Ame Post : Welcome Rain To My Life …. (Another me, yasu and HYDE again)

Great, LJ eat my saved post again, eh

there’s one thing that i am still confusing about LJ is how to find your draft post when you can’t find it on the update page. Usually when you wrote something and you haven’t published it and the next day you continue your post, you will see the Restore Draft option on the corner, but today i can’t find it, so i have to write again?

really LJ, are you so hungry nowadays? ….. ajajajaja … *kicked out from LJ*


OK, well since it is an Ame post, so let’s talk about rain ne, but hey this is not the famous RAIN from Korea who recently is dating the same fellow artist Kim Tae Hee, ah i always think he will be waiting for Song Hye Gyoo ne, maybe this is because i watch Full House too much ne (until there’s so many strech on the DVD) and bedazzled by their funny chemistry there.


nah what i am talking about is rain the literally rain ne. see that’s an image taken from Bundaran HI in Jakarta from above . Yes, Jakarta is drowning, rain falls everyday and it ended like that. I know there’s always flood annually in Jakarta during this season, even it is the main issue of the capital city of Indonesia, but i think this year is worst.

i saw some #PrayForJakarta hashtag on twitter, and even i got a message from miss_rain via Facebook, ask : Noi, is everything OK? i answered her : yes, there’s flood in Jakarta, but everything is OK here at my hometown even rain is also falls everyday.

and then i realize this is really BIG eh, not the regular flood that Jakarta always get from their next door city Bogor. and then somehow i read about HYDE talking about environment. yes, HYDE is talking about it. Is this a coincidence? if it is, so it’s a really nice coincidence ne.


He said

“It scares me that people don’t have a sense of danger about our situation. I just feel like why are people (and even countries) feeling so complacent? This is like the situation where you don’t go to the hospital unless you’re really sick. Until the symptoms actually appear . . like you don’t know you have a cavity until your teeth start hurting . . but you can fix a cavity, and environmental devastation can’t be rolled back once it happens.”

source and credit : L’Arc-en-Ciel‘s status on Facebook

see what i mean or the connection to what i am talking about?, nah if you haven’t see it, or the connection is still blurry on you then read again and try to find the connection just like you all able to find the connection between these

Acid Black Cherry – A.B.C. Murders – Murder License – yasu – Noi Himura …. @_@

yasu          :       there’s no connection ne …
noi             :       really, try again …
yasu          :       don’t you see i am busy now
noi             :       but i can see it ne ya_san
yasu          :       ah you …
noi             :       and know i remember very well who did the
A.B.C. Murders, it wasn’t you
yasu          :       of course not, i told you ne i only wrote
Murder Licence

i never think HYDE will say something about that, well of course he is thinking about that, but say it on some interview like that and how i read it this time when flood is in the capital city of my country, wow that’s sugoi ne. He is kinda like tellin me to do everything before too late like

~  do a medical check-up before i get sick,
~  go to dentist before i get a cavity on my teeth … <—– this is very hard, eh
~  and put the garbage in the place and keep your surround clean and avoid an environmental devastation.

so it’s kinda like i finally see the green side of HYDE from him as one of the man who can make stadiums rocks without him has to change himself into HULK and tear off all his cloths like what Dr. Bruce Banner always do, and

That’s brilliant ….!!!

HYDE     :    me, HULK what the, see this isn’t HULK ne yasu_kun
yasu      :    no, you are not HYDE_san …
HYDE    :    so why did she …
yasu      :    never mind, she watch too much movies
noi         :    but HYDE_san you can be HULK on This year’s HALOOWEEN PARTY ne …
HYDE    :    ah, and you will be ….
noi         :    i’ll tell you later guys

so i made a promise with my friend to watch this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY ne, but now she is moving to another place which is very very far from her place, it make me wonder really, can we do that? Now my Ameba’s home (or whatever you name it) like empty with no post from my friend. But i hope we still can do it ne, because October is still a very long long way to go …..

talking about HYDE, of course i am gonna talk about L’arc_en_Ciel ne,  and look what arrived yesterday ….

Whoaaaa ….

finally My L’arc MSG DVD arrived eh. They (read : Cd Japan, not yasu) sent it on December 25th. Yes at Christmas and it arrived here at January 17th OMG i waited for a long time ne,  ehe he he he he …

together with that ARENA37℃ 2013年2月 , as what @arena37cofficial replied to my yasu … tweet


there’s 3 pages of December 13th Erect Live report at Yoyogi. You all can see it all in here at my PB again and still with the same password.

so i spent my last night moving from NY to London watching that L’arc MSG DVD and listen carefully of what HYDE said n English, ah My dear King HYDE‘s English is improved now, he speaks better than before ne, well done HYDE_san, now i can’t wait for him to make his plan about full album in English to be true

not only that, i also notice at Driver’s High part there’s a couple who was there. I think they are husband and wife ne, and somehow at the middle of the song the man suddenly kiss his wife. Oh heavens,  what a sweet momentooo ….

I hope there will be a chance for me and my beloved (whoever he is going to be) to watch L’arc_en_Ciel live together ne

and continue my unfinished POIROT marathon that i started it on new years eve. Actually i don’t want to finish it, ne because i just wanna keep it like that watching it step by step and enjoy the France moment with Mr. Poirot and Capt. Hastings.

【Team Acid Black Cherry】 also updated their official blog at Ameba with their own 1/9 Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” live at Nippon Budokan post with some amazing photos of both  Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ a.k.a. Acid BREAKERZ Cherry


they said about the sliding stage so all of them can see all the audience 360 degrees and how yasu said if he wanted to make it like a TV program.

