@Office Post : Let The L~エル~ Tour Begin …. !!!! (Another me, yasu and My Love?)


I am writing this post now, at office

so there will be no scans included since i dunno how to make screencaps using this laptop. At09:37 AM i have nothing to do now, one person cancel our meeting today so here i am now alone in front of my laptop while wondering what i am gonna do now.

With only 6,000,000 IDR left inside my wallet suddenly i feel stupid.

I mean what can i do with all those bills i need to pay. I better start to call some people and that some people better start to pay me a.s.a.p. Now it’s time to be a Debt Collector.

Actuall a Debt Collector isn’t an easy job ne, …

If you love to see HK movie, especially about the Chinese secret society called as triad,  you must know how all triad members started their career as a Debt Collector for their boss that they usually call as brother.

and My best HK triad movie is still John Woo‘s A Better Tomorrow (1986) and my fave Big Brother  is …



who ellse but Chow Yun-fat … !!!

and now when i have to be one of the Debt Collector, the probie one  i feel that  never understand people ne, especially people with he ability to speak so smooth and gently when they need money and then act very busy when the time to pay is comin.

Geez, people ….

OK, enough with the Debt Collector talk, let’s move to the main topic The L~エル~ Tour .

Today is March 10th, 2015 that is The L~エル~ Tour will start today in Hiroshima then suppose it’s the perfect time to say …

Let The L~エル~ Tour Begin …. !!!!

aand talking about Acid Black Cherry Live Tour, of course we have to talk about …

~  the Tour GOODs

so they (read : team ABC )  finally allow us to see the how the venue – only look like …




Whenever yasu‘s holding a Tour and release GOODs, pamphlet is my fave among all the GOODs. That’s why this L~エル~ Tour, the very 1st time yasu broke my heart by put my fave item ( read : pamphlet) into the venue-only items

#uuu yasu, how dare you …. !!!



yasu    :    do you have to do that again …
noi       :    that’s because you did dare to …
yasu    :    to what …
noi       :    you broke my heart, and that was HURT ne …





there’s 5 of them …

OPQ set

b13 (1)

Jumping Child Hand Wireless Massager …???
What the hell is that?
so that child is gonna jumping – jumping on my hand or what …??

what kind of naughty set they have this time eh. And maybe i am too Greed or i read that OPQwrongly as QPQ set and thought it was a set of QPs, i just asked my friend to buy me that for me.

well then, this is gonna be the very 1st time of me to buy yasu‘s naughty set. I never did that anyway and also  what am i gonna do with that? after all …

i don’t need any vibrator because i already have my personal and  with no battery to change … !!!!



noi        :   eeeh, what am i talking about eh ….
yasu     :   hey noi_chan, are you …
noi       :    what, lie again ?   no i am not
yasu    :    i didn’t say that …


Incubus-kun figure



there’s 8 types all

i actually wanted to change that OPQ sex into one or maybe two Incubus-kun, but then when i posted it on team_yasu‘s group on Facebook i cancel it because all my friends there gave me a good reason why i should buy that …

At least, i can show them how that naughty set looks and works like …

These days, with the new album comin i feel how Acid Black Cherry fandom more alive than before. And i really love to be in this fandom, all the fans are great and we do share things more than before now.

For me, at this moment Acid Black Cherry fandom is the best.



yasu    :    why … ???
noi      :     allow me to tell you why …

Why Acid Black Cherry fandom is the best …??

because only in Acid Black Cherry fandom you can find something like this UNBOXING DVD+CD video like this  …



that’s a very nice fan-video from Maria Evi, FYI she is the admin of Acid Black Cherry Puerto Rico.

If you follow her YouTube, you will find another video of her UNBOXING Acid Black Cherry‘s single, album, and even PHOTOBOOK. At the 1st time i’ve seen that video i was like …


that’s awesome idea,  and also how instead of using Opening, she choose to use UNBOXING.I never think about making a  video of me UNBOXING all my Acid Black Cherry stuffs like what she did  … !!!

next is

~     L~エル~ Album with other jacket offering to order on the venue …


Like what they did for 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ single where they offered 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ single with a special other jacket to buy on the venue of VAMPS HALLOWEEN Party Live 2013, there will be a special offer for those who buy the new album at the venue.

L-エル-  album with a special Other Jacket like this …



Oh no yasu, noooo  …. !!!!


noi        :    those SAMPLEs hurting my eyes …!!!
yasu     :    don’t tell me you also want that …
noi        :   no, i don’t …. *cross my fingers*
yasu     :    really …??

OK, before i want that again, let’s move to …

~   The L~エル~  Truck

This is how The L~エル~  Truck looks like


cr : @junkokoko317 and @yakumo_cubic

well like Magnolia, actually i am a very simple woman eh, so yes simple thing like able to see that L~エル~  Truck on my twitter TimeLine already make me happy.

Two thumbs up to that 2 tweeps who tweet_ed that and share it with me. If the go to L~エル~  Tour, i hope they got a nice seat and maybe an opportunity to touch yasu or get something from yasu (towel, shirt, guitar pic or else).

And now this song if for all of you Acid Black Cherry fans who will go to L~エル~  Tour



if you already watch a Korean movie called Miss Granny, i am sure you must know this song. A song about a woman who really want to go to LA together with her beloved, but too bad she couldn’t.

Go to LA

.. ♪ Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
Tell me if the sky is blue
Tell me that you’re happy

Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
A letter full of love

Tell me how you are
when you get to L.A.
Tell me if the sky is blue
Tell me that you’re happy

Think of me on happy days
and on lonesome days
Think of the time
you and I were together

I wish you were here with me
We would look great together
anywhere we go

Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
I’m sorry I can’t come with you
I really am sorry

Tell me how you are
when you get to L.A.
Bye, my love

Bye, my love …..

in this case because you all will go to L~エル~ Tour, let’s change the lyrics into this …

.. ♪ Write me a nice Live report after you get to see L~エル~ Live
Tell me  how yasu is
Tell me  how happy you are

Write me me a nice Live report after you get to.see L~エル~ Live
A Live report full of ABC
Tell me how you feel  when you get  to see L~エル~ Live
Tell me how yasu looks like
Tell me that you’re happy

Think of me on your happy time watching  L~エル~ Live
Think of the time you and I were together
I wish i can be there with you
We would look great together anywhere  L~エル~ Live we go

Write me me a nice Live report after you get to see L~エル~ Live
I’m sorry I can’t come with you
I really am sorry
Tell me how you feel after you get to see L~エル~ Live

Bye Bye, my love
Bye Bye, my love …..



yasu    :     that song, is it for the fanboy?
noi       :     no, of course not …
yasu    :     then what  …
noi      :      let’s just say this post is

a post  from a fan who couldn’t go to see you Live on stage to the other fans who will go to see you Live …. !!!

yasu    :    and that bye my love is for …


After Listening Post : Acid Black Cherry : L~エル~ Album … (Another me, yasu and The Liar)

so after i checked ,

apparently last month i only write one post eh, no wonder i feel so bad ne. This feeling about me not being able to let go all of this lots of things in my mind is a total hell inside of me. Especially when all those things started to talk and then yell at each other and drives me crazy.

so rather that let myself driven crazy (omo, do i make myself sounds like a car … ?) suppose it’s will be better if i posted in here and believe me everyone, i have a LOTs of things in my mind naw.

So there you are everyone, another long boring rambling post again from me … !!!!

yasu   :   not again noi_chan, a rambling post, really??  …
noi      :   yeah, really
yasu   :   i mean, there’s my new album ne, at least do make a review or somethin …
noi      :   ah ya, but i need to be better eh
yasu   :   then go somewhere else, not here
noi      :   hello, this is my blog eh honey …

so these days, i’ve been very busy.

In fact, i’d say this year is gonna be the busiest year that i ever have until now. Every day, i don’t have much time to do anything else at office. And when i get home i am just too tired to do anything but jump in my bed and go to sleep.

And the fangirling things that i really love to do or tryin to make me feel better by write something in here, is something really hard to do now.

i also need more time to listen (read : listen carefully) yasu‘s new album that i’ve been waiting for so long …


i just can’t believe if me, somebody who wanted to hear that so much until  ….

i tweeted that shameless tweet request to my friend using that demi persahabatan kita (Eng : for the shake of our friendship ) asked my friend to buy me 2 songs (7 Colors and エストエム) from iTunes.

2 songs from L~エル~ Album that i really want to hear …

But then, i ended with had no time to sit, listen and tryin to understand the whole album

yasu    :   look who is suddenly really busy now …
noi       :   well …
yasu    :   even for me
noi       :   i am so sorry eh, but …

So don’t ask about the Heart to Heart Translation things that i always do whenever yasu release a new single or album while waiting until Kiku post her translation to check my mistakes, because for me her translation is the best.

This time,i didn’t do it. All i do is like a very lazy student, i just read Kiku‘s translation while listening each of the song one by one.

So just like how i always keep the biggest meatball on my meatball soup or the cherry on top of my black forrest to eat last, i wanted to do the same thing with this album. I am not sayin i am gonna wait until i get my copy to hear it,

NO WAY, i can’t stand not to hear it …. !!!

i am talking about to listen and feel this album on the perfect time and finally managed to listen to this whole album, and if this something i wrote can be included into something that people say as a review, then say it.

but rather to call it as a review, i think i am gonna call it as My After listening L~エル~  feelings …

who am i to write a review anyway, after all i am just a fangirl who only know how to post yasu‘s images then sayin how kawaii, mind blowing, etc etc and annoyed people with all Acid Black Cherry stuffs i have on Facebook.

so there you are everyone …

~   My After listening L~エル~  feelings …

i will try to talk about what i feel when and after i listen to each songs, even though i didn’t listen all the songs deeply because i haven’t get all the lyrics yet. So this My After listening L~エル~  feelings is 100% listening only, the lyrics not included.

Not yet, i still wait until Kiku finished all her translations.

01. Round & Round

it’s a nice song, pretty catchy to be an opening song for this album.

Blimey, but on my first time reading the song tiltle i already imagine how the Live Performances on next L~エル~ Tour must be on a round stage like QED Live.

and what i love from this song is how yasu close it sweet and nicely with this English lyrics …

I’m still waiting for you
though we broke up, my heart is still with you…
You may deny but I still love you,
I will wait forever my love…
for you…

even yeah,

i do still have this dilemma whenever yasu singing a song with English lyrics. The same problem about no matter how i forced myself to hear it and get what he said without reading the lyrics.

But still, i failed again for this album.

yasu    :    come on noi_chan, you say you’ll stop …
noi       :    do what …
yasu    :    that you just did …
noi       :    i just say i failed eh, not complaining …

next is ….

02. liar or LIAR ?

this 2nd song is something i will say another great song from yasu again,

Especially YUKI‘s guitar on the beginning,

then continued with some trio of yasu‘s vocal, YUKI‘s guitar and Junji’s drum sounds that in my mind they’re like run after each other fast, as fast as Forrest Gump running back to the jungle, somewhere in Vietnam over and over to find his best friend Bubba.

it’s fast but still enjoyable and totally AWESOME … !!!

Even there’s something on the lyrics that’s become our talks tonight after reading Kiku‘s translation for this song complete with her very good English advice

It’s just a litte thing that maybe for some people will ignore it, but for people who have English and the grammar for their living, i understand how that’s kinda hard to ignore.

So last night, there was changing question,  from

Liar or LIAR ?


You are a liar or You’re a liar

eh yasu …???

yasu   :    you noi_chan, you’re the liar ….
noi      :    オモ ヤッさん、that sounds like Darcy >_<
yasu   :    who …??
noi      :    well, now you better brace yourself because your fans cannot stand to be your grammar police …
yasu   :    then you’re the Inspector ?

