Finally Post : Acid Black Cherry 19th Single 「INCUBUS」.. !!! (Another me, yasu and This Euphoria)

Finally …..

after the boring waiting and waiting like a fangirl always do (at least me …. ヽ(•‿•)ノ ), finally they alowed us to see the details for  …..

Acid Black Cherry’s Upcoming  New SINGLE


Title                :  INCUBUS
Release Date :  October 22nd, 2014 (Wednesday)

■【CD+DVD】〈1st Press Limited Edition〉 

Item no.   :  AVCD-32238/B 1,600 yen + tax

[Track List]

2. CLOUDY HEART(“LAST GIGS” ver.)【Recreation Track】


2.OFF SHOOT (Approximately 15 minutes )

■ 【CD ONLY】〈Regular Edition〉

Item no.  :   AVCD-32239 1,000 yen +tax

[Track List]

2. CLOUDY HEART(“LAST GIGS” ver.)【Recreation Track】

Bonus     :   Limited mini photobook

■ Special Price (1 song)

【CD ONLY】〈Limited Edition〉
Item no   :   AVCD-32240 369 yen +tax

[Track List]


Bonus    :   1 ABC trading card (from all 4 complete series)

Pre-Order Period

August, 22nd (Friday)18:00 〜 October 10th, 2014 (Thursday) 5:00 AM (JST)

~ Janne Da Arc Official Fanclub 「Mademoiselle na anatatachi 」 members

via here   : (VIP Members Only)


CD+DVD Limited Edition : Calendar Postcard   (2014.10月~2015.3月) Type A
CD Regular Edition :  Calendar Postcard (2014.10月~2015.3月) Type B

~ Janne Da Arc Official mobile site members

Official mobile site :
1 mini clear file

~ mu-mo shop

PC       :
mobile :

It’s Japan Only, which mean you have to use proxy/middle man in Japan to buy for you

~ mu-mo overseas sale site (where they will lead you to use

PC       :
mobile :
1 Original sticker

~    CDJapan   :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    HMV          :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price
~    YesAsia     :   CD + DVDCD OnlySpecial Price

PS    :   From CDJapan, there will be a B4 size poster bonus for CD + DVD and  CD Only

calendar post card bonus is 2014.10月~2015.3月, then suppose on 2015.4月 there will be another new single release ….?

BsvlcfvCYAE9zzG.jpg large

yasu       :      eeh …..
noi          :      just sayin eh, then suppose  …
yasu       :      suppose what  ….
noi          :      ah, nothing

Since they (read  : team_ABC) posted the details, then this something i’d say as 「INCUBUS」 euphoria is all over the net. Everyone talk and posted it on their Social Networks.

As what tweet_ed on their Official twitter,


Acid Black Cherry‘s new single title 「INCUBUS」 is top of HOT words on twitter (read : in japan, i suppose). As HOT as yasu himself ne and indeed, yasu always managed to make something trending ….

now let’s talk about this can’t wait Acid Black Cherry new single eh ….

1.    The single title  「INCUBUS」… !!!

yes,  it’s 「INCUBUS」 and i am sure all of you already search or ask to GOOGLE and Wikipedia about what the hell 「INCUBUS」 is.

As what Wikipedia says,

an 「INCUBUS」 is a male form demon who according mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to engage in sexual activity with them.

And the same as human, there’s also a female version of this demon called as 「SUCCUBUS」.

The first time  i read about yasu‘s new single title is 「INCUBUS」, indeed it surprised me because here in my village 「INCUBUS」 is a vey common demon to talk about since there’s so many spooky case happened involved them.

But in here, we call it as Genderuwo.

Known for their ability to change their look like somebody, especially somebody’s husband so they can have a sex with the wife when the real husband is away.

for example, this kinda of case is often happen here in my village

There’s a young couple husband and wife who had married for aboout 3 years. The husband is handsome, and the wife is beautiful.

yeah, you know that kind of couple that will make people who see/look at them jealous and blame how unfair the univerese is.

The husband, is a man who work out of town so he never at home except on weekends. Not only that, he also always came back home at a very late night thank to how far his office is.

One day, the wife got surprised by a knocking on the front door at 11:00 PM. We believe 11:00 PM is the time where all demons male and female start to hang around.

She opened the door and it was her husband.

She said to him    :    is there anyting happen Hun, you came home very early tonight …
The “Husband”    :     nothing, i just wanna see you
The wife              :     ああ〜〜

then they hug each other, went to their room and had sex


yasu     :   just like that, cam home, went to their room and had sex ….?
noi        :   what, do i have to put details of their before sex …?
yasu     :   i think your readers want details
noi        :   well, i’ll put the sex details after i had one.

Then the next morning, the wife came up late and found her husband already have breakfast at the kitchen. She came to him, with a sexy Black Cat move put her lips next to his ear …

whispering     :     Hun, you totally WONDERFUL last night …
the husband  :     what …
the wife          :    you know what i am talking about, our last night eh …
the husband  :     what are you talking about, last night? i just came back home at 04:00 AM in the morning …
the wife          :     then who …
the hudband  :     what, what happened darling ….?

She didn’t say anything and started to cry like hell was drooped off from the say to their house that day. It confused her husband because he think his wife cryin because he came home late and he didn’t tell her before.

so that sad scene in the morning closed with the wife nonstop cryin and the husband keep sayin I am so sorry darling ….!!! over and over again

PS     :   Hun is for Hunny/Honey


yasu     :    noi_chan, is that from one of your movies …?
noi        :   of course not, it’s a story told from people here …
yasu     :    really , did they told you …
noi        :    i mean they told my mom and my mom told me … >_<

it started for their housemaid who told her fellow housemaid best friend and then that the fellow housemaid told her master, her master told her bestfriend, … etc etc finally reached my mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen.

Even she is not as healthy as she was before now, but she is still The Queenn among those Love Gossip Ladies

Like Lady Violet Crawley ( The Dowager Countess of Grantham on Dontown Abey) , my mother not very fond of 2nd handed news and she never get one because there’s always somebody comin to her and tell her anything happen in here everyday .

see talking is what people in a small village do ne.

even they do have telly, but sometimes telly is a bit boring for them. So they all tend to hang around to somebody’s home or at the corner of the street and start talking. Talking about what ….?

about anything eh …

so that’s what an 「INCUBUS」do here in my village, the same victim and MO. pick a pretty wife who always left alone at home because her husband work is out of town.

That’s why in here we always ask our family member to wash their face, hands and legs before they enter the house after work. because that demon always avoid water.

But not only that, some people with highly spiritual ability also have an 「INCUBUS」 to keep their house or land save. I mean instead of having a dog or hire some security guard, the have  something invisible like 「INCUBUS」 to do that.

My late next door had one, he was a land lord and he never put fence or security guard on his lands but nobody dare to steal from his lands because there’s something invicible there watching.

One man tried but he ended crazy and he came back to his sense afer ask forgiveness from the land owner for tryin to steal his fish.

Now after see the all 3 Jacket Cover of 「INCUBUS」 my fave is of course the CD Only Cover that somehow  they kinda like make it as …

The Blond version of 少女の祈り III  ….?


credit  :   @lam azusa

it is time for me to feel and say lots of can’t wait ….!!! to listen to the song and see the PV.  Blimey, but i started to imagine the PV will have the same old theme like the CD + DVD Limited Edition Jacket Cover


plus yasu with a black suit complete with a hat like that, OMG that must be awesome eh, complete with a sexy song like Black Cherry maybe?   Thanks to the single title and what the meaning to it.

Not only that,  the Recreation Track is …

2.  CLOUDY HEART from BOOWY … !!!


i suppose my brain now is full of my silly imaginations about how’s 「INCUBUS」 will be.  But i say again, finally …. !!!

finally after in so many interviews and answering Q&A in Meeting or Radio Shows, yasu always talk about BOOWY and Kyosuke Himuro_san as his personal influence that inspired him to start a livin as a bandman.

BwgWhN3CMAA20TI.jpg large

And i suppose we all in this Acid Black Cherry division in Fandom world know that as well as we all know the fact about Akechi Mitsuhide is the one who killed Oda Nobunaga on History.

OK, what i am going to say is how BOOWY is always connected to Acid Black Cherry in many ways.  I think some of you who’s not 80′ generation already started to listening to BOOWY after listen about many times …

another yasu and BOOWY‘s stories from yasu …. #nyaaa !!! *got a massive kicks*

and now when yasu finally decided to cover one of BOOWY‘s song for this next single’s Recreation Track, i feel like yasu kinda want to show us this is one of BOOWY‘s song, band that he keep talking about.

especially fo some lazy fans like me, who never at least try to listen bands that his idol’s talking about. Same thing with DEAD END, i also clueless about BOOWY and again this time yasu will enlighted me about BOOWY

Yes, i do read a alot about yasu‘s talking about BOOWY but haha yeah i never try to listen to it or find it on YouTube.

Now i feel like yasu kinda say to me …

ノイちゃん  聞いて、聞いて 。。。!!


noi        :    of course you’ll say that in a sexy way ….  xD
yasu     :    what did you say ….
noi        :    you do talk a lot about it eh …
yasu     :    no, no after that  ….
noi        :    OMG  gotta go naw someone posted a-nation videos on YT  #kyaa  …!!!

