FUBAR Post : Shangri-la 」Meeting ~ Kanagawa .. (another me, yasu and The Following Division xD)


i open my Facebook (read : the new one … xD) and get whoaaa …. !!!!_ed by this ….

team abc fb

They (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) changed their Facebook cover like that days ago,

and i think they also did the same thing to the The Official Blog header but they changed it back into Kuroneko cover even they already changed Ameba profile picture same as profile picture from Official  Home Page and Website ….



i suppose they decided to wait until the Release Day ne ..



OMG , #nyaaaa  ….. *droooling like never drool before*

i think yasu and his 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 shouldn’t make me drooling so many times in a day like this ne, i am afraid if drool like an idiot in more than 3 days then what happen to me is …

I will end as The Queen of Troll instead of The Queen of The World ….


noi         :    Troll eh, やばい な。。
yasu      :    but still as the queen …
noi         :    that’s impossible, because when i took my Middle Earth test, i got Elf
yasu     :     you?, no way …
noi         :    yes way, that’s why Legolas is MINE …. aha ha ha ha …

i am proudly sayin how i’m totally fine with the other covers (read : w/ DVD and Special Price) but not to that CD Only cover ne, i told you all how that frustrate me in some way that i couldn’t understand before? now thanks to Christine, i get it why and what the hell i am having this now.

This over sexciting of fangirlism inside me ….

that is sooo not right ne …


yasu     :    that cover is totally fine …
noi        :    not the cover, but me having this over sexciting  …
yasu     :    what’s not right?
noi        :    i am too old for that, eh …
yasu     :    you are too old for everything then … *laugh*

heee ….

ah ya, talking about  【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ne, look at this …


It was posted on team_yasu group on Facebook by one of the member named Konata Yumiko. I didn’t realized that but she did, good job eh.

So finally after years on twitter 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 followed 1 twitter account. It was a twipple for Android or something. But then about 2 days latter until now, it becomin back like this again …


they just back not following anybody. So what the hell was happen?

Is that a mistake or they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) are just so changeable like me and Jim Moriarty ? ….xD.

Ah who knows ne, but one thing i know for sure about 【Team Acid Black Cherry】

Following is not Their Division …

because look at this so many people with yasu who fans or yasu himself often call it as staff_san or something like that …


surely all of them are from many different divisions on 【Team Acid Black Cherry】/yasu‘s team like stylist, lightning, make up, catering and accounting … etc etc, but i am sure there’s no Following Division there  … xD

or maybe there’s this Fans Only sign on The Following Division?.

OK let’s think about that later, because now i think i better back to 「Shangri-la 」 and finish this whatsoever homework i made for myself.

This time is …

~    「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~   Kanagawa

after finished Live Performance in Tochigi (that i mistakenly wrote it as Togichi, blimey …xD) they moved to the next prefecture. It is Kanagawa prefecture, started it with 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting .

Held at noon and that day was a public holiday where lots of people gathered in the venue to meet and greet with yasu. the venue Queen Square Yokohama, a venue of a complete shopping mall, Queen Tower, hotel and office buildings.

The Meeting started with Public Recording with FM Yokohama, talked about various things like the previous Live in Tochigi and Project 「Shangri-la 」 it self.

he also said about how different is the previous 3rd Season around Kansai with this around Kanto area. He said how Kansai has a unique power and atmosphere while Kanto area is more style feeling …

it’s simply because yasu is from Osaka, he is a Kansai man himself and style feeling? i suppose that’s what a Metropolitan area should give us ne  …. xD

then he also tried to hear a recommended spot in Kanagawa to come from the audience in the venue.

They gave Enoshima, i suppose that’s an island eh …


and the story of this 「Shangri-la 」  Meeting will be OA March 11th (Tuesday) on FM Yokohama.

next is this ….

~   Whatsoever next Episode from me …

this is for Ishikawa Part


Enjoiii …. !!

Talking about Facebook, ah how am i supposed to say this eh,

So i had no idea if by de_activated my Facebook will make all the links that i posted here ended with everyone who clicked on it get this blue thumb with a bandage image like this.


until somebody told me about that, but  today i re_activated that again ne, so i suppose it will be available anymore. For the whatsoever inconveniet about finding a wacky blue thumb on your PC,

i am so sorry ooo ….  *bounce*

and then …

~   This yasu as cover for March Live DAM Express  …

dam express

details in here :  http://www.clubdam.com/dam

i hope there will be some message video from yasu on DAM Channel like when he did for Shojo no Inori III single there. That would be lovely as this …

~   MJTV 「Shangri-la 」  Meeting in Nara

that finally UP …


just click on the image and it will bring you to the Dailymotion video. OMG that’s so lovely yasu ne, then it’s …

~   My 1st Hello to Weekend …..

lemme say ….

Hello Weekend …!!!!

finally ne, after all this time in my whole career working in this company for almost 8 years i never feel about having a regular weekend.  I started to work in this company where i am working now about one year after my graduation.

I spent about a year at home to babysit my nephew Ipank since he was 3 months old until more than a year. So yeah, i am a very professional babysitter as well as a governess for his older brother.

I suppose you all know what is the different between a babysitter and a governess ne. If you don’t then let me en_light you all

a baby sitter job is only to take care a baby, while a governess if for children. Usually a very rich family like Capt. Von Trapp‘s family hired a governess to help their children study at home.  Ah ya, you know like Maria Rainer on The Sounds of Music nah i think she is the most famous governess.

sound of music3

God, i love this movie so much ne …

In marine terms you may say i am a career soldier who earn his/her position by joining wars. I started to work from down, as the probie (one that do anythings, go there and there nonstop) because until now i am the youngest among all my office_mates.

I am glad with where i am now, in this position i think i have achieved my career dream.


Like that lovely miss Phryne Fisher who livin her dream as a Lady Detective, i am also livin my dream as whatsoever i am doing now for livin.


yasu       :      as what …?
noi          :      as a Police Inspector, don’t you remember i am Inspector Himura ne …
yasu       :      but you said she is retired
noi          :      of course not. I can’t be Sailor Moon but as Inspector Himura i will do my best to protect you …

I remember when i was still on collage because we had not enough money, my father sent me to live at my cousin’s home.

everyday i saw how my cousin as a career woman who went to office at 07:00 AM and back to home at midnight. She was a very busy woman with a great and shinny career in accounting division of some quite famous company here.

Then i said to my self that’s how i supposed to be after i graduate and even i spent 4 years studied and graduated as veterinary, i still said …

Accounting, that’s my division …

See from animal care to accounting, yeah that’s pretty long jump i had those days, even i have to wait for a year as a babysitter but i finally made it.

Apparently what i saw on my teenage collage time it wasn’t the whole package because i didn’t see the stress and whole bunch of papers and reports are always waiting to do.


It’s not easy, even it’s very hard even until now i work hard,  as hard as  that Tom Hardy on Warrior movie that i am sure you all already watch.

All weekends that i had was just maybe once in two months where i can stay a whole day at home or our annual Ied Holiday.

but Thank God, now everything’s different ne,

because there’s this new policy that give me 4 days off in one month, started next moth. OMG i am already so freakin happy just by imagine it ne. Now i have lots of time to do any other things that work ne.

Let me think about it …


yasu       :      don’t be silly ne, it’s just a weekend …
noi          :      have you forget how simple i am
yasu       :      ah not again  ..
noi          :      i am a simple woman, as simple as Magnolia simple things make me sooo freakin happy …

so with that whole lots of weekends comin, i can …

~    finish all games installed on my PC
~    read and re_arrange again my personal library since there’s so many books are not in their right place.

when my father was live, there was 2 siblings next to our home who came to read my mangas every afternoon. My father was very fond of them, he often call them as his lost grandchildren that he finally found.

I never spoke to them, not because i don’t want to but it was because never have any idea about what i am supposed to say to 8 and 7 years old children who came and be the regular reader of my private library.

Yeah, i did nothing but bought more mangas, put it there and then waiting until they found out if there’s some new mangas available and when i heard them sayin : Look, this is the new edition of Conan, …. (or other manga that i added) each other,

i feel happy.

Maybe because both of my nephews are not in to reading, no matter how many books i bough for them they never read it.

They was just like : yeah, whatever … about book but they always Whoaaa ….. !!! about games and gadgets.

now since my father gone, they never come to my home to read, but they do still come, take and kiss my hand whenever they see me. I think their parents teach them very well how to respect other, especially ones that is older by take and kiss their hand as a respect …

i suppose now i have to arrange my library again ne, who knows they might come again to read. It’s too bad if nobody read those lots of mangas i have there.

~    start again a formal Japanese class …
~    go to market in the morning with her majesty, and …
~    then spent the whole afternoon at spa ….
~    come to Post Office and handle all my shipping, receiving stuffs by myself,

usually Tekki as my companion is the one who handle it. She is a very good Lady companion ne, even too good until she is talking with some British accent everyday and changed my coffee with milk tea …

Geez, i hate Milk Tea ….

and that British Wannabe Lady Companion make me work harder because this year she want a trip to Japan to see L’arc

some people asked me why do i have to do that and it surprised me how they asked that to me. I mean don’t they know the reason? it’s because that’s what a family do to each other and i believe one day she will do the same thing to me.