Today is January 19th ne, yesterday was the latest day where you can make an order for “Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” GOODS, so my question is you make your order, didn’t you?

BAk5mCBCAAAq59v.jpg large

They said they will start to send the items at the beginning of February. I can’t wait for mine to arrives ne. Well eventually with this“Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-”GOODS to wait next February is not gonna be boring. I mean look at that yasu doing DAIGO’s WISH pose …. kyaaaa …. *drolling*

Not only that, the Official Website also updated with the upcoming magazine, i think this is for another live report. This time is for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine live report.

01/25発売「Ori ☆ suta」(Live Report)

02/07発売「POTATO」(Live Report)※series in corner

02/10発売「ARENA37℃」(Live Report)

02/14発売「WHAT’S IN?」(Live Report)

02/15発売「SONGS」(LIfe Report)

i think what i am gonna get is that POTATO and ARENA37℃. now let’s talk about rain again ne.

January, hujan sehari – hari

That’s what people usually say at January. From Indonesian language means : January, rain falls everyday. Yes, rain falls everyday. It started about 4 days after new years with only rain at afternoon. And now it turned into a whole day, also in the morning.

it make me feel very hard to get my ass off from bed and get ready to work. In such a clod morning with rain fall as the OST i’d rather pull up my blanket all over my body and be lazy. But then my mom’s start yellin at me : Boo wake up, you have to work …. etc etc many more. Ah ya i have to work ne.

Have i told you about how rain in the morning if only for rich peoples? where they can stay at home and don’t have to work, do their work from home, or even if they still have to go out that morning, they have  a car to avoid the rain. While me i still have to walk to my bus station. Somehow on a rainy day it became far far away as far as my relationship with my far away cousin Kenshin Himura.

damn, i wish i don’t have to work ne


yasu      :   somebody is envy ne ….
noi         :   eh hemm ….
yasu      :   and still selfish ..
noi         :   maybe

and rain fall in the morning make me unable to do my move like HYDE. Let me tell you how to move like HYDE. . Remember how HYDE.’s walking? i think i got a move like HYDE. ne, see here’s what you have to do

1. Use a long coat like SHERLOCK and a pair of highheels (for girls)
2. Put your earphone, isolate your self from others around you play BLESS and put it on the max. volume
3. Start to walk following the song …

there you are you will have amove like HYDE., ah ya it must be in the morning ne

HYDE    :     move like me …?
noi        :     sure, like you
HYDE    :     yeah, right ..
noi        :     well even if nobody will notice it, at least you can feel it. You can try it ne HYDE_san …. ahahaha

HYDE    :     what the  ..

At this rainy January, i also realized if not only flight can get a delay but also a sickness, in this case is my sickness. As i remember i always get sick between Ocktober ~ December. But last October ~ December i was fine, perfectly healthy. I thought that must because how sexcited i was about seeing yasu live on stage and then ah i can skip my sickness part at 2012.

but i was wrong ne, i didn’t skip it because it only delayed to this January and rain make it worst. It just come again, my weird condition where i am perfectly OK at night and then barely can do anything at day. I always call this as my vampire sickness.

Have i told you if i am a vampire, the vegetarian one? so yes, i don’t drink blood but i drink a lot and addicted to coffee especially Vanilla Latte.


yasu     :    a vegetarian vampire?
noi        :    me me …. *raise my hands*
yasu     :    that’s impossible
noi        :    HYDE_san did bite me, nee HYDE_san, oboete iru ?
HYDE    :   hmmm oboetenai ….

Thank God, it is January ne, and there’s not much project/work that i have to do. and now i am in the part of my life where i don’t want to go anywhere. All i want to do is satyin at home and enjoy my own time with my DVD and books

Maybe i’ll start to get out again when the rain is over because i hate to get wet, i hate to walk all over the mud and make my heels stuck in the mud. i am not a mud blood ne, so why do i have to get mud all over my shoes?

i hate rain, i hate wet, i hate mud, i hate my telly’s off …. etc etc


yasu       :     you hate everything ne …
noi          :     but i don’t hate you, i never do because for me you are
someone that people (like me) will say amazing ….!!!! to in any languages
yasu       :     where did you get it from, a movie?
noi          :     no, of course not …


Yashhoiii Post : Acid BREAKERZ Cherry-「Recreation 3」… (Another me, yasu ,HYDE and DAIGO)

yesterday, did i say tomorrow gonna be boring?

well, that’s wrong ne. Yes i was wrong, in fact is i think i have a lot of wrong on me this week. Well blimmey then because instead of very boring, yesterday is very fun ne. I have so much fun, and today i have to cancel to make you all boring with my rambling post about Mr. Friday.

Why fun ..? it is not only because of yasu, but together with HYDE and DAIGO, they gave me a MAGIC mood booster.


Everyone talking about them, they are everywhere in internet and social networks. I think yesterday they just became the most wanted threesome (i am not gonna say broomance ne, because it’s only for two person) related to 69 Live.


so yesterday Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ held their 5th Anniversary Live together as Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live at Budokan. I knew this 69 Live is gonna be special, because it was 2 amazing bands join in one Live and it only held on a one day.

This also make me do another should’a would’a could’a thing again when this BIG envy attack me again , how i

~  should go to watch this 69 Live than Erect
~  because if i were there i would able to see HYDE sang Black Cherry together with DAIGO and yasu
~  and then i would be more BIG head_ed than now because how i am gonna tell everybody :  hey, i watch Acid BREAKERZ Cherry together with HYDE ne …

but ah, that should’a would’a could’a thing is useless ne, so now rather than doing that here i am writing this post during my empty time at office.

