Blinded Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Fukui … ( Another me, yasu and Acid Black Halloween)


A Hot Live in Fukui …

from this 盛り上げ上手な福井県での熱いライブ!   post on The Official Blog

After 『Shangri-la』 Meeting on the previous day, the Live in Fukui was held on October 30th, 2013 in Fukui City Cultural Center. Before this, Acid Black Cherry came to Fukui City in Secret Live 2007.

Thanks to the good excitement from fans, this Live in Fukui for the 1st time after six years became a very hot stuff ..

Like a little melancholy for the day, rain was fall on the Live day, and this one was waiting when they arrived on the venue ..


Sauce Katsu

Sauce Katsu, Fukui Cityy’s soul food that now become a gourmet which represent Fukui like 「”越前が」/「Echizen-gani」/「Echizen crab」 or shrimp.

they said it’s very delicious because yasu even wanted to eat that katsu yesterday and today before Live. After such a delighted time, yasu‘s back to backstage smiling continuously


while reading messages from everyone (via Janne Official Mobile and twitter) chatting with other members.

Last time in Fukui, it was with no audience and now six years again there were so many audience. Lots of people are feel and waiting for Acid Black Cherry.

Question selected for the question corner is


「Memories of Surrounding Scent」

and yasu‘s answer is

I do like variety of smells. But I always say, I really like the scent of shampoo called 「SALA」

while the Set List for Fukui is

1.  Re:birth
2. 少女の祈り
3.  Kuroi Taiyo
4.  Nemuri Hime
5.  Black Cherry
6.  Yubiwa Manogatari
7.  Aishitenai
8.  Cherry Cherry
9.  I’m not a Ghost
10.Shangri La


1.  Yes (request)
2.  Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
3.  Greed Greed Greed

the finally there you are the Kewpie



that’s Echizen crab, that Fukui is famous about.

aaand  ….

i suppose we have to back to Halloween Party talk again ne. I thought i already closed my Halloween Party post since it’s already November, but it seems like the After Party for us is not end yet ..

now from BARKS 【photo-gallery】 and Natalie, there you are Acid Black Halloween on stage




~ yasu on vocal


~ Hiro on Guitar

~ Leda (Deluhi) on guitar


actually my knowledge about this Leda for the 1st time was from FanFic.

Yeah, as i always say i am not into FanFic division but i remember there was a time when one of my mutual friend in Ameblo and Facebook is a BIG fan of Deluhi.

She is also a FanFic writer, so everyday my home both Ameblo and Facebook was full with her post/status/notes of her FanFics about Leda in so many various things Leda did with other VK‘s band member that i didn’t even know who they are ..

now i think she is already stop her cyber fangirl or writing FanFic activties because i didn’t see her around my Ameblo and Facebook again. For me she was a good writer, i mean how she made me read all of it and even asked her  .

hee, did he (Leda) really do/say that?

and ignored the fact that what i was reading a FanFic. I just got Lost inside her way thinking of Leda. Reading too much FanFic might get you lost between reality and fiction ne ..



yasu      :     what about me …
noi         :     you mean a FanFic about you ..?, i never read
yasu      :     uso
noi         :    i even avoid to read it ..
yasu      :     why ..
noi         :     hmm you tell me why ..

and thanks to her my knowledge about VK Bands added even a little bit by reading her FanFics, including how i know this …

~   Shinya (Dir en Grey) on Drum


and …

~  Ju-ken on bass


Since the bass position was announced the last, i think i was not the only who asked for IKUO to be there, as the bassist for Acid Black Halloween. Because i think it’s not gonna be so easy for my askin leader_sama TETSUYA to be there ne.


Banana on Halloween Party …. !!!



noi         :    is that possible?
HYDE    :    hmmm i think she is hungry now  ..
noi         :    not that
banana, but BANANA ..
yasu      :    ehmmmm …
noi         :    i really want to see him live on stage again …

then i think yasu might ask IKUO since ther last work together on Greed Greed Greed single. But in the end they decided for Ju-ken on the bass

Okay, not far from VAMPS and just like what HYDE said because he is one of VAMPS he can get all the materials n a short time after spent some more times in London

Now let’s talk about yasu‘s costume on the 4th day of Halloween Party. I am talking about this Supposed o be a BLACK CAT outfit



DAIGO via his twitter tell everybody if yasu is a mouse . Even i know that’s correct but i never read i still say (even wanted to reply DAIGO) with

what kind of mouse is that …?

Blimey, but i got dragged to this Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat euphoria and thanks to how sexited i am now to see the PV this midnight then i still think it was a BLACK CAT.

Yeah for me it yasu was a BLACK CAT on that day costume. The funniest was i read how someone said/wrote yasu is a Phanter ….xD

now i am givin up and OK, that’s a mouse. Then i remember won won‘s mouse/rat Mr. Scrabber.


i am sure you all who watch and forever in love to this cute Ron Weasley a.k.a won won know about that. Ron and his little rat Mr. Scrabber that actually he is Peter Pettigrew a.k.a Wormtail friend of Harry‘s father James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.



He was the one who sold out his friend James together with his wive Lily and their new born child Harry to The Dark Lord . Unlike the werewolf Remus Lupin, he is an animagus so he can change as human or animal as he want.

Just like what Hermione Granger explained, that’s the main different between and a werewolf and animagus. Animagus has a control for their self changing while for werewolf it’s all about the moon, The Full Moon. That’s why now i say :

OK, he was  a mouse that day


looks weird ..?

let’ just say because he is an animagus but not perfectly transformed.

OK, now what time is it, ah it’s just 13:30 PM. Time is so slow ne and all things at office goes in slow motion today. There’s another long 4 hours till 17:30 PM. I just wanna go home now, get shome hot water shower and relax a litttle bit before join this 【TEAM ABC】‘s Secret Meeting tonight.

See no more BATMAN Trap because they already posted the invitation on their Official Facebook Page in English ..!!!



I better go home now ne, but this week just a pretty hard week for me ne, things went wrong and i ended on the HOT SEAT and had to fix all of that ..




yasu      :   don’t ask me …
noi         :   i know i am HOT but that HOT SEAT …?
yasu      :   you what ? OK, i’ll pretend i didn’t see that  … *put a strikethrough*
noi         :   is not my division …
yasu      :   just end this post now …

well the, let’s end this post with this …



Janne Da Arc Fan Club finally is on twitter now.