~    watch lots of movies in cinema …. #yay
~    finish this 132 (or 133 …?) episodes of this drama  …


yes that’s my new Korean Drama, it’s a daily drama with 133 episodes.

I love and start to follow this drama because this drama allowed me to know in The World Like This (read : wicked, mean … etc etc you name it) there’s still a very kind person like Gong Jun Su (the main character)

With his very miserable life Jun Su make me feel so lucky with everything i have now. Not much, but enough i suppose that’s perfect.

Gong Jun Su, he is a person who tryin so hard to make other people around him to be happy and feel happy about anything happen in his life, even it was only a simple one …

Like me …. aha ha ha ha ….


yasu       :     why everything is about you?
noi          :      because i am The Queen of The World?
yasu       :      ah, stop it …
noi          :      @_@ …

ah, i should start from the beginning  …

That drama is tellin about the life of Gong Jun Su, start from his childhood when he had to live alone because his father is in prison. He stayed with his friend’s father and make his livin by sellin some traditional herbs in the village market.


One day, on the day when his father came out from prison he meet a very lovely lady that his father introduced to him as his new mother.

For Jun Su who never know the feeling of having mother, that day is the most beautiful day. His new mother is a nurse, she is very kind, and he couldn’t believe if that such a very beautiful woman like her choose his father as husband and asked him to call her mother.

because he was afraid if all this will gone, he refused to call her as mother. But indeed, he love her new mother very much. After the wedding, he meet her mother’s daughter and son.

Both of them are younger than him so it made his as the elder son in the family now. Jun Su is so happy because now he isn’t not only get a new mother but also a younger sister and brother.

Unfortunately his new sister and brother, they don’t like him. They both refused to call him as Hyung/Oppa (older brother) and call him as Oii …!!. Being called like that didn’t make Jun Su mad, but it make his love to them bigger and he wanted to do anything to make them happy.

Then everything changed when his mother pregnant, and it make her had to stay at home because she was not too health during her pregnancy. She leaved her job as a nurse leave only his father as the only one who work in their household.

Jun Ju (the younger sister) had to stop her ballet class and Han Seok (the younger brother) had to stop his English private class.

with a baby comin and a stay home wife make his father to find job other than what he is doin now, sellin coffee in the market.

One of his friend contacted him and offered one job with much money to him and he said OK without knowing if that job is against the law. Actually Jun Su‘s father is a very kind man, but the fool one. So he had no idea why when the police came to arrest him, being confused he ran away and got hit by a truck and died.

With their father died as a felony, they lost their home and move to a small apartment. His mother was very sad, and there’s lots of things in her mind about raising 3 children and a baby alone stressed her and make her sick. In that condition, both Jun Ju and Han Seok blamed all happened to them to Jun Su.

They said, it was because of his father, they all ended like this … etc etc and many more that hurt Jun Su. Feelin so guilty, Jun Su decided to leave the house. He left a letter to his mother tellin how much he really love her and his many thank you for her to take him as her son.

Knowing one of her son leaving home, it breaks the mother’s heart. Everyday she did nothing but tryin to find her eldest son a very not good condition of her.  While Jun Su, start his new life sellin herbs again while nonstop missing his mother and younger siblings at home. He also send money to his mother.

When his mother finally found him, she asked Jun Su to back home but on their way back to home she died while they still on the bus.

OMG that scene just so sad ne, i cried like i will lost my telly and never able to meatball soup for the reast of my life.

With their mother’s death, his younger siblings hate him more than before, especially his sister. She even didn’t allow Jun Su to come inside their home and throw all his stuffs out. Understand about his sister lost, Jun Su waited in a pouring rain while cryin and say i am sorry again and again.

Finally his brother asked him to come inside house and in the morning, Jun Su said if he will raise his younger siblings so they don’t have to go to an orphanage. Start form that day, Jun Su start his life as 14 years old boy who have to raise 2 children and a baby.



He will do anything to earn money. He sell milk, newspaper, lemon juice and cleaning public bath while carrying his baby sister on his back. It all on and on until 6 years when he grown as 20 years old young man who work in construction site at day and karaoke hall at night.


Everything was fine until one day Han Seok accidentally killed his classmate. Jun Su who love his brother so much and don’t want this murder thing to ruin his bright future decided to take it as his crime. Because of that, he had to stay in prison for 10 years.

Then after that ….


yasu    :    what, i am listening …
noi       :    i dunno, because i am still on 20th episode now …
yasu    :    is that what you call as a review ..
noi       :     no, of course not but they said this one is gonna end very well …

This is a very long drama ne, and i DL it 1 maybe 2 episodes a day.

Everything is fine until when i want to get the 23rd episode, the links is broken. I always take the LQ one, for it smaller size about 150 MB per episode. But now from 23rd episode i have to take the MQ video because most of the links for LQ video are dead.

so here i am now, lst’s say i have to choose all MQ videos then i still have this

110 episodes x 250 MB each = 27,500 MB

OMG can you imagine that? that’s only for one drama ne and i still have others drama and telly series that i also follow.

Eh God, i think my internet bill this month is gonna fly UP High To The Moon and Back to kill me …

ah i’ll think about that later, now last but not least is …

Remember when i said how i am gonna say ah, yasu lah if i didn’t manage to get ticket for 『Shangri-la』 Encore Season 〜 Arena tour 〜 in Budokan? Well, apparently insted of sayin …

ah, yasu lah …

now i have to say ..

ah, mari lah kita ke Jepang .. !!!

ah, let’s go to Japan … !!!

日本に行きましょう … !!!

because, look ..

lottery 3

I won a ticket to see 『Shangri-la』 Encore Season 〜 Arena tour 〜 in Budokan … !!!

and it’s for the last day. Last day eh, OMG i am so fuckin happy now.  i just can’t believe how good is my luck during all these lottery season i am following. First was L’arc Live tickets and now Acid Black Cherry Live


and today i finally managed to contact my proxy and she said she will pay for my ticket tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

I was worried a bit, i thought she is still out of town for some bussiness trip that she always do, but he gets cold, the bad one or something like flu. I even re_activated my Facebook today just to send her a message on Facebook.

Thank God, the frustrating part (read : payment with deadline) of ticket lottery is over and i hope my proxy will get well soon … # Amin

Eh God, this is heaven and my dear …

I am coming to Japan to see you,  ….


yasu    :   then what …
noi       :   don’t forget to put
Nemuri Hime on Last Days SexList
yasu    :   eee …
noi       :   aand … ah ya, where the hell is Budokan?
yasu    :   you better start to do your search now  …


Random Post : Re_Tweet day …. ( Another me, yasu in The Big Apple)

thanks to my dear Ipan, i clicked this application on Facebook and look at the result ….

aye aye …..

but then i found out if Ipan also got the same result, eh so this application just hit all names meaning like that? …. Everyone loves you ? …. what the hell …. but this kind application is always fun to click, it just for fun, not only the application above btw, i also followed Ipan to click this one , and the result is :

bloody hell, what was that? i am gonna marry 5 years again in Hirakata-shi, Japan and my marriage is going to be the arrange married (i think this one is my mom)  and 5 years again? , err chotto ne how many years did they give me ….? i kinda forget, as i remember 5 years last year so after my birthday next month all those 5 years minus one is gonna be 4 years left, so i am sorry but i think i am not gonna be on my own wedding and honeymoon ….. ahahahaha ….. *crazy at dawn*

last but not least, i am gonna go to Australia for honeymoon? so what i am gonna do there, running with Kangoroo? i mean race with them at desert? like on the Kangoroo Jack movie? ….

yasu       :    running with Kangoroo, ah you are not gonna win and  even you say that bloody hell things, i bet you also say another word …
noi          :    eh, what word? …
yasu       :    the usual yay yay yay ….
noi          :    omo ya_san, how did you know that, but do you also now where is my dream place to honeymoon …. ?
yasu       :    no, i dunno …
noi          :    don’t worry, i’ll tell you …
yasu       :     what if i don’t wanna know?
noi          :    i am still gonna tell you ne  ….

my dream place to honeymoon hmmm, 5 years ago i am gonna say London, Paris or NYC, but now is different. I start to think about Tibet or Bhutan for honeymoon if i am gonna marry someday to get lost there. Enjoy the best moment in my life at the last Shangri-La on earth.

i wonder how it gonna be if i get lost there, i mean no phone, no net connection and all what people said with technology recently, just me, my beloved and the great blue sky, join some nomad family maybe, ah i know it sounds weird for me to say something like this, me as a fangirl who can’t live without my telly, PC and internet connection.

but hey, that’s true i really wanna feel that. you all know what i mean if you already read that book above : Sky Burial, an Epic Love Story of Tibet by XINRAN. That book tell us about the story of a woman named Shu Wen who join the Chinese militia to find her husband. The government said if her husband is already die in his duty in Tibet but still she want to proof it herself about that. So she went to Tibet.

this book content is 2 days conversation between XINRAN and Shu Wen about her 30 years in Tibet, how her effort to manage all the trouble she get at the first time she started to live with the Tibetans. She learn a lot of things, like how the Sky Burrial held and how the wild bird is gonna eat all the dead body, she found a true freindship when she really feel lonely ,  and what interesting on this book is the fact that in her story Shu Wen fund out about how a woman can be married into two man at the same time and how they live happy as a family, …

this is surprised me even i know that things called poliandri is real even it was on The Mahabhrat epic where one woman Panchaali, as the wife of the legendary five Pandava brothers. not only that, this book also gave me a lovely ending how 30 years in Tibet change Shu Wen look like a real Tibetans and when she back to China everybody need to be assure if she is chinesse. and how after 30 years in Tibet she didn’t know if His Holiness is not at the Pottala temple anymore

even i am not gonna be there soon because what happened , and of course i don’t wanna be there for 30 years to find a man that i love (because he is in Japan, not in Tibet) at least i wanna know how does it feel to be under that blue sky and all the green meadows, yes, for 1 maybe 2 weeks i am okay to get lost there …

yasu     :     1 or 2 weeks lost in Tibet, you …
noi        :     yeah, who knows …
yasu     :     come on noi_chan, everybody knows you can’t handle a single day without your telly and internet …
noi        :     but that’s because of my job as your fangirl, the fulltime one …
yasu     :     so you are gonna leave this job?
noi        :     maybe one day if i   …
yasu     :     if you what …
noi        :     if i join NYPD
yasu     :      what NYPD, you …..?

