WTH Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Mr. Friday, really … ? )

Wakayama, Wakayama, ….

I dunno exactly where it is with no Google Map and i never go there, but i put  that Wakayama prefecture very well in my mind because it is special ne. So what makes Wakayama special?

because this King HYDE was born there …. !!!



noi        :    HYDEさん, stop being cute like that …
HYDE   :    can’t hear you ….
noi        :    awww ….

and also there was another fan proposal on stage then how HYDE sent a flower for yasu on 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Wakayama  make me so fuckin happy ne.

I mean i love how HYDE‘s giving attention for his fanboys, not only yasu but for others too like Mao, DAIGO, Aki … etc etc.

Aaaand this some boy named Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS just arisen …




everyone talks about that boy. I’ve seen that boy on some dorama ne …

My twitter TimeLine full of how this boy be friend_ed with HYDE (or in this case i’d rather say he is been taken by HYDE?) and he said ..

Recently I ate together with L’arc~en~Ciel‘s hyde. We have a rule of taking turns in deciding restaurant, and this time hyde took me to a restaurant with food boiled in water. So, next time I will decide.

To me, hyde is like a big brother. Last year we went snowboarding together

source  : here

so while you were busy doing your  『Shangri-la』 Tour, look he found another new fanboy eh …


yasu       :      now what, is that a …
noi          :      no, you’re not Loki and i am not Thor …  of course it’s not a mockery ..
yasu       :      then what …
noi          :      nothing, just sayin …

OK, enough about that, now i better back to  『Shangri-la』 ne, this time is …

~     『Shangri-la』Live  ~    Wakayama

『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama , it was the Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st Live  in Wakayama.

Held in Wakayama Shimin Kaikan Hall, [TEAM Acid Black Cherry] wrote it as an ultra-over-super crazy live …. xD

On every Live there’s always some local gourmet waiting for yasu in the venue.  This time in Wakayama, one of them were waiting was this …



「梅干し」/「Umeboshi」/「pickled – plum」

Umeboshi also is yasu‘s most favourite food, then continued with reading all messaged sent from fans and had some times playin instrument …



This time is YUKI‘s guitar, he is been practiced much last year. Apparently yasu‘s often play other support member’s instrument. A musician, after all figure toward instruments seriously.

on the opening MC,

he was sayin about how this is the 1st time for Acid Black Cherry to have Live in Wakayama and also as personal this is also his (read : yasu) 1st time came to Wakayama. It’s not a 1st Live in a Live House, but suddenly it’s a Hall Live.

Live in the land of God ( HYDE さん) was born.


Live in Wakayama today, i will do my best … !!

sent that message to HYDE and moreover he got a flower from HYDE




he said, that was frustating for him,

since it was placed at the entrance of the venue so everyone who watch that 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama that day seen that flower before him …

poor darling, ha ha ha …..




yasu      :     nah, that another one …
noi         :     another what …
yasu      :     so you happy now ….?
noi         :     ha ha ha …

The Question selected on The Question Corner is …

Is there any memories in a department store .. ?

and yasu answered it by tellin a story about his teeny-weeny memories ..

about him and his brother went to a department store with their mother and passed along in front of a toy shop, after that they will slipped from their mother who was still on shopping back to the toy shop and lookin at the toy sayin this is what i want

But at the end he was cryin because he didn’t get to buy it.

ah, so there’s that kind of memories on yasu ne.

I thought i was the only one who have that creepy childhood memories of toy shop. Because we were poor and livin in a small village so on my childhood we didn’t go to a department store often. just 1, 2 or 3 times in a year.

next is The SetList

Shangri-la』 Live 20.12.2013 Wakayama SetList
01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Pistol
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys
14. Black Cherry (request)
15. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. Shangri-laOMG


i love when they put Nemuri Hime on The SetList, somehow it always make me feel …

ahh, they still put Nemuri Hime on The SetList so there’s still a chance for me to see yasu performing Nemuri Hime Live on Stage.

then, the Kewpie is …




credit  : @Yasuの女


yasuさんの大・大・大好物の「梅干し」/ yasu’s most fave 「plum」!

looks like a Red Ninja eh …. xD

so what next ….? ah ya, the PHOTOBOOK update ne.

Anyway, before i continue with the 2nd season PHOTOBOOK i think it would be better if i finished the 1st Season because i did share it partly each live in every prefecture.

yeah, there’s some parts that i skipped like the opening and cover, After Live on stage, w/ members before Live and in front of the most wanted to see and take a picture with  『Shangri-la』 Truck, now there you are …




and as a bonus, there you are with HYDE images, …


well that one is my fave ne,

because i remember how all of us (especially me) in team_yasu’s Group on Facebook talked about how we all wanted to touch that yasu‘s fake boops ne. Now i am so glad because HYDE is already did that (let’s just say for us …. xD) ne, i mean look that image above,

it was like HYDE‘s testing it, was it good enough or what ….. xD

and then say hello to this …



Wacky Sisterhood ….!!!

HYDE amazed me as La Calavera Catrina a famous image of Death in Mexico, that’s why all Mexican fans was very happy when they see HYDE as Catrina.

They said HYDE is The Best Catrina ever.

For me, i mean i am not Mexican so the only Catrina i ever see is on a cartoon or animation on telly. Then suddenly on last year’s Halloween Party, HYDE came up as Catrina …?

i’d also say HYDE is The Best Catrina i even seen ….

PS    :    don’t ask me where all of them came from, but i am sure you all already know …

now, let’s begin this my S’Pore trip memories ne. I think i better start to write it here before i forget much than before. The fact is, i started to forget a lot again recently.

What’s wrong with me …?



yasu         :     you are just getting old ne granny …
noi            :      what old? 52 is not that old ne ya_chan ..
yasu         :     then what, you need a new brain? …
noi            :     at least, that’s sounds better …

talking about old and age,

i remember there was some funny moment when i was on Universal Studio. That time me and my companion Ayu, we were still in line to wait for our turn to get that Dinosaurs Ride in the Jurassic Park.





There was a group of teacher from Tamil, India and one of them talked to us. Her name is Gita Laksmi, she is a Tamil language teacher in Tamil.

Tamil, litterally The Land of Tamils or Tamil Country is one of 28 states of India. It lies in the southernmost part of Indian Peninsula. It official language is Tamil, which holds a status of being a classical language.

We talked about lots of things, she explained to us where is Tamil, in which part of India Tamil is, their school, students, teacher fellows and Tamil language it self, … etc etc and then …

she asked    :    how old you are, Noi …?
me                :    i am 52 …
she               :    reallky? i thought you were only 19 or at least 22 years old ..
me                :    OMG OMG …. *couldn’t stop laughing*

then i was like  ….

OMG this cream that i put on my face is so good or it’s time for her to change/upgrade her eyeglasses?

i mean 19, 20 … 22 really ….?



yasu           :      uso, there’s no way she is gonna say that …
noi              :      but she did ya_san, trust me …
yasu           :      then something is wrong with the eyeglasses …
noi              :      yeah, whatever but It was a very nice talks btw,

i mean she is a teacher ne,

so you all imagine yourself how was it to talk to a teacher, even she is not my teacher still i feel the same feeling that i always have when i am talking to my teacher. so yeah, i keep my language and choose words that i am gonna say carefully …

eeeh, i should back to the beginning ne, OK, let’s move back and there you are …


~     My S’Pore Trip Report ~  Part 1


It started on January 10th, i just accidentally joined it on some travelling blog i found on internet.

my mom was still in Mecca.

