Heartache Post : 2015 tour 「L-エル-」 Goods and more … !!! (Another me, yasu and Mr. THORsday)


I suppose ….

coming soon …!!! is become a fave words for yasu and his team these days eh. After wrote that damn coming soon on their 「L-エル-」 Special Site ,  now they also put it for this2015 tour  「L-エル-」 Goods page on UpRise….


i mean,

when i was so f***in happy about them finally announced the Official Goods for 2015 tour  「L-エル-」 suddenly my happy nyappy fangirl moment opening UpRise shop full of Goods that i want, got a masive HIT by this  ..


#ewwww whuuut theee ….. !!!!


seems like now coming soon …!!! also became another annoying words to see on Acid Black Cherry division in this fandom world beside these SAMPLE posted on yasu‘s poster sample.

even i know  ….


yasu    :    you know what ….
noi       :    i know they put that BIG SAMPLE for a reason …
yasu    :    so you know …
noi       :    hey, i am not a Fulltime John Smith eh, sometimes i do know something …
yasu    :    stop whining then  …. !!!!

very well then, let’s start this post and as always friendly reminder for you all who read, i think this is gonna be ….

another long and full of boring rambling of a fangirl for being lost in her fandom world …. !!!

first, or course it has to be about …

~   2015 tour  「L-エル-」 Goods

Pre-order period  :   February 9th (Monday) 15:00 ~ February 16th, 2015 (Monday)23:59 JST
via                     :   Official Shop ~  UpRise 
Scheduled to be delivered on March 4th, 2015 (Wednesday)

# The pre-sale Items

that you can buy online  ….


1. T-shirt (woman, man M and L size) : 3,500 yen
2. Sticker (canned) : 1,000 yen
3. Bath Towel : 3,500 yen
4. Muffler towel (both FC and non-FC ver.) : 2,000 yen
5. Key ring : 1,500 yen
6. iPhone 5 and 6 case (both A and B type) : 2,500 yen
7. Notebook type mobile case : 3,000 yen
8. Socks (Both man and woman) : 1,000 yen
9. Tote BAG : 3,000 yen

# The venue-only Items


1. Pamphlet : 3,000 yen
2. Postcard : 500 yen
3. QPset : 4,000 yen
4. Incubus-kun figure (all 8) : 1.000 yen

A venue-only items means, you (yes, i am talking to you, all oversea fans … !!!) cannot buy it via online. If you want to buy it, you have to go or ask somebody to go to the venue to buy it for you or you have to wait until the Tour is over and they will allowed us to buy those venue-only items via on-line

and the worst part is …

they put the pamphlet and postcards on the venue-only items, really  … ???  >_<

from all Acid Black Cherry goods, pamphlet and postcard are my fave items ne, even according to this blog post about 5 Popular Acid Black Cherry Items and the reason why ….

from number 5 ~ 1

5. Tour Pamphlet

4. Original T-Shirt


There are many fans who attend live bought and wear it immediately on the venue. Sense of unity can be born by wearing the same T-shirt and the live became more and more liven up.

and also Acid Black Cherry T-shirt so easy to wear even at the venue ,,

3. Stickers

because it’s not expensive so students can buy it and put it on their mirror, bags and have fun by make their room full of Acid Black Cherry

2. Muffler Towel


1. Headband …

both the red classic devil or the back bat, Acid Black Cherry‘s headband is something that fans must have. Not only to use to watch Live but you can also use it when you are going to karaoke

but on mylist, pamphlet and postcarrd still number 1 and 2.

Even i do love T-shirt, but the problem is here where i am livin now (out of Limbo), nobody understand and i cannot share (read : show -off …. xD ) about all my Acid Black Cherry stuffs, no body will envy or at least say …

ワウ、すごい ノイちゃん 。。。!!!

everytime i use my T-shirt, towel, tote bag, even this thermos like HYDE  >_<

But different for pamphlet and postcard ne, at least i can posted on my Facebook andInstagram then share with my lovely Acid Black Cherry fans fellows that recently i call asCinderella

yes from now on, in here i will call all my team_yasu‘s mates asCinderella … !!!


yasu     :    なんで?
noi        :   because these days, somebody call me Cinderella
yasu     :   ah, he must be drunk ….
noi        :   say as you want, but that makes me happy ….
yasu     :   she is daydreaming again …

ah ya, that blog i am talking about is this

Visual Mania : http://ticketcamp.net/visual-blog/

it’s quite interesting since they do post lots about Acid Black Cherry. About the goods, fans blog, lyrics, the benefit of being a FanClub member and even yasu’s hairstyle that too bad on that post they missed my fave

Red Haired/Mary Jane yasu ….


and now …..

they (read : yasu and his team) really put the pamphlet and postcards on the venue-only items, bloody heeeeell ….. !!!!  *start to bleed in and out*




OMG, how dare you yasu …. !!!!


yasu   :      poor darling, noi_chan … *laugh*
noi      :     ヤッさん、 なんで 〜〜え ?
yasu   :     you tell me why ….
noi      :     do i have to say it here ..
yasu   :     yes, you have to …

well maybe, i say maybe eh ….

Remember how yasu said about how a bandman is also a businessman …?

it’s business ne, and they also wrote on the Official Blog about how wrong is to sell a self-made/with no permission iPhone case with Acid Black Cherry before we all finally know they made the Official iPhone case as one of this next tour  「L-エル-」 Goods ….

see, it’s all about business and of course including sales number …

Then i suppose for the previous 「Shangri-la 」 Tour Goods, the number sellin of booklet and postcard wasn’t that good because the scans already all over internet maybe before the Touris over.

blame who ….????

yasu     :     blame who …. ????
noi        :     who ….. ???
yasu     :     don’t ask me ….
noi        :     ah come on, that’was very long tour ne, who could wait until it over anyway ….
yasu     :     surely not you  …

that’s why this time, they put the pamphlet and postcard on the venue-only items, so there will be no scans up on internet at least until the end of the Tour.

I wish i can say

Do not worry everyone, i will go to Japan see yasu live on stage and buy all those damn venue-only Goods … !!!

but i am not …


seems like my luck is only worked for things related to Acid Black Cherry not for others (read : ONE OK ROCK) I didn’t get a ticket from PRIMAL FOOTMARK lottery and it’s so pissed me off …

It ruined all this plan i arranged.


A stupid plan (read : dream) about to see yasu and that Stoberry (read : taka ) at the same time i am going to Japan on June, when my schedule will allow me to disappeared for some days.

See i am tryin to do this

「一石二鳥 」 / 「isseki ni chou 」 / 「killing two birds with one stone 」

so i failed, maybe my stone wasn’t BIG enough to kill two birds at the same time. And that day, when i was so pissed off and just canceled my L Tour ticket for Emihe, suddenly out of the blue he told me about how happy he was about going to 4 L Tour and i was like …

Whuut theee ….. ????

PS : after i wrote my last post about going to Japan on June, somebody kindly offered me one of his Ehime ticket.

then i said  to him  :   Please don’t talk about yasu‘s live ticket to me ….
he ask                   :   why ….??

after that i didn’t know what to answer why i didn’t want him to talk about yasu‘s live ticket to me. There’s no way i answered him

because I ENVY YOU   … !!!

yasu      :    why not, you are envy him right …
noi         :    yes, i am but …
yasu      :    btw who is he noi_chan …?
noi         :    ah 秘密ね, i won’t tell you …
yasu      :    so can we call him as who? Mr. Thursday maybe …?
noi         :    no you can’t! He is not from Asgard eh, he is from Japan
yasu      :    hey, i said Thursday ne, not THORSday. What’s is wrong with you …

i guess everything is wrong with me that time,

It was a Total Heartache moment for me, the feeling being failed came together with a BIGenvy and jealous at the same time. Yes, i am a jealous person, i jealous and envy to everyone who got something that i failed to get.

it’s been almost 3 months i didn’t talk to him and i’d say that’s a very good progress for me about become an ULTRON by tryin to let go these whatsoever strings about him attached to me

You all will never understand how i really want to talk and show him everytime i received another Acid Black Cherry stuffs from Japan. Rather than posted it on my Instagram orFacebook, actually i only want to show it to him and say

Hey,  look what’s arrived today … !!!


yasu    :    日本語で …?
noi       :    これを 見て ….
yasu    :    then what …
noi       :    ah …. *thinkin hard*

Now i realized maybe what i feel about him it wasn’t crush or something, but it’s all about me envy him.

Me as oversea fangirl envy to him a Japanese fanboy who can go to see allyasu‘s live easily.