NYPD and look at that, that’s The Empire State Buildings and L’arc_en_Ciel,  so oke let’s back to The New York City, L’arc_en_Ciel and their live on Madison Square Garden. Last Monday was the live and i was so excited when i get on line and found this #larencielmsg all over my timeline and not only that, soon somebody upload one video on twitter , The Blurry Eyes part, OMG how can nobody tell me if we can upload a video on twitter? ….



so that day is officially a Re_Tweet day for me, because i do nothing at that day but re_tweet all the tweet with  #larcencielmsg, the day where L’arc was live on MSG stage, and guess who was there to watch them …? Mika Nakashima was at MSG to watch them live ….



i wish i can be there ….

at the first time i was worrued about this Live at MSG thanks to the rumours all over the social networks whether it’s about the ticket sales, the casting audience etc etc , … i don’t care about that, i just don’t want something happen for this, eventually this L’arc live in NY was amazing, how Ken gave Yukihiro set of A Nightmare Before Chistmast Monopoly, tetsuya gave banana and lolipop? (only NY? or he is also gonna give it again on their next country?)and of course don’t forget Ken_chan’s MC also  what hyde said :

it took us twenty years to get here- will we meet again! …. Oh My hyde, don’t you know, for me it took 10 years to watch you live on stage and it was a bless for me. and what makes me happy is even there was the casting audition, at least they like it and some articles said L’Arc’s songs are catchy as hell, hyde as The Japanese version of Axl Rose ? ah ya he is ….



and the interview above? … hohohohoh i was soo happy just reading and watch all of those  … so now the big show in NY is over now mt time for me to watch them live at Jakarta is closer, i better make some plan about this, i have to. i mean i can’t take another 3 day off like when i was chase them in Bangkok, this time when they (read : L’arc) chase me back to Jakarta my day off is shorter, just 1 or 2 days ….

yesterday the post officer sent me a text message, they said : Dear Ms. Noi Himura, we have one package for you from Mr. Toshi Makiya Japan … then i was like jump off my chair because i thought finally after the dissapointed me one day earlier, maybe this day my 2012 is arrive , but it wasn’t. They only have my Arena 37 Degrees, …..

i’ll scan this today, i don’t like to scan this magazine because this magazine is kinda hard to scan, see the size and the paper, unlike the other magazine like CD&DL Data, Songs or Fools Mate for this magazine i have to push it harder to the scanner if i want the best result. but look at this, someone did scan this Bass Magazine, there you are Shuse, yasu and Ikuo together ….

credit to : [info]hildekitten

and today is March 29th, i can’t sleep and woke up at 03:00 AM then write this random and annoying post, i am not gonna work today because i have to finish my tax payment. This time i have to do this alone, you know all by myself with all many things i have to do at bank today. I don’t like this bank activity where i have to sign lot’s of paper.

And sometimes when my signature is not same between one and another paper they told me to do that again from the start, nah that’s the time when this banking activity gets boring, but it never boring when the time i receive the money because money never sleep and never bored  …. xD …. and today also the release date of Fools Mate Magazine April 2012 edition and look who is on the cover ….

plus another page of him with Morrie DEAD_END? …..

well i can’t wait for this, ….

and btw do you remember about the Acid Black Cherry fan project related to what yasu said on his last interview with JPop Asia that i tell you last time? nah they already finished the video and they also made one account on tumblr for that, now i just wait the time when they put my African face there with one word next to it : Indonesia

ah ya here’s the video  —–> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k4zY5EOjbVusDl2V0um

and yesterday what yasu post on the last Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup Official Blog on Ameba ありがとうございます。 , he said about receive many message from abroad, …. well okay he saw the video above yay …..  and somehow it makes me think about something else, i better keep this for my self ….. fufufufufufu …


OMG   .

last but not least what i am gonna say to this man is :

Dear yasu_san,

see how you mean to all of us, and how your music change not only my life but also so many life there. so yes you have us your international fans, and we all love you and support you always …. so ya_san, I love you. i bloody love you ne ……

Your Fulltime fangirl

yasu    :     for you …?
noi       :     yes, who else …
yasu    :     do i have to answer it again …?
noi       :    愛してる 愛してるよ  ….?
yasu    :    no, the answer is 愛していない, i think you listen 【イエス】 too much …
noi       :    heeee …… *brokenhearted again*




Fangirl Post : Failed ….. (Another me, yasu in this Fandom World)

Sherlock Holmes in the court bathroom scene (Season2 Episode3 : The Reichenbach Fall) with Kitty The Journalist said if there’s 2 type of fan :

1.    A catch me before i kill again fan
2.    Your bedroom is just a taxi ride away fan ….  nah the question is …

What type of fangirl i am? ….

noi       :    nee ya_san, what do you think? ….
yasu    :    okay because you are so busy …. *laugh* i think you are number 2 …..
noi       :    i don’t think so
yasu    :    why ….?

well that’s because number two is for a stalker , at least that’s what i got from the phrase Your bedroom is just a taxi ride away . A fan who will go and follow his/her idol everywhere and became a stalker.   ….  that’s not me ne, because

hey, i am a fangirl, not a stalker ….

yasu     :    then what about the gardener thing?
noi        :    ah that’s over ne ya_san, you already had those 600 roses for your album cover …
yasu     :    not from you …
noi        :    ahahahah , how did you know that?

when i watch this last episode of SHERLOCK BBC , i wonder what type of fangirl i am, oke not number two, then what about number one, A catch me before i kill again , not this one either, because for this type what i get is a type of fan who would do anything and go wherever for his/her idol. nah that’s not me either even for the division things FYI i am still gonna jump to any division for yasu, just jump ne, what is the hard things of jumping anyway ? …. xD

oke maybe 4 years ago when i was still on college, have nothing to worried etc i had that kind a thing. I am gonna go anywhere and do anything for my idol. but now everything is different. maybe oke i can go on every city where L’arc_en_Ciel is gonna perform. but that’s not simple like that, now i have a responsibility to my job, my superior, my boss and of course for the company that i work for plus how lack my health is now.

Life is always a choice, so you can’t have everything you want, for example when i was on college where i have plenty time to do anything and go everywhere i want, i have no money to do all of that. And now at the contrary when i have the money i don’t have the time. It’s unfair right? but yeah , life is always unfair like this.

i am not both number 1 or 2 type of fangirl, but i know what type of fangirl i am, I am gonna say that i am the Matsu Wa type fangirl , the full time one, because i do nothing but waiting for this man (read : yasu) and many more that i have to wait. my whole life point is waiting  … not only that but also the failed one ….

the biggest fail as a fangirl is when you already go far away to watch them live but you haven’t make a single live report … 

nah the fangirl is me and them is the idol, in this case is L’arc_en_Ciel,  …. i dunno what happen, it’s been 3 night i did nothing but stare at my PC monitor , play some restaurant dash game while tweet something, i want to wrote something but i forgot everything that i want to write , that’s weird ne?

i only have this to say about my Chasing The Rainbow trip to Thailand : I am already fulfill my dreams all my dreams about L’arc_en_Ciel live that i always imagine a long time ago. Here they are :

1.    I want to be one of them who sing this


on Anata, i did that. I was so amazed, i feel a lot of things and i can’t describe it. I always call this song Anata as my wedding song, i want walk in the ale to someone who is gonna spent his life with me and love me (even he is complicated) , can you magine that, with hyde’s voice say  あなたがいるから over and over ….

2.    I want to be one of them who reply hyde with Crush and Yeah after hyde sing I am in the coolest driver’s high part on Driver’s High while jumping and moove like hyde ….