I don’t understand very well what happened, but she is the one who supposed to be at home on January 2nd but she said she will stay there longer  and will be back on January 11th. So i just sent her a text message

Ma, I am going to Singapore tomorrow with my friends. Bye …

Somehow it seemed so wrong at the beginning and now it feels so right, because she didn’t say anything to make me cancel my trip with 1,000,000 reason in her mind?

that’s AWESOME …!!!

I ran away from office at 13:00 PM and start my journey with a bus to Semarang at 15:00 PM to catch my night flight to Jakarta at 20:40 PM.

Arrived at Semarang bus terminal at 17:30 PM and went to airport with a taxi.

There was a very bad traffic jam that day. So it change the regular 15 minutes ride with taxi from bus terminal to airport became 1 hour and 10 minutes ride. What a very long and expensive ne, because i paid almost 100,000 IDR (10 USD) for my taxi.

At the airport,

looked for money changer to change money first. That day I got 9,850 IDR for 1 SGD, so for 300 SGD i paid about 3,005,000 IDR to the seller.

That’s was such a pain in my wallet ass ne …

Checked – in, got my boarding pass and again and again i have to wait another 1 and a half hour for my flight to Jakarta, because they (the woman who announced it) said that they had to delay my flight for some bad weather reason.

On the waiting room,

i waited in some cafe and ordered some snacks because i was hungry that time, ah ya i always hungry ne and especially when i had to wait like that time situation i feel more hungry than how i use to feel hungry.

Ordered some snacks,




and then suddenly there was a little girl about 3 or 4 years old with a hair like Dora The Explorer suddenly hug me and nonstop callin me auntie, auntie.

I was like  …

eeh, what the hell is happen, who are you and where is your mother …?

she didn’t listen to my question and still hugging me while open her mouth and said

look auntie, i eat chicken nugget …. !!!

ewww that’s not good ne, i really want to say to her …

hello child, don’t you see i am eating now? stop doing that ….

but suddenly she ran away to her babysitter and then 1 minute later came back to me, hug me and open her mouth again while sayin

look auntie, i eat sausage …. !!!

she did that about 4 times, so can you imagine that i have to watch her open her mouth and see all she had for dinner that day from chicken, tofu, sausage and spinach …  #ewww .

Then i looked around to find where the hell is her mother, i see a woman who call Nay, Nay, come here but still nonstop do whatever she did with her Blackberry while in the other direction i see her babysitter was busy with her dinner pack

What just happened here?

i mean why did they just let a little child running away there and there like that in a public place like an airport waiting room? don’t they scare if they might lost their child , and also …

that child just annoyed me ne.

What am i supposed to say to a 3 or 4 years old little girl who suddenly gave me a hug and show me all her dinner inside her mouth, all i can say was nothing but …

Good child, Good  …

and smiling like she was something that will stick on me and i will never able to make her go away from me. See i am not good with children, the fact is i dunno what do i have to do with children.

I love baby, yes baby is adorable but children …..?

Finally they called me to boarding because my plane is ready to take me to Jakarta. I’d say saved by the announcement eh, i said bye bye to her but she kept askin me

auntie, where do you want to go? stay with me … etc etc

she said another more that i can’t understand. I feel sorry for her, because she looked like she wanted to cry, so i came near her and said to her …

Good bye child, do come to me when you are over 10 years old OK ….. !!!

then i can’t believe how she smiled after i said that and say

bye auntieeee …..

in a very loud voice. Ah, there must be some vitamins or special formulas on her dinner or milk ne because she is a very energetic little girl that i ever meet …

One hour flight, then i arrived in Jakarta International Airport ~  Soekarno Hatta, and as always i had to spent one night here in this terminal building because my flight to S’Pore was scheduled in the next 07:00 AM in the morning.

The team leader for this trip, Boma he was kind worried about me being alone and have to spent a whole night inside the terminal building. He offered to wait together.

But when i told him  i am OK like this, because spent a whole night in the terminal before leaving abroad is a must for me, he leaved me and go to Terminal 3 where his flight is gonna be

Apparently i am the only one person from all 8 peoples in this tour who had to be in the different flight. All of them were in Terminal 3 while me in The Terminal 2.

What the hell is that …?

A whole night in Terminal 2 was hell, i couldn’t even get some short sleep ne. There is no comfort seat like in Terminal 3 where i can sleep quite well. I bring my pillow, but that was useless ….




At 05:00 AM in the morning they finally open the gate to go to the waiting room. Walked like a zombie to the waiting room,

yes, that’s me The Zombie …. !!!

i can’t even open my eyes ne it feels like there’s someone put a super glue there. All i want just go inside the plane and get some sleep until arrive in Singapore.

Got inside the plane, i put on my pillow and then fell asleep. I woke up about 10 minutes before landing ne, then i loved how it was so fast process. Smooth boarding, weather, me sleeping on a jet plane and then a very smooth landing.

This pilot from TigerAir must be very good ne …

Arrived in Changi Airport, Singapore, got my self on  a line of immigration check then i realized that there was something different of me with other people around me. I saw them with a white paper with Welcome to Singapore written there …

OMG that’s the Immigration Paper … !!!

I didn’t have that, nobody gave me on the airplane. Eh, or is that because i was sleeping for the whole flight from Jakarta – Singapore so i missed the time when they gave an immigration paper to all the passenger …?

I almost reach my turn, then i slipped out from the line to find an immigration paper for myself. Why the hell i was sleeping ne, i mean all that 1 hour and 20 minutes flight i did nothing but sleeping …?

waw, that’s a record ne …. #yay …!!!!

finally i got my self an immigration paper then smoothly checked by a not sweet and kind immigration officer. I suppose they have to be that way right.

I mean as what Dr. Lightman (you know on Lie to Me , the telly series) it’s a normal people who works in custom immigration … etc etc to act like that since that’s how a livin Lie Detector is …

Then done with immigration checking,

i waited and couldn’t wait to see who and how are my travelling companions. I had to wait until Boma came to find me because me and them were landing in the same Terminal 2 but different immigration check point. …

i waited and waited, then finally i meet them all, there they are …




two of them are from Palu, then one from Bengkulu and there’s also a nice and sweet couple from Jakarta plus me the Alien from Mars, i think that’s a quite nice combination for a Group Travelling.

We introduced our self each other  and go to the Sky Train station than will bring us to Terminal 3 ~ Changi Airport because we were going to get some meal time together on a food court there.

Then after that continued with all of us bought an Ez Link card like this …



that will help us to be more mobile … xD

that card is the same as Suica card in Japan, which you can use it to pay whenever you go with train, bus or even pay your meal or snack in 7/11.

Boma, also teach how to top up the card to all tour member because …

Actually the main purpose of this tour is to teach all the member that taveling aboard is not that scary, and we can have some fun, even yeah there’s a change for us to get lost but the important thing is how to make the tour member know how to survive traveling alone and able to be a guide for their own family/friend if they might want to come to Singapore again.


Finished with that,

we all went to MRT station , learning how to read Singapore MRT System map and find a way to our hotel in Geylang Avenue. According to the map, this is the route that we had to take.

Follow the green line from  …

Changi Airport —> Expo —> Tanah Merah (change train there) continued to  —>  Bedok —> Kembangan —> Paya Lebar —> Aljuneid (we stop here)

and continued it by walking almost 4 bloks from station to the hotel.