~ owari~


A Very Late Post : 「Shangri-la」Live ~ Ehime … (another me, yasu and When The Trip is Over (◕‿◕))


So beautiful,
I’ve never seen that place,
When the trip is over,
I want to go with you  …. 
( -_・)



yes, the trip is over

and now it is time for me to continue all works that still all over my messy desk at office and of course my fangirl home works that i abandoned for almost a month? i think so because when i checked on my Ameblo,

i only posted 3 entries last month and that’s not good eh …

I finished my works, so now it is time to write again because here inside me now i have lots of things ( yeah, including ramblings) that i need to get it out from my head a.s.a.p. so i can be better ….

so when the trip is over, here i am back to you luv ….





yasu     :    what’s with that lots of emoji …
noi        :    何もない。 でも ね 、や ーーちゃん do you know …
yasu     :    i don’t know ..
noi        :    this time, the trip was much better than before ..
yasu     :    really …
noi        :    i only get lost 4 times thou …
yasu     :    only  …. ?

well, let’s keep the trip post for the last because it was quite long and tired trip complete with many flights i took. I say ne, it was my first one week to be far from home.

and FYI everyone, i am someone that will never like to be far away from home and my Drama Queen mother. I just never feel save and get stressed whenever i have to leave home more than 2 days.

Now let’s talk about yasu and start with this …

~    「Shangri-la」Live  ~ Ehime


The 1st Live for 5th SEASON Project 『Shangri-la』 was held at Saijo City Cultural Center after two years ago at 2012 for TOUR 『2012』 Live at Ehime.

Not different with the previous SEASON, on this 5th SEASON 1st curtain is also for great gourmet. yasu who was informed a lot about local gourmet in Ehime Prefecture on 「Shangri-la Meeting」 looking forward very much about it.

~  Stewed Hamburger,
~  Imabari fried (
chicken, i suppose?),
~  Uwajima Jakoten (
it’s a special product it Uwajima, in Southern Ehime Prefecture made from small fish that blended into a paste and the fried) , it should be eaten with soy sauce.
~  Fried seasonal vegetables,
~  salad, and …
~  rice

aaand …

as what they thought on 「Shangri-la Meeting」, there was also this STN (Saijo Teppan Neopolitan) waiting for them …


after meal, yasu talked to other support member about what they wanted to do for SHUSE‘s birthday.

yasu          :   everyone, 17th is SHUSE‘s birthday. Shall we do something on stage?

and all support members agreed with what yasu said …

yasu          :   where? i wonder if we do it at the encore part …
members   :   sounds good. For example on encore at the 「
Black Cherry」part, instead of sayin「Black Cherry」what yasu said is 「Happy Birthday」to SHUSE …?
yasu         :    that’s good …!!!
members  :    and also at the bass solo on 「
Black Cherry」, let’s bubbling something on his ears (i suppose they talkin about the ear tools) that only him will hear.
yasu        :    Let’s do it …. (

then each support members started to secretly record their voice of sayin …


only to SHUSE‘s iyamoni (an ear monitor’s tool to hear something directly from earphones) and so did yasu


and the question selected on The Question Corner is …

Do tell us why did you choose your part (instrument) now …

and yasu‘s answer is …

when i started my band, i was as what SHUSE said …


SHUSE  :    ask her what did i say …
noi         :     え〜〜っと
yasu      :     yes, what
SHUSE said …
noi         :    well, he said …. *scroll up again*
yasu      :    you didn’t read it …?
noi         :    OK, OK i will read again …

what SHUSE said is

before i start to play a musical instrument, i seemed to hear music because i like music. But at that time i had not aware about the sounds of bass. And because there’s an acoustic guitar at home and i played it, so i didn’t think about to play bass.

so he started his 1st band as a guitarist,

then i repeat again for yasu‘s answer …

when i started my bad, i was as what SHUSE said (read  : as a guitarist). Because ka-yu, Janne bassist got a guitar from his brother then he said 「 i got my gitar, you do the vocal …!!

and i was like 「うん、分かった 」…

I was awaken to rock music from Himuro Kiyosuke‘s BOOWY. And then i discovered the sound of a bad called X (JAPAN) about one and half year after it.

X (JAPAN) keys are really high, because there’s no way i could make out a high voice like that. High pitched voice make me shouted like crazy. Everytime i go to the studio, my voice just dead …(laugh)

and the SetList

「Shangri-la」Live 19.03.2014 ~  Saijo City General Cultural Center


01.  Re:birth
02.  Shojo no Inori
03.  Greed Greed Greed
04.  In the mirror
05.  Yubiwa Monogatari
06.  Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat~
07.  Aishitenai
08.  Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara …
09.  Cherry cherry
10.  Shangri – La
11.  I’m not a ghost
12.  Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13.  Pistol


02.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni  (request)
03.  Black Cherry (request)
04.  20+∞ Century boys

next is this …

~    Whatsoever Update from me …

i know i am so late about this update, even i already posted some part of it on my Facebook, but i suppose here in my blogs are the perfect place to put. Because not everyone is on or love to spent his/her daily on Facebook like me.


yasu     :    don’t forget how you spam there …
noi        :    me, really …?
yasu     :    yes, you do …
noi        :    well after all ya_san, i am still the same
Facebook saiyajin so yeah my Facebook friends always get more  …. *wink*

so there you are …

OS  Shimane ~ Nara


On Stage, before Live and the rest …


and about my Japan Trip, well …

i know things been changed recently, i mean on my 1st trip to Japan 2 years ago every night i wrote a post about all what i did that day. All of it so at that time i can wrote about 5 posts about my Japan trip from the beginning till the end.

But now, ha ha ha …. !!!!

i didn’t even write one post when i was there, all i did just post it (about yasu’s Live) as a comment on team_yasu. Now i feel really sorry to someone that even wrote a message to me about it, wondering and then ended with asked to me when will i write about my  「Shangri-la」 sexperience.

yasu    :    eh noi_chan, did you …
noi       :    what ….?
yasu    :    do i have to say it …?
noi       :    you mean, ah of curse not

so there you are, but i am warning you ne this is gonna be a very long post because i have so much things kept inside my brain to get out. The Live was amazing as how amazing is yasu, but the trip was sexhausting.

I dunno why but i felt more tired than 2 years ago.

I know my health now isn’t that good as 2 years ago ne, after all this year i step into a page to be a 53 years old woman. So what can you expect for a 53 years old woman can be health as?

surely not as healthy as Hercules …. xD

FYI, i haven’t watch that ne and now there’s nothing i want but to go to cinema and watch movie. Any movie will be fine. I need something to watch in a BIG screen and DOLBY surrounded sound or maybe 3D.

OMG look what i just did ne, just another rambling opening.

so back to my Japan Trip talk, let’s start this from the beginning, and i will say this as

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 1 (The Beginning) … (^ω~)

As i always say ….

i am someone that yasu will say as an INK person. Yes, i am livin in a village so it took me forever to gop to Japan. Not just simple like took a flight and then arrived there, but for me, it is always be a long way down.

Well i think everything for me is always forever to get.

For sexample ..

~    A quite long waiting for someone that sadly is IGNORED me now …

yasu     :   don’t tell me … (笑)
noi        :   no, don’t laugh like that. This isn’t a joke   …
yasu     :   but, he dumped you again? what did you do this time?
noi        :   i dunno. Ah, guys are too complicated for me …

~    A long waiting for all my stuffs sending from Japan,
~    A long way down to go to
Japan to see yasu

Oh luv, why you are so far away ne ….?


yasu    :    still no route to go to Tokyo by bus ne, noi_chan …
noi       :    yeah, …
yasu    :    so how’s Superman …?
noi       :    ah you know he hated me …
yasu    :    then Capt. America ?
noi       :   what the …

So let’s back to May 25th, 2014.

It was Sunday and i still had things to finished at office. So i went to office in the morning, hoped able to finish everything before 10:00 AM so i can have some times to rest at home before catch my bus to Semarang (the capital of Central Java) about 3 hours by bus from my hometown at 14:30 PM

But that day was disaster,

because at that damned day one of my driver hit and then got hit on the road. So he was hit a car, an SUV exactly so i had to deal with him, called him and make sure he is OK.

and then listen what the hell is happened from him. Apparently it was because he was a bit busy with his phone while driving.

Calling? text messaging?

no, not one of it but he was busy to post a comment/reply comments on his Facebook. When i heard it, i was like …

Whhhuut the helll ……!!!

After that, I wanted nothing but to get his phone and erase the Facebook app inside it followed with may bad things came out from my full of anger mouth. Yeah, i was mad that day. So mad, until i can’t even remember in what sort of rude/bad level words i said to him.

I was such a bitch that day.

I mean, because of Facebook? really? even i know everyone around me is into Facebook and BBM (Black Berry Messenger) recently but i never thought to hear it as the cause of an incident.

Deep in my heart, i was hope to hear another things as the cause. Calling his wife maybe, or got distracted by something passed, … etc etc that make drivers less concentrated in driving.

But it is also surprised me. Can you imagine that, Facebook ne Facebook finally reasonable enough as a cause of an accident  …

I’ve heard a lot about crimes, fallin in love, heart broken via Facebook


yasu    :   or got dumped for the 3rd time …?
noi       :   not funny eh …
yasu    :   what’s more funny than this noi_chan ?
noi       :   and FYI this is the 2nd time, not 3rd ..
yasu    :   …… (

Then finally i was able to finished it at 14:30 PM left everything to my friends complete with all notes that they might need to do my works. I also said to them if they still can call me via LINE or Yahoo Messenger if there’s anything they might not understand well.

At that time i was so worried if they couldn’t able to do all my works like me. Maybe this is what happened if you are too deep for your works. So whenever you want to get some days off or holiday …

you feel nothing but lots of worry about works you left ..

At 15:00 PM, arrived at home and still mad while in the hurry went to the terminal to catch my bus at 15:30 PM. One hour late from the schedule and i worried about me missed my 20:00 PM flight to Jakarta.