But still, Liar or LIAR? is one of my fave from this album and now i wonder yasu must have lots of good songs like this inside his brain on line to be release isn’t he …???


i’d say エストエム is brilliant … !!!

it blows my mind since last Christmast eve Secret Meeting when yasu allow us to listen to some seconds preview of this song i already imagine how this song will bring a Massive Headbang on Live.

And when i listen to the full version, my mind blown away again aaand not only that, the lyrics eh. I am shivering now just by reading the translation.

Especially this part …

I don’t really care for that pain that brings tears to your eyes
But I’m telling you that sometimes it can be kind
It’s because I’m good for nothing that my sadist needs me

if the sadist and the masochist treat one another it’s a labyrinth that leads to pleasure …



now who needs Mr. Grey’s 50 shades if with this エストエム, yasu already gave me some of his 50 shades …???

Call me Greed please,

but by listening to this song suddenly i wonder is it OK if i want the full version PV of エストエム for the last Coming Soon … !!! on Lーエルー Album Special Site  …???

i am talking about this sexth Coming Soon … !!

06.Greed Greed Greed

Because the Mp3 player on my phone is arraged alphabetic like that, so how i listen is also alphabetically from エストエム, Greed Greed Greed and INCUBUS, that somehow i enjoy it really much and i finally get the point of this song,

Greed Greed Greed

yasu    :    then do tell me ….
noi       :    It is forever OK to be Greed right …
yasu    :    noi_chan, that again …?
noi       :    ….

07.7 colors

for this song, i knew that some Acid Black Cherry fans who also into L’arc_en_Ciel fans will say this song remind them to L’arc_en_Ciel の C’est La Vie.

I’d say from the drum beat maybe ….   *wink*

08.〜Le Chat Noir〜
09.黒猫〜Adult Black Cat〜
10.versus G

This song,

i think if i go to see this song Live i might get the same effect i got like when i see Greed Greed Live last year at Budokan. Not complaining, but i said lots of

Eeeh yasu, what the hell you are sayiinn …. ????

then i remember that time, suddenly i wanna cry and just wanted to go home and see my mother.


this song is song that i less like, it sounds like it was forced into. You know like when somebody put a bucket of roses into a wrong vase. Something sounds weird, especially at the ending, not a good ending tho .

When i listen to this song i only think about this song is similar to what song …???

14.& you

PS  :   you can read all the lyrics translation in Kiku’s Tumblr  in —> here

That’s all My After listening L~エル~  feelings, not complete yet i know.

Maybe i will fix and edit later when i receive my copies. I think now i am the only one fans who haven’t see the Live, MC Selection and Documentary, even i did DL_ed the Live at office but …

I still need to DL the MC Selection and Documentary first. I have to wait when there’s no Jodha Akbar mass streaming again. So i can have my fast internet connection again.

for this yasu‘s Love Allbum, i give 8.5 stars.

Yes it’s good and for the 3rd time i say here how i am not complaining, but still i have to say   …

If this album is a Black Forrest, i’d say yasu forgot to put a cherry on top of it.

next is this ….

~  Whatsoever Update from me

this one is for

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK : Miyazaki

B-PASS 2015年3月号: Akihide

B-PASS 2015年3月号 : VAMPS

Enjoii …. !!!!

and keep the worst for the last. next is ….

~   This Whatsoever Story that I need to let go

I did say how i want to be like ULTRON as one of my Resolution for 2015.

Free and happy (from how it he destroyed all things,i think ULTRON is a very happy machine ne … ) like The ULTRON with no strings attached.

But apparently no strings attached is really hard to do, even for this Inspector Himura who choose to stay inside her private Limbo rather than do or involved into whatsoever things that a normal person will ….

yasu    :    why …??
noi       :    because Inspector Himura think people will never understand her …
yasu    :    not even him …??
noi       :    NOBODY …. !!!   *cryin*

so this story is gonna be another same story about how Inspector Himura failed again for how many times in this relationship shit involved things that SHERLOCK will call as  a Human Error (read : love).

so the story starts lyin in the dark with someone new …. ~ ♪♫

noi       :   i … ~~ ♬♬
yasu     :  i told you ne noi_chan, don’t sing
noi       :   but it will make this more dramatic ne
yasu    :   oh please Drama Queen, STOP …. !!!
noi       :   なんで 。。。?

back to the story ne, ….

so the story start when Inspector Himura worked on a case together with consultant from another company. Let’s just call him as Mr. Darcy (yeah, the same Darcy on Jane Austen‘s Pride and Prejudice).

They worked very well together during the case because this Mr. Darcy is a very lovely and polite man with amazing ability to make very funny jokes that make them get along well together. And then when the case is over, Mr. Darcy had to back to his country.

About 2 weeks after that, Comissioner Viyay (Inspector Himura’s boss) told her if Mr. Darcy asked for her Facebook and Comissioner Viyay gave it to him.

And then things that started from work continued into a nice an long chat on Facebook and calling each other on the weekend.

yasu    :     ええ ちょっとね、noi_chan …
noi       :     ん 。。。?
yasu    :     can you just use you, Darcy, your boss and me …?
noi       :     but i am tryin to say is a story ne not a diary …
yasu    :     to make it simple ne because we all know this all about you  …

Well then ….

Since my father died, there’s a BIG change happened to Comissioner Viyay.

From my fave boss who never care whether i am gonna marry soon or choose to stay single this year into a Probie Matchmaker joining all those muggles around me by nonstop sayin

What about him …??
he is cute, isn’t he Moi?
That guy from tax askin me about you … etc etc

when we go somewhere and meet a single guy. Now i kinda miss how he always answer she is still busy with his works whenever there’s somebody asked me this question

why you’re still single?
I think you are too cute to be single …

that’s a question that a single guy will ask to a single woman. And Comissioner Viyay used to be very good about find me answer for that. But now, he’s just non-stop annoyed me with all his matchmaking questions  …

and one day he called me and told me if he gave my Facebook accc to Darcy with a note how i must to accept his friend request.

I said OK boss …!!! to him even it was a bit surpris for me when i found out what he gave to Darcy is my fangirling full of yasu Facebook acc, not the personal one that less yasu.

and then Darcy and i, we’re friends on Facebook and yes, i was a bit worry about this because with that fangirling full of yasu Facebook, i know i will make his feeds full of yasu and all my rambling things about i want this, that and many more.

but …

Something about Darcy that totally different from other guy i ever now is how he also askin about my works and family doing on everytime we talk. In fact, that’s one of the reason i say yes to him about tryin to be more involved and attached my self to him aand his message on Valentine’s Day,

OMG that was beyond sweet and i totally blown away by him … !!!

until one day, when he finally asked

Who is that man on your Facebook cover?
Why you have so many photos of him ?
is he your boyfriend or ex  …???

….   etc etc that ended with how i am not being honest to him about this.

I knew that time will come, when he will ask me about this and i have to answer and tell him about this whatsoever hallucinationship and obsession i have with yasu that honestly i don’t like to talk about with him.

It’s because when Comissioner Viyay introduced me to him, he didn’t mention about this hallucinationship and obsession i have with a man named yasu, so i never talk about yasu with him.

I admit, i am somebody who will talk about yasu non stop both on my Facebook or real life. I make all my friend bored with my yasu‘s talk everyday at office but not with him.

In fact, he is the only person that i don’t talk about yasu with because he isn’t a fanboy.

so when he finally asked me who is yasu? i dunno what to say, i just say he is a singer and i am a BIG fan of him.

That’s all ne, i think adding about your weird obsession about somebody to a person that you are fallin in with is not a good idea, especially when you both are still only 4 months involving each other.

maybe i am a Liar,

But only to my mother, because with that Drama Queen, lying is something very easy for me to do.

for example,

~ when my mother ask me to do something that i don’t wanna do i will say i am too tired or i have something elese to do. or …
~ when i don’t want to go to school, i pretend to be sick and stay on bed, or
~ whenever i want something and she wont buy it for me, i will pretend to stop eating until she will buy it for me

So when he said how i am not being honest with him that for me, it feels like he was sayin

You’re a Liar … !!!

to me, and eh God that’s really hurts,

because see, my eyes maybe not bright as yasu, but i never lie to him. He was the one who never ask ne. I mean if he never ask, do i have to explain everything about me, at this very beginning time of us?

NO WAY i am not gonna do that

I don’t like people to know much about me, because there’s so many things about me that i still want to keep it for myself and NOBODY should know at this moment

For example, i don’t even know who is my real father ne. So do i have to tell him about this, about how nobody i am who was being abandoned by her father because her father couldn’t deal with a new baby and lost a wife at the same time?

NO WAY, i am not gonna do that eh …

Still having him sayin you’re a liar … !!! to me in my mind is hurt ne, indeed it is. As you now there’s one BIG problem for a Liar ne. That BIG problem is how it is really hurt when a Liar tellin the truth but nobody believe it.

i wish he said it wrongly like yasu on Liar or LIAR? song, sayin it as  …

you are Liar. I’m tired … !!!

so i can answer him,

no, i am Noi. My name is Noi, not Liar …. !!!!!  eeh he he he he   *got a massive kick from MEGATRON*

yasu    :   not funny noi_chan …
noi       :   see how another fail keep comin to me …
yasu    :   then what next, do i have to prepare another super glue?
noi       :   i dunno …

i think what i need to do now is pull myself out of this whatsoever things i have with him before this feeling i have for him getting deeper than now. I just don’t want to get hurt again. I know when it will be hurt more when i get deeper than now.

so i need to STOP naw …

I will cry maybe 4, 5 days maybe one weeks but then i am sure i am gonna be fine ne. After all i believe the idea about how a girl is a bunny.

A downtown bunny who will never get tired to run after their love.

Even though sometimes their eyes got red after cryin like hell for their failure for love, but after a while that bunny will run again all over the cities   …

yasu    :   and …
noi       :   find another love …
yasu    :   so now you’re a bunny …
noi       :   at this moment, yes
yasu    :   and a Liar … ??
noi       :   no, i am not. He just never ask  …


Heartache Post : 2015 tour 「L-エル-」 Goods and more … !!! (Another me, yasu and Mr. THORsday)


I suppose ….

coming soon …!!! is become a fave words for yasu and his team these days eh. After wrote that damn coming soon on their 「L-エル-」 Special Site ,  now they also put it for this2015 tour  「L-エル-」 Goods page on UpRise….


i mean,

when i was so f***in happy about them finally announced the Official Goods for 2015 tour  「L-エル-」 suddenly my happy nyappy fangirl moment opening UpRise shop full of Goods that i want, got a masive HIT by this  ..


#ewwww whuuut theee ….. !!!!


seems like now coming soon …!!! also became another annoying words to see on Acid Black Cherry division in this fandom world beside these SAMPLE posted on yasu‘s poster sample.

even i know  ….


yasu    :    you know what ….
noi       :    i know they put that BIG SAMPLE for a reason …
yasu    :    so you know …
noi       :    hey, i am not a Fulltime John Smith eh, sometimes i do know something …
yasu    :    stop whining then  …. !!!!

very well then, let’s start this post and as always friendly reminder for you all who read, i think this is gonna be ….

another long and full of boring rambling of a fangirl for being lost in her fandom world …. !!!

first, or course it has to be about …

~   2015 tour  「L-エル-」 Goods

Pre-order period  :   February 9th (Monday) 15:00 ~ February 16th, 2015 (Monday)23:59 JST
via                     :   Official Shop ~  UpRise 
Scheduled to be delivered on March 4th, 2015 (Wednesday)

# The pre-sale Items

that you can buy online  ….