Eh God, that’s quite a long walking eh, my legs hurt so bad and all i want to do is nothing but jump of to my bed and get some sleep. It was a really long and tiresome trip ne, but finally we’re all arrived in Singapore

well, i’ll continue with the 2nd part on the next post ne …

These day, seems like everyone around me bought something new. For example  …

~    Teki with her new phone, that keeps her busy dealing with LINE, BBM and other things inside it that i don’t even get what that all for, …
~    One of my office_mate with her new tractor for her land. She is the land_lady btw, so yeah this year she upgraded her 2 cows with one brand new tractor, …
~    My boss with his new cars and phone and 2 days ago, for me  it was like  …

him      :    look, that’s our new car …
me       :    shit …
him      :    hey, new phone …
me       :    bloody hell …

sorry about my language,

but hey that phone is the same Samsung GALAXY Note that Diego Bunuel (from Don’t Tell My Mother on Nat Geo Adventure) use ne, you know they put the ad. on telly and i want that.

But then i said to him …




Look, my new photo with HYDE …. !!!!

then nothing but silence, ha ha i love when i made them in silence like that.

Helen helped me with that. She is good, isn’t she?

As you know i know nothing about Photoshop, Sotoshop or any other things ended with … shop (but i know shopping and and i am really good at shopping ne … xD).

yeah, it is fake but it makes me so fuckin happy ne.


because i do have lots of photo of HYDE, but photo of me? i don’t have it a lot because i am not that good in the camera.  That’s why i feel weird when there was someone who wanted to see more photos of me …


yasu      :     no way, that’s impossible …
noi         :     but that’s true ne ya_san, somebody did …
yasu      :     the one who dumped you and made you cried like a river  …
noi         :     no, it wasn’t like that
yasu      :     as you say then …

Then whenever i made or have a quite nice and photo of me that i can do (read : ask someone to do) with it, then i will start to find any photo of HYDE that will match to put next to me, like that. So yeah …

I am So fuckin happy ….. !!!

but something happened yesterday, it seems like not only Jim Moriarty who announced his came back at the end of SHERLOCK Season 3, Eps 3 but look who is suddenly came back here and hit me again …

It’s Mr. Friday, he runs for member of House of Representatives this year …. !!!

can you imagine that, now there is a poster with his photo everywhere in here. Every morning i will see 4 poster of him on every crossing i pass on my walking in the morning to the bus terminal.

What the hell is this, why nobody tell me about this?

I really dunno anything about him, i never thought that he is in politics like this, but look now he runs for House of Representatives members this year with some campaign for his run? The election will be held on April 9th, OMG that’s my birthday and his poster will be everywhere from now on ….

What should i do now …..




yasu       :      hey, that’s not the perfect question ne …
noi          :      what …
yasu       :      you should ask :  Will you vote for him or not …?
noi          :      ah ya, i’ll think about that later. Nee ya_san do tell me why i am so miserable like this …?

教えてください …. !!!

yasu      :       i don’t know …


Sunday Post : 4th 「Shangri-la」 Project : Meeting and Live ~ Yamagata (Another me, yasu and チェリー)


4th is for Yamagata, Yamagata …. !!!!

Meeting Miyagi2

btw i always love when yasu having a Summer Live Tour like this 「Shangri-la」 Tour. I am sure you know the reason why ne just by how shoulder fetish i am. I mean only on summer i can see a lot of yasu‘s  photos with summer out fit like that i really like,

like it a lot  …

This 「Shangri-la」 Tour is gonna be long period Tour ne. How long this Tour is gonna be? 8 months …? ah that’s more than half year ne and you add another 4 months then it will be a full year.

so 8 months yasu and his 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】, have to work hard nonstop. Now it’s only the 4th to 5th part today’s Live in Aomori

Oh dear ya_san …

noi        :     It’s still a very Long Way Down to The End ne ..
yasu      :    It is, everyone knows that ..
noi        :     but i just realized it now …
yasu     :     ah yaou, late as always …

i am sure, they all have some schedules (rehearsal, … etc etc including rest) to make sure yasu and everyone who involved to this 「Shangri-la」 Project fully charged all the way down to the end of this tour.

Plus with so many fans who tell/post take  good rest, eat, take care of yourself … etc etc , and things like that sure they all gonna be fine.

I say 8 months is not a short time ne, it is 8 times 30 days at least. And keep a Lights ON (people’s sexcitement about this 「Shangri-la」 Project) for that long period it’s not simple ne. Nah i think they gotta do something else, maybe some variation of posting or a live streaming ….? (hell yeah ….!!!) on one particular Live?

my concern now is will they able to keep the Lights ON for this 「Shangri-la」 Project ? keep making everything and everyone still sexcited about this, or maybe they will make all of us more sexcited than we are now?

Hope they already think about that, because i am all of them around yasu are fully experienced on this matter, so they know what they are doing and what to do. So the boring thing is already on their List of Eventualities

ah, what am i talking about now?  …

~     High Five Meeting and Public Recording  ..

posted by 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 on The Official Blog as A・B・Cのある山形での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! [With A.B.C , 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Yamagata End !! ,

this 「Shangri-la」 Project in Yamagata started with a Public Recording and Meeting held in Tsuruoka. Tired after the last Live in Miyagi they all moved by car to Yamagata about two and half hours to Tsuruoka from Sendai.

When they arrived on the venue S Mall for the Public Recording and Meeting with Yamagata FM. There was already a lot of people gathered there 3 hours before the event started.

and take a look at the venue everyone ….


Photo credit :  りぃまま @ ameblo

look how there were only that orange line between the audience and that chair (yasu was sit there right ..?) that was so close ne, and if i were lucky enough to be one person who was sit there at the front rows sure

i will grab you  a.s. a. p  ….


noi      :     quite easy and how you so open  …
yasu   :     that’s why you’ll never get a front seat ..
noi      :     why …?
yasu   :     you will failed to behave well for sure …

behave well …?

i think that’s gonna be something hard to do for a fangirl who get a chance about meeting her idol less than 100 meters. Sure i’ll get totally crazy and forget about all the table manners and non-table manners.

i talked about this on team_yasu group on Facebook and i got so much fun and crazy replies and that post ended with


how busy is that Officer Hayashi and jail full of crazy fangirl <—-   that’s what happen if there is a low sayin if act crazy is forbidden for fangirls ….xD

The Public Recording was held on an open space, a mall so there were so many people gathered, not only on the ground floor but also on the 2nd floor.

while sayin 「恥ずかしいー!」,  yasu waved and greet everyone there


There were question about  were about what kind of things which Acid Black Cherry do now in this 「Shangri-la」 Project and new song 「Greed Greed Greed」 , and

「山形といえば、さくらんぼ。Acid Black Cherryのチェリーです」
「Speaking of Yamagata, it is a cherry. Cherry of Acid Black Cherry」


after Public Recording, then High Five Meeting. This is the fist time Acid Black Cherry‘s interaction,  Meet and 「Greed 」 all peoples in Yamagata.

when the event is over back to the waiting room yasu joyfully sayin

「yappari, such a warm feeling. It’s good」


they ended the post with


Then, Yamagata!!
An apple (A), a cow (B), and a cherry (C). All are make a smiling face !

that’s a nice ending …

~    4th Day 「Shangri-la」Project  all Prefectures tour in Yamagata Shimin Kaikan,


this time, they (read : who else but 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) didn’t skipp anything, Started with a tweet info, informed everyone if yasu already arrived at the venue, then continued with The Finding yasu quiz

yamagata Live

and i say   :     ha ha ha …

tweet_ed the answer, and then tweet another yasu and the blurry kewpie, …


and asked everyone to wait for the answer posted on the The Official Blog as 初めての♡山形県![1st Time in Yamagata !] Post. But if you read their previous blog post for Yamagata Meeting, on this part …