January it usually like this, there’s not much thing to do so i can finish all my works before lunch and after lunch i don’t have anything else to do. This is good ne, because i have my personal time to write now, there’s only me, my laptop and all things in my mind that can’t wait to to be out of my head, and …

A_lc-ZmCUAAODoI.jpg large
yasu      :    and ….
noi         :    they still pay my salary ne …. ahahaha
yasu      :    what the ……
noi         :    yes, fangirl also need a prime job ne …

yasu      :    so, you are not the fulltime one,
noi         :    well let just say i am 3/4 fulltime

so let’s talk about yesterday’s 69 live, with the set list. Yes, set list is something that people always looking for from a Live performances. And for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live 09.01.2013 at Nippon Budokan,

the set list is :

1.  Muder Liecence
2.  Rakuen
3.  Tsumi to Batsu
4.  Shojo no Inori III
5.  Pistol
6.  Yes
7.  Cherry Cherry
8.  Re:birth


9.   Nemuri Hime
10. BlackCherry(vo.HYDE)
11. DragonCarnival

source :

look at that, see i am glad they put Nemuri Hime on this 69 Live se list after they didn’t put Nemuri Hime on the last Erect Live. but hey look at the set list again ne. that number 10. Black Cherry (vo. HYDE)? …



OMG …. HYDE was there ….!!!!


i never imagine HYDE is really gonna be there, even i know he also went to the last Erect Live on Hikkaido and sent those flowers for yesterday’s live. But HYDE was there ne, among all the audience at Nippon Budokan to watch Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live and sang Black Cherry together with yasu and DAIGO. I’ve seen HYDE sang Nemuri Hime even only less than a minutes on some Youtube video

but Black Cherry ….. ….  ? kyaaaa  i wanna see it …..

Then Thank God, this morning on my way to work, at bus i open my twitter using my phone, …. voila, i saw these YouTube video o ZIP for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69SixNine- Live , Yukiko also very kind sending me this YouTube link via message on Facebook.

It made my morning busy with me download all the videos, play it over and and over while nostop sayin …


and let myself to be drawning again in this everlasting love of me for Mr. Friday


HYDE     :      eeh, i am not Friday …
noi          :     ups sorry, my mistake …
HYDE     :      noi_chan, concentrate OK
noi          :     OK boss, HYDE not Friday …

look at him, HYDE he is still do that sexy moove ne while singing the most erotic song from Acid Black Cherry. Maybe not all of you know how i adore HYDE especially to all of you who just know me recently. But i do adore HYDE, My KIng HYDE, that’s why i always think my self

as another HYDE‘s fangirl who’s accidentally in love to HYDE‘s number one fanboy named yasu.

it started when DAIGO use his phone to capture/record all the audience that night. Then he found HYDE there among all the audience. Accidentally? hmm i don’t think so. I think he use his phone to find HYDE. then there you are, that’s HYDE there with his winter outfit that made him look more s***rt … ahahaha …. *got slapped*

Then what happen next is yasu invited his Kami to join him and DAIGO to the stage and did Black Cherry together ….

and i can’t stop laugh how HYDE‘s put the mic to DAIGO‘s chest again and again, Oh God he do really love to tease his fanboy ne. I think there’s something missing about  yasu and DAIGO perform BAMBINO together, but i dunno what is that, maybe this is because i don’t see the full performance, so that’s fine. Not good enough but fine.

here’s some beautiful photos for Live reports of 69 live from many sites


source :  1, 2, 3, 4 plus DAIGO‘s Twitter

Damn, now i want this 69 live on DVD, …. can you i magine that, see i just said how i want Erect Live on DVD and now when there’s no official announcement yet about Erect Live DVD i am already want this 69 live on DVD? eeh is this how a fangirl supposed to be?

having a never ending  wish list on their mind? ..ooh i am sorry dear wally …

let’s put the Erect Live or 69 Live on  DVD wish aside first ne, because now it is time for Acid Black Cherry-「Recreation 3」album. They announced on last night streaming live via ABCD broadcast station.

Nah if you missed it last night or you have a lamme net connection like mine who choose to follow Capt Slow a.k.a. James May to London you can watch it the recorded one here again


so there will be a new cover album . Acid Black Cherry-「Recreation 3」album on March 6th with this lovely cover, Where yasu is gonna take all of his fans for his own version of Recreation with some beautiful songs.

I love his idea about Recreation albums, because i love the way he share songs that he knows/love but maybe for some fans do not know anything about it because of generation gap or else.

and for this 「Recreation 3」album time is a the cover is litterally Recreation. He just sit there with his guitar, in a sunny day, around the lilltle human being a.k.a children there. Sugoi ne, eh isn’t it …..