Yeah, even it only took 3 hours from my hometown to Semarang, but i still need at least another hour to go to the airport (The Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang) from the bus terminal by taxi, and traffic jam that might happen as well.

Finally i was able to arrived at the airport at 19:30 PM. Go to change another yens there, but that time they were ran out of yen. So i go check-in and waited at the boarding room while had some coffee from the coffee machine there …


yeah, you all know how coffee addict is i am. So i do always so excited to see if there’s a coffee machine around me.

Then i kinda start to have a nice conversation about Taxi in Jakarta (i will talk about this later …)  with a very nice young lady sit next to me who also wanted to go to Jakarta.

And apparently she is a K-POP lovers who have a dream to go to Seoul to see CN BLUE Live on Stage.

People say same thief will recognize each other, so in this case same fangirls also recognize each other, even from different fandom.

Well, fangirls are everywhere eh,

From her stories and way of talking about all CN BLUE members i know if she is a hard core fangirl. Because i say fangirl, the real one talk in different ways. I’d say more passion and you can feel their hope, dreams and optimistic from their stories.

Because that’s what people mostly don’t see about fangirls. What they see maybe just the kyaa kyaa … !!! and crazy girls creamin and drolling about their idols every time and everywhere, but i think they often missed to see their dream and hope as well …

We talked quite a lot ne, because my flight was delayed about half hour from the schedule. Then we said good bye when they called us to get in the plane. It was a nice talk ne, i mean for me who never talk a lot especially with stranger.

Too bad i didn’t ask for her Facebook or LINE ne. It should be fun if i had ask her because i also listen to CN BLUE ne …

I get in the plane, and it was a small plane as how a local flight will give you. The flight from Semarang to Jakarta only took about 1 hour. But inside that plane 1 hour felt forever for me.

Especially when i sit between 2 man,

~  one is a man who put his earphone on and his music into maximum volume because even me, who is a half deaf (yeah, sometimes my left ear didn’t work well) able to hear it , …

~  While the other one is a man from Germany who do nothing but watching me watching over that man with his MP3 sleeping.

Nah, can you imagine how awkward that moment was? that’s why 1 hour on that flight felt forever for me.

Finally he (the man from Germany, that i will call as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD) open his e-book and start to read. And me, who never see an e-book like that for the rest of my life changed my bored activity to see him with his e-book.

It was in German language and suddenly he asked me  …

Hey, you wanna read together? if you want i can change it to English

And i was like   :   OMG really? you can change it to English?
and him            :   i have the English version   …
me                   :   uuuu  …..  *
eat my pillow*

That’s a very stupid question ne, i mean why the hell i didn’t think if he might have an English version ne, because his English is very good. I was so ashamed, then i said no, thank you to him and do nothing but hugging my pillow and pretending to fall asleep.

After landing, i stayed on my seat waiting for another passenger getting their luggage. I never want to get rush for something like this, i better be the last person to get my luggage and out from the plane.

I took one suitcase, bag and pillow with me ….


Actually not because of that, but it was also because i might need help to get my luggage from the cabin crew thanks to how idle my left hand is after it broken last year. So it is impossible to me to get it only with one hand.

But suddenly, i heard someone asked me  …

Hey, is this yours …?

OMG that Jane Austen man again ne. I said yes and then with nothing to say more he just get all my luggage for me.  I said nothing but don’t worry everyone, i still able to say thank you.

I think i was amazed by him,

i mean among all people (Indonesian people) that no one asked to me about that, and i got use to feel nobody will ask to help me with my luggage so i will ask to one of the cabin crew to help me. Suddenly there was a man asked and helped me.

Then i wondered  …

Well, now i found out if there’s still a gentleman exist in this world, not only on Jane Austen‘s books.

Now you all know why i called him as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD

Ah you all, especially girls who read this surely know about Jane Austen ne. I mean who the hell is never read or see movie based on Jane Austen‘s book and sometimes think about …

What Jane Will Do?


like what Prudie (Emily Blunt on Jane Austen’s Book Club movie) read on the crossroad when she was thinkin about having an affair with one of her student.

Spoon and ice cream, that’s so brilliantly full of passion ….!!!

Bandara Soekarno Hatta

And at 21:30 PM i arrived at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport : Terminal 1 then waited for a bus shuffle to go to Terminal 3 where my next flight to Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia waited for me.

AtTerminal 3 where i will spent that night there, waited for 06:45 AM flight with Air Asia next morning.It was so cold there. My friend Buntal said maybe this is the newest Terminal at Soekarno – Hatta so the air conditioner is still good and able to freezed people who is not get use to air conditioner like me.


I couldn’t sleep that night even i already had my dinner, that very2 sexpensive and not good tasted noodle above. Can you imagine that i have to pay about 60,000 IDR only for that? and still i was sleepless that night.

Then i opened my laptop, go on line and start to bothered some of my Facebook friends again.

Then after midnight, i wonder again what else i can do now? Everyone was already sleep so none of my friend was online on FB Messenger. Talking about this FB Messenger ne, i just love how it made your Facebook friend’s profile picture who send you message will poop up like this.


And most of my Facebook friend’s profile picture are yasu so can you imagine how happy i am when i see lots of yasu suddenly poop off like that on my phone? …

絶対 に おもしろい な。。。

until 02:00 AM, still couldn’t sleep because it was too cold and i didn’t bring any jacket or sweater with me because i thought it will be a summer trip.

Most of my clothes are summer outfit.

And it was disaster ne, i mean i really can’t stand on cold situation. I can handle how HOT summer will give to me, but not cold. Then suddenly a nun came sit next to me. She said she is one of the missionary and they all will go to Lombok for their next mission.

I always love to talk with nun/sisters ne, they have something on their way of speaking that make you calm somehow. Dunno why i feel this way, but i suppose because i was raised by nuns in a Chatholic Institution until i was 3 years old and they allowed my pappi and mommy to take me home with them.

They said it was quite complicated adoption process they had to get us.

I spent my whole night that time on Terminal 3 –  Soekarno – Hatta listen to all her stories, including her reason why she took this path (read : to be a nun). It’s very interesting for me when she told me how she finally find the light to devoted only to her God.

Until 05:00 AM in the morning when they (read : Air Asia) opened their check- in counter. We said good bye and i did a self check- in using their machine available there and went up to the boarding room.

Waiting again for my 2nd flight that will bring me to Kuala Lumpur.

I was curious about Kuala Lumpur, because this time we wil landing to the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport. And according my friend it is so big and everything was available there.

She said like a mall inside an airport.

Well, indeed the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport is very amazing and i will tell you again on my next post for 2nd Part : Jakarta ~  KL.

So yeah, you all have to wait ne …. wekekekekeke  *who is gonna wait anyway?*

next is this …


and you can read it in other languages as well, because these amazing fans also did it in here  ..

~  French by ABC French Street Team

~  Spanish by ABC Spanish Street Team, and 

~  Mandarin by Erica Lai

Recently i don’t listen to Acid Black Cherry songs much, not because i get bored with it. I maybe someone who will bored everyone around me with things i said, but here’s no way Acid Black Cherry songs will bored me.

It just because now i kinda busy with my new research about this non Visual Kei band (you know what band i am talking about) for my self. I mean, somehow their songs are similar to what i feel, had and happened with me and all these things i feel about him (read : not yasu, not Mr. Friday, then who …. xD)

now i listen to their songs everyday on my way to office, yeah now my driving skill upgraded very well so i can drive while listen to my MP3 on one ear of course. Then followed with watching all their Live DVDs one by one.

so now if you see me posted lots of their songs lyrics, actually it is just this personal feelings that i want to get rid off. I did everything, but i still ended back there like a fool.



noi        :    and now he put his back right to me …
yasu     :    can you be less dramatic about it ..?
noi        :    i can’t, because it drives me crazy
yasu     :    stop it  …. *walked away*

but still …

i enjoyed a lot for listening and reading all what yasu said and  his way of thinking. Even though after reading it make me confused sometimes because of course there is always parts that i don’t wanna know but it always ended me smiled even laughed like an idiot

because yasu is somehow always have an answer that will surprise you (read : at least me) on every interviews he had or MCs on his Live performances.

So for me now, i’d say …

reading and listening what yasu’s said or will say is like a box of chocolate. You will never know what you are gonna get,

but don’t worry  because it is always amusing …xD

noi       :    いつもありがとう ね、 や〜〜さん
yasu    :    did you just watch
Forrest Gump …?
noi       :    omo, how did you know …
yasu    :    boring noi_chan, boring, no wonder he dumped you again …
noi       :    but i never talk about movie with him ne ..


HQ Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Ehime … (Another me, yasu and 10 Things I ♡ about him)

Whaaa, finally, ….

While yasu already started that Encore Season

with the 1st and 2nd show in his hometown Osaka, be the lovely dovey Prince Charming in the white outfit me with his long, blond pony tail like this …


noi      :    OMG OMG …
yasu   :    what …
noi      :    nothing …
yasu   :    that’s not nothing …
noi      :    well at least they didn’t make it Green … xD

so here i am now being late again as always start my 5th Season Post tonight. After all, it is always better to be late than not doing anything eh …. xD

~   「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Ehime

They (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) wrote this premier Meeting for 5th Season, 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Ehime as cheerful and warm Meeting in the spring.

and this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Ehime together with FM Ehime was also held as a closed event, where only the winner who was allowed to join the Meeting.


This is 5th Season 「Shangri-la 」 Project Premier and also it 1st landing in Shikoku, so they were talked about thought of when to start 「Shangri-la 」 Project as well as the impressions of many parts of it up to The 4th Season.

First of all, this all prefectures tour i wanted to try it for a long time.