As what they posted on their twitter profile, that’s the Official twitter for 「Mademiselle Anatatachi」, Janne da Arc Official Fan Club. With that twitter account they will inform us the latest information from Fan Club staff.

for example how they tweet_ed links for you’s HPの「Diary」. he wrote lots of diary with his phone ne and  of course you have to be a  Fan Club member to read that, because it is password protected. But they also retweet_ed the not password protected like 【TEAM ABC】‘s blog post tweet ..

suppose you can use your twitter and follow them in here

I posted that link on team_yasu then as i predicted, i got the same hope comments about how they miss Janne to come back, and some even say maybe they will do a plan for 20th (or 15th ..?) Anniversary Live … etc etc …

i mean, am i the only one that didn’t responded that way, regardless for how not into Janne i am. For me, because i am a Fan Club member and sometimes i ….

ah i don’t have to write it complete here, suppose you all know what i mean. My respond for that Janne FC is on twitter now was …

OMG Police FC now is on twitter,

noi       :   they will catch some bad/naughy fans …
yasu    :   like you ,…?
noi       :   i didn’t say that …
yasu    :   well i said that ..
noi       :   then don’t say that …


Whalaaa ..!! Post : HYDOLL と yasuDOLL … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and The BATMAN Trap)


Finally my HYDOLL came yesterday ….

Tekki said it looks creepy, but ah never mind what ever she said ne because she didn’t win BAFTA anyway.

When i see it i was like :

hey, it’s smaller than i thought ne. I thought it’s the same size as my yasuDOLL.

sure you all remember my yasuDOLL eh. In fact, it’s my fave Acid Black Cherry stuffs among all other stuffs i have because it’s a gift from Vietnam, from my dear friend Joanna.

Yes, it’s not official from Uprise but it’s handmade ne so i suppose it’s a rare thing and i have it #yay …!!!

and this year, on Halloween that yasuDOLL finally end his solo career because there you are now his partner duo HYDOLL finally came from Japan to do The Whatsoever Live they will do on that mini stage .

But i’d rather them to do a duet of  …

Glamorous Sky ..

945450_689554241055074_194711621_n mm

noi          :     to see you both singing Glamorous Sky one stage is my dream ne
HYDE     :     don’t talk about fangirl dream, noi_chan. Now tell me where is DAIGO
noi          :     eeettoo …
yasu       :     what did you do …?
noi          :     why me …?
HYDE     :     it must be you fangirl, don’t say twitter did it again ..

OK OK, i am sorry

but i have to do that ne. Because on this Fangirl Spaceship to Bahama i only ship HYDE and yasu, so yeah sometimes (or many times …?) i did that … xD.

Cut here, cut there to get a nice and lovely photo of HYDE, yasu or HYDE and yasu. And if there’s a time i put DAIGO or others (mostly are the Radio DJs …. xD) inside that’s because i can’t make it as a good photo if i cut him.

Once again ….

本当にごめんなさい … *bounce *

But i am sure all of you already know if that photo’s posted by DAIGO via his twitter a lovely loki backstage photos of Halloween Party 2013 with HYDE, yasu and anis



while these posted today on his Ameblo



while anis shared this HYDE and me backstage via his twitter/twipple


But heee ……

i was hope that anis will share his SISTERHOOD photo of him, HYDE and yasu together, then i i think ah he is still kind ne because after all he’s still posted a SISTERHOOD photo of him and HYDE so never mind my silly fangirl hope ne.

plus a lot of on stage photos from BARKS’s 【photo-gallery】 and Natalie




then suddenly everybody wants to touch and feel yasu‘s fake Boops .. xD. That was totally fun but weird talking ne, weird because how suddenly the topic changed ..

from a joke about how yasu‘s got sick because he wore too BIG sized fake Boops that make him tired to sing along with it (suppose it was a D Cup, or F  .. .. xD)

changed into everyone said i want to touch it, feel it, and wondered will it bounce if it get touched ?  … etc etc … OMG, that was hilarious ne. Thank God, it was just a cosplay nobody will turned it into a virtual harassment or else …

Now the Party is really over, because HYDE already posted a Thank You post via VAMPS Universal International / Delicious Deli Records Facebook‘s status where he said his Thank You to all artists who performed on this year’s Halloween Party 2013 one by one …

this one is for yasu and Acid Black Halloween part


you can read all the rest in here both in English or Japanese

that’s sooo (with triple o) sweet ne and i love to read that how HYDE think yasu is a must part on his annual event then how showed his sympathy, sorry and grateful for his fanboy named yasu.

While the other side, the fanboy yasu still do this his kami‘s call to join this year’s Halloween Party 2013 even he is in the middle of a long 「Shangri-la」Tour

then he got cold …

ah, i hate to write about yasu being sick again, so let’s skipp that because now he is okay and already jump into his tight schedule of 「Shangri-la」 Project.

Not only that he also kinda wanted to make sure all his fans know if he is OK by put this message via this 元気、でた! post on The Official Blog

Everyone, I have made you worry.

It’s not a big deal, because I caught a little cold, I was allowed to rest for a day from HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Thank you for the many messages. Since I’m enthusiastically into this Project 『Shangri-la』 tour, don’t worry!

Everyone be careful not to catch a cold. So, I’ll see you at Project 『Shangri-la』!

together with a photo of him with a mask ..


aand by the way busway, look what 【TEAM ABC】 just tweet_ed this afternoon …


it’s sudden, but what you all do on November 2nd around 23:00 PM  …

hooo …

that’s a BATMAN trap question, you know that kinda invitation diguised as a question. I suppose they want to let us see

394 yen

…   ♥ ♥ PV of 「黒猫  ~Adult Black Cat ~」 ♥ ♥ ….

so everyone on November 2nd around 23:00 PM (JST) do not go anywhere. Stay at home in front your PC, go online and stay tune to 【TEAM ABC】 twitter and wait whatever they will let us see … .

OK stay calm everyone, keep the all sexcitements for the day after tomorrow now let’s back to Erect Live DVD MCs ne and there you are ..