~   w/ DVD

【Price】¥3,000(tax in)


01. Koi ni Ochite – Fall in Love/Kobayashi Akiko
02. 1/ 3 No junjōna kanjō/SHIAM SADE
03. Tokyo Monogatari/ sha ran Q
04. Kanashimi ga Tomaranai/ Anri
05. Toki No Nagare Ni Mi Wo Makase” (I Only Care About You)/ Teresa Teng
06. Stop it Love/ yasu himself
07. Believe/ Watanabe Misato
08. Ai wokataru yorikuchidzukewo kawasō/ WANDS
09. Saigo no ame/ Nakanishi Yasushi
10. Fura re kibun de Rock’ n’ Roll/ TOM CAT
11. `Otoko’ / Kuhō Ruriko
12. Shōnen jidai/Iinoue yōsui
13. Miraiyosozu II/ DREAMS COME TRUE


01. Miraiyosozu II [Music Clip]
02. 1/ 3 No junjōna kanjō [Music Clip]

Pre – Order  :  CD Japan I HMV

~   CD Only

【Price】¥2,500(tax in)
with the same track as w/ DVD version

Pre – Order : CD Japan I HMV

last night i am so happy when i open my Facebook home page and saw most of my friends (ABC fans)  there chenge their Facebook cover with the cover of this 「Recreation 3」album, edited or photoshoped and they also added

I can’t wait for this, i want this …. etc etc …

Sugoi ne, and  my Facebook Home Page never looks so beautiful and shinny like last night. Of course i also did that ne, and thank God there is two version of this 「Recreation 3」 album cover ne,

one for my Facebook cover

and the other one for that Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook

so i don’t have to use the same cover for my Facebook cover and the group cover ne? …  and the today [Team Acid Black Cherry] make my Facebook Home Page more beautiful. They change their Official Facebook Page cover with this …

whoaaaa …… that’s sugoi + sugoi + sugoi = triple sugoi ne,

eh no there’s another one sugoi thing left ne, Why ? because i keep the best part for the last. They also upload this 1 / 3 No junjōna kanjō’ PV via their Official Youtube Channel

now i can’t wait for the upcoming March 6th. And with me who always can’t wait longer i am sure the next February is gonna be VERY BORING ne.

Because Waiting is Boring ne and if i get boring everyday in a whole February ..

yasu      :      you will jump again …?
noi         :      no, i will end talking like Borat ….
yasu      :      but there’s Valentine on February ne
noi         :      eeh, Valentine? that’s not my division
yasu      :      then go find a division for yourself …!!!


69 Post : 5th Anniversary Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69Sixnine- Live …. (Another me, yasu and 109)

i waited and waited …

There you are finally yesterday [Team Acid Black Chery] announced  Acid BREAKERZ Cherry ~69 SixNine ~ GOODS with their last post on their Official Ameblo. It is kinda weird for me ne how they announced the GOODS just 2 days before the Live it self started today January 9th at Nippon Budokan.

so that’s why me and my tiny little boring brain after didn’t see the link to The Official Online Shop on [Team Acid Black Chery] post thought if all the GOODS is gonna be a venue available only. and then i  freak_ed out and ended spamming my friend minlilin via twitter about this …. wekekekeke Karen i am so sorry dear  *granny laugh*

look at the T-Shirt, isn’t it lovely? I love it. I think this 69 live T-Shirt is more sexy than the last Erect. I am gonna buy that, i hope Tatiana will able to get it for me. She is so lucky to be able to see today’s Acid BREAKERZ Cherry Live at Budokan and she is very kind by sayin yes, sure when i asked her to buy me those GOODS that i thought will be available to buy on the venue only,

But i was wrong ne, because it is only for that collaboration of blue muffle towel by Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ above is venue only . Now i wonder what will this almost broomance yasu and DAIGO will bring on tonight’s 69 Live.

source and credit : 翔見@ABC5th

yes, 69 Live is more easy to say that 5th Anniversary Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69Sixnine- Live ne ….  ahahahaha. That’s why today 69 is everywhere, and i think i’m getting lost inside this 69 euphoria. Like when somebody asked me where do you buy that yellow coat? i answer her with

I bought it on Shibuya 69

instead of Shibuya 109. what a messy ne, i mean how far is from 109 to 69? it’s only 40 numbers ne, but today seems like that 40 numbers between 69 and 109 is become more wide so i stuck in this 69.

~  69 for yasu and DAIGO live together today,

~  69 for 1969 where Leader_sama TETSUYA was born and Neil Amstrong did his first step at the moon and make history
~ and of course 69 for sex/making love position …. kyaaaa aha aha aha  …*dumped to Limbo*

2 days ago DAIGO posted that image of all the members who will join today’s 69 Live via his twitter account with some tricky question whether if you can find which one is yasu, DAIGO, HIRO, AKIHIDE, …. etc etc hand is … What a tricky question ne, well done DAIGO

i know yasu’s hand is next to DAIGO’s hand but the question is which one is DAIGO’s hand? ….. @_@

then DAIGO  gave the answer , he is not gonna let all his followers with no answer ne, and aha i think i grabbed the right hand for yasu‘s hand.

i know that’s him and now what i am waiting for than the Set List of 69 Live is there any possibility of yasu and DAIGO will perform Daitokai together? OMG i am sooo sexcited with this …

Today is the day where i am gonna change the way i post here. actually nothing is change. Yes, it still the same but let’s just say this Noi Himura’s Blogs already upgraded into the another level, to be more private for specific posts. And this is what i want you to remember because i only say/write this once :

~ noiloveyasu
~ bahama221b
~ yasu_noi_haido
~ abucketofABC
that’s the MAGIC words/key …

and surprise surprise, look what [Team Acid Black Chery] just tweet_ed ..


there will be a live streaming on ABCD Broadcasting Station ABCD放送局 on USTREAM for today 69 LIve. The time is hasn’t decided yet, so you all better stay tune to  ABCD放送局 here放送局

nah because recently my net connection choose to follow Capt. Slow a.k.a James May being slow, i am not sure i am gonna able to see this live when they are live. But  i hope there will be a recorded one like they always do

so this is i am gonna say  n’est-ce pas? .

