A Bit Movie Post : 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~」 PV …. (Another me, yasu and Loki)

Still about this 「黒猫  ~Adult Black Cat ~」 PV …


even  know i am so very  late but i still want to ask these questions …

1.   How was the Secret Meeting ….?

2.   Do you like the 「黒猫  ~Adult Black Cat ~」 PV …?

3.   What do you think about that PV, song and ..

4.   What’s that PV affected on you ….

while this one is  「黒猫  ~Adult Black Cat ~」 PV  (web size version) uploaded on Acid Black Channel ….

and the plus w/ a bit of The Offshoot from Mezamashi TV yesterday …

so now anyone interested to answer my questions? or not …? xD

I suppose nobody is interested to answer ne, so now i am gonna answer all of that questions from myself while watching that 2 videos again since now there’s nothing i have to do beside all those 2 days delayed report that i am gonna delay it again …

I’ ll do that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or other days but not today ne.

Today i have a terrible flu after 2 nights cold thanks to how the weather is so change_able as change_able as Jim Moriarty recently.  Really hot and sunny day, then suddenly rain fall from nowhere on afternoon, then a very hot night made me sleepless. I can’t use any fan or Air Conditioner because i am allergic to both of it

let’s start this oneself askin and answering ne ..

1.   How was The Secret Meeting ….?

i managed to join The Secret Meeting even still with the same Capt. Slow internet connection. Eh God, now 【TEAM ABC】 really make me feel like i am one member of some Secret Society who held a Secret Meeting on a Secret/Sudden Time ne …

In Secret, everything is more spicy and full of doki doki  ne …

The meeting was on 23:00 PM (JST) in Bahama it was 21:00 PM . I was on line sit in front of my PC got on line started from 19:00 PM while do another silly counting and tried to stay calm by re_watching some episodes of NCIS 10

apparently i was still not calm no mater how sweet is Gibbs smiles on some of that episodes.


what a sweet smile, isn’t it, but too bad it didn’t worked.

But thank God, before i was full amount of doki doki instead of Dorayaki, finally they (read : 【TEAM ABC】) tweet_ed the YouTube link.

Then when i click on to that link i saw this ..


Ehhhh it’s still Private, they haven’t open The GATE ….?

i dunno what happened, i mean i was too fast to click that link or they were the one who was too slow to open The GATE so i have to refresh the page again 2 times then i can see the video.


yasu      :     you’re fast, no way
noi         :     I know i am Capt. Slow but …
yasu      :     yeah, as you say then go on …
noi         :     so

I suppose that was happened because they tweet the link first then open The GATE to see video later ne because if they open The GATE first then tweet the link i shouldn’t got that

Apparently i wasn’t the only one who got that Private and Sorry about that on my PC because there was other fans who got that.

So …

【TEAM ABC】, you gotta be faster ne, because there’s so many fast ABC fans out there so Run FASTER ..!!! … #nyaaa ….. *dumped to Dark World forever*

eventually i enjoyed The Secret Meeting and i would love to have another one, on the next single perhaps. Next question is

2.   Do you like the 「黒猫  ~Adult Black Cat ~」 PV …?




yes, i love it

even i have to say i bitter love it. It just became another Guilty Pleaseure to me. I love the PV how it started with a girl conversation (asked for a drink) with a bartender then everything get full of light and blink blink after she had that blue drink it,


What kind of drink is that anyway?

still a don’t like so many girls there. Sure that girls are just an additional to make the Black Cat theme/scent/feel is more stronger and sensual? but hell yeah of course i am soo love how yasu‘s way of walk/dance here …

plus this flirty look ….



OMG …. *melting*


but ah, whatsoever i still don’t like those Black Cat around yasu …. #MeanFangirl

3.   What do you think about that PV, song and ..


it is a glamorous and full of light, a PV that’s fit with the song plus how yasu‘s transformed from a Black Cat into that 「黒猫  ~Adult Black Cat ~」 . On the beginning.


yasu‘s charachter for me it’s like Willy Wonka, Pus in Boot and Marry Poppin characters in one. Even i am not sure what’s that character’s name but i think his name is 「黒猫  ~Adult Black Cat ~」 or Adarutto Burakko Catto like how yasu say it at the end of the PV.