「山形といえば、さくらんぼ。Acid Black Cherryのチェリーです」
「Speaking of Yamagata, it is a cherry. Cherry of Acid Black Cherry」


yes, it’s a cherry kewpie …

yasu arrived in the venue, then eat …


noi      :     heee
yasu   :     what ….?
noi      :     nothing. Eat a lot ya_san, you need lots of energy
yasu   :     hmmm …

great, now i am hungry. Why do i always feel hungry after seeing someone eating even it’s just a simple picture from internet.  …

then continued with meeting with staff after meal …


talking about lightning, sound and other related to the whole live that day one by one. He did check by himself for all various venues he perform live.  …


question on the MC asked about what’s their fave school lunch menu. They also mentioned how they are waiting for questions from fans and now you can read the Official Translation in here


MC in these 「Shangri-la」 Lives are very interesting i think, because they asked to fans via twitter. so the MC it self just become a city to city live on stage interview. Where he (yasu) answered some questions from fans.

that’s also a good idea ne, to save them from a boring MC, i mean to arrange a different talks for the whole 8 months live performances is not an easy thing to do ne. Even if they can do that, maybe it will ended as predictable MCs.

But by ask to fans via twitter they just make the MC part un_predictable. I guess there will be time when yasu and maybe other members are surprised by the question they got each city during this 「Shangri-la」 Live.

and btw, look what just arrived yesterday ….


i think that is the biggest box i ever get for all my stuffs from Japan. Tekki (i call her with Chussang recently) who went to Post Office to get that, even say how she almost fell of her bike because how BIG is that box. But when i open it ….

Whooaalaaaaa …… !!!!


so even if she fell of her bike, that’s worthy … xD  because finally

~   my Shangri La stuffs arrived,


Postcards, pamphlet and key chain. That’s for postcards first, i’ll do later for pamphlet.  and because it also included a B3 poster so my proxy put all that stuffs inside a very BIG box together with

~   mu-mo FC edition of 「Greed Greed Greed」

with B3 bonus Poster. The poster is not an ordinary poster paper, but it’s something like a plastic, just like Halloween Junky Orchestra‘s poster bonus but bigger.

~   mu-mo Regular edition of 「Greed Greed Greed」


with sticker bonus …

~   and 7Pia Magazine



that my proxy kindly get for me.

Actually i also asked her to get The Flying Postman paper, but because there’s no TSUTAYA shop on her city so i can’t get it. It’s fine anyway because i still can read the interview on their website.

PS      :    as always, click on the image, then you’ll see all the scans

what now, did i forget something …?

ah ya ..

~     The Yamagata Set List

01. sins
02. Murder Licence
03. cord name【JUSTICE】
04. Rakuen
05. Cho
06. 1954 LOVE/HATE
07. Yasashii uso
08. Prologue End
09. so…Good night.
10. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
11. Shojo no Inori III
12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri-la


14. Maria
15. Kono Aozora no Mukouni (2nd Melo. :YUKI、Band ver)

【W encore】

16. Greed Greed Greed
17. 20+∞Century Boys
they ended it with 20+∞Century Boys.

My fave ABC song as ending on Live is always Dragon Carnival. Somehow for me that song is perfect for an ending. To end something with a parade, a carnival,

yasu’s Dragon Carnival

noi      :    that’s perfect for ending …
yasu   :    you think so …
noi      :    feels heavenly somehow, but where’s the dragon anyway ..?
yasu   :    somewhere …


voilà … Post : Yay Acid Black Cherry Email Magazine …!! (Another me, yasu on 「Shangri-la 」)


Have I told you how much love this ….

the 2 images posted by 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 on their last post

あちぃ福島から触れ合いイベント「Shangri-la Meetingスタート!!/ From Fukushima, this Interaction Event 「Shangri-la Meeting, is started …!!!

i say, that’s a combo package ne, and i love it totally. Why? because don’t you all see that’s my fave look of him ne, with glasses and a summer outfit so i can see that beautiful shoulders. Maybe yeah, i am a bit of shoulders fetish.

Then Blimey, because I also love Mr. Friday’s shoulders ne

Okay, so this 1st  「Shangri-la」 Meeting was held 2 days ago August 10th, 2013 (yeah. it’s a very late post ne …xD) .

The venue was at the ground floor of International Art and Design Academy (Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture). They decorated a special space for the  High Five Meeting and Public Recording with Fukushima FM


photo credit :  「テラ@Yasuの女」 のプロフ

as you see it was a very crowd event, so only for the winners who can hear the Public Radio Recording in real time and had a Meeting with yasu. While the other who didn’t win can hear the audio only.

Eww, at least they can hear it , ….

there were the problems like space of the meeting place, and all of the audiences were standing so the audience in back line (behind) can’t see it properly. And then there was a suggestion from yasu in few minutes. He suggested to all audiences in front to sit down on the floor so the other audiences behind them can see the stage and yasu.

And then before the event started he asked this question :

「The people behind, do you see it properly ?」

That part, It showed me how perfection he is as well as kind heart_ed. I mean how he was kinda like want to make sure everyone there have the proper vision.  Remember how he always asked the same question on his every live DVD. By ask how is everyone from arena, 1st floor and 2nd floor audience ..

That’s what i like about him,

つまり yasuさん, あなた は すばらしい で …..

yasu     :    hmmm ….
noi        :    eh, just like that ?
yasu     :    then what do you want me to say …
noi        :    eee maybe …

and according to that post, they also said if we can hear the Full Public Radio Recording on 「Yamada Hisashi’s Radian Limited F」 on a later date.  Hope someone put this on YouTube or somewhere. ..

anyway, look what just arrived today ….


My Erect Live DVD …. #yay …!!!

after spent almost 2 hours standing at bank to save my money, i went to post office today. Actually i didn’t think that DVD is already arrived, i said to my self ah maybe it will arrive tomorrow,  today is the 1st day after a long Holiday. But it’s already there ne, right on top of Mr. Ardiyanto‘s desk.

when i was there i forgot to bring my ID card. But because he is already know me (i’m quite well-known there …xD), then he said it’s OK for me to get my pack age without showing my ID card. Well then a bit talking with him is worthy ne, a bit silly talks about weather. How hot is today so i have to wear that Queen Elizabeth Hat.

Biking to post office with that hat made me look like i am work there at the Post Office because here in my country, orange is The Post Office Color, from the building, truck and motorbike.

So that Queen Elizabeth Hat did add 0 %  British Level on my blood but it make everyone at the Post Office gave a weird stare to me today . I think they might say

Ah that girl, she must love Post Office so much …

yasu    :   and you do …
noi       :   ha ha no, because orange is not my division ne …
yasu    :   yeah, what ever …
noi       :   ya_san doushite no …?
yasu    :   don’t ask …. *leaving*

I haven’t watch the DVD. I think i am gonna keep it. Watch it tomorrow enjoy my last Holiday at home by having my own time of Acid Black Cherry. But i already scan it so there you are

PS   :   click the image to see the whole scans, OKI … xD

and  to all of you Taiwan fans, there you are message from yasu via …. eeeh where is that video come from …?

i suppose that’s from Avex Taiwan‘s YouTube Channel, but i saw on their site about they have a video message from yasu that broadcasted only on 2 Taiwan‘s telly stations.