That’s not good eh, and i feel so bad about it because no matter how bad i am to him, he is still kind to me. And i never know why.

Geez …  what am i gonna do now eh,

but then as how changeable i am, suddenly i feel better, said sorry to hime and forget aboutnot able to get ticket and go to Japan when this one arrive  …. !!!


yay, my ABC umbrella arrived … !!!!

yeah, a fangirl can be so complicated sometimes, feelin up and down even for some stupid reasons .

Very well then,  back to  「L-エル-」 Goods

I did ask somebody to buy all of it for me on the venue, but the Tour schedule in Sapporo is onJune 3rd, 2015 ( 6月3日 that i wrongly read it as March 6th … >_< and finally i bought some via on-line.

Maybe this time, i will have to wait longer to get that pamphlet and postcards together with the socks.

i didn’t get the socks since they said it was already SOLD OUT but when i checked it again, it’s not SOLD OUT yet. Hmm, that’s weird eh. I read about how things happened with UpRise, that day since so many fans wrote about it on their blog.

So rather than ask my proxy to make another new order for that socks means i have to pay another fee, i think i am gonna buy it on the venue next June or at lease until i find somebody else who want to buy it for me before June.

after all, faster is always much better eh …

Hmmm, next is ….

~    Magazine Schedule Update

1.   「B-PASS」 April Issue

Release Date   :   February, 27th 2015
pre-Order         :   CDJapan

and today, i was wrongly bought 「B-PASS」 March Issue using all my CDJapan points.  Shit really does really happen ne … *cryin*

2.   「tower +」 28

It’s another free paper, and this one is from tower so you can get it for free at any tower records shop in Japan of course.

Release Date    :   February, 10th 2015
you can read the interview in here : http://tower.jp/article/interview/2015/02/09/tower28-1

~    yasu on Telly

1.    「INCUBUS」as  『MUSIC B.B.』’s  Opening Theme for February

Acid Black Cherry‘s 「INCUBUS 」 selected to be the opening theme for national music information TV 「Music B.B」 for this February . More info about this telly, you can go to

「Music B.B」’s HP in here  :  http://www.music-bb.com/index.php

2.   yasu @ namaiki TV

here’s the video …



that’s a total sweet wake up call in the morning, and it surprised me when i see yasu‘s long and brown hair again that everyone will agree if i say that as A Throwback Picture look a like

yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000041007
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000057957
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000070637
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000074307
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000154587

and this one is from namaiki TV‘s twitter

that’s so Janne era look right …?

i love it and i hope he will heep that hair long at least untill L Tour is over so i will see him all over on-line live reports with that long brown hair. Now i suppose no one will buy me if i said he is a 40 years old man eh, i mean how can a a 40 years old man can be so young and pretty like that …???

Now i wonder is he still using SALA to wash his hair …??

i am sure you all do you search right, read from there and there about what yasu like, dislike and use. For example if i am not mistaken, he use SALA (it’s a Japanese brand shampoo) to wash his hair and his perfume is DOLCE & GABBANA Light Blue which i believe some of you (fanboys especially) start to use it now.

But there is one things/info that really makes me happy until know, It was when yasu himself said he is NOT GAY on his comment video with avex Taiwan long time ago.

3.  Music Japan TV  「【MJSpecial】 Acid Black Cherry~「L-エル-」


First Broadcast  :   from February 4th, 2015 (Wednesday)
more info          :   http://www.mjtv.jp/lineup/AcidBlackCherry/index.html

and if you are in Indonesia and you have Waku Waku Japan on your telly cable, i think you might able to see it.

Because they also broadcast some shows from MJTV with a Japanese girl who speak inIndonesian language complete with her cute Japanese accent as the host. She said, she was born in Surabaya and lived there during his childhood.

Yeah, Indonesian language with Japanese accent where they always put h between with s andi or change sih into shi sounds always cute ….  >_<

4.   K-MIX 「みんなの19HR」

Broadcast plan   :  February, 16th 2015 (Monday)
more info            :   http://www.k-mix.co.jp/19hr/

yeah, you can bookmark that site, who knows they will put some photo’s of yasu after, before or during the show on their blog.

next is ….

~   avex Official Facebook Award 2014

from avex group’s Official page  :   https://www.facebook.com/avex.official

avex official Facebook Award 2014 announced by the end of last year ( December 25th, 2014) from all 421 posts posted there up to December 2014 into 3 divisions/categories : how many likes 「いいね!」, comment 「コメント」 received and got shared 「シェア

and the results are

1.  as Like of The Year  is May J
2.  as Comment of the Year is EXO,

aand ….

3.  as Share of The year is our Acid Black Cherry

yay omedetou yasu …. !!!!

next is another ….

~  Whatsoever Update from me …

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK, this time is for Kumamoto

Enjoii …. !!!!

and to close this post, is this …

~ Whatsoever Drama from me ….. xD   *got a massive SLAP*

let’s talk about iPhone


i didn’t buy that because iPhone case even i think that iPhone6 case A is totally cute, but i don’t play iPhone.

I did think about to buy iPhone so i can also play and buy song on iTunes, but i remember that time tsune_chan said something about how useless is to play iPhone when you are livin in village with not so many wi-fi signal area available.

So by that, will made the works harder to find signal and it make it broken, and me just like how i always do just say そうですね、tsune_chan ….!!! then decided not to buy iPhone  after all ..

i am not fond about iPhone, iPad, iTunes … etc etc and all things started with i , well  つまり …

yasu     :     you don’t like because it’s more smart than you …?
noi        :     omo, how did you know  …
yasu     :     yes, i know  …

but know i started to regret why i was so fool about not to buy iPhone just because of whattsune_chan told me. Start again the should’a would’a could’a things again …

It’s been a very long time since i was still one of the MTV Junkies who keep following western bands. And now thanks to Stoberry for his featuring on that song now i start to listening to that band, Against The Current.

I am just another John Smith about that band so I KNOW NOTHING …. !!!

all i know the vocalist and Stoberry are following each other on Instagram. Both their fans even hope that there will be some romance things happen between them.

and they will release the album next February 17th via iTunes …. !!!!

and my should’a would’a could’a started with me wondering about if i just ignore tsune_chanand still buy that damn iPhone, i am not gonna worry about how am i gonna buy/get this song. Even i know there will be someone will share it on internet, but still i want to get it differently this song that recently haunting on me.

Yes, i am talking about this   ….


Dreaming Alone ~   Against The Current feat Stoberry

The story starts laying in the dark with someone new
I’m feeling tired from all the time I spent on you
But I know I’m strong from all the trouble I’ve been through
The story starts where the story falls apart with you

Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?
Cause I know it’s you I dream about every night
Giving me a feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with another
Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see?
Tell me I’m not dreaming alone

The story starts lying in the dark broken and bruised
I count the scars left in my heart from losing you
And I was wrong but let’s be honest you were too
I miss the part where I was falling hard for you

So don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?
Cause I know it’s you I dream about every night
Giving me this feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with another
Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see?
Tell me I’m not dreaming alone

I can’t take back the things I said
And I won’t say that I regret
Any day that I was yours

Don’t lie, bright eyes
I know it’s me that you see when you fall asleep
And you know it’s you I dream about every night
Giving me this feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with any other
Don’t lie, bright eyes
It’ll always be you and me, so why are we dreaming alone?
It’ll always be you and me, so why are we dreaming alone?

PS   :  that’s only a listening lyrics, so not official yet

I like how they change the you with bright eyes, just like what Stoberry did change you withpieces of me . Somehow, for me it just beyond sweet when …

somebody gave a personal nick-name for you and you know it’s only him that will call you with it …

omo, i am sorry if  this post ended like this ne. Well bear with me everyone, maybe this is because tomoroow is Valentine’s Day and here i am still counting scars left in my heart about me dreaming alone since i know he   …

noi         :      ah, never mind
yasu      :      what, who you’re talking about  …??
noi         :      you know who …
yasu      :      ah, that THORSday
noi         :      you know i am 53 this year so it’s time for me to get serious
yasu      :      ah you, lie again noi_chan …. *leaving*
noi         :      well, you call me bright eyes and won’t lie !!!  … >_<


Bloody Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Yamaguchi … (Another me, yasu and Richard Parker)

Air Mail, Air Mail it’s always forever with Air Mail but there you are  …


♪♪~  私の黒猫 ~♪♪

that Special Price 394 yen ~ Limited edition arrived 3 days ago.

nah, that’s weird ne because CD Japan sent it together with all my magazines package but this one got one week delayed.

for the trading cards, like the last 「Greed Greed Greed」 single i didn’t get the complete one . I only got these 3 cards …

Theeennn …

after one week being held by custom, it finally came to me yesterday.


as always, they opened it first …. xD

and my proxy also added that 7 Pia Magazine for me. I thought she couldn’t get it for me since she is pretty busy recently.