Erect Live ~ MC3



eeeh …. say bad things about Avex?


noi        :      that’s so yesterday, eh …
yasu     :      but you also do that right …
noi        :      yes, i did but not now  …
yasu     :      that’s because now you are mad to the other …
noi        :      ah, don’t make me talk about nico video please …

now i am bit disappointed to nico video, for what they did on the last Halloween Party‘s streaming.

How they still kicked me to the purchasing ticket page even i already do the monthly payment for my premium membership (who knows yasu or Benny might do a streaming live there again). And tryin to find the link to stop that monthly payment confused me.

They said it’s for the host’s fee or something like that.

It doesn’t matter for me if i had to pay again, but when i go to purchasing ticket page they hurt me again when the ticket purchasing is for Japan only, i mean i did my membership payment with Paypall but it didn’t work for purchasing ticket.

enough about that, now let’s back to the yasu‘s MC ne.

The last time i said bad about yasu‘s recording company was when Acid Black Cherry joined a-nation. You all remeber ne, how they canceled the Acid Black Cherry part to be on live screening all over cinemas …?

yeah, i was disappointed that time and did my usual dramatic fangirl disappointed post, but i remember that day i was disappointed not only because of that but also someone said this to me …

If you wanna see it, then go to Japan …!!

like going to Japan is very easy just  like how you jump from your bed then run to your toilet in the morning. Yes, i got that if he/she is already go to Japan maybe 2 or 3 times? but i think he/she didn’t have to say that to me.

Maybe yes, for him/her going to Japan is very easy just jump on the plan and go but hello, …  not everyone is lucky as you ne.

I have a friend who go to Japan for many times for ABC Lives and other purpose that she only know but she never say that to me. Because instead of sayin that she always kindly ask me if i want her to buy something for me there … etc etc yeah she is so kind like that.

I mean i know this world is wide world even for a fandom world with so many characters of peoples there, but i just don’t get why there’s some said things like that.

Hell yeah, that was hurt for me,

but i took the good side how what he/she said to me made more insist to go to Japan no matter how hard i have to asked my boss to give me a week off from office on December


yasu      :   so you went to Japan because of that …
noi         :   eh, i never told you ? but still my main reason is you ne …..
yasu      :   really …
noi         :   that’s why i said for me, talk bad about Avex is so yesterday …

nah, nah see everyone …

i suppose from now on, we should not say/write bad things about yasu‘s record company again ne. Because …

~   sure you all don’t wanna be so yesterday and
~   the man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) himself already said the words so it would be better if we follow him ne just like how we all follow him on twitter. …
~   ooorrr with an approval from Inspector Himura (read : me …xD)


i am afraid

this Officer Hayashi will arrest you …. xD  *wink*



yasu        :      what, i am still an officer ? …
noi           :     sorry but this Inspector Himura and Officer Hayashi is the only pairing fit to end this post ne
yasu        :      why didn’t you go  find another
noi           :     i am busy now, i’ll do that later or tomorrow …



After Party Post : Halloween Party 2013 .. (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Dorothy)


Who is Dorothy …?


this time i am  taking about that Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. That pretty girl that i envy for the whole of my life because her cute and sparkle red shoes, Over The Rainbow‘s song and her travel to Oz.

The Wizard of Oz is an epic movie that i am sure everyone know and already watched it then madly in love with the red shoes (for girls like me … xD),

amazed by The Tin Man or scared by Wicked Witch of The West‘s spell no matter they watch it in so many different versions (cartoon, Broadway, … etc etc) beside the original version with Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale.

Even i already got the message from that epic movie how your home is the best place to be in this world, …

but what can i do, i am still Dorothy ne …


noi        :    don’t tell me you don’t know Dorothy …
yasu     :    you think i don’t know Dorothy ..?
noi        :    i didn’t say that ..
yasu     :    ah, now you want a new shoes …
noi        :    awww ya_san, you know, but not only that, also …

I want to travel somewhere over the rainbow no matter how many times i got scared by that telly show called Banged up Abroad on Nat Geo Adventure channel  ..

i am sure some of you know that telly show ne, a show about people’s experience of being caught abroad because they did smuggling with their own so many reasons why.

But mostly their reason/cause was because they were so greed.  After they succeed once instead of stop, they want more and more until they get caught like that. Of course there were also other people who got caught because framed by their new travel mate that was so kind and adorable to them when they were there.

They just blindly believe them, no double check before leaving and shocked like dumped to hell when they couldn’t go back to their country because the custom find some illegal stuffs inside their bags/luggage.

This telly show scared me so much last year when i was going to Japan. It almost made me cancel it, but thank God i finally went there even with so many what if (what if they found something … etc etc) all over my mind.

yasu       :      noi_chan, why this Dorothy talk …?
noi          :      because this is Halloween ne ..
yasu       :      but it’s over ..
noi          :      that’s why i wrote When The Party is Over ne .

yes, this year’s Vamps Halloween Party is over

and honestly i am glad it’s over. For me, this year’s Halloween Party is supposed to be fun, more open than last year’s but somehow the fun just ended in the middle of the party, turned into full of …

~  worries (especially for ABC fans)

because how yasu got sick and had to cancel his performance on the 3rd day. I think everyone got this worry feeling. Even i couldn’t open the Official Home Page because it crashed soon after 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 announced it via their Official Twitter.


see yasu was trending on twitter that day … xD

with his throat problem he had years ago worried his fans, plus how he is very busy with his 『Shangri-la』 Project related like all over Japan Tour, upcoming new single next month and all the promo activity following it.

but thank God, the next day 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 via this post, announced that yasu will perform on Halloween Party 2013 as scheduled before added this message from yasu


I apologize for the worries.
Thank you for so many encouraging comments from everyone.
I will do my very best today!


complete with a photo of yasu HOOD like this … xD


良かった, he is fine now … #yay …!!!

next is how the fun of this year’s Halloween Party euphoria turned into ..