I am not sure about it but here’s the video anyway …


plus a nice translation from Helen,

Q         :     Please present this DVD
yasu    :     Because it’s 5th anniversary Live, so that’s more free to choose performance songs. I try to put songs that fan want to listen into this Live.
And the stage is circle, made the Live’s view look different from others before. of course, it’s including Live MCs. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Q         :     In the tour, what left you deep impression?
yasu     :     Last year’s Christmas Live, there was a live in Nagoya, thought that was Christmas eve, so I and all the members wore suit … many little things like that.
And, the live in Hokkaido, Hyde_san also came . It’s not easy to meet together at a live in another city. It was a good memory.

Q         :     While on tour, what’s your 「MUST DO 」 thing?
Yasu    :     While on tour, I always go to have a sauna,

Q        :      Why sauna?
yasu    :     When go having dinner together, we always start talking together a lot. But to protect my throat, I try to talk as less as possible, so thought about that’s okay if I don’t talk when having a bath. Therefore, I started to have sauna, and now it has become my habit,
So…in the tour, I prefer to look for a good place to have sauna than a restaurant to enjoy delicious foods.

Q         :     For you, what is the meaning of 「Live」 ?
yasu    :     What’s 「Live」 ?
It’s may not good if I say that but … for me 「Live」 is just like 「Sex」. When you have done for the first time, you’ll want to have the second one,

Q         :     Please present 「Shangri-La」 Project, which will be started in August.
yasu    :     To talk simply it’s a project that we’ll go around the country. Foreign fans may think that I always hold tour around the country, am i ? Infact, there are many places that we haven’t been before.
Usually, we hold live in a city, fans in cities nearby will come for us. But this time I want to change that, everyone don’t have to come for us, we’ll go there for fans.

Q        :      What’s your goals from now on?
yasu   :      My goal is keeping this status quo.
I did think about try to go oversea before, if there is a chance, I wanna go oversea too. But at first, I have to improve my English skill

Q        :     Anything to say to Taiwan fans?
yasu   :     Recently, I got many letters from Taiwan fans, there are many fans go to see my 「Live」 from Taiwan.
I’m so happy about that, I have a feeling that Taiwan fans have the highest amount in Asia area. From fan’s reaction, I can feel passion from Taiwan fans. If there is a chance, I want to travel and hold a live there. I think that’s impossible to hold a Asia Tour, but really want to have a complete live in Taiwan. If there was, hope you guys will come …

originally posted on this Acid Black Cherry group on Facebook. So yes, the 1,000,000 galeon credits goes to Helen

i love when he talk about foreign/oversea fans, i mean it show us his aware about him also have many fans overseas. And the reason about not doing an Outside Japan Tour before his English improved, that’s so sweet ne.

We know it’s not this year or next year 2014, but i do hope for an Outside Japan Tour for Acid Black Cherry on 2015

Okay maybe not straight World Tour, but at least by start an Asia Tour, Because i do hope he do the same idea that he put on this 「Shangri-la」 Tour to all his overseas fans …

The idea of Acid Black Cherry is the one who will come to your country  …. *wish*

That message video just give me another hope about seeing yasu live outside Japan. I was like, OMG he didn’t forget ne, because i thought by hold this 「Shangri-la」 he is already forget about the idea of having tour/live Outside Japan like what he said on his last year’s New Year message.

I say, Thank God ne …

i want to finish this post but hey they posted another post ne, this 笑顔のスタート地点 post . And as they already said on their last いよいよ! post,  really updated us for all things about this 「Shangri-la」 Project  ….

~    The 「Shangri-la」 Tour Truck via their Official Twitter

~     The  Original 「Shangri-la」 Sticker Tattoo ..

to all fans who buy Acid Black Cherry CD/DVD/Blu-Ray on the venue more than 1,000 yen, they will get that 「Shangri-la」 Sticker Tatto as bonus. aaand theeeen …

~  『Acid Black Cherry Email Magazine 』


OMG ..

is this true ….. ? *wipe my head*

they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) totally spoil us by sayin  even if you can not check the Home Page because you are busy (or lazy like me …xD), they will send Acid Black Cherry latest information with that Acid Black Cherry Email magazine to all of us via our email address …. #yaa ha ha ha

eeh, that’s gonna be free right …?


noi       :     i mean, i don’t have to pay for it …
yasu    :     hey fangirl, don’t you have other question than that …?
noi       :     i have, but …
yasu    :     then get me another question …

well, then

Since this  project will be announced in the「Shangri-la」 Special Site at 15:00 PM JST tomorrow, so for more information you all better stay tune to this
「Shangri-la」 Special Site  …..

PC        :   http://www.acidblackcherry.com/shangri-la/
Mobile   :   www.acidblackcherry.com/shangri-la/mobile/

now, this is the end for this post tonight because i have Tony Leung on The Grandmaster waiting for me on my telly now.  Don’t you know there’s also Song Hye Gyo there as his very pretty wife …. xD

But  last but not least, there you are everyone i present you my biggest Holiday‘s achievement is ….

I can swim now everyone …!!!

look that’s a water image ne, so let’s just say i was on a pond, sea, lake, a bath tube (maybe …? but no, i don’t have one ne ..xD) …  or somewhere else full of water and i didn’t drawn like a rock.

So yeah i think by getting that Erect Live DVD now i can swim. …. mmmuuuuiiii … so

Bye Bye Rock, because i am not a Rock anymore …

yasu     :   that’s a lie …
noi        :   but hey, don’t you see the water suround me ..?
yasu     :   you edited that, so don’t fool me …
noi        :   ah, you ruin the game again …


Hot & Sunny Post : ABC HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 GOODS Update … (Another me, yasu, HYDE in Horror Land)

today is hot, as hot as yasu in the bathtub

not because today is Monday, where everything is getting hot on the 1st day of the week, the day you are back to your daily activities at office after had a Sunday off at home, But today is really2 hot. The sun just burn all over me. And on this hot and sunny day i have 3 places to go and two of them are outdoor.

This is all my fault, all because of me. Why do i have to say the same day and time whenever someone ask when did they can have a meeting with me, or i promise to meet someone (work related to) i always tell them the same

~   Come to me on Monday at 2:00 PM
~   I’ll meet you next Monday at 2:00 PM
~   Set the meeting on Monday at 02:00 PM

i mean what is wrong with me, why it always Monday at 02:00 PM …? i should stop that habit ne, because it always make me out on a very sunny day like today, it would be better if i make an early appointment, ah ya in the morning … *make a note*

It is already more than 1/2 year there’s no rain fall in my hometown. They said this hot and dry season will continue until end of 2012. Two weeks ago suddenly rain just fell at night but it was a very short rain, it was like just passed by to my hometown and then go to another town.

My mom nonstop tellin me to save water because our well almost run out of water. So from now on i only have limited water to use. Wash my hair only once not twice like usual. Because i spent most of my time outdoor with dust  all over my hair, I always wash my hair everyday and i do it twice. I need much more water for that,

but now i can’t do it anymore in this long dry season at home, but i still can do that at office. Unlike my home well, my office well still have much water inside. And so today after finish my out on sunny day activity, i took a shower, back to my desk and then

i can open The Official Online Shop  for HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 GOODS ..

T-shirt half sleeve (white print) : ¥ 3,800

T-shirt half sleeve (pink print) : ¥ 3,800

i  like it the white print one. I mean the Halloween Party white print it just look perfect on the black shirt.