3.    I want to reply  Yes hyde, i am fuckin Ready ….. !!!!! when hyde ask Are You Fuckin Ready …? on Ready Steady Go .

4.    I want to draw a dream, more than one dreams together with hyde, ken, tetsuya and yukihiro by sing together My Heart Draws A Dream  live and loud ….

i did that, at that time my heart draws another dreams, watch  Acid Black Cherry that’s my next dream and also maybe there’s a chance for me to watch L’arc_en_Ciel 25th, the Silver Anniversary 5 years again in Japan, …. #amin

5.   Buy some stuffs on the venue …

i bought that bag, lightstick and some stickers damn i want the hoody towel but because i only have very limited Baht so i am gonna buy it in Jakarta,  here’s what happen that 5,000 Baht only left 200 Baht in my last day in Bangkok, and that 200 Baht is for both of us ( me and Tekki) ,

Oh God i remember how hungry i was at the airport and i want that pizza while the 200 Baht not enough to buy even for one slice and how i can’t stop looking at the man sit next to me and his wife who eat one big size pizza, Oh God no….  , Food and beverage at airport always expensive ne . so what we did next is tryin to find something we can buy with 200 Baht, we got some chicken strip on Burger King …

maybe this is because i bought too much stuffs in MBK, so i only have 200 Baht left. See the cute pink hakama girl up there? that’s my new umbrella, ela ela ela .… xD , i saw that on MBK and i just buy that without think to bargain the price , the seller can’t speak English so i just gave her my money and i got my new umbrealla ela ela ela

not only that, because i am a moviegoers i also  went to cinema at MBK, we (me and Tekki) watch a movie there, the movie was John Carter, i don’t get the movie 100% because i only watch it one hour.But i found out in Thailand they always start everything with some time to standing and listen a song (i think this is the national anthem) and respect to The King, not only in  the cinema before the movie started , but on L’arc live also like that. before the concert started all the audience standing and listening the song to respect The King, … waw for me that’s amazing ne, it’s totally a new experience for me.

enaugh about my trip. btw yesterday i listen to radio/mp3 for the first time after my trip. Finally i can use my ear well after the painful ear pain, thanks to the jet plane, at the first time my ear hurt everytime i try to listen something, …. OMG i feel like i am gonna deaf, what if i deaf, i haven’t think about another career beside this Fulltime Fangirl of Acid Black Cherry

nah that day i tried to listen to Acid Black Cherry on FM Aichi live streaming, and hear nothing, …. i was so affraid ne but Thank God there’s nothing wrong with my ears, the problem is on my stupid net connection so what i got is the muted video,  i hope somebody recorded it and upload it somewhere, on Nico video maybe? ….

4 days again we all gonna listen to Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album 2012, OMG i can’t wait for this one ne, …. and yasu is so busy just like me ….. xD




you can heare the recording in here

and tonight he was on this CBC Radio

somehow i enjoy listening Japanese Radio even it’s kinda hard for me to understand what yasu or the DJ was sayin, so this is the reason why i always find the recording to listen it again and again until i understand what he and the DJ actually said also because i am a little bit deaf. When i got that part that’s was amazing ne , kinda feeling when you already finished your school project, …. xD

even he is so busy he still managed to say the White Day Message to all his fans include me  even i have no ide what is a White Day means. Tamarines are in the mountain and salt in the sea, so every country have a different culture. In my country there’s no White Day Celebration or something, and i dunno what the white day is all about, maybe just like what yasu said White Day conected with the end of the winter, snow —> white ,

if you look at the black shirt he use in all the radio show, come on, is there any of you remember anything? …. that black shirt he use is the same shirt he use on FOOL’S MAGAZINE January 2012 edition ……

noi      :    omo omo ya_san ….
yasu   :    what …
noi      :    listen i think i found another career if i deaf …
yasu   :    ehhh ….
noi      :    i can be your personal dry cleaner ne … what a brilliant idea ne …
yasu   :    what the,  ….

he also held A White Day event related to the upcoming 3rd album 2012 at Namba Parks in Osaka on March 14th, a talkshow infront of 1,000 fans. OMG i wish i can be there but still there’s wide and deep blue sea between me and him (read : yasu)  .

see how busy he is, just like what he (read : yasu) wrote on his 0th single Kimi Ga Iru Kara :

Kimi Ga Iru Kara, Boku Ga Iru Nda yo —->  because you here, i am here

nah in this case 合格合格 ya_san, because you are busy, i am busy too hahahahaha ……

パンチ! kyaaaa …. *dumped into lion cage*

look what happen to me now, this endless yasu_noi_haido Bahama Love Triangle made me like that, a light cyber just tear me like that, half part of me is for hyde and the other part is for yasu,



noi      :   ya_san, you gotta do something, ….
yasu   :   Oh God, not again …
noi      :   help me with this cyberlight  ….
yasu   :   not funny ne, that’s you inside elevator …
noi      :   ah, you ruin this game  …
yasu   :   then don’t play this whatever game ..

i found something on twitter, this girl is so talented. her idea to change what Acid Black Cherry staff want in their last announcement about the upcoming tour 2012 into this amazing anime

credit to : @alt_A_

~  don’t follow/stalk,
~  don’t pick/ gather at the airport,
~  don’t camp outside the building and
~  don’t use your camera phone to take a photograph of yasu ….

see this is what i call a brilliant message to all of you who wants to watch Acid Black Cherry Live 2012, if you all follow what the ABC staff said i am sure everything is gonna be okay, nothing’s wrong gonna happen, i believe that’s for everyone ‘s good and also for yasu himself.

yasuの為に …

yasu    :    no stalking, or take a photo of me, really …?
noi       :    no i am not gonna do that, …
yasu    :    why?
noi       :    i told you ne, i am a fangirl not a stalker
yasu    :    no, not because of that …
noi       :    then what?
yasu    :    because you’re so afraid to fly to Japan so that’s why you are not gonna do that …
noi       :    ahahahaha ….. omo you know? …


All Year Arround Falling in Love : Happy Birthday Hyde … (Another me, yasu and Hyde)

today is/ or yesterday was (if i post this journal after midnight) January 29th, and my dear yasu with his brilliant idea officially made that day as Japanese Christmas, ….  so

Happy Birthday Hyde,
I have a lot of things to say and how grateful i am to know this man, the number one iconic man in Japanese Rock Music. so what i am gonna say to him on his 43rd birthday is :

Dear My one and only King Hyde,

Thank you so much for being who you are and you gave me a lot of things. One million thank you from me for everything you gave me, and if you want me to make a list …

hyde    :   yes, make a list …
noi       :   okay …. OMG what do i have to start it with …? *call yasu*
hyde    :   hey, noi_chan is everything okay ?, yasu is busy btw ….
noi       :   yes, it’s okay …. aahhh he is busy again ….

well, here’s my thank you Hyde list :

~   Thank you for open my heart, eyes and ear (even i am a little bit deaf) to the magic of Japanese Music Rock, yes, you are the one who open the door and change my life step by step …
~   Thank you for being so amazing and genius with all your songs ..
~   Thank you for wrote Glamorous Sky, for me that song is brilliant, …
~    Thank you for let me chase you to Bangkok and thanks for chasing me back to my country this year,

Happy Birthday, you are 43 years now but i skipped 20 years so yes, you are still 23 years old for me, I wish you all the best, I love you and i will obey you now on and then.


noi        :   huff, i found you ne ….
yasu     :   nani …..?
noi        :   just wondering, what you did on hyde’s birthday …
yasu     :   that’s secret ne and no fangirl allowed …
noi        :   heee ….
yasu     :   what about you ….?
noi        :   well ….

what i did on hyde’s birthday is, i tweet and retweet a lot use hashtag #hydeBD and to make it as trending topic on twitter with all l’arc fans/Hydeist  all over the world and i think we made it, because i saw that #hydeBD as trending on Japan twitter.

i didn’t tweet much and i think i am not a tweet person, because when i open my tweet what i did just watch my time line and re_tweet if there’s something interesting on my timeline.  sometimes i dunno what i have to tweet,  and i am so amazed with all people who able to tweet lot of things, … many things from they wake up in the morning, unwell, busy, paper to do, eat,  and many more,

OH God,

they must never let their IPhone far from their hand ne, and shame on me because i kinda lost in twitter when somebody reply me, i mean who i have to reply first , this one or that one, … etc etc. Did you know, i know if someone reply my tweet if i open my mail and there’s a notification about it.

that’s how massive is twitter effect on people. Nah one day i asked one of my friend : hey, do you have twitter, because maybe it’s gonna be more simple if i talk to him via twitter than text messaging,

but then he said  :   I don’t have that blue bird, ….
me                     :   the bird is green ne …
him                    :   whatever, blue or green i don’t have it …

waw that’s unbelievable, can you imagine this time when everybody tweet all about them , every little thing about them, include tweet : I am Hungry … (yeah, that’s me) he don’t have it, he survived from the twitter euphoria just like how i survived from Reichenbach Fall and L’arc Storm on my country ….

yasu     :    God no, i am hungry, you posted that on twitter  …?
noi        :    i did that because i dunno what else to tweet,
yasu     :    go find another or  don’t tweet …
noi        :    i’ll retweet then …
yasu     :    -_-

for me, twitter is a really usefull  especially for a writer, a scriptwriter, novelist, or a musician because  they can tweet what is on their mind without they have to write it on a paper. All they gotta do is grab their IPhone, or BB then tweet it. Simple ne …

ah ya back to my Japanese Christmas last night, i pray for Hyde to be healthy and wish for a sweet dream with him. but he didn’t come to my dream. I had a dream with hyde for many times, and i really enjoy it. nah last night i thought if i had a dream with hyde, that would be awesome ne because last night is a Saturday night and this Sunday Morning  is my day off, so that dream is gonna be a long and fantastic dream …

even i did listen that song before sleep, it didn’t work, hyde was not in my dream, not only that i also watch L’20 Anniversary DVD ,  guess what i feel when i hold my DVD and put it on my lap …?