1. T-shirt (woman, man M and L size) : 3,500 yen
2. Sticker (canned) : 1,000 yen
3. Bath Towel : 3,500 yen
4. Muffler towel (both FC and non-FC ver.) : 2,000 yen
5. Key ring : 1,500 yen
6. iPhone 5 and 6 case (both A and B type) : 2,500 yen
7. Notebook type mobile case : 3,000 yen
8. Socks (Both man and woman) : 1,000 yen
9. Tote BAG : 3,000 yen

# The venue-only Items


1. Pamphlet : 3,000 yen
2. Postcard : 500 yen
3. QPset : 4,000 yen
4. Incubus-kun figure (all 8) : 1.000 yen

A venue-only items means, you (yes, i am talking to you, all oversea fans … !!!) cannot buy it via online. If you want to buy it, you have to go or ask somebody to go to the venue to buy it for you or you have to wait until the Tour is over and they will allowed us to buy those venue-only items via on-line

and the worst part is …

they put the pamphlet and postcards on the venue-only items, really  … ???  >_<

from all Acid Black Cherry goods, pamphlet and postcard are my fave items ne, even according to this blog post about 5 Popular Acid Black Cherry Items and the reason why ….

from number 5 ~ 1

5. Tour Pamphlet

4. Original T-Shirt


There are many fans who attend live bought and wear it immediately on the venue. Sense of unity can be born by wearing the same T-shirt and the live became more and more liven up.

and also Acid Black Cherry T-shirt so easy to wear even at the venue ,,

3. Stickers

because it’s not expensive so students can buy it and put it on their mirror, bags and have fun by make their room full of Acid Black Cherry

2. Muffler Towel


1. Headband …

both the red classic devil or the back bat, Acid Black Cherry‘s headband is something that fans must have. Not only to use to watch Live but you can also use it when you are going to karaoke

but on mylist, pamphlet and postcarrd still number 1 and 2.

Even i do love T-shirt, but the problem is here where i am livin now (out of Limbo), nobody understand and i cannot share (read : show -off …. xD ) about all my Acid Black Cherry stuffs, no body will envy or at least say …

ワウ、すごい ノイちゃん 。。。!!!

everytime i use my T-shirt, towel, tote bag, even this thermos like HYDE  >_<

But different for pamphlet and postcard ne, at least i can posted on my Facebook andInstagram then share with my lovely Acid Black Cherry fans fellows that recently i call asCinderella

yes from now on, in here i will call all my team_yasu‘s mates asCinderella … !!!


yasu     :    なんで?
noi        :   because these days, somebody call me Cinderella
yasu     :   ah, he must be drunk ….
noi        :   say as you want, but that makes me happy ….
yasu     :   she is daydreaming again …

ah ya, that blog i am talking about is this

Visual Mania : http://ticketcamp.net/visual-blog/

it’s quite interesting since they do post lots about Acid Black Cherry. About the goods, fans blog, lyrics, the benefit of being a FanClub member and even yasu’s hairstyle that too bad on that post they missed my fave

Red Haired/Mary Jane yasu ….


and now …..

they (read : yasu and his team) really put the pamphlet and postcards on the venue-only items, bloody heeeeell ….. !!!!  *start to bleed in and out*




OMG, how dare you yasu …. !!!!


yasu   :      poor darling, noi_chan … *laugh*
noi      :     ヤッさん、 なんで 〜〜え ?
yasu   :     you tell me why ….
noi      :     do i have to say it here ..
yasu   :     yes, you have to …

well maybe, i say maybe eh ….

Remember how yasu said about how a bandman is also a businessman …?

it’s business ne, and they also wrote on the Official Blog about how wrong is to sell a self-made/with no permission iPhone case with Acid Black Cherry before we all finally know they made the Official iPhone case as one of this next tour  「L-エル-」 Goods ….

see, it’s all about business and of course including sales number …

Then i suppose for the previous 「Shangri-la 」 Tour Goods, the number sellin of booklet and postcard wasn’t that good because the scans already all over internet maybe before the Touris over.

blame who ….????

yasu     :     blame who …. ????
noi        :     who ….. ???
yasu     :     don’t ask me ….
noi        :     ah come on, that’was very long tour ne, who could wait until it over anyway ….
yasu     :     surely not you  …

that’s why this time, they put the pamphlet and postcard on the venue-only items, so there will be no scans up on internet at least until the end of the Tour.

I wish i can say

Do not worry everyone, i will go to Japan see yasu live on stage and buy all those damn venue-only Goods … !!!

but i am not …


seems like my luck is only worked for things related to Acid Black Cherry not for others (read : ONE OK ROCK) I didn’t get a ticket from PRIMAL FOOTMARK lottery and it’s so pissed me off …

It ruined all this plan i arranged.


A stupid plan (read : dream) about to see yasu and that Stoberry (read : taka ) at the same time i am going to Japan on June, when my schedule will allow me to disappeared for some days.

See i am tryin to do this

「一石二鳥 」 / 「isseki ni chou 」 / 「killing two birds with one stone 」

so i failed, maybe my stone wasn’t BIG enough to kill two birds at the same time. And that day, when i was so pissed off and just canceled my L Tour ticket for Emihe, suddenly out of the blue he told me about how happy he was about going to 4 L Tour and i was like …

Whuut theee ….. ????

PS : after i wrote my last post about going to Japan on June, somebody kindly offered me one of his Ehime ticket.

then i said  to him  :   Please don’t talk about yasu‘s live ticket to me ….
he ask                   :   why ….??

after that i didn’t know what to answer why i didn’t want him to talk about yasu‘s live ticket to me. There’s no way i answered him

because I ENVY YOU   … !!!

yasu      :    why not, you are envy him right …
noi         :    yes, i am but …
yasu      :    btw who is he noi_chan …?
noi         :    ah 秘密ね, i won’t tell you …
yasu      :    so can we call him as who? Mr. Thursday maybe …?
noi         :    no you can’t! He is not from Asgard eh, he is from Japan
yasu      :    hey, i said Thursday ne, not THORSday. What’s is wrong with you …

i guess everything is wrong with me that time,

It was a Total Heartache moment for me, the feeling being failed came together with a BIGenvy and jealous at the same time. Yes, i am a jealous person, i jealous and envy to everyone who got something that i failed to get.

it’s been almost 3 months i didn’t talk to him and i’d say that’s a very good progress for me about become an ULTRON by tryin to let go these whatsoever strings about him attached to me

You all will never understand how i really want to talk and show him everytime i received another Acid Black Cherry stuffs from Japan. Rather than posted it on my Instagram orFacebook, actually i only want to show it to him and say

Hey,  look what’s arrived today … !!!


yasu    :    日本語で …?
noi       :    これを 見て ….
yasu    :    then what …
noi       :    ah …. *thinkin hard*

Now i realized maybe what i feel about him it wasn’t crush or something, but it’s all about me envy him.

Me as oversea fangirl envy to him a Japanese fanboy who can go to see allyasu‘s live easily.

That’s not good eh, and i feel so bad about it because no matter how bad i am to him, he is still kind to me. And i never know why.

Geez …  what am i gonna do now eh,

but then as how changeable i am, suddenly i feel better, said sorry to hime and forget aboutnot able to get ticket and go to Japan when this one arrive  …. !!!


yay, my ABC umbrella arrived … !!!!

yeah, a fangirl can be so complicated sometimes, feelin up and down even for some stupid reasons .

Very well then,  back to  「L-エル-」 Goods

I did ask somebody to buy all of it for me on the venue, but the Tour schedule in Sapporo is onJune 3rd, 2015 ( 6月3日 that i wrongly read it as March 6th … >_< and finally i bought some via on-line.

Maybe this time, i will have to wait longer to get that pamphlet and postcards together with the socks.

i didn’t get the socks since they said it was already SOLD OUT but when i checked it again, it’s not SOLD OUT yet. Hmm, that’s weird eh. I read about how things happened with UpRise, that day since so many fans wrote about it on their blog.

So rather than ask my proxy to make another new order for that socks means i have to pay another fee, i think i am gonna buy it on the venue next June or at lease until i find somebody else who want to buy it for me before June.

after all, faster is always much better eh …

Hmmm, next is ….

~    Magazine Schedule Update

1.   「B-PASS」 April Issue

Release Date   :   February, 27th 2015
pre-Order         :   CDJapan

and today, i was wrongly bought 「B-PASS」 March Issue using all my CDJapan points.  Shit really does really happen ne … *cryin*

2.   「tower +」 28

It’s another free paper, and this one is from tower so you can get it for free at any tower records shop in Japan of course.

Release Date    :   February, 10th 2015
you can read the interview in here : http://tower.jp/article/interview/2015/02/09/tower28-1

~    yasu on Telly

1.    「INCUBUS」as  『MUSIC B.B.』’s  Opening Theme for February

Acid Black Cherry‘s 「INCUBUS 」 selected to be the opening theme for national music information TV 「Music B.B」 for this February . More info about this telly, you can go to

「Music B.B」’s HP in here  :  http://www.music-bb.com/index.php

2.   yasu @ namaiki TV

here’s the video …



that’s a total sweet wake up call in the morning, and it surprised me when i see yasu‘s long and brown hair again that everyone will agree if i say that as A Throwback Picture look a like

yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000041007
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000057957
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000070637
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000074307
yasu ナマイキTV.mp4_000154587

and this one is from namaiki TV‘s twitter

that’s so Janne era look right …?

i love it and i hope he will heep that hair long at least untill L Tour is over so i will see him all over on-line live reports with that long brown hair. Now i suppose no one will buy me if i said he is a 40 years old man eh, i mean how can a a 40 years old man can be so young and pretty like that …???

Now i wonder is he still using SALA to wash his hair …??

i am sure you all do you search right, read from there and there about what yasu like, dislike and use. For example if i am not mistaken, he use SALA (it’s a Japanese brand shampoo) to wash his hair and his perfume is DOLCE & GABBANA Light Blue which i believe some of you (fanboys especially) start to use it now.

But there is one things/info that really makes me happy until know, It was when yasu himself said he is NOT GAY on his comment video with avex Taiwan long time ago.

3.  Music Japan TV  「【MJSpecial】 Acid Black Cherry~「L-エル-」


First Broadcast  :   from February 4th, 2015 (Wednesday)
more info          :   http://www.mjtv.jp/lineup/AcidBlackCherry/index.html

and if you are in Indonesia and you have Waku Waku Japan on your telly cable, i think you might able to see it.

Because they also broadcast some shows from MJTV with a Japanese girl who speak inIndonesian language complete with her cute Japanese accent as the host. She said, she was born in Surabaya and lived there during his childhood.

Yeah, Indonesian language with Japanese accent where they always put h between with s andi or change sih into shi sounds always cute ….  >_<

4.   K-MIX 「みんなの19HR」

Broadcast plan   :  February, 16th 2015 (Monday)
more info            :   http://www.k-mix.co.jp/19hr/

yeah, you can bookmark that site, who knows they will put some photo’s of yasu after, before or during the show on their blog.

next is ….

~   avex Official Facebook Award 2014

from avex group’s Official page  :   https://www.facebook.com/avex.official

avex official Facebook Award 2014 announced by the end of last year ( December 25th, 2014) from all 421 posts posted there up to December 2014 into 3 divisions/categories : how many likes 「いいね!」, comment 「コメント」 received and got shared 「シェア

and the results are

1.  as Like of The Year  is May J
2.  as Comment of the Year is EXO,

aand ….

3.  as Share of The year is our Acid Black Cherry

yay omedetou yasu …. !!!!

next is another ….

~  Whatsoever Update from me …

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK, this time is for Kumamoto

Enjoii …. !!!!

and to close this post, is this …

~ Whatsoever Drama from me ….. xD   *got a massive SLAP*

let’s talk about iPhone


i didn’t buy that because iPhone case even i think that iPhone6 case A is totally cute, but i don’t play iPhone.

I did think about to buy iPhone so i can also play and buy song on iTunes, but i remember that time tsune_chan said something about how useless is to play iPhone when you are livin in village with not so many wi-fi signal area available.