~    A Hide and Seek …

eeeh, should i say chasing game? like the I am Chasing on L’arc_en_Ciel’s Chase ..? because a Hide and Seek is supposed to be fun, but not this one. What i mean with a Hide and Seek is how …

eh, how should i say this ne …

as you know, there was streaming for before and after Party on the backstage that i am so terrificly happy for this ne. I was like …



even a little bit finally they make it Halloween Party a bit Open, at least for overseas fans like me. Then as always the lazy me, i didn’t watch the streaming for 1st and 2nd day because i waited for other fans/Street Team to share it via Youtube or Facebook video.

so yeah, i was fine, but then on the 3rd day, the Chasing is started.

Yama_chan, the event MC who held the streaming show asked the fans for not do any screen capture, recording or sharing the video with some copyrights reason from artist management .. etc etc like you all can see on the channel.

that prohibition somehow kinda divided fans into two side :

*   1 side is for fans who obey the request, while the
*   other side is for fans who actually wanted to obey the request,

but  …


couldn’t hold their desire to share the suff when they seen this beautiful man/woman on their PC screen. Eh God, i mean who can keep that beautiful Oiran HYDE for themself … ?

i can’t …

and on the 3rd day whenYama_chan said that prohibition again plus how he will not do the streaming show again if fans still not care, there you are the Hide and Seek started.

There was a message sending among fans, one fan asked to other fan to erase their screen caps posted on their twitter and Tumblr. Some even report how the screen caps as already all over Tumblr to Yama_chan. I was like …

Eeeh, really?

that’s totally pissed me off because i have to join something secret to see the streaming recorded video.  I lost the fun and euphoria. I didn’t even care about the last day. That’s why i said i am glad Halloween Party 2013 is finally over.

I hope there will be no more things like this on next year’s Halloween Party.

Maybe it would be better if they let The Party close like last year, and fans who can’t be there still can see their idol’s cosplaying as from sites like BARKS, or stalk their idol’s social networks like twitter, Facebook, or that Cameran app … #EndOfStory

But regardless of how pissed off and dramatic fangirl worried i was for what happened, i still think this year’s Halloween Party as an awesome moment even for me who wasn’t there.

Nice outfit from everyone for me of course especially yasu and HYDE.

ah ya, yasu‘s cosplay ….

~    Cute Lolita Girl w/ a big Boops …


there’s some jokes said how he got sick because that BIG Boops make him tired …xD

~   The Adult Black Cat on Nightmare’s Hitsugi tweet


October’s end soon and The Cat, The Adult Black Cat is on eh ….xD

Still i had my own fun from this Halloween Party just by reading all Live Reports, one of them is this Live Report by Secret Sign, you can read it in —-> here on her facebook note.

i read so many great fan reports ne, how on the 4th day HYDE got punished but instead doin the punishment, he sang Joujoushi amazingly (aww i wanna see it ….xD).

Oh God, look at HYDE ne …




especially the last one,

OMG HYDE, really ……?  *wipe my face*

HYDE is always like that.

Every year on Halloween Party HYDE succeed to make all his fans (especially girls) to accept the fact that the idol that they all adore is more beautiful than them.

Even among all those girls, he is still pretty …


source  :   Yumi Wakatsuki’s blog

HYDE did cosplay as Alive, The Sweet Bob Blonde Lolita .. and many others beautifully. I hope HYDE will think about cosplaying as Dorothy when i go to Japan to see Halloween Party.

I mean ….

i want to see HYDE walk and sing Over The Rainbow with a read shoes … xD


yasu      :     isn’t that too much to ask …?
noi         :     you think so
yasu      :     yes, …
noi         :     well then, i’ll ask Santa next Christmas …



Noodle Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting and Live ~ Mie .. (another me, yasu, HYDE and Saturday)


Today is Saturday and ….

even i am forever single i do love Saturday ne, weekend and before Sunday.

This is something i heard a long time ago on my bus riding in the morning. There was 2 girls, that kind of high school girl one you know the one who always make noises on bus and how she said to everyone how she as the most un_happy person because at that moment she is single. When her friend asked he why? she said

Because i am single this Saturday night is not belong to me …

her answer made me laughed a lot. That’s what i am gonna say as a BIG LOL in the morning she gave to me. OK, there’s a moment where everybody can/allowed to be stupid,

after all she is only 17 years old ne . But i never think like that when i was 17 years old, maybe i skipped that phase because all i remember when i was 17 years old i was crazy with Jet Li and Jacky Chan

so Saturday Night, boyfriend and some related things with them, i didn’t think about that much because i spent almost my Saturday Night at home watching movies  …


yasu      :    weird  …
noi         :    yeah, and when i was 17, i didn’t know you .
yasu      :    because you start to know me when you were …
noi         :    50 ne ,,,
yasu      :    ah, come on  …

But this Saturday is different because today finally …


I GOT #VAMPSLiveJKT2013 Ticket ….!!!!!  #yay …!!!

after spent my whole last night teached Miss_Tekki how to use that whatsoever Pay_click, i changed my role from Miss Fisher into Dottie and let go the chance to get Inspector Jack Robinson,

but then finally i got the ticket, VIP one everyone ….!!!!

And as my promise, if i get #VAMPSLiveJKT2013 ~  VIP ticket,  i will wash my darling Mulyono.

This wacky cat now became dirty like that because how he really loves to rolling2 on the full of dust ground. Well he is not a hommy cat anyway, i’d say he is a traveler cat.

He will go there and there and back home when he is hungry then will ignore me after i gave him his lunch. Like yesterday, i spent my Friday noon inside my chamber with him and when i said to him …

Mul, HYDE will come to Indonesia ne ….


he didn’t even look at me, ah damn that wacky cat is not a fan_cat at all. I think i have to do something to him, so he will say Miawww everytime i show him/talk abouy HYDE or yasu.

Hmmm, how i am gonna do that anyway  …. ? .

I will wash him tomorrow and then lock him again inside my chamber so he will not go anywhere and stay clean. Btw i  spent so many my afternoon time washing a car, but i never wash a cat ne.

but i suppose washing a cat, it should be more easy than washing a car ne …

OK now, back to 『Shangri-la』.


nah before i start this 『Shangri-la』 Live and Meeting ~ Mie post, allow me to ask you all this question :

Have you order this 『Shangri-la』 2nd Season Photobook ?


i did  mine,

and to all of you who haven’t or might forget about this 2nd Season Photobook, let this Agent Himura remind you again, the pre_order period is

September 27 (Friday) 13:00 ~ November 18th (Monday) : 23:59 JST


~    FC members, you can go to to this     ——>   UpRise Official Online Shop
~    Non FC members, you can go to this  ——> Tsutaya store

contact your proxy, because remember about the special Photobook Case from Tsutaya for 5 same orders there? maybe some of you interested with that.