…. yes, n’est-ce pas  .. it’s from France language and say it, and listen to yourself ne, It sounds beautiful isn’t it?, Monseur POIROT say it a lot ne. Not only that, my dear friend Yukiko also put that n’est-ce pas as her Blog title …

OK last but not least 2 days ago i saw this hashtag on twitter #MentionAGoodCouple …  then who should i mention to?

yasu and DAIGO or me and Mr. Friday? ah no it supposed to be me and Mr. Friday …

yasu      :     again, that’s boring noi_chan …
noi         :     really? …
yasu      :     yes, very boring ..
noi         :     well then, tomorrow is gonna be boring ne, …


Finally Post : Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live DVD … (Another me, yasu and My Matsu Wa List)

OK, i am gonna say like what all the female character on romance movies gonna say if they finally get/find something what they waiting for …

finally after all this time … …

the TOUR 『2012』 is over and live report is all over the net and there you are 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 announced it yesterday ….

「Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 Live DVD

Release Date: October 17th 2012 (Wed)
AVBD-32205 ~ 6 (2DVD) 6,300 yen

『Set List』

140 minutes recording



01. Doomsday clock
02. Pistol
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi~
05. Chou
06. Yubi wa Monogatari

~the day~

07. Fallin’ Angel
08. In the mirror
09. イエス
10. so…Good night.
11. Cherry Cherry
12. Re:birth
13. Shojo no Inori
14. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ


E1. Fuyu no Maboroshi ~Acoustic version~
E2. Kimi Ga Iru Kara
E3. Sono Hi ga Kuru Made
E4. Shangrilla


【W Encore】

WE1. Black Cherry
WE2. 20+∞Century Boys

Bonus ( 20 minutes)
DOCUMENTARY OFF SHOT ~ Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” ~

[Limited Edition] Bonus

~ Specifications sleeve
~ Live Photo Booklet inclusion (24P)

※ Specifications and contents are subject to change.

pre_Order : CD Japan l  HMV

there will be Blue-ray version end of this year

at least they only make it one version from the Nippon Budokan Final Live Performance July 20th , unlike the last Re:Birth DVD, 2 versions : Osaka Jo Hall and Yokohama Arena. So yasu this time kinda save us (at least me) from the confusing choose which version do i have to buy and for me it ended with me bought both versions.

my friend  told me about this 『2012』 live DVD last night on our Facebook chat/message, and because the release date is on October 17th so she said maybe they will announce it on August 17th, 2 months before the release date and i agree, But then they announced it soon.

That’s why when i read 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】’s tweet  i was like eeehh, A DVD ….? So yes, it surprised me …


noi       :    Omedeto ya_san …
yasu    :    for what …
noi       :    for surprising me …
yasu    :    just for that …?
noi       :    of course for the live DVD also and …

it’s only August now and there’s still another September and a half of October, so all of you who wants to buy this DVD because i am sure you all want it what i am gonna say is  take your time, start to save some money and remember to stay calm, …

and here’s Magazine schedule for Live Report


8/10「ARENA 37℃」 done

8/14「WHAT’s IN?」


8/19「BASS Magazine」


and i gotta think about this, i mean all of the magazine above is about the LIve Report right, so i think i am gonna buy just one, but maybe add FOOL’S MATE …. so there will be more things on my Matsu Wa list, waw that is great. Anything is great about this man, because he is

Brilliant Beyond The Un_brilliant things in this Universe ….

yasu   :   in the Universe … what now noi_chan, Star Wars …?
noi      :   omo how did you know ….?
yasu   :   i know ….


Sunday Post : Acid じゃなくてABC (Acid Black Cherry) です!!! … (It always Another me, yasu and HYDE)

see what i saw on my Facebook Home Page this morning …

credit to : Aderianu @Tumblr

VAMPS LIVE 2012.07.21 on MTV Japan! ….. #Whoaaaa …

you can see the video via  VAMPSOUND in here :

part 1 :

part 2 :

my fave part is on Sex Blood Rock n Roll Part when HYDE let the audience sing together and then of course Memories , oh i love this song , and this is my fave song from VAMPS beside Sex Blood and Rock n Roll … Oh God, forgive me  in my 2nd day of Ramadhan, with HYDE like that? hohohoho, that’s …. ah i dunno what to say ..

2nd day of Ramadhan means there’s another 27 or 28 days to Ied ….. ohohoho *counting days* .yes, i do this counting days to Ied like what i always do since i was a little girl. Because every time i complained to my mom about how hungry i am, and asked why do i have to fast in Ramadhan and of course my last question is can eat something now ma …?

and she will reply me with : hey Boo, listen today is already … day of Ramadhan, so it’s only … days left, … etc etc and many more things about how i have to do this fasty on Ramadhan because it is something that i must do as a moslem and how i should get/find the Bless of Ramadhan myself. well then finally Ramadhan arrived ,

let me tell you about how’s my Ramadhan this year. this is gonna be hard ne, for me. on night before it my dad slapped me. 1,2,3,4 … yes he slapped me 4 times. nah finally he did that ne, but that’s fine, i’d rather get slapped by him than watch him did it to my mom. Not only that, he also said how he hate me, how he think i supposed to dead, and it is fine to him to loose one daughter and many more things he said.

it hurt me, yes it was. But somehow that night i didn’t cry in front of him, and maybe Tekki was right when she said i was like possessed that night when she try to dragged me out of my dad’s side. But i was still sit in front of him and replied of all his madness to me.

so i stared my Ramadhan this year in hell, yeah i am living in hell. and my dad just swore me to dead. So here’s what i think. i do believe in karma, why because he is my dad, so if he said that i should be dead, so it means he pray for my death to come, so what i am gonna say is if there’s something happen to me and it ended with me dead so i am not gonna be in this Acid Black Cherry division again.