The problem was, it couldn’t be realized easily. But now finally it can be realized, on this occassion since we already did so much efforts for Live all prefectures, so i wish i could do a live event with the local people as well.

so it’s really just simply that much …

DJ’s question :  Actually, you’ve been doing it until now, how is it …

Treated me like a star, more than i thought (laugh).

Today’s event is a closed event, but i was allowed to do in an open space in some places. It surprised me to have you all say kyaa kyaa …!! everyone in Ehime (though it is a closed event) that’s great.


and then they were talking about 「少年式」 and some Mandarin Juice recipe … etc etc aand there you are finally …

i received my 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK ..!!!!




together with that DAM Express Magazine with that so many cool and sexy yasu ne.

I say that’s hardest magazine i even bid on auction, i mean i had to lost in 2 auctions before and then waited for another person to open a new auction for that magazine and finally i got and it still in a reasonable price for a magazine.

But that almost 3 times bid on auctions is worthy ne,

Whooo ho ho ho, now let me say, yay … !!!!

yasu     :    do you have to tell everybody about it …
noi        :    what, the Yay …!!! ?
yasu     :    no, you know what i mean …
noi        :    my dear, gomen ne but i dunno what you mean …
yasu     :    liar  ..
noi        :    ha ha yeah, the good one  …

back to 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK ne,

i say for this 4th SEASON , the PHOTOBOOK is not HQ. I dunno maybe it is only me, but i don’t see the same Q (read : Quality image) like the previous Season 1, 2, and 3 PHOTOBOOK .

Take a look at this …


that image above is from Meeting in Nara (from 3rd SEASON PHOTOBOOK) and the other one is from Meeting in Tochigi (from 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK) see what i see?

Both of the Meeting was held indoor, in a mall but why did the images for Meeting in Tochigi (from 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK) looks more dark than the Meeting in Nara (from 3rd SEASON PHOTOBOOK)

and they made yasu‘s skin is not as pale as he was looked like on the other previous PHOTOBOOK.

And that’s not only for that page Meeting in Tochigi but also Meeting in Kanagawa and Chiba (well okay, this one is indoor) but still not HQ though, . So i wonder what the hell was happen ne?

omo  …

~   was the sun stop shining on the day they (whoever they are in charge for 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK) edited The 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK so it became darker like that, or
~   the electricity went down that day, or


~   Darth Vader was comin and made it like that …?

OMG OMG i better run now ….

yasu     :     hey, you’re not finish yet …
noi        :     i don’t want
Darth Vader say I am your father to me, run ya_san, run … !!!
yasu     :     stop sayin that, i am not
Forrest Gump
noi        :     ….. *stop running*

OK, so all i want to say is, i suppose they (whoever they are in charge for 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK) to do differently for the upcoming 5th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK.

I want HQ

a High Quality images ne, like how yasu is a HQ person as well, so it would be better if you (yes, you again, whoever you are in charge for 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK) give me HQ images ne because …

I am a HQ fangirl …. ajajajaja, #にゃー ーー  *dumped to Niagara Fall*


yasu    :   is that all, are you finish now …?
noi       :   not yet, there’s no rambling yet. Just bear with me ne, because tonight i just being
Chatty as HELL
yasu    :   how long this post is gonna be …
noi       :   dunno,

so now it is time for this …

~ Whatsoever Update from Me ….

this one is for Nara part …


while this one is from DAM Express


Enjoii ….. !!!

aaand, ha ha there  you are the Rambling part, this time is about …

~   The Kowai Jakarta

I’ve been in Jakarta for a whole day, spent a whole night on a night bus from my home which is one of my fave things to do.

This time i did it differently ne, i didn’t use taxi as how i always do whenever i go to Jakarta. I followed what Tekki said about this economic travelling. It worked for her, so i suppose that must be also worked for me …

Economic i say, because it cost a way more cheap than how i use to travel.

This is the comparation ne, let’s say it as non-Economic and Economic. non-Economic means i use 1 hour trip by plane from Semarang to Jakarta than spending a whole night by bus, and also i use taxi to go anywhere  …

1. non- Economic way

~  2 x bus ticket from my village to Semarang (city with regional airport)   :   30,000 IDR
~  2 x Taxi (from bus terminal Semarang to Airport)  at least @70,000   :  140,000 IDR
~  2 x Flight Semarang ~ Jakarta, this is when i got cheap/promo flight   :    1,000,000 IDR
~  3 x Taxi (from airport to embassy; embasy to cinema theater; cinema theater to airport again) at least @100,000  :  300,000 IDR
~  My lunch, cinema, snacks, … etc etc   :  750,000 IDR

total   :    2,220,000 IDR

2. Economic way

~  2 x night bus ticket My hometown  to Jakarta  @170,000 :  340,000 IDR
~  1 x Busway ticket (from bus station to embassy) :  3,000 IDR
~  2 x Taxi (from embassy to cinema theater, cinema theater back to bus station (depending on traffic)  :   200,000 IDR
~  My lunch, cinema, snacks, … etc etc   :  750,000 IDR

total     :   1,293,000 IDR

see how different is it? …

that’s why i wanted to try it and also i never try to ride busway before even i say so many By The Way Busway. I thought i will give myself a try this time.


Everything is so smooth, from bus station i took a bus to Harmoni stop and then change it to Blok M and i suppose to get off on one bus stop after Bundaran HI stop (because they closed that to build MRT).

But what happened was so far far away (as far as my relationship with Dear Brother, Kenshin ) from my imagination and what i’ve been planned from home.

from Harmoni stop i changed bus, i thought it was the correct bus. I got a seat and feel comfy a little bit and then fell asleep. I woke up when i heard so many people walking out of the bus. Then i was like,

eeeh what happened …?

i panicked and without thinking i followed all of them out from the bus and just ran out from the bus stop like somebody was after me and i dunno why. Then finally i stood there on one side of the road and looked around me and i didn’t see this Bundaran HI anywhere ..


Bundaran HI, it’s a landmark site in the center of Jakarta.

HI is for Hotel Indonesia so yes a round water splash and statue next to Hotel Indonesia and Japan Embassy is also around there. So i have to go there ne, but i don’t see any sign of it anywhere.

Appaently it was not only because i fell asleep but also because i took the wrong bus then i ended lost in Jakarta, a city that i never imagine i am gonna be lost like that. I wanted to ask somebody but i can’t, since i am still sick so it’s really hard for me to speak.

I even only use my hand or say some one or 2 words mostly.

The worst part is i didn’t see any taxi there, so i had to walk far enough then reach another street that is much bigger and finally i see a taxi came approached me. I open the door and hardly say Kedutaan Jepang (Japan Embassy) to the driver then i feel …

nothing but free …

it took me forever to reach Japan Embassy from bus terminal ne, from 08:00 AM until almost 12:00 AM. I say Jakarta is a very scary ne especially for an INK ( いなか ) people like me.

The people i saw on the bus, dunno why they seems like so careless about others.

Inside the bus, i was standing next to a pregnant woman and none of those 5 young woman sit in the seat in front of us willing to give their seat to her until the bus officer (the man who is standing next to the busway door) said to them …

hey please, this is a pregnant woman …

and then one of them with that look finally gave her seat to the pregnant woman. I wonder, eh in here there’s so many other version of Dinda ne …

Now i am really glad that i am livin in this village, where i say there’s some hospitality i see in the people. Yes, of course there’s some bad and careless people but i don’t see it often in public like that.

Maybe that’s the different between livin in the city and village.


I went to Gandaria Mall, had some that whatsoever yummy BBQ.

For 120,000 IDR that’s must be yummy ne, and actually that portion is for 2 person, but i ate it alone and everyone there just nonstop lookin at me like i am crazy or something.

Eh come on, only that 4 pieces of meat and 1 egg is for 2 person, really? that must be a joke ne or whoever made than menu must be on a hard diet because i was still hungry even i finished that …

Gandaria Mall is the place where i use to go to watch IMAX cinema. Then i went to the cinema to watch Ken Watanabe in Godzilla


ah ya, don’t tell me how the movie was, because i fell asleep in the middle of it and then woke up suddenly that monster MUTO already MAD, MAD, MAD and destroyed everything.


I couldn’t ask to people next to me, because there was only 5 people including me in that theater and we all sat very far each other. I feel like i just had a private movie playin ne and for a movigoers like me …

That’s HEAVEN … !!!


yasu    :    but you were sleep …
noi       :    too bad eh, i have to watch that movie again …
yasu    :    why did you always sleep everywhere …
noi       :    OMG ya_san, that’s because
i am Nemuri Hime ne ..
yasu    :    i shouldn’t ask …

well even Jakarta is Kowai, but i still had some fun there. I ate a lot and had my own version of Solitary Gourmet, you know there’s so many food there on bus terminal from meatball soup, sweet and sour mango, … etc etc i ate them all


you know that live action drama adaptation from manga where there’s a man named Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) with his solitary lifestyle and a very healthy appetite (like me … xD) who travel to different places and try some food and figured out how the best way to enjoyed it.

and now  …

look at this new Blog Widget i got today. Actually i saw this on 闇Rodemさん‘s blog and i just love it and try to make one for my self  …

It is a generated widget, so it just easily generated by put your name and what things you want to put on your Blog Widget. I made one, and because you all know how dreamer i am so i put Fangirl, DayDreamer and this is what they gave me  …

yes, everyone now meet the new me

ノイ 緋村, a Fangirl and Daydreamer …..  (^_^)♡

but then the problem is even i already copied and pasted it to my ameblo, it just didn’t work. I dunno why maybe there’s something wrong and i just don’t get it. So i just post it here on this post ne, after all i am not Jim The IT ne, so things like are confused me …

last but not least is this Fangirl Meme,

i know i made this before a long time ago, now after i watched again for how many times i forgot Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger‘s 10 Things I Hate About You, i think i have to re_new it again …

OK 行きましょう 皆さん …

~  10 Things  I ♡ about yasu …

1.   I ♡ when yasu fall like this …


2.  I ♡ when yasu start to count like this …

3.  I ♡ when yasu serious like this …

4.  I ♡ when yasu is on suit like this …


5.  I ♡ when yasu sayin ほんまに ね … over and over on every MC

6.  I ♡ how yasu sayin もういい もういいよ on Yes song …

because in my ears it sounds like he is callin me …

Noi, Noi, come here yo …. !!! #wekekekeke


yasu     :     i never call you on that part …
noi        :     but …
yasu     :     no, still no
noi        :     and stil, for me it sounded like that … *wink*

7.  I ♡ when yasu make a peace like this

or …

8. Being Dorky like this …


then last  but not least is ….