i dunno why i feel like i am Forrest Gump, remember the opening scene when he was sit on the park and with his chocolate box , start to open it while saying :

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Bloody Hell, i love that scene especially when he started to eat that chocolate, i love chocolate and i eat a lot of it but i never have a box of chocolate like that, and honestly i want that, i wish someone give me a box of chocolate like that as a present on my birthday …. ahahahahaha …. *got slap by Megatron*

nah that’s what i feel when i put my L’20 Anniversary DVD on my lap and open it, and then put it one by one to my DVD, … it make me feel like Forrest Gump who open his chocolate one by one and put it on his mouth, damn i want a chocolate box now onegai ….. *rolling2 on my bed*,
and for the line, because i am in a fandom world i am gonna change the chocolate box phrase into this

Life in this fandom world is like a complete box of L’20 anniversay. You never know who you’re wanna marry to after you watch it, is it Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya or Yukihiro …. xD

i got that question about 3 days ago from one of my new friend on Facebook, yeah i add more friend now on Facebook until it reach 221 friends , why 221 that’s because my address is Bahama 221B

yasu      :  that fake address again ….
noi         :  no it’s real and official …
yasu      :  official by who …
noi         :  by noi, me …
yasu      :  so boring …

nah i remember i read her Facebook message at office, she asked me : noi_san, from 4 L’arc members who you wanna marry to : Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya or Yukihiro? ….

and then i just can’t stop laugh, OMG this is really a brilliant question and nobody ask me about this before, Oh God i love this question, even i haven’t answer her yet, but i am gonna answer it here because who know if she read this post .

i choose Yukihiro, my numero uno drummer, … and don’t ask me why, because as always i have no idea why and if i do know why Master Yoda already erased that reason from my brain.   about Yukihiro, i just read this ,

that’s a  small part of The Hyde translation, he talked about Yukihiro to replace Sakura, after read that, i am glad the fact that they (L’arc) decided not to discontinue L’Arc, and try Yukihiro, and eventually he is fit L’arc

enough about that, and back again to my Japanese Christmas night, then i watch my L’20 Anniversary DVD. actually this is he frst time i really enjoy waitching a DVD, i didn’t skipp. Only L’arc and SID DVD i didn’t skipp or move forward, else i used to skipp skipp into my fave part.

that night with my DVD, shock blanket (just in case i got shock by seeing Hyde do something), my pillows, 2 pieces of that big chocolate bread (so delicious, i better ask Tekki to buy that again), 2 slice of pizza, a bottle of cola then i was in heaven ….  but still there’s no hyde on my dream last night, or yasu …. well maybe he is busy

right now i listen to this song Sell My Soul from L’arc and yes, with this song tonight after read one little part of the Hyble translation and found out if Hideto Takarai is his real name, he is 161 cm (thank God he is taller than me …. wekekeekeke … *kicked to Alaska*) and his blood type is O (well he is a universal donor and  i am A so he can give me and yasu some of his blood)    i decided to  sell my soul to Hyde, ….

yasu    :   are you sure hyde_san is gonna buy …?
noi       :   well if he doesn’t want to buy, i’ll give it for free …
yasu    :   then …
noi       :   but don’t worry ya_san, you still have my heart, always …
yasu     :   whatever …

because today is my day off, i woke up in the morning and then i sleep again, wake up again, then sleep again like a zombie and still no hyde in my dream, oke i failed to have hyde in my dream  …. but i enjoy this Sunday, just be lazy at home, do nothing and then at 03:00 after wash my hair twice i scan my magazines, nah here’s my scans :

CD&DL February 2011

~    Acid Black Cherry

~    L’Arc_en Ciel

Songs February 2012

the point of this post is about how failed i am  to have hyde in my dream last night on my Japanese Christmas eve, ….



i forgot this one, the biggest thing i should thank to Hyde, thank God i remember this one and my brain didn’t screw me writing this post. it’s fine if i forgot about what i want to write about world war and Edith Piaf song La Vie en Rose related to , i’ll write it tomorrow.

and my last but not least grateful is

~   Thank you for having yasu as your number one fanboy and let me know him and accidentally in love with him …

yasu    :   hmm accidentally, ….
noi       :   thanks to Hyde ….
yasu    :   so if i am not Hyde_san fanboy, you are not my fangirl and this blog is not exist?
noi       :   maybe. nee ya_san, Blood is red, Dead bodies are blue, Hyde introduced us, and now I love you , that’s true
yasu    :   okay


Happy Birthday ya_san : My Heart still Draws Another Dreams … (Another me, yasu and L’arc)

Today is January 27th,  ….

and 「イエス」 today is officially a yasu day, because this brilliant man was born today 37 years ago,

my present for you ya_san is a pray, another pray for you

Happy Birthday, i wish you all the best, stay brilliant, genki and sexy as you are now and my pray is : May You have a thousand splendid happiness, because you deserve that and yes again you must be happy ….

yasu    :   a pray ..?
noi       :   yes, a little pray …
yasu    :   hmmm

actually i made that video about 3 months ago, and it takes a whole day of my office time to do that, this is because i am not good with a video edit or something related to, nah that day i dunno why i just finished that, video and when my netbook went crazy and i have to install it again , i  didn’t forget to save that video even i lost all my image file of yasu …

nah when i upload that video on Facebook because i want to tag Acid Black Cherry DreamCup, i dunno why Facebook just deleted it, because a copyright things, but when i uploaded it on Youtube, it was fine ne.

not only that, Facebook also deleted 「イエス」  PV  that i posted last month. i surprised by that, because Facebook never do that before . i think they already find me, you know who and because this ACTA things now , maybe Facebook choose to be more careful. so 2 days ago i made another Facebook, yeah just in case Facebook delete my account or make a video disable to my account .

and not only pray but i also sent something, i hope it can reach him, i posted it via FanClub. today, he is 37. and yes again he is on his way to reach his Golden moment. he worked hard as we know with his 5 consecutive single from Pistol to 「イエス」 . he did great so i am sure he is gonna reach his golden moment before 40.

credit to :  alt_A_

last night i got some blast on my mind for another pairing for me and yasu, on our fangirl (me) and idol (yasu) relationship between us. As all my office mate said often to me, how i am mentally in love to somebody who don’t know me and will never know about me, …. and hello, i am talking about this man ne , who else but him. the birthday boy today

so our new pairing is Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper, yes, yasu is SH and me as Molly. why do i have this on my mind …? if you watch SHERLOCK HOLMES season two  and finished all the 3 episodes,  esp.  The Reichenbach Fall episode  i am sure you know what i mean , ..

Molly Hooper, the one whom SHERLOCK asked to in his final problem with Jim Moriarty, and how she able to see if SHERLOCK is not okay. how Molly is just be there for SHERLOCK, admire him and his brilliant brain, …

noi       :  so that’s what i am gonna do, i am gonna be Molly Hooper for you
yasu     :  and i am SHERLOCK ...?
noi       :   yes, just like Molly, admire  you even you never know, kind a secret admirer  ….
yasu    :   secretly? …. noi_chan this blog is not secret ne, everybody know …
noi       :   well okay not a secret …

btw recently  i have this laziness to write something here, and the condition just supported me to be lazy to write something. i know that is not good ne because i need to write something, at least with writing something here i can reduce what is on my mind, what bother me, etc.

not only that i also missed a lot of things like : i missed to watch Acid Black Cherry on Happy Music because i am too busy play some new video game that i got last week, i also missed the Coming Soon show because i thought the show is on 11:50 AM, but when i found out it was PM, ….



the sky and rain made a very genius conspiracy to drive my net connection crazy, so it went crazy and i can’t watch it. but thank God there’s so many people record and there you are, you can watch it here :

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=2540787601284 :

and you can watch the whole show in here . Maybe some of you noticed how his voice sounded a bit different ne, but i think i hear his sound like this in one of the live show , on Re:Birth maybe? ah i forgot.

yasu    :   so you didn’t watch me live on your …. what did you call it…?
noi       :   my telly …?
yasu    :   ah ya your telly …
noi       :   sorry ya_san, but just blame the rain for that …
yasu    :   what the …

but for me he still brilliant and this is the greatest present from him to all of his fans out there who already dyin to see him on Telly, and in this case me, this is the first time i watch him live on Telly and look at him ….

that is brilliant …..!!!!

maybe i am already in a stage where i don’t care how my idol is on stage whether his voice is not like usually, but somehow i always have a reason to make the fact that he sounded not usually is okay, like maybe he is a little bit unwell and so many reason in my mind.

and here’s the Offshoot for 「イエス」 


when i posted that Facebook video on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook, many of them said they can’t watch the video, i dunno what the hell is happen, because when i cliked it, for me it’s worked and i signed out and watched it again with my another Facebook it also worked. so i decided to upload it on MF, nah if you can’t watch the video above you can dowload it here

not only that i also have no idea if yasu is gonna be on the Men’s Spider magazine , until i saw that on one of my friend ameblo, and OMG is this a fashion magazine …? but for a Jrockers, male ? … because as i know Men’s Spider is You Ayoukawa’s band.