But i know some of you choose to wait for your fave OnLine_Shops to open their pre_order for this 2nd Season Photobook .

Oh now is already October ne, and i can’t wait to see the 1st Season Photobook ….

~    『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~  Mie


that picture above is from Tomita_san‘s twitter gave all of us a little sneak peak of the last『Shangri-la』  Meeting ~ MieTomita_san (Tetsuya Tomita), he is the DJ on FM Mie ~  「EVENING COASTER」 radio show.

He also posted a photo of himself with yasu ..


as well as on the Radio Blog


complete with the Q&A like

how yasu spent his spare time during this long tour …?

~    he said he will do such things like sightseing or go to pachinko if there’s nothing to do ..

and because he is on a long period time travel, Tomita_san also asked about packing …!!

~   the answer is related with underwear, underwear relationship so bulky,  doing laundry and asked the manager this time.

yasu‘s doing the laudry …  OMG, i wonder where and how  …  #ewww *wondering*

about this tour …

~   this is not an album tour, so the songs are various.   Because I put various songs on the set list so on the live show you will enjoy both the old and the new song.

now, i got the reason why that random set list on this 『Shangri-la』 Live


noi      :     not that kinda serial killer random ne  …
yasu   :     no …
noi      :     heee … *failed*
yasu   :     sorry ne …

Then the Meeting itself, It was held at the Ion Tsunan Sun Valley Shopping Center with almost 1,000 people (including people outside). 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 wrote that Meeting as full of smile Meeting.

The Public Recording, of course talking about 「Greed Greed Greed」 single and the story of the 「Recreation Track」 songs and  there was also a dialect corner where yasu learned some Mie‘s dialect


the Public Recording with FM Mie‘, will be aired on Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Limited Radian F」 tomorrow October14th, 2013.

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Mie

Since the previous  TOUR 『2012』, Mie is already become a memorable place for Acid Black Cherry.

Entered the venue, this local gourmets welcomed …


Ise Udon ..

and yasu was also visited Ise Grand Shrine the day before and the rain was fallin … (if you read on his interview with Tomita_san, he also mentioned about that).  Then lookin at the video after  having Ise Udon with …

Is this YUKI …?


ah ya, that’s YUKI ne.  Then question for The Question Corner is …


「The power spot for me 」

ha ha ha .. OMG yasu‘s answer is …

how he occasionally have a meals together with HYDE and DAIGO, and he often go to a family restaurant with DAIGO then get a dessert with a seasonal fruit topping there.

But his main power spot is The Stage.

and you can read the Official Blog translation by Jin in here


the Set List for Mie is …

1.   Greed Greed gGreed
2.   Murder License


3.   Cord name 【JUSTICE】
4.   Rakuen
5.   Chou
6.   1954LOVE/HATE


7.  Yasashii Uso
8.  Maria
9.  so…good night


10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri – La


14. Re:birth
15. Aishitenai
16. Pistol

i see most of the set list are have Greed Greed Greed and Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi, and Aishitenai ne ….

next is the Kewpie


since Mie is the home for ninja, so that’s a ninja.

I say this one is cute ne, imagine how that cute little ninja will jump from one roof to other roof in the middle of the night? waw that would be funny eh, because if that’s happen all i have to do just prepare a BIG net to catch all of them …

i see there’s many ABC fans love/like and wants this ninja kewpie, and i’ve been lost again at Yahoo Auctions 2 days ago and i saw they sell this ninja kewpie for 1,800 yen. That’s only for the 2nd day while the bid, it was for 7 days.

I wonder it will ended with how many yen. while the other one sellin the complete 2nd Season‘s kewpies for 18,000 yen

i say,  what a yen ne … !!!


yasu     :     then you auctions girl,  wanna go for it …?
noi        :     i think i’ll wait because i have no money now …
yasu     :     really ….?
noi        :     I told you, i am going to watch Vamps Live ne …
yasu     :     well … *continue eating*

I think i will wait when they put that Kewpies on the Official OnLine Shop as what they (Save Us) said to me via email when i asked them about the possibility to buy that Kewpies and some other silly questions as the new Mobile FC member.

They said ..

Shangri-la Kewpies is sale only at venue now.
However, it will be sold in Official OnlineShop (uprise shop), when it may sell after this except venue.
You do not need to register with Official mobile site.

see, that’s some good news ne. yes, maybe it will take forever to wait and when they put it on the Official OnLine Shop i might left away again. But still that’s a great news to me. It make me able to say,

I have a Dream, to have all the complete kewpies …! *dumped to Limbo*

Now, talking about Vamps Halloween Party, look at this cute HALLOWEEN PARTY -feat.HYDEs CM videos …




then remember Kla Hayashi?

the girl who did a good job cosplaying as yasu on QED Live? now look at her new cosplay. She awesome cosplay as yasu on The Halloween Party PV by  and her friend as HYDE

source and credit :  Kla’s Tumblr

that’s awesome ne. I always like Kla‘s cosplay because it looks real and not too much. You know what i mean …xD

again i will say I Love Saturday especially this Saturday because i got my ticket to see #VAMPSLiveJKT2013 next month and i think now it’s time for me to say this to HYDE_san …



HYDE    :      for what …?
noi         :      for me, who else …
yasu      :      aaaaa ….
noi         :      ha ha ha ….#yay




きゃああ 。。。!! Post : VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 (Another me, yasu and Acid Black Halloween)


being a fangirl sometimes can make you pretty busy

like what i feel recently, with  there’s so much update and release from  HYDE, leader_sama and yasu ne,

~  HYDE with his annual HALLOWEEN PARTY …



The biggest event that every j_rock fans are waiting for, HYDOLL and new VAMPS album SEX BLOOD ROCK’N ROLL.