It took me 3 times replay to get ahh he is sayin Adult Black Cat … xD

about the song itself, i think if the last 「Greed Greed Greed 」 is the next version of SPELL MAGIC, then this 「黒猫  ~Adult Black Cat ~」 is the next version of Black Cherry ne. Just listen to the cozy jazzy and sexy scent taken from the song …

i wonder is that what yasu is doin now, next chapters working or should i say he is now upgrading his previous songs as a new single and let fans guess what is this ….?

If that’s what happen, please ya_san, …

I don’t Want Next Chapter of/Upgraded Nemuri Hime …

yasu     :   what’s that …
noi        :   a fangirl request …
yasu     :   but it’s not up to you ne ..
noi        :   i know, that’s why it is a request …

even both on the PV and song, Nemuri Hime it’s not the end yet, because the Hime is still sleeping. I wonder why she is still sleeping ne. Is it because the Prince Charming didn’t kiss her good enough to wake her  ….

What a dummy Prince Charming ne …

Nemuri Hime, that song for me is already perfect ne. It’s not that i say the other ABC song is not perfect but as i ever read how yasu is so perfectionist person, who know if he might feel there’s some part of some song still isn’t perfect.

even on this Nemuri Hime case, i believe the Prince Charming is the one who is suffered a lot. It is so easy for the Hime ne, just sleep like that. But now let’s think about Charming, how he has to wait and wait when did she is gonna awake …

waiting is boring ne, especially when you have no idea what is happening. for example like now how i am waiting for my proxy to send my my stuffs. She said she will send it last week but until now i haven’t received any email with EMS tracing code inside.

What is happening with her, is something happening to her or is this gonna end like my last proxy. Oh God, please don’t …. *cross fingers*

4.   What’s that PV affected on you ….


yeah it affected me a lot ne, in fact it turned me into a Mean Fangirl. That night i said

Bitch, all of them … #ABC #MeanFangirl

on my twitter, but that’s just the beginning part ne, the next part is …

That bitches all around yasu, they should be dead. I’ll ask loki to vanish them tomorrow …

but somehow twitter were not allow me to tweet the next tweet. Because when i clicked the tweet button what i got is the same Internal Service Error …?  eeehh  what the hell was that, is there any un_polite word sensor now on twitter?

then what happened is The One Night Mean Fangirl dissaponted then lost her mean inside her then back into The Ordinary Fangirl who is writing this post now.

now talking about Loki, have you heard this Get Loki song …?

actually it’s another fans song,

Nafiesa who is constantly singing Get Loki isntead of Get Lucky since summer finally got a chance to sing together with Tom Hiddleston

…. I am up all night till the sun,
I am up all night to get some.
I am up all night for good fun,
I am up all night to get Loki …..

aaand yesterday i stand up all day long line for ticket in cinema, finally ..

I Got Loki …!!!

Got Loki

yeah, i watched Thor : The Dark World yesterday along with Tekki and my nephew Kemot .

we already promised to him if he get a perfect scores for his mid_semester exam we will take him to cinema to see Thor : The Dark World.

Now i know i should’ve not make that kind of promises based on exam score to Kemot, because Kemot is a very clever boy sure his score is totally perfect and i spent my yesterday with Kemot, watch everything he was doing with his Iphone and listen to all his stories.

While the movie itself  ….

Thor  :  The Dark World


i say it’s Brilliant and Tom Hiddleston is Brilliant as Loki.

Even yeah, Chris Hemsworth is also good ne, i mean how he show the emotion of Thor who have to decided between his father and the throne waiting for him or his mortal beloved Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) that he really love and un_forgetable …


how he really wants to hate his half bother for all the trouble he caused but he can’t and also for how he feel his late mother loved Loki more than him.

Yeah, that’s what happened between that 2 brothers Thor and Loki


Thor as the 1st son, the heir of the crown and the future King of Asgard tend to close to his father Odin, while Loki his adopted brother very close to their mother Frigga. That’s why Loki is so good in using blade and make ilutions because Frigga is a witch who’s really good about ilutions .


This movie also showed me how eternal is a mother’s Love. There’s no need a same blood in vein but your mother is still your mother and will love you no matter what happen.

Like what Frigga did to his beloved son Loki, no matter other people turned their heads from Loki, she is the one who still beside him even it just via sending an illution and a bond for between all of them as a family.