10.  I ♡ when yasu is smiling like this  …

that’s all everyone, i just upgraded my Fangirl meme, now i am going to sleep because tomorrow, it’s Monday

and you all know what Monday is, a full day of works to do because my boss Comissioner Vijay (yes, i am The Inspector, so Mr. Vijay must be a Police Commissioner …. xD) make me work really hard this month.

So tomorrow is gonna be a very long Moanday at office,

i still not able to talk perfectly and just got a terrible flu yesterday, and that make me wipe my nose a lot, almost ran out of tissue and these days, that Chou ver. Tissue Box is my bestfriend everywhere.

so my dear ya_san, i will do my best and hopefully i will able to talk again at the end of this month …

Oyachuumii Luv …

noi       :  what are you doing?
yasu    :   but noi_chan, that’s not 10 …
noi       :   really …?
yasu    :   yes, count it …
noi       :   ah, stop counting it’s almost midnight ne. I’ll do that tomorrow …


Waaa, yasu …!! Post : New Single 君がいない、あの日から … (another me, yasu and this Mad/Crazy Woman)


Finally everyone, after all this time ….

Acid Black Cherry‘s New Single title and some of the covers announced … #yay

…..   君がいない、あの日から …




                                  …. Kimi ga Inai, ano hi kara …
You’re not here anymore, since that day

that is the new single title. Aaand this really pale yasu posted on the Official Home Page yesterday  …

pale yasu

then today they posted this frustatedly HOT of yasu that frustated me as well on some certain way that i will never understand   …


I think they  kinda playin some teasing game to us for this new single ne …

like a stingy stepmoter to more than 1,000,000 curious stepchildrens that her new husband gave her to take care of ….

share the details step by step, one by one from 

~    The Release Date,


~    then The Single Title


and  …

~    Cover for w/ DVD Limited Edition


~    Cover for The Special Price edition …


~    Cover for CD Only,


~    The 4 trading cards to hunt …


~    The various bonus from different versions …

Poster Calendar for FC version 


A for w/ DVD Limited Edition


B for CD Only Edition

Mini Clear File for Mobile FC version


Sticker if you buy from mu-mo


when i made my order for this new single, i said to my proxy  …

i don’t wanna know how, but i want all 4 differerent bonuses おねがい 。。。。!!!!

i suppose it is time for the Greed inside me to be ON ne, and i did my Greed part since i wasn’t able or never able to choose not to have one or maybe two of them.

And and also i didn’t win BAFTA (FYI there was no Bennedict on this year’s BAFTA ne ) no matter how dramatic i am, so it’s not a crime anyway for me being Greed. So what can i say next but this hooray … !!! and



noi          :     very well, i am CALM anyway ….
yasu       :     really …

noi          :     indeed i am …

~     The Recreation Track …

it will be this Forget me Not by Yutaka Ozaki

and that Forget me Not actually is the name of a flower. Not only yasu, Hongkong moviestar and singer Nicholas Tse also covered that song on 2006.

Thoose lovely images covers, i say that’s such a gloomy cover ne, and for me that cover for w/ DVD Limited Edition cover, it was like a secret box full of lot of things un_discovered if you don’t look at it closely over and over.

for example, me …

my 1st look at that gloomy cover was from my twitter Time Line, lots of nice and kind people i followed on twitter posted and RT_ed it. Aaand as you all know how wacky twitter is now about showing not the whole part image posted, i didn’t see (read : don’t wanna see)  that reflection of yasu and ….

because it was only look like this on my twitter Time Line


then when i click on The Official Home Page and see the whole image, i was like ….

Eh God, i didn’t see that girl ….


yasu        :      うそ , you didn’t say that …
noi           :      omo ya_san, how did you know …
yasu        :      go tell everyone what did you say …
noi           :      OK, actually i said  …

Thank God, i didn’t see it first ….. *heavenly happy*

yasu       :      ah, still the same you …
noi          :      blimey ….

all that things i see for my 2nd, 3rd, 4th … etc etc time i lookin at that cover image closely with blurry eyes, i believe i’ve seen some children there beside yasu and that whatsoever girl there.

that’s why i say …

What a Gloomy  cover ne …

and yasu were sit like that, lookin at some point on the water with that face that i’d say as a longing (surely it’s not a bored) face like that plus how they will released it on March 11th

aand the title is ..

君がいない、あの日から …..

i say that would be a longing song and yes a ballad maybe a song about a feeling of longing somebody (lover, family, friends … etc etc). wanna see them but they can’t because

君がいない、あの日から …..

you’re not here anymore, since that day …

That day is March 11th, the same day when earthquake happened. Suppose that’s the feelings of people who left behind, the one who survived from that disaster of mother nature. Ah, now i can’t wait to hear how this song is gonna be like and the lyrics surely …

Anyway, talking about left behind ne,

if i have to choose to be the left behind or the leaving one, i’d rather be the leaving one. Because ones who already leave, they don’t have to do anything. But ones who left behind (families, friends or lovers) have lots of things to handle.

dealing with the after situation, dwelling or other things that surely different with before. I feel this now, almost a year since my father died i start to miss him. I dunno how to explain this feeling i have now but i just want him back to live. Even with the same hard and full angry situation that would be fine.

In short, i just want him back.

I talked about this with my Islamic teacher. He is my teacher since i was a little girl, until now i still talk and ask about things that bothered me or i confused about especially for religion matters.

He said rather than dwelling about something that is 100% impossible, it would be better if i send my prays to my father everyday after my 5 times daily prays.

yeah, i do that …

because i do believe as long as that trumpet hasn’t blown by one of God‘s angel, i still able to send prays on behalf of my father. They said died peoples in after life world, all of them in some conditions based on what they did when they were livin.

Some of them may in a breathless like they are drowning or something. All they need is some air to breath and that is prays that their still livin child, husband, wife send from this mortal world. And when the end of the world comin, everything would be different. It will be his something like

Yours is yours and Mine is Mine, sharing and giving will not work.

That’s why as long as we are still alive in this mortal world i believe it would be better for us to pray on behalf of our beloved families, friend and others that leavin us behind and we do care about.  ….


yasu     :      look who is talking …
noi        :      omo, that’s too long eh, so sorry ooo
yasu     :      what is wrong with you …
noi        :      nothing, it’s just … ah i dunno what to say, but

i am in the phase where i need to do my 5 times a day pray,

unlike before where i only pray 5 times a day just because there’s this phrase of  “5 times a day praying is something mandatory and i’ll be burn in hell if i don’t do it” . Now it’s different ne, somehow i feel there’s something feels not right or missing if i haven’t mo my daily pray.

i am not gonna say i am more religious now, because i think my faith is still in the same level. But i will say if now i am in the phase of me act as a spoiled girl to my God.

I ask this, ask that … etc etc in short, i have so many things to say/ask.

perhaps i feel guilty now, since i was such a really bad bad daughter for him.  I wish i could turn back time, i would do things differently even i know that would be very hard for me to not to be mad and turned myself into a very bad daughter that a father can have.

It started on my last vacation in Singapore, Universal Studio precisely. When i was on the line to enter Transformers Ride i saw there’s a family next to me.

A father, mother and their 2 daughters.

One of the girl talked to her father about she wanted him to buy something for her, while her father kinda tease her by sayin ..

OK, l’ii buy you … as long as you ….

i didn’t get it clearly but i suppose you all  know that kind of parent way do to tease their children, and that girl (she is about 16 years old) said ..

aaah, daddy i hate you …  bla bla bla

while start to hit his father with her 2 bare hands and his father just laughed and continued to tease her like. It looks so fun ne. Then suddenly i feel envy to that girl, just like how i envy to all little girls who went to a cinema with their father.

See i am a moviegoers, love movies so much and so was my father.

The only happy moment i can remember with my father was when we all sit in front our telly watching movies or serial telly. I watched 1st Transformers movie and the 2nd with him. It was a fully jolly moment for us and when there was commercial for Universal Studio’s Transformer Ride i said …

One day, i will go there …

So last January, i was there and in front of that gate of Sci-Fi city i said to myself …


here i am now, and let’s see if i can handle MEGATRON ….

since i kept sayin how he is only a robot, so he is nothing. But the real is, that time i was beaten by him (read : MEGATRON, not yasu)  no matter how many times i say …

no, no MEGATRON i am so sorry ….


he still beat me, made me up and then smacked me down like hell. I know it was some 3D vision and shakes combination ride, but still it was extremely frightening, especially for me the one who always say bad about MEGATRON and use him to threaten others. …

for example when i UP_ed the English translated Acid Black Cherry Manga, not enough just by put a password to un_SHERLOCK_ed the file, i also put some threat on the PDF File like this …

This is  …  material,

so yes it’s only for you and if you dare to share it with others without my knowledge,  i will ask MEGATRON to kick your ass …

yeah something like that, sounds rude eh. Now the karma returned to me, because finally MEGATRON kicked my ass back that day when i was inside that full of sex ….


yasu       :      eeeh cotto ….
noi          :      eh sorry,  no i mean shakes ne
yasu       :      hei, what’s wrong with you ….
noi          :      sorry seems like my brain and fingers are a bit disconnected …

OK, i mean when i was inside of that full of shakes ride. It felt like forever for me and it won’t stop even i insanely sreamin called everybody

Pappii, mommy, Tekki …. !!!


bit embarrassing moment to tell, but yeah i called my mother, father, sister and hope all of will end soon, But it didn’t worked, so now i realized that must be the karma came to me after all those threats i posted to everyone who DL my stuffs …

i am really sorry ne,

and from now on i promise i will not do that kind of threats using MEGATRON again, so you can do whatever you want to my stuffs. Share it to your friends, … etc etc it’s fine as long as you don’t make it public for some stuffs.