So by that, will made the works harder to find signal and it make it broken, and me just like how i always do just say そうですね、tsune_chan ….!!! then decided not to buy iPhone  after all ..

i am not fond about iPhone, iPad, iTunes … etc etc and all things started with i , well  つまり …

yasu     :     you don’t like because it’s more smart than you …?
noi        :     omo, how did you know  …
yasu     :     yes, i know  …

but know i started to regret why i was so fool about not to buy iPhone just because of whattsune_chan told me. Start again the should’a would’a could’a things again …

It’s been a very long time since i was still one of the MTV Junkies who keep following western bands. And now thanks to Stoberry for his featuring on that song now i start to listening to that band, Against The Current.

I am just another John Smith about that band so I KNOW NOTHING …. !!!

all i know the vocalist and Stoberry are following each other on Instagram. Both their fans even hope that there will be some romance things happen between them.

and they will release the album next February 17th via iTunes …. !!!!

and my should’a would’a could’a started with me wondering about if i just ignore tsune_chanand still buy that damn iPhone, i am not gonna worry about how am i gonna buy/get this song. Even i know there will be someone will share it on internet, but still i want to get it differently this song that recently haunting on me.

Yes, i am talking about this   ….


Dreaming Alone ~   Against The Current feat Stoberry

The story starts laying in the dark with someone new
I’m feeling tired from all the time I spent on you
But I know I’m strong from all the trouble I’ve been through
The story starts where the story falls apart with you

Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?
Cause I know it’s you I dream about every night
Giving me a feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with another
Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see?
Tell me I’m not dreaming alone

The story starts lying in the dark broken and bruised
I count the scars left in my heart from losing you
And I was wrong but let’s be honest you were too
I miss the part where I was falling hard for you

So don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?
Cause I know it’s you I dream about every night
Giving me this feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with another
Don’t lie, bright eyes
Is it me that you see?
Tell me I’m not dreaming alone

I can’t take back the things I said
And I won’t say that I regret
Any day that I was yours

Don’t lie, bright eyes
I know it’s me that you see when you fall asleep
And you know it’s you I dream about every night
Giving me this feeling like
Love in the summer
Way I’ve never felt with any other
Don’t lie, bright eyes
It’ll always be you and me, so why are we dreaming alone?
It’ll always be you and me, so why are we dreaming alone?

PS   :  that’s only a listening lyrics, so not official yet

I like how they change the you with bright eyes, just like what Stoberry did change you withpieces of me . Somehow, for me it just beyond sweet when …

somebody gave a personal nick-name for you and you know it’s only him that will call you with it …

omo, i am sorry if  this post ended like this ne. Well bear with me everyone, maybe this is because tomoroow is Valentine’s Day and here i am still counting scars left in my heart about me dreaming alone since i know he   …

noi         :      ah, never mind
yasu      :      what, who you’re talking about  …??
noi         :      you know who …
yasu      :      ah, that THORSday
noi         :      you know i am 53 this year so it’s time for me to get serious
yasu      :      ah you, lie again noi_chan …. *leaving*
noi         :      well, you call me bright eyes and won’t lie !!!  … >_<


A Fangirl Post : Acid Black Cherry 2015 Tour L -エル- … (Another me, yasu and The Fangirl License )

The new Album hasn’t released yet,   。。。

but they already announced this upcoming tour for the new album next year and they call it as ….

                                 2015 Tour L -エル-


yes, i knew there will be another Tour for the upcoming New Album next year, but i had no idea if they will announced it by the beginning of December.

I thought they will announced it after the album release (February) or at when 2014 is over (read : The Beginning of January) so that would be great as A Surprise for New Year’s Eve on Acid Black Cherry fandom eh …

But as you know all the words already spoken, the announcement already made the i suppose it is time for us to prepare our self.

so brace yourself , as fast as Michael Fassbender …


yasu     :    really noi_chan, use Michael Fassbender again ….?
noi        :    why not, he is the young MAGNETO ne …
yasu     :    i know, but you already use it on Facebook. Go find another fast man …
noi        :    then who, FLASH ...?
yasu     :    hmmm …
noi        :    but that’s DC Comics, not Marvel and you know you are not super hero, you can not fly ne
yasu     :    still i am faster than you, Capt. Slow … *laugh*
noi        :    OK then, lemme say it again …

Brace yourself and prepare your self everyone,

because as fast as The FLASHyasu and his team now are getting fast …. !!


Yeah i am tellin you eh,

there will be a lot of things to prepare whether you (at least, me …..xD) are going to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- or not. For sexample like preparing yourself for …

1.  FanClub Ticket Lottery …


if you are Janne Da Arc FanClub Members and have a plan to go see that Incuyasu live on stage next year, prepare yourself for the FanClub lottery ticket appliction

Ticket pre-entry Period : December 10th, 2014 (Wed) 13: 00 ~ December 15th (Monday) 23:59 JST
via Uprise                   : http://upriseshop.jp/ (you have to be a VIP member to apply)

Application Result and confirmation : http://pia.jp/piajp/v/abc15fc-rslt/
Confirmation and Payment Period   : December, 22nd (Monday) 18: 00 ~ December 28th (Sunday ) 23:59 JST

Tour Schedule

March, 10th (Tuesday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 12th (Thursday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 18th (Wednesday) Fukuoka : Fukuoka Sunpalace

March, 21st (Saturday) Kagoshima : Kagoshima Baoshan Hall

March, 23rd (Monday) Shiga : Biwako Hall Great Hall

March, 25th (Wednesday) Hyogo :  Kobe International Conference Center International Hall

March, 29th (Sunday) Tokyo : Tokyo International Forum Hall A

April 1st (Wednesday) Kagawa : Alpha Anabuki Hall

April, 3rd (Friday) Osaka : Festival Hall

April 7th, (Tuesday) Fukui : Fukui Phoenix Plaza

April 9th (Thursday) Mie : Yokkaichi City Cultural Hall

April 13th (Monday) Shizuoka : Act Tower, Great Hall

April 16th (Thursday) Ishikawa : Honda Forest Hall

April 19th (Sunday) Nagano : Hokuto Cultural Hall

April, 21st (Tuesday) Aichi : Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall

May, 1st (Friday) Saitama : Omiya Sonic City, Great Hall

May, 7th (Thursday) Iwate : Morioka Civic Cultural Hall – Large Hall

May 11th (Monday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 13th (Wednesday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 15th (Friday) Fukushima : Koriyama Civic Cultural Center, Grand Hall

May, 26th (Tuesday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

May, 28th (Thursday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

June, 3rd (Wednesday) Hokkaido : Nittori Culture Hall

June, 11th (Thursday) Okayama : Kurashiki Civic Hall

June, 15th (Monday) Ehime : Matsuyama Civic Center

and for you all who don’t have that plan still, prepare yourself for …

2.    The Upcoming Tour GOODs


i am sure you all know just like the man himself,  Acid Black Cherry‘s Live GOODs are really hard to say no and last but not least, of course  …

3.    Whatever things related and will follow it

i am talking about news, sexlist, MCs and Blog Post from team_ABC on the Official Blog so i suppose …

you all can start to find another Acid Black Cherry fellows who will go to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- on Facebook, twitter, ameblo or another social media that internet offer to stalk ..

eh no i mean to add, follow ne …. >_<

i mean, surely you all want to know what will happen there ne …

~  what will yasu say on the MC,
~  will he end topless or not or …


ah, he must be ….!!!

~  what kind of game or scenario they will came up with on that 2015 Tour L -エル- 

surely they have to think about something new to make that live more live and hopefully they don’t just repeat their scenario from 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  because that’s gonna be boring eh …

Then Oh God, what about me ….



i am talking about me, Inspector Himura ne …

yasu   :   so, you are not going …
noi      :   yes, i think so …
yasu   :   nee noi_chan, remember for the last 「Shangri – La 」 Live you said ..
noi      :   omo,  …

yes, i do remember  ….


so last year,

when they (yasu and his team) announced the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour i said to my self and everyone if i will not go to Japan with so many reasons.

But you all know what happen next …

I still go to Japan with a business class flight indeed,  and like an idiot with no shame i asked 2 kawaii Highschool students to take this picture of me did this Hail to yasu (read : image of yasu on truck, precisely) at Nippon Budokan

So what should i do now ….

Let myself to think if the same thing will happen again, i mean i will go even i already said i will not go? Or should i say i will go so i am not going to see the Incuyasu Live on 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year …

But i think no matter i say i am going or not, it will end with me not going to that 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year.

Why …?

that’s because now they use different way,

unlike the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  , now they use Uprise for the Lottery Application. It means i have to log in to Uprise or use the postcard application form they sent.

the problem is the postcard is not in my hand, and also i dunno what my password to enter that VIP Members Only – Application page on Uprise because my proxy is the one who usually deal with it.

And if i asked him, means i have to pay the fee and tickets price first no matter i will get it or not because the result, confirmation and payment period is very short, only 6 days

so at least i have to pay 2 x 7,560 yen + …. etc etc  = +/- 15,000 or 17,000 yen.

Oh no, no i am not gonna do that because i still have a lots of things to buy on my list and look at my wallet,

it’s already nothing there …


So yes, this time i really gonna pass this whatsoever lottery ticket to see yasu.

but maybe, i said maybe ne and who knows if …..

~  like the previous , 「Shangri – La 」 Tour they also add the same Arena TOUR after all those Hall Tour, and maybe again …
~  at the same week additional ARENA Tour (in Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama), L’arc_en_Ciel will back and hold another Live



One OK Rock will held another Live so at the same week i can see all HYDE, yasu and ..

this stroberry …!!!


last September, when i failed on than N-whatsoever test and can’t go to Japan with my boss,

i said to myself …

Next year, if i go to Japan again i have to watch Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu) Live on stage.

i am talking about live in a BIG Stadium Live like their last Mighty Long Fall ~ Yokohama Live. I watched it for so many times i can’t remember and this part where Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu again …. xD ) sing this song

A Thousand Miles from Vanessa Carlton


that song suddenly hit me, hit on every part of me and it kinda haunt me.

At that time, because how that song hit me very hard i really want somebody to listen and understand that song so he will get how i really miss him.

So again like an idiot,

yeah love can make you like a fool and do silly thing, like me translated that song into Japanese using my Heart to Heart Translation,

so i suppose it’s totally wrong translation …


もしも 私が、

that’s why i never send it to him, Eeeh God …

I am totally Hopeless … !!!


yasu        :      so, he really dumped you noi_chan …
noi           :      i can’t believe he really did it ne, i mean hey who did dare to dump me  ….
yasu        :      he did, and that Friday also did
noi           :      no, no, no don’t say that …
yasu        :      don’t worry, i’ll get you another super glue now  ….

but about my heart , …

i suppose i have to give my heart 1,000 standing applause ne because no matter how much and hard i got hurt by them ( both of them) i still can back to love again.

OK, i am talking about how i tried to talk again and tryn to do my best to be connected again and even i failed to re-connect and got nothing but hurt i still have to thanks to my heart

and of course to God

for givin me a good, strong and healthy heart like my heart.

ah, forget about him ne and now let’s back to this Stroberry ….


yes, i do call him (read : again and again, taka baby not yasu …. xD ) with Stroberry from The Baby Stroberry Taka ne and then suddenly one day he posted this photo of him with a stroberry on his mouth …


Eh God, ….

i almost fall from my bed when i see that ne, i mean OMG that’s a very nice thing to see.  My phone was the one that fell from bed, but i was so very happy that night.

