this tonight and i had a hell lot of freeze nights, sleepless and maybe because i am listening to this song a lot tonight …..

for me that song is the best cover that ever done, because they did it perfectly and that the lyrics of that song keeps givin me a hope of something that i know it will never become true …
…… ♪♪  I give you my word,
I give you my heart,
And with this vow,
Forever has now begun … ♪♪

and always, that song is my song and Mr. Friday. I remember how i often sang this song and believe it or not, wherever he came to my home to buy something it always when i sang thing song ….

perfect timing eh,

yasu     :    so you sing that song for him …
noi        :    yes, and that was the happiest moment in my life
yasu     :    poor Mr. Friday …. *laughed*
noi        :    ah, come on don’t do that …

and then he will sit and listen and then when i finished he will laugh while lookin at me. And me, at that time i was in heaven. So yes, tonight suddenly  ..

I missed Mr. Friday so much  …… xD

yasu    :     you must not  …
noi       :     but what can i do, after all i am just  …
yasu    :     a fangirl? i told you ne, that’s boring
noi       :     no, what i mean is ….

.….  ♪♪ I am just a woman, fallin love, …
darling  …  

yasu   :     stop it  …


ドキドキ Post : In A World Like This … (Another me yasu, The Zombie and Pandora Box)

Look what happened to my Facebook this morning ….!!!


As they said :

Introducing a fresh new look for your News Feed ..

just like that, they don’t give me any other option for not use/accept that Fresh New Look to my Facebook, and then i like it or not i have to click that Take a Look button there and there you are this morning my Facebook became like this ….


what the hell is that? … it’s not that i don’t like it, but i just don’t love it like how i love yasu, indeed as time goes by i will get use by that new look of Facebook, but still …

it’s a bit annoying for me who is always not comfortable with some new specific stuffs. I love and enjoy new shoes, food, clothes and sure all Acid Black Cherry’s new GOODS, single also album, but if the new one is stuffs like software, applications and of course Facebook …..?

that’s annoying ne ….


yasu      :     so now you hate Facebook…?
noi         :    no, of course not. i said i just get a bit annoyed ne …
yasu      :    why ….
noi         :    because i am not
Jim from IT..
yasu      :    but you don’t have to be
Jim just to use Facebook, and btw who is Jim …?
noi         :    i say, he is from
IT ne ..

ah talking about Facebook, last night i had another happy fangirling (and there was also boys there ….xD) time on that team_yasu‘s group on Facebook. … together with some other ABC fans who are regularly went crazy with me there ..

ahaha, yeah all of you i am talking about you all now  …. xD

it was because yesterday August 3rd, 2013 all Acid Black Cherry fans fans all over Japan started to receive their 『Shangri-la』 GOODS. Because the Uprise Official Online Shop started to send all 『Shangri-la』 GOODS day before yesterday, August 2nd, 2013.

and then yeah as always, It was everywhere, all over my Social Networks are full of 『Shangri-la』 GOODS . Then what can i do then but to let myself to be attacked by the beautifully artistic of yasu‘s image there on the pamphlet, postcards … etc etc

all the images of yasu on 『Shangri-la』 GOODS are totally killin me … *Too dramatic isn’t it …?xD*

but if you look all of these, sure you will understand why i became too dramatic ne  …

see what i mean? and yes,

as you may say i am guilty as charged because now i totally forget where the hell i get all those image, so i can’t put a credit for the images above.

I am really really sorry for this ne …. *bounce*

i mean how i supposed to remember ne, because last night i was so busy became a zombie ne, …  yeah like a zombie because how all the images on 『Shangri-la』 GOODS killed me, then back to live again just to be killed again by the other images i see ….

over and over again all night long, how can i rest in peace? i can’t.

I down_graded myself from a Lady Vampire to be a zombie, the lowest class of scary creatures in this universe. You know that ne how zombie as the lowest class among all of them ( vampire, werewolf, grim, ghost … etc etc).

Dracula, the pure blood one is the master for vampires and then vampire are the master for zombies. Vampires can control zombies. see zombie is on the bottom like how they always underground and eat worms …. #ewwww

Imagine how HYDE will feel about me as a zombie ne …


yasu      :     he is not gonna feel anything ….
noi         :     but, he is the one who bite me, so he is my Master ne …
yasu      :     he didn’t even know …
noi         :     eeeh really …..?  *broken-hearted*

then before i finished down_graded myself to be a zombie, somebody did a brilliant job related to the 『Shangri-la』 GOODS that night by posted this  ….


credit and source :  @kyo_yasu_abc

that image was perfectly edited with that many yasu just came up out of the box is a great way to show what was all Acid Black Cherry fans all over Japan received yesterday.