so you yes you who read this post and also in the same division with me in this fandom world (love and adoring yasu/Acid Black Cherry) you can have my stuffs, all you have to do is simple ne, just contact Tekki, tell her which one of my yasu/Acid Black Cherry related stuffs that you want and i am sure she will arrange that. I’ll tell her about this.

yasu    :   hey, noi_chan are you just make a will …?
noi       :   well, if you say so …
yasu    :   don’t be stupid ne …

let’s get over with me and now let’s continue this post with this Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 related things.
Finally it ended ne, the long tour, 22 performances with 22 differents (or the same ..? xD) hairstyles and hair catalogue to share it ended with their final performance on Nippon Budokan on July 20th.

and there you go whe got some videos ne, let’s just say this is as the spoiler for the next DVD that we all waiting for after this live … (well, at least me) .


yes, yes he sounded different that’s what i get when i see that you tube video above, and here it come again, this feeling thing that i had a long time a go when he was ill and get the surgery. and it make me wonder again, is he OK, and worst is what if he get that throat trouble again … etc etc many more inside my head.

see this is why i am not that in to a group discussion talk about him. i kinda stay away to read something bad/negative/ not good news about yasu include about how he is going. And for how he sounded different i think he is just tired ne, the 22 performances only in less 3 months is not a simple things to do ne. No matter how  professional you are

he is tired so it is normal for me if he sounded differently like what you always liten to him on your MP3, as we all know he had some issues with his throat last yeas ago, and come on, give him a break ne,  he is not a Superman even yes, 100% he is SuperCute and mind blowing he is still an ordinary man that can be tired.

so that’s all he is tired so it made him sounded different, that what i am gonna keep it on my mind about him. Because for me no matter how he sounded differenly he is still brilliant and always be.

e looks pale ne, that blonde (or silver …. ? because i don’t see the silver after the last performance on Hippon Gaishi Hall) hair color just make him pale plus the black outfit didn’t colored him well.

Ass_UuQCAAI43nM.jpg large

he’s just more colored and fresh on Re:Birth Live, see even with the black fit, maybe that red hair color is the matter. he finished this Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 perfectly and from all the report live that i’ve been read everyone who went there sayin the same thing, they had fun. and they also mentioned something how yasu keep sayin

Acid じゃなくてABC (Acid Black Cherry) です!!! ….

yes, it is ABC for Acid Black Cherry, not just Acid. this about yasu’s awarness about how his fans out there who keep sayin Acid instead of ABC. I also read  this a long time ago where fans tend to make a separation between Janner nd Acider but i think i missed about this Acid things.

yasu   :   look who’s just left away …
noi      :   aha yeah sorry then ..
yasu   :   again, ….? and you still say you are a fulltime fangirl …
noi      :   sure …
yasu   :   well a halftime maybe  …
noi      :   what …

He want everyone say it ABC not Acid because he’s already make it simple ABC as simple as when you say 1,2,3 or do re mi. you know like one of The Jackson 5 song lyrics  : ABC, 123, do re mi, then …

yasu       :     and then …
noi          :     you and me … *laugh*
yasu       :     you and me, no that can’t be like that …
noi          :     but that’s the way it is, the song lyrics ne ABC from The Jackson 5
yasu       :     then find another song …!!!
noi         :     cherry cherry …? i’ll get this Serial post first …

Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』  07月18日   –  Nippon Budokan, Day 1 ….

1. Photos of the venue  :


2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.


3.  A final check by yasu himself plus sleeping or whatever he did on the audience seat and he showed the seat number

4. Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #21

i don’t see another tiramisu here, i mean where the hell the the silver? i didn’t see it or what, buton this HAIR CATALOGUE #21  after saw that spoiler video i am gonna say he look pale, …

i am not gonna say ho pale is he before i saw that video, because i have no idea if this hairstyles plus outfit gonna look like on stage but know i know that so i think the stylist gotto think, find out, dig or what ever you name it about how to make him not pale on stage, at least minimalize the pale for this next

please think about it because i don’t wanna see him pale on his 5th Anniversay live ne, …

The last performances, i mean 2 performances was i Nippon Budokan ne, He did performences there many times ne on Black List and QED tour also, ah ya you can read he report as usual fromBARKS for Day 1 and Natalie for Day 2


The live started with an opening video of the history of past and present screened along with  “~ until ~” played softly. Yasu wa in the silhouette of gauze curtain covering the stage continue it with, great cheer echoed, began live in the doomsday clock . well here’s the set list :

01. doomsday clock
02. ピストル
04. 罪と罰~神様のアリバイ~
05. 蝶
06. 指輪物語
〜the day〜
07. Fallin’ Angel
08. in the Mirror
09. イエス
10. so…Good night
11. チェリーチェリー
12. Re:birth
13. 少女の祈り
14. 少女の祈りIII
16. 冬の幻
17. 君がいるから
18. その日が来るまで
19. シャングリラ
20. Black Cherry
21. 20+∞Century Boys

the MC words from yasu abou the final tour today a tour around the over the country, had naked with band members in the sauna, make everyone in the venue laugh on how he the talk light and easy as Kansai decent person. and then

yasu said  :  I had a happy days.


noi       :    well i had Sex Blood and Rock n Roll  …
yasu    :     no, you don’t …
noi       :    nee ya_san, you happy, he is happy, everybody happy but why can’t i be happy …
yasu    :    Oh God, he you mean that he
(read : not yasu, but Mr. Friday) …?
noi       :    sure, nah why ya_san why can’t i …?
yasu    :    go figure it yourself and get over with that
he (read : not yasu, but Mr. Friday)