So, even yeah i had so much fun there at Universal Studio but it was kinda like empty and the result is now i became hate to be in a crowded place more than i hate it before. Because now when i am in a crowded place, i feel more lonely ….

ah sorry to make you all bored with my rambling again ne, so next is this …




i won the lottery tickets for  Larc~en~Ciel Live at Tokyo National Stadium next month … !!!


I won 2 tickets for 1st and 2nd day performances. It seems like yesterday was my very lucky day because Tekki also won 2 tickets ne, so we both won 4 tickets to see L’arc on March.

That’s so confusing ne, because i had to choose between HYDE or yasu that night, it’s really hard, harder than

~   when i have to choose which one is i like more that new Benedict’s SHERLOCK or Jeremy Bratt’s SHERLOCK.


I say i like the new version even Jeremy Bratt’s SHERLOCK also full of surprise in a wonderful way because Jeremy Bratt, i think he is the real vampire ne …

~  or when i have to not being mad to people who said it’s OK to say/wrote L’Arc~en~ Ciel as LEC.


I was a bit mad, when Tekki show me that posted on our L’arc group on Facebook. Tekki had to write a long comment just to make them see what and error is to say/write L’Arc~en~ Ciel as LEC.

They said it’s OK because it’s the same thing as how we say/write ABC for Acid Black Cherry, RHCP for Red Hot Chilli Perrers, SID for Superman is Dead (this is a punk Indonesian band).



i suppose they didn’t do their search very well, because L’Arc~en~ Ciel it is one word ne, a French word that means rainbow. Even they use ~ or to separated it, it’s still one word, that you cannot make  an abbreviation from. Why didn’t they say/write L’Arc or Laruku like how Japanese fans often say.

Geez, i am so #L’Arc_ed now …

i think i need a new word of Endless for this Bahama Love Triangle


yasu      :    but noi_chan, you said
noi         :    i am so changeable ne, remember…?
yasu      :    ah ya …
noi          :   ….

at the beginning i already said my sister is the one who is going to Japan to see La’rc but that time i never imagine if we both will won 4 tickets ne.

I thought it will be only 1 or 2 tickets.

Thank God, last night my friend helped me to made up my mind, so i choose to wait for the result for Shangri – la Encore Season even it will end with i don’t get tickets, i will say …

Ah yasu lah …. XD ..

next is, ah ya …

~     The Next Part for 2nd Season PHOTOBOOK …

this one is for Niigata Part …


Enjoii …..

and talking about PHOTOBOOK, i mean the 3rd Season. Look at these cover for …

Fan Club version


TSUTAYA version ….


OMG that’s yasu on suit for TSUTAYA version …. #waaa  ほしい 。。。!

all the TSUTAYA version covers are so beautiful ne, don’t you think so?  and when i look at it,  i always say : omo, i wish i had my order for TSUTAYA version … bla bla bla then ended with lots of

#Huueee ….

damn, it’s really hard to be CALM for this man eh,

even for me as an adult fangirl that supposed to be calm on every situation. But it’s so hard to do or think about especially when he looks so HOT and allow you not to go to India on May when you want to feel some HOT Summer by lookin him like this …

HOT as HOT Mumbay on May …. *still on fire*


noi       :      熱い な 。。。。 …
yasu    :      oh not again noi_chan, もういい ね 。。。
noi       :      omo, did you just call me Moi ….
yasu    :      she is crazy again … .

Crazy Fangirl ne, talking about that ne,

today at office i start to Google_ing about finding a nice, comfy and not sexpensive hotel for my sister to say next to Tokyo National Stadium, how to reach the hotel from Haneda by bus, train … etc etc and others things to prepare. Then suddenly i saw that post, it’ was something like social network site but i never see it.

I saw my Calling for yasu In The Sky with no Diamond‘s photo posted there,

and there was some comments and because it was not in English, Japanese or Indonesian, so i have to use Google Translate to read it. And you all know how Google Translate is very good about make people lost in translation it gave me 2 options.

what they said about me as ….

~   Crazy Woman, or
~   Mad Woman …

OMG is that what they thought about me? i knew i should stop writing all these silly  things here. But if don’t write, i can’t feel better because this blog is my personal therapy, it’s free and make me happy ne

Actually  i don’t really care about that, but still i say …

Mad/crazy Woman, really ….?


yasu      :    so are you Mad now …?
noi         :    no, why would i? …
yasu      :    then crazy …?
noi         :    omo, when you are looking like that, how can i’m not crazy …?


待つわ Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Tottori ( another me, yasu and The PHOTOBOOK)


omoooo ….


CD Japan updated this pre_order page for 2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK with an image cover. Look at that silhouette of yasu‘s standing like that, then with that 『Shangri-la』 globe added, that cover kinda sayin …

yasu and the whole world of 『Shangri-la』

that’s awesome ne, that purple color for 2nd Season after the  green color like Loki for 1st Season

I just can’t wait to get mine.

Now let’s back to 『Shangri-la』 but still in Tottori there you are …

~ 『Shangri-la』Meeting ~  Tottori

This Meeting was held at Aeon Mall Tottorikita, Tottori one day after Live. It was Saturday, so there were so many people also gathered there.

And in this 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~  Tottori is the first Meeting and Public Recording together with a telly program (Nihonkai Television)


the Meeting

~  Learned local dialect, fave dishes, memories of Acid Black Cherry‘s came to Tottori for the 1st time six and a half years ago and how grateful is yasu for that …

~  the latest single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 is December Ending theme for 「1ch MUSIC」program on 日本海/Nihonkai Television.

~  How is his way of writing song, yasu said he made it start from the intro while wondering if that will be a song, and   …

~  and also how he wanted the atmosphere of the song can be seen from the jacket cover by put a big band and cabaret atmosphere with pictures of support members for the 1st time.

all of that 『Shangri-la』 Meeting  and Public Recording will be OA Saturday, December 28th, 2013 in 「1chMUSIC」 program of Nihonkai Television.


Let just say for a teaser, 「1ch MUSIC」 posted that photo of yasu, the DJ and the audience who was there on their blog ..

while this one this the next part of 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK :  OS Fukushima ~ Yamagata


enjoiii ….

now I suppose this my own  待つわ Season for the 2nd Season『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK is officially started so i think i also have to start the 待つわ counting as well …

why not?

The release date is December 20th, which is tomorrow ….

OMG then add 3 days for it to reach Hokkaido, add another 14 days to reach my home then i suppose at least i am gonna get it next year on January 8th, 2014 together with my FC Magazine.

next year ….

sounds very forever ne, but since we are in December now so next year is just another days to pass and as always, i am gonna be the last person to get all my order.

Talking about FC Magazine, look what i found and read yesterday …


credit  :   @Yasuの女

They (whoever they are) said in Chiba there were 3 local student that very good damn lucky.

Can’t you imagine ne, they got chance to interview yasu for their social study. And also there is a photo of them with yasu on this latest FC Magazine.

叫び叫び叫び whhuuutttt …..? 叫び叫び叫び叫び

social study, really …?  I mean what kind of social study that required an interview with a rock star anyway …



yasu      :     ah, just say you’re envy ..
noi         :     yes, now i have this Sky Level of Envy, after all …
yasu      :     stop sayin you’re only a fangirl ne, that’s boring …
noi         :     no dear, what i am gonna say is i am also a student then why can’t i …
yasu     :      ex_student ne …

well okay …

they were totally lucky ne. And lucky (literally lucky, not the lucky Lucky Luke) is something that not everyone can get.

My mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen always say this to me ….

Wong Pinter iku Kalah karo Wong Bejo

means …

Smart person, to Lucky person they will lose

so when i was still on school and had studied hard for my exams, she told me to pray and ask to God for me to be one of the lucky people after i finished study.

me and Tekki, we share the same look, same DNA and fingerprints but actually we both quite different,

she is smarter than me. She never study and always sleep at night after all movies in out telly finished. But she always got perfect scores for her exams. While me, since i am not smart enough (read : stupid) i had to study hard every night.

you all read Garasu no Kamen by Suzue Miuchi right ….?


in that manga story i see myself as Ayumi Himekawa while she is Maya Kitajima#whoaaa

That’s why my mother told me to pray like that, for me to be one of the lucky people. Because i am not that smart like my sista. I think she also pray the same thing for me.

I better start to pray more now. I didn’t pray much recently and i have no idea why, maybe because i am giving up to pray and ask to God for every wish/fight/effort/ war … you name it that i want to have/win.

It’s not that i blame God for whatever happened to me (hell, of course not), i can blame who but myself ne? So i just been quite far from my God lately.

i think my luck stocks in whatsoever warehouse God keep it start to running out because i don’t pray and ask like before. So i better move myself closer to my God before that warehouse of my lucks is really empty.