Muffler Towel (× Pink Black) : ¥ 2,500

Tote Bag : ¥ 1,200 …. ♥

i think i am gonna buy the tote bag ne, use it once maybe two and then keep it so it would be save. and if there’s some of you want to buy that HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012 GOODS, just make sure to make your order before October 1st 2012.

and then i saw something and it just dumped me back to my HALLOWEEN PARTY euphoria again. i’ll write about it tomorrow maybe. That something i saw today is this, what else but this …

that’s so sweet ne, how HYDE and yasu‘s talking to that little girl. and that little girl, well everyone ask who is that little girl …? i have no idea ne, but i am sure we all gonna see that girl on the upcoming HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA’s HALLOWEEN PARTY PV .

see something about it? …. i mean a little girl among all the scary creatures (JOKER, 1/2 Man 1/2 skeleton, mummy), tell what did you get on your mind …? well what i get is for the upcoming PV’s theme is

~    Alice on Wonder Land

but maybe because this is Halloween theme, and you all know Halloween time where you will see ghost everywhere, the fake one (man with costume) or maybe among all of them there is one or maybe two real ghost there, joining the crowd. …xD, so it would be better if the title is Alice in Horror Land instead of Wonder Land …. xD

~    The Wizard of Oz

i wish i can see the little girl shoes, ….

actually when i clicked the post icon on my LJ to post something, i want to post my review after i watch this movie last night : James Franco’s The Rise of Planet of The Apes because last night i was cryin like hell for Will and Caesar. Well i’ll do that tomorrow because

there will always be tomorrow …

yasu    :  ah you just don’t wanna do it ne …
noi       :  of course i want to do it but not today, because ya_san update/post something on a blog ..

it just like sayin I Love You, if you can’t say it today, you can say it tomorrow,
and if you still can’t say it don’t worry, there is always be the day after tomorrow ..

愛してる愛してるよ  ….!!

yasu   :  whatever  ….


@Office Post : Well, My Heart Just Draws A Dream again .. ( Another ma, yasu and HYDE)

here’s what  i thought last night :

why do i have to be so excited about a video footage if i was there had my own L’amazing night? …

nah that was before i saw this YouTube video …


unfortunately i can’t watch that live on my telly because it was for Japan only telly but still, but still oh My good God in heaven, somebody upload it, … *very Fu***n Happy*




but after i saw it, today just now at office where i supposed to be work instead of watching HYDE move his body like that, and make me sooo *with triple O* 7 football square dizzy, while nonstop sayin the same thing :

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Jakarta - MHDAD & SebunHebun - YouTube.flv_snapshot_03.18_[2012.07.24_10.57.53]

HYDE_san, please stop teasing me like that, i am fasting now…..

not i don’t wanna do anything, it’s 11:53 AM and it still a long hours to 16:00 PM, ah i better get some sleep after this, i know i supposed not to see this video, i should keep it for tonight, but tonight i am gonna be busy with Lady Mary and cousin Matthew


yasu    :    cousin Matthew …?
noi       :    yes, my other cousin, i’ll talk about him later ya_san …
yasu    :    and how far is this one …?
noi       :    still far enough …
yasu     :   hmmm

especially for this one


about that VAMPS Live 2012.07.22 this is what Yukiko told me and then i read this all over my friends page on Ameba, they all said : yasu was there …!!!! on Zepp Tokyo to watch VAMPS and also something about the MC and then headbang on HUNTING ? ….

2 days after his las live on Budokan, finally he can get some rest and get his fanboy side of him something fun, what else fun than watch VAMPS live? … i’ll close my serial post later, but now i just wanna enjoy this whatevere this feel inside me …




i dunno if this what i feel is true but am i the only one who is so excited about this HYDE and yasu related things like this one when yasu went to see VAMPS or the last time he was on Universal Studio Japan to watch L’20 Anniversary Live, or when they had dinner together on L’arc Cafe ... ?.

but i tell you ne only God knows how so excited i am about the yasu and HYDE related things and how the fanboy – Idol things between and how they support each other. but don’t get me wrong ne, there’s one thing i don’t enjoy about yasu and HYDE thing,


i don’t enjoy fanfics, especially related to HYDE and yasu, the fact is i am not into fanfict at all. I remember my last time reading fanfic was a long time ago when i read one pairing : Haitsu (Hyde x Tetsu) on Larcology. only that, and after that one fanfic  i didn’t enjoy read fanfic.

yasu    :   you never read ….?
noi       :   yes ..
yasu    :   really, why …
noi       :   just not my division …

and now i tend to stay away from fanfic, try not to read or take a sneak peak of it. but this doesn’t mean if there’s something wrong with the fanfic, no, not at all , the problem is i don’t enjoy it at all. so yes, it just not my division.

OMG this post just crooss the point ne, i wanted to talk about that video above and it ended with fanfics …? eeehhh, i should learn more how to focus on something ne, upss sorry … nah the point is when i saw that video , what i feelt is nothing but this feeling …

it feels like My Heart just started to Draws a Dream again …..

yasu     :   then ….
noi        :   then where’s my pencil ya_san …?
yasu     :   hey fangirl, your heart doesn’t need a pencil to draws a dream …
noi        :   then what about me …?
yasu     :   you never draw ..
noi        :   omo, how did you know that …



Friday 13th Post : 愛してる愛してるよ…!!! (Another me, yasu and 『the mini y』)

Friday 13th ..

The duo Freddy and Jason own the day, so watch your back ne ….

Actually even if i am a moviegoers but i am not that freak in to horror movies. Yes, i do love horror movies, but sometimes i get disappointed horror movies especially when they let the ghost/devil/monster win or make a fubar ending and let us wonder what the hell is happen with them …

i started to like horror movies/telly series when i was little by telly series called The Friday The 13th.

the story is about an antiques dealer named Lewis Vendredi who made a deal with The Devil to sell cursed antiques out of his shop, Vendredi’s Antiques, in exchange for wealth, magic powers, and immortality. but then he eventually rebelled against The Devil and broke the deal. The Devil came and claimed the soul of Vendredi (Friday in French) for breaking the deal because nobody can break it.

After his death, his shop was inherited by his niece, Micki Foster  and her cousin Ryan Dallion  They sold off many of the cursed antiques before being stopped by Jack Marshak (Lewis’ friend), a retired world-traveller and occultist who originally collected many of the antiques for Vendredi before they became cursed.

this series is about Micki and Ryan‘s adventure to collect all their uncle’s antique and cursed collection back or they both gonna get the curse them self. The antique stuffs are various, start from lamp, doll, playhouse, rocking chair, knife  and many more. But my fave and the most scary episode is The Play House. Hell, that was scary ne, along with all the dolls inside the playhouse and a girl who stuck inside it …

i wonder if there’s the DVD for this old telly series, but if you can’t find it or this telly series are too way old for you, you can see the more modern version on Warehouse 13. I think the storyline is the same about collecting some cursed old antique stuffs but with one different. Micki and Ryan works/their adventures are for them self, but on Warehouse 13 is officially for the government, i mean a Federal Agents like Mulder and Scully on The X Files who still looking for the truth out there.

and if you read Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and get he connection between the Friday the 13th superstition and the Knights Templar, what Philip IV and Clement V did on On Friday, 13 October 1307 where hundreds of the Knights Templar were arrested in France, an action apparently motivated financially and undertaken by the efficient royal bureaucracy to increase the prestige of the crown. I don’t have to say the detail because i am sure all of you already read the book and if there’s one of you haven’t then go read it …