But when Frigga got killed, that bond now lost and Thor have no other reason to trust his brother again, he even didn’t want to share the same sadness they feel about loosing their beloved mother. And then whether he wants or not Thor had to ask Loki for a help

While Loki who is still in deep sadness of loosing his mother, because the last words he said to his mother was :


yes, you are not my mother.

For him, his mother is the one and only person whom he loved and stayed beside her, really glad when Thor finally came to see him. to share the same pain of loosing maybe …


But Thor didn’t asnwer him, but say to him about his plan and only able to give him a revenge. After all it’s very hard for Thor to trust his brother again. Even when they already in The Dark WorldLoki want to blame Thor for his mother’s death now because how can he let her died … etc etc  …

i told you ne, that scene is totally awesome . and when finally he got out from prison, like a spoiled little brother he’s kinda make jokes to Thor about his other superheroes feallow from earth ..

then finally when Loki ask his brother to un_cuft him …


Thor    :     I wish i could trust you
Loki    :     then trust my anger  …!!!

Oww, that was so sad ne….

Now i better stop talking ne before someone knock my head with a hammer because so many spoiler in this post. Last but not least i am gonna say about this movie is …

yes, this is Thor movie but somehow the villain here, my enthusiasm for Loki is bigger than Thor and of course i will choose Loki than Thor and push that little girl off her chair again .. xD

because she voted for Thor …..

i think with no Loki, this movie is not gonna be like this ne. Maybe yeah it will be like the other superheroes movie, my sexcitement won’t be BIG like this and with no something/characther that make me  #whaaaaa ….!!!! 

after watching it.


yasu       :    a bit movie post …?
noi          :    yeah, i think so
yasu       :    that’s a long movie post ne …
noi          :    ups sorry, but that’s better than i write again about Tanuki ne …
yasu       :    what …
noi          :    you know that Tanuki sex translation ne, it’s just up again on Tumblr ..

i read again that Tanuki sex translation on Tumblr2 days ago, because it was up again and i saw it on Acid Black Cherrytag there. so that night i spent my whole night waiting for my DL for Medical Top Team (this is my new Korean Drama btw) and read all that Tanuki sex translation blog.


to all of you who might still lost about this Tanuki’s Sex Translation you can read it here

as what’s written there one the Blog Info, that blog was originally made for translating the sex threads of visual Tanuki just for fun. So yeah, they basically are a rumors collectors and posted is as The Mistress Tanuki with her many sexperiences with many Vkei/JRockers in bed

so ..

I suppose this Mistress Tanuki is retired now as a whore and then she wrote some kind of memorial about her journey with so many JRockers in bed.

If a pimp has a black book with the client name list inside, a whore can have their won book (pink maybe) for them to release everything stucked inside their mind.

I read about her sexperiences with DAIGO, Tatsuro (MUCC), yuya (SID), kiyo (JDA), HYDE ……#Awww

and many more that i can’t remember. Mostly she said about how big is their …. and many things related to the XXX things on bed she did with them.

i wonder how all of them could ended with a same whore, i mean was she the one and only whore available or she was so famous so this one tell to another person to call her and try her. For example yasu told DAIGO about this whore then it spreading to others because i remamber i read something like that.

Eeeh, should i check that blog again tonight …  ?

i don’t think so, because tonight i will be busy with my dorama. See today is Thursday ne, so it’s time for me to watch this Lee Min Ho‘s The Heirs drama streaming only use my Heart to Heart Translation ….

why do i keep watching that drama via streaming with no subtitle ne, i mean i dodn’t even get what they all sayin. This is what will happen if you are too much connected with your dramas.

Drama, drama and drama all over my head …

what i am gonna say now eh, ah ya about that Tanuki i will say this for as many as i will say this everytime that blog came up to yasu/acid black cherry tag on my Tumblr ..

i still see and think about you the same way ne ya_san …

yasu     :    really ….?
noi        :    you don’t trust me … *doki doki to be Loki*
yasu     :    i wish … eeh chotto, i am not gonna say that …
noi        :    don’t stop, say that so we can close this post perfectly or  …
yasu     :    or what, you’ll move to
Asgard …?
noi        :    heee ….


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