Talking about my proxy ne, i just found out if her home is in Asahikawa ne …



Asahikawa ne, i mean yasu was there right? i should’ve asked her to buy me some kewpies, maybe she could get the Hokkaido special one for me.

Why did i never read anything?

i mean all this time she’s been my proxy with a very nice service i only know she is in Hokkaido, never further like which part of Hokkaido she’s livin in or is she married or not or she is female or male?

yasu      :   you don’t know that?
noi         :   i think i’d rather stay like this, thinking she is female …
yasu      :   why …
noi         :   i dunno, it just more comfy for me …

so there you are,

enjoy this  「黒 猫 ~ Adult Black Cat ~」 , CD Only and w/ DVD version …

now for me The Matsu Wa Season of 「黒 猫 ~ Adult Black Cat ~」 is over with me have to fine another one Trading Card. Ah that’s fine, i’ll fine it somewhere so what else i can say than …

Yay, and Hope i will get The Complete Trading Cards for the next Single …. #yosh …!!!

Anyway, let’s back to 「Shangri-la」 ne,

because again and again this became another very late post. Should i tell you all what is my reason? ah i’ll keep that for the llast ne, because ha ha yeah that will be a very long and boring rambling of me …

so let’s talk about this, eh i hope i made it correctly ne because i don’t wanna missed/skipped/jumped one post or two …

~   『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Yamaguchi

This was the 1st Live ever  for Acid Black Cherry in Yamaguchi and tickets were sold out for this Live held in Yamaguchi Civic Center Hall.

Waw, see how BIG is Acid Black Cherry effect ne …

as we know this 「Shangri-la」 Tour also kinda like a Nation Wide Culinary Journey for yasu and his team, then they will shared it with us, so in this Yamaguchi gourmet waited for yasu on the venue …


Barisoba …

Yamaguchi ‘s old speciality, Barisoba made in reference to Taiwan‘s noodle dish after World War II. Crunchy Chinese fried noodles with plenty of vegetables, large-sized cabbage, Shitake musrooms … and else ..

Full of smile in the dressing room, while reading all questions sent from fans  …


and question selected on The Question Corner is …

「Memories of a car,  first time driving 」

yasu was the one who picked that theme and his answer was ….  ah, i’ll skip this one …


yasu     :     hei, hei, what’s that …?
noi        :     that’s too long to read and tell ne …
yasu     :     so you just skip like that …
noi        :     ha ha ..

next …

The SetList  

2.   Pistol
4.   in the Mirror
5.   sins
6.   Kuroi Taiyou
7.   yes
8.   Re.birth
9.   Shagri – la
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry Cherry
12. Black Cherry
14. 黒猫 Adult Black Cat  (request)
15. doomsday clock (request)
16. Kono Aozora no Mukou ni  (request)
17. 20+∞century boys
then …
The Kewpies  



cr  :   @Yasuの女

ふぐ /Fugu/Puffer Fish

It can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin. Therefore, it must be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts and to avoid contaminating meat.

even restaurant’s preparation of Fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified through rigorous training are allowed to deal with it.

~  wikipedia ~

I remember i saw on one episode of CSI (i think it was CSI Miami or NY) there was a victim killed after he joined some kinf of Russian Roullete game that instead use a revolver, they use fresh/raw Fugu to eat and the rule was …

you eat, you died then it means you lost and good bye …

that’s so scary ne, i wonder why people still play that Russian Roullete, well maybe they forced by some evil villain or they just love to dare death like that …

OK, enough with Russian Roullete and Fugu, now yasu is already on 3rd Season for his 「Shangri-la」 Tour. Nah now let’s take a look for his outfit for each season …

~  Season 1


~  Season 2


~  Season 3


at this time, my fave is still Season 1 ne.

I mean look at that fur vest or something added. I love it and i know yasu is already cute but that fur addition just make it more classy and don’t forget how that Season 1 outfit let us all see his beautiful shoulders eeeh … …

so what next, ah …

My Magazines  

sorry to make you wait (who is waiting anyway …xD) but there you are B-PASS and WHAT’s IN? with yasu in it



and as always just click on the image and it will bring you to Asgard aaannddd …

when you already there you can say hello to me because i’ll be standing next to Loki as The New Queen of Asgard …  ajajajaja …. *dumped to Richard Parker’s cage*

noi      :    don’t forget in Asgard, you do call me Her Majesty, OK
yasu   :    ah, stop it ..
noi      :    btw ya_san, do you know who is Richard Parker?
yasu   :    no, i don’t wanna know …
noi      :    he is a tiger ne, a Bengal Tiger there you are …


nah, that’s Richard Parker

if you already watch Ang Lee‘s Life of Pi you must know him. He is Pi‘s Tiger from their family zoo and with him Pi survived after their ship crashed …

I just watch this movie again two days ago twice because my telly re-run it the next day. I think this movie is brilliant. I love how at the end, the old Pi gave all of us 2 options about which stories that he told us. Which one is our fave …

it remind me to some book that i read when i was a little. At that time there was some trend for a book where you can choose what is the ending as you like. So on this book there was some kind of option like ..

~   if you want to go to the witch house to save the princess go to page … or
~   if you want to go back to the palace and seduce the prince charming while the princess is away, go to page …

yeah, something like that and this movie Life of Pi kinda remind me of that. Me, of course i choose the 1st story about him there on boat survived together with Richard Parker.

I am so sorry for Pi ne, because i can see how he is tryin so hard thinkin about how to feed and make Richard Parker stay full or he will eat Pi after he ate hyna that ate the zebra and Orange Juice the Orang Utan.

the 2nd story?

ah i won’t tell you ne, i don’t wanna people call me as The Spoiler Brat because for me, this is the twist part.

So if you wanna know what is the 2nd story you should watch this movie and trust me you’ll never regret it because Ang Lee will spoiled your eyes with so many great views


and i think you’ll end to be in love to Richard Parker, the Tiger feel sorry about him rather than to Pi.

Eh God, here i am loosing my grip again. Stay focus in one topic is really hard to do ne. Okay, now let’s back to magazine, now is

Magazine Schedule Updated  


don’t forget ne, because i think just like for the previous 「Greed Greed Greed」 single, we will able to see video, read and download it as PDF file of  the interviews in here …


now you all better bookmark that page and make some reminder for December 20th, 2013

That’s all, it almost midnight now and i think i am gonna sleep now. I’ve been start to bleed out again this week. it started after my trip to Jakarta. I dunno what happen with me again this time.

I am so scared now, i mean what if i …

ah no, that’s too scary ne. I can’t even think about that. I am tryin to calm now, thinkin about it’s fine because i didn’t feel anything hurts in me. Maybe i am just too tired like the last time so yeah positive thinking i am gonna be OK …

because i don’t wanna bleeding out to dead ne. I mean ….

if i have to die i want to die gracefully, like Grace Kelly ..

yasu    :   but noi_chan, she died in a car accident ne …
noi       :   yeah i know but at that time she was The Queen of Monaco ..
yasu    :   so now you as The New Queen of Asgard ?
noi       :   yeah, why not …?
yasu    :   you better end this post and go away now ….

~ owari~

7 Post : 3rd Season 2nd Meeting and Live ~ Okayama … (Another me, yasu and The new Kissu Monsuta)


The sun seems to be a bit shy today …

i mean there’s no sunshine so it’s a bit dark outside, and as usual in this kinda situation with no sunshine make this Capt. Slow work  more slow than how he use to be slow everyday.

can’t upload or download, only Facebook and no Ameblo or Tumblr … #eww

because Tumblr and Ameblo make him (read : Capt. Slow, not yasu) had to work harder. So today in this bad weather i have to choose between this daily video conference with my collages or that sites.

I choose the 1st one because it also took some parts on my salary because just like yasu, Tumblr and Ameblo will never pay me …xD

yasu       :     why should i?  you’re not a full time  ..
noi          :     i am …
yasu       :     yeah, you say it everywhere as the Full Time one, but you’re not ..
noi          :     don’t worry, i’ll fill myself then
yasu       :     you what  ..
noi          :     you want me to be full,aren’t you ? ..
yasu       :     demo ..
noi          :     mo …?

i am sure you all there have your own fast but sure not furious internet connection than mine. But there’s some times when Capt. Slow work faster and it surprised me. So yeah i got that feeling of having a fast internet connection for 2 months and i got bored, then here i am back to the original Capt. Slow

and today, i am stuck with 7.

this number 7 is all over me, my excel sheets, books, notes and balance. Look at all of this number ne : 27,207,600; 127,735,765; 237,273,700; 777.36 … etc etc full of 7 .

