Bite Post : 「Shangri – la 」Meeting ~ Yamaguchi … (Another me, yasu and VAMPS Live JKT 2013)


I close my November …

with so much fun with my friends enjoyed Vamps Live Jakarta @Hyper Festival 2013 and then i ended here with a BIGGER (BIGGER than BIG MAC) Love for my one and only King HYDE


credit and source : @RadioA967

sooo ho ho  …

this is gonna be a very long and boring post as always and this is officially my 2nd Live Report.


yasu     :    after Erect Live ?
noi        :   report by me? that’s impossible
yasu     :    why ..?
noi        :   ah you now why ne. I didn’t even understand what did you say because i finally got it after reading all fan reports by Japanese fans, still ..
yasu     :   still what, you were lazy …
noi        :   yes i was, but if i made a Live Report based on other’s that’s not a Live Report ne …

one thing i am gonna say about Live Report is how Live Report as one of the points of livin as a fangirl/boy in this Fandom world.

I mean you as a fangirl/boy you do ..

~  support your idol,
~  buy their stuffs no matter it ended with you tellin everyone how you survived after your idol sucked all your money …
~  write/post/tweet/re_blog things about them on all your Social Networks
~  Have some kyaaa kyaaa by going to their Live concerts and then
~  make a Live Report after it ..

Well my 1st Live Report was for L’arc_en_Ciel Live Jakarta 2012 then the 2nd one is this for Vamps Live Jakarta 2013. ..

so, let’s start it with this

~   Vamps in Bukan 4 Mata ~ Trans7

see i had to watch that on YouTube,

because i was on my way to Jakarta by bus then the worst part is there was no telly station available on bus. They only played some fubar songs from DVD, the same songs over and over .

On 10:00 PM my office_mate called me just to ask which one is my HYDE ? that just made me more upset that night even finally i was able to watch it after we arrived in Jakarta.

I knew, it’s gonna be like this and it’s always like this.

The talks, blaming, protest … etc etc followed after HYDE appeared on that show. As you see there’s so many things that they should’nt do to HYDE and K.A.Z on that show but they did it.

All those things didn’t happen in other countries that Vamps visited and sure will never happen in Japan but it was happened in Indonesia. But what can i say ne because that’s how that show Bukan 4 Mata.

And that’s the way they do the show.

Even I might be more surprised and say what the hell …? if suddenly Bukan 4 Mata decided to change their concept special only for HYDE and K.A.Z.

I know HYDE has so many fans all around the world who will I, myself would say something when they see their HYDE being treated like that. But at this point i’ll say this Indonesian terms will fit to this situation ….

Lain ladang lain belalang, lain kolam lain ikannya
Other fields other grasshoppers, another pond another fish


see, she is the real Lucky Bastard … #eww

on that show i see how humble is HYDE, ah indeed he is ….xD


i mean how he really wanted to get along, tried to understand what Tukul said and do things with his very cute and adorable face while K.A.Z didn’t say much untill Tukul said to him …

ngomong to, ayo kowe ngomong
say something, come on you say something

about 3 times to him then called him as Paijo …. xD.

i think the translator was a bit confused about how she supposed to translate what Tukul said about that Paijo joke. It’s some kind of joke, i also do that ne. How we call people who’s a bit silly or in K.A.Z case, it was because Tukul just so gemes to him

how i should gemes in English? well you can check it in here —->

As i said before, Tukul one of his style on this show is he says lot’s thing in Javanese. But i am glad with that because by that they can ignore Tukul‘s joke ..

but whatever happened this time i hope this can be a something to learn for all of them who was innvolved in this event so if there will be another one next year they can do it way more better than this time.

Maybe they will chose another telly show that’s less jokes than this time and sure there will be nobody touch both HYDE and K.A.Z. over and over as they wanted to like that.

~   Vamps Live ~ Hyper Festival 2013


I feel so lucky with their comin to Indonesia ne, because there are still in their Europe and US Tour and there’s no Asia on the list. But, finished the Europe Tour, Vamps drooped by in Jakarta for Hyper Wave Festival 2013 by Honda.

yes, because it was a festival so there’s another band performed as opening act and i had to wait longer ne. I was rain that day. After stading almost one hour on a pouring rain, finally thei started the festival with DJ kaya from Japan. i was like :

Eh God, now  i am clubbing now …

then followed with 2 indie bands and the vocalist of the last band performed PW Gaskin, suddenly slipped and fell on the stage.

It was because the stage was wet thanks to the rain. I know it sounds awful but they got my attention after their vocalist fallin …xD

after that i had to wait about one hour before Vamps performance while seeing Vamps crews mop the floor stage (to make sure no single Vampire fall on stage) and singing Honda‘s song …

ONE LOVE ONE LOVE … aw aww ….!!!

At that time, my legs was hurt so much. I wanted to sit but there’s no seat and i can’t just sit on the ground because it was wet and full of mud.

But then when Vamps finally came on stage all my miseries and hurts all over me just gone somewhere i had no idea. What happened next i did nothing but jump, jump and jumping while did the kyaa kyaaa waaaa ..!!!..

The SexList are …

1.   Life on Mars?
8.   AHEAD



this song is one of my fave, i even use this song as my ringtone. Now i saw HYDE performed this song Live on stage, move his body in a very sexy way like that and let us all see his XIII abs …


i was confused where did i supposed to lookin at. His cute and flirty face or his abs so it was an UP then DOWN, UP then DOWN for me, yeaaaa he’s just so damn HOT


this part is my fave, HYDE started to say ..


「saya lapar, saya mau makan penonton yang paling seru
Dimana ya ….?」
「I am hungry, i want to eat the most sexciting audience,
Where is it …? 」

and i was like ..

EAT MEEE ….!!!!!!

then HYDE jus kept sayin :   Where’s my Lambs …?

10. ANGEL TRIP (English ver.)





this part, when they performed this song is so epicly glamorous. I wanted to cry but i didn’t want to because i also wanted to sing along ne …



at the beginning, i saw Juken changed his bass with the classic one, i knew they will give me Sweet Dreams even i also wished for them to give me Glamorous Sky as well ..

and i also stared to see how cool and HOT is Juken. I was in the middle in front of HYDE but i can see Juken as well. When i joined everyone else calling his name …

Juken, Juken, Juken …..  !!! etc etc

there he was throwing a bottle of cold mineral water, I got it on my face and hell yeah that’s so cold ne, then followed by HYDE. Honestly that night was my 1st time where i got a holly water spray/throw from artists that i watch Live on stage.


yasu      :     you never …?
noi         :     never, because usually it always from the security or fire fighter truck around the venue.
yasu      :     OK, that’s funny
noi         :     that’s why i consider myself as Lucky ne ..
yasu      :     as you say … *laugh*

next is …

15. MEMORIES (English ver.)

i wanted to sing along with HYDE this song, but too bad it was the English version. I only memorized the original Japanese lyrics, I only remember is only this part

When I was a young kid, running everywhere carefree
with a smug look on my face then
my own way, my own way, in my way there’s nothing

i dunno why but when i listened to that song, Memories ~ English version with no lyrics in my ear that when i was a young kid sounded like when i was a junkiestxD #WTH

Eh God, am i drunk?


I thought they will end it with HUNTING ne, but they ended it with SEX BLOOD ROCK N’ ROLL see that’s perfect. That’s why i wrote as SexList instead of SetList … ha ha  …

.~   Interviews  ~ After Live


There’s so much things to make me happy and bring me such doki doki feelin as well from the quick MC Live and interviews like ..

~   They will come again to Indonesia …
~   How HYDE said he missed nasi goreng …
~   And Indonesia and Chile are countries that they visited with many enthusiastic fans, aand
~   He wants girlfriend from Indonesia .. #Eeeh he he he  *rolling on the floor*

ooohhhhh …..

Don’t do that HYDE_san, now what am i supposed to say to my Lady? ….

ah, i’ll think about that later ne ..

now i think by watching Vamps Live on stage, it changed me from how i am not into Vamps became Whaaa into Vamps . I am glad they sucked my blood/money … etc etc and whatsoever else they probably can sucked from me … xD

Kaz, Juken was so great on stage. Too bad i didn’t see Ari and Jin much clearly and HYDE ….

as always he is still the same stunning and Glamorous HYDE. It’s so hard to push my self in believin about the fact he will be 45 years old next year …

HYDE made me so busy tavelling there and there in Jakarta and confused by the traffic jam.