I mean what’s more perfect than to see Baby Stroberry with a Stroberry on your Instagram at midnight …???

and i can’t stop thinking he must be a good damn in kissu ….

noi       :     ねえ〜〜、ヤッさん 。。。。???
yasu    :      he is not gonna kiss you ..
noi       :     でも …
yasu    :      dream on fangirl and you better finish this post ne …

OMG, i talked too much eh …

But i think this is better than my previous post ne. I wrote a very long full of rambling post 2 days ago and i save it but i dunno why or what the hell again happened to Eljay because when i open my Eljay this morning

It’s gone, all of it …

So i think you all have to say thank you to whoever made my long rambling post gone because thanks to them you all saved from a very long boring full of rambling post from me.

and ah ya, this one is the ….

~  Whatsoever Update from me …

a bit late, but this is

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK ~  Nagasaki


Enjoiii ….. !!!!!

now, let’s talk about a Fangirl License

Today i had a very long talk on twitter with my friends, and as always they are amazing like how they always are. We talked about a lot of things started from the Over The L’arc_en_Ciel GOODs, Fangirl License and somehow

it ended with yasu

and how i open my eyes if there’s so many another yasu in Japan, not only Yasuda Shota ( eeeh, だれ だ。。。。???) and this

yasu the Blonde on My Facebook Wall


it started when one of my friend said about how she will not able to see Over The L’arc_en_Ciel in cinema next year, then suddenly i asked her …

Why can’t you go next year? is your Fangirl License got expired …???

OMG can’t believe i said something like that, i thought it was funny but now when i think about it again i feel like i was sayin something rude to my friend.

Maybe she has her own reason ne ….

So today, i got a new lesson about how i should keep my jokes (the bad and possibly hurt one) only here, not for my friends on twitter or Facebook ….  *head desk 69x*

Now last but not least is for next 2015,

which is only another 26 days and i know i will still be like me, this way as a Fangirl but i need something MAGIC to be happen.

A MAGIC that will end with …

me go to Japan not only to see yasu, but also HYDE and The Stroberry … #Amin


noi       :     please do say Amin for me …..
yasu    :     but, what if your Fangirl License is the one expired next year ..
noi       :     hello,  i am Inpector Himura ne, i do have my own stamp to renew it …
yasu    :     what the …
noi       :     fine if my Driving License expired 2 years ago, but my Fangirl License is FOREVER ….. !!!!!



Quick Post : Acid Black Cherry a-nation2014 …. (Another me and yasu, The Man with Demonic Charm)

Hello everyone, 

finally today is my day off …

and just like yasu, i love to spent my day off with stay awake until late (last night i went to bed at 02:00 PM) and wake up very late at 06:00 PM annnd then  …

say hello to this Man with Demonic Charm …. !!!! *read : watch his video again*

yes, in my Blurry Eyes, yasu is always be a Brilliant Man with a Demonic Charm.

Do you all see what i see ….?

I mean,  see how that’s a Demonic Charm that totally hard to resist eh, after had so much sexcitement watching all a-nation 2014 videos …

i spent my last night forced my IDM to workin downloading all Acid Black Cherry a-nation2014 from that YT Channel

Thank God, somebody finally put that on YouTube and God Bless the person who do that  ….. #Amin


noi        :    that was my pray before sleep last night …
yasu     :    only that …
noi        :    i also pray that somebody will change his way thinking about me ….
yasu     :    what did you do last night?
noi        :    nothing, i swear to you and all my ABC collection i did nothing wrong last night …

i am a bit confuse now,

have no idea what to say and what to do and react in that situation. It is not the first time, but it happen again. I thought it was over and he already changed his way of thinking about me from that way into a way that i want to.

Even not 100% like my wish, but at least a little bit closer is fine.

But i suppose my wish is always be a silly wish that will never come true. After all, he is still the same person, with the same way thinking about me that i am not fond of. I thought with all things we had, shared and yasu’s talks will change things

but it’s not …

Now i really don’t know what to do. I am totally clueless about man, they just totally like a grey area that i don’t have a map to guide me. Yes, i am completely lost about what to do next. All things i imagined to do together sudenly start to vanished.

It always like this, ended with me as the stupid one.

Suppose i hoped to much eh, or did i misunderstood something or we both were lost in translation last night?  dunno ….

Okay, forget about that now let’s see again this  Man with a Demonic Charm

1.   「ピストル」

2.  「黒猫」

that  「黒猫」 part is my fave eh, as i say before …

a complete sexy song and sexy man singing on stage, that  is what i will say about  「黒猫」 Live version


noi       :    if somebody ask me …
yasu    :   who  …
noi       :    yeah, who is gonna ask me anyway  …

3.   「君がいない、あの日から…」


I am sure and hope you all already DL those video.

Yes, it is LQ.

But if we look for our situation in this Acid Black Cherry fandom, things are harder to get. Even for Japanese fans, they had to pay to see that channel on their tell or smartphone. So this time that LQ stuffs turned into almost HQ for me.

That’s why i always say

Do what you have to do, everyone ….!!!


to all team_yasu members of Facebook whenever there’s some rare Acid Black Cherry stuffs especially video availabe on net to DL . Among us rather than Download it, we say it as secure it ….xD

See how lovely my team_yasu members fellows are …

Ah ya, why do i say this as a A Quick post? because my post last night it wasn’t a complete post.

I forgot about this ….

~  Whatsoever Things from me …

this is 5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK : Tokushima


Enjoii …. !!!

and back to Acid Black Cherry a-nation 2014, it will be appeared on  …

~   OUT of MUSIC Magazine vol. 13



Release date : October 1st, 2014
Acid Black Cherry ~ a-nation
CD Japan : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-1717061

then finally, i received my CD&DL Data Magazine ….

I haven’t do anything about it, only reading and reading but here’s some yasu’s on a-nation 2014 from it





and the poster …..


it replaced this my old and fave poster of long haired yasu

me and yasu 2

that’s a very long time ago yasu‘s poster eh, and yasu on that poster was the reason why i kept my hair long. Because at that time i wanna a long black hair like yasu, but instead of yasu black and long hair turned me into Sadako ….

in here, The Ring is still  a very popular horror movie.

So a black long haired woman it is Sadako, i remember there was a little girl who was sit next to me wishpered to her mother about me looked like a ghost …

of course i heard what she said, and then i was like ….

Eehh ……?  

I kinda blamed her mother to let that little girl said that rude things to me to hear .  I suppose nothings worked for me ne including this   ….

Acid Black Cherry 「Shangri – La」’s Cross Stitches

This Cross Stitches making is trending now at my office.

All my office mates (the female) have one on their desk. They do that when they have nothing to do. Unlike me, there’s a time on a day for them to have nothing to do. I wonder why i am the one who keep moving like a bunny with no Energizer’s backup behind me.

And one day some of them dare me to make yasu’s Cross Stitches, i said to them  …

why not?  i can do that ….

I was so full of confident  before i received the materials ( read :  papers, needle and else), but when i got it and see the pattern OMG i think i am in trouble. There’s so many different color in gradation.

i made it based on this ….


That image divided into 12 spot areas to make it easier.  And hopefully i can managed to finished it before January 27th, on yasu‘s birthday.


But look what just happened, i spent this 2 weeks doing it every night while watching telly. But until now i don’t even finish 1/2 from the 1st block ne.

1st week was full of mistakes.

I made a double stitches when it supposed to be only a single stitches. So i have to re do it again while collecting all my threads i wasted because i can’t buy this kind of color here in my village.

So rather that have to go to other city just to buy 1 green grey thread, i choose to open it again and it’s very hard, harder than when i made it.

That image if you make it into a Cross Stitches pattern with some computer program that i forget what the name is, it will give you colors that’s not usual, at least for me. I mean it is a bit difficult to me to see the different from this pearl gray and beaver gray or gay green and the other green ….

Eh, Gay Green …?


yasu      :      it’s grey green ne  ….
noi         :     OMG  …
yasu      :      you better use your glasses ….
noi         :      but i still can see you perfectly  ….


After Holiday Post Part 2 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

Part 2 is for ….


~   A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)


it’s the D Day, …

The Day when i finally watched yasu’s Live on Stage for 2nd time !!!

That day, i don’t wanna do anything. I didn’t event went down for breakfast even i woke up quite early that day. All i did was nothing but stayin on my bed, eat all many kind of instant noodles i bought from 7/11 near hotel and watch telly.

For me as an instant noodles lovers,

Japan never stop amazed me with so may variety of instant noodles they have on their konbinis.  So spent my last sleepless night after a lame date on a 7/11 do nothing but choose which instant noodles i am gonna eat tonight just make me happy.

That day, i  took almost one hour in the bathroom, nothing but stayin in the bathtub enjoyed this apple smell aroma-therapy that the hotel gave me.

It turned the hot water into green, but too bad it didn’t turned my skin into green as well …. >_<

They gave that aroma-therapy free at the lobby, and a package of facial cleaning stuffs when i did my check-in. Not only that,  they also give a free coffee at the lobby start from 11:00 PM.

That hotel is quite good i say, compared to the other hotel at Shibuya where i stayed last year.

and about 15 minutes later, i am ready to go …


go where …?

I went back again to Tokyo Station to get another yen. I changed most of IDR i have and got about another 55,000 yen supposed that would be enough for my last 2 days in Japan.

I also bought Shinkansen ticket to Osaka for tomorrow morning and it was about 13,250 yen for the non-reserved ticket, who knows i might woke up late.

After that, i just stayed there next to the station gate, watching peoples and train schedule there. And suddenly my eyes caught a nice scene of a man who got a red X when he wanted to go to get his train.

I dunno what happened to me, suddenly i just laughed to him. It was so funny eh, and i had no idea if he was looked at me until i finished my LOL to him. We weren’t that far, so it’s a normal if he was aware my LOL at him.

When i saw him lookin at me,  i was like

OMG, what did i do? this is very not polite eh, so …

i said to him        :   すみません, i am sorry, really sorry …
and he replied    :    大丈夫, and you look very happy
me                      :    me  …. ?
him                     :    はい、…

then we started to talk and laughed together,

it was quite fun eh because i remember he was tryin so hard to talk to me in his English mixed with Japanese while i also tried to replied him in my Japanese mixed with English ….


yasu      :   but, who is he …?
noi         :   dunno, he is just a stranger i meet at Tokyo Station ..
yasu      :   but you said you won’t talk to stranger
noi         :   i only laughed to him ne  ..
yasu      :   then talk …

i know i should not talk to stranger like that, but he was so funny eh. I mean, if you see his Eeeh …!!! face when the bar wont open for him, it was just so hilarious in a charming way just like the person himself.

I can’t even imagine if that kind of person is exist, especially a Japanese stranger that i just meet and LOL-ed at. Instead of mad at me he talked and even got my joke and laughed 

when i asked him  :   「Platform 9¾」 どこで ?  ….
he said                  :   それは、ひみつです. i don’t tell you ..
me                         :   ah, you won’t tell …

Eh God, i love when people got/understand my movie jokes …. xD

ah ya i should ask his name ne, or at least i ask if he is on Facebook or not eh, because that’s what people ask to other new people recently.

Instead askin a phone number, the common trending question now is ..

Do you have Facebook …?
Or twitter …?
Then what is your Facebook and twitter name? …

etc etc … because now everyone are exist on their own Social Networks. No matter with what kind of purpose they have. So just like what happened with The Jane Austen Man on my 1st flight Semarang ~ Jakarta, that day i missed my chance to know that hilarious man further.

I mean, who knows if he is also on Facebook eh …

Finished with talking and LOL-ing, i went to straight to Budokan, because it was already 15:00 PM.

Arrived there, i stopped first to McD near Budokan and had some chicken burger there. Ate my burger, sit there while watching so many Acid Black Cherry fans walking around with their many Acid Black Cherry GOODS with/on them.

And i did what i always do just exactly like what i always do when i see there’s yasu‘s photo posted on someone’s blog, Facebook or Tumblr. I said to myself where’s that image originally from.