But still, regardless for everything happened i still count myself as a quite lucky. I am lucky for who i am now even just as a simple person ne …

Simple person like Magnolia …..




noi          :     and simple things can make me happy, for example  …
yasu       :     be a fangirl …?
noi          :     that’s not simple ne. Simple is …

whenever there’s member with last name Ogawa liked my post on team_yasu,
i am gonna be sexcitedly sayin  … Kyaaaa tet_chaaan …. !!!

yasu      :     that’s not simple, that’s crazy  ….


A Bit Long Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting&Live ~ Shizuoka … (Another me, yasu and Tears in Heaven)


This 4th Live of 2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 is different ne …

i say different because they start the 『Shangri-la』 Live first and the Meeting next day. Yeah, i know it was also happened on the previous 1st Season, but i think this time is a bit confusing for me.

Because on the previous 1st Season i don’t do this delaying post like now, as i remember i posted after they updated the The Official Blog, but now i have to find it one by one via their twitter.

Scrolled up and down between all their tweets. I was like being lost jungle full of Kanji letters  …

yeah, that was confusing …

now i am tired and get sick easily just by some simple reason like go out at night and drink too much cola. I really need a day_off ne, but now it’s Thursday and still another 2 days to Sunday. …

I had my day day_off Tuesday because it was Ied Day and i didn’t go anywhere after Ied Pray in the morning.

The electricity went down that morning so there was no speech after Pray and it really disappointed for My Mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen because soon we arrived in the mosque she told me this ..

Stay here and don’t go home before the speech is over ….!!

but, the electricity went down, so there was nobody stay after pray. Ha ha ha poor Her Majesty  ne, walked back to home while askin why the electricity had to be down on Ied …..?  etc etc

Honestly i never stay until the speech is over, i always go home in the middle of the speech because it’s always forever ne. How they will start it in Arabic first, and then translated it into Indonesian language after that.

I mean why didn’t they skip the Arabic part, make it faster ….? #nyaaa *dumped to hell*

So i stayed at home on my last Ied holiday, watched my Erect Live DVD didn’t skip it like i always do while makin some GIF images of sexy yasu like this  ….

Oh God, Have a Mercy on meeee …..!!!!

and then drooling all by myself like an idiot …..

Actually that was my 1st time to watch my Erect Live DVD, since i never watch it. Maybe this is because i watch it too much on Youtube for each songs before they all got deleted.

And also because i want to make subbed videos for The MCs part because Helen already sent me her translation.

She and her friend Led translated it from Mandarin to Vietnamese then Vietnamese to English, you know there is a Mandarin subtitle for Erect Live DVD ~  Taiwan/HK version

I should finished that on my day_off, but because it was Ied,

so i was occupied by meat all that day. Waiting, counting for how much meat did we got this year (Her Majesty wanted a complete report about this, from who and how much …xD) and cooking it.

Her Majesty, before she went to Mr. Friday’s home to cut our cow told me to let our door house open all that day because she didn’t want our house get skipped by them (whoever they are who knocked my door with some bags of meat for us).

So i wait and wait then on 11:00 AM there was our 1st meat came, then i made some sweet and sour beef dish with that …

So yummy ……

yasu      :     really …
noi         :     beef steak, that’s easy ne. I can do that ..
yasu      :     but is that edible …
noi         :     sure …
yasu      :     by who …?
noi         :     by me, why …
yasu      :     OK, i am not gonna say anything then ….

too much opening …?  upps sorry, OK now 『Shangri-la』 Meeting&Live ~ Shizuoka

~   Live Shizuoka …

Acid Black Cherry had 1st Live at Shizuoka was on last year’s TOUR 『2012』.  This time, the 『Shangri-la』 Live took place in The Fuji City Shizuoka Prefecture ~ The Land of World Cultural Heritage.

There’s a legend of 「かぐや姫」/「Kaguyahime」/The Moon Princess and The Magnificent Mount Fuji which is registered as the world cultural heritage.

arrived at the venue, this one is awaited …


富士宮やきそば …!!!/ Fujinomiya Yakisoba …!!!

next to the Fuji here 「富士宮市」/「Fujinomiya」 is Shizuoka‘s most powerfull gourmet. Had a moment after meal to watch all messages from fans via Janne Mobile and twitter ..

next is the Question Corner, and the question for Shizuoka is  …


「Who is spoiled, and How to act like a spoiled child?」

eeeh, what kind of question is that ….. #what the …

well their answers are ..

SHUSE    :    not spoiled
Junji         :    want to be spoiled
HIRO       :     spoiled
YUKI        :     the most spoiled
yasu         :    i also behave like a spoiled child and how to act like a spoiled child is 「赤ちゃん言葉 」/ a babbling …. xD

and the SetList for this Shizuoka Live is

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Kuroi Taiyou
04. in the Mirror
05. Yubi wa Monogatari
06. Black Cherry
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri – La
11. i’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


15. Rakuen
16. Greed Greed Greed
what an awesome SetList, started with Re-birth and ended with DRAGON CARNIVAL, i love it and i shall let the DRAGON FLY …!!!!

last is the Kewpie


yes, that’s The Magnificent Mount Fuji …. !!!

look at the clouds and 4 layers hair and of course the belly, OMG i want to eat that but to bad that’s not a candy ….

so what should i eat now …?

my biggest problem now is how i always hungry. At midnight when people all fall asleep i wake up because i feel hungry and look for anything to eat. One day when i couldn’t find anything to eat, i ask my mother what should i eat. She replied me …

You can eat me ….

noi       :     what the  …..
yasu    :     don’t look at me and no you can’t eat me …
noi       :     i am not gonna eat you ne ..
yasu    :     who knows ..

~   Meeting Shizuoka …

this 4th Meeting on the 2nd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Project was held on the 1st Floor of Aeon Mall Hamamatsushitoro Central Court next day after live performance.

they missed one n on the 『Shangri-la Meeting』  btw ….xD


cr :   たかぴ @Ameblo

Public Recording with K-MIX talked about memories on this 『Shangri-la』 Tour Project, 「Greed Greed Greed」 single and ….

in addition there also talk about the upcoming new single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 on November 20th, 2013 such as the song title 「黒猫」/「 Black Cat」.

after Public Recording with K-MIX there’s Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」 where yasu learned dialect and specialities in Shizuoka prefecture like

「つけナポリタン」/「tsukenaporitan」 this is some kind of noodle, and ..

「うなぎパイ」/「Unagi/Eel Pie」 … #heee


all the 『Shangri-la Meeting』 and Public Recording with K-MIX will be aired on October 17th, 2013 in Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」.h, hope somebody will record this ne even not HQ it doesn’t matter …

enough about radio, now let’s move to yasu on telly and this one is …

yasu’s comment on @Mie TV 「tottemo wakudoki」 Show.






It’s not HQ because the one who record it said it was recorded with an Ipod (eeeh or Ipad …? ah i can’t remember but i only remember it was started with I …) but still it doesn’t matter and 1,000 galeon thank you because thanks to you i can see it ..

and today is …

100th day since my father died, and like a fool i am askin the same question like him in this song

Tears in Heaven ~ Eric Clapton



Eric Clapton wrote that ballad song about his pain after the death of his four-year-old son, Conor who fell from a window of the 53rd-floor New York apartment of his mother’s friend.

that song was everywhere that time, and i remeber when i watched Eric Clapton performed that song on MTV Unplugged i wanted to cry. he is really sad ne and at that time i said to myself while watching him singing that song …

he must be very sad, until he wrote that song with a sad lyrics like that even i am sure he already know the answer for all the questions he wrote.

~   sure he would not know his name if he meet him in heaven ..

because i remember in Chinese story isn’t it there’s a bridge where death people will cross to go to after death and before they cross the brige they will meet an old lady who will give them tea to drink and make them forget bout all their life time …?

and he might not hold his hand because he is already forget …

~   then of course it would not be the same again

but yesterday …

when i listen to this song while writing my last post, i realized i was sayin all that above because i didn’t feel what he felt when he wrote that song. A feeling after loosing a son and then miss him.

Maybe yesterday i missed my pappi, and i had a very bad dream about him that make me asked a lot of things like is he okay there? … etc etc …

i wish he is still alive and stay warm lyin in his room, even if he mad and act like crazy again that would be fine. So i asked the same question like that song …

Would you know my name, If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same, If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong and carry on …

‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in heaven


yasu        :     didn’t you say you already in heaven …
noi           :     fangirl heaven yea, thanks to you  …
yasu        :     at least …
noi           :     i think i am gonna pray and sleep now  ….




Skipped Post : 11th 「Shangri-la 」Live and Meeting ~ Iwate … (Another me, yasu and Kathleen Kelly)


after skipped this 「Shangri-la 」 Live and Meeting ~ Iwate with the new single post, i wanted to totally skip it, but then suddenly today i kind a hear someone whispered to me …

Hey, that’s too good to be skipped  …


yasu      :   だれ..?
noi        :   あなたは? .
yasu      :  
noi        :   OMG, then who …?
yasu     :   look behind you noi_chan …
noi       :   hee ….

ah, nobody is behind me anyway and yeah i am alone now here in my own cozy little chamber now start to write this post and sure i am gonna click the post to noi_himura button down there tonight, midnight maybe.

as we know, 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Iwate is the last that close  The 1st Season of 「Shangri-la 」 Tour and now before The 1st Season start, there’s a new single.

So now i start to see some pattern here ne, even it’s not the pattern of how they (yasu and his staffs) pick the Set List on every show, but this one is more makes me doki doki than that ne.