There was one time i was on taxi and it was a long and boring traffic jam. I saw something, then in order to make it sure i asked to the taxi driver

me    :    sir, is that Monas …?
him   :    no miss, that’s Senayan

ewww that’s embarassing …

see i don’t even know where is Monas is, that day even i know limited places in Jakarta such as Senayan, Japan Embassy, Gandaria Mall (my face cinema is there), bus terminal and airport

but my mission accomplished eh, because i managed to pick Pampai and Linz from our rental apato in Sudirman to their travel agent office in somewhere i can’t remember by train ne,

train, not taxi. it felt like we both joined The Amazing Race ne …

well that’s all, i was so busy that time and now someone just turned that busy into lazy in me. I still have to do things to all these magazines arrived last week …


i only did one, Songs magazine you can see it here …


no password required this time,

while this one is i found it posted by w\someone on Tumblr and it really make me happy ne. When i didn’t get this magazine then suddenly someone posted on Tumblr just like that …


That’s a BLESS ne …

PS  :

~  just click the image and you’ll see the whole.
~  you can see credit and source for the 2nd image there as well

now what’s left for me to do is …

~  make Off Shoot 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 subbed video,
~  one page interview from CD&DL on my PC they all still raw in Indonesian aaaand
~  say hello to this lovely man …

uuuuu …..

Hello my darling, how are you today …?

yasu     :   as you see  …
noi        :   still awesome, eh …
yasu     :   hmmm …
noi        :   awww …

OK, let’s go to 「Shangri – la 」 for a moment and refresh my love with this  ….

~   「Shangri – la 」 Meeting ~ Yamaguchi

from this 3rd Season3本目、山口県での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! post on The Official Blog


that was Acid Black Cherry 1st landing in Yamaguchi prefecture after the 3rd Live at Okayama,. The Meeting was held at Sea Mall Shimonoseki.

FM yamaguchi 2

It was an open space and it surprised yasu by so many people who gathered there. The Public Recording, talked about new single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~, about the jacket album.

he said …

This kind of a melody in a big band arrangement this time and I thought it would be nice if people can see, feel/understand the song only by lookin at the jacket.

It’s a big band  with numbers of people isn’t it?

so he asked us to look at the jacket (with big band, support members and dancers ) and what are we gonna think,  about what kind of song is this 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 .

The Public Recording with FM Yamaguchi was on air 3 days ago on 「yama_chan’s Radian Limited F」 and as always thanks to this lovely person, you all can listen to it in here


yasu was also a s a guest on FM Yamaguchi‘s 「Daytime Street」

FM yamaguchi 1
FM yamaguchi 3

and of course with some lovely photos with yasuyasu posted on their Daytime Street BLOG. Now i just love all Japanese Radio Blog, i mean sure because with yasu inside but also how they wrote their post ne.

I’d say full of spirit and inspire at the same time …?

now ….

after almost 3 days dragged into this Vamps comin to Jakarta, enjoyed so much fun with my friends, stayed on an 38th floor apato, eat nothing but from delivery and then being sucked by Vamps now here i am ….

back to the reality …

back to my village with no 7/11 and Surplee machine that we (me, Tekki and Pampaii) crazy about. My real life, sit behind my desk at office while lookin at rain fall out there after being burried alive again with all those Excel shits on my PC.

Last, just for tonight i’ll show you me as a hater.

ah ya, i realized how i can be one of the haters ne. See i don’t do/talk/interact to haters but i can be one of them. I mean, people always have 1 thing/person to hate and i also have that ne ..

actually i don’t like them at all, i never listen to their songs, never read anything about them ..etc etc in short i don’t wanna know about them. But somehow when it related to HYDE came to Indonesia (with Vamps or L’arc) they always came up, ..

i remember how last year one of the member started something ridicilous on twitter that a public figure shouldn’t do with their Social Networks account.

I understand how he is only human, he is mad or pissed of but by re_tweet_ed one of the tweet that he is upset at and then by that, what happened next was all his fans kinda defended him and reply the person who tweet that in so many ways …

really? is that a public figure do?

for me that’s ridiculous and this time i read about them wanted to get a photo together with HYDE backstage before Bukan 4 Mata show and got rejected by the manager. When heard that i just couldn’t stop laughed while sayin …

Thank God ne,

The band i am talking about is a local Indonesian band called JRocks but i often say it as jeruk?   Anyway i ‘m just glad until this time there’s no photo of them with HYDE and K.A.Z. everywhere  ….

Whaaa ha ha ha ha ……*laughed like a vampire*


yasu    :   what are you doin ..?
noi       :   nothing …
yasu    :   is that nothing?
noi       :   ah, i am just a human being ne. Sometimes i can be a hater   …
yasu    :   where’s Inspector Himura?
noi       :   she is retired now, because you didn’t like her






3rd Season, Starto ! Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live&Meeting ~ Osaka … (Another me, yasu and HBD Yukkie)


But before that, let’s say …


♪♪♪ …. A Very Happy Birthday to My Android Drummer Yukihiro …. ♪♪♪

maybe it’s a late birthday wish because i might hit the post to noi_himura button after midnight or tomorrow , but at least when i write this post it’s still 2013.11.24 on my calendar.

Yukkie, as always i my fave drummer. A drummer who don’t say lots but when he started to say something,  it was like a MAGIC ne. As always i will say the same thing ..


OMG Yukihiro, he is sayin something … !!!!


i just love how greatly he looks on his throne, behind all his drums equipments and then do nothing but drumming. fast, fast and fast … then he’s kinda lost inside his own world there.

Especially on Pretty Girl and Driver’s High song, his drummin skill is totally awesome and i’ll say Sky is The Limit

Actually, i wanted to do some cover for this #HBDYukkie and i wanted to asked my friend Wolfie to do the acoustic guitar like the last one.

I went to his Facebook page and i found out if he is been a bit mellow for some reason, i said to him :  I’ll sing for you bang, hope it can make you better

then he replied me :

no thanks. Because the last time you put a video of your cover of Nemuri Hime on Youtube, i almost got sued by Akihide

and it make me said eeeehhhh …?

OK that was a very nice joke from Wolfie, even i had no idea if he is still able to make that very funny joke even he is still on mellow mode.


yasu     :    i don’t think that’s not a joke ne …
noi        :    OMG, really? i mean my voice, is that so terrible ?
yasu     :    i told you ne, don’t sing
noi        :    but i have a plan to do another cover for your bithday ne …
yasu     :    then don’t

my plan is how me and maybe some other Acid Black Cherry fans (if they want, of course) to do a cover of Acid Black Cherry song together.

You know record our own voice. One part for one person and then gathered together and mixed with the music (acoustic guitar) then upload it on Youtube, vimeo or other video channels.


I mean this is the time for yasu to listen to out voice, his fans all over the world after the last 2 years birthday gift he saw our faces. Even there’s a possiblity he is gonna say ewwww, what the hell is that? ..

well then, i think i have to save this idea after i graduate from Indonesian Idol or get Adam Levine as my coach eh, because my plan is to cover Yes, so i don’t want whoever i will asked to be the guitarist this time get sued by HIRO ….. xD. 

And i’ll think about another for what i am gonna do next January 27th, 2014.

OK, back to The Birthday BoyYukihiro again …

Even though i never listen or pay attention to his solo projects but can i say i do support him? I mean i am not a multiple person ne. A multiple person who can do/supports lots their fave musicians on their blog, mind or wallet.

I’d say what i am doin now about Yukihiro is waiting for him in this Fubar but Full of Color waiting room called The 4th Avenue Cafe, along with my waiting for HYDE, Ken, and Tet_chan.

Waiting for what? what else than waiting for him and the other to be back on the L’arc boat again and start whatever they might wanted to be started ..


The next World Tour maybe ….?

because i already voted for Jakarta ne, and i’ll still continue to vote, vote and vote again because being able to watch last year’s L’arc_en_Ciel Live in Jakarta is the best moment of my life and i want another again …

anyway Today is my holiday,

even not the Wholly Molly one. I spent my whole day stayin on my bed, tryin to think. You know a real think not just another ting ting callin for a bowl of meatball soup

yasu        :    then what did you get …
noi           :    nothing ..
yasu        :    not even a meatball soup ..?
noi           :    yeah, i got that this afternoon …

because instead of thinking, i was sleeping. A very long sleep, from 10:00 AM until 20:00 PM, so when i woke up i was like OMG OMG I am late then ran out of my room, then …

heee, it’s night …?

Thank God, because i thought it was already 08:00 AM next morning, but this sleep it’s not that long. So yeah, i didn’t do anything today. stayed in bed after turned on my PC,

didn’t pray because i am bleeding again and I didn’t go anywhere even i had plan to have some hair cut because it’s already 1 year since i had a haircut.

My hair is long now, long enough to make my nephew scare and screamin

I hate you, i hate you tante …!!

over and over to me. ha ha … i just love to act like Sadako, scared him and make him hysteric like that. That rascal boy need something to scare eh … #AVeryBadTante

But hey, i do have lots of plan ne, but i’ll say my plans at the end of this post. Now before i write another long rambling let’s back to the main topic.

Yes, it’s all about …


『Shangri-la』 aaand …

~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Osaka …


this 3rd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Meeting started the premiere in Osaka, yasu‘s hometown.