That’s so not brilliantly confusing and i don’t like 7 just like i don’t like number 4.

that’s why there’s no 7 and 4 on my phone number but it ended with 8. I say that’s quite lucky phone number even nobody call or sent text message to me but my boss, sista, my banks or my cable provider …  #aish

I prefer 8 than 7 because 8 is a round, full and there’s no open part. A lucky number eh, even they sayin 9 is The MAGIC number, i still prefer 8 than 9.

But 69

ah never mind, let’s just stay on this 「Shangri-la 」 topic, started with ..

~   「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~  Okayama ..


from this post 3rd Season2県目!岡山県での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! on The Official Blog.




i love how 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 wrote

日本全国で「黒猫」ちゃんが “うぇおうぇお” 鳴り響い

Kuroneko_chan’s “u ~eou~eo” resounded all over Japan

or echoed ?

even i myself prefer to say it as echoed all over Japan. It’s because after i read  Khaleed Hossaeni‘s book And The Mountains Echoed suddenly i always feel thing longing feeling suddenly inside me every time i hear, read or thinking about that echoed word.

That’s a very good book and i already read it 3 times eh, i’ll talk about that book next time

so, after The Osaka Project, they headed to Okayama for this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting and Public Recording with Radio Momo began with looking back at the previous season and the traveling stories, the happily Osaka performance and then 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」.

about the PV, yasu said  ..

it started with how he really like Burlesque movie (Cristina Aguilera and Cher’s musical movie, 2010), then he want to put that cool feeling of American Cabaret on the PV.

The main theme is American Cabaret, and this is also the first time for yasu to be with dancers on the PV and dancing …. xD

eeh, so it’s not Moulin Rouge?

well Burlesque, OK I know that movie, watched it, but it didn’t leave something deep and make me said WHAAAA …!!!! after watching. I dunno maybe because Moulin Rouge already blown me away ne …

i mean, ah ….


yasu     :      what ….
noi        :      blimey, it’s Ewan McGregor ne, The Obi Wan Kenobi …  !!
yasu     :      somebody is wrong again and mad now …
noi        :      i am not ,…
yasu     :      yes, you are …


BZljTdoCMAIwmaM.jpg large

Kuroneko_chan’s “u ~eou~eo” is all over Japan these days, because look it even SOLD OUT in some place like that.

~   「Shangri-la 」 Live ~  Okayama ..

The Live, it was held in Kurashiki Civic Hall after TOUR 『2012』 one and a half years ago with this was waiting for yasu


Hiruzen yakisoba …!!!

Hiruzen yakisoba, that dish recently won the golden chop sticks at the 2011 Himeji B-1 Gourmet contest and this local specialty that suddenly become famous all over the nation.

followed with reading messages on the dressing room after meal ..


and then on the Question Corner, the question selected was

Are you good at cleaning up?

and yasu‘s answer :

how he watched on TV about  It’s good to threw away things that you did not use it after two weeks and practice it very well and tryin not to put any things as much as possible so it doesn’t look dirty

heee that’s a cleaning service interview question ne …..

i mean that was my 1st question when i interviewed a boy who wanted to be the office boy here …. xD  <—- just ignore this  ….

The SetList ~  Okayama

01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Black Cherry
07. Yasashii Uso
08. Maria
09. So…Good night
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Tsumi to batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
12. cord name【JUSTICE】
13. Shangri – la


14. SCAR (request)
15. Nemuri Hime (request)

en. 2

16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~

then my fave part, The Kewpie …



cr : @Yasuの女

It’s The Peach Boy, Momotaro …!!!

ah ya, talking about Kewpies, take a look at these ne …


There will be another pre_sale for 「Shangri-la 」 Tour GOODS including the new Bat hair band, all the Kewpie of 1st and 2nd as well.




Pre_order Period :  2013年12月28日(Saturday) 12:00 ~ 2014年1月8日(Wednesday)18:00 (JST)

and now it’s time for me to complete mine and start to save some cash for that, even i might not gonna buy all of them. I think i am gonna choose ones that is my fave and they all will be limited ne …

うぁ ….

reading that limited word on that site makes me want to have all of them but, if i buy all of them which price each is 1,000 yen : 1,000 x 8 (1st season) + 1,000 x 10 (2nd season) = 18,000 yen ?


もおお …

That’s impossible for me ne and don’t forget with the next 3rd Season 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK that i haven’t order yet,

and then sure Her Majesty will start another 100 episodes of her drama complete with her famous speech about saving money on me if i do that.

This time i have to choose and tryin not to be Greed by wanting all of those cute babies that’s so good on my new bag … ..


but what the FC staff emailed to me, that’s not a hoax because now it’s really happen. I mean i know it will be another pre-sale opening but i never imagine if this time they will include Kewpies.

3rd season kewpies cr Kei

see, my waiting is worthy eh and as what was written, there will be also pre_order for all that Kewpies of the 3rd Season after the Live itself finished

aaaand finally this one arrived yesterday  …!!!


yes, my CD&DL Data magazine finally arrived. I am gonna what i like about this magazine is because there’s TETSUYA‘s page there.


look at that awesome banana and his Pink chair  … xD

But this time there’s too much girl band in this magazine. So many of it, there’s some of them that i never hear about. My girl band knowledge that’s just added with Dream recently thanks to the last shipping talks

and now there’s a girl band named Tokyo Cheer② Party ..?

that’s too confusing for me who only think about Spice Girls if related to girl band. But let’s skip this topic and as always there you are you can see all them  …


PS   :   just click the image and you’ll see them …. xD

now last but not least, let’s talk about The Kissu Monsuta ne …


♡♡♡ … My Lovely Kissu Monsuta, HYDE …♡♡♡

that’s what i say whenever i see HYDE like that even he kiss nobody even i am sure he did  that kissu2 fanservice on stage, so blimey for how i never watch any VAMPS Live DVD so i kinda left away on that part.

so in here, for HYDE that Kissu Monsuta instead of literally it just became some phrase of me to call him in other than King HYDE.  But now i finally found another Kissu Monsuta ne.

There you are, may i present you my new Kissu Monsuta


Kim Tan …. xD

yeah, he is Lee Min Ho‘s character on his new drama The Heirs. That Kim Tan is a real Kissu Monsuta ne.

See how he always stealin kissu from his girl Eun-sang (Park Shin-Hye), and of course the funniest part is the donut kissu scene, i’d say that’s an epic fail but still  …

ah, that’s annoying …. !!!

yasu     :    but, nothing is wrong with that …
noi        :    nothing’s wrong? it makes me …
yasu     :    oh no, i better go now … *leavin*
noi        :    hey …


Fangirl Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting&Live ~ Niigata … (Another me, yasu, and The Ahjussi … xD)

Since i’ve delayed this post for 2 days, this post became something like



ha yeah,

a long and boring post as always, but let just start this post with this 3rd Season 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting …!!!


11月19日(Tuesday) 19:00 starts   ~   Abeno Q’s Mall, Osaka (FM OSAKA Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

FM Osaka BUZZ ROCK already posted the 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting event details on their site : fmosaka.net

11 月22日(Friday) 19:00 starts ~ Okayama City, the Meeting place hasn’t decided yet, (Radio Momo Public Recording and High Five Meeting)
11月27日(Wednesday)18:15 starts ~  Sea Mall Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi (FM Yamaguchi Public Recording and High Five Meeting)eh God,i dunno why i am so sexcited about 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Osaka even i am not gonna be there, but still i can wait something anyway, ah you all know what i mean.

i suppose recently i am just being so over sexcited ne, aaand sexcited is fine but over sexcited is not fine.

That’s why i really need this vitamin y ..

yasu     :     who, me …?
noi        :     @_@  ….
yasu     :     for what …
noi        :     do listen ne … *reading* …

special for fangirl,

vitamin y is necessary to reduce the over fangirl sexcitement so the fangirl can be SEXY ….   ~ Fangirlpedia ~ …

yasu     :     Fangirlpedia … OK, that’s enough ..

now, let’s talk bout this …

*   「Shangri-la 」 Meeting  ~ Niigata

from this 2nd Season8県目、新潟県での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! post on The Official Blog

The Meeting was held in the open space at Aeon Mall on Sunday November 3rd, 2013 with a Public Recording with FM-NIIGATA.


look at the venue eh, suppose if i were in Japan i mean i am in one of that cities, all i need just be there and i can see yasu.