I think i better say it here before …

i start to talk like  Doraemon



noi      :     ya_san, do you know if you will end talking like Doraemon if you feel too much doki doki ..?
yasu   :     who said that …
noi      :     i did …
yasu   :     then what about dorayaki …
noi      :     ah ya, what about dorayaki ne, i’ll think about that later, now ….

here’s my fangirl analysis

so, there will be 5 seasons of this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour, and there with 5 singles released between every season so we will get total 5 new singles from yasu and at the ending of this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour, i believe/hope there will be 4th album.

Remember how the last 5 consecutive singles Pistol to yes, and then [2012] album? i do remember ne, because those single put a BIG hole on my wally’s ass and sure the same thing is gonna happen again.

Ah poor my wally ne …

i think this is gonna be quite same formula, but the different is on this 「Shangri-la 」 Project, yasu has to work harder because he has to do double ne, not only releasing new single but also doing a nation-wide tour all over Japan

so i think you all better do prepare your self and money ne, do what ever you can do as long as it’s positive like

~  start to save your money,
~  make some list of priority and choice of what version you want to buy,
~  try to be less greedy because there’s still a Long Way of 「Shangri-la 」 Project

#Eh, what did i just say?  …xD …    and
~  maybe tryin to find a way to download money ..

eeh, what am i just talking ne,  So 行きましょう,  みんなさん ….!!! .. to the main post (what is the main of this post anyway …?) .

~   Iwate Live

like what they wrote on this1st Season最終公演、岩手 ! /1st Season Final Performance, Iwate post, The 1st Season of 「Shangri-la 」 Tour  started on Fukushima and ended Iwate.

And last 2013.09.15 Live at Iwate was the 2nd live of Acid Black Cherry there after BLACK LIST Tour 2008.




as always there was a local dish waiting for yasu, and this time is this




「まめぶ汁」/ Mamebu Soup

it’s a special dish from Iwate that has dumplings, walnut, brown sugar, vegetables and tofu and other ingredients. And also some 「南部せんべい」/「Southern Rice Crackers」

then had some game time of Monster Hunter 4 after meal  …..xD




because it was the last performance of 1st Season, as surprise for the audience they decided to signed Junji‘s 5 used drum heads,





The question for Iwate Live ..


「おふくろの味」/「Homemade taste」 and yasu‘s answer —–>  An omelet is a mother’s taste.

hoo omelet, i can make that …



yasu     :    or course, you have to …
noi        :    and if i can’t …
yasu     :    ah, don’t say ..
noi        :    ha, ha ha .. don’t worry i can do that ne ..


~   Iwate  Set List


With SPELL MAGIC and Nemuri Hime as requested song, there you are the Set List for 2013.09.15 Iwate Live ..

2.Shojo no Inori


3.Kuroi Taiyou the mirror
5.Yubiwa Monogatari
6.Black Cherry


8.Fuyu no Maboroshi

9. Shangri – la
10. I’m not a ghost
11 Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
12. Pistol


2.nemuri Hime

3.Greed Greed Greed
4.Dragon Carnival

ended with Dragon carnival, that list just made all of them as The Lucky Bastards ne …

yes, The Lucky Bastards. That’s what i am gonna call/write for someone who is lucky enough to get some GREAT sexperience, their fave song on the Set List, or get a very rare items …

and yesterday i just put my dear friend Miku as one of The Lucky Bastards for how she is finally meet and greet Gackt. Gackt is in Indonesia for his role on one local tokusatsu dorama called Bima Satria Garuda, he will play on 2 episodes as some alien character …?

eh, i am not sure about this … .

because i was at office yesterday, i have to watch Gackt on some local telly show called Dahsyat via streaming.

I am so glad they (The MCs) didn’t asked him to do any silly things like how they always do to their guest, sure his fans didn’t allow them. Not only that i am so glad there was no that Wacky MC for yesterday show with Gackt.

Gackt, he looks awesome ne, i mean his posture  and how he walked calmly is totally perfect  …

another interesting moment is when there’s a female fan who is pregnant and got a chance to go to the stage and had a personal meet and greet with Gackt on stage.  She kissed his hand and then got a hug from Gackt after he asked her politely if it’s okay for him to hug her. …

kissing hand (in javanese, we call it as salim) is something common to do here in Indonesia for someone that we respect, love and older than us. For example teachers or parents.

I used to kiss my parent’s hand in the morning before i go to school  like that when i was a little .




I think if one day there will be a chance for me to meet and greet with HYDE what i am gonna do 1st is kiss his hand like that. Show my respect and love for my one and only King HYDE*make a note*

enough about that, now let’s see

~   Iwate Kewpies ..




that’s 「わんこそば」/ 「Wanko Soba」 a special soba dish from Iwate Prefecture .. cute, eh …xD and talking about kewpies, this is all that i am gonna get ne




my friend managed to get all of those babies for me.

She’s totally cool eh, i mean i can’t imagine how hard she had to stand there at the venues (she went for 2 lives, eeh i think Iwate and Hakodate). Now what can i do but wating for all of them to come …

OK that’s on my Matsu Wa List now, together with ..

~    1st Season of 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK



and now you all can order that, don’t have to be a Fan Club member (to buy from UpRise use VIP) and use proxy because you are not in Japan (to buy via TSUYATA Shop) you can order it via ..

CD Japan  :  here
HMV         :  here

hey, that’s faster than i ecpected ne. Because i think they will open it after the pre-order for UpRise and TSUYATA closed, but it’s not, and also the closing date for Pre-Order at CD Japan is September 30th, 2013

~    The whatever upcoming magazine with yasu …xD

~    The 17th Single 「Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat 」

   i did my order for this yesterday and i ordered The Limited Edition w/ DVD from mu-mo (w/ a sticker bonus) and The Regular CD Only from FC Mobile (w/ mini clear file bonus) and of course from CD Japan for the rest 4 Special Editions

ah ya, from now on i also joined the Mobile FC (read : someone joined it for my behalf).

I think this Mobile FC is less expensive ne because the registration is only 700 yen. But of course you have to pay every time you want to download some photo or wallpaper from there. If i stay livin in japan i think i will chose Mobile FC than the regular because it’s way more cozy and updated ..

nah here  i am now, still waiting and  calm … xD

~   Iwate Meeting ..

the 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Iwate venue is an open area on Aeon Mall Morioka




people gathered there from 1st floor ~ 3rd floor, but hey look at the invitation area. That’s very close ne to yasu ne, i mean yasu, he was sit there and talking, … ahhh so close, i think you can easily just stand up and grab your hand then you can grab yasu

of course then his staffs will kick you …




The Public recording with Iwate FM , talked about the last August single 「Greed Greed Greed」 . The lyrics, PV story .. etc etc …




so that 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Iwate closed the 1st Season if 「Shangri-la 」 Tour and if this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour is a movie adn i am the director, sure i’ll say ..

It’s a Wrap  … !!!!

because that’s a phrase that director use to tell actors and crew that filming of a particular scene on a movie, drama … etc has finished. Nah in this case the part that they finished is the 1st part/Season so i’ll say …

1st Season of 「Shangri-la 」 Tour , It’s a Wrap everyone … !!!! *trow a confetti*

and sure as hell i am ready for The 2nd Season ..  then, next is

~   a rambling

what i am gonna talking about is

The Shop Around The Corner.

that phrase The Shop Around The Corner is from my fave movie You’ve Got Mail. That’s the name of Kathleen Kelly‘s bookstore. Nah somehow i always admire Kathleen Kelly so as much as i adore Joe Fox even they are just a movie character

and their relationship based on how they read Jane Austen‘s Pride and Prejudice (oww dear Mr. Darcy …!!) and how they think differently about that book and the characters inside it then followed with have a very nice argument …



my ideal dream date …xD

i want to be like Kathleen Kelly, be enchanting like her and be a bookshop owner. Even it’s not totally a bookshop it’s fine because later i imagined about a Book Cafe you know a place where you can have a nice cup of coffee and a good book to read plus a comfy place to read …

yeah, that’s my BIG dream ne …

but then i realized, it can’t be happen in any time soon with my recent condition or maybe it will never happen. that’s why last Saturday, on my day off after i spent my whole night clean black ink from all over my body and face i got an idea pretty nice idea ne. The idea is ..

If i can’t open my own The Shop Around The Corner in my real life, why can’t i open it on facebook …?

Eventually wipe all the black ink all over my face also wipe some stupid aura that blocked my brain from that idea. So start form September 21st, 2013 (Saturday) my virtual shop named




Is officially Open … #yay …!!!


it’s not a bookshop ne and it’s Indonesia Only, but the main purpose is to help any Indonesian fans who don’t have access to buy it directly from any Japan OnLine Shopping or acess to paypall or credit card for payment.

so this next adv. is in Indonesian …

jika kamu dr Indonesia, mau beli barang2 artis favemu dan masih bingung mau bagaimana, cukup hubungi kak Noi Himura …!!!

hope that’s good enough ne …

and somehow i always wanna laugh if there’s someone call me with Kak Noi (Noi Sister), because in my hometown you use Kak only for your senior on your scout (we called it as Pramuka) group.

And as i remember i never like any scout activities like camping, morse, tracking, simaphore or any other outbound activities because i am the one and only student in my class who fell into the river when they told us to walk crossing a river using a rope ..

that was disaster …

Now, i am not expect anything related to profit yet because these day i just enjoy this feeling of being a shop owner, even not a real bookshop like Kathleen Kelly. But still that’s a shop ne and i am the manager there … #ha-ha-ha

so i did open my store, do you know what i am gonna do next is ….?




yasu      :    eat something …
noi         :    no, it’s not midnight yet ..
yasu      :    then what …?
noi         :    i’ll join a chat room and maybe i can meet my own NY152 ..
yasu      :    eh, she is not hungry … ?