And as what writen in this 3rd Season初日!地元大阪府での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! post on The Official Blog, it was held in Abeno Q’s Mall, Osaka surrounded by everyone with the insanely cheerful even under the cold wheather of winter in Osaka.

The Meeting place is a bit chilly but gathered a lot of people there.

And because this time was Osaka, yasu‘s hometown everyone gave him a long echoed 「おかえり!」/「Okaeri/Welcome Back !」 to him which replied by him with 「ただいま!ありがとうございます!」


This Public Recording Premiere of 3rd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Meeting called as Project Osaka, started with talk about the previous 2nd, 3rd Season traveling around, 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 single talks about the PV, recording, shuffle-like song and The King of Dumplings talk …xD

yasu, on the previous day before he also appeared as guest on FM OSAKA 「BUZZ ROCK」 and the DJ Shota Simono_san, posted 2 photos of him with yasu  via twitter …

BZW15O4CEAAE8F6.jpg large

and as always, thanks to the wonderful loveencielmg1 you can listen to the recorded 『Shangri-la』 Meeting with FM OSAKA 「BUZZ ROCK」 in here …



then let’s go to ….

~  『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Osaka …

started with this new Adult Black Truck, supposed they have to change the truck’s image so they can load all The Black Cat … xD



The venue for this beginning of this 3rd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Live , Osaka International Convention Hall, 2013.11.21 was the same stage with “Q.E.D.” Tour 2009.

this is what was waiting for yasu on the venue …


A Takoyaki Tower …!!!

see, intead of fill all of that champagne glasses with wine, they filled it with takoyaki . That’s avery nice idea ne and yasu who was got an invitation to the Takoyaki Tower seemed agree with that.


not only yasu, YUKI is also from Osaka and HIRO also spent a lot of time in Osaka, so there was full of Osakan dialect in the dressing room, then the question selected …

on the Question Corner is …

How many alcohol do you drink?  ..

aand on this 3rd Season they also started again this Lookin for yasu on twitter …


ha ha ha … that’s easy …xD

OK, now is time for The SeList for 『Shangri-la』 Live , Osaka International Convention Hall, 2013.11.21 …

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. scar
5. Tsumi to batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
6. Greed Greed Greed
8. Nemuri Hime
9. Yes
10. Shojo no Inori III
11. Shojo no Inori
12. Cord name [JUSTICE]
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Chou
15. so…Good night.
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. Shangri – la

what a nice SetList eh,

i say it was a special SetList because there’s 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 on that SetList as what this a very nice Acid Black Cherry、新曲「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」をライブ初披露 article from BARKS,

about Live Debut of the New Single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」  at the Osaka International Convention Hall, 2013.11.21.

Tickets are SOLD OUT immedietly by fans who is dyin to see yasu‘s live on stage. About 3,000 peoples were attracted to Acid Black Cherry that night.

next is  The Kewpie …


cr  :   @Yasuの女

that’s a Takoyaki …

and now i am hungry, it looks so delicious ne. Next time when i go to Japan again, sure i am going to Osaka with Shinkansed and eat Takoyaki right in front of Osaka Castle eh …

yasu     :     for what …
noi       :      to get the Osaka feelin ne what else ..
yasu    :      just like that …
noi       :     ah ya, i also saw that people do on the movie ..
yasu     :     movie, again …?  

yeah, let’s deal with The Black Cat ne, because next is all about …

~  「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」

finally today i can listen to this 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 single complete with The Recreation Track . Am i the only who who feel calm after listening to that song …?

and ..


With that hairband, why did he looks like Yukihiro …. *a confused fangirl*

i have no idea maybe it’s because of how that song started with a very soft piano/keyboard or it’s because of yasu‘s voice singing that song? because sure i know nothing about the original singer Matsutoiya Yumi.

BZv9HAiCAAAQIqL.jpg large

Well if there’s some of you there need to be calm tonight, while lookin at that very cute Adult Black Cat why don’t you all sing together with me …?

Acid Black Cherry ~ Recreation Track :  青春のリグレット [Seishun no regret]



私を許さないで 憎んでも覚えてて


私を許さないで 憎んでも覚えてて

私を許さないで 憎んでも覚えてて

だってせいいっぱい愛した あなたを愛した


Waratte hanaseru ne
Sonouchi ni tte akushu shita
Kare no shatsu no iro ga magireta hitogomi
Basu wa kemuri nokoshi
Chiisaku seki kondara
Me no mae ga nijinda tasogare

Anata ga honki de mita yume wo
Hagura kashita no ga kurushii no
Watashi wo yurusanai de nikunde mo oboetete
Ima dewa itami dake ga magokoro no shiruetto

Hon’no mitsuki mae wa
Yubi karameta kousaten
Ima mo yoko wo aruku kiga suru

Natsu no bakansu wo mune ni hime
Futsuu ni kekkon shite yuku no
Watashi wo yurusanai de nikunde mo oboetete
Ima demo anata dake ga seishun no riguretto

Watashi wo yurusanai de nikunde mo oboetete
Ima dewa itami dake ga magokoro no shiruetto

Waratte hanaseru no
Sore wa nante kanashii
Datte sei ippai aishita anata wo aishita

and for this  「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 The recording artists are

Vo.   —->   yasu
G.    —->   HIRO
B.    —->   IKUO
Dr.   —->   Kei Yamazaki
Key. —->  Yasunori Hayashi
Piano.  —->  Rose Takano
Trp.  —->  Koji Nishimura
Trb.  —->  Eijiro Nakagawa
Sax.  —->Takuo Yamamoto

hoo ..

there’s no Junji there, but this Kei Yamazaki

Kuroneko OS.avi_000052452

おもおおおお …  he is one of The Juicy Bananas ……..!!!  *drolling*

Ok, i am calm now and Eh God, today is a real Drummer Day ne … *holding on to Yukihiro’s hand* …

then, what i am gonna ask this for you all, especially to all Acid Black Cherry fans who might read this post. Do You know about this

Acid Black Cinema? …


well if you are one of the latino or especially from Peru, i am sure you already know about this, because this is a Mini Project held by Acid Black Cherry Peru on Facebook

and you can go to the Facebook Event Page in here and it’s in Spanish btw ..

correct me if i am wrong but what i got is that even is some live viewing held by them, you know to watch live videos with subtitle even there’s no info about what video they will show but i think this is a very interesting event ne.

Just like Acid Black Cherry Indonesia’s event, this is their 2nd event because they also did that last year. So while waiting for Acid Black Cherry to hold a Live Outside Japan, they hold their own event of Live Viewing or some other event.

and now my question is go for yasu and all Acid Black Cherry staff there in 『Shangri-la』

Instead of waiting for invitation to hold a Live Outside Japan, why don’t you try to hold an Official Live Viewing first in cinemas all over Asia, Europe, US and Latin America? ….

Maybe for this 『Shangri-la』 Live … ?

because i think that’s a very nice way to test and see how is the fans reaction and sexcitement about Acid Black Cherry ~ Live Outside Japan,

Let’s say this as a market viewing ne because L’arc_en_Ciel and VAMPS also did that before they hold a Live Concert here in Indonesia.

Talking about VAMPS



finally the day is comin eh, where i am gonna see HYDE‘s Live on Stage again. Not only that, VAMPS also will be in Bukan 4 Mata, it’s a local Indonesian Telly show with the host named Tukul.

you can see HYDE‘s message about him will see Tukul_san in Bukan 4 Mata here


Tukul, his complete name is Tukul Arwana is someone that here in Indonesia sayin as wong ndeso (from Javanese language mean vilager/countryman) which yasu will say as INK

so Tukul on his show guided by a laptop, that’s why he will say Kembali ke Laptop (Back to Laptop) a lot because that’s where they wrote what is the next question to ask to the guest and he also speak in javanese oftenly.

So sometimes his jokes will only understood by Javanese people or people who understand Javanese language.

What happened then is many fans are tryin so hard to get the invitation to Bukan 4 Mata or just gathering in Trans7 Studio.

While me, ah i … what should i say ne this is very terrible ..

i can’t even see it on telly because that show will be aired on November, 28th 22:00 PM and at that night i will be on my bus on the way to Jakarta. Eh, God, whould i change this bus tickets with an airplane tickets?

That’s impossible ne because i will use plane on my way home from Jakarta and sure i can’t handle another flight with plane because i am just too sick this week ..