I did listen to this album and i think i like the original one ne. There’s something missing ne, and i dunno what. It’s not because the whole album is in English, no not at all because from my only one ear, HYDE‘s English is improved quite very well


~     Leader_sama and his new  Bass ..


finally, there’s something about leader_sama ne. Even it’s not a new single, at least there you are i can see banana ….. !!! sure,  i am curious about what the hell is he doin now.  It feels like forever since his last Live DVD Tetsuya and The Juicy Banana .

~    and then of course yasu


still with his 『Shangri-la』 Project, a new upcoming single 『Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ 』 that amazingly on this weekly chart from mu-mo even they haven’t let us to see the cover yet …


of course that’s not the updated chart ne, because it was days ago when i randomly search on mu-mo while waiting for them for opening pre-order for this …



yes, i did my order for the regular edition from CDJapan, but this one ne this w/ HYDOLL edition was so tempting. Can you imagine that a pretty scary figure of HYDE like that with only 2,500 yen ? …

i want that …

finally mu-mo opened the pre-order last night and bloody hell,  it was only about 2 or maybe 3 hours i closed this pre-order page and when i opened it  again it’s already sold out .


i know they already mentioned about it, how this HYDE figure is a very limited and they only open the pre-order until they reach their numbers but i can’t believe it will be that fast ne, i thought at least it will be sold out for another day …

but hey, i’ve been such a fool ne.

Right now it was about HYDE and anything about HYDE is always fast for example like new single/album download, video on telly or scans … etc etc. Of course for this kind of limited stuffs also fast.

Nah because i am not the Human Torch on Fantastic Four and sure i am not one of the Fast and The Furious, so here i am now, askin to myself again and again …

eeeh, i didn’t get that HYDOOOLLLL really ….. ????


yasu     :    look who’s just failed again …
HYDE   :    poor noi_chan …
noi        :    OK, that’s not funny …
yasu     :    but it is ne …
DAIGO  :    yes, very funny ….

now i better think about another way ne and ah ya, you all may call me

~   stupid, blinded  <— maybe i am
~   greed …?  <—–   yeah whatever, i didn’t win BAFTA anyway ..

eh, i think i hear someone said that somewhere …

noi       :   who, is that you ya_san …?
yasu    :   no, i only say  “
just let that shit go, my name is Greed Greed Greed … ”
noi       :   then who …
yasu    :   it was you, with your silly how you didn’t win BAFTA rambling …
noi       :   really … OMG

or whatsoever else because of this me want this and that …

but i think for a L’arc based fans like me (read : fans who start their fandom activity with L’arc) will understand what i feel, even not all of them,

but i think Master Yoda will understand …

noi                  :    eh, Master …
Master Yoda    :    hmm ..
noi                  :    don’t worry, the force is still with me
Master Yoda    :    hmmm …
noi                  :    very well, master ..

i am talking about this feeling about HYDE, a feeling that allow me to ignore all what haters in this world sayin about him, and at the contrary never  allow me to ignore my endless wanted for stuffs related with him.

I managed not to buy his SEX BLOOD ROCK’N ROLL album because i was making a priority but i can’t say no for this HYDOLL and the upcoming HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 single. Yes, it’s a re-released single then what  …

after all i am just a fangirl ne,

a fangirl who is often failed to managed myself of keep sayin i want this and that  … etc and many else, because you know i can’t even manage my anger ne,

unlike yasu,

during his fully dully schedule of nation-wide 『Shangri-la』 Tour and Meetings , new single 『Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ 』 release related activities like radio and telly comments, magazines and webs interview … etc etc

he is still able to manage to be on this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY#yay


Saturday, October 19 – Kobe World Memorial Hall (Hyogo)

Artists   : VAMPS / DAIGO / Kishidan / Wakeshima Kanon
HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : kyo (D’ERLANGER) / yasu (Acid Black Cherry) and more

Sunday, October 20 – Kobe World Memorial Hall (Hyogo)

HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : kyo (D’ERLANGER) / Wakeshima Kanon / and more

Friday, October 25 – Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9~11 Hall (Chiba)

Artists : VAMPS / DAIGO / Negoto / Nogizaka46 / Becky♪/ Acid Black Halloween (HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA) :yasu(Acid Black Cherry)+HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA
HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : Wakeshima Kanon / and more

Saturday, October 26 – Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9~11 Hall (Chiba)

Artists : VAMPS / DAIGO / Tommy heavenly6 / Acid Black Halloween (HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA) : yasu(Acid Black Cherry)+HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA
HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : Aoki Ryuji / kyo (D’ERLANGER) / Wakeshima Kanon / and more

Sunday, October 27 – Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9~11 Hall (Chiba)

Artists : VAMPS / DAIGO / Golden Bomber / Nogizaka46 / and more
HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : TERU(GLAY) / TAKURO(GLAY) / Aoki Ryuji / Wakeshima Kanon / and more

source  :   here and here (for ABC only )

This year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY sure is gonna be different with last year ne, i mean there’s only DAIGO as solo, then TERU and TAKURO from GLAY joined and also that Acid Black Halloween name came up …

surprised me more, because the fact that he (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) is on the list of performers there is already surprised me ne. i was so sure about him will not join this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY thanks to the 『Shangri-la』 Tour euphoria on me.

but then eventually who am i anyway …

talking like deciding that he is no gonna join this and that, hello i am just a fangirl ne. The fool one who didn’t know much and choose to not know more so yeah for the 1,000 galeons times i was wrong again.

But i am glad that i was wrong this time …..xD

once again i am gonna say how lovely ABC fandom is, i mean on the day when they announced  the 1st HALLOWEEN PARTY list of performers, there’s no yasu there. at that time, i didn’t see fans who said/wrote :

OMG there’s no yasu there, why … etc etc

you know things like a common aho like that. eh i dunno, yes maybe there’s post like that somewhere i dunno, but at least i didn’t see it there at team_yasu.

And if there’s also there, thank God i didn’t see …

Hoo … good job ne team_yasu ,  i believe soon, we will beat team_edward …!!!!  #yosh

what i saw there was understandings from them all if yasu might not join this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY.