A box full of yasu on 『Shangri-la』 GOODS like that. and damn, i am so very envy now and of course i asked to The Blonde on My Facebook Wall this question …

Where The Hell is My Box now ….?

yasu     :    don’t ask me, because i don’t know …
noi        :    then i have to ask who …?
yasu     :    come on, don’t start again …. *leaving*
noi        :    don’t leave me …

and don’t you ever ask me what about my 『Shangri-la』 GOODS, because i don’t wanna make this post longer with my boring rambling again ne. so what i am gonna say now is ….

♪ …. In a world like this where people fall apart
In a time like this when nothing comes from the heart
In a world like this ….

i’ll change my Pandora box into that  full of ‪#‎yasu‬ /‪#‎AcidBlackCherry‬ box ….

hahahaha,  yeah i am listening to this Backstreet Boys song now ….

“In A World Like This”

You’ve got me wide open, wide open
Now I’m yours
You found me heartbroken, heartbroken
On the floor
Became my salvation, salvation
Through the war, yeah
You got me wide open, wide open
Now I’m sure

In a world like this where some back down
I, I, know we’re gonna make it
In a time like this where love comes ’round
I, I, know we gotta take it
In a world like this where people fall apart
In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart
In a world like this, I’ve got you

And now I’m free falling, free falling
In your eyes
You got me still calling, still calling
No surprise
I never knew I could love ’til the
End of time, yeah
And now I’m free falling, free falling
By your side

In a world like this where some back down
I, I, know we’re gonna make it
In a time like this where love comes ’round
I, I, know we gotta take it
In a world like this where people fall apart
In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart
In a world like this, I’ve got you

Ah, yeah
Ah, In a world like this

You got me wide open, wide open, yeah
And now I’m free falling, free falling
Hey, yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
In a world like, in a world like
‘Cause I got you in a world like this

In a world like this where some back down
I, I, know we’re gonna make it
In a time like this where love comes ’round
I, I, know we gotta take it
In a world like this where people fall apart
In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart
In a world like this, I’ve got you

i told you ne, i am soo 90’s and it’s a common for a 90’s teenagers era to got deep into Backstreet Boys like me.

and do you know what is the different between 90’s and 80’s? The different is easy ne 90’s have Backstreet’s Back dance move on their mind while 80’s have Michael Jackson’s Thriller’s dance .

Btw you know what i am doing recently on twitter?


Thanks to their new album In a World Like This, i found out and then followed all of them on twitter. It is surprised me how all of them (Brian, Kevin, Howie, A.J and Nick) have their own personal twitter

and of course make me happy how everyday i read their tweets on my twitter Time Line without thinking and wondering what the hell are they all sayin, because it’s all in English ne …

see this is what happen to a fan like me who use to follow non English speaking artis (read : yasu), so i get use to think harder to find out what they hell is he sayin/tweet thanks to my very bad Japanese language ability.

And now reading all the Backstreet Boys member’s tweets is like a holiday for me ne just reading with no thinking hard to get what it means ….  What a Holy Molly Hollyday ne …

aand ah ya  …


ABC manga ~ part 2

as i said before, this part is when yasu dyed his hair back to black, about his idea to do a Secret Live and his reasons about it. And my fave part of this chapter 2 manga is how the mangaka Kohei draw this part in a very good way …


his shoes, it looks perfectly like what i always see on every live DVD. That same style shoes, i see he use it most on his live performances, even on each magazine shoot he often use a Christian Louboutin shoes.


yasu      :     what are you doin …?
noi         :     nothing, i just wanna see the bottom, aah that’s red  …
yasu      :     why …
noi         :     see i am one of the  Fashion Police now …

you know that shoes with red botom that you will never see if you don’t look closely at the bottom, just like Carrie Bradshaw‘s fave shoes. That’s why there’s a red botom euphoria of Louboutin among celebrities these days ne .

and i think he often do this rolling2 on the sofa while thinking ne ….

come one ya_san, think, think …. think again and again …. !!!

so when someone tell me how i am  so wacky  …

Well, maybe i am,  because i am livin in this quite wacky world like this, but at least

In a world like this, I’ve got you … hu huuu


yasu       :     no you don’t ….
noi          :     but i will got you …
yasu       :     no way …
noi          :     i …  i …. i … know i am gonna make it ….