But still i am glad, HYDE will be only in Bukan 4 Mata. As long as not DAHSYAT, that’s gonna be fine. I think Tukul is not gonna say lot of jokes to HYDE and KAZ. so …

watch your self ne oldman (read : Tukul), just don’t anything wrong with my HYDE …!!!


noi       :    my HYDE?  wekekeke ..
yasu    :    hello there, your HYDE? are you OK?
noi       :    yeah, my HYDE that’s what i told to all my office_mates ..
yasu    :    so this is …

yeah, this is my revenge for all of them who dared to mock me. I said to them :

see you all don’t have to collect 1,000,000,000 IDR charity for me because HYDE, my HYDE will come here for me …

for me ….. !!!!  * kicked to Africa* ..

and they all said to me they will watch that show to see how exactly is my HYDE. Even miss BCL said : i’ll tell everyone to see this your HYDE hei Himura, i am so curious what’s from this man that you really love about and i was gladly replied her with :  sure you will see it L … .

ah OMG this is already became a long post ne, so sorry oooo …

but there you are everyone 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ~ OS and Live Akita scans ..

PS   :

~     just click on link and it will bring you to my Photobucket album and
~     yeah it’s password protected that i am sure all of you already know what is the password is, but …
~     if you don’t you can ask others who knows, Master Yoda or Agent Himura, or  …
~     if you are one of my friends on Facebook you might not need any password later and …
~     enjoiii …. xD

man, November is gonna end soon ne and as always this next December is gonna be a very Long and Lonely December because Her Majesty will go to Mecca for her umrah about 2 weeks while Tekki will go to Bali for a New Year’s vacation.

Leave me alone at home. Home Alone on Cristmas, that’s what gonna happen to me, just me and my weird housemaid The Iron Lady. I never talk to her if she doesn’t ask me first. Not because i don’t want to, it’s because i am scare to her. Sometimes she can be very scary, the way she talks and her voice, ah …

but don’t get me wrong ne, because …

i am already make plan for January. Next January i am gonna do my own trip as a single backpacker to Singapore. Well actually this is a group with only 12 peoples going. So i dunno who and what they all look like.

That’s what make me so excited about this because ..

i hope, ah never mind …   ha ha ha …  *wink*

yasu      :    a cute guy sit next to you on the bus …?
noi         :    i didn’t say that eh, ya_san …
yasu      :    you don’t have to …
noi         :    aish ….  *go home*

Black Post : Project 『Shangri-la』 5th Season … (Another me, yasu,HYDE and HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013)


5th Season, The Finale Season of Project 『Shangri-la』  …!!!


5th Season ~ Shikoku and Kyusu – Okinawa tour~

Ehime ~ Saijo-shi General Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Tokushima ~  Naruto Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kochi ~  Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall – Orange Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain18:30

Kagawa ~ Sunport Hall Takamatsu – Main Hall
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

Oita ~ Beppu B-Con Plaza Philharmonia Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain18:30

Nagasaki ~ Nagasaki Civic Auditorium
Open 17:00 /Curtain 18:00

Saga ~ Saga-shi City Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Fukuoka ~ Fukuoka Sun Palace
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Kumamoto ~ City Center, Sojo University Hall
Open 17:30 /Curtain 18:30

Miyazaki ~  Medikit Cultural Center – Theatre Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kagoshima ~ Baoshan Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Okinawa Okinawa Convention Theater
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

By the end of April, Project 『Shangri-la』 is gonna end. What a long time project eh, and …

then what next after this project ….?

yasu       :    why should i tell you, who are you …?
noi          :    I am Inspector Himura now …
yasu       :    so this is an interrogation? …

noi          :    yes, you do answer me now ..
yasu       :     eeh chotto you’re the Inpector while me ..
noi          :    you are Officer Hayashi, see new pairing —>
Inspector Himura and Officer Hayashi …#SoSweet
yasu       :    Ok, that’s funny … *leavin*

well, i think i better stop wondering too much now. I better enjoy this Project 『Shangri-la』 , waiting for the new singles to come and a free trip to all over Japan via yasu and his team there …

Let’s talking about 『Shangri-la』, 『Shangri-la』, and 『Shangri-la』  and  now you all better look at this ne …

~  『Shangri-la』 Photobook (Cover?) Posted on CDJapan

CDJapan posted that on their pre-order site for that 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 Photobook. The release date is getting closer eh …..



I can’t wait mine to arrive, and look at that cover, that dark green color there with some blurry green image of yasu standing there on stage. I say, that’s totally awesome ne.

And as always yasu, my one and only Mind Blowing Man blown me away. This time he is blown me away to Asgard with  ….

Who else but LOKI ….?

as what my friend Levvy said to me, i watch LOKI too much recently then get LOK_ed. I can’t stop laughed when i see Tom Hiddleston on this SNL Korea video

I can’t believe he can dance like that, and say Hello my name is Tom Hiddleston and i play LOKI ….  and before he finished that, that granny scream ROKII …. !!! … ect etc and grab his nipples like that…

what a wacky granny eh … xD .

Anyway, he was in Korea to for Thor 2 …  And talking about Thor 2, i made me scream LOKIIIIII… !!! like a wacky person inside cinema when i saw this Thor 2 Trailer  ..

on the BIG screen together with Tekki. The couple sit behind me said shhttt, be quiet …!!! to me. Then i have to say sorry to them, but then i did it again when Thor 2 Trailer was on my telly screen.

it shoud be a movie marathon last Sunday.

1st is Tom Hanks‘s Captain Philips then Sandra Bullock and George Clooney‘s Gravity. But too bad because i spent too much time in the salon do something with my hair i skipped Tom Hanks so i only watch Gravity.

can’t you believe that? OMG i skipped Tom Hanks ne.

Gravity is a great lost in space movie,

i mean how they can compose a simple/not complicated story, make us stay and watch a movie with only 2 and maybe 3 person there involved, and make us happy and sad then say …

Heee, he really died …?

when Dr. Stone (Bullock) is awake from her short sleep inside the Rusian space ship after confused how to operate that ship to go back to earth.


As always, Sandy did her great job ( Sandra Bullock, I always admire her as one of my America’s Sweetheart together with Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts) as Dr. Ryan Stone a brilliant NASA specialist who choose to be up there because how quite is there.

Somehow Sandy is always perfect for a role like this. Remember how she is on SPEED as Annie with Keau Reeves?. Sure you will see some similar thing between Annie and Dr. Stone‘s character now.

a woman who is forced to do something on an SOS situation while no one around her to help. So whether she want it or not, she has to deal with her fear, sadness and panic all gather inside her …


then George Clooney, ah ….

what should i say about him but awesome and adorable. Ah yes just like how i love 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, i love grown up man … ha ha ha ..xD

eeh should i say adult here  … ?

As Lieutenant Matt Kowalski, the commander of the team. A veteran astronaut who love to tell a story about him to all people next to him no matter they want to listen it or not.

With this movie, with his character Clooney show me how brilliant is a NASA astronout should be ne. Be calm in no matter what situation and always have B,C,D, …. till Z plan just in case anything goes wrong on the mission and able to find a way to back to earth…

yasu     :     noi_chan …
noi        :     ups sorry, too movie eh …
yasu     :     then hurry finish this post
noi        :     OK, OK …

so what next, ah  …

~   「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」

that’s a flyer of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, posted by BUZZROCK Radio on their Twitter two days ago.

Looks glamorous isn’t it ..?

and finally 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 revealed all the bonuses for this single on this Official Ameblo post

1.  w/ The Original Other Jacket for Halloween Party Venue Only ..

Halloween Cover

they said it as venue only so you can only buy this at the venue of HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Then since there’s no ABC’s HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year, they only posted this hair accessory with a new image with yasu


i suppose the w/ The Original Other Jacket Edition of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」  is the HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year and i am sure that’s already up on some auctions … xD

2.  B2 Poster for nation wide CD stores bonus  ….

shop poster

CD Japan added that poster to give as a bonus on their pre_order site for 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」, so …. #yay …!!!

3.  B3 Poster for FanClub Edition   ….

~  Original Clear Poster A (B3 size) for CD + DVD edition

w dvd poster

and ..

~  Original Clear Poster B (B3 size) for CD Only edition

cd only poster

4.  Mini Clear File for Mobile FanClub Edition   ….

mini clear file

5.  Sticker bonus for mu-mo edition    ….


Sticker and Mini Clear File, that’s what i am gonna get. Now here i am stuggling here to say no to that dazzing poster from FC editions there. It’s really hard and then all of those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s pretty face make it harder …

Oh God,

i can’t believe how dare they did that ne. I mean put all those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s face like that. It hurt for me as a fangirl to hee how it seems like all those SAMPLE words slapped yasu‘s pretty face …

Poor ya_san, that must be hurt eh …


yasu     :    what did you say …
noi        :    and i am sorry i can’t do any photoshop or sotoshop to erase it ..
yasu     :    then what can you do …?
noi        :    all i can do is eat the soto … (PS :
soto is a popular traditional dish from Indonesia )
yasu     :    …. *taking breath*

then after the flyer, bonuses and poster,  for all of you who share the same sexcited about this 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 song, there you are the ..