Fangirl Post : Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary …. (Another me, yasu and A Slice of Tiramisu)

here’s what i am gonna say first …

Happy 5th Anniversary Acid Black Cherry …♥

and for you, yes you my Mind Blowing Man, …

I’d like to say thank you for the brilliant things you did, and i am waiting for the next brilliant things from you and がんばって…!!!


what happened on twitter last night was fun, i think i had so much fun on twitter and i  think it (read : twitter, not yasu) didn’t hate me that much. so this is what i saw on my twitter time line :

people celebrate this year  Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary by using  this #はやし祭り (Hayashi Matsuri) followed with yasu’s picture, and the  funny thing was how everyone retweet_ed one photo of yasu’s ass (you know which photo’s that i am talking about now, and if you don’t then go find out …!!!).

i am not gonna post it here on this post because i don’t wanna ruin this Happy 5th Live Anniversary post with it.  but still i admit last night (Hayashi Matsuri) was fun plus yasu’s ass all over my time line …? OK i am not gonna say it was brilliant but it was goood, very goood *with the triple O*

and last night i also waited, maybe they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) gonna update the Official Home Page with the further announcement/information about the next Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary. i mean like how it’s gonna be, where and other details related to this 5th Anniversary

but there you are finally they updated their Facebook’s status





Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” ….


noi       :    erect ….
yasu    :    what, …
noi       :    am i the only one who blown away to that side of erect ….
yasu    :    maybe ….
noi       :    ohohoho … *blushing*
yasu    :    just finish this post OK …


so this live will be held end of November and December 2012, and the detail is :

11月30日 (Friday)           –  Fukuoka Sun Palace, Fukuoka
12月05日 (Wednesday)   –  Nitori Culture Hall, Hokkaido
12月11日 (Tuesday)        –  Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo
12月13日 (Tuesday)        –  Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo
12月24日 (Monday)         –  Nippon Gaishi Hall, Aichi
12月30日 (Sunday)         –  Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka,

and that live Nippon Gaishi Hall is gonna be this year Christmas Live? see the date is on December 24th, that’s Christmas Night and the Osaka Jo Hall as D minus one New Years Live ….

so this santa is gonna be on duty again ….


noi       :   Oh God, ya_san that’s so tempting ne …
yasu    :   so …
noi       :   i am dizzy ….

yasu    :   hey, i didn’t do anything ….
noi       :   you are mabushiii  …. *kyaaaa

what i am gonna say is what is there’s a chance to spent a holy night there in Japan and watch this Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live? … waw, that would be great, but i think i am gonna stay on my plan to watch Halloween Party, that’s all no more leaving on a jet plane this year.

there’s so many reasons this is gonna be impossible to do even i really want to go and see this upcoming live but November and December is the time where i am gonna be chained or i will chain my self at my desk at office with all those year’s end reports.

not only that, especially for December the ticket plane’s price, hotels are gonna be expensive, December is holiday, Christmas, new year where everybody is gonna go to somewhere to spent their holiday. it will incerase the demand for transportation, accomodations, services and eventually the price.

but still there will be another things to wait from this upcoming tour even i am not gonna go to see that, yes, i am talking about the Goodies, My fave part from live event is non other than the goodies, well okay maybe this is because i tend to be a collector

and i am not a fan who will fly over there and there to wtach all of them because if i do then my fave thing from live event is the live itself and the tickets. but i can’t fly because i am not a Super Woman ….


yasu     :     and also you can’t swimm, that’s why …
noi        :     but i am Wonder Woman …
yasu     :     what the, after Power Ranger now Wonder Woman …
noi        :     well oke i’ll make it simple, i am a Woman …
yasu     :     who said you aren’t …

well then this woman (read : me noi_himura) is gonna talk about the previous event of Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』.. at Nippon Gaishi Hall, i read lots of fan reports andi kinda lost there, because i read so many different ways of fan report, All of them with their own ways to share, different words, characters.

yeah sometime i found  some character that i really have no idea what the hell is that, and what the hell was her point … etc etc and many more. But i love all of it include the various ways to share by writing a live report. But i read the same thing .

oke i might get it wrong, but most of them told me (i was the reader there) how yasu started to cry when they performing Fuyu no Maboroshi and the he said i am sorry then they repeat the song from the begining …?  I am curious and really want to know the reason for the tears shed that day on Nippon Gaishi Hall,

AstK4CyCAAAH1yI.jpg large

whatever happend on that Nippon Gaishi Hall   …..

i hope that’s a joy full tears. or bless, how he feel so blessed for this 5th Anniversary of his solo.

this Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』. also gonna be end soon, just one more live performance again on Nippon Budokan, then it will be finish and then we all gonna wonder together (at least me) about when will they gonna release this Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』. DVD? …. <—–  see that’s will be on my Matsu Wa list,

and let’s start the Serial Post for Acid Black Cherry TOUR『2012』  07月15日   –  Nippon Gaishi Hall, Aichi ….