Then what happened next was the new single 『Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ 』 keep us (or only me … ? xD) busy to think how wonderful is if yasu change his hair back to black to be a perfect Adult Black Cat .

especially this L’Oreal with yasu i saw on Tumblr …..

ajajajajaja  ….xD

then i wonder with his not long enough hair like that, if he really dyed his hair back to black, OMG he is gonna look like this Miss Fisher …?


yukki said nooo …. !!! about this …xD

too bad eh, because i think that would be awesomely sexy yasu ne …

nah today we all know he is on the HALLOWEEN PARTY list, sure he doesn’t have time to dye his hair, i think this is time for me to stop imagine yasu with a sexy black bob hairstyle like Miss Fisher  ..

Stay as The Blonde on My Facebook Wall, my dear …


yasu        :      ah stop it, this isn’t a radio show
noi           :      i know …
yasu        :      you can’t request something like that ..
noi           :      but what can i do, i am just a fangirl ne  ..

fangirl eh,

so let’s see the schedule on the OHP again …

~  09/27  FM AICHI 「A-1 Countdown」



and you also can see yasu’s comment on MJTV on that channel …



~  09/26  「JAGA PRESS」

that one is from 「JAGA PRESS」 inside a magazine called Chai and free distributed for Hokkaido, only in Tokachi region.

My proxy, she is in Hokkaido ne. So i thought she will managed to get me one of that magazine but it’s not that simple because Hokkaido is very BIG while i never think Hokkaido is that BIG until she told me she will need about 4 and a half hours by car from her hometown … xD

i can’t say anything to her but never mind and sorry for my stupid request

sometimes it can be complicated like this ne, you know how you want this and that then you want your idol to be like this or that … etc etc and many other things are possible inside of a fangirl’s mind

please don’t take it seriously,

because that’s something that keep it busy as well as happy ne, what is the point of be a fangirl but to be happy together  …?

that’s why this morning  i said how busy i am as a fangirl on my Facebook status. And then when my friend added a comment with Groupies …? , then i said to him they may look and sound the same but  i think

fangirl and groupies are totally different

noi       :    nee ya_san, i think groupies usually only do/say kyaa kyaa kyaa
yasu    :    you also do that ne,
noi       :    yes i do, but my
kyaa kyaa kyaa is always followed with … ha ha ha ha so it become  …

Kyaaa ha ha ha ha …. *evil laugh*

yasu    :    oh not again, why do i have to listen this  …
noi       :    because my dear, you’re the reason why i do that,  I gotta go now,
Miss Fisher is waiting …



Random Post : HALLOWEEN PARTY Euphoria is on … (Another me, yasu and HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA)

Today it’s all about the upcoming HALLOWEEN PARTY,  ….

of course everyone (and me …) can’t wait to see what are they (HYDE, KAZ, yasu, DAIGO … and more) who participated on this upcoming single of HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : HALLOWEEN PARTY‘s 1st PV gonna cosplay as what …


source : VAMPSOUND’s Photo

why did i say it as the 1st PV? because i think there will be another PV, maybe for next year VAMPS HALLOWEEN Party 2012 HYDE will compose another song for HALLOWEEN PARTY and then he will make another single for HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA and of course there will be yasu and DAIGO there and another PV ….

#whoooaaaa ……. *fangirl dreaming*



noi       :     ah no, let’s just say that as another fangirl anlysis.
yasu    :     analysis ….?
noi       :     yes, how is it …
yasu    :     that’s your wish ne, not analysis …
noi       :     but …

well let’s back to this HALLOWEEN PARTY euphoria, and talk about the costumes, i dunno about the other artist on HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA because my fangirl radar is very limited just like the J-Music i listen to, so i am only gonna talk about HYDE. KAZ, yasu and DAIGO  ….

~   HYDE and KAZ

KAZ remind me to one movie that i watch a long time ago. The movie is about group of man and woman who’s accidentally trapped in to a situation where they have to deal with an army of German’s soldier zombie. I forgot what is this movie’s title but i this movie is not in English, i think this is a Finland movie ..

so when i watch that movie (i watch it on DVD btw) i kinda lost between wondering what language is this movie and how the zombie’s scared me. Geez, this zombie is different with the regular zombie you may watch on Resident Evil. Well i am not sayin that the Umbrella Corp‘s zombies on Resident Evil which Alice fight to are not scary , but this Germany soldiers zombie is different.

the different is because they are, all of them is a soldiers where they were alive, and they still bring their military ways of live on their zombie’s live. …. xD, and how they kill is so scary ne. especially how they did it to the man (or woman ..?) on the toilet at night ….

and  for HYDE ...



is that JOKER? …

a JOKER, from his lips (but instead of bloody red, they made his ripped lips black) but with a Mad Hatter‘s hat, Or maybe HYDE just make his own dark version of JOKER for HALLOWEEN PARTY



btw all that images are  from Vamps Time vol. 14 and some of it is about the HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : HALLOWEEN PARTY‘s PV shoot. and i read someone posted on his blog about yasu ask HYDE to take a picture together after they finished the PV’s shoot, and there you are ….

~ yasu






look at that ne,  oh God, i always love when yasu took a picture or say something about HYDE. I have no idea why, maybe this is because i’ve been here in this Bahama 221B and get locked in this Bahama Love Triangle by both of them (read : HYDE and yasu) all this time, so my fangirl mind_setting is them …




noi       :    ah i get it now ….
yasu    :    get what …
noi       :    it is all about BATMAN right ….
yasu    :    eeehhh …..

noi       :   that’s great, not another Vampire’s cosplay …. xD


first HYDE with something what i am gonna call as his HALLOWEEN version of JOKER and now you, yes you ya_san, you are what, …. is that Two Face, but this one is again and again i am gonna call it as HALLOWEEN version of Two Face, half human and half skeleton face/body ….

OMG, it is BATMAN. but then what about DAIGO? …..