What magazine, what pamphlet, poster or even Radio’s blog.

So that day, with a chicken burger on my hand i say to my self from what Acid Black Cherry Live/event’s are thoose GOODS i’ve seen that day.

A tote bag from Re:Birth Live, a bag from 69 Live (that bag is the best, i say … xD), keychain from Halloween Party, or

this my fave 2007 Free Live white T-Shirt


well, …

i should buy another one again because that shirt is 100% perfect with a red short pants. And believe me, i have more than 6 red pants but only one that 2007 Free Live white T-Shirt.

all Acid Black Cherry fans on the road that day, what i saw most of them was wearing Acid Black Cherry hoodie ….



Finished my late lunch i went to buy some snacks and mineral water at the nearest 7/11 where i meet 5 fans who was cosplaying complete The Otaku/Nerd.


Arrived at Budokan, ….

there’s so many people already gathered in front of the venue gate, and just like on Acid Black Cherry‘s other Live, there was also 2 boxes in front of the venue’s door where fans can put their letter, fan-mail or present for yasu or the support members there.


I put a letter for yasu there, because somebody asked me to write her a letter for yasu.

Just like my simple Japanese understanding, i wrote a simple letter in Japanese for yasu on behalf of my friend. Not sure what i wrote was correct or yasu will manage to read my double disaster handwriting in Japanese .

Actually, even i am studying Japanese with all my heart but i never study how to write nicely.

Because look at that my disaster handwriting that nobody can’t read. so i know you all can imagine how worst is if i tried to write in Japanese letter …


That’s why instead of practice to read and write with pencil and paper like what people do,

i put that Simeji App. on my phone and use it for my Japanese writing and reading practice by re-write again some of things on FC Magazine, song’s lyrics or something like this ….


from DearLovingMasa’s twitter, that’s Dear Loving‘s 4th Album cover with yasu‘s comment on it …

「おい、ディアラヴィ! いい曲いっぱい入ってるやんけ!やるぅ ♡」 by yasu

and when i posted it on my Facebook, i made some mistake by wrote that 「入」 as 「大」/「dai」. But then Yukki, as always kindly correct me …. xD

back to Budokan, ….

When i was going to enter the venue and showed my ticket to one of the staff, one of them to make sure i understand, she repeated what she already say to me in English.

She said       :    no camera, no phone camera inside ….. !!!
I said to her  :    はい、わかりました …

i entered the venue and started to confused about finding my seat.

Dunno whether is Budokan, is so BIG or i am somebody who really easy to get lost and confused about finding place?

yasu        :      is that a question …?
noi           :      yes, but the rhetorical one ..
yasu        :      didn’t you ask somebody ..
noi           :      i did, but  dunno, ….

so i walked all around at 2nd Floor Budokan to find my seat.

I finally managed to find my seat at almost top of the 2nd Floor . It was a bit scary tho,…

and next to me is a 40 year’s old woman, a mother with her daughter that non-stop lookin at me finished all snacks that i bought less because i already ran out of snacks before the Live begin.

Then finally when everything was dark, the Live begin with  …

1. Greed Greed Greed


「Greed Greed Greed」 is the 1st single released during this 「Shangri – La 」Tour as one part of Project 「Shangri – La 」 itself beside the Live and Meeting nation-wide.

When yasu started this Project 「Shangri – La 」 , i said to myself …

if i am going to watch 「Shangri – La 」 Live, i have to watch the final/last Live so i can see all the 3 latest single Live on stage.

Even i did make plan to go to 1st SEASON Live ~ Hokkaido together with Tekki but It was cancelled because my father got sick and also Tekki keep sayin no about joining me to watch yasu.

But now i think God made different plan for me so i ended going to Japan on Encore SEASON and i managed to see all 3 latest single Live on stage.

Greed Greed Greed well, it was OK


yasu      :     only OK …
noi          :    what am i supposed to say ..
yasu      :     say something else
noi          :     what …

my seat was so far behind and i lost my glasses, so i didn’t see things clearly but i know yasu was nonstop moving there and like an Energizer Bunny. I mean, he seemed like never ran out of battery …

even i know 「Greed Greed Greed」 complete lyrics, still i didn’t even understand what the hell was yasu yasu, especially on the part with an English lyrics.


yasu ….

i’d say always amused me whenever he sing a song with English lyrics because he always make me to listen it carefully to get what he was sayin no matter i already remember all the lyrics in my head, but i always ended sayin …

oh yasu, what the …. ????

That’s why, i  am not gonna say, i want yasu to learn English more so he can make a song with a full English lyrics, because he already did with JIGSAW ~ QED version that in so many ways confused me and also…

i agree with my sweet baby stroberry Taka when he said on some interview …

FM 802

Writing a song with full English lyrics doesn’t make the album/single SOLD OUT, and after all i am still a Japanese, so there’s something that i still prefer to say/write in Japanese.

so if i say yasu need to improve his English, it’s because i want him to have a better and less confusing pronunciation on some English lyrics on his songs

2. Murder License
3. Rakuen
4. Chou

this is funny eh, …..


dunno what happened, maybe he was too sexcited or nervous but he started this song earlier. Even Hiro had not finished his guitar but yasu already started sayin


and i was like

えええ〜〜〜 、yasu …???

but then as fast as how i finished sayin that えええ〜〜〜 、yasu ….??? , he (read : yasu, not taka) fixed it and everything is perfect. I even say this Chou – Live version is perfect even with a bonus of that an earlier めを ….xD

on the 1st MC, …

yasu said how grateful he is to see everyone came to his Live at Budokan that night, because that day ….

May 29th 2014 in Tokyo beside Acid Black Cherry Live at Budokan, there was also LUNA SEA Live at Yoyogi and L’arc~en~Ciel at Kokuritsu ….

but as you all know,  some of his close friends like his BBF DAIGO, Akihide, Shinpei and even ka-yu was there too

5. 1954 LOVE/HATE
6. Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~


This one,  Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  is nothing but AWESOME

I say everyone,  that was totally AWESOME and i am sure to you all Acid Black Cherry fans who ever seen this song Live on Stage agree with me. And to you all who are start to make a plan to go to Japan and see Acid Black Cherry Live,

hope you’ll be able to see this, because Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  live version is …


a perfect package of a sexy man, complete with a sexy song and voice     …

7. Kimi ga Inai, Ano hi Kara…


Live version complete with all those lightening and special effect make this song more heavenly and longing and less simple. Because this song is a simple and longing song eh, about somebody who realized now he/she isn’t here anymore …

8. Maria
9. so…Good night.


awww, ….

i really love this man and i suppose this Acid Black Cherry fever on me is  ….

いつも おわらない、よ 。。。!!!!

10. Pistol
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kami-sama no Alibi~


i am so glad finally i get a chance to see this song Live because i like this song, i mean i always adore how yasu put the idea about

~Kami-sama no Alibi~  / God’s Alibi —> an Alibi for God …

even when i listen to that song for the first time, it kinda felt weird for myself. In my whole life, until now i am somebody who never think if there’s an Alibi for God. Everyone needs an alibi, but not God

Because God is God,

the Greatest that never ever need an alibi because God never do wrong no matter how i love to blame God for whatever bad things on my life because i believe God has it own reason, that we have to figured out what is God reason for let this or that things happened to us.

So why would God need an alibi for?

that’s why  that ~Kami-sama no Alibi~ terms from yasu was a bit surprised for me.

12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri-la


14. doomsday clock (request)


that song was requested by a girl on 2nd Floor that seems like not into Acid Black Cherry that much. It was so obvious ne, because she asked Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  while that song is already played before …

i am sure she didn’t even know which song is Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~ or not
I dunno why but i think on this 「Shangri – La 」Tour there’s so many that not into Acid Black Cherry audience (read : people who went there just because asked by their friends to go along, or else …) their seat number got selected on the request song part.

How the hell, they were so lucky like that?

yasu     :     ah not again noi_chan …
noi        :     yes, again and again i am jealous, why not?
yasu     :     so if your seat got selected, what would you say to me …
noi        :     ah ya, i gotta say something …

why i never think about this ne …

all think about was how i have to say I want nemuri hime …!! to yasu if my seat number might got selected because i remember yasu also asked some questions like …

what’s your name,
where do you come from,
and with whom do you come tonight … etc etc

then what am i gonna say eh, because i am sure have a real talk with yasu must be really hard for me especially with my very very simple Japanese understanding

15. scar (request)


While that song,

scar was requested by a woman also on 2nd Floor and she was quite close to my seat.She is a mother who is really into Acid Black Cherry, because when yasu asked her what song would you like tonight  …. ?

with confidence she answered scar

see that is what i mean with a fans who is really into Acid Black Cherry, who knows what she wants didn’t have to again and said lots of あの 。。。-ing or えっと 。。。-ing ..

17. 20+∞Century Boys


They also did some change

where yasu was on drum, Hiro on vocal, but they with changing part didn’t play anything. I mean they only kinda make fun with the instruments and Hiro‘s FUBAR screamin acting as vocalist.

and else but maybe it was a joke or something because all the audience were laughing. so f that was really a joke then i didn’t get what kind of joke was that.



then like a dream, that live suddenly over


followed with yasu shoot various color balls (with his signature on it) to the audience with that BALL GUN (?) and my fave ending is how yasu always took his shirt off and throw it to the audience.


I had so much fun, and once again ….

yasu completed me as one of his fangirl.

But i believe, this complete feeling i have after able to see 「Shangri – La 」Live soon will turned into in-complete again when yasu releasing something new (single or album). Because 2 years ago, after finished Erect Live at Yoyogi i also said …

thank you yasu, you complete me … !!!

But look what happened ne,

i still go to Japan again, so i think that’s like a never ending circle on a Fangirl Life to be forever once again will try to go to Japan again to see yasu and turned the in-complete into complete again …

What a Fangirl eh …

The Live finished and i went back to my hotel because tomorrow morning i have to go to Osaka.

Can’t believe when the Live is over nothing left but so much happiness and tired. All over my legs was hurt, i walked so slow while lookin at all those VK bandmans who was waiting out of the venue to give their band’s flyers and CD demo …

got into my train, dunno why but the mixed feelings between too happy and too tired made me cry alone there until i fell asleep and

ended in Tokyo Sky Tree Station again … #JustWhatTheHueeell!!!

so that was a hell of a long night of me back again to my hotel. All i wanted was nothing but to be on my bed …

that’s all everyone, next part it will be on my next post as A Long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 7 ~  Day  4 (Tokyo ~ Osaka)

next is this …

~ Whatsoever things from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK because i have no idea why it take me forever to finish this PHOTOBOOK, so please bear with me.

Nah this time is for …



and moving backward for yasu‘s outfit on 「Shangri-la」 Tour , that i am sure you already see it if you are team_yasu‘s group on Facebook members.

So, this time is for …


# The costume theme for 3rd SEASON is Leopard. Not only the shirt, but the tank top under it was also leopard, and …
# they (whoever they are) put a vest that actually was the same vest that HIRO was wearing during 1st SEASON Live, while
# for the accessories, sometimes they put it simple and in other day they make it less simple ..



#  theme for 2nd SEASON is zebra, a zebra pattern transparent shirt that originally made fit to yasu

and for the shirt button …

# they (whoever they are) added a mini skull as one of it. While for the pants it’s the same leather pants that yasu was wearing on the previous SEASON 1.