~  From Listening Lyrics of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 …
黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ Acid Black Cherry

目を細めて um チェリーにkiss

仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

あんたなんかキライ!× ∞
捨てられたって 噛み締めた
そのおかげ 私 今があるの


許しはしないけど 謝んなさい


仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

credit to : 闇Rodem@meblo

Otoko mo neon mo furikaeru
Uwasa no neko tte watashinokoto
Aitsu shikomi no kuchibiru de
Watashi wa yoru o teniireta

Nagai kami o kakiagete
Sukoshi uwamedzukai
Me o hosomete um cherī ni kiss
Madamada koe dasanaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no kasū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan machi wa
DonDon watashi o someru

Anta nanka kirai ra rai rai !
Sōitte naiteita 6-nen (roku-nen) mae
Furufurare mata sasowa re
Suterareta tte kamishimeta
Yoru no machi ga mabushikute
Mahō ga toketa mitai
Gokai shinaide
Urande nankanai
Sono okage watashi ima ga aru no

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō awarena sute neko nante yoba senai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Mite yo mabushiidesho
Nigashita sakana wa nanida kke?
Yurushi wa shinaikedo ayaman nasai
Yada bakane
Hon kinishinaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō kainarasa reta neko nanka janai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no sū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan watashi
DonDon kireininaru no

What a Splendid song, isn’t it ….?

a song that’s a bit hard for me to ignore, especially when yasu start to sing the

ウェーオ♪ウェーオ♪ ….. eh God, what should i say but ..
OKE OKE you are The Black Cat,  ….. xD

noi       :     but ya_san,  you are still Blonde ne ….
yasu    :     then what …?
noi       :    nothing ..
yasu    :     don’t start again noi_chan …
noi       :    i won’t

and …

PS :  thank you for some of team_yasu members (you all know who you are) for the corrections, and if you want some early translation you can go

here <—  to check English translation there because Shido Tennouji Nck-cm (from Acid Black Cherry Philipines) already did that … and
here <—  for French translation by Acid Black Cherry Frech Street Team

So yes,

it’s not the Official Lyrics yet but since i am over way sexcited about this song, it makes me busy until today tryin to sing it and keep my self from left away behind from yasu‘s fast and flirty way of singing this song …

next it …

~   yasu on 「夢チカ18」/「yumechika 18」

it’s a show on a local telly in Hokkaido, he looks pretty ne with that Union Jack shirt …

~    HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 – Day 2

for the 2nd day of HALLOWEEN PARTY , HYDE was cosplaying with a Mexican Costume which is make all the Mexican fans totally happy …


while DAIGO as AMA_CHAN, ..


as he posted on his Instagram , anis as The HUGE Red Riddinghood


then yasu, after show his sexy shoulder …


yasu was so pretty in that lolita costume and sure complete with the boops . Finally there was no another yasu as Dracula on HALLOWEEN PARTY again …. #haha.

and thanks to Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club i can see the video ne in here …


then on The after Live



PS   :    just click the images and it will bring you to the Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club Facebook video

and of course a very HUGE credit for all Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club staffs for the GREAT job they did because i know it is not easy to record videos from nico nico

and then the day before yesterday, anis posted this photo from his Instagram

My buddies! 楽しかったわよー。 #‎vamps‬ ‪#‎halloween‬ ‪#‎party‬ ‪#‎Yasu‬ ‪#‎Aki

OMG i never immagine if anis is that tall ne, …

now i can’t wait for her, eh i mean him (why did i always want to write anis as her ..? xD) to post a photo of him, HYDE and yasu with their costume of  the 2nd Day HALLOWEEN PARTY, a more clear version than this ..


Sure, That would be a Wacky Sisterhood Picture ….xD

now my BIG question of today :  Why the hell i am so lazy these days …. ?

it felt like i lost all my energy, everday after works i won’t do anything but sleep, like last night. I wanted to finish subbing video Erect Live MCs but i was too sleepy then fell asleep in seconds.

Because i only finished this Part 1, …

I’ll finish this as soon as i can …. *crossfingers*.

Then at 09:00 PM my boss call me to ask some stupid question, eh why can’t he leave me alone …? suddenly  thanks to this CNBLUE song ~ Monday, i got an idea, maybe i can stop being lazy if i can get a time machine,…

…♪♪ … I wanna make a time machine
So I can go anywhere I wanna go, I’ll never be lazy
I wanna make a time machine
And I do anything I wanna do, I’ll never be lazy

All the time …. …♪♪ …


noi       :    a time machine, OK …
yasu    :    why me …?
noi       :    you are the idol ne, not me …
yasu    :    and that’s not gonna work on you ne  ..


Noodle Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting and Live ~ Mie .. (another me, yasu, HYDE and Saturday)


Today is Saturday and ….

even i am forever single i do love Saturday ne, weekend and before Sunday.

This is something i heard a long time ago on my bus riding in the morning. There was 2 girls, that kind of high school girl one you know the one who always make noises on bus and how she said to everyone how she as the most un_happy person because at that moment she is single. When her friend asked he why? she said

Because i am single this Saturday night is not belong to me …

her answer made me laughed a lot. That’s what i am gonna say as a BIG LOL in the morning she gave to me. OK, there’s a moment where everybody can/allowed to be stupid,

after all she is only 17 years old ne . But i never think like that when i was 17 years old, maybe i skipped that phase because all i remember when i was 17 years old i was crazy with Jet Li and Jacky Chan

so Saturday Night, boyfriend and some related things with them, i didn’t think about that much because i spent almost my Saturday Night at home watching movies  …


yasu      :    weird  …
noi         :    yeah, and when i was 17, i didn’t know you .
yasu      :    because you start to know me when you were …
noi         :    50 ne ,,,
yasu      :    ah, come on  …

But this Saturday is different because today finally …


I GOT #VAMPSLiveJKT2013 Ticket ….!!!!!  #yay …!!!

after spent my whole last night teached Miss_Tekki how to use that whatsoever Pay_click, i changed my role from Miss Fisher into Dottie and let go the chance to get Inspector Jack Robinson,

but then finally i got the ticket, VIP one everyone ….!!!!

And as my promise, if i get #VAMPSLiveJKT2013 ~  VIP ticket,  i will wash my darling Mulyono.

This wacky cat now became dirty like that because how he really loves to rolling2 on the full of dust ground. Well he is not a hommy cat anyway, i’d say he is a traveler cat.

He will go there and there and back home when he is hungry then will ignore me after i gave him his lunch. Like yesterday, i spent my Friday noon inside my chamber with him and when i said to him …

Mul, HYDE will come to Indonesia ne ….


he didn’t even look at me, ah damn that wacky cat is not a fan_cat at all. I think i have to do something to him, so he will say Miawww everytime i show him/talk abouy HYDE or yasu.

Hmmm, how i am gonna do that anyway  …. ? .

I will wash him tomorrow and then lock him again inside my chamber so he will not go anywhere and stay clean. Btw i  spent so many my afternoon time washing a car, but i never wash a cat ne.

but i suppose washing a cat, it should be more easy than washing a car ne …

OK now, back to 『Shangri-la』.


nah before i start this 『Shangri-la』 Live and Meeting ~ Mie post, allow me to ask you all this question :

Have you order this 『Shangri-la』 2nd Season Photobook ?


i did  mine,

and to all of you who haven’t or might forget about this 2nd Season Photobook, let this Agent Himura remind you again, the pre_order period is

September 27 (Friday) 13:00 ~ November 18th (Monday) : 23:59 JST


~    FC members, you can go to to this     ——>   UpRise Official Online Shop
~    Non FC members, you can go to this  ——> Tsutaya store

contact your proxy, because remember about the special Photobook Case from Tsutaya for 5 same orders there? maybe some of you interested with that.

But i know some of you choose to wait for your fave OnLine_Shops to open their pre_order for this 2nd Season Photobook .

Oh now is already October ne, and i can’t wait to see the 1st Season Photobook ….

~    『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~  Mie


that picture above is from Tomita_san‘s twitter gave all of us a little sneak peak of the last『Shangri-la』  Meeting ~ MieTomita_san (Tetsuya Tomita), he is the DJ on FM Mie ~  「EVENING COASTER」 radio show.

He also posted a photo of himself with yasu ..


as well as on the Radio Blog


complete with the Q&A like

how yasu spent his spare time during this long tour …?

~    he said he will do such things like sightseing or go to pachinko if there’s nothing to do ..

and because he is on a long period time travel, Tomita_san also asked about packing …!!

~   the answer is related with underwear, underwear relationship so bulky,  doing laundry and asked the manager this time.

yasu‘s doing the laudry …  OMG, i wonder where and how  …  #ewww *wondering*

about this tour …

~   this is not an album tour, so the songs are various.   Because I put various songs on the set list so on the live show you will enjoy both the old and the new song.

now, i got the reason why that random set list on this 『Shangri-la』 Live


noi      :     not that kinda serial killer random ne  …
yasu   :     no …
noi      :     heee … *failed*
yasu   :     sorry ne …

Then the Meeting itself, It was held at the Ion Tsunan Sun Valley Shopping Center with almost 1,000 people (including people outside). 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 wrote that Meeting as full of smile Meeting.