OMG look at him, and yeah you right this is not a scan yet , because i haven’t receive my magazine, and i still have 3 magazine to scan.  but look at him ….

this one is my fave ….. ahahahaha …

so yasu is in fashion now plus his collaboration with 109 MEN’s Fashion, …. OMG saw him on an outfit with various color like that make me feel like when Sunako meet Kyouhei at the fisrt time, i can’t say anything but one word : Mabushiiiii …… ahahahaha …. *dumped to black hole*. ah ya i almost forgot lot of things just arrived ne

i am soo bloody happy ne , and yasu on Arena 37 is sooo brilliant, i mean the outfit, the hair, the make up and of course yasu himself is mabushiiii ……  yes, i am already scan  it and there you are the scans …

i’ll scan the rest of the magazine and another artist this Sunday, and i have no idea why Photobucket just testing me recently, it just get slow for upload just one image, i know i scan it in a big size but i don’t think that’s too big, see, about 36 MB is not big ne …

so yes, this Photobucket testing on me, my patient just make me dizzy just like how one girl on L’arc en Ciel (Cielers Indonesia) group on Facebook who also tested my patient with her silly and spoil post. God, i hate that kind a post and i wanna erase it, yeah i can do that because i am the admin on that group with Tekki of course. but that’s not good ne …

btw about L’arc en Ciel, finally they comin to my country, even yes i am gonna see them in Bangkok but hey i can’t just skip the chance to see them live in my country. I am gonna see them live more than once, and for me this is a BLESS for me and all of Indonesian Cielers out there, ….

L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 Jakarta Ticket Info Announcement!

Thanks very much for registering for Special Ticket Information about the L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012.

We’d like to send information about Jakarta ticket presale to everyone who registered.
It’s been 20 years since the band formed, and now the legend is taking a new stage!
Tickets are definitely going to be hard to come by, so please check the presales out.

*Tickets are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Presale tickets will go quickly – thanks for your understanding!

[Ticket Presale Schedule]




Presale Start From

Ticket Link

May 2nd,
2012 (Wed)

Lapangan D Senayan

Jakarta, Indonesia

Fri – Jan 27, 2012
10:00AM WIT


*We’ll provide information about tickets to other shows as inf ormation becomes available.
hey we made it ne, they finally come, i got the ticket, even in Jakarta there’s no seat all of it is standing but because considering how short i am i bought the VIP one, because there’s an early enter and also the merchandise.

so here i am chasing them in Bangkok, then they are chasing me back to my country. that’s wonderful dream ne, and this dream just being true one month again

i am gonna close this entry with this song, this is one of my fave song from L’arc

夢を描いてくよ どこまでも高く

自由に舞うのさ My Heart Draws A DREAM

noi      :   and it still drawing another dream ….
yasu   :   what dream ,….
noi      :   my brilliant dream to see you ya_san live on stage …
yasu   :   demo ne noi_chan, you can’t draw right …
noi      :   OMG you knew it, well i am not good in draw something … but
yasu   :   but what
noi      :   my heart is really good in drawing, draws a brilliant dream about you, so wait for me okay … *start to sing* この胸は, この胸は,この胸は

yasu   :   whatever, just don’t sing  …..


Dear Jim …. : What A Lovely March … (Another me, yasu and Jim Moriarty)

I am waiting for  a lovely March, then what about the next February ………. ?

well as always before a lovely month, there’s gonna be a very long month, so next February is gonna be a very long February ….. uwaaaaaa ……. *jump to Limbo*

yasu     :    hey hey noi_chan, nani ….?
noi       :    i am so exciting about next March ne
yasu    :   why ….?
noi      :    ah don’t be like that, you know why …
yasu    :   well, then enjoy your time in Limbo ne, bai bai ..
noi      :    eeehh  …..

next March, the 3rd month every year, is gonna be a very worthy month for me as a fangirl who live and lost my self in this fandom world. and yes, of course it always connect with this two man in my fandom world :

1.  hyde

in this case L’arc_en_Ciel who’s already show me the magic of JMusic and all things related to. As you know i am in 2 fandoms. L’arc _en Ciel and Acid Black Cherry.   i never buy L’arc stuffs until now, because Tekki is the one who bought all of it.

But yesterday she said to me about her changing, she said she is still Hyde’s fangirl but not like she used to be, she became a relaxing fangirl, i mean not a rush fangirl who always have the feeling having all the idol stuffs is a must like me,  (^_*) ….

i know this is because of SHERLOCK, and i tell you ne since we both watch SHERLOCK and get Sherlock_ed together, she became more British, and we both start to talk in English at home if we are talking about our L’arc trip to Thailand, why?  this is because

our L’arc trip is on KPC (read : Keep Parent Clueless) category ..

yasu   :   KPC, you mean another lie?
noi      :    ya but this one is the gentle one ne …
yasu   :   but it’s till a lie ne noi_chan …
noi      :   no no this is different this is different ne, this is yasashi uso, … it’s fine ne, nothing’s hurt
yasu   :   what the ..

this is because i have a drama  queen as my mother, if i told her majesty i am gonna go to Thailand to chase L’arc i know she is gonna freak out and start her own drama again, and the drama is gonna be a never ending one , Until now i haven’t find a good reason (yeah i mean a good lie) to cover this even i often said if i am a Big Fat Liar but now i think i am not that big as a liar because it still kind a hard for me to find a good lie for my L’arc trip.

last Friday i went to the Immigration office to fix my passport, because i missed a recommendation letter from the company i work for. at the first time i thought i am not gonna need it because only a government officer like Tekki who need a recommendation letter from her superior if she wanted to go abroad. but the fact is everybody have to get a recommendation letter. so they still delayed my passport until i give them a recommendation letter.





why is so hard to chase L’arc ne? …. but i know sometimes we have to work harder for something BIG like this, and the funny part is when i was there in the immigration office it just remind me to one book from my fave writer Chitra Banerje Divakaruni   you can read my review of this book in here

if in that book Mrs. Divakaruni wrote about group of people who trapped in the India Embassy of India for a visa to go to India with different reason, nah for me i was stuck in the immigration office with another 64 peoples there with many various reason to go abroad.

i  came there at 11:00 am, because that day is Friday, so when i arrived there it’s already break time because it was  Friday Pray time, then ah ya as usual i remember again about him, him, the one and only him (read : not yasu). he is Mr. Friday .

yasu    :    ah come on, noi_chan, sto taking bout him and go finish your post …
noi       :    nee ya_san, did you know if i think about ..
yasu    :    about what …?
noi       :    about stealing his picture and post it here …
yasu    :    why?
noi       :    maybe if i do that i am gonna forget him 100%
yasu    :    you baka …..!!!!
noi       :    so, that’s not a good idea ne …

okay i am not gonna do that then, let’s back to the topic. so i have to wait until 13:00 PM after the break time. i get a number line, and my number is 96, i saw the number on the board is 23. so yes, ….  i still have to wait …  96 – 23 =  ….


is …. *look for a calculator*

for another 73 peoples more, and i am gonna be the last person there. i hate waiting and honestly patient is not in my blood line, i mean why do i have to wait longer ne, i spent my whole life for waiting : waiting for my bus in the morning, my period every month, all my yasu’s stuffs that i bought, and now a passport?

i was sit next to a woman with her 2 years old son who was cryin so loud, OMG what kind a food and milk did she give to her son ne, so he can cry that loud …?  …

then she asked me :  where do you wanna  go?
me                        :  to Thailand
her                        :  for what …? study or work …?
me                        :  to watch a live concert …
her                        :  what ….? … *with her surprised face*

okay, there you are again that face, the face that people gonna give me if i told them about the reason to go Thailand for. not only her, even the man who interviewed me also gave me that face and add another question : what band?, oh you must be love them so much until you go abroad just to watch them … etc etc many more …

hey what is wrong with that? …  i think there’s nothing wrong but it just not a common reason here in the small province i live if somebody go abroad just for a live concert, and they have no idea about a fangirling things and yes, they are all muggles …

i think this also the reason why the rumors at my office, yeah long before my trip begin the rumors is just everywhere. see instead of i am going to Thailand to chase Hyde, the rumors said i m going to Mecca for an Umrah.

what the

what the

Umrah? Umrah is a trip to Mecca to visit many religious place there, and it is not the same trip with Hajj, ah ya you can say Umrah is more simple than Hajj. I mean if Umrah you can go by yourself, you don’t need to be on the waiting list. because if you register for Hajj now, for example me (really?) so i am gonna go to Mecca on 2019,…

waiting list , in my country now everybody who have enough money and wealthy want to go to Mecca for Hajj.  and Hajj is one of 5 what a muslim must do, but for Hajj if you don’t have enough money you can skipp it.  Going to Mecca for Hajj is not cheap ne, it’s so expensive. nah if i have enough money i am not gonna go there,  but maybe i am gonna send my mom there to Mecca for Hajj.

back to the rumors, i dunno why the rumor is so fast ne, even my boss asked me about me going to Mecca. the funny thing is when i asked my friend who told my boss about this : why did you told him i am going to Mecca for umrah …? her answer is simple : because that’s more reasonable than to watch a live concert

well okay then, i don’t care about the rumors or whatever they gonna say about this but the important thing is i am going to see L’arc ne, imagine Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya and Yukihiro, the band that i never imagine i am gonna see them.

i am gonna go there with Tekki, [info]adrio_nevralka, and another 30 people from Larcology and i am sure we all gonna have some fun there. …. and about what reason i am gonna say to my mom Her Majesty The Drama Queen  …..?