So i think it is quite simple but i like this 2nd SEASON‘s costume eh  ….


because that shirt is a transparent shirt, so it made the back part look more sexy,  ah, you know what i mean …. xD . And  last but not least, to close this a very2 long post,

i am gonna talk about …


yasu     :      what, another movie …..?   *going somewhere*
noi         :     no, don’t worry because my movie talk is for next post …
yasu     :      eeh …
noi        :      i am gonna talk about …

~  My Waiting for The next Recreation Album  …


ever since i read the last post on The Official Blog, i keep wondering what the hell is yasu busy with now. Maybe preparing for the upcoming a-nation Live at the end of this month or i maybe

i say maybe eh, maybe …

as what they (whoever they are, again …) sayin if he is still doing music production each day, so it’s forever OK if i guess he is preparing something new. New single or maybe a new album.

As how Acid Black Cherry‘s single and album release sequence, and just like what Yukki said to me,if it is an album then next it’s time for Recreation 4 album …

Then he must already start to choose what songs he is going to cover.

And of course it is forever OK again for me to wondering (or posted a fubar request to whoever might read read this long and boring post) if maybe he will do cover songs that i like to hear recently.
i am talking about this song …



斉藤和義 – 歌うたいのバラッド

嗚呼 唄うことは

嗚呼 目を閉じれば



嗚呼 唄うことは



ぼくらを乗せて メロディは続く…
wow wow…

雨の夜も 冬の朝もそばにいて

ハッピーエンドの ah

i really want yasu to cover that song, even i know D-Lite (BIG BANG) already do that for his 1st single in Japan and BENI did an English cover as well,

but still i wanna hear how is yasu‘s version.



At this time, i’d say D-Lite cover version is better. I mean how that he amazed me by making that song into K-Pop. I am sure yasu‘s version (if he cover this song) is gonna be good as well …

Dunno why,

these days i just wanna listen to that kinda mellow songs. Not because i ate lots of melon at night but maybe because it is approaching the end of the year, as what people say it as a longing time

then lemme say again …

愛してる …

noi       :    愛してる よ … !!!
yasu    :   how many time you’re gonna say that …?
noi       :   for you, 1,000 times over …
yasu    :   日本語で?
noi       :   あなたのため、千倍にも 。。。? (^^♪



Holiday Post : 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Kochi .. (Another me, yasu and What a Javanese will Always Say)

Before i start this post,

which i hope this is not gonna be another long post again, let me say ….


Holiday eh, Holiday  ….

I’ve got a whole 9 days off for this year’s Ied. 9 days means a whole week plus 2 days. And i spent this Holiday to stay at home, even it’s Ied when we were usually visit relations or go somewhere but not this year.

This year’s Holiday i am stayin at home, enjoyed this my own Mighty Long Fall and my part as The Night Shift Nurse.

I am not gonna say this as my darkest Fall because i’ve been in to something harder than this, but i’d say this one is the scariest. The scariest thing in this world for me is the possibility of me to lose my mother. I know there will be a time when she will leave me, but not this time.

so even yes, i am still within my own Mighty Long Fall, but i also  managed to get some light within this Fall i am in now.

As i always says, i am a Javanese (Javanese eh, one of tribe/native in Indonesia) and one good point that a Javanese must have is …

their ability to seek and see a light even the smallest one within The Darkest Fall they got.

For sexample

1.   There’s somebody who got his home robbed and he/she/they lost everything they have, but they still say …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), Ora popo (it’s OK, 大丈夫) at least  they didn’t kill us …

2.   There’s somebody who got into an accident, broke almost all his bones and still in coma. If he is a Javanese, one of his family will say …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), Ora popo (it’s OK, 大丈夫) at least he is still alive ..

3.   There’s a girl, who is engaged to a man that  she love so much.

Then they found out if that man is a criminal and he ran away after asked some money from her and her family.

Yes her heart is broken and sad but if she is a Javanese i believe one of her family will say …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), Ora popo nduk (it’s OK, 大丈夫 dear) at least you are not married to him yet. 

aaand …

4    There’s a girl who is madly in love to someone for a long time, even she already know that someone is already taken and see her as nothing but as his little sister,

nah because she is a Javanese she said  …

Ora popo (it’s OK, 大丈夫) at least i can always wait, who knows ….. xD


yasu    :    that’s you ne noi_chan and that man is him …
noi       :    him who? i didn’t say that …
yasu    :    you don’t have to, so the waiting is ON again …?
noi       :    not really, but it’s because this Holiday ne   …
yasu    :   i told you ne, get over … !!!

in my case, i don’t have to seek harder to see the light within this my own Mighty Long Fall, because the lights now is very clear to see ,

for sexample

~    I still don’t sleep much at night, …

but unlike before, i spent my nights now watch over her, …

or listen to what she said and what she think about for some matter and sometimes joined her watch his ridiculous drama she followed on telly.  It is something that i never do because i used to spent more time at home busy with my PC with so many dramas and movie inside it.

~   I know which one is good, among all those adult diapers sold in convenient stores

~   I’d say i am more patient, and less easily mad than before ..

I did baby sitting my nephew for a year after i graduated from collage, so now  i also realized why a nurse for an adult cost more than a babysitter.

Because there’s lots of things to handle for an adult people’s nurse and of course the smell came from after use diapers is more awful than a baby diapers.

And i wonder that must be very hard for my mother who handled my father during his 3 years sickness alone. My father was not an easy man. Just like me,  he really loved to mad to everyone.

I guess even we don’t share the same blood, but he is still my father and like father like daughter share the same Anger Management problem.

~  i start to loose some weight now …

thanks to my wacky housemaid,

who keeps cooking less than more and left nothing but fruits inside my refrigerator to eat at night. So now there’s no midnight supper for me, because whenever i feel hungry at night, i eat nothing but fruits.

That’s not good eh and i feel like a King Kong now, eat nothing but fruits …

see from L size to M,  i used to be 45 kgs and now i think i am on 41 or maybe 42 kgs.  So it should be M right?

because i choose M size for ABC 2014 Event T-Shirt. I was thinkin about to choose S size but then i think M is better than S

~  i start to talk and handle a housemaid  …

I had a very hard and bad experience with my neighbor’s housemaid, who told me if i am just an adopted child when i was only 11 years old.

And from that moment i hate housemaids, all of them ….

now i finally able to get over with that, and start to talk and give orders to my housemaid. My housemaid now is an old woman, who talk less and unfortunately she is a little bit deaf like me.

So i have to talk loud to her or she will never hear me and i also told her to talk loud to me so i can hear her talking.

What a weird situation eh …. xD

~  i start to handle some house works …

and say good bye to that almost smooth hands of me. Because i spent so many UV cream and lotions to make it smooth eh.

Because now there’s lots of things to do with my hands other that eat or hit my desk when i am mad   …

Geez, i am a very bad and terrible person eh …

yasu       :      hmm ….
noi          :      am i ….?
yasu       :      i am not gonna say anything ne …
noi          :     but  ….

the best part is i am grateful for all my mother’s progress until now.

Now she can walk by herself, walk to the bathroom, start to eat by sit in the dining room all by herself, start to love and enjoy watching her telly again, spent sometimes for sunbathing every morning … etc etc all of it, it’s like a miracle that came very fast for us.

I guess Rhoma Irama (he is one of senior dangdut singer in Indonesia) was right, on one of his song he wrote  …

Semuanya tergantung pada usaha dan doa

Everything depends on our effort and pray ..

because so much efforts with no pray is nothing and in the other way, only prays is also nothing without efforts. so now i’d say nothing but a lots of  …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), for everything ….

enough with the long opening,  now let’s continue this a Very Delayed Fangirl Homework with this …

~   「Shangri-la Live」 ~  Kochi

Br6WutOCEAAGy54.jpg large

Two days after 「Shangri-la Meeting」,

「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kochi prefecture was held at Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall. It’s was a very long time waiting for everyone in Kochi to see Acid Black Cherry Live in Kochi.

With so many things that the audience told to yasu about Kochi’s special gourmet, made yasu really looked forward to see all of it, like these …

~   Yakiniku,
~   Sweet and Sour Chicken Katsu,
~   Miso soup with pork and vegetables,
~   as always, the fresh vegetable salad,
~   Assorted pickles (yasu’s fave …) and
~   rice ..

Aaand ….

Speaking of Kochi, this one is very famous asKochi‘s local gourmet …

Katsuo …  !!!!

received the best local gourmet in Kochi, everyone (read :  yasu and all the support members) were happy. Smiles were blooms at the backstage with so many various story.


and then continued with lookin at the questions received from fans via twitter and also from audience on the previous 「Shangri-la Meeting」 they will decided about what theme for this theme for MC seriously.

At the Offcial Blog post they (you know who they are), wrote it as


Such a figure,  and perfectly taken this time !

But at first time, it confused me on the 「バッチシ」 part because as always i don’t like Katanaka much but then i found out if 「バッチシ」 is a humorous way of saying 「 ばっちり」/「batchiri/bacchiri 」 means perfectly or excellently.


it is a perfect shoot because we all see how they all yasu and the support members looked so serious n the backstage before the live began.

Especially this one, and …

don’t dare to ask me where the hell is this image came from, OK  … !!!

yasu looks so cute ne, and i remember that day i was on twitter and saw one of 9GAGS tweets with a ridiculous but make sense question for a crazy fangirl (like me ….xD) and i thought that super cute yasu is totally perfect for that question,

so it became like this …

wekekekekekke ….  (笑)(笑)(笑) !!!

i know some of you did check on 9GAGS tweets to find that image because there’s somebody who really asked me tho …. xD,

but actually that image was not originally from 9GAGS eh. I only took the tweet and put it together with that super kawaii yasu and then voilà …!!!

So my dear Luv, lemme ask you again,
If i tell you i love you, can i keep you forever …?

yasu      :     you told me you love me many times  …
noi         :    so  …  *happy*
yasu      :    of course you can’t keep me forever …
noi         :    why …
yasu      :    why?  do i look like a jacket or something than you can keep on your closet noi_chan ?
noi         :    but , in my heart eh, not in a closet  …
yasu      :    go find another question to ask or finish his post hurry  …

next is …

The Question selected on The Question Corner is …

Are there any memories about graduation ceremony?

and this is weird because for this time, at 「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kochi prefecture yasu was OOT (read : Out of Topic).

Instead of talking about graduation ceremony, he was talking about how he started to do a band start from high school and then at 21 years old he decided to do it seriously and started to take a job in construction’s site then talking about girlfriend’s things …. #hweee

i think i know why did he was OOT like that …

yasu    :    now you tell me then …
noi       :    you were nervous …?
yasu    :    try again …
noi       :    you were drunk …?
yasu    :    I was WHATT …!!!
noi       :    Eh God, what did i say ….. *ran away*

next is, the SetList

27.03.2014 『Shangri-la』 Live Kochi ~  Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall


01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. yes
08. Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara…
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Maria  (request)
15. DRAGON CARNIVAL (request)
16. cord name 【JUSTICE】
17. 20+∞Century Boys

and then The Kewpie ….


for Kochi prefecture, what else than this  「土佐犬」/「Tosa Dog」 aand

i have it …. !!!!

next is this …

~    Whatsoever Update from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK, this time is for



Live Digest Kanagawa ~ Chiba




talking about this 4th SEASON outfit eh …


here’s something interesting …

#    the concept for SEASON 4 outfit is a Jacket on top of naked/topless yasu.
#    and it’s not 100% topless because if you watch on your 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK, started from Kanagawa Live, they put a mini tank top, so only in Saitama and Tochigi, yasu was topless under the jacket,

but we all can still can see yasu‘s perfect six packs right? ‪xD


#    Actually the tank top, they (whoever they are, not me) said it was sold as one of 2009 QED Tour GOODS (yasu said that on one of his MC on 4th SEASON Live, but can’t remember which Live was exactly),
#    then i think they kind a modified it and add those many necklaces.
#    while the trousers/pants is the same pants that he use in 「Kuroneko – Adult Black Cat 」 PV.


that’s so interesting eh,

btw i was thinking about to post for the previous SEASON 3,2 and 1 outfit but then i think i won’t be interesting anymore since SEASON 1,2,3 already over long time ago … …

~   now let’s talk about HYDE ne …

it’s been a while since my last talk about HYDE ne.


i saw this posted on L’arc~en~Ciel America‘s post about how HYDE comparing himself with animal and he said

My lower body is a beast,
the upper body is a panda.
I enjoy such kind of myself,
I do  (laugh)

source and credit :  L’arc~en~Ciel America

OMG OMG that’s so cute, isn’t it  …?

then my next question is what would i do with a such cute man like that?  then answer is very easy ne, of course …

I will HUG his upper body panda and
let his lover body beast bite me,
if you know what i mean ….  ajajajaja  *laugh with Panda*


noi        :    you do know what i mean right?
yasu     :    sure,
noi        :    good then … *laugh*
yasu     :    but …

last but not least is this ….