On Friday 13th is a very bad day, i have that superstition beside you all know how i really don’t like Friday (thanks to Mr. Friday, not yasu), so i tend to do nothing on Friday. Yes, i am still working but i don’t do anything important like driving, travelling, sign some agreement or something else matter.

not only that, but it also because i was born on Friday. As a Javanesse i do believe about the D Day calculation (it’s some old Javanese stuffs) that said your death is gonna come at the day you were born, 2 days after or before you were born. I remember my mom was talking about this. So if i was born on Friday so my death is gonna come on Wednesday (2 days before), Friday (the day i was born) or Sunday (2 days after).

i do believe that, because this is really happened to my aunt. She was born on Friday like me, and when she was sick then she never wake up again after one week on coma, my mom start to count about her death. She said to me if i gotta be ready on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday.

what i remember mostly about her is when she asked me to get a priest 3 days before she was on coma. I asked her why, she answered me if she wanted to have her last confession. Then i ran into the hospital chapel. I went there almost everyday with her during my stay in hospital with her. at 05:00 AM in the morning and 16:00 PM i am gonna walk with her to the chapel while talking about anything and sometimes we are gonna stop by the fending machine to get some coffee.

nah if you asked me what i was doing there on the chapel, i do nothing. all i do was sit there next to my aunt, help her stand when it was time to stand, get her some drink if maybe she’s thristy or something. Just like that, but i told you ne the priest is sooo *triple o* handsome …. fufufufufufufu …. *evil grin*

yasu    :   a priest, come on noi_chan …
noi       :   but he is really handsome ne ..
yasu    :   no no no, go find another guy ..
noi       :   OK, i got you …
yasu    :   what ….

oke, i am gonna say this again ne, he is handsome like guys on telenovela. with latino’s face and deep voice.  At the first time i saw him, i thought he was one of my aunt’s doctors. That’s why when he said : i am the priest i was like …. Maji de ….?. Why do i still remember him even it was a long time ago? that’s because with him i had my first time watch and listen to a confession.

My aunt’s last confession before her death. It supposed to be personal ne only you and your priest when you wanna do a confession, but because my aunt said if she is very affraid to do that but she have to do that, she asked me to stay with her during her confession even i am a moslem. i remember i said : Father, i am a moslem. but still my aunt wanted me to stay there join her confession.

My family is a mixed family half moslem and half Catholic. So i get use with all the differences in fact i get twice present every year : on Ied and Christmas, well that’s a bonus that you get if you are like me … xD. Her confession took about 3 hours. and she talk a lot with her priest. I don’t even remember what she said now. But i remember she was cryin, and then after that she said if she’s ready whenever her God call her. And i just cried. Then one week later on Sunday she passed away.

My Dear Aunt Maria Immachulatta Endang Irawati Soerjanto Soerjoatmodjo, May You Rest in Peace.

see the calculation was right. You may call me idiot for trust something like this, because everything is on God, not by some calculation.  but for this i do, i really do. so this is why i try to not do anything on Friday, especially today, Friday The 3th. Started not good.

~  i leaved my phone at home.

but at bus, i said to myself in English (this is my new habbit ne, talking to myself/have a monolog in English), if that would be fine because i still have another phone inside my bag. But then at office when i open my bag, i can’t fint it. I wish i can call my missing phone because that’s what i always do if i can’t find my phone. Call it, and then follow the ringtone. But hey, how can i call my phone if i don’t remember my own number (the 2nd number).

yasu      :    Thank God i never give you my number …
noi         :    why ….
yasu      :    you will forget it …
noi         :    but i do remember McGyver’s phone number …
yasu      :    McGyver’s phone number? for what …

well yes, then i lost my phone, my second phone. but Thank God i didn’t lost my 1st, primary phone, My BlackCherry. i mean OK today i can’t work normally without my BlackCherry but at least it save at home. but then …

~   I made a massive miss_calculation

i save most of all my works on my BlackCherry   without that, i can’t work normally. But because today i have to do it make one calculation for one client, this man is a little bit annoying with his bossy act. The way he talk to me is always like : hey i pay for this so you have to do this, this as i want … etc etc and many more annoying things.

i should’ve say no, and cancel it tomorrow but all i say to hime was OK, give me 3 hours and you will get it. I finished it and gave it to him, that’s a very hurry work so i didn’t do the double check. And then i found out if there’s a mistake  on my calculation. So it won’t work. He just call me and said a lot of protess with so many why, how come, and then why, ….

what can i do but sayin if i am gonna fix it tomorrow plus some apologies, ah i hate if have to edit things even it is my own work. i’d rather make another new one that have to edit it. and i have to do it on Saturday? Great this is a real Friday The 13th ..

i went home with nonstop blaming myself and didn’t pay attention for today’s NCIS, but Thank God today the Cherry Philosophy stlll work even on Friday The 13th. First i saw this on my Tumblr dashboard …

HYDE’s version of Friday the 13th …




from VAMPS LIVE 2012 @ZEPP TOKYO Friday 13th, Oh My God, he is soo bloody sexy. on that photo it was like HYDE said : This is the real Friday 13th  (read : follow the arrow) to ……   *fill the pink dots yourself* ahahahaha …

and the Cherry Philosophy still continue to flip out my Friday The 13th with Team ABC_Official updated the Offical Blog with yasu and 『the mini y』 photos. Well i think before i continue with yasu and 『the mini y』 talks/rambling i have to post the serial post and of course the lattest Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE , number 19 with a new haircolor,

so there you are the serial post for Acid Black Cherry TOUR  『2012』 July 8th at Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka

1. Photos of the venue and crowd, city view and some local food :

that’s very2 hot day ne, ah ya it’s summer there …

2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.

3.  A final check by yasu himself plus sleeping or whatever he did on the audience seat and he showed the seat number

when i saw the twitpic, i didn’t relly see the hair color change he did, but then i see many other fans reply the tweet with the same silver hair thing and then aha,ya_san, you changed your hair color. But it still blurry because he use that cap cover almost all his hair and let us see only a small part …

noi        :  nee, ya_san is that the way you gave a spolier?
yasu     :  spoiler for what …?
noi        :  your new hair color, by using that cap …
yasu     :  this isn’t a movie ne, so there’s no such thing as spoiler …
noi        :  heee …

after that i really can’t wait to see what is the next Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #19 is gonna be look like, is he gonna look like Kamenashi Kazuya on one of his dorama?

or what, but yatta …!!! finally they (read : Team ABC Official) revealed it, there you are what we all waiting for,   Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #19 the Silver Shining yasu …. #Whoaaa ….

eventually it’s not all silver, i mean we can still see some blonde hide among all the silver hair. And this hairstyle, i can’t say nothing but the stylish put much more hair jell on his hair, or the new hair color make it look like that? …

noi     :    Thank God, ya_san there’s still some blode on you …
yasu  :     why, you don’t like it …
noi     :    i like it, but is that silver or bronze …?
yasu  :    well let me ask you something, you said HYDE_san is number one right …? and me is
noi     :    number two …
yasu  :    ok, so …
noi     :    yeah, it’s silver ….

then the the Cherry Philosophy continued with another dazzling Official Blog post with yasu and 『the mini y』 . Oke blame my moviegoers soul, but you do watch Austin Powers right, nah in that movie there’s the mini me character so ahahaha ye, i call that Kewpies with  『the mini y』. this time Team ABC_Official succeed to get the model, the brilliant model …