DAIGO as a mummy, ….  because there’s no mummy on BATMAN, so it is not BATMAN and then what it is now …?  aigoooo …..  ah forget it, i give up now i am just gonna say they make it random as random as HALLOWEEN PARTY itself. See you can be anything and anyone on HALLOWEEN PARTY right …?

this one is very sweet ne, thanks for my dear friend minlilin for this lovey image of yasu and his amost broomance BFF DAIGO, look at them ….



and now i think i am gonna sleep with this HALLOWEEN PARTY euphoria in my mind and wondering why it took so long ne to October. yes, October 17th. The day when all my things released, and i am gonna be automatically unlocked from this yasu no Matsu wa no Heya




yasu     :     eeee chotto noi_chan, i didn’t lock you in that room …
noi        :     i locked myself btw …
yasu     :     and i am sure you have the key right …
noi        :     no, i eat it.
yasu     :     eh, you what …?
noi        :     you better find a new key to unlocked me ya_san, onegaii …

and still connected to HALLOWEEN PARTY, this one is about Acid Black Cherry Halloween Party 2012 Goods. Finally the Official Online Shop updated with these items :




Pre-sale period : September 24th, 2012 13:00 ~ October 1st, 12:00
Product launch anytime on Friday October 5th …


but, i wonder why i don’t see the price for each items except for the hairband because it is the same one with QED live hairband, or i am the one who can’t find it? … @_@

or maybe they will add it after September 24th, and it is only for mobile user who can access it now, ah this is confusing ne. I think i am gonna skip this one, because even i love the Tshirt, but as always i never buy Tshirt from all ABC live goodies i only buy hairband, pamphlet, sticker, towels … and  else, but i don’t buy Tshirt.

this is because when i bought Re-Birth Live T-shirt, The Iron Man Lady (the one who iron and wash my clothes) she did ruin my ABC shirt by iron it too hot or use too much detergent and make my shirt’s black color didn’t look good again. And then it just stop me for buy shirts again, …

and also i am still have to save my cash for my next trip to chase yasu ne, it’s been 3 months until this September i survived for not buying things and close all the chance for me to buy things that i didn’t really need. Like another new shoes or bag. And yeah i did it. Usually every month at least i am gonna have 2 new shoes, cloth or bag.

i spent my day off at home with my telly, not going anywhere, stay away from mall, books or DVD store. Just keep me from being greedy ne, after all i still have many books that i haven’t read and DVD’s that i haven’t watch. guess who i meet yesterday …?




yasu      :     who, him ….?
noi         :     no, it is not
Mr. Friday and of course it is not you ya_san …. xD.
yasu      :     of course not, why should i meet you …
noi         :     yeah, you are right, if i meet you here in my country i’ll jump to a river next to my home …
yasu      :     but you can’t swim noi_chan …
noi         :     dakara ….

I meet him again my watever you will name him as, somehow just come up like a rabbit that come up from a mgician’s hat. It was just like that, he is just in front of me and say hello, Assalamualaikum ... and i was like ,



is that really you …? that’s what i said to him instead of reply his salam with Waalaikumsalam … I remember he sent me a text message last month something about him being forever single or something that i didn’t get it 100% because he text it with Malay instead of English like when he use to be.

and then the first thing i look from him was …. aha, yeah this is very2 shame one me ne, i was looking at his fingers. Keep looking at it, and God, i should not call myself as a stalker or secret fangirl because i can’t look at his fingers secretly. Because when i did that,

he asked me hey, what are you looking for? are you looking for a wedding ring on my finger? … don’t waste your time, because you will never find it . That text message i sent you last month is not a joke, i mean it. I am gonna be forever single.

OMG how did he know about that, yes, i was looking for his wedding ring. I think he is already married, but who knows if what he said t was true. I mean what make him do that? … but somehow when he said if i will never find the wedding ring when he busted me for looking at his fingers, i was smiling like an idiot …

even if yeah we already made our choce to be on our own each way, but still imagine him together with another woman it just un_imaginable for me so that’s why i was smiling when i can’t find his wedding ring and also i didn’t ask him why. I think he is gonna tell me someday when he is ready.

and then when he asked about how i am, what i say to him was : Hey, do you know i am going to Japan to see yasu ne ….  can you imagine that, finally i am going to see him …. etc etc many more. and then he he said something that i never imagine,

he said : well what if i go with you there, to see yasu live. I think i want to know how about your fangirl world. and i replied him with : OK, if you can get the live ticket then we’ll go together …

OMG, what the hell on earth make me said that ne, God, i hope he didn’t get the ticket or there’s something he need to go on that day , no he can’t get it, the ticket and go to Japan together with me …?

bloody hell noooooo …..




noi      :    Oh God, he is not gonna get it right …?
yasu   :    why, you should be glad he want to go with you …
noi      :    no listen ya_san, when a man and woman alone, there will be a devil between them. See what i mean?
yasu   :    so you don’t trust him …
noi      :    no, i trust him 100%, but the one i can’t trust is myself …

Oh God, help me …..

See this is why i never have a long term relationship with someone, because how i am so boring, see spam the same thing like what i always do to him and now on our first meet after all this time i did it again ….

See how boring i am …..?



noi         :      don’t you think so ….?
yasu      :      yes i see it, very boring. now go to sleep  …
noi         :      oyasumi …


Vamps Halloween Party 2011 : Hyde’s Nemuri Hime ….. (Another me, yasu and Hyde)

oke i decide to post again here and here’s my blog just something about me yasu and hyde ….  i am a fangirl so this blog is gonna be a lot lot of fangirlism … and  this is my new CV, a fangirl CV ….

Name         :   noi himura
Address    :   Bahama 221B
Phone number  : +6285 555 6666
fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry and L’arc en Ciel  


now i am start it with this

my dear Giorgia Gorner shock me this morning by posted this Youtube link on my Facebook Page …


Hyde sang Nemuri Hime …..  and as always he did it great , .he is brilliant ……..



when i read so many report for Vamps Halloween Party 2011 fan report i asked to my self : i wish i can see Hyde sing Nemuri Hime, what that’s gonna look like, sounds like  …..  and now i can’t believe this is the first thing i saw this morning, and it is brilliant …. saw yasu and hyde in one stage performing my fave song ….

so this morning i am gonna sing …. well yasu still sleeping btw , he is not gonna hear me .

kimi ga kureta egao de sukoshi tsuyoku nareta
nando datte te wo totte ai shiteru ai shiteru ai shiteru yo tte
mou ichido waratte misete

I love You Hyde, itsumademo  ……….

yasu      :   OMG this is too early ne, ….
noi         :   ups sorry ….
yasu      :   i told you ne, don’t sing …..
noi         :   Good Morning Ya_san, …. and I love you to , … zutto …
yasu      :   just go away , …..
noi         :   ok ok i gotta work now …..