~   A long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 5 (Tokyo Day 2)

so i was finally able to sleep at 03:00 AM in the morning, and when i woke up it was already 10:00 AM.

I went to bathroom tryin to get a quick ducky bath and in the hurry go to the dinning room. But when i was there, they already close it, because they only open breakfast service until 10:30 AM yeah again and i again my mom is always right ..

I missed that day’s sunrise in the morning and now i missed my breakfast …!!!


the worst part is i was hungry and have not much money eh.

So i walked to the 7/11 next to my hotel, bought another onigiri, cola and some toriyaki there. I think i ate almost all kind of onigiri they have there.


Because it’s cheap, and make my stomach full.

Finished breakfast, i went back to my hotel and call Christine about when and where we should meet today since she will give me my ticket to see FOOL COOL ROCK at cinema today. Since she was busy and couldn’t join me, i call my friend who was in Tokyo that day.

He is from Yokohama ne and spent some holiday in Tokyo and he agreed to meet me at the cinema

I started that day by looking for a money changer to change this IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) i have into Japanese yen. I followed the map that the hotel gave me and there is a sign with money changer on it. I arrived there and too bad, they said they only buy dollar not other currency.

Then somehow i was thinkin about to find Tokyo Station, who knows i might find another money changer there who accept IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)


there you are, The Mighty Tokyo Station …. !!!

It is a very BIG station, even i am not sure about which one is bigger between Tokyo Station or Shibuya Station, but for me it is a very BIG station eh. I walked around and when i tried to go inside the station using my Pasmo card,

suddenly it showed a BIG X sign to me.

well, that was so perfect timing for ran out my Pasmo balance ne. So i went to re-fill it again with only 1,000 yen because i am gonna be in Tokyo only tomorrow ne and the next day i will be in Osaka. As i know, my route in Osaka they use JRLine, not subway train and i supposed i cannot use Pasmo there.

When i found money changer and they said they accept IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) i was so glad,

Super GLAD because i only have 1,000 yen left in my wallet eh. Then i told them if i will back there tomorrow since i didn’t bring the money with me that day.

I thought that would be very danger eh, to bring a pretty much money with you while you were wandering all over Tokyo and in the other way i was also affraid if i might spent most of it to shopping again that day.

Not only found the money changer, i also went to the Shinkansen ticket reservation in Tokyo Station.

I read on internet how people kinda made How To Buy Shinkansen Ticket as something very hard to do for a person who never go to Japan.

I’d say that’s too dramatic eh, because i found it very easy to do. I mean just go to the ticket reservation, there’s a sign for it (in English as well) and then tell to the officer (they speak English as well) ..

~   Where do you wanna go,
~   how many person,
~   What kind of train you want to ride (Shinkansen or the other like Kodama or else)

The wacky part i remember is when i wanted to say Kodama to the ticket officer, but instead of Kodama what i said to him was Kodomo … ? then he was like givin me his eeeh look …

then asked me   :   is it Kodama?
and i was like    :   ah ya, Kodama …. xD


yasu    :   really noi_chan,
noi       :   nee ya_san, it was like Kodama and Kodomo were run all over my brain and Kodomo was the winner …
yasu    :   why didn’t you say Komodo to him …?
noi       :   that’s not funny eh …

so i said Kodomo not Kodama to a ticket reservation officer in Tokyo Station. OMG that was so embarrassing eh. Ok, what you have to say to the ticket reservation officer is …

~   From which station you want to ride
~   Reserved of non-reserved ticket you want.

#   Reserved ticket means you will get a ticket on a certain date and hour with a seat number there, while
#   non-Reserved ticket means there’s no certain hour and seat number on your ticket so you can ride your train as you want. But of course following the train schedule itself.

finished with askin just like to the money changer officer, i also said to him (read : the ticket reservation officer) if i will be back there tomorrow.

i went inside the station and went to Jiyugaoka Station to meet Christine. At the first time, i kinda afraid to go there because this Jiyugaoka Station is so far so i asked her to meet in Shibuya Station.


It took me a while to find it the corner of my Tokyo Railway Map.

But because Christine is very busy so i don’t want to bother her so i think it would be better if i am the one who go to Jiyugaoka Station, next to Christine‘s area.

Arrived in Jiyugaoka Station, it was 16:00 PM and i promised to Christine to meet there at 17:00 PM. It’s still another hour so i decided to go around Meguro-ku. It’s a nice and clean neighborhood  with so many cafe and stores around complete with so many kawaii and stylish people walking around.

I felt like i was on one of my dorama setting.





i went to one of cafe ther and as a coffee addict, i got myself a cappuchino.

I say myself is not a person who love and able to sit and talk in a cafe because in my case, when i eat or drink i can’t do anything else but eat and drink.

So there’s no such thing as drink while talking in me. I even amaze  people who can drink their coffee slowly while talking. But still,  the cafe is i’d say as a very comfy cafe complete with a place to hang in and talk with your friend there.

Too bad the cappuchino is not good at all

Finished my cappuchino, i went back to seat in front of Jiyugaoka Station waiting for Christine then i called her and told her i am already in front of Station sit next to public phone. She said …

i will be there soon noi_chan …

I waited, waited while exciting to meet Christine again. Our last meet was 2 years ago when we were watching Erect Live on Yoyogi together.

Me, Christine and Stefifie we had a very amazing time fangirling about yasu.


Then it must be because i was sit there long enough plus with a confused face i had that time, made a police came to me.

He asked …

~  my name,
~  where did i came from,
~  what was i doing there and
~  asked me to show him my passport

i showed him my passport and told him 私は  今、 友だち 待て います …. etc etc many more with my very not good Japanese ability  because he didn’t speak in English.

So my first long talk with a Japanese person in Japan was with a police in front of Jiyugaoka Station.

But somehow with my limited Japanese i have, i managed to answer all his questions in Japanese. I was like OMG MG i made it eh, he even ask if there something he can do to help me.

Wah, that’s a very nice of him eh …


noi        :    you better be nice like him ne Officer Hayashi ….
yasu     :    you said this is over noi_chan …
noi        :    what’s over   …?
yasu     :    this Officer thing …
noi        :    well, i told you ne i am so CHANGEABLE …!!!

so everyone here’s some things that you might want to remember,

if you go to Japan

~   it is very important to you to bring your passport wherever you go because who knows you will get the same sexperience with me,
~   neer give up on learning Japanese language because in Japan everyone including yasu,

they don’t walk around with subtitles …


~   and never let yourself ran out of money, and last but not least,
~   don’t ever hesitate to ask, because as what everybody sayin in Indonesia

malu bertanya, sesat di jalan
hesitate to ask, then you will get lost on your way

so, finished with the police i panicked call Christine again, asked her where is she?  She said she is already inf ront of Station and could not find me.

Then finally we found out if we were in think about a different station. I went to Jiyugaoka Station while Christine waited for me in Shibuya Station.

It was my fault because i didn’t tell to her if i will go to Jiyugaoka Station on the phone. I only write it on Facebook Messenger and let her waiting for me there in Shibuya Station for nothing.

Dear, i  am really sorry eh

and Christine is still the same nice Christine as always, came as fast as she can to find me in Jiyugaoka Station. She found me, and i never feel so happy to finally meet someone that i’ve been waiting for like that day when i finally able to meet Christine at Jiyugaoka Station.

We went to some cafe again, she bought me a cappuchino and we talked, but we didn’t talk much because it was almost late to see the movie. She gave me the tickets and she also help me to find the fastest train to go to Shinjuku.

Too bad, we didn’t took a photo together that time.


Got into my train to Shinjuku and arrived to the cinema 30 minutes before 08:00 PM (where the movie started) and my friend alerady there waiting in the 9th floor. OMG that day i let my 2 friends waiting for me, …

and also is the longest time i had inside elevator. Together with 2 boys (eh no, i should say them as a man) who looked at me while sayin to his mate something that i didn’t even understand. I think because at that time i was in a wrong outfit.

It’s weird and i feel not comfortable to use a short pants at 08:00 PM in Shibuya. My friend said it’s OK, because it’s already summer anyway. Ah he was just wanna make me feel better.

We finally inside the cinema and the movie itself FOOL COOL ROCK as what is a Documentary Movie is, it showed they trip/journey on their last World Tour from Europe to Asia. Of course with some scene and very funny footage happened during the show …


Like how Taka nostop bullying Tomoya and somehow Ryota joined him, how the audience asked Taka to naked on their Live in Paris, what happened in Malaysia and in Indonesia Ryota seemed to a bit dissappointed because no one write his name on the banner they received from fans .

But he sang our National Anthem, Indonesia Raya on stage tho …xD


my fave part is at the end of the movie, they played Decision song which is the OST for FOOL COOL ROCK movie it self. It is a very good song, i mean they did brilliant with that song.

I got goosebumps all over me, because i listen to it inside the cinema complete with HD sounds.

And now when i finally able to listen to that song on my MP3, i know Decision is my fave one among 3 songs inside OOR new single Mighty Long Fall/Decision

After movie, my friend asked me to have dinner together. I said OK, but then i found out if he took me to another 7/11 to eat some instant noodle/food  there together while listening together again Decision that he managed to record.

I also never imagine about a date like in drama where the couple go to to some cute cafe or restaurant have a candle light dinner, that would be too absurd for me to do. I think that one fast and cheap date was better for a freak like me.

But i said to him  :   can we go to McD?
he said                :   no, we cannot because i don’t have much now.
I said to him         :   me too.

So that day we both were as somebody who came to Tokyo and got less money.

My friend, he is a college student who wanted to have some fun in Tokyo and he was already about 2 weeks in Tokyo. While me a fangirl who went to Tokyo to see the man on her dream  (read : yasu) Live performance.



And after many years we’ve been a friend on line, what a nice coincidence if that day we finally managed to meet and wet to cinema together and completed it as a date by close it with dinner.

yasu     :   so now you’re dating a collage boy …?
noi        :   no, it wasn’t that kind of date eh, it’s more to a friend-date …
yasu     :   there’s no such thing as a friend-date …
noi        :   でもね、や〜〜ちゃん, i think

his parent educated him well, because even he had less money that time, he won’t let me pay or at least share the dinner cost, because that’s a gentleman will do. I think age never determine whether a man is a gentleman or not.

He is younger than me, but i always think in many ways he is more grown/mature than me, i mean in his way of thinking. They, whoever they are was right about

Don’t Judge Book by It Cover ….


We end that night sayin goodbye at the station where he will back to Yokohama and me back to my hotel. Okay, it was totally lame date but it was fun eh and i also got myself that Takahiro cola … !!!!

That’s all everyone, i will continue the next part as A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)

yasu     :    ま、ま、ま、noi ちゃん , really ….?
noi         :    i told you ne, it’s a friend-date
HYDE    :    hey, what happen …
yasu     :     noi ちゃん , she is dating a college boy …
HYDE    :     まさか、noi ちゃん really …
noi         :    OK, i am leaving you both …