1. Photos of the venue and crowd, city view and some local food or whatever it was :


2. What he (read : yasu) was doing during this tour or behind the stage.


3.  A final check by yasu himself plus sleeping or whatever he did on the audience seat and he showed the seat number


4. Acid Black Cherry TOUR “2012” HAIR CATALOGUE #20

for this number 20 hair catalogue i am gonna call it as The Silver and Blonde Tiramisu. nah when i see the hair from front and back i saw so many layers there, like tiramisu ne. Silver to Blonde. I might missed this tiramisu from the all the 19 previous hairstyle. the stylist made the same layers, but because there’s no color difference so i don’t see it as a layers like a slice of tiramisu on my plate …

because there’s nothing eye catching on the same colored layers tiramisu, in fact it will look like an ordinary cake. nah in this case with this hairstyle with no different layers color, it looks ordinary and always make me think he/she (the hairstylish) put too much gel on yasu’s hair …


yasu    :  hairstyle and tiramisu ….?
noi       :  yeah …
yasu    :  oke noi_chan i am gonna ask this again …
noi       :  what …
yasu    :  can you please find something other than food …?
noi       :  but …. *clueless*

i’ll think about that other than food tomorrow  and now let’s get back to Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary.

5 years, i mean 5 all the fingers on one hand. , i remember how i was so worried about him (read: yasu, not me) when he got the throat problem, and then saw him cryin on QED live DVD and now suddenly he is already do this solo project for 5 years, waw Time goes fast ne, and i am not gonna waste another time to say this again  …

5周年おめでとう …!!!!


yasu    :   OK, then …
noi       :   ah ya here’s one million ♥♥♥♥ for you …
yasu    :   demo noi_chan, that’s only 4 …
noi       :   well then all you have to do just multiply that 4 ♥ by 250,000 so there you are 1,000,000 ♥♥♥♥ for you ya_san  …*very happy*
yasu    :   what the …


Summer Party – BREAKERZ …. (one of the Daigoism)

after watching this song on live, i listen to this song over and over …. and i love this song, once again Daigo surprise me with this song when i read the translation. i never see the translation lyrics if i don’t like the song ….. but this one is lovely ….

i can’t imagine that Digo go to UK just because  a girl say “that would be as awesome summer if you also come there” …. and when he asked her to go out he gets rejected by her. Poor Daigo, the funny Daigo. I love this song better than Winter Party.  i can’t imagine Aki or Shinpei go to UK for that reason. yeah the funny reason only fits with the funny man like Daigo a.k.a. mr. Binyong ahahha

i like the part : “Let’s not talk age, there’s no time limit when it comes love” … OMG he is in love with someone older than him, …. this song remain me one of Korean drama The Woman who still want to get married, that’s a long title ne. Played by the Korean sweet namja, Kim Bum. it is about a boy (Kim Bum) a college student and also a guitarist who fall in love deeply to an older woman. she is 10 years older than him.

The woman who feels that she is older than her boyfriend often imagine  if only time could stop. She wanted  stop her time and fell asleep for 10 years, so when she woke up 10 years from now they gonna meet each other at the same age ….. but the boys still love her and keep after her, he even coloring his hair into gray so he can be as her age … what a fool ne …..

this song fit with that, …. well i am gonna sing this song on my boring noon at office than take a nap ……

Words: DAIGO

Music: DAIGO

tashika ni taiyou ga boku wo niranderu

machi ni minami kaze ga fukinukeru

kokoro odoridasu yo azayakana aozora to

kono natsu wa kimi ga iru kara

mou nidoto koi nante shinai to chikatta IGIRISU no yoru

sono ketsui kowashite kureru hito wo zutto sagashite

kimi ni meguri aeta


kono natsu wa subete kimi to no omoide ni kaeta

itsutaetai mou ichido

afuredashisouna kono MY HEART

motto tashika ni kimi tokete itai

mou ii toshi nanoni nante iwanaide ne

koisuru koto ni kigen wa nai sa

nando mo kizutsuite namida wo nagashite maji BURUU demo

tachiagare kantan ni furimuite moraenakutemo

akiramecha DAME sa


kono natsu wa subete kimi dake wo mitsumeitei itai

tsutaetai mou ichido

kimi ni sasowareta nara

sore wa iku deshou kimi ni kurete itai

zetsubou ga futatabi osotte mo kurayami ni kono mi tsutsumaretemo

IKIageru kimi dakara nando demo ATTACK shichauze!!

kimi dake wo dakishimete

sukoshi tayorinai kedo ichizuna ai wo yakusoku suru yo


sono natsu wa subete kimi to no omoide ni kaetai

tsutaetai mou ichido

afuredashisouna kono MY HEARTmotto tashika ni kimi ni toketeitai

tashika ni kimi wo motomete

tashika ni kimi wo aishiteru


Indeed, the sun is glaring at me

And the summer breeze is blowing through the city

My heart is starting to dance,

Because the sky is vivid blue

And you’re here this summer

That night in England, I swore I’d never fall in love again

But I was always looking for that someone who could break it

And then I chanced to meet you


I wanna fill this summer with our memories

I wanna tell you (once more)With this heart that’s about to spillIndeed,

I want to melt more in you

Let’s not talk age

There’s no time limit when it comes love

I’ve shed tears, been hurt, and been pretty blue countless times,

But I stand up againIt’s not easy to face the other way ’round

But giving up is no good!


I wanna spend this summer gazing only at all of you

I wanna tell you (once more)

That if you ask meI’ll say yes, indeed, I wanna touch you.

Even if despair hunts me again

Even if darkness envelops meI’ll go for it,

It’s you after all,

So I’ll attack nonstop!

I will hold only you

I’m a little bit unreliable,

but,I promise you a wholehearted love


I wanna fill this summer with our memories

I wanna tell you (once more)With this heart that’s about to spill

Indeed, I want to melt more in you

Indeed, it’s you I’m looking for

Indeed, I love you

credit to : BRZFANZ