The Public Recording, of course talking about 「Greed Greed Greed」 single and the story of the 「Recreation Track」 songs and  there was also a dialect corner where yasu learned some Mie‘s dialect


the Public Recording with FM Mie‘, will be aired on Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Limited Radian F」 tomorrow October14th, 2013.

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Mie

Since the previous  TOUR 『2012』, Mie is already become a memorable place for Acid Black Cherry.

Entered the venue, this local gourmets welcomed …


Ise Udon ..

and yasu was also visited Ise Grand Shrine the day before and the rain was fallin … (if you read on his interview with Tomita_san, he also mentioned about that).  Then lookin at the video after  having Ise Udon with …

Is this YUKI …?


ah ya, that’s YUKI ne.  Then question for The Question Corner is …


「The power spot for me 」

ha ha ha .. OMG yasu‘s answer is …

how he occasionally have a meals together with HYDE and DAIGO, and he often go to a family restaurant with DAIGO then get a dessert with a seasonal fruit topping there.

But his main power spot is The Stage.

and you can read the Official Blog translation by Jin in here


the Set List for Mie is …

1.   Greed Greed gGreed
2.   Murder License


3.   Cord name 【JUSTICE】
4.   Rakuen
5.   Chou
6.   1954LOVE/HATE


7.  Yasashii Uso
8.  Maria
9.  so…good night


10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri – La


14. Re:birth
15. Aishitenai
16. Pistol

i see most of the set list are have Greed Greed Greed and Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi, and Aishitenai ne ….

next is the Kewpie


since Mie is the home for ninja, so that’s a ninja.

I say this one is cute ne, imagine how that cute little ninja will jump from one roof to other roof in the middle of the night? waw that would be funny eh, because if that’s happen all i have to do just prepare a BIG net to catch all of them …

i see there’s many ABC fans love/like and wants this ninja kewpie, and i’ve been lost again at Yahoo Auctions 2 days ago and i saw they sell this ninja kewpie for 1,800 yen. That’s only for the 2nd day while the bid, it was for 7 days.

I wonder it will ended with how many yen. while the other one sellin the complete 2nd Season‘s kewpies for 18,000 yen

i say,  what a yen ne … !!!


yasu     :     then you auctions girl,  wanna go for it …?
noi        :     i think i’ll wait because i have no money now …
yasu     :     really ….?
noi        :     I told you, i am going to watch Vamps Live ne …
yasu     :     well … *continue eating*

I think i will wait when they put that Kewpies on the Official OnLine Shop as what they (Save Us) said to me via email when i asked them about the possibility to buy that Kewpies and some other silly questions as the new Mobile FC member.

They said ..

Shangri-la Kewpies is sale only at venue now.
However, it will be sold in Official OnlineShop (uprise shop), when it may sell after this except venue.
You do not need to register with Official mobile site.

see, that’s some good news ne. yes, maybe it will take forever to wait and when they put it on the Official OnLine Shop i might left away again. But still that’s a great news to me. It make me able to say,

I have a Dream, to have all the complete kewpies …! *dumped to Limbo*

Now, talking about Vamps Halloween Party, look at this cute HALLOWEEN PARTY -feat.HYDEs CM videos …




then remember Kla Hayashi?

the girl who did a good job cosplaying as yasu on QED Live? now look at her new cosplay. She awesome cosplay as yasu on The Halloween Party PV by  and her friend as HYDE

source and credit :  Kla’s Tumblr

that’s awesome ne. I always like Kla‘s cosplay because it looks real and not too much. You know what i mean …xD

again i will say I Love Saturday especially this Saturday because i got my ticket to see #VAMPSLiveJKT2013 next month and i think now it’s time for me to say this to HYDE_san …



HYDE    :      for what …?
noi         :      for me, who else …
yasu      :      aaaaa ….
noi         :      ha ha ha ….#yay




2nd Season Post : Meeting and Live ~ Aichi … (Another me, yasu and The Up & Comin November)


ただいま 。。。。!!!

ha ha OK, now i suppose i have a lot of home works to do ne, because again and again i left away from them. I think now i am about 4 post left behind the schedule  …

Schedule eh, ….

yasu    :    what schedule  …?
noi       :    this is a fangirl schedule eh, …
yasu    :    secret ..?
noi       :    yes, fangirl only …

so this is gonna be a fast and short post, hope there will be no any additional rambling at the end of this post. Actually i always want to make a short and fast post ne, i mean a post where i don’t have to use LJ Cut.

Even that LJ Cut is very convenient, but i never like it, i even had some trouble using it and it ended with me had to re-write again from the beginning. Of course i’ll never blame LJ because for me LJ is the best space to write and as always i am the fool one who is so fool until bothered by some simple things like LJ Cut.

~  Aichi Meeting

The Meeting was held at Nagoya Airport Walk , a very wide open space there and the Public Recording together with FM Aichi. They talked about 「Greed Greed Greed」 single and the upcoming single Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ released on November 20th, 2013

ah the new single, i wonder when they will let us to see the cover eh …


have i told you how i really love to see yasu with glasses like that …?

i believe i said that so many times ne, more than all fingers i have. Thank God, nobody asked me to do a counting of how many time i said how i love yasu with glasses, because sure i have to borrow again my neighbor’s fingers to do the counting.

The Public Recording w/ FM Aichi will be broadcasted on Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian F Limited」 on October 20th, meanwhile you can see yasu eat Pocky via yama_chan’s nico channel ...


and you can hear yasu‘s talking on FM Aichi A-1 COUNTDOWN here …



hooo ….

i love how he said that ~ Adult Black Cat ~ sounds much way better than how he is sayin 「Greed Greed Greed」 ….xD

while here is the recording of Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian F Limited」 10/04/2013, 『Shangri-la』 Meeting w/ FM Aichi 09/28 Public Recording at Nagoya Airport Walk



Radio, radio, radio …

these time, radio just getting more interesting with yasu in it eh, …

Now i missed my KeyHole, it was forever ago when i used to listen to yama_chan‘s radio show via KeyHole. even i had no idea what the hell he was talking about. It was just fun to listen ne. Too bad now i can’t find Tokyo FM again on my KeyHole

maybe i have to update the channels ne …


noi      :     then do some searching, you know …
yasu   :     search for …
noi      :     Tokyo FM, then yasu FM ….!!!
yasu   :     not funny …
noi      :     well, i’ll get you another joke  …

now, let’s move to the …

~  Aichi Live …

second season of 『Shangri-la』 started with Aichi ~ Live as the opening after hold a 『Shangri-la』 Meeting one day before live started.

Held at Nagoya Century Hall. yasu was back on the same place after 4 years since QED Live on 2009.

Entering the venue, there was this chicken wings were ready ..

nagoya live1

then another Monster Hunter after meal …

nagoya live2

had a Hunting moment together with Hiro ….

see this is what people say with Boys Will Be Boys ne, no matter how old they are they will still love games and soccer, …  even Backstreet Boys also have one song called Boys Will Be Boys, i think that song was on their 1st or 2nd album …?

ah, i can’t remember it

so to all of you monsters out there, beware ne because yasu and his gangs will hunt you all this whole season of 『Shangri-la』

Then the question for the Question Corner is …


「A part time job that you’ve had until now」

yasu‘s answer :

he worked on a construction site after graduated high school and because he often talk about this, he talked about his part time job a convenience store when he was in high school. Because he had a long hair, people asked whether if he is male or female …. ?

well can’t blame who asked that question, but yasu with a long hair and smiling sweet, for example like this, ….


who wouldn’t ask anyway …? xD

Because yeah, sometimes yasu looks pretty like that, and if he is on that pretty phase, i’d rather say to myself, ah, now is time for me to say ..

yasu is The Pretty Man and I am The Handsome Woman …

because he is 100% more pretty than me … #eww. I can’t imagine how he had to answer that kind of question ne, that must be an awkward situation  for him.

btw you can read the Official Blog Translation for Aichi ~ Live by Jin in here ..


look, the costume is different ne from Season 1. On the 1st Season, the outfit is black outfit, added with a black vest with some fur on the shoulders like this ..


well, i the season’s change and autumn is comin, no more shoulder_less again. Then there you are

Aichi ~  Live 09.30.2013

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. Tsumi to Batsu ~ kamisama no alibi
5. scar
6. Greed Greed Greed
7. Nemuri Hime
8. yes
10. Shojo no Inori III
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys


01. Aishitenai
02. Cherry cherry
03. Black Cherry
04. Shangri – La

next is the Kewpie

nagoya live3

it’s a Sachihoko Fry, it’s a shrimp ne ….

i can’t say that’s cute, eh no. Because instead cute that kewpie looks weird and i think whoever made the design for that Aichi Kewpie must he/she left the cute effect somewhere behind … xD

Okay, now Let’s talk about next November ….





i say what’s more November than this November Rain by GnR …?



so i spent my morning on the bus by listening to this song, an epic song with an apic PV as well. I was thinking about what i am gonna do next November sure after think again why the hell that girl on November Rain had to die on her happy wedding party?

and how SLASH guitar solo made me say

Who will need a vocalist when a guitarist can make his guitar sing like that …?

again and again, ha ha yeah i always say/think like that whenever i am listening to SLASH guitar, he’s with SLASH or his solo, …

Back to November, November is gonna be a very expensively busy month for all JRock fans in Indonesia, because this November, ONE OK ROCK will come and then at the end of November,

VAMPS will come to Indonesia …. !!!