I’ll think about this again later and now le’st watch Hyde on the New Roen photos, thanks to [info]aalenchan who post it on [info]larcenciel.

OMG look at Hyde, ….!!!!

as time goes bye, people gets old and they gonna look old but not this man, hey this year he is gonna be 42 years old ne, but look at him, he is still the same and somehow he always look younger ne, Hyde, the flawless Hyde ...   and

2. yasu

his number one fanboy whom i accidentally in love with and until now i dunno why, but sometimes something just happen like that, just bang ….!!!!  and you have no idea why that’s happen, even n this universe there’s always a reason for anything but in this case (my case with yasu) …

i don’t have a reason to answer the why do you became his fangirl or what make you admire hime like that questions. I got many question like that btw,  and i can’t answer it correctly just like when somebody ask me when did you start to love yasu/ Acid Black Cherry …


what is on your mind if you hear March ….? for me when i hear March,  my mind just full with one girl name Marchia , ….. Marchia, what a beautiful name right? i can’t remember exactly who is she but i remember she is one female character on one of my fave manga that i read when i was a little.

her name is Marchia and in the story she was born n March so that’s the reason why her name is Marchia, …. one of my friend also born in March, but her name is Martha. ah ya talk about her i remember she is one of my friend when i was in collage. but about 3 months ago she got married and i dunno why i didn’t get the invitation for her wedding .

am i disappointed? yes, i am …. i just feel being invisible again, in my friend’s wedding day that’s her big day ne, did she forget about me or there’s something happen that i dunno and that things make her skipped me from her wedding guest list …? ah i dunno

ah ya stop talking about that, i better talk about fangirl ne, because this blog i made with a main purpose is for a fangirling thing not else even sometimes i wrote many craps here, but ahahahaha as time goes bye, so does my craps ….

so next March one month after February, finally i am gonna see L’arc_en Ciel, and not only that. , but yasu is gonna release his 3rd album on March, see see what i am talking about? is this a coincident or I dunno if this is another conspiracy between Hyde and his fanboy yasu to turn me into a very busy fangirl (so i can act busy) on March but i am sooo *with triple o*  excited about this :

”終わり”の時は 今すぐじゃなければいけませんか?

Acid Black Cherry


God, Tell me
Is it The End now ….?

Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album “2012” (Read: Ni-Zero-Ichi-Ni) Release on 2012.03.21

Every human being born into this world
Living with their rights and
a responsibilities as well

Jacket A : 【CD+DVD①】〈MUSIC CLIP Edition〉

品番:AVCD-32200/B ¥3,940(tax in)


・Re:birth (9th Single)
・少女の祈りIII (10th Single)
・ピストル (11th Single)
・シャングリラ (12th Single)
・蝶 (13th Single)
・CRISS (14th Single)
・イエス (15th Single) etc
(there will be 13 songs all)

<DVD> (Approximately 80 minutes)

◆7 Singles Music Clip

1.Re:birth【MUSIC CLIP】
3.ピストル【MUSIC CLIP】
4.シャングリラ【MUSIC CLIP】
7.イエス 【MUSIC CLIP】

◆[MUSIC CLIP] Special Edit Version
Special Edit Version

1.Re:birth 【Special Edit Version】
2.少女の祈りIII【Special Edit Version】
3.ピストル【Special Edit Version】
4.シャングリラ【Special Edit Version】
5.蝶 【Special Edit Version】
6.CRISIS 【Special Edit Version】
7.イエス 【Special Edit Version】

◆yasu [MUSIC CLIP] Special Interview
special interview with yasu for review of the album MUSIC CLIP

bonus : digipak, application card (valid only in Japan)

CD Japan : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview…
HMV        : http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/product/detail/4947792
YesAsia   : http://www.yesasia.com/global/abc-3…

Jacket B : CD+DVD②】〈Osaka Jo Hall Live Edition〉

品番:AVCD-32201/B  ¥3,940(tax in)


・Re:birth (9th Single)
・少女の祈りIII (10th Single)
・ピストル (11th Single)
・シャングリラ (12th Single)
・蝶 (13th Single)
・CRISS (14th Single)
・イエス (15th Single) etc
(there will be 13 songs all)

<DVD> (60 minutes recording)

◆ABC X’Mas Live _ Acid Black Christmas
〈2011年12月25日 Osaka Jo Hall〉

01.Opening Movie
02.CRISIS ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
03.蝶 ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
04.眠り姫 ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
05.冬の幻 ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
06.Black Cherry ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
07.ピストル ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
08.少女の祈りIII ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
09.Re:birth ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
10.SPELL MAGIC ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
11.イエス ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
12.シャングリラ ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~
13.20+∞Century Boys ~Live at Osaka-jo Hall~

CD Japan : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview…
HMV        :http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/product/detail/4947793
YesAsia   : http://www.yesasia.com/global/abc-3…

Jacket C : 【CD ONLY】

品番:AVCD-32202 ¥3,000 (tax in)


・Re:birth (9th Single)
・少女の祈りIII (10th Single)
・ピストル (11th Single)
・シャングリラ (12th Single)
・蝶 (13th Single)
・CRISS (14th Single)
・イエス (15th Single) etc
(there will be 13 songs all)

Bonus : 44 pages Booklet

CD Japan : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview…
HMV        : http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/product/detail/4947794
YesAsia   : http://www.yesasia.com/global/abc-3…



can you imagine, Acid Black Christmast …. i know they gonna make that live into DVD but i never imagine if they gonna put it into an album like this, i always think if they gonna put The Free Live on album but ah ya because they already share The Free Live to download so okay .. …

Acid Black Christmas on DVD ….? is brilliant ne ….

nah i think i have to do some cuts on my CD/DVD list to buy because next March is gonna be hell for my wallet. so yes, i am not gonna buy another artist than L’arc , Acid Black Cherry, and BREAKERZ. so that’s mean no movie dvd,

~  L’arc_En_Ciel : Butterfly album  done
~  BREAKERZ  : Miss Missery done
Acid Black Cherry 3rd album : Jacket C : 【CD ONLY】  done
Acid Black Cherry 3rd album : Jacket B : CD+DVD②】〈Osaka Jo Hall Live Edition〉  done

nah one more for the Jacket A : 【CD+DVD①】〈MUSIC CLIP Edition〉 and maybe for the FC edition if they gonna release some FC edition like the 5 consecutive singles .

credit to : alt_A_

I always wait for the Edit version PV , i mean they gonna edit what? …. but i am sure for CRISIS they gonna bring back the nerd because look at this …

see that’s Hiro, so ….. so okey i hope this is right i am gonna see the nerd version for CRISIS edited version and maybe all of the single? … who knows …. ahahahaha …. *so exciting*

today i went to spa, to get a whole body scrub and some sauna, and i am already do this spa things start from last month, every Saturday or Sunday after work ….

yasu    :    eeeh, you spa, sauna … really …
noi       :    ahahaha yes, ..
yasu    :    what’s wrong with you …?
noi       :    nothing’s wrong, i’ll tell you why ….

wekekekeekkeke, it sounds girly ne, and can you imagine how boring i am for stayin there and waiting inside the sauna, while watching my body melting, … then i remember him, Jim Moriarty with his scary words

well okay that’s only my feeling ne, somehow inside the sauna i feel like i was burn alive and my whole body melting … but maybe Jim Moriarty the number one crime consultant can do something with me, i mean with my skin …

i really want my skin to be lighter than now because i am so tanned now, and this whole body srub things so boring and i don’t have time to go to spa every day, but when i finished the whole body scrub part and then drown myself in the bathtub for a milk bath treatment about 30 minutes then when i got home thanks to how lack my health now is, i got a fever, and the fever is 100% not a Saturday Night Fever …..

so okay this spa and sauna things just make me sick. maybe if i ask Jim, he’ll think about something for me. He is capable of anything ne …

Dear Jim,

can you skipp the I will burn you part and straight to the I will skin you part and erase the I’ll make you into shoe for my skinn. I just wanna make my skinn lighter than now for my L’arc trip to Thailand …

Thanks before.


yasu    :   chotto ne noi_chan, skinn you, really ..?
noi       :   yes, you know be more lighter than now …
yasu    :   and , i am sure he is gonna make you into shoe  …
noi       :   noooooo …..
yasu    :   then don’t be silly, you’re not a snake ne …
noi       :   oke then i’ll just scrub …
yasu    :   nah there you are …


New Year’s Post : Say Bai Bai 2011 and Embrace 2012 …. ( Another me, yasu and Next 2012)

after almost one hour stare at my twitter time line and my telly screen at the same time finally i saw his new year’s tweet. that’s fine and it is always fine the fact that he never reply my tweets to him but still , …. my heart still draws a dream if he is gonna reply my tweet on my birthday, that would be brilliant …

yasu         :     him, who  ….?
noi           :      not you …
yasu         :     i know it’s not me, then who?
noi           :      i am not gonna tell you, btw how’s your New Year …?
yasu        :      then i am not gonna answer you …
noi           :      aaaaaaa ……

ah he is not gonna answer it and sure he is not gonna ask me either so i am gonna ask my self  how’s my new year’s eve?, ….  the answer is nothing special, just like another night but the different is i am free tomorrow, and who is gonna work on January1st btw ….