Photo’s credit to : りこ @ ameblo

Look at that, that’s yasu, what a nice catch isn’t it …


yasu‘s talked about 「Shangri-la 」Project ..

How he wanted a lot of interaction with everyone simply, and (this project) allowed him to do that. They are the all-prefectures tour also this kind of events. It is special, because he come and have interaction with everyone as mostly as possible.

then  about 「黒猫 ~ Adult Black Cat 」 ….

「黒猫 ~ Adult Black Cat 」 …?   hold on a second,  アダル/adult,  although it is a tick word, but it has not shaken off so much (smile).

Although it is a music that is lock in the taste of jazz shuffle-like, but it has become a good and familiar melody. It is the music that I would like you to listen to by all means.

and a question from the MC  :

The smiling face of your fans, is wonderful. What is the meaning of fans existence for you yasu_san?

Since I think that I cannot exist without fans, fans are very important existences. I have always thankful …

ah, that was a quite long post ne … Oh God … *wipe my head*  …

then this one is yasu on FM-NIIGATA 「SOUND SPLASH」


look at that people behind them (yasu and the DJ) Oh God, i wish i’m one of them …

*   「Shangri-la 」 Live  ~ Niigata

from this ABCのホームグラウンドとも言える新潟県!! post on The Official Blog. The Live yesterday was held in Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, same place with their last 『2012』 Live in Niigata. They stayed 5 days there …?

and this Niigata Gourmet waited for yasu on the venue ..


Koshihikari rice! !

speaking of Niigata, it’s 「米/Kome/Rice」 afiter all and Koshihikari , the highest grade is the best. yasu also enjoyed 「タレカツ丼」/「Tare Katsudon」 and while smiling he said     ….

it’s a dish that he never get bored to eat everyday …..


then continued with chatting with the other members on the dressing room and question that selected on the Question Corner

We are having a hard time for code of F of the guitar can not be pressed down, please tell me a good way to practice …

and question about 1st musical instrument …

yasu‘s answer is ..

I was singing all the time. When the band was begun, a high key didn’t come out at all. So I was singing all the time. I may sing at home normally having rounded the towel to the mouth.

I’ve continued to sing that way all the time for three years

ha ha, OK at least he wasn’t a bathroom singer ne ..


noi       :     after all home singer’s level is higher than a bathrom singer
yasu    :     and you are ..
noi       :     i am …
yasu    :     a bathroom singer …
noi       :     fine, at least i can sing all song’s on this ….

Niigata  Set List

1.    I’m not a ghost
2.    Rakuen
3.    Pistol
4.    Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
5.    Scar
6.    Greed Greed Greed
7.    Nemuri hime
8.    Yes
10.  Shoujo no Inori III
11.  Shoujo no Inori
12.  cord name 「JUSTICE」
13.  20+∞Century Boys


14.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni (request)
15.  SPELL MAGIC (request)


16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri-la

then the kewpie ..



It’s a Rice (米/Kome) …..!!!

that cute yellow little darling, i suppose he must eat a lot of rice ne. Look at his belly, blooming like that …. xD

on my childhood, when i ate too much  i am gonna cry and tell my mom how sick i am.  So my mom, Her Majesty will bring a spoon then scrub it on my belly and acted like she’s takin all the meals i ate too much from me  while sayin ..

Boo’s sick because she eat too much, so know i am gonna share it …

1 spoon for papah,
1 spoon for mamah and ..
1 spoon for Tekki …,

over and over until i feel better …

i know that’s just a silly things made by Her Majesty but somehow i feel better after she did that, even until now i did that to myself …


yasu     :   it’s still works for you …
noi        :   yeah, you should try that ..
yasu     :   what ..
noi        :   i mean when you eat too much ..
yasu     :   me, really …?

What day is it, Wednesday?

ah finally it’s already Wednesday ne, after Wednesday days will run very fast. For me the hardest day from 7 days in a week is always Monday. It’s not that i hate Monday but Monday just always be a hard day for me.

a day after Sunday, when everything started again, everyone want everything to be fast on Monday (ex : fast respon, fast report, … etc etc and many things started with fast except Fast and Furious).

that’s why if i managed to do all things on Monday, then go to the next Tuesday then i’ll be fine.

Things will be  fast and smooth to deal with.

yesterday on Tuesday after a pretty hard Monday, i was still mad for someone who did mistakes again and make me to re_doing/edit all my works from the beginning. I wanted to be mad at her but i had no left energy to be mad, it was already 14:00 PM anyway.

then suddenly this message came


a message from Mr. Ardiyanto from Post Office, and then when i got home this 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK already on my bed.

next to my rascal nephew Ipank rolling2 on my bed, because he wanted to eat mango but his father didn’t allow him because something was wrong with his stomach yesterday.

Then there he was rolling2 on my bed while sayin

mango, mango, yangti i want mango   …. !!!

over and over to his yangti (grandma/my mom) while rip 2 pages of my PHOTOBOOK, that i had not open and it already teared like that …. #EhGodHaveAMercyOnMe.

This is why i hate children, especially the rascal one like my nephew …

especially when i saw my rascal nephew laugh while watch telly in my room and he wear my VAMPS T-shirt. My mom always put my JRock collection T-shirts on him …

talking about

~   「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK …


for you all who is not FanClub member and don’t want to use any proxy to buy it from TSUTAYA, now you can make your order in your fave shopp …

~    CD Japan   :    http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=NEOBK-1588881
~    HMV          :    http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Acid-Black-Cherry_000000000367041…

and about the 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK case offer for you who ordered from UpRise (FC version) and TSUTAYA, don’t forget to collect all the coupons on the last page of your PHOTOBOOK , like this …


and wait until the 5th Season PHOTOBOOK released so we can find out how to apply to get the PHOTOBOOK case.

so this PHOTOBOOK case case is not available for order from HMV or CD Japan, even you might get the same coupons, but i think they will  asked for to put your order number for all your previous season PHOTOBOOK order to make sure you are really order all 5 seasons from the them (TSUTAYA or UpRise).

enough with PHOTOBOOK, next is …

~   Magazine Schedule  …

10/27 B-PASS

order   :   CD JapanHMV

11/01 「7Pia」


it’s a free magazine, and too bad this time my proxy was so busy so she couldn’t get that for me … #ewww

11/14 「What’s IN? 」

order   :   CD JapanHMV

11/14 「CD&DLでーた 」

order   :  CD Japan I HMVYes Asia

11/15 「Gekkan Songs 」

order   :   CD JapanHMV

~   Telly  Schedule  …


☆  talking about New Single 11/20 release 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 music production and daily Special Interview of Project 『Shangri-la』!

<First Run>11月18日(Mon)8:00~8:30 【Re-Run】11月18日(Mon)12:00~ // 26:30~

<First Run>11月19日(Tue)6:30~7:00 【Re-Run】11月19日(Tue)12:00~ // 26:30~

<First Run>11月20日(Wed)6:30~7:00 【Re-Run】11月20日(Wed)12:00~ // 26:30~

<First Run>11月21日(Thurs)6:30~7:00 【Re-Run】11月21日(Thurs)12:00~ // 26:30~

※ Only the first Vol.1(Monday ) on air time  is different

info :  http://www.m-on.jp/program/detail/select/

oh, i am dizzy with all those links, anyway i think i am now get my movie’s sexcitement again. After all this time i’ve been lost with no such and extreme sexcitement about how i have to watch this movie and that. So now it’s time for …

~   Movie Talk   .. …. xD

Last night i watched again this movie …


The Man From Nowhere

i say this as Won Bin‘s best movie. Yeah i know he is very good on Taeguki/The Brotherhood with Jang Dong Gun, but i think this one is his best because on Taeguki he was a bit covered with Jang Dong Gun‘s charm and awesomnes.

The Man from Nowhere wallpaper-1920 03

Nah on 2010 with  this movie Won Bin finally showed me how brilliant he is, no wonder he won The Best Actor on Korea Film Awards 2010 for his role as  The Mysterious Ahjussi (Cha Tae-shik) .

This movie is about how a warm relationship between a mysterious man from nowhere who open a pawnshop in some slumbp area with his little girl’s neighbor named So-mi.


Everything started when The Ahjussi (Won Bin) pretended to not know his neighbor So-mi (Kim Sae-ron) who was caught for stealing her friend’s bag.