Hyper Wave festival day 2 ~ Vamps

Friday, November 29th 2013 ~  20.00 – 21.30 PM (Western Indonesian Time)

Ticket Price
VIP         :     900.000  IDR
Regular  :     450.000  IDR

Ticket sellin start this Saturday October 12th, 2013 ~  07:00 AM  (Western Indonesian Time) in

so now i gotta do something ne with my bank account, because today i spent almost 2 hours at bank to open an account for Internet Banking and when i got home, tryin to log-in i forgot my user ID and password 3 times then the bank deleted my account …

now who is the fool one?


yasu    :   not me …
noi       :   what can i do ne, i totally forgot ..
yasu    :   that easy …
noi       :   bear with me ya_chan, granny’s gets old and the CS is too cute
yasu    :   hee …

now what can i do for next Saturday ….?  sure there wil be a BIG Battle to get the tickets. I have to get the VIP because look at this


see what i mean, it’s impossible for me to be on the Regular SPOT because i am too SHOOORT to be there.

I am sure there will be lots of boys there rather than a girls. That’s kinda weird ne, because i see many fangirls are active on Social Networks , blogs or anywhere on net, but the fact when i came to Live boys are all over there …

still this Saturday, The Battle is ON …!!!

yasu     :    good luck then …
noi        :    me,…?  oh no i am not the one will fight to get ticket, miss Tekki is …
yasu     :    why not you …
noi        :    hello dear, don’t you know i am a Lady’s Companion now, but i wish i can kiss HYDE’s hand … #yay ..
yasu     :    that’s not gonna happen for a lazy girl like you ..
noi        :    ah, come on ya_san ..

HYDE, my King HYDE


look at his hair, awesome ne. …

HYDE kept his promise last year when he said

Kami akan datang lagi ke Indonesia (We Will Come again to Indonesia)

even the Kami (We) in here changed from w/ L’arc into w/ VAMPS, that’s fine ne the important thing is HYDE kept his promise …


and that’s a great cure for me, after failed to get this HYDOLL

I got sick for a whole week after that night, i dunno why and what was wrong with me but what happened was i spent the whole week stay on my bed. My body even refused any food, so i didn’t eat any solid food for a week. Yesterday was my 1st day started to eat solid foon not just a milk or the other liquid food ..

Maybe it was became a shock to me. While my heart, my fangirl heart couldn’t handle that plus my habbit love to drink too much coffee everyday just make it worst. So silly ne, but what can i say that’s the true.

What a Fangirl eh, …

noi       :    poor noi_chan eh, …
yasu    :    fool noi_chan …
noi       :    haiaaaa …
yasu    :    yes, that’s you
noi       :    well, at least i am going to see HYDE next month, so hurray … !!!


Matsu Wa Post : Monsters in The Window Display … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and WHAT’S IN 2012年11月号)

from 『WHAT’s IN?』Web , there you are for November issue the cover is ….



and here’s what happen, OMG i just can’t believe it ne when i open the pre-oreder link on CD Japan, <—- you can check it by yourself btw, it said Availability  :  Pre-Order Sold Out … oh yeah i am late again ne, as i remember i always late for this magazine on CD Japan ne, The last WHATS IN? with HYDE as the cover i also had to buy it from HMV. so for this November issue for WHAT’S IN i ordered it from HMV.

here’s the other pre-order link : HMVAmazon Jp

HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, HALLOWEEN PARTY and the ♪ La La La La … HALLOWEEN PARTY ♪♪ La La La La … Let’s Trick or Treat  ♪ …  is just everywhere right, the euphoria has just begun months before the release day and the event itself ne.


With that unit he named as HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA sure HYDE made this year’s Halloween sounds and feel more interesting …. and now look at the upcoming WHAT’S IN cover, tell me what do you think about it? …


you all know Harry Potter ne, watch it and sure all of you know about the pictures/paintings all over the Hogwarts wall, nah as we all know all of it are not some ordinary pictures/paintings, it special and magical, see they can talk and ask Password …? to the students. For example : the Fat Lady, an opera singer in a Roman toga with a wreath on her headon, the Gryffindor guardian will ask if someone want to enter the Gryffindor Boys’ Dormitory

that WHAT’S IN cover for me it gave me the same thing ne, the diefferent is in this cover it looks like all of them, the monster/ghost or whatever you may named it defferently are waiting from their own frames  ….

waiting for what ?



of course waiting for the HALLOWEEN night to come, the night where they all can be free to go and hunt all of you (not me, btw because i am save , or not lucky? here in Bahama 221B) and none of them want gonna come here and catch me no matter how much candy, donut and jellybeans i have and i want the GRIMM and The Boss Monsuta to knock in to my door at HALLOWEEN night ….


noi           :     don’t you guys ….
HYDE      :      i think i know why did she said that ….
yasu        :     she think by sayin that we can come to knock on her door ne …
HYDE      :     hai hai, you better tell her yasu_kun …
yasu        :     nee noi_chan i told you ne, just forget it …
noi           :     aish this one also didn’t work …
HYDE      :     poor noi_chan ….. *laugh*

i’ll think about something else tomorrow, but tonight i’ll just do this post. So that’s only the first thing i get, and i also saw someone make it like this one :


that’s like an Iphone wallpaper or some image that you touch then it will bring you to some menu or something like that ne, i have no idea because i don’t have an Iphone i only have an Ipad look a like calculator so i don’t know it for sure, but i think it will looked like that if someone put it on Iphone, ah whatever …

the next one is for me it looks like all of them are in some window display, maybe on some monster/ghost store, where you can pick one or two monster/ghost ? and if something like that exist btw of course

i pick yasu and HYDE ….. ajajajajaja … *got kicked*

before my mind goes more than this and talk about something more silly than pick yasu and HYDE from a window display where i know for sure the reality is i never even see their Album CD/DVD on window display here in my country , so what the hell on earth make me think that i can see and pick yasu and HYDE themself? Oh God, forgive me i think eat a lot mango screwed my brain not only my stomach ne …

btw today is October 10th and it is pay day. One day in every month i am gonna see all of them,  All persons who work with me, work together from all division will see me once in a month in the pay day to get the salary. And today ….



yay …

i did my homework ne, i managed to mentioned all of their names. All of them with no mistake ne, Waw this is great right finally i can push my brain to remember and match all their names and face. So what i did today is smile at them, gave them their enevelopes while sayin their names and a little chit chat plus simple jokes to them. And hey it worked ne, i am not that bad to remember and i still can count on this brain to remember something else but my calculations everyday.


I did this after i finished this dorama : Rich Man, Poor Woman, at the last episode it showed how finally Hyuga_san able to mention all of his employee who work for him, all of them with no mistake. He used not able to do that and he had his something health/tend to forget someone face/name. Nah when i saw him do that, i was like if Hyuga_san can do that, why can’t i …?

people may think you watch movie or dorama just for fun or add your drama queen level on your blood by cryin like an ididot whenever your fave character died or broken_hearted. But that’s not all ne, you can find another things to learn ne, maybe you can learn and improve your language skill. Like me in my forever year on my Japanese class with my dorama list to watch.


yasu      :    forever year …? yeah right …
noi         :    someone asked me about that ne what should i say, you know i don’t join a formal class ..
yasu      :    because you don’t want to, and i am not gonna wait forever ne …
noi         :    eehh, really …
yasu      :    not for you …


i’ll think about that later ne, see that papers above, i don’t even do anything for my Visa application ne, i keep delay it again and again, i have to do this before Ied ne, i should go to Jakarta tomorrow and meetadrio_nevralka  there, she will take a day off tomorrow because tonight she is watching MIYAVI live at Hard Rock Cafe. She asked me to join her to watch that show but i said no, because i know nothing about MIYAVI, nothing at all. I think i am gonna go to Jakarta for my Visa application on Friday, i hope i can take a day off on Friday ….

back to whay i did today with my brain : so i spent my afternoon by smile (i said this one before ne ….ahahaha sorry) and watch their face and say their names : you are Zainul, you are Ikhsanuddin, you are Rusmadi, etc etc …. and …

yasu, you are my Mind Blowing Man  …… ajajajajaja …. xD


noi       :     i remember you ya_san, i do …
yasu    :     yes, you should …
noi       :     and if one day i may forget about you, it means …
yasu    :     you need  a new brain …? OMG noi_chan …
noi       :     no, it means
already late for you and your white horse to catch me
yasu    :     i don’t have a white horse, find another line ne  … @_@


Random Post : HALLOWEEN PARTY Euphoria is on … (Another me, yasu and HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA)

Today it’s all about the upcoming HALLOWEEN PARTY,  ….

of course everyone (and me …) can’t wait to see what are they (HYDE, KAZ, yasu, DAIGO … and more) who participated on this upcoming single of HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : HALLOWEEN PARTY‘s 1st PV gonna cosplay as what …


source : VAMPSOUND’s Photo

why did i say it as the 1st PV? because i think there will be another PV, maybe for next year VAMPS HALLOWEEN Party 2012 HYDE will compose another song for HALLOWEEN PARTY and then he will make another single for HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA and of course there will be yasu and DAIGO there and another PV ….