i spent my new year’s eve do nothing but stay tune on my telly while rolling2 on my bed watching Kohaku on NHK and of course waiting for Hyde. but because i watch Kohaku while watch Prince of Persia so i almost miss L’arc performance (i didn’t get the talk btw) but hey see how fast internet now is, i can see the performance plus talk now because someone is already upload it

again and again Hyde with his stunning hairstyle, and leader in red? …. but for me Ken and Yukihiro looks awesome tonight, ….  Hyde sounds amazing not only when he is singing but try to listen when he talk, he still sounds amazing …. not only that, now look at this new OHP image

they all flawless, and for Butterfly album cover …

lot’s butterfly and see how beautiful is it covered by butterfly all over her body. I watch this movie : Prince of Persia : The Sands Of Time  for the 2nd time on my telly, i am already add one movie channel to my cable start this January btw. that’s a sign that i am already get my moviegoers soul back

Where is Persia anyway? …  if you wanna find where is Persia now the answer is Iran. Yes Iran is Persia. The story begin 15 years ago when King of Persia adopt a child. The child named Dastan who has nobody and of course there’s no royal blood inside of him became Prince Dastan, Prince of Persia among 2 of the King’s son Tus the older and Garsiv

even Dastan is not their real brother but both of them ( Tus and Garsiv) love them, at the first time i have a feeling if Garsiv hate Dastan because The King love Dastan so much. but that’s not true , ….

because The King well educated all of his sons and keep told him if brotherhood is not depend on having the same blood but it depend on how stong is your sword, a strong sword to protect This Kingdom (Persia) together as one. and his sons keep it on their minds.

one day there’s a rumor from a spy that said if the kingdom of Alamut have a weapon and they wanted to attack Persia. so The Persia move one step forward by attack Alamat firt before they attack Persia. There’s one Princess in Alamut who really have no idea why did Persia attack her country. Her name is Princess Tamina.

Princess Tamina as the crown princess of Alamut have a duty to be the guardian of a blade, a legendary blade that her ancesstor told her to protect. and now the dagger is on Prince Dastan’s hand. The secret about this dagger is about the glass with some sands inside of it.

well that’s not an ordinary sands, but that sands is a sands of time, whoever own the dagger and push the button and there you are the sands of time is gonna tell him about what is gonna happen next. nobody knows about that but the dagger owner himself.  Not only that, but the dagger also can turn back the time.

nobody knows about this, but Princess Tamina and all the guardian who supposed to guard the dagger. But there’s one man who also know about the dagger and it capability of. He is The King’s younger broher.  He want he dagger so he spread the rumors about Alamut and makePersia attack them.

after attack Alamut succesfully,  Prince Dastan gave his father a prayer robes of Alamut as a gift. but who knows if the robes is already posined. What happen next is The King died because of the poison and before he died, he ask Dastan : why, why do you do this to me ….? yes the all think Dastan is the one who kill his father.

Dastan has no other option but run, and together with Princess Tamina he start his journey to prove his innocent and find who behind all of this, ….   the next part is the journey and this movie put all the details beautifully , … the scene, the scenery, between Dastan and Tamina from hate into romance step by step, and when Dastan and Tamina trapped in the sandstorms and they have to stay in a tents waw that just kick my brain back to when Jack G spent all night long with Heath Ledger ….




see how different is Jack Gyllenhaal in this movie from the koboi into the big guy from Persia, i don’t like him much after i watch him on Brooke Back Mountain and i think i only know him as Maggie Gyllenhaal’s brother. But everything is different when i watch him  on this movie …..

ah ya today on the 1st day of 2012 [info]lauraorganasolo was so awesome by posted and event called Celebrate 2012 with a 20th L’Anniversary Streaming on [info]larcenciel and i have a very wonderful time even late to join there . but then the streaming  was stopped because some reason, but the good news is she is gonna stream again for L’20 DVD Day to tomrrow on 7 am Japan Time, nah if you wanna join me you can go here

the best part of joined the Streaming Live event is being able to have some chit chat with L’arc fans out there while saying Happy New Year each other and of course the Hyde, Ken, tetsuya and Yukihiro talks. not only that she also stream some videos and we all laugh together (i think so) and when she streamed Hyde and Ken on Cartoon KAT TUN, OMG hyde was so funny 100% epic fail. i can’t remember exactly when did i watch that video but that’s so funny …

Ken_chan MC is soo funny …. @_@ OMG he can say lots of  yay yay yay yay so fast ne until made me blurry about what he said next but all the yay things , and then he said  something …. i dunno what is supposed to mean but then i found out if he talk about the next song Seventh Heaven …..

how hyde said hello, ni hao, then annyong haseyo and then konichiwa  is so adorable … that’s remind me when he said wo men se F4 in Taiwan Live and btw i also found out if they cut yasu’s part when he sang winter fall and honey together with all artists ….




noi      :    ya_san, they cut you part ne ….
yasu   :     of course they have to …
noi      :    but i thought i am gonna be able to see you  ….
yasu   :    come on, noi_chan don’t say you don’t know why they have to do it …
noi      :    yes, i know ….
yasu   :    so you know and now go away, don’t you see i am in the bathroom now?
noi      :    ups …..

of course i know the reason why they have to do it, the copyright things make them have to do that, it is impossible to include all of the artists from different label  who joined the acappela on the DVD. this event is the best new years for me and also this event give an idea to do the same thing to Acid Black Cherry DVD.

I think i am gonna do the same thing like what she did, to stream a dvd and watch it together with all ABC fans instead of upload it and enjoy the moment, talks maybe and watch together than watch it alone while skipp some part.  Because as you know i am so stupid to deal with something like uploading file, especially the big size one.  so i’ll think about that …

now let’s talk about yes single, …. now it’s already January where rain is gonna come everyday and thank God the long December is over so i am only have to wait for another 17 days to Acid Black Cherry 15th single yes comin and of course all of these stuffs :

OMG isn’t he looks brilliant? so yes yes yes i want all of that indeed i am waiting for all of that stuffs even until now i haven’t receive my CRISIS FanClub edition yet but ah i am fine with that ….

yasu     :    sure you are fine?
noi        :    yes …
yasu     :    why? ….
noi        :    because your next 15th single is yes,so i can’t say no ..
yasu     :    what the ..

i may look greedy for want all of that, but maybe i am and i think i start became into a collector, you know what i mean i bought all the CD just because i want the bonus stuffs all of it, and i don’t care if i bought double or triple for the same CD and i am gonna tell you again like what i posted on my Facebook and Tumblr

it’s fine to be a greed fangirl because for something like this (read : ABC stuffs) Greed is Sooo*with triple O* Good

if someone asked me about what’s 2011 on your mind? or what i feel about 2011? …. well last year (waw it’s so nice ne say a day before today as last year) is …. ah i dunno what to say. lot’s happen, but i am still the same me, didn’t change much as i expected on 2010, ….  but lot’s of things just make me happy last year

~    Yasu is everywhere in internet

from facebook, twitter, youtube, ameba etc. it just make me happy because it use to very hard to find some info about him but from the Acid Black Cherry Official Website but now even i can see him on that santa hat and his new year’s post yesterday

明けまして愛してる。姫始めはいつすんの? yasu

just a simple tweet and post on the facebook wall but still it really worthy ne, even i thought there’s gonna be a message video or something but hey that’s fine.

~   I got a promotion

a promotion means they are really see me, and how i worked all this time, for me it seems like i am not invisible anymore, me the one Noi who was always invisible to everybody and everywhere just get notified. I am so happy for this

~     This Man

he is Mark Gatiss and he is the reason why i stay on twitter. for what? just to see his twitter on my time line. yes again and again he never reply my tweets to him but still read and re_tweet all his tweet just make me happy. Mark Gatiss and his brilliant brain.

but what happen today just make me think if he is reply my tweet even not directly. He tweeted about him watching Wizard of Oz with his dog and i tweeted/ask him : What cath you in this movie? the red shoes catch me at the fisrt time. and the his next tweet is : As a child, the bit where the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet curl up terrified me. see see …..

and about what i want on next 2012? …. maybe i wanna be more lighter than i am now,  see how tanned i am? i spent more time outside than inside maybe this is because i enjoyed more outside /field job than desk job so there you are my skin is darker and darker but thank God my heart is not dark at least the sun didn’t effect my heart …


even this year my yasu looks hairstyle was totally failed and it became Dora looks hairstyle but i think i got the bang  just like yasu’s …….  ahahahahaha ….  or not?

okay last but not least just like one of Yes lyrics :

涙うかべ笑って見せた涙声で ばいばい ばいばい 大好きだった君の笑顔が切なくて

Namidau ka be Emi tte miseta namidagoe de Bai bai bai bai Daisukidatta kimi no egao ga setsunakute

what i am gonna say is :

Happy New Year to all of you minna, Let say Bai Bai to 2011 and embrace the brilliant 2012 together ….

yasu      :    embrace brilliant 2012 with you? ….  ah no …
noi         :    that’s fine ne ya_san ….
yasu      :    eeehh … really?
noi         :    sure ….
yasu      :    why? or is there’s something wrong with you?
noi         :    well you don’t have to embrace the brilliant 2012 with me because you are already brilliant ne ….. yay yay yay ….!!!
yasu      :    heeee ….. just do what ever you want ….