Then when they meet again So-mi told him how it’s fine for him to pretended to not know because everyone did the same thing, even her mom told her to forget her address and phone number if she got lost.


and also she doesn’t want to hate him because her next door Ahjussi is the one and only person she like in this word.

One day, So-mi‘s mother steal 3 packs of brand new heroin from China that belongs to a very cruel gang’s leader. The gang’s started to chase kidnap and then kill her after harvesting all her organs (eyes, lungs, heart .. etc etc) and sold So-mi to some wacky granny who will sell her again ..

the man from nowhere trunk scene

when he saw what happened to So-mi‘s mother, he was shocked and worried if the same thing is gonna happen to So-mi, the little girl who always talk to him ..


But this Ahjussi in not just an ordinary Ahjussi eh, he is Cha Tae-shik. A Special Forces agent in the Army Intelligence Command, the completed and classified one. He is very good using knife, you know that kind of military knife.

Cha Tae-shik, he is kinda felt guilty about him ignored So-mi and now she and her mother is in trouble, he has to do something. Aftre years livin as an ordinary man Cha Tae-shik back as the man who he was do anything, and get rid everyone who’s involved with whatever happen to So-mi and her mother.

ah ya my fave scene is this …


when Cha Tae-shik cut his hair, standing in front of a mirror shirtless like that do whatsoever a man will do when cutting hair. But Won Bin did that in a very HOT way ne …

Oh God, I am on Fire now, call 911 …. !!!


yasu     :    so how many times did you replay that scene …
noi        :    5 …?
yasu     :    aha ya bai bai …
noi        :    don’t you trust me …
yasu     :    i wish i could trust you …
noi        :    then trust my anger …!!!
yasu     :    oh no, Loki again …?

anyway, i enjoyed this movie, professional military trained retired secret agent, full of blood and awesome fighting scenes. It has the same theme with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman‘s Leon The Professional.

Geez, thanks to this movie i always scarely amazed every time i see Gary Oldman.

The different is unlike Leon (Jean Reno) who teach Mathilda (Portman), Cha Tae-shik never teach So-mi how to use a gun. She doesn’t even know who exactly her Ahjussi really is

last but not least what i am gonna say is now i started to feel not satisfied whenever i see a movie only from a telly or DVD. I want a bigger screen, i want to watch it on cinema to get scene or eye_gasm after watch it.

If you ask me why, that’s because …

if telly series is a long term relationship, then movie is a one night stand. Sure you gotta do it on a very lux and special place eh … *wink*


yasu     :    what are you’re talking about ..
noi        :    ah you know what i mean ..
yasu     :    what’s wrong with you …
noi        :     i am confused now, why nobody tell me if Won Bin is so HOT ….?
yasu     :     do i have to tell you …?


きゃああ 。。。!! Post : VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 (Another me, yasu and Acid Black Halloween)


being a fangirl sometimes can make you pretty busy

like what i feel recently, with  there’s so much update and release from  HYDE, leader_sama and yasu ne,

~  HYDE with his annual HALLOWEEN PARTY …



The biggest event that every j_rock fans are waiting for, HYDOLL and new VAMPS album SEX BLOOD ROCK’N ROLL.

I did listen to this album and i think i like the original one ne. There’s something missing ne, and i dunno what. It’s not because the whole album is in English, no not at all because from my only one ear, HYDE‘s English is improved quite very well


~     Leader_sama and his new  Bass ..


finally, there’s something about leader_sama ne. Even it’s not a new single, at least there you are i can see banana ….. !!! sure,  i am curious about what the hell is he doin now.  It feels like forever since his last Live DVD Tetsuya and The Juicy Banana .

~    and then of course yasu


still with his 『Shangri-la』 Project, a new upcoming single 『Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ 』 that amazingly on this weekly chart from mu-mo even they haven’t let us to see the cover yet …


of course that’s not the updated chart ne, because it was days ago when i randomly search on mu-mo while waiting for them for opening pre-order for this …



yes, i did my order for the regular edition from CDJapan, but this one ne this w/ HYDOLL edition was so tempting. Can you imagine that a pretty scary figure of HYDE like that with only 2,500 yen ? …

i want that …

finally mu-mo opened the pre-order last night and bloody hell,  it was only about 2 or maybe 3 hours i closed this pre-order page and when i opened it  again it’s already sold out .


i know they already mentioned about it, how this HYDE figure is a very limited and they only open the pre-order until they reach their numbers but i can’t believe it will be that fast ne, i thought at least it will be sold out for another day …

but hey, i’ve been such a fool ne.

Right now it was about HYDE and anything about HYDE is always fast for example like new single/album download, video on telly or scans … etc etc. Of course for this kind of limited stuffs also fast.

Nah because i am not the Human Torch on Fantastic Four and sure i am not one of the Fast and The Furious, so here i am now, askin to myself again and again …

eeeh, i didn’t get that HYDOOOLLLL really ….. ????


yasu     :    look who’s just failed again …
HYDE   :    poor noi_chan …
noi        :    OK, that’s not funny …
yasu     :    but it is ne …
DAIGO  :    yes, very funny ….

now i better think about another way ne and ah ya, you all may call me

~   stupid, blinded  <— maybe i am
~   greed …?  <—–   yeah whatever, i didn’t win BAFTA anyway ..

eh, i think i hear someone said that somewhere …

noi       :   who, is that you ya_san …?
yasu    :   no, i only say  “
just let that shit go, my name is Greed Greed Greed … ”
noi       :   then who …
yasu    :   it was you, with your silly how you didn’t win BAFTA rambling …
noi       :   really … OMG

or whatsoever else because of this me want this and that …

but i think for a L’arc based fans like me (read : fans who start their fandom activity with L’arc) will understand what i feel, even not all of them,

but i think Master Yoda will understand …

noi                  :    eh, Master …
Master Yoda    :    hmm ..
noi                  :    don’t worry, the force is still with me
Master Yoda    :    hmmm …
noi                  :    very well, master ..

i am talking about this feeling about HYDE, a feeling that allow me to ignore all what haters in this world sayin about him, and at the contrary never  allow me to ignore my endless wanted for stuffs related with him.

I managed not to buy his SEX BLOOD ROCK’N ROLL album because i was making a priority but i can’t say no for this HYDOLL and the upcoming HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 single. Yes, it’s a re-released single then what  …

after all i am just a fangirl ne,

a fangirl who is often failed to managed myself of keep sayin i want this and that  … etc and many else, because you know i can’t even manage my anger ne,

unlike yasu,

during his fully dully schedule of nation-wide 『Shangri-la』 Tour and Meetings , new single 『Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ 』 release related activities like radio and telly comments, magazines and webs interview … etc etc

he is still able to manage to be on this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY#yay


Saturday, October 19 – Kobe World Memorial Hall (Hyogo)

Artists   : VAMPS / DAIGO / Kishidan / Wakeshima Kanon
HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : kyo (D’ERLANGER) / yasu (Acid Black Cherry) and more

Sunday, October 20 – Kobe World Memorial Hall (Hyogo)

HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : kyo (D’ERLANGER) / Wakeshima Kanon / and more

Friday, October 25 – Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9~11 Hall (Chiba)

Artists : VAMPS / DAIGO / Negoto / Nogizaka46 / Becky♪/ Acid Black Halloween (HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA) :yasu(Acid Black Cherry)+HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA
HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : Wakeshima Kanon / and more

Saturday, October 26 – Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9~11 Hall (Chiba)

Artists : VAMPS / DAIGO / Tommy heavenly6 / Acid Black Halloween (HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA) : yasu(Acid Black Cherry)+HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA
HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : Aoki Ryuji / kyo (D’ERLANGER) / Wakeshima Kanon / and more

Sunday, October 27 – Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9~11 Hall (Chiba)

Artists : VAMPS / DAIGO / Golden Bomber / Nogizaka46 / and more
HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA : TERU(GLAY) / TAKURO(GLAY) / Aoki Ryuji / Wakeshima Kanon / and more

source  :   here and here (for ABC only )

This year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY sure is gonna be different with last year ne, i mean there’s only DAIGO as solo, then TERU and TAKURO from GLAY joined and also that Acid Black Halloween name came up …

surprised me more, because the fact that he (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) is on the list of performers there is already surprised me ne. i was so sure about him will not join this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY thanks to the 『Shangri-la』 Tour euphoria on me.

but then eventually who am i anyway …

talking like deciding that he is no gonna join this and that, hello i am just a fangirl ne. The fool one who didn’t know much and choose to not know more so yeah for the 1,000 galeons times i was wrong again.