#whoooaaaa ……. *fangirl dreaming*



noi       :     ah no, let’s just say that as another fangirl anlysis.
yasu    :     analysis ….?
noi       :     yes, how is it …
yasu    :     that’s your wish ne, not analysis …
noi       :     but …

well let’s back to this HALLOWEEN PARTY euphoria, and talk about the costumes, i dunno about the other artist on HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA because my fangirl radar is very limited just like the J-Music i listen to, so i am only gonna talk about HYDE. KAZ, yasu and DAIGO  ….

~   HYDE and KAZ

KAZ remind me to one movie that i watch a long time ago. The movie is about group of man and woman who’s accidentally trapped in to a situation where they have to deal with an army of German’s soldier zombie. I forgot what is this movie’s title but i this movie is not in English, i think this is a Finland movie ..

so when i watch that movie (i watch it on DVD btw) i kinda lost between wondering what language is this movie and how the zombie’s scared me. Geez, this zombie is different with the regular zombie you may watch on Resident Evil. Well i am not sayin that the Umbrella Corp‘s zombies on Resident Evil which Alice fight to are not scary , but this Germany soldiers zombie is different.

the different is because they are, all of them is a soldiers where they were alive, and they still bring their military ways of live on their zombie’s live. …. xD, and how they kill is so scary ne. especially how they did it to the man (or woman ..?) on the toilet at night ….

and  for HYDE ...



is that JOKER? …

a JOKER, from his lips (but instead of bloody red, they made his ripped lips black) but with a Mad Hatter‘s hat, Or maybe HYDE just make his own dark version of JOKER for HALLOWEEN PARTY



btw all that images are  from Vamps Time vol. 14 and some of it is about the HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : HALLOWEEN PARTY‘s PV shoot. and i read someone posted on his blog about yasu ask HYDE to take a picture together after they finished the PV’s shoot, and there you are ….

~ yasu






look at that ne,  oh God, i always love when yasu took a picture or say something about HYDE. I have no idea why, maybe this is because i’ve been here in this Bahama 221B and get locked in this Bahama Love Triangle by both of them (read : HYDE and yasu) all this time, so my fangirl mind_setting is them …




noi       :    ah i get it now ….
yasu    :    get what …
noi       :    it is all about BATMAN right ….
yasu    :    eeehhh …..

noi       :   that’s great, not another Vampire’s cosplay …. xD


first HYDE with something what i am gonna call as his HALLOWEEN version of JOKER and now you, yes you ya_san, you are what, …. is that Two Face, but this one is again and again i am gonna call it as HALLOWEEN version of Two Face, half human and half skeleton face/body ….

OMG, it is BATMAN. but then what about DAIGO? …..






DAIGO as a mummy, ….  because there’s no mummy on BATMAN, so it is not BATMAN and then what it is now …?  aigoooo …..  ah forget it, i give up now i am just gonna say they make it random as random as HALLOWEEN PARTY itself. See you can be anything and anyone on HALLOWEEN PARTY right …?

this one is very sweet ne, thanks for my dear friend minlilin for this lovey image of yasu and his amost broomance BFF DAIGO, look at them ….



and now i think i am gonna sleep with this HALLOWEEN PARTY euphoria in my mind and wondering why it took so long ne to October. yes, October 17th. The day when all my things released, and i am gonna be automatically unlocked from this yasu no Matsu wa no Heya




yasu     :     eeee chotto noi_chan, i didn’t lock you in that room …
noi        :     i locked myself btw …
yasu     :     and i am sure you have the key right …
noi        :     no, i eat it.
yasu     :     eh, you what …?
noi        :     you better find a new key to unlocked me ya_san, onegaii …

and still connected to HALLOWEEN PARTY, this one is about Acid Black Cherry Halloween Party 2012 Goods. Finally the Official Online Shop updated with these items :




Pre-sale period : September 24th, 2012 13:00 ~ October 1st, 12:00
Product launch anytime on Friday October 5th …


but, i wonder why i don’t see the price for each items except for the hairband because it is the same one with QED live hairband, or i am the one who can’t find it? … @_@

or maybe they will add it after September 24th, and it is only for mobile user who can access it now, ah this is confusing ne. I think i am gonna skip this one, because even i love the Tshirt, but as always i never buy Tshirt from all ABC live goodies i only buy hairband, pamphlet, sticker, towels … and  else, but i don’t buy Tshirt.

this is because when i bought Re-Birth Live T-shirt, The Iron Man Lady (the one who iron and wash my clothes) she did ruin my ABC shirt by iron it too hot or use too much detergent and make my shirt’s black color didn’t look good again. And then it just stop me for buy shirts again, …

and also i am still have to save my cash for my next trip to chase yasu ne, it’s been 3 months until this September i survived for not buying things and close all the chance for me to buy things that i didn’t really need. Like another new shoes or bag. And yeah i did it. Usually every month at least i am gonna have 2 new shoes, cloth or bag.

i spent my day off at home with my telly, not going anywhere, stay away from mall, books or DVD store. Just keep me from being greedy ne, after all i still have many books that i haven’t read and DVD’s that i haven’t watch. guess who i meet yesterday …?




yasu      :     who, him ….?
noi         :     no, it is not
Mr. Friday and of course it is not you ya_san …. xD.
yasu      :     of course not, why should i meet you …
noi         :     yeah, you are right, if i meet you here in my country i’ll jump to a river next to my home …
yasu      :     but you can’t swim noi_chan …
noi         :     dakara ….

I meet him again my watever you will name him as, somehow just come up like a rabbit that come up from a mgician’s hat. It was just like that, he is just in front of me and say hello, Assalamualaikum ... and i was like ,



is that really you …? that’s what i said to him instead of reply his salam with Waalaikumsalam … I remember he sent me a text message last month something about him being forever single or something that i didn’t get it 100% because he text it with Malay instead of English like when he use to be.

and then the first thing i look from him was …. aha, yeah this is very2 shame one me ne, i was looking at his fingers. Keep looking at it, and God, i should not call myself as a stalker or secret fangirl because i can’t look at his fingers secretly. Because when i did that,

he asked me hey, what are you looking for? are you looking for a wedding ring on my finger? … don’t waste your time, because you will never find it . That text message i sent you last month is not a joke, i mean it. I am gonna be forever single.

OMG how did he know about that, yes, i was looking for his wedding ring. I think he is already married, but who knows if what he said t was true. I mean what make him do that? … but somehow when he said if i will never find the wedding ring when he busted me for looking at his fingers, i was smiling like an idiot …

even if yeah we already made our choce to be on our own each way, but still imagine him together with another woman it just un_imaginable for me so that’s why i was smiling when i can’t find his wedding ring and also i didn’t ask him why. I think he is gonna tell me someday when he is ready.

and then when he asked about how i am, what i say to him was : Hey, do you know i am going to Japan to see yasu ne ….  can you imagine that, finally i am going to see him …. etc etc many more. and then he he said something that i never imagine,

he said : well what if i go with you there, to see yasu live. I think i want to know how about your fangirl world. and i replied him with : OK, if you can get the live ticket then we’ll go together …

OMG, what the hell on earth make me said that ne, God, i hope he didn’t get the ticket or there’s something he need to go on that day , no he can’t get it, the ticket and go to Japan together with me …?

bloody hell noooooo …..




noi      :    Oh God, he is not gonna get it right …?
yasu   :    why, you should be glad he want to go with you …
noi      :    no listen ya_san, when a man and woman alone, there will be a devil between them. See what i mean?
yasu   :    so you don’t trust him …
noi      :    no, i trust him 100%, but the one i can’t trust is myself …

Oh God, help me …..

See this is why i never have a long term relationship with someone, because how i am so boring, see spam the same thing like what i always do to him and now on our first meet after all this time i did it again ….

See how boring i am …..?



noi         :      don’t you think so ….?
yasu      :      yes i see it, very boring. now go to sleep  …
noi         :      oyasumi …