Oh God, i want all of them but that kinda a hard ne because that 『the mini y』 only available on the venue so you can’t buy that on The Official Online Shop. But still there’s always 1,000 ways to Rome so there will be 1,000 ways to yasu (read :to get these) …#crossfinger

well i will only have 2 of that 『the mini y』 one is from Levy, she is very kind ne to let me have that. I mean during her trip to Osaka  she still have me on her mind when she have one extra of this …

again and again, ありやす ne Levy …

and the other one i still don’t know which one i am gonna get because i asked somebody to buy me but he just message me if he hasn’t open it because he wanted it to be a surprise for me, A surprise on Friday The 13th? well this Friday The 13th ended 2 hours ago and

my Friday The 13th that started with lost my phone, made a massive miss_calculation but then ended with HYDE’s HOT Friday 13th, yasu and upcoming surprise 「the mini y」  just make it not that bad .  …

noi      :    not bad at all right ya_san …?
yasu   :    what …
noi      :    My Friday The 13th …
yasu   :    hey noi_chan, are you talking to me or posting your Facebook status ….?
noi      :    both, just in case you didn’t read my Facebook status, now let me sing for you ne so you know how i feel  ..

雨に打たれ君を探して叫んでいた.  愛してる愛してるよ …!!!!

yasu   :    i know, just stop singing  …!!


Fangirl Post : HYDE, He is Aging Well …. ( Another me, yasu and HYDE)

in my last post before this, i posted something like this :

about how  i ain’t even mad. That’s what should i’ve done, control this anger and tried not to say something bad to others. But the fact is that i ain’t even mad  thing is kinda hard to do for me as someone who has so many things to  pull the trigger of my anger easily.

like what just happened yesterday. It was Saturday, i took a day off. Stay at home, silent my phone so i can ignore all the incoming calls and do nothing but be a bear. Sleep all day long in front off my telly. But as always it failed, because my office mate called me about some calculation that i gave to her yesterday.

I dunno why it always like this with her. Every time i want to take a day off i always prepare of everything, yes i have a lot of lists to do and i leave all of it to my friend. And when i explained to her, what she should do, how much she have to pay or else… etc etc the day before, she said yes, i got it. and i asked her again, do you really get it …? she said replied me sure with a sure tone on her voice as well.

but she still call me on my day off, and in ended with me open my PC and did my report at home. Is that a day off? of course not plus i have to remind somebody to transfer me some cash for his delayed payment and another person who keep calling me ask me to pay him some spare part with cash,  …

that was Saturday and i don’t have cash, and he kept ask me to pay a huge amount of cash more than my ATM limit. When i said i’ll pay him on Monday, he replied me with you can go get the money at bank if you want to … etc etc and he it sounds like i gave him another excuse for not to pay. somehow what he said just pulled the trigger of my anger, and ….

Oh Dear God, Forgive me ….

i said to him : it is Saturday and there’s no bank open in Saturday, but hey there’s one bank open in Saturday and they even open at Sunday, that bank is BANK_SAT  … (read : Bangsat in Indonesian, it means asshole)  ….

yasu    :   hey, fangirl, watch your language ….!!!
noi       :   ups, i am sorry ya_san ….
yasu    :   you shouldn’t say something like that noi_chan, you know why …
noi       :   yeah i know, it will end with regret …

yes, i regret that.

I should put some tape on my mouth when i get mad so i don’t say anything bad to others. I mean, he didn’t do anything bad to me to me that make him deserved to hear something bad like that from me. Who the hell i am, so i can say something like that to him even i listen my dad say that often to my mom (i told you ne, i have a devil as my dad, so that’s my devil side) i still have no right to say something bad like that,

because i am sure his mother never say something like that to him and if his mother hear/listen there’s somebody said that rude word to his son it would make her sad. i should’ve put my self on his position, how i would feel if someone say that to me,

i am a bad person recently i get distracted easily even for a simple reason like when i lost one of this set, or i found this my set not complete like this


or when my cat steal my fish for lunch at office i just kick him or hit his head with my spoon. rather than waste my energy to do that,  i should put my self into my cat’s shoes (even he didn’t own 4 pair of shoes). i am sure he has his own reason to steal my fish. that cat is stupid, when i interrogate him every time i lost my fish/meat for lunch, because he is the prime suspect and i always get the same answer

~   hey puss, did you steal my fish ? he answered me miaww …

and for another question …

~   hey puss, did you steal my meat ? he answer me double miaww …

what the hell is that …? i mean what’s the different between single and double miaww ? he is single and then he is already married? eeeh, that’s too far away from my question. what a stupid liar cat he is, so this interrogation is also failed  …

don’t get fooled with his stupid face, I don’t buy that face, no matter how adorable he looks but that stupid cat is always annoy me (ah ya FYI i am not an animal person) in fact i’d rather choose a plant than animal. He always jump on my lap when i have my lunch. and grab my fish, stole it just like that …

and if i am late to get there, he leave me with no fish/meat for lunch. i knew it, he is the one who stole my fish/meat. Who else but him, he is the one who’s at my lunch table everyday, and who love fish more than a cat ?

yasu     :    you do  …
noi        :    eee, but i am not cat  ….
yasu     :    but you do love fish right?
noi        :    yes ….
yasu     :    so …


let’s back to HYDE, the point is at this time, what i feel is i failed to follow HYDE to turn all the pressures into a positive ways, what happen to me is i let my self get dragged by all the pressures to the opposite way of positive.

credit to : Umibe @Tumblr




i have another thing to say about this man, yes i agree with all of you who say he is stuck in time capsule that make him younger and younger. But as human being he is still aging, nah in this case for him, he is aging well

finally i have my copy of 『WHAT’s IN?』  this magazine took a longer time to arrive than the other magazine that i usually buy. This is the first time i buy 『WHAT’s IN?』  and when i scan it, i just realize this magazine is not that hard to scan unlike ARENA37℃ .

nah there you are enjoy the scans, and you can start to think about how well his aging is  …


and this image below is one of my fave …

and this ….

and also this beautiful back of HYDE

he is aging well ne,

and this TV interview also show us how well his aging is

indeed very well ….



can you believe that, imagine there’s a chance of you to meet HYDE and KAZ in one room, and Oh God, if i have that chance what should i say to them? i know i am gonna be forever in silent, as silent as the night in Sleepy Hollow


i’ll scan the rest of this magazine l’aterz,

Oh God look at the crowd, the carnival of 4 amazing man, the Rainbow Carnival. I wish  can be there, but hey yasu and DAIGO was there among all of the audience, and we all know they both got this HYDE’s face shirt

not only HYDE, i think most of JRockers aging well, if you ask me why then i should make another fangirl analysist about this ne, what make Jrockers have a very well aging …?

i think this is because of music, music is another free anti_aging right?

~  their music life,
~  how they enjoy living on it, i mean they all living in a life of music ne, their life is surround by music. listen, arrange and wrote a mucis lyrics for their upcoming single maybe,
~  rehearsal for live performances, the live performances itself,
~  fanboys and fangirls who wrote about their worship all over internet and social networks with so many ways (read : like meeh

i think all of that support them and make them happy. They are happy, at least that’s what i see and they also make their fans happy as well. Happy people and people who make another people happy aging well, indeed very well

so does yasu ….

yasu    :   then what about yourself …?
noi       :   me, i am aging un_well …
yasu    :   fix it then, i don’t want an un_well fangirl ..
noi       :   how …..?
yasu    :   don’t ask me …