But i am glad that i was wrong this time …..xD

once again i am gonna say how lovely ABC fandom is, i mean on the day when they announced  the 1st HALLOWEEN PARTY list of performers, there’s no yasu there. at that time, i didn’t see fans who said/wrote :

OMG there’s no yasu there, why … etc etc

you know things like a common aho like that. eh i dunno, yes maybe there’s post like that somewhere i dunno, but at least i didn’t see it there at team_yasu.

And if there’s also there, thank God i didn’t see …

Hoo … good job ne team_yasu ,  i believe soon, we will beat team_edward …!!!!  #yosh

what i saw there was understandings from them all if yasu might not join this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY.

Then what happened next was the new single 『Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ 』 keep us (or only me … ? xD) busy to think how wonderful is if yasu change his hair back to black to be a perfect Adult Black Cat .

especially this L’Oreal with yasu i saw on Tumblr …..

ajajajajaja  ….xD

then i wonder with his not long enough hair like that, if he really dyed his hair back to black, OMG he is gonna look like this Miss Fisher …?


yukki said nooo …. !!! about this …xD

too bad eh, because i think that would be awesomely sexy yasu ne …

nah today we all know he is on the HALLOWEEN PARTY list, sure he doesn’t have time to dye his hair, i think this is time for me to stop imagine yasu with a sexy black bob hairstyle like Miss Fisher  ..

Stay as The Blonde on My Facebook Wall, my dear …


yasu        :      ah stop it, this isn’t a radio show
noi           :      i know …
yasu        :      you can’t request something like that ..
noi           :      but what can i do, i am just a fangirl ne  ..

fangirl eh,

so let’s see the schedule on the OHP again …

~  09/27  FM AICHI 「A-1 Countdown」



and you also can see yasu’s comment on MJTV on that channel …



~  09/26  「JAGA PRESS」

that one is from 「JAGA PRESS」 inside a magazine called Chai and free distributed for Hokkaido, only in Tokachi region.

My proxy, she is in Hokkaido ne. So i thought she will managed to get me one of that magazine but it’s not that simple because Hokkaido is very BIG while i never think Hokkaido is that BIG until she told me she will need about 4 and a half hours by car from her hometown … xD

i can’t say anything to her but never mind and sorry for my stupid request

sometimes it can be complicated like this ne, you know how you want this and that then you want your idol to be like this or that … etc etc and many other things are possible inside of a fangirl’s mind

please don’t take it seriously,

because that’s something that keep it busy as well as happy ne, what is the point of be a fangirl but to be happy together  …?

that’s why this morning  i said how busy i am as a fangirl on my Facebook status. And then when my friend added a comment with Groupies …? , then i said to him they may look and sound the same but  i think

fangirl and groupies are totally different

noi       :    nee ya_san, i think groupies usually only do/say kyaa kyaa kyaa
yasu    :    you also do that ne,
noi       :    yes i do, but my
kyaa kyaa kyaa is always followed with … ha ha ha ha so it become  …

Kyaaa ha ha ha ha …. *evil laugh*

yasu    :    oh not again, why do i have to listen this  …
noi       :    because my dear, you’re the reason why i do that,  I gotta go now,
Miss Fisher is waiting …



Late Post : 10th 「Shangri-la 」 ~ Hakodate Live .. (Another me, yasu, 2nd Season and yasu_dahlah .!)


There you are another Late Post  by The Lazy Fangirl …

and trust me this one is gonna be so long and boring one ne, just bear with me OK …. ! eeh chotto ne, don’t you think i should change it with The Busy Fangirl ..?



yasu    :   since when did you get busy …
noi       :   i’d say : Since I Love You ne …
yasu    :   what …
noi       :  yeah, something like that

talking about busy ne, seems like not only yasu who keeps me on this busy way of life. But my own life is also turned me into this busy jungle. So what happen is i did change …

as Wonder Woman again …!!!

so you all may say bai bai to The Calm Magnolia ne. Because here i am now, changing as soon as how my life change so fast without my knowing. I work harder more than before. I used to work just like that, you know just following my schedule.

And if i got busy, that’s because of my schedule. I didn’t have any goals to reach or target to accomplished before, because i used to think my salary is quite enough to pay all my bills, gave it to my mother to run this house and plus pay some of those Acid Black Cherry stuffs and enjoy this slow motion life i had as slow as my internet connection

But now, everything is different. Change does happen, including to me. Now i put this target to myself to accomplish, and i get it now how it’s not easy ne working with some target after you. Even yeah i get all those deadlines after me, that’s not a problem but when this target is the one after me, ewww this feels hard now.

Let’s say the DOG that after me is Bigger now …

You know, the deadlines that regulary after me like a Dog

That’s why when there’s someone posted on the Geje X Family group (this is another secret group that i joined forever time ago) how that group is changing by there’s no post from the elder members (one of them is me) again and it make him/her not comfort anymore to be there then followed him/her sayin It’s better for him/her to get out from that group . Then what can i say but :

yasu_dahlah …!!!

actually it supposed to be ya sudahlah …!!! (means : yeah, OK or in my case it became yeah, whatever … ) but because i am in this Acid Black Cherry fandom and also a member of team_yasu, so it just turned into that yasu_dahlah …!!!

what i am tryin to say (i did say it there) is why did he/she can’t just accept if change does happen ne, to everything including that group no matter how much i have fun and crazy times together there.

Rather than complaining about it, i think it would be better if we just follow it and maybe try to add some colors there and having fun ne .

i don’t have problem there, what happen now is i am just too busy with my life and this efforts of fixing my self and live i am livin in now. I wish he/she will get what i mean ne.

eeeh, i think i just start this post with rambling ne, so sorry yooo

OK, now  let’s go to The Official Blog ne …

~   13.09.2013 Hakodate Live

as what they wrote on this 道内ツアー最終日!函館!post  「Shangri-la 」 ~  Hakodate Live 13.09.2013 was the last Live for Hokkaido Tour. This is the gourmet that greeted yasu in Hakodate



a hamburger from 「ラッキーピエロ」/「Lucky Pierrot」 a famous shop in Hakodate and he is ready for Live …


On the Question and Answer session, the Question for last Hokkaido Tour Live is …


「memories of Hokkaido in this Tour 」

then next is …

~   Set List

01. Shangri – La
02. Jigwsaw
03. doomsday clock
05. in the Mirror
06. Re:birth
07. yes
08. Mother
09. Bit Stupid
10. cherry cherry
11. Black Cherry
12.. Pistol


14. chou ← request
15. 20+∞Century Boys ← request
16. Greed Greed Greed
17. cord name 【JUSTICE】


~  the 5th Hokkaido Special Kewpies , …


see, that’s another wacky shape ne …

i thought that’s a fish ne. You know look at the front as the mouth part while the back is the tail. But then i get whaaa_ed again and again when i found out what exactly it is ..



cr : テラ@Yasuの女 @ameba


that’s a map ne, a Hakodate map precisely. And they put it on the FC Mobile Site so it can be download_ed as a wallpaper . Enough about 「Shangri-la 」 Live, i’ll post The Last Iwate Live tomorrow because

Next is  all about the 2nd Season of  ….

~  「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK




[Updated Release Date]

To 5th Season from 1st Season Project of “Shangri-la”, are summarized in one book per season for each release in the series of five books!

■ 1st Season ~ Hokkaido and Tohoku tour ~
Release : October 25th (Friday)
■ 2nd Season ~ Hokuriku, Koshin, Tokai tour ~
Release : December 20th (Friday)
■ 3rd Season ~ Kansai Chugoku tour ~
■ 4th Season ~ Kantou Tour ~
■ 5th Season

i think we all should wait for another official post from on The Official Blog ne, because …

~  pre-order in TSUTAYA BOOK (for non FC member):

as what’s written there, the pre-order should be in here


but somehow it’s still the same one, i mean only 1st Season not updated with 2nd Season yet, maybe it hasn’t been updated yet since the

2nd Season Pre-Order  : September 27 (Friday) 13:00 ~ November 18th (Monday) : 23:59 JST

see it’s still 11 days again ne, well then let’s wait , while …

~  pre-order in Uprise Official Online Shop (for FC member)

with the same pre-order link in here :   http://upriseshop.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=522

2nd Season Pre-Order  : September 27 (Friday) 13:00  ~ November 18th (Monday) : 23:59 JST

and  FYI :  VIP membership is for FC members only …

now i think it’s time for me to wondering if there’s someone out there is already got the answer for the 1,000,000 galeon question of How to Download Money ..?  Who, who got the answer ne? tell me  …


yasu   :   then you’ll give them what …?
noi      :   i’ll give them all my 1,000,000 galeons saving in Gringotts Wizarding Bank
yasu   :    for what, you can but my stuffs with galeon  …
noi      :   but i can get anything in Diagon Alley ne
yasu   :   you’re gonna back to Hogwarts, didn’t they already kicked you out  …?
noi      :   ssst, don’t say it loud ne …

~  「Shangri-la 」 Meeting

2nd Season 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting Updated Schedule

* September 28th, 2013 (Saturday)  Start : 15:00  ~   Aichi Airport Walk Event Stage, Nagoya (FM AICHI Public Recording & high five meeting)

* October 5th, 2013 (Saturday) Start :  14:00 ~  Mie ion Tsunan shopping center   Sun Valley ((FM Mie Public Recording & high five meeting)

* October 6th, 2013 (Sunday) Start : 18:30 ~ Ogaki-shi, Gifu (Gifu FM Public Recording & high five meeting)

* October 12th, 2013 (Saturday) Start : 14:00 ~  Shizuoka Aeon Mall Hamamatsu  志都呂 1F Central Court (K-MIX Public Recording & high five meeting)

* October 13th, 2013 (Sunday) Start : undecided yet ~ Yamanashi Prefecture (Public Recording & high five meeting)

* October 27th, 2013 (Sunday) Start : 14:00 ~ Fukui Shopping City Bell 3F Ajisai Hall ((FM Fukui Public Recording & high five meeting)

* November 2nd, 2013 (Saturday) Start : undecided yet  ~  Nagano Prefecture (FM Nagano Public Recording & high five meeting)

* November 2rd, 2013 (Sunday) Start : undecided yet  ~   Niigata Prefecture , Niigata Aeon Mall Niigata south Marine court (FM-NIIGATA Public Recording & high five meeting)

* November 9th, 2013 (Saturday) Start : undecided yet ~ Ishikawa Prefecture (Ishikawa FM Public Recording & high five meeting)

* November 10th, 2013 (Sunday) Start : undecided yet ~ Toyama Prefecture (FM Toyama Public Recording & high five meeting)

[ Submission period ]

September 10th, 2013 ( Tuesday) 18:00 ~  September 20, 2013 (Friday ) 18:00 (JST)

still with the same terms and condition for you who want to join this 2nd Season 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting like

~   living in the area of 「Shangri-la 」 2nd Season
~   Describe how helpless is your love to Acid Black Cherry

Description of how Helpless is my Love to Acid Black Cherry  …

hmm,  what should i say about this chotto ne … *open one of my book* ..  Well, since i am pretty busy  i think this one sweet poem from Rumi is enough for now …


Swear, since seeing Your face,
the whole world is fraud and fantasy.
The garden is bewildered as to what is leaf or blossom.
The birds can’t distinguish the birdseed from the snare ….



yasu    :    from a book, really ..?
noi       :   but this is not an ordinary book eh, ya_san  and this book is very good ne, i’ll tell you later ..
yasu    :   and you read that poem is for me or him?  … 

noi       :   who  ….?


Saturday Post : 3rd Live 『Shangri-la 』 ~ Miyagi ! (Another me, yasu and The Lucky Bastards)

there you are a very late post …


because i am a bit busy these days. I think i don’t have anymore time to act busy like how i always do, tellin to my mom, pappie and everyone how busy i am just to avoid things that they asked me to do.

God already close the chance for me to act busy by make me really busy via my boss.

I dunno what just happened but maybe Meeting just trending not only on Acid Black Cherry fandom since yasu started 『Shangri-la 』 Meeting all over Japan but it also reached my office.

Yesterday, they held a very never ending Meeting for 2 days and trust me it’s very boring. I did my best to make myself stay awake because …

i don’t want another eraser landed on my forehead just because i fell asleep during a Meeting


yasu     :    you sleep during a meeting …?
noi        :    i did, but not recently ..
yasu     :    why did they even pay you anyway …
noi        :    so, if i fall asleep during your
『Shangri-la 』 Meeting, what would you do …
yasu     :    don’t you dare …

OK, i’ll talk about my boring meeting later, now let’s talk about 『Shangri-la 』 Live ~ Miyagi ne, because sure this 『Shangri-la 』 Live with yasu is sure, more fun to talk about rather than my 2 days Meeting.

But now let’s start it with  …

~   『Shangri-la 』 Live at Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Miyagi


somehow, for this 3rd day Live @Sendai Sun Plaza Hall ~ Miyagi, they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) didn’t start the usual social networks sharing.

They started it with a tweet information about the 『Shangri-la 』 trucks parking area.


they said how they had to parked the truck on the 2nd floor that day because of a parking space matter. So there were no trucks available for fans to take a picture or they have to go to 2nd floor to get it ..?

ah i dunno, but if they had to do that ne, go to 2nd floor just to find a truck, that’s not cool at all ne …

And they did skip the Finding yasu quiz, I thought maybe i am the one who missed their tweet, but now i looked again there’s no Finding yasu quiz on the Official Twitter. So ..

I wonder they missed to tweet that Finding yasu quiz because they were so busy to find a parking area for the truck, or they them self also busy to find yasu

omo ya_san,


noi        :     where did you park your truck  …?
yasu     :     do i look like a truck driver to you …?
noi        :     no, but i think you should try to drive one of them one day …
yasu     :     why …
noi        :     that would be more awesome rather than just do some post in front of it ..

they didn’t forget to post yasu and the dark kewpie ….   ,


and always the answer is gonna be on the Official Blog like this


Now let’s check on the ….

~   Official Blog Post :  パワー全開 宮城県!「Full Power Miyagi … !!!」

3rd day 『Shangri-la 』 Project all Prefectures Live ~ Miyagi was held on Sendai Sun Plaza Hall. It’s the same place as the last 『2012』 Tour .

Soon they entered the dressing room, tension rised up completely because of this …


Sendai special roasted cow tongue,

and seemed like yasu can’t even believe it with this sexpression of 「マジで?うそでしょ!?」 like this …


he come to Sendai for Live many times, but this one is surprised him alot, tried a cow tongue and 萩の月 (it’s a special Japanese sweet  from Sendai city of Tohoku district)

and then i think this one is a happy face and after had cow tongues and many sweets  … xD


he is ready for Live, on the MC part, there’s some questions taken from Twitter like

「A future dream to become as a child」

and then yasu and the 『Shangri-la 』 Yale from Janne Official FC mobile .


「It is Amazing Today, All are green …!!!」

all the 『Shangri-la 』 Yale, it just became one of his power source, from Fukushima to Miyagi reached him. and they said Miyagi Live’s hot set list completely spread headbangs from all 3 floor audience seats is the best part of this live. ah ya  …

~   Set List for Miyagi ….

i am so sexcited with this one …

1.  I’m not a ghost
2.   Rakuen
3.   Pistol
4.   Tsumi to batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi ~
5.   Scar
6.   Fallin’ Angel
7.   Nemuri Hime
8.   Yes
10. Shojo no Inori III
11. Shojo no Inori
12. Cord Name【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Cherry Cherry
15. Greed Greed Greed
16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri-la
so random so far ne,

but i think this one is my fave. Yeah now i say all the audiences at Miyagi Live are The Lucky Bastards, because they got Nemuri Hime.

Yes, i had only once opportunity to see yasu’s Live on Stage and at that time there was no Nemuri Hime on the set list. Dakara, if one day i might get another chance to see another Live of Acid Black Cherry,

i want to be as one of the audience on live with …

~   Nemuri Hime on The Set List
~   Kewpies as one of  the GOODIES …

that kewpies actually it’s quite cheap ne, i mean 1,000 yen each it’s a normal price i suppose. But because it is always a venue only so the change to get that kewpies especially for overseas fan who have not much chance to go to see live is smaller.

and that small opportunity make the kewpies price are becoming double eve triple on he auction sites. So even in this Acid Black Cherry fandom there’s some unspoken terms of “don’t go to auctions” .

Even yeah, it’s straight for for live ticket but since it’s mentioned everywhere and over and over that terms kind a spread to other stuffs. But on this rare stuffs like kewpies, fans (especially me …xD) still go buy stuffs from there eventually.

For what? to find that rare and venue only goodies ne, because where can you find it if not on the auction sites? OK, maybe you can ask some of your friend who go there to buy it for you, it’s a very easy answer ne. But not everyone have a friend who go there ne   …

so i gotta do something  …

yasu     :     you do? …
noi        :     yes, i am doing it right now
yasu     :     what …?
noi        :     praying ….
